"family guy" talks about a very absurd family life, Peter is a naive and greedy fat man, his wife Lois was from a rich family ans was willing to follow this strange fat man-_-drama looks In fact, super-abnormal normal wife and mother type. His eldest son (Chris) is a naive mentally handicapped children, the eldest daughter (Megan) is the most normal of the unfortunate drama looks modest home and the school so often people make fun of the literary heart of love girls desperate, fat, glasses (It seems the requirements of talented women at home and abroad are the same) youngest son Stewie is the most lovely drama, as the head football is full of desire to conquer the world - often, but failed to assassinate the mother is a super-scientist politicians Playboy and is a child with diapers. Brain is a cute puppy mature white dog, is the drama that looks most normal male (a dog can be considered if any). This short animation is an American classic talkshow, very nice - if you are used to the words of American humor