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    Best Friend's Sister, Chapter 40

    Best Friend's Sister, Chapter 40
    I woke up the next morning with Tiff snuggled into my arm. I looked at the clock, and at 10 AM was not surprised I felt so tired. We hadn't gone to sleep until five. I felt a stirring between my legs, and my eyes went wide. I grinned at the memory of Tiffany the previous night, so eager and aggressive after her victories over the Hooter Girls. Tamera's broken body filled my memory and I sighed as I felt myself go back to her working me over, her body Tiff's to order around. I thought of Maria's tits flattened by Cassie, and wish I'd been able to take Tiffany's place in working the gorgeous woman's firm breasts to orgasm.

    "Baby, let me," I heard a drowsy voice say. I felt Tiffany's hand on mine, pulling me off my own erection. I hadn't even realized I'd started. She looked up at me. "Still thinking about last night?" she asked, blinking the sleep away. I groaned as she spun around, throwing the covers off, and watched her toned, firm body slide against mine. I entered Tiffany without issue. "Me, too," she promised. The sex was slow and languid, and Tiff leaned over for much of it so I could gently kiss her battered breasts. I did sit up and keep her on me as I sucked more aggressively. Tiff moaned and I looked up as I kept her left tit in my mouth.

    "You are such a greedy fuck," she laughed. "And I'm so lucky," she added, moaning as I let her breast slap against her chest. I grunted as I felt her pick up her pace, and soon had pushed her down on the bed. “Ohh,” she said, a smile creeping on her face. “You missed taking out all that sexual frustration on Kara, so now you're taking it out on me. Good,” she added, shifting toward me. I felt her take even more of me in. “It felt so good last night to finish Tamera off. Then to break her. I'm glad you were there," she said. "I'm glad she didn't break my tits," she added. "Even though I know you wanted her to. At least a little." I didn't deny it. Tiff's eyes closed. "Fuck this is amazing," she murmured. I fucked her more firmly as she began bucking against me. Her hand found mine and brought it to her breast as she looked me in the eyes. She nodded as I gently squeezed.

    "Show me what you wanted to do with Kara," she moaned as I picked up the pace. She grinned as she felt my hand increase the pressure slightly. "Show me what you will do," she corrected.

    "I love you," I told her. Tiffany smiled.

    "Oooh. You must have some pretty good ideas about what awaits Kara's rack if you feel the need to preface the treatment my beaten boobs are going to get with that," she said. "What position are you going to have her in?" Tiffany asked. I felt my heart skip a beat, and I had to take a big swallow before I could answer. Tiff grinned knowingly. "I took today off, too, Jon. Take your time."

    I did, and we didn't get out of bed for another hour. As we cleaned up, we chatted about the previous night. She was as excited as she had been then. At around one o'clock, she got hungry, and I shook my head as she began picking out an outfit. "What are you doing?" I asked. She grabbed a tight t-shirt with Beta O's letters on it. Her braless breasts bounced beneath it, and I saw her nipples poke through. She saw my look and grinned. "I can't really think of shoving them into a bra right now. But I'm really looking forward to Hooters. I hear they have good wings," she purred.

    "Already?" I asked, but handed her the brush she'd motioned for. She brushed her hair and her tits, still bruised, swollen, and wobbling under the shirt, caught my stare. She noticed, giving them another bit of a shake before shrugging. She gave me an almost predatory look as she watched my eyes follow them.

    "I'm starting to wonder if you like my tits a little tenderized, baby," she teased. "You.. certainly seemed to last night." I caught myself as my breath quickened, and took two steps toward her.

    "I just got dressed," she murmured as I lifted her shirt. Tiff's tits tumbled out, bruised from her battle with Tamera. I leaned over and gently kissed all around her left breast, loving how hard her nipple surged forward. I repeated my treatment with her other tit, avoiding her nipple as she moaned. When I stood, I hadn't touched her nipple, but Tiffany's eyes were still looking at me with a strange half-lidded glare.

    "You fucker," she breathed.

    "I love them," I told her. "Are you going to see Kara?" I asked brightly. Tiffany reached for the hem of her shirt, no doubt to pull it down, but I put a hand against hers. She stopped.

    "Someone knows he's in charge," Tiff whispered. She stepped back and left her tits bare. I grunted, my breathing heavy as Tiff as I felt a familiar wave flush over me. "But yeah. Kara texted me her schedule this morning. She's working today." I remembered Kara telling me the same thing. Tiffany smiled at me as she watched my reactions to warring with the idea of Kara.

    "Oh, relax, baby. No torture. I need Kara to find an opponent for a friend of mine. I figured one of the Hooter Girls would be a nice pool to choose from. Just because I can't fight doesn't mean you shouldn't get to see another pair of tits ground into mush," she added. "And yes, both women know... or will know that you'll be watching them. And mine will probably be healed enough by Friday for you to do whatever you want with them." She gestured to her battered breasts. "We're not done with Beta O vs Hooters yet," she sighed. "But that part is coming to a close. This is more of me pulling a favor from Kara." I nodded. "If you play along, I bet I can think of a way to reward you," she teased.

    "Can I make a request?" I asked. Tiffany cupped her left breast, almost casually, stroking her bruised flesh teasingly.

    "Of course, lover," she said.

    "How about a date. You and me. Thursday night." Tiff's eyes looked a bit surprised, but then she nodded.

    "Oh wow. That is so sweet," she said. She sidled up, still caressing her boob. "I'd love a date with my future husband," she said, her voice low. I could tell my request was a genuine surprise. "What kind of date?" I'd had this planned out for a while, but took in her beaten chest for a moment.

    "Dinner, for starters. A nice, quiet meal. Then we can go to a movie."

    "Is it a scary movie?" Tiffany asked. I grinned at her and reached to her right hip with my left hand.

    "Yes," I told her, pulling her close. "I love when you get freaked out."

    "Can I make a request?" she asked, and I was surprised to hear some timidity in her voice. I traced a line from her hip across the top of her tight ass and slowly drew a finger to the base of her spine. She closed her eyes and took a breath, and I took no small delight in watching her nipples harden. "Th--that's not fair," she gasped.

    "Tell me what you want," I said softly. She looked slightly up at me and nodded.

    "I want to go without a bra on our date. And I want you to pick my outfit." I kept my fingers on her spine and she whimpered. "Please," she added. My cock twitched at her request and I leaned in for a kiss. Her mouth met mine hungrily, and she moaned as I reached down to cup her ass through her tight jeans. I pulled away after a long kiss and watched her gingerly pull her shirt over her now-hard nipples. She groaned as the fabric glided across her stiff peaks and looked up at me again. "I don't know how you do that to me," she whispered. I held her close, my hand still tracing her now-covered spine. I watched her eyes close again, and slowly pulled my hand away and stepped back. She looked up at me, shaking her head. "Ready for lunch?" she asked. Tiff watched my eyes lingering on her nipples, now shoving through the shirt. "My God," she laughed. "Yes. I'm dessert," she teased. Her hand found mine.

    "I'm so glad I'm marrying you," she said as she looked at my hand. "I don't know what I'd do without you." I was touched, and put my hand to her face.

    "I think you'd be fine," I assured her, and she leaned her cheek against me.

    "I really wouldn't," she responded.

    "I was more worried about someone swooping in and stealing you from me," I told her. She looked at me and her face went completely serious.

