Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion
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Thread: Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion

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    Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion

    Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion
    Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion

    Angelica Johansen checked her watch when she heard me say 10 minutes. She started to do exercises to control her breathing. She shifted her sights from one guard to the next then to the next and so on to get the movement correct for when the execute would be given. Her internal clock told her it was about a minute away, she checked and started counting down the seconds. She slowly breathed in and slowly exhaled and set her sights on the guard furthest from the rest, her optical sight cross hairs centered on the bridge of his nose. She exhales and holds her breath….


    There is a puff and the only sound is the slide on the rifle working throwing out the spent shell and a pink cloud erupts out the back of the guards head. Angel shifts and sights on the second guard. She breathes in and out, holding her breathe, he goes down like a marionette with their strings cut. Guard three goes down the same way.

    “Three down, Anna,” Angel says into her mic, “Blow it.”

    I depress the button on the remote and the tree line above the house on the ridge goes up in a loud explosion and brilliant ball of fire and light. Amal and I get up from our prone position and race down the hill. I have my pistol out and start firing at the nearest guard. Three rounds hit him and he goes down. Amal opened up with full auto on her submachine gun and it hits the guard on the snowmobile, he falls off and the snowmobile runs into a tree with a loud crash. The guards are starting to react now and Amal and get behind some large trees as snow is kicked up at our feet. But my guardian Angel comes to our rescue. As two guards advance toward us, firing their rifles at us as the moved forward, they alternated firing while one reloaded. The one in the back dropped to the snow, a hole in the left side of his head, this partner turned to see and the back of his head exploded.

    “Thank you Goddess,” I breathed heavily into the throat mic.

    “You are most welcome Marine Chick,” Angel reported back, “All guards down. Ready for phase two.”

    Amal and I were unscrewing the suppressers off our weapons. We started shooting at the windows which didn’t shatter, damn! We hit the house with so many rounds. The noise alone would make someone inside think they are being attacked by a battalion of Marines.

    “Cypher, you’re up!” I key into the mic.

    Bri got up from her prone location and started around the house to the back room. She placed the signal jammer by a tree near the house. She sprinted to the back and took out small wire cutters and started snipping the electronic wire on the nearest window. She took a small handheld devise from her pack and took the cut wire and spliced it into the devise. She ran the program and the window clicked a few seconds later. She peered in and didn’t see anyone so she slowly lifted the window up with her fingers. She clambered into the house, making sure to remain in the shadows of the room. She took off her white striped parka and pants, now dressed in the warm all black thermal underwear, which was very tight across her large chest. Still no movement, she held her Glock in two hands, shaking a little from nervous energy and adrenalin. She could hear the bullets striking the front of the house and cursing from the living room down the hallway. She started slowly opening the doors in the hallway to find Ewa. No one on the room across from where she came in. No one in the room just down from that. She turned the knob on the second door on her left and looked up to see Lucy, dressed in a red bra and thong, pointing a pistol at her head.

    “Goodbye blondie!” Lucy said and Bri closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable.


    Ewa had snuck up behind Lucy and smashed a decorative lamp over Lucy’s head. The redhead came down, unconscious, on top of the crouching blonde. Bri got herself out from underneath the busty Lucy and pulled her the rest of the way into the hall. She moved into the room with Ewa and closed the door and then slid the dresser against it to barricade them inside. Bri was working on getting her heavy breathing under control, her brow was leaking sweat. She brushed her face and head with the sleeve of her shirt and looked back at Ewa, naked except for the barely there robe, who was glaring at her.

    “Anna said to stay put until she or one of the others came for us,” Bri said.

    “I am sure she did,” Ewa said softly, “Are you fucking her?”

    “Wait, what???” Bri countered, “Fucking who?”

    “Fucking Anna,” Ewa said, “I saw the way you looked at her, wanted her.”

    “You are delusional, Ewa,” Bri shot back turning to face the brunette, “She is my boss, plain and simple.”

    “You are the one who is delusional, cunt!” Ewa exclaimed, “I can practically smell it on you. You want to take her away from me.”

    Bri was starting to get heated and being called a cunt didn’t help the situation. “Slow down Big Tits,” Bri said, “I am not the one who fucked a loan shark for money.” It came out almost automatic for Bri but she regretted it the moment it left her lips. “Look,” she said, “That was out of li…..AHHHHH!” Ewa lunged at Bri from a few feet away.

    Anna Matthews took cover behind the wall partition that separated the living room from the kitchen. Why was this happening? And how had they found her? The only other person who knew where they were… Vera! “That little bitch betrayed us!” Anna said out loud, “I will make sure her death is a slow and painful one!” She heard a crash from the hallway and peaked around to see Lucy lying there not moving. She ran to her sister and checked her pulse. Still strong, still breathing. Anna tried to rouse her but Lucy was out cold. She took Lucy’s pistol and check to see how many bullets she had. Only six, DAMNIT! She thought. The bullets kept hammering against the walls outside and windows but the windows were new, recently installed bullet proof ones. She crawled back down the hall to the living room.

