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Thread: New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway

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    New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway

    New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway
    Among the many Chinese stories I have, there is one that always caught my attention, one called 地铁上. I decided to translate it using online translators (which you know are not 100% reliable), adapting the parts I couldn't understand from the context and adding my own details to make the very simple story a bit deeper. I also changed the ending to leave it open for a second part. This is the result:


    It was wet and stifling that day. The city had also woken up to the biggest traffic jam in its history, a truck accident causing problems in the northern access roads. So, that morning Alice Johnson had no choice but to leave her car at home and take the subway to get to the office. But as soon as she got to the station, she remembered why she hated riding the subway so much: the wagons were so full that, more than people, they looked like canned sardines.

    “Attention, passengers: let out before you enter. And please don’t block the doors,” a voice rang out over the loudspeakers as Alice tried to make her way through the marabout of people waiting on the platform, her huge black handbag hanging from her left arm making her movements difficult. Just then the doors of the cars opened and, like two waves in opposite directions, the passengers crashed into each other. Alice struggled against the force that was trying to push her away from the wagon, her body immediately starting to sweat in the middle of that unexpected sauna that the station had become, hundreds of people pushing, panting, perspiring around her.

    Almost miraculously, Alice managed to get into the car, the door closing right behind her. Trying to catch her breath after the effort, the young woman immediately felt someone eyeing her from her right. Looking sideways, she saw the lascivious gaze of a man—something that wasn’t new to her. Alice Johnson was a real beauty, her brown eyes, heart-shaped lips and curly black hair making anyone fall in love with her, her firm breasts, round ass and strong legs making anyone crave her. She was always the center of attention, in the office where she worked, on the street when she went shopping, in the nightclubs when she partied—and, as more and more eyes turned to her, so was she in the subway car. Licking her lips slowly, Alice didn’t know whether to be flattered or disgusted.

    Finally, the wagon started to move, but it didn’t take long to stop at the next station. Unfortunately for Alice, not many people got out of the car, and too many got on. Grabbing onto the handrail, she resisted the collision of bodies and heat against her, the sweat now saturating her beautiful body with two or three layers of perspiration, sticking her low-cut top and short skirt a little more to her beautiful body. For a moment she was afraid that, since she had decided not to wear a bra that morning because of the stifling heat and humidity, the fabric of her red top would be transparent enough for her beautiful breasts, or worse, her fat nipples, to be visible to anyone, so Alice looked around nervously.

    Suddenly, a body as hot and sweaty as hers bumped into her, back to back, ass to ass. Instinctively, Alice turned her neck, looking over her shoulder to meet the gaze of another woman her own age. Alice opened her mouth slightly in surprise as she saw an incredibly beautiful face, and although it was impossible for anyone to mistake them for sisters or cousins even, the other female undoubtedly had a certain resemblance to her: brown eyes, full lips, black hair, light skin. Although being so close together she couldn’t see the other woman’s body, Alice could clearly observe that they were both the same height.

    “Hey, be careful,” Alice said somewhat fiercely, suddenly feeling that she had a beautiful shadow of herself behind her. “You hit me.”

    “Don’t you have eyes? You hit me first,” the stranger answered just as harshly.

    “Who would want to touch you?” Alice was surprised by her own words, but she couldn’t stop them in her throat. “You must be pretty cocky if you think I was going to look for your contact. I don’t like it, actually!”

    “What you don’t like is feeling a real woman’s body against yours!” the other woman grunted, her cheeks turning red immediately as if she didn’t expect that reaction from herself either.

    “What the fuck are you talking about, girl? You obviously don’t know what a real woman’s body looks like, because you’re feeling it now against your back!” Alice felt the other brunette’s ass tighten against hers after her words, and then she was aware of the firm, well-rounded glutes of the beauty behind her. She couldn’t help but push her ass a little further against her counterpart, forcing a gentle moan from both.

    “From what I’m feeling, you have a pathetic body!” the mysterious girl insulted, returning the pressure against Alice’s behind. “You should go to the gym more, honey.”