    "I'm going to be your wife," she said firmly, though she wasn't upset. "I will love being there for you no matter what you need. And I love being there for you now. Just like you've been there for me. I love you, Jon."

    I admit, I felt my eyes water. I smiled at her and kissed her gently. "I love you, Tiff." We kissed for a while longer before she pulled away.

    "If you don't feed me soon, you don't get dessert," Tiff said. I nodded laughing with her, and we got in the car. It was spring, so the temperatures were warmer, but Tiff told me she was glad she'd pulled her sorority hoodie. "Otherwise everyone would see them poking out," she said, grinning.

    We arrived at Hooters to a relatively empty parking lot; I wasn't surprised given the time (it was nearly two in the afternoon). We made our way in, and Shelby noticed Tiffany first, and seemingly her sweatshirt second. Her eyes widened as we walked up.

    "Welcome to Hooters," Shelby said. She dropped her voice to a whisper (which meant that only people within ten feet could hear) and leaned over. "Do you guys want Kara's table? Tamera's not here today." I glanced down at her cleavage, and she grinned. She gave her tits a bit of a shake and stood tall again. Shelby's soft boobs bounced up and down, and I felt my eyes follow them. She winked at me. "From Kara!" she said loudly. Tiffany sighed and rolled her eyes.

    "That's great Shelby," Tiffany said, and her tone had an edge of superiority in it already. I sighed, realizing what I was going to see at the table.

    "Let me see you to your table," she said formally and grabbed our menus and silverware. Once we were seated, she leaned over, giving first Tiffany, then me, an eyeful of her breasts. Despite her size, her breasts were a good looking handful, and I couldn't believe how much I'd relaxed to enjoy the show.

    "Do I need to see if Shelby will fight?" Tiff asked, laughing as she saw my stare after Shelby had left. I shrugged and she sighed. "It can't be anyone who fought last night," she added. "Their tits probably feel like mine." I nodded and leaned forward. Tiffany gave me a shy glance and slowly unzipped the hoodie, revealing her braless breasts. I let my eyes lock on my fiancée's breasts, her nipples pushing through the fabric. She smiled, though this time it was a shy smile.

    "Nice to know I can still get your attention," she cooed. I shook my head.

    "You know you don't have to work too hard," I told her. She shook her chest slightly, and my eyes fell to her chest again. When I looked up, she was wearing a smirk. She reached across the table and I took her hand. She squeezed tight.

    "We are going to have so much fun this week," she promised. "School be damned."

    "Don't you have that essay to write?" I asked, looking at her chest. She gave me a fake pout.

    "Fucker," she complained. She tried to pull free, but I held her and she smiled. "I am glad you mentioned it, honestly," she said. "Oh. Time for lunch."

    I turned to see Kara walking toward us in one of her assigned bras. Her big tits bounced almost independently of each other, her nipples not thwarted by the garment. Their slight pokies drew my eye and I pulled my gaze from her wobbling tits to her face. She had a sort of strange smile on her face.

    "Hey guys," she said, and squatted beside us. "Would you like to try one of our large milkshakes?" With that Kara hefted first her left, then her right tit onto the table, letting each one thud onto the surface. Her breasts spread out, limited only by the bra that barely held them in place.

    "Hey Kara," Tiff said, eyeing her wobbling breasts. "How'd things go last night?" Kara swallowed, closed her eyes and then opened them, putting on a big smile. She leaned in, crushing her heavy hangers beneath her, and whispered to both of us.

    "Darla and I are split," she told them. "None of the girls here know, and while I know it might not matter to you guys, it'd mean a lot to me if you didn't say anything." Both Tiffany and I nodded, shocked as Kara relayed the information. Her voice was almost bubbly when she continued. "So what can I get you two to drink?" I ordered a water, and Tiffany, still looking at her toy's tit, went ahead and ordered the milkshake.

    "Make sure it's in a cup big enough to shove one of those floppy tits in it. My guy and I might want to share." Kara closed her eyes, but smiled, gritting her teeth as she nodded, and stood. After she'd gone, Tiff grabbed my phone from the table and sent a quick text.

    "This'll take her mind off it," Tiff said softly. She slid my phone back to me, and I opened it up. My eyes went wide as I read the message. "BOOBS NOW." Tiff shrugged.

    "It might help her take her mind off things," she said. We had to wait under a minute before Kara's tits, obviously haphazardly pulled from her bra from somewhere in the restaurant, filled my screen. When Kara returned, she set our drinks down on the table, then slowly lowered her barely supported breasts onto the table. She glanced at me and looked around to make sure no one was looking before flipping me off.

    "Now what can I get you to eat?" she asked pleasantly. Tiff ordered a burger and I followed suit. As Kara stood, Tiffany asked her question.

    "We've got a favor to ask," Tiff said. Kara took a deep breath.

    "Dammit, Tiff," she said, hissing. "I just broke up with my girlfriend. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for the games right now. I mean, I get it, you took us down twenty pegs, and yeah, I've let you have your way with me. I've enjoyed it, and it's been fun. But can I get a few fucking minutes to at least process this before you try to parade me around like I'm your damned toy?" Tiff scooched in and patted the seat next to her. Kara, seemingly without a better idea, slid in.

    "I'm so sorry," Tiff said. "I thought it might keep your mind off things, so when Jon started texting, I let him." I gave Tiffany a baleful glare and she gestured toward Kara. I rolled my eyes, but said nothing. "I'm not actually here to play games with you, today, Kara, but now that I know, I'll take a step back." Kara nodded. "For awhile," Tiff added. "Because you still owe me. And Jon. But I really wasn't here for that today," she repeated.

    "Then why?" Kara asked, her tears still wet and eyes still red from her (deserved) rant. Tiff brushed a lock of hair out of Kara's face.

    "Jon wants to watch another titfight this week. The greedy bastard." Kara huffed but smiled. "And we figured since Hooter's has a lot of women who do titfight, but didn't get their tits demolished last night, you'd be able to help us out." Kara licked her lips.

    "That's why you came?" she asked. Tiff nodded.

    "Oh, we were going to give you a metric ton of shit. But yeah. We wanted you to find an opponent for a friend of mine." She pulled Kara close and whispered. Kara smiled. "I've got an idea or two," Kara said. "And... sorry.." Tiff waved her off.

    "We had no idea Kara. We're sorry it ended like that." I nodded. Kara shrugged.

    "Long time coming, I think," she said. I couldn't help but glance at her cleavage again as she shrugged, watching the interior curves of her breasts jiggle. Tiff patted her shoulder.

    "Is that why you stayed?" she asked quietly. "She made you cum for a long time?" Kara looked disgusted, but we both saw her play the conversation back in her head. Despite herself, Kara smiled.

    "Fuck you," she muttered. "And thanks. I'm going to check on your new order." She slowly slid out, letting each of her breasts shake a bit more than might have been necessary. Tiff watched me and shook her head as my eyes remained glued to Kara's soft tits.

    After she'd left, Tiffany looked at me. I sighed. "I feel a bit bad about them splitting up," I said. Tiff nodded.

    "I wish I did. They had whatever they had coming," she said. "I just blame Darla more than Kara."

    I must have given her a strange look. She shrugged. "You went to a lot of trouble to make her feel better," I said. She raised an eyebrow.

