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    Socially Distant

    Socially Distant
    Originally posted by EJB2 over at Freecatfights (reposted with permission):

    Kayla was a smoke show and she knew it. A 21-year-old college senior with long, silky blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, a fabulous smile, and a tanned and toned body that only God and a personal trainer could sculpt. Her arms were a masterpiece of sinewy muscle with strong biceps when she flexed. Her stomach showed abs that hinted at an eight pack while still being feminine. Her ass was a curvy bubble tight enough to bounce a quarter off of, her legs were long and well defined with a muscular crease when she crossed them. Her hips curved out in the most womanly way, creating a natural strut while she walked.

    All of that, on her 5’10” frame, would have been enough to turn most heads, but they were all little more than accessories that were rarely mentioned. The star attraction was her full, heavy F cups. Only a few boys knew their true glory, but the ones who did would never forget them. They had far less sag than tits that size should, yet those who encountered them could vouch for their authenticity. Tanned all over, they hinted at a voyeurism of topless lounging in the sun. Bright pink areolas bigger than the size of half dollars were home to half inch thick nipples that rested at ” erection and expanded to a full inch upon arousal.

    She was Barbie on the outside. The reality, though, was that her father had been frugal and hard working, while her mother had fought that the whole way until finally walking out the door for good while Kayla was still in middle school. She had visited her mother at first, but finally one day asked if she could skip the visits with Diane since the bimbo slept around and occasionally left Kayla home alone during her custody days. Once that was agreed upon, she settled into a happy life that included learning many of her father’s skills and tricks.

    Tom was above average looking, and tall, but a nice run of computer programming jobs in the late 90s, coupled with his fiercely aggressive savings habits and desire to be financially independent, had led to his current position of being mostly retired in his mid 40s. He loved to tinker and figure out how to do things around the house, and had leveraged his skills into building out a quaint older house into something with a more modern feel without involving a contractor unless absolutely necessary. He did most of his own plumbing, woodwork, flooring, etc, and even worked out a trade that got an inground pool poured for next to nothing when he helped a few of the right guys rewire their homes for smart devices and custom security systems.

    That maniacal desire to learn how to be as self-sufficient as possible, and take care of his financial future as quickly as he could, had rubbed off onto Kayla. Even though her outfits were fairly straightforward, she had made most of her wardrobe. At 18 she had already been putting away 50% of what she made working odd jobs for years, making college something she could have paid for herself if not for the scholarships she had received. The experience of receiving compliments on her clothing, with a few friends paying her to make custom items for them, had led her to be a fashion major. That was going well as she modeled her own designs, being more aware of how to show off a variety of figures than most designers who made ridiculous items that only looked good on waifs strutting down a catwalk in pretentious ego fuck events.

    That’s what made coming home during the last few breaks so difficult. She knew her dad had started getting out there again now that she was off at college, even meeting a few of the women briefly, but the current situation was unbearable. Mina was the daughter of Eastern European refugees. She wore too much makeup, acted like she owned the place, and Kayla was sure she had caught the woman giving her a few dirty looks.

    The blonde hated the fact that it seemed like this woman was just after her father’s hard earned and well saved cash. She hated the fact that Mina was barely 30 and acted less mature than the 21-year-old did. She hated that Mina would use every opportunity she could get to rub her big boobs into Tom’s chest. Kayla knew that move and hated seeing it work on her father. She fantasized a few times about getting the black haired woman alone and slapping Mina’s tits around with her own bigger pair.

    What she hated most though, was how Mina would strut around and show off when she brought guys home. It didn’t happen often, only when Kayla was horny and wanted a toy to play with, but she swore each time she did it ended up with that slut tramping around trying to draw attention away from the blonde. One of the dudes was dumb enough to hint at a threesome and got his dick nearly ripped off for the suggestion. Even so, she tolerated the tramp because it was usually only a week or two at a time, including last summer when she stayed at her apartment in her college town and worked a bunch of hours so she could ease up during her final year.

