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Thread: Unfinished stories

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    To me

    JB57's Part Time Work, in a way could gone on to other chapters.

    And more chapters, to any A. Penman stories, would be great.


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    Re: Unfinished stories

    Quote Originally Posted by dwcole8 View Post
    To me

    JB57's Part Time Work, in a way could gone on to other chapters.

    And more chapters, to any A. Penman stories, would be great.


    I actually do have a story with some of the characters from "Part Time Work" on the go, and another story with the stripper from "Oil Fight" that is actually making some progress!


    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by GMC10 View Post
    Take your time JB57! I rather see no stories than forced or hurried ones. I mean when the inspiration hits, the writing is easier and the story comes more naturally out. That usually reflects to the quality of the story too.

    So no hurry, I’m sure that these kind of things works best without extra pressure coming from outside. Reading other writers stories and just living your own life will surely light the fire in some point. Thanks for all the earlier great stories and have a safe year 2021!

    Thanks, GMC, I appreciate the support. Yes, WvM is just killing me with writer's block. I'm still working on it, but I may just switch over to some other stories in the hope that writing something else will give me the energy to finish WvM! But it will get done.


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    Re: Unfinished stories

    Quote Originally Posted by gmenn View Post
    Conflict in the clouds
    Chance of a Lifetime
    Leg Fight
    Meeting of the Cunts
    Tess Ferre
    The Cul-De-Sac
    The Powder Room
    Leg Fight sounds tasty! can you please link it?

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    Quote Originally Posted by finglock View Post
    Leg Fight sounds tasty! can you please link it?

    Leg Fight
    It was the night of a friends party and Andy & Tammy, a middle aged couple, were ready to have some fun. Andy was a musician in a rock band & his 39yo wife Tammy arrived late & the party was already underway. Tammy, about 5'3, 140, 34D with an hourglass shape was looking hot in a tight fitting and short, mid thigh, black mini dress. The cotton material hugged her curvy body, underneath she wore a red lacy half bra and a matching red thong. Tammy enjoyed flaunting her curvy, sexy, full figured body! Andy loved it too and she liked to do it for him and she enjoyed the attention she received from him and others as well. She felt it validated, in a way, her formidable feminine sexuality.
    Andy and Tammy found a quiet back room and entered. The first thing they each noticed was a woman's legs! She was wearing a short red dress and was sitting with her legs crossed, the hem had ridden up and she was showing lots of thigh! Tammy noticed the woman immediately as did Andy! Tammy wasn't used to another woman attracting Andy's attention. She felt an instant competitive rivalry and dislike for this woman! Tammy led Andy over to some chairs directly across from this other woman. Tammy sat down crossing her legs, letting the hem ride up high on her own leg, showing lots of her thigh, giving Andy and this other woman a full view of her thigh! Tammy looked across at the other woman to see if she was looking, and she was! Their eyes met, and locked for a moment, and then Tammy saw the other woman's eyes move down, examining Tammy's crossed legs! Tammy checked out this other woman's legs as well, comparing them to her own. Her name was Suzy and she appeared to be about the same size, a short, busty and full figured gal, much like Tammy! Tammy noticed Suzy's legs looked strong, her thigh full and shapely, like her own. As Tammy checked out Suzy's thigh, Suzy noticed Tammy looking her over and reached down and very slowly inched the hem of her skirt up even higher, showing even more of her shapely thigh, almost all of it, some cellulite in the upper thigh area now plainly visible! Suzy looked back at Tammy to see if she was looking and for her reaction. Tammy was looking and noticed this overtly, blatant challenge Suzy was throwing out! Andy had noticed too and whispered to Tammy, "looks like your legs have some competition tonight!" Tammy was a proud and passionate woman and not easly intimidated. Tammy felt compelled to answer Suzy's challenge and told Andy to keep his eyes open...things were about to get interesting! And with that, Tammy got up and walked slowly and with a sexy wiggle across the room to where Suzy was sitting. Tammy sat down next to Suzy on her right, and crossed her left leg over her right, so that now the two women were sitting thigh to thigh. Suzy's right leg crossed over her left. Suzy watched as Tammy pulled the skirt's hem all the way up her leg exposing her entire thigh and Tammy flexed her thigh for Suzy, showing off her powerful thigh muscles. Tammy looked down at their legs and compared their shape and size. Suzy looked at Tammy's flexing thigh and flexed her own leg muscles back at Tammy!!! Because of the way they were sitting, the two women were now able to compare her rivals thigh against her own. Tammy and Suzy sat studying each others legs and especially the other girls thigh. Both thighs were full and shapely, strong with some upper thigh cellulite. Tammy looked back at Andy and noticed a bulge between his legs as he watched the women flash fight back and forth. Tammy was already imagining Suzy's face trapped between her powerful thighs in a punishing headscissors...Tammy knew she and Suzy would have to take their leggy rivalry to the next level! Tammy and Suzy would have to "tangle" and see whos legs were stronger and who was the better woman....

    Back in her high school days, Suzy was on the gymnastics team. She and another girl on the team once got into a fight in the locker room after a practice. The girls first traded insults, then slaps, then grabbed each others' hair and finally ended up on the ground. Each girl immediately got the other in a body scissors, and they rolled around locked up together until the coach came in and broke it up. The fight ignited in Suzy, feelings she had never before experienced. She felt anger, hatred, challenged and aroused by the all too brief encounter with her teammate/rival. And while she and the other girl never fought again after that, the feelings she experienced stayed with her. She remembers feeling the power in her thighs, squeezing the other girl in her body scissors, and the thrill of matching her power against the power of the other girl. As gymnasts, both girls were short, and solidly built, with powerful thighs. Suzy wanted to find another girl like that who could give her strong legs a challenge. That was years ago, and since that time, Suzy was always on the look out for that someone who could match up with her and give her the battle she so longed for. Over the years that someone had never materialized. Suzy always noticed and checked out other women, especially their legs. Most women didn't have the right build, either too tall, or too skinny, too fat, or too something and on the rare occasion she encountered someone who had the right body size and shape, the attitude was missing. And so the years went by, and Suzy still looked.
    Flashing back to the present, Suzy examined the legs seated on her right. Tammy clearly was the right body size and shape, her legs, and especially her thighs were full, shapely, and obviously strong. And Tammy clearly displayed an attitude, with the hem of her skirt, up so high, flashing so much thigh, swinging her crossed leg, the thigh muscles flexing in Suzy's face. Suzy felt the challenge before her, and answered back, swinging her own crossed leg, flexing her thigh muscles, showing off for Tammy, the power of her thighs. And the two women sat there flash fighting, back and forth, each female, showing off for the other, each girl studying the others leg, sizing it up, comparing it to her own. This went on for many minutes, and sitting across the room, wide eyed and enjoying every second of what was happening before his eyes was Andy. He was used to seeing his wife show off, flashing her crossed legs from under a short dress. But the flash fight taking place across the room between the two evenly matched women was not something he was used to. He had seen Tammy showing her legs, and in the presence of other women, who were also sitting with their legs crossed showing some leg. The connection between the women and the sexual rivalry between the women had never been there and he was left to imagine his voluptuous wife and the other girl flash fighting, and that their flash fighting served as a prelude to the leggy entanglement he often fantasized his wife involved in. Little did Andy know, that when they arrived at his friends party, that this would be the evening his fantasy would become a reality
    "So, what's your name", Tammy spoke up first breaking the ice. "Suzy, what's yours?" "I'm Tammy, your legs, they look very strong." "Yes, Suzy answered, they are, and yours do as well, do you work out?" "No, hon, mine come naturally, do you?"
    "My legs are also naturally strong, and I was a gymnast in high school", Suzy responded.
    "Hhmmmmm, interesting, would you be interested in finding out whose legs are stronger," Tammy asked? "Yes, very much, what do you have in mind, Tammy?" "What I have in mind is to trap your face between my powerful thighs and scissor you silly," Tammy answered, her crossed leg swinging, up and down at a rapid pace. "Reallllllllly," Suzy said with a sneer, " that's not likely to happen if I scissor you first, sweetie," Suzy's crossed leg also up and down at a fast pace. "Let's take this downstairs to the basement, we'll be undisturbed down there and we'll see whose legs are stronger," Tammy volunteered. "Fine,bitch, lets do it," was Suzy's quick response. And so Andy, Tammy and Suzy left the party and made their way downstairs to a basement area where the two women had plenty of room with which to stage their "woman to woman competition." Andy found a chair and sat out of the way along a wall while the two women "met" in the center of the room, standing about three feet apart. Tammy had her hands on her hips, standing with her right leg straight and the left leg outstretched to one side. Suzy said, "Honey, after I put you to sleep inside my thighs, your husband can get a taste of what a real woman can offer," and with that she reached down with both hands grabbing the hem of the short red dress and raised it up to her waist, flaunting her black, see thru g-string panty, her thick, dark and hairy bush, her narrow waist which morphed into her wide hip area and her full, strong thighs at Tammy. Her heart pounding in her chest, Tammy's eyes widened as she took in the sight before her, it was almost like looking in a mirror, the narrow waist, wide hips, hairy bush, and strong thighs were all qualities she herself took much pride in. Tammy was not one to stand by and take a back seat while another female flaunted her sexuality. Tammy answered in kind, striking a pose with a sexy lean and raising the hem of her short, black dress up to her waist, showing Suzy a red thong, dark pubic hairs peeking out the sides, and a body that matched Suzys' in every way. The two women eyeballed each other from head to toe, sizing each other up, noticing what the other woman had and comparing it to her own body. Suzy then, while looking Tammy over, slowly and deliberately walked a circle around Tammy, checking out her rear view, noticing the uncovered butt cheeks, and how the tight fitting red thong struggled in covering Tammy's plump, sexy behind. And when Suzy came to the end of the circle, she came to a stop planting herself directly in front of Tammy, the two women now standing inches apart. "Like what you see, bitch," Tammy growled, her hands on her hips, their eyes locked on each other in an unblinking staredown.

    Suzy licked her lips. Tammy felt her heart racing in her chest. Nose to nose, neither woman blinked in their staredown. Feeling Tammy's hot breath in her face, Suzy said, "come on bitch, take your best shot!" And Tammy responded with a thigh shot between Suzy's legs, landing hard on Suzy's cunt. "Uunnnnhhhhh, damn you, you BITCH!" Suzy aimed her thigh up and into Tammy's pussy landing with enough force knocking Tammy backward a step. Suzy quickly followed up aiming another thigh shot between Tammy's legs but Tammy blocked Suzy's thigh with her own. Now, the two infuriated females each tried getting at the other with punishing thigh shots aimed at hurting the other girl between her legs. Some shots were getting through, but mostly, their thighs bumped and crashed together as each was determined to hurt the other in her most private area. Tammy reached up grabbing two handsful of Suzy's long curly brown hair and pulled hard, jerking Suzy's head back. "Aaiiowwwwww," Suzy screamed, her scalp burning. Suzy's hands found their way into Tammy's long blonde hair. The two enraged females, traded hair pulls, their heads being jerked back and forth, grunting loudly with each pull, screaming in pain, cursing at each other, the women stumbled around in a hair pulling dance. Tammy launched her thigh hard against Suzy's cunt. Suzy responded with a thigh shot of her own. Andy's hand stroked his throbbing erection as he watched his wife and her rival pressed together closely, pulling each others hair, launching thigh shots at each others cunts, cursing and stumbling around the room. The two enraged she cats came to a stop, Tammy's back crashing into a wall. Suzy leaned into Tammy, her full body weight pressing forcefully against Tammy. The blonde squirmed, trying to free herself and when unable to, sent her right thigh between Suzy's legs, snaking it behind Suzy's left leg, hooking onto Suzy's leg just above the knee and tripped Suzy sending both women falling to the floor. Without pause, both women began a mad scramble, their legs flailing around wildly in an attempt to trap the other in a controlling scissor grip or gain the controlling position on top. The fighting females interlocked their kicking legs, trying to control the other girl's legs, but would release the interlock, trying for the scissor and when unable to, quickly interlocked legs again, both wanting to control the others legs with her own. The tight fitting cotton dresses had ridden up on both women, bunching up around their waists. Covered with sweat, their thighs slapped and smacked together. Tammy flexed her thigh muscles in their leggy interlock. Suzy felt Tammy's power. Suzy flexed her thighs back against Tammy's. Their back and forth leg battle started them rolling. Over and over in a whirling blur, the two women rolled all over the floor leglocked, pulling hair. After many minutes, the pace of their battle slowed somewhat, as each was tiring from their intense efforts. Tammy was quick and managed to mount Suzy, sitting on her breasts and pinning her arms. The blonde looked down at her hated rival with a sneer. Suzy brought her legs up and wrapped them around Tammy's head bringing Tammy down off of her and now at her side, Tammy's head trapped between Suzy's thighs. Suzy crossed her ankles, tightening her grip, squeezing the blondes head in an unmerciful vice. "Ohhhhhhhhhh God," was Tammy's muffled scream, wiggling and squirming, her manicured nails scratching at Suzy's thighs. Tammy was feeling Suzy's power and her face was mashed between Suzy's thighs, pressed up against Suzy's slightly wet panties, scrunched high up in her ass crack. Tammy reached out with her own legs, catching Suzy's head and wasted no time in clamping her tightest grip on her brown haired rival. Now, the two women were locked in a double head scissors battle, each fighting with her strongest weapon, her own powerful thighs. With a loud grunt, Tammy flexed her thighs, squeezing Suzy's head with such force, Suzy was impressed with Tammy's power. Sucking air inside Tammy's thighs, Suzy squeezed back, her thigh muscles straining., the blood vessels bulging. Back and forth, first one would squeeze, then the other would squeeze back, a rhythmic pattern to their ongoing struggle. Sweat covered and gasping for air, trapped in the darkness between each others thighs, the two women gave their all, unwilling to retreat in any way to the other. Tammy could smell the thick sexual aroma emanating from Suzy's panties and felt Suzy's hot and sticky sex juices on her face. She became aware of her own free flowing juices and knew Suzy was feeling them as well. With a loud grunt, Tammy strained her thighs, constricting Suzy's face as tightly as she could, her flexing butt muscles working over Suzy's face. Suzy, struggled for air in the darkness between Tammy's legs, her head spinning from the pressure. Suzy fought back, raking her bright red manicured nails across Tammy's well proportioned thighs raising red scratches. Suzy flexed her thighs in response, squeezing with such intensity, her muscles trembled from the exertion. The pace of their back and forth battle slowed as the she cats tired from their intense exertions, but the intensity remained. Tammy reached around Suzy grabbing at her plump and curvy ass, and using her fingernails, pinched and gouged at Suzy's butt crack. The girls were showing the wear and tear of their ferocious aggressions, each covered in sweat, hair wet and stringy, breasts, butt and thighs scratched and bloody. Their intense scissorings were now followed by longer and longer intervals of rest, gathering energy for their next squeeze. Tammy was feeling exhausted and dizzy, and unsure about her ability to continue much longer. Gritting her teeth, taking a deep breath, and with an earthy growl, the blonde flexed and strained her thigh muscles once more, using every available cell of energy and strength she could muster. "Give up cunt," Tammy demanded. With great effort Suzy managed a muffled, "Nooooo, bitch, never !"
    It was at that time that the upstairs hall door opened and their host for the evening made his way down the steps. Entering the basement area and discovering the two women locked up pretzel like, their dresses bunched up around their waists, huffing and puffing, sweaty and bloody, he looked over at Andy and said, "wow, looks like I missed out!" "Whats going on, " he asked ? It was at that time that Tammy and Suzy realized they had been at it for over an hour, and in the meantime, the party had broken up. The women let go their scissor grips and rolled over collapsing, laying stretched out on their backs, eyes closed, still breathing heavily. Andy walked over to where the women were, and standing over them, congratulated them on an awesome fight. Andy went on to say, "looks like you two are an even match!" Tammy, propping herself up on an elbow, said emphatically, "Nooooooooo, I don't think so !" And Suzy chimed in, "That's one thing you and I DO agree on, BITCH !" "Well then, it looks like you two have some unfinished business," Andy said. And Tammy's eyes locked with Suzy's.....

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    [QUOTE=gmenn;1981798]Conflict in the clouds
    Chance of a Lifetime
    Leg Fight
    Meeting of the Cunts
    Tess Ferre
    The Cul-De-Sac
    The Powder Room[/QUOTE

    Do you have the links to the Storys above or can you tell me where to find them?

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    I would love to see this Story finished Anna and Rosa by Sidekick – Fights.Sexy

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    Thanks gmenn!

    Was hoping for more leg vs leg, but still pretty hot one.

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    Quote Originally Posted by gmenn View Post
    Conflict in the clouds
    Chance of a Lifetime
    Leg Fight
    Meeting of the Cunts
    Tess Ferre
    The Cul-De-Sac
    The Powder Room[/QUOTE

    Do you have the links to the Storys above or can you tell me where to find them?

    Chance of a Lifetime.

    Kara finished applying her makeup and looked into the brightly lit mirror in her dressing room. Pouting her full lips slightly, she patted them with a tissue then blew a kiss to her reflection. The woman looking back at her was simply stunning, there was no other word for it. Her olive skin, high cheekbones, wide mouth and short, black hair sticking straight out in an unruly mess gave her an exotic, yet playful appearance, while her dark brown eyes and intense look hinted at something darker just under the surface. Satisfied with her face, she stood, then turned to the full length mirror for a wider view. The image that greeted her here was, if anything, even more stunning than that of just her face. Kara's 25 year old body was long and lean, simultaneously powerful and feminine. She was 5'7" tall and tipped the scales at a deceptive 128 pounds. A lifetime of running, swimming, dancing, and, more recently, weight training had worked with her already superb genetics to build an athletic body that looked taller and thinner than it really was. Her wide shoulders and powerful back and chest emphasized average size breasts, while tight abs with small ridges of muscle made her narrow hips and muscular ass look more full. Her measurements were 34C-24-34, but when the men in the club tried to guess, they were nearly always wrong, guessing numbers that were much more exaggerated. Except for the man last night.

    She remembered doing the lap dance for the elegantly dressed stranger, watching his eyes as they seemed to be appraising her as much as appreciating. In the casual conversation that followed, as she allowed him to buy her a drink (non-alchoholic, of course) he had been incredibly accurate about not just her body, but also her mind, realizing that she was considerably brighter than the average dancer. She'd spent more time than she should have talking to the attractive man, even though it had become apparent that he wasn't going to be spending any more money on her. He'd questioned her intensely about her life outside of the club, and despite her strict rule about not revealing too much to any of the clients, she found herself speaking of her desire to finish her degree and become a journalist, traveling the world. The two of them had talked for over an hour until he stood, saying that he had another appointment to keep (almost as if his meeting with her had been one... strange) and left, shaking her hand and assuring her that he would be returning soon. Remembering his tall blonde good looks, even if he was a bit older than she liked them, she ran her hands up her flat stomach and across her breasts, feeling her nipples start to harden. Smiling to herself, she heard her introduction and walked through the curtain as the sound of her music blasted through the top of the line sound system.


    After dancing for the last time that night, Kara put on her skirt and crop top and walked out into the room. She was officially off from work now, but wanted to wait for two friends who weren't quite done yet. Avoiding a couple of admirers, she walked to the bar and sat down on the end, watching the new dancer on the stage and sipping at a soda water. As she waited, she felt two eyes on the back of her neck and spun on her stool to see Eric, the man from last night, standing a few feet behind her. Letting her eyes slide slowly up his body, she met his stare and smiled, then invited him to join her. He sat, then leaned over and spoke, loudly enough for her to hear over the music, but not so loud as to allow anyone else to eavesdrop. What he said was simply, "Kara, I have a propostion for you."

    She laughed and started to turn away and get off her stool, inwardly cursing herself for being so foolish to think that this one might actually be different from the others. He stopped her gently, with a hand on her shoulder, then opened his wallet and took out 5 crisp $100 dollar bills. "Just listen. That's all I ask."

    He handed her the money and she sat down again, casually looking around to spot the bouncers just in case things got nasty. With one eye on Leo, the biggest and friendliest off the security staff, she listened as Eric began to talk.