    "Yeah. She is going through a breakup. I'm not completely inhuman." Tiff stopped and took a sip of her milkshake. She took a deep breath. I glanced at the cup, and hated myself that a bit that I imagined Kara shoving one of her breasts into it. Tiffany looked at me. "But she owes us. And she'll pay. Plus, I think she'll kind of likes it," she added. "It all evens out," she said brightly. "This is a good milkshake," Tiff said.

    Kara was gone for a bit, and while Tiff and I waited, we chatted. We didn't talk about her fights, or the Hooter girls, save for a quick glance from either myself or my fiancée. I noticed my eyes lingering on one waitress in particular. She was a slender brunette, with a nice figure and impressive breasts. I finally caught her name tag as she strolled by, her bra keeping her tits under some impressive control. I was shocked I hadn't recognized her. I was surprised she was working, given that Teresa had trashed her tits last night. "Alexis". She was wearing a standard Hooter's t-shirt, and her bra hid any indication of what her breasts "did." They looked amazing though, with a nice dark line of cleavage separating each of her supple looking boobs.

    "You found one you like?" Tiffany laughed. "I don't think she's going to be up for another pounding, but who knows? When Kara starts asking, she may volunteer." She glanced at Alexis. "Definitely your type, though. Nice, top-heavy brunette." Tiffany grinned.

    "I'd love to see her take you on," I said without thinking. She glanced at me.

    "Baby, I'm not going to flatten every Hooter girl," she said her tone almost apologetic. She laughed. "At least not this year. There are way too many of them." I laughed, and Kara came to our table again.

    "You guys good?" she asked. We nodded, and she grinned. "Great!" she slid Tiffany a piece of paper. "I'll bring the check by in a minute. And... thanks again," she said, her voice dropping.

    "We'll see you soon, Kara," Tiff said. Kara nodded.

    "Yeah," she said. There were a few minutes before Kara, who suddenly had three customers bugging her, came by. She apologized, and we offered some empathetic words before paying the bill and heading out. It was nearly three in the afternoon when we left. Tiffany handed me the slip of paper.

    "Riley will meet you guys at your place on Thursday. She says she can be there at 8." Tiffany grinned. My eyes went wide.

    "That's the one you like right?" I laughed as Tiffany teased me.

    "The one I saw in the restaurant, no. But I'm sure I'll like her," I told her as I reached for her hand. She gripped mine back, and I looked at her hoodie. She looked down and laughed.

    "Oh, right." She unzipped her hoodie and pulled the jacket to the side. "They are really sore now," Tiffany complained.

    "Hands off tonight, I promise," I told her. Tiffany gave me a warm smile.

    "I won't make the same one," she responded.

    We made our way home and got ready for the week of school. All of our intended plans dissipated as we were faced with the reality of the latter third of our semester. There were occasional moments of fooling around, but nothing related to the Hooter girls. It was a relief in some ways for Tiff to have finished off the big fight night. She definitely seemed more relaxed at home. On Wednesday, the night before the fight, she caught me after dinner.

    "You won't be groping the winner or loser tomorrow," she told me. "You won't get... the access you had with the last group of losers." I nodded.

    "I figured. I don't even know who the other girl is," I pointed out. "Probably not the most polite thing to go groping women I don't know well." Tiffany laughed.

    "I'm glad we've established that as a benchmark," she said. I shook my head, realizing what I'd walked into. When she stopped laughing, she looked up at me. She pulled my hand to her left breast.

    "Feel it, baby?" I gently squeezed her breast and she moaned. "It's still sore from pounding Tamera's tits into submission." Tiff sighed as I continued with her tit. "Tomorrow night, you'll see another pair like these. All smashed." I grunted and Tiffany grabbed my hand. "And since you won't get to grope them tomorrow night, I want you to come to bed and show me what you'd do to a big pair of softened boobs." I followed her to the bedroom as she pulled away and turned around.

    When I woke up the next morning, it was early. I had classes later in the morning, but I decided to get ready and let my fiancée sleep. I marveled at Tiffany's slumbering form. She lay on her back, her bruised breasts exposed. I flashed back the previous night, her encouragement of my hands working her big breasts over still ringing in my ears. I took a deep breath to calm myself down before jumping in the shower. When I woke up, Tiffany was groggily grabbing a glass of water.

    "Can you make the coffee?" she asked. "It always comes out so much better when you make it." She put on her "please" face and I laughed.

    "I doubt that it does, but I'm happy to make my fiancée a cup of coffee." She grinned, a genuine, wide smile.

    "I love it when you say that," she said. I smiled back at her.

    "That you're my fiancée?" I asked.

    "No. That you like doing things for me," she replied. I sighed and she laughed. I made her coffee and she sat there drinking it. She'd pulled on an old t-shirt of mine that she said smelled like me. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants and I smiled as I kissed her cheek.

    "I've got a few errands to do before class. That paperwork needs to get admissions so I can get my financial aid for next semester." Tiff nodded.

    "Always such a pain. Hope it goes well!" she said. She sat, drinking her coffee, and I made sure I had everything before I left. Before I left, Tiff caught me.

    "I hope you have a great day today, Jon," she said. "Thank you for everything." She stood and kissed my cheek.

    I walked to my car grinning like a fool. Forty-five minutes later, I'd made my way to the admissions office, and I was not grinning. The two lines were at least three students deep. I rolled my eyes until I looked at the student in front of me. She had long black hair, and a nice, tight ass. I nearly did a double take when she put her hands on her hips and took a deep sigh.

    "Hey, Maria," I said, trying not to be obtrusive. She started, despite my soft introduction, and I felt bad. When she realized who I was, she rolled her eyes.

    "Oh, joy. Hey, Jon," she said, her voice flattening instantly.

    "You enrolling?" I asked, genuinely curious. Maria glared at me.

    "No. I've decided that I'm going to become a professional line stander. How am I doing?" I nodded.

    "So far, so good. Don't have the view I did Saturday, though. You'll get dinged there." Maria's eyes widened.

    "You fucker!" she hissed. I looked around.

    "I'm not the observer here. I was just making conversation. Forgive me for responding in kind," I said, keeping my voice as neutral as I could. Maria sighed.

    "Okay. Sorry. You're not exactly the person I'm going to try and please right now. Yeah. Someone told me I'd be good in school. So I'm going to take a class next semester while I work to see how I can handle it. The line is taking forever though. I have a shift this afternoon, too." I gave her a sympathetic smile.

    "Well, congrats on applying. I hope you do well," I told her. She seemed to open her mouth to say something, then closed it.

    "Thanks," she said, turning around. She hopped on her phone as she waited, so I patiently stood, glancing around , and occasionally stealing glances at Maria's pert ass. Five minutes later, the next person went, and the opening question was something about where to find out about enrolling. Maria groaned, just loudly enough for me to hear.

    "Wow," was all I could muster as I saw the registrar's face fall. Maria glanced back at me.

    "You're a weird guy, you know that?" she asked. I shrugged, unsure as to how I should respond.

    "I've been told," I responded. She shook her head.

    "You've seen me practically naked, and you're going to carry on a conversation like this about school. Most guys don't go that route," she pointed out.

    "I learned the value of discretion and compartmentalization as Tiff introduced me into this stuff. As far as I'm concerned, what I've seen stays there. That's all. Helps everyone involved if I'm not a creep about it." Maria stared at me intently. She shook her head.

