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    The Smother Series

    The Smother Series
    Another one that I don't think I've posted here. 5 chapters completed and a few different ideas for where to go with 6, just no real time right now.

    Chapter 01 - Smother Me Once, Shame on You...

    I caught myself daydreaming the other day. I was actually thinking of a personal hygiene ad for kids and parents that had the words head, head lice sung to the tune of UB40's Red, Red Wine. Yes, it's stupid. Yes, I can't believe it entered my ADHD addled dome. Yes, considering what happened and what I was about to do again, I was happy for the distraction.

    I'm Angela. I'm a 33 year old mother of 2. I'm attractive, but not gorgeous, and have a pretty rockin mom bod if I do say so myself. I'm a natural brunette and I'm just a hair shy of 5'4". I've got my weight consistently around 125 these days. My curves are what Brett likes. I guess I would be called voluptuous with a bit of an hourglass figure. My legs and butt are still nice, thanks to soccer growing up and jogging/aerobics now. I'm not muscular but I'm not fat either.

    My real selling point is my boobs. They're pretty freaking great, especially after having kids. They bounced back once both little ones were weaned, and sit almost as high as ever. I typically wear a 32D that keeps them in check without showing more than necessary. It's a comfort thing, really. Sometimes, though, I like to get an ego boost by reminding myself how hot I can be by putting on a pushup bra and wearing a low cut top out in public. It's thrilling to see the jealous wives, girlfriends, and even waitresses. Until you've had a couple of tykes trying to wreck your body, don't you dare judge me.

    Anywho, I guess this is where I get to the damn point instead of stalling. Danielle was the daughter of one of the families in the neighborhood. She had babysat for us for years until finally going away to college last fall. She's always been a real sweetheart, unlike her bitch mother Stacy. Yeah, I know it's catty and ridiculous, but every time we saw Stacy she was falling out of her top. I finally showed off my girls around her one time and all the blonde bimbo did was glare at me jealously. I bet it killed her that I had a man who stuck around instead of having to shake my tits at everyone in hopes that I could trick one into hooking up with me.

    Like I said, Danielle was a sweetheart. She dressed like more of a real woman than her mom ever did. I'd be lying if I said I didn't notice the tight little body she was developing, but it wasn't because she was trying to show it off. It was just that good. A girl like that would be a real catch for some college guy who isn't some frat boy bro.

    When summer rolled around, and we weren't particularly satisfied with any of the new babysitters we tried, it was a relief to hear that Danielle was home for break. Brett and I picked a night in the middle of the week to grab dinner on our own, knowing that a young college girl wasn't going to want to miss the weekend parties with her old friends.

    She showed up at our door and I nearly lost it right there. It looked like she had transformed into her mother in just two semesters away. Granted, she's barely 19 and just discovering herself away from everything she knew before, but the little blonde college girl showed up in shorts that showed ass cheek and a top that exposed her belly button and scooped her big boobs right up into our faces. I made a little note to mention it to her at the end of the night and quickly got back into the mood to spend an evening with my husband.

    When we got back, it was clear that Danielle was still the perfect sitter she had always been. I told Brett to go up and check on the kids while I paid her for the night. I guess he didn't sense anything was amiss and went right on up like I told him to. Having Danielle to myself, I simply asked her if she could dress more appropriately when she's at our house. It wasn't anything personal, and I thought I said it as reasonably as I could, but her response is one that I couldn't believe.

    "Don't tell me how to dress. I'm an adult and I'll wear whatever I want to. I've seen you leave here plenty of times with barely more on than I'm wearing right now. Unless you're afraid Mr. Richardson will be thinking about me all night then you've got nothing to worry about."

    I don't know what came over me, but I definitely started to threaten the little tart before she flat out challenged me to titfight her. I guess she knew that her mom backed down when I put my boobs out there to shut hers down, and Danielle wanted to restore some family pride. Before I knew it, I was over at her house while Stacy was gone, titfighting this college girl who had been in our house dozens of times. I underestimated just how firm she would be at her age and, before I knew it I was getting smothered unconscious by her fat tities.

    That's what led to this afternoon. Brett has the kids for the afternoon, undoubtedly filling them with enough sugar to keep every candy company on the planet in business for another 15 years. I, on the other hand, am standing in Danielle's room again, wearing nothing but a matching thong and bra that makes my already big boobs look enormous. She got me the first time, but that's because I was flustered and didn't realize just how much she had grown up. That's not happening again.

    Danielle's probably an inch taller than me and I would guess her boobs are a good 34C and still growing. They've got that youthful firmness that comes with still growing breasts stretching their encasing flesh to its limit. I've got bigger, longer nipples then she does, and I'm going to use them this time. She's got the firmness advantage over my tits, but I've got the size and I'm pretty sure the rest of my body is stronger than hers. I've definitely got better legs and a better butt.

    I'm not even listening to her taunts now. She's not very good at trash talk anyways. Typical college girl BS that doesn't even phase me now. I'm staying out of it because this isn't about that kind of thing. I just want her to know her place and put some clothes on around my kids, and this is the only way I can think of to do it. I won't make the mistakes I did last time and I think I'm going to enjoy setting things straight between us. Who knows, maybe after this I'll smash that bitch mom of hers like I've been wanting to do for years.

    There it goes. She's gotten rid of her teeny top and those gorgeous young boobs are staring at me again. I match the move, grinning because I didn't jiggle much, and decide I want to send her a message. Both hands go to the back of my head, causing my boobs to lift up on my chest, and I'm doing a little dance with them by using my shoulder muscles to lift one at a time. She's acting like she's not impressed, but her eyes give her away. She knows she got lucky last time and I'm going to even the score.

    I let her control the last fight. She took the initiative from the very beginning and I never got into the fight before it was over. She flattened me out pretty bad and then pinned me down while smothering me. I have no problem returning the favor.


    I'm so far inside my own head I didn't even see her make her move until it was too late. She took two quick steps and plowed those things right into mine, nearly knocking me on my ass. She started to crack a smile, happy with her quick start, when I put an end to that by firing back with my own boob bump that knocked the teen back a few steps.

    That hint of confusion on her face is priceless. She thought she was going to walk all over me again, but one good response was all it took for me to disavow her of that silliness. That's the opening I needed, and another big slam from the front has her backing up again. I grab her arms to hold her in place, and a third shot has the teen's knees buckling from the pain. Her eyes look hurt, scared, and really pissed off.


    My right tit just slapped me in my face. Danielle shoved her boobs into the bottom of mine so hard that they flew up to my face. My girls didn't even stop shaking and she slammed me again from the bottom, sending them flying one more time. As soon as I registered that, my left tit felt like it exploded as hers came flying in from the side and slapped it full force.

    The brat is so quick I'm struggling to match her pace. It's great to see how much damage I do with every hit by my tits, but she's just got too much energy. I need to find a way to slow her down for a moment and let my size do the work for me. I feel her bed hit the back of my legs and just as she lurches forward again, I turn to the side and pull her down onto the bed. She barely rolls over in time to see my body slamming down onto hers, my tits crushing hers while I knock the wind out of our babysitter.

    "It's over for you now."

    It registers with me that my voice still doesn't have any real venom in it. I'm grinding away at Danielle's boobs, with my body holding hers down, but even now it's just a matter of principle to me. I don't know if she'll be willing to be our sitter again after this, but a line had to be drawn. I can't help but smile as I see the young blonde bite her lip as my big tits drag hers around in circles while I grind down on them.

    I'm making good progress now. Her breasts are softening under mine, and I can see the look in her eyes that says she realizes what's happening to her. I bet she never thought there was a chance that some neighborhood wife would have the goods and the attitude to beat her big, strong tits. I wonder why she winked at me?

    "Dammit, no!"

    Danielle grabbed me in a hug and rolled my body over so that she's on top. Before I can react she's got both of my arms pinned down with her hands, her pelvis is right above mine, and she drops those firm young boobs right into my rack. I know my eyes go wide as she pushes up just to drop another bomb down on me. There's a look of pure, feral glee in the blonde's eyes as she does it a third time.

    She's got me straddled, with my arms immobilized, and is able to ride me anytime I try to buck free. I can't let this happen again. My boobs are better than hers. There's no way I should be losing to someone who hasn't even finished growing into her body yet. I've got to figure out a way to get out of this quickly.



    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Okay, okay, I give."

    I can't stop the tears from running down my face. Danielle stays sitting on my lap and pulls me up into a seated position with my face even with her tits. They're red, definitely not as firm, but otherwise don't look too bad. I can't believe that's what I'm thinking right now, but it's the only thing on my mind.

    "I can't believe my mom was scared to challenge your tits. Hers put up a much better fight than yours do. All that time she could have kept being herself and she let some snobby brunette intimidate her. I can't wait to tell her I beat you again. Maybe she'll finally have the courage to whip your tits like she should have done years ago."

    I want to come up with some kind of response, but I feel my legs being grapevined as Danielle pushes her big tits in my face again and forces me down on my back. I'm not sure if she's telling the truth about Stacy's boobs putting up a better fight, but I'll take my chances if the slut wants to find out. I'll have to think about it later though, right now it's all I can do to stay conscious.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 02 - The Mamas with the Tatas

    Sitting in his den, mouth agape, the handsome guy stroked his manhood moments after clicking on the email attachment. What he saw caused his zipper to pull itself down and his right hand to take hold of his rapidly hardening penis. Stroking started almost immediately as the video began and he saw the two gorgeous MILFs standing there topless. A few moments in, he realized that he was going to have to crank one out and then start over and try to get through the entire thing. A tissue died a hero, consuming a load that threatened its structural integrity, before finding its place in the trash can beside his desk.

