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    Belonging By Hellcatlaura

    Belonging By Hellcatlaura
    Laura was exhausted. She’d been on a plane since 6 am the day before and when she got home to her modest Long Island house all that she wanted to do was kiss her wife hello, and then climb into bed and sleep like a dead person. More detailed greetings would have to wait until she could count to a number higher than ten. That just wasn’t going to fly. At this moment she barely had the wherewithal to climb the four steps and drag her rolling suitcase up after her. Unlocking the deadbolt was going to be a whole challenge she wasn’t up to. And she wasn’t sure where her keys even were. Somewhere in her suitcase maybe? She rang the bell.

    A few moments later, Lisa answered the door. Laura couldn’t help but smile. Her wife was gorgeous. There was no better way to put it. Tall, leggy, redheaded. Glasses that made her angular face softer. She was a lean, strong woman, and about four inches taller than Laura, and slightly, only slightly older. They didn’t discuss that though. It usually ended with one of them sitting on top of the other with fistfuls of hair until they were laughing too hard to fight anymore. Laura didn’t say a word, she just threw her arms around her wife and felt the tension leave her body. Lisa hugged her back, and Laura felt safe for the first time in days.

    “Hey Lisa,” said an unfamiliar voice from nowhere, sounding faintly drunk, and faintly familiar, “do you have a corkscrew?”

    Laura pulled back from the embrace, blinking, looking up at her wife with an unspoken question and a raised eyebrow that said, “Who, exactly, is this bitch?” without her needing to say a word. Lisa smiled down at her.

    The bitch in question was wearing a towel on her wet hair, and another wrapped around her slender body. She had green eyes and dark brown hair. The hair Laura could see looked almost black, but it was wet. She was wet head to toe. She looked at Laura, with a kind of half smile. It was not a friendly smile, and Laura’s hackles were coming up. It was a look that Lisa knew well, and she stroked Laura’s shoulders calmingly.

    “Honey, this is an old college friend. Her name’s Tammy. She came into town early today, and I invited her to stay. We haven’t seen each other in…ten years? Can that be right?”

    Tammy spoke up, “More like twelve, Lee-Lee.” Tammy walked over and offered a hand to Laura to shake. She took that hand, carefully, and they shook. Laura’s hackles did not show signs of going down. Tammy squeezed that hand just a little too long, a little too tightly. Laura squeezed back, dug the nail of her index finger into Tammy’s palm. A little message that just whispered, “go fuck yourself.”

    Tammy laughed a forced laugh and slapped Lisa’s ass. “She sure seems to be your type, all right.”

    Lisa blushed a little. She wasn’t blind, she could pick up the tension.

    “Well,” Laura said, “so happy to meet you. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve been on an airplane since forever, and I’m in dire need of a shower and sleep. Walk me up babe?”

    Laura squeezed Lisa’s hand and Lisa squeezed back, and they started up the stairs. Lisa stopped short and looked back over her shoulder at Tammy. “Corkscrew is in the second drawer down next to the dishwasher. Lots of knives in there. Don’t cut yourself.” And then she turned and went back up the stairs with her wife.

    “Was it a good flight?” Lisa asked, trying to change the subject.

    “It was fine.”

    “You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”

    Laura sighed. “No. But I’ve got my eye on her.”

    “You have your eye on every woman friend I ever meet. You are too jealous. You have nothing to worry about.”

    Lisa pulled Laura in close, and hugged her, hands on her buttocks and holding her in tight. Then she leaned down slightly and kissed Laura, ran a gentle hand through Laura’s brick red hair, looked into her wife’s green eyes, and smiled as the kiss ended. “She is, I promise, just a friend. I didn’t know I even really liked girls until we met.”

    Laura tried to force a smile. “I know that, and you know that, but does Dracula know that?”

    Lisa laughed, and they shared another quick kiss.

