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Thread: When larry met anna, part 2

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    When larry met anna, part 2

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    When larry met anna, part 2

    Dear Hostboard friends,

    Here is a second part to the fictional Larry/Anna tale of ribaldry, scrutinized and approved by the sexy Anna Chambers and now posted for your approval. I wanted to flesh out the story in terms of two vastly different people getting to know each other.

    I hope that you will enjoy this and, perhaps, share a comment.


    by Anna Chambers and A. Penman

    A somewhat melancholy Laurence Pennomo savored the first sips of his freshly ground and brewed Espresso roast coffee. The sun was up, there was a hint of a breeze and the sounds of “Alone In San Francisco” by Thelonious Monk were drifting through the opened windows out onto his deck.

    He looked up at the tree cover in his yard and marveled at how in sync the morning birdsong was with Monk’s music. When he heard the screen door open, he smiled to himself, then turned. Normally, he didn’t appreciate interruptions to his morning reverie. But in this case, it was welcomed with an open mind and heart.

    Out onto the deck stepped a barefoot, sleepy-eyed Anna Chambers, his surprise guest for the last week. It was just the two of them now, as Jane Foster, CEO at a local Rehabilitation center had to make an appearance at work after taking seven vacation days.

    Jane’s departure was a reluctant undertaking, to say the least. She and the former Marine had spent pretty much the entire time engaged in vigorous, often screaming, comparative anatomy exercises, allowing him to observe and, occasionally, partake. Jane had left last night, sighting the need to actually get a good night’s sleep before returning to work. But she was given a grand sendoff as Larry and Anna sucked, kissed, licked and probed every square centimeter of her body, the three enamored humans ultimately sharing a shower before Anna and Jane’s tearful goodbye. The image of Jane’s tits locked in a soapy wrestle with Anna’s tits would be burned into his memory forever. The image of the two busty beauties battling with their nude bodies in oil on his water bed would be permanently ingrained onto his brain’s hard drive. What an amazing seven days it had been!

    He smiled at the arrival of the still slumberous beauty. She had on a cutoff white cotton T-shirt and cut off jeans the shape of her lower body. Her legs were curvaceous and powerful and the right shin and calf were tattooed with a flower unknown to him.

    Not quite ready to speak, he watched with interest as the barefoot nymph spread her legs a little more than shoulder width apart, stretched her neck then tilted her head to face the morning sky. She raised her arms and stretched them full length, lifted herself up on tiptoes, closed her eyes and took in the sun, the gentle morning breeze and sounds, as is offering her mind and her body in complete surrender to the beauty of the moment. His eyes fixed on her muscled belly as she pushed out five or six diaphragm breaths. She was in touch with something wonderful, something ethereal…he was certain of this.

    The lifting of her arms to such an extent pulled up the abbreviated T-top and rendered the lower part of her full, braless breasts visible. So, he indulged in the moment.

    “Stop looking at my tits, A.P.” She teased.

    She returned to a normal stance, stretched her neck again, then moved toward the deck railing. Anna then kicked her right leg up and brought her foot down on the top rung. With her leg perfectly straight, she leaned forward, dropping her torso down in a stretch. She repeated the maneuver with her left leg as he watched.

    “Stop looking at my ass, A.P.”
    “Why would I do that?”

    Anna finished her stretches, then sat down in the chair directly across from him and smiled.

    “Good morning, my sleeping beauty.”
    “Wanna fuck?” she asked casually.
    “Yes, but after I nourish your blackened soul.”

    She looked puzzled.

    “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”

    Pennomo disappeared and returned in a few seconds with a large mug of black coffee and handed it to her. She giggled at the joke. Anna set her coffee mug on the railing, then moved the small table between them off to the side. She moved her chair a few inches closer to him, picked up her coffee mug, took a long, satisfying sip. Then she raised both legs and brought her feet down to rest in his lap. He shook his head and smiled.

    “I am now…umm, this coffee’s really good!”
    “We aim to please, Miss Chambers.”