    Outside I changed magazines in my pistol and sent the locked slide back and started firing again. This time at the same spot on the window nearest the main door; the glass spider webbed but held in place. FUCK! I didn’t catch the movement to my left until it was too late. I whipped my head around to see the woman who was yelling at the guards earlier point an AK-47 rifle at me. I dropped to my knees thinking I had failed. EWA! I AM SO SORRY! That was the thought going through my mind and then the rifle shattered near the middle of the barrel and the woman screamed as the rifle was thrown from her hands.

    “Sorry I was late,” Angel said in my earpiece, “But you were in the way of the shot.”

    The girl with the multi-colored hair sat up holding her left hand, blood dripping into the snow, staining it pink. “OW! That really hurt!” She said as she licked the blood from her fingers. She unzipped her jacket and produced a 4 inch fixed blade serrated knife.

    I looked down to see that I still had my pistol in my right hand. I was a little confused because she was brandishing a knife and I had a gun. Isn’t there a saying that goes with this??? Amal put her hand on my shoulder.

    “I got this,” Amal said, “You blow the door.” She handed me she small bag and shrugged out of her parka. From her back she produced her own knife, this one a smooth blade of 4 inches. She locked eyes with the girl. “Shall we?”

    “Oh this is going to be so much fun!” The girl shouted. “I am Dina, can I get your name before I carve you up and gut you?!?”

    “Hello Dina,” Amal said in response, “Please call me Amal.”

    “You aren’t from around here,” Dina said with a smile, her left hand smeared the blood from her hand to her face and mouth, then in a twangy southern voice, “We don’t take kindly to strangers ‘round these parts!” She giggled.

    Dina and Amal started to circle, the closed in step by step. Each woman darted in with a quick slashes hitting only air. Dina faked a move to Amal’s left and darted to her right with a slash with her knife and she was rewarded with a cry of pain. Amal backed away and touched her left hand to her side. There was a gash in her thermal top and blood was visible in her hand. Dina came at her again, but Amal side stepped the lunge and nicked Dina in her left shoulder. Dina cried out, holding her shoulder.

    Dina started stomping back and forth, cursing to herself, talking to herself. Then she rushed Amal again. This time they came together, knives flashed, free hands blocked; each woman was forced back a few steps but came back forward. Dina got a shallow cut in her right arm and Amal got one on her left thigh. Dina charged with the blade above her head pointed down to stab but Amal caught it with her left hand. Amal’s blade hand was caught by Dina’s free hand.

    “FUCKING DIE ALREADY!” Dina screamed! She slammed her head forward to Amal’s.


    Amal started falling back, the hold on her knife slipped and it went wide into a snowbank, but as she fell back she sent her right foot in-between Dina’s legs. Dina’s eyes went wide and her mouth open as she dropped to her knees; her blade sailing off in to the snow 5 feet from her. Amal shook the stars out of her vision and rushed and tackled Dina to the snow.

    I opened the pack Amal gave me and pulled the strip of grey puddy and fixed it to the door frame. I plunged the detonator in and unspooled the cord and put my back flat against the wall, turning my face away.

    Instinctively I yelled, “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” And pressed the button. BOOM!!!

    I luckily had covered one ear with my shoulder and the other with my hand. I looked back and the door was gone. There was smoke and dust and snow blowing around. I brought my pistol to the ready and did a quick peek into the room. Two bullets ricocheted off the frame where my head was. I ducked back quickly, dropping to my ass. I put my pistol in the space where the door had been and let off two round of my own. Two more shots hit the frame and a couple inches to my left, kicking up wood splinters. I fired two more shots and was answered by two more. Then it was silent. I peeked in the door again and spotted movement and fired in that direction. The crazy thing was there was no return fire. Then I heard a British woman’s voice.

    “I have no more bullets Chambers,” Anna Matthews called out from near the kitchen.

    “Come out where I can see you!” I called out from behind the door frame.

    Anna walked out, dropped the pistol, she was wearing only the most minimal of camisoles, all black and grey lace, her massive breasts almost pooping out. She kicked off her heels and stood bare foot in the center of the living room. I stepped out from behind the door frame, gun up, trained on her face. She looked like her sister, but older and more my height. The file had said she would have been in her 50’s but she looked 30, 31 tops. Her red hair was streaked with grey and it hung loose around her shoulders. She didn’t put her hands up, just stood there, 15 feet from me, hands on her hips, haughty look in her eyes.

    “You finally see me now, Chambers,” Anna said with distain in her voice, “I imagine you are very full of yourself now. You caught me. ME! A woman who the British Government has been after for a decade.”

    “I was never in this to catch you,” I said, “I was doing this only to get Ewa back.”