    “Don’t stay up too late,” Laura said, as she started to undress, deciding, in here exhaustion that a shower was going to wait until morning.

    “I won’t. I’m glad you’re home, and I’m sorry to surprise you with a guest.”

    “Love you,” Laura said, and, in her black panties, climbed under the top sheet.

    “Love you back,” Lisa said, and tiptoed back downstairs.

    Laura was bodily ruined. She slept badly on trips, and her body felt like lead. By all rights, she should have fallen asleep instantly, but instead she lay there, eyes closed, and mind spinning up to high speed like a broken hard drive. She was like a dog with a bone sometimes, and it made her crazy, sometimes impossible to live with.

    She heard the chatter between Lisa and her old school friend, and she was jealous, not so much of Tammy, but of the intimacy they clearly shared. No friends like old friends. She thought of the thirty years and change she’d gone before meeting Lisa, and she couldn’t help be jealous of the people who had her in their lives so long. And it was hard to listen to them laugh and chatter. She was listening to them with the eye of a paranoid forensic scientist. Lisa sounded like she was just happy to see an old friend, but as they got drunker downstairs, Tammy’s tone sounded more and more flirtatious, and Lisa sounded more and more receptive. Worst of all was sudden long silence that lingered. What did that mean?

    Lisa might have a been a late bloomer in her bisexuality, but Laura was positive that Tammy was not…maybe she’d been nursing a crush all these years. God only knows Lisa was a woman worth loving. She was wild and sweet like strawberries you found at the side of the road after a long drive. She was the kindest woman in the world, but she managed to take absolutely none of Laura’s bullshit somehow.

    Laura’s heart felt hollow, and actual nausea crept into her belly at the thought of losing her wife. She’d forgotten how to live.

    The long and sudden silence was broken as Lee cam up the stairs, and crept into the room. Laura discretely opened her eyes, and Lisa had a troubled look on her face. It was less the look of a guilty woman than a scared one. Laura pretended to rouse from her sleep, and when Lisa slipped into bed next to her, she mumbled, “You okay, baby?”

    “Mm-hm, Laura said, “just had a little too much wine. Gotta remember I’m not in college anymore.”

    Lisa squeezed her tight, and then, holding on to her, and completely aware of where her woman was, managed to drift off to sleep.

    The next morning, she woke up alone, blinked and looked at the clock next to the bed. It was nearly 11 am. Lisa’d let her sleep, which was sweet. She’d be at work right now. Laura didn’t go in again for two days. She’d earned overtime enough for the next few days off in lieu. Thank christ.

    She stumbled to the shower, soaking herself under the hot water, and put on a fresh pair of underwear and a robe, and went downstairs to look for breakfast. Tammy was at the table, still in a robe herself. One of Lisa’s in fact. And her hackles went up at the sight of this frankly gorgeous brunette wearing her wife’s clothing.

    “Good morning,” Tammy said, no discernible trace of friendliness in her voice. “Lisa asked me to tell you she’d try to be home by four. There’s coffee.”

    Lisa padded to the kitchen, and said, “Thank you,” while pouring herself a cup.

    “This is really awkward,” Tammy said, “Isn’t it?”

    “Yep,” Laura said, requiring coffee to get her multi-syllabic. The coffee was strong and hot. She sat at the table.

    “You don’t like me, do you?” Tammy said.

    “I don’t even know you,” Laura said, and then sighed. Was it really time for a conversation like this already?

    “But you don’t do you?”

    “No,” Laura said, “I really don’t. This conversation isn’t helping. The good news I don’t need to like you. It’s fine for you to be Lisa’s friend, and for me not to like you. I don’t like very many people.”

    Tammy smiled, and the expression on her face made Laura want to come for her over the table. “I don’t like many people either,” she said. “Don’t like you either. Bitch.”

    Laura set her cup down. “I beg your pardon?”

    Tammy smiled. “I think you heard me. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t feel the need to pretend. You’re a bitch. I called you a bitch. Do you even deny it?”

