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Thread: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

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    Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

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    Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b


    Sorry for the delay on this one. But, frankly, I found myself struggling with the ending. Things eventually worked out.

    I hope that you will find it worthy of a read and a comment.

    Thanks as always.



    After about ten minutes of post-orgasmic bliss, Carol and Florence stirred.

    The reddish-brown haired MILF looked up at the ceiling and spoke through a sigh.

    “Damn! That was great, Carol! I don’t think anyone has ever licked my pussy so well…especially not a man.”

    Florence immediately regretted such an awkward statement, but it was too late.

    “Well, Florence, how many women have dined on your tasty twat?”
    “That’s NOT what I meant, you bitch!”
    “That’s what it sounded like.”
    “OK, smart ass…how many women have tasted your pussy?”
    “Several hundred, at least…I’ve lost track…maybe thousands…”
    Florence shook her head and smiled. “Yeah, right.”
    “All kidding aside, Flo, you’re really good at that, too. That was an amazing orgasm.”

    The two women propped up to look at each other. Florence scampered to the bathroom for a couple of towels so they could wipe their faces. Then she stretched out alongside Carol. The two satisfied lovers kissed, then Florence eased Carol onto her back. The busty blond MILF stretched out languorously, sensing what was coming next. Her arms encircled Florence’s waist as the cocktail waitress mounted the beautician in a perfect matching of their tantalizing MILF bodies.

    “Ohhh…you feel so good, Florence.”
    “Wanna fuck?”
    “Is the Pope Catholic?”
    Flo chuckled. “Then let’s get body busy.”

    They began this horizontal slow dance with each other, attempting to match every square inch of skin. Carol’s eyes were closed. Her mind became immersed in the incredible feeling of this silken body that began to undulate ever so slowly. They were cheek to cheek. Florence’s warm breaths danced across her sensitive ears. Her voice softly enticed Carol.

    “Come on, baby. Move that body with me.”

    Carol obliged, then felt the practiced movement of Florence’s meaty tits on hers. She was delighted by how well their tits matched up. Her nipples responded to the stroke and snap of fencing nipples, and then her boobs luxuriated in the roll and crush of Florence’s elegant tits. But in an unplanned mental slip, her mind compared the mother’s tits, quite favorably, with the daughter’s youthful chest. Little did she know that Florence was occasionally making the same mental comparisons.

    Ever so slowly, Florence’s lower body began to ripple against hers. Her response was to meet and match the rhythm of belly to belly and hips to hips. This wasn’t a twenty year old girl. This was a woman. Carol’s pussy was wet with desire. Her legs parted in need of feminine coupling. Her memory enticed her with images of the mature beauty’s pussy. She recalled the taste, fragrance and the feel of it and reasoned that they would match up well. The first full contact between their labia confirmed her suspicions.

    At first, Florence teased with brief bumps and strokes. But when she felt Carol’s hands tightly grip her butt cheeks, she rubbed and held her cunt deliciously with Carol’s until she could feel the coalescence of thick labia, and the fuck began in earnest. Both women’s bodies stiffened at the thrill of this fervent caress. Sounds of succulence now danced in the night air. A satisfying cadence was established. Each pump was followed by a moan or a grunt. As each cunt on cunt thwack intensified, mutual groans became louder. Carol felt the yearning for full inosculation. Thick labia slotted in an electrifying merging. Bodies stiffened and then relaxed into ripples of womanly movement.

    “Keep it there…nice and tight. Keep them together.” She pleaded.

    Florence did what was asked of her. Her need to meld her cunt to Carol’s was equally strong. She shifted her lower body slightly, forcing her pelvis hard into Carol.

    “You like that, baby? Is that what you want?”
    “Oh, fuck! Yes!”

    Florence had achieved the perfect full kiss of their sex hungry pussies. Her clitoris had furrowed its way into Carol’s cunt and was met by Carol’s in a twisting encounter. She kept her movements economical. The blond MILF responded with a perfectly compatible stroke. Hips meticulously pumped as the friction of moist, locked flesh and the grating of stiff woman cocks rocketed them to a fiery plateau of passion that neither had ever known before. They kissed hard and wet as their massive breasts wrestled. Inhibitions had abandoned both sexually frenzied women.

    “Fuck me Florence! Fuck me good!”
    “Fuck me back Carol! Give it to me! Fuck my cunt!”

    The red haired MILF felt her body slightly slip from a buildup of sweat that had slowly coated their skin. It had the oddly dual effect of making their flesh cling to each other’s with an extra layer of intimacy, while at the same time creating a slickness that was astonishingly hot.

    Then, in a surprise move, Carol rolled Florence, wanting to take over the fuck. She got in a few strokes, but then, she was once again on her back.

    “Not in my house, bitch!” Florence exclaimed. “I’m driving this Eldorado!”

    But, again, as soon as Florence made this dubious declaration, she was on her back again with Carol’s eyes locked with hers and Carol’s insistent cunt pumping deliciously into her cunt.

    “I don’t think so. And who appointed you alpha bitch, slut?” Carol wanted to know.
    “I did!” Florence responded as she muscled herself back on top.

    And then, the two sexually antagonized women found themselves locked in a spirited, orgasm inducing, roll around body to body fuck wrestle. Without knowing it, they were engaged in the same fuck battle that their daughters Emily and Angela fought on a regular basis. Like mothers, like daughters, it could be said.