    "Kara, I'll make this as concise as I can, as I know I'm on thin ice right now, but please listen to what I have to say and don't walk away until you understand what I am asking. The money is yours to keep, if you promise to do that. Agreed?"

    Kara nodded her assent, then let him continue.

    "First of all, I am not trying to hire you to have sex with me. While I do find you wildly attractive, I think that I can offer you something even more beneficial to both of us. I'm prepared to offer you two thousand dollars and the chance to walk away with ten times that if you are up to what I am asking. It will be quite a challenge, but after speaking with you and all my other candidates, I think that you have the best chance of being able to do what I need done." His look was one of fierce determination as he paused to let his words sink in.

    "What is it that you are asking me to do? Or should I say, if not you, who?"

    Eric smiled and motioned the bartender to bring him a drink. "Her name is Cassandra, and she is an associate of a friend of mine. That is the 'who' part. 'What' is very simple. All you have to do is make her orgasm."

    A swirl of thoughts ran through Kara's brain. She'd never taken money for sex before. Dancing was one thing. She made enough cash working 3 nights a week to pay for school and still had time to study and have a life. Taking money to sleep with someone was completely different though, and she'd made the choice many times not to cross that line. But here was a man offering her two thousand dollars to sleep with his girlfriend and let him watch, with the possibility of twenty thousand for something more. Thoughts of not having to dance again raced through her head. Images of finishing her degree and having the money to travel while she got started writing and making contacts. She was about to get dizzy, thinking about the possibility of a new laptop and a new mountain bike when the realist in her snapped back to life, "This sounds too easy. What's the catch?"

    Eric smiled appreciatively, laughing to himself as though he'd just heard all of her thoughts and was expecting the question. He raised his glass, looking into her brown eyes with his and whispered, "The catch is, she will be trying to do the same thing to you first, and so far, no other woman has even come close to being successful against her."

    Kara looked out the passenger side window, trying to read addresses as she drove slowly, staying to the side to allow the other cars to get around her Miata. The light rain made seeing anything clearly almost impossible, and Kara cursed herself for buying such an impractical car as she wiped the moisture away from the soft top for the tenth time. Almost childlike, her lips mouthed the numbers as she saw them occasionally, though it seemed that only every third or fourth house was actually marked in this upscale neighborhood. Often Kara couldn't see the house at all, but only a gate or driveway that disappeared into the darkness. Finally she saw the numbers she was looking for and pulled up the long driveway, parking behind the black lexus and then running through the drizzle to the door.

    Her knock was answered by an attractive older woman who introduced herself as Jenine. Slightly taller than Kara, with silky blonde hair falling to her shoulder blades, Jenine carried herself with utter confidence and a sensual aura that reminded Kara of one of the dancers at the club where she worked. The two beautiful women walked into the living room, and after settling down with some brandy in front of the fire, began to talk.

    "Forgive me Jenine, but I I'm sort of still at a loss as to why Eric told me to be here. I assumed I would be meeting him as well. Is he going to be here soon?"

    "No darling, tonight is just you and me, but you'll be speaking with him soon, I'm sure."

    "I see. So what am I doing here then? Nothing personal, but I barely know him and I don't know you at all... I..."

    The older woman cut her off, "How is it that you know Eric, Kara?"

    "I... umm.. I met him at work and he offered me a job, which I accepted. To be honest, when he told me to be here tonight, I thought that this would be it.. "

    Jenine's melodic laughter filled the room. "You thought you were going to be meeting Cassie tonight? Just like that?" More laughter. "I see that Eric has told you very little about the.. ahem... job... he has offered you."

    The young brunette began to get irritated as she realized that this older woman knew more about what was going on than she did. She didn't enjoy being kept in the dark, or led on wild goose chases. Standing, she lowered her voice, "I don't appreciate being led around like a mule with a carrot Jenine. Since you obviously know what is going on here, why don't you relay a message to Eric for me. Tell him that I accepted his offer. I came to the address that he gave me to fulfill our deal and found you instead. Since you were not part of our contract, I went home and would appreciate it if he didn't call me again. Thank you for the drink, but I think I need to be going."

    Jenine stood as well, looking into the younger girls eyes. "My.. you do have spirit don't you? But than that is part of what Eric is looking for. No one is playing you for a fool Kara. The deal that Eric offered you is still valid, but if you want to have a chance at the real money instead of just the two thousand he offered you, then you need to listen to what I have to say. I might even be able to offer you a bit more money, under certain conditions. Eric has told us a great deal about you Kara. I know what this money would mean to you. Believe me when I say that I want nothing more than to see you earn it all, and more. Will you listen to me?"


    "What Kara?"

    "You said, Eric has told US a great deal about you. Who else? What's going on here?"

    Jenine sighed at her slip. "Eric is representing several others whose interests are aligned with his for the time being. My husband and I are among those he has told about your agreement. There are a few others... eight or ten."

    "Eight or ten?" Kara's voice was filled with fury. "What the hell have I gotten myself into? Tell me now what is going on, or I'm walking out that door and you'll never see me again, money or no money."

    "That's what I'm trying to tell you Kara. Sit down and give me a few moments. I'm afraid the story is a little complex." As Kara sat restlessly, Jenine slid back onto the couch and sipped at her drink once more. "Kara, you're right.. this is bigger than you think. And the money that Eric negotiated with you is only a small part of what is involved. Let me start at the beginning."

    Kara reached for her brandy, suddenly getting a cold chill down her spine as the fire seemed to dim, as though it were fighting off a darkness that wanted to extinguish it. The intensity in her eyes focused on Jenine as she listened. "Twenty years ago Eric, my husband, and six other men went in together and formed a company. An engineering firm. All of them were very talented, and with the help of some well placed money and some government contracts, within ten years the firm was very profitable. Very. Since then it has only gotten bigger and today it is one of the leading technology research companies in the world. If I told you the name, you might even recognize it, and as Eric tells us you are studying journalism, I'm sure it won't take you long to track it down with the information I've given you. In any case, all of them are very rich men now, and have been since they were in their late twenties. Until recently they have all been equal partners, and the partnership has been successful."

    "Until recently? What happened?"

    "I'm getting there. As men do, they had their fantasies, except that they were young and rich... rich enough to act on those fantasies. Around eight years ago, they started hiring prostitutes to act out these fantasies for them."

    "Which were?"

    "To see women in combat. Not necessarily physical combat, but sexual. To watch two women battle each other to see who was dominant, sexually."

    "I see. Sexfights."

    "Exactly." Jenine raised her eyebrow, mildly surprised.

    "I work as a dancer Jenine. I may not hire myself out, but I know what goes on. please continue."

    "Well, as will happen with fantasies, watching the hired women soon lost its glamour and the boys decided to spice up the activities with side bets. As they got into this deeper and deeper, the men started finding women to represent them, challenging the women found by the other men. Soon a structure and set of rules was established whereby the stakes grew larger and larger, and the women who represented each of them had to be better and better at this game. All in all though, things stayed pretty even, as each of them was always able to top the others by finding someone more experienced, or more beautiful, or whatever. At least until last winter."


    "Cassandra. Phillip was always more ruthless than the others, and always had an interest in things out of the ordinary. Last February he went on a vacation to New Orleans, and when he came back he brought Cassie. None of us were especially surprised when the following week he said that Cassie would be his new challenger to the woman who was reigning champion. We were surprised when Cassie completely crushed and humiliated her. Since then it has only gotten worse. Cassie has utterly destroyed every other woman she has faced."

    "I don't understand Jenine. If she is so amazing, then why don't the other men just stop the competitions? or stop betting on the outcome? Why are you all taking this so seriously?

    "Because we have to. I told you, the games were always evenly matched. They kept raising the stakes, and eventually the bets became interrelated to the number of times the women had won. The longer a woman could remain champion, the more was at stake with each contest."

    Kara pursed her lips then looked up. "And now it's reached the point where none of the others can stop it, unless they find a woman to beat Cassie?"

    Jenine looked pained for a moment, then pasted a smile on her face. "In two more contests Phillip will own controlling stock in the company single handedly. If it continues after that, the rest of us will all be destitute."

    "So what is it that makes Cassie so good, and what makes any of you think that a dancer with no experience in this area can be the one to beat her? I have to say that your logic here escapes me."

    "That's where things get interesting Kara, and probably somewhat unbelievable to you." Jenine stood and walked across the room, facing the fire as she sipped her drink. Kara had the distinct feeling that the woman was apprehensive about continuing the story. "When it became apparent that Cassie was going to be difficult to defeat and was going to cost the rest of us a great deal of money, we went in together and hired private investigators and other resources to try to find out something about her past. As it turns out Cassie has quite a background in Louisiana. She comes from an old family and claims she is the latest in a line of... well... witches. Prostitution also seems to run in the family as well... several of her family members and even ancestors have legal records that our sources have gained access to. There were also rumors floating around New Orleans that Cassie was involved in some ritualized murders that involved some sort of cult."

    "Stop. This is getting too strange." Kara sat for a moment while she thought. "What kind of cult?"

    Jenine winced at the question. "Sex magic. The police were never able to tie her to it, but she seems to have come into some money shortly after that. No one knows where it came from, but she quit working the streets and bought a house in one of the historic sections of the city. This was all about a year before she came here with Phillip."

    Kara couldn't believe what she was hearing. The two of them sat in silence for several minutes. Kara trying to put the pieces together inside her head, Jenine giving her time to do so, knowing that to add more to the story now would only drive the young woman away. Finally Kara looked up with her dark eyes and spoke, so low it was nearly a whisper. "So let me get this straight. You, Eric and several others are in danger of losing your shirts to one of your partners thanks to a running bet about sexfighting and the fact that an ex-prostitute with some sort of magical powers has beaten everyone you've thrown at her?"

    Jenine couldn't help but smile. "Funny, when you put it like that it seems so reasonable. I don't know why I've made this so difficult."

    Kara laughed as well. "There are still some serious holes here. First, I don't understand why the rest of you can't just drop out of the contests. End them."

    Jenine sighed and then walked to the bar to refill her drink. "Suffice to say there are legal reasons. The boys were very smart, and good businessmen, but they were also good friends. They intended to keep the company in a joint ownership. None of them expected any of the others to try to be so... cutthroat.. about the whole thing. There were even women who seemed unbeatable in the past and the men always withdrew them after just a few contests, preferring to keep things interesting by bringing in new women. Phillip was one of those even. Its only with Cassie's arrival that he seems determined to take everything for himself. In any case, the outcome of the fights are tied into voting shares, and change every time there is another contest. Legally there is no way for the others to back out without beating Cassie or resigning from the company..."

    "Which would leave Phillip in control as well."


    Kara walked to the bar as well, offering her glass.. her dark eyes focusing on the bar as her sharp journalistic mind tried to work out the story here. "Okay, so let's assume that I take your word for it. The only way to stop this is to beat this woman. Why me? You said there were other women who were unbeaten before her. Why not call one of them. It seems that would be more reasonable."

    "Yes, you're right, and we have. There are two problems with this. The first is that the most promising prospect of those women was beaten in the last contest. Several others tried previous to that and were beaten as well. We have run out of options in that arena."

    "You said there were two problems. What is the second?"

    "Well.. it's speculation, but we have reason to believe that part of the reason Cassie is so good is that she inherits the ability of the women she faces."

    "The magic?"

    "It certainly seems so. Her opponents have reported feeling as though they were being drained part way through the contest, and then having the sensation that their own energy, as well as that of other, past opponents was being used against them. Its right after this sensation sets in that Cassie seems to take complete control, dominating her foe completely and forcing her to submit shortly after. Its almost as if she were taking part of their soul and making it hers. Afterwards, you never feel quite the same."

    Suddenly it dawned on Kara. "You. You were one of them. You were the one she beat last time. Aren't you?"

    Jenine smiled. "Yes. Very good Kara. you're going to make a great reporter. Cassie beat me two weeks ago, and to be perfectly honest, I was the best hope of stopping her. I had watched her closely, and thought I knew what to expect. I think that I was even close to winning early in the contest, but then.. something... happened. I can't quite say what, but from that point on I knew that I couldn't win. I managed to hold out for another fifteen minutes or so, but the game was hers, and I knew it. She just kept getting stronger as I seemed to get weaker.. until finally I couldn't stop it... and she won."

    "So now you're down to picking up random dancers and hoping someone gets lucky against this sex goddess?"

    "Not exactly. But we are being forced to resort to less... reliable methods. We have enlisted the services of a woman who claims to have certain powers. By following her directions, we hope it will be possible to find someone who is capable of beating Cassie, then, well, inoculating her against whatever it is that Cassie does, for lack of a better term. This woman is very specific about what she wants in a potential challenger, so Eric has been dedicating every waking moment to the search."

    "She wants me?"

    "You are the closest woman we have found. You are the right age, beautiful, intelligent, athletic, intense. You know how to use your body. You have a powerful sexuality about you, but no prior experiences in this type of battle that could be used against you by Cassie. Those are the qualities we were told to look for. Some latent magical ability seems to be a requisite as well, but only Vicki will be able to tell if you have that. Meeting her will be the next step if you agree to continue with this."

    Kara finished off her drink and looked at the fire for a moment, noticing that it was slowly dying. Thoughts swirled around in her head. This is all too much. What am I getting into here? These people are obviously not only disturbed, but maybe even insane. Who knows what's going to happen to me if I stay in this? Things are fine now. I have a plan. I have a good job, I'm paying for school. I don't need this. She turned to look at the older woman, seeing for the first time the sadness in her eyes. "Jenine. I'm sorry, but I don't think I can do this. It's too much. I'm sorry to waste your time, but, I just can't get involved in something like this. I'm going to have to say no."

    Jenine looked at her cautiously. "Kara, I told you when you arrived that the money you negotiated with Eric was not as much as we were prepared to offer. let me make you a better offer."

    Kara turned and walked towards the chair where her coat rested. Picking it up, she turned back to Jenine and looked her in the eye. "I said I wasn't interested Jenine. An extra thousand dollars isn't going to change my mind. I'm sorry, I have to.. "

    Jenine's voice was quiet but powerful, making itself heard as she interrupted Kara. "We're prepared to offer you one million dollars Kara. Five million if you are able to beat Cassie and let us keep our lives. The one million is contingent on your cooperation of course, and Vicki's approval."

    "... go... " Kara stood there, frozen, not believing what she'd just heard. Jenine walked over and picked her jacket up off the floor, laying it back over the couch and walking the stunned girl to the bar. Pouring two more drinks, she handed one to Kara. Toasting her, the blonde tossed hers back then smiled. "Maybe you should sleep on it hon. What do you think?"