    Laura took a deep breath and let it out. “No,” she said. “I guess not. I probably am a bitch. But here’s the thing. This is my house. Call me that again under my own roof, and you’ll be finding a new place to sleep tonight. Got it?”

    Tammy nodded. “Noted,” she said.

    For a moment, a long seeming moment, neither of them said anything. Then Tammy spoke up. The intake of her breath was enough to make Laura practically jump out of her skin.

    “She didn’t fuck me last night,” Tammy said, “if that’s what you’re all wound up about.”

    “I am aware that she didn’t,” Laura said, “and that’s why you’re still blinking at me with both your eyes.”

    “I can’t promise you that she won’t tonight, though.”

    Laura took another deep breath, counted to ten. Anger management was crucial to her ability to remain at liberty in the world. She’d had a tumultuous time in high school, mistakes were made. She’d learned that her temper was a wild animal in need of keeping.

    “Okay,” she said, at last, “Pack your shit. You’re done here. Either, you are deliberately trying to piss me off because you just enjoy pissing off people, or you are legitimately trying to seduce my wife. Either way, you’re done. Pack. Go. I’ll let Lisa know what happened. You’ve got half an hour, and then I’ll just call the cops to have them remove you.”

    She got that all out calmly, was proud of herself. Twenty year old Laura would be hands in hair right now, screaming and snarling. Tammy laughed, and twenty year old Laura pushed closer and closer to taking the reins on 35 year old Laura.

    “Oh please, bitch, like I have any intention of being scared off by you. I’ve been waiting for another chance with Lisa for 12 years. I always knew she was into girls, but she was so hung up about it. I’ve been waiting, and you? You’re just a minor inconvenience to deal with.”

    Laura’s blood was pounding in her ear. “Tammy,” she said, almost too quietly, “if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were trying to pick a catfight with me.”

    Tammy clapped her hands. “Oh you ARE a genius. Lisa told me you were very clever. I don’t see it.”

    Laura blushed. She was technically, she supposed, a genius, for what that was worth in her life of limited achievement. It embarrassed her to have it mentioned.

    “If you don’t shut your mouth, you won’t see anything this time tomorrow, you cunt,” Laura said, still calm, but an edge in her voice that foretold danger.

    Tammy stood up, her long slender leg sticking through a gap in Lisa’s robe. It was too big for her. Lisa’s robe would be too big for most women. Laura loved to wear her clothes, for that reason. “You need to back off from me, right now,” Tammy said, “or I promise you that you’re going to regret it.”

    Laura stood up and came around to Tammy’s side of the table. Her nipples were hard under the satin robe, and Tammy saw it. “This gets you hot, doesn’t it,” Tammy whispered, a dawning recognition in her voice.

    Laura swallowed, blushing a little hotter. “Yes. Is that what this is about? Are you trying to fucking seduce me in some crazy fucking way?”

    Tammy laughed a bitter little laugh. “No,” she said, “I just see we have a lot in common. Back in school I used to imagine beating up some nasty little bitch in front of her, wanting her to see what I’d do to protect her. To make her love me.”

    Laura felt a moment of painful empathy for this crazy bitch, but she choked it down. “Bitch,” she said, “in order to make Lisa love a bitch like you, you’d need voodoo.”

    Tammy’s face went dark, and her hands curled at her sides. Laura saw those nails were long and sharp. “With you out of the picture, I am fucking positive I’d be with her inside a week.”

    Laura leaned in, her breasts practically touching Tammy’s through the robe. “That isn’t happening, Tammy.”

    Tammy shivered at the resolve in Laura’s voice, and met her eyes in an icy stare. “Guess we’re gonna fight, huh?”

    Laura shivered too, this was like a dark fantasy come to life. This hot brunette coming to steal her wife, to take everything, and willing to fight for it.

