Too much has happened in the last ten days. I'm not sure how much of it is good or bad. It all started with Captain Kurisu Kaso. Of all places to run a government operation to catch a government threat, he picked the club. It ended in catostrophy. The man he was trying to capture was killed, and due to the captains carelessness, he too was shot. Not killed. Jez shot him in the leg. Pissed, I was. So far beyond pissed, words couldn't possibly describe. It resulted in having him hung upside down in the pit, originally with the idea of having him used as a buffet. But thanks to Celeste, we found out that this man wasn't a typical human. Infact, we still don't know what he is. We know he's a threat. Celeste marred the man to no end with the word LIAR carved into his body for every time she thought he was lying to her. Well, in a last moment decision, he was released to the Key West hopsital. The very same night, another came. I never got her name. I locked her away after her attempted tries at black mailing me, letting me know that, yet, another agency knew about us. Some unknown group that sent her in as a spy. People she wanted away from. In exchange for all the information she had, she asked for sanctuary. Unfortunately, she didn't live that long. One of my own employees have come forth, claiming she knows what we are, and even has tested proof. Another government worker. In the same week, a friend and business associate of my own sires, an investor of the club, has decided that this week, of all weeks, to "visit". When it rains, it pours. Vincent makes my skin crawl. That dark gaze of his is enough to send shivers into the coldest of hearts. But..underlying that, there's more. He's taken an odd want for me. As a link to this modern world. In exchange for what I have to offer, he wants to move the club to Miami, where he can keep personal watch. Last night..yet another incident. Cim had the loving Captain trailed, and he was lost last night. Shortly after, bombs hit a yacht off the coast of the Keys. Something about it has to do with us. We move. Now.