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    little story I wrote

    little story I wrote
    [COLOR=var(--D7)]My Intro to Sexfighting

    “How I got started in sexfighting ?” is most common question I get. Well It all started with Loren. A bikini model, like myself. The agency always pitted us together because of our similar looks. Long blonde hair, 34DD breast. Not too muscular, but very tone body. It was clear she hits the gym. And you guess it, very much like myself, half Asian and half Latina. My hatred for her grew more and more with each photo shoot. Each of us exchanging fake smiles to the photographer as they annoying compare us. So here is story how I was introduced to the world of sexfighting.
    “Oh! You girls are beautiful. Are you sisters?” as the photographer snaps his photo. Glaring at each other for a brief moment and then turning to the photographer with a fake smile “no hun, but thank you”. Flipping our long blonde hair as we adjust for the next photo. “ok girls I need you two to get in close to each other. Hesitating for a moment, because I had no desire to near this bitch. Our eyes narrow as we approach each other. “wrap your arms around each other waist”. Smiling at the photographer we fulfilled his request. Awkwardly stepping into each other, as our left breasts softly press together for the first time. “that’s it girls don’t be afraid of each other.” Adjusting our grip on each other waist. Firmly pulling each other in, our firm breast mushroom out. Then Loren thrusted her tit into mine while pretending to adjust her hair. “WOW! Exactly the same perfect bodies” as he continues to take his photos. I glared at her for a moment while she smirked. Oh, this bitch knew exactly what she did. I thought fine! Two can play this game. Thrusting my breast back into her as I tilt my head fixing my hair. Loren lets out a little gasp, as I smirk at her then turning to face the camera. Our grip on each other tighten so much we were stumble a bit on our heels. It was at this moment the photographer realizes something is wrong.. “GIRLS! GIRLS! CALM DOWN!” both our arms were clutching each other tight. Forehead against forehead pushing our breast firmly together. Our nipples piercing through our bikini stabbing into each other. Suddenly a pair of hands cam between us apart. Stumbling back as the grip on each other was broken. Snarling at each other as our cold war has ended. Adrenaline rushes throw both of us. Our chest heaves heavily, as we continue our hated stare for each other. “everyone takes a break. Girls will see both of you tomorrow. Charging into my dressing room. Screaming my lungs out “ughh!!! That bitch! She going to pay! suddenly my dressing room door slam open Loren charges in. Crashing her body into mine. Our breast meets once again, as we clutch each other tight. Quickly tangling our hand into each other long hair. As she drove me back, I twisted my body, causing us to fall together, slamming Loren back on the countertop. her grunt of pain was music to my ears as my breast crush hers. Pushing myself on top of the countertop, keeping my weight on top of her. screaming out as tug my hair to the side, rolling us off the countertop. Loren body crushes me on floor. Driving the air right outta both of us. She slowing rolled off me clutching her own breast. Slowly raising to our feet, clearly in pain. Circling each other messaging our own breast. Trying to hide my pain “AWWW! Did I hurt you?” loren quickly responding as she narrow her eyes “I wouldn’t be so smug. So are you”. “Fuck you! Cunt! I handle it! Can you?!” as we exchange taunts. “more then you whore” just as we were about to charge each other again, a group of hands grabs us keep us apart. Screaming out in frustration, kicking out our legs as we desperately trying to reach each other. Everything clams down after dragging Loren away. I demanded everybody out.