    “I guess we are,” Laura said, and opened her robe, letting it drop. She wore nothing but pale pink satin panties now, her skin as pale as milk, but with a spray of freckles down her right side, that went down her hip.

    Tammy let her own robe drop, wearing black panties. She was slightly darker in complexion, something vaguely mediterranean in her features, and her posture was aggressive.

    Tammy licked her lips and stepped away from the table. “I don’t want to trash the whole house,” she said, and Laura nodded, her mouth feeling dry. Eyes locked on each other, hands curling at their sides they paused there on the edge of something brutal.

    “Come with me,” Laura said, and she made her way down the hall to the other bedroom that they never used for anything. Not even a bed in there yet. The house was really a little too big for them. Maybe one day they’d turn it into an office, but right now, it just sat empty…like it had been waiting for this.

    Not taking their eyes off each other, they went into the room and Laura closed the door. Tammy was breathing hard, and so was she. They stared at each other, neither sure this was really happening.

    “Last chance,” Laura said, “get out of here before you make me do this.”

    “Not going anywhere,” Tammy said.

    And with that, Laura lunged in at the brunette, screaming high and wild from deep in her throat, as the tension that had been building in her released. She grabbed at Tammy’s hair at both sides of her head and proceeded to shake fiercely. Tammy met her head on with a cry of her own, grabbing at Laura’s red hair and tugging as well.

    For several seconds, they stomped and strained around the room, shaking each other’s hair in a fury, as they tried to make the other woman cry out some kind of surrender. War cries turned to whimpers of pain, as they bent each other forward at the waist. Laura tried to kick out at her rival, and her balance was made all the shakier by the mutual hair pulling that they were inflicting, and she fell sharply to the side, lucky not to break an ankle.

    She kept her hold on Tammy’s hair and Tammy hit the floor on one knee, crying out. Laura pulled her right hand free of Tammy’s hair and lashed out with a wild slash and Tammy’s unbent leg, leaving livid welts from knee almost to hip. Tammy cried out, and dug her thumbs into Laura’s cheeks, twisting and scratching at her face.

    The pain was incredible, and Laura howled, both her hands coming up to swat Tammy’s hands like hornets. Tammy pulled her hands free and made quick slashes at Laura’s forearms. They both got their knees under them, facing off, still in arm’s reach. “Bitch,” Tammy said.

    “You have no idea,” Laura said, and they moved their hands like a pair of knife fighters, long red nails looking for the right place to scratch. Laura had fantasized about this kind of fight for most of her life, a fight against some bitch who really got it…but actually being here in a fight with another woman who clearly shared her kink, was as scary as it was exciting. And she knew full well, knew because she knew herself, that just because this was a turn on, didn’t mean it was a game.

    The two of them exchanged claws across the arms, the breasts, the upper chest. They swiped claws, and slapped hands away, moving in a slow awkward circle on their knees. Blood welled in tiny droplets onto the nastier scratches, and she could feel tears filming up in her eyes.

    “She’s mine, bitch,” Tammy whispered, “You just got in the way.”

    “Not my fault you couldn’t make it happen,” Laura responded, “but I’m not backing down.”

    The swiped at each other again, barely touching.

    “I don’t want you to,” Tammy said. “Please…PLEASE don’t give up.”

    “Oh, I won’t” Laura said and the traded another wild volley of slaps and scratches that went on for almost half a minute, breasts bouncing with the impacts. Sweat was starting to shine, and Laura was the first one to decide to go high, throwing five red painted nails up at Tammy’s face. She wasn’t aiming for the eyes, but she wasn’t afraid to get them either. Tammy brought a hand up to intercept, just a bit too slow, and Laura clawed at her cheek, leaving three bleeding marks on her rival’s face.

    Tammy yelped, a noise somewhere between pain and surprise and threw herself forward at Laura. Laura went over on her back, both hands raking at Tammy’s face now, and she tried for the eyes in earnest this time. Tammy’s own hands claws Laura’s face bloody, tracks from her high cheekbone to her jaw, blood running in trickles.

