I know there's another post on these boards mentioning a specific app, but rather than hijacking that post, I figured I'd just make a new one.

What apps or programs do the writers here recommend for those who have not yet found them?

I have two I'll mention:

Voice Dream Reader for IOS: It is a program that can read documents in various formats, like Word documents or PDF's. It uses digitized voices you can choose from, with different accents like Irish, British, Indian, etc.... Some are downright sexy, especially when you slow the voice down (which you can totally do, in addition to speeding them up if you want to), my preferred one being Rhona (she's Scottish). I love listening to my stories before they are finished so that I can hear mistakes rather than (but actually in addition to) trying to find them by dragging a huge afro comb through the desert.


Lists for Writers for IOS: It is a program with a ton of different sections, like Names, Locations, Behavioral Traits, or Plot Devices. Once you click on those items, it gives you a list, which can be filtered in lots of different ways. So, if you need a character name, you can just look through thousands of them until one fits the character you have in your mind. Or if you want a fresh new location, you can see a bunch and then go with whatever sounds most exciting.

What apps do you all have that might help other writers create their wonderful works?