    Alice opened her mouth to reply again, but then she realized that both dark-haired women were drawing too much attention. Her cheeks grew even more red as the beautiful office worker realized that the discussion must end immediately. Her hot temper, however, forced her into one last, quick exchange of words.

    “What’s your name, girl?” she asked.

    “Rose…Rose Miller.”

    “I’m Alice Johnson. And now, leave me alone, Rose Miller.”

    “No problem, Alice Johnson. Anyway, there was nothing good to look at.”

    “I agree with that.” After a short but intense look, Alice turned her face, and felt Rose do the same. The beautiful brown-eyed women split up, both determined to ignore each other, but Alice couldn’t help but take one last look at the woman who had confronted her. Rose was dressed almost identically to her, although her low-cut top and short skirt were black instead of red. She was also carrying a large handbag hanging from her left arm, in shades of pink. But it was not that which attracted Alice’s attention most, but the similarity between her body and the other brunette beauty’s figure. Grunting softly, Alice tried to push herself past the passengers around her, to finally leave behind that conceited girl named Rose.

    Not even two seconds had passed when the subway car shook and the lights suddenly went out. People screamed, surprised and scared, as the car began to slow down to a complete halt. Alice lost her balance, her body falling backwards to bump into Rose’s back again. A second tremor from the wagon threw them against the doors, the two young women stuck wetback to wetback. Furious, they tried to separate, but suddenly found themselves surrounded by several tall men, that almost two-meter high wall of people seeming impassable to two one-meter-sixty-five tall girls.

    “Dear passengers, sorry for the temporary stop due to a subway breakdown, please remain calm and we will solve the problem soon.” Alice heard on the wagon’s speaker.

    “What the hell happened?” a woman asked.

    “I have no idea. But it must be something serious…” a man said.

    People around the brunettes were talking, but the two beauties kept quiet, because they had their own problems. Taking advantage of the darkness and that the men around her had their backs to them, they were pushing with backs and hips as hard as they could, fighting to occupy the area next to the door, both needing room in the suffocating prison of bodies in which they had ended up. But even though they said themselves that they were only battling for space, they both knew that wasn’t completely true—not after their argument seconds earlier. The haste with which the battle had broken out, almost before they fell against the doors, said it all.

    Leaning on the door bars, the bad-tempered girls pushed and pushed, fighting for every centimeter as if it were a matter of life and death. Their protruding buttocks, strong from years of fitness, soon took the lead, squeezing tightly together as lower down the naked thighs of the brunettes tightened, locking together while a little further down the naked thighs of the brunettes tightened up, holding each other up. Alice gasped quietly as she felt Rose’s ass rubbing against hers through their short skirts, and decided to respond by taking advantage of the darkness of the wagon. Pulling her butt apart as much as she could, she clenched her gluteal muscles before ramming hard into Rose’s ass—the pair of sexy, round bums slapped together, forcing the girls to shake a little. Stunned and caught off guard by Alice’s blow, Rose fell forward, crashing into the back of a man in front of her.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she apologized, her face red with shame in the dark. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

    The man looked over his shoulder—he was so tall that he could hardly see Rose, or Alice, in that deep pit of darkness behind him.

    “No problem,” he said simply before looking forward again.

    With great effort, Alice managed to twist herself around after her little victory, and found Rose doing the same. Finally, the two rivals came face to face—this time it was their bulging breasts that were brought together. Neither had big tits, no more than an average B-cup, but both pairs were incredibly firm, and stood high on their chests. Alice immediately noticed that Rose was not wearing a bra that day either, so both of her pairs of boobs were only separated by two thin layers of clothing, her red top against the other dark-haired beauty’s black top. It was as if there was no secret between their tits as they could feel each other properly, perfectly measuring the size, shape and firmness of the other female assets.

    For a minute, maybe two, neither of them spoke, at least not in words. Their young breasts kept debating in their own way who was bigger and fuller, and their brown eyes stared at each another with intensity, hatred and envy, each comparing the other beauty to their own in the little light available in that darkness. Alice could even count how many drops of sweat were covering Rose’s gorgeous face, and she could read the arrogance and explosive temperament of her rival on her raised chin and flaming eyes. She was in the presence of a woman who was not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally alike. Knowing herself, she knew Rose, so Alice was aware that this would only end up with one of them being completely conquered, as neither of them would settle for anything less.