    Their panties slid satin on satin, a hiss they could feel but not hear through the shouting, and and they struggled with their legs as Tammy leaned down, her weight pressing Laura into the carpet as nails ruined pretty faces. Their legs tangled as they tried to use their knees on each other.

    Laura planted a foot into the carpet and shoved, desperate to get off her back, hands sliding back to grab Tammy’s long dark hair for leverage, and they started to roll over and over on the floor, whimpering and gasping. Tammy’s hands found Laura’s hair as well, and strands of red and black hair trailed behind them as the struggled, wrestling furiously, breasts pressed tight enough to ache, and every muscle straining as they tried to get atop the other.

    They could feel each other’s bodies, every inch of each other as close as lovers, and panties so wet that every fold could be felt as they struggled, each ending up with a thigh pressed to the other’s crotch.

    This rolling tangle went on, exquisitely, painfully for minutes, as the strained each other’s head back in turns. Occasionally one would come deliciously close to getting on top and holding it, and then the other would shift a hip, kick with a leg and over they went again into the wall and then back out into the centre of the room until they were practically slick with sweat.

    It surprised Laura when Tammy struck her teeth deep into her face. Not so much because she did not dream this fight would descend that far, but because she had assumed it would be her that did it first. The bite was incredibly painful, hot and stinging, and the feel of Tammy’s breath on her skin was almost the greatest violation. She strained her arms and pulled Tammy free of her cheek. The fresh bite stung fresh as the air hit it, and Tammy laughed a little chuckle, relishing the blood on her teeth.

    Laura kept pulling trying to bare Tammy’s long slender throat to her snapping teeth. Was she intending to bite the bitch’s throat out? Even she didn’t know, but she certainly wanted Tammy to think so. Tammy moaned and strained, her own hands in Laura’s hair holding her face back. Laura snapped and snarled like a wild dog, and Tammy spat in her face.

    Their faces came together, and they bit at each other’s lips and chin and cheek. First one landing a bite and then the other, using the hair hold in turn to escape. Laura’s pussy throbbed. In her dreams when fights went to this level there was no stopping them, and the madness of that was too much for her. The pain and pleasure mingled in her lizard brain and she growled, her hips grinding into Tammy as the two of them tried to bite one another’s faces off.

    Tammy’s hips moved in kind.. and the rolling began anew, hips working like they were trying to outfuck each other, and hands pulling out hair, as the bloodied each other’s faces with their teeth, gasping and whimpering and snarling in kind.

    After endless, minutes of this hatefucking, and biting war, Laura was torn between orgasm and crying out in utter pain induced misery. So many bites, bitten over and over again, blood on her teeth, her tongue, some of it hers, some of it the other woman. And their thighs making soft wet noises as they ground into each other.

    This could last forever, and she half wanted it to, but she knew the prize was her wife, her Lisa…and she took in a deep breath, and freed her right hand from Tammy’s hair and reached down to rake at Tammy’s hip, clawing up over the side of her panties and reaching for a breast.

    Tammy felt the clawing and stiffened and then ceased to bite for a moment and with a gasp released Laura’s hair with both hands and clawed slowly down Laura’s back, feeling skin pile up under her nails. “BITCH!” Tammy cried out.

    “CUNT!” Laura answered, as her hand pressed between them and she clawed and squeezed Tammy’s left breast, her free hand, making a quick stab for Tammy’s eye. Tammy closed her eyes tight, twisting her head and caught Laura’s thumb in her teeth, grinding at it.

    Laura released the breast and her hands pushed and scratched and slapped at Tammy’s face. Tammy grabbed Laura by the ass cheeks and clawed at her panties, as the struggled for a moment on their sides.

    Tammy gasped out a pain cry, and Laura pulled her hand free, shaking it hard and slapped at Tammy’s face, a wild stinging affair.

