I was going through my old emails the other day, going through old password emails etc. and came across one from this old board. I popped back in and discovered that the forum had fallen dormant over the years and was a little saddened by it.

I suppose other forums pop up over time, some end, some continue, but it is a continual process. However, considering the enormous wealth of info contained in these pages, it would be a shame to let the internet forget this great resource going back years, and in so doing cataloguing the journey of Super8 up to the point most people thought the format would end.

Well, over the years there have been great developments, great film comapnies closing, film stock dwindling, companies re-emerging slimmer and meaner, stocks being re-introduced, Super8 cameras being made new, and so many other fasinating developments that one wonders why we ever got so scared for the format.

Small format film making remains, and seems to be getting stronger as an alternative to the digital age of photography. Young film makers are still picking up the cameras, seem they are not old junk anymore, but they're no getting retro cool.

I developed a couple of websites over the years to draw so much info together, even making a decent repair site for Super8 and 16mm cameras.

Anyway, I hope in time people will visit this page and read through some of the old topics, some good stuff in here....