    Two or three silent orgasms had transpired during the intense battle of two incredible MILF bodies. There were ebbs and flows in the duel. But since both moms were in fairly good shape, neither was willing to give in to the other.

    Then, while lying on their sides during a post climactic ebb, their bodies still fused like Siamese twins joined at the everywhere, a mutual understanding was easily reached.

    Glares and sly grins were exchanged as the two determined women, though somewhat spent, agreed with their eyes as to what would constitute the ultimate way to settle matters of the moment. They shared a lengthy kiss that combined the tastes of desire and challenge in their shared saliva. A quick twisting of tongues and licking of lips ended and then a mutual sigh proceeded the disentanglement of arms and legs and tits.

    Sexual energy now returned to their bodies as they propped themselves up and positioned their smooth legs into opposing Vs and slowly closed the distance between their thick wet twats. Two mature cunts became ensnared, enmeshed, embroiled in a thick, mind blowing fuck.

    Just like their two daughters would seal their youthful cunts in daughter to daughter sexually combative duels, Florence and Carol embarked upon what would turn into a protracted mother to mother challenge.

    Luxuriating in the thrill of their thick labia now folding into a deep fuck, two women, long deprived of sexual pleasure began to move their hips rhythmically with each other.

    “Oh damn, Florence. I was hoping we were going to do this.”
    “Me too.”
    “Have you ever done this before?”

    Watch out for loaded questions. Careful how you answer this, Florence thought to herself.

    “A couple of times, when I was a young girl. Curiosity, you know?”
    “I do know. I was a young girl once myself.”
    “I have to say, Carol, I’m glad you’re a woman. I don’t remember pussy to pussy ever feeling this amazing.”
    “I’m glad you’re a woman too, Flo. Your cunt feels so good against mine.”
    “Then, let’s fuck.”

    They sat up fully so that they could engage as much flesh as possible. Meaty tits mated once again. Both women gasped at the dead on stab of nipple into nipple.

    Rhythm…rhythm…rhythm. It was all about timing, tempo, and accents, with tasteful bumps, rubs and presses thrown in. Like the steady five beat clave of Cuban music, peppered with flavorful accents of a master conguero, a thing of infinite beauty was the measured and purposeful cadence of two pelvises with and against each other. Each sagacious movement designed to increase intimacy and sensual gratification, one mature stroke at a time.

    Both women instinctively knew that to garner the most pleasure, the connection of two cunts should be thick, lush and consistent. Labia should be fully mated like two mouths in a wet kiss…clitorises should be forward and readily available to each other for the sake of rubbing, scraping and grinding together, all in one persistent pelvic rhythm, each woman adding her own tasty accents like a nipple pinch or the gentle bite of an earlobe. And then mouths would meet in this two women pas-de-deux with the kind of desire that both had long forgotten was inside of them. The two horny moms held onto each other in a crushing bearhug with a profound emotional release neither had surrendered to in years.

    But make no mistake. When two women found themselves conjoined with each other in such an intimate fashion, competitive spirit always seemed to find a way to bathe two tightly locked pussies.

    And so it was with Florence and Carol. The deep inosculation of their swollen labia and the consistent contention between their engorged clitorises eventually brought catty to the forefront of this cunt to cunt engagement.

    “You feel like you’re about to cum, Florence.”
    “Are you serious?”
    “Yes! I can feel it…you’re really close.”
    “Oh, bullshit! As sweet as my pussy is, you’ll cum way before I cum.”
    “I doubt that. My pussy is way too much pussy for you to handle.”

    But now, both women were breathing faster and deeper. Self control was comfortably seated on the other side of the room, watching mockingly as two sex crazed women escalated their cunt fuck.

    “No way! My cunt is gonna suck the juices from yours. You’ll be writhing in ecstasy long before me.”
    “Obviously, we don’t agree, Carol.”
    “Then, let’s just fuck it out Florence.”
    “A fuck to the finish?”
    “Everything you’ve got, bitch!” Florence issued a sexy challenge.
    “Against everything YOU’VE got, bitch.” Carol accepted, willing to fully immerse herself in this female to female clash of tits and pussies.

    Arms wrapped around each other, compressing large full breasts, causing them to burgeon out to the side like four antagonistic portobellos with nipples.

    Florence and Carol were able to fully match smooth bellies, each fired-up forty year old now struggling hard to meet the challenge of everything against everything. Not just for the sake of winning a womanly duel, but even more-so for the sake of immersing themselves in pure hedonistic pleasure so long absent from their lives.

    Eyes closed as tits smacked and crushed. Womanly hips pumped in synchronous movement.
    As into-each-other as they now were, the two women suddenly found the darkrooms of their closed eyes slowly developing imagery of two naked daughters between their respective thighs. A shiver of sudden awareness, laced with a sprinkle of guilt jolted them. Both sets of eyes opened. They kept themselves cheek to cheek, in order to avoid any eye contact that might prove uncomfortable or incriminating.

    Eventually, the overpowering surge of their locked thighs took over, bringing them back to delicious reality. These two MILFS were engaged in a tangled, lotus-eating encounter.

    Carol and Florence were in a bear hugging scissor which, with only the slightest provocation, ignited into a fiery catball. In their growing delirium, the two dueling MILFS lost a battle with stability and tumbled to the floor.