    She looked up, scanned the tree cover and listened closely to the birds chirping.

    “It’s so beautiful here, A.P. I almost never have this kind of serenity in my life.”
    “Then soak it in while you can, and allow me to enhance your pleasure a bit more.”

    Larry took Anna’s right foot into his hands and slowly began a soft but firm pressure point massage. He skillfully used his fingers to release any tension in the surprisingly soft appendage. First one foot, then the other, back and forth until Anna released an unforced moan.

    “You keep doing that so well and I’ll jump your old bones and fuck you right here on the deck, in front of your neighbors.”
    “That would get me blackballed from Tuesday afternoon tea.” He joked. Except for the two nearby houses, he hardly knew any of his neighbors.

    Anna looked at him, then smiled as though she was having a thought she wasn’t willing to divulge.

    “What’s on your mind, dear lady? Or dare I ask?”
    “You…me…this whole week long adventure…the temporary peacefulness you’ve given me.” Anna’s voice trailed off.
    “That’s it? What about Jane?”
    “Nice lady…she’ll do in a pinch.” Anna said, attempting to downplay the sexual conflagration that had erupted between Jane and her.

    “Oh yeah, by my scorecard, you and Jane pinched each other seventeen times over the last seven days.”
    “Really. Tits battled, bellies smacked and pussies clashed…long, hard and often.”
    “Wow! That’s got to be some kind of record!”
    “It is. According to the Guinness Book, you two set a new seven day record for scissoring and body on body fucking.”
    “WOW, that’s amazing! And what a perfect scenario for an A. Penman tale!”
    “It’s already in the works, pending approval by the sexy Anna, former hot marine.”
    “STILL hot marine.” She pointed out.
    “Sorry, you know what I meant.”
    “What about Jane? You may have to change her name, Larry…I mean AP…I mean…DAMN! I can’t get used to calling you Larry.”
    “Call me by whatever name you like, as long as it precedes the sentence, ‘let’s go to the bedroom and fuck.’”
    She shook her head at him. “You, sir, are an old dirty dog.”
    “And you, dear lady, are a rapidly approaching middle age cat.”
    “I should know better than to get into a verbal joust with the great A. Penman.”
    “A battle of wits and only one of us is armed.” He quipped.
    “HEY! FUCK YOU!” Anna loudly stated. She removed her feet from his lap, then stood up in a righteous huff.

    “I’ve got a good mind to leave right now. Shit…I’m going to leave…RIGHT NOW!”

    He rose to his feet, moved toward her and pressed his body to hers. She felt his arms encircle her in a bear hug. She sighed. He slipped a purposeful right hand under the abbreviated top, filled it with her left breast, gently massaged it, kissed her neck then whispered.

    “No, you shouldn’t leave, not just yet.”
    “Okay! Okay!” Anna acquiesced.

    Their mouths then met with the tender passion of a first morning kiss. His eyes then meandered up the South facing hill where he noticed Fred, his elderly neighbor, leaning over his fence and watching them. He had a sly grin on his face. Fred shook his head and gave him a thumbs up, then vanished. Penman broke off the kiss and chuckled.

    “What? What’s so funny?”
    “The old guy up the hill is watching us. Seems he approves of what we’re doing.”

    Anna turned quickly, lifted her top and shook her luscious breasts for the neighbor to see.

    “Aw, he’s gone! I wanted to give him a show.”
    “Probably best that he is. I’ve heard he has a heart condition.”

    They broke off the moment and sat back down. He studied her with a look that was profound enough to make her a bit uneasy.

    “Why are you looking at me like that, AP?”
    “Sorry, if I’m making you uncomfortable.”
    “Are you undressing me in your dirty mind?” She teased.

    Having spent the last seven days with this special woman, in various stages of dress and undress, with a whole lot of naked thrown in, his mind did not have to strain in order to picture her body naked. She had been naked and free with her body for the entire time.