    Moments later, my phone rings.... FUCK! It's the agency
    Jasmine: Hello...
    Boss: grapevine is talking.... what the hell is going on with you two
    Jasmine: I FUCKEN HATE THAT BIT......
    Boss: ugh!! Shut up! Forget I ask...... look both of you are making the agency look bad if the agency looks bad. I LOOK BAD!!! ANY OF THIS GETTING THRU TO YOU?
    Jasmine: yes
    Boss: It better. Both of you have a formal dinner to attend to tonight. BE IN YOUR AT YOUR BEST... NO DRAMA! YOU GET ME?
    JASMINE: yes
    Boss: sigh! Look I need you girls to fix this. I can’t afford to lose both of you
    Jasmine: don’t worry boss after tonight everything between her and I will be settled.
    Boss: that my girl... strange, Loren said the same thing..... one last thing.... who won?
    Jasmine: ugh! Bye

    Back in my hotel room, getting ready for tonight's event. Dreading another night of being compared to her. ugh! Just the thought of her boils my blood. Putting on the black mini dress that the agency provided for me. One last look as I adjust my hair, as a knock on my door sounded. oh! the driver is here gathering my purse and race to the door. there were two figures, but my eyes immediately lock on the figure in the back. Of course, the agency would give her the exact dress. the driver speaks out “is their going to be a problem?” we both responded in unison “no”. and of course, that trigger more annoyist from each other. The car ride so awkward. You could cut the tension with a knife. not a word came from either of us. both of us exchanging cold hard stares from the backside. driver would ask a question, and we just ignored him like didn’t existed. Arriving at location the driver step out of the car. we both immediately lock our doors.
    Loren: Bitch! Put on your fucken fake smile and after we are done here, you and I will sneak off ALONE and finish our discussion once and for all
    Jasmine: oh! I'm surprised a whore like yourself would want to finish our “discussion”, I mean after the beating your girls got earlier
    Loren: there that smug smile again, like you didn’t get the same we have a deal or not
    Jasmine: we have a deal. lets get this night over with so we can decide who really is the superior women.
    Unlocking the doors, the driver quickly opens the door “everything alright?” we both responded “Everything is perfect”

    A night full of fake smiles. Tolerating being compared to Loren. The only pleasure I got was knowing by the end of this night we will know who was best. I can see in Loren’s face as well she was itching to tear me up. Besides in the looks department, we both were equal confident we can out do the other. I was prepared to do anything and everything to prove it. I’m sure she was willing to do the same. GWAD I hate her
    As the night comes to a close, we return to our car holding each hand like we were the best of friends. Storing every bit of hatred, we had for one another. Continue our lite conversation with each other, selling that we were the best of friends to the driver.
    Driver: ok girls we are here, do you want me to escort you to your rooms?
    As he opens the car door for us.
    Jasmine: it’s ok baby.. We got this.
    Rubbing my body up his right arm. Loren rubs up on him from the left. Our eyes lock for a moment
    Loren: yes no need to trouble yourself.
    Thanks for taking care of us. we both lean in kiss him on each side of the cheek. Walking away hand on hand towards our room.
    Loren: you ready? bitch!
    Jamine: I’ve been ready all night. Whore.

