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Thread: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    All the characters and their names in the following story are fictional. I hope you enjoy reading ?The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye.? ? Angel Dawn

    The amazing digital art was created by darkhound1. You can see his amazing work at .... When you click on the links, an image will appear... if you will then left click on the image, you will see a larger image.

    This story is about stunningly beautiful women who desire other stunningly beautiful women. The characters are more sexy and beautiful than you can possibly imagine.. with excessively large breasts, incredible nipples and amazingly hard tight buttocks .... Women who have an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure. .. Women with a ravenous appetite for sex.. an appetite that is fueled by lust, anger and jealousy.

    Previously on Saturday (highlights)

    Angel demonstrated some of her toys for Wendy
    Wendy and Jane had a confrontation at Angel's home
    Ashley and Joy continued their revenge fight
    Jennifer and Emily texted each other about their upcoming meeting
    Abby met Tina at the gas station
    Angel and Jane kept one of their promises
    Jane visited the old woman at the Magic Shop
    Wendy went shopping at an adult novelty store
    Angel and Veronica met at Angel's office
    Jane visited Wendy to discuss Angel
    Michelle and Veronica had a disagreement
    Amber and her daughter Jennifer did some mother-daughter bonding
    Angel walks in on Wendy and Jane. Surprise!
    Jennifer and Emily finally have some quality time together
    Emily visits her sister Lisa
    Amber and Ashley entertain Amber's husband, Rick

    angel cover2 by darkhound1 dalj1cg by angeldawn30 daopx6b

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
    Chapter 69
    Second Sunday

    It was a few minutes after ten o'clock Sunday morning when Angel opened her eyes. She had been asleep for almost twelve hours. Rolling over and placing her feet on the floor, she stood up and stretched.. noticing that Wendy and Jane were still asleep on the bed in each others arms. Angel quietly walked over to the bed and stared at the two incredible sexy women.. her eyes moving from their thighs, which were pressed against each others pussys, to their huge round tits that were pushed warmly together with their nipples hidden from view. ?Damn,? Angel whispered, ?You two are the hottest girls I know.?

    It took her about fifteen minutes to go to the restroom, look through Wendy's clothes, where she found a frilly pink blouse to go with her black mini-skirt, and get dressed. She slipped the blouse on, stepped into her black skirt and picked up her heels that were still laying on the bed. Looking around Wendy's bedroom, Angel found a note pad and a pen and wrote a brief note ? leaving it on the night stand next to Wendy's bed.

    ?I had a wonderful time last night. See you at Girlfriends at four o'clock, and wear something sexy! I want the three of us to make everyone jealous!



    Angel always made the little 'Angel' sign as her signature when writing notes... she thought it looked cute.

    She quietly sneaked down the stairs before slipping her heels on and then she walked out of the house, stepped into her vette, and drove home, arriving at 40 Cherrywood Lane ten minutes later. She showered, dressed and ate a bowl of cereal before driving to her office to catch up on a few things she had been working on. It was almost noon when Angel unlocked the door to her office and began reading her email. The titfight tournament began at five, but Angel wanted to get there about four, so she reasoned that she could work about an hour and a half before returning home and getting ready.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    A couple of hours earlier, Amber and Rick were slowly waking up. As Amber opened her eyes she noticed that Ashley was already gone, but she saw the note on the pillow next to her. Wiping her eyes, she read the note ?

    'Had a great time.. please come to the titfight tournament at Girlfriends. Bring Rick. He would enjoy it! Matches start at five so be there before then. Hugs and Kisses, Ashley.'

    She rolled back over toward Rick and nudged him .. ?Wake up Honey! I'm hungry!?

    Rick mumbled ? ?You're always hungry.?

    ?Come on, get your ass up.. lets go out to eat.?

    ?Ok.? he answered as he rolled over and kissed his wife good morning.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    At about the same time, Wendy and Jane were also waking up. ?Good morning.? Jane whispered to Wendy.

    Wendy smiled .. ?Good morning to you too.? she replied as she looked around the bedroom .. ?Where is Angel??

    Jane slipped out of the bed and was walking toward the bathroom as she answered .. ?I don't know.?

    ?I hope she is not mad at us.? Wendy said as she rolled out of the bed and stood up and stretched. She then noticed the note that Angel had left. ?She left us a note!?

    ?What does it say?? Jane yelled from the bathroom.

    ?It doesn't say anything Jane ? you have to read it.? Wendy giggled.

    Jane yelled from the bathroom again ? ?Smart ass!?

    Wendy laughed as she read the note ?. ?Angel said she had a wonderful time... will see us at Girlfriends at four o'clock... and she said to wear something sexy. She wants us to make everyone jealous!?

    She heard Jane laugh.... ?Well that ought to be easy to do.? A moment later Jane was walking out of the bathroom... her huge tits lightly bouncing on her chest as she strutted toward Wendy. As she approached Wendy, Jane opened up her arms as if she wanted to give Wendy a big hug... but Wendy walked around her ?

    ?Sorry... bathroom first!? Wendy said as she stepped toward the bathroom.

    Jane smiled and turned around... waiting next to the bed .. and a couple of minutes later, Wendy walked out of the bathroom toward Jane with her arms opened. Their enormous tits met with a gentle slap as they wrapped their arms around each other. ?Mmmmm, you feel so good.?

    ?Yes you do.? Wendy spoke softly in Jane's ear. They held their hug for a few moments before they stepped away from each other.. both of them staring at each others over-sized tits. ?I really loved last night.?

    ?I did too Wendy.?

    As their eyes met, Wendy became serious ? ?What are we going to do about Angel??

    Jane quickly replied ? ?We should all move in together.?

    A big smile formed on Wendy's face ? ?What a splendid idea!.... but ?.?


    ?Where? We can't stay here... well.. we could.. but only for the next three months.?

    Jane sighed ? ?We cannot all live in my apartment.?

    Wendy thought for a moment.. ?I just purchased a home on Lake Dallas.. but it is too small for the three of us.?

    ?Hmmmmmmm.? Jane was also thinking.. and she new the answer.. but did not want to ask the question.

    ?I know!? Wendy's big brown eyes lit up, ?I will buy a house big enough for the three of us.?

    ?That is actually a very good idea Wendy... but what if Angel does not want to move??

    ?Hmmmm... well... Angel has a very large home.?

    ?Yes she does. You think she would be ok with you and I moving in with her?? Jane asked.

    ?I have no idea... we could ask.?

    Jane smiled into Wendy's eyes ? ?That is a great idea Wendy ? You can ask.?

    ?It was your idea Jane ? You ask her.?

    Jane thought about how Angel had acted last night ? ?What if she does not want to have anything to do with us??

    ?Of course she does... I read you the note she left ? she said she had a wonderful time.?

    ?Yes she did.? Jane grinned ? ?Ok I will ask her.. but first we have to convince her that we want the three of us living together and I will need your help with that. Both of us have to show her that we want to live with her.?

    ?I agree.?

    ?Good!? Jane then looked lovingly into Wendy's big brown eyes, and as Wendy was expecting her to say something romantic, Jane whispered ? ?I'm hungry.. lets get ready and go eat something.?

    ?How about I eat you?? Wendy playfully asked.

    ?Do you want to fuck all the time Wendy??

    ?Do I want to fuck all the time? .. I am a fucking nympho lesbian whore Jane? I need to fuck all the time!?

    ?Um hmmm.? Jane whispered as she placed her hands on Wendy's shoulders and pushed her back on the bed with her legs dangling off the side.... ?But I am the one who is hungry!? Jane smiled as she dropped down to her knees and moved her face between Wendy's thighs. Wendy lifted her legs and placed them on Jane's shoulders as Jane opened her mouth and began licking up and down Wendy's wet slit.

    ?Ouuuuuuuu Jane!? Wendy gasped... ?That feels so good.?

    Jane licked her long tongue up and down Wendy's wet slit.. sliding it up and down between the wet folds of Wendy's labia... licking and stroking... tasting Wendy's sweetness with her tongue as Wendy began rocking her hips and moaning. It wasn't long before Wendy had reached down and grabbed Jane's long blonde hair with her hands... twirling Jane's hair around her fingers.. pulling Jane's hungry mouth tighter to her wet cunt. Jane lifted her face up ?. Wendy's juices dripping off her chin.. ?You like that whore??

    Wendy gasped ?. ?Ohhhhhhh God Yes!?

    Jane squeezed her hands under Wendy's buttocks... grabbing her hard ass cheeks and squeezing as she licked and lapped at Wendy's pussy ? For several more minutes Jane licked and slurped and tongue fucked Wendy's hot cunt like a woman possessed. Licking... stroking ? swirling her tongue around inside Wendy's sucking vagina.... thrusting her tongue in and out... again and again... in and out.... in .. out .. in .. out .. in .. out .. in .. out .. in .. out .. Wendy began panting.. her fingers tightening in Jane's hair... jerking Jane's mouth harder against her open cunt. ?Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane! You fucking bitch!? Wendy panted as she placed her hands on her enormous tits and began squeezing them.

    Jane kept licking... lapping... then began to drive her tongue in and out of Wendy's cunt as she moved her right hand from underneath Wendy's ass and placed her fingers on Wendy's clit. Wendy moaned as Jane pinched her hard throbbing clit between her fingers... pinching it hard! ?Ohhhh My God! ? You fucking whore!?

    Jane was tongue fucking Wendy's hot pussy.... stabbing her long tongue deep inside Wendy with each thrust.... in and out.... over and over... again and again ? in and out... her fingers pinching and squeezing Wendy's big swollen sensitive clit until Wendy's hips began jerking.... her nipples were so fucking hard that they hurt... Wendy was going to cum.... and Jane knew it as she pulled her tongue from Wendy's vagina... replacing her tongue with her fingers as she wrapped her sucking lips around Wendy's large clit. Her fingers began jabbing in and out of Wendy's fuck-hole... pumping her fingers in and out as fast and as deep as she could reach as Wendy began tossing her head back and forth.. ?Ohhhhhhhhhh SHIT!?

    Jane was relentless.... a pussy licking machine.... and Wendy could no longer contain the deep pleasure that was flowing through her body. ?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? Wendy gasped deeply as she squeezed and kneading her massive tits ?.. Her clit jerked wildly between Jane's sucking lips... her vagina clenched tightly around Jane's pumping fingers as she squealed .. ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes! ?. Cummmmmmmmmmming!? Wendy's pussy gushed... squirting all around Jane's thrusting fingers as her clit vibrated between Jane's sucking lips. ?Oh my God yes! ? Cummmmmmmmming!!!?

    ?Mmmmmmm? Jane moaned as she slurped and licked Wendy's sweet fuck juice.

    Wendy was moaning as she shook her head back and forth ? ?Unnnnnnnnnn.?

    Jane licked and kissed and stroked Wendy's soaked cunt for another couple of minutes as Wendy moaned with pleasure. When she pulled her face from between Wendy's thighs, she crawled up on the bed and laid down on her side facing Wendy and just as she was about to reach out and hold her, Wendy rolled away and got to her knees, looking down at Jane. ?Now it's my turn!... get up on your hands and knees.?

    ?What is going on in your wicked little mind?? Jane playfully asked as she rolled over on her tummy and raised herself up on her hands and knees.

    Wendy crawled around behind her.. raising herself up until she was on her knees between Jane's legs. As Jane turned her head around to look at Wendy, Wendy raised her right hand and 'slapped' Jane's ass cheek. ?Slap!'

    ?Ouuuuuuuuu.? Jane gasped.

    Wendy slapped her ass again ? ?Slap!?

    ?Ahhhh.? Jane gasped.

    ?You like that bitch?? 'Slap!'


    ?Huh? You like that?? 'Smack!'

    ?Ohhhh Wendy ? yesssssssss!?

    Wendy then bent her legs at her knees as she grabbed both of Jane's buttocks in her hands and spread her ass cheeks apart with her fingers. She leaned her face forward, extending her long tongue and licked down the crack of Jane's hot ass.. licking all the way down between her buttocks until her tongue swirled around Jane's asshole.

    ?Ohhhhhh you nasty whore.? Jane gasped as she felt the wetness from Wendy's tongue on her asshole.

    Wendy licked all the way up again.. then down.. then up... then down ... leaving a trail of wetness between Jane's hard buttocks before she once again paused and licked Jane's asshole.... getting it really wet with her spit... before pushing her tongue inside Jane's ass!

    ?Oh my fucking God!? Jane groaned as she felt Wendy's tongue pushing inside her... ?You fucking dirty bitch!?

    Wendy dug her fingers harder into Jane's firm ass cheeks as she pushed her tongue a little deeper into Wendy's tight ass... and then she began tongue fucking Jane's hot asshole... her tongue thrusting in and out of Jane's tight ass. Jane was moaning as Wendy tongue fucked her for a few more minutes before slipping her tongue out and rolling over on her back... sliding forward until her face was under Jane's wet cunt. Once again she reached up and placed her hands on Jane's incredible ass and pulled Jane's hips down as Jane slowly stretched her legs out.. lowering her dripping pussy down on Wendy's face. As Wendy began licking Jane's wet slit she slapped Jane's ass again .. 'Slap!?

    ?Ohhhh shit!?



    'Slap!' ? ?You love it when I slap your ass, don't you, you fucking whore.?

    Jane moaned ? ?Ohh God!?

    ?Just like when Angel slapped our asses, huh?? 'Smack!'

    Jane gasped ? ?Yesssssssssssssssssss!?

    With her fingers digging into Jane's powerful glutes, Wendy began licking up and down between the wet extended folds of Jane's hot cunt... sliding her tongue up and down.. licking ? tasting ? her tongue furrowing between Jane's swollen pussy lips. Both hot bitches were breathing deeply and moaning as Wendy pushed her tongue up inside Jane's cunt... squeezing her long tongue inside Jane's tight vagina... licking... searching ? extending deeper and deeper until her lips were pressed tightly to the opening of Jane's wet fuck-hole as she slapped Jane's ass again ? 'Slap!'

    ?Ummmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss Wendy!?

    Wendy began stabbing her long tongue all the way inside Jane's wet cunt ? in and out... thrusting ? pushing ? drilling her long tongue in and out of Jane's dripping pussy. ? tongue fucking her ?. in and out as Jane dropped her upper body down to the bed... resting on her elbows with her big tits pushing against the sheets. Wendy licked and stroked Jane's cunt with her tongue for several more minutes before she slipped her tongue out of Jane's cunt and inched her way up a little more underneath Jane's body until her mouth was covering Jane's big throbbing clit.

    As Wendy closed her lips over Jane's big clit and began sucking, she pushed two fingers of her left hand up inside Jane's pussy and began wiggling them around inside Jane.. feeling Jane's powerful cunt squeezing her fingers. Jane was now resting her right cheek on the sheets.. moaning and gasping as Wendy pumped her fingers in and out of Jane's hot pussy... sucking on her sensitive clit.... fingers moving in and out... in and out... again and again... in and out... over and over. ? and then Jane felt something against her ass ?. pushing ? it was Wendy's middle finger of her right hand.... ?Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!? Jane panted as Wendy's middle finger slid inside Jane's wet asshole. Wendy was finger-fucking Jane's ass.... and finger-fucking Jane's hot pussy.... and sucking wildly on Jane's extended swollen clit.

    A few more minutes slowly passed by... Jane loving every second of the intense pleasure that Wendy was giving to her.... pumping her ass... pumping her vagina... sucking her clit.... until she could not longer contain the immense pleasure that was building up inside her body.... Jane began to tremble... she was rocking on her knees ? groaning with pleasure.... and when she felt Wendy's teeth gnawing on her clit.. it was too much...... Jane exploded... her pussy gushed around Wendy's thrusting fingers.. her ass clenched and tightened around Wendy's invading finger... her clit throbbed and jerked..... she was cumming. ?Ohhhhhhh Wendy!! You fucking Whore!!! .. Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!?

    Wendy kept pumping her fingers... sucking Jane's clit ? as Jane's body shivered and shook above her... ?Cummmmmmmmming!?

    Wendy pulled her fingers out of Jane's pussy and ass as she moved her mouth over Jane's gushing vagina.... just as Jane's pussy erupted again.. gushing her sweet hot girl-cum into Wendy's sucking mouth. Wendy swallowed as much as she could... with some of Jane's sweet fuck-cum running down her cheeks and neck.... and again Wendy smacked Jane's hard tight ass ? 'Slap!'

    ?Ohhhhhhhhh God Wendy!? Jane moaned as her fingers dug into the sheets. Wendy licked and slurped at Jane's pussy fountain for a few more minutes before Jane finally lifted herself up and rolled over on her back... her big tits rising and falling on her chest with her labored breathing.... ?Mmmmmmmmm that was soooooo good.?

    Wendy replied in her soft sexy voice ?. ?Yes it was.?

    Jane pushed her hands against the bed, lifting her upper body up and resting on her outstretched arms ? ?Let's sexfight.?

    ?You want to sexfight??

    ?Yes I do Wendy... first one to cum is the loser.?

    Wendy turned over on her side facing Jane and propped herself up on her elbow.. ?That's not fair.?

    Jane giggled... ?What's not fair about it??

    ?You know that I am a fucking nympho.... I might cum in the first minute!?

    ?Well....? Jane teased her, ?If you are afraid ??

    ?What if we sexfight until one of us surrenders to the other??

    ?We don't have time for that Wendy...we still have to get ready and be at Girlfriends at four o'clock.?

    Wendy nodded... Jane was right... they would be fucking all day before either one of them could ever even think about quitting. ?Ok... fine ? first one to come is the loser... but if I cum first, it is not because you are sexually superior.. it is because I am more sexually sensitive.?

    Jane laughed ? ?Sexually sensitive?... what the fuck does that mean??

    Wendy smiled ? ?I am hotter than you... I can cum more than you... and I can outlast you in a cum fight.?

    ?A cum fight??

    Wendy smirked ? ?Sometime we need to have a cum fight... Angel can watch and be the judge... we can set a time limit.. and the one who has the most orgasms is the winner.?

    ?Mmmm I like that idea.?

    Wendy smiled... pleased that Jane liked her idea... ?Mmmmm that will be fun Jane... now, lets sexfight!?

    ?First one to cum loses.?


    Jane leaned over and pushed Wendy down on her back and then turned around and crawled over between Wendy's legs as Wendy looked up at her ? ?You're going to be on top??

    ?It won't make any difference who is on top Wendy.. You're gonna cum first.? Jane giggled as she knelt between Wendy's legs and leaned forward.. their massive tits touching as she grasped Wendy's hands with hers and stretched their arms up over Wendy's head.

    Placing her knees inside of Wendy's she spread Wendy's legs apart and locked her ankles around the outside of Wendy's ankles before lowering her body completely on top of Wendy's... their big prominent nipples meeting tip to tip before disappearing from view between their huge merging tits. Both hot sluts gasping as their enormous tits melted together. Jane slowly lowered her pussy down toward Wendy's.. and just as their wet pussy lips were about to meet, Jane stopped.. squeezed her pussy hard.. and sprayed Wendy's pussy with a fine mist of her pussy juice. Wendy moaned as she felt the hot wetness of Jane's pussy juice on her own pussy lips.

    ?Mmmmm I love how you can squeeze your pussy.? Wendy whispered.

    Jane smiled as she lowered her pussy down on top of Wendy's.. both women gasping as their swollen pussy lips merged and stuck together. More and more of their throbbing wet lips spread out until Jane's pussy was completely pressed against Wendy's pussy. ?Ummmm, your pussy feels so good against mine.? Jane whispered as she rocked forward.. dragging their cunt lips together.

    ?Ohhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssss!? Wendy gasped as she reached down with both hands and grabbed Jane's buttocks and began squeezing Jane's incredible tight ass.

    ?Mmmmm.? Jane moaned as she began to move up and down against Wendy's cunt with her own cunt... their heated wetness mixing together. Jane panted.. ?You love fucking me, don't you bitch??

    ?Umm Hmmm.? Wendy replied as she lifted her hips and began to grind back against Jane.

    ?You hot fucking whore. ? Jane whispered as she began to rock more and more.. sliding her wet pussy all the way up Wendy's wet pussy.. dragging their hard clits together as she slid up.. and flicking their throbbing clits together again as she slid back down.. up and down.. grinding ? pressing... fucking. Wendy began to rock her hips under Jane's.. pushing her soaking pussy up against Jane's as they smeared their wetness together with soft squishing sounds.

    ?Ouuuu you nasty bitch.? Wendy gasped as they fucked their steamy cunts together.. their big tits mashed tightly together.. nipples throbbing against each other, trapped inside of their massive tit-flesh.

    Jane just smiled and then leaned her face forward, extending her long tongue and licking across Wendy's lips... ?I love fucking you.? Wendy parted her lips as Jane pushed her tongue deep into Wendy's waiting mouth. Both women began to moan as they twirled their tongues together.. licking and stroking the inside of each others mouths as they fucked their hot juicy cunts together. Five minutes went by and they were still kissing and licking each others mouths.. sucking on each others lips and tongues.. their wet cunts sliding up and down and back and forth against each other as they fucked. Their clits meeting each time they slid up and down... causing little moans and gasps to escape their lips. Both hot women loved to fuck.. and they loved fucking each other ... and wanted it to go on and on... but they also wanted to make the other woman cum first... so their fucking became more urgent.. more attention directed to grinding their clits together... their wet pussy lips sticking and tugging at each other as they rubbed their clits together.. up and down.. rubbing their hard swollen clits length to length... pausing occasionally to move their hips from side to side, flicking their swollen clits back and forth before resuming the up and down rubbing. They were panting and moaning. It was a good fuck.... it was a very good fuck. Pussy juice was smeared over their inner thighs... as their cunts squished together.. their sensitive clits rubbing hard against each other.

    They continued to fuck and fuck and fuck.. grinding and rubbing... sliding up and down.. sliding left and right.. their huge tits quivering together as they fucked. Wendy began to moan a little louder each time their lengthy clits would flick across each other. Jane knew Wendy was getting close to an orgasm... and so, with her hands on Jane's ass, she jerked her hips as she tugged on Jane's ass.. rolling them over. ?Now I'm the top bitch.? Wendy whispered as she began to grind down against Jane.. fucking Jane's pussy with her own wet cunt.

    ?Show me how good you can fuck Wendy.. Fuck me!? Jane moaned as she grabbed Wendy's ass... fucking and grinding their soaked cunts together.. rubbing and humping.. squishing and thrusting into each other... Wendy shifted her hips a little as she began fucking Jane clit to clit. Moaning and gasping, the two hot big-titted sluts fucked each other with all the skills they had learned over the years. .. using their vast experience to wage war on each others sensitive clits. Wendy was jerking her hips faster and faster.. rubbing their hard throbbing love buds against each other again and again and again. ?Ohhhhhhh fuck me hard!!!? Jane gasped as she rocked her hips.. pushing her clit hard against Wendy's. They were working their cunts against each other as only two skilled sexfighters could do.. twisting their clits together.. rubbing and grinding... sliding and flicking... over and over and over.. the pleasure building deep inside their bodies.

    Jane bucked her hips up again, using her hands to pull Wendy over. Jane rolled with her and now she was on top once again grinding her wet cunt into Wendy's soaked pussy. For several more minutes they fucked cunt to cunt until Jane began sliding down Wendy's incredible body, licking down Wendy's chest... down between her massive tits. She moved her hands to the outside of Wendy's enormous tits, placing the palms of her hands on the outer swells of Wendy's big jutting globes and pushing them together as her mouth hovered over Wendy's big right tit. Wendy reached down and grabbed Jane's silky blonde hair, wrapping Jane's sexy hair in her fingers as Jane parted her lips, extended her tongue and began flicking Wendy's lengthy right nipple with the tip of her tongue. ? licking ? flicking ?. moving Wendy's ridged nipple up and down.