    - - - Updated - - -

    Meeting of the Cunts
    Kelli glanced at her watch as she heard the door open slowly. The blonde
    slut's cherry lips drew back in a nasty, excited sneer. The bitch was right
    on time. Kelli checked her hair one last time, feeling her angry cunt twitch
    with excitement, before grabbing her purse and leaving the bathroom
    to confront her rival in this long awaited showdown.
    Dianne was dressed in the same manner as her blonde rival: a crisp blue
    business jacket over a sleeveless blouse with a plunging neckline, tight
    dark skirt, nylons, and 4" leather heels. The black-haired bitch was sitting
    with her legs languidly crossed in one of the two plush chairs Kelli had
    arranged in the center of the room, showing off her gorgeous legs in their
    dark nylons. A handbag stuffed almost to bursting sat at the foot of the
    chair; the blonde could see a bit of purple lace peeking out over the top.
    Kelli's pulse quickened and her blue eyes locked with Dianne's in a
    white-hot glare of hatred. The blonde stalked toward the chair opposite her
    rival, hips moving in an exaggerated sway, and seated herself, mirroring
    the other woman by crossing her long legs elegantly, displaying a slender
    nyloned thigh.
    The tension grew, each woman glaring wordlessly at the other as they sat facing
    one another with their long legs opposed. Kelli was the first to speak, her
    voice dripping with venom.
    "You fucking whore," the blonde hissed. "I'll teach you to keep that cunt
    of yours out of my property."
    "Fuck you, bitch," Dianne said coldly. "I'll do the teaching tonight,
    cunt. You are crawling out of this hotel room on your knees like
    the slut you are."
    Kelli's breathing was becoming short and ragged. Her dark burgundy nails
    had tightened into shaking claws and her legs felt on fire with tension. It
    was all she could do not to throw herself onto the dark-haired slut sitting
    inches across from her, slam her thigh into the bitch's tight stomach,
    hear her cry out as she tore at the slut's dark mane of thick, soft
    The door to the suite opened suddenly, drawing Kelli's glare away from Diane,
    and a vampish redhead entered, carefully balanced on 6" stiletoes. A mass
    of dark crimson curls framed a beautiful, slightly cruel face, whose heavily
    lipsticked lips smiled as the woman surveryed the scene before her.
    "Now, girls," the readhead said coyly, her voice a low, seductive purr, "I
    hope you weren't planning on starting without me." As she finished, the
    redhead unbelted her raincoat and let it drop. Underneath was only a tiny pair
    of satin bra and panties, barely covering the woman's sex, and providing
    little support for her heavy, milk-white tits, which bounced freely as she
    slowly slithered her way toward her two lovers, who had by now uncrossed
    their legs and half-risen from their seats.
    "We wouldn't dream of it, Angie," Dianne replied smoothly, shooting the
    redhead a glance containing both carnal lust and resentment, before turning
    her glare back on her blonde rival. The bitch straightened, rising
    from her chair to stand over Kelli, her big tits casting a shadow over
    the blonde's pretty face.
    Between the redheaded vixen's entrance and the knowledge that soon, very
    soon, she would be tooth and nail with Dianne's hot, curvy body, fighting
    over the right to Angie's cunt, Kelli's panties were uncomfortably wet.
    Kelli unbottoned her jacket as she rose to stand nose to nose with Diane,
    breathing shallowly, her big tits lightly pressing into her rival's
    sexy pair, who gave her a little shove in return. A minute passed, as the
    rivals stood almost motionless, glaring at one another darkly, their breasts
    pressed together threateningly, rising and falling with their shallow breaths,
    two deep valleys of hot cleavage. Meanwhile, Angie circled her two hostile
    lovers, long legs on display in her tiny, high-cut panties, green eyes
    sparkling with brazen lust.
    Kelli tensed as she sensed the redheaded slut slip in behind her, but her
    eyes never left Diane's. The blonde had to fight to suppress a gasp as she
    felt Angie's long black nails slide around her waist and up the hem of her
    tight miniskirt, dragging over the tan nylons clinging to her damp thighs.
    "You are so WET," Angie said nastily, punctuating her statement by suddenly
    clutching at Kelli's panties and squeezing, causing the blonde to cry out
    involuntarily, her legs quivering in their nylons, the redhead's heavy tits
    crushed against her back, almost causing her knees to buckle. Kelli was
    gratified to see upon looking up, however, her dark-haired rival looking at
    her sullenly, as the redhead finally withdrew her now wet talons from Kelli's
    skirt, and slowly disengaged from her blonde lover. "Bitch," Kelli murmurred,
    as Angie laughed softly in her ear.
    Kelli closed her eyes, feeling the catfight lust rising in her to an almost
    unbearable level, hearing Angie's heels walking away from her. When she
    opened her eyes, the redheaded slut had her long, naked legs draped around
    Diane's dark nylons, the heel of her shoe running up and down the brunette's
    supple leg, working between the two rivals' closely positioned bodies, while
    her dark nails cradled the bitch's hot tits, slowly massaging the brunette's
    breast meat, and fondling her rapidly engorging nipples through the fabric
    of her painfully stretched blouse. Kelli's eyes narrowed as right in front
    of her eyes, Dianne's nipples grew larger, and longer, extending into dark,
    erotic points, exerting a small, but maddening pressure against the blonde's
    breasts. It was Dianne's turn to sneer, now, her lips curling into a
    nasty smile, Angie whispering obscenities into her ear. As if answering a
    challenge, Kelli slowly slid her skirt up her thighs, shimmying her sexy
    hips until the fabric was bunched up around her waist, black lace panties
    peeking out from underneath the hem, clearly visible, clearly wet. Angie's
    green eyes sparkled as they stared at the blonde's exposed panties from over
    Dianne's right shoulder. Presently, the redhead's nails crept to the side
    of Dianne's skirt, dragging it up the brunette's thighs, revealing a purple
    pair of lace panties, also very wet, and straining to contain the brunette's
    throbbing sex.
    Kelli felt as if her whole body was on fire, standing there in this leggy
    showdown with this brunette whore, their big tits pressed together, feeling
    Dianne's breath on her lips, the bitch's own glossy lips sneering at her.
    The two stayed in that position for what seemed like minutes to Kelli, Angie's
    half-naked form hovering at the corner of her eye, the bitch, that big
    redheaded bitch. Kelli loved to fight other women, and she had wanted this
    fight for a long time, wanted to claw up this brunette whore, and show Angie
    she was the better cunt. But the redhead would pay, too, for presuming to
    manipulate her into this showdown with this whore, god how she would pay...
    The room darkened suddenly, and the two rivals stiffened, breasts suddenly
    thrust together in a fleshy, charged meeting, as Angie, having silently
    made her way to the window, snapped the blinds shut. The redhead's feline
    eyes were wide and luminous in the half-darkness, sparkling with a lust for
    flesh, violence, and sex, as she huskily commanded, "NOW."
    With a low, throaty growl that was half warcry, half tortured groan, Kelli met her brunette rival's big, sexy body with her own, teeth clenching as her proud breasts smashed together with Dianne's in a hot, brutal grind. Her right hand slipped behind the brunette, clawing at the bitch's stockinged thighs, streamers of nylon catching on her dark red nails, while her left hand buried itself in her rival's black tresses. The blonde felt her own head being pulled back, as Dianne pulled on her silky hair savagely, and she had to catch herself with her right heel, bracing it against the carpet to prevent the brunette from overwhelming her. In the process, Kelli's right hand slipped from her rival's thigh, which was already slightly slippery, wet with sweat and excitement. She clutched at the brunette's crotch, trying to latch onto something, anything, and suddenly found herself holding the dark-haired whore's pantied cunt in her hand, as she cupped it from below. The lace felt hot and damp in her hand.
    "You... fucking blonde...cuntlicker," Dianne managed to hiss, feeling Kelli's hand on her cunt. The brunette's legs constricted, thighs tightening around the blonde's clutching hand. The blonde's face was tilted all the way toward the ceiling, now, her bare throat exposed and parallel to her rival's, who had her teeth clenched from Kelli's hairpulling. Her hand trapped between Dianne's hot thighs, Kelli started squeezing the brunette's cunt through her panties, nails digging into the back of the purple lace hugging the other woman's ass cheeks, which now tightened, conditioned muscle resisting the blonde's assault. It was a strangely exciting sensation, squeezing the brunette's clenched, quivering muscles with her hand, feeling the heat of her rival's cunt hot against her palm, almost trembling. Kelli's thumb was poised over the brunette's slit, and now she began to press Dianne's panties into her cunt, the lace rubbing up against her rival's slick inner folds, causing her to groan through her pain. The blonde forced a smile as she continued squeezing and manipulating the other woman's cunt through her underwear, her scalp and neck muscles screaming with pain from the brunette's two-handed grip on her straw-colored hair.
    Kelli's legs started to buckle from the dark-haired bitch's hairpulling. All of a sudden, she found herself stumbling backward on her heels, almost twisting her ankle, as Dianne shoved her with her tits, big globes pushing Kelli back, driving her back, stumbling, falling, until the back of her knees hit the chair she had been sitting in, and she collapsed onto the cushion with a muffled thud.
    Dianne's long legs, in their now tattered nylons, moved to straddle the blonde, her ass planting itself on top of Kelli's lap, trapping the blonde's legs against the cushion. The brunette's smile was terrible to see, her makeup smeared with sweat now, as she released her right hand from her rival's hair and slapped Kelli's face three times in succession, each time pulling the blonde's face back with her hair. As Kelli's face whipped back and forth, she caught a brief glimpse of Angie, the voluptuous, bitchy redhead now sitting on her haunches about ten feet away from the catfighting rivals, feet underneath her, eyes intent on the action, lips glistening. Enraged by the brunette's slapping and the enigmatic smile on the redhead's lips, Kelli suddenly twisted her body toward Angie's direction, at the same time violently tugging on Dianne's hair, tipping the chair over, and sending both women sprawling onto the ground.
    A furious melee ensued, now, with both women digging into each other with their painted nails, ripping off each other's confining jackets and tearing off sweat-covered blouses, freeing their large, formidable breasts to press together unconstrained. Hands slapped at sweaty backs and clawed at suddenly bare stomachs, ripping the remaining fabric clinging to the women's torsos off, torn blouses laying ruined on the floor, ignored. Kelli suddenly grunted as she felt Dianne's fist bury itself in her side, and she angrily retaliated, slamming her right fist into the brunette's left side. Abdomen muscles clenched, preparing for punishment, as for the next few minutes, the women traded short, furious stomach blows, unable to generate much power due to their position, lying as they were tangled together on the ground, but still enough to cause both blonde and brunette to curse her rival in guttural tones, breath escaping in short, forced gasps from between painfully clenched teeth. After a while, the pace of the stomach punishment slowed, both women unable to continue the torturous contest, until hands lay still, clutching at stomachs, feeling the muscles underneath burning with the absorbed punishment. For a moment, the rivals lay wrapped together, recovering, hatred burning in their eyes. Kelli could feel Dianne's naked chest against her own, breasts slowly rising and falling with her breaths, she could sense the brunette's cunt, waiting underneath her dark skirt. The blonde felt her body responding to the brunette's, as Dianne's thigh slowly, almost imperceptibly dragged across hers. Obligingly, Kelli raised her own leg, sliding it over Dianne's, as her cunt began to throb. She melted against the brunette, conforming her body to her rival's, stomach pressed in tight against Dianne's, as strong arms encircled her, slowly constricting. The rivals began to grind together slowly, now, body against body, flesh against flesh. The movement turned faster, rougher, the women's hands moving toward each other's hair, and what began as a slow, sensual grind suddenly was a mortal struggle. Kelli breathed heavily with effort, fighting to control her small gasps of pleasure and sensation, as she pitted her body against Dianne's.
    As the rivals writhed together on the ground, their nipples rubbed violently against one another, sending waves of sensation coursing through their bodies, causing their breasts to shake against one another, intensifying the hellish grind. The blonde grunted as she jerked on her rival's black hair, fighting to control the brunette's big body. By this time, sweat was rolling off of Kelli's forehead, dripping down her cheeks carrying makeup and mascara with it, alighting on her breasts.
    The blonde groaned with stimulation as her long legs grappled against Dianne's gorgeous pair, nylon slipping against nylon, both women's right thigh lodged between the other's legs, hot against damp, wet underwear, quivering with the emotions of the fight. "Fuck...fuck," was all Kelli could manage, as she struggled against her dark-haired rival. Tangled up with the sexy blonde, legs locked up tight, rubbing her thigh into Kelli, all Dianne could do was echo her rival's sentiments, groaning curses at the blonde over and over. The rivals groaned and panted together, grinding, fumbling toward orgasm, nails digging into tight asses, pulling the other woman in closer, thighs working in and out, smooth muscle stimulating pantied cunts wet from friction and the intensity of the struggle. Kelli's red lips slid against Dianne's, then just as quickly slid off, the rivals pressed cheek-to-cheek, panting as their breath came faster and faster, hot in each other's ears.
    Kelli closed her eyes, to block out the sight of the brunette's pretty, makeup-streaked face, erotic and desirable even in its current state, or perhaps because of it. The blonde had been in several fights like the one she was engaged in right now, which she had all eventually won, but Dianne was by the far the strongest, sexiest woman Kelli had struggled with. Try as she might, the blonde could not control the other woman. Minute after minute passed, the women grunting as their legs continued to work each other's cunts, tits banging together in muted collisions, grinding together sadistically, pain and pleasure now linked, as it always was in these struggles.
    Somehow, from half-closed lids and in the semi-darkness of the room, Kelli noticed Angie begin to move, crawling feline-like toward the two entwined rivals on all fours, heavy, half-naked breasts hanging inches above the carpet, swaying slightly, full, lush behind jutted into the air. The redhead's face was tilted slightly upward, green eyes alight with a wicked gleam, as if she could scent the odor of womanly combat. Perhaps she could, thought Kelli, her own nostrils full of the smell of perfume and sweat, faintly aware of the smell of Dianne's cunt, and the juices clinging to each woman's thighs, dripping from the seam of her nylons.
    "Come..." Kelli moaned, jiggling Dianne's ass with her hands, moving the brunette's hot, angry cunt against her thigh faster, generating more friction, more groans from her rival. "Come, you cuntlicking, cocksucking whore..."
    "You come," Dianne gasped. "You come, you blonde piece of cunted trash..."
    "Never," Kelli moaned, even as her body belied her words. "Never," she gasped, legs gripping her rival's more solidly now, as she felt herself sliding over the edge. This was hot, lying tangled around her rival in leggy struggle, cunts inches apart, breasts impossibly close, groaning, panting, humping. She could smell Angie now, the redhead was close by, but she couldn't look, her eyes were squeezed tight. Oh god, if her panties weren't clamped around her cunt, if the dark-haired bitch's panties weren't protecting her slutty, cum-covered cunt, she would fuck Dianne so hard, beat on that bitch's snatch until she came screaming...
    Kelli groaned as she came, cunt twitching spasmodically, a small, almost controlled explosion of excitement, burgundy nails clenching against Dianne's ass. The blonde's throaty groan, the slight quivering of her body, and the rapid, uncontrolled jerking of her legs against Dianne's crotch suddenly also sent the brunette over the edge, moaning as she came in her panties. The women clutched at each other, dragging out one another's orgasms, legs kicking in pleasure, eyes closed in intense pleasure, as they simultaneously panted out their hatred and lust for one another.
    It was over all too soon, the rivals slowly disengaging from each other, legs unlocking. They both turned over on their backs, lying with their long legs outstretched, hands placed protectively over their now completely soaked panties.
    Kelli was exhausted, physically spent, her muscles worn out from tangling with Dianne's big, powerful body. But she knew it wasn't over yet. There would have to be a winner. One woman would have to be dominated by her rival. The blonde's nails clutched at her cunt and squeezed lightly, feeling it throb gently underneath her drenched panties, still angry, still not quite sated. Kelli gave a little start, her long legs jerking slightly, as she suddenly felt Angie's hand over hers, moving it off of her crotch, the redhead's cool, white hand replacing it.
    The redhead had her right hand placed over Kelli's cunt, now, her left hand pressed flast against Dianne's. The rivals struggled to lift their heads, glaring across their legs at one another with hatred, their cunts starting to warm to life again, encouraged by the attentions of the beautiful redhead. Angie's green eyes burned in the dimness of the room. No, the fight was not over, yet. There would have to be a meeting of the cunts...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Conflict in the Clouds

    There was a slight chill in the air as the three of them sat at the dinner table. Jefferson, the pilot of a major airline, was sitting between two of the stewardesses from his regular crew. Actually, this crew was an all-star cast. Jefferson was an air-force pilot during the gulf war, and his first job after the war was flying the concord. Mimi was from France, and was an educated and cultured girl with a strong background in the arts. She used to serve rich diplomats, aristocrats, famous artists, and wealthy tycoons on their private jets before joining this crew. April was the typical all-American girl next door. She was captain of her cheerleader squad in college and the highlight of her career was serving the president of the United States as the crew chief of stewards on Air-Force One.
    The three of them had come together to work for American Airlines as part of a 15 member crew. Each of them knew it was a less prestigious job, it paid the same money but it was far less stressful.
    Jefferson who was the captain of the plane was the most perfect bachelor ever. He was young, rich, successful, talented, and respected. Both Mimi and April had taken a liking to him and a lot of tension had developed between the two ladies.
    Even before Jefferson, there was a clash of egos because both women thought it was a foregone conclusion that she should be the chief of stewards because of their past experiences. American Airlines decided that both ladies could share the role of leader, both with equal power, they would be co-head of stewards. The two women would head up a crew of eight other women, making up a compliment of ten women.
    As time past, Mimi found herself getting along with the four women that usually worked in first and business class, while April found herself getting along with the four women that worked second class and coach on their Boeing 747 machine. Eventually, Mimi and April decided to divide the crew into two groups and head up each group. Mimi would work solely with the four women of first and business class, while April chose to work only with the four women of second class and coach.
    When all ten women met to hammer out all of the details, it became apparent that the women from the two groups did not like each other. The two groups had become polarized, and each group gossiped about the other group constantly, and the catty behavior was at a record high. Mimi wanted to call her sub-crew group A and April's group B, while April had the opposite in mind. The came to a compromise and decided that each group should be given a code name that they though best describe the personality of their own group.
    After an hour of discussion, Mimi and April had to present their names to each other for approval by the entire group. Mimi and April couldn't decide who would get to announce their name first, so they decided to write it down on a piece of paper and exchange their recorded tittles.
    They wrote down their names, handed each other their papers and both women looked at each other and exclaimed at the exact same time, "
    "You think so." Both women said with a condescending tone as they exchanged a disgusted look while rolling their eye at each other. Both crews wanted to be known as the princess crew.
    After a few minutes of arguing and name calling a yelling match began to develop and each group began to chant what title they thought the other deserved. Mimi's group was calling April's group 'second class', and April's group was calling Mimi's group the 'bitch class'. Both leaders figured those names would stick regardless of what the official names would be, so they agreed to call each other by those titles.
    From that time on both groups had very little to do with each other. They even started to wear different versions of the American Airline uniforms. Mimi's group wore a royal blue jacket with a white silk blouse and a blue short skirt that just covered their butt cheeks and appeared to be barely regulation length. Their uniforms were complemented by a blue pair of leather pumps and shiny suntan pantyhose.
    April's group wore a gray jacket with a red blouse, a long gray skirt that came to their ankles, but had a huge slit that revealed the left leg all the way up to the top of the thigh. Their uniforms were completed with a pair of red leather pumps and silky white pantyhose.
    Jefferson had four people working under him. There was Jim the co-pilot, Andrea the chief communicator, while Bob and Sandy rounded out the cockpit crew.
    This crew was now on a flight plan that was taking them from New York to Florida.
    "Look at her ass cheeks hanging out," Julie pointed out to April as the peered a look into first class.
    "Yeah she is letting it all hang out," April added while shaking her head in disgust.
    The two women were looking at Danielle, one of Mimi's girls, from the 'bitch class' as she bent over to serve a drink to an old business man.
    Danielle was an Italian beauty who just turned twenty-four years old. She had jet black hair that fell to her shoulders which she kept in a tight bun under her hat, a tight body with a 34 inch chest a 24 inch waist and 34 inch hips. Danielle stood at 5' 10" in her heels.
    Julie, who was a farm girl from Oregon, was a blonde bombshell who also stood at 5' 10" in her heels. Julie had naturally strawberry blonde hair, but always bleached her hair so that it was a platinum blonde color. Her hair was also shoulder length, and like the other had to keep it up in a tight bun under her hat. Julie had a little more cleavage with a 36 inch chest, and was a little wider in the waist by one inch, while her hips were equal in width at 34 inches.
    "I'm going to check on the girls," April stated startling Julie.
    Julie acknowledged April and then turned her attention back to Danielle who was now bending over further, revealing, the g-string of her white panties under her suntan pantyhose.
    Julie began walking forward, and as she began to pass by Danielle, she pinched her right ass cheek with her right hand. As a knee-jerk reaction, Danielle immediately stood knocking over the rye and coke she had just served to the old business man. At the same time Danielle jolted her left leg back, and her leg found its way through the slit in Julie's skirt. Danielle's left leg missed Julie's left leg which had already stepped by, but clashed with Julie's right leg tripping Julie.
    As their legs smacked together both ladies felt a tug which threw them further off balance. After a loud whisper of nylon came a quiet snagging sound. Both ladies fell in the aisle as passengers gasped in their seats.
    Both ladies glared at one another from their seated position. Mimi came rushing in to help the ladies up and clean up the old business man. There was some silence and a lot of tension because neither lady had apologized to the other. Instead they continued to stare each other down. Finally a voice came from one of the seats in the front, "Now that's what I call a mid-air collision." With that everyone broke out in laughter. All except Danielle and Julie who were both red from embarrassment.
    Mimi sent both women off to continue with there work.
    Julie returned to April in second class while Mimi went over to speak one on one with Danielle.
    April was sitting in her chair, and Julie decided to join her.
    "What's wrong Julie you looked all flushed?"
    "That bitch tripped me in front of everyone in first class."
    "What are you talking about?"
    "I was innocently walking by her and she tripped me, making me fall flat on my face in the middle of the aisle."
    Both women had their legs crossed towards each other as they sat side by side, and as Julie spoke she began to swing her leg more and more, with here left foot just missing the right foot of April.
    "I should have that slut suspended. Spat April feeling angered herself.
    "Mimi will learn that no one pushes around my girls."
    As April got mad she began to swing her leg a bit. Her right shoe softly collided with Julie's left shoe.
    "Oh sorry sweetie," April said looking down for any damage.
    "How did that happen to your pantyhose?"
    Julie looked down at her right leg that was exposed from the slit in the skirt, to notice that she had a snag in her hose followed by a huge run that fell from above her knee down to the bottom of her chin. Hanging from her white silky hose was a darker strand of material.
    "We must have snagged each other's pantyhose with our own."
    "Well, just go put another pair on," commanded April.
    With that, Julie stood and headed for the changing area on the plane for the stewardesses.
    "Why did you spill that drink on that man?" Inquired Mimi.
    "I'm never that clumsy."
    "I know, that is why I'm asking you what happened."
    "That fat cow pinched me in the ass."
    "I gotta put that loser April and her fucking cunt friends in their place."
    Mimi noticed that Danielle's pantyhose had a long run in them.
    "You should go change into new pantyhose."
    "That uneducated shit ruined my hose."
    Danielle stormed off to the change room.
    As Danielle entered the small changing space, she found Julie already there. Space is pretty limited on a plane and there was really only enough room for one person at a time. This did not stop Danielle from heading towards a small cabinet which contained clothing items and accessories for the girls in first class.
    Across from that cabinet was another one which of course contained similar items for the ladies in second class.
    Julie ignored Danielle and bent over opening the top drawer in her cabinet to retrieve a new pair of hose. Danielle went for her cabinet as she slid in between Julie and her cabinet. Danielle bent over and now their behinds were pressed together as both women rummaged through their drawers looking for a new pair of pantyhose.
    Both ladies found a pair but pretended to still be looking as each girl was pressing her ass into the other girl's attempting to win some sort of territorial struggle.
    While both ladies were upset with the other, this kind of action was beginning to excite both of them in a hurry.
    After a light struggle both women continued to ignore the other's presence and turned to face each other as if nothing unusual was going on.
    Julie and Danielle both removed their shoes and then began to remove their skirts and torn pantyhose. After each girl had put on their new pair, they both sat on their cabinet, to straighten and smooth out their nylons.
    Julie extended her left leg resting her left foot and Danielle's cabinet, while she ran her hand up and down her left thigh.
    Danielle upped the ante and reached her right leg forward along the inside of Julie's left leg, with her right foot coming to rest on the edge of the cabinet between Julie's legs.
    The two women glared at each other as they pretended to adjust their hose. Pretty soon, Julie extended her right leg between Danielle's legs in the same fashion.
    "Would you kindly remove your foot from between my legs," Danielle asked politely.
    "I am just fixing my hose, and I wouldn't have to do this if you didn't rip my other pair." Responded Julie in a snotty tone.
    "We are not here because of me, we are here because you pinched my ass, and it was your cheap hose that snagged my luxurious pair."
    "I pinched your ass because it was hanging out all over the place, and quite frankly it was upsetting people's meals."
    And with that the claws were out, but neither girl was a fighter, and both girls were to afraid to take it any further. By this point, however, pride would not allow them to turn back.
    Upset from the insult, Danielle leaned forward and snagged Julie's right nyloned leg with her fingernail.
    "Looks like you still have a run bitch."
    Julie responded to this action by leaning forward and doing the same. Danielle tried to top her by grabbing Julie's hair. Julie responded in kind and now both ladies had a hand in each other's hair as their legs wrestled in mid air while both ladies still sat on their cabinets. Hats came off and hair was ripped from its upright position. Both ladies fell from their cabinets and hit the floor. The sound caught Mimi's and April's attention and both headed towards the room.
    Upon arrival both women found their girls on the floor with their hands in each other's hair, but not really fighting.
    "Let go of my hair," demanded Danielle.
    "You first," responded Julie.
    There they laid, legs locked, not letting go of each other's hair.
    What were Mimi and April going to do about this.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Tess Ferre: The Jelious Sexfight