    Then it happened. Final semester of her final year, with spring break coming up, and the whole world went crazy. She was glad to have been raised in a family that listened to experts, not orange assholes, and heeded her father’s warning to come home if it looked like a pandemic was really at hand. The first week seemed okay, even though she had probably wanted to slap Mina about 50 times each day. The first weekend after she got back, she went to lay out by the pool only to see the dark haired woman out there already, something they had managed to avoid up to that point. Feeling agitated already, the blonde decided to put a little extra emphasis into arching her back as she rubbed tanning lotion on her tits. Her mood didn’t improve when the other woman stared at the display and then turned her face back to the book she was reading without emotion.

    The women started arguing openly during the second week, with every little thing seeming to set Kayla off while Mina never lost her cool but verbally jabbed at the younger woman often. They would argue about chores, politics, weather, and just about anything. Tom was a peacekeeper as much as he could be, but he also had a few freelance programming projects as well as some maintenance and yard work to attend to, so a few times he couldn’t intervene until his daughter was red faced and looking like she was ready to pounce.

    One instance proved to be too much. The women were arguing over something, when Kayla lost her cool and started screaming about how she was going to kick the older woman’s ass. Tom intervened, holding his daughter back while his girlfriend just smirked at her. He told the blonde to do something to get her mind off of it while he whisked Mina away with him on his way back to his home office. Kayla decided to get a jog in before it got too hot, hitting the road in her neighborhood for a few good miles. Arriving back home, she peeled off her jogging bra and shorts, and quickly showered. Grabbing her discarded gear, and some other dirty clothes, she decided to keep herself busy with some laundry. As she went to start her wash, she noticed a bra that wasn’t her own and decided to take a peek at the tag.

    “No fucking way.”

    She had barely whispered that comment, her mind refusing to process what she was seeing. She knew she had the other woman outgunned, with nothing Mina wore ever suggesting otherwise. Sure, the older woman had big tits, but Kayla had THE rack and everybody knew it. Even so, the bra in her hands clearly was big, but the tag had to be wrong. It read the same 40” that hers did, but the cup size said G.

    “Try it on little girl.”

    The blonde was so engrossed in the moment she hadn’t heard the black haired woman come up to the laundry room doorway. Her normal rage at the mere presence of Mina was subdued, her mind still trying to figure out what was going on.

    “It’s called minimizing, you little slut. I don’t drag random guys home like some horny college girl and I don’t shove my tits in everyone’s face. I know it pisses you off when your little boy toys see me and realize there’s a real woman in the house, but that’s because even the dumbest college bro knows the difference between a girl and a woman. Now we know I’ve got the class and the tits in this house.”

    “Fuck you. There’s no way this is real.”

    “Oh, honey, it’s real alright. Are you afraid you can’t fill my bra? Don’t be embarrassed to show me your little titties, I’ve already seen them enough times to know what you’ve got.”

    “I’ve seen how jealous you are when my top comes off.”

    “Not jealous honey, just disgusted. I bet you did that even before I came along, when the only person who would see it is your father. How sick is that?”

    Kayla had finally had enough, her anger having returned and channeled itself into reassurance that this was all bullshit. She discarded the shirt and bra she had thrown on after her shower, taking a moment to puff out her chest and shake it at the other woman. She carefully slid Mina’s bra on, and fastened the clasp, but was unable to stifle the gasp when she realized it was too big for her.

    “Toss me your bra.”

    Kayla did what she was told, too busy trying to process what was happening to object. She then saw Mina turn away from her and pull her shirt over her head. Next, off came a bra that looked like a sturdy piece of work, followed by the older woman putting the college girl’s bra on. Kayla’s anger flushed to her face as she saw Mina straining to get the bra to clasp in the back, a grunt accompanying the last try that finally resulted in the clasps fastening together. With that, the dark haired woman turned and arched her back slightly, her cocky smirk appearing in reaction to the slack jawed expression on the blonde’s face. Playing into the moment, she clasped her hands behind her back and arched farther, causing her breasts to ooze out from every side of the younger woman’s bra.

    Kayla was still dumbfounded. She overflowed that particular bra, but just barely. What she was looking at was Mina’s rack threatening to destroy every bit of connecting fabric in a way her tits didn’t. She didn’t even react as her father’s girlfriend slowly approached her.

