Marriage is compolsary or not?
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Thread: Marriage is compolsary or not?

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    Marriage is compolsary or not?

    Marriage is compolsary or not?
    I am a girl and my parents forced me for marriage but I don't want to marriage becasue I have seen many of the cases of married people who never happy with their marriage or say their life partner. So want help for this.
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    Re: Marriage is compolsary or not?

    Hey, Marriage is totally not compulsory. But the thing is that in your whole life you want some special person who take care you, who loves you. Because love and trust is the main pillar of our life. But all of that life is yours, and you make a decision.
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    Re: Marriage is compolsary or not?

    It's the best for you to marriage to someone with who you are happy and who you love. Your parents can't force you to take this huge step in your life. So talk to them and explain how you feel in this situation. They will understand I am sure. Wish you luck!

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    Re: Marriage is compolsary or not?

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    Marriage is compolsary or not?
    I agree with you but this is not happen in every case and it totally depend on the understaning between the couple..
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