    "I'll be damned," she said. "Well, I appreciate the encouragement." She turned around an after a moment, she was called up. The registrar, a guy in his mid 30s looked up, then at the paper work, and audibly said "Thank you." I nearly laughed. A minute later, a woman pushed by me, and I said "Hey!"

    She turned around, her red hair twirling and her eyes narrowed. "Oh fuck," she said, loudly. "Hey John!"

    "Cassie!" I said, grinning. She gave me a big hug, and I felt her bra-clad breasts gently push against me. As we hugged, Cassie grinned. "Sorry I'm wearing a bra," she teased, whispering in my ear. She pulled away with a smug grin. I grinned back, fighting the urge to flip her off. "Excuse me," she said, and in a move that surprised me, she slid up next to Maria and started asking her a few questions. I could feel my face tighten as I tried to figure out what was going on, but then I happened to notice Cassie's fingers brushing Maria's hand and arm. My eyes then lingered on both their asses and remembering I was in public immediately turned my gaze to the other line. I sighed and shook my head as I realized they had already cycled through the three that had been there when I arrived.

    As Maria and Cassie finished, Cassie waved goodbye. Maria didn't look at me, but I had a great view of her profile, and her covered bust especially drew my eyes. My mind wandered to the fight that night, and I groaned, realizing I now had a full day of class, plus whatever paperwork I was going to be handed.

    The day went about as I'd expected. I spent about thirty minutes before I finished the paperwork, and thanked the man. He grinned and nodded and waved the student behind me in. I just made it to class, and spent the next three hours taking notes. By the end of the day, I felt fried. I got to work, and luckily it was moving and cataloging, things I'd learned to do pretty quickly. When I made it home, Tiff was waiting for me. She was on the couch wearing a t-shirt and a pair of pajama shorts.

    "Hey!" she exclaimed, putting her book down on the coffee table and lunging into my arms. I felt her big breasts push up against mine, grunting as I could feel her breasts slowly recovering. "Cassie said she ran into you at the registrar's line today," Tiffany said. "I wanted to show you what a winning pair of tits felt like," she teased. "Plus I was waiting to get in the shower until you got home. So you could make me dinner?" she pushed hopefully. I laughed.

    "I'd planned on it," I told her.

    "It's so nice being almost married to you," she said, pushing up to kiss me gently. "I'm going to go shower now," she said. I threw together a nice salad, using some leftover chicken to add some heft to it.

    "Oh. Healthy," Tiff said. She ate wearing a towel, teasing me the entire time. I tried to resist, but as she passed me while I was cleaning up, I pulled the towel down. Tiff watched with a half-hearted surprise on her face. Her bruised tits looked much better, the worst becoming yellow as the least became slightly blotchy. I cupped her left breast in my hand and inspected it. It was feeling a bit firmer, a bit nicer, but still very tender.

    "Not all of those bruises are from the fight," Tiffany pointed out. I looked at her. "You are getting very creative," she whispered. "I think we bring out the best in each other." I took a deep breath as I tried to steel myself. There was nowhere near enough time, but Tiffany saw me thinking.

    "Oh fuck no, Jon." She pulled the towel up. "There is no time for a repeat, and you might actually smash my tits again," she said. "But mostly," she added, almost in a whisper. "We need to get ready for you to watch Riley and a friend go at it. I think I'll enjoy watching with you this time. Just like old times," she said. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and didn't even feign surprise when I pulled the towel off.

    "It's a good thing they're coming here," I told her, and knelt. Her eyes went wide.

    "Jon?" she whispered. It turned into a moan as I kissed her thigh.

    "Tell me when you want me to stop," I told her.

    "You fucker," she said. But that was all she said.

    An hour later I opened the door. Riley said hi, and I invited her in. I took her body in again, surprised at how attracted I found myself to her round, perky tits and round ass. The redhead looked slightly out of place, so I got her a glass of water and we chatted about the fight night vaguely for a minute until Tiff came out. Riley had pulled on a sweatshirt that didn't quite hide her bust, but when she came in, she pulled it off and draped it behind her on the couch. She was wearing a Hooter's t-shirt, (not the tank as the uniform) and her nipples were on display through it, highlighting her perky nipples.

    "Glad you could make it," Tiff said cordially, and for a brief moment she reminded me of her mother. Distant, but still welcoming. It was a bit worrisome.

    "Thanks. I'm uh... looking forward to it," Riley said. "It's the least I could do for the girl who put Tamera in her place." While she seemed genuine, she seemed a bit uncomfortable about being in my place. I didn't really understand, but Riley was new to my apartment, and definitely new to Tiffany watching. After what Tiff had put the other Hooter girls through, I shouldn't have been surprised that Riley was not completely relaxed. I tried to chat about a few other things, but blissfully, a knock came on the door.

    I first noticed the jet black hair on the young woman's head. I heard a "Hey, Tiff!" and shook my head. Sarah sauntered in, her firm breasts bouncing under her shirt. Her nipples pushed against her t-shirt. The shirt was a light blue, highlighting the shadow created by her stretching nipples. "Hey, Jon!" she waved. She came over and gave me a hug. I swear it was there, but Tiff said later that I was imagining it, but it felt like Sarah was rubbing her breasts against me. When she pulled away, she glanced up at me and gave me a wink.

    "Riley?" she asked, moving toward the brunette Hooter girl. Riley stood and took the hand that Sarah offered. "Sarah. Um... I guess "glad to meet you" seems a bit less intimate than is called for." Riley smiled and shook her head.

    "Yeah. Guess so. Nice to meet you, though," she offered. Sarah's eyes fell to Riley's chest. "Wow," she breathed. "You certainly meet one of the qualifications for working where you do," she said approvingly.

    Tiffany laughed. "You're one to talk," she pointed out. Sarah shrugged. Riley looked at her quizzically. "Sarah is a coworker of mine at the lingerie store," Tiffany told her. "She helped me pick out the losers' bras." I couldn't help but stare at the two young women, their nipples poking through their shirts. "And if you win, she'll help fit you for a new bra. If you lose, Sarah gets to take yours home."

    My brain flashed back to watching Riley's fight with Katherine, as the fit redhead essentially demolished the other woman's breasts quickly. I nearly groaned as I remembered Katherine screaming her submission as the redhead basically pinned her friend's tits beneath her own, nipple to nipple.

    My mind shifted to the other fighter. In one of the first fights I had ever seen, Nikki's tits being tamed by Sarah's unbelievably firm tits. My eyes lingered on Sarah's pink, pale nipples as I thought back to her loss to Amanda, the blonde sorority sister whom Tiffany essentially made our little "sex friend."

    "Um, Jon. I'd tell you my eyes are up here, but I don't think it would matter," Sarah said. She was almost laughing, ad I pulled back in my seat. "I mean, I've seen guys stare.. damn, buddy."

    Riley blushed, and Tiff intervened after thumping me on the shoulder..

    "Okay," Tiffany started. "Why don't you two get settled and ready. Jon and I are going to watch, because we're a bit sick like that." Both Riley and Sarah laughed, but I did note neither woman disagreed. I shrugged and sat down on the couch next to my future wife.