    “That, dear lady, is hardly necessary.”
    “Then what?”
    “Bevi il tuo caffe, Cara Anna.”
    “Was that Italian? Are you Italian?”
    “Yes, to both questions.”
    “What does it mean in English?”
    “It means, drink your coffee, dear Anna.”

    She nodded and took another sip.

    “Wanna talk?” She asked.
    “I’m open for whatever you like.”
    “You’re so fucking cool, A.P.”
    “As are you, A.C. What would you like to talk about?”

    Anna sighed. He sensed that something profound was coming. There was a long pause.

    “Us…” She said, looking at him with a directness that was both loving and chilling.
    “Ahhh…” Pennomo shook his head. “…it is a strange and wonderful alignment of the stars in the cosmos that has brought us together, cara mia…a billion to one shot.”
    “Indeed, and yet, this seems like destiny.”
    “Agreed. We share a strong, rather odd fantasy, but we’re polar opposites.”
    “I’ve never quite understood that expression.”
    “Simple, if I’m the North Pole, you are the South Pole…in terms of our lives, possibly what we believe. We’re not two people who would normally seek each other out…much less, be compatible with each other. Never the twain shall meet.”
    “And yet, here we are.”
    “And I am thankful to the cosmic forces that brought you here seven days ago, cara Anna.”
    “You’re kind of a poet, aren’t you?”
    He laughed. “I tried my hand at that many, many years ago.”

    Anna sensed there was an anecdote behind the statement.

    “Really? Tell me about it.”
    “I used to write poems to women, hoping it would get me laid.”
    Now she laughed. “And how did that work for you?”
    “Let’s just say that I was a shitty poet.”
    “That’s funny…using shitty poetry to get laid.”
    “Well, what can I say? I was young and stupid in those days.”

    Anna shook her head and smiled. “Is there any more of this delicious coffee, AP?”

    He nodded, took her mug and went off to the kitchen to get her a refill. On the way back, he stopped to load the CD player with a couple more discs. He chose an eclectic blend of musical styles, just to see where her musical tastes came down, in relation to where he thought they would. If she knew and liked Thelonious Monk, then who knew where this surprising woman might land, musically speaking.

    The first disc was classical, a sweeping orchestral arrangement of a gorgeous melody. The second was an early disc by Coleman Hawkins titled “The Hawk Relaxes.”

    “What are we listening to?”
    “Mysterious Mountain, by Alan Hovanness.”
    “Wow, it’s lovely.”

    He smiled at her reaction.

    “Why are you smiling?”
    “Can’t I smile at a beautiful woman?”
    “Your flattery is duly noted, sir, and appreciated. But I sense that there’s something behind that smile.”
    “I’m just delighted that you enjoy this music.”
    “It’s beautiful. But there’s something else…I can sense it.”
    “I was just reflecting on the last seven days…you and a surprisingly willing Jane going at each other with such gusto and such surprising frequency.”
    “Ohh, I kind of took your lady friend from you…sorry AP. But she did start it when she jumped me the first day.”
    “No worries. You two gave this old man seven days of non-stop fantasy come true.”
    “I can’t wait to read the story you’re going to write about it. Just be sure to make me look really hot and sexy and desirable and hot and wild and sexy and…”
    “Yeah, yeah…I got it.”
    “Tell me something, AP. Would you actually like to have two women here all the time, in a perpetual state of fighting and fucking…two busty, sweaty females constantly locked in a state of body to body sexual dueling?”
    “Constantly going at it? Of course not! They’d have to break for meals and showers and such…perhaps a glass of fine wine and some scintillating chat…then they could get back to the fighting and fucking part.”

    Anna laughed over having asked a question with such an obvious answer.