    He could hear most of what they were saying. It occurred to him that someone was in the bedroom filming things, and he was jealous of them for sure. That was soon forgotten as the blonde and brunette trash talked like sailors on shore leave. The blonde was a little less busty overall, but looked to be even in firmness and density. She looked like she was slightly more fit than the brunette, who was a little more shapely than her opponent. He lightly stroked himself, already back to semi-hardness, as the battle started in earnest.

    "You've had this coming for years, you smug bitch!"

    "I'm going to flatten your little boobs and feed them to you skank!"

    "Oh yeah, when I'm done beating your fat tits to mush, I'm going to smother you out, then fuck you with my strapon and send the video to your husband."

    "Fuck you. When I deflate your funbags, I'm going to be the one doing the smothering. Then you're going to eat my snatch until I cum all over your face and I'm going to send that video to my husband from your email."

    "Want to up the stakes even farther cow? If you get lucky, you can drag me back to your house and use me as your sex slave for the night. If I win, I go home with you and you watch while I give your man a blowjob, a titfuck, and the best fuck of his life and see if he's willing to stay with your loser ass afterwards."

    "You're on."

    With that, the two beauties slammed into each other tits first. The grunts mixed together as they began slamming together vigorously. The brunette's bigger boobs were doing more damage with each slam they connected with. The blonde was fitter, and quicker, allowing her to land more slams overall to even out the effect.

    The first few minutes continued that way. The brunette landing the more powerful blows and the blonde landing the greater volume. It impressed the viewer to see the blonde having the athletic advantage, given that he knew she was nearly 10 years older than the brunette. The sheen of sweat that already covered each woman only increased the sexiness of the breast battle at hand. He knew who he wanted to see win, but he wasn't sure if that would be the eventual outcome.

    The first real advantage in the fight happened when the brunette bullied the blonde back against a wall and then held her there while leaning in and grinding their large breasts together. The muscles beginning to stand out on the back and shoulders of the brunette were just as sexy as the anguished expression on the blonde's face. Curiously, the trash talk that began the fight was gone as it appeared each fighter was putting their entire focus into their contest.

    The brunette's tits were doing serious damage, but she was also slowing down, and the blonde's face showed less and less irritation. Sensing her opponent slowing down, the older but fitter milf was able to switch positions and pin the other woman to the wall. With that accomplished, she went to work firing one slam after another from close range, peppering the bigger boobs with shots. Seeing the brunette's eyes close for a brief second, the blond switched tactics and starting swinging her breasts across the other pair, side to side.

    The effect was immediate, slamming the bigger boobs into each other and then dragging her mass and her nipples across them as they were squished together. Hearing the grunts turn to moans and yips, the blonde focused on the brunette's right boob. She was rewarded with the first real wail of the night, as the other mom couldn't handle the pain her right tit was taking and pulled her arms free to cover it up.

    "Are you giving up bitch?" Getting no response the blonde followed up, "I said, are you done bitch or do you want me to peel your arms off your weak tits and finish destroying them."

    The glare in the brunette's eyes was enough to say that she wasn't done. The blonde, true to her words, grabbed her arms to pull them away from her injured chest, only to have the brunette grab her in a bearhug and begin squeezing. Even in such tight confines, it was obvious to the man watching the video that the brunette was emphasizing pressing in with her left tit which signaled just how damaged the right one was.

    Even so, it was impressive to watch the brunette milf lift her opponent off the ground and cinch up even tighter on the bearhug. Tears were running down her face as she applied the move, but her strength showed when the blonde's head snapped back with a garbled scream and tears appeared in her eyes as well. The younger, stronger milf began shaking her blonde foe from side to side, ragdolling the other woman.

    Seeing the bed off to the side, the brunette slung her opponent onto it and leapt towards the blonde in an attempt to boob bomb her and likely end the fight. Instead, the blonde's quickness came into play again and she rolled out of the way at the last second and bounced back to her feet. Instead of pressing the advantage, she stepped back while the brunette cursed the missed move and stood up to face off with her opponent again.

    The blonde surprised the man watching the video, and by the expression on her face the brunette as well, by raising her arms for a test of strength. As the stronger woman obliged, the blonde used her quickness to start swinging her boobs again, hoping to slap the brunette's rack into submission. It was clear her aim was the right boob that she had worked over earlier. It was also clear that the brunette was content with landing fewer, but harder, shots with both of her tits trying to plow straight through the smaller chested woman.

    Squeals escaped lips involuntarily. One moment it looked like the blonde's plan had worked as she started raining shots on the brunette's battered right breast. The next moment it looked like the strategy had backfired as the brunette's bigger boobs engulfed more and more of the smaller pair with a direct hit. The tide swung back and forth, both pairs of boobs showing obvious signs of softening and bruising, making the man wonder just how much longer things could last.

    His answer came quickly, and decisively, as one woman ripped her hands free and clutched her beaten chest. The other peeled those arms apart, and began assaulting them with renewed vigor, taunting the loser with each blow.

    "Where are your big, tough tits now bitch?"


    "I thought you were going to fuck me up."


    "Who's the better woman?"


    "I can't wait to see the look on his face when he see whose tits are better."


    "I knew it. I never should have doubted my girls against your fat bags. Let me hear you say it bitch!"

    "I give. Please stop hurting my tits."

    The winner shoved the loser down on the bed and covered her face with the winning boobs. It didn't take long for the loser to stop kicking, her breathing becoming shallow and labored, causing the winner to stand up with a glow as she walked over to her purse and pulled out a monster strapon.

    Grabbing the still unconscious woman by the hair, the winner smacked her face until she awoke, smiling broadly while taunting the other woman about how she wanted her awake for this. With that established, the winner flipped the loser over onto her stomach, pulled her hips up, and entered her doggy style with one hand gripping the loser's hair. Despite the circumstances, or maybe because of them, the loser's hips began thrusting in time with the fake cock, leading to another barrage of insults from the winner about what a whore she was. Riding the loser all the way through an orgasm, the winner confidently hopped off the bed and faced the camera with the still shiny dong strapped around her waist.

    "See you soon Brett. I just beat your wife's weak tits and now you're going to have the night of your life with a real woman."

    Brett stopped the video and saved it to his cloud account that he was positive Angela knew nothing about. He wasn't sure he would actually fuck Stacy, even though his wife had agreed to it, but he was certain that he would at least get that blowjob and titfuck. After that, who knows?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 03 - Smother Fucker

    Angela watched her husband Brett's eyes involuntarily close and his head go back as he moaned his approval. His hands then were guided to the boobs of Stacy, the older blonde mom who had just beaten Angela in a titfight, smothered her unconscious, and fucked her doggy style with a huge strapon. It barely took a minute before he gushed into her warm, inviting mouth, the blonde choosing to spit the load onto the brunette's face.

    Stacy allowed the brunette to towel off, then immediately pressed her winning tits into the losing pair, causing Angela's to splash out to the sides as they made way. Seeing the look of pure lust on her rival's husband's face, and the beginning of arousal from his manhood again, the emboldened blonde upped her game another level.

    "Brett, stud, I bet you love titty fucking your wife, don't you?" His involuntary nod of agreement spurred her on further. "If you like that, just imagine how much better it's going to be when it's my tits wrapped around your cock. You're never going to want to fuck her weak ones again."

    As his manhood again reached full erection, Stacy quickly discarded his wife, pushed him into a seated position at the end of the bed, and knelt before him with her fantastic tits wrapping his dick inside a valley of flesh. Taunting Angela seemed to be turning him on even more, so she laid the trashtalk on thick and got him to blow his load again in just a few minutes, this time on her beautiful tits.

    Enjoying her victory more and more by the minute, Stacy walked over to a lightly sobbing Angela and smothered her between her cum soaked boobs. The blonde tormented the losing woman, not sealing the smother in tight enough to knock her out again, but instead focusing on using it to spread Brett's semin all over her face a second time.

    Allowing the couple a decent amount of time to recover, Stacy finally decided it was time to claim the final part of her stakes. Brett was conflicted after the video, being unsure if he would fuck the winner, but there was no way he was going to pass up this chance. Stacy started off by instructing him to lay down on the bed, before performing a little dance for him, showing off her firm, shapely ass and spreading her labia to expose a large, engorged clit that shined with anticipation.

    The winner grabbed the loser by a nipple, forcing the wife to sit in a chair facing the bed from the side before climbing on top of her husband and mounting him. Again she laid into the losing titfighter, telling Brett he should dump his wife and get with someone who was woman enough to satisfy him. Angela looked on in horror as her husband eagerly thrust into the blonde from underneath, grabbing her ass to keep her positioned perfectly above him. Angela also began to worry about Brett staying with her, realizing that Stacy's body was better than hers and she was pretty clearly a better fuck.

    A dual climax was enough for the blonde. She rolled off the hunky man and basked in the afterglow of her orgasm for just a few minutes. Apparently satisfied, she went back to taunting the brunette about losing to both her and her daughter, shoving her tits into the yielding pair one more time, and threatening to do much more if Angela ever dared to challenge her again. A quick cleanup in the bathroom was all that was needed before the blonde left Angela and Brett behind, positively gliding out the door.