    Another minute passed, and Alice saw the corners of her nemesis’ fleshy lips tilting slightly as Rose stared at her with two increasingly challenging eyes, full of contempt and provocation. Alice’s gaze matched each of those feelings, without fear and without doubt, the same jealous disdain vibrating in her dilated pupils. The electric stare-down duel was, however, interrupted by an even more intense experience. Suddenly, Alice felt her lungs were short of breath, and a sensation of suffocation flooded her. As absorbed as she had been in Rose’s beautiful, almost cloned face, she had forgotten the duel of firmness that was taking place between her breasts and her antagonist’s.

    Now Alice fully felt the pressure against her pair, her breathing speeding up at the sudden lack of air. In front of her, in the gloom, Rose’s mouth twisted in a victorious gesture, as if she knew what she was accomplishing with her bosoms. Feeling the pounding of both hearts under their chests, Alice gritted her teeth, and concentrated on crushing in revenge the glands that were suffocating them. Rose’s face flushed, and Alice felt a wave of pride as she watched her breath grow heavier, the two pairs of tits pushing each other top to top until they were deadlocked in the fierce struggle of size and stiffness.

    Then Alice noticed something else, something even more unexpected: Rose’s blood-filled nipples poking into her boobs. Her own nipples had hardened to her surprise as well, and were lacerating Rose’s titflesh through the tops. Alice saw the same mortification she felt at that moment in the other girl’s face, but that didn’t stop either of them from sadistically pushing their nipples a little deeper into the other breasts. Both gasping in a low voice, as if little electrified spears were stabbing and electrocuting them at the same time.

    “What are you doing?” Rose whispered, bringing back the discussion that they both interrupted minutes ago. “This is because I humiliated you before in front of everyone, isn’t it?”

    “I’m the one who hasn’t stopped humiliating you since I got on this wagon,” Alice murmured back. “First with my words, then by beating that weak ass of yours…”

    “You were lucky to catch me off guard,” Rose complained. “But then I almost took your breath away with just my tits, so you better shut up.”

    “Your tits aren’t achieving anything right now,” Alice grunted before pushing her nipples against Rose’s stiffies for the first time, forcing a short grunt from both beauties. “And your nipples aren’t gonna come out of this unhurt, I promise you.”

    “Your puny nipples are nothing!” Rose spat out.

    The fight was fast and desperate, with no woman holding a duel for long before crossing the next line. It could not be otherwise, since the female confrontation had an imminent time limit—at any moment the lights would come back on and the wagon would move forward again. For now, the almost total darkness, the bodies of the tall men around them and the nervous voices of the other passengers were hiding them, their bodies in conflict and their angry voices, but this would not last forever—they’d be lucky if they could fight for five, ten more minutes.

    Rose took the initiative. Alice felt her rival’s left arm encircling her waist, her foe’s pink handbag rubbing against her skin, and immediately afterwards Rose’s right hand was clawing at her exposed belly. The gorgeous office worker gasped in pain, clenching her teeth to avoid screaming.

    “Do you like this, Alice Johnson?” Rose said as she dipped a finger into her opponent’s navel and pinched it. “There are so many ways I can torture a flabby body like yours…”

    “You filthy…” Alice bit her tongue, not wanting to lose control. Furious at the dirty attack and the arrogance on Rose’s face, Alice hugged her closer with the arm where her black handbag was hanging, and reached for the other brunette’s naked abdomen with her own right hand. “Let’s see how you like to taste your own medicine, Rose Miller,” she gasped, dragging her nails across the delicate skin before plunging her finger into Rose’s belly button.

    In front of Alice’s brown eyes, Rose narrowed hers, her face tense as she drowned out her own cry of pain until it was reduced to just an anguished groan.

    “I’m gonna beat you, honey,” she groaned.