    Opening the door to my room, stepping aside holding the door open for Loren to come in. “oh are we have second thoughts”. “oh! You wish bitch!” as she confidently walks in. Turning to lock the door ensuring we will not be disturbed. As I turn, I see Loren pushing down her tight mini dress down her body. “And what do you think you doing” I confusedly ask. “you know damn well” as she slowly turn facing me reviving her firm 34D breast and her toned body. “oh now who’s having second thoughts.” with an evil smirk on her face. “you been talking shit that your body better. Now is time to prove it cunt”. narrowing my eyes, as I slowly unzip my dress. Showing off my equally impressive 34D and toned body. “last chance to back down” as I slowly move closer to Loren. “ and miss the chance to beat your ass? ..Never” Loren quickly responded.
    Standing within inches from each other. Staring each other down. Each of us in our thongs and hands on our hip. Suddenly I see a smirk outta Loren.
    Jasmine: I’m going to slap that smirk outta your face, bitch
    Loren: oh! I’m sorry was just thinking of all the things I’m going to do you after I fuck you up
    Jasmine: you going to fuck me up? (Flipping my hair back) only one getting fuck up here is you, cunt
    Loren step up slightly towards. Our boobs meld together firmly.
    Narrowing my eyes, pushing back into her breast.
    I can feel Loren nipples getting hard.
    Jasmine: oh! Someone getting a little excited.
    Loren: the only excitement I'm feeling is finally we get to see who’s the better women. Besides it seems the feeling is mutual.
    Our breast mushroom out as we force them together
    Jasmine: yes, you got me there. The feeling is mutual. The image of you laying on the floor beating on the floor, is very exciting to me.
    Loren: that will never happen! Shall we start?
    Jasmine: lets
    As soon as I agreed Loren lick my lips. I step back slapping her across the face. Letting out a small yelp.
    Loren: you like it rough.
    Loren returned a slap of her own. My hair whip across my face. As small yelp escapes me as well
    Jasmine: with you! I’ll have it no other way
    We took a moment to circle each other. Hands out, ready to pounce the other. Like wild animals we attack. Charging at each other, our bodies collide with a loud thug. Grunting as our bodies crash together. Our hands wrap around each other grabbing each other hair. Pulling each other hair twisting our torso from side to side. Stumbling in our high heels. Falling over to the bed. rolling over the other, each trying to get the top position. She rolled on top of me. Pulling herself up. She pulled back her arm and punch me across my face. Screaming out in pain. Loren look down on me with a grin. Grabbing my hair lifting my head abit pulling back her arm just as she was about to punch me again. I swing across her face whipping her head and hair. Crying out in pain. Stun. I shove her to the side near the edge of the bed half mount on her. Pulling back my arm punching her hard. Her arms fell flat above her head. Traces of blood trickle down both our mouths. Glaring down at her, heaving. I lean down grabbing her chin. taunting her.. “told you not to fuck with me”. “this is nowhere near over, cunt” she grabs my head with both her arms. Then slam her forehead with mine. Stunning both of us, crying out in pain. I end up falling to the floor. Slowly, I get my knees. Loren seem to recover faster as she rolled off the bed. Grabbing my hair, pulling me up. I was still weak on my feet. She whips me to the table. My upper half laid across the table. Loren grabbing my hair again I moan out in pain. Then slams my face hard on the table. daze laying over the table. I feel my thongs being remove. She grabs my hair holding me down, kicking my legs open. Slapping my ass. Wake up bitch! I want you to feel this. “What was that! don’t fuck with me. Oh! You are getting so much more then that!” teasing my bare pussy with her fingers. at the point, my senses started coming back. Softly moaning, I fucken hate you! At the moment her two fingers invade me.. I grunt out in pleasure and pain. Loren pulls my head back, arching my back as her two fingers rape me. Grunt each and every time she pounding me.
    Loren: oh! You are a dirty bitch! You fucken like it
    Jamine: ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I get you for this! Ugh! Ugh! ohhh fuck!!
    Loren: that right bitch! Cum for me! Let me show you I'm the better women here!
    Jamine: ugghh!! Oh gwad!! No! Ughh!! Fuckk no! Gwaadd
    Loren press up on me sucking in my earlobes. Whispering let it go
    I grab hold of her hair pulling...but it was too late I scream out! FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!
    Loren release me. Smacking my ass one more time before she steps away. I lay on top of the table with my ass out in the air. Still trembling from my massive orgasm.
    Loren: well guess we are done here.
    Slowly pushing myself up. Turning to face her. Covering my pussy, slightly humiliated
    Jasmin: we are far from done.
    Loren: says the naked bitch dripping of her own juices.
    Jasmine: fuck you bitch!
    Loren: already have!
    Pushing myself off the table. Knees still a bit wobbly. We begin circling each other again. This time Loren know she has the upper hand. With a smirk “whats a matter, cum slut. you’re hesitating lol” with that I charge at her. Driving us onto the bed. I quickly mount her on her chest pinning her arms down between my knees. Grabbing her hair with one hand the other raised up to punch her. Her leg comes up from under my arm trying to push me back. I lean forward pushing her calf around my chest. Watch her struggling under me was a joy. I reach back padding her pussy.