    Riley took a deep breath, and given her discomfort, surprised me by pulling her top over her head. Her nice, freckle-covered breasts came tumbling down, wobbling on her chest momentarily as I watched with unbridled lust. Sarah's eyes never left Riley's firm boobs, her dark red nipples hardening as we all looked on. They topped full, round breasts, and Riley cupped them and gave them a nice shake. They looked firm and tough, and I felt Tiffany's hand pat my thigh. Riley gestured to Sarah who grinned and peeled off her own t-shirt. Her firm looking breasts bounced into view, her small nipples seemingly eager to begin the contest. I gauged that Riley's tits were a bit bigger, but I didn't know how that would play out. I grunted as I saw Riley's rounded, full boobs bouncing and Tiff leaned over to whisper in my ear "How many pairs of tits have you seen now, baby?" she asked.

    I glanced at Sarah's breasts, and as firm as Riley's were, Sarah's still seemed to defy gravity. High on her chest, and so firm they barely moved as she pulled off her shift. Her stiff nipples stiffened even further, and I remember how I groaned after seeing her hard nipples mark her excitement.

    Riley's body was a bit thicker than Sarah's slender form, though it was well toned from her workouts. She did have a cheerleader's build. I'm sure her thighs were thick as well, judging from the glances I could get of both women's bodies. Each women thrust their chests out, stretching before they began the contest.

    "That was... impressive," Tiff said. "You two can go at it whenever you're ready." Riley and Sarah circled each other and I leaned in, trying to compare. Riley and Sarah looked relatively evenly matched in terms of breast size, but Riley's nipples seemed a bit bigger. Sarah's globes, while small were firm, bouncing maybe slightly less than the Hooter girl's pair. Tiff let her hand slip into mine, and I squeezed it as we watched the two women take measure of each other.

    I did wonder if Sarah's experience was going to be helpful, but also realized I wasn't too familiar with Riley's experience. I was having that thought as I watched Sarah step forward. Riley did the same thing, and I heard a groan as both women let their breasts touch for the first time. The contact paired Sarah's slightly smaller, but obviously firmer tit against Riley's round breast, and I could feel myself getting lost again as I watched the two breasts connect. Both breasts compacted at the point of contact, Riley's round boob spilling outward maybe slightly more, but as the contact ended, both breasts bounced back into shape. I found myself watching Sarah's perky breast, loving how little it bounced even next to Riley's freckled breasts. Riley's breasts jiggled as she pulled back, the edges of her tits quivering before settling on her chest.

    The first contact was gentle, and I watched as Sarah pulled back, and looking down, dragged her left nipple across Riley's bigger, more pronounced tip.

    Riley winced and Sarah grinned. "Ever have a nipple fight before?" she asked. Riley nodded.

    "I haven't had many, though," she added, looking a bit nervous.

    "Do you want to have one now?" Sarah asked, dragging the same nipple to Riley's counterpart, leaving almost no space between them.

    Riley looked to Tiffany but the latter shrugged. Riley joined with a shrug. "Sure," Riley said. "We just try to flatten the other pair, right?" she added.

    "Just like a titfight. But just the tip," Sarah quipped. All three of the other people in the room groaned, and Sarah winked at Tiff and me.

    "I think I might get you for that," Riley said, shaking her head. She thrust forward, and I heard Sarah gasp as Riley's firm, pale points pushed against Sarah's firm looking, slightly smaller pink peaks. For a moment, Sarah's tips disappeared behind the bigger nipples, but when they dragged across, both nipples seemed to be staying firm. Sarah fought back, though she immediately pushed in and to the left. I watched as Riley's bigger tips bent a bit more, though that might have been pure physics. Sarah's bent slightly, appearing firmer, at least in the early stages of the fight.

    Both women grunted as their hard nipples pressed against and passed over each other. Neither woman seemed opposed to simply grinding the other out, and I watched the competition with a keen interest. "Riley has great nipples," Tiff whispered. I nodded, and I felt Tiff's hand drumming on my leg. I glanced at her before returning my eyes to the two women battling with their breasts. I saw Riley's firm tip pushing around Sarah's areola, but Sarah deftly moved, keeping the glancing blows up. At times, she'd pull back and just catch the tip of Riley's bigger peaks, pushing them to the side for a brief moment before they sprung back. Riley responded by pushing in, and Sarah grunted as she felt her own nips pushed back for a moment against the slight size difference of the Hooter girl's.

    Sarah changed the strategy in response to Riley's battering ram technique, pulling back and aiming specifically for the tips of Riley's round breasts. I watched, and realized Sarah might have been practicing a bit. Most of her blows just caught the tip of the darker, bigger nipples on her opponent, and I could tell from Riley's grunts and slight twists that she was trying to avoid Sarah's strikes. Sarah was definitely better than she had been. Riley's tips were bending from the front half of the nipple as Sarah's smaller peaks battered the pair before her. Riley's groans became louder as I watched, until she finally gasped and thrust forward with all her might. I thought she had just decided to start the titfight, but Sarah's grunt and Riley's quick retreat told me a different story. Riley had aimed rather perfectly a forceful nipple to nipple blow directly onto Sarah's firm breasts, and while I couldn't tell a physical demonstration of that damage, Sarah's eyes clenching shut gave me some insight into its effectiveness.

    "Fuck," Sarah groaned, and Riley grinned wickedly in response. She backed up and leveled another shot at Sarah's tits. Sarah, apparently still reeling, didn't move quickly enough, and another direct shot landed across her pert breasts. Again, Riley's aim seemed perfect, and the Hooter girl was enjoying her momentum as she reared back again. Sarah took a deep breath as Riley withdrew and slammed forward once more. This time, Sarah turned to her side, and while she winced, Riley groaned as the brunette's left nipple crashed into Sarah's breastbone, and her right nipple skidded across Sarah's left breast. As Riley tried to pull back, Sarah's hands gripped Riley's waist. Riley grunted as her progress back was stopped, and Sarah swiped left, slapping her nipples into Riley's. The black-haired girl's left nipple scraped over the Hooter girl's firm tip, bending it to the side as it scraped from the base. While Sarah's nip bent slightly, her opponent's nub seemed to fold over, and Riley breathed in sharply as she felt Sarah's peak press hers.

    The redhead's nipple popped back to its original shape as Sarah passed her over, but Sarah was not seemingly interested in letting Riley rest. She pushed left, hard, and Riley groaned as Sarah's left nipple pushed through Riley's left tip again, after the first pass, Riley tried to reset, but Sarah continued the dragging motion, pushing through Riley's nipples with both of her own stiff peaks. Riley groaned again, the sensation moving from surprise to discomfort quickly.

    "Bitch," Riley spat, but the curse did not prevent Sarah from slipping her firm tits across Riley's one more time. Again, Riley's nipples seemed to fold briefly, springing back, but I couldn't imagine they'd hold up to that assault forever. Riley apparently agreed with my assessment. As Sarah tried again, Riley pulled back, and thrust forward. Somehow she managed another direct hit, and Sarah's yelp confirmed what I had seen. This time, though, Riley gripped Sarah's upper arms, holding her in place. Sarah moaned as Riley began moving her tits in slow circles, driving her bigger nipples into and around Sarah's. Both women began grunting as they were held in place. Sarah struggled to slip out, and when she realized Riley was stronger than she looked, instead shifted her tits, trying to avoid the ramming motions that she could.