    Wendy began moaning again as Jane parted her lips and sucked Wendy's nipple deep inside her wet mouth... pulling and tugging... sucking hard as Wendy clenched her fingers in Jane's hair. With her mouth opened as wide as she could open it, Jane continued sucking on Wendy's hard nipple.. sucking the entire length deep into her mouth... sucking and tugging.. until she had sucked all of Wendy's pebbly areola into her hot wet mouth. Jane began moving her face back and forth.. pulling Wendy's nipple left and right... back and forth as Wendy groaned beneath her. She finally lifted her face.. stretching Wendy's long nipple until it 'popped' out of her mouth with a sucking slurping noise.

    ?Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Fuck!? Wendy gasped as her nipple popped from between Jane's lips. Jane then dragged her tongue up and down the deep crevice between Wendy's squeezed tits... licking up and down the well defined line of her deep cleavage for several more minutes as Wendy squirmed beneath her. Jane was rocking her body... feeling Wendy's wet sticky extended pussy lips squishing against her abs as she moved her mouth over to Wendy's huge left tit and closed her teeth over Wendy's big throbbing nipple and gently began to nibble Wendy's hard nipple with her teeth as Wendy moaned deeply ? ?Ohh! You fucking bitch!?

    Jane slapped the outside of Wendy's heavy right tit with the palm of her hand .. 'Smack!'

    ?Ohhhhhh God! You fucking whore!?

    ?You like that bitch?? Jane whispered as she slapped Wendy's tit again .. 'Slap!'


    ?Huh? You like that? Want me to slap your big fucking tit again bitch?? 'Slap!'

    ?Ahhhhhhhhhh.? Wendy gasped as Jane closed her mouth around her hard erect nipple and began sucking it hard.. .. drawing it deep into her hot mouth until her areola disappeared from view as Jane sucked as much of Wendy's tit into her mouth as she could. A few more minutes slipped by before Jane 'popped' her lips off Wendy's huge swollen nipple. She began sliding down more and more.. licking the undersides of Wendy's big heavy tits before licking down her abs.... pausing to twirl her tongue around Wendy's belly button... then lower ?.. and lower ? until she was once again licking up and down Wendy's wet slit... sliding her tongue up and down between the wet folds of Wendy's hot cunt. Licking ? stroking ? up and down ?. her hands stretched upward and squeezing Wendy's massive tits. Sliding her tongue up and down... around and around... before driving her wet tongue up inside Wendy's vagina.... reaching deep inside Wendy... licking... exploring ? tasting. Wendy began tossing her head back and forth as Jane moved her hands down... sliding them under Wendy's buttocks and squeezing her hot tight ass cheeks as she devoured Wendy's dripping pussy with her mouth. Jane's lips were pressed tightly to the opening of Wendy's hot wet fuck-hole as Jane pushed her face forward... trying to get her tongue as deep as she could inside Wendy's soaked cunt. Jane's lips were even inside Wendy's pussy as she pushed her face hard against Wendy's pussy. Licking deeply... as deep as anyone had ever licked inside Wendy's pussy. Thrusting her tongue in and out... squeezing Wendy's buttocks hard... digging her nails into those hard firm ass cheeks.

    Wendy was thrusting her hips against Jane's face as Jane tongue fucked her steamy cunt. ? her long experienced tongue pumping in and out of Wendy's wet vagina ? again and again... in and out... licking ? stroking ?. thrusting ? driving her tongue forcefully in and out of Wendy's heated pussy. Jane was relentless.... pushing her tongue deeply inside of Wendy's wet pussy with each long thrust. Wendy was moaning. She was on the brink of an orgasm as Jane kept tongue fucking her. In and out... in .. out .. in .. out ? .. in .. out .. in .. out ..... in .. out .. in .. out ..... in .. out .. in .. out ?

    ?Fucking Bitch!? Wendy screamed as her hips began jerking. Jane could feel Wendy's powerful glutes spasm in her hands. Wendy released Jane's hair and moved her hands to her big heavy tits and began squeezing them... her nipples were throbbing ? her vagina began contracting... squeezing and sucking at Jane's hot tongue. Wendy's clit was on fire .. burning with pleasure as her orgasm began. ?Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!?

    Jane pulled her tongue out of Wendy's wet sucking pussy and quickly clamped her mouth over Wendy's swollen throbbing clit and sucked..... hard! Sucking Wendy's big swollen clit as hard as she could as Wendy began cumming.

    ?Ahhhhhhhhh ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh FUCK! Cummmmmmmmmming!? Wendy screamed loudly as her hot girl-cum squirted out of her vagina... jetting against Jane's chin... splashing on her neck. Jane urgently moved her wide open mouth down, quickly covering Wendy's squirting pussy just in time as another powerful jet of pussy-cum gushed from Wendy's hot pussy into Jane's open mouth. ?Cummmmmmmmmming ? you BITCH! Cummmmmmmmming!?

    Jane swallowed Wendy's sweetness as fast as she could... but there was too much cum.... it squirted out around her mouth.. all over her face and spraying onto her hair. It was a massive amount of cum... and then Wendy's nympho cunt squirted again! Jane gulped and swallowed as the hot sticky cum splattered all over her face, her neck and onto her hair. ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT! Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!? Wendy moaned with pleasure.

    Jane licked and lapped at Wendy's oozing cunt for a few more minutes until she lifted herself up off of Wendy and got to her knees between Wendy's legs. Cum was dripping off her chin... running down between her big tits. Her cheeks were wet. .. but Jane was not finished. She reached down and spread Wendy's legs apart as she inched her way forward on her knees until both of her knees were on the outside of Wendy's tummy. Reaching behind herself, Jane placed her hands on the bed with her arms extended to support her upper body as she lowered her pussy down on top of Wendy's pussy with her legs bent and stretched out to either side of Wendy. Wendy moved her hands behind her head.. locking her fingers together with her elbows out as Jane wiggled her cunt against Wendy's cunt until their big swollen clits were touching... clit head to clit head.

    Jane began moving her hips forward and backward .. grinding her huge swollen clit against Wendy's equally big swollen clit. Wendy engaged her powerful glutes to force her hips up... pushing her hot throbbing clit directly against Jane's big trembling clit... and the two sexy hot blonde whores began clit fucking.

    Their movements were short... sliding their swollen clits against each other as their hips moved no more than an inch in each direction. They concentrated and made an effort to keep their clits touching continually as they stroked their big sensitive clits together.. sliding ? grinding ? thrusting ? forcefully pushing their clits against each other as hard as they could... grinding .. rubbing ? as if they were trying to push each others clits back into each others bodies. It was a clit war. A fuck war.

    They began to moan... Wendy moved her hands to her big tits and closed her fingers around her long hard throbbing nipples.. jerking on them ? jacking them off as they fucked their hot burning clits together... rubbing ? grinding... jerking their hips in short quick powerful thrusts... grinding ? fucking ? minute after long delirious minute. Rubbing ?. stroking ?. moaning ? fucking ? gasping ?

    ?Cum for me you fucking whore!? Jane moaned.

    ?Fuck you... you fucking bitch!?

    ?Cum for me Wendy!?

    ?Cum for me Jane!?

    Grinding ?.. clit head to clit head ?. rubbing ?. stroking ?. fucking.

    ?Cum you whore!?

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhh ? Cum you bitch!?

    Hips jerking ? nipples throbbing ? sweat trickling down their big tits.

    ?Cum you fucking whore!?

    ?Cum you fucking slut!?








    ?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!? Jane moaned deeply.

    ?Cum for me Bitch!?

    ?Unnnnn un unnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... You cum for me fucking slut!?

    Wendy gasped ? ?Ohhhhhh My God ?. FUCK!?

    ?Yesssssssssssssss Wendy!! Cum! Come on ? Cum!?

    ?Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GAWD! ? Cummmmmmmmmming!?

    Wendy's pussy exploded... squirting against Jane's wet pussy... her big clit vibrating violently against Jane's trembling clit. A few seconds later Jane's pussy erupted... jetting a tremendous stream of pussy-cum from her vagina just as Wendy's pussy was erupting again... their heavy streams of squirting girl-cum meeting head on and squirting up between their cunts... straight up into the air.. splashing all over their thighs... on their tummys... all over their pussys ? dripping down between them onto the sheets.

    Jane moaned deeply ? ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yessssssssss!! Cummmmmmmming!?

    ?Cummmmmmmmming! ?. Cummmmmmmmmming?

    ?Unnnnnnnnn un un un ahhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck!?


    Panting and gasping together... as they pushed their cunts together.. grinding their oozing pussys together ? moaning ?. breathing deeply.... It was incredible.... but the two blonde fuck whores were not finished ? not yet.

    Wendy scooted backward on her ass... got to her knees.. then walked forward on her knees as she pushed Jane down on her back. Wendy then mounted Jane and began fucking her... sliding her wet pussy up and down against Jane's soaked cunt. They were insatiable. ? they could not get enough of each other ? they were driven with lust.. and the need to fuck. They humped each other... hands roaming up and down each others bodies.. grinding their cunts together... squishing .. grinding .. rubbing ?

    As they fucked, Wendy slowly slid her body up more and more in small increments... until she felt Jane's inch long clit pressing into her wet slit, then Wendy flexed her powerful pussy lips.. coiling her labia around Jane's protruding clit... and then Wendy squeezed. She squeezed hard with her amazing pussy lips... trapping Jane's clit between them.. and sucking. Wendy could not only suck with her vagina.. she could also squeeze and suck with her pussy lips.. and as those strong pussy lips wrapped tightly around Jane's clit, Jane began to squirm... the pleasure Wendy was giving her was immense. She began to moan and whimper... her clit began to vibrate.. ?Oh Wendy! You dirty whore!? Jane cried out as her whole body began to spasm. She felt her nipples twitching against Wendy's big hard nipples... her tits were on fire.. burning against Wendy's huge tits.. and her pussy began to contract hard against Wendy's wet cunt.

    ?Cum for me Jane!? Wendy gasped as she squeezed her pussy lips hard around Jane's clit.

    ?Ohhhhh you fucking Bitch! ? Jane moaned she arched her back and bucked her hips upward.. rolling them over again as she slid her cunt up over Wendy's.. once again their clits meeting head on and grinding hard against each other... every tiny little nerve ending in their clits were throbbing against each other as they pushed hard together... Jane pressing down against Wendy as hard as she could.. her tight buttocks straining to push her clit as hard as she could against Wendy's... and then Wendy felt it... Jane felt it too.... they were panting... they were going to cum. Wendy gave one final hard thrust upwards.. trying to force Wendy's clit back inside her body... the pleasure was intense.. and the moment was near.

    Wendy's eyes rolled back in her head.. as her cunt began to convulse.. contracting hard.. and then her pussy had another hard deep contraction.. and then her clit exploded with pleasure... deep pleasure... ?Fuckkkk !!!!? Wendy panted as she gasped for air. ?Ohhhhhhhh Yes!? Wendy screamed. ?Cummmmming!!! .. Cummmming!!?

    ?Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss!? Jane moaned deeply as she felt Wendy's pussy spasm hard against hers as her own pussy erupted .. ?Cummmmmmmmmming!?

    Wendy's vagina gushed against Jane's hot cunt as she tensed and spasmed... ?Cummmmmmmmming!!!?

    Jane screamed as her pussy gushed hard against Wendy's gushing pussy .. ?Cummmmmmmming!?

    Both hot whores kept rocking and thrusting against each other as they were cumming.. Wendy's cunt was twitching hard against Wendy's... ?Cummmmmmming!?

    Jane's cunt twitched and spasmed... jerked and quivered.. her big tits shook violently against Wendy's as their hips jerked together ? ?Cumming!! .. Cummmming!?

    Wendy was screaming again as she felt the hot gush of pussy cum from Jane's twitching cunt.. ?Cummmmmmmmming!... oh fuck yessssss Cumming!?

    ?Cummmmmmmming with you Wendy!? Jane moaned as their cunts spasmed together.. their clits throbbing and jerking together. Their orgasm lasting more than two minutes as they moaned and gasped.. their bodies jerking wildly together. ? they began kissing wildly.. their tongues slashing and twisting together as they moaned in each others arms.

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane.?

    ?Mmmmm Wendy.?

    They rolled over and held each other tightly.. their bodies wrapped around each other... panting ? holding each other.... purring. The two hot blondes held each other for a long time before they looked at the clock. ?Damn Wendy, it is after one o'clock... I need to go home and get dressed and then I will meet you at Girlfriends ? then we can take Angel home with us and we can fuck each other all night!?

    An evil wicked grin formed on Wendy's face ? ?Mmmmm ? Ok!?

    Jane got up, quickly dressed and headed toward the bedroom door. ?You are amazing Wendy.?

    ?So are you Jane.?

    ?I'll see you at Girlfriends, and remember to wear something very sexy for Angel.?

    ?I will.?

    Jane smiled really big ? ?See you later..? then she paused and stared lovingly at Wendy ? ?I love you.?

    ?I love you too Jane.?

    Their eyes remained locked together for a few moments... and both women knew that they were in love... They just knew. Jane turned around and walked out of the bedroom. As she left, Wendy climbed out of the bed and began walking toward the bathroom to take a shower and to think about what she was going to wear. Fifteen minutes later she was stepping out of the shower. Wendy dried herself off and walked back into her bedroom and picked up her cell phone to see if she had any messages, and sure enough.. there was a text ?. from Isabella! Her eyes narrowed as she read the text ? ?Hi Wendy. How are you??

    ?How do you think I am, you fucking bitch?? Wendy spoke at her phone. She then began typing .. ?What the fuck do you want?? She placed her finger on the send button and was about to send the text, but then she thought about it. What was happening to Isabella was no doubt the same thing that had happened to herself. She reasoned that her marriage to Carlo was not what Isabella wanted... it was probably something that had been arranged.. just like her divorce had been arranged. In a way, she kinda felt sorry for Isabella... being a Mafia princess and being married to a seventy year old man was surly not what Isabella had planned for her life. Wendy backspaced her text and began typing again.

    Wendy: I am fine. How are you?

    Isabella : I am ok. Wanted to chat for a few minutes.

    Wendy: what about?

    Isabella: Just want to talk to someone

    Wendy read between the lines as she replied ...

    Wendy: Sounds like you are not happy with Carlo

    Isabella: Not sure how to answer that

    Wendy: Were you told to marry Carlo

    Isabella: It's different here. You marry whomever you are told to marry. I was hoping for someone younger and nice looking. You understand?

    Wendy: Yes I do. So what are you going to do?

    Isabella: Nothing. I have no choice unless I want to become an outcast.

    Wendy: That's too bad.

    Isabella: At least I still have a couple of lovers

    Wendy: Oh?

    Isabella: Yes. I am like you

    Wendy: What do you mean you are like me?

    Isabella: I enjoy the company of other girls.

    Wendy's eyes opened wide. Isabella was into girls!

    Wendy: And how do you know I am like you?

    Isabella: Carlo told me.

    Wendy: Oh. Well.. yes, Carlo knew about me being with girls

    Isabella: He knows about me too and he approves

    Wendy: Well that is good

    Isabella: Yes it is. He told me that I look a lot like you, except that you are a blonde.

    Wendy was now curious ?

    Wendy: Oh?

    Isabella: Yes he told me that I reminded him of you. He said we were built the same

    Wendy: Well that is good. I think.

    Isabella: Want me to send you a picture of me?

    Wendy had already seen some photos of Isabella on the internet but she responded without wanting to sound to eager.

    Wendy: Sure, if you want to

    Isabella: Ok. ?.... sending.

    Wendy waited for a few seconds and then gasped as Isabella's picture appeared on her cell phone.

    Wendy had seen Isabella's picture on the internet, but as she looked at her phone, she was even more gorgeous than Wendy remembered. Isabella was indeed stunning.. her face was beautiful, with long thick black hair and dark eyes and a body that was out of this world.. nice legs and her ass looked perfect ? and her tits ?. big and round ?.. they appeared to be as big as her own over-sized tits. Wendy felt her nipples throbbing. She was already in lust with this Italian goddess and she had to touch herself. That is what nymphomaniacs do. They can't help it. They cannot resist. They cannot refuse to pleasure themselves. She reached down between her thighs with her left hand and began sliding her fingers up and down her wet slit.

    Isabella: Did you get it?

    Wendy: Yes. You are beautiful

    Isabella: Thank you.

    Wendy: Welcome

    Isabella: May I see you? (Isabella already knew what Wendy looked like.. Carlo had shown some photos of Wendy to her .. but she wanted to see more)

    Wendy: Ok. Let me find something appropriate

    Wendy searched through her pictures that were on her phone...finally finding the one she wanted to send.

    Wendy: Sent

    Isabella looked at the picture of Wendy as she spoke to herself ? ?Oh my, aren't you a hot bitch!? Wendy was indeed a perfect ten.

    As Isabella stared at Wendy's amazing body she felt her clit twitch. Wendy's body certainly matched hers in every way... including her massive pair of tits.

    Isabella: Oh! You are beautiful.

    Wendy: Thank you.

    Wendy was still massaging her pussy as she paused for a moment, thinking.. and then decided to send another picture.

    Wendy: Sending another picture

    Isabella: Ok

    As the picture appeared on her cell phone, Isabella gasped out loud.. ?God!? Wendy was naked!... her big round heavy tits on full display! ? and oh my God.. those nipples!

    As she stared at Wendy's picture, her big nipples began to throb and she felt her clit spasm. ?Unnnnnnnnnn.? Isabella stood up and unbuttoned her shorts and slipped them off. As she sat back down she slipped her left hand inside her panties and began rubbing her clit. She was mesmerized by Wendy's extraordinary nipples... so big and thick and long.... two rock hard cylinders that were incredible.

    Isabella: OMG

    Wendy smiled to herself as she texted Isabella again.

    Wendy: You like?

    There was about a minute pause before the next text from Isabella appeared on her phone.

    Isabella: Yes! Sending another picture of me

    Wendy: K

    Wendy gasped as she looked at the naked picture of Isabella.

    Wendy could see Isabella's swollen pussy lips... and those enormous tits! ?Mmmmm.? Wendy moaned as she inserted two fingers in her wet pussy as she stared at Isabella's picture. Her massive tits were just as big as her own magnificent pair, and her huge nipples looked to be every bit as thick and hard and long as her own outstanding nipples.

    Wendy: Wow! You are incredible

    Isabella: So are you

    They were both fingering their pussys now... pushing their wet fingers in and out of their dripping cunts... another minute elapsed as they pleasured themselves and stared at each others hot bodies.

    Isabella: I would love to meet you

    Wendy: I would love to meet you too

    There was another two minute pause as they rubbed their big clits and fucked their cunts with their fingers.

    Isabella: Cum to Italy and we can get acquainted

    ?Unnnnnn.? Wendy moaned... Isabella wanted her.. and Wendy wanted the Mafia Princess.

    Wendy: I might to that

    Isabella: Carlo will be gone for a few days next month. We would have the villa all to ourselves.

    Their fingers were working frantically now... squishing in and out of their flowing vaginas

    Wendy: He will be gone for several days?

    Isabella: Yes. Maybe more than a few days. Just me and you alone

    Wendy decided to be more direct as she sent Isabella another text.

    Wendy: And what would we do?

    There was a very long pause before Isabella sent her next text.

    Isabella: We could fuck all day and all night. And then fuck all day and all night the next day. And the next day. Until Carlo comes home. I want to fuck you Wendy

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!? Wendy was panting as she pinched her clit hard and jammed a third finger inside her wet vagina.

    Wendy: I love to fuck

    Isabella: It is what I live for. Fucking. I am a nympho Wendy

    Wendy: I am a fucking lesbian nympho whore

    Isabella: I am also a fucking lesbian nympho whore

    Isabella was moaning as she wiggled three fingers in and out of her pussy and used the fingers of her other hand to rub and stroke her big swollen throbbing clit. Wendy was using both of her hands on her own pussy... stroking and rubbing and pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy..... until she paused for a moment to send another text.

    Wendy: I will come and visit you when Carlo is away

    Isabella: And we will fuck day and night until I consume you and you will be mine

    Wendy gasped .. ?Did she just challenge me to a sexfight??

    Wendy: We will fuck until you belong to me

    Isabella gasped.... this is exactly what she was hoping for since the first time Carlo showed her a picture of his former wife. ? a fuckfight ?. the new wife verses the former wife.

    Isabella: I cannot be consumed. I am insatiable. I will fuck you day after day until you surrender your will and your body to me.

    Wendy: I will sexfight you Isabella.. for as long as it takes.

    Isabella: Not a fight Wendy. A war. A fuckwar. Fucking day after day until you belong to me.

    ?Ummmmm.? Wendy moaned as she thought about Isabella and her fucking day and night.... two nymphos... two bitches who can never get enough... two stunningly beautiful women who want to fuck and fuck and fuck ? It was going to be a 'cum war'

    Wendy: I accept your challenge. We will fuck with our mouths. We will fuck with our tits. We will fuck with our nipples. We will fuck with our pussys. Until you surrender to me.

    Isabella's clit was about to explode....

    Isabella: I agree to your terms. We will fuck until we exhaust each other and have to sleep. And when we wake up we will fuck again until we cannot continue and must rest. We will only pause to sleep, eat and shower.

    Wendy: I agree to your terms as well.

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!? Wendy gasped... the thought of fucking another nympho was enough to push her to her orgasm.

    ?Ahhhhhhhhhhhh? Isabella moaned loudly as her clit began jerking.

    They were cumming together... their hips jerked and their nipples throbbed as their cunts gushed .. spraying girl-cum.... moaning and panting.... 'Ahhhhhhhhhhh.?

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!? ?Ohhhhhhhhhh!?

    ?Mmmmmmm Wendy ? I am going to fuck you soooo good.?

    ?Unnnn un unnnn... You Mafia Whore!?

    They both knew that the other was cummming. Even though nothing was said... they had already bonded together.. as only two nymphos can. It was their destiny to meet and fuck.

    Several minutes passed before Wendy's phone buzzed again.

    Isabella: Was your orgasm good?

    Wendy was not at all surprised by Isabella's text as she texted back.

    Wendy: Very good. More intense than yours.

    Isabella: No girl cums as hard as I do

    Wendy: I can cum more than anyone

    Isabella: I can cum more than you

    Wendy: Then we will find out.

    Isabella: Yes we will

    Wendy: Let me know when I need to be there

    Isabella: I will. Bye for now.... whore.

    Wendy: Yes, I am a whore ?. And so are you.

    Sweat was running down Wendy's abs as she stood up and headed back to the bathroom to take another shower.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Michelle Richardson had one thing on her mind... she had to go see the voodoo woman at the magic shop. The Magic Spell had not worked when she was with Veronica and she wanted to know why.

    As the old voodoo woman stepped toward the front door of the Magic Shop, she noticed that Michelle was standing outside... waiting .. just as her Queen had said. She unlocked the door and opened it ? ?Please ? come in.?

    Michelle was straight to the point as she brushed by the old woman ? ?We need to talk.?

    ?Come with me.? she replied as she walked toward the curtain, brushed it aside, and held it open for Michelle. ?Sit down.?

    ?I want to know what is going on with the magic!? Michelle responded.

    Again the old woman spoke in a soft but firm voice ? ?Sit down Michelle.?

    Michelle sat down at the table as the old woman sat down on the other side of the table and placed her hands on the crystal ball and said a few words that Michelle did not understand. The crystal ball filled up with a cloudy mist and a figure slowly began to form inside the crystal ball. Michelle's eyes were wide open... ?Is this some kind of a magic trick??

    ?No trick... you listen.?

    It took about a minute for the image to form and Michelle gasped at what she saw. There was a woman inside the crystal ball. She was standing in the midst of a fire! ?Oh my God!? Michelle whispered.

    The woman in the crystal ball was amazingly beautiful.. with long black hair and dark eyes... and a face that could launch a thousand ships. Her body was perfect in every way imaginable. She had luscious full hips and a very tiny waist with two enormously massive tits capped by two of the biggest, thickest nipples that Michelle had ever seen. Yes, there was no doubt that the stunning woman inside the crystal ball had the biggest tits and thickest nipples that Michelle had ever seen. The woman was literally out of this world.

    Michelle's eyes were glued to the image of the woman in the crystal ball as the woman spoke to her ? ?Hello Michelle?

    ?Ah... Hello. Who are you??

    ?I am Lilith, .. the Succubus Queen... Queen of the Succubi.?

