Recently I found a website in Images4Sale where they sells cartoon stories about one side catfights. The stories ara about a former latina gang member named Bullia Linares. Bullia tries very hard to be part of the society but along the way she finds mean women especially beautiful but shallow girls who prey on working class people. But Bullia is a very rebellious woman and finally tired of the abuse of the mean girls, Bullia kicks the pretty girls? asses once for all in a one sided female fight. This comic is very good one because no only presents the catfights but also a well elaborated story with sexy images that can turn you on. Check out of the comic in: images4sale its name is "Bullia Latin Female Fighter"
and also in facebook in Catfight Adventures of Bullia or Bullia Linares.
Best Wishes
I copy a summary about its first episode
?Episode 1. Bullia Linares is a former gang member from El Salvador.She is Looking for a job in Los Angeles. She was hired to serve as a maid in the house of easy girl named Lissy. But this easy girl takes advantage of her maids. Finally Bullia reaches a point no to take more abuse from her boss and Bullia decides to kick Lissy?s ass.?