    For weeks after being defeated and humiliated by the woman she had always felt so superior to, Angela was distant and reserved. Brett worried about permanent damage being done to her psyche. She was able to put on a good front for the kids, but he saw someone that was cold and scared. He asked several times before finally getting her to agree to a night out for a nice dinner.

    Despite all that had gone on, Brett convinced his wife to hire Danielle as babysitter again for the evening. He knew she would do a good job, but he underestimated how much like her mother she could be. Angela was in a red strapless dress that hinted at her still spectacular cleavage while Brett looked every bit the successful entrepreneur he was. Danielle showed up wearing next to nothing, easily her most daring ensemble yet, and stepped purposefully into a tit to tit standoff with the brunette milf.

    "I think we should go at it one more time. Now that Brett knows what my mom can do, you know he's wondering how much better I am. My titties beat hers and yours easy, and the rest of my body could do the same. Even if you refuse, he knows I'm willing now and that's all he's going to fantasize about."

    With that, she pushed past Angela and into the living room and announcing her arrival to the kids that loved her as a babysitter. Brett could see the look of shock and horror on Angela's face and had to do his best to quietly convince her to ignore what had happened and go ahead with their plans for the night. Ushering her out the door, it took another 15+ minutes of encouraging her in the car to get her to go out, putting them behind on their reservation.

    Traffic didn't help, with a minor accident causing a major slowdown on the freeway. Realizing they were going to be at least 20 minutes late, he called from the car to see how long they could hold the reservation. The Maitre 'D informed them that things were booked full and they could only hold a reservation for 30 minutes before they would have to change their table and possibly not be able to accommodate them.

    Brett said he understood and hung up, determined to give his wife the night he had promised. A few more minutes and finally things started to go their way as traffic began moving normally again. The couple parked and hurried to the front door, knowing they had only moments before potentially losing their reservation. It felt like they were going to make it as Brett got to the door and pushed it open for Angela to step through.

    Angela, for her part, had every intention of doing just that. The problem was the other couple. Neither Brett nor Angela had seen the redhead and her husband also hustling to the front door from the other side of the parking lot. As soon as Brett opened the door, the redhead stepped purposely toward the opening, colliding chest first with a brunette she hadn't even seen. Both women squealed in surprise, and sharp pain, at the unexpected compression.

    Seeing them square off, both husbands quickly got a hold of their wives and walked inside with the women separated. Unfortunately, the moments spent dealing with that momentary sidetrack were enough for both reservations to be lost. Fortunately, there were still two tables open. The problem was the disparity in location.

    The Maitre 'D explained that one was a prime seating location with a view of the lake while the other was tucked in a dark corner by the kitchen. Which couple would get which table he was unsure of, as both had booked similar locations. That was when the redhead cleared her throat and stepped forward to the man who held each couple's fate in his hands, and leaned forward.

    Her modest green dress fell away from her skin, exposing a creamy canyon of cleavage to the restaurant host, whose eyes washed over with desire at the site in front of him.

    "I think you know who gets the better table."


    Angela was fuming as she sat with her husband, just inches from the door to the kitchen with waiters and bus staff regularly passing by. Brett tried to calm her, but was mostly unconvincing as he was clearly angered by the situation and flustered by the whole evening. Those feelings, however, began to drift away with good wine and food, and the best conversation the couple had experienced in weeks.

    As Brett asked for the check, his gorgeous wife excused herself to use the restroom before heading home. As she walked in, she quickly noted that only one other woman was in there, and of course it was the redhead. Seeing that the other woman hadn't recognized her yet, Angela brought their chests together for the second time that evening, butting the other woman and sending the redhead back a few steps into the cold, bathroom wall.

    The busty brunette milf cracked a cocky smile, seeing the shock and pain in the eyes of the bitch who stole her table and nearly ruined her night. The smiled disappeared quickly though, as the other woman launched herself off the wall, slamming her tits into Angela's and knocking the brunette flat on her ass in the middle of the floor. Looming menacingly above her, the redhead addressed Angela:

    "Stay down slut, I'm way out of your league. My tits squashed yours at the front door. My tits got the better table over yours. My tits took a cheapshot from yours and knocked you on your ass. We both know how this is going to end if you don't accept your place."

    With that said, the redhead reached into her handbag and pulled out a business card. Dropping it on the brunette, she told Angela that they were in the penthouse suite at the Marriott if she was still stupid enough to think she had a chance. The redhead was out the door before Angela had gotten back to her feet, and the brunette spent a few moments getting her faculties about her before returning to Brett's side to leave.


    "Call Danielle and see if she can stay a little bit later tonight. Tell her we'll pay double her hourly rate for each hour we're late."

    Brett looked sideways at his wife, trying to comprehend what she had just said. They had just gotten in their car, and hadn't even pulled out of their parking spot at the restaurant, when she made the statement. He stared for a minute, trying to figure out what was going on, before she continued.

    "I went to the bathroom and that redheaded bitch was in there. We had a little discussion with our tits that needs to be finished. They're in the penthouse suite at the Marriott and that's where we're going to go so you can see me flatten her fat boobs and make her beg me to stop before I smother her out."

    Brett knew he should be concerned about her. He should worry about how she would react if she got into a tough spot, and especially what it would do to her if she lost again. He knew he should find a way to both boost her ego and talk her out of this without her realizing that his first thought was about her losing again like it was a foregone conclusion.

    He knew those things but he wasn't going to miss this opportunity. A phone call to Danielle confirmed that she could stay and she didn't even ask why at the offer of twice her regular pay. A quick drive to the Marriott confirmed that the man on the business card, a Reginald Boudoin, was indeed staying in the penthouse suite. The skeptical desk clerk showed the new couple to the private penthouse elevator when the guests confirmed that they had invited Brett and Angela from the restaurant to join them for a night cap.

    The couple couldn't have been more different in their ride to the top floor. Brett's palms were sweating. He was trying not to hyperventilate as he examined his wife's form and tried to compare it to that of the redhead whom he has seen for a total of maybe five minutes a few hours earlier. Angela, on the other hand, had her jaw set like stone with a glare that could melt a glacier. Her breathing was normal, her impressive bust rising and falling slightly as if nothing special was about to happen.

    The ding signaling their arrival on the top floor was followed by the elevator doors opening to reveal the barely noticed husband from earlier in the evening with no wife in sight. He unashamedly soaked in the sight of the brunette before him, his eyes giving her a thorough going over before returning to her shapely breasts with a broad grin adorning his face.

    "Genevieve is waiting inside to discuss the stakes for the loser. I promise she won't hurt you too badly, but she will crush your spirit and take your dignity after she adds your bra to her trophy case."

    Brett felt the anger flare up inside himself, wanting to punch the pretentious asshole in his face, but noted that Angela again seemed unfazed. His wife's beautiful ass swayed purposefully in her dress as she followed Reginald into the suite. He looked up in time to notice the furniture in the living room of the suite had been removed, save for loveseats on opposite walls. The one on the far wall contained the redhead, sitting with her strong looking legs crossed, her nails lightly tapping the rim of a nearly empty wine glass.


    Following their hosts' instructions to sit on the loveseat by the near wall, Brett and Angela waited only a moment before Genevieve spoke up.

    "Tit to tit, nothing else. We go at it until one gives up. Winner keeps the loser's bra. Winner and her husband have their way with the loser and her husband for 30 minutes of sexual humiliation. Any questions?"

    "Winner smother's the loser unconscious before the humiliation."

    "Oh, I like that. You're so jealous of my tits that you want them in your face after I crush yours."

    "Fuck you."

    With the rules and stakes settled, the redhead stood up followed immediately by the brunette. Remaining on opposite sides of the room, both women had their husband's unzip their dresses and help them take them off while slipping off their shoes. Angela's black lace bra and thong contrasted well with Genevieve's sky blue set.

    While still encased in their bras so that neither couple could be sure of the firmness and density of the other pair of tits, everyone in the room could tell that the redhead had the bigger rack. Reginald got a sly grin on his face as he groped his wife's big globes from behind, whispering something in her ear that made both of them laugh. He then unclasped the front of the redhead's bra and lifted her boobs up before letting the two milky jugs slap against her chest with an intimidating slap.

    Any hopes that Brett and Angela had about their firmness not being impressive were dashed by how well they sat on Genevieve's chest. While not exactly perky, the hang was minimal for tits that size and they looked as dense and full as they could possibly be. Brett mentally kicked himself for being so enchanted by the other woman's tits that he didn't mimic her husband's actions and Angela was left to reveal her own glorious rack by herself. She did, however, establish quickly that she was definitely perkier up top, her D cups defying gravity as she shimmied them to prove their natural origin.

    Angela took the lead, placing her hands behind her head to force her tits even higher on her chest. She then upped the ante, hoping to intimidate the bigger titted woman, by raising each boob independently to show off the impressive strength in her chest muscles. That hope was quickly dashed as the redhead mimicked the move, showing nearly the same control and strength with her larger bust.

    Seeing the brunette taken aback, the redhead began closing the space between them as she strode purposefully across the floor. Brett saw his wife respond slowly, coming together with her opponent only a few feet away from the two seater on their side of the room. Even more intriguing to him was the nature of the first contact. Both women had kept their hands behind their heads, causing their tits to be lifted high and stretched taut as they came together. There was no slap, no slam or bump, and not even really a grind. The two women seemed content to push their chests together to see where they stood before enjoining the real battle.

    "Where did your little boobs go bitch?"

    "They're punching a hole through your soft, fat pillows right now."

