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  1. the mess in The Ukraine

    by , 1 Day Ago at 06:17 AM (?With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding?)
    i read Mein Kampf, in high school

    it stated the Fascist would need to take Ukraine/Russia,

    for the land.

    and exterminate all Slavic People

    this will unfold,

    over several generations,so that this will not be readily apparent .....

  2. 3D Architectural Design Services

    We create award-winning 3D architectural renderings for a variety of project types requiring 3D architectural renderings, from contemporary residential, classical architecture, commercial, urban, and all the way to full scale business districts. Below you will see some of the best examples of our 3D exterior renderings. We specialize in creating stunning visual 3D renderings and offer custom assistance to meet all your needs. If you would like more information about our exterior rendering after ...
  3. new!

    by , February 20th, 2022 at 04:27 AM (?With All Thy Getting, Get Understanding?)
    the new Tesla Phone,

    will use the,

    'Zucc OS' ....

    (heard it here first)
  4. .NET software development

    Certified .NET developers with 17 years of experience are ready to create for you reliable software solutions of any complexity using the ASP.NET framework and the .NET Core platform:

    - Web solutions
    adaptive web portals, client-side web programming, server configuration.
    - Cloud systems
    to reduce costs in the development and deployment of MVP, high-load systems, and projects with a floating load.
    - Desktop applications
    business management systems, ...
  5. Technology consulting

    In the era of the digital revolution, technology consulting in the financial services industry allows banks, finance and insurance companies to benefit from the implementation of modern systems and solutions. We work closely with clients to ensure they can take full advantage of advanced technologies to drive innovation and sustainable growth in their organizations. We Technology Consulting Company - Unicsoft help clients understand the value of both existing and emerging technology solutions, such ...
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