    Jasmine: ohh! Look what we have here.
    Loren: don’t you dare! Arrrhh get off me!! Fat ass bitch!
    Jasmine: oh no! Payback a bitch!
    Loren shaking her head, FUCCCKING CUNT!! Her eyes widen as I push her thong to the side. Slowly sliding my middle finder down her clit, plunging my middle finger in deep into her. looking down at her, Loren bites her lower lip as lets out a moan..
    Jasmine: now who likes it?
    Loren: ughhh fuck youu...uugggggghhh bitch!!
    Loren struggle at first trying to push me off. Lending forward I keep forcing my finger in and out of her. soon I felt her body relax as I took control of her. Her moans became louder as I speed up the pace. all the while I was mocking her. “thats right, bitch! Just take it”. Frantically finger fucking her, it wasn't long loren was begging for me to stop.
    Loren: ohh gwwwaaaaaaad,,, stop please
    Jasmine: oh!! like you did for me? ... NO BITCH! You want it to stop, cum for me. let me know I’m the better women
    Loren: I ..ughhhh hate..uggghhhhh you!!!....arrhhhh
    Jasmine: I hate you more... cum!! And it will all be over!
    Loren and I lock eyes,, her eyes filled with panic, mine fill with joy as I get my pay back. it wasn’t long her trap body couldn’t resist any longer.
    Loren: oohhhhhhh ffuuucckkkkkkkkk nooooooooo!!!!
    Jasmine: oh! looks like we know who the better women is here.
    Release her now limp body, wiping my cum soak fingers on her face, as crawl off her.
    “Guess we are done here” as I begin to gather my clothes.
    “No we are not!” loren exclaim as roll off the bed
    I slowly turn to face her again. As she makes her way towards me. As she kicks off her cum soak thong.
    Loren: we are even.
    Jasmine: I suppose your right.
    As loren just stop just in front of me. Snarling at each other as our harden nipples flick off each other.
    Loren locking her eyes with me.
    Loren: shall we finish this.
    I widen my eyes as loren slaps her hand between my legs cupping my pussy. And quickly narrow my eyes as I slap my own hand between her legs. Also wide her eyes
    Jasmine: till last women standing
    Loren nodes in agreement
    Loren: yes till last women standing
    Each of us opening our legs allowing the other full access. Our breast push into each other.
    Jasmine: This changes nothing between us bitch. ughh!! Gwad
    Loren: ughh! Fucken whore the only thing will change hmmmmm is you will know I’m arhhh better then you
    Laying our heads on each of our shoulders. As we penetrate each other pussies.
    Jasmine: I ugh going to ughhh drain you ..fuck.. dry bitch ugh ohh fuck
    Loren: ugh it’s me.. damn it ..that gong to drain arrhhh you
    Each of us shifting our butts out trying to escape
    Jasmine: stop arhrrhhhh stop running.. Arrhh
    Loren: you’re the arruhh one running arrhh
    Oh fuck!!! I cant legs begin to tremble as I hold back anymore
    Loren starts cuming as well... both of us fighing with every fiber in our body to stop the coming eruption. both fueling the other to continue. till finally we both erupted in unison. Pushing each other off the other. falling to our knees as our trembling legs could hold us up. Clutching our pussies with both hands as we attempt to ride off the waves of pleasure.....
    Jasmine: ohhh fuck!!
    Loren: ohhh fuck!!
    Glancing over at Loren, still riding off her orgasm. Well, so was I. still trying to catch my breath. Loren makes her move towards me grabbing my hair. I do the same with her as we both struggle back to our feet. our sweating bodies melt together once again. neither one of us fully recovered yet. Legs trembling as we lend on each other for support. Grabbing each other breast trying to sink our claws on them just to get them shove off by the other. Slowly stumbling with one hand each other hair. The other lightly rake the other breast. somehow, we made it to the corner of the bed. we both crawl on. Kneeing on bed we took a moment to tighten our grip on each other hair. Glaring into each other
    Loren: you be eating my pussy tonight
    Tugging my hair.
    Jasmine: ugh! no way in hell I'll be eating your skank pussy. You'll be eating mine bitch!
    Tugging her hair
    Loren: ugh! Will just see about that
    Jasmine: guess we will.
    With that we both rake our nails off the other breast. Slipping both hands into each other hair. Our sweat soaked bellies slap together. Each of us trying to force our will over the other. Grunting as we push our breast into the others. Desperately trying put her on her back. Our stalemate getting to us both. pulling our head and yanking to side to side viciously. Each letting out a loud yelp as pull to side to side. finally, I got the better of her as our heads hit the bed still on our knees, I pulled her hair forcing her to flip on her back. I drop my body pressing her head between my breast, trying to smother her out. I let out smile as I hear her voice muffle under me.
    Jasmine: like it, bitch!
    Loren body twisted and arch her screams silence between my breast. In the midst of her struggle I didn’t notice her hand made her ways between my legs. My eyes widen by then it was all ready to late. Her claw sunk in my already swollen pussy. I screamed out in terror as she viciously rips threw me. I release my hold over Loren. Rolling over grabbing her wrist to trying to relieve my paid. Loren quickly pounce on top me. Turning my head to side as he presses her chest on top of me. Stomping my feet on the bed, I cried out in paid as she continue to rake my pussy over and over