    "Don't kid yourself. We both know that my tits have owned yours every time they've touched tonight and right now they're engulfing your weak little boobies."

    "Keep up the talk whore, we both know my tits are forcing yours to mold around them because they're so much firmer than your cow tits."

    "I knocked you into the front door. I knocked you on your ass in the bathroom. And now I'm going to knock you all over this room before I flatten your little boobs, take your bra, smother your ugly face, and dominate you and your hubby for half an hour."

    Before Angela could respond, Genevieve backed to the center of the room. The redhead dropped her arms to her side, shaking out her shoulders, before giving her tits a shimmy and winking at Brett. Angela did likewise, stepping forward to just a foot away from the redhead. The women nodded at one another and clashed together, tit to tit, like two bucks dueling for control of the herd.

    The husbands saw and heard what the women felt. One man's face was immediately a radiant smile while the other's was a downtrodden mask of concern. The women both grunted like animals before the first contact, but their reaction was wildly different. One was silently confident while the other yelped in agony as her tits couldn't handle the straight on blow and she stumbled back a few steps.

    The scene played itself out several more times in rapid succession as one husband barely avoided having his wife land in his lap as the other woman drove her across the room and knocked her onto the loveseat. The moment ass hit leather the dominating woman straddled the other one, wrapped her arms around the squealing woman's head, and pulled her face into a breast smother for just a few seconds before kissing the other husband on the cheek and retreating to the middle of the room with a glow on her face.

    Brett looked at Angela, her tits already reddened and her face flushed with tears starting to form in her eyes, and wondered if he should stop it right now. His thoughts were momentarily stifled as his wife immediately popped up off the sofa and went right back at the redhead. A couple of minutes later, he was again conflicted as Genevieve had once again battered Angela back to the couch, knocked her down, and then grabbed her hair and pulled his wife's face into the redhead's panty covered crotch before backing off again as she brimmed with confidence.


    That was all that Brett needed to hear to realize that his wife was going to see this through no matter the result. The next thing that happened was the most shocking part of an already extraordinary night. He watched as Angela stepped back from the redhead's chest butt, wrapped the bigger titted woman up with a bearhug that placed her D cups straight into the undersides of the other tits, and used the redheads lack of balance to back her up to her own couch and slam the other woman down with all of Angela's bodyweight added to the blow.

    The guttural groan from Genevieve was short lived as Angela returned the favor with a quick breast smother and a peck on the cheek for Reginald. The redhead got up with a look of fury but didn't charge back in right away. Instead, she realized that her opponent had some experience and wasn't going to let her just flatten the smaller tits with her huge wrecking balls.

    With both fighters wary of what the other could do, they began a tactical battle of titboxing. Genevieve was bigger, and her tits hung a bit looser, which should have given her an advantage in swinging tits against Angela. The problem was that Angela's technique was much better. Brett had the serious thought that the redhead had been able to bully so many tits that she probably hadn't needed to learn how to do anything other than bang them straight on. He had seen his wife in this kind of battle with Stacy, who dominated Angela at it, but it was still something she had done before and he wasn't sure if Genevieve had.

    Brett loved his wife's ass. He thought it was one of the best he had ever seen, even though he was keenly aware that the blonde mom and daughter that had squashed her tits also had noticeably better backsides. So, in the middle of a tit war between Angela and a big boobed redheaded stranger, he felt the anticipation rise as he finally got a chance to see the thong encased ass of the other woman as the fighter's moved around.

    He was not disappointed. The skimpy sky blue lace thong had lodged itself almost completely out of sight between the two shapely white cheeks of the busty redhead. Much like the tits on the two women, the asses were different and he felt it would be down to a matter of preference which one a person found more attractive. He honestly prefered that of Angela, much like he did her slightly smaller but firmer tits, but wouldn't turn down a chance to ravage Genevieve's body if his wife somehow won the ongoing titfight.

    A squeal brought him out of his deep thought about the asses of the women in front of him. He snapped back to attention as he watched his wife land on the opposite loveseat and get another, slightly longer, breast smother before Reginald unashamedly copped a feel of her tits as she began to get up again. He was going to say something in protest but was cut off by his wife's voice.

    "See that bitch. Even your husband knows which tits are better. Just because you can use your girth to push me around a bit, that doesn't mean anything. He can see how my firmer, stronger rack is puncturing yours. I'm going to deflate your blimps like the Hindenburg and Reginald is going to cream himself when I do it."

    Brett watched his wife's plan to enrage the other woman work. At first it seemed like it had no effect, but the redhead laughed an obviously fake laugh and charged at Angela. The brunette moved, allowing the redhead's momentum to carry her into the sofa tits first. As she turned over and began to get up, Angela was right there to slam her tits into Genevieve's and knock the redhead back down. The other wife went to get up again, only to meet the same fate.

    Frustrated at her inability to get back to a standing position, the bigger busted wife grabbed Angela's arms and pulled her down to the loveseat in a loose bearhug. Reginald scrambled to his feet, making sure to not interfere in this more intense part of the fight. Brett crossed the room to stand near the other husband and watch as the wives were now on the couch grinding away in a much more confined space.

    Genevieve was content to try and simply slam forward and grind with her bigger tits while Angela was clearly looking for angles to strike from. Their mature bodies were now glistening in the soft light of the room. Breasts reddened and noticeably softer than when they began. The sounds of pain and exertion becoming quieter yet more sustained and indistinguishable.

    Finally, the pace slowed. Each wife seemingly resigned to the reality that one pair of tits would grind through the other enough to break it, the tactics simply became a battle of wills as they each pressed forward. Insults were whispered breathlessly as each woman tried to convince the other it was over.

    The husbands stole glances at one another, each wondering if it would be okay to grab their raging hardon and satisfy themselves as they watched but neither willing to do it. Each internally understanding how lucky they were that the mother's of their children had maintained such fabulous bodies and were willing to battle on such an intimate level.

    Brett knew, no matter the result, he was going to lavish praise on Angela and beg her to do this again sometime. Reginald was unsure what to think as he was as confident in Genevieve's tits as she was and the early part of the fight had convinced him that she was going to beat the brunette and he was going to enjoy being on the winning side of the humiliation once again. The men stopped thinking about anything else as they heard the end nearing.






    "Fuck yes!"

    "Oh shit, you're breaking my tits apart."

    "That's not all I'm going to break apart tonight. Give up before I do permanent damage."

    "I give. I give up. Your tits are better than mine, please let me go."


    With that submission, the winner moved her victorious tits from the opposing pair to the face of the loser. She positively beamed through the pain in her chest as she watched the horrified face of the other woman as oxygen was cut off from her. Wanting to add to the humiliation already, she never broke eye contact as she said, "Honey, bring me her bra. I want her to see the first thing I take from her tonight before my boobs put her to sleep."

    Brett did as he was told, equal parts giddy and awestruck as his wife smothered the bigger titted redhead against the back of the loveseat with her own big breasts. As the redhead laid there, knocked out from Angela's perfectly applied smother, Brett helped his wife put the sky blue bra on over her swollen rack. Normally it would have been loose on her, but the battle had left her D cups puffed up to the point that they overflowed the bigger bra, leaving both husband and wife beaming as they plotted their humiliation while they waited for the loser to wake up.


    Brett laughed with his wife every time he mentioned it. Their sex was all about her win and especially the things they did afterwards. The horrified look on Reginald's face as Genevieve spit Brett's cum onto his face after getting facefucked by the winner's husband. The low wail that escaped the redhead's mouth as Angela reamed her asshole with a huge strapon while simultaneously pulling the big, beaten boobs as far as they would go. The look of shame on Reginald's face when he heard his wife agree that Brett was the better man as he ate the redhead's pussy with his abnormally long tongue.

    It was all amazing. The couple worried about waking the kids a few times as they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Even moreso, they often had to steal away in public to grope each other when they saw another busty woman and told each other what they would do to her after Angela flattened her tits. While the blonde mom and daughter duo had one up on his wife, Brett didn't care and Angela was less bothered by it every day. One thing they both knew for sure was that they absolutely had to find another woman who was willing to put her tits on the line against the brunette milf.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 04 - Total Eclipse

    Brett was a bit of a science geek. In addition to his entrepreneurial and inventive streak, he was fascinated by everything related to space. In another life he could have been Elon Musk. Instead, he was Brett Richardson with his beautiful wife Angela and their two wonderful children. So, when a total eclipse was going to happen, he was definitely going to get a prime view of it.

    That's what led him to Carbondale, Illinois and Giant City State Park. NASA had determined that the location would experience the longest total eclipse time in the country, a full 2 minutes and 40 seconds. The park had a few cabins for rent and his business connections afforded him a chance to lock one down more than a year in advance. The park would be overrun with visitors going to the free viewing locations, but he didn't have to worry as his family of four would be safely tucked away as they enjoyed the experience.

    His kids were supposed to be in school that day. Not only were they not going to be there, but Brett loudly and proudly insulted the troglodytes on the school board who refused to even hear an argument for closure. He wanted them to experience this event, the next of which wouldn't cover the US until 2079, and thankfully their teachers were more than understanding of his viewpoint. It meant a little extra work while they travelled, but they were excited to not have to go just like most their age.

    Satisfied with their choice, the family made their way to the only real attractions in the city the day before the eclipse. First, Southern Illinois University where Brett and Angela carefully matched her up against several of the coeds and even a few of faculty. The university was nice, with a student body over 17,000 strong which rivaled the city of 26,000 when school was in session.