    ?The suck-a-who??

    Lilith smiled ? ?You will soon discover and learn everything there is to know about me and about the Succubi. ? Now, let's talk about why you are here. The magic spell did not work for you with Veronica.?

    Michelle was astonished that Lilith would know that ? ?How do you know that??

    ?I know everything about you Michelle.?

    ?Ok.... ? ? Michelle thought for a moment .. ?When was I born??

    ?You were born on October 31st ? you weighed seven pounds and four ounces... when you were a little girl, you had a cat named Midnight.. Rebecca was the first girl you kissed. You had your first sexfight with Heather. ? shall I continue??

    Michelle had a lump in her throat and her heart was racing... ?No.?

    ?Good.? Lilith responded before her eyes narrowed ? ?You broke your promise.?

    Michelle was getting a little nervous as she squirmed in her chair .. ?What promise was that??

    ?You were instructed to never tell anyone about the magic.. and you told Veronica.?

    Michelle mumbled her words ?. ?I ? I . may have ? may have mentioned something about it.?

    ?The magic you possessed has been taken from you... however .. there is a way for the magic to be restored.?

    Michelle leaned her face forward as she continued to gaze at the beautiful Lilith .. ?I'm listening.?

    Lilith's voice changed as she spoke seriously ? ?You must not speak of what I am about to say to anyone.. or there will be serious consequences. Do you understand??

    Michelle nodded .. ?Yes, I understand.?

    ?Good. ? As you have already been told, a woman will come to live with you.?

    ?Yes, I remember.?

    ?I am that woman ? Very soon, I will take on a human form... and will appear as you see me now.?

    ?Oh!... Oh my... when will this happen??

    Lilith ignored Michelle's question ? ?And there will be another woman with me, who will also live with you.?

    ?Two of you?? Michelle asked.

    ?Yes... two of us. Soon, the two of us will live with you in your home as we adjust to our new human forms which you see now... and you will teach both of us all we need to know.?

    Michelle was puzzled and somewhat bewildered .. ?I don't understand.. what could I teach you??

    ?You will teach us everything we need to know about mating with other females of your species.?

    Michelle's eyes were wide open ?. ?Mating??

    ?I believe the correct human terminology is 'fucking'. You will allow me and my companion to learn from you about kissing and titfighting and sexfighting.?

    ?So ? you have limited knowledge of these things?? Michelle quietly asked.

    ?I know all about fucking.. but I have not experienced 'fucking' in a human form.. I will learn how to use my new body to pleasure others.. and I will learn that with you.?

    ?Oh.. I see.? Michelle's mind was spinning as she thought about what she had just heard ...... the beautiful woman was certainly sexy.. and alluring ? and fuckable. ?And if I agree to... ah ? to ?let the two of you live with me... then I will get the magic back??

    Lilith smiled ? ?More than you can possibly imagine.?

    ?All right... I accept your offer.?

    ?Then it is done. You may go now.?

    Michelle stood to her feet... ?And when will you... ah ? when will you appear??

    ?Soon.? Lilith answered as the fire in the crystal ball slowly consumed her until she vanished into a cloudy mist.

    Michelle stood there for a moment as she pinched herself to make sure this was not a dream .. ?Ouch!?

    The old woman spoke ? ?You go now... nothing more to see.?

    Michelle nodded as she turned around.. feeling a little woozy as she slowly and carefully walked from behind the curtain to the front door. She reached for the doorknob and as she was about to touch it, the door mysteriously opened. Michelle gulped again as she walked out of the magic shop with the door closing behind her. She paused for a moment and took a deep breath ? ?Whew!.. that was enlightening.?

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Tina had been holding Abby's business card in her hand for thirty minutes.. trying to decide if she should call her. She wanted to know more about 'titfighting'.. but was a little embarrassed to talk to Abby about it.... still .. she was interested... so she finally worked up enough courage to make the phone call ?

    ?Hello.? It was Abby's voice.

    ?Hi Abby... this is Tina.?

    ?Oh! Hi Tina! I have been thinking about you.?

    Tina smiled as she replied .. ?I have been thinking about you too.?

    ?What's up??

    ?Well... I thought.. that perhaps.. you could.. ah.. you know .. teach me how to titfight.? Tina took a deep breath when she finished her sentence.

    ?I would love too.. but I have an even better idea!?

    ?You do??

    ?Yes! How would you like to come with me today and watch some titfights??


    ?There is going to be some titfights at a club called Girlfriends today.?


    ?Yes!.. Why don't I come and pick you up.. you can go with me.?

    Tina was completely caught off guard but agreed.. ?Ok.. sounds like fun.?

    ?Oh it will be!... The titfights begin at five.. I can pick you up about four.?

    ?Ok.. sure...what should I wear?

    Abby giggled .. ?Anything that shows off your amazing tits!?

    Tina nervously laughed .. ?All right.. I can do that.?

    ?Great!.. where do you live??

    Tina gave Abby her address and they chatted for a few more minutes before they said 'bye' to each other. Tina was a little anxious about this.. but it did seem like it might be fun. ?Now... something to show off my amazing tits? She laughed as she searched through her clothes for something to wear.

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
    Chapter 70
    Second Sunday

    It was a little after one-thirty when Angel arrived back at her home. She spent almost an hour putting on her make-up and eyeliner, making sure her long blonde hair was perfect and touching up her nails. Now she needed something to wear. ?Hmmmm,? Angel spoke to herself .. ?What does a girl wear to a titfight tournament?? She began looking through her dresses and just could not find the one that screamed 'Pick me!' ?. ?There has to be something somewhere.? She walked out of her bedroom and stepped into the guest bedroom where she had more clothes hanging in another large walk-in closet. As she sorted through all the dresses that were hanging, she found the purple dress. It was low cut... well ? actually it barely covered her nipples. The purple latex dress had a nice sheen and zipped in front. And, as so often is the case with a dress ? there was a story involving the purple dress and a girl named Brandi.... Brandi Knowlton. Angel took the purple dress off the hanger and held it... her thoughts drifting back to another place at another time.

    When Angel graduated from high school, she was not sure what she wanted to do with her life, and by the time she decided that she wanted a career in criminal justice, all the universities in Texas were full and had no openings.... so Angel decided, like many young girls, to sprout her wings and fly away from home... so to speak. She wanted to explore the world ? meet new friends and begin her life as an adult and so she began an earnest search for the right school that had a very well known and respected criminal justice degree program and discovered Westlake Christian College For Women in New England. The first year she took the basic college classes ? English ? History ? Advanced Algebra ? and a psychology class which she really loved. She also made the tennis squad, which was not surprising since Angel had finished fourth at the UIL state competition in Texas. ? but back to the purple dress ?

    Angel began reminiscing .. remembering the first time she met Brandi.... It was Angel's second year at Westlake and seven of the girls who were associated with the exclusive and secret SF club were having a meet and greet for one of the new incoming freshman. Angel was one of the seven. First, there was the verbal interview process.. and then the new girl would receive the traditional initiation/greeting/welcome to the SF club from all seven girls of the 'committee'. Angel recalled the scene in her mind as if it had happened yesterday.

    As the members began the traditional initiation, Angel's attention was drawn to the new girl,... her name was Brandi. As Angel watched Brandi finishing a tantalizing kiss with Ursula, Angel slowly strutted toward the stunning freshman. Brandi was indeed stunning ? in fact, Brandi was extraordinary. Standing almost five feet seven inches tall and weighing about 124 lbs she had a body that would make anyone stop and take a second look... a long second look. Although she was not quite as busty as Angel, Brandi certainly was well endowed enough to attract everyone's attention. With measurements of 40-24-38, and requiring a 34E bra, Brandi was hot ? very hot ? extremely hot! She had the most beautiful light brown eyes that Angel had ever seen... eyes that you could get lost in.. and her silky light brown hair was perfect, flowing down over her shoulders. With luscious lips that were made for kissing, Brandi was stunningly beautiful. As Angel's eyes drifted down her body, she gasped. This heavenly creature possessed a pair of tits that would make any girl jealous.. the kind of tits that could produce instant hard-on's to every young male that happened to be in her presence. .. Big... round ? heavy tits that defied the physics of gravity.... and the cleavage between those two big round tits... my oh my! ..and then there were the nipples ? big .. thick... long ? hard ? in other words, Brandi's nipples were to die for! Yes, Brandi was the type of girl who could literally take your breath away.

    By the time Angel it was Angel's turn, there were bras and blouses all over the floor as four other girls, namely Tracie, Yvonne, Monica and Ursula had already greeted Brandi tit to tit... naked tit to tit! As Angel walked toward her, she was already unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off... and since Angel had a tendency to rarely wear a bra, her huge bountiful tits were on display as she approached the new girl. Brandi seemed mesmerized with her... and before Brandi could think or do anything, Angel's enormous tits collided with Brandi's with an audible splat of firm dense flesh slamming into firm heavy flesh. Brandi immediately gasped as Angel's massive tits pushed into Brandi's big tits. Angel felt her big powerful nipples meeting Brandi's head on as their extraordinary tits mushroomed and molded together. ?Ummmmm.? Angel quietly moaned to herself as she and Brandi both instantly became a little woozy and gasped together. Brandi's head tilted back as Angel's slightly bigger pair of tits seemed to overwhelm her ...she seemed to struggle for air and then Angel spoke to her ...

    ?Are you OK, Brandi?? she asked sincerely.

    Brandi's head cleared a bit as her thoughts began to cohere and her mind cried out, 'Oh forces of the universe, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send this woman to my room so that I can have her all to myself, all night long - so that I could revel in the sensations of these massive breasts devouring my tits as our sweat soaked bodies twisted and contorted together in an obscene woman fuck'. ? and although Brandi may not have known at the time, Angel's mind was also occupied with the same thoughts.

    They held their big tits together for a long time before Brandi finally answered, ?I?ll be fine, as soon as we land. ?. Who ARE you, anyway?!?!?

    She smiled at Brandi with her well known wicked evil grin ?. ?I?m Angelica. Or Angel, as everyone calls me. I?m a sophomore.?

    ?What are you majoring in, Angel? ? Female anatomy, specializing in tits?? Brandi teased as she rolled her sizable tits back into Angel's in a futile effort to regain some purchase, not to mention some of her dignity.

    Angel's smile quickly changed from wicked to warm. But it was also the smile of a woman who was supremely confident ?. a woman in control. It actually sent shivers through Brandi ?.. shivers of unimaginable lust! 'What a fucking woman she was!!!' Brandi thought to herself.

    ?No, sweetie. I?m majoring in criminal justice.?
    ?As in police officer? Attorney??

    ?No baby. Something much more fun. Private Investigator.?

    ?OOOOHHHHH!!!! How sexy! I?m looking forward to a loooong interrogation. You can even put me in handcuffs if you want to.?

    ?How about I just fuck you so long and so hard that you scream out a confession? Then, if you?re a really good girl, maybe I?ll put you in handcuffs and do whatever I damn well feel like doing to you. Would you like that, Brandi??

    ?Yes, I would!? Brandi answered... then something occurred to Brandi... Angel had this accent... kinda like a southern drawl ... ?Angel, do I detect a bit of a Southern accent? Maybe Georgia??

    ?Southen, yes. but not Georgia. ?. Texas!!! Dallas, to be precise.?

    ?Well Angel, it?s great to know that old expression about the Lone Star State isn?t just a cliche.?

    ?What expression is that Brandi??

    Brandi then pushed forward, once again mashing her huge tits hard into Angel's massive pair. ?Oh you know the one?Everything IS bigger in Texas!?

    Angel laughed ? ?Oh gawd! How did I not see that one coming??.. and Brandi laughed with her. Before the two big-titted girls separated, Angel laid a looong, wet tongue kiss on Brandi. As they slowly pulled their hungry mouths from each other, they both looked between them, noticing the wet shimmering strings of saliva that were connected their lips together. As Angel and Brandi slowly leaned back from each other, the ropy strings stretched between their lips.. looping down between them, and finally breaking apart and falling into their deep cleavage. ?Oh my! We got juicy.? Angel whispered as they both looked down at their mixed saliva that was slowly running down into the cleavage of their over-sized tits.

    As they raised their heads up, their eyes locked .. and Brandi whispered ? ?I like juicy.?

    Before Angel could respond, another girl, Julia ? a luscious redhead with freckles on her nice sized tits, took Brandi away from Angel... but the first impressions had been made.. in more ways that one.. and they were all very good.

    Throughout the school year at Westlake Christian College For Women, Angel was not the most active member of the SF club as she skipped more meetings than she attended. She was taking twenty hours at school and had her face buried in the books most of the time... although she did manage to bury her face between several pair of thighs on occasions. Yes, her studies took of most of her free time but she still did her fair share of fucking... as did Brandi .. but for whatever reason, they never fucked each other. Not that it had been a decision that the two girls had made... the timing just never quite worked out for the two of them to get together.

    Oh, Angel and Brandi certainly had their moments..... like the time they both showed up at one of their professor's office at the same time to borrow a book for research. As they both reached for the book at the same time, their hands touched... and Angel recalled how electrifying it felt. Within seconds, they had their hands on each others asses and their mouths were locked together in a deep tongue kiss that seemed to go on forever. .. but just as soon as they placed their hands on the buttons of each others blouses, the professor walked in.... And then there was the time when Angel went to Brandi's dorm room... She had knocked on the door twice with no answer, then reached down and grabbed the doorknob and quickly discovered that Brandi's dorm room was not locked.. She opened the door and stepped inside just as Brandi was stepping out of the shower with nothing on but a towel. Angel immediately turned around and locked the door, wanting to seize this opportunity to be alone with Brandi. Their attraction for each other was rekindled instantly as they began kissing and the towel dropped to the floor. .. and just as Angel reached down and began pulling her top up over her head, there was a knock on Brandi's door. It was her roommate Ingrid.. she had forgot her key. Angel stepped back as Brandi quickly wrapped her towel around her flawless body and stepped to the door and let Ingrid in. Angel and Ingrid shared a few intense stares at each other before Angel left... but Brandi convinced her roommate that nothing happened... which brings us to the purple dress that Angel was holding in her hand.

    A few days before New Year's Eve, Angel went shopping for a new sexy dress to wear to the SF New Year's Eve party... and that is where she found the purple dress. It was sexy... short ? low cut.... it was the perfect dress to show off her stunning body. However, as with most dresses that Angel would try on, it was a little too small in the bust. .. and when she found a dress that fit good on her bustline. It was too baggy everywhere else... which made the purple dress perfect... because it zipped in the front.. all the way from the top to the bottom.

    Angel took the dress down from the rack and made her way to one of the dressing rooms to try it on... hoping it would fit her everywhere.. and it did... except for one little problem. Angel's tits were too big for the dress to zip up all the way in the front. As hard as she tried, the zipper would only zip up to where her big tits began to swell out from her chest... but it was enough to cover her nipples.. and it displayed an immense amount of cleavage... which... made the dress perfect. Yes, if she wore a bra with the dress, the bra would certainly show.. but that was a very sexy look... so Angel slipped off the dress and put her shopping clothes back on.

    As she stepped out of the dressing room, Brandi was walking toward her.. carrying the same dress.. only in blue. They hugged each other.. a little longer than hugs typically last... for obvious reasons ? and then Brandi grabbed Angel's hand and pulled her into the dressing room. Several minutes later, Brandi had stripped down to her bra and panties and was trying the blue dress on as she and Angel chatted about the party... and .. of course,, ? Brandi was unable to zip up her blue dress up all the way. She and Angel had the same problem ?. Huge tits. Angel assisted her.. pulling the dress together as Brandi tugged and pulled on the zipper until it was zipped up as far as it was going to go.. which was perhaps an inch higher than Angel had been able to zip the front of her matching purple dress. With her bra visible, Brandi modeled the dress for Angel. The blue dress revealed a massive amount of cleavage, but, like Angel's purple dress, it managed to cover the necessary parts of her enormous tits. ? and ? as what usually happens when two beautiful big-titted girls find themselves alone.. they began feeling each other up... sliding their hands around each others asses as they mashed their heavy tits against each other... but alas ? before things got out of control... a saleslady knocked on the door ? ?Everything ok in there??... and that ended another opportunity.

    At the New Year's Eve party, Angel and Brandi wore their matching dresses which were identical with the exception of the color. They shared a few slow dances with each other.. holding each other close enough so that the naked skin of the exposed part of their big tits could touch and rub together.. which made both of them very wet... but as the evening went on, Ingrid managed to drag Brandi away from Angel .. leaving Angel was frustrated as she watched the two of them walk up the stairs together and head to one of the bedrooms. Fifteen minutes later, Angel left the party and went back to her dorm room where she thought about Brandi as she fingered her pussy to an orgasm.

    A few days later Angel and Brandi ran into each other at the library.. As Angel remembered that meeting, she recalled their conversation word for word ?

    ?Brandi.. I was thinking.?

    Brandi laughed .. ?That will get you into trouble.. or arrested ? or both.?

    ?Oh You!? Angel laughed before continuing ? ?I was thinking about our dresses that we wore to the New Year's Eve party.?


    ?You looked so fucking hot in that blue dress Brandi!?

    ?You looked pretty fucking hot too Angel.. the way your big tits were threatening to pop free!? Again they shared a moment of laughter with each other before Brandi asked... ?So what were you thinking??

    ?I want you to promise me something.?

    ?Ok. If I can, I will.?

    Angel could speak with authority when she chose to do so.. and this was one of those moments ? ?You can and you will.?

    Brandi loved it when Angel spoke with authority and purpose... ?Ok, what do you want me to promise.?

    ?The next time we are together and we are both wearing those dresses, I want you to promise me that we will share an orgasm together.? Angel then gave Brandi 'the look' ?. her well known evil wicked grin.

    ?Mmmmm... ok Angel. I promise that the next time we are together.. and ? we are both wearing those dresses, that I will share an orgasm with you!?

    Angel stared deeply into Brandi's lovely brown eyes ...?Promise??


    That was eight years ago.. and they had not seen each other since. As Angel held the purple dress up to her body, she continued to think about Brandi ?.which brought back another vivid memory ?... the last day she saw Brandi... it was a week after she had completed her second year at Westlake. Holding her purple dress, she remembered every moment of that Sunday.. Angel remembered every single word ?. as if it had happened yesterday.

    A few days prior to the last time she saw Brandi, Angel got a phone call from San Francesca University... a private school in East Texas. There had been a couple of student dropouts from the criminal justice program at SFU, also known as Sex Fight University. The director of admissions had remembered her (as if anyone could forget meeting Angel) and called her personally on Wednesday to ask if she was still interested. Of course, Angel accepted without hesitation. Why wouldn?t she? Texas was home... and the university was only a two hour drive from her home. She had already packed her belongings and had taken them to the FedEx store on Thursday, and now, all that was left were the two packed suitcases that was on the bed of her dorm room. It was Sunday and she was going to be flying back to Dallas on a late night flight.

    A little before nine o'clock, Angel was ready to go. She was dressed in a pair of slightly worn jeans and a pair of athletic shoes. The pink hoodie she was wearing had Westlake written in dark blue in a script font across the front. It was big enough to minimize the effect of her over-sized tits. Angel leaned against the wall of her bedroom, looking wistfully out the window at the college campus she had, over almost two years, come to know and love. She noted the scattered lights around the campus, and then her eyes were drawn to the old maple tree at the north end. It was referred to as 'The Kissing Tree.' It was a wonderful tree, she thought. Lots of memories ? lots of laughs.. and a few tears ? Angel was going to miss that tree. ? and she was also going to miss that wonderful old bench underneath it where she and many of her New England girlfriends often sat and laughed and engaged in spirited conversations. When she arrives in New England two years ago, she had no idea it was so beautiful. She sighed deeply as she wiped a tear from her eye, then walked back into the bedroom and looked at the two packed suitcases that were laying on the bed ... those suitcases were all that was left. Angel was leaving. She was returning home to Texas ? the Lone Star State.

    Angel had taken time earlier in the day to clean the apartment. She even borrowed a shampooer and did the carpets. She was not going to leave a mess behind for someone else to clean. All the loose ends had been tied... except for one... that all important one ... the one that gave up knocking on her door a little over ten minutes ago. How was she going to tell the sweetest and sexiest woman she had met during her time here that she was leaving? How? What was she going to say? Angel looked out the window once again into the cool New England night.

    She had avoided Brandi for several days... not answering the phone calls... not responding to the text messages.. and not even answering the door. This was not like Angel This was not who she was. Angel would always answer her phone and respond to texts... but this was different. She did not know how she was going to say ?good-bye.?

    As she was contemplating what she should do her phone buzzed again ? it was another text from Brandi. 'Angel!!! I know that you?re out there. PLEASE tell me what?s going on!!!' Angel had to respond. It was time.

    Angel : Yes. I?m out here. Can you meet me at the bench under the old maple tree? Ten minutes?

    Brandi: 'Sure thing. What?s going on?'

    Angel: 'Just meet me there?PLEASE!'

    Brandi: 'I?ll be there in ten, Angel.'

    Angel quickly left her dorm room, locking the door behind her and walked downstairs and out the door... toward the kissing tree. She arrived at the beloved tree before Brandi and began pacing back and forth... her mind searching for the right words to say to Brandi as tears rolled down her cheeks. Then Angel saw Brandi approaching. Angel's heart was thumping in her chest. As Brandi quickly closed the distance between them, she extended her arms... it was apparent that she intended to hug Angel, but Angel extended her hands out in front of her.... ?No Brandi! Don?t! Please don?t! This is going to be tough enough without body contact.?

    ?What the?what are you talking about??? Angel, please!!!?

    Angel had no other choice... she had to say it... right now ? she took a deep breath and blurted it out ?. ?Brandi?I?m leaving.? Angel could see the pain and heartache in Brandi's eyes. Angel was hurting too. Brandi was special... a true friend... and it was breaking Angel's heart. She took another deep breath, her eyes filled with tears as she continued .. ?There?s an opening at a college near Dallas. A girl dropped out of the program. .. I guess that she couldn?t cut it. .. anyway, the director of admissions at San Francesca University called me on Wednesday and offered to hold it for me if I still wanted it. Well of course, I accepted it immediately.?

    ?But why, Angel? Aren?t you happy here? Don?t you like it here??

    ?Brandi, are you nuts? This is a wonderful place and you know that I love it here!?

    Angel could tell that Brandi was completely confused by this contradiction.

    ?Then why? Why are you leaving here? Why are you leaving me??

    ?Because it?s home, Brandi. ?. and for reasons I truly don?t understand, home is where I feel I need to be right now. Do you understand this??

    Brandi sighed, her mind was overflowing with wonderful memories that she had shared with her tall Texas girlfriend... memories about how Angel came to her when nobody else would .. and how, since that warm, non sexual night they shared together, Angel had freely given both her heart and her trusted friendship to her.. How was she going to survive without Angel? Brandi quickly snapped back to the reality of the moment ? Angel had just asked her if she understood why she was leaving ? Brandi took a deep breath and then nodded a reluctant yes. ?What am I going to do without you??

    It was a rhetorical question, but Angel answered it anyway.

    ?You, dear Brandi, are one of the strongest, sexiest women I?ve ever met. You?ll be fine.?

    ?I appreciate hearing that. Coming from you it means a lot, Angel.? Angel looked at Brandi and smiled ?. ?Can you answer another question for me, Angel??

    ?Sure. Ask.?

    ?Why do you gorgeous Swedish women keep leaving me?? Brandi paused for a moment then laughed out loud. Angel laughed with her ? Some of the nearly unbearable tension eased a bit.

    ?Good one, Brandi. And you know how flighty us Swedish blonds are.? Angel then turned to look at the bench ? ?Come. Sit next to me. I want to sit on this wonderful old bench one more time with my dearest New England friend.? Angel didn?t have to ask twice, as both of them sat down.

    ?So, when do you leave? I assume that you?re leaving from Logan.?

    ?I am catching a flight from Logan. A direct flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International.?


    ?Midnight. Tonight.?

    ?Tonight!!??? Brandi looked shocked.

    ?Yes. And before you ask, I?m catching the airport shuttle bus at 10PM.?