    Tess Ferre stood in the middle of her spacious hotel room and looked at her watch, a little after six o'clock in the evening. It had been over twenty-four hours since she was supposed to receive the phone call telling her if she had gotten the job or not.
    Tess had an interview with an extremely wealthy couple, hoping to get a job as their personal fitness trainer. The interview was going quite well, until she mentioned she was a lesbian. Tess wasn't even sure as to how the topic got brought up, but she was sure of the uneasiness that was caused between her and Mr. and Mrs. Foley for the rest of the interview.
    Mr. and Mrs. Foley told Tess they would call by four o'clock, and let her know if she did or didn't get the job. However, it had now been twenty-six hours later from the time they were supposed to call. Tess had also left several messages on the couples answering machine.
    Tess looked at her watch again. She decided they weren't going to call. Maybe she made them too uncomfortable for them to even call back.
    Tess walked into the bathroom to see if she had forgotten anything before she left for home. As she walked inside, she looked at herself angrily towards the mirror. Her reflection showed back a very attractive, angry glaring, 28y/o, 5-06", 125lbs, 34C, soft brown eyed white American, with short, sandy blonde hair, closely cut on the sides and back of her head, as the top and front was longer. Her skin tone had a natural light tan.
    Tess wore a yellow summer dress with the top two buttons undone, and no bra. The skirt was loose style and hung just below he knees. She wore matching yellow heels with no stocking, since her legs looked so smooth and healthy.
    Tess knew the Boston air was cold, but she would only be outside for a moment, and then soon she would be on an airplane heading back home as to where her dress would be more "in season". Besides, Tess had a long heavy black coat that would keep her warm.
    Tess grabbed her bags, walked out of her room, down the hallway and into the elevator. As she pressed the button to go down to the lobby. Tess kept thinking how she ruined a good thing. She only left her room for an hour last night to go to the hotel pub, what if they called, but didn't wait long enough for the hotel's answering service? "No excuses, I blew it." She quietly whispered to herself.
    The elevator doors opened, Tess was feeling frustrated with herself, and gave out a slight grunt as she entered the elevator.
    Tess handed the man at the front desk her hotel room key, "I'd like to check out please."
    The men looked at her for a moment, with his mouth open, "What?"
    "I'd like to leave, and pay for my stay here." Tess was aware she sounded a bit on the rude side, but didn't care at the moment.
    The man pushed the key back towards Tess, "I'm sorry, you can't leave."
    Tess was taken by the man's statement, "Excuse me?"
    The man let out a slight laugh, "I guess you haven't looked outside." The man pointed towards the outside lobby windows.
    Tess turned her head to look in the direction where the man was pointing, "Oh-my!" Outside was covered in a heavy blanket of snow, at least two and a half feet. Tess looked back at the man, "Are the airports running?" Tess knew it was a stupid question to ask, but she needed some more reality after what she had just seen outside.
    The man shook his head, "No, nothing is running. All roadways are closed off as ordered by the Governor. We are in a slight state of Emergency Miss.... You will have to stay here another night. We are only charging everyone one-third the price due to the inconvenience. Hopefully, everything will be getting close to normal by tomorrow.
    Tess didn't want to stay, but she had no choice. She took back her key, and headed back to her hotel room.
    She walked back into her room, dropped her bags, and long black coat in the corner of the room. She look around, suddenly feeling very bored. She didn't want to read, watch TV, or sleep. She decided to go to the hotel's pub. She left her room, still wearing the yellow summer dress.
    Tess walked into the dimly lit pub. It was pretty empty, she notice most men standing around, some in conversations, and most in of them dressed in business suits, obviously trapped in this hotel also.
    Tess was beginning to think she was the only female in the pub as she walked towards a booth with a dark red long tablecloth in the corner of the pub. The booth was away from everyone, and Tess didn't feel like "mingling" with anyone.
    As Tess walked by the bar, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed another female. She only saw the back of her head, but something about this female was drawing Tess's attention.
    Tess walked to over towards her booth, sat down, and slid in. She looked towards the bar again at the female. A man sat next to her, talking into her ear, obviously the conversation was one sided.
    The girl turned around, an instantly their eyes met. A beautiful Asian woman stared back at Tess. She was very close if not the same age as Tess, her hair was full, straight, and even, just above her shoulders, the front of her hair was in bangs, her deep brown almond eyes were beautiful. She wore a black half sweater, showing off her firm bare belly, dark blue jeans, and black flats.
    Tess felt an instant attraction towards her. Unexpectedly, the Asian woman smiled at Tess. Tess couldn't help to smile back at her. For a moment they stared at one another, Tess was thinking of giving a little wave to the beautiful Asian woman, hoping to see if she would give a positive reaction.
    Suddenly, a serving tray blocked Tess's view, "Hi Tess!", a female's voice chimed, "Great to see you again. I guess you're trapped here also."
    Tess looked up, it was her waitress from last night, Nina. Nina was a very attractive Spanish girl in her mid twenties, with a light skin tone, thick, wavy, long, black hair to her mid back. Her body was obviously fit and nicely shaped. The tight, black, short, cocktail waitress outfit, showed off Nina's cleavage, and gave very nice shapes to the right places.
    Tess was a bit shocked Nina remembered her name, but then again the pub wasn't crowded last night, and it is kind of hard to forget a person who walks into a pub, obviously pissed off, and orders a non-alcoholic drink.
    Nina pointed at Tess with a smile, and in a very slight Spanish accent, she asked, "Orange/Pineapple juice, right?"
    Nina was right, but Tess wanted to DRINK. "No Nina, I'll have a whisky sour."
    Nina gave Tess a slight pout, "You okay sweetie? You look upset."
    Tess lowered her head and started to play with the white napkin that was placed on top of the tablecloth, "I'm just feeling a bit unwanted and trapped."
    Nina placed her hand on Tess's right shoulder, giving her a slight massage. "I'm sorry to hear that." Thinking Tess was talking about man problems, Nina said, "You are very beautiful Tess, and there are plenty of other men out there.
    Tess looked up at Nina again with a smile, "I didn't get a job I wanted.... It has nothing to do with men." Tess gave a slight laugh.
    Nina laughed also, "Well, there are plenty of jobs out there also." Nina continued to smile and massage Tess's shoulder.
    Tess couldn't help to think to herself about the same question about Nina that ran through her head last night; Is Nina being friendly, or is there more to it? But Tess also figured things might not be as they seemed since her emotions are quite unstable at the moment.
    Tess placed her hand lightly on top of Nina's hand, "Thank you Nina." Tess so badly wanted to know if Nina was flirting, or just doing her job very well.
    When Tess's hand touched Nina's smooth hand, Tess thought about last night: After leaving the pub, Tess went to her room, laid on her bed naked, and her fingers explored her womanhood. Tess moaned and squirmed as she fingered herself, imaging her finger was Nina's tongue.
    Tess was suddenly awoken out of her daydream as Nina slowly pulled her hand away from Tess's shoulder, with a bright smile, "I'll get your drink sweetie."
    As Nina walked away, Tess noticed the Asian woman was still looking at Tess. It seemed she never looked away when Nina blocked their view. The Asian woman appeared to be glaring at Tess. The glare towards Tess only lasted a few seconds. Then the Asian woman faced the bar again, reaching for her drink.
    Tess was unsure if the glare was meant for her, or if the Asian woman was possibly squinting. Tess stared at the backside of the Asian woman, hoping to see if she would face her again, and see if Tess gets that same look from her.
    Tess Ferre continued to stare. Finally, the beautiful Asian woman turned around. Not a glare this time, but a seductive stare. Tess felt herself getting confused and excited. Tess slowly looked away, and looked around her to make sure the Asian woman was directing her seductive stare at her.
    No one was around; Tess had a slight grin as she stared back at the Asian woman, showing she was indeed interested.
    The whisky sour was placed in front of Tess. Tess broke off the stare with the beautiful Asian woman to face Nina, "Thank you so much.... You might as well get me another one."
    Tess put the small red straw to her lips and began to suck on it. The whisky sour quickly disappeared.
    Nina smiled at Tess, "Sure thing sweetie, I'll even make sure it will be a bit stronger for next time."
    "I don't normally do this Nina. There is nothing else to do since I can't go anywhere, and I just need to forget my screw up for not getting a great job I wanted."
    Nina again placed her hand on Tess's shoulder, "What you need is a friend.... I get off work in a few hours, maybe we can meet and talk." Nina smiled at Tess.
    Before Tess could respond, Nina quickly turned away. Tess watched Nina walk into the kitchen, then stared back at the beautiful Asian woman who was fully facing Tess holding a drink in her hand.
    The Asian woman raised the drink to her mouth; her tongue touched the glass first before her lips did. Her tongue slide along the rim of the glass, then her lips touched the glass.
    Tess was sure of the message being sent.
    A man approached Tess's table; he began to talk to her. Tess didn't brake the stare this time, she didn't even acknowledge the man, and after a minute or so, he finally walked away.
    The Asian woman let a slight grin show, as she continued to stare at Tess. The man who was sitting next to her said something as his shoulders shrugged up. The Asian woman, never looking at the man, just raised her right hand, almost waving him off. Then she slowly walked towards Tess.
    Tess observed the beautiful Asian woman's body. Her breasts were quite a good size for an Asian woman, 34C. Her figure was very sexy, and she looked to be 5-05".
    She reached Tess's table, "Mind if I join you? We seem to be having the same problem with these lonely men, and I thought we'd be better off together."
    Tess smiled at her, "Yes, please sit."
    The Asian woman sat down, and slid herself in, sitting only inches away from Tess. She extended her hand, "I'm Kumi."
    Tess shook her smooth, firm, hand, "Tess, nice to meet you."
    Kumi stared at Tess, "You are very beautiful."
    Tess was a bit taken be Kumi's forwardness, but didn't mind it, "Thank you, so are you."
    They smiled at one another, then both were distracted as another whisky sour was placed on the table. "Here you go miss." Nina said in a cheerful voice. Nina looked at Kumi, "Would you like another drink?"
    Kumi said, "Yes, I'll have what she's having, and she'll have another one."
    Tess looked at Kumi with a shock look and slightly laughed as she said to her, "I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere tonight." Then all three of them let out a laugh.
    A few drinks later, Tess could feel the alcohol taking its affect, her and Kumi were laughing up a storm as they talked to one another.
    Tess looked over to the bar, and saw that guy staring at both of them, she then looked to Kumi, "Did I take you away from something?" Tess then gestured her head over to the bar where the man was silently staring.
    Kumi looked over at the man, then back to Tess, "No you didn't." Kumi's left hand went under the red tablecloth and began to rub Tess's leg. Tess felt shivers go up her body. Kumi then said, "I think he didn't get my message that I wasn't interested the first time." Kumi then stared back at the guy, who was now smiling at both Tess and Kumi. Kumi smiled back to the man, raised her right hand and gave him the middle finger.
    Both girls laughed as the insulted man got up and left the hotel pub.
    Tess said to Kumi as they continued to laugh, "Oh.... you are one tough girl!"
    Kumi said with a grin, "Tougher than you think."
    Tess locked her eyes at Kumi seductively, "Is that so? Well, I can be tough myself."
    Tess placed her hand under the tablecloth on top of Kumi's, hand and playfully went to remove it.
    Kumi began to force her hand in the opposite direction. A small arm wrestling match had begun under the table.
    Both girls smiles faded as their arms struggled for control. It was a stalemate between them. Their hands shook as they each pushed against each other.
    Tess felt herself getting so turned on, she forgot where she was, and all of her focus was on the beautiful Asian woman who sat inches away from her.
    As their hands struggled, they both slowly moved their heads closer together. Tess wanted to feel Kumi's lips upon hers. They were so close, Tess could feel Kumi's sweet warm breath upon her face.
    Suddenly, another drink was placed on the table in front of Tess, quickly both Kumi and Tess were brought to reality and their hands under the table cloth were separated.
    Nina, holding Kumi's drink was reaching down to place it in front of her.
    Kumi reached up, grabbing onto the drink and Nina's hand. For a moment both girls smiled at one another.
    Tess watched as she felt herself getting slightly jealous.
    The hands finally separated. Nina turned, smiled at Tess and walked off.
    Tess gave a slight unhappy look at Kumi, "Did you come to sit with me, or to keep me away from Nina?" Tess was surprised by her bluntness, and excused her actions on the alcohol.
    "Maybe both Tess." Nina also gave Tess an unhappy look. "You afraid of a little competition?"
    Tess Ferre did not answer Kumi, she just silently stared at her for a moment. Tess desired Kumi, but at the same time she wanted to slap Kumi for the attitude she was giving Tess.
    Tess began to slide herself away from Kumi, "You're a bitch Kumi."
    Kumi knew Tess was about to leave, she quickly grabbed onto Tess's arm, pulling her back.
    Tess didn't resist, she allowed for herself to get pulled back to Kumi's side. Tess was actually testing Kumi to see if Kumi was interested in her. By the way Kumi reacted when Tess was starting to leave, Tess knew Kumi wanted her also.
    Kumi gave Tess a slight pout as she said, "I'm sorry Tess.... Maybe we can go somewhere more private and talk?" Kumi reached down to Tess's knee, giving it a light rub.
    Tess felt small chills go up her body from Kumi's touch. She smiled at Kumi and said, "Let's go back to my room."
    As both women stood up, Nina walked up to them. She looked directly into Tess's eyes and said with a small pout, "Leaving so soon?"
    Tess just showed Nina her room key, "Charge everything to my room, and give yourself a thirty dollar tip."
    Nina smiled at Tess, leaned over and whispered into Tess ear, "I'm off in a few hours, come by if you can; since I'll be trapped here also."
    Tess just smiled at Nina as she pulled herself away, and walked back to the bar. Tess was a bit taken by Nina's forwardness. Tess would love to spend some time with Nina, but Tess didn't want to ruin her chances with Kumi. She turned to look at Kumi, and saw Kumi was glaring at her once again.
    "Let's go." Kumi softly whispered.
    Tess and Kumi walked into the elevator. Tess pressed the button for floor twenty-one. The doors slowly closed, and the elevator began its accent quietly to the twenty-first floor.
    As the elevator began to move, Kumi took a step closer towards Tess. They silently stared into each other's eyes as their faces slowly came closer. Tess's eyes were half shut as her lips touched the beautiful Asian woman's soft lips.
    Their mouths gently opened as their tongues lightly touched. Kumi's hands slid up the sides of Tess's arms, and both hands began to gently rub Tess's shoulders.
    Tess felt chills go up her body. Kissing Kumi felt so good.
    Kumi slowly pulled herself away, breaking off the kiss. Kumi grinned at Tess as she leaned back, still gazing into Tess's eyes. Suddenly, Kumi slapped Tess on the right side of her face, "Don't you ever call me a bitch again, you fucking slut!"
    For a quick moment Tess's right hand held the area where she had just been slapped. She was confused, why the sudden change? As confused as she was, anger towards Kumi's slap reacted. Tess then quickly reached out with both hands, gripping onto Kumi's hair.
    Kumi quickly did the same thing, holding onto Tess's sandy blonde hair with both hands.
    Tess pushed herself forward, causing Kumi's back to hit the wall of the elevator. A low rumble came from the elevator as Kumi let out a grunt from the impact.
    Both of the girls heads shook from side to side as they pulled at each others hair. Kumi slapped Tess in her face again. Then Kumi pushed herself away from the wall of the elevator.
    Tess stumbled backwards and hit the other side of the elevator, causing another low rumbling sound. Kumi pressed herself against Tess, as she grabbed onto her hair.
    They held their positions, soft grunts escaped them both as they continued to pull at each others hair. Kumi then gave a hard tug at Tess's hair, causing Tess's face to be drawn closer to Kumi's. Kumi quickly kissed Tess.
    Tess responded naturally, deeply kissing Kumi back as they continued to pull at each other's hair. Tess was more confused now. Her emotions were mixed with lust, hate, and desire. She couldn't understand why she was kissing a woman she just started fighting with. Tess let a soft moan escape her. As confusing as it was, it felt so good, and so right.
    Tess had gotten into a fight with another girl once before in high school, but it was nothing like this.... This was different, this was actually sexually pleasing to Tess. Maybe it was the fight to control the other woman.
    Tess gave a sharp tug at Kumi's hair. Kumi whimpered as her head tilted back, breaking off the kiss. Their bodies continued to press against one another. Kumi tightened her grip onto Tess's hair, and both girls whimpered out loud through gritted teeth.
    The elevator chimed as it reached its destination. Both girls pushed themselves away from one another as if the chime was a bell from a boxing match.
    They both were breathing deeply, not of tiredness, but of being so sexually stimulated from one another. They gave each other a silent glare as they both reached down to pick up their shoes which had come off during the struggle.
    Both of them held their shoe in their hands, knowing what had started between them hasn't ended.
    The hallway carpeting felt chilly under Tess's bare feet as her and Kumi quietly walked towards Tess's room. They silently walked side by side glaring at one another.
    Tess could feel herself getting excited as they were walking closer to her room. She never felt this type of excitement with another girl before. The struggle combined with the eroticness had given Tess a sensation she only desired more.
    As Tess put her key in the door, Kumi threw down her flats, and grabbed onto Tess's hair. Quickly Tess let go of the key, dropped her heels, and placed her hands into Kumi's hair. Both girls gave each other light tugs as they stood in the hallway.
    Kumi snarled at Tess, "You just wait until we get inside.... You hot slut."
    Tess's right arm wrapped around Kumi's neck, pulling Kumi close to her. Tess angrily whispered, "Let go of my hair bitch." Then Tess kissed Kumi.
    Both girls hands began to slide up and down each others body as they deeply kissed. Kumi began to move her body slightly from side to side, causing her breasts to rub against Tess's breasts.
    Tess began to do the same thing. It felt good, but Tess knew it would feel better if it was bare skin. She pushed Kumi away.
    Kumi stumbled back a few steps, almost hitting the door across the hallway. Kumi arms swung around to regain balance. Kumi knew the alcohol was throwing off her coordination.
    Before Kumi could retaliate, Tess had quickly turned around, twisted the key, and opened the door. Tess quickly walked inside her dark hotel room. Tess turned on two lights, lighting the room quite well.
    Kumi picked up her flats and walked inside. Upon entering the room, Kumi shut and locked the door behind her. She tossed her black flats on top of Tess's yellow heels, which were placed by the doorway entrance.
    Kumi stood still, looking around the room. She observed the spacious suite, "Very nice."
    Tess let a slight grin show. For some odd reason, she was happy Kumi liked her room, even though she didn't pay for it, but Kumi didn't need to know that. Tess crossed her arms over her chest, "Glad you approve, bitch." She said in a low tone, staring confidently at Kumi.
    Tess was really attracted to Kumi, she looked so sexy in the short black sweater that showed off her belly, and those tight jeans complemented Kumi's firm, slender, legs and ass.
    Kumi slowly walked towards Tess, giving her a slight evil smirk, "I've warned you about calling me a bitch Tess." Kumi looked Tess up and down for a moment, observing how beautiful Tess looked, her sandy blonde hair, the yellow sundress, and obviously not wearing bra, was enough to drive any woman or man insane with desire.
    Tess slowly walked backwards deeper into the center of the spacious hotel room, keeping the distance between her and Kumi even. Finally Tess stopped moving, "Oh, and what do you plan on doing about it; bitch?"
    Kumi continued to walk forward until the gap between the two girls was only inches apart. Kumi glared at Tess, then put both hands onto Tess's shoulders and gave her a little shove.
    Tess stumbled backwards a few steps, then she motioned forward back towards Kumi, and pushed her back, only with a little more force.
    Kumi now stumbled backwards, "You blonde bimbo!" Kumi quickly moved towards Tess, as her right hand extended outwards and slapped Tess on the left side of her face.
    Tess immediately reached out with her left hand, grabbing onto Kumi's hair. Keeping her grip in Kumi's hair, Tess slapped Kumi back on the left side of her face with her right hand.
    Both girls gripped their opponent's hair, shaking each other's heads as they stumbled backwards and forwards across the floor, each one trying to get the other one to fall. It almost seemed to be a stalemate until Kumi quickly moved her right leg behind Tess's legs, causing Tess to fall backwards.
    Tess let go of Kumi's hair as she felt herself fall, her arms swung out, trying to prevent herself from falling, but it was too late.
    Kumi quickly grabbed onto Tess's top half of her yellow summer dress with her left hand, as Tess fell, the buttons on the dress popped off and a ripping sound filled the room.
    Tess landed on the floor with a low thump. She looked down to see her 34C breasts exposed with torn yellow fabric around her. She glared up at Kumi who was staring down at her with a slight grin, obviously enjoying what she had just done.... And the view of Tess's bare breasts.
    Tess shot herself forward while on all fours towards Kumi. She wrapped her arms around Kumi's legs, and before Kumi could properly react, down towards the floor she fell. "Oofff!" Kumi grunted as her back hit the floor. Quickly Tess got up and stood over Kumi. Tess slapped Kumi in the face several times, "Fucking bitch!"
    Kumi raised her arms towards her face, blocking several slaps from Tess. Suddenly Kumi felt her body jerking up and down wildly. As Kumi removed her arms away from her face, she saw Tess gripping her black half sweater with both hands, tugging at it with all of her might. Kumi started to slap at Tess's hands, but before she could make Tess stop tugging at the sweater, another ripping sound filled the room.
    Tess then dropped down, straddling herself on top of Kumi. Immediately Tess grabbed onto Kumi's hair, "Now were even bitch!"
    Kumi began to twist her body from side to side, causing Tess to loosen her straddling position to maintain balance on top of Kumi. Then Kumi wrapped her legs around Tess's mid section as she reached up to grab a hold of Tess's hair. Tess tried to lean back, away from Kumi's grip, but Kumi managed to grab Tess's hair, pulling Tess down towards her.
    Tess, keeping her grip in Kumi's hair was now parallel on top of Kumi's body. Tess felt Kumi's legs wrap around her waist tighter. Tess couldn't break free, and Tess knew Kumi couldn't do anything else but grip her hair.... It was a stalemate.
    Both girls held onto each other's hair as they grunted out loudly. Tess's head was tilted up and backwards as Kumi gripped her hair. Tess let out a little whimpering cry as she forced her head forward towards Kumi's face. She felt Kumi's grip loosen a bit, but Tess still had to struggle to accomplish what she was trying to do.
    Kumi knew Tess's intentions and could feel herself getting very sexually aroused from what they were doing to one another. Kumi felt her heart racing as Tess's face was getting closer. Kumi pulled a little harder at Tess's hair, trying to make the anticipation last longer, but Tess fought it as she whimpered louder through gritted teeth and continued to bring her face forward. Seeing this caused goose bumps to begin to race up and down Kumi's body.
    Finally the girls' lips touched, their mouths quickly opened, and each other's tongues excitedly met. They continued to grip at each other's hair as they deeply kissed one another. Moans of pleasure escaped them both as their tongues moved wildly inside each other's mouth.
    Tess continued to kiss Kumi deeply as they pulled on each other's hair. Both of them moaned with the mixture of pleasure and pain. With each steady pull, their tongues moved faster against the other.
    Kumi kept her grip in Tess's hair with the left hand as her right hand slid down Tess's back. Several times Kumi tried to tear apart what was left of Tess's yellow sundress, but was unsuccessful since she needed both of her hands to do the deed. Out of slight frustration, Kumi gave Tess several slaps on her backside and ass.
    Tess moaned a little louder, then broke off her kiss with Kumi. As Tess pulled her head away, she quickly slapped Kumi in the face, ?You fucking slut!? Tess then slightly lifted herself off of Kumi and quickly began to unbutton Kumi's dark blue jeans. Tess wasn't surprised when Kumi did nothing while Tess pulled off her jeans.
    Tess stood over Kumi who was completely naked. Kumi's body was in great shape and Tess had only seen a few Asian women with such a wonderful, shapely body. Kumi's stomach was smooth and flat. Her breasts were a firm 34C and the nipples were beautiful to look at. Tess felt her mouth quiver as she thought to herself about sucking on Kumi's breasts.
    Kumi slid herself out from under Tess. As Kumi stood, she grabbed onto Tess's torn yellow sundress, and began to tug at it. Tess almost fell as Kumi ripped the dress off of Tess. Kumi then grabbed onto Tess's hair with her right hand and began to walk towards the bed.
    Tess didn't resist much since she knew where she was being guided. Tess could feel chills go threw her entire body with excitement knowing their naked skin will finally touch.
    As Kumi reached the side of the bed, both of her hands gripped Tess's hair and she quickly pulled on it to toss Tess onto the bed. While Kumi began this act, Tess suddenly reach out with both of her hands, grabbing onto Kumi's hair. Kumi yelped as both women landed on the bed side by side at the same time.
    They pulled each other closer and kissed with passion. Their hands explored each other's bodies. Tess moaned with pleasure touching Kumi's silky smooth body. Kumi left out a mixture of a laugh and moan as she was delighted to feel Tess's skin to be as smooth and flawless as her own.
    Kumi gave Tess a little shove with her hand, causing Tess to lay on her back. Kumi began to get on top of Tess, as Tess spread her legs apart. Kumi lied on top of Tess, and both women instantly gasped loudly as their warm, moist, womanhood's finally met.
    For a moment neither woman moved or even breathed. Motionless they gazed into each other's eyes, over powered with sensation. Tess finally exhaled loudly as she reached up with her left hand, grabbed onto Kumi's black hair, and pulled Kumi down closer to her, ?Come here you slut!?
    Kumi kissed Tess deeply as she reached out with both hands, grabbing onto Tess's hair. Their breasts pancaked against each other while the two women kissed, keeping their grips in each other's hair. Kumi pulled her head back, breaking the kiss and stared at Tess with a slight grin, ?Yeah, but I'm your slut.? Then Kumi began to move her hips slightly up and down, rubbing her womanhood against Tess's womanhood. Kumi leaned back down to Tess, kissing her once again.
    Tess began to move her hips. She held onto Kumi's hair tighter as their tongues began a duel of their own. Tess felt Kumi also tighten her grip as Kumi began to grind herself harder against Tess. A long, soft moan escaped Tess as she released her right hand from Kumi?s hair, and slid her hand down Kumi?s back. Tess?s hand reached Kumi?s firm ass; cupping Kumi?s left ass cheek in her hand, Tess squeezed it a few times, then gave it a couple of slaps.
    Kumi responded with a moan, then began to quicken her motions with her hip. Kumi began to grind her womanhood harder against Tess. Kumi felt her body quiver.
    They continued to kiss deeply with passion. Both girls moaned with pleasure, but the sounds of their loud, deep, excited, breathing through their nostrils almost drowned out the moans. Feeling the excitement and sensation building, both girls broke off their kiss. They both gasped for air through their mouths, as they continued to fuck each other.
    Tess closed her eyes tightly. She gripped onto Kumi?s hair harder with her left hand as her hips bucked about. Tess gave Kumi?s ass a few more slaps before she returned right hand back into Kumi?s hair. Tess felt Kumi tighten her grip also, Tess?s face began to wince.

