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  1. Sexy Female Wrestling, Cat Fights, Get Your Discount!

    [QUOTE=steelkittens;1941044][b]Female Wrestling, Mixed Wrestling, Catfights!

    Steel Kittens Promotions and Free Stuff!
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  2. Watch Valentina Beat the *@%$ Out of Her Opponents!

    Click here to see Valentina's bio and wrestling videos from Steel Kittens:

    Wrestler Stats: 5'4" 125 lbs
    Seen in: Women's Wrestling and Mixed Wrestling Matches

    Valentina got a taste of wrestling as a valet while in NYC. A self proclaimed "little bad ***" she was taking on all with 100% intensity. She has been contracted to numerous federation's and travels ...
  3. Man Finds Himself Victim of a Beautiful Tattooed Babe!

    Check out this mixed wrestling match here now: [url][/url]

    Carrera vs. Darnell & Lindsey vs. Dustin

    Two Mixed Wrestling Ring Matches, 1 Topless

    In the first mixed wrestling ring match, Carrera, our sexy masked fighter meets a bigger Darnell. Taking control from the bell, Carrara has Darnell backing up from her quick and vicious attacks, as Darnell takes a beating from this wildcat. ...
  4. Mixed Wrestling Video with Erotic Submissions.......

    :cool:[QUOTE=steelkittens;1847718]:p[SIZE=5] [B]Mixed Wrestling Video with Erotic Submissions![/B][/SIZE]

    This topless mixed wrestling match features a determined and focused exotic beauty, Mai Lei. She is a 5?4? dynamo who is experienced in jiu jitsu and loves a good mixed wrestling session. Her male opponent is no slouch and this starts out to be a friendly yet competitive challenge for both opponents.[B] Rear naked chokes, guillotines, head and body scissors, arm bars, triangles, ...
  5. Sexy Female Wrestling Video - Super Babe Gets Punished!

    :cool:[QUOTE=steelkittens;1847719]:eek:[B][SIZE=5]Sexy Female Wrestling Video - Super Babe Gets Punished! [/SIZE][/B]

    [SIZE=3]This is a very sexy special interest domination match with has a busty bombshell who loves her aerobics. She is put though a series of strength and agility tests. [B]The masked villainess is not happy and tortures the busty girl with a crotch grabbing iron grip! She is punished from head to toe with mauling, lifts and carries, back breakers, wedgies. Her huge ...
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