    “Ah yes, Ewa,” Anna said her eyes going dreamy for a bit, “You know I got to taste her. Lucy and I both did. And she was soooo sweet. Her nectar was yummy! You have been very lucky to have her, but then again you haven’t had her recently. She has been with the Asian bitch and then she was with Lucy and me.” Her hands roamed over her sides, to her breasts; squeezing the bra covered mounds as she moaned.

    “You sick fuck!” I yelled out, “I should kill you now!”

    “Oh Anna Chambers,” Anna Matthews said, “You should kill me, shoot me right between the eyes, get it over quick because you wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me in a fight!”

    She was challenging me… goading me… I should end this here and now. Put two in her skull, find Lucy and do the same to her. Get Ewa, leave, burn the house down with the corpses of these two redheaded nightmares in it.

    FUCK IT!!!

    I hit the magazine release on my pistol and dropped the magazine into my left hand, tossing it behind me into a snow bank. I worked the slide back, ejecting the round in the chamber and threw that away too. I hit the side latch with my thumb and slide the upper of the pistol forward, tossing both pieces of the pistol behind me. I unzipped my parka and removed it and the white striped snow pants. Now clad in only the tight black thermal underwear. I started for her and her at me. No more words! We didn’t lunge, just walked right into each other, grabbing long hair!

    Ewa took Bri to the floor. At firs the blonde just tried to wrestle Ewa off her but the more she did the harder Ewa scratched and clawed at the busty Bri. The two women rolled in a tight ball, pulling each other’s hair. Bri managed to roll Ewa onto her back.

    “STOP THIS!” Bri cried out as Ewa yanked her head back, “OOOWWW FUCK EWA! I AM TRYING TO PROTECT YOU!”

    “FUCK YOU SLUT!!!” Ewa screamed. “Anna’s pussy is mine!!!” Her hands went up the younger girl’s thermal top and grabbed bare breasts, jabbing her nails in, bringing a scream of pain from Bri’s lips.

    Bri’s back arched as she tried to get Ewa’s hands of her tits but Ewa’s hands were locked in them. Bri was able to sit back on her knees but that helped Ewa to a sitting position and she wrapped her bare legs around Bri’s sides; locking her ankles and squeezing.

    “AAAAHHHHHH!” Bri howled in pain. Well this bitch wants a catfight, Bri thought, might as well give her one! With her shirt already above her breasts, Bri yanked it up over head and free, then she slapped both hands down on Ewa’s tits and started squeezing and scratching. Now Ewa’s voice joined Bri’s as she screamed out in pain. Ewa tightened her legs around Bri’s midsection, Bri felt like her insides were being crushed together. Bri took her claws from Ewa’s tits and started scratching the brunette’s thighs. Ewa’s thighs were on fire and she pulled her nails free from the blonde’s big tits and grabbed Bri’s wrists to pull them free. The two were stalemated, hand wrestling for control. Bri pulled back, raising Ewa off the carpeted floor and then slammed her back down. The collision broke Ewa’s waist scissors and Bri fell back, holding her sides. Ewa was stunned for only a moment but when she came to, she saw Bri turned away from her holding her sides. Ewa shrugged off the little robe she had on and pushed Bri forward with one and while the other grabbed the waist band of the thermal underwear and pulled them over Bri’s curvy ass.

    Bri was propelled forward, face first into the carpet and then she felt her bottoms coming off. She kicked out but not to hit Ewa, to hurry the bottoms coming off. Ewa yanked them free of Bri’s feet, pulling the boots off with it. Bri put her right hand on the bed and got to her knees and then feet whirling around to face the busty brunette. Ewa charged her and they collided and were thrown to the bed, naked flesh slapping against naked flesh. Bri secured two handfuls of thick brown hair and pulled Ewa up some so their tits mashed together.

    “I FUCKING HATE YOU!” Bri screamed at Ewa!

    “I HATE YOU MORE YOU TWAT!!!” Ewa yelled back.

    Bri had already been sweating before the fight started and now with Ewa dripping sweat, the two slithered around on the single bed, legs wrapping and locking with the others, breasts mashed tightly and mushrooming out at the sides. Ewa and Bri used that bed as their own personal fight ring, never rolling too far that they fell off but always in constant motion. Rolling to their sides, then to Ewa’s back, back to their sides and then to Bri’s back. Bodies rubbing, skin slick with sweat, hands pulling hair to make necks strain. Ewa brought her mouth down and bit at Bri’s upper lip as Bri opened her mouth to bite at Ewa’s lower. Each could taste the blood trickling into their mouths as the groaned in pain. Ewa dropped her right hand and jobbed her nails into the outside of Bri’s left breast. Bri howled in pain!!! She brought her left hand down to grab at Ewa’s fingers to pull them free but chose to grab Ewa’s right breasts instead. Locked side by side, their wrists bumping together as the bit and clawed at each other. Ewa slithered her thigh in between Bri’s bare legs and thrust it into Bri’s pussy. Bri moaned and took her left hand from Ewa’s tit, balled it up and slugged Ewa in the right side of her body. OOOOOFFFFFF!!! The two broke apart and rolled off the bed, Ewa to the left side and Bri to the right.

