This could only happen to me
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Thread: This could only happen to me

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    This could only happen to me
    Sooo...I'm not in Florida and didn't get to go. Hours before my flight took off, I was rushed to the hospital in Baltimore for a horrible pain in my right side. After spending about 14 hours in the ghetto hospital down there and not even getting anything for pain, my mom brought me up to the hospital she works at here in Harrisburg. I have..blah..kidney stones. I'm on good pain meds now, so for the time being, I'm feeling better, but I'm sure at some point this will all sink in and I'll be sad as hell I'm not in Florida...damn my horrible timing!

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    time and nature wait for no one...they move forward with little if any regard to our needs or wants...they just march on...

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    Yikes...sorry to hear that 2 them can be very painful from what i hear...hope it doesn't end up with you in surgery...i'll be thinkin 'bout ya*hugs*

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    Had Kidney stones Last year, Damn thing's. I was down and out for almost a month.

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    I have had three of the fuckers. The first one I went without any pain medication or anything for 14 hours. I was told they are comparable to child birth. I was like "well...then I know what I am in for when I decide to have kids and it'll be a piece of cake." Drink lots and lots of fluid. Get well soon!!! [img]graemlins/rose.gif[/img]

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    even when depressed over lost plans...remember that plans can be rescheduled...things can be done again....better to have lost plans..than lost life...

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    Re: This could only happen to me

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    This could only happen to me


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