    With that done, they moved on to the university mall to see about a quick dinner and maybe a souvenir or two before the big day. What they found was the typical small town mall, with newer stores across the street, littered with every retail chain store and restaurant you could find anywhere else. They settled for a couple of knick knacks from the Science Center store and decided to try the S&B's Burger Joint as it was the only one outside of Oklahoma and they didn't know if they would ever see one again.

    The burgers and fries were good with the parents and kids getting their fill. Brett excused himself to the restroom while Angela stayed with the kids. As he finished and walked out, he was surprised to see his wife standing there facing the door to the women's restroom waiting for it to be free. He tapped her on the shoulder to ask her why she left the kids at the table when she turned around and he realized his mistake. Obviously, this wasn't Angela, but she looked identical from behind and appeared to potentially be in the same league from the front.

    It was a bit eerie at first. The brunette looked to have a nearly identical build. She was pretty, though Brett quickly told himself not as pretty as Angela, with sharper features that made her face appear angry at all times. You know, that thing they call 'resting bitch face.' She was clearly impatient with the man who was staring dumbly at her and finally ran out of patience.

    "What do you want?"

    "I'm sorry, I thought you were my wife."

    "I don't think so, loser. Maybe try to work on your confidence and pickup lines next time before you hit on a married woman."

    Brett quickly looked at her hand to see there was indeed an engagement diamond and wedding band. He made a quick mental pivot and kept the unexpected conversation going.

    "I'm sorry, I honestly did make a mistake. My wife is over there with our two children. You look enough like her that I was concerned that she had left the kids at the table alone while we were both by the bathrooms. If I had seen you from the front first, I wouldn't have made the mistake. Angela has a prettier face and bigger boobs than you."

    He concealed his smile as he saw the realization of the insult settle in on the other woman. She almost had a snarl on her face as he turned and went back to the table with his family. A quick look over his shoulder revealed that the other brunette was still glaring at him, suddenly aware that he wasn't lying about being there with his wife and children. She also noticed a similarly dressed brunette at the table, and subconsciously pushed her boobs out when the man whispered something to his wife and pointed to her, the wife pushing her boobs out at the table and whispering back to her husband before each laughed.


    Amy and Brian loved their small town life. It was a couple of hours to St. Louis, Louisville, or Nashville when the mood struck them, and daily trains ran to Chicago as well. Both were from Carbondale originally. Both were also Salukis, alum from SIU, and both had successful careers in their own right. Married life had suited them well, and now they were into their early 30s with two wonderful children and a fully paid for house. They weren't exactly wealthy, but they were financially free with plenty in the bank.

    Brian was a handsome man, and every bit the husband and father that most businessmen wished they could be. He had landed Amy in large part because he was the only would that could satisfy her voracious sexual appetite and was completely willing to engage in her fantasies.

    Amy was also willing to participate in his fantasies. She was a well shaped woman, about 5'3.5" and a curvy 120-125 pounds. Her legs were strong, her ass sublime, and most importantly to Brian, her tits firm and high even after raising two little ones. Her bra was a 32D most days, allowing comfort while not downplaying just how great her figure was. Brian was a tit man and a titfight was his biggest fantasy.

    Unfortunately for him, a place like Carbondale provided few who could potentially match up with Amy even with a good sized university. A few women had agreed to do it, but they had all either chickened out before things even started or put up so little fight that they were blubbering their surrender within minutes as they tucked their tits back in their tops and ran away.

    Amy had fully bought into his fantasy, buoyed by her dominance and intimidation of the few women willing to even discuss the idea of facing her. It had become a source of pride, and her ego had taken a hit when some random guy at S&B's claimed that her boobs were part of why he wouldn't have made the mistake because his wife's were bigger. The snickering between the couple as they blatantly talked about her sent her into a slow simmer.

    "Did you fall in?"


    "You were gone forever, what took you so long?"

    "Kids, me and daddy need to talk about something for a minute. We'll be right over there where you can see us, okay?"

    Both children nodded in the affirmative and went back to their handheld distraction machines.

    "Amy, are you okay? You look seriously flustered."

    The brunette gave her husband the rundown of the situation, not leaving out a single detail.

    "They're up front by the window. You can't miss them. Go make a quick walk by and tell me what you think."

    Brian did just that. He took the long way around from the restrooms which allowed him to size up this other family, especially the wife, while hopefully remaining inconspicuous. What he saw was impressive, and jarring. The other woman was built exactly like his own wife. Her facial features were softer, making her appear less attractive to him than Amy whose beauty he found more exotic. The most remarkable thing was the other boobs. They were clearly big and full, but he was certain they were smaller than Amy's and probably a lot softer too.

    "She's pretty, and she's got some big tits for sure, but she's not in your league on either count." Brian whispered that to Amy as soon as he sat down before continuing, "How about one of my personal business cards? I'll figure out a way to get it to them before they leave and we'll see if she's game or if her hubby was just covering for himself when you caught him staring."


    "Excuse me sir, I think you dropped this."

    Brett looked back to see the man holding out what looked like a business card as he approached their car. The kids were already secured in the back seats, while Angela stood attentively outside the passenger side door.

    "What is this? We don't live here, we don't need your business card for anything."

    "Turn it over."

    Brett complied and on the back he saw the names and cell phone numbers of two people. Below that were simply the words, 'Are you game or are you all talk?' Still confused, but with his interest peaked, Brett looked at the other man trying to find a clue.

    Instead, Brian simply leaned forward and whispered, "My wife is prettier than yours. Amy's tits are bigger and better. Give us a call if you disagree and want to try and prove it."

    "Who was that?"

    "That was her husband. He disagreed with my assessment earlier and wanted to see if we could arrange things so we can find out who is right."

    Angela's face settled into a predatory smirk as she thought about the woman in the restaurant who really did look a lot like her and what she would do to her if they got a chance to settle things tit to tit.


    Getting back to the cabin, Brett and Angela put the kids to bed before discussing the restaurant and whether or not they should call the other couple. Even though they were only staying one day after the eclipse, it seemed harmless to feel things out and see if there was a way to shuffle the kids off while the women did their thing.

    Brian looked at his cell phone, seeing an out of town number he didn't recognize. Hesitant yet hopeful, he answered, "Brian Larson."

    "Brett Richardson. My wife's tits are bigger and better and she's willing to prove it. We're only here one day after the eclipse, so it will have to be fast and we'll need a place to keep our kids distracted while Angela puts Amy in her place."

    The men talked a bit more, then both couples decided to facetime on their phones. They kept it quiet, in order to not wake their sleeping children, but the competitive natures of the nearly identical milfs brought out more and more cattiness as they conversation continued.

    Since both Brian's and Amy's parents still lived in the area, it was decided to pretend that Brett and Angela were a couple they had met through business. They would ask Brian's parents to watch all four kids while the couple's pretended they were going to catch up with each other, when in fact they would return to the local couple's home and settle their dispute.

    At first, it seemed like a more normal fight and stakes. Tit to tit, the way Angela had done several times and the way Amy had been trying to do to fulfill Brian's fantasy, with the loser submitting then being smothered out by the winner who got to keep the loser's bra. Everyone seemed settled and about to hang up when Amy upped the ante a bit.

    "Your husband was practically drooling when he first saw me. He tried to cover for it, claiming that your boobs were bigger, but I'm pretty sure he knew right away that mine were bigger and better. How about, after one of us loses and gets smothered out, once she comes to she has to watch her husband worship the better tits? He'll have to kiss and suck and lick all over them while telling the winner how much better her tits are than his wife's."

    "That's fine with me. Brian will have plenty of time to fantasize about my perfect tits and what he's going to say when he's got his mouth full of them."

    With that, Angela took control for the first time and hung the phone up before the other wife could fire another quip of her own. There wasn't much animosity between the women, and very little seemed to be based in an actual dislike of each other, it was really just a contest to prove superiority to both spouses. Angela was sure her experience would win out. Amy was sure her tits were as good as she had always believed they were. Only one would be right.


    The eclipse was a sight to behold. Angela and the kids enjoyed it almost as much as Brett did. Such a unique experience wasn't lost on them, and it was so breathtaking and surreal that the couple was able to push their evening plans out of their minds for a while and relax.

    Then, after an early dinner, it was time. The couples dropped the four children off at the grandparents house, successfully keeping their contrived story together long enough to get out the door and on their way to their real purpose for the night. Brett made a mental note of Brian's mom, a woman most likely in her late 50s at least, and saw where his appreciation for busty women had started as she looked like a healthy DD or bigger.

    Brett and Angela rode with the other couple in their car, ensuring the awkward ride back regardless of the outcome. The men hopped up front, with the women saying nothing in the back seat but facing each other with chests thrust out. The tension never dropped as they pulled into a nice, big house that looked fairly new from the outside. He hadn't thought of it at first, but Brett realized he was in a place where a little money would go a long way in buying a home.

    The moment the engine was off, Amy was out of her seat and striding towards the front door. She quickly opened it and entered, the other three following quickly behind. Brian locked the door as Brett and Angela took a look around at the nearly empty room in front of them. It didn't last long though, as Amy took charge again.

    "We fed the kids a story about maybe rearranging the room so we could move the furniture out of the way. You can change in there," she said as she pointed to a spare bedroom. "We'll meet back in here in 5 minutes in bra and panties. Then we'll see how fast you run when I take my bra off and you realize your fat hangers can't even begin to compare to them."