    “Can I ask you a rather intimate question, Anna?”
    “Fire away.”
    “Tell me if I cross any boundaries.”
    “I will.”
    “Well, not to sound naive, but I was wondering what you feel when you tangle with another woman.”
    “Are you serious? You watched me and Jane go at it for a week. What do you think I felt, or what Jane felt?”
    “I know that. But you two quickly established the more sexual nature of the battle, because both of you quickly recognized how sexy you both are. And your bodies were such a great match that fighting sexually almost instantly trumped the nasty fight.”
    “I think you’re on the right track, AP,” She paused to consider her next words, “as soon as Jane came down on me…that first sexy smack of our bodies…I knew instantly that I was in a sex fight, rather than a life and death struggle. And despite her lack of experience, I believe Jane knew too.”
    “That was the most amazing smack I’ve ever heard…go on please…tell me more.”
    “Because I want to get into that gorgeous mind of yours. Plus, I’ve never had an opportunity to get into the mind of a woman who tangles with other women on a regular basis. What are you feeling when you know something’s about to go down?”

    Anna thought her words over carefully.

    “The feeling all depends on how I feel about a potential foe. For someone I am partially or really attracted to, there’s an electric current that courses through my body at the first hair pull, first slap, or the first time our bodies come together roughly,” she paused to look at him, “even the anticipation, or if she and I are arguing, my pussy quivers, my breasts start to ache thinking about us touching.”
    “I see…” his voice trailed off.
    “No, you don’t. You look confused.”
    “Well, what I’m not getting is, if you’re partially or really attracted to another hot woman, why not just say, ‘I’m really attracted to you. Do you want to fuck?’”
    “Because a fight can be really amazing foreplay.”
    “So, then, are you saying that even if you hate a bitch, fighting her can be a sexual turn on?”
    “Almost always…unless I really, really don’t like her…unless I just want to kick the shit out of her.”
    “So then, except for that one factor, every catfight has a high probability of turning sexual. Am I correct?”
    “Not every one…just ninety-nine percent of them.”
    “And, let me reiterate, A.P. Despite her inexperience, lovely Jane knew what might happen when she attacked me. She knew there was a very good chance that she’d have to take me on woman to woman.”
    “Tits to tits, pussy to pussy,” Penman swooned, “what a matchup that was!”

    Anna laughed at his serene flashback to the last few days of her and Jane repeatedly locking up with each other.

    “You didn’t seem to mind.” She noted with some sarcasm.
    “Oh hell no! Like I said, it was the stuff of my fantasies. I have the inevitable story all mapped out in my aging brain.”
    “Perhaps you should write it down soon, before that aging brain forgets.”
    “Smart ass!”

    She laughed, then asked a couple of questions that had been on her mind.

    “What about you, AP? What got you into writing hot stories about hot women going at it with each other?”
    “Simply stated, it’s a long time fantasy, stemming from my youth.”
    “Please elaborate.”
    “Well, like any man my age, I grew up reading the thought provoking articles in Playboy magazine.”
    “Are you yanking my chain?”
    “Well, you can imagine my shock when I noticed pictures of naked women were also contained therein.”
    “And that’s when you discovered masturbation, no doubt.”
    “You got that right, sista.”
    “If I’m not mistaken, in those days, there were almost no girl on girl photo shoots.”
    “No, not in those days, and remember, we couldn’t appreciate the true beauty of the female genitalia in those days because of the dense bush that covered it…the heavy forestation of the area.”
    “That’s right, those were the pre-shaving days.”
    “It was the dark age of pussy…when brave men had to fight their way through a jungle of pubic hair, fending off wild, dangerous creatures as they gallantly made their way to the treasured clitoris!”
    She laughed. “That’s funny.”
    “I’ll bet your pussy looked pretty good with hair.” He observed.
    “I don’t remember…it’s been so long since I had hair down there.”
    “That, being hairless, must make it a whole lot better for tribbing.”
    “Oh, my god, yes!” Anna smiled. She leaned back and got this wonderfully contented look on her face.
    “If I had to guess, I’d say that the image of Jane’s sexy, shaved pussy is going through your mind right now.”
    Anna opened her eyes and scanned the tree cover. “To be accurate, the image of Jane’s pussy locked with my pussy, fucking my pussy…our two naked, oily pussies fucking so deep and so good…” she swooned. “that’s what’s going through my mind right now.”
    “Keep it going! Talk about that some more!” He said excitedly.
    “Maybe in a little bit…we were discussing you, remember?”
    “Oh, yeah, right.”
    “I want to know more about the evolution of A. Penman. Spit some truth, bro.”
    “Well, I generally don’t like to talk about myself, being a humble man of humble upbringing.”
    “Bullshit! Give me the goods!”

