Fitness Heat
It was a quiet day at the gym, hot summer days often was, with people away on vacation or taking the opportunity to hit the beach instead of working out. The two dirty haired blondes were not like most, they preferred keeping fit and love working out. For Debra she enjoyed the benefits of a good work out but enjoyed the rush and competition she got from playing racquetball or tennis. Kyla enjoyed the tennis courts as well and got her aggression out with a good backhanded serve. Each was a ravishingly hot looker neither was afraid to show of her flat sculpted abs and belly nor afraid of revealing her breasts in a nice crop top and sports bra or lycra or spandex top. Each loved the looks she drew from other wealthy club goers like the attorneys and business executives that belonged to the gym.
Each spent a fair bit of time in the aerobics studio and nearby conditioning room working out on the treadmills and elliptical stair climbers and many type so bicycles in the spinning room. For those kind of workouts that pressed their stamina to the max they wore less the better as it left them perspiring and most women they opted to wear a type of fitness thong and light lycra or spandex top that was more of a cut like a bikini top but with a bit more support.
Debra had one lycra top that was so naughty as offered a hint of semi-transparency so much so if someone stared long enough at her shapely breasts they could see the areolas and erect nipples beneath the top. Kyla had a several tops that were just as scandalous as Debra’s and neither one made any apologies in wearing the best that showed off their twin orbs. With their workouts their wardrobes were pushed to the maximum of failure as they struggled to contained their bouncing busts and still offer the support each needed o cradle her girls in comfort as each often times got sweaty from a hard run on the indoor track, or playing aggressive racquet sports, or even in the gym working out on the fitness equipment in the fitness center.
Being seen in the arms of a wealthy doctor was good on so many levels as each had reputations they developed over the years. They also love it when some other bitch looked and took notice. They had met a few other members there over the years for an early morning workout and were sometimes seen arm in arm on the way out of the gym by mid-morning for a more private setting with the guy of her choice. As they enjoyed their lives with her circle of friends and attachments they learned one thing in life, wearing pure white although admirable and noble each found wearing candy red and black to put herself in the demand category. Each had one time in her earlier life had walked down the aisle one time in pure white as the long train of a wedding veil covered her head, but life oftentimes turned bitter as each preferred moving on wearing beige and even black and candy red attire.

They weren't exactly friends....more competitors in nature. Sure they smiled at each other when passing in the gym or in the corridors of the gym or coming off of on getting on one of the courts. In private in the ladies locker room or the shower facilities they were a little more tense. It wasn't the first time that Debra had seen Kyla in the arms of a well-muscled stud and Kyla had seen Debra a few times with a handsome sugar daddy with him wrapped around her little finger. It appeared their competition wasn't only on the racquetball or tennis courts or who was the hottest bitch in the aerobics studio or on the circuit equipment.
While in the more public areas of the gym they used their discretion in how and what they dressed in, they often weren't afraid to push things to the maximum.....often times their choice of attire after a long hot sweaty work out pushed to attire to the point of failure, in the locker room neither was afraid of showing off her bare body while dressing. In the showers, things were much less subtle using one of the open shower stalls glimpses of bare skin could be seen in between as long terrycloth towels would be wrapped around her bare skin as they entered and leaving the shower room.
Neither had any hang-ups showing off her bare breast or trimmed crotch or revealing her med length aroused clit or flash of her fleshy labia lips.
Like with most women in the privacy with other women smug smirks and catty grins were sometimes traded as was friendly smiles. With reputations at stake sometimes things between women could take the wrong turn, sometimes frustration led to a hairpull or a slap. It also was not uncommon to find some got into a fistfight in the locker room. Conversation and talk could be bitchy, short and to the point in dealing with another of the same perceived gentler sex where sometimes things did not go over that well-being face to face in either the locker room or in the showers.