    “We can both see I’m the woman of this house for as long as Tom and I are together.”

    “Whatever. Bigger isn’t always better. You probably sag all the way to the floor without a bra.”

    “Fine. I’ve already seen what you’ve got. Now you’re going to see what a woman’s tits look like, and you’re going to stop being such a snotty little bitch to me, or else.”

    “Or else what?”

    “Or else I’m going to flatten those cute little boobs with mine.”

    The older woman took a couple of steps back, and reaching around to unclasp the bra from behind, she whipped it off with a flourish. She couldn’t hide her smile as she saw the blonde girl’s eyes go wide. Two pale triangle tan lines offset two large, round tits. Her light brown areola’s weren’t quite as big as the younger woman’s pink ones, and her nipples weren’t as long though she knew they were wider at the base. She shook her larger rack at Kayla, still smiling at her potential opponent.

    The blonde, on the other hand, was convincing herself that what she saw wasn’t as great as her first impression. She tried to tell herself that she had beaten the bigger tits of bar skanks that were Mina’s age, and this wouldn’t be any different, but her eyes saw something they had never encountered. Despite being 2 or 3 inches taller than the older woman, she saw a bigger chest with less hang. She couldn’t shake the observation of those G cups sitting maybe an inch lower than her own chest despite the allegation she had lobbed about saggy boobs just seconds before. She was trying to process how a chest so full and dense could be so damn perky all at once. As her mind raced, only one comment came to mind.

    “No fucking way.”

    “You say that a lot, little girl. Maybe you should have been an English major. Are we done here or are you going to make me squash those little titties and make you my bitch?”

    “I’m not titfighting some old hag with fake tits.”

    “Cop a feel, if that’s what you want. These are real, and they’re a lot better than yours will ever be.”

    Kayla gently reached her hands out, feeling every inch of the large tits. She couldn’t hide the realization of their authenticity creeping across her face, but again her inner monologue was that she had beaten bar skanks with big tits and she could do it again. Unconsciously, licking her lips, she was startled by Mina’s voice.

    “Your dad loves watching me destroy other women with my tits. I guess he’ll have to settle for hearing about it this time.”

    “Fuck you, you old whore. I’m going to beat your tits off and toss you out like the trash that you are.”

    “I was hoping you’d say that. I’m going to flatten your little girls and make you call me mommy. Now get my bra off your ugly tits and fight me like a woman.”

    Mina slowly backed away as she watched Kayla remove her bra. Reaching behind her, she pushed the laundry room door closed and locked it, exhaling deeply as she saw Kayla tweaking her longer nipples.

    “Fight until one of us gives up?” the blonde asked.

    “Winner has to accept the submission. I don’t want you quitting before I’m done making an example of you.”

    “Sounds great, I’m going to make you eat my ass after I deflate those cow tits.”

    “I’m going to smother you into a time out after I’m done with you, little girl.”

    The space was fairly small, being a laundry room, maybe 8 feet long and about 4 feet between the machines and wash basin and the wall. The blonde launched at her foe, dipping slightly to meet the other pair head on with her longer nipples in the lead. She was rewarded with a quick squeal, the older woman taking a half step back from the impact. Pressing her advantage, Kayla repeated the move twice more, each having the same effect as the first. On the fourth try, Mina dipped slightly and uppercut the youngster’s boobs, sending them flying higher than Kayla had ever felt them stretch before. Not waiting for the blonde’s big boobs to settle, the dark haired woman slammed forward with a quickness that shocked the younger woman, knocking the college girl flat on her ass. Instead of following up, she stood with a confident smirk and her arms placed in a superhero pose on her hips.

    “You really think you're the first young bimbo to try something like that? I’ve beaten fitter college girls with bigger, firmer tits than yours honey. Now get back up here and take your titty whipping like a woman.”

    Kayla slowly got to her feet and approached cautiously. Mina was still just standing there, hands on hips, posing like she was invincible. The blonde made a few quick feints, trying to decipher the trap being set, but the older woman just stood there with a smirk. Sensing her younger opponent getting frustrated, and quite confused, the dark haired woman spoke.