    Angela surprised her husband as she quickly stripped down. She was in the same lacy bra and thong she had worn the night she beat Genevieve. He could barely contain himself, and she allowed him one good squeeze of her ass as they exited the bedroom and moved back into the fighting area.

    Brian was about to explode with anticipation. He had dreamed of this moment for so long. Amy had been willing for a while, but they had struck out at every turn when trying to find someone who could put up a fight and was willing to do it. He saw his wife take a deep breath, expanding the lacy black bra that held her D cups snug. The matching thong was barely there, and he had to exercise a level of control he didn't know he had as they stepped out of their master bedroom to rejoin the other couple.

    Everyone seemed to stop short when they realized the stunningly similar women had, without any planning, worn nearly identical bra and panty sets. One might be a little more frilly than the other, with the other having a little more sheer material, but both were black with skimpy thongs showing off great butts and big bras holding up full tits.

    "How many times have you done this?"

    "A few. Four recently. My latest victim was a redhead with bigger boobs than either of us, but mine were better. I'm going to enjoy being both bigger and better again."

    "You're not bigger, and definitely not better."

    "Really? How many times have you done this?"

    "I've tried to several times, but the few that actually showed up chickened out and ran away the moment they felt my tits on theirs. That's how good they are, nobody has been willing to even try and beat them."

    "So, you tried to fight some chickenshit local girls and probably some stupid college bimbos who didn't realize what they were getting into. This is going to be so easy. I'm going to steamroll your titties and turn them into pancakes that Brian can have for breakfast. That is, if he's still willing to have them after he gets his mouth on these."

    With that, Angela used her hands to cup the bottom of bother her bra encased breasts and lift them up. Seeing Brian's eyes lock on them, she continued.

    "Don't worry Brian, you don't have to stare at them so hard. You'll have your fill of them as soon as I flatten your delusional wife and her second rate titties."

    Feeling the moment, Angela quickly unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and flung it to the side, sending her tits springing forward and then swinging to the side with the throw. They settled nicely, her nipples erect on top of the firm mounds of flesh, and winked at the other husband as he ogled her treasures.

    "Do all your talking right now." Amy mimicked the boob cup and lift of her opponent. "Once you're face is under these, all we're going to hear is you screaming as you lose consciousness. I'm going to beat your boobs so flat you'll be able to tie them in a bow."

    Amy then unclasped the front of her own bra, allowing it to slide down her arms and off behind her as she arched her back and pushed her big tits forward. Catching the other husband again staring right at her tits, she kept going:

    "That's right Brett, they're even better than you could imagine. My nipples are longer and thicker than Angela's. My tits are bigger and firmer than your wife's. I'm everything you wish she was and you can't have me. That is, until after I squash her. You should just go ahead and start telling me how much better my tits are right now, I'll be done with her in a minute."

    Angela didn't wait for any more words to be said, deciding it was time to get things started. Going to one of her favorite moves, she put her hands behind her head to lift her tits and make them taut, then used her shoulder and chest muscles to lift them one at a time. It didn't always intimidate, but it was no loss when it didn't.

    Amy easily matched the move. The women walked forward, moments away from first contact, with their tits thrust forward. The husbands were close enough to see everything they needed to, and when the four nearly identical breasts finally made contact it was clear that one pair was slightly bigger. It was also clear that the bigger pair was also slightly firmer as it took over some of the space of the other rack. Seeing the disappointment and confusion on her foe's face was enough of an invitation for the woman with the slight advantages.

    "What's wrong Angela? I told you I was bigger and better and we can all see I was right. Your little titties are already running away and mine haven't even hit them yet. You're just another big titted loser who's going to either run away or get destroyed by my perfect boobs."


    Not waiting any longer, Amy pulled back and slammed both tits directly into Angela's. Brett watched as his wife moaned with the shot and took a few steps backwards. He was relieved when the other woman tried to slam her again, only to be met head on with an equally forceful shot. That relief didn't last long as the local mom started forcing Angela back towards the wall.

    Just as they reached it, Angela showed her prowess by grabbing the hips of the other wife and spinning her around so that Amy's back hit the wall. Taking advantage of the momentary disorientation, Angela pinned the other brunette's arms to the wall while leaning in tits first to grind away at the opposing breasts. Neither woman could contain their reactions to the sensations they were feeling, as four nearly identical breasts waged war.

    Amy seemed a quick learner as she tried to reverse the positions, only to have Angela duck out of the way and distance herself from the wall. As the battle was rejoined, again Amy seemed to be able to land the more substantial blows, but Angela's experience kept cutting off her offense and putting her on the back foot.

    Once again they found themselves against a wall with Angela in control. She had pinned the other woman's arms above her head with her own, and was alternating between slamming, boxing, and grinding the bigger tits as Amy was trapped. Once again, the less experienced wife proved to be a quick learner and capable fighter, taking advantage of Angela pulling back for a slam by swiping her tits sideways as the blow came in despite having little leverage with her arms pinned above her head. The result was better than anything Amy could have hoped for.


    Angela released the other mom and went to one knee cradling her wounded chest in her arms. While her tits had been bested, she had never encountered a pair of nipples in her league. Amy's swipe had landed perfectly, with the other mom's nipple's brutally shoving Angela's to the side and bending them at the base.

    Amy had obviously felt her opponents nipples give way and placed the resulting wail correctly with that pain. She dropped to her knees, grabbed Angela's arms to gain access to the slightly smaller tits, and lined up her nipples to the wounded pair. Placing her spikes at the base of the just bent pair, she squeezed in and rubbed her still solid tips into the other woman's areolas.

    "That's just the beginning bitch. Now that your nipples are done I'm going to finish off the rest of your fat tits."


    Brett felt sick to his stomach. His wife had only recently recovered her confidence and here she was titfighting some unknown mom in some random city. He couldn't help but think it was his goading that got her into it without her having any time to feel out the possible opponent and decide if she really wanted to do it. Now it looked like that was coming back to bite him in the ass, and Angela in the tits, as the novice titfighter was starting to make progress in breaking the breasts of the more experienced mom.

    Amy felt like the situation was as much in her favor as she could have dreamed of by this point and decided to go for the kill. She gripped the grinding hug more tightly and drove forward with her body, attempting to pin Angela down and either grind or boob bomb her out from there. Angela realized what was happening and was able to wrap her legs around one of Amy's, stopping the other mom from fully mounting her and creating a stalemate.

    Amy taunted her opponent, trying her best to get Angela to lose concentration for just a second so she could complete her probable fight ending move, but it didn't work. The women struggled for a couple of minutes before everyone realized they were stuck. The husbands moved in to separate them, getting both fighters upright and then backing away as the women agreed to titbox on their knees for the time being.

    Amy went at it full force. She lifted her hands behind her head, like both women had done before the fight, and goaded Angela into doing the same. Her idea was to keep the other mom from stalling by making it harder to cover her tits and keep them from getting hit, especially her shrinking and very pliable nipples. It was a good idea as she immediately began landing thudding chest slams to Angela, being rewarded with a pained yelp every time.

    Angela, for her part, was hoping her pain threshold and stamina would be enough to see her through this part of the titfight. The other mom was good, but Angela knew what it took to push through and win one of these contests and she was betting that Amy hadn't learned that yet. Sensing that the host slowing down a bit, Angela finally went back on the offensive.

    Brett watched his wife start aiming and timing her blows with precision, carefully avoiding contact with the still fully erect nipples of her opponent. Angela's shots would hit the side of a boob, slamming it into its accompanying breast. Then, she would slam down on the top of the other brunette's tits, and when Amy raised up higher to avoid a similar blow the experienced titfighter would uppercut the now well presented breasts.

    It seemed like it could go on forever. Slightly bigger, slightly firmer breasts with fully engorged nipples would slam straight ahead and draw a pained cry out of one fighter while the slightly smaller, slightly looser boobs with the shrinking nipples would land as many as 4 or 5 good shots to the other pair. The only question that remained was who would be unable to continue first. This was a war of attrition, and even those eventually have to end.


    And end it did. A head dropped down as tears splashed to the floor below it. The winning fighter slapped the loser in the face with her battered tits, ignoring the pain and relishing the inflicted embarrassment. The submission was finally given verbally, the two husbands close by but careful not to interfere. The winner laid the loser down on her back and barked for the loser to open her eyes so she could see what was coming.

    With that demand met, the winner lowered her victorious breasts onto the waiting face of the loser. One gorgeous wife and mother, her tits sore and bruised, blinked back more tears as she experienced her second total eclipse of the day.


    Waking in a haze, she started to sit up and realized it wasn't all a dream. That bitch was still there, just a couple of feet away. As she moved, she felt the pull on her hair and realized that the woman who beat her tits was pulling her closer to get a close up look at her husband worshipping another pair of breasts. She started crying right away.

    "Aw, is the little girl not woman enough to take the stakes she agreed to? It doesn't matter, your man knows what he has to do now and you know it's what he wants to do."

    A man filled his mouth with a breast so comparable to his wife's that he wouldn't have been able to tell a difference between them if he was blindfolded. He so vigorously licked, sucked, and kneaded the boobs that the winner laughed in the loser's face, seeing tears start to well up in her eyes again.

    "Don't just play with them, tell everybody how much better they are than your wife's tits."

    "Your tits are so much better than hers. I thought she was good enough to beat you but I was wrong. You took everything she could give you and still beat her into submission with your perfect breasts. Any boob man would want your better rack over hers. I'll never forget how lucky I was to actually get to taste them just once."

