...but I've remembered my login, and by God, I'm going to say what's on my mind.

A while back, my soulmate saw something that I posted on here a long time ago that really hurt her feelings, and it should have, because only a completely hopeless jerk would've said it.

I'm posting this in case she ever comes back here. I want her to know how truly sorry I am that a seemingly off-the cuff comment like that was ever said. I could make excuses, but they'd be worthless.

Ang, I adore you. You've made my life so incredibly worth living. As long as I'm alive, I promise that I will always strive to be the man that you deserve. Your love is the absolute best gift I've ever received.

Is this too mushy? I don't care! I'll post it anywhere in cyberspace, or shout it from the tallest cliff-side above any crowded valley in the world.

Even though I'll see you and tell you myself later today that I love you, I wanted you to see it here in case you ever stumble onto this site again.

You have my heart.