    Carol came down on top of Florence and the now vigorous catball fuck continued without missing a beat.


    Florence’s only focus now was to explode with cum, preferably in sync with the luscious woman on top of her.

    “Fuck me good, Carol. Grind that cunt. Ummmm!!!”
    “I’ve got what you want, baby. We’re both going to erupt!”

    Carol turned up the heat and Florence responded. Pelvises now slammed hard as both women plunged over the ledge into weightlessness. They writhed and wrestled back and forth on the floor, bodies pressing and slamming, sweat now freely flowing, fucking to climax, again and again…and finally, to exhaustion. About thirty minutes later, Florence lifted a sleepy Carol in her arms, placed her under the covers of the bed and joined her for the night.

    Sleep came quickly to the two new friends and spent lovers. Falling asleep in someone’s arms was a long forgotten sensation. They relaxed with it joyously, until morning.


    Saturday, 0830. A sleepy-eyed Carol Johnson reached an arm out to embrace her overnight paramour. But she wasn’t there. On the pillow next to her was a folded blue bath towel with a yellow sticky note on it. The note read “For you, my dear.” Carol smiled to herself at the lovely gesture, then accepted the offer.

    Under the stinging hot shower water, Carol groaned as she felt neck and shoulder muscles slowly relax. It was perhaps the most delightful shower she’d taken since, well…

    But where was Florence?

    Now dried off and wrapped in soft terrycloth, Carol checked out her face in the mirror. Satisfied with what she saw, she then spotted a hair brush. As she reached up to brush out her still damp hair, she changed her mind, deciding that she looked rather sexy with that tousled look.

    “You are one hot bitch, early in the morning!” she told the woman in the mirror with mussed up hair.

    Leaving the bathroom, Carol descended the stairs and then stopped in the living room to retrieve her cell phone. As she meandered toward the kitchen, she checked for messages, especially any from Emily. There was one, and it was fairly recent.

    “Good morning Carol…it got a little chilly here last night. Forced to cuddle with Angie all night in our tent. Then there was the rain, of course. But today is gorgeous. Looking forward to LONG HIKES! YAY! Love you mom! See you soon.”

    She sat down at the kitchen table, wondering what to do next.

    Carol’s nostrils processed a familiar scent in the air, then she heard the final gurgles and sputters, and the sweet sounding beeps of an automatic coffee maker announcing the brew was complete. The blonde MILF turned around and observed that everything had been thoughtfully laid out on the counter. Alongside the coffee machine, Florence had placed sugar, half and half, spoons and two nice sized coffee mugs. Yielding to the moment, she got up and fixed herself a piping hot cup of coffee…half and half and one sugar. Back at the kitchen table, she relished her first sips of the delicious brew, while she savored the sexy events of last night.

    Less than five minutes later, a door opened and Florence appeared.

    “Good morning, gorgeous!” Flo sang out.
    “Hi there, hottie!”

    Carol watched excitedly as Florence fixed her coffee and joined her at the table, planting a full kiss on her lips before she sat down.

    “Did you sleep well?” Florence asked.
    “Are you kidding? I was exhausted! I slept like a rock!”
    Florence flashed her a sly grin. “Yeah, we kind of wore each other out.”
    “Ya think?” Carol returned a sly look, then noticed a few crystals of sweat on Flo’s forehead.

    “Thanks for the shower and the delicious coffee, Flo.”
    “You’re welcome, Carol.”
    “I reached out to hug you and you were gone. Then I saw the towel, made use of it, and came downstairs. When I smelled the coffee, I figured you weren’t far away.”
    “Oh…yes…I got up early so I decided to get in a morning exercise session.”
    “Ah, that would explain the sweat on your forehead.”

    Florence smiled, wiping the perspiration from her forehead onto the palm of her hand, then onto her robe.

    Carol’s eyes scanned her unfamiliar surroundings.

    “What?” Florence asked.
    “Do you know how long it has been since I woke up in someone else’s house?”

    Florence leaned in on the table, propped her chin on her folded hands and looked longingly into Carol’s eyes. She said nothing, but Carol knew. There was desire in the air.

    “So, what do you have…a stationary bike or something else?”
    The redhead rose to her feet. “More than that…come on, I’ll show you.”

    The two women descended the stairs to the basement workout room. Carol’s jaw dropped as she checked out the array of equipment.

    “Wow! This is really nice! But it must have been expensive.”
    “Not as expensive as you might think, Carol. I’m kind of a savvy shopper. I look for good deals on equipment, and you can always find a set of weights or an exercise bike at a yard sale.”
    “So this is why your body is so sexy! I’m impressed, Florence.”
    “Well, it wasn’t for me, originally. Angie loves to exercise, so I did all this for her. Of course, my loving daughter made me commit to a regular exercise routine.” Florence confessed, shrugging her shoulders.
    “We do it all for our daughters, don’t we?” Carol said with a sigh.
    “Exactly, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”
    “Emily loves to exercise too.”
    “I know. In fact, she was here last week to workout,” Florence’s mind beseeched caution. “I almost didn’t recognize her.”
    “So, the three of you worked out together?”
    “Well, no. That day, Angie got called in to work a shift at the nursing home.” She stopped there.
    “Then you and Emily worked out together?”
    “Uh huh.” Florence now felt like she was treading on hot coals. No mistakes, girl…measure every word, she reminded herself.