    Kumi?s head tilted back from the force of Tess?s grip. Kumi felt her body start to quiver. Her mouth opened wide, but no sound escaped it. She moved her hips uncontrollably as her climax started to peek.
    Tears began to seep out of the edges of Tess?s tightly closed eyes. She continued to grind her womanhood against Kumi?s. Tess felt Kumi?s body quivering, causing Tess to feel her own orgasm build up. Tess wrapped her legs tightly around Kumi?s waist, and continued to push herself harder against Kumi.
    Kumi cried out something loudly, but Tess couldn?t understand it since Kumi spoke out in her native tongue. Tess quickly responded with a few more bucks from her hips as she gasped and moaned out loudly. Both girls kissed deeply once again as their hips slowed down, then finally to a stop.
    Kumi rolled herself off of Tess, and both girls faced each other with grins while their heavy breathing slowed. Their hands gently and lazily glided up and down each other?s warm, sweaty bodies.
    Tess noticed Kumi having trouble keeping her eyes opened, and Tess knew sleep was starting to overpower herself also. Tess gazed into Kumi?s eyes and asked, ?What was it that you said??
    ?What? ?.Oh, I said: You are so beautiful, and you are driving me wild.? Kumi smiled, ?You must have really had an affect on me for me to talk to you in Philippine.?
    Both girls giggled weakly as sleep overcame them.
    Tess was only asleep for an hour when she was awoken to see Kumi putting on a long white robe which was provided from the hotel, ?Where are you going?? She asked still half asleep.
    Kumi crawled back onto the bed, kissed Tess on the lips, ?I?m just going to get some of my stuff from my room. I need to get some clothing, since you ripped my sweater apart?. I?ll be right back.? Kumi gave Tess another kiss, then left the hotel room.
    Tess felt exhausted and knew the alcohol she drank from the pub, and her sexfight with Kumi drained her energy. Tess quickly fell back sleep again.
    About fifteen minutes passed when Tess was awoken once again. She saw Kumi toss an overstuffed duffel bag by her black flats in the corner of the room. Then, Kumi crawled back into the bed wearing a white, loose, low collar, sleeveless, T-shirt with one inch straps over the shoulders and the bottom part of the T-shirt half cut, showing off her belly button. Kumi wore silk, pink, boxer shorts, which were slightly baggy style. She smiled to Tess; ?This is what I like to wear when I sleep.?
    Tess, still naked, raised the bed covers as Kumi slid in under them. ?I love it?. Too bad I might have to rip them off of you.?
    Kumi reached out, and grabbed onto Tess?s hair with her left hand, and seductively whispered, ?I?d like to see you try bitch. Perhaps we?ll have round two in a few hours.? They smiled at each other, and then began to kiss. After a few minutes of kissing, both girls snuggled up together and fell back to sleep.
    A few hours passed when Tess suddenly awoken to low hammering sound and a loud hum. As she sat up in the bed, she realized it was empty. She looked around, trying to regain her senses. She noticed the humming sound coming from the bathroom, ?Kumi?!?? She shouted out.
    The bathroom door was closed. ?I?m just blow-drying my hair?. I?ll be out in a few minutes.?
    Tess grinned to herself as she wondered where Kumi gets her energy. Tess began yawn and stretch when the low hammering sound came again. Tess then realized someone was knocking at the hotel room door. Tess looked over at the night stand to see what time it was, then she noticed the phone was off of its hook. Tess then remembered the phone ringing while she was sleeping and just dropping the phone, not even bothering to answer it. All grogginess left Tess when she remembered she was expecting an important phone about a job she wanted.
    The knock came from the door again. Quickly Tess went to the closet, grabbed a black, silk robe, which went down to just above her knees. Tess began to get worried, knowing Mr. or Mrs. Foley called her, and had sent one of the hotel clerks to check up on her since she just dropped the phone when they called. Tess quickly tried to think of an excuse to explain everything as she began to open the door. Tess didn?t want to ruin her chances of getting this great job. If this rich couple found out what Tess was really doing for the last several hours, they would think she was a freak and she?d loose any chance for the job of a personal trainer.
    As Tess opened the door, she was shocked to see Nina standing in front of her, wearing her cocktail waitress outfit, holding a bottle of white wine in one hand, and her black high heels in the other. Nina was a very attractive Spanish girl in her mid twenties, with a light skin tone, and thick, wavy, long, black hair to her mid back. Her body was obviously fit and nicely shaped. The black silk stockings gave complements to Nina?s firm legs. The tight, black, short, mini skirt made Nina?s ass quite an attention grabber. The white button down blouse had several top buttons undone, showing off Nina's cleavage. The outfit gave very nice shapes to her in all the right places.
    Tess?s mouth was slightly opened, obviously not expecting to see Nina, and feeling a bit dumbfounded, ?Nina?.? Was all what Tess could say. Tess noticed Nina moving towards her, and she began to take a few steps backwards, trying to think of an excuse to have Nina leave.
    Nina walked into the room, thinking Tess was inviting her inside. Nina closed the door behind herself, placed her high heels and the bottle of wine on a table, and then continued to walk towards Tess. ?I tried calling you to tell you I was coming over at the end of my shift, but you sounded exhausted. I hung out with several of my co-workers, having a few drinks, and then finally decided that you had enough sleep.?
    Tess stopped walking backwards as Nina continued to walk forward. She looked at Nina for a moment and still felt desires for her. Nina was now standing inches away from Tess. Tess felt herself wanting to speak, but couldn?t find any words.
    Nina gave Tess a slight pout, ?Aren?t you happy I showed up Tess??
    Tess looked over to the closed bathroom door where the sounds of the hair dryer still hummed. Tess then looked back to Nina. As much as Tess wanted to be with Nina, she knew Nina had to leave. Tess took a deep breath, ?Nina, I?m very glad you are here, but?.?
    Nina had a feeling she was about to be rejected by Tess. Quickly Nina interrupted Tess in mid sentence by saying, ?I?m glad I?m here also.? Nina then immediately grabbed onto Tess?s shoulders and kissed her on the lips.
    Tess tried to pull herself away from Nina, but not with much effort. Tess kept her mouth closed as she felt Nina press her lips against her?s. Tess, feeling like she had no control over herself, began to slowly open her mouth. Tess felt Nina?s soft, tongue slide in her mouth and Tess opened her mouth wider. Tess?s arms raised and wrapped around Nina?s back.
    Both girls embraced each other as they kissed deeply. Tess felt light headed, being so turned on by Nina?s kiss. Her hands slid up and down Nina?s back.
    Nina kissed Tess with more passion, as her hands began to explore Tess?s backside. Nina?s hands didn?t take too long to reach under Tess?s robe and feel her firm smooth bare ass. Nina cupped both of Tess?s ass cheeks with her hands, slowly massaging them. Tess slowly moaned and raised her left leg, sliding it up against Nina?s side. Nina continued to kiss Tess as she slid her right hand underneath Tess?s left cheek, closer towards the center of Tess?s ass. Nina heard Tess inhale deeply through her nose as her middle finger brushed against Tess?s anus.
    Suddenly Tess broke off the kiss, and pushed Nina away. Tess was almost breathless from Nina?s actions and blurred out, ?No.? Tess looked over to the bathroom door, which was still closed with a humming sound. Tess knew what just happened with Nina was only for a few seconds, but it felt like eternity. Tess faced Nina again, ?I?m sorry, you have to go Nina, now is not a good time.?
    Nina was very sexually stimulated from what just happened between them. She ignored Tess?s request, took a few steps back towards Tess, and kissed her once again. Immediately Nina felt her tongue against Tess?s.
    Tess was confused as to why she was kissing Nina again, but something felt so right about it. Tess could feel Nina?s hand sliding down her backside again. Tess broke off the kiss, embraced Nina tightly and whispered into Nina?s ear with small licks and nibbles, ?Nina stop?. You?. Have to?. Leave.?
    Nina?s right hand slid under Tess?s silk robe again when she heard another female voice shout, ? You fucking bitch!!!?

    The Cul-De-Sac

    It is a very interesting situation. I am living on this cul-de-sac. There are only three houses and we are a couple of hundred yards from anyone else. What makes it interesting is the war going on between the occupants of the other two houses.

    First there is Jenny McDonald. Single mom, with three kids. She has Sassie, sixteen, Brian, fourteen and Jean, thirteen. Jenny, Sassie and Jean are all big redheaded girls, busty, hippy and a little on the heavy side of average. Yes, even Jean at thirteen is busty.

    On the other side there’s Clair Johnson. Another single mom, she has four kids. John is seventeen, Connie is sixteen, Becky is fourteen and Ben is thirteen. They are all a little under weight, you know the slender type, but the girls all have nice breasts. None bigger than a B-cup but well formed and firm, with large nipples that were often observable through shirt or bra.

    The feud has been going on for years. Clair and Jenny work in the local paper mill in the same department. Working together has not made them fond of each other. They are by far and away the best looking, sexest women in town, hell in the county, and possibly in the state. This of course makes them natural enemies. At the local gin joints they are often in competition for men. They get into arguments and shouting matches all the time. About three years ago they had their first major fight.

    See Clair had picked up Mike Williams at the Bucket of Suds after work one day. He was a big, good looking guy and made great money as a manager at the paper mill where Clair (and Jenny) worked. Clair had been with him before and she knew that not only was he a great lay, he was generous to a fault. And he was currently separated from his second wife.

    Mike invited Clair to dinner and a movie, and Clair accepted. Mike followed Clair home to drop off her car and so she could clean up and change. While she was in the house, Jenny came home. She also knew Mike and took the opportunity to get reacquainted with him.

    Well, the shit hit the fan when Clair came out and found Jenny snuggling up against Mike, rubbing her big tits up and down his arm and across his chest. By the bulge in his pocket he appreciated the attention.

    Clair came charging across the front lawn, pushed Jenny away from Mike and got between them. She told Jenny to keep her fucking hands and “cow udders” away from Mike. Jenny responded with something about them not being married and Mike appreciating a woman with tits instead of one with a board for a chest. Now Clair was a good B-cup but was real sensitive about her rack in comparison to Jenny’s D-cups. She didn’t take this comment well at all. She slapped Jenny right across the face and told her to go fuck herself, because no one else would. Jenny glared at her for a second, then slapped Clair back. Hard.

    That was it, the fight was on. They went for hair and pulled each other around the front yard. I came out immediately and joined Mike sitting on the hood of his car, watching appreciatively. The girls were in their mid-thirties at the time and both very energetic and active.

    Anyway, they punched, they slapped, they tore at each other clothes, they pulled hair and they kicked. After ten minutes, the major turning point came when Jenny connected with a kick. They were both on the ground and had separated a little. Jenny’s foot went up between Clair’s thighs and her heel connected solidly with Clair’s crotch. Clair’s hands went to her pussy and she rolled away, crying and wailing. Jenny rested for about ten seconds then pounced on Clair. Clair was lying on her side with her back to Jenny. Jenny pulled Clair’s head back by the hair and fired eight or ten punches into Clair’s face. Clair managed to squirm out of Jenny’s grip and tried to crawl away, but Jenny grabbed her by the back of her dress and pulled. The dress ripped down the front and Jenny pealed it right off Clair, leaving her in panties. I guess Mike would have been in for a good night even with out the fight because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

    Jenny rolled Clair onto her back and sat on her stomach. Clair bucked and squirmed trying to unseat Jenny, but she just rode it out, laughing and grinning. When Clair started to wear down, Jenny began punching into Clair’s face and tits. Jenny taunted her about the size of her boobs, and how maybe this beating would make them swell up to a useable size. Jenny grabbed Clair’s nipples and pulled, stretching them out maybe an inch or more. Jenny shook Clair’s tit’s by the nipples back and forth, up and down. Clair screamed and yelled, threatening Jenny with dire consequences if she didn’t let go of her nipples and get off of her. Jenny let the abused nips snap back to Clair’s chest, then gripped them between thumb and fore finger and squeezed as hard as she could. Clair was bucking and squirming to beat the band, screaming and crying, huge tears rolling down her cheeks. Jenny’s hands were shaking she was squeezing so hard. Jenny let go of the nipples to rub her hands and slap Clair’s face a couple of times. Then she grabbed the nipples again. That was it for Clair. She began begging Jenny to stop, pleading with her to not hurt her any more.

    Jenny asked if she could go out with Mike instead of Clair. When Clair didn’t answer right away, Jenny grabbed a nipple and pulled. Clair began screaming that Jenny could go out with him, Jenny could have him. With a couple of final slaps, Jenny rose and sauntered over to where Mike and I were sitting.