    For intense, endless seconds, the two beautiful women scratched and pinched each other’s flat bellies, meticulously ruining their sexy virtues forged after hours and hours of Russian twists and side planks. Sweat poured down from their still-crushed breasts, drenching hands and bellies red from the wounds. Soon the two brunettes extended their ‘caresses’ to the other girl’s sides and thighs, spreading the red marks over nearly all the flesh within their reach, until the pain was so intense that neither could continue. Alice and Rose fell against each other, hugging their foe in despair as they clenched their teeth and gasped for breath after the mutual and cruel punishment, their eyes filled with tears as the hatred and jealousy they felt for each other grew in their beating hearts. In this exhausted and suffering state, even the mere brushing of the other handbag against their skins was felt a part of the mutual torture.

    “I’m gonna teach you a lesson,” Alice whispered in Rose’s ear. Time was running out, so she felt compelled to make the most reckless and last-ditch move of the whole catfight. “Let’s see how much of a woman you really are.”

    Surprising her rival, Alice thrust her right hand under Rose’s short skirt. Her opponent’s whole body shook as if she had received an electric shock, feeling Alice’s fingers crawling under her panties like dangerous little snakes.

    “You bitch!” Rose whispered angrily, the first b-word of all the female struggle coming from her fleshy lips. Watching Rose closing her eyes momentarily, Alice used her fingers to clutch the other girl’s abundant pubic hair; a second later, a low, muffled hiss came out of Rose’s throat, Alice tugging at her most intimate hair. Alice knew that she had just crossed one last line, one that opened a door to a more painful and intense competition, but she didn’t care, as long as both of them could keep quiet.

    “You don’t know the mistake you just made,” Rose gasped. As she expected, Alice noticed her rival’s fingers leaving her thighs alone to get under her skirt, and beyond her panties. What she didn’t expect, and understood as soon as Rose tugged at her pubes, was that the pain would be so intense.

    “Fuck, bitch!” she sobbed, pangs of agony spreading from her crotch to the rest of her body.

    But neither she nor her nemesis gave up, and the two beauties spent the next few moments ruthlessly plucking the pubic hair from the other generous mound in the most private of all the hair-pulling battles, the ground underneath them filling with dark curls. There were tears, more sweat, anguished hissing, electricity in the air, and two bodies that wanted to get rid of the other cruel hand but would never move away and lose the opportunity to punish and subdue.

    “Just admit that I’m better than you and I’ll leave your body alone,” Rose gasped.

    “I will never tell such a lie,” Alice replied. “Give up and I will stop hurting your body.”

    None of them took the surrender exit, so the mutual, forced waxing continued, fingers hooking black pubes, bodies shaking desperately, two young beauties crying at the invasion of their most precious parts. But then, the lights flickered, once, twice, three times, before the darkness returned—a warning that soon the power would definitely come back. In desperation, Alice and Rose accelerated their attacks, forcing several moans that nearly overtook the voices of the other persons.

    “Dear passengers,” the voice of the speakers then announced, to the horror of both women. “Thank you for your patience. We’ll put in motion in a few seconds.”

    “Just give up, Rose!” Another mutual pull filled both hands with pubes.

    “You do it, Alice!” Another tug forced more tears into their brown eyes.

    What they both feared happened: the light returned for good, and the car began to move again. The frenetic movements of both brunettes stopped immediately, their bodies glued together breast to breast paralyzed by the fear of being discovered in the middle of this unseemly female duel.

    The two enemies quickly separated their boobs, and then they were really aware of the incredible, almost unnoticed battle they’d been engaged in. Through the sweaty, diaphanous tops, both could see the stabs their hard nipples had left on each other’s firm flesh, the reddish rub marks that the tits had made as they squeezed against each other. Alice still didn’t know if she had the advantage of size or density, and she regretted not having forced a more definitive fight in this aspect to resolve her doubts. From the way Rose’s eyes looked at her tits, it was clear to her that her nemesis thought the same.

    The people around began to move a bit, anxious to get off at the next stop—the end of the line. Alice and Rose, meanwhile, stared into each other’s eyes, their faces still beautiful despite sweat and exhaustion. Their hands were yet buried under the other skirt, under the other panties, but motionless now but, luckily, their big handbags were hanging from her left arms, hiding from everyone what was going on down there. They were on the verge of physical and mental collapse, but fate wanted to give them a couple more minutes to resolve their differences—the time left to reach the final stop—and now the brunettes’ eyes were debating whether to accept this extension.