    Loren: oh! Now who fucking liken it! Fucken whore!
    I turn my head into her large breast and bite down. Loren arch her back escaping my teeth. rolling over side by side with each other tits inches from each other mouths. Her hand still caught between my thighs. I reach up above my head cupping her pussy. both of us heavily panting.
    Loren: open your legs cunt!
    Loren takes a snap at my melons but only felt her lips
    Jasmine: open your first!
    After a few moments we hesitated but any slight movement instantly Tigger our fingers to force our way in. as on que, we both allowed access to the other. Gasping and moaning as our fingers push themselves in. Our bodies curl as we slowly and cautious penetrated the other. As I push my finger in deep, she would do the same. Each time a small grunt was release. All the while I was getting irritated by her breast brushing up my face.
    Jasmine: get your tit outta my face bitch! Or I bite
    Loren: fuck you! whore! You bite me again, I bite back twice as hard
    And with that with our free hand pushing her back into each other face. each exchanging bites as our finger fuck each other. Tears and massacre running down face. rolling over and over the other. As we savagely devour the other. bite marks riddle all over our once full of pride breast. Each trading several orgasms but neither showed any signs of slowing down. sloppy slaps follow by grunts of pain and pleasure is all that could be heard. suddenly as we rolled, Loren let out a load yelp as our bodies separated followed by a thug as she crashes on to the floor. My vision was blur, my body weaken. I struggle to left myself up from the bed. Loren attempt to pick herself up. But it seems she was on last bit as well. I attempted to stand up off the bed, but like wet noodles. I end up on my knees facing Loren. Lunging at Loren. Our swollen breast collided. Loren quickly twisting her torso. body slamming me on the hard floor. both of us let out a painful moan as our breast absorb most of the contact. Loren then rolled off me. Cupping our breast, rolling to our sides given each other our backs. Slowly trying to get to our knees. Loren mumbles “I’m not done yet, bitch!” out as she push's herself wobble just to stay on her knees. wobbling myself on my knees barely able to hold myself up. “neither am I “
    Both of us in our last attempt to finish other off. Bodies beaten riddle with scratch marks all over each other breast, thighs. Our mixture of sweet and juices filled out bodies. after a few moments of reviewing the damage we did to our hated rival. Time to finish you for good. Loren mumble. “you're the one that will be finish, bitch” I mumble. We both begin to inch closer together. Reaching out each of grabbing hold of each other hair with our left hand. Our forehead and nose push against each other. our nipples brush against the other. Each deep breath our sore breast mesh together grinding our teeth as they do. Our right-hand slides between our legs as we prepare for out final assault. both of us hesitating, neither of us expected our night be like this. Having my hated rival wet pussy in my hands. her on mind. Slowly messaging our hot and swollen mounds. Gasping as our pace quicken. Our bodies tighten up, pushing what little strength we both had left into each other. Never the less, our hot breath in each mouth could be felt. Our hands gripping tightly on hair. Making sure neither one of could back away to far. suddenly Loren jam two fingers into me. Gasping out as her finger savage plunge into me. Loren’s evil grin was quickly removed as I plunged my own two fingers into her. pounding our fist slamming into to wet pussy filled the room. both of us desperately hiding our pleasure our hated rival was given. Each of of us trying to escape the other but keeping each other from escaping. both of us popping out and wiggling our ass desperately trying to escape the rival probing fingers. During our struggle our lips brush each other. We both pause for a split second. We exploded attempted to devoured each other. Our hips once wanted nothing but escape now slapping our bellies together with renewed energy. Parting lips only to spit each other face to remind each other this was war. Then lightning struck me, I gasp out in pleasure “oh fuck!!”