    Ewa staggered to her feet rubbing her side as Bri came to hers, rubbing her pussy. Bri’s lips pealed back and a sneer, her teeth pink from the bitten lip. Ewa spit across the small bed at Bri and climbed on as did the blonde and they clashed on their knees, tits slamming against tits as fingers combed through sweaty hair.

    The crazed knife fighters fell into the white snow drifts and started rolling, turning the white power pink. Dina shoved a handful of snow into Amal’s face forcing her back and off of Dina. Dina discarded her heavy winter coat, showing off a tight white shirt, stained pink, blood dripped from an open wound on her arm. Dina watched as Amal stood and removed her parka, then Dina grasped the bottom of her white shirt and pulled it over her head, her bare, perky breasts bounced free. She tossed the shirt aside and motioned for Amal to do the same. Amal obliged and her black thermal shit was tossed onto her parka and her bra joined the clothing a moment later. Now the topless women started circling, both bleeding from cut they had given each other in the knife fight. Amal and Dina rushed to clash and again slammed together and dropped into the snow. They each squealed as bare skin and snow met. Dina slashed her long nails down Amal’s face, bringing a scream of pain from the brunette’s lips. The red streaks ran from Amal’s temple to chin on the right side of her face.

    “I am going to crave you up, bitch!” Dina threatened.

    “See who craves up who, little slut!” Amal counter, taking her left hand and raking down Dina’s neck to her right breast. Dina howled in agony.

    Amal brought her head forward and sunk her teeth into Dina’s already wounded tit. Dina pushed hard on Amal’s head trying to pry her mouth from her breast. Dina rained down slaps and punches to the back of Amal’s head, finally breaking the bite, blood dripping from Amal’s mouth and Dina’s tit. Dina raised her left fist to punch down at Amal but the brunette kneed Dina in the back and the multi-color haired girl went face first into another snow drift. Amal rolled over with a groan and crawled towards Dina, jumping on her back and pressing her face into the snow. The muffled scream was heard through the drift as white snow was turned pink and then red from the blood loss. Dina flayed in the snow trying to dislodge Amal; she placed her hands on either side of her body and pushed up through pure will power and bucked off Amal. Dina’s wet hair was matted to her face as she lunged at Amal and the topless women slammed together on their knees. Tits slapped back and forth as Dina tore out a chuck of Amal’s black hair. Amal yelped in pain and wrapped her hands around Dina’s throat. Dina, now wide eyed, clawed at Amal’s hands as they gripped tighter and tighter, the edges of Dina’s sight going black. Dina grabbed both of Amal’s bouncing breasts, ripping them back and forth with her nails as Amal screamed and let go of the choke. Amal gripped her wounded tit and sat back as Dina coughed out and struggled for breath. Dina saw something glint in the light from the open house and saw one of the knives. She grabbed for it and whirled but was met with the heel of Amal’s right boot. The boot caught Dina square in the jaw and the lights went out, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed. Amal rolled over groaning, blood dripping from her face, chest, arms and legs. She found her thermal shirt and pressed it to her leg which seemed to be the deepest cut. She fumbled with the parka and found the ear piece and throat mic.

    “This is Sphinx,” Dina whispered to the mic, “Need assistance.”

    “Goddess here Sphinx,” Angelica sounded in the ear piece, “Coming to you, hold on.” The sound becoming distant as Amal passed out.

    Back in the house, Anna Matthews and I were stalemated, pressing our bodies together, grasping hair and glaring into each other’s faces. Her bra covered breasts were pressed tightly to my thermal shirt covered breasts; they were mashed so tightly together that I could feel the bullet like hard nipples through the fabric. We didn’t twirl around, just try and shove the other back with our bodies. Even with the cold air rushing through the open doorway, I was sweating from my brow and it dripped down my face and neck. I twisted a little and the change in movement caused her to over compensate and we started to move, well I was moving her to the wall. One step then two steps, three, four and her back hit the wall. I braced both legs behind me and leaned into her. Anna’s breasts were much larger than mine but through the covered clothing, they weren’t overwhelming mine.

    “I thought you were some bad ass bitch, Anna,” I taunted as she started to perspire, “All I see is an old washed up cunt!”

    “Cunt am I?!?” Anna grunted, “You will not leave this house alive.”