    At the same time, the rivals nodded slightly, and knew that the game was still on. Fingers were set in motion, but this time without pulling the other pubes—for a few seconds, both girls groped with curiosity the other private anatomy, and were surprised to find them wet.

    “Damn lesbian,” Rose accused, her fingers full of feminine juices. “This is what you were looking for, isn’t it?”

    “You’re the one who stuck your fingers under my panties first,” Alice whispered in response, feeling Rose’s sticky fluids. “You were looking for this from the beginning, you dy—”

    Alice could not finish her insult, suddenly feeling Rose’s finger touching her clitoris. Drowning out a groan, Alice quickly found Rose’s clit, and massaged it with her fingertips. The brunettes trembled, mutually masturbating by the car doors without anyone noticing.

    “Dear passengers, in a few seconds we will reach the end of the line. Get ready to…”

    Ignoring the voice of the speaker, Alice put more effort into her stimulation of Rose’s sexual rod, feeling it harden under her touch. Her own clit was growing under the assault of Rose’s fingers, being touched in a way that no man had ever done before. The beautiful faces of the brown-eyed women exhibited their exasperation, both feeling unable to drown out their moaning for much longer, their secret battle reaching a stalemate that could only be broken in one way.

    “Cum, Rose Miller,” Alice said, giving voice to the thoughts of both girls. “Then we’ll know that I am the sexier of the two.”

    “You first, Alice Johnson,” Rose replied. “Don’t count on overcoming my sexual stamina, babe.”

    “Watch me break you!” Alice dipped a finger into the slit of Rose’s pussy, and heard with pleasure the groan that her enemy exhaled. Revenge was immediate, and the forefinger of the other beauty penetrated Alice’s cunt viciously, forcing the office worker to moan.

    The wagon began to slow down. In front of the door, the last station appeared. People began to turn to where the brunettes were. Frustrated, they both raped the other pussy again, aware that victory was near. The other sex kept spitting liquid, and a powerful pleasure, a boundless desire filled the other woman’s face completely. In and out, in and out; Alice and Rose accelerated the mutual fingering, knowing that the next penetration could be the last one, the triumphant one.

    The wagon had almost stopped, and the people on the platform were approaching the other side of the door. Alice felt the tremors from her rival’s sex, and knew she had Rose—just one or two more cunt incursions and she would be finally hers. But at the same time she knew she herself would not resist one or two more raids from her enemy’s fingers.

    With indescribable frustration, the dark-haired beauties had to separate, to get their hands off each other’s wet pussy. The tall men who were hiding them were turning around at last. Embarrassed, sweaty, Alice and Rose turned their backs on them, facing the car door while hiding their right hands, full of sticky juices, behind their handbags.

    With her breath impossible to control, Alice felt her cunt throbbing with irritation, her orgasm denied at the last second. She couldn’t believe anything that had just happened inside the wagon—it had been unreal, somehow a dream and a nightmare at the same time. And she wasn’t going to let it go, so she leaned over Rose’s ear.

    “If you have guts, you and I can finish this in private anytime,” she whispered.

    “I’m not afraid of you, Alice Johnson,” Rose replied in her ear. “Not after what I’ve felt. One more second and you would have been mine.”

    “Bullshit. One more second, Rose Miller, and I would have made you mine.”

    Separating her face from Alice’s, Rose looked at her defiantly before opening her pink handbag and pulling out a business card. She dropped it into Alice’s black handbag while the doors opened to the marabout of passengers.

    “I’m waiting for your call.” That was the last thing Alice heard from Rose before she lost it in the crowd.
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    Re: New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway

    Damn! This was good, though it felt a little rushed. Nonetheless, good work m8! Hope to see part 2 soon

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    Re: New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway

    Would love to see more of this story

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    Re: New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway

    A good start - I'm looking forward to reading more.

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    Re: New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway

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    New story: Alice & Rose - Part I - The Subway
    Lovely premise

    I hope you do a follow up .

    There is a Japanese adult entertainment video which is on similar lines in a sense ,its not a sexfight per se but its a hot video in a train .

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