    Both women stayed like that for a few minutes, their breasts pressing against each other gently, often hiding the warring nipples between them. The Hooter girl's big nips seemed able to take a lot of punishment, but Riley also seemed less skilled in that department. Sarah was landing precise blows when she could, but when she landed them, it seemed like Riley shifted back, almost as if something had stung her. When she came back to the fray, the Hooter girl was aggressive, seemingly attempting to steamroll her opponent's firm nipples. Sarah responded each time with a duck, trying to shift out of Riley's way. At some point, she'd pulled her own arms to Riley's thicker limbs, but I saw the muscles tighten under Sarah's skin as both women fought to hold the other still. The result was that their tits and nipples were doing most of the fighting, pressing into each other at times, away, and barely touching, scraping across each other. I groaned as I watched them both, and Tiff patted my thigh. "Not yet, baby," she teased, though I noticed her shifting in her seat as well. Or imagined it vividly enough that it stuck.

    Both Sarah and Riley worked toward each other, trying now to spear the other's breast. At the last second, Sarah dipped a bit, sending her rock hard nipple into the bottom of Riley's bigger peak. She seemed to be trying to pin it up, and Riley groaned as she felt her tip pushed up, though Riley's hard point came back to its original position as Sarah shifted for another strike. Riley didn't wait, this time slapping down. Her nipples slapped into Sarah's breast first, but ground downward, forcing Sarah's tips to retreat momentarily. Sarah winced as she felt the pressure, but thrust back as best she could. Both breasts had begun to slightly redden, but neither seemed ready to give up the space between them. When they pulled apart, both nipples seemed as hard as they had been at the beginning of the fight.

    The tide turned in a strange way. Sarah was able to pin Riley's nipples, this time to the side, before Sarah's slid off, and both pair again retained their form. Riley's arms snaked forward, though, and she wrapped Sarah up in a hug. Riley immediately began shaking her hips and while I couldn't see it, my guess was that she was trying to thrash her nipples against Sarah's and beat them down. The Hooter girl looked about the same weight, and even was a similar build, on Tiffany's coworker, and she was obviously trying to use it on the slender Sarah.

    "That looks brutal," Tiffany said. Both women were grunting in the hug, and Riley was using her hold to toss Sarah (as much as she could in such a tight hold) back and forth. Sarah groaned, and it seemed as though her nipples were taking the brunt of it of the damage from the stockier Hooter girl. Sweat had begun dripping down her face and her shakes and attempts to escape more pronounced. I was surprised when Riley's eyes went wide. "Oh, shit!" she said, and Sarah's hands found her shoulders. Slowly, the black haired girl managed to push Riley away until her hands slipped, and Sarah leaped back, freed.

    "Oh, I'm going to flatten those fucking things," Sarah growled, and stepped forward. Riley grinned, and tried another thrust. This time, Sarah met her head on, and both women groaned. They reached out and in some sort of unspoken agreement, lightly pressed their nipples against one another. Both women winced as their sensitive tips touched, each shifting and twisting as their nipples sought an advantage. I grunted as I saw the loser begin to express it. "No." One voice wafted from between the two women. Both were looking between their chests, where there firm flesh fought for ground. Riley's solid nipples scraped over and around Sarah's, and Sarah's pert tips tried to dig into the areola of Riley's pale, freckly breasts.

    "Yes," Riley cawed as she watched her nipples slowly batter Sarah's tips down. Sarah moaned again as Riley pulled away, then the Hooter girl pushed in again. It was hard to see what was happening as Riley's nipples briefly hid Sarah's, but when the Hooter girl pulled away, Sarah's nipples looked soft. "You give?" Sarah groaned as Riley pushed forward again, and I wished I had a better look as Sarah's tips failed. "Feeling them flatten?" Riley asked. Sarah nodded.

    "You got them," she breathed. "You flattened my nips with your stronger nipples. So powerful," she moaned as Riley pulled away. Sarah's tips were lifeless on her breast now, and I felt my cock lurch as I thought of Sarah's nipples slowly worn away by Riley's big tips, ground into the faded bumps on her chest. Riley held up her left tit, it's stiffened nip still rigid even after its beating. Sarah leaned over and gently kissed Riley's nipple, and the Hooter girl sighed.

    "Yeah, suck it. Suck that big, powerful nipple," Riley gushed. Sarah mumbled something before switching to the other breast. Tiff and I watched, entranced, and I remembered the beginning of my fascination with my fiancée's hobby. Seeing her own nipples best another pair. I lost myself int he memory of Tiff's nipple fights, remembering each victory and loss.

    After a minute of Sarah's apparently skilled worship, the fighters stepped apart. I immediately went to the kitchen and handed each woman a glass of water. Riley thanked me, and Sarah nodded as they both drank them down. I got them both a refill and set it on the coffee table, which I'd moved to the side of the room for space. I quickly sat back down next to Tiff, who glanced at the two women.

    "Whenever you're ready," Tiff announced.

    "I'm halfway there," Riley crowed as the two women strode toward each other. "First your nipples, then your tits." Sarah snorted in response.

    "Maybe with those freak things," Sarah said, "But my tits are way more than nips," Sarah added, cupping her breasts.

    "You'd better hope so after that slaughter," Riley teased.

    Sarah narrowed her eyes and just shrugged. "Ready?" she asked. Riley had become a bit smug already, I noticed. She rolled her eyes.

    "Yeah. Whatever." Sarah growled, and Riley laughed. "You're so mean and scary," Riley taunted. "I can't wait to feel those tits flatten like your nipples." Sarah lunged, and Riley tensed, a grin on her face.

    Sarah's move was a feint though, and as Riley tensed, Sarah stepped to her right. Riley tried to reposition herself, but all she did was set up for a perfect hit. Sarah's firm breasts slammed to the side, and the interior of her left breast hit the inside curve of Riley's right boob, while the inside of Sarah's pale right tit slapped against Riley's firm looking right boob. The sound was louder tahn I expected, and I half-jumped, while Tiffany oohed. Riley's freckled breasts quivered on her chest from the impact, and the redhead grunted before stepping back. Sarah remained on the attack, dipping at her waist to try for an uppercut with her firm breasts.

    I watched Sarah's flesh distort slightly as she tried to the move, and I found myself impressed with Riley's reflexes. The redhead jumped back, and Sarah's tits missed completely. Sarah's firm breasts jiggled before settling down on her chest, her tips still softer from their earlier beating. As she tried to set again, Riley moved forward and landed a blow, pushing her firm breasts into Sarah's pert pair. Both women's breasts met with another thud, and each pair compressed. I watched Sarah's boobs pushed backwards from the momentum, but when she pushed against her, each pair settled into a stalemate. The two women kept their breast together, flesh bending and distorting as their tits flowed against each other before pulling away. Their young flesh sprang back at the same time, and I felt myself losing track of which breast was which. I took a deep breath and focused as the two women pulled away. Both seemed ready to strike, their bodies tense as they took tentative steps both back and forward.

    "You afraid?" Riley asked, her tone dismissive.

    "Only of you crying," Sarah shot back.

    "You're probably afraid of these wrecking balls," Riley said as if Sarah had not spoken.