    Carol then mentioned, with caution, how Angela had joined her for coffee almost two weeks ago when Emily was out of town for a few days.

    “It was sweet of her to stop by to check on me. Your daughter is a lovely girl.”
    “Thank you. But she didn’t mention her visit with you.”
    “Emily didn’t mention that she was here working out with you, either.”

    Now the blond mom wondered why neither daughter had mentioned their visits and began to speculate over how odd it was that both daughters managed to drop by at a time when both she and Florence would be alone. Thoughts that she had never entertained now entered Carol’s mind.

    “Excuse me…you said Emily comes here to workout?”
    “Yeah, the girls work out here maybe three times a week. I don’t know exactly how often, I’m usually at work.”
“HERE? NOT at the health club?”
    “Of course! Why would they go there? Why pay good money when they have all this?”
    “Why, indeed?” Gears of suspicion now churned in Carol’s mind “…three times a week?”
    “Yes, and I must say, they work out in rather skimpy outfits.”

    Now Florence wondered if she had given too much information. She watched as Carol took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

    “Planet Muscle…Brad speaking…how can I help you?”
    “Good morning, Brad…this is Carol Johnson. Is my daughter Emily there? I need to speak with her.”

    Florence looked on, totally confused.

    “Let me check, Mrs. Johnson.” Brad turned to the female associate who was working the desk with him. He didn’t cover the mouthpiece.

    “Lisa, have you seen Emily Johnson here this morning?”
    “Emily? Oh no, she stopped coming here months ago. She never renewed her membership, for some reason.”
    “Did you hear that?” Brad asked.
    “Yes, Brad, I did.”
    “I hope everything is OK.” Brad said, concerned that he might have gotten Emily into trouble with her mom. He had.
    “Oh, yes, everything is fine. Thank you so much, Brad.”
    “Have a nice day, Mrs. Johnson.”
    “You too…Brad. Bye bye.”
    “What was that all about?” a puzzled Florence asked.
    “Well, Flo, it seems like my daughter has not been honest with me.”
    “How so?”
    “She has indicated to me that she and Angela are still members of the health club.”
    “Goodness, no! Like I said, they work out here.”
    “Yes, you did…three times a week…in very skimpy outfits.”
    “Oh yes!”

    Carol then paused and looked deeply into Florence’s eyes. Angie’s mom sensed something was coming.

    “Let me ask you something, Mrs. Evans,” Carol took Florence’s hands in hers and caressed them warmly. “are we going to become lovers? Is this going to be a regular ‘thing’ between us?”
    “Why, Mrs. Johnson, are you proposing that we have a regular relationship…a torrid sexual affair?”
    “I am…friends with sexual benefits…just like our daughters.”
    “Our daughters, Flo, they’re fucking each other!”

    Florence Evans’ jaw dropped…her eyes widened in shock and her hand went over her mouth in a stark realization. All the pieces now came together in her mind. The thrice weekly workouts in such skimpy bikinis, two firm-bodied, nearly naked young women, pumping iron, pushing their cardio-vascular systems with aerobics, sweating and breathing hard. Exercise was the appetizer. Naked body collisions and heated lesbian grinding was the main course.

    “How did I miss that, Carol?”
    “We both missed it.”
    “What do we do? Should we say anything to them?”
    “That could be tricky, considering what you and I did last night.”
    “That’s different, we’re women.” Florence’s justification was feeble, at best.
    “Technically speaking, Flo, so are they.”
    “So, what do we do about this? They’ve hidden certain aspects of their relationship from us. It’s dishonest. At the very least, they need to be seriously reprimanded.”
    “Yes, they do need to be scolded, seriously. But not because they are lovers. That’s their choice and we have no right to tell them otherwise.” Carol pointed out with wisdom.

    Florence understood completely, having pretty much the same approach to parenting as Carol.

    “But we should have strong words with them about why they’ve both been deceitful.”

    The two MILFs locked eyes for several long seconds. A moment of truth was upon them. There was no longer any doubt of this. If integrity was the issue for both daughters, it should be the same for them. In Florence’s mind, several more pieces of this complex puzzle began to fall into place. It was time for a few provocative, or perhaps slightly uncomfortable questions.

    “So, you and my daughter Angela had coffee and a chat?”

    OH NO!!! Carol’s mind cried out. She’s figured it out!

    “Umm…yes. A lovely chat…You know, two gals getting to know each other.” Carol hesitated, offering no more information than necessary.
    “Anything else, Mrs. Johnson?” Florence gently pushed.

    Carol was busted and she knew it. Perhaps she could steer this n a different direction, as she now began to suspect there were two guilty women in the room.

    “Well, as I recall, I told Angela I enjoyed chatting with her. Then asked her to leave because I had a busy day and I needed to take a shower. But Angie stayed and helped me wash my back, and…”
    “That’s my Angie…always willing to lend a helping hand…please continue.”
    “Then, all lathered up and slippery, she scrubbed my back with…with…”

    Carol looked down to see Florence untie the sash of her robe. “Then what? With what?”
    “She scrubbed my back vigorously with her big soft breasts.”
    “Vigorously, you say? Wow Carol, your back must have been filthy!”
    “Oh, it was! But Angie persisted, selflessly, and scrubbed me until I was nice and clean.”
    “My sweet, unselfish girl! Then what happened?” Florence asked, opening up her robe.
    “As you can imagine, my front needed a good cleaning too.”
    “I can.”
    “So then our bellies and our tits met for a good wash and rinse. Scrub, scrub, scrub.”