    She head-butted me. Even with me holding her hair tightly. I didn’t see it coming and paid the price. One second I was watching sweat drop off her face and the next my face hurt and I was seeing stars. I stumbled back and then onto my ass. I reached up and gingerly touched my face and pulled my hand back to see blood. Anna didn’t waste any time and tackled me to the floor. Long nails were poised for my face but I jerked my head back and forth. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and grabbed red hair. The momentum of her tackle slid us a few feet across the hardwood floor until we met the soft rugs. I twisted my body to roll us but it only worked half way. I held onto her tightly, still bobbing and weaving my head to avoid scratches and continued head-butts. I craned my head up to her right shoulder, opened my mouth and bit down. She screamed and trashed, grabbing two handfuls of my hair to try and pry me away. I finally roll on top of her as she struggles and screams. I hook both thighs around her waist and sit up. Anna is quick though and reaches up to grab both of my breasts and squeeze. I lean further back to try and get her hands off, but even through the thermal top, her claws sink in. I grab her red bra and pull, leaning back further until I have my back on the floor and she is sitting up. The bra strains in my grasp and is pulled out a few inches from her large chest, spilling her breasts out from under the bra. I release it and it snaps back to a sharp yelp from the redhead’s lips. Her fingers grasp my shirt and she now leans back and I am pulled up, like a violent teeter-totter. The neckline of my shirt starts to tear; I hear the ripping fabric and feel cold wind on my exposed skin. That is when I catch movement out of the corner of my eye.

    Lucy shook her head to clear the cobwebs and she slowly got to her hands and knees. She heard violent screams and slams from the room, but when she tried the door, it wouldn’t budge. Then her ears picked up grunts and curses from the living room and she got to her feet. She came around the corner and saw her sister and her hated rival fighting on the floor. She moved quickly to them and the wooden wall behind her erupted with shards of wooden splinters. She looked up and saw a tall blonde woman holding a long rifle pointed at her.

    “Why don’t you let these two finish what they started?” Angelica said looking the tall redhead up and down. The two were about the same height and Lucy’s massive breasts were heaving with adrenaline. “And why don’t you and I see if we can’t get into some trouble?”

    “Fine with me cunt!” Lucy snarled, “Lose the gun and I will destroy you!”

    Angelica safed the rifle and set it down outside the doorway. She unzipped and removed her parka and thermal shirt. She kicked off her shoes and removed the white snow pants and thermal bottoms. Her massive breasts were barely contained in the bra she was wearing. The matching black thong hugged her curvy hips like a second skin. She reached behind her back and undid the clasps and shook her big tits free.

    Lucy gasped as Angelica revealed long, erect nipples. Not to be outdone, Lucy unhooked her own bra and shrugged out of it. Her red panties sagged a little but she paid them no heed and moved out to an open area of the large living room. Angelica walked to meet her. Angelica held her hands above her head and Lucy matched her movements. They grasped hands and the two largest pair of tits I have ever felt (yes, felt both) slammed together.

    Ewa and Bri, hands in each other’s hair twisted their chests back and forth, slapping their big boobs into the others. Each grunted as her breasts slapped against her rivals. The sound of the flesh hitting flesh made them want to fight harder and faster. Tits were a blur as they flew and collided with the opposite’s pair. Arms moved to link around the other’s back and sweaty tits were crushed together. Bri groaned as Ewa nicked her nails on the blonde’s back. Bri raked her own nails down Ewa’s back to the curvature of the brunette’s ass; gouging her nails in, Bri smiled as she her Ewa scream and felt her body tense up. Ewa twisted her body, which caught Bri off-guard and the pair fell to the bed with Ewa on top. Ewa’s and Bri’s legs wrapped together as more and more of their bodies linked and ground together. Ewa’s thigh slipped in between Bri’s legs and she felt how wet the blonde was; as wet as she was herself. Bri’s thigh pressed into Ewa’s wet womanhood and Ewa groaned out loud. She pressed her own thigh into Bri’s pussy and the blonde moaned out from under the busty brunette. Bri, with her hands still on Ewa’s ass, pulled the brunette to her, bringing her own hips up as she pulled Ewa’s down.

    “You dirty slut!!!” Ewa cried out, “You would never out fuck me!”

    “Feel the cunt that Anna wants!” Bri taunted as the pair of women humped each other.

    That comment sent Ewa over the edge; she twisted her upper body up and slammed her tits down on Bri’s, flesh rippling from the impact. Then Ewa rolled off the blonde, sitting up. Bri got her legs out from under Ewa and sat up. The two didn’t say a word as they put one leg over the other’s and one under the other’s, lining up bare pussies dripping with arousal. They lifted hips off the bed and slammed the cunts together.