    ?There?s no need to take a bus. I?ll drive you to the airport.?

    ?No. The bus will do just fine.?

    ?You?ll need help with your suitcases. If I know you, you?ve got at least two.?
    ?Nope. Got it covered. Donna?s going to drop me off at the bus depot.?

    ?But?but?goddammit Angel??


    Brandi had to stand up. Angel quickly stood up right behind her. Angel wanted to touch Brandi, but she didn?t ? even though both of them wanted her to show some physicality. Both girls understood why, but that didn?t help much. As Brandi turned to face Angel,, Angel spoke softly ? ?Look around you Brandi. This amazing old tree ... this wonderful bench that could tell thousands of stories about people just like you and me?What a lovely setting! THIS, right here, is where we say goodbye.?

    And so, Angel and Brandi said goodbye, with only our hands clasped, the bare minimum of touching, and our warm smiles. Angel wanted to feel her body pressed to Brandi's one last time. ? but it wasn?t to be. With tears running down their cheeks, they turned and walked away..... returning to their respective dormitory rooms?Angel to pick up her suitcases and leave for the bus depot, and Brandi to sit alone, once again, in the silence and the darkness?

    As Angel walked down the hallway to her dorm room, Donna was waiting for her. She was five foot two inches tall ? shorter than most of the other girls in the SF club. .. although, like most all of Angel's friends, she had a nice rack. They had mashed their big tits together on more than one occasion over the past two years and even had a couple of intense sexfights. Their relationship was mostly a competitive one, although Angel considered Donna a loyal friend. As Angel approached her, Donna could tell that Angel was upset... ?Are you all right??

    ?No ?. this is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do.?

    Donna stared into Angel's misty eyes ? ?You're in love with Brandi.?

    Angel quickly denied it ? ?No I'm not!?

    ?Oh yes you are! I have seen the way your eyes light up every time you are around her. You love her, don't you Angel??

    '?No! ? I can't be in love with her... I am leaving to go back home... it... it.. it just won't work!?

    ?I think she loves you too Angel.?

    Angel began crying ?. ?Brandi loves Ingrid.?

    ?Ingrid is gone Angel.?

    ?Well... if she loves me why in the fuck did she not tell me??

    Donna reached out and grabbed Angel's hand.. squeezing it... ?Why did you not tell her??


    Donna smiled ? ?Because why??

    ?Just because.?

    ?Come on Angel..... why??

    ?Because... because ?. I am afraid.?

    ?You are afraid? Ms. Alpha bitch? Oh come on Angel... I know you... you are not afraid of anything.? Tears were streaking down Angel's cheeks as Donna continued.. ?You are afraid if you confessed your love for her that your heart would be broken.. because you are afraid that Brandi does not love you.? Donna waited for a moment, but Angel did not say anything... so she continued .. ?Am I right??

    ?I don't know!?

    ?Sure you do! That is exactly what it is.. it would tear you apart if you told her you loved her and then discovered that she did not love you... that is why you are afraid to tell her... right??

    ?It just won't work.?

    ?How do you know that??

    ?I just know.?


    Angel raised her voice as she fought back the tears ? ?All right, Goddamn it! I love her! ? I am in love with Brandi!?

    ?Then go tell her Angel... cause I am very sure that she loves you!?

    ?No ?.. no... I can't do that to her.... I am going to be thousands of miles away.. it just won't work.?

    ?I think you are making the biggest mistake of your life Angel.?

    ?Just take me to the bus station.?

    Donna sighed ? ?All right.? She reached down and picked up one of Angel's suitcases as Angel picked up the other one. ?Let's go.? A few minutes later, Angel was standing and waiting for the airport shuttle bus.. her mind filled with thoughts of Brandi and what Donna had said... Maybe Donna was right... maybe Brandi was in love with her... but she was also overwhelmed with thoughts of how it would hurt Brandi for them to be apart.. knowing they were in love with each other... and what if Brandi met someone new while they were apart? Angel did not think she could bear the heartache that would crush her if Brandi fell for someone else.... No... it was not a good idea... She had made the right choice... to end it before it could begin.

    Angel arrived at the airport about ten-thirty... checked her suitcases, got her boarding pass, and walked down the long corridor that led to terminal D ... toward the security station... her over-sized braless tits gently bouncing under her hoodie as she walked down the corridor, completely unaware of the many men and women who had to stop and take a second look at this tall beautiful big-titted blonde girl who was walking through the airport. She was totally unaware of everything that was happening around her. Angel's mind was overloaded with thoughts of Brandi.... she took a deep breath as she continued walking toward the security station... ?You need to get a hold of yourself Angel?, she whispered to herself. Angel needed a distraction... she needed something to take her mind off of Brandi.... and suddenly... there it was... the distraction that Angel needed.

    As Angel approached the security station she saw her... Angel guessed her age to be about 23 or 24 ... she was beautiful ... tall ? auburn hair.... green eyes ? and tits that appeared to be as big as volleyballs. Angel would soon learn that her name was Bernadette Sawyer. She was five feet seven inches tall and weighed 126 pounds and with measurements of 42-23-37? it was obvious that a lot of the weight was in her enormous G cup tits.

    Angel reached for the zipper on the front of her hoodie and 'zipppp'... pulling the zipper down about six inches... more than enough to expose a great deal of her massive cleavage. She waited in line for a couple of minutes.. her eyes never leaving the front of the security guard's shirt. ?. Finally it was her turn...

    ?Empty your pockets please?miss?miss?oh miss?? said the attractive female security person.

    ?Oh, I?m sorry. .. Please, call me Angel ?miss sounds so formal.? Angel smiled at her ? then she noticed something different... something that she had not noticed before... the two top buttons of her shirt was unbuttoned.

    ?Well?um?Angel?could you please empty your pockets?? she repeated, as she tried with great difficulty to avert her gaze from Angel's deep cleavage. When her eyes met Angel's, they both froze for a few seconds.

    Angel read her name tag as she stepped forward and emptied her pockets onto the conveyor belt .. her purse ? her cell phone ? and eighty-two cents in change. ?Yes, of course ?well that?s it?Bernadette.? As she came around to meet Angel, Angel couldn?t help noticing as Bernadette removed her hair clip and shook out her hair, causing her wavy auburn tresses to cascade down past her shoulders. For a long second, it seemed like her hair was blowing in the wind. As they faced each other, Angel noticed that two more buttons of her security uniform had been unbuttoned and her fulsome cleavage was now on full display for Angel's scrutiny... 'Damn, this girl was stacked'! Angel thought to herself as her eyes were transfixed on Bernadette?s impressive cleavage. As her purse was being x-rayed, Angel walked through the metal detector.. and it beeped.

    ?I need you to walk through the scanner again miss.?

    Angel smiled as she corrected her ?. ?Angel?

    Bernadette smiled .. ?Angel?

    Angel walked back, turned around and noticed that Bernadette's eyes were staring at her deep well defined cleavage. Angel took a very deep breath and moved her shoulders back... which obviously allowed her to thrust out her huge tits even more as she walked through the scanner again. 'Beep'. Bernadette reached for a security wand, turned back around and spoke with the dusky voice of a Parisian chanteuse. ?I?m going to have to scan your body with the security wand miss ? Angel.?

    ?Oh my!?

    ?Spread your legs please.?

    ?Of course, Bernadette.? Angel complied, opening up her stance a bit.

    Bernadette then squatted down and ran the security wand up and down Angel's long legs, inside and out, taking a few extra long seconds at her crotch. Satisfied that Angel wasn?t concealing anything ?. well, at least nothing dangerous, she rose up and faced Angel, woman to woman.

    ?Was that absolutely necessary?? Angel asked.

    ?You would be shocked to know some of the strange and potentially dangerous things we?ve found in a woman?s private parts.?


    ?Now, if you would hold your arms out to the side please.? she politely requested.

    Angel raised her arms and extended them out to her sides.. as Bernadette scanned both sides of Angel , from her waist up to her armpits and out over her arms to Angel's fingertips on both sides. Then she ran the wand up and down and from side to side over Angel's enormous chest.

    ?Hmmm?? Bernadette seemed puzzled. She pointed to Angel's heavy tits ... ?Are you concealing anything in there, Angel??

    ?No ma'am I'm not.?

    ?Well, unfortunately, I can't take your word for it. Regulations require that I conduct a more thorough investigation.?


    ?Regulations.? she looked at Angel sternly.

    ?Ok, I suppose.?

    ?I need for you to come with me.?

    ?Where are we going??

    ?This way. Follow me.?

    As Bernadette turned around and began walking, Angel noticed how tight Bernadette's uniform pants fit her swaying ass.... and Angel also was aware that Bernadette was swaying that perfect ass a little more than was necessary. As Angel's eyes remained focused on the tight hard swaying ass that was in front of her she could not keep from gasping ? ?Damn!?

    Bernadette stopped and turned around ? ?Is something wrong??

    ?Ahh.. no.. uh .. just a cramp in my calf... it is ok now.?

    Bernadette turned around and walked the remaining few steps to a door, opened it, and then held it open for Angel. Angel walked inside the private security room as Bernadette closed and locked the door behind her. ?Now, will you please unzip your hoodie??

    Angel never had a problem showing of her firm over-sized tits as she reached for the zipper on the front of her hoodie and ?. 'ZZZZZZIP!' She completely unzipped her hoodie and then spread it open, fully exposing her spectacular tits. When she looked back up, Bernadette's shirt was gone.. and her large, damn near perfect tits were straining at the front of her lacy black bra. Angel gasped. Bernadette's tits were fucking huge.

    With the skill of a seasoned investigator, Bernadette stepped toward Angel until their big round heavy tits met nipple to nipple. ?I am going to have conduct a full search/investigation of your tits, Angel.? Bernadette whispered as she wrapped her arms around Angel's waist. Angel reached around Bernadette, locking her fingers together as they pushed more and more of their huge over-sized tits into each other.

    Bernadette proceeded to use her massive bra encased tits to thoroughly search Angel's equally massive tits. She rolled and mashed and squashed and scraped her big delectable tits into Angel's receptive knockers. Angel closed her eyes... loving the feel of Bernadette's lacy black bra scraping against her enormous tits. Angel had never had her heavy tits grilled so intensely. When she opened her eyes, Bernadette's bra was gone! Her huge naked tits were pushing and grinding into Angel's huge naked tits.. sliding them up and down against each other... squishing them back and forth across each other... carefully searching Angel's extraordinary tits for any concealed objects. Bernadette's thick hard nipples were carefully exploring Angel's lengthy stiff nipples... searching ? flicking ? grinding against Angel's big powerful nipples with her own big formidable nipples. Tiny beads of perspiration began to form on their heavy tits as they continued to roll them together... squishing ? mashing ? sliding ? exploring.... their pebbled areolas scraping against each other ?. Angel and Bernadette were tit fucking!'

    As minute after erotic minute passed, Angel's huge nipples began to leak sweet nipple-cum ? and Bernadette's hard thrusting nipples also began to oozing hot nipple-cum... lubricating their big dense heavy tits as they continued to grind their big round firm tits into each other. Several more luscious minutes elapsed and their nipple-cum was now leaking out between their enormous grinding tits... trickling down the underside of their magnificent globes of dense tit-meat and running down their hard abs. They were hugging each other tightly ? gasping and breathing deeply as they pressed and pushed as much of their heavy tits into each other as they possibly could.... straining together... grinding against each other... their big hard nipples latched together tip to tip as their gooey nipple-cum oozed out between the joined flared tips of their throbbing nipples that were hidden from view between their now enormously swollen tits.

    The mutual pleasure was deliciously intoxicating as they absorbed the burning heat from each others heavy dense tits. Their breathing was becoming more rapid... they whimpered... they moaned... they gasped... and then the river of pleasure began to flow through every part of their incredible bodies. Clits throbbed ? hips jerked ? their abs began to ripple and undulate .. buttocks clenched ? their powerful well developed glutes began to spasm. Angel and Bernadette were going to cum!

    The two hot women jammed their over-sized tits together... straining against each other as they pushed together with their strong legs.... The fiery heat was flowing through both of them.... their clits jerked hard as their vaginas gushed.. flooding their panties with their sweet hot girl-cum. Angel and Bernadette were cumming! Their big flared nipples ejaculated together... their sticky nipple-cum squirting out around their tightly mashed big tits... spraying up between their grinding cleavage. They moaned in unison as their bodies shook and trembled against each other in their tight embrace.



    ?Unnnnnnnnnn yes!? ?. ?Mmmmmmmm!?

    ?Miss? ?. Excuse me .. Miss? ?. oh Miss? ? Angel!!?

    Angel opened her eyes ? ?Huh?'

    ?You are holding up the line Miss. There are people behind you that need to get to their planes!?

    Angel snapped out of her dream-like state ? ?Oh!... Oh!.. yes... sorry.?

    ?We're waiting.?

    ?Yes.. yes of course... sorry.? Angel responded as she walked through the metal detector again. This time it did not sound as Angel reached over and picked up her purse and her eighty-two cents.. placing the coins in the pocket of her jeans. As she was about to walk away, Bernadette spoke to her ? ?Angel?? Angel turned her head toward the lovely auburn haired woman as Bernadette extended her hand toward Angel. ?Here is my card... my personal cell phone number is on it.... call me sometime.?

    Angel took the card ? Bernadette Sawyer ?. as she smiled ? ?Thank you. I will.?

    Bernadette smiled into Angel's eyes for a brief moment before turning around ? ?Next!?

    Angel walked away... immediately coming to the realization that her pussy was wet as she felt her pussy lips squishing as she walked... Her nipples were hard and well defined underneath her hoodie as she strutted toward her gate. 'Holy Shit!' Angel smiled to herself.... 'It all seemed so real.'

    She continued to walk quietly to the gate... the silence only interrupted by the occasional ?Damn! Did you see that?? ... When she reached gate 40, she found an empty seat and sat down... waiting to board the plane. She picked up a copy of Cosmopolitan that someone had left behind and began reading an article about the twelve secrets to great sex. ? but Angel's thoughts were somewhere else. Several times she stood up and paced around the waiting area before sitting back down.. she felt nervous... tense ? sad.... but she truly believed she had made the right choice to return to Texas.

    Another few minutes passed before her plane arrived at gate 40. Angel watched the crowd of passengers exiting the plane.... she looked at the clock... she would be boarding in about another twenty minutes. She stood up and walked over to the windows... staring out into the darkness with her nose pressed against the glass... then she heard her name over the speakers ? ?Angelica Johansen, white courtesy telephone?Miss Angelica Johansen, white courtesy telephone please.?

    Angel turned around, her deep blue-green eyes scanning her surroundings until she located the white security phone at the end of a phone bank on the wall to her left. She proceeded to move swiftly to the phone bank, her big bra-less tits bouncing as she hurried toward the white courtesy phone... then she saw Brandi standing near the phone. Angel stopped dead in her tracks and gawked at her in total surprise. Then a broad smile formed on her face.

    ?You?you?OH?you!!!? Angel stammered and shook her head in disbelief as they stepped toward each other. ?You are one crazy bitch, Brandi?I had a feeling you were going to do something like this! You are just so??

    ?Angel! SHUT THE FUCK UP AND KISS ME!!!? Brandi demanded. .. and she did not have to ask Angel twice.

    Without any regard for that silly ?no contact? rule from earlier this evening, Angel and Brandi pressed themselves into each other hard, embracing each other so tightly that they damn near squeezed the wind out of each other.

    ?Brandi, do you realize that in doing this, you?ve violated my strict rule of no body contact??

    ?You?re right Angel. I?ve been a bad girl and I think you should spank me.?

    The two stunningly beautiful sexy girls giggled. Then their clothed bodies melted into each other, forced together uncompromisingly head to toe. It was complete and intense mutual surrender. It was how Angel had always dreamed they would make love to each other.... and although they had experienced a few very close calls, they never made love. ? and it was beginning to look like we never would. Angel emitted a sharp gasp at the crush of her massive tits into Brandi's enormous tits. They tilted their heads then kissed two overheated lovers, Brandi and Angel sealed their mouths together in a deep wet chewy kiss. Angel dropped her purse next to Brandi's right foot so she could wrap both of her arms around Brandi.. pulling her even tighter in their tit crushing embrace.

    'Oh my God' Angel moaned to herself at the feel of Brandi's big firm dense tits grinding into her own big impressive tits. Even through two layers of hoodie, they rolled and mashed with against each other... as if they wanted to merge together.. as if they wanted to melt into one huge pair of the biggest set of over-sized tits in the world! As their heated kiss became more impassioned, Angel felt like her big long hard nipples were trying to tear through her hoodie so they could mate with Brandi's pair of stiff hard lengthy nipples. Still locked in their passionate tongue twisting kiss, Angel began to feel that woozy sensation again... that sensation that she would always get whenever she and Brandi kissed and ground their huge tits together. Angel loved feeling Brandi's big round tits pushing and thrusting against hers... there was no other tits in the world that felt as good as Brandi's. Yes, Angel had paired her enormous tits with other girls who possessed tits that were perhaps a little bigger than Brandi.... but Angel had never ever felt a pair of tits that were as incredible as Brandi's. They were not only huge... but Brandi's big tits were firm... and dense ... and even though there were a few girls in the SF club who wore bigger bras than Brandi, no one had tits that were equal to Brandi's. Her tits were solid ? and heavy ? noticeably heavier than any of the other girls in the SF club... and more dense and heavier than any girl Angel had ever matched tits with. It was one of the many reasons that Angel was in love with Brandi.

    Angel was getting a little light headed.. and she could tell that Brandi was also getting a bit dizzy.. and both of them wanted to take this to the next level. Finally they broke off their hot kiss to catch their breath... a couple of strings of saliva stretching between their lips as they stared deeply into each others eyes... but Angel could tell that Brandi was not done yet. Oh no, they were most definitely not done. Brandi looked into her blue/green eyes deeper than she had ever done before. Angel sensed something immediately as she stared deeply into Brandi's scheming sexy brown eyes. ?Brandi? What are you up to??

    ?You?ll see.?

    ?You?re not going to do anything crazy, are you??

    ?Indeed, I am.?

    ?Brandi!!! We?re in a public place!? Angel pointed out.

    ?Angel, relax.?


    ?Trust me. I know what I?m doing.?

    ?Yeah?right.? she smirked.

    Brandi turned them around so that Angel's back was against the wall and her back was toward the waiting area, and she could not be seen.... then she whispered in Angel's ear. ?Get ready to grab the sides of your hoodie.?


    ?Just do as I say!? Brandi reached in between them and found Angel's zipper. Then, before Angel could react?Zzzzippp!!! Her hoodie fell open, exposing Angel's big round full beautiful, bra-less tits.

    ?You insane bitch!!!? Angel said in a whisper of disbelief. Instinctively, Angel took hold of the sides of her sweatshirt, so she wouldn?t be exposed. This left Brandi's hands free to complete her clandestine mission.

    ?Zzzzzzipp!!! Now Brandi's hoodie was open in front. Oh yesss!!! With Angel?s arms on the outside, protecting us from any prying eyes, Brandi was now free to apply her horny-for-skin-contact huge naked tits to Angel's huge naked tits.

    Angel moaned in appreciation as their enormous hot tits met skin to skin. ? ?Mmmmmmmmmmmm. That feels soooooo wonderful Brandi!?

    ?I just HAD to feel this one more time, Angel.? Brandi said, locking her big Brandi Knowlton tits fully with those amazingly huge Angelica Johansen tits, directing her hard stiff nipples into a full on tip to tip encounter with Angel's long, womanly nipples. They were both very much aware of the incredible pressure and tension between their stiff nipples as Brandi whispered into Angel's ear .. ?I wanted to have my first nipple orgasm?with you. But now?? Brandi paused .. she felt Angel's breathing change ever so slightly. Instead of kissing each other, they chose woman to woman talk and to softly rub and grind their large tits together for what little time they had left.

    Angel whispered .. ?Baby, you act like these tits are never going to be together ever again.?

    ?Angel, you know how these things go. People go on their separate ways and, always with the best intentions they promise to call or write and hopefully, at some point in the future, to reunite. But then, life gets in the way. Weeks turn into months and months turn into years and communication slows down to almost nothing?And then?? Brandi paused as she began to feel melancholy.

    ?Brandi, that?s not going to happen with us.? Angel assured her.

    They held their over-sized tits together.. feeling each others warmth ... content to just absorb the soft sensations ?. to momentarily loose themselves as they shared each others breath. They only had a few more minutes.

    ?Then why do I feel like I?m loosing you forever??

    ?Brandi, you?re not loosing me forever. Don?t you remember the promise we made to each other??

    ?Yes! The promise of the blue dress and the purple dress??

    ?And what we?re going to do to each other the next time that we?re wearing them??

    ?Yes, I remember. ,,, but??

    ?No no no! No buts! That?s a promise I intend to keep.... and you know I always keep my promises.?

    Angel and Brandi pressed their foreheads together as Brandi whispered ..?We?ve come so close, so many times.?

    ?Yes, we have. Remember that time in the professor?s office when we got carried away and damn near got caught?? Angel mused.

    ?Oh jeez! What were we thinking??

    ?We weren?t thinking. We were too hot for each other to think straight.?

    Brandi sighed as they looked at each other warmly, then shared one last, tender kiss. It was just about time for Angel to board her flight.

    ?Flight 96 to Dallas/Fort Worth is now ready for boarding.? came the announcement.

    Zzzzip. Zzzzip. We separated. Neither one of of then knew it at the time, but it would be a number of years before they would see each other again ?before we would embrace again?before our tits would meet again. Brandi watched Angel get into the passenger boarding line. Angel stopped and turned back toward Brandi .. ?Come visit me in Dallas, Brandi. Promise!? she yelled out over a group of fellow passengers.

    ?I will, Angel. I promise.?

    ?COME VISIT ME IN DALLAS!? she hollered out once more, over the forty or so people now coagulating at the entry. Then she disappeared down the ramp? but stopped just inside.. moving out of the way as other passengers squeezed by her... Angel's eyes filled with tears.. and she whispered ? ?I love you Brandi.? Angel wiped the tears off her cheek as she looked at her boarding pass ? Seat 34F. She made her way down one of the aisles in the Boeing 777. When she was about halfway there, a stunning woman sitting in the aisle seat in row 15 noticed Angel. ? and noticed that Angel seemed upset. Girls just know these things. As Angel approached the row of seats where she was sitting, she stared at Angel... hoping to get her attention, but Angel never looked up.. so she did what any girl would do.... she dropped her phone in the aisle.

    Angel stopped and looked down at the phone and then bent down, reached out and picked the phone up.. that is when their eyes met for the first time. The woman sitting in row15 was a Goddess ? She appeared to be a few years older than Angel, with long thick raven black hair and dark eyes and the biggest pair of tits that Angel could ever remember seeing... and the low cut white top that she was wearing barely contained those massive tits, showing off her incredible deep cleavage. She had a blanket over her lap..and for a split second Angel wondered why. It was a little cool on the plane.. perhaps she felt a little chill in the air. One thing was certain.... this woman was Goddess. At almost any other moment in time, Angel would have winked at her.. or said something... or intentionally stared at this woman's huge tits until she noticed that Angel was staring. Yes, Angel would have certainly done something ? but her mind and heart were filled with thoughts of Brandi.

    As Angel handed her the cell phone, the woman noticed the tears still running down Angel's cheeks ? ?Are you all right?? She politely asked.

    Angel nodded as they continued to stare into each others eyes for a moment as the line of passengers backed up behind her. Then the dark haired beauty spoke softly.. ?Thank you.?

    Suddenly a lady behind her spoke .. ?Excuse me Miss.? as she squeezed around Angel. Angel quickly realized that she was holding up the line.... she nodded to the beautiful woman and then continued on her way to row 34. ? almost all the way to the back of the plane.... row 34 seat F, and sat down. A minute went by, then another couple of minutes... Angel was thinking about Brandi .. and Angel was hurting.,, and then it dawned on her what she needed to do... what she had to do... nothing else mattered.... Angel had to tell Brandi how she felt. She quickly squeezed her way around and between the last few boarding passengers.. working her way toward the front of the plane until she was standing at the doorway to the plane...just as the flight attendant was closing the door. Angel's heart sank. ?Please, I need to tell someone something.?