    Carol shook the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She slipped her hands under Florence’s robe and peeled it from her, before continuing.

    “What happened after that, Mrs. Johnson?”
    “Next thing I knew, we started pushing and bumping our bodies under the shower, kind of fighting with our bodies.”
    “HUH!!! Fighting with your soapy wet bodies? Under the shower? My goodness, Carol!!!”

    Shocked by what she was hearing, Florence had no choice but to pull Carol to her and firmly press their tits, bellies and crotches.

    “Then what happened?”
    “As we were jostling around, we lost our footing. We fell on our butts on the slick shower floor, with our legs scissored and our pussies slammed together tightly.”
    “That must have been terrible!”
    “I was shocked by it all! We tried to get up a few times, but our efforts failed. Next thing we knew, our squashed cunts started fighting each other…stroking and grinding and rubbing against each other!”
    “Poor baby! It must have been a harrowing experience.”
    “Honestly, Florence, I don’t know how I got through it.”

    Florence was now actively rubbing her smooth pussy on Carol’s upper thigh. Carol filled her hands with the firm flesh of Florence’s ass and squeezed. Now it was her turn to ask questions. She mashed her aroused tits fully into Florence’s breasts, scraping nipples across dotted areolae. Florence shivered, then softly gasped.

    “Now then, Mrs.Evans…about that exercise session with my lovely daughter…”
    “What about it?”

    Carol had redirected her slowly moistening pussy into a more direct confrontation with Florence’s mound of womanhood.

    “I suspect that you two did a little more than workout.”
    “Why so suspicious, Carol? Emily and I had a really good exercise session, that’s all.”
    “Lots of sweating and heavy breathing, I expect.”
    “Yes, it was a really vigorous session.”
    “I see…and what kind of outfits were you two wearing?”
    “Well, I started out with my standard workout attire. But then, Emily insisted that I put on a very skimpy bikini…dark blue, almost no material. You should have seen the way this tiny thing displayed my voluptuous body. It was shameful!!!”
    “I can imagine…then what happened?”
    “We went through all the equipment…we did weights, spotting each other like good workout partners do, and then we hit the aerobic machines.”
    “So, that was it? That was the complete workout routine?”
    “Not exactly…we ended up having a sit-up challenge, which I lost.”
    “Aw, poor Flo,”

    Carol dropped down and took Flo’s left nipple into her mouth, sucking on it to console her.
    Between gentle bites and sucks, Carol encouraged Florence to continue.

    “But then, she forced me to wrestle with her. I didn’t want to, but I lost the sit up contest, lost the bet.”
    “That certainly must have been unpleasant.” Carol said, slowly kissing her way up Florence’s chest, shoulders and neck.
    “Unpleasant doesn’t begin to describe it.”
    “Your sweaty bikini clad body, writhing against my Emily’s firm, nearly naked body…”
    “Yes, the two of us, rolling back and forth, our bodies locked in a heated wrestle…right here on this mat.”
    “I see. And at what point did the bikinis come off?”
    “Well, you’re not going to believe this, Carol, but the wrestle got so heated that bikinis just kind of came off…”
    “I hate it when that happens! Then what?”
    “Then, both of us naked as the day we were born, our pussies started to tangle!”
    “I LOVE it when that happens!”
    “Eventually, my experienced pussy prevailed. Emily’s young twat was vanquished. But she didn’t seem to mind…in fact, she rather enjoyed it. You could say that she erupted in pure joy.”
    “As did you, seconds later, I’m sure.”

    Carol took Florence down to the mat. Both women, now fully charged and nearly out of control, fused their bodies and began a chest crushing, pussy pounding, roll over and over grapple.

    “Shit!!!” Florence cried out as their twats tangled.
    “Oh FUCK!!!” Carol yelped as her pussy spewed cum all over the redhead’s twat.
    “Fucking slut!!!” Florence screamed at the pulsating release of her own cum onto her new lover’s sticky cunt.

    They collapsed, limp in each other’s arms, breathing hard, but happy for such sexual bliss.

    They lay quietly for several minutes. Then Florence re-opened the questioning concerning the events of the past two weeks.

    “Why do you think our two daughters decided to seduce us?”
    “I’ve been wondering about that, too. I have no idea. But we should get to the bottom of this.”
    “So, what should we do? Yell at them? Express our displeasure over such behavior? Maybe we should withhold privileges.”
    “They definitely need a good talking to…but let’s have some fun with it.”
    “What do you have in your devious mind, Carol?”
    “Something evil…something diabolical…something FUN!”
    “Are we talking payback?”
    “Oh yeah!”
    “I like it!” Florence enthusiastically responded.


    Monday, early afternoon.

    “Are you sure about this, Flo?”
    “They’ll come downstairs. They always do.”
    “I expect that they want to get back into their normal ‘exercise’ routine.” Carol put the word exercise in air quotes. Florence chuckled.
    “I’m betting on their devotion to that routine.”
    “Emily texted me Saturday morning. She said that it was so cold on Friday night that she and Angie kept warm by ‘cuddling’ all night in the tent.”
    “Is that what they’re calling it now, ‘cuddling?’”
    “Yes, just like we’ve been ‘cuddling’ for the last three days.”
    “I like the way you ‘cuddle’ Carol.”
    “I like the way you fuck, Florence.”
    “This is going to be FUN!”