    “Go ahead. You think your little tits are so great, so I’m going to let you try and prove it. Let’s grind it out for a while and see who’s got the better bra stuffers. You can get the inside grip, just slide your arms around my back. I’ll let you cinch the hug in as tight as you want, then I’ll grip around you and still squash you like a bug.”

    Kayla didn’t need another invitation. She immediately stepped in, taking a moment to line her nipples up with the bottom’s of Mina’s areolas, and clamped on the bearhug as tightly as she could. The dark haired woman’s head snapped back, her blonde opponent gritting her teeth as she lifted the older woman off her feet. Any thoughts that her opponent had erred in allowing the younger fighter this advantageous position were quickly forgotten as Mina, her feet still off the ground, wrapped her arms tightly around the blonde and smirked at her again.

    “Look down, little girl.”

    Kayla couldn’t hide the look of horror on her face, or the shriek of frustration that escaped her mouth. The older woman’s bigger tits were already starting to cause her firm F cups to mushroom around the larger pair. She had seen other pairs make a dent in hers, but never without any sign of at least equal displacement on the other tits. Losing herself in the visual, she slacked her grip just enough to allow Mina’s feet to get back on the floor, before feeling the other woman’s quick jump inside their embrace, a jump that moved the larger tits on top of her own and brought them crashing down.

    The weight of the larger tits, along with the momentum of the maneuver, caused the blonde to lose her footing and slip to one knee. Kayla felt her other leg get kicked out, and then found herself still locked in the mutual bearhug with both combatants on their knees. The dark haired woman’s G cups pushed down and forward, causing Kayla to recoil slightly in an attempt to alleviate the pressure on her breasts. The older woman took advantage of that retreat to continue pushing forward. Kayla felt her body going back as her legs were being trapped beneath her, only to be distracted by the breath on her ear before she heard the voice of the woman she hated more than anyone.

    “I love feeling weak, soft titties getting flattened by mine. I’m going to grind you out, but not yet. First, I’m going to let you get back up and titfight me for as long as you can go. Slap, slam, swing, or whatever, I’m still going to have the better breasts at the end of this and then I’m going to put you right back down here and finish your pathetic little rack off. You’re going to beg me to stop hurting you, you’re going to call me mommy, and then I’m going to smother you unconscious and leave you laying here while I take your itty bitty bra and add it to my collection upstairs, right next to your mom’s. Tom is going to explode inside me when I tell him how I’ve beaten both you bitches and describe how easy it was to flatten your overrated tits.”

    Feeling fully in control, the older woman used her position to push off on Kayla’s shoulders, forcing the blonde to release her bearhug grip, and stand up. Mina backed a few steps away and stood confidently, her smirk turning almost to a smile as she saw the anger and frustration on the blonde’s flushed face. As Kayla fully regained her feet, an angry sneer took over her features and her eyes blazed with fury.

    She made no attempt to hide her intent, walking forward quickly and slamming her tits forward. Mina reacted quickly enough to meet the blow, the two full chests colliding with a sound that echoed off the walls of the small, enclosed room like a cannon shot. The young blonde repeated the move, clearly trying to outpace the older fighter, only to be met with two G cups of resistance. Three, four, five, six, seven times the four large tits met with a thwack, neither seeming to give any more than the time before.

    Feeling like no progress was being made, Kayla aimed to use her athletic advantage to quickly step back and put a little more momentum into her chest butt, only to find the two larger tits buried into hers before she could reset. Mina then surprised the blonde again, staying one step ahead of her by firing shot after shot at the younger woman, eventually backing her up against the lip of the top loading washer. Kayla saw the glint in her opponents eye but couldn’t gather herself quickly enough to stop what was about to happen. The older woman used her advantage, and her surroundings, to chest butt the blonde on top of and then into the washer. Kayla’s arms and legs flailed as her ass fell right in and her body jackknifed inside the machine.