    They both laughed.

    “Well, it was kind of what I said…Playboy magazine for many years, into my late teens and early twenties. And then, when other magazines started gaining popularity, somewhere along the line, I ran across a photo spread of two women.”
    “Then what?” Anna was now on the edge of her chair, excited and anticipatory.
    “Then WOW! Mind fucking blown! That’s what!”
    “Please elaborate.”
    “Anna, come on! If two sexy, naked tits are hot, then four naked tits are unbelievable! What an indelible impression that made in my perverted young mind! Four tits, pressing and rubbing together…equals mind blown.”
    “And two women, grinding pussy to pussy? What about that?”
    “Well, that was the perfectly natural progression of things…from kissing and pressing tits to banging and rubbing and bodies slamming and humping…then…”
    “The scissor fuck!” Anna exclaimed.
    “Oh YES! The ultimate end to the sexual struggle…two women meeting at the very core of their womanhood…I reiterate…MIND FUCKING BLOWN!!!”
    “So, you decided to write about it, then?”
    “Not then, a few years later.”
    “Explain, please.”
    “I was far too engrossed in the visual aspect…I spent countless hours in the sleazy, jizzum covered, back room video booths at adult bookstores in search of the perfect lesbian scene. Never found it there.”
    “I wonder why?” Anna pondered.
    “I suspect for a couple of reasons.”
    “Such as?”
    “Here’s what I think. In those days, porn was a totally male dominated business.”
    “Yes, but…what do you mean?”
    “Well, in the rare instance when you did get to see two women together, it was almost always eat, eat, eat. Nothing wrong with that. But, if you did see two pussies together, there ALWAYS had to be a dildo in the seen…the predomination of the phallus, or phallic symbol, so to speak. To me, it was sending a subliminal message that two women could not possibly be sexually satisfied without a cock, real or artificial. AND, if there wasn’t a dildo, you can bet that inevitably, some dude with a hard on would show up and, of course, the two women would stop what they were doing (pleasuring each other) and immediately go for the cock. Typically, they would both suck it simultaneously.”
    “I kind of remember that. But what’s your point?”
    “Simple, like I said, in my opinion a subliminal message was being sent, that two women can’t satisfy each other unless there is something phallic involved, be it a real cock or a dildo. I personally find the dildo to be offensive in a two woman scene, and for that exact reason.”
    “Wow! You’ve given this a lot of thought, haven’t you.”
    “Of course! I’m A. Penman. It’s my job to ponder these deep issues.”
    “Please go on.”
    “Well, it took a few years of scouring every damn lesbian video ever made in a search for the ultimate tribadism scene…”
    “Ninety-Nine point nine percent of them sucked. But every once in a while one showed up that contained a full five to seven seconds of a well lit, close up shot of the two pussies going at it.”
    “This is fascinating, please continue.”
    “Look Anna, in my warped brain it’s a simple equation. The female body is just more visually stunning than the male body.”
    “There are some nice looking male bodies.” Anna pointed out.
    “I suppose there are. But if I’m going to look at two naked humans rolling around, I’d rather see two women any time.”
    “Actually, so would I…and for the exact reasons you mentioned.”
    “Women are so beautiful, and so complex.”
    “He said, stating the obvious.” Anna quipped.

    They paused and looked into each others eyes. Both could sense the growing eroticism that was swirling around them in the mid-morning breeze. Anna moved her chair in close. Their knees touched and they leaned forward at the exact same second. Anna placed a gentle, full kiss on his mouth. It was the exact same kiss, the first kiss she bestowed upon him when she first arrived. He could feel his heart sinking, knowing their time was growing shorter. There was mutual desire building.