    The two moms had taken a day off from work, in order to carry out their plan. Carol had parked her car down the street in order to not arouse suspicion. A little bit after noon, Angie Evans pulled her mom’s CRV into the garage. She and Emily unloaded their camping gear. After the weekend they had spent at The Northern Coast State Park, they were ready to get back to the practiced regimen of their daily lives.

    Now, home at last, they craved the familiar, which meant a long, hot shower and a workout in the exercise room, followed by a vigorous nude fuck wrestle. Confident that both mom’s were at work, they had at least four hours to themselves to shower, workout, fuck each other senseless and shower again. The two girls giggled and playfully scrubbed each other down under the cascading shower waters, happy to be home again and in each other’s naked embrace. Downstairs in the exercise room, two naked moms awaited their arrival…

    Clad in their scanty bikinis, Angie and Emily finally made their way down the basement steps to the exercise room. The light in the basement was on. What the hell? They froze on the steps when they heard the shrieks and cursing of what seemed to be a fight. Taking the next two steps quietly, they looked on in horror at the sight of their mothers, completely naked and locked in a tumultuous, roll around tussle.

    “I’ll show you who the better woman is, you tramp!” Carol screamed.
    “You’re no match for me. My body is hotter than that flabby body of yours.” Florence screamed back.
    “Put your pussy where your mouth is, bitch!” Carol challenged.
    “I’ll go cunt to cunt with you. I’ll destroy that ancient twat of yours.”
    “Not a chance! My pussy will fuck your pussy into the ground.”
    “Prove it, slut!”

    Appalled by what they were seeing, by something they had never expected to see, the two young women didn’t know what to do about it. How could they be so distressed, yet so aroused by the sight of their two naked mothers struggling body to body. The urge to break them up was matched by the lurid desire to watch. So, vowing to eventually do something, they watched with divided loyalties. Angie hoped that her mom would win, yet lusted over Carol’s sexy body. Emily’s loyalty was equally split.

    A quick separation of the two women caused them to back up a couple of steps so as not to be seen.

    “What are they doing?” Angie whispered.
    “Damn it! I can’t see from here!”
    “Get closer!”

    Emily descended one step.

    “Oh geeze! They’re getting ready to scissor fuck! And it doesn’t look friendly either!”
    “What the FUCK is that all about?” Angie was flabbergasted. She moved down to get a look.
    “I don’t know…I didn’t even know that they knew each other! Good lord!”
    “Why are they fighting?”
    “How the fuck would I know?”

    Knowing the girls were watching, Florence and Carol prepared to put on a good show. They started out with more trash talk.

    “Now, you’re going to find out who’s the best, you whore!” Carol taunted.
    “I already know who’s best, you fucking slut!” Florence responded.
    “I’ll slaughter you in a cunt fight, Florence.”
    “Bullshit Carol! Bring it! Bring that cunt!”
    “Oh, I’m gonna bring it.”

    Then came the sounds the two daughters knew so well…SMACK! SQUISH!…followed by the throaty moans of two fully engaged sexual combatants.

    “FUCK!!!” Both moms cried out together. Then they dropped to the mat, grabbed each other’s right leg and began to grind. Knowing the girls were watching them, Florence and Carol went at it as two horrified and titillated daughters took it all in.

    “You cunt licking slut! I’ll demolish you!” Carol howled.
    “You didn’t seem to mind last night.” Flo pointed out.
    “Neither did you.”

    “Ewww…they licked each other’s pussies?” Angie asked
    “Sounds like it.”

    “I’ll annihilate you, you clit sucking jezebel!” Florence almost broke character when she said that.

    “What the hell is a Jezebel?” Emily asked.
    “It’s an old fashioned term for a loose, immoral woman…a slut, a whore.”
    “Oh, Angie, you’re so hep to the jive talk.”
    “I’m a real cool kitty, Em.”

    The pussy grinding act intensified, for the sake of the captive audience. Despite their Oscar-worthy performances, Florence and Carol were quite enjoying the fake war between their thespian cunts. Indeed, an unplanned cameo appeared in the form of an explosive mutual orgasm. Both moms fell limp, moaning in the afterglow.

    Finally, the daughters had had enough.

    “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!” Angela Evans demanded to know. Emily stood beside her, both of them hands on hips, like two angry moms getting ready to scold their children…two angry moms in barely-there bikinis.

    Feigning shock, Florence and Carol separated, scrambled on the mat, grabbing their robes and covering themselves in a disheveled manner. The theater continued.

    “What are you doing here?”
    “We thought you weren’t going to be here until tonight.”
    “We got ahead of traffic…never mind that. What in the name of Jehovah is going on here?”
    “How long have you two known each other?” asked Emily.

    The MILF moms then wended their way through their rehearsed explanation.

