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?With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding?

Hollywood careers

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And how things go,

In Hollywood.

At one time,

Italian 'organizations', controlled

The majority of mainstream entertainment.

Had I not married a woman of Italian descent,

I might not have realized this.

Starting in the 1940's,

This began to change.

Another group of people,

Began to take over, the mass entertainment industry.

And these people were much

Less concerned with how they

Conducted business.

Many people do not realize,

Many times people have no say,

In their career path.

Like Kanye West.

His mom was killed.

To let him know what time it was.


He did as he was told.

Part of his job,

Was to help make Taylor Swift,

A Big Star. And he did.

He was then rewarded.

An attractive woman,

in a successful showbiz family.

Who were also undergoing the same

Play nice (do as you are told),

And reap the benefits,

Or pay the price.

Which means poverty or Literally Death.

Which would you choose?

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