    “Now can we fuck?” asked Anna.

    “Not just yet.”
    “Why not?” she was puzzled.
    “Because, YOU owe me.”
    “What? What do I owe you?”
    “Backstory…Who is Anna? How did a young Anna evolve into the amazing Anna that’s sitting across from me right now?”

    After absorbing the grand compliment, she thought it over, then agreed.

    “OK, I love question time!”
    “I’m sure I’ll have some questions, but I would rather you handle the narrative. Just flesh out the story of who Anna Chambers is. Tell me what you think A. Penman might like to know about, if it’s not too, too personal.”
    “You engender trust, AP. I feel like I can tell you anything and everything.”
    “I’m flattered you think that of me.”

    She nodded, then she began to open up about her life.

    “As a girl in my mid teens, I had to face a truth about myself.”
    “And that truth was?”
    “That truth was that I was more attracted to women than men. My first experience with another female was with a girl named Stacy…a blonde with big boobs.”
    “Were you fully ‘developed’ at that point in time?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I was thinking about the boob to boob part…did you match up with her at that age?”
    “Ah…no, I wasn’t quite fully developed at that age. But the tit to tit was still amazing! It felt like my girls were wrapped in this soft, fleshy cloud. The whole event was incredible!”
    “Wow! And the fights? When did they start?”
    “Sibling fights, of course. That’s often where it starts. My sister, also was a blond with big boobs. The normal slapping and hair-pulling growing up. But when she was 19 and I was 18 we got into a topless catfight.”
    “Any boob to boob in that one?”
    “A little bit.”
    “But it was hot, right?”
    “Yeah, but it was my sister…so nothing incestuous.”

    Penman nodded. Anna noted that he was intrigued with her sexy stories, so she poured it on.

    “Two years later, in 1995, when I was twenty, I joined the Marine Corps. I needed to get away from my family and the town I grew up in. My mother was a very toxic person. Though she and I fought physically a few times, they never got naked in real life. But in my deepest darkest imagination she and I went at it woman to woman in marathon like catfights!”
    “Damn! And the sex-fights? When did they start?”
    “The first catfight I had that turned sexual was…”

    Anna paused and got this far away look on her face, like she momentarily returned in time to her youth. She grinned faintly and returned to the present tense, realizing the entertainment value of what she was about to relate.

    “…in the Marine Corps, at age 21. The Hospital Corpsman and I got into it at a bar but finished it in the sand dunes. That was the first time I ever tribbed a woman in a fight.”
    “Goddamn! Two hot women having a fuck fight in the dunes! Goddamn!”
    “Do you realize the imagery that created in my warped brain?”

    Anna watched as Penman grabbed his crotch, looked down at it and uttered “Easy, fella. Calm down!”

    She burst out laughing at his silliness, then continued with her lusty tale.

    “Like I said, that was the first time I ever tribbed a woman in a fight. After that, I realized the potential that fighting another woman had to offer. And I was always down for it!”
    “You asked about my writing…what about your writing? How did that come about?”
    “I started writing in 2008 while on deployment to Iraq. I had just started in the world of cyber fighting and it was fun to come up with stories.”
    “Do you ‘get off’ on your writing? And yes, I mean it that way.”
    “Oh hell yes I do! The scenes play in my head and I get extremely horny. Must be why I have to pause a lot!!!”
    “That’s funny,” Pennomo paused, as if he was formulating a complex thought.
    “What?” Anna asked.
    “Well, I was just thinking, it seems to me that you are adding a totally new element to the sex-fight genre.”
    “And what’s that?”
    “You are adding the element of action/adventure to the genre…only its all women, all the time, with fistfights, cat fights and sex fights, in exotic locations all over the world, with guns, knives, bombs and evil intentions…women who will stop at nothing in order to get what they want, usually money and power, and a separate group of women who will stop at nothing to foil their plans. It’s bad badass women with big tits against good badass women with big tits. And there’s never a second’s hesitation whatsoever to strip naked for a one on one brawl. Brilliant! And, I love it! You should be pitching this stuff to Hollywood!”
    “Oh yeah, I’m sure any of the major studios would jump at the chance to produce a movie full of naked lesbian women constantly fighting and fucking while struggling to win the game of international espionage…with no men in the movie.”
    “Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see Kat Dennings locked in a naked brawl with, say, Christina Hendricks…or, better yet, Kate Upton in a body-locked nude fight with Charlotte McKinney…people would be lining up to see that one!”
    “And I’d be at the front of the line! But seriously, that type of a movie has literally no chance of being made.”
    “I suppose you’re right.” Larry seemed almost disappointed. “But a movie like that…WOW!”