    Laura’s panties tore, and as the blow rocked Tammy to the side, Laura rolled the other way. Tangled legs made for awkwardness, but the soon kicked free of each other, gasping and clutching wounded faces,

    Laura knew that in any sane world this would be the end of it, but she had just been pussy to pussy, and tit to tit with a woman she KNEW had as much to offer Lisa as she did, and she’d be goddamned if she’d went through all this pain…all this embarrassing pleasure to not have it resolved.

    She got her wind back and said softly, “Get out, bitch. Get out and don’t ever go near my girl again.”

    Tammy heard this and Laura could feel her bristle. “She’s not yours anymore, you fucking bitch.”

    Laura got to her hands and knees, making as if to stand up, and then thinking better of it. Her breasts hung under her, and she could see drips of blood come off her nipples to the carpet. She didn’t remember getting scratch that bad on her breast, and then realized it was coming off the side of her collarbone, probably from her face too. She looked at Tammy as Tammy rolled to all fours, and saw the damage she’d done.

    It sent her someplace near revulsion, but she felt another throb of pleasure. Look what i did to her. Goddamn it, I am fucking fierce.

    They glared at each other, half exhausted, the fight having been frenzied and far more tiring than ether expected.

    “I will fucking kill you,” Laura said, “Get out.”

    Tammy shook her head, “Not if I get you first,”

    Neither was kidding, and neither pretended they were.

    They bared their teeth and reared up, hands grabbing at each other in haste, no planning, just mutual passion as the tried to get back AT each other, wanting this now, more than anything. They were too dangerous together, neither willing to back off, each wanting Lisa just that badly, but just as badly wanting to push this that far…to live something that extreme.

    This was a catfight to the death, and both knew either could win. It had been neck and neck so far, and if the two of them had not been so very evenly matched, this would be over by now.

    Laura clawed Tammy’s right side, and mauled her left breast. Tammy, was raking at Laura’s neck with one hand, her left taking hold of Laura’s right breast, her thumbnail digging like a knife at her areola. The gritted their teeth, and, realizing that neither had a grip of hair, began, once again to bite at each other, sinking teeth in each other’s shoulders as their nails did bloody work.

    They leaned to one side and then the other, as Laura tried to get her hand over Tammy’s hip and clawed at the crotch of her panties, fabric tearing. Tammy’s eyes went wide as Laura tried to claw her vulva, and responded by hooking her nails viciously in Laura’s neck like a panthers trying to tear open a throat. One of her nails snapped painfully breaking, and the broken nail was all the more effective in opening a wicked cut.

    Laura screamed, twisting her head in, trying to catch the side of her rival’s throat. Tammy felt the change and ducked her chin. Tammy released Laura’s breast, her hand grabbing Laura’s hand pulling it from her pussy, and Laura’s other hand slapped and clawed at Tammy’s deadly talon.

    “Fuck…you,” Tammy said, “she’s mine. I love her.”

    “I love her more, you cunt!”

    Tammy moaned at that, and as the struggled on their knees, their hands slapped and scratched, and fingers wound up almost laced, pushing to the sides and out, one high and the other low.

    Laura slapped her hip forward into Tammy’s scratched vulva and Tammy snapped at the wound on Laura’s neck, not quite reaching it.

    Laura pressed her cheek into Tammy’s cheek, and they wrestled with their necks, desperate to keep the other from striking like a serpent.

    “Got you, b…bitch,” Tammy moaned, “you’re bleeding bad whore. Why don’t you let me finish you quick?”

    Laura turned her head suddenly, sharply and her teeth snapped on Tammy’s right eye. It burst into a horrible gory mess, and Tammy screamed piteously, shaking her head side to side. Laura held her hands tightly, but the adrenaline strength was fearsome and Tammy threw herself back and free, screaming and kicking like her pain was a thing she could somehow batter into submission.

