A sci fi sex future
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    A sci fi sex future
    On another site,we just had a discussion about "date robots",somebody put forth the "what if" scenario of a sci fi future where a person could have an android that would do their every sexual bidding.Interesting thought and the folks at realdoll.com are working on making such a fantasy come true.

    However the cost of such would be astronomical.Realdolls start at 6G and they're hardly sci fi androids,but pretty close.
    I don't see "date bots" as economically feasible for the average working class stiff (pardon the pun).What I see instead is the use of virtual reality (VR) technology to enhance sex or sex fantasy and masturbation.

    Imagine if lovers could use a pair of VR glasses,maybe hardwired directly to the cerbral cortex,(this can be done in a non invasive manner) and the VR program could enhance the experience,say each one could be VR fantasizing they're with a celebrity they have the hots for,or they're making love in space or some other exotic fantasy location.

    Couples where one person has suffered a debilitating illness or injury that inhibit sex could benefit from this.

    Likewise a lone person could have a program where they could experience sex with anyone they wish,all by themselves.The fantasy could be made extremely realistic through technology.

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    Re: A sci fi sex future

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    A sci fi sex future
    Many girls are a bit defensive because they get so many guys hitting on them. Pickup is not easy, but it sure is fun if you get it down.

    Robots? Screw that. Well, not literally.
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