    "I'm going to wreck them, for sure," Sarah snapped, and this time rushed forward. Riley slammed forward at the same time, and both women groaned as they felt their tits meet again. This time, both pair shook and quivered at the impact, and I watched as each pair sought to gain ground. I wondered how much Riley's weight advantage (however much it was) had in Sarah taking a few steps back, but the black-haired girl seemed to give as good as she got on the breast front. Both women geared up for another strike. Riley lunged this time, and Sarah stepped back, but the redhead seemed to be testing. She pulled back to a more neutral position and sneered.

    "Already scared of these?" Riley asked, bouncing her breasts a bit. Sarah shook her head.

    "No bitch. Scared of what those things will look like when I'm through, though," she said, grinning. "Spoiler alert: it won't look good." I could tell it got to Riley, who's demeanor darkened.

    "Let's find out, you cocky bitch," Riley spat. Both women stepped forward again, and each thrust straight forward. It was a move that lacked finesse, but as both women grunted and groaned, its effectiveness was hard to deny. "Feel that?" Riley asked. "I could feel those little pillows breaking already." Sarah nodded.

    "Sure," Sarah sneered. "That means your nerve endings are as dead as those water balloons you call tits are going to be." With that, the black-haired woman launched herself forward, Riley steadied herself, crouching just slightly, but Sarah's move seemed too fast. With a loud smack, the underside of Sarah's firm tits slammed into Riley's sturdy orbs. Both chest quivered, shaking from the impact, shivering with the force of the blow, but Riley did not pull back, instead reaching out for Sarah's shoulders. Sarah nodded without hesitation, and both women began attempting to force their tits into their opponent's pair. I felt my mouth dry as I watched the two young pairs of breasts grind against each other. Each pair pushed forward, giving some ground for a moment before pressing back, the reaction doing as much for the movement of their pulsing flesh as the action.

    Tiffany's hand played at my neck, and I took in a deep breath. "I can tell you are getting turned on," she whispered. I nodded slowly. "Good," she murmured. "I set this fight up just for you, Jon," she whispered. "Do you think Riley's going to tame Sarah's tits like she did her nipples?" I gave a noncommittal grunt. "That may have been the wrong question. Do you want her to?" I took a deep breath and Tiffany kissed my cheek. "Think about that while you watch those firm, young tits fight it out," she breathed.

    I groaned as I turned my attention fully back to the fight. Little had changed, though both women now had redder faces, and sweat was visible both on their foreheads and between their tits. Their firm tits slapped and twisted against each other, and I watched, still mesmerized as Riley's pointed nipples popped into view as they slid over or under Sarah's perky tits. Sarah's nipples, still softened from the previous fight, remained soft, but I watched as her tits attempted to bury themselves into Riley's.

    Whenever it looked like Sarah was pushing into Riley's tits, a shift from the redhead made it seem as though Riley's rounded orbs were taking over Sarah's pert boobs. As Riley's breasts pushed up and over, Sarah's breasts flattened from the top slightly, holding the weight of the redhead's round breasts. Sarah would push back, and then Riley's tits would bend and twist, molding around the invading pair until both young, firm pairs sat back at their original position. As it progressed, both women's breasts reddened, highlighting the constant contact and pressure. Their nipples would appear often, and I tried to gauge how the contest was going, but neither woman seemed to have an advantage as they ground their tits together.

    "Fuck," Riley grunted. Sarah heard her, and she immediately went on the offensive. Tiff's coworker slid down Riley's body dragging her tits once more across her opponent's, and Riley grunted as Sarah's tits pushed down and then slightly into Riley's firm breasts, causing the redhead to wince. As Sarah pushed up, she did her best to try and burrow her tits once more, this time into the underside of Riley's boobs. Riley swore, but pulled back slightly and then rammed forward, looking for another effective head on strike. It was. Sarah's breasts seemed to spread for a moment, the impact and weight of Riley's firm tits meeting them at their beaten points (I wondered if the blow speared Sarah's nips), and Sarah's grunt was followed by a step back.

    "Can't hold up?" Riley asked. Sarah barely had time to set her feet before another wicked shot came, this time from the left. Riley's tits gently flattened as their mass pushed forward, and the redhead's left breast slapped onto the inside of Sarah's right tit, while Riley's right boob slammed into Sarah's left breast, sending the black haired girl's tits across her chest. Sarah's tits settled immediately, but Tiffany just gripped my hand tightly. I knew it was a solid hit. I groaned as I watched Riley essentially pivot, creating a mirror of the move she'd just made. Sarah, apparently still slightly off balance, did not move out of the way, and her head leaned forward slightly as she winced from the impact of the blow. Riley's tits bounced off of, and even slightly into, Sarah's firm breasts, and I wondered if Riley would flatten her completely. Two more swipes just added to my concern, before Sarah slammed forward out of desperation.

    Riley groaned as she looked down. Sarah's firm breast seemed for a moment to have pinned one of Riley's tits to her, as the raven haired girl's sudden attack had caught Riley in mid swing. Sarah's left breast was pushing against the base of Riley's left boob. "Look at it there," Sarah cooed, breathing heavily though sh e was. "It's like my perky tit is stabbing your floppy sack." Riley grunted, but didn't stay still. She twisted her hips, groaning as she felt Sarah's tit burrowing through her flesh. Sarah winced, but as she felt Riley dragging her tits across her chest, once again slammed forward. I swear I felt Riley's groan as Sarah this time stabbed both of the redhead's tits. Both tits flattened, but Sarah writhed around, trying to almost drill her tits into Riley's.

    Riley thrust back, however, even into the drilling tits and Sarah grunted as she felt her own tits pressed. Both breasts now were sliding up and down, but even more impressively, directly into the other pair. Riley's slightly tanned orbs were flattening at the front, while Sarah's seemed to be doing the same. They slid back and forth, though both women seemed eager to test the core of their tits against the other. Sarah's perky boobs were severely reddened now, and her grunts indicated the obvious sensations rolling through her body. Riely's teeth were clenched and the angry look on her face seemed to fuel her. She slowly stepped forward, and Sarah groaned, stepping back as Riley's hands gripped Sarah's shoulders. "No more running," Riley growled. "Feel my tits bury yours." Sarah looked up, but Riley stepped forward again. Riley's frame was not the thickest of the Hooter girls by any stretch, but her well muscled frame was larger than Sarah's, and Tiff's coworker Sarah could not keep Riley from backing her into a wall. My eyes went wide as I saw Sarah moan. Riley, grinning pushed again, this time sliding her tits atop Sarah's.

    "Oh fuck," Sarah moaned. Riley smiled and pushed down, and I watched Sarah's breasts slowly begin to spread, slightly yielding to Riley's tits as the redhead put on a look of mock surprise.

    "Oh no," Riley said. "Am I... am I flattening them?" Sarah looked up at her balefully. "Your little tits had no chance against my big boobs," the redhead continued. Sarah grunted as Riley's tits slid down, letting Sarah's pop up for a moment. Riley then pressed in. Sarah moaned again as her tits spread out slightly once more. They weren't flattening completely, but I could tell they were giving up a bit more than they had before. Riley pulled back for a moment, and slammed forward. Sarah's arms slid down to Riley's forearms as she felt her boobs compress again. When Riley pulled away she grinned. Sarah was breathing deeply, and the redhead glanced at Sarah's hands. "Can't even hold on now. Do I get to flatten your tits?"