    ?I'm sorry Ma'am... all the passengers have been accounted for and the jetway has already been retracted from our plane.?

    Angel stood there for another minute ?. She felt empty.... her entire body ached. Finally one of the flight attendants tapped her on the shoulder ? ?Miss ? it is time to take your seat.? Angel nodded as she once again began walking down the aisle toward her seat... and then she saw the raven haired Goddess again.... and once again their eyes locked. The woman smiled at Angel and Angel forced herself to return the smile.. but it was a weak effort.

    Again the dark haired Goddess spoke ? ?Are you sure you are all right?? Angel nodded yes again... then proceeded to continue her journey to her seat ? 34F.

    was she giving Angel a signal? And if so, what was she trying to say? Was this woman making a pass at her? Although Angel had no clue what it meant... or if it meant anything at all... she forced a smile .... which brought a smile to the face of the dark haired Goddess. Then the incredible sexy woman moved her right hand to her chin, and, as Angel watched, the dark haired vixen slowly traced her fingernails down the front of her neck... down.. down... and right over her magnificent cleavage before slowly moving her fingers across her huge left tit... always keeping her eyes on Angel's eyes... watching... observing... as Angel's eyes followed her hand and fingers. Angel's mind began to think all kinds of thoughts ? Was this stunning woman showing off her enormous tits? Was she a lesbian? ? As their eyes met again, Angel kinda nodded and smiled and then proceeded to continue her journey to her seat ? 34F.

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
    Chapter 71
    Second Sunday

    As she made her way back to her seat, the flight announcements began ..?Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven?t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. If you are seated next to an emergency exit, please read carefully the special instructions card located by your seat. If you do not wish to perform the functions described in the event of an emergency, please ask a flight attendant to re-seat you. We remind you that this is a non-smoking flight. Smoking is prohibited on the entire aircraft, including the lavatories. Tampering with, disabling or destroying the lavatory smoke detectors is prohibited by law.?

    By now Angel was in her seat and was fastening her seat belt. She was somewhat surprised that she was the only passenger in row 34... and even more surprised that there was no one seated in the few remaining rows that were behind her. As she surveyed her surroundings, Angel also noticed that the three rows in front of her were also empty. She was all alone... which is exactly how she felt.

    A very attractive flight attendant was standing several rows in front of her and began her demonstration as the safety instructions began to play through the overhead speakers. ?Now we request your full attention as the flight attendants demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft .. To fasten your seat belt. insert the metal fittings one into the other, and tighten by pulling on the loose end of the strap. To release your seat belt, lift the upper portion of the buckle. There are several emergency exits on this aircraft.... two forward exits, two aft, and one over each wing. Please take a few moments now to locate your nearest exit. In some cases, your nearest exit may be behind you. In the unlikely event of a decompression, an oxygen mask will automatically appear in front of you. To start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask towards you. Place it firmly over your nose and mouth, secure the elastic band behind your head, and breathe normally. If you are traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first, and then assist the other person. You will find all the safety information on the card located in the seat pocket in front of you. Thank you for flying with American Airlines.?

    A couple of minutes later Angel heard the announcement .. ?Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff.?

    It seemed longer than it actually was, but soon Angel's flight was in the air and headed to Texas.... and fifteen minutes later there was another announcement .. ?The captain has turned off the fasten your seat belt light. You are now free to move about the cabin.? She unfastened her seat belt and stretched her legs. As she looked up, Angel saw her again... the Goddess. And Angel got her first really good look at this stunningly gorgeous woman... and her eyes drank in every little detail. She was tall... with raven black hair down over her shoulders and mysteriously dark eyes. She was gorgeous... Her white top was accented with two narrow black lapels.. and her top did little to conceal her enormous tits and massive cleavage... cleavage that was so massive that practically all of the inner swells of her huge over-sized tits were squished together.. forming a very deep well defined line between her enormous tits. ?. and now Angel knew why she was covering up with a blanket. She was wearing a little black mini skirt that was the shortest skirt Angel had ever seen... easily seven or eight inches above the top of her lacy white thigh high hose... while she was standing! Angel could only imagine how short it would be when she sat down. This God-like woman oozed sensuality and sex appeal... and she was staring right at Angel.

    As Angel would soon learn, her name was Bayla Finegold. She was Jewish. Her grandparents had immigrated to America from Israel many years ago. Her grandfather had seventy two dollars in his pocket when he arrived, and when he retired, he left a chain of jewelry stores to Bayla's father that were worth millions. A fortune that Bayla would be sharing with her younger sister someday. Bayla was five feet eight inches tall, weighed 130 pounds with measurements of 42?-23?-37 which made her a 'tweener'.. her heavy tits requiring a 34G or a 34H bra. Her black hair and dark eyes complimented her Jewish heritage. Bayla was indeed stunningly beautiful... she was not just a ten ? she was a ten-plus ? and Bayla was a lesbian. She was a professor at a small university in East Texas ? San Francesca University... also known as SFU.... but to the many lesbian students it was known as Sex Fight University... SFU was a small university, with about two thousand students enrolled, with girls making up about eighty percent of the students. It was very well known that SFU attracted many LGBT students. .. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. In fact, the majority of the students fit into one of the four categories with lesbians making up the largest group. It was also rumored that there were even a few futanari students. SFU was indeed the place you wanted to be if you were a lesbian. It was here, at SFU, where Miss Finegold taught classes in criminal justice and was the guiding force behind the LTTS... sometimes referred to as the L double T S. The very exclusive Lesbian Titfighting and Tribbing Society.

    Their eyes locked for several seconds before she spoke ? ?Want some company? She then bit her lower lip... was she giving Angel a signal? And if so, what was she trying to say? Was this woman making a pass at her? Although Angel had no clue what it meant... or if it meant anything at all... she forced a smile .... which brought a smile to the face of the dark haired Goddess.

    Angel wiped her eyes with a napkin ? ?Sure... why not.?

    She turned and faced Angel as she slowly toward her, intentionally leaning forward to enhance Angel's view of her massive rack.... Angel's eyes noticing her mammoth tits as she squeezed by ? ?Oh, how funny.? she said as she looked at the seat next to Angel's. ?34G... that's my bra size.? Angel gulped and then it suddenly occurred to her that she was sitting in 34F, which was her bra size... Of course Angel's big tits were still maturing and it would not be long before she would be as big as the black haired Goddess that was speaking to her. ?Well,? Bayla continued .. ?Most of the time that is the size I wear.. sometimes a 34H... it varies.? Angel smiled again as the woman turned around and placed her purse in the empty seat next to her. As Angel watched, the black haired Goddess sat down in the seat to the right of Angel and crossed her legs.. her micro mini skirt riding up her thighs ?. exposing all of her smooth firm athletic thighs.. all the way up to where her buttocks began. Her legs were to die for. She turned her lovely face toward Angel .. ?Thank you ? I was sitting next to this guy and he was hitting on me.. and I had to get away.. and then I saw you and .. well... I had to find you. You looked like you could use some company.?

    Angel just nodded, not sure what to say to this sexy creature sitting next to her.

    She extended her hand toward Angel ? ?I'm Bayla.?

    Angel took her hand and Bayla immediately squeezed Angel's hand as Angel replied .. ?Angelica .. .. actually ? Angel.?

    ?It is nice to meet you Angelica actually Angel.?

    Angel smiled for the first time in a while . ? ?Thanks?

    Bayla had already assumed that Angel was possessing a pair of very large tits, and as her dark eyes drifted down to Angel's chest, her assumption was correct. This brought a smile to Bayla's mouth. She finally released Angel's hand and reached for the arm that was between their seats .. ?Do you mind??

    ?Oh.. no not at all.? Angel answered as Bayla pulled the arm that was between them up and back between their two seats so that there was now no barrier between them. Then this incredible sexy woman looked toward the front of the plane as she moved her right hand to her chin, and, as Angel watched, the dark haired vixen slowly traced her fingernails down the front of her neck... down.. down... and right over her magnificent cleavage before slowly moving her fingers across her huge left tit... continuing to look straight ahead. Angel's eyes followed every movement of her hand and fingers. Angel's mind began to think all kinds of thoughts ? Was this stunning woman showing off her enormous tits? Was she a lesbian? ? She then turned her face toward Angel and as their eyes met again, Angel kinda smiled.

    Bayla wanted to know more about this lovely girl named 'Angel'... She reached over and placed her left hand on top of Angel's right hand ? ?I get a little nervous when I fly.? She softly squeezed Angel's hand, and Angel, wanting to reassure Bayla that everything was all right, turned her hand over and interlaced her fingers with Bayla's... holding her hand tight. Bayla was an expert at seducing girls... after all, she was a lesbian. ? but she did not want to appear to be too aggressive... so she was content to just hold hands with Angel until the opportunity presented itself. They then noticed an attractive flight attendant approaching their row with her beverage cart.

    ?Would you like something to drink?? she asked Angel.

    ?Jack and coke.? Angel answered as she reached for her fold down tray, turning the lock and letting it fall down in front of her.

    ?I will need to see some identification miss.?

    Angel was twenty and the legal drinking age was twenty-one. She reached for her purse and began searching for her driver's license. ?Where is it?? She spoke out loud. ?It's here somewhere.? ? Angel fumbled around inside her purse for another minute before looking up at the fight attendant ? ?I must have misplaced it?

    ?I'm sorry ma'am. I have to see some identification.?

    Angel sighed .. ?How about a bottle of water.? The flight attendant reached down in her beverage cart, grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to Angel. ?Thank you.?

    The flight attendant then looked at Bayla... her eyes glancing at Bayla's massive tits .. ?Anything for you ma'am??

    Bayla had already unfastened her tray ? ?Jack Daniels and coke please ? and may I have two of them.. flying kinda makes me jittery.?

    She placed two of the small travel bottles of Jack Daniels on Bayla's tray along with two cans of Coke. ?That will be four dollars please.?

    Bayla wanted to make sure that the flight attendant would not ask any questions later as she gave her a ten dollar bill ? ?Keep the change.?

    ?Thank you Ma'am? She then rolled her cart back up the aisle as they were no passengers seated behind Angel and Bayla. When the flight attendant was far enough away, Bayla handed one of the mini bottles of whiskey to Angel along with the can of coke.

    Angel smiled at Bayla ? ?Thanks.?

    They were looking into each others eyes as Bayla replied ..?You're welcome Angel.... now ? tell me what's wrong.?

    ?It's nothing really.?

    ?You have been crying Angel ? want to talk about it? I am a really good listener.?

    Angel sighed ? ?I just said goodbye to someone that I really care about.?

    Bayla squeezed Angel's hand again ? ?Aww ? boyfriend??

    ?No... a girl.?

    Bayla tried to comfort Angel ? ?Oh.. well ? the bonds of friendship can be very strong... and I am sure that it won't be long until you see your friend again.?

    ?It's more than that.?

    ?You and her are more than friends?? Bayla asked.

    Angel took a deep breath.. her lower lip began to quiver ? ?I think I am in love with her. ? maybe ? I don't know.... Yes I am ? it's complicated.?

    ?Oh... sooo .. you and her are... a couple??


    ?It's all right Angel... I understand.?

    Angel immediately felt more comfortable with Bayla... ?We were in college together, but I am leaving .. well.. I guess I have left.?

    ?And you are not going back??


    Bayla nodded. ?Well .. perhaps you can have a long distance relationship.?

    ?It won't work. I have really thought about it... and... I am just afraid that she will get hurt.?

    ?Give it some time Angel... sometimes these things work out.?

    Angel nodded as she took another drink of her Jack and coke.

    Bayla changed the subject ? ?Sooo.. is Dallas home??


    ?So tell me more about yourself ??

    ?What would you like to know??

    Bayla's mysteriously dark eyes stared into Angel's deep blue-green eyes as she turned her upper body to her left.. pushing the side of her huge left tit against the outside of Angel's enormous right tit. .. ?I want to know everything about you.?

    Angel was not sure what to do... she felt a little nervous ?took a deep breath... Bayla's tit felt incredible.. solid... heavy. Angel reluctantly squirmed a little more to her right as she twisted her upper body to the right... increasing the pressure between her huge right tit and Bayla's huge left tit as she spoke softly .. ?You go first Bayla.? Bayla felt the increased pressure on their big tits as they bulged a little against each other.

    ?All right.? Bayla answered as she scooted her ass a little more toward her left... her bare thigh pressing tightly against Angel's jean covered thigh as she increased the compression between their big tits. She then turned a little more toward Angel... her stiff hard left nipple getting dangerously close to Angel's jutting right nipple. Angel was slowly warming up to her and when Angel did not resist, she knew that Angel must be 'into' girls. ?I am not sure where to begin.. but I will keep it brief. First of all.. I need to tell you that I am a lesbian.?

    Angel smiled at her as she immediately responded .. ?Oh my! So am I!? Angel was now becoming more comfortable with Bayla.



    Bayla turned toward Angel a little more.. just enough for her to feel her jutting left nipple shaft pressing against Angel's big stiff right nipple shaft. It was exquisite... both of them well aware that their huge nipples were pressing against each other side to side.. long hard shaft straining against long hard shaft. ?Then we have much to talk about Angel.?

    Angel's voice became more quiet .. ?I'm listening.?

    ?Well.. I am a teacher... well, actually a professor at a college in Texas.?

    ?Oh?? Angel's ears perked .. ?Where??

    ?San Francesca University.?

    Angel's eyes lit up ?. ?Oh my God!... that is where I am going to school this fall semester!?

    ?No kidding??

    ?Yeah!.. I was attending college at Westlake college in New England and was notified recently of an opening in the criminal investigation program at San Francesca!?

    Bayla expressed her excitement .. ?Oh my .. I teach criminal investigation classes at SFU... you will be in some of my classes!?

    Suddenly Angel felt awkward... here she was.. pushing her big tit against Bayla's big tit... but it no longer felt quite right... she was going to be Bayla's student!. She moved back from Bayla ? ?Oh.. yes . I guess I will.?

    Bayla sensed that Angel was now uncomfortable ? and she understood why... but she was not about to give up with her plans of seduction... not quite yet. Still holding Angel's hand, she squeezed it again .. ?There is something else you should know... there is a secret club on campus.. I understand that there is a similar club at Westlake.. I believe it is called the SF club. Are you familiar with the SF club at Westlake??

    Angel reluctantly answered ? ?Un huh.?

    Bayla continued to look deeply into Angel's lovely eyes ? ?Well, I don't want to assume anything Angel, but since you have already identified yourself as a lesbian.. and since you are aware of the SF club at Westlake, and since you are obviously a beautiful young lady with a body to die for.. I am guessing that you were a member of the SF club. ? am I right??

    Angel was mesmerized by Bayla... as if Bayla had cast a magic spell on her ? ?Un huh.?

    ?Then you know about titfighting and sexfighting??

    Angel nodded yes....

    ?Well... we also have clubs like that at SFU... several of them.. but there are two clubs that are very exclusive ? The best one is the 'L double T S'.... the Lesbian Titfighting and Tribbing Society... and it is run by yours truly.?

    Angel's eyes were wide open... ?But you are on the faculty... don't they know about it??

    Bayla smiled .. ?Oh.. the administration probably knows.. maybe.. maybe not.. but even if they do know they are not about to say anything.?

    ?Oh?? Angel questioned.

    ?My father is the school's biggest donor ? having given millions of dollars to SFU. I am untouchable.?

    ?So you run the club.. or.. sorry ? society??

    ?Yes I am in charge of the LTTS. There is a rival club called the FFC... fuck fight club. It is run by Riley. The LTTS and the FFC hate each other... and the rivalry can get very intense.

    ?Who is Riley?? Angel asked.

    ?She is also a professor at SFU.?

    ?Riley is also a member of the faculty??

    ?Yes she is.. and she also teaches some of the criminal justice classes... Near the end of each semester, the two clubs meet and sexfight each other... to the finish. Riley and I also fuckfight to the finish.. until one of us can no longer continue. Riley is very good and has a body that is almost identical to mine. Our fuckfights are legendary.??

    Angel had needed a distraction... something to get Brandi off her mind... something to clear her head... and this was it. She was caught up in the moment with Bayla ? ?Oh my ? but you are sooo... soooo... perfect ? I can't imagine anyone beating you in a fuckfight. ? Is Riley like... you know... your girlfriend??

    Bayla giggled .. ?Riley and I are in love with each other... but we also hate each other.?

    Angel tilted her head... ?You love her and hate her??

    ?I love being around her.. she is beautiful and sexy and we spend a great deal of time together.. we go out together.. dancing .. movies.. we do all kind of things with each other ? but there are times when we cannot resist the urge to sexually dominate one another... and we have to fuck... trying to sexually destroy each other. It is an ongoing battle to see who is the most beautiful.. the sexiest.. and the best fucker. I love who she is... but I hate that she is as beautiful and as sexy as me.?

    Angel was very interested in their conversation... ?So when you and Riley fuck each other.. you know, when the two clubs have their sexfights it a private affair??

    Bayla giggled .. ?Oh no... all the members of the FTTS and FFC are there.. some cheer for Riley and some cheer for me.. it is a big event!?

    ?I can imagine... tell me more about the FTTS.?

    By now they had snuggled against each other again... pressing the length of their hard nipple shafts side to side ? ?I choose who becomes a member... I am very careful to choose girls I can trust.. and it is a very exclusive group... Unlike Westlake which has a couple of hundred girls in their SF club, we have about twenty... with four girls who are the members of the ESF... the Elite Sex Fighters... Riley's club, the FFC also has four girls who are their elite fuck fighters.... it is an ongoing sex war between the eight of them.?

    ?Wow... so how do you become one of the elite sex fighters??

    Bayla smiled... ?By being the one of the best.... They are usually seniors... it takes that long to develop your skills to such a high level... although I have had a few juniors make the elite group in the past.?

    ?I will be a junior.?

    ?Maybe you will have the skills to be in the ESF.?

    Angel smiled.

    ?It is common knowledge that there are other lesbian clubs on campus... but LTTS is the most desirable club to be in ? we are the one that everyone wants to be a part of. Well.. that is what I believe.. Of course, belonging to the FFC is also very desirable. A membership in either club is a really big deal...? There was a long pause before Bayla continued .. ?Would you be interested in becoming a member of the FTTS Angel??

    Angel squeezed Bayla's hand very tightly .. ?Yes I would be very interested.... what is the process??

    Before Bayla could answer, the flight attendant was once again asking if they would like another round. Bayla smiled at her and nodded yes as she slipped her a twenty dollar bill ? ?Keep the change... oh.. and can you bring us a blanket? A really big one that we can share?? The flight attendant smiled and nodded yes as she turned and walked away.

    ?Ok Angel... the process ? there is an initial brief interview.. where we get to know each other.. kinda like getting acquainted.. then there are three additional private interviews with me... and then I will decide yes or no.?

    Angel's curiosity was running wild ? ?Tell me about the three private interviews.?

    ?The first one deals with a body comparison.. where we will compare the various parts of our bodies. I never expect any of the girls to equally compare themselves to me.?

    ?I doubt that very few girls could compare to you Bayla.?

    Bayla smiled .. ?Thank you Angel... that is very sweet of you... as we compare our bodies, if the applicant is reasonably close... meaning that she has to look very beautiful. ? and have an exceptional body with tits that are at the very minimum a double D cup, ?. and yes, I will take measurements to verify the size of her tits ? then she will move on to the next interview.?

    Angel smiled again .. ?I would pass the tit size test.?

    Bayla giggled... ?I am quite sure you would.?

    ?And the next interview??

    As Bayla started to answer, the flight attendant was back with more booze and a very large blanket that would easily cover the both of them. Bayla thanked her and she once again disappeared up the aisle. Bayla then turned toward Angel again.. really pushing against her this time... as if she were trying to get a good feel of how firm and dense Angel's right tit was... and Bayla, who was not easily impressed, was very impressed with what she was feeling... ?Ok, the second interview is about titfighting... you and I will match our tits. I do not expect you to win.. it is more of a test for firmness and density... all of the members must have exceptionally solid dense tits.? Angel nodded as Bayla continued .. and the last interview will be a sexfight. Again, I do not expect an applicant to win.. however, I will be evaluating their ability to squeeze with their kegel muscles.. their ability to move their hips. I want to see how much pressure they can produce when grinding against me ? and, although it sometimes takes years to develop, I want to see how much suction they have with their vaginas. Clit size is also evaluated as well as how much an applicant can ejaculate when they reach their orgasm. All of these qualities will be evaluated by me and I will make the final decision.?

    ?Do most girls who begin the process become members??

    ?Oh no... only about one out of every twenty are accepted into the LTTS. A few do not pass the initial 'getting acquainted' interview.. a few more are disqualified because their bodies are not up to our high standards... sometimes, although the girl may have really nice big tits, their tits are just not firm enough or dense enough to be accepted. We are looking for the top one or two percent... and sometimes, they fail in the sexfight. I insist on girls who can be somewhat competitive with me.. and if they can be competitive with me, then they will be fine with the other members.... does that answer your questions, Angel??

    Angel licked her lips... ?When do we start??

    ?How about right now??

    ?Mmmm I would love that Bayla.?

    ?So would I Angel? Bayla unfolded the large blanket and placed it over them. It was more than big enough to cover them from their necks down to their feet with plenty of cloth left to cover the passenger seats to their left and right. Bayla helped Angel remove her hoodie and then Angel helped Bayla remove her top before reaching behind Bayla and unhooking her bra. Bayla then lifted her ass up off her seat and slid her tiny thong down over her hips and to the floor. It took a little more effort for Angel to get out of her jeans, but she finally did before she slipped her panties down over her hips. Angel was naked under the blanket.. and Bayla was naked except for her black mini-skirt that was bunched up around her waist and her thigh high hose which she left on.

    Angel was not sure what to do next so she let Bayla lead. A few moments later the blanket was pulled up over their heads as they turned almost sideways facing each other and their enormously huge naked tits melted together.. hot skin burning hot skin as Angel's huge right nipple was forced against Bayla's equally huge left nipple.

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhh.? Angel moaned as their long hard stiff nipples pushed against each other before being absorbed into their over-sized globes of dense tit-meat.

    Bayla gasped as her massive left tit mushroomed against the firmness of Angel's big left tit. ?Ahhhhhhhhh.?

    Seconds later their tongues were wrestling.. licking and stroking each other as Angel palmed Bayla's immense right tit... and Bayla squeezed Angel's massive left tit with the palm of her hand. They kissed deeply for a long time.. until their mixed saliva was drooling down on their big tits... stringing from their lips and tongues as they quietly moaned and gasped into each others luscious mouths... mouths that were wet with spit... tongues that were on fire with carnal desire. Kissing and licking... sucking each others tongues deeply into their mouths... lapping... groaning... gasping.... and being as quite as they could be. Angel had draped her left thigh over Bayla's left thigh and Bayla had placed her right thigh over Angel's left thigh... still sitting, it was not possible for them to scissor with each other, however, it was still fucking intoxicating as they moved their hot smooth firm legs against each other.. rubbing and pushing their thighs against each other as they continued to kiss each other passionately.

    Then they heard the voice of the flight attendant. ?Is everything ok??

    Bayla pulled the blanket down and smiled at her. Angel turned her face around and smiled at her too. ?Yes, we are fine.?

    The flight attendant noticed a string of saliva drooling from Angel's chin and nodded as she smiled knowingly. She knew what was going on .. ?All right, just try to keep it quiet... we would not want to wake up any of the passengers.?

    Bayla smiled at her as she silently mouthed her words.. ?Thank you.? She smiled at Bayla then turned and walked away. Bayla waited until she disappeared from view and then turned her eyes toward Angel. ?You have amazing tits Angel.?

    ?Thank you.? Angel giggled as she replied.

    ?No, really... your tits are truly amazing... I wanted to say something a few minutes ago but we were too busy kissing.... but I have to say something... I have never felt a girls tits that are as dense and heavy as yours.?