    Wet pussies slapped together as each woman threw her head back and screamed out. The grunted and groaned as they fucked violently on the shaking bed. Hands were placed behind them, lifting their hips up and slamming them continuously forward. Breasts bounced on their chests from the impacts, sweat flew off of faces and hair as heads whipped around as they groaned and moaned. The muscles in their arms were straining as were the ones in their legs. As if by mutual agreement, butts sat down on the beds and Bri and Ewa reached for the other. Arms wrapped around the other’s back, large tits compressed, mouths came together and tongues started wrestling in the other’s mouth. Cunts continued to grind and rub; erect clits, engorged with blood sought the others. Ewa pushed her tongue in further trying to gag the blonde, but Bri answered back, pushing her own tongue against Ewa’s hard nipples scrapped across sweat slicked breasts; when the nipples touched, each woman felt a jolt of electricity course through their bodies. It made them grind and hump faster and harder, the initial twitches of orgasms starting at their toes and moving through them like a rushing river. Ewa felt Bri’s back tense, jerking hips now in an un-rhythmic cadence. It was all Ewa needed to send her over the edge as well. When the first gush came from Bri’s pussy, Ewa started screaming as her orgasm over took her.


    They grasped hair and pulled back, breaking their kissing and screamed was they came! The grinding and body slapping brought on orgasm after orgasm.




    Ewa and Bri finally finished after minutes of cumming, holding each other, heads rested on the other’s shoulders.

    “I hate you Ewa,” Bri whispered.

    “I hate you Bri,” Ewa answered back

    “I love you,” the two said together.

    Anna and I broke apart and watched as Lucy and Angelica took off tops and walked towards an open spot and started bashing breasts. Anna got to her knees and removed her bra, her massive tits bounced slightly as she started to stand. I got up as quickly as I could, taking off my own shirt and bra, wiping my still bleeding nose on the shirt. A yelp from Lucy’s lips caused Anna to look over at the titfight and I lunged; my right shoulder hitting her in the abdomen, hands wrapping around her waist, taking us both to the soft rugs. OOOOOFFFFF I heard as the air left her lungs briefly. Her legs tried to wrap around my waist but I was able to get my right leg tangled with hers. But trying to balance being on top, she slammed a knee into my cunt. I groaned and she rolled us over and slid her breasts up to mine. Her hands grasped my hair and lifted my head up slightly and smacked it back down to the soft rugs. Thank the lord for those rugs, because they softened the blow. I locked my thighs around her left leg and raked my nails down her back. She arched, bringing her head up and uttering curses and screams as my nails tore red lines into her pale skin. The arching of her back brought her breasts close to my face, so all I had to do was open my mouth and bite down!

    “AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!” Anna screamed out in a voice that would shake windows.

    My hands grasped her red thong and I yanked on it as she started slapping and punching at my head. She clopped me with cupped hands on each of my ears and it felt like my head exploded. I release the bite and she rolled off to the right side of me, cupping her wounded breasts. I looked over and my teeth marks were visible and so was a trickle of blood where it broke skin. I was rising and she came at my like a demon. I felt the nails in my cheeks and then it felt like talons of fire touched me as she gouged in. He little leap to me caused us to roll a little back and forth as I re-grabbed her thong and pulled on it. As we rolled to her back and I slammed my forehead into her mouth, breaking her grip on my face. She spit blood at me and gouged her nails into my back and raked down. My back screamed in pain and my voice matched it. Her nails slide down to the small of my back and then under my thermal underwear and to my ass. She clawed at the cheeks, raking back and forth as I writhed in agony on top of her. We rolled back and I felt the hands leave my ass and not get trapped as she got on top. Her thong tore in my hands, well on side of it did. I balled up my right fist and hit her in the side. She grunted out in pain and rolled off of me.

    Angelica and Lucy banged their breasts together. The slaps were loud clops of skin meeting skin. Both grunted as boobs took the abuse they were dealing out. Lucy had thought she was a skilled fighter but everything she threw at Angelica was not working. With hands high above their heads, Lucy and Angelica rammed head on.


    They came together once more and stayed pressed tit to tit; Angelica’s long, thick nipples pressed into Lucy’s. The two sets of nipples were excreting juices and it caused them to suck together. Each woman feeling it and shuddering in delight. Angel pushed and it caused Lucy to back up until Lucy’s back hit the wall. The pair were pumping their tits together, the flesh mushrooming out at the sides. Angelica brought their hands out to the sides and leaned in more to the busty redhead. Lucy had never felt a set of breasts like the blondes. Angelica started ramming her hips into Lucy’s bringing groans from the redhead’s lips. Lucy didn’t know how to feel, part of her was in ecstasy from the tit-fucking and part of her in pain. Her knees began to buckle and Angelica rode her down to the wood floor. Their tits stayed glued together even as they came down with Lucy on her back and Angelica on top. The blonde continued pumping both tits and pussies together; Lucy bit her lip and even through her pain she felt it coming.


    She bucked and writhed under Angelica how only smiled and continued fucking and fighting the redhead. Lucy started to whimper as the busty blonde didn’t let up in the least. Angelica felt Lucy’s arms stop fighting and she watched Lucy’s eyes roll back into her head. Angelica sat up and there was a POP when their nipples came apart. She slapped Lucy in the face.