    The blonde was again furious, scrambling back out of her predicament only to see the black haired fighter had moved off to the side and stood waiting, confident smirk still firmly in place. Kayla decided to try something different, swinging her chest from side to side in a challenge that Mina clearly accepted by mimicking the move. The women stepped in close and began boxing each other’s tits from the side. They would swing in, left colliding with left, then drag across until both boobs popped out on the other side, at which point they would repeat the motion in the other direction.

    This wasn’t new to either woman, but for Kayla a new sensation did occur. She hadn’t fought a woman near her size that was firmer than she was, so she wasn’t used to having the advantage of her looser rack splatting against her opponent’s pair with greater momentum behind it. While she enjoyed the pain she was sure her tits were inflicting that way, what really caught her attention was the growing irritation in the face of the older woman when their tits dragged across each other. A few times through, and a finally dawned on the blonde what was happening. Her longer nipples were pulling across Mina’s tits and digging into the flesh more deeply than the dark haired woman’s nips were doing to her own breasts. Formulating a plan, she quickly broke off the conflict and cupped her boobs at her foe, “How about a nipple fight so I can squash your fat little tips before I take care of the rest of your ugly tits?”

    Kayla smiled as she watched Mina mimic her stance and quickly closed the distance to battle the older woman’s nipples with her own. The blonde’s renewed vigor only increased as she saw immediate returns from the new focus of the fight. To an outside observer, it may not seem that much was changing, but Kayla’s smile was ever broadening as Mina’s smirk completely faded from her face, replaced with a frown.

    Mina had done nipple fights against women with longer nipples than her own, but never one who had almost twice her length like the college girl did. She was rewarded with a squeal each time she used her shorter, thicker nubs to lever the other pair and bend them sharply, but the sounds of her own making were clearly coming more often as the big blonde stabbed with precision over and over. At first she held out hope that the discoloration on the front of her boobs was due to her paler skin from tanning with a top on, but that quickly faded as her breast meat turned a deep red compared to a more pinkish hue for Kayla. Then, the unthinkable happened.

    Kayla couldn’t conceal the, “Yes!” that had escaped her lips as Mina took a half step back from the stabbing strike her nipples had successfully landed. Buoyed by the reaction, the younger woman stepped up the pace of her attack even more, driving her older adversary back farther until there was nowhere to go. She almost laughed as her opponent stopped fighting back, holding her tits up no longer as adversaries but as targets, and nodded to Kayla to finish her nipples off.

    The blonde didn’t need any more invitation as she went to work pummeling the thick brown nipples of her father’s girlfriend. Kayla enjoyed seeing them shrink away from her own, becoming more pliable and less erect with every blow, but did feel disappointed that she couldn’t quite invert them. Settling for the damage done, she pushed her long, pink nipples directly into Mina’s.

    “Say it bitch.”

    “Your nipples win.”

    “That’s not enough. Say it or I’m going to keep fucking them up.”

    “Okay, okay. You’ve got better nipples than me. They’re crushing mine and I can’t do anything to stop it.”

    Enjoying the moment, the blonde stepped back and tweaked her victorious nipples, relishing the pained look of her opponent. Not wanting to lose her advantage, Kayla waited for Mina to stop massaging away the pain in her nipples before stepping right back into the fray. She captured the dark haired woman’s wrists and pinned them to the wall above her head. With her opponent’s body pulled tight, the blonde took those long, thick pink nipples and dragged them across the undersides of the other woman’s boobs and relished the deep groan that came in response.

    “Should’ve kept me down when you had me, cow. I’m going to fuck you up so bad. You better do a good job of eating my ass when I’m done with you, or you’re going to have to deal with my tits slapping yours around whenever I feel like it.”

    Sensing a chance to break the will of the older woman, the college girl lined their nipples up again. She smiled widely at the throaty wail as her tips pushed in the beaten pair, as she determined to fully invert them. As she pushed forward, she felt her breasts swell at the full contact they made with the other pair. Keeping an eye on Mina’s face, she relished the pain that had overtaken it until, suddenly, there was that smirk again.

    “Look down little girl.”

    “No fucking way.”