. Loren knew she got me going with evil smile, “ oh that right cum real hard”. I’m in 100% retreat. I pull my fingers out of Loren, she lets out a small moan of relief. I desperately try to push her off her shoulders but at my current state. Loren let go of my hair and wrap her around my waist. I crumble backwards my legs under me exposing my once prideful pride to my most hated rival. Loren took full advantage of this as she expertly works me over. I covered my face fight off my pending explosion. Loren taunting me. That’s right bitch! Let it build up!. noooo!!! Gawd noo!!! Please stop! Loren “ oh no! And deprive you of this orgasms'!” I hate you bitch!!!! A massive release took over my body. My body goes limp. Loren licking her fingers as enjoys her work. “Oh! No more fight left in you”. Nearly pass my body trembling as she slides her hands up my beaten body. Laughing as she dig her claws into my breast with a little more than a moan from me. Loren continue to slide her hands up my neck mocking me as she gentle begins to squeeze. My body only reaction was a slight gasp as my air was getting cut off. Loren continue to mock me “oh choking you out is way too easy, I have a much better idea” continuing to slide her hands up grabbing my hair pulling my head up. “get up bitch!” my body was limp as a wet noodle. Loren raise to her feet as she held my body up by my hair. Loren steps up placing her wet pussy on my chin. she looks down on me. I look up at her with defeated eyes. “time to eat up fucken trash whore” as Loren tease me. “no please you won” my plead fell in deaf ears as Loren stuff wet pussy in my mouth. My arms and body were dead I was completely defeated. Loren continue to grind on me as moan became louder and louder. Loren pinch my nose as Loren cum juices flowed inside my mouth forcing me to swallow it. Moaning in discontent as her juices change to hot sour. Urine flowing out of my mouth and all over my body and carpet. tears flowing down my face as Loren humiliated me more. Loren step back to look at her handy work. “oh! look at you, hahaha, not so proud now full of sweat, my cum juices and urine hahahaha” all I could do cough up what I swallowed. Loren walk up to my side, “now we know who the better bitch is” I had no choice but to agree. “well it time to say goodnight“ Loren swiftly came up to my slouching head. Snapping my head back. Knock out cold
    Waking up from my.. ugh Slumber... blood trickle down my nose and side of my mouth. my body feeling the effect of our battle. pain ravaging my body. Every movement, every scratch, every bruise fucking hurts. ugh! I smell like I took a bath in the sewer. Gaging a bit, realizing what she did to me. crawling off the floor I make my way into the shower. washing her fucken stench off me

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    Talking Re: little story I wrote

    I love this! Glad to see you decided to post it here, in addition to Deviant Art!

    The tone of jealousy is super hot. Keep writing! <3

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    Re: little story I wrote

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    little story I wrote
    Quote Originally Posted by Rivals_Rapture View Post
    I love this! Glad to see you decided to post it here, in addition to Deviant Art!

    The tone of jealousy is super hot. Keep writing! <3

    Thanks, compared to some of the other writers I don't feel it all that good. but it's a hobby I enjoy doing. I'm glad other people enjoy the read

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