    “Wake up bitch!” Angelica said, “You aren’t done yet.” Angelica sat back and removed her thong letting it drop to the floor. She crawled back up and sat on Lucy’s big tits. “Now I am going to fuck your face and you are going use your tongue like a good girl. If I feel teeth, you won’t be waking up, ever again.”

    Lucy sheepishly nodded and Angelica grabbed two handfuls of red hair and slammed Lucy’s face into her pussy.

    My thermal underwear was already sliding down so I took it all the way off. Now naked save for my wool socks, I face Anna Matthews. She had taken the thong the rest of the way off and we snarled at each other and started swinging with fists on our knees. We were still in the fight enough that we aimed well and our fists connected with our bodies and faces. She hit me with a left hook to my teeth that it knocked a back molar loose and I spit it out on the rug. I slammed a fist under her right breast and felt crunch with her ribs causing her duck down in pain, but her right fist slammed into my left eye and stars erupted in my vision. I was knocked to my back and I almost didn’t want to get up. I brought my head up enough to see her crawling towards me and when she reared up to pounce, I kicked her with my socked up foot right where the teeth marks were on her tit. She howled and fell back. I rolled over to look up and see Angelica with Lucy’s face between her legs. DAMN! I got to my hands and knees and crawled over to Anna but like a cobra she struck! My face went to my breasts and her teeth latched onto my dangling right tit.


    I howled out in pain. Her right hand grabbed my left breast and started to squeeze. I was cross ways on her left side and I slammed my face down in her massive cleavage and bit down on her right tit. She screamed through her bite because I could feel it in my bones. I gripped the right tit with both hands, forming it into a cone shape and gnawed on her right nipple. I could taste her blood in my mouth; well it was mixed with my own blood. She stopped biting and clawing and I thought I won but her left hand stabbed her nails into my pussy and I about shot off of her! I stopped bit biting to try and scream but it came out in a hoarse cry. I tried to pull away but her hand was locked in. I lifted my right arm and slammed an elbow to her face! Her hand stopped clawing. I looked down to see blood gushing from her mouth and nose. I was angry! I was pissed! All my rage from the last few days building up. I moved to straddle Anna’s waist and I put both hands around her throat and started squeezing. Her eyes budged as she realized what was happening. First her hands started to slap and punch at me, and then they grasped my wrists, digging nails in to try and pry me from the choke. Her hands started moving slower and weaker and her eyes rolled into the back of her head, but I didn’t stop. I wanted her dead. But two strong arms wrapped around me and a pair of big tits mashed into my back. Angelica easily pulled me from killing the redhead and pulled me off. I tried struggling but she just held me. I was so tired and the adrenalin was waning from me. My eyes shut and darkness overtook me.

    I woke up to find myself dressed and surrounded my men in dark combat fatigues and heard a woman barking orders to them. I looked around and cleared my eyes and saw Ewa and Bri huddled under a blanket, Amal dressed in her black thermal underwear being treated by a medic and Angelica back in her white parka and snow pants talking with a tall brunette women with a tactical vest that read Homeland Security on it. They noticed I was awake and the woman came over and sat down in a chair next to where I was laying.

    “Ms. Chambers,” she said, “I am Aleena Masters, Homeland Security. First I want to thank you for helping apprehend two wanted terrorists.” I looked over to see Lucy in cuffs and Anna on a gurney being led out and flanked by other Homeland Security members. “But that brings us to a problem here. Instead of contacting us directly, you decided to take automatic weapons and explosives over state lines. Very illegal and you are in a lot of trouble. I could take you and your friends here and lock up so tight, you never see the light of day again.”

    “It was all me,” I said weakly, “I hid the weapons and explosives from them.”

    “Anna,” Angelica started to say but I held up a hand to stall her.

    “Very noble of you,” Aleena said, “I have counted 13 different felony charges that we could levy against you in court. But again we are Homeland Security, we don’t need a court. Just throw you into that hole.”

    “I am sensing there is a but coming,” I said glaring at Aleena.

    “But,” she said with an icy smile and a glare back, “You have a certain skill set that has come to our attention. As well as relationships with people all over the world. You will be doing a few small jobs for us and then your slate will be wiped clean.”

    “And if I say no,” I said, “There is that hole.”

    “I see you get my drift,” Aleena said standing, “You get yourself cleaned up; get healthy and we will be in touch.”

    A.P. had set up an emergency surgeon to take care of Amal’s facial wounds and marks from her fight with Dina. I got a touch up to my right tit, since Anna had bitten off a piece of my nipple. I also got a new molar from a dentist. All billable as A.P. says. Angelica headed back to Texas but said she would be up to see me in a month or two. Ewa took care of me while I recovered. We made up, were whole again and I decided to take some time off of work and just relax and recover. Amal called me about a week after the storming of the mountain mansion.

