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Several days have passed since the clash at the disco. Lara and I had returned to normal, with my girlfriend who began to meet with the one who first of all was my lover: Martina. With the defeat of the common enemy, the two once rival girls became friends. Often Lara goes out with her, to return towards dinner time all smiling. I never thought it could happen. And honestly, remembering how it went with Giorgia, the hope of a threesome with the two of them was reborn all of a sudden.
"Don't even think about it," said Lara mischievously. "I already know what you're thinking, and it won't happen," she finished as she put the plate on the table.
Over time, Lara had learned to perceive my fantasies, sensing them even before they came out of my mouth.
"God, if you are afraid when you do so!" I smiled, resigned.
The image of the three of us sleeping together was crumpled up and thrown into the bin ... Or maybe not?
"We'll go out tonight," said Lara.
I looked at her questioningly. Did we have commitments? I didn't remember anything ... not that it was new.
"We will go to the Tonico, a place in the center"
"Tonico? I do not know its"
“Martina told me about it. I have to meet a person who works there. Do you think ... can help me with that ***** question "
I widened my eyes, immediately sensing who she was referring to. The only girl who had got the better of her: Adele. My girlfriend still harbored a grudge now, months later. If Lara hadn't said anything, I probably wouldn't have thought of Adele and her huge ****. All that wonderful flesh, and those so invited ******s, the mere memory of how Lara's breasts were being mistreated by Adele's made me excited. And that did not go unnoticed in the eyes of my girlfriend, who gave me a pungent look. But she also knew she was helpless, on the other hand there was talk of the only girl who had humiliated her in front of me, and it was she who challenged her!
"Who is this person?"
"I do not know. Martina briefly described who I should meet but said that I would recognize her immediately "
“So we don't know who to look for. Great"
"We'll see. now let's think about eating "

We headed to the Tonico an hour later. It was the classic disco for young people, with a neon sign just before the entrance to the parking lot, obviously full of cars. In front of the entrance there was a small row, close by I noticed a billboard with the words "SPECIAL GUEST!". Someone famous among the young people had been invited, so as to make more people rush. But it wasn't our goal.
Once inside, the volume of the music covered every noise, while a series of combinations of lights passed through the whole room. On the right, a crowded counter along the wall delivered drinks to young drunks, while on the left a dance floor which hosted many people dancing uninhibited. Lara looked around for a few minutes before heading safely to the counter. She made his way through the people until she reached the counter. A few minutes later, she left the tribe of indigenous people who demanded alcohol and stepped aside. Shortly thereafter, a girl came out from behind the counter, heading for her.
I hadn't noticed it before, between the lights and the people in front of the counter, but now that I could look at it better I ate it with my eyes.
Blonde, green eyes, tall. A breathtaking body and a modest breast, slightly smaller than Lara. The dress she wore left little to the imagination: a dark blue dress that lifted the breasts upwards and which lay perfectly on her body like a second skin. She was slightly taller than my girlfriend, due to the fact that she wore heels. They exchanged a few words without my hearing them, the music covered their words. I saw the girl smile, and motioned for her to follow. Lara glanced at me before following the girl.
A room behind the bar welcomed us. It looked like a pantry, with a staircase leading upstairs. I closed the door behind me, looking at the blonde.
"Did you bring the bet?" asked the girl. I saw Lara pull out an envelope closed from the bag and hand it to the blonde "Are they all there?"
"You know better than me that everyone is there"
The blonde grimaced, took a box out of a shelf and opened it. She took out a wad of money, then inserting it in the same envelope that Lara had just given her.
"And these are my 500. Whoever wins gets everything ... but I think you already know, sugary"
"Lead the way," Lara replied dryly, approaching the girl "... and don't call me sugary"
The blonde held my girlfriend's gaze, smiling arrogantly, before turning around and climbing the stairs. We followed her into a small carpeted room, where only a bed and a bedside table adorned the area. Once inside, the blonde closed the door, turning to Lara.
"So, would you like to challenge me?" Asked the blonde.
"That's why I came," Lara replied, looking at her confidently.
"Well, it's time to start," said Ylenia, starting to remove the dress.
Her ***** poured out, proud and round, rolling beautifully. Her brown ******s were thick and relaxed with excitement.
My girlfriend was silent, pulling the shirt over her head.
Her huge **** bounced and rolled as she shook her shiny hair. Her dark pink ******s were long and stiff, ready to fight.
Before long, I had found myself with two beautiful topless girls, ready to fight ... and I still didn't know why!
“Here the girls fight for money. That's why we're here "Lara told me, sensing my curiosity about the situation" I thought that challenging a girl like her could help me "
"If you think that I will retain my beauties only because you are an amateur, you have not understood how it works" intervened the blonde.
Lara gave her a poisonous look.
"Come on, *****. Let's see if I'm so amateur! " growled Lara, approaching.
"You will regret having challenged Ylenia, the queen of the Tonico ... sugary!" answered the blonde.