    Angel seemed surprised ? she knew she had exceptional tits, but hearing praise from Bayla, who no doubt had squeezed many tits in her life, was special. ?Really??

    ?I have never felt a students tits that were as solid as yours.. in fact, I can only think of two other girls who have tits that are equal.?

    Angel grinned ? ?And who would that be??

    ?Riley... and ? obviously... me.?

    Angel smiled again... almost embarrassed by the compliment, but pleased by Bayla's words.

    Bayla stared deeply into Angel's eyes.. their eyes locked together ??I want to see them.? Angel slowly pulled the blanket down, exposing her huge F cup tits... tits that would continue to develop over the next couple of years until her massive tits would mature in size between a G cup bra.. and an H cup bra. Bayla looked at Angel's big round F cup tits... noticing the way they stood almost straight out from Angel's chest. .. but what really caught her attention.. and caused her to gasp.. was Angel's enormous nipples. ?Goddamn Angel .. your nipples are almost freaky!? Angel giggled as Bayla kept talking .. ?Damn! Those things are as big and as long as Riley's!.. And as thick and as long as mine!?

    Bayla then pulled the blanket down over her own amazing tits and Angel gasped as she looked at them... huge round heavy spheres of dense tit-meat that were capped by nipples as long and thick as her own. ?Do you know what nipple fucking is??

    This was the first time Angel had ever heard of the term 'Nipple fucking' ..?Ahh. ?. I am not sure... but I think I kinda know what is might be.?

    ?And?? Bayla asked... she wanted to know how Angel's mind worked.

    ?Well.. I know what nipple duels are.. where you fight with your nipples.. flicking them back and forth.... soooo.. I would guess.. that nipple fucking would be placing your nipples tip to tip and fucking each others tits with your nipples... is that what it is??

    ?You are very perceptive Angel.. that is correct... do you know how you win a nipple fucking fight??

    ?No, I am not sure.?

    ?It is very difficult to do... but the objective is to invert your opponents nipples.?

    Angel smiled with confidence... ?Yeah, I have done that before.?

    ?Well Angel.. there is more to it than just that... not only do you have to push her nipples back inside her tits... inverting them.. but you also have to penetrate her tits with your own nipples.. pushing your still erect nipples completely inside her tits.?

    ?Oh wow... that seems like it would be difficult to do!?

    ?It is very difficult.. but it can be done... I have pushed my nipples completely inside another girls tits a number of times.?

    ?I have no doubt about that!?

    ?Want to try it??


    ?All right... don't be afraid.?

    Angel looked into Bayla's eyes and said something that Bayla would never forget ? instantly earning Bayla's respect. ?I am not afraid of anything.?

    ?Neither am I? Bayla whispered in her sexiest voice.. sending chills up and down Angel's spine. ?I don't think we can completely face each other... sooo.. your right nipple versus my left nipple.?

    ?Ok... and to win, I have to invert your nipple and push my nipple all the way inside your tit... right??

    ?Correct.... or.... make me cum before you cum... you can also win by inducing an orgasm in your opponent.?

    ?Ummm that sounds fun.? Angel whispered as she twisted her upper body toward Bayla until their two big thick nipples were almost touching tip to tip. She then reached out with her left hand and cupped Bayla's huge right tit. Bayla smiled as she placed her right hand over Angel's over-sized left tit.. then the two nipple warriors leaned toward each other until the broad wide flat tips of their nipples touched. .. a second later they pushed a little more as the tips of their nipples locked on each other and their hard stiff nipples pushed back a small fraction of an inch into their respective areolas. And it burned. Angel and Bayla tilted their heads back for a moment as the scorching heat flowed through their joined nipples into each others heavy tits..

    ?Ohhhhhh God!' Bayla hissed as she felt the intense sexual energy flowing between their locked nipples.

    ?Mmmmmmm yes.? Angel gasped.

    Bayla moved her right hand from Angel's big left tit for a brief moment as she pulled the blanket up over their tits to hide their nipple war. With the blanket securely covering their tits, she moved her hand to Angel's enormous left tit again and squeezed... amazed at how firm and dense Angel's big tit felt in the palm of her hand. Angel was squeezing Bayla's massive right tit as they pushed their locked nipples deeper and deeper against each other.. until their areolas touched... the tacky wetness on their areolas caused their skin to stick together as they relished the sweet pleasure and discomfort of the incredible sensations of feeling their huge nipples being pushed all the way back inside their big tits.

    Typically, with most girls, this was not that big of a deal.. because most girls have nipples that do not stick out that far.. in fact, if a girl has nipples that stick out from the front of their tits even a half of an inch, they are considered to be rather long and above average... so when a half inch, or less, of a hard stiff nipple is forced back inside your tit, it is something that can be dealt with... it is tolerable. However, Angel and Bayla's nipples were very thick.. and both of their nipples were more than an inch in length... round enough and long enough to create some discomfort. And when you also add to the equation that Angel and Bayla also possessed very dense tits.. which made it even more difficult to have all of that thickness and length forced back inside their solid tit-meat.... well ? you can imagine how intense the pressure must have been.

    Their eyes were fixed on the front of their tits... their areolas had eclipsed each other.. with just the faintest evidence of the outer circle of their areolas showing. They held themselves together like this for at least a full minute... their bodies radiating with the heat that was flowing between them.. their breathing becoming a little more deeper as they felt their nipples pulsing together... pulse ? pulse ? throb ? pulse. And then Bayla gasped as she felt it ?. something she had not ever felt before from one of her students.... only from Riley. She felt a tugging... a pulling ? she felt suction on her nipple. 'Holy Shit' she thought... 'Angel's nipples are sucking mine!'

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.? Bayla quietly moaned as she continued to look down at the front of their tits... not only could she feel the suction.. but she could see it... the front of her tit was moving.. as if invisible fingers were squeezing the very front of her huge tit. She thought of how magical it would be if they could somehow figure out how to get all four of their nipples together... and then the answer came.... she noticed the flight attendant walking toward them again .. it was a almost two in the morning.

    ?Last call. Is there anything else you need??

    Bayla quickly answered with a question ? ?Would it be ok ?. since there is no one else sitting next to us.... would it be all right if we pushed back a few more of the armrests so we could lay down and sleep? I cant sleep when I am sitting.?

    ?Sure... no problem at all?... Yes, she knew what was going on ...... the flight attendant was a lesbian and although she could not say anything about it there was something that she could do... and she made that known as she said ? ?I will make sure no one disturbs you.?

    Bayla smiled .. ?Thank you.?

    ?Sure. Just keep it quiet.? She then winked at Bayla before turning around and walking away.

    Angel and Bayla began to disengage themselves from each other.. with only one little problem. Angel's thick right nipple was stuck to Bayla's left broad left nipple.. and when the eased back from each other, their stuck nipples pulled at each other... so, placing their hands on each others shoulders, they pushed... their nipples 'popping' apart with a faint slurping sound. That is when Angel noticed the milky substance leaking from Bayla's stiff left nipple and from her own rock hard right nipple. ?Oh my God!? Angel whispered.

    ?It's just a little nipple pre-cum.?

    Angel's eyes opened wide... ?Your nipples can cum??

    ?Oh yeah... sometimes a lot.... yours??

    ?Oh my God Yes!?

    Bayla moaned .. ?Then this is going to be more fun than I anticipated.?

    Still holding the blanket over them, they squirmed around, pushing several more armrests into their upright position until there was more than enough room for them to lay down on the seats. It took another minute for them to lay down.. facing each other... with the blanket covering them from the neck down. Angel pushed her right thigh between Bayla's thighs as Bayla draped her left leg over Angel's right thigh. Angel had her back to the seats and Bayla's ass was about halfway on and halfway off the front edge of the seat... but it was doable. ?I think we are still only going to be able to nipple fuck with just one of our nipples.... we really need to be standing or kneeling to fuck with both of our nipples.? Bayla had already determined that there was insufficient room between the seats for them to comfortably kneel and face each other... so this was the only viable option.

    Angel nodded as they adjusted themselves... Angel's huge left tit, which was closest to the seat was pressed tightly against Bayla's enormous right tit.. they had lined up their nipples and pushed them together tip to tip and then carefully squeezed their big heavy tits together... trapping their hard extended nipples tip to tip deep inside their heavy tits. They then pushed their already mushroomed tits even more firmly against each other... both of them surprised at how they still retained most of their full round shape... Their big tits were just too solid and dense to pancake against each other... in fact, only the first couple of inches of their amazing tits were flattened out against each other... hiding their areolas and a little more of their dense tit-meat from view.

    Angel cupped her enormous right tit in her hand as Bayla cupped her massive left tit in her hand and the two hot hot sexy women aimed their huge pulsing nipples at each other and slowly rolled their shoulders forward until their lengthy nipples touched tip to tip.

    ?Ahhhhhhhh.? Bayla moaned.

    Angel gasped ?. the tip of Bayla's was so hard ? ?Ohhhhh.?

    They pushed more into each other.. applying pressure to each others nipples.. then their nipples sprang off of each other... causing both hot girls to sigh. Bayla could feel Angel's incredible nipple resting against her own sticky areola... and she had to look. She let go of her big tit and pulled the blanket down... there was just enough ambient light for her to see... and she gasped. Sure enough, the broad flat tip of Angel's erect nipple was touching Bayla's areola.. but there was a tiny bit of space between the tip of Bayla's hard nipple and Angel's areola. Un huh.... Angel's nipples were longer.. and they both knew it. Bayla had already discovered that Angel's nipples were big and thick and long... and she thought perhaps that maybe.. just maybe ? that Angel's nipples might be as long as her own.. but she never imagined they would be longer. No one had bigger longer nipples than hers... but here she was.. laying next to this sexy young blonde girl.. who had just out-distanced her own nipples!

    She reached down and cupped her huge tit again... and aimed her long hard nipple toward Angel's.. and again their big hot nipples met tip to tip... sending jolts of sexual energy flowing between their big stiff nipples and into their massive tits. Angel was delirious with pleasure and all she could do was moan as she placed her right hand on Bayla's shoulder and began to push and pull against her. With each thrust more of their nipples were being pushed back into their tits until their areolas were touching with each nipple thrust. On and on for the next few minutes they continued this lewd nipple fuck. Working in a perfect rhythm. Push. Push. Push. Finally their areolas were disappearing with each forward thrust. The entire rock hard length of their nipples were buried deeply in each others dense tits with each thrust. Their firm tits meeting just enough to hide their two inch wide areolas.... Panting. ?. Heaving. ?.. Moaning. Their thighs were rubbing each others wet naked cunts as they humped each other under the blanket. Then Angel felt it. A burning sensation in her nipples. She gasped ?.. her nipples were on fire and her pussy began to contract. She threw her head back as her pussy spasmed again.... then again.... and again. Then she had a hot flash that began at the tips of her nipples, down the hard shafts, into her massive tits, and down to her swollen clit. She pulled Bayla into her, their enormous heavy tits mushrooming together as she began to tremble. Her huge tits quivered against Bayla's huge tits. Then it happened. She felt her nipple expand. Her big tits tightened up against Bayla's. ?.... then that final deep spasm. She felt it from her nipples, flowing deeply into her dense tits, then down to her pussy. Angel was going to cum. She practically yanked Bayla, pulling her tight, feeling their incredibly dense tits straining together. ?Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!!!? It was a hard spasm. Their locked tits shook together. ?I'm Cummmmmmming. I'm Cummming Bayla!!!? Angel closed her eyes ? . her hips jerked as her pussy erupted... spraying her sweet hot pussy-cum on Bayla's thrusting thigh.

    ?Mmmmmmm.? Bayla moaned as she felt Angel's sweetness spraying the smooth firm skin of her thigh with Angel's luscious tits trembling against hers. ?I want to fuck you Angel,? she whispered as she rolled off the seats as Angel rolled over on her back. She then crawled up on top of Angel...dragging the blanket with her as Angel reached up and pulled the blanket over their bodes. Bayla's knees were between Angel's spread legs as she leaned her face down ? so their faces were together... their eyes locked together. She reached out with her long tongue and licked Angel's lips.. Angel responded by licking at Bayla's tongue.. their huge tits pressed together as Bayla stretched out her legs between Angel's legs and lowered her wet cunt down on top of Angel's soaked pussy.

    Angel and Bayla licked at each others lips and tongues .. lapping ? licking ...flicking their tongues together .. sliding their lovely legs against each other .. feeling the smoothness of their firm things sliding together as they began to kiss... deep long kisses .. locking their lips tightly together .. their mouths wide open as they tongue wrestled... swirling their tongues together in a sea of their mixed saliva. . .stroking each others tongues as they squirmed together.. their sensitive nipples sliding and twisting together as the kiss went on and on and on ?

    Angel finally broke the kiss, stringing saliva between their tongues as she moaned ? Bayla moaned with ?. the string of spit between their tongues still attached as once again they kissed deeply .. Bayla laying on top of Angel.. Her big tits pressing down against Angel's massive pair. Once again, the kiss was deep and long.. lasting several minutes... until little trails of their mixed saliva began to trickle out of the corners of Angel's mouth and dribble down the sides of her cheeks. Bayla spread her legs a little more.. forcing Angel's legs apart and opening up Angel's wet cunt... as she wiggled and squirmed her own soaking cunt more firmly against Angel's.. They shivered together as their wet pussy lips met and their swollen clits touched. ... ?Mmmmmm? the two hot bitches moaned together.

    Bayla began to slide up and down... slowly ? dragging her wet sticky pussy lips against Angel's equally wet and equally sticking pussy lips. They felt the heat from each other ? they felt their lips sliding together .. sometimes sticking for a brief moment and stretching before sliding apart ...Bayla was sliding up and down.. her hot cunt massaging Angel's ? their wetness mixing together .. their swollen clits sliding together ?. their massive tits compressed as much as their firmness would allow.. their nipples throbbing together ? they were fucking. ? It was a deliberately slow fuck .. each one wanting to enjoy the pleasure of each other ? each one wanting to use the others body for their own pleasure. An hour went by as they continued their slow fuck.. pausing now and then whenever they felt they were approaching an orgasm... they wanted to prolong their pleasure as much as they could. The sliding and rubbing of their two wet cunts was wonderful ? up and down .. sliding ? mashing their now extended pussy lips together... loving the squishing sounds of their hot naked pussys rubbing together ? loving the slurping sounds of their wet pussys rubbing and mashing together. Bayla and Angel were moaning into each others mouths as they kissed deeply .. their big tits locked together ? nipples pressing together ? as they slow fucked each other.. Their clits throbbing.... minute after delicious minute.

    Bayla began to slide a little more up and down..and began to push her cunt harder against Angel's.... fucking the hot young blonde bitch ? Angel began to lift her hips up,, forcing their wet pussys tighter and tighter together ...Then the quick rocking began ?.. Bayla began moving her hips faster up and down.. their sensitive clits rubbing tightly together ? up and down.. humping clit to clit ? their wetness mixing .. Angel was really humping against Bayla.... as their pussy fuck went on and on ? driving them both wild with passion and pleasure... minute after minute they continued to fuck ? and although nothing had been said, both Angel and Bayla were determined to force an orgasm from the other ? fucking ? fucking ? sliding their hot clits together again and again ?. the weight of Bayla's body forcing their sloppy cunts together ? Grinding .. sliding .. rocking those hot wet fuck holes together .. their clits meeting head to head with each forward rock ? rocking .. fucking ? Angel was moaning as they continued to fuck each other for their own pleasure. Angel's hips rocking her wet pussy in rhythm with Bayla ? fucking... fucking... ?Cum for me Bayla!?

    ?Not until you cum first ? you slut!??

    ?Ohhhhhhh God... you fuck soooooooooo good Bayla!?

    The fucking and rocking continued... wet squishing and slurping sounds filled their ears... as they squished and rocked their cunts together tightly.. again and again they slid their aching clits together ? Bayla threw her head back .. her long black hair waving in the air behind her back ? Angel closed her eyes... trying to fight off the on coming orgasm ? squish.. squish .. squish ? Bayla was driving her clit hard against Angel's ? rocking ?. fucking.... grinding ? fucking ? squishing ?. fucking ?humping ? fucking ... ?Ohhhhhhhh FUCK!? Angel moaned loudly...

    ?Yessssssssssssssss!!? Bayla panted ?.

    ?I ?. I ?.. oh fuck ?... I ?. gonna ?...GAWD!!!!!!!!!! Angel screamed ? ?Gonna Cummmmmmm?

    Bayla pushed down as hard as she could ? their hard sensitive clits meeting head to head and sticking... as if they had been welded together ...?Ohhhhhh Shit!? Bayla moaned as she felt the hot gush of wetness and heat from Angel's contracting pussy.

    ?Cummmmmmmmming!? Angel screamed ? her hips pushed up as high as she could... her pussy making maximum contact with Bayla's pussy. ?Oh My God Bayla? Angel gasped ? ?Cummming hard? Angel's pussy was gushing hot girl-cum... her hips were jerking wildly... panting ? gasping ? cumming.

    Bayla humped Angel for another minute as she fucked Angel through her orgasm... Angel's body bucking wildly beneath her ? until Bayla could no longer hold back the pleasure that was trapped inside her cunt ? .. she wiggled her cunt against Angel's .. lining up their open vaginas.. then pushed hard against Angel .?. and let it go ?.... panting and gasping as she looked into Angel's sexy blue-green eyes. Bayla panted ? ?Cummming ? Cumming in your hot wet pussy Angel!.... Oh Fuck! .. Cummming!? ? Bayla's cunt contracted ? several hard contractions ? as she gushed into Angel's pussy... her hot pussy cum gushing inside Angel ? ?Unnnnnnnnnn... Ohh yessss ? Cummmmmmmmmming!?

    ?Ohhhhhhhhhh Bayla ? Yesssssssssssssss?


    ?Fuckkkkkkkkkk.. Bayla! ?. I can feel you flooding my pussy.. you nasty whore?

    Their cunts jerked together for more than a minute before Bayla shook violently once again .. as a second orgasm flowed through her body ?. then a couple of minutes later another hard contraction forced a third orgasm from her body.... She was moaning and whimpering as she continued to rock their cunts together for another minute ?. Multiple orgasms were common with Bayla ?. Bayla was a nymphomaniac. She panted and moaned ? ?Damn Angel.. you are so fucking hot!?

    Angel smiled ? ?Yeah, I get that a lot.?

    Bayla laughed as they rolled over on their sides facing each other and snuggled in each others arms for a long time before Bayla rolled away and sat back down in her seat as Angel lifted herself up and sat back in her seat next to Bayla as the two of them, still underneath the blanket, slipped their clothes back on. It was four in the morning as they interlocked their fingers and held hands as Angel laid her head on Bayla's shoulder and they drifted off to sleep. Two hours later they were awakened by the announcement that their flight was making it's final approach to DFW. Soon they had landed and were picking up their baggage. Bayla wrote down her phone number and told Angel to stay in touch.... and that she would see her in August at San Francesca University.

    As Angel watched Bayla strut away from her, her hard tight buttocks swaying under that incredibly short black mini-skirt she had to take a deep breath... wishing that classes would begin tomorrow. Angel stared until Bayla disappeared from view.. then she pulled her cell phone from her purse. She had to send a text message to Brandi. It was 6:45 in the morning.

    Angel held her cell phone in her hand for a few minutes... thinking ? she cared very much for Brandi.... but deep down inside, she knew ?. she knew it would not work. Maybe it was because they were going to be separated by such a great distance... or maybe it was because Angel knew who she was. Several hours ago she felt heartbroken and alone... then she met Bayla and they ended up fucking on the plane! Maybe Angel was not capable of being in an exclusive relationship.... maybe she really was a lesbian whore slut. For whatever the reasons, Angel had to tell Brandi that it was time for the two of them to get on with their lives. The time she had just spent with Bayla justified her decision.

    Angel: ?Your Angel has landed safely! Miss you already. Seriously, Brandi. Time for us to go on with our lives. BUT I BETTER HEAR FROM YOU ON A REGULAR BASIS!!!?


    Angel: ?Count on it. I hope you got some sleep.?

    Brandi: ?I did, with the help of a little wine?LOL. What about you? You must be exhausted!?

    Of course Angel was exhausted... She had been fucking all night!

    Angel: ?I am. (SMILEY FACE) OK now I have to get some rest. Talk to you soon, Brandi. Miss you already. Did I already say that? SMILE.?

    Brandi: ?You did say that, but say it as often as you like. I don?t mind. Go get some sleep. Bye Angel.?

    Angel: ?BFN.? (Bye for now)

    That was eight years ago ?.. And... you all know how things go.... at first there were emails and phone calls everyday... then several times each week... and as the months went by their long distance conversations became fewer and fewer. They planned to meet a few times throughout the years, but something always prevented them from getting together.... and the time kept slipping away. Two years later, Angel graduated from San Francesca University ? summa cume laude... joined the Navy... and proudly served her country as as an officer in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. When she had fulfilled her obligation to Uncle Sam, Angel returned to Dallas and started her own private investigation firm.... but with each passing year, the feelings she had for Brandi were pushed further and further back into the storage vaults in her mind.... until her love for Brandi was nothing more than a distant memory.

    Angel slowly drifted back to the present as she placed the purple dress back on the coat hanger.. and just as she was about to walk back to the closet and place the dress back where she found it, her cell phone rang. She placed her purple dress down on the bed and picked up the phone.... 'Oh my God!... it was Brandi!'

    ?Oh My God! ?. Hi Brandi!.. I was just thinking about you!?


    ?Yes Really!?

    ?I hope it was something nasty!?

    Angel laughed... ?As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about the ?.?

    Before Angel could complete her sentence, Brandi interrupted .. ?I'm here in Dallas!?

    ?What?? Angel exclaimed.

    ?I am here in Dallas!.. I wanted to surprise you!?

    ?Oh my!.. What a wonderful surprise! When did you get here??

    ?Yesterday morning.. I have called you at least a dozen times and have left several text messages for you. Don't you ever check your phone??

    ?Oh Brandi! I am so sorry.? Angel had to think of something quickly and did not want to lie... ?I was working on something... and I may have turned the sound off... and I have not checked for texts or emails since yesterday morning.?

    ?I forgive you this time!?

    ?Good. Thank you. ? so How are you? What are you doing here? How long are you going to stay?.. Will I see you before you leave??

    ?Whoa! Hold on there cowgirl!? Brandi laughed... ?I had to come to attend a wedding... I was one of the bridesmaids... you know.. the ones wearing those horrible dresses!? Angel laughed as Brandi kept speaking ? ?I have to leave tomorrow morning.. and to answer your last question.. Yes! I hope so!?

    ?Oh Brandi.. that would be great!?

    ?Yay!... So, can we get together later today or tonight??

    ?Well.. I have this thing to go to later today... but.. it should be over about nine tonight.?

    There was disappointment in Brandi's voice ? ?Awww.. I was hoping we could spend the rest of the day together.?

    Angel thought for a moment ? ?Why don't you meet me there??

    ?Where is there?? Brandi asked.

    ?Oh!? Angel laughed again .. ?There is a titfight tournament at a local club today.. and I am meeting two friends there... I would love for you to come.. and I know you would have a great time!?

    ?A titfight tournament??

    ?Yes!.. Will you meet me there??

    ?Ok... I will!.. with one condition.?

    ?What's that?? Angel asked.

    ?Do you still have your purple dress??

    ?Yes!!.. in fact, I was just ?.?

    Again Brandi interrupted.. ?Do you remember the promise we made to each other??

    Angel eagerly asked ? ?The promise that involved my purple dress and your blue dress??

    ?Un huh.?

    ?Yes Brandi.. of course I remember.?

    Brandi's voice got quiet... almost a whisper... ?Wear it. I am going to wear my blue dress.?

    Angel gasped ?. ?Yes.... yes. I will.?

    ?Sooo.? Brandi asked .. ?You know what this means??

    ?Yes Brandi... I know exactly what this means.?

    ?Mmmmmmmmm I can't wait.... so tell me... where are the titfights going to take place??

    ?At a private club... named Girlfriends.?

    ?I'll google it... what time??

    ?Starts at five.. I will be there about four.?

