Granaboard 2013 virtual gathering
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Thread: Granaboard 2013 virtual gathering

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    Re: Granaboard 2013 virtual gathering

    Granaboard 2013 virtual gathering
    It was on a modded FDS. You can add pcb's to allow parallel RGB output since the NES doesn't do it by itself, which is another reason the Master System dumps on the console. But man, oh man, the pixels were RAZOR sharp and there was 0 noticeable interference or jail bars or motion blur and the contrast was 100% on point, the whites were ultra clear and bright, the blacks super dark and free of gray. OMG, it was soooo good. I'm of a minority mindset that I want my old games to still be sharp as fuck. I can't stand the new thing some emu's do with the options to "smooth" the graphics which to me makes them look blurry as all get out and also tends to make words or numbers look weird because they'll be all blurry too. It was just a true joy to play on the set up. The real disappointment is how difficult it will be for me to get a set up like that running in my house.

    Oh, btw, Merry Christmas old timer! Who'd've thought nearly twenty years ago we would be the last two survivors of G2 Gamefaqs? Hey, wanna have a G2 vs SoA argument for old time's sake?

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    Re: Granaboard 2013 virtual gathering

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    Granaboard 2013 virtual gathering
    Considering my main issue with RPG's is summed up as "Fuck random battles!" you can guess which side of that argument I'd be on.

    I agree with the high definition/high quality filters being too much, but super sharp to me is too much too. For most emulators a good linear/bilinear filter is just about good enough, even for 3D consoles/handhelds(which I'm not likely to emulate) believe it or not. The Super Eagle/hq#x stuff on the other hand tends to make graphics look like plastic melted together or something. I like Fusion(pretty much all 2D Sega cartridges)'s TV modes, CVBS in particular leaves the text easier to read than RF.

    Got a Vita, but instead of games I got a couple of gift cards, one for digital, the other for Amazon. Digitally, and all I have so far, it's like a portable Dreamcast for now, with Jet Set Radio and The Power Stone Collection. Still got some money to spend digitally, so I'm thinking I'll wait for January 6th when they release that new Duke 3D port, and see if that's reasonable. Despite what I said about random battles, I'm considering the Suikoden games(they always made that much more pleasant than your average non-Phantasy Star IV random battle game).

    Physically, a few should be here tomorrow:
    *Dragon's Crown - My main reason for wanting a Vita, a 2D beat 'em up, with RPG elements(unfortunately, but still, a 2D beat 'em up).
    *Mortal Kombat - I believe this would otherwise be considered 9? Amazing that Nintendo can still pretty much be considered the kiddy platform when it comes to this kind of thing. ...and ironically after saying that...
    *Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz - I never played one of these until I tried the demo on the day I ordered it(had just enough left on the Amazon gift card for it, so I figured "what the hell?"). Seems like it's considered one of the worst(still above average scores), but the demo was pretty fun, so why not?

    I got 1 more coming, but it ships much later:
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Seems pretty ironic, in that I know it's an older game, but has characters in it that have had their own movies since(Deadpool & Doctor Strange). Went for this one used, as it was going for $60 new. Perhaps because of the boost of popularity of characters that recently had the movies I just mentioned? Wonder if I'm going to give a damn for the Capcom side

    Next Day:
    So I got the 3 of them, and I still like it so far anyway, but Dragon's Crown is basically a side view Diablo game. The others are what you'd expect.

    2 Days later:
    With no reason to turn this thing on in the next couple of days, I'll just say it now:
    Happy New Year!

    2 more days later:
    Actually got UMvC3 on New Years Eve. I'd recommend it for Deadpools walking animations alone. Also, Dr. Strange seems to make a damn good transition to the fighting genre. Still waiting for the day when Capcom utilizes the blue X-Men(Archangel, Beast, and Nightcrawler) in a fighter.

    3 weeks later:
    I misunderstood the Duke3D situation, it was a port in '05 that was no longer there. I instead got Axiom Verge, which is basically a Metroid clone, Mana Khemia, the PSP version of a PS2 RPG that I really liked[The PSP version anyway, which has no random battles, or even exp.], and Valkyria Chronicles II, which is a very long[well, to me, it took me ~90 hours to get through the main game] SRPG, where movement is basically real-time. I don't want to do much more digital purchasing in the future...
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