    “Carol stopped in at the Belvedere lounge last Friday for a cocktail. We recognized each other, so we had dinner together. It seemed like a good time for us to become better acquainted.” Florence explained.
    “We had a great time together, getting to know each other.” Carol added.
    “Talking about our lives and of course, our beautiful daughters…it was great fun.”
    “We have so much in common. You could say that we bonded.”
    “So, we exchanged phone numbers, to keep in touch and to build our friendship.”
    “How did this lunacy come about?” Emily asked.
    “Simple, I invited Carol over for a workout.”
    “You girls enjoy working out, why shouldn’t we?” Carol began the needling process.
    “Things were going great, until…”
    “Until this puffed-up bitch challenged me to a sit-up contest. I wasn’t going to back down from that!”
    “Watch your mouth, loser!”
    “Screw you, Florence! You cheated and you know it!” Carol accused the redhead.
    “I did not cheat!”

    Carol and Florence peeled off their robes, preparing to go at it again. They slammed tits and snarled. Their hands tore into each other’s hair.


    “Goddammit! You two…Stop it!” Angie yelled.

    The two moms let go of each other. It was hard for the two girls not to feel arousal as they watched the chests of their moms heave.

    “You two should be ashamed of yourselves!” Emily scolded.
    “For what?” Florence asked, ready to drop the hammer.
    “For acting like…like children!” Emily said with a haughty tone.
    “Oh no, Emily…” Florence paused, “we weren’t acting like children. We were acting like…like…”
    “Like twenty year olds.” Carol finished the sentence.
    “Exactly, Carol…we were acting just like our daughters do. A nice, sweaty workout, and then a naked wrestle.”
    “Don’t forget the part about fucking, Flo.”
    “That’s right, can’t forget the fucking part.” Florence agreed, sarcasm dripping from her words.

    Angie and Emily felt the proverbial rug being pulled out from under them. Their faces were flushed. Knees felt unsteady. They were busted and they knew it.

    “What?” Emily whimpered.
    “How?” Angie sniveled.

    Both fully embarrassed, they watched their mothers embrace and share a naked, intense kiss.

    “When Carol and I met, we were immediately attracted to each other.”
    “Then it became obvious that we were both, well, lonely.”
    “Don’t forget how horny we both were.” Florence added.
    “Exactly! So, we decided, why shouldn’t two sexy forty year old women with hot bodies get naked and fuck the living daylights out of each other?” Carol explained.
    “But here’s the really strange part, girls. The more we fucked…”
    “Oh my, did we ever fuck!” Carol emphasized.
    “Indeed…the more we fucked the more we talked and the more we talked, the more we realized that we both had something to confess to each other.”
    “In other words, we both realized we’d been duped by our daughters.”
    “Seduced by our daughters…”
    “Fucked by our daughters.”

    The room fell dead silent for several seconds. Carol added punctuation to the shame in the air.

    “You two didn’t actually think that you could pull this off, did you?”

    Both girls buried their faces in their hands. Tears flowed. Wet sniffles could be heard. Florence turned to Carol and spoke.

    “Do you want to go take a shower, Carol?”
    “Only if you promise to wash my filthy back with your big, beautiful tits.”
    “Oh, absolutely!”

    Carol blew a sarcastic kiss to Angie, then she and Florence walked off together. Young Angie’s shame devolved to tears.



    Emily Johnson and Angela Evans went through the motions of their workout routine without enthusiasm or emotion. Naked, simply because there was nothing to hide any longer, they completed each exercise wordlessly. After thirty minutes, they stopped, toweled off and stretched out on the mat alongside each other. Considering the guilt and shame they felt, the workout ending fuck wrestle seemed inappropriate.

    “How did I let you talk me into such a stupid thing?” Emily foolishly began to assign blame.

    Angie turned to look Emily in the eyes. “Excuse me, miss Em, but I don’t recall twisting your arm.”
    “What are you talking about? This whole misguided adventure was YOUR idea!”
    “An idea that YOU eagerly agreed to. Need I remind you of how you were salivating over my mother’s body?”
    “And YOU were clearly slobbering over the thought of fucking my hot mother.”
    “I don’t deny that.”
    “I guess we both should have known better, Angie.”
    “You’re right, Em. I wonder what they’re going to do to us.” Angela worried.
    “We could be in for a tough few weeks to come.”
    “I have a feeling that we’re going to get what we deserve, Em.”

    Emily sighed, almost in tears.

    Sitting on the bottom steps, Carol and Florence overheard the entire exchange between their daughters.

    Carol sighed. “Shall we?”
    “Lets go.”

    Now, both girls were aware of the presence of their mothers, standing at their feet. They gasped when each mom untied her robe, and then shed them.

    Florence Evans knelt down and parted young Emily Johnson’s legs. Carol did the same to Angie.

    “What the hell?” Emily exclaimed. Angie was equally taken aback.
    “You two young ladies have been VERY naughty.” Carol said, shaking the finger of shame at them.
    “It’s time for your comeuppance.” Florence scolded playfully.

    Before either of them could say a word, the two twenty year olds were in a tit smacking pussy pounding fuck wrestle with each of their forty year old moms.

    Mouths and tongues, tits and bellies, arms, legs and naked cunts clashed in two simultaneous body on body fucks.

    “You fucking dirty, hot bitches!” Emily screamed as she felt Florence’s womanly clitoris sink into her cunt.

    Angie was in a similar situation. Her slick body was writhing out of control under the full weight of Carol’s body. Her cunt was splayed by the thick fuck of Carol’s womanly cunt.

