To all those we missed contacting.

In light of the down time this place has been experiencing, a new board has been set up for us to meet. HostBoard has done us well for these last few years, but we are now on a board that is on a loadbalanced and redundent ISP hosted site.

The new site is faster and more responsive and I think everyone will enjoy it. There are a couple of other features that you might like as there are no limits to the number of pictures you can put in a post (unlike here where it is 6), and as new Mods come out we can apply them if we want them.

I'll be bringing over the post counts from this place over to there so everyone can feel comfortable, and we are planning to restart all the same sticky threads there as we have here (Most Wanted, Weekly release lists, Unreal photo thread, etc)

Just come on over to and sign up, then join us for our normal conversation!