They approached and hugged each other slowly and carefully. Their ***** met, swelling and spreading against each other, in the light of the lamp above their heads. The girls crushed them hard and flattened each other. Each beauty felt her breasts press and return against her chest, where they stopped and spread. Her breasts swelled uniformly and shattered on the sides, under incredible pressure. Repeatedly, the breasts crashed, squeezing and distorting them with ever stronger thrusts. The **** resisted the impact between them and squeezed evenly. They immediately began to shatter their breasts, rolling them in the middle of their embrace. Their breasts flattened and opened wide as they met perfectly, swelling to the sides, up or down. The girls were pressing their bodies together, crashing and rolling their **** together. For several minutes, they stood rolling and squeezing their huge breasts, continuing to compare them. I saw a slight discomfort on Lara's face, looking at how her breasts did not gain any advantage against Ylenia's ****, despite having bigger breasts. They looked evenly matched in that endurance race, increasing the violence of the thrusts as time passed, making their breasts collide more and more brutally. For long minutes, the blonde and the brunette rolled and pushed their ***** together, with their ******s rubbing in rival flesh at each step.
Suddenly, they freed themselves and stopped for a moment, panting. Their breasts had turned red from continuous contact but still stood proud on their breasts. The two girls began to move in a circle, moving slowly. Lara was the first to strike, throwing herself forward against Ylenia's breast. Their **** collided with a magnificent meaty slap. The blonde replied in the same way, imitating the blow. They began to throw their beauties back and forth, pushing themselves around the room while the meaty slaps filled the air. With each stroke I heard grunts and moans coming from both girls, who kept hitting relentlessly. Their ***** were forced to collide more and more, ramming each other with their breasts, cutting the flesh with the ******s as they went back and forth around the room. Their breasts began to swell, becoming visibly larger as the girls continued to throw them at their rival incessantly.
A strong blow made Lara back off, and the blonde showed what it meant to have more experience. Ylenia followed my girlfriend and used her **** to hit the girl's breasts from below, causing her to lose her balance. Lara stepped back trying not to fall, and finally her back hit the wall. Time to figure out what had happened and Ylenia was already on her. Their ***** collided violently, but only Lara moaned. Ylenia started hitting my girlfriend's breasts with rapid strokes, continuing to alternate her ****. Lara closed her eyes in pain.
“What's the matter, sugary? Did you think you were better than me? "The blonde taunted her while her ***** against Lara's.
I saw my girlfriend fight back, even though she was at a disadvantage. The grunts resumed as their **** battled, where Ylenia's smaller breast was dictating the pace of the fight. I looked at my girlfriend with concern. A defeat would not have helped his situation, especially for what it meant to lose: if she hadn't won against this girl, she wouldn't have had a chance against Adele.
“Look at your pathetic ****. You never had a chance, sugary. ”Ylenia smiled maliciously, leaning forward.
It was at that moment that Lara surprised the blonde. She ducked before shooting his **** upward, hitting Ylenia's lower breast.
****! "Ylenia took a few steps back, freeing my girlfriend who attacked immediately, pushing her ***** into Ylenia's couple. The girl tried to resist the momentum of her rival but with little success, while her **** flattened on impact.
With a yelp, Ylenia stepped back again towards the center of the room. The blonde managed to recover at the last moment, stopping my girlfriend's new momentum, who stopped with a grunt. They started banging their ***** together again. The four breasts squeezed, flattened and arched countless times with each impact. Neither girl seemed to want to give in.
Slowly, the impulses began to decrease in intensity, the girls were tired from the continuous hitting. But none wanted to stop. Not now, that the fight was coming to an end. They continued to push their breasts together, swinging them. Her breasts shattered together, flattening out and being shaken by the force of the impact. The blows began to slow down, until twenty seconds elapsed between each swing. The two girls gasped, feeling their breasts getting heavier.
With a new blow, Lara screamed. Her right *** had collapsed against the blonde's breast after the fight. The more Lara kept hitting, the more her right *** was pushed away. Ylenia looked at her, panting. She smiled as she straightened up. Lara growled, before imitating the blonde and resuming the fight.
Lara and Ylenia hugged each other, pushing their **** together. Their breasts flattened on each other, flattening each other. They collided repeatedly to the side, stronger and stronger. This time it was the blonde who moaned when she felt her breasts give way against Lara's ****. It was my girlfriend's turn to smile as Ylenia hissed threateningly. They started banging their ***** together, piercing each time with the ******s. There were few resources left for both, and it was a matter of time before defeat gripped a girl. Many times, the girls moaned with each stroke, but continued to clash.
Eventually, a girl felt her breast lose ground. The blonde desperately tried to take back what she had started to lose, but every time her breasts met the bigger couple, they were pushed back or to the sides. They continued for a few more minutes, before Ylenia's legs gave way, causing her to fall to the ground. Lara could barely stand when she no longer felt the girl push against her. But the awareness of having won, gave her the strength to arch her back and scream with joy. She had won.
I took the envelope with the money while Lara got dressed. We left the room with Ylenia lying on the floor crying as she cradled her breast.

The evening passed quietly. Lara was out of energy, and when she touched the bed she fell asleep suddenly. Maybe it was better that way. I lay down beside her and fell asleep. Tomorrow was another day.
I couldn't hear the message that came to my girlfriend's cell phone ... but that's another story.