    She said to Mike “Well I guess you’re going to get more tit tonight than you thought lover. Come on lets go into my place. I’m hotter than a fireplace poker and need to be raked over the coals. By the look of that banana in your pocket you could use some relief too. You can buy me dinner later.”

    With that they walked up the drive to Jenny’s place.

    Well it didn’t turn out too bad for me either. I took Clair back to my place to clean her up and ended up fucking the cum out of her. Twice.

    After that, nothing happened for maybe four months or so. Jenny dated Mike for a while then he went back to his wife. Clair didn’t exactly avoid Jenny, but she didn’t go out of her way to say hi either.

    The next thing to keep the boil on was that Jenny caught John with Sassie. Keep in mind that this was like three years ago. John was like fourteen and Sassie about thirteen. Sassie at thirteen had bigger tits than most mature woman. She was a good solid B-cup already. When Jenny caught them, they weren’t screwing, but John was sucking on Sassie’s nipples and fingering her cunt. Sassie had just cum when Jenny came into the room (that was how she caught them, she could hear Sassie from upstairs). Jenny was pissed and told John to get the fuck out and not come back. As soon as he left, she called Clair and told her what had happened. Then she told Clair that is she caught John again, she’d “cut off anything she found inside Sassie”. Clair called her a fucking prude and told her to loosen up. If the kids wanted to screw around why not let them. Show’em how to use a condom and let them go at it. Jenny was beside herself with anger and the two began shouting at each other. When they slammed the phones down, both were pissed.

    The next day, John and Sassie were in the backyard, talking to each other when Jenny came home. When she saw them, she streaked out the back door. She slapped John up side his head and told him to go home. Then she hauled Sassie into the house. They had a talk about why Jenny was so mad and Sassie promised not to have sex till she was fourteen, which suited Jenny. They agreed that Sassie could suck but not fuck, which cleared the way for her and John.

    However, Clair was not so forgiving. She came tearing in, yelling about Jenny hitting John. Jenny yelled back and before long, Jenny smacked Clair across the face. Clair thought about that for ten long seconds then dove at Jenny, tackling her at the waist and taking her to the floor. With John and Sassie rooting them on, the two women rolled across the floor fighting. Clair landed a couple of good ones to Jenny’s tits but got one to her belly, one to her face and a third in the tit in return. Jenny tried to beat Clair’s head into the floor, but Clair’s neck muscles and her hold on Jenny’s hair prevented that.

    Remembering their last fight and how it ended, Clair ripped open Jenny’s shirt and concentrated her assault on Jenny’s tits. It worked and soon Jenny was reeling from the beating she was receiving to her boobs. Clair had Jenny’s shirt opened and pulled down to her waist, leaving Jenny topless. Clair worked her tits like speed bags and had them dancing all over Jenny’s chest. Lefts and rights, forehand and backhand, upper cuts and overhand smashes, Clair was hitting Jenny with everything in the book.

    Clair landed a left right combination into Jenny’s nipples that sent her reeling back into a wall. Clair grabbed Jenny’s right tit to hold her up and slammed elbows into the left tit. Jenny was screaming and yelling, tears running down her face as she cried at the pain in her melon. Clair shifted her grip, held the right tit by the bottom and squeezed. Then she pounded her elbow down on the taunt skin on top of the right tit. That was it for Jenny. She screamed once, let out a long groan and slumped back into the wall. The only thing keeping her up was Clair’s grip on her tit. Clair pounded on the top of the big boob till it split open like a grape, a long pressure cut right down the top of the tit.

    Clair let her go and Jenny dropped to the floor, pretty much out of it. She looked around to see John holding Sassie back, one hand wrapped in her hair and the other around her throat. Clair walked over to Sassie. This whole thing was the little sluts fault. What really angered Clair was the fact that thirteen year old Sassie’s tit’s were just as big as Clair’s (if not bigger). Clair ripped open her shirt, grabbed her tits and squeezed. Sassie grabbed her wrists and cried as Clair abused her tits. Clair twisted Sassie’s tit’s back and forth, then let go and grabbed just the nipples, twisting, pulling and squeezing, till Sassie’s knees went liquid.

    Clair nodded and John let Sassie fall to the floor. Clair motioned to John and the two of them went over to Jenny.

    “Time you became a man, boy.” With that they stripped Jenny, and John took off his pants. Clair positioned her son between Jenny’s legs and guided him into her Jenny’s hairy twat. Clair opened her shirt and let John suck her big nipples, while he fucked Jenny. She woke up just as John dumped his load into her cunt. Clair was tempted to let John fuck the junior slut too, but decided to save something for another time.

    Well that was the beginning of it. Over the years the two families have been locked in this kind of love/hate relationship. Each of the children would start fighting the other family when he or she hit about twelve. By that time they knew what sex was and were getting interested in it. The mothers were very open about sex and gave their children a thorough and diverse education in the subject by their twelfth birthday. They all used the fights as means of exploring each others bodies, both male and female.

    The first fight after John fucked Jenny was Sassie and Connie. Sassie was hot for revenge. Both were thirteen and while Sassie had B-cups already, Connie’s tits were barely bumps on her chest.

    Sassie was coming home late from school one day. The kids all used a trail through the woods as a short cut from the bus stop to home. Anyway, as Sassie was going down the trail, she noticed Connie behind her talking to someone at the beginning of the trail. Sassie hid till Connie started up the trail, to make sure she was alone, then Sassie hurried ahead to an open spot she knew about. When Connie entered the open area, Sassie stepped out of the woods on the other side. Connie had to go by Sassie to get home. The woods were too thick to try going through them. The only other way for Connie to go was back, and she was damned if she was going to run.

    “Get out of my way slut, I want to go home.”

    “Not yet bitch. You and I need to have a talk.”

    “I got nothing to say to you.”

    “Yea? Well I got a lot to say to you. Your lesbian mother got a big kick out of feeling me up and hurting my tits. Then she had that asswipe of a brother of yours screw my mom. Well, you and I need to ‘discuss’ this now.”

    “Well…what else do you want to say?”

    “Just this…”

    Sassie slapped Connie as hard as she could in the face. Connie spun completely around, then with a yell dove at Sassie, catching her at the waist and wrestling her to the ground. The girls grabbed hair and began rolling over and over in the cleared area, pulling hair and kicking at each other. Connie grabbed the front of Sassie’s shirt and ripped it open, exposing Sassie’s womanly bra. Connie clamped a hand on one cup and squeezed, eliciting a scream from Sassie. Connie now had Sassie pinned to the ground, one hand in her hair and the other squeezing her big tit. Connie squeezed and twisted, punishing Sassie’s boob. Sassie was pushing on Connie’s shoulders and chest, and thrashing on the ground, all to no avail. Sassie was crying and sobbing, her pushing and thrashing getting weaker and weaker. Finally her arms fell back to the ground and she just laid back as Connie abused her breast. With a yell of triumph Connie straddled the supine girl, pulled her up by the hair, reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Connie pinned Sassie back to the ground and ripped the bra off her. Now with both hands she grabbed Sassie tits and crushed them with her fingers. She dug her nails in and shook the boobs from side to side. Sassie was crying and sobbing, gagging at the pain, huge tears running down her face. She was gripping Connie’s wrists and flopping her head from side to side. Connie was grinning and laughing, taunting Sassie about her big jugs being great targets and how she wouldn’t be wearing a bra for a week when Connie got done with her.

    Slowly, Sassie got her crying under control. Her thrashing and rolling from side to side got stronger and Connie was finding it harder and harder to stay on her. Suddenly Sassie reached up and ripped open Connie’s shirt. She had no tits to speak of, but her nipples stood taunt and erect. Sassie latched on with thumb and forefinger and squeezed, pulling and stretching. Connie was caught completely by surprise and screamed like Sassie was ripping them off. Sassie pulled to the side and bucked, and Connie went flying to the side. Sassie held on to the nipples and pulled Connie to the ground next to her. Sassie rolled right over and mounted Connie, continuing to pull and squeeze Connie’s nipples. Satisfied she had Connie’s attention, Sassie pulled her head up by her hair, and fired punches into the other girls face. Eight, ten, twelve punches Sassie put into Connie’s face, splitting both lips, bloodying her nose, opening cuts on her cheeks and forehead, and blackening both eyes. Sassie switched hands and put six more punches in. Connie was crosseyed by the time Sassie stopped punching, leaning back to breath deeply, rubbing her hands. Recovered, Sassie grabbed Connie’s nipples again and pulled, leaning back and pulling as hard as she could, stretching Connie’s teats painfully, and lifting her off the ground. When Sassie’s fingers slipped Connie slammed back to the forest floor wailing and crying. Sassie was gripping the nipple again when Connie surrendered and began begging Sassie to stop.

    Sassie released the nipples but slapped the other girl repeatedly. Connie repeatedly begged Sassie to stop. Finally Sassie started inching her way up Connie’s body.

    “W..w..what are you doing?”

    “I’ve never been eaten, bitch! You’re going to be my first.”

    “ please…no don’t make me do that!”

    Sassie got herself in position, pulled her skirt up and pulled aside her panties. Connie was looking up directly into Sassie’s cunt.

    “Do it bitch or I start using my nails on your nipples.”

    “…please no.” Sassie reaches behind her and grips a nipple, pulling a little.

    “OKAY…STOP…please stop.”

    Connie’s head comes up and her tongue begins to probe at Sassie’s box. Sassie open’s her legs then reaches down and spreads her lips. She tells Connie to put her tongue right up Sassie’s pussy and lick the inside. Sassie told her how to find her clit and before long Sassie was panting and moaning, as the other teenager was jamming her tongue in and out of Sassie’s cunt, licking at the clit and nibbling at the lips. Sassie came all over Connie’s face. Sassie left Connie lying in the forest crying and humiliated.

    Now, Clair is again dating Mike. This time, he’s divorced and Clair has a good shot at landing him. But Jenny has other ideas. She wants a shot at Mike too. The only woman in town who can compete with Clair is Jenny and no one else in town can match these two for body or face, not even Mike’s ex-wives, so it’s really between just the two of them.

    Jenny decides on a campaign. Brian and Jean are going to intercept Becky and Ben coming home from school. Jenny doesn’t figure Jean will have a problem with Becky and she knows that Brian will clean up Ben. Jenny’s kids will leave them tied up somewhere, in the woods or out at the barn. By starting with this ambush, Jenny figures that if it doesn’t work, the second half can be called off and the whole thing explained away as another fight among the kids.

    That will leave Clair, John and Cindy against Jenny, Sassie, Brian and Jean. Jenny figures that after she and the kids take out Clair and her brood, Jenny will meet Mike when he comes to pick up Clair and “convince” him to take her out instead. “Convince” him shit, she going to fuck his brains out.


    Becky and Ben come down the trail in the woods like they always do. Becky is out front and as they round a bend, she passes Brian with out seeing him. As Ben steps by, Brian pops out and grabs Ben from behind, slamming him into a tree. Three times Brian smashes Ben into the tree before letting him go. Ben slumps to the ground, out cold.

    Brian turns around to watch Jean and Becky fight. Becky, at fourteen, is a year older than Jean, two inches taller and about the same weight. Becky is a full A-cup with large nipples. Jean, on the other hand is a C-cup heading quickly for D-cupdom, just like her mother and sister.

    The two girls are pulling each other around by the hair, till Becky rips open Jean’s blouse and attacks Jean’s tits. Like Clair and Connie, Becky is wildly jealous of girls with bigger tits, especially Jean. Becky gets her hand inside Jean’s bra and scratches at Jean tit flesh. Jean is crying and sobbing, pulling on Becky’s hand and trying to get away with no luck. Getting control of herself a little, Jean punches between Becky’s legs, catching her in the pussy. Becky gasps and stops mauling Jean for an instant, stunned. That’s all Jean needs, another punch to the cunt brings Becky up on her toes and backing away. Becky bends over slightly with her hands between her legs, trying to put some distrance between her and Jean. Jean grabs the front of Becky’s shirt, ripping it open as she pulls the other girl back, and fires three fast punches into Becky’s face. Pulling the shirt open more, Jean pins Becky to a tree, then slams punches into Becky’s tits and face. Fists and elbows smash Becky’s nose, lips, nipples and tits. Jean steps back and Becky slids to the ground.

    Jean pulls Becky up by the hair and pushes Becky at Brian, who grabs her by the elbows and pins her arms behind her. Jean taunts Becky about having tits a third the size of Jean, even though Becky is a year older than Jean. Jean punches into Becky’s belly twice bending the other girl over, gagging. Jean upper cuts into Becky’s chest bumps, pulls her up by the hair and slaps her face repeatedly.

    Again Jean punches into Becky’s stomach but this time Brian is ready and keeps her up. Jean punches again then again. The next punch is lower down, and each succeeding punch is a little lower, until Jean is blasting her little fists directly into Becky’s pussy. Becky’s moans and groans become crying and sobbing. Jean rips away Becky’s skirt then pulls on the other girls panties, pulling them up into her pussy, sawing them up and down. Becky screams out her pain and begs Jean not to destroy her cunt. Jean is pulling as hard as she can, literally lifting Becky off the ground, digging the panties into Becky twat, cutting the labial lips and compressing the clit. Becky is flopping her head back and forth, begging and pleading with Jean and Brian.

    Finally the panties rip away and Jean lets them go. Jean replaces the embedded panties with her own clawed hand. She yanks out pubis and scratches at Becky’s pussy. Becky’s eyes bulge out and she screams bloody murder before passing out.

    Jean and Brian use the duct tape they brought with them to secure the two to a tree. They head up to the house. With the first part successful the four go out the back door and head for Clair’s back yard. Luck is with them. John is alone in the back yard. He is assaulted and subdued before he can even cry out. Brian and Jean, having done their part, tape John up and sit on him, anticipating the coming battle their sister and mother are going to have with Clair and Connie. They don’t have to wait long.

    A cry comes from the Johnson’s back door and Connie scrambles back into the house to get Clair. The two of them come out to meet Jenny and Sassie waiting for them in the back yard.

    “What the fuck is going on here?”

    Jenny looks at Sassie and shakes her head “Talk about your dumb fucking questions. What the hell does it look like is happening? John is tied up right there in front of you and we are standing here waiting for a fight. Any other questions? Oh yeah, the point of this whole thing is that I’m going out with Mike tonight, not you.”

    “Fuck you Jenny. Over my dead body!”

    “If you like. But I’m willing to just tie you up and leave you alive.”

    With that the two women lunged at each other and grabbed hair. They pull each other around the yard a little, but quickly switch to laying punches up into each others gut. The two girls watch from the sidelines, rooting on their mother. Sassie definitely wants a shot at that slut Connie but wantes to make sure her mother is ok first.

    After four or five punches each into their bellies, the women separate and circle. They lunge again and grab hair, pulling each other around the yard, yelling and groaning. Slaps to the face and punches to the belly accompany the hair pulling. Jenny’s weight begins to tell and she starts to dominate. Two punches to the belly and a ringing slap to the face sends Clair to the ground. She gets up slowly.

    That’s all Sassie needs to see. She begins working herself around behind Connie. Sassie figures she’ll have no problem handling Connie, but just on principle never forgo’s a possible advantage.

    Connie realizes that her mother is in trouble and is getting ready to help her. Suddenly she remembers that she is not alone in the backyard and looks around. She sees Jenny’s younger brats sitting on John but can’t find that slut Sassie. Suddenly she realizes what’s happening and spins around. Sassie is waiting. She is holding a slat from the picket fence that was on the ground. As soon as Connie turns, Sassie hits her across the shoulders with the piece of wood. Connie goes down like she was shot. Sassie calmly walks over, rolls Connie onto her back and stomps her foot between Connie’s legs, twice. Connie screams and passes out.

    Sassie looks over to see that Jenny and Clair are still fighting on the ground, sort of. Jenny has Clair pinned to the ground by the throat and is punching into her face and tits. Jenny is definitely winning, but Sassie never did pay Clair back for the tit mauling she got when she was thirteen. She moves toward the mothers.

    “Mom, hold her for me. I want to pay the bitch back for that tit mauling she gave me a couple of years ago.”

    “Oh yes baby…I forgot about that…go ahead and rip her up.”

    The two of them rip her cloths off then get a nude Clair up on her knees and Jenny puts her into a double hammerlock. Sassie lookes Clair in the eyes and taunts the older woman.

    “You fucking wimp. You can’t beat Mom and you can’t beat me. Shit Jean has bigger tits than you and she’s only thirteen. No man will want you when he can have a real woman like Mom. And look at that pathetic excuse for a bush. You call that pussy hair. Ha, ha, ha.”

    Sassie had been twisting Clair’s nipples all the time she was taunting her. Now she reaches down, grabs a handfull of cunt hair and pulls. Clair wails as Sassie rips out the handful and reaches for another. After pulling that out, Sassie scratches at Clair’s cunt with her short but sharp nails, ripping at the labial lips and area around them, squeezing the mound, even reaching way down and scratching from Clair’s anus up to her pussy. Next Sassie jams two fingers into Clairs cunt and scratches at the inside. Clair’s grunts and wails became a full throated scream when Sassie dig her nails into the inside of Clairs cunt.

    Pulling her hand out, Sassie slowly moves her nails to the top of Clair’s B-cups. She dig her nails in and drags them down over the medium sized tits of her mothers rival. Sassie leaves long, deep gouges in Clairs tits that bleed freely. Then Sassie dig and rips into Clairs nipples for over a minute, leaving her cut and bleeding.

    “Okay mom, she’s all yours.”

    Jenny throws Clair to the ground. Sassie gets up and goes back over to Connie. Jenny takes one look at Clair and figures she has had enough. Well almost enough. Jenny uses her exceedingly sharp nails to carve her initials into Clair’s boobs just over the nipples. Anyone sucking on those teats can’t help but see them. Then Jenny uses the duct tape on her. Done, she goes over to Sassie working on Connie.

    To Jenny’s surprise, Sassie had pulled a strap-on out from somewhere. She has it on and is between Connie’s legs getting ready to put it in. The damn thing is huge and Connie is screaming and begging Sassie not to put it in.

    “You fucking cunt. You’ve fucked the last of my boyfriends. Everytime I get a guy panting over my tits, get him right where I want him, a hand job now and then, maybe a blow job once a week, there you are willing to fuck the shit out of him. Well no more bitch, YOU HEAR ME? I’m going to make your cunt a train tunnel and the next time you fuck one of my boyfriends I’m goint to rip your clit out. DO YOU HEAR ME?”

    Connie is bobbing her head up and down, sobbing and crying and telling Sassie that “I heard you…I wouldn’t do anymore of your boyfriends…please…please…don’t put that thing in me……NO…NO…Oh god please no…”

    Sassie must have taken some pity on the bitch because she eased it in instead of just ramming it all the way home. Sassie has Connie suck the fake dick to lube it up then puts the end in Connie and slowly puts it in a couple of inches. Sassie pulles it out almost to the end then gently slides it back in, putting it a couple of more inches inside each time. Slowly Sassie moves the cock in and out, getting further and further inside Connie, till finally it is all the way in. Connie is moaning and still begging Sassie to take it out.

    “Ready cunt? Here it comes!!” With that Sassie pulles the huge dildo out till just the head is in Connie then slams it in as hard as she can, ramming the hard plastic deep into the traumatized girl. Connie gasps and arches her back, feeling the cock fill her cunt to bursting. Sassie pulles out and rams it in again, holding it in as far as she could. Connie whitheres and squirmes on the ground like a bug pinned to a specimen board, crying and sobbing, begging Sassie to stop, to take it out. Sassie pulls back then slams it in again, then swivels her hips, sending the dildo swirling inside Connie’s pussy. Connie can’t take it any more. She screams and faints.

    “Damn daughter, you’re pretty good with that thing. If I hadn’t taught you myself, I’d be wondering how you learned so much.” The two women laughed. Jean got into it and made her mother promise that Jenny would teach her how to use it too.

    “Well I’ll tell you what, you and Brian go get Becky and Ben. Bring them back here. Then tonight while I’m out with Mike, Sassie can get you started with the dildo using Clair, Connie and Becky to practice on.”