    Laura knew it was over…felt it in the pit of her stomach. Blood and something else tasted in her mouth, and she watched Tammy kick and howl, and then Tammy went silent, except for ragged breathing.

    “Get out…” Laura gasped, holding her neck, and then Tammy lashed out with her right foot, catching Laura in the side hard. She felt something crack, and breathing hurt. She rolled into a ball and could hear Tammy getting to her knees.

    Tammy moaned, well past words, but not past war, the shock setting in, and numbing her pain to a distant but insistent roar. A blood caked, beautiful angle of death, she pounced at Laura, who barely had time to open her arms before they collided, breasts wetly slapping, and the impact refreshed the agony in Laura’s ribs.

    “To… the death,” Tammy moaned. and Laura moaned

    “Yesssss,” Laura said, the orgasm coming as their hips pressed and she heard the total relentless hate in her rival’s voice…the willingness to come for her like some mad revenant…and that orgasm was enough for Tammy to get her teeth latched in to her throat.

    She felt terror sure through her as pleasure waned, and she knew that this was desperate. She sank her own teeth into the side of Tammy’s throat, and for a moment they lay still in each other’s grips, just biting, and trying to be the one to tear the other’s neck. Tammy had, by far the better angle, and a prior wound to work with. Panic surged in Laura, and she hissed and snarled as they locked in a biting war, blood running in rivulets now.

    With desperation, she reached low, clawing for cunt again, and Tammy reciprocated, panties being shredded as they tried to tear necks open, to get at each other’s soft wet pussies like a pair of maddened animals.

    Blood poured from the horrid empty socket in Tammy’s face, and Laura could feel her weakening, her biting less insistent, and then just as she was about to feel some sense of triumph, Tammy drove two fingers deep inside her and began to scratch.

    Laura had her turn now for piteous crying, for kicking and moaning. Her hand pulled from Tammy’s crotch and raked her forearm so badly, so desperately that blood practically rushed to the wound. Tammy’s broken nail was cutting her deep inside, and she needed to get that finger OUT!

    Tammy sensed a small moment forward, a triumph, and sucked in breath, releasing her bite to snarl, “I’ll claw out your fucking womb….b….b…bitch…”

    The momentary release of the bite gave Laura the only chance she needed, and she brought both hands up to Tammy’s hair, taking control of her head. Tammy’s hand moved back for Laura’s pussy, but Laura clamped her teeth HARD, and using the hair grip, PULLED Tammy’s face back.

    A terrible wet noise heralded the end of Tammy, as a bloody divot of flesh came free in Laura’s teeth. Blood sprayed from the wound down Laura’s face, her breasts, hot, sticky. Laura spat out the terrible mouthful, choking as Tammy went limp.

    Tammy’s good eye stared at Laura with cold rage for a few seconds and then all consciousness faded.

    Laura was dizzy, bleeding badly from her neck, her pussy, a hundred other rakes, but she was alive, unlike the bitch she leaned over. Her hands absently rubbed the blood into her own breasts and she leaned down into Tammy’s face. “Lisa is mine, bitch. MINE!” She clawed at Tammy’s face, marking it up, and moaning.

    She was in so much pain. So much, but she’d fought for her woman, fought the ultimate fight and won, body to body. She was the better cat in the fight.

    And sure, she’d likely end up in jail, and sure, she doubted her wife would ever forgive her, or that she could truly love a murderer, but she had WON, she’d won her mate. Lisa belonged to her.

    Just like, Laura realized, with some shame, she always had.

    Laura climbed for the phone and dialled her wife. She tried to hide the pain and fear in her voice as Lisa answered. “Baby?” Laura said, “something happened.”

    “I’ll be right there,” Lisa said. Laura closed her eyes, and rested.

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    Re: Belonging By Hellcatlaura

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    Belonging By Hellcatlaura
    Great story. Love the intensity and bloodlust at the end. Just the right amount of passion and violence. Looking forward to more of your stories and more great stories to come

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