    Sarah's eyes found Riley's her head slightly uneven. I didn't notice Sarah's hands suddenly grip Riley's forearms but I heard the redhead's yell as she was twisted around. The move sent both Sarah's and Riley's boobs flying, and I leaned forward as Sarah used her surprise to her advantage. As Riley's back slammed against the wall I thought of two things: The first was how amazing both women looked to me, their breasts weaponized as Sarah turned the table on Riley. The second was that the neighbors were going to call, and I'd be in a lot of trouble with the landlord.

    Sarah's hands flashed to Riley's shoulders, and this time Sarah took advantage of her still opponent. She launched forward, much as Riley had, and I watched as Riley's big boobs seemed to part slightly to the invading tits through the force of the impact. Riley's breasts dented slightly at the center, displacing her flesh to the outside of her rounded boobs, but unlike Riley, Sarah left her tits in place, pushing Riley further against the wall.

    "The problem with the wall, is that it keeps you pretty trapped," Sarah breathed, keeping her tits buried in Riley's. Riley gripped Sarah's shoulders, trying to shake her, but the Tiff's coworker held on. Now Sarah ground her boobs into Riley's, and the redhead groaned and twisted, trying to shake her boobs away from Sarah's invading pair. I watched as Sarah's dense flesh pushed into Riley's. When she released a little, Riley's breasts regained their original shape, but I noticed that for both women it was taking longer for their young flesh to spring back. Riley's groans were becoming shorter, more pained, and I watched as her arms shot up, pressing against Sarah's shoulders. The redhead's knuckles began turning white as she was able to push Sarah back one step, then another, but Sarah's hands gripped Riley's wrists and in a surprising show of strength pulled them off. She slapped Riley's hands to her thighs and marched the redhead back to the wall.

    The only thing I thought in the moment is that Riley must have exhausted her energy. Sarah's slender body pressed against Riley's and I heard a vicious, almost hissing whisper. "You're not going anywhere." Sarah's tits settled this time, slowly and surely into Riley's firm pair. This time Riley's struggles were weaker, and Sarah seemed to have been energized by her sudden gain in momentum. Riley's body shook and twisted, but Sarah kept her breasts buried into Riley's pair, shoving more and more of her firm flesh out of the way, forcing the redhead's breasts to mold around hers. Riley grunted as she felt Sarah's boobs slowly spearing her own tits. Sarah twisted slightly, sending alternating grinding blows into Riley's slightly bigger pair, and I watched as Riley's flesh spilled further and further around Sarah's breast, seemingly with almost every thrust.

    Tiff kissed my ear again. "Watch now, lover," she moaned. I turned to Sarah, who had continued with her thrusting assaults, but the sounds from Riley were different now. The expression seemed to have turned from discomfort tinged with a whimper of pain. Sarah heard it to.

    "All you have to go is give up," Sarah pointed out, thrusting her left tit into Riley's right breast. Riley's flesh simply melted away this time, and Riely's eyes seemed to flutter as she leaned forward. "Give up, and I'll stop demolishing these weak sacks." She twisted, sending her right tit into Riley's left breast and the Hooter girl nearly cried out.

    "I quit, oh, fuck, you speared my tits!" Riley's submission was loud and sincere. Sarah pulled back, and Riley, despite herself, slid down the wall, making it seem to me that Sarah's perky tits were the only thing holding her up. Sarah looked down at Riley and turned to us, mouthing "Holy shit!" with a big grin before turning back to Riley, dropping the grin right before she turned. She offered the redhead a hand, and Riley grudgingly accepted. The Hooter girl tentatively reached out and gave Sarah's breast a squeeze.

    "So fucking hard," Riley said. "Nice fight," she said, obviously reluctantly. "Damn. Thought I had you." Sarah laughed.

    "You get some of me," she said brightly. She cupped her left breast. "I believe you're familiar?" Sarah giggled. Riley rolle her eyes, but dutifully leaned over and gently licked Sarah's nipple. "That's right," Sarah whispered. "Kiss my nipple better. After you were so rude to it." Riley pulled back, laughing, and even Sarah smiled. Riley nodded and got back to it, gently licking Sarah's right nipple before taking it and a small portion of the front of the slightly smaller girl's breast. Sarah's eyes fluttered this time.

    "Oh wow," Sarah cooed. "Perfect. Riley, is there something you want to say?" Riley pulled up and gave a slight grin.

    "Can I wait till I'm done?" she asked. Sarah glanced at Tiffany, but my fiancee was not helpful.

    "Uh. Sure." Riley thanked her before leaning over and taking Sarah's left tit into her mouth.
    When Riley was done, she looked down. "You have amazingly tough tits, and tonight you tamed my lesser rack. But the next time we fight, I'll get you." Sarah nodded.

    "We'll see. Let's get a hug for our audience to show there are no hard feelings." Riley nodded, and groaned as Sarah pushed her tits into Riley's again. Riley's tits simply parted, making way for the superior pair. "Nope. No hard feelings here," Sarah taunted.

    "You bitch," Riley moaned. Sara nodded.

    "That was a pretty shitty thing to do," Sarah said. She leaned over and gently kissed each of Riley's tits. "A more gentle farewell. I'll kiss your tits goodbye." Riley glanced at her and nodded strangely. "Thanks for the fight," Sarah said. She pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and grabbed a pen from her coat. She scribbled something and handed it to Riley.

    "Phone and e-mail if you want that rematch." Riley nodded and said thanks. Sarah gathered her things and gave me and Tiff another excited wave.

    "See you Sunday, Tiff!" And the raven-haired girl left. Riley gathered her shirt and looked at Tiff.

    "So... now what?" she asked. I stared at her beaten breasts for far too long, taking in their slightly softer appearance, and the redness that I now knew would become significant bruising. Tiffany coughed and I shook my eyes free. She couldn't keep the grin off her face, and apparently even Riley had noticed. She had no idea what to say, though, so I just glanced at my fiancée.

    Tiffany sat stone cold for a moment before standing up and walking toward Riley. The redhead seemed slightly intimidated by my girlfriend. I saw her shoulders slightly shrink as Tiff wandered to her. Tiff leaned over, giving Riley what had to be an amazing view down her top. She handed Riley her shirt and grinned. "That's it. Thank you for coming over. Thank Kara, too." Riley looked stunned at her dismissal, only nodding. She got dressed, gingerly.

    "Um, thanks," Riley said as she left, though she seemed unsure if gratitude was the right response. She glanced back at us and left, leaving Tiff breathing heavily. Her breasts, still encased in a bra heaved wonderfully, and she had a pleading look in her eyes.

    "Can we do me first tonight?" she asked, her voice slightly cracking, turning to me as the door closed behind the defeated redhead.

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    Best Friend's Sister, Chapter 40
    Man!!!! My new job has really kept me from enjoying the many new stories from my favorite authors Jon and Augur. But recent events have allowed me to catch up on my reading!!!! Jon chapters 39 and 40 were brilliant!!!! You never cease to amaze me. I really hope that we get to see Tiffany and Maria go at it!!! Maria has cone shaped tits and we know what those can do to Tiffany!!! I think cone shaped tits and nipple fights are Tiffany's kryptonite!!!!! Well as always keep up the great work, and I hope if time permits we get some more chapters to get us through these crazy times!!!!! Stay safe my friend!!!!


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