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“With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding”

Why the USA is at odds with China

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My understanding is,

In the 1930's,

The Federal Reserve told

The Chinese that the Japanese

Were coming to steal the

wealth of China.

Which they were.

Even though the people behind

the Federal Reserve

Instigated this war in the first


To get the Chinese gold faster,

With less risk of losing any,

They offered to keep the gold

For 60 years,

Then return it.

At the same time,

The Fed would invest in asian

infrastructure projects,

Backed by this gold.

Bonds were issued,

Given to some Chinese,

Although some were lost

In a plane crash,

Later found.

The bonds were for sums

In the trillions,

Misspelled rillions,

To give a counterfeit look.

125000 tons of gold was

Given to the USA.

And Ft Knox was built to store

This gold.

Then the Fed arranged a

revolution In China so they

Would not have to give this

Gold back.

Then the Chinese communist

Government after 60 years

Said they wanted the gold back

The Fed's refused.

The Chinese went before

The Court of International

Settlements to get their gold back.

They won.

The Feds were to pay back

The gold, beginning

September 12 2001.

And the day before?

The Chinese went back to


Were given the entire

Federal Reserve.

They now Own

The Federal Reserve.


The previous owners would

rather start more wars,

Than give up the money

Machine ....

See how this works?

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Updated November 24th, 2019 at 08:34 AM by tomt

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  1. tomt's Avatar
    Prescott Bush, and Mao Zedong,

    Actually went to the same finishing school.
  2. tomt's Avatar

    The deep state are pasty white folk,

    East coast USA, ivy league school,


    Their fave 'blame it all on', patsy's

    Are 'the Jews'.

    The Rockefellers new head of family,

    Sent letters to all Congress persons,

    Saying just that.

    Which is an effort to hide their own

    Crimes, which got this country in

    The disaster it's in right now.

    Which is, bankruptcy.

    The Rockefellers own Facebook,

    So links to information about their

    Crimes are,

    ' against positing guidelines '.
    Updated November 3rd, 2019 at 08:15 AM by tomt
  3. tomt's Avatar
    Bush 1 president, left the USA,

    Left these United States, 14 trillion in debt.

    Don't hear about that very often do we?


    The Cheney presidency,

    Through the magic of,

    Money by keystrokes,

    Left the USA,

    Over 500 trillion dollars in the hole.

    Not kidding.

    Most of The rest of the world,

    Is not laughing .....
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