    ?Found it... ok.. but I don't think I can be there at four.. but I will definitely be there before five!... Save me a seat??

    Angel's voice was a little softer as she answered .. ?You could sit on my lap.?

    ?Ouuuu... but then I could not watch the titfights... cause I would be facing you.?

    ?You are soooo bad! ? Don't tempt me.? Angel laughed.

    Brandi laughed .. ?But it is so much fun to tease you Angel.?.. oh, and one more thing.?


    ?Answer your damn phone when it rings!?

    Angel laughed .. ?Yes I will.?

    ?Bye. See you soon.?

    ?Ok Brandi.. bye.?

    Angel laid down on the bed.. on her back.... whispering to herself ? ?Well Brandi... after all this time... tonight is the night... the night that we are going to make good on our promise. I have waited such a very long time for this ... and tonight we are finally going to do what we should have done years ago.?

    She slipped her right hand down to her shaved pussy and began running her fingers up and down her wet slit... sliding between her swollen wet pussy lips as she closed her eyes and recalled the mental image of Brandi.... so stunningly beautiful.. such lovely hair... nice pouty lips that were made to be kissed.. and her eyes could put a spell on you.... nice tight buttocks that needed to be squeezed and slapped... and those incredibly solid heavy tits... big and round... firm and dense.... the kind of tits that you had to put your hands on.. and then there were her nipples... big .. hard ? erect ? always pulsing with sexual desire... the kind of nipples that need to be pinched and twisted ...licked and sucked... Oh yes, Brandi radiated sexuality. It oozed from every pore on her skin.

    Angel moved her other hand to her sweet pussy, and as she stroked up and down between her sticky pussy lips with her right hand, she began to rub her big hard clit with the fingers of her left hand.... rubbing ? sliding ? her pussy was so wet ?. her fingers pushing in a little deeper between the wet swollen folds of her pussy.

    ?Unnnnnnnnnnnn... Brandi.? Angel moaned as she pinched her clit hard... leaving her trembling and wanting more. She began to quietly moan as she inserted one, then two fingers inside her vagina and flexed her amazingly powerful kegel muscles... sucking at her fingers as she rubbed and stroked her swollen clit.

    ?Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.? Angel began to hump her hips... thrusting her cunt against her fingers which were now plunging deep inside her sucking vagina... in and out .. in and out ? in ? out ? in ? out... again and again... making sweet squishing pussy music. The fingers of her left hand were pushing and rubbing her clit with more intensity... rubbing and stroking... sliding up and down and back and forth... her fingers rubbing every little nerve ending on her clit... her body was trembling... her vagina was flowing.... sweet pussy juice oozing out around her pumping fingers... ?Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss.? Angel moaned as she slipped a third finger inside her sucking vagina.. ?Ohhhh God Yesssssssssss!?

    Several minutes passed... Angel was pumping her pussy fast and hard and deep... finger-fucking herself.... her stiff swollen nipples were throbbing ? her big sensitive clit was vibrating against her rubbing fingers. Angel was going to cum... ?Oh Brandi... I am gonna cum Brandi!?

    She closed her eyes.... her hips began to jerk... her huge tits were quivering on her chest... and then she cried out as the stream of pleasure inside her body began to flow.. a trickling spring of ecstasy seeping from deep within her body.. becoming more intense... more forceful.. until it became a raging river.. gushing ? squirting ? ?Ah ah ah ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!? Angel gasped and moaned as her entire body orgasmed. ?Mmmmmmmmmmm.? It was an intense cum.. and a sweet cum.... leaving her body glowing from within. She laid there on the bed for several more minutes.. her enormous tits rising and falling on her chest as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

    ?Mmmm.. that was nice.? Angel whispered to herself as she rolled off the bed... a light sheen of perspiration glazed on her skin. She walked to the bathroom where she took another quick shower, being careful to not get any water on her hair and face. Ten minutes later she had slipped on a black thong, and a purple pair of heels to match the purple dress. As Angel looked at herself in the mirror, she made one more attempt to tug the zipper of her dress a little higher.. but it was zipped up as much as it could be... which was not very much... the zipper stopping just a few inches above her waist. ... exposing virtually all of her huge tits and all of her abundant cleavage. Angel was going to have to be careful.. it would not take much for her dress to just 'pop' open!

    She placed her cellphone in a matching purple clutch purse and headed for the front door.... As she walked by the fireplace, her eyes were drawn to the two pictures of herself with her white corvette.... Not the one she was driving now... the pictures were from a few years ago, although she still had the same license plates... 'Angel' with the 'G' in red... Angel thought it was an ingenious way to advertise her bra cup size. She stepped toward the fireplace and gazed at the two pictures that were sitting on the mantle and smiled as she thought to herself? 'A hot girl and a hot car.'

    She spent a moment thinking about that day when the pictures were taken... then turned and walked out the door and was soon on her way to Girlfriends.... thinking about the girls from the SF club so many years ago... Angel recalled them all.. one at a time ? Leanne, Trinity, Julie, Yvonne, Monica, Ursula, Denise, Sandra, Ingrid, who was Brandi's roommate, and, of course, Brandi.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    After grabbing a bite to eat, Jane arrived at her apartment, where she showered and put on her robe before spending a couple of hours reviewing some legal contracts until it was time for her to dress and meet Angel and Wendy at Girlfriends. After doing all the things girls do to make themselves even more beautiful, she shipped on a pair of thigh high see through black hose and a tiny tiny... tiny black thong.. that just barely covered her labia. Now she had to find a dress that was fitting to wear to the titfights. .. and Jane had just the dress.... one of those 'little black dresses.'.. and with Jane being a self-confessed exhibitionist, the dress was indeed little. The dress tied in the back behind her neck and the scooped neckline was as scooped as any dress could be .. . . displaying all of the inner half of her huge round 42 ? inch G cup tits. All of Jane's spectacular cleavage was visible.. and the scoop was wide enough to reveal the inner circles of her amazing areolas. Yes, you are thinking... 'damn!'.... and you would be correct in your assumption. Jane's nipples were just barely covered... and it would take little effort to spring them free! The hemline barely covered her ass.. and if she bent over.... 'Oh my!' Jane looked at herself in the mirror.. admiring what she saw. Yes, there was no doubt what her dress was saying ? 'You wanna titfight me bitch? Bring it on!'

    She slipped on a black see-through blouse, which she intended to take off once she was at Girlfriends, slipped on a pair of four inch black 'fuck me' pumps, picked up her purse... and walked out of her apartment. It was three forty-five.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Wendy wanted to look sexier than Jane... and since Angel had told them to wear something 'sexy' ..she could only imagine how Jane might be dressed... which left her very few choices, other than going naked. After thinking about it for a while, she had an idea. She would go to Girlfriends topless! ?. well... practically topless. She slipped on a black vest.... there was a little black... and even less vest... as the entire front of her chest was exposed. Un huh... 42 ? inches of firm dense tit-meat on full display. Now to be somewhat fair about it, the vest did wrap around her neck and back, but her amazing G cup tits were standing out there for all the world to see. She slipped on a little leather mini-skirt that had to be the tightest and shortest mini-skirt in the world!... Barely covering her private parts... barely ?. as in 'bare'-ly.... and to make sure that she was going to look sexier than Jane, Wendy chose not to wear anything under her tiny black leather mini-skirt. 'Good God Almighty!'.. Wendy looked hot!

    Now she knew that she could not really show up at Girlfriends topless.... so she spent a few minutes looking for a pair of lace pasties. .. ans she found them... they were lacy.. meaning you could see through them... and they barely... again, the emphasis on 'bare'.. barely covered her areolas... and with her huge one and a quarter inch long nipples... well ?. I am sure you can only imagine what Wendy looked like.

    As Jane had done, Wendy put on a sheer black blouse, which really did not hide very much.. slipped into a pair of four inch spike heels.... grabbed her purse and was about to walk out of her bedroom when her eyes glanced at the pictures on the wall.... two photos that was taken on the day that Carlo Corleone had surprised her with a new Lamborghini. He had insisted that she pose with her new car while he took a few pictures.... later, he had the photos blown up and mounted them in frames and placed them on the wall. .. ?Damn girl, you are one hot bitch.? Wendy spoke out loud as she spent a moment staring at the photos. moments later she was on her way to Girlfriends in her Red Lamborghini. A hot blonde in a hot car ? does it get any better than that?

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye
    Chapter 72
    Second Sunday

    As the time neared four o'clock... everyone was either getting ready or were already on their way to Girlfriends ? Joy, Amber, Ashley, Jennifer, Lisa, Amanda, Tina, Abby and Sara were all going to be there with a host of other girls as well as men. As you know, Joy and Ashley were going to be fighting for the titfight championship of the Underground Titfight League... not that the two of them were necessarily the two best titfighters.. (although both women were exceptional titfighters) ?. but because they had participated in UTL sanctioned matches throughout the year. There would also be three preliminary titfights that would be determined by a draw. All of the women who wanted to be in one of these preliminary titfights would enter their name on a piece of paper.. and then the three judges would draw names.. the first two names drawn would be in the first match.. the next two names would match up in the second match, and, finally, the last two names drawn would face each other in the third match... with the final match between Joy and Ashley. It was going to be a fun and eventful evening.

    Wendy and Jane arrived at Girlfriends at the same time. As they walked in together, they got a few whistles, which was the normal reaction for either one of them. They noticed the trophy sitting on the judges table as they approached the three judges. ?That is a very nice trophy.? Wendy said.

    By now Wendy and Jane were standing in front of the judges as Jane spoke to one of them ? ?You can go ahead and put my name on the trophy ? Jane.?

    Wendy turned and looked at Jane .. ?But what if I win??

    Jane smirked at Wendy as she replied ? ?Then they can engrave Whore on the trophy.?

    ?Very funny Jane.? Wendy answered sarcastically. ?Anytime you want to match tits with me, just say the word, 'cause if you think your tits are better than mine then you obviously ...?

    Before Wendy could finish her sentence one of the judges interrupted them .. .. ?You girls want to enter for a chance to be in one of the titfights??

    They stopped and turned toward the judges... ?I don't know...? Jane answered before turning toward Wendy .. ?What do you think Wendy?? Jane turned back around, facing the judges again, as she slowly unbuttoned her see though blouse and slipped it off.... Her huge tits barely contained by the little black dress she was wearing. Part of the inner circle of her areoleas were still showing as she leaned forward and spoke with her sexiest voice ... ?What do y'all think? Do we have the qualifications to be in a titfight??

    All three of the judges gulped as Wendy turned and faced the judges. She looked at the card holders on the table that were positioned in front of the three men... Sam, David and A. ?What do you think Sam?? Wendy asked as she inhaled and thrust out her massive G cup tits ? ?Do I have what it takes??

    Sam gulped ? ?Yes!?

    ?How about you David?? Jane asked... ?Does my friend have enough assets to enter the competition??

    David just nodded... unable to speak because of the lump in his throat.

    Wendy and Jane slowly eased their way to their left until they were standing in front of A. ?A. That is an interesting name... A.?

    ?A Penman.?

    Jane smiled as she spoke. ?So what do you think, A.. Penman??

    His eyes were moving back and forth... looking at two of the biggest pair of tits he had ever seen. ?Ahhhh... there is no question,, ah,, that the two of you.. are ? exceptionally qualified... to... to ah .. to be in one of the... ah.. the.. titfights... excuse me.? He reached into his pocket and took out a small medicine bottle, unscrewed the cap, and popped the pill into his mouth as he reached for his glass of wine. ?Blood pressure meds.?

    ?Oh,? Jane responded ? ?We would not want for you to get too excited!?

    Mr. Penman nodded as he handed them their entry forms. ?Just fill in your name and your bust measurement... read the rules... and sign your name.?

    ?You don't want my phone number?? Wendy asked as she swayed in front of him.

    ?Oh... ah... well ? oh my...?

    ?I'm kidding.? Wendy smiled as she filled out the entry form and placed it in the jar. Jane also completed her entry form and placed it in the jar. .. then Wendy asked .. ?We have a friend who is running late... can we fill out an entry form for her??

    ?Ahh.. well ?? Mr Penman looked to his left... ?What do you think David??

    David nodded his head up and down... still unable to speak.

    By now Jane had leaned forward over the edge of the table.. her huge tits barely contained in her little black dress as she spoke to Mr. Penman with her soft sexiest voice, ?Please??

    ?Ah,, ah.. ab.. ab.. so .. ab so lute ? ah ? sure!?

    Jane wrote Angel's name down on the entry form along with her bust measurement which was easy to remember because it was the same as hers. As Jane dropped the piece of paper in the jar and they started to leave the table, Sam spoke ??Hope your names get drawn.?

    David nodded again.

    Mr. Penman responded ?. ?Me too.... And would it not be interesting.. ah.. if the.. if the two of you.. you know ..?

    Wendy answered his question .. ?If both of our names were drawn??

    Jane added ? ?And we had to titfight each other??

    All three pair of the judge's eyes lit up .. with Mr. Penman speaking .. ?That would be a monumental collision of massive proportions such as the world has never seen!?

    Wendy and Jane smiled at Mr. Penman before turning around and walking to the bar with virtually every pair of eyes in the club watching their every step. After stepping up on the platform area in front of the bar, Wendy turned around and faced the crowd of onlookers. Once she had everyone's attention.. which took about two seconds.. she slowly unbuttoned her see through blouse one button at a time.. revealing more and more of her massive cleavage to the audience. As the crowd began clapping and whooping and hollering, Wendy pulled her blouse open and slipped it off her shoulders.

    ?Oh!.. Oh My God! .. Wow ? Holy Shit? were just a few comments that she heard above the cheering and clapping as she posed for the crowd. Her huge tits were sticking straight out.. looking like they were suspended with invisible wires... the see though pasties on her nipples was all that kept her from being completely topless.

    Now it was Jane's turn to show off her incredible tits. Like Wendy had done, Jane took her time with each button of her sheer see-though blouse.. unbuttoning them one at a time as the crowd cheered and yelled. When the last button was undone, Wendy opened her blouse and slipped it off.. revealing her little black mini-skirt with a neckline that barely covered her nipples... the dress was so revealing that a small amount of her puckered areolas were visible!

    Jane placed her hands on the outsides of her huge tits and squeezed them together a couple of times as the crowd cheered her on... and .. being the ultra exhibitionist that she was ? Jane moved her hands to the front of her dress and pulled it open... letting everyone gawk at her huge naked G cup tits for at least a minute! She smiled at herself.. knowing that she had just out-slutted Wendy. As she placed her enormous tits back inside her dress, she walked toward Wendy, reaching out and grabbing her hand as they headed for a booth.

    They picked out a ?U? shaped booth against the far left wall. The floor where the booth was located was raised about eight inches from the rest of the floor... except for an area in front of the bar where the titfights would take place. It extended out about ten feet in front of the bar which was also raised up about eight inches the view would be good. The two hot blondes stepped up before they slid into the booth and began talking ?

    ?Ok,? Wendy said, ?Here is the plan ? we will convince Angel that we all need to move in together.?

    Jane raised her eyebrows... ?What??

    ?Don't you want us to all live together?? Wendy asked.

    ?Of course I do! ? that would be wonderful.... but you are going to be moving out of your estate.. and my apartment is not big enough for all three of us.? Jane answered.

    Wendy smiled.... ?That is why we have to move in with Angel. Her home is large enough for the three of us.?

    ?She certainly has enough room.... although I am not sure there is enough space for all of your clothes!?

    ?We can turn one of her bedrooms into a huge walk in closet.. or.. walk in room.. whatever you want to call it... it would work.?

    ?Wendy! You just cant tell her that we want to move in with her and then tell her she will need to remodel her home!?

    Wendy thought for a moment ? ?Why not??

    Jane sighed.... ?It has to be her idea!?

    ?I'll pay for the remodel..... we will also need a place for Charles to stay.?

    ?You want Charles to move in with us too??

    ?Yes. It would be great to have Charles there.... you know... to ? to do stuff.?

    Jane laughed... ?I don't think so.?

    ?I already asked Charles to come with me... and he agreed.?

    ?Well maybe you should have asked Angel !?

    ?Jane ? I really think Angel will go along with this idea.?

    ?Perhaps so Wendy.. but it needs to be her idea.... Here is what we will do... we will tell her how much both of us want to live with her... I think she will agree... and then we will bring up the subject about where to live.?

    ?I could just buy us a new home.?

    ?Noooo Wendy!.... this needs to be Angel's idea.... let's just tell her that both of us want to live with her.. and then see what she says.... then if she needs convincing... we will do whatever we need to do.?

    ?All right. Done.?


    Wendy smiled as she sat back down and scooted close to Jane so that their bare thighs were brushing against each other ?... A few minutes later, Wendy ordered a bottle of wine and three glasses as they waited for Angel.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    It was not very far from Angel's home to Girlfriends, and twenty minutes later Angel was parking her corvette in the parking area. She grabbed her clutch purse and stepped out of the car.. showing a lot of leg as she did so. As she walked toward the entrance of the club she recognized the two off duty police officers standing at the door. ?Hey Angelica!? One of the men spoke as she approached them.

    ?Mike! How are you???

    Doing better now that you are here.? .. Mike answered as his eyes drifted down to Angel's massive cleavage that was on display in her purple zip-up dress.

    ?Thank you Mike.? Angel smiled as she spoke... she was well aware of where Mike's eyes were looking. She then turned her face to the other officer .. ?Ike... nice to see you.?

    ?Thank you Ms. Johansen? He politely replied.

    Angel stepped toward Ike until her enormous tits were almost brushing against his chest.. ?It's ok to call me Angel.?

    Ike smiled as he looked down at Angel's huge tits and deep cleavage.. ?You look stunning in that dress, Angel.?

    ?You think so?? Angel smiled as she slowly turned all the way around in front of them until she was once again facing the two men.

    ?Oh yeah!? ?Absolutely!?

    ?Awww,, you guys are so sweet... Well, it was nice seeing you Mike and Ike.? Angel paused for a moment before speaking again .. ?Mike and Ike.. kinda has a familiar ring to it.? Angel smiled again as she began walking toward the entrance door.

    Mike stepped in front of her ...?Ah...Angel???This is a private event... by invitation only.?

    Angel pushed her arms against the outside of her abundant tits.. squeezing her huge over-sized tits closer together and deepening her already tremendous cleavage. ? I was invited.?

    ?Yeah, but I need to see your invitation.?

    Angel slowly raised her right hand and the waved it slowly in the air in front of the two men as she spoke .. ?You don't need to see her invitation.?

    Ike turned and spoke to Mike .. ?We don't need to see her invitation.?

    Angel continued ? ?This is not the girl you are looking for.?

    ?This is not the girl we are looking for.? Mike responded.

    Angel spoke softly as she walked toward the door ...?Come on in.?

    ?Come on in.? Mike smiled as he stepped aside.

    As Angel walked into the club, it was already mostly full.... lots of guys.. lots of girls... sexy girls ? stunning girls.... most of them displaying their cleavage in various tops and dresses. She paused for a moment.. looking around... and then saw Wendy and Jane waving to her .. ?Angel!?

    Angel strutted toward them... everyone she passed stopped talking and gawked at her, which was fine with Angel. She loved the attention... and decided that she would have a little fun as she stepped up on the platform that extended out in front of the bar and posed in her purple dress.

    She picked up an empty wine glass, grabbed a spoon and clinked the glass a few times, getting everyone's attention. As the crowd looked at her, expecting Angel to say something, she unzipped her dress a few inches before reaching up and pulling the front of her purple latex dress open.. displaying her enormously huge tits for everyone to see. .. My God, Angel's nipples were fucking huge!

    And of course, the response was immediate as the crowd clapped, cheered and whistled. Angel slowly turned to her left and then to her right, giving everyone a good view of her massive tits before she covered herself back up and zipped the dress up as far as the zipper would go... which was not very far. The crowd was still buzzing as she walked toward Jane and Wendy. She gasped as she approached the two big-titted blondes.... she had thought that she would be wearing the most revealing dress at the event.. but when she saw what Jane and Wendy were wearing.. and not wearing ? she could only smile... The two blondes looked incredible sexy.

    ?We've been waiting for you.? Wendy spoke first as Angel reached their booth. As Angel stepped up and slid into the booth next to Jane, Wendy scooted out of the booth, walked around and entered the other end of the booth... sitting down next to Angel who was now sitting between Wendy and Jane.

    Jane spoke first ? ?Angel... I have been thinking ?..?

    ?Me too Angel,? Wendy said ? ?I have been thinking....?

    Jane spoke again .. ?Actually.. both Wendy and I have been thinking ...?

    Before Jane could complete her sentence, their waitress arrived with a bottle of wine and three glasses. She popped the cork and placed the bottle and the three wine glasses on the table. As she left, Angel began speaking ?. ?I think we should all move in together.?

    ?Wh... what?? Jane exclaimed.

    ?I think we should all live together..... unless you two don't like that idea?

    ?Ah... ah...? Wendy looked at Jane .. ?I think that is a wonderful idea.. don't you Jane??

    ?Yes! It is a wonderful idea Angel.?

    ?Good!.... And since Wendy is going to be moving out of her estate, and since you, Jane, do not have enough space for all of our clothes... then the best solution is for the two of you to move in with me.?

    ?Oh Angel!? Wendy took a deep breath... ?That would be perfect!?

    Angel continued.. ?Of course we would have to do some remodeling.. I have four bedrooms...maybe we could turn one or two of the bedrooms extra big walk in closets for our clothes.....?

    ?And shoes!? Wendy added.

    ?Yes Wendy... and our shoes.... and we could still have a bedroom for us and a guest bedroom for our guests.?

    Jane was smiling really big as she asked .. ?Sooo, you are suggesting that the three of us share the same bedroom??

    ?And the same bed?? Wendy asked.

    ?Of course! I have the biggest bed in the world, y'know.?

    ?Yes you do!?

    ?You most certainly do!?

    ?Then it is settled.... except we will need to build on to the house somewhere so we can have a place for Charles to stay.?

    ?You want Charles to move in with us?? Wendy asked.

    Angel answered Wendy's question with a question ? ?Don't you??

    ?Yes... Yes of course!?

    ?Good.. It would be nice to have a doorman and butler and someone who can kinda make sure everything gets taken care of.... and I like Charles.?

    Wendy was beaming .. ?Oh thank you Angel.. Charles will be so pleased.?

    Angel smiled as she looked at Jane ? ?Is this all right with you Jane??

    ?Yes!.. I could not be happier!?

    Angel was still smiling.... she was going to have what she wanted ? Wendy and Jane living with her ? ?Ok, lets lick on it.?

    Wendy and Jane looked at each other then looked at Angel ? ?Lick on it??

    ?Yeah... well... it's something new I just invented. You know how when two people agree on something and they sometimes shake hands??


    ?Well... we are going to do that... only with our tongues instead of our hands.?

    ?Oh! I like that idea!? Jane said.

    ?Me too Angel.? Wendy replied.

    ?Good!? Angel moved her face toward Wendy... ?Stick our your tongue.? Wendy extended her tongue from between her lips... ?All the way out.? Wendy then extended her long tongue out as far as she could... ?Now, tilt your head so our noses won't get in the way.? Wendy tilted her head as Angel tilted her head in the opposite direction and extended her amazingly long tongue out as far as she could... then she pressed the top of her tongue against the top of Wendy's tongue and licked up the length of Wendy's long tongue with her own wet tongue.

    ?Mmmmmm.? Wendy quietly moaned.

    Angel then turned her face toward Jane and they licked each others long tongues.

    ?Ummm that was nice.? Jane whispered as she pulled her tongue away from Angel's.. leaving a thin shimmering strand of saliva stringing between their tongues.

    ?Now.. you two need to lick on it too.?

    Angel watched as Jane and Wendy slowly licked each others extended tongues... once again ending their wet lick with a string of their mixed spit connecting their tongues as they moved their faces apart.

    ?There!? Angel said .. ?It's settled.. and in the future when we discuss something and come to an agreement, we will lick on it.?

    ?Mmmm yummy!? Wendy giggled.

    Jane smiled as she spoke ? ?I love it.?