    From what I understand Mike and Jenny got engaged that night. But Mike says that Jenny has to beat Clair up in front of him before the wedding. I can’t wait to see that one, Jenny will probably really fuck her up.

    The Cul-De-Sac - 2

    It is a very interesting situation. I am living on this cul-de-sac. There are only three houses and we are a couple of hundred yards from anyone else. What makes it interesting is the war going on between the occupants of the other two houses.

    First there is Jenny McDonald. Single mom, with three kids. She has Sassie, sixteen, Brian, fourteen and Jean, thirteen. Jenny, Sassie and Jean are all big redheaded girls, busty, hippy and a little on the heavy side of average. Yes, even Jean at thirteen is busty.

    On the other side there’s Clair Johnson. Another single mom, she has four kids. John is seventeen, Connie is sixteen, Becky is fourteen and Ben is thirteen. They are all a little under weight, you know the slender type, but the girls all have nice breasts. None bigger than a B-cup but well formed and firm, with large nipples that were often observable through shirt or bra.

    Finally we have the object of their attention, Mike Williams. Big guy. Handsome stud. Pretty well off financially. Two previous wives.

    Part 6

    Man did I fall into it. Ok, here’s the synopsis so far.

    Jenny McDonald and Clair Johnson have been competing for years, mostly over men. They and their families have also been fighting for years. Clair has been making a serious play for Mike Williams, since his last divorce. Jenny wanted her chance with Mike so she and her family ambushed and beat the shit out of Clair and her family, then Jenny took Clair’s place on the date she had that night with Mike. Jenny told Mike what happened, told him that she wanted him so much she was willing to do anything to get him. What could the guy do? He asked her to marry him. But he made conditions, sort of like a pre-nup. Jenny had to fight for him. First she would fight Clair again, this time in front of Mike. If she won again, Jenny and Mike would get married within the year. If she lost, the wedding would be put on hold.

    I laughed when I heard all this. That dog Mike was going to milk this for all it was worth. The son-of-a-bitch even came to me and made an offer on my house. Jenny, Clair and I have the only three houses on the end of a long cul-de-sac and we are pretty secluded. Mike planned on buying all three houses then setting himself up with a little harem. I told him that was fine with me but I wanted to stay also. (I’ve been fucking the loser from the Jenny vs Clair fights for a couple of years.) So he made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. He paid me for my house AND gave me a long term rental, but I had to share the house with him. He moved in last week.

    Friday night, we’re sitting around the house bull-shitting about the fight he is going to set up between Jenny and Clair. The last fight was only a couple of weeks ago so he figures to wait a couple more weeks for Clair to get over the beating she took. We were talking about the future depending on who won. Mike figured that if Jenny won a close fight, he could keep Clair around as a threat to Jenny and he could get them to fight every couple of months or so. If Jenny won easily, she could make Clair do anything she wanted, and Mike figured they could use Clair and her family as sex toys for quite some time into the future. We were just getting into the senarios of Clair winning when a car pulls up out front. A good looking blond woman jumps out of one side and a great looking teen from the other. Both head up the walk.

    “That’s odd, it’s my ex-wife and her daughter.” Mike has two ex-wives and four kids, two from each wife. But after the second marriage, the NEW wife didn’t want Mike to pay the OLD wife child support for both kids. Seems that Mike’s second wife Karen, found out that his first wife, Donna, was pregnant when she moved into town. She and Mike got married like two weeks after she came to town and she delivered the baby seven months later. Karen made Mike get a lawyer and file to change the divorce settlement to cut out child support to Donna’s daughter Rene.

    Now that Mike was divorced from wife two, Donna had better luck getting Mike to contribute more for Rene. Mike wasn’t opposed to the idea. He liked Rene. He had already set up a college fund for her and was giving Donna more money than the revamped divorce settlement called for, even more than the original settlement.

    Donna and Rene were only in the house for maybe five minutes when it came out that Donna wanted Mike to buy Rene a car. Mike looked kind of puzzled and said he had already agreed to do that. They discussed types, age, etc. Something didn’t feel right. Donna could have done this over the phone. There was no need for her to come all the way out here to talk to Mike in person, unless…. Then it hit me. She was going to make a play to get him back. You could see it in her body language.

    From what Mike had told me (we had become instance best buddies when he moved in) the divorce had been purely her. He had been quite happy when they were married. She had felt a need to ‘explore’ her world. He told her to explore to her hearts content, they didn’t have to get a divorce. She told him she had already tried that (Mike bristled when he said that part, obviously the idea that his wife had tried to cheat on him didn’t sit real well with him) but all the guys in town who knew him, were afraid of him and won’t screw with his wife. The ones who didn’t know him were warned away by those that did.

    Anyway, Donna was sitting next to Mike on the couch, touching him and getting closer all the time they were talking, not quite coming on to him but being VERY friendly. Suddenly the back door opens and in comes Jenny. She had changed her clothes since work and looked great.

    She glared at Donna. Mike rose to give Jenny a hello kiss and Jenny deftly maneuvered him away from Donna and positioned herself between them. They all sat back down on the couch, Jenny between Mike and Donna. Donna tried to continue the conversation with Mike but Jenny kept interupting, asking questions, denigrating Donna where she could, making her look foolish. Donna was getting irritated. Finally Donna got to the point where she had lapsed into a sullen silence, her and Jenny staring malevolently at each other. Jenny completely turned her back to Donna and started asking Mike where they were going tonight for dinner and what were they going to do afterwards, etc. I could see Donna was getting madder and madder. Finally she got up to leave.

    With a gleam in her eye, Jenny loudly asked Mike if he wanted to sleep with her at her house or if he wanted her to sleep with him here at his house.

    Under her breath Donna muttered “Fucking slut.” Then louder “Well Mike, I’d better get going. I’m hosting a charity event at the hospital tomorrow night, so Rene and I have a MILLION things to do. Obviously Jenny has BIG plans for you tonight so I’ll let you run along and slum it. Ta-ta for now.”

    As Donna headed out Jenny yelled “What the fuck to do mean ‘slum it’, you obnoxious bitch!” She grabbed Donna’s arm and swung her around. “You fucking cunt. I may be common to you, but I’m honest, loyal and truthfull. I don’t go around cheatin’ behind Mike’s back. No, I don’t put on airs like you do, but then everything about me is real.” Jenny said the last line staring at Donna’s hefty bust.

    “You low born scum! You have no idea about the lives of your betters. What went on between Mike and I is our business and none of yours. No matter what Mike has said, his family will never let him marry a gutter born slut like you, no matter how good you are in bed. And I’ll have you know that I am one hundered percent real, right down to my hair color, which is more than some people can say.” Donna spun on her heel and headed for the door.

    OH…MY…GOD. You can call a woman a slut, bitch, cunt or asshole and get away with it. You can tell the world she will sleep with anything on two legs and somethings on four. You can call her a thief and a crook. You can say many things to impugn a woman’s name and/or moral character, and it’s just one more round in an ongoing contest. All’s fair in love and war. But never, I mean never, should one woman ever accuse another woman of coloring her hair.

    Jenny went livid. Her face was a bright red, and she was so mad she quivered. Jesus, I thought she was going to pop a vein.

    “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Jenny grabbed Donna’s shoulder, spun her around and slapped her across the face. Jenny hit her so hard that Donna pitched to the side and slammed against the wall. Jenny smashed into her with her body, pinning the blond to the wall, and laid into her with punches and slaps. Donna was trying to fight back and the two struggled against the wall for a couple of minutes. Rene was screaming for Mike and I to stop them, screaming at Donna to get off her mother and looking around frantically for someone to help. The front door opened and Rene swung quickly toward it, probably hoping it was the police or someone else who would help her, but it was Sassie coming to find out what all the ruckus was.

    Jenny put two punches into Donna’s belly and a beautiful right cross into her jaw. Donna’s head bounced off the wall, her eyes glazed over and she slowly slid down the wall and slumped to the floor.

    Jenny had stood back, panting, watching Donna slide down the wall. When she hit the floor, Jenny stepped in, hauled Donna’s head up by the hair and punched twice into her left eye. She switched hands and did the same to the right eye. Donna had been wailing all the time and when Jenny let her hair go, Donna rolled sideways to the floor holding her face, moaning and crying.

    Jenny stood breathing heavily, pacing back and forth.

    “Come on slut, get up. Don’t tell me that’s all you’ve got? GET YOUR ASS UP!”

    Donna sat on the floor, crying and making waving motions at Jenny as if to keep her back. Sobbing, Donna began begging.

    ‘No…no…no more please. I’m sorry….I’m sorry…please don’t hurt me any more…I’m sorry. I just want to leave. Please….”

    Jenny looked over at Mike then waved Donna out “Get the fuck out of here and don’t let me catch you near Mike again.”

    Jenny watched her closely as Donna struggled to her feet. Suddenly, Rene came out of nowhere and smacked the back of Jenny’s head with a lamp. Jenny dropped to the floor and rolled around moaning, arms wrapped around her head.

    “That’ll teach you to leave my mother alone you cun...hunnn…ahrgggg.” Rene was suddenly slammed into the wall. Sassie had grabbed her from behind and whipped the other teen around by the hair. Sassie released her to bounce off the wall. Donna took one step toward Sassie then fell as Jenny grabbed her ankle.

    Though still dazed, Jenny stuggled on the floor with Donna as Sassie stood over Rene and punched down into her face. Rene screamed as Sassie hit her over and over, splitting her lips, making her nose bleed, and putting cuts in her cheeks and forehead (Sassie always wore rings) and blackening both eyes. When Sassie got the other teens face beaten into a bloody mess, she grabbed her by the tits and hauled the wailing teen to her feet.

    Sassie pinned the dazed girl to the wall and mauled both tits with her hands.

    “Nice tits bitch. Not as good as mine, but almost. Let’s see how much they can stand.”

    Sassie continued to squeeze Rene’s big jugs and started twisting and pulling at them also. Grabbing her blouse in the middle, Sassie pulled and ripped the blouse open exposing Rene’s bra. Holding Rene up by the hair with one hand, Sassie slid the other behind the devestated girl and unsnapped the bra. She pulled the bra up and Rene’s heavy udders flopped into view. With one hand still in her hair, Sassie continued the tit mauling with her other hand, squeezing, twisting, pulling and pinching. Finally Sassie dug her nails into the pliable flesh of Rene’s cones and the girl began screaming, begging Sassie to stop hurting her, to leave her alone. Sassie let her go and Rene slid to the floor, holding her mangled boobs, crying and sobbing.

    Sassie turned to see her mother continuing her struggles against Donna. Sassie had only been a couple of minutes subduing Rene and during that time Jenny’s head had not completely cleared. Though still dazed, Jenny had wrestled Donna around on the floor the whole time, keeping her busy. As Sassie approached them, Donna finally managed to pin Jenny. Donna staddled the big busted woman, knees on her shoulders, and slapped her face repeatedly. Donna even pulled Jenny’s head up by the hair and punched into her face, trying to blacken her eyes, the way Jenny had to her.

    Suddenly Donna’s world was filled with pain. Her head snapped back as she was dragged off Jenny by the hair and slung to the floor. She realized that it was Sassie just as the girls knees slammed into her spine, driving her into the floor and flattening her tits. Sassie grabbed her hair and bounced Donna’s face off the floor twice.

    Donna laid crying and sobbing, Sassie sitting on her back panting and blowing, getting her breath back. Rene was in the corner crying, holding her tits and trying to rub the pain out. Jenny struggled to her feet, shaking her head.

    Sassie looked at her mother who motioned for another minute, then came over to Donna and Sassie. Sassie got up and pulled the older woman up by the hair. Then she held Donna by the arms from behind. Jenny ripped open Donna’s blouse and roughly ripped it and the bra completely off the unresisting woman. Jenny slapped her face to make her open her eyes.

    “Watch this bitch. Watch what I do to your pathetic tits.”

    With Donna looking down at her bust, Jenny dug her nails into the top of Donna boobs and scratched down the short length of them to the nipples. Donna screamed and wailed as Jenny gouged her tits, begging Jenny to stop. Jenny’s hard driven knee slammed between Donna’s legs and silenced the begging. Donna sagged in Sassie’s grip, gagging and retching, barely able to breath. Jenny scratched her initials into Donna’s tits just over the nipples.

    As a final humiliation, Jenny pushed Donna to her knees while Sassie yanked Rene to her feet, walked her over next to her mother and forced her to her knees. Standing before the two prostrate women, Jenny and Sassie raised their skirts and pulled aside their panties. The victorious fighters pulled their opponents faces into their crotches and told them to suck it. Very obviously, Donna and Rene had done this before, because they went at the winners pussies like pros.

    Sassie and Jenny threw the two stripped and ripped woman out on the lawn. It took a couple of minutes for Donna and Rene to get themselves together enough to get into their car and leave.

    Mike was blown away. He had seen Jenny fight Clair before but somehow seeing his wife beaten and humiliated like that was unbelievably stimulating. He and Jenny dragged each other into the bedroom and were fucking before the door closed.

    Hmmm, what? What did you say? Me? Oh, Sassie was hotter than a pistol, too. She was tempted to go in with Mike and her Mom but I convinced her they wanted to be alone. When she realized I was still there, she dragged me into my room and fucked me for the rest of the night.


    by Woody

    Two beautiful women in their mid-thirties, Lisa and Kathy were about to
    mark the one year anniversary of their respective divorces. Working night and
    day to make ends meet and little time left for enjoyment, each felt the time
    was right for a well deserved night on the town.

    Saturday evening Kathy nervously sipped her drink at an upscale local club called SPARKLE. Her feelings of anxiety that first night out, began to fade with
    the increased attention she was receiving - strangely enough, from both sexes.
    From her vantage point, she spotted a woman making her way to the powder
    room; also generating quite a bit of of attention .

    Lisa stood at the large vanity mirror, her lipstick reapplied, she began to brush her long blonde hair, relieved that her uneasiness had passed. She suddenly realized she was not alone. In the mirror, she thought see was seeing a reflection of herself - only to realize that Kathy was standing behind her - eyes ablaze!

    Kathy made her way towards the carbon copy of herself, who stood before the
    vanity. Her jealousy and rage reflecting back at her - as they were now face to
    face. Their matching 36D breasts lightly touched with every breath - as an
    unspoken challenge took place. A mutual desire to destroy one another,
    now tarnished the evening.

    "Get the hell out Bitch, or I’ll rip that damn dress off of you!" hissed Kathy. Refusing to back down, Lisa replied, “Give it your best shot!"

    The heat generated between them without hesitation. Both women were now a tangle of black nylon clad legs - very tightly entwined. As crimson talons searched to leave their marks- all civility was gone...

    Forcing each other off balance, they fell to the floor and tore at form fitting dresses
    and long flowing hair. Now on all fours, they resembled two cats rather than women. Assault after assault revealed delicate lace which had been tattered; their broken strands of pearl necklaces, scattered about .

    On their knees, they sprung together again, with arms wrapped so firmly around
    each other, that the fullness of their chests was all that kept them apart.

    Gasping for air, both fell backwards onto the floor - feeling rage and a strange element of excitement. Afraid of what may transpire, Lisa began to collect her scattered belongings. As she unlocked the door, she casually handed Kathy her business card.

    “By the way, if you want your bracelet back, call me... and bring your Garter Belt!"

    Several days pasted since Lisa and Kathy fought in the powder room that
    night at *Sparkle* when they both wore the same dress. The conflict between
    the two remained unresolved and both longed to settle the differences without
    the fear of being interrupted. They arranged to meet at Lisa’s home on
    Saturday evening.

    It was not only about the dresses, but also the stolen necklace. Hell
    hath no fury like that of a woman whose jewelry has been stolen!

    Saturday finally arrived and the two were once again face-to-face. Both
    wore simple but attractive knee length outfits that buttoned in the front.
    “Here’s your bracelet, honey,” said Lisa, tossing it to the floor. Her smug look
    quickly turned to surprise, when Kathy returned the favor by flinging Lisa’s
    necklace onto the bed. “Just so happens I’ve got yours, sweetie” Kathy
    replied, grinning.

    “Skip the small talk – We both knows the real reason for this meeting.
    I hate you as much as you hate me.” “Fine then, winner takes all?” asked Lisa.
    “That is what we agreed upon.” “Wearing your Garter Belt?” - but before she could finish, Kathy undid her dress, exposing her deep red satin slip, trimmed with a generous amount of cream colored lace, which matched her stockings and heels.
    She stood waiting for Lisa to do the same.

    Lisa stood before her, in all black - from her full slip with four inches of lace,
    to the black nylons and heels. They both began slowly lifting their hems, to
    expose the garter belts; slowly unfastening the straps and reattaching them to
    each other’s nylons. Bound together, they where now ready for battle.

    Standing defiantly, toe-to-toe, hands on hips, the women began to circle;
    cheeks flushed with anger, eyes locked and full of rage. Almost as if on cue,
    they began to twist and tug with their legs and hips. Slowly at first, an inner
    thigh rubbing against outer, and then tangling together.

    Twisting and spiraling, they tugged at one another’s hair. Lace covered breasts
    firmly pressed together; they continued to struggle for several minutes. The
    smooth silk and slippery nylons made it hard to maintain a firm grip on
    anything but the long strands of hair.

    The intensity continued to build as bound legs and hips seemed to be
    waging a war of their own. When they rolled onto the floor, their nylons
    began to snag and run – followed by clothing, torn to shreds, unleashing
    the wildcats to fight freely!

    Each intent on the others destruction, they slapped and scratched.
    Claws raked across skin and fabric, leaving behind slashes on both. Exposed
    flesh was an open target for talons and teeth….

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    Re: Unfinished stories


    Valentine Silverman was beginning her sophomore year at university, a year in which the blonde girl resolved that she was going to take more chances and be more aggressive socially. Coming from a small rural town, Valentine had been a little intimated at first by the university experience, but the beautiful blonde had quickly made friends and acclimated herself to campus life. This year, Valentine had joined a sorority with a couple of her girlfriends, and she was looking forward to a heavier slate of parties than last year. She liked most of the girls in her sorority, but there were a few who appeared to be a little resentful of the long-legged blonde.

    Valentine was used to shrugging off the catty jealousy of other girls, growing up as she did in a small town where she clearly had the competition beat. Even in the more cosmopolitan environment of university, Valentine stood out. The blonde had an incredible body, with long legs that never seemed to end, and a tight behind that begged to be squeezed with both hands. On her chest, Valentine sported a nice, firm pair of 34 C’s that were still growing, but which were already among the most formidable **** in the sorority. Valentine’s warm, pretty features were framed by a long mane of fine, golden hair that spilled halfway down her back. In all, the complete package was stunning, and more than a little intimidating to both men and women. The number of men Valentine’s age that possessed the self-confidence to approach her were few; the number of women who had the looks to compete with her, fewer still.

    Nevertheless, if a girl wanted to attract attention at a party, it never hurt to dress a bit provocatively. This was the first party of the school year being hosted by her sorority, and Valentine was dressed for attention in a sleeveless black dress, cut high on her thigh to show off her shapely legs to devastating effect; the neckline dipped in the front just enough to reveal a tantalizing glimpse breast, without spoiling the mystery. A gold anklet encircled her slender right ankle, and on her feet Valentine had a pair of sturdy 4” heels that nicely accentuated the line of her calves. As she flirted her way through the party, Valentine collected a number of jealous glances from other women, including a few from her own sorority sisters. “That’s their problem,” the blonde said under her breath, before turning to talk with the starting tailback on the football team. Another resolution Valentine had made at the beginning of the school year was to take advantage of her looks, and stop apologizing for them. As the night wore on, Valentine even began to enjoy the occasional glare she got from the other girls at the party, reminding herself that her looks had power over both men AND women.

    Valentine was just looking around for another drink, and feeling a little self-satisfied, when her eye was suddenly struck by a tall, leggy brunette chatting up the tailback she had flirted with earlier. The girl’s back was to the blonde, her long chestnut hair falling straight down her back, similar to Valentine’s. Mentally juxtaposing herself in the dark-haired girl’s place next to the running back, Valentine thought to herself that the girl could very well be just as tall as she was.

