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    What You Will Need

    What You Will Need
    A monitor that can handle the largest screen resolution Flash Web Designers want to test. Basically, if you want to test your website under all the resolutions listed above, you obviously need a monitor that can handle the largest-sized resolution listed. If not, just test all the resolutions that are lower or equal to your current resolution.

    Sizer is a free lightweight Windows utility that allows you to resize any active window on your desktop. It's a very useful tool for web designers. You can get it at Sizer. Unfortunately, at the time this article was written, it will not work under Windows Vista.

    If you have not already done so, download and install Sizer. After installing sizer, run it and put a check in the following configuration items at the bottom of the window (if it's not already checked). Show tooltip when resizing windows. Show Sizer icon in system tray

    Add Sizer item to system menu. Click the "Add" button. A duplicate configuration of the currently selected resolution profile is created. Enter the following values into the appropriate boxes. Each time you finish one resolution profile, click the "Add" button again for the next one. Don't bother to add resolutions that are larger than your current screen resolution, though. You also don't need to add your current screen resolution, since you can simply maximize your browser to obtain that.

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    What You Will Need
    Its an very good information.The monitor size is to be differ the button size is also differ.


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