    ?Me too!? Angel said as she reached for the bottle of win. ?Let's have some wine.?

    For the next ten minutes they talked about living together....and how much fun it would be... and then Angel slid out of the booth... ?I am going to go have a little fun. ? I will be right back ? I'm going to go flirt with the judges.?

    Wendy snickered ? ?That might give you an advantage if your name is drawn.?

    Angel looked at Jane ? ?What do you think Jane?.. Can I go flirt with the judges??

    Jane thought for a second before speaking ? ?There is nothing in the rules that states specifically that you cannot talk or become acquainted with the judges before the matches begin.?

    ?There ya go Wendy.... straight from the attorney's mouth... and just so the both of you know.. I am not competing tonight!?

    Wendy smiled at Angel ? ?If you don't want to enter your name that is up to you. ?.... As Angel turned and began walking away, Wendy winked at the smiling Jane.

    As Angel strutted toward the judges table, everyone stopped whatever they were doing for a couple of seconds and stared. Angel just smiled and kept walking.. her hips swaying a little more than necessary as she finally stopped at the table where the judges were sitting. She glanced at all three.. and then leaned over the table in front of the first judge... amazingly, her huge G cup tits somehow managed to not fall out of her purple latex dress which was a disappointment for the three judges. ?Hi there.?

    ?Hi to you too.? the judge said as he squirmed in his chair... ?And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting??

    ?I'm an Angel.? Angel smiled.

    ?You most certainly are.... does this Angel have a name??

    ?You can call me Angel... that's Angel with an A.... makes it easier to remember... and you are??

    His eyes were staring into the deepest cleavage he had ever seen... ?Ahhh.. Penman... A. Penman.?

    Angel swayed a little from side to side.. her huge over-sized tits gently wobbling .. ?A. Penman??

    His eyes were swaying back and forth with Angel's massive tits ? ?Uh.. yeah .. that's 'A'.. with an 'A' ..?

    Angel giggled.. It is nice to meet you ? 'A' .. Stay right there.. I'll be back in a moment.?

    ?I can think of no good reason why I would want to go anywhere!? He answered. 'Holy Shit!' Mr. Penman thought to himself as Angel took a step to her right to greet the next judge.

    A. Penman was a very interesting man ? He attended parochial school, where his mind was seriously warped by various sanctimonious members of the catholic hierarchy. However, one of his fondest school memories was the day he was molested by a large breasted novitiate nun, who later quit the sisterhood to pursue a career in professional wrestling. He took off to the left (west) coast as soon as he was able to fend for himself.

    First stop was LA where, for four emotionally disturbing years, he frequented the back rooms of adult bookstores. Although he developed several ?friendships? in the $.25 video booths, he soon became discontent and moved north to San Francisco were he found that the $.25 video booths we're far more elegant. So he spent a couple more years there going from booth to booth but then he found a job as an orderly at a local hospital.

    It was in San Francisco that he discovered lesbian wrestling. So he took a six month training course at Saint Bernadette?s Trade School, in order to become a referee at the ladies oil wrestling bars on Broadway. But he was beat up several times by the women wrestlers for being too hands-on. After nine months, club management let him go. Then he hired on as a Broadway Barker, but was eventually told that he?d never make it in this fine San Francisco tradition because he just didn?t have enough baritone in his voice. Once again, he was fired.

    Then one day he saw an advertisement in the back of a men's magazine for writers of Lesbian porn/ erotica. So, since the only subject he ever excelled at in school was creative writing, he submitted a manuscript and was immediately hired. For almost five glorious years he was a staff writer at ?DD Cup Magazine? living high and making $150.00 for an average 3,000 word story. But a change in editors did not bode well for him. He was let go because the new editors felt that his writing had changed. Although highly erotic, they felt it was too cerebral for the average reader of lesbian porn.

    He married three times for money, but his ex wives never gave him more than a minimum wage monthly allowance because they all suspected that he only married them for their money. He then took a part time job selling Tupperware so that he could afford a room (share kitchen, share bath) in San Francisco. Eventually he migrated back to the north east because a guy that he didn?t know very well in high school had passed away. The family was flattered that a well known writer such as he would offer to write the eulogy, but rather shocked to learn of the deceased?s lifelong fascination for female sex fighting. He decided to remain in the Northeast for no good reason, and to pursue his writing seriously. Eventually one of his stories was discovered by HB, and the rest is history. His notoriety on HB garnered him an invitation to Dallas, to be a judge/official at the T-Fight tournament?.

    Angel had introduced herself to the other two judges... David and Sam, and had walked around behind the table, standing to the side of Mr. Penman's chair. She leaned forward. Moving her face toward his ear as he tried not to gasp as Angel's huge tits were almost touching his face ? ?Turn your chair around.? Angel whispered in his ear... and obviously. A. Penman did as he was told. He was not sure what was about to happen.. but he damn sure wanted to go along for the ride.

    Angel turned around and leaned forward, bending at the waist.... with her ass in front of Mr. Penman's face. And yes, her purple dress was so incredibly short, that as she leaned forward, he could see her thong.... ?Holy Shit!? he whispered to himself as Angel reached behind herself with her left hand, and grabbed the bottom of her latex dress ,, and pulled it up even higher... completely exposing her black thong. Mr. Penman was squirming in his chair as his eyes stared at Angel's hard tight buttocks. Her ass was firm and tight... a perfect ass.. and he could see practically all of it. Her thong disappeared between her buttocks so all he could see was those two hard ass cheeks swaying back and forth in front of his face. Angel then reached behind herself with her right hand... and as her left hand held her dress up.... she raised her right hand and then 'Smack!' .. she slapped her ass! ?Oh my God!? Then Angel slapped her ass a second time.. making a loud clapping sound ? 'SLAP! Mr. Penman gasped again ..?Oh my God!?

    By now, several people had gathered around.. and the crowd was growing with each passing minute as Angel humped her ass at Mr. Penman... Humping in rhythm with the music that was playing in the club. She worked her ass up and down and back and forth as he gawked with his eyes wide open.... When the song finished, Angel turned around, her dress falling back over her hips as she smiled at the judge. ?Wow!.. Thank you!?

    Angel grinned ? ?Oh... we are not finished yet!? She then placed her knees on his chair and sat down on his lap.

    ?Oh Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus!?

    With the crowed of on-lookers watching, Angel grabbed the front of her dress and pulled it open, exposing her massive tits and her hard long nipples. She then began humping on his lap.. sliding up and down.... rubbing Mr. Penman. ? ?You like that??

    ?Oh My God!?

    ?I'll take that as a yes!? Angel smiled as she began running her fingers in his hair.. her big tits swaying in front of his face... rocking on his lap.... rocking in tempo with the song that was playing ? Angel then pulled his head forward... almost jerking his head... until his face was between her over-sized tits. She was so preoccupied with Mr. Penman that she did not notice the girl in the blue dress that had joined the crowd of on-lookers.

    Mr. Penman's voice was muffled .. ?Oh My God!?

    Angel swayed her shoulders back and forth... softly smacking his face with her extraordinary tits as she kept his face pulled tight inside her cleavage... Another thirty seconds went by before the music stopped. Angel removed her hands from the back of his head and slowly slid off the chair as the crowd clapped and cheered. She then leaned forward once again.. moving her lips to his left ear and whispering .. ?It was very nice meeting you.? She turned her head and kissed his cheek before moving away.

    ?Ah.. yes.. ah.. nice... very nice... meeting you as well.?

    As Angel turned around, Brandi was standing in front of her... in her blue latex dress. ?Brandi!? Angel gasped with joy.

    Brandi Knowlton looked stunning in her blue dress. Standing five foot seven inches tall and weighing about 126 pounds with measurements of 40-24-38 she looked hot as hell. Brandi was, as they say ? 'smokin'. .. she had beautiful medium brown hair and brown eyes with a very sexy mouth and a pair of lips that were made for sucking. The tab on the zipper of her sexy blue dress was several inches below her bustline. Her huge full round dense 34E tits were just too big for her to zip her dress higher. She was wearing a black and white lacy bra that was showing... but even with her bra on, her amazingly long thick hard nipples were protruding.. straining at the front of her dress that barely contained her huge tits. Brandi was gorgeous!

    They immediately stepped toward each other,, wrapping their arms tightly around each other as they hugged. It was about the sexiest hug you could ever dream of.... all of that hot exposed naked tit-flesh meeting head on in a gentle 'slap'. Practically all of their big tits was touching.. hot skin to hot skin.. except for their big nipples which were barely covered. Angel and Brandi could instantly feel each others heat as their firm dense over-sized tits melted together. ?It is so wonderful to see you Angel!?

    Angel moved her lips to Brandi's ear and whispered .. ?I can't wait to get alone with you!?

    Brandi whispered back into Angel's ear .. ?Me either! I have waited years for this moment!?

    They finally released their arms from one another as Angel spoke .. ?I want you to meet someone Brandi.? She reached down and grabbed Brandi's hand in hers as she turned around so both of them were facing Mr. Penman. ?Brandi, this is Mr. Penman ? A. Penman..... Mr. Penman, this is my dear friend Brandi.?

    Mr. Penman stood up and extended his hand toward Brandi .. ?It is nice to meet you Brandi.?

    Brandi did not shake his hand.. instead she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. ?It is so very nice to meet you Mr. Penman.... Have we met before? ? There is something about you that is so familiar.?

    ?I was thinking the same thing!? he chuckled as his eyes quickly glanced at her massive cleavage. ?Maybe we were once very close in another world!?

    ?Perhaps... but there is something... I can't quite place my finger on it ? but there is something that tells me that we are acquainted somehow... kinda like we have shared dreams together.?

    ?Well I will definitely be dreaming about you tonight Brandi!?

    Brandi leaned forward and kissed his cheek... the same cheek that Angel had kissed. ?It was a pleasure meeting you.?

    ?The pleasure is mine my dear lady.?

    Brandi smiled as she released his hand and stepped back ? ?Are you sure we don't know each other??

    Mr. Penman avoided answering her question directly... ??Maybe it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.?

    Brandi continued to smile ? ? I feel like I have known you for a long time. ? Maybe I am part of your fantasy world.? As Mr. Penman was about to respond, Angel grabbed Brandi's hand and pulled her away... but after a few steps, Brandi stopped. ?Give me one minute Angel... I need to give something to Mr. Penman.?

    ?All right.. I'll wait right here.? Angel replied with a smile.

    ?Thank you Angel ? I'll be right back.?

    She walked back to where A. Penman was sitting as she opened her clutch purse and pulled out a neatly folded handkerchief. Brandi had remembered who he was. She gazed into his eyes as she reached out and took his hand in her hand. ? ?I believe this belongs to you.? She then placed the handkerchief in the palm of Mr. Penman's hand and then curled his fingers around it before releasing his hand. His eyes lit up as she continued speaking in a soft sincere voice .. ?You told me to go see Angel in Dallas. I have done what you told me to do.?

    He smiled as he replied ? ?Yes you have.?

    ?There will be another young lady in distress someday... and you will need your handkerchief.?

    ?I believe that you are right.?

    Brandi leaned forward and kissed Mr. Penman on the cheek again ? ?Thank you.?

    He nodded as she turned around and walked back to Angel... grabbing her hand as Angel led them back to the table where Wendy and Jane were waiting. As the two beautiful girls disappeared into the crowd, Mr. Penman put the handkerchief in his pocket as he scooted his chair back in place at the table and sat down... picking up his pen and a piece of paper. He thought for a moment before writing a few words ? 'Brandi and Angel' ? 'Together at Last.' .. then he wrote 'Brandi and Angel ...Uninterrupted' and then 'Brandi and Angel ? The Promise'. He smiled to himself as he folded the piece of paper and slipped it back in his pocket. Although he liked all three titles, Mr. Penman was not sure which title he liked best.

    One of the other judges, Sam, turned toward Mr. Penman .. ?Writing down her phone number??

    ?I wish!... No, just writing down an idea for a story.?

    Sam chuckled as he spoke ? ?Can you imagine what would happen if those two got together!?

    Mr. Penman smiled ?. ?Oh yes ... I can imagine it.... yes indeed.. I can imagine it.?

    As Angel and Brandi approached Wendy and Jane, Angel tilted her head toward Brandi .. ?I want you to meet two of my friends.?

    ?I would love to meet your friends, Angel.?

    Still holding Brandi's hand, Angel stopped in front of the booth... ?Wendy.. Jane .. This is my friend from College... Brandi.?

    Wendy and Jane stood up and it took all of Brandi's willpower to keep from gasping as her eyes took in the beauty and sexuality of Wendy and Jane... Her eyes drifting back and forth... looking at their lovely faces... the deep blue eyes of Jane. .. and Wendy's big brown eyes ? and those tits!.. Angel certainly knew how to choose her friends.

    Jane smiled as she looked at Brandi ?. ?Hi Brandi ? Jane.?

    Wendy's eyes were locked on Brandi's impressive tits ?. ?Wendy.?

    ?It's nice to meet you Jane .. and Wendy.?

    Jane smiled as she replied, ?The pleasure is mine.?

    ?Pleasure is a good thing.? Brandi responded.

    Wendy grinned ? ?I like you already Brandi... Come sit next to me.?

    ?Sit next to me Brandi.? Jane winked at Brandi as she spoke.

    Angel tilted her head toward Brandi's ear .. ?They're already fighting over you.?

    ?Oh no!?

    Angel continued .. ?It's a good thing.. they do it all the time.... kinda reminds me of the old SF club.?

    Brandi giggled as Wendy stepped aside and let Angel squeeze into the booth. Jane had already walked around to the other side and was sitting down.. patting the space next to her as she looked at Angel. As Angel sat down next to her, Wendy moved in front of Brandi, sitting next to Angel. It was kinda obvious that Jane and Wendy wanted to sit next to Angel... or perhaps they did not want Brandi sitting next to Angel. Regardless of the reason.. Brandi walked around to the other side of the booth and slid in next to Jane as their waitress brought them another bottle of wine and an additional glass. For the next ten minutes, Brandi became acquainted with Wendy and Jane as they talked and laughed together.. pausing only to order drinks from their waitress. Jane had a hand on Angel's thigh and a hand on Brandi's thigh.. and Brandi made sure that she was turned toward Jane just enough so she could push the outside of her big right tit against Jane's huge left tit... Angel and Wendy were running their fingers up and down each others thighs as they continued to talk.

    ?Look Angel!... there is Joy! She is the one with the long black hair.? Wendy waved at her and Joy waved back. ?She is fighting in the championship match.?

    ?Yes.. against Ashley... she is the blonde at the bar.? Angel answered.

    ?Oh yes.. I see her ?. You know Ashley?? Wendy asked.

    Angel patted Wendy's thigh.. ?Oh yes.... we can compare notes later.?

    Wendy giggled... ?Ok!?

    Over the next few minutes, Angel, Wendy and Jane pointed out the girls they knew.. and much to Angel's surprise, she knew most all of them too. ?We must be the three most prolific lesbian whores in Dallas!? Angel laughed as they waved and hollered at the girls they knew. Besides Joy and Ashley, Amber was there with her husband Rick. Jane was pointing out girls she knew to Brandi ? There was Amanda and Lisa, Sara, Emily and Jennifer. Veronica was also there... as was Tina and Abby. Several of the girls came over to their booth to say ?Hi? and Brandi was introduced to all of them.

    Angel leaned forward and spoke to Brandi ? ?So Brandi.. which one do you want to take back to Boston with you??

    ?Hmmmm,? Brandi was thinking ? ?Well.... Sara is hot!... but so is Joy and Ashley! .. and Lisa looks so sexy!... and all of them have such huge tits!?

    Angel, Wendy and Jane laughed ?..

    ?But....? Brandi continued .. ?If I had to choose... I would choose the three of you!?

    ?Awwww.? Jane smiled.

    Then Wendy asked .. ?But what if you could only choose one??

    Brandi began speaking ? ?Well.. if I could only choose one.. I would? ... but she was interrupted when a man stepped up on the platform in front of the bar and began speaking into the microphone ?

    ?Welcome to the tenth annual Underground Titfight Championship!?

    ?Woo Hoo!? Jane yelled.. along with most everyone else in the club who were cheering and clapping.

    ?We are running a bit late...? He continued ?. ?We will wait a few more minutes to give everyone a chance to enter their name for a chance to be in one of the titfight matches.... another five minutes... so ladies ?. this is your last chance. Entry forms are at the judges table.?

    Jane leaned her face toward Brandi ? ?Did you enter??

    Brandi laughed .. ?Oh no!.... not me!?

    ?You certainly have the tits for it.?

    Brandi smiled... ?Thanks!.. but I just want to watch.?

    ?I entered.... and so did Wendy.... what if they drew your name and you ended up titfighting me or Wendy??

    ?Oh my! ? Did Angel enter?? Brandi asked.

    Jane moved her lips close to Brandi's ear ? ?Kinda.?

    ?Kind of??

    Jane whispered in Brandi's ear ? ?Wendy and I entered her name.... Shhhhh!?

    Brandi giggled ? ?Your secret is safe with me Jane.?

    ?Last call!?... the announcer spoke into the microphone. .. ?Anyone else? ? Raise your hand and wave if you want to enter.... No? ?.. all right then... We will draw our first two names... but first... listen up everyone! ?. Please remain in your seats at your table or your booth. (a few boos) .. If everyone gathers around the front of the bar, then everyone cannot see... so please remain in your seats. (a few more boos). Ok, here are the rules for today's matches... Rule number one ? Hands are not allowed to the breasts or between each others legs.. if you know what I mean. The contestants may place their hands anywhere else.?

    A woman's voice yelled out .. ?Can you be more specific??

    The announcer grinned.. ?Ok. .. hands may be placed on each others arms, shoulders, around each others back.. and on each others ? asses! (cheering) .. Hands may not be placed on the groin area. (There were a few boo's).. And no hair pulling with the hands. (a few more boo's) Come on everyone... this is not a catfight. It is a titfight!... okay ? Rule two... No punching.. no scratching ?and as I just said, no pulling each other's hair.? There were a few more boos from the crowd as he continued .. ?If a rule is broken, the contestant will be given a warning... if a contestant breaks a rule the second time, she will be disqualified. The match will have a twenty minute time limit and the winner will be determined by submission.? He paused for a moment before continuing .. ?If no one submits, then the winner will be determined by our distinguished panel of judges... Today's referee, from the Dallas Police Department.. is Mike! Let's give a round of applause for one of Dallas's finest!? The crowed whistled and cheered as Mike stood up and waved to everyone. ?Contestants are reminded, that if Mike blows his whistle, they are to break immediately... The titfights will take place on the platform in front of the bar. If the contestants get too close to the edge of the platform, Mike will blow his whistle... we don't want anyone tripping or falling off the platform.... oh!... one more thing... there will be a forty minute break between matches so you can show your appreciation for the owners and staff of Girlfriends... by drinking more booze! ? Let's give them a hand!? There was lots of clapping and yelling and cheering from the crowd as they showed their appreciation for Girlfriends.

    ?Oh yeah! Did I mention that our contestants will be fighting topless?? Again there was cheering and yelling. He smiled as he picked up the jar.... which must have had twenty-five or thirty entry forms in it.. and began walking around the club.... stopping at one of the tables that was occupied by several girls ?. He held the jar up in the air and asked a lovely redhead to reach in and draw a name. She closed her eyes, reached into the jar, and pulled out an entry form and handed it to the announcer. He set the jar down on the table as he unfolded the entry form ? ?The first name ? for the first match.. is ?....

    To be continued ?....

    A special "Thank you" to darkhound1 for his amazing digital renders of my characters.

    A very heartfelt ?Thank you? to A. Penman for so graciously giving me his permission to include his character .. 'Brandi'... in my story.

    Parts of what you have just read were written by A. Penman... and parts of what I have written were inspired by A. Penman's ideas. Thank you A.P.

    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye" ? Angel Dawn ..... ..... Digital art ? Angel Dawn ? darkhound1
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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 69-72

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    HERE WE GO!!!

    More elaborate commentary when I get through this HIGHLY ANTICIPATED tome!


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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    Angel, it's great to see another set of chapters! I'm looking forward to reading this tonight. I guess we must be really close to the end now, right? Not to rush you, but I'm really looking forward to some of the upcoming short stories that you've teased, like the Wendy/Michelle rematch and Wendy's meeting with her former husband's new wife - not to mention everything else you have in store!


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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    Thank you JB. I actually have almost all of the final chapters written and wanted to post all of them together.. but I thought it was just too many pages. The last chapters will be posted in a couple of weeks.... then it is on to the Wendy / Michelle story.... and so much more to come after that. Thank you again for all of your help to this novice author. I now see things in my writing that I did not see when I began posting "Private Eye" .. you have shared your wisdom and inspiration unselfishly.. and I will always be grateful. (Hug)

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    This is a long time coming to read this.

    Will Brandi end up with Angel, Jane, and Wendy?

    Will Mr. Penman be able to keep his zipper intact?

    Who will take home the golden bewbies?

    We must know!

    Awesome job Angel. Can't wait for the rest!
    If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, everyday would be like christmas.

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    Hi Christien ....

    This is a long time coming to read this. (Yeah... there was a lot to write! this post was very long)

    Will Brandi end up with Angel, Jane, and Wendy? (Hmmmm... let me look into that crystal ball)

    Will Mr. Penman be able to keep his zipper intact? (You will have to ask Mr. Penman himself)

    Who will take home the golden bewbies? (It will either be Ashley or Joy!)

    We must know! (Only The Angel knows)

    Awesome job Angel. Can't wait for the rest! (Thank you very much Christien. I am honored that you are enjoying my writing. Thank you!)

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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 69-72

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    [QUOTE=christien;1967338]This is a long time coming to read this.

    "Will Mr. Penman be able to keep his zipper intact?"

    OH HELL NO!!!

    A. Penman

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelDawn30 View Post
    They pushed more into each other.. applying pressure to each others nipples.. then their nipples sprang off of each other... causing both hot girls to sigh. Bayla could feel her incredible nipple resting against Angel's sticky areola, but she had to look. She let go of her big tit and pulled the blanket down... there was just enough ambient light for her to see... and she gasped. Sure enough, the broad flat tip of her erect nipple was touching Angel's areola.. but there was a tiny bit of space between the tip of Angel's hard nipple and Bayla's areola. Un huh.... Angel's nipples were longer.. and they both knew it. Bayla had already discovered that Angel's nipples were big and thick and long... and she thought perhaps that maybe.. just maybe ? that Angel's nipples might be as long as her own.. but she never imagined they would be longer. No one had bigger longer nipples than hers... but here she was.. laying next to this sexy young blonde girl.. who had just out-distanced her own nipples!
    Angel, fantastic once again. It's a great, new set of chapters. There is really no amount of praise I could offer that would be enough to thank you. I'm really looking forward to more.

    I have a question about the section I quoted. So when Bayla and Angel are comparing their nipple lengths, you say that the tip of Bayla's nipple was touching Angel and there was space between Angel's nipple and Bayla. You then say Angel's are longer. But, if Angel's nipple is not touching Bayla's areola when Bayla's nipple is touching Angel's areola, doesn't that mean Angel's are shorter? Those statements seem conflicting. I'm confused. I just want to make sure the story is consistent and that I'm reading it correctly. Thanks again.

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    mgardenerb ... Thank you for your kind words. I really do love writing for all of you ..... and when you take time to express your appreciation, your kind words bring joy to my heart. ... And thank you for catching the error(s). I wrote that scene incorrectly. Angel's nipples are a little bit longer. I fixed the errors and now the scene reads correctly. Thank you!! You get an Angel Hug?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by christien View Post
    This is a long time coming to read this.

    "Will Mr. Penman be able to keep his zipper intact?"

    OH HELL NO!!!

    A. Penman
    I believe Mr. A. Penman has a zipper fetish (Evil wicked grin)

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    The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye  Chapters 69-72

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    Re: The Adventures of Angelica, Private Eye Chapters 69-72

    "I believe Mr. A. Penman has a zipper fetish (Evil wicked grin)" [/QUOTE]


    I am especially fond of zippers that don't zip all the way up!


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