    Valentine found that she couldn’t take her eyes off the view of the other girl’s legs from the back. They were quite possibly the longest pair of legs she had ever seen, apart from her own. Lightly tanned and bare, they were supported by a pair of backless red heels, that matched the color of her tight, hip-hugging skirt.

    “Oh god, Val, don’t tell me you’re hot for her, too?” Valentine’s friend Megan had slid in next to her unnoticed, and was looking at her friend with an amused smile. Megan Flannery was a cute, curly-haired redhead, a senior and president of Valentine’s sorority.

    “What?” Valentine said, a little embarrassed to have been caught staring at another girl’s legs. “Oh, don’t be silly, Megan,” she said, giving a little nervous laugh.

    The other girl made a small, noncommittal noise, laughing when Valentine gave her a poke in the ribs with her elbow.

    Leaning next to her friend’s ear to make herself heard over the noise of the party, Valentine whispered, “Who is she?”

    “That’s Kris Anderson,” Stacy said. “She belongs to Kappa Delta, right across the street.” As she turned to leave, she said over her shoulder, “Sorry, Val, but she doesn’t like girls,” which earned her a punch in the arm. Still laughing, the redhead slipped away.

    When Valentine turned back to the brunette, she found that the tailback was gone, and that the tall, dark-haired girl had turned around, and was in fact looking at her. Something that she saw in the other girl’s stare kept Valentine from smiling at her. Instead, acting on a sudden impulse, and with the brunette’s hot-looking legs still on her mind, Valentine spun away on her heel, dragging her long left leg behind her slightly, and trailing the fingertips of her left hand along her bared thigh. “*****,” she muttered.

    Another hour passed, and still Valentine found her thoughts drifting back to the brunette, even as she flirted and danced her way through a ream of appreciative frat boys.

    “Hey, Valentine!” a voice shouted from across the room. Valentine turned to find Megan, waving at her. “Come over here!”

    Curious, Valentine excused herself, and started to walk toward Megan. The redhead was standing with a small crowd of girls in the corner away from the party. The other girls parted as Valentine approached, and Valentine almost physically recoiled when she saw who was standing in the center of the crowd. The brunette’s brown eyes widened with recognition as Valentine came to a stop a few feet away. A low murmur rippled through the small crowd, as the other girls closed in around them again in a rough circle, shutting out the rest of the party going on in the house.

    Megan waved her hand to indicate a lanky brunette who was regarding Valentine appraisingly. “I was just telling Jennifer over here that we may finally have a girl with a pair of legs as long as Kris’s.” Valentine blushed at the words, shooting Megan a glare, which the redhead ignored.

    “I don’t know,” Jennifer said skeptically. “She’s tall. But I think Kris might still have her beat in the leg department.”

    “Well,” Megan said. “Why don’t we find out? Back to back, girls.”

    Valentine opened her mouth to protest, blushing furiously at the entire situation, when she noticed the brunette staring at her steadily, a serious set to her dark red lips. Something in the other girl’s eyes closed her mouth before she objected, however, the same challenge that she had seen earlier tonight, which in turn had stirred something aggressive in Valentine. Instead, Valentine straightened to her full height, returning her rival’s steady regard.

    Kris gave a slight toss of her long, silky hair. “Take your shoes off,” she demanded. The brunette’s voice was slightly low, sultry.

    Valentine bristled at the other girl’s tone. “You take yours off,” she shot back.

    Valentine felt Megan’s hands on her arms, turning her around gently. On the other side, Jennifer had similarly taken hold of Kris, and was repositioning her closer to Valentine, with her back turned to her. “Come on, girls, bare feet, and heel to heel,” Megan said, smiling at Valentine, who was glaring murderously at her friend. Still, she allowed herself to be positioned stiffly behind Kris, after stepping out of her high heels.

    Megan and Jennifer were now standing back with the rest of the other girls, watching the two tall girls in the center as they stood back to back. Valentine felt the other girl’s shoulders pressing back into her, and she immediately returned the pressure, her back muscles springing to life underneath her black dress. The image of Kris’s long, shapely legs appeared again in Valentine’s mind. What if the other girl’s legs WERE longer? “This is so stupid,” Valentine told herself. And yet, her legs were definitely feeling a little unsteady, as she contemplated the measurement that was about to take place.

    Slowly, Valentine inched her left heel back along the carpet, millimeter by millimeter. The leggy blonde could feel a small bead of sweat sitting on the back of her left leg, right behind her knee. After what seemed like an eternity, her heel finally met Kris’s, and the two girls pressed their strong calves together, flattening them out against each other’s muscle. Valentine swallowed dryly, as the two girls slowly straightened their legs out against one another, Valentine’s left butt cheek pressing back into Kris’s right pad of supple muscle through their skirts. The blonde had to catch herself on her right foot in order to keep from falling forward, as Kris suddenly gave her a sharp jab with her butt. Angrily, the blonde shoved back, until the girls were stalemated again. Both girls now leaned slightly forward with their torsos, bending at the waist, while the backs of their hot thighs met straight up, like two pillars of marble. Valentine had to fight to suppress an almost physical urge to hiss, as she felt the other girl’s bare skin on hers, the softness of the brunette’s smooth skin contrasting with the iron strength coiled inside her leg muscles.

    Valentine clenched her hands into fists at her sides, as she felt a ripple of muscle against the back of her leg. The blonde pushed back against Kris with her own formidable leg muscles, acutely aware of the ten other girls watching her almost naked leg as it trembled against this other girl’s gorgeous, similarly scantily-clad leg.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer and Megan were comparing the girls’ legs from opposite sides of the two motionless rivals. Valentine had her head turned in Jennifer’s direction, and the blonde saw the other girl shake her head slowly. “You’re right, Megan. I never thought I’d see another girl measure up to Kris’s legs, but there it is.” She smiled at Valentine. “You’re one tall blonde, Valentine.”

    At Jennifer’s words, Valentine felt Kris’s leg stiffen against hers. The two girls pushed off against one another with their skirted behinds, separating. Valentine gave Jennifer a cool glance. “Thank you,” she said coldly. As Valentine went to slip on her heels, her eyes met Kris’s again in a veiled glare. The brunette gave Valentine a crooked half-smile, before turning away and rejoining the party. The crowd of girls that were watching them slowly dispersed with a few giggles and whispers among them.

    “What the **** was that about, Megan?” Valentine said, frowning at her friend.

    “It’s just a little competition we have with Kappa Delta,” Megan said, smiling enigmatically. “We determine at the beginning of the year which sorority owns the longest pair of legs, the biggest ****, the tightest ***, etc.”

    “Are you serious?” Valentine asked incredulously.

    Megan laughed. “Of course! It’s all informal of course,” the redhead confided. Her eyes dropped down to Valentine’s chest. “You know, we might want to put you out there in the breast category, too.”

    Valentine glared at her friend, still not certain if Megan was simply joking. “I don’t think so,” she said, a little stiffly. The blonde gave her friend’s chest a long look. The redhead’s rack was quite impressive in its own right, straining the buttons on her tight red sweater. “Actually, I think you and Jennifer might make a good match.”

    Megan smiled teasingly, taking in a deep breath to expand her chest to its greatest possible girth. “I bet you’d like to see that, wouldn’t you, Val?”

    “Yeah,” Valentine smiled, relenting a little at her friend’s light, flirty tone. “We gave you girls a leg show, the least you can do is flash us a little ***.”

    “So, you’d watch, huh? You and Kris.”

    Valentine felt a little irritated, all of a sudden. “Oh, shut up, Megan.” The redhead shrugged, and Valentine turned away to rejoin the rest of the party.

    “Congratulations,” someone said, from behind Valentine. The blonde spun around on her heel, to see Kris standing there with that same crooked smile on her lips.

    Instinctively, Valentine’s nostrils flared. Without really thinking, the blonde placed her left hand on her hip, jutting it out slightly, posing her long right leg to the side. Valentine’s eyes were irresistibly drawn to Kris’s shapely left leg, as the brunette mirrored her pose on the opposite side, with a small flip of her dark hair.

    “It’s just part of some stupid contest,” Valentine said finally, meeting Kris’s stare with her blue eyes.

    “Oh, I agree, totally,” Kris said. It appeared to Valentine as if the brunette’s red skirt was slipping fractionally higher on her leg by the second. In turn, the blonde subtly slid her heel out a little more from her body to keep even. “If you really want to find the best pair of legs, there are so many better ways to do it than just measuring.”

    The brunette’s words, delivered with that sultry voice to Valentine’s ear, almost taunting her, set the blonde’s heart pounding. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “I’m just saying,” Kris said, “that length isn’t always a reliable metric.”

    Valentine had had it. If this ***** wanted to be catty, then she would show her claws, too.
    “I think you may be right,” she said. “After all, your legs turned out to be just as long as mine, even though I think we both could tell back there, that one of us was outclassed.”

    Kris gave her blonde rival a chilly smile. “Definitely. I think you may be a little confused, though, as to which one of us comes out on the short end of that comparison.”

    “Well, then,” Valentine said hotly, suddenly yanking the hem of her skirt all the way up her right hip, exposing the length of her long, gorgeous leg. “Why don’t you enlighten me, *****?”

    “I’d love to--” the brunette snarled, when Jennifer’s voice suddenly cut through the noise of the crowd.

    “Kris!” The older brunette was standing next to the door, waving her hand high in the air. “Come on, we gotta go if we want to make it in before 11!”

    Valentine and Kris exchanged a final glare, before the blonde let her skirt slide back down her thigh. Valentine couldn’t help herself from getting in one last dig. “I guess you’re saved,” she said.

    “**** you, blonde,” Kris snapped. As she brushed past Valentine, the brunette leaned in close to her rival’s ear, and hissed out a phone number. “My cell number,” she said. “Anytime you want to resume this conversation, call me.”

    Valentine repeated the digits under her breath, watching the tall brunette as she walked away on her long legs. At the door, Kris turned back toward her rival, hiking up the hem of her skirt another inch, before spinning away into the night.

    Valentine couldn’t remember ever being as angry, and at the same time aroused, as she was right now. “And by another girl,” she thought to herself. The blonde felt her sex stir with a sick excitement, as she ran up the stairs to her room to write down her rival’s number.

    Kris Anderson sat staring blankly at the integral in front of her in a corner of the library, her mind on something very different than the calculus textbook in her lap. The beautiful brunette had been unable all weekend to shake the image of the tall blonde she had met Friday night at the sorority party, or forget the way Valentine had snarled at her as she pulled up her skirt in a blatant challenge. Kris had played that little leg comparison game last year with another girl from the same sorority, and had been secretly pleased when she came out on top. The brunette had always been tall for her age, and although a few other girls on campus could match her height, none of them could match her long, elegant legs. Until Valentine.

    Kris flashed back to the first stare the girls had exchanged at the party, remembering the blonde girl’s slight blush as she realized she had been caught staring at her legs. As two tall, beautiful women meeting for the first time will always do, Kris and Valentine had sized each other up visually, estimating bust lines evaluating attractiveness, wondering which girl was taller, or more fit. And just like their legs, everything else was too close to call, too.

    Thinking back on it, now, Kris wasn’t sure what she had wanted to happen when she got in Valentine’s face, right before Jennifer dragged her away. All she could remember feeling was an intense desire to confront the blonde girl with those legs that were just as long as hers, that felt so hard and smooth pressed against the back of her leg, like iron and silk. From the way Valentine had reacted when Kris hissed her cell phone number in the blonde’s ear, she had been sure the blonde was going to call her. Kris had been waiting for the call, asking carefully around her sorority about Valentine, scripting out what she might say to her blonde rival when she finally called. And yet, it was Monday night, now, and Valentine had yet to call. Perhaps the blonde had lost her nerve after she calmed down, Kris thought to herself.

    Just then, Kris’s cell phone started to vibrate on the tabletop in front of her. The brunette set her textbook aside, and answered it with a half-hopeful, “Hello?”

    “Is this Kris?”

    The brunette’s heart started to pound. She took a quick look around her surroundings to make sure she had a little privacy, before half-turning toward the wall, and answering softly, “Yes, this is Kris.”

    “This is Valentine.”

    Kris gripped the phone tighter in her hand. “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to call,” she said.

    “No such luck, *****,” the blonde girl said. There was a small pause, before Valentine spoke again. “At the party, you said there was a better way to compare legs than just length to length,” the blonde said slowly. The next few words were spoken in a low, almost guilty whisper, “What did you have in mind?”

    From the blonde’s conspiratorial tone, it was obvious that even if she didn’t know exactly what her dark-haired rival had in mind, she knew that it was not something to be shared beyond the two rivals. Kris took a deep breath. “Well, there are a few different things we could do.” Another pause, longer this time. “Personally,” Kris said softly, “I like to squeeze.”

    “Squeeze?” Valentine said after a long moment of silence. The blonde’s voice sounded a little uncertain, now. “What do you mean?”

    “I think you know,” Kris said, pressing her advantage. “And I think you’re afraid.”

    The blonde sounded angry, now. “Hardly,” she snapped. “Enlighten me,” Valentine said, echoing her words at the party.

    “I mean,” Kris said, her voice low and dangerous, “you and me, leg to leg. Squeezing our muscles together, just our legs. Until one of us can’t continue.”

    The two rivals breathed into the phone wordlessly, while the challenge hung between them. “I’ll squeeze with you, *****,” Valentine finally said. “If that’s what it takes to show you my legs are best.”

    “Perfect,” Kris said. “I hope those legs of yours aren’t just for show, *****.”

    “Don’t you worry, ****, there’s more than enough muscle in them to make you scream.”

    “Oh, we’ll both scream, blonde,” Kris hissed into the phone. “The difference is, your screams will be louder, and much more painful.”

    “You don’t scare me, Kris,” Valentine hissed in reply. “You don’t scare me, AT ALL. If you want to squeeze with my hot legs, then bring it.”

    “Your legs may be hot, *****, but mine are definitely hotter.”

    “Not even,” Valentine said. “When and where, *****?”

    Kris was ready for the question. “We’ll do it this Friday night. Everyone at my house is going to a party across town. I’m going to tell them I’ve come down with a cold. Come in through the front door at 9 o’clock sharp, and be ready to lock legs with me.”

    “I’ll be ready, you ****,” Valentine swore. Kris was suddenly very aware of the wetness of her panties, which felt uncomfortable and confining on her twitching ****. “I’ll see you Friday night.” The blonde hung up.

    Kris put away her textbook, and packed up. She was feeling too overheated to study, now. Besides, there were things to do to get ready for Friday. Kris had only actually ever done this one previous time herself, but Valentine didn’t know that. The brunette might be able to take advantage of the uncertainty that her rival would undoubtedly be feeling. Kris stood up, slinging her bag over her shoulder, and smiled. She had an idea…

    Valentine hung up the phone in her room, shaking with rage. Kris infuriated her, brought out every aggressive, competitive instinct the blonde possessed. “What the **** am I doing?” Valentine wondered. And yet, the image of her rival’s coolly elegant legs had been lodged stubbornly in her mind for the past three days, keeping Valentine in a near constant state of uncomfortable arousal. Valentine had never felt physically attracted to another woman before, but then again, she had never associated arousal with aggression and the urge to dominate, either.

    Valentine took the water bottle on her nightstand and sprayed a few drops of water on her face to cool off. Experimentally, she stuck the bottle in between her thighs, and gave it a nice long squeeze, the muscles in her lithe legs rippling smoothly beneath her lightly tanned skin. The blonde had never done ANYTHING like what Kris had suggested, but the idea excited her, she had to admit. And really, how much technique could there be to something like that? Valentine closed her eyes and squeezed the water bottle again, imagining her brunette rival’s gorgeous leg trapped in between her constricting thighs, and shuddered slightly.

    “I am going to hurt you, Kris,” she hissed softly. “I am going to hurt you sooo bad.”

    Friday morning. Valentine was sitting at the breakfast table chewing on a piece of dry toast, and trying to fight off the butterflies she had about what she was about to do that night. The blonde had slept fitfully last night, but she felt strong, and more excited than she could ever remember feeling.

    “You’re up early,” Megan noted groggily, shuffling up to the breakfast table in her slippers. The redhead poured herself a glass of orange juice, and flipped through the newspaper Valentine had brought in.

    “Oh yeah,” Megan said suddenly, remembering. “Something came for you yesterday in the mail, but you were out all night at the gym. Let me go get it.”

    The redhead came down a minute later with a small box in her hand. “There’s no return address,” Megan said, smiling mischievously. “Do you think it might be a bomb?”

    Valentine realized that she had been holding her breath. “If it’s a bomb, I think they would have remembered to address it to you, Megan.”

    The redhead opened her mouth in mock outrage, as Valentine took the box and excused herself to go to her room. Her roommate was a late riser, and still sleeping at this early hour. Still, Valentine was careful not to make noise as she ripped the box open with a pair of scissors. Inside was a small shopping bag from a lingerie boutique downtown that she recognized. Valentine reached inside, and drew out a black garterbelt, along with a pair of sheer, black nylon stockings. The blonde fingered the straps of the garterbelt uncertainly, having never worn one before. There seemed to be something slightly antiquated and kinky about the device, which only confirmed what Valentine had suspected about tonight: That it was going to be about sex as much as strength. Instead of feeling disquieted, however, Valentine felt even more excitement at the thought.

    The blonde slipped off her pajamas, and pulled on the pair of stockings. The nylon felt cool on her legs, like a second skin. Valentine fastened the clips of the garterbelt to the tops of her stockings next, snapping the straps of the garterbelt against her bare thighs a few times experimentally. She glanced at herself in the full-length mirror next to her bed, turning around to view her legs at every angle, and nodded in satisfaction. At that moment, Valentine could not imagine another girl beating those legs, not even Kris. The blonde fingered herself through the lace of her panties, glancing at her sleeping roommate a little guiltily, and groaned softly at she imagined her long, nylon-clad legs tangled around Kris’s in a fight to the finish. The perverseness of the image brought about a fresh round of butterflies in her stomach.

    The blonde put on a tight pair of red pants, and got ready for class. The garterbelt lying hidden underneath her pants felt like a secret from the rest of the world, a secret which she only shared with the one girl she hated most in the world. It was strange how much she had come to dislike Kris, when the two girls had only met once, and spoken a total of two times, now. Valentine could recall every feature of Kris’s beautiful face in her mind, however, and trace every single curve of the brunette’s exquisite legs. The hatred between the two girls was mutual, something strange and primal, an intensely physical jealousy that Valentine didn’t have any words for. She wondered if whatever happened tonight would be the end of it. Somehow, she doubted it.

    Probability theory had never seemed more irrelevant to Valentine’s life than it did this morning, as she went through the motions of attending her statistics class. All she could think about was what she was going to be doing tonight in an empty sorority house, what she would say to that dark-haired *****, the dirty things they would hiss and whisper in each other’s ears, alone in the dark. The thoughts were both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, unimaginable and liberating. Valentine had found it difficult this week to look at other attractive, unfamiliar girls her size in quite the same way. There was an added element of appraisal in her glance now, especially when the other girl happened to be wearing a shorter skirt, or skintight pants.

    The class finally ended, and Valentine shuffled her papers into her bag, filing distractedly out of class. She ignored the mass of other students driving through the hallway, when suddenly her eye caught a flash of dark, straight chestnut hair at the end of the hallway. Valentine’s heart leaped in her chest, as she advanced slowly down the hall. There, leaning against the doorway of an empty classroom, was Kris.

    The brunette was wearing a pair of black tights, and a tight white sweater stretched over her firm breasts. She smiled nastily at her rival as the blonde approached. “Hello, Valentine, did you get my little gift?”

    Valentine felt like grabbing a hold of the beautiful brunette’s chestnut locks and pulling her down to the ground, but all she could do in the crowded hallway was answer, “Yes, I did, Kris.” The blonde smoothed her tight pants over her toned thighs. “In fact,” she continued, “I’m wearing it right now.”

    “Are you really?” the brunette said, sounding impressed. The brunette seemed to be considering something for a moment, before her eyes locked with Valentine’s again. Kris gave a slight nod toward the empty classroom then, and slipped inside...

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    Re: Unfinished stories

    One of my favorite stories of all time was unfinished: the Canami Island series

    at least I have never seen a part after „second night“

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