Hello. Not sure if you still come on here but I'll give it a shot. I'm looking for trading or even purchasing copies that can be made from what you might have in your archive for CW videos. I already posted about v194, the Scarlet Letter with Goldie Blair and Chantel Lace. I'm looking for the full version of it I believe is 50+ minutes. I already have the VOD clip that's edited to 20 mins and that's the only copy of it I can find that way. Even on free websites that link this video. If you have this, a copy I could purchase from you rather it's VHS, DVD or mp4 or if there's something I might have in my collection of sexfight videos you might be interested, let me know. Have a great day.

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Hello, members!

Hope everyone is fine. I do have a great collection of videos from cailforniawildcats.com, femalefingers.com, legsultra, JM rolen and lots of footsie videos. If anyone wanna trade with me, PM me or reply here, thank you for reading.

Look forward to having good trade with all of you :-)