    Satisfied with his words and the victory, the winner grabbed the loser's bra and forced it on over her own swollen, battered tits. She then leaned in for a hug, letting her now bra encased globes force the other ones to yield again.


    "If you think you can do better, okay, but next time you have to come to our place."


    Brian felt rather awkward driving Brett and Angela back to his parent's place so they could grab their kids and he could grab his. He got over that awkwardness every time he glimpsed the woman in the car with him who had beaten his wife's tits in an amazing fight that was beyond his wildest imagination. He hadn't heard Amy ask for the rematch. He hadn't heard Angela agree as long as it was on their home turf. He didn't need to hear it as he was satisfied with an amazing night and probably couldn't take the thrill of knowing that it could happen again.

    Brett snuggled with his wife in the back seat, gently caressing her warrior tits after another amazing victory. He also didn't know about the verbal exchange between the women. It was good that he didn't as he saw Amy's tits dominate Angela's and felt like his wife only won because of her experience. Given another shot, he was almost certain the outcome would be different.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chapter 05 - Smothered and Covered

    Angela had waited months before she started to relax. Amy hadn't contacted her about the rematch she asked for, and the brunette winner figured her foe had only been caught up in the moment. Once her adrenaline had subsided, Angela surmised, the other MILF must have realized that she had been dominated outside of one lucky shot with her nipples and decided to let the rematch go.

    The sex with Brett after her win in Illinois had gotten even more intense. Now she regaled him with details of her two wins, but focused more on the win over Amy as Brett seemed more responsive to it. At first she shared his sentiment, but soon she began to wonder why the tougher fight was the one that turned him on more. Wanting to squelch his possible interest in the other wife, she decided to tell him about the request and subsequent silence from Amy.


    "She asked for a rematch." Brett's eyes widened as his wife's hips continued to rock back and forth on top of him. "Right after I beat her tits, smothered her out, and made her cry while her hubby couldn't get enough of my better rack, she whispered to me that she wanted a rematch."

    Brett's member becoming even more engorged inside of her, Angela kept going with her news. "I told her that I accept, but it has to be on our turf."

    "Is it happening?" Brett barely croaked out a whisper as he stared up at his busty queen.

    "I haven't heard a word from her since then. I guess once the adrenaline wore off, these," she cupped her naked tits and licked her lips, "were something she didn't want to lose to again."


    "Oh, what?"

    "Well, she really gave you a fight last time and I wanted to see it again."

    "She didn't give me a fight! She got lucky once with her nipples. I knocked her around the room and flattened her rack even after the lucky hit. If she ever has the guts to try me again, I'm going to smash her nips first and then crush her tits under mine just like last time."

    Brett couldn't get a word out as Angela angrily dismounted him and stormed to the bathroom. His erection comically waved back and forth from the motion and speed of her pussy releasing it, and he hadn't even begun to soften when he heard the shower start up. Knowing he needed to take care of it, he grabbed his already lubed cock and cranked one out into a tissue to the mental image of the two brunette milfs squaring off nipple to nipple. He decided not to tell Angela that in his imagination, her nips lost again to the other pair.


    Brett spent a lot of money and did a lot of apologizing before Angela let him out of the doghouse. In the meantime, she was determined to add to her fighting prowess by implementing some light weight training. She thought she could make her tit blows more powerful if her upper back and shoulders were a bit more solid, but didn't want to lose any size in her breasts.

    She noticed the slightly slimmer frame, and hint of a V shape up top, seemed to turn Brett on. She soon relented and went back to their game of sizing up random women and describing to each other what they would do to her after Angela flattened her rack. There was even a new young teacher at their oldest child's school who got to be the subject of their foreplay after the first PTA meeting of the year.

    As the year began to draw to a close, Brett wanted to surprise his wife with a stay in a cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. They had been to Pigeon Forge years ago and enjoyed the southern hospitality along with the serene beauty of the remote cabin they stayed in. What he quickly found out was that none of the 1 or 2 bedroom cabins was available for months. Even the 3 bedroom cabins were booked up, with one slight exception.

    A group had booked a 3 bedroom months ago, but one of the couples had to back out at the last second. They tried to downgrade to a 2 bedroom, but also found out that those were all filled up. The rental agent for the property talked them into letting her try to find them a replacement for the room instead of cancelling, and they agreed as long as it was before the deadline to get their deposit back.

    Brett talked to Angela and they tentatively agreed, but wanted to talk to the other couples before making a final decision. The other two couples were young, recent college grads who were together but not married, and seemed just as apprehensive about the odd potential arrangement. Angela was the one who convinced everyone to go for it, letting the younger couples know that she and Brett would probably keep to themselves mostly and certainly had enough money to cover their part of the arrangement.


    A large snowstorm the week before had left the mountains in general, and their cabin specifically, positively gorgeous. Fall was in the air and on the ground. The air was crisp and clear. Brett and Angela were surprised to be the first to arrive, and took in the lay of the land without choosing a room for themselves.

    The cabin had a hot tub outside, along with a fire pit and pergola. A top of the line grill and nice outdoor furniture completed the look. The large oak structure where they were staying for the weekend was impressive. All three bedrooms were huge with their own showers and TVs. The kitchen was nicer than theirs at home, and they couldn't foresee any problems if all three couples wanted to prepare something at the same time. A game room/den was filled with a well kept pool table, darts, a wet bar, and 6 plush recliners in front of a projection TV. Finally, a separate pool room provided them with a spot that wasn't particularly deep, or big enough to swim laps. but it was heated and clearly big enough for everyone to splash around comfortably.

    The couple settled down with their luggage in the living area and changed into something more comfortable while they waited for their fellow travelers to arrive. Within the hour, they saw a 2019 Escalade pulling up to the cabin. Angela noticed Brett's hand, which had just been absentmindedly kneading her right breast, tighten its grip as it continued to work on her large orb. She understood why as she saw exactly what he did.

    As the young couples piled out of their vehicle, the brunette milf immediately noted that the guys were both buff. Neither overly muscular, but both were clearly fit and sharply handsome. She guessed both were about 6' tall and probably no more than 185 lbs. The blonde had vaguely Nordic features and a slightly rosy complexion. His counterpart looked to be Middle Eastern and had an air of sensuality just oozing from his pores.

    The women were a sight to behold, as well, a fact that Angela noticed before Brett's grip on her breast increased. The blonde appeared to be with a svelte, Greek looking goddess. Her black hair shined in the limited sunlight, and while her bust appeared to be rather small, her ass seemed to be chiseled out of granite.

    The darker, more handsome man was accompanied by a thicker blonde, looking like the typical southern girl with a rounder face and overall more utilitarian body. She was pretty, but didn't fit with the other three, until you saw her chest. Angela couldn't be sure, because the couples were bundled up for the cold, but she thought this young blonde might be bigger in the chest than she was. That didn't worry her though, as the girl looked a bit pudgy everywhere, and even seemed to have a sheen of sweat on her larger frame.


    "Jagdish, but my friends just call me Jag." The dark, handsome man extended his hand to Angela. "This is my partner, Jessie Lee."

    "Just call me Jess," the blonde said as she gripped the older brunette's hand. Angela thought for sure her assessment was right now. This blonde was thicker than her everywhere, and probably didn't look as sexy as she did in a bikini, but those tits could be bigger than Genevieve's and would be a great nighttime topic for her and Brett.

    "Paul," the blonde man said. "And this is Anneliese." The young brunette was simply stunning, with a face you could get lost in. Her ass was truly sublime, and Angela had to force herself to try not to stare at it. She may have failed though, as she thought the other woman smirked at her as she raised her eyes from the perfect derriere.

    "We wanted to wait for you guys to get here to pick bedrooms," Brett said. "Since you were so gracious as to let us join in, we only thought it right that you each choose the one you want and we'll take the remaining option. We've done a trip here before and this weekend is just a chance to get away from the kids before Christmas comes."


    As the three couples walked through the cabin to select bedrooms, Angela was certain both younger men were checking her out and both younger women were checking Brett out. She teased her husband repeatedly, whispering quick little comments about the other women. She took to pointing out that the chunky blonde had big, soft tits that she would be able to beat with ease, knowing that would get her man charged up when they finally got into their room.

    The couples each selected their spot for the weekend, leaving Brett and Angela with the room they actually liked the most. As they quickly unpacked and put their things away, Brett turned around to see his beautiful wife standing stark naked at the foot of the bed. She tweaked her nipples and started in on him.

    "Brett, get your clothes off now. There's a young blonde who needs her big, fat titties tamed and I'm just the woman to do it."

    Brett was on the bed, naked, in record time as he joined in. "How are you going to manage those huge hooters? She's a thick girl, and I'm sure she's used them before."

    "I don't give a fuck what fat Barbie has done before, she's never faced tits like mine." Climbing on her husband's now stiffening penis, she continued, "I'll play it smart. I'll tell her there's only room for one titty queen in this cabin and I've got the knockers to claim the crown."

    "She's going to say you're too old to keep up with a big, young rack like hers and she'll gladly crush you anytime you want."

    "Fuck you blondie. Get your one piece on so you can hide your fat rolls and join me in the pool. I'm going to beat your boobs to mush and I don't want your gravy filled ass pushing me around."

    "Fuck you bitch. Let's strip and get it over with right now. Once I'm done with you, you're coming back to our room to be our plaything for the night."