    Anna looked, not sure what he was going to say next.

    “You’ve led a fascinating, hard life, haven’t you?”
    “I’m a graduate of the school of hard knocks.”
    “A lot of adversity?”
    “Oh yeah…but I don’t go down without a fight.”
    “You are an amazing woman. I’m glad you decided to look me up.”
    “Me too.”

    AP kissed her. “Come on.”


    They stood at the archway to the long hallway that led to the master bedroom…he in his jockey shorts, she in a black thong.

    “That thong looks familiar.”
    “It should…it was Jane’s thong.”

    The look on his face required an explanation.

    “She gave them to me, and I gave her my pink thong…we wanted something that would remind us of each other.”
    “Look at the tough Marine Chick…all sentimental!”
    “I have my moments.”
    “That’s sweet…but NOW can we fuck?” Penman asked.
    “Oh…I suppose.” Anna grinned.

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    Re: When larry met anna, part 2

    Well written with shades of humor and eroticism. Interesting, like to listen two persons you like, being close to one another to exchange confessions (considering that the talk was based on real events).
    I really liked it !!

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    When larry met anna, part 2

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    Re: When larry met anna, part 2

    Hey A.P.

    I love it when you come over all philosophical about important stuff like what motivates two incredibly hot women to match their tits and pussies in steamy combat.

    Great dialogue and a wonderful, thought-provoking read!

    Be well brother,


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    Re: When larry met anna, part 2

    definitely can see why it was approved. Great lecture, though I?m not a huge fan of the ending. But it?s still great nonetheless (I couldn?t even begin to try and write something similar xD)

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    When larry met anna, part 2

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    Re: When larry met anna, part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by testingtesting View Post
    definitely can see why it was approved. Great lecture, though I?m not a huge fan of the ending. But it?s still great nonetheless (I couldn?t even begin to try and write something similar xD)

    THANK YOU for your comment. May I suggest that you read part 1 of this story (on page 5). It has a lot more "action" which might be more to your liking. It also might help to put part 2 into a little better perspective.

    A. Penman

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    When larry met anna, part 2

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    Re: When larry met anna, part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnar0k View Post
    Hey A.P.

    I love it when you come over all philosophical about important stuff like what motivates two incredibly hot women to match their tits and pussies in steamy combat.

    Great dialogue and a wonderful, thought-provoking read!

    Be well brother,


    The conundrum of "what motivates two incredibly hot women to match their tits and pussies in steamy combat" has plagued philosophers since time began...

    Surely a scholarly, erudite gent such as yourself knows this. My effort to bring the matter to the forefront in this forum was meager at best. Still, who better to consult than the sexy and often combative Anna, The Marine Chick? I can indeed offer testament that she is one steamy, hot woman. I?m sure I speak for both of us when I say this crucial matter deserves further examination.

    You may consider this an invitation to offer your own, enlightened theory.

    Hope all is well on the other side of the pond.


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    Re: When larry met anna, part 2

    A great follow up story to the HOT, When Larry Met Anna story.
    What about Janes side of the story.

    From when she first enters the bedroom catching Larry and Anna going at it.
    Her thoughts of her first woman to woman ***/sex battle over ****.
    To after that six day the three of them spent together.
    A from Jane's side of the story, if you will. And what led up to her and Anna's
    thong exchange.

    Another good hot story A. Penman - Thank you.
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