    But the two young daughters had no intention of being shrinking violets. They both drew upon their acquired skills and engaged their respective mothers in tumbling, back and forth body-locked fuck wrestles.

    The rest of the afternoon was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh, squishing cunts, grunts, groans and screams…interspersed with explosive mother-daughter mother- daughter orgasms…

    It should be noted here that, in this wild sexual fracas, experience prevailed over youthful enthusiasm. Again…

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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    Great! I'm going to read this right now. Looking forward to it.


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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    I liked it. Hot.

    Be well

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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    Great ending! I hope we see more of these characters, especially the mothers in the future. The end is particularly...interesting. ;-)

    Looking forward to more of your stories, especially -well, I won't say, since I promised not to nag! ;-)


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    Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    Quote Originally Posted by JB57 View Post
    Great ending! I hope we see more of these characters, especially the mothers in the future. The end is particularly...interesting. ;-)

    Looking forward to more of your stories, especially -well, I won't say, since I promised not to nag! ;-)


    i note with a smile the pause between "particularly...interesting." I had a feeing that the ending I chose might cause a head scratch or raise an eyebrow. As I mentioned, I struggled with this ending. Several ideas presented themselves and all except this one got tossed. And I'm still not 100% convinced I made the right choice. Perhaps at some future date I might rewrite it.

    Thanks, AP

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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    The first time i read the story i was in a hurry. I knew that i had not the needed time to enjoy it, but i was very curious to read this chapter, especially its ending. So my first review was very short. After a second reading of it i realize a more detailed review is needed.

    1. Humor and trash talk meet and they offered to us an outcome of high quality. Let me write a small but characteristic part of the story : while Mrs Johnson and Mrs Evans enjoy their tribbing session << Carol rolled Florence, wanting to take over the fuck. She got in a few strokes, but then, she was once again on her back.

    “Not in my house, bitch!” Florence exclaimed. “I’m driving this Eldorado!”
    Typical A. Penman

    2. Very well written by someone who knows to speak his native language very well. Again... "Like the steady five beat clave of Cuban music, peppered with flavorful accents of a master conguero, a thing of infinite beauty was the measured and purposeful cadence of two pelvises with and against each other. Each sagacious movement designed to increase intimacy and sensual gratification, one mature stroke at a time".


    ... while each of the two daughters were under the tribbing attack of the other's mother.
    << the two young daughters had no intention of being shrinking violets >>
    Typical A.Penman again !

    Yes, i liked it. The erotic scenes were not so detaily described but they were hot !! Being older, i am more into how an expertly written building erotic tension between two women drives them to a hot erotic scene than the erotic scene per se.

    The plot of the story was very good also. Each of us may like the ending more or less, according to his particular taste. Besides... was it the REAL ending ?

    Let me tell you some alternative thoughts here. My thoughts after i read this story, i do not know my good friend's future plans :
    Two mothers fuck each other's daughter at the same time and at the same place. Each of them watches (intentionally or not) how the other mother, who is also her lover, fucks her own daughter. Does this scene turns her on, as she is already excited by her fucking ? How far is this scene from a passionate foursome ? Then... if this foursome comes sooner or later, how far is this foursome from something more taboo? Is this kinky and nasty temptation already in the four women minds ?

    Or.. if publicity is not an option for that kind of intimacy, maybe later, when each of these MILF is "home alone" with her daughter ? After each of them was witness to the hot erotic action of the other ?

    Again, just my thoughts after i read the ending. I found this as a probable continuation. Pls do NOT misunderstand me. I mean under the specific plot and the specific conditions the 4 women are.

    Regarding the end, my friend wrote at the end of his story : "I'm still not 100% convinced I made the right choice. Perhaps at some future date I might rewrite it" .
    He Kept the door semi open for an alternative ending (which may be irrelevant to my thoughts) or to a sequel of it. HIS WAY. I bet that, whatever he will do, it is not possible to please all of us, not the same at the very least. Each with its own taste. Besides... It is his story, he will decide. But we will like it, we will applaud his next story whatever it is. I bet for that too !!
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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    Oh the awesomeness of this story can not be contained!!! Every story of yours that I read sends me to a world of euphoric bliss!

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    Red face Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    Family fights are always a bit terrifying to write, at least for me. lol

    But I love so much about this one.

    The trash talk is catty, but also friendly and wanting in a super sexy way.

    The beautiful language you use really helps make each sentence and paragraph a delight to read.

    And by the end, I was ready to just keep reading. Excited to see what other pairings and paths this story might give us.

    Thank you for writing it. Thank you for sharing it with us. <3

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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    a bit late reading this, apenman. i saw it was up but was busy with other stuff.

    i liked it. an unexpected ending. i didnt think they would all meet up.

    but i guess it was inevitable.

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    Re: Dd,md,md,mm part 4-b

    Loved, love, love a older busty woman vs a younger busty woman sex fight story.
    And have two sets of women sex fighting in a series, is WOW.

    It's was so cool how the mothers met, and realized what they had done with each others daughter.
    And knowing that, did not seem to mind - YES.
    And the way the mothers set-up their daughters, with a hot mother vs hot mother ( almost ) sex fight - BAM.
    Ending with two older vs younger women sex wrangling's, again - WOW.

    I personally, would like to see the daughters come up with a payback scheme of their own = keep things going.

    Super series A. Penman and thank you.

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