    Brett and Angela continued through the battle, with "Jess" shouting out her surrender after a close fight that Angela eventually won. Brett was asleep almost immediately, while Angela spent a few minutes processing how much more he seemed to enjoy her struggling to win than having an easy go of it before drifting off herself.



    Brett and Angela groggily began moving after a loud rap on the door and shout from one of the younger women. It was already almost 9am and the couple was surprised that their younger counterparts were already up.

    "Smothered and covered."

    Brett laughed at Jess' reference to the biscuits and sausage gravy in the middle of the dining table. Filling their plates and grabbing some coffee, the older couple asked some questions but mostly listened and learned about their cabin mates. Angela gushed over Anneliese having the discipline at 23 to get up at 5 am on a vacation in the snow covered mountains to go for a run in the outdoors. Brett listened to the business ideas both young men had, offering some pointers from his own entrepreneurial success.

    "How about you, Jess?"

    "I'm still figuring out what I want to do. My family is loaded so I didn't really have to try much until I got to college. Jag has been great at getting me to really push myself and see what I might like. He did that in the bedroom too, helping me explore my sexuality and fetishes."

    The conversation moved on quickly, not getting awkward in that moment, but Angela did have to suppress a moan as her husband's hand snuck between her thighs for a moment. The older couple offered to clean up since the others had prepared everything, and everyone agreed to reconvene that night after dinner for drinks by the pool.


    Brett noticed a number of things. First, the guys were sitting on either end of the foursome, but Anneliese was sitting between the solid thighs of Jess. Second, Anneliese had her head nestled on top of the blonde's large breasts that were only covered with a thin halter top that showed her rock hard nipples. Third, Jess was much more solid than fat. Fourth, Jess had her arm around Anneliese's waist, but her hand was clearly under the sultry brunette's bikini bottoms and was stroking her mound.

    "We swing a little," Anneliese said. "Even though we're Jess and Anneliese, they called us T & A in college. With my ass and Jessie's perfect titties, it was bound to happen." After looking over the older couple, she continued, "So, do you guys do any kinky stuff?"

    Brett nodded dumbly as he heard his wife quietly say, "I titfight other women."

    Seeing the hungry looks on the men's faces, and on the young brunette's face, Angela continued gaining confidence as she spoke. "I use my tits to beat up the tits of other women and then smother them unconscious under them after they give up. Brett and I use the humiliation from previous fights, and fantasy scenarios about potential opponents, as foreplay for the hottest sex we've had in years."

    It wasn't lost on Angela that the only face amongst the younger guests that wasn't stricken with lust as she described her last two fights and the aftermath of each, was the blonde whose friend had just called her tits perfect. She couldn't read her face well enough to know what to do next, so she confidently smiled and licked her lips at Jag before sitting back and letting the conversation drift to other topics.



    Brett and Angela again slowly made it to the table to eat with the other couples. While the meal was the same as the day before, neither one of them really noticed. Both men were in nothing but boxer briefs. Anneliese was in a tiny sports bra and barely there thong.

    Jess, however, was the star of the show. She was wearing boy shorts that showed off how strong her legs were when she walked, and a half shirt as a top that displayed an obscene amount of underboob. The Richardson's gave each other a quick look as they both thought the same thing, either those are taped up in there or the 'perfect' tits might be a lot nicer than either had initially thought.

    "Jag told me all about titfights last night. I've never been in one, probably because my tits really are perfect and nobody was dumb enough to try them, but he came three times last night before I could finish my story."

    "What story would that be?"

    "The one where my tits beat yours until you beg me to stop. The one where my man, my friends, your husband, and you all learn that the titty talk starts and ends with me. The one where after I win, Jag and I take you to our bedroom for the night so he can play with your beaten, floppy titties."

    "I've beaten bigger and better than you fat girl. If you want a piece of these," Angela pulled her top off and cupped her naked tits at the blonde, "then I'm not going to apologize once I've popped your tits and burst your bubble. Then Brett and I will have fun with your lard ass all night."

    Jess removed the tiny half shirt to match Angela's state of dress and continued, "We've got plans for the day, but if you've got the guts to meet us after dinner tonight, I'll have the boys move the furniture in the living space so we can go at it on the carpet. When I'm done with you, you're going to end up smothered and covered by the best tits you've ever seen."

    While the two women stood facing each other topless, Brett made a few mental notes. Angela was definitely in better shape overall. Her body easily outdid the young blonde everywhere except the tits, and even there he believed she had the advantage. He felt confident in his wife, especially if Jess hadn't had a fight before, but it was obvious the blonde had bigger boobs with much less sag than anticipated. Angela was going to have to work for this one.


    "Oh fuck."

    Brett couldn't help but grin, and even Angela's face showed a smile, at the sound of Anneliese reacting to the older brunette using nothing but shoulder and chest muscles to lift each breast independently. Angela broke into a full smile when the thicker young blonde couldn't match the move.

    Angela then stepped forward with her hands above her head, signaling that she wanted to lock fingers with the blonde. The younger woman was tentative, clearly not having any real strategy but also not trusting her older opponent. As soon as they locked fingers, Brett saw his wife spring forward with a chest bump, bringing all four boobs into full frontal contact.

    The next move confirmed to Angela that the damage her nipples took in her previous fight was, in fact, due to a lucky circumstance for Amy. The brunette moved in on the stunned blonde, who had never felt her breasts give way like they did on the first boob bump, and immediately dropped her firmer tits down on the blonde's larger orbs. Angela then went a step further and pushed in with her tits and then dragged her rock hard nipples down the tops and fronts of her opponents pair, bending the blonde's large pink nipples straight down with ease.

    Seeing her opponents immediate distress, Angela began swinging her D cups from side to side, forcing the opposing pair to fly one way and then the other, until the blonde pulled her hands loose and backed up with her arms covering her chest.

    "One chance to quit, Bertha."

    "Fuck you!"

    "Jag, you might want to get one last feel of your little girls fat bags before I totally destroy them."

    Jess charged quickly at Angela, with the brunette barely having time to square her shoulders and take the hit head on. Brett saw his wife stumble back a few steps, barely keeping her balance. He also saw the blonde whimper and cover her tits despite being the one delivering the heavy blow.

    Angela pulled the blonde's arms apart and began boxing the big, rapidly softening udders. She worked inside the cleavage of the big girl, slamming her nipples into the insides of the other pair, loosening them up quickly. She then started full swings from the sides, knocking the large hooters together and dragging her smaller, firmer pair across the jiggling E cups that offered almost no resistance.

    To her credit, Jess tried to keep up with the fit mom, but her conditioning and strength weren't enough and her tits were clearly losing badly. She could do nothing but scream as the MILF lined up and delivered a perfect two titty uppercut. Her legs gave out and as she slammed to the carpet in the cabin, she felt the brunette straddle her, and begin an assault of boob bombs as she dropped down on the prone 20 something.

    It only took a half dozen or so shots before Jag was yelling for her to give up, to which she responded by blubbering out her surrender. "Please stop! You're wrecking my tits. Yours are better, I give up!"

    Angela quickly shifted forward and dropped her big tits down over the blonde's face, pulling it into her cleavage to ensure the suffocating effect. She looked up as her opponent went limp beneath her, seeing Brett's beaming face, Jag's look of pure lust, and Anneliese with Paul's member completely inside her mouth as she worked the hunk over. Seizing the opportunity, she quickly brought Jag's swollen cock out into the open, and without a word stared into his eyes as she titfucked him to almost immediate release.

    Keeping the cum of her victim's lover glistening on top of her victorious breasts, Angela waited for the blonde to wake up. "There you are, fat ass." She grabbed Jess's hair and forced the younger woman to clean Jag's cum off her tits before directing her towards the bedroom where she would be a plaything all night.


    It had been a few weeks since she destroyed the blonde, but now Brett seemed focused on that fight more than any of the others while he and Angela made love. She was ecstatic that he seemed to enjoy her completely dominating another woman even more than her near loss to her Midwest doppelganger.

    They laughed about the blonde's big boobs immediately making way for hers. They both got aroused by the things they did with the thick young woman all that night. Brett watched with amazement as Angela got lost in herself every time they recounted Anneliese greeting her the next morning by latching onto the winning tits with her mouth and drenching them in saliva.

    He had just cum for the 3rd time on a Thursday night when he heard his phone buzz. Picking it up, he saw a vaguely familiar number with a single question, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?"

    "Why do you ask?"

    "Amy wants her rematch."

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    Re: The Smother Series

    Thanks again for yet another lovely series. Hope you still plan to continue the Rival series too.😜😜😜

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    Re: The Smother Series

    Are you ever planning on finishing this series? I'd die to see more matches between Angela and stacy.

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    Re: The Smother Series

    I've got outlines for 2-3 more in the series, but almost no time these days. My job had gotten busier anyways, and COVID-19 has kicked us into high gear, so I have no idea when there will be time for any new writing. Hopefully soon. Probably sometime this fall if things get back anywhere close to normal.

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    The Smother Series
    Quote Originally Posted by WriteThisWay View Post
    I've got outlines for 2-3 more in the series, but almost no time these days. My job had gotten busier anyways, and COVID-19 has kicked us into high gear, so I have no idea when there will be time for any new writing. Hopefully soon. Probably sometime this fall if things get back anywhere close to normal.

    It is great to hear that you are still writing your amazing stories to us free lurkers. Thank you for taking the time and doing what you do and also for update about the continuation on this series.At the same time stay safe and take care.

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