    “Hey, this is a Virginia number you are calling me from,” I said looking at the phone.

    “Yes it is,” Amal said, “You are talking to the new cultural adviser to the Jordanian ambassador. It really means I am the intelligence representative here in the US. Now I am close should you ever have need of me.”

    I went back to work about a month after the events that had me up against Anna Matthews. Emilia met me at the door to the office with a cup of coffee and a stack full of folders. She and Leslie had moved in together over the last month and were sparring on a regular basis both on the mats and in bed.

    “Oh,” Emilia said, “You already have a guest in your office.”

    I walked in to see Aleena Masters, dressed in a black suit and white blouse, seated in one of my comfortable chairs in front of my desk. I moved around the desk and set the folders down before sitting.

    “I must say Anna,” Aleena went on, “You look so much better than the last time I saw you covered in blood and sweat.”

    “My friends call me Anna,” I said coldly back to her, “You can call me Ms. Chambers.”

    “I will call you anything I want,” Aleena said leaning forward so I could see the outlines of heavy breasts pushing against her top. “Time for you to pay your debt to us.” She slid a manila folder across the desk.

    I took the folder from her but continued to stare at her. “One day, you and I are going to have a disagreement and we will need to settle.”

    “Yes we will, Anna,” she said making sure to enunciate Anna, “But until that day arrives, I am your contact and handler. Here is my number, call me when the job is complete.” She got up and left the office.

    I opened the folder.



    The wind and cold bit at my face. Well most of it was covered in a white balaclava mask as I stared through the sight of my SV-98 Russian sniper rifle. I was in the Ural Mountains staring at a cabin about a 1,500 Yards away from me. My target was supposed to be there but they hadn’t come out for the last 6 hours. It was getting darker but I had the rifle trained on back cabin door where the fire wood was. Then my hip started buzzing. I reached in and saw my phone was on, the special one I got from DARPA that can get a good signal anywhere in the world. It was a FaceTime from Ewa. I accepted it.

    “Anna,” Ewa said into the screen, it was just on her face. “I don’t want you to say anything or get mad but I have a surprise for you.” I was puzzled. She set the phone down but the camera was facing the bed. All of a sudden Bri was in the frame, naked!!! I swallowed hard. She laid down on the bed and giggled and then Ewa came into the frame and Ewa climbed on top of Bri, her thighs around Bri’s head and Bri’s thighs around her and then they started. I could hear moaning and groaning as they two started their 69 fight, rolling back and forth with their faces in each other’s pussies. DAMNIT!!!! It was getting hard to concentrate and I looked back through my scope at the cabin. Then I heard slapping and glanced to see the two of them on their knees engaged in a spirited titfight. FUCK!!! I was breathing harder and getting warmer. I looked through my scope to see the back of the door to the cabin open. I saw the figure emerge and grab some fire wood. As a cry of bitch sounded from the phone, I breathed slowly, already adjusted for the wind and temperature, the crosshairs up and to the left of the target. I breathed out and slowly pulled the trigger.

    Bri and Ewa stopped what they were doing and looked at the camera in the phone after hearing the gunshot. Then my face came into their screen.

    “You two fucking bitches are going to get it!”

    They laughed and hugged each other.

    The end

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    Re: Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusio

    I would enjoy any input, good or bad. I am trying to get better at writing about titfighting and sexfighting. Angel's, A.P.'s and JB57's stories have been great to learn from.

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    Re: Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusio

    Pretty fun conclusion Cool to see multiple fights going on simultaneously, plus all of the 'ditch the weapons and clothes and start sexfighting' angle going on.

    Also, I thought it was a pretty fun how most of the ladies are catfighting/sexfighting because of deep personal grudges against each other, but then you have Angel who gets into a sexfight with one of the badgirls just for the fun of it. Always fun to see little twists like that.

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    Re: Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusio

    Anna .... Your writing is extraordinary! I LOVED the story. Absolutely brilliant. I loved the action... It was wild and crazy at times and kept me on the edge of my chair. I loved the sex .. Powerful ... vigorous ... energetic. I also am aware that you named your characters from girls that you know... well.. girls that both of us know! What a wonderful compliment to your friends! And, of course, I am thrilled that you included the sexiest.. most beautiful.. bravest character ever in your story! (Smiling as I pose for the cameras)

    You breathed life into Aleena, Lucy, Bri, Ewa, Vera, Dina and Amal .... and Anna makes me swoon!

    Fantastic story.. One of the best I have read ... ever. If writing were a competition... I would be so jealous right now.

    xoxoxo ^i^

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    Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion

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    Re: Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusio

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    Tales of the Marine Chick: Redheaded Nightmare Conclusion
    How am I supposed to even write anything when the comments that precede mine not only say so much of what I think, but are also so well written? LOL This is truly amazing work and I cannot wait to read more from you.
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