    Kayla couldn’t compute what her eyes were telling her. Despite the damage she had inflicted, and the nipple fight she had decisively won, there were two G cups withstanding the pressure her girls were putting on them, without showing the slightest hint of breaking down. That realization caused the blonde to relax her grip on the older woman’s wrists for a few seconds, enough for Mina to pull her arms loose and wrap them around the college girl again, this time with the inside grip.

    The dark haired woman squeezed tightly, her massive chest clearly compressing the blonde’s big boobs. Mina began punching forward with them, short little jabs that never broke contact with the other pair but forced them to weaken with each blow. Kayla tried to mimic what had happened to her at the beginning of the fight, taking the outside grip and squeezing with all her might, but all it did was cause her own tits to compress even more painfully.

    The older fighter, once again in control, began working her chest rhythmically into the opposing pair. She laughed as she heard the blonde begin to cry in response to her tits pushing in between the other pair, invading the cleavage all the way to the breast bone. She giggled at the wail from Kayla’s mouth when she trapped the college girl’s big right tit between her own and squeezed. Repeating the move on the left tit was euphoric. She nearly came when she felt her opponent’s head sink to her shoulder as the blonde finally realized the futility of her endeavor.

    “I give up.”

    “I don’t care, slut. You’re not getting out of here until you do everything I tell you to do.”

    “I’ll do anything, just stop crushing my tits.”

    Mina wasted no time pushing the blonde to the floor, flat on her back. She resumed the dominant position she had given up earlier in the fight, grinding down into the rapidly softening breasts of her opponent. With Kayla whimpering and begging her to stop, the older woman again went to her verbal game.

    “I told you how this is going to go. Now that you’re begging like the floppy titted cow you are, all you have to do is call me mommy and it will soon be over.”

    “Yes, mommy.”

    “Not so easy, little girl. You’re going to worship my titties, and be my little slave, but not today. First, I’m going to leave you lying here and then go fuck your daddy’s brains out. Then, whenever I feel like it, I’m going to make you my little play thing and wreck more than just those pitiful little boobs.”

    Kayla couldn’t say anything in response. Mina had quickly moved to smother the blonde’s face with her huge G cups, leaving just enough space for the blonde’s eyes to see the smirk that she hated more than anything. The younger woman struggled, for a bit, but realized she was trapped and too tired to fight her way out of it, finally succumbing to unconsciousness. The dark haired woman wasn’t quick to release the hold, wanting to ensure her opponent wasn’t faking it, and even added a few titty slaps across the face to convince herself it was over. She then took both bras, not bothering to put anything back on, and sauntered out the laundry room door.

    Tom turned as his headphones were pulled off in the middle of a coding job he was doing, only to have his mouth go slack at the sight before him. There was Mina, wearing nothing but her panties and holding two bras. He noticed a discoloration on the front of her tits, something that hadn’t been there when he was playing with them earlier, and realized that what she had been teasing him with had finally happened. He knew it was wrong, but he licked his lips and quietly said, “Tell me everything.”

    The dark haired woman did just that, riding his rigid cock and teasing her lover with a tantalizing tale of her big tits crushing those of his only child. She didn’t hold back or embellish at all, being honest in saying that Kayla’s nipples had dominated hers and she was worried for a few minutes that she might actually lose. She then compared mother to daughter, praising the younger woman as a much better fighter with a much better rack than his former wife. He held out as long as he could, finally unable to contain himself when she cupped her mammoth tits and declared, “This is my house now.”

    Kayla, for her part, woke up and quickly realized what had happened. She was distraught, knowing that bitch would probably never leave now. The blonde goddess quickly padded her way to her room, sobbing in bed as she felt her tits as loose and sore as they had ever been. Neither of the other’s bothered her, letting the college girl sleep it off.

    The young woman awoke in the morning, starving. She hoped it was late enough to sneak down and get some breakfast, returning to her room before being noticed. As she rounded the corner to the kitchen, she heard the sound of something cooking on the stove. Before she could stop herself, she stepped into the area to see Mina in nothing but teeny French Cut panties and a loose shirt that showed the curvature of her clearly braless breasts. Kayla was about to turn around and walk out when she heard the older woman speaking to her.

    “Good morning sleepyhead. Do you want some pancakes, or are the two I gave you yesterday going to be enough?”
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