Neither was modest or shy about showing off what she thought was a superior body as it garnished many compliments from others who admired good looks. It was no secret as each had made a few enemies from the frustrated wives members of the gym many of whom tend to blame women like Kyla or Debra for their problems with their husbands and they were hated by many of the same ex-wives members that lost out to women like Debra and Kyla. Many secretly even hoped that Kyla and Debra would clash and have it out no holds or no holes barred and not a single one of them would drop a dime in summoning help for either of them.
Whenever they crossed paths in the more public parts of the gym they were all smiles and sweet as each seemed to gush with kindness and remarked fondly of the other. In passing in the locker room or making her way into or coming out of the shower room each was downright snobbish and sarcastic with each other. On the hot July weekend when most were at the beach sunning themselves or getting an ice cream each was at the gym keeping fit.
Kyla had been working out on the elliptical machine and Debra had been doing a routine on a spinning cycle. Each was hot and sweaty from her routine as Debra loved pushing her workouts to the maximum and Kyra love to pushing things to the edge no matter what she did.

They were competitive in their workouts even in a cross-fit or aerobics class they were is challenging there as they were on the tennis or racquetball courts. Even on the single paced machines they loved to press things to the extreme running or working out at a fast pace. Even when there was no on to compete against each pushed herself to beat the clock that was either running on the machine or in her own mind. They each had powerful legs even on the stairmaster machine, the stairclimber machine that they used to tone their legs and upper arms, the recumbent bicycle, spinning bicycle, or treadmill the pushed the equipment to the maximum as well as herself. They weren’t the type that hated perspiration or sweat. More often than not their skimpy fitness wear was soaked in sweat pushed to the maximum threshold of containment. If one were to sneak a peek at them the would see tented tops from their perky stiff nipples from top’s cups, in Debra’s case her two piece outfit which was a more conservative design offered a visible view through the translucent material of her pink areolas and erect nipples. As it picked up the moisture from her body the more visible what was under the fabric was more visible to the discerning eye.
Kyla had arrived at the gym about an hour earlier than Debra, she was wearing a sassy candy red string top and panties which brought a few looks and smiles from some of the men in on the gym circuit level, she smiled back as she her 38D breasts bounced and swayed under her tied knotted top. Some of the other women looked as well in seething hatred and disgust. She wore out the elliptical machine pushing the wheezing machine to the maximum, her strong powerful legs and glutes straining against the all the resistance the poor machine could give out. Her shoulder length blonde hair bobbing throughout her work out gave her a sensational look. She was perspiring and sweaty as she finished her routine she wiped down the machine and exited the circuit training floor through the exit door to the gym she check here watch she earned the rights to a private session in the dry heat of the sauna in the ladies area be the showers as she walked down the rear staircase reserved for the women members of the club only minutes before Debra was entering from the opposite entry door. As she entered she released her hair from the brownish clamp that held it up, releasing it the coiffured long blond hair cascaded down past her shoulder. Her hair bouncing as she began her work out.
It was Debra’s turn to punish the machines as she began her session with a run on the treadmill her coiffured hair in a ponytail bouncing behind her as she ran her solid 38D breasts bouncing as well. It brought a smile from a lot of the men who enjoyed the show of following the bouncing orbs under her spandex top. She finished her 2 mile run on the treadmill which much easier on the joints than a 2 mile run on asphalt or on the indoor track. She then selected a routine on one of the many open and available spinning bicycles to finish her grueling cardio workout routine. Most of the other women frown with disgust at the view that the blonde gave of herself with her nipples and areolas visible under her translucent spandex style top that were silhouetted because of the attire being saturated in perspiration and sweat. After she finished wiping down the spinning bicycle she checked her watch and headed for the ladies room following he steps that Kyla had taken earlier she had enough time for a invigorating quick steam bath in the steam room and a hot shower to wrap up her day at the fitness club.
Debra was exhausted as she made her way to the locker room a hot shower would be fitting. Kyla had arrived at the gym earlier in the morning than Debra and she finished her hour and half workout she reward herself to a bit of time in the heated sauna that was a cedar wood built room just off the shower room. The intense heat felt good as it made the blond relax as she dozed off in the heat of the sauna as Kyla absorbed the radiance of the wet rocks of the sauna. Normally the timer was set for 25 minutes but Kyla decided to reset the time for another 25 minutes after the first 25 minutes had gone by she was in complete solitude and she love it. She also love being admired by the eyes of the me in the fitness room.
Debra spent nearly 30 minutes in the steam room with the swirl of steams generated in the tiled room. After a invigorating warm steam bath she got off the tiled bench and opened the door the cool area of the ladies shower area hit her like a wave of refreshing air as she took a glance around and noticed no one else around as she pulled off her spandex top and soon her bottoms were off as well........she was stunning as she looked herself up and down in the floor to ceiling mirror she grabbed her towel and strutted into the shower room.........she had forgotten no one else was in the gym as she made her way over to one of the half stalls and turned on the was hot and warm as she stood under the mist from the flowing showerhead. As she showered unashamedly in the buff she didn't care. She was a sumptuous beauty and fit to almost the 10th degree.
Kyla had been sweating a bit in the hot dry heat of the sauna as she rose off the cedar wood bench she had been sitting on and decided that was it for today, she made her way of to the nearby shower area and either she didn't see the towel hanging on one of the 8 hooks or she didn't care. She slid the white terry cloth towel from her hips and slid it off. She was a great example of stunning beauty and fitness. Her bare feet slid across the tiled floor leading to the shower area.
Kyla entered the shower area as Debra glance across the showers over the half walled stalls. Kyla saw the dirty long haired blond; here hair up in a crude ball as Debra noticed Kyla walk into the shower room as she rocked her hips as she entered. Eyes met and locked as they exchanged glares. Debra continued to lather herself up and down with a handful of soap from the wall dispenser. Kyla move to one of the other 7 remaining stalls and turned on the shower letting it get warm before she moved underneath the pulsating showerhead.
Neither blushed nor seemed to take the slightest bit of offense that the other was standing a few stalls away completely naked slowly showering. They each had dark crotch hair indicating neither was a true blond...more of a "bottle" blonde.
Kyla gave Debra a smug smirk as Debra returned a smug grin of hers in return. Each rinsed off the soap lather as they turned the handles to their off positions as the water turned off they each walked from her respective stall eyes locked neither one grinning or smirking.......Debra's grin replaced by a scornful look and Kyla's smirk replaced by a frown and a deadly serious look. Their firm breasts seemed to bounce as they approached each other. They got well with in arms reach of each other. Without a word being said they two lunged at each other, hand grabbing the others hair and pulling they slapped at one another. Each could feel the sting of the hard slaps on her body as they unleashed their fury with unmitigated ferocity.
In between the slaps and hairpulls the two women strained and teetered on their bare feet sliding across the tile floor of the shower room as the hissed and snarled each one not appreciative of being embraced in the other woman’s arms as they strained and struggled in all the glorious nudity as each one’s soft ample breasts were forced to mushroom against the other’s own soft yielding breasts and bodies compressed further into their mutual embrace. Erect nipple shafts bent the other’s opposing erect nipple shafts as the fenced and dueled in close the tips of each woman’s erect nipples scrapping the other thick nipple shafts as tips were forced to press into the others areolas. They each moved on each other quickly from being eye candy attached to a rich stud’s elbow to openly confronting each other with all the candidacity of confronters.
Debra and Kyla were so intent in their confrontation that neither cared where they were as each one settled for a handful of the others blonde hair in addition to a forced kiss, it was not gentle nor subtle, it was assertive bordering on almost aggressive and more dominant in nature than pleasing as each sought to overwhelm the other as sleazily as she dared. They kissed roughly and for control eager to bruise the others tender lips as they kissed long and hard. Fingertips probed and explored each other openly stroking, massaging, even fingering the other others body as each threw herself at her equally eager rival.
“Hot shit with that kissing sweetie” escaped from Kyla’s lips in a throaty purr. “As hot as you are sugar” Debra cooed back.
Kyla wrapped an arm around the back of Debra’s neck as she did her hand softly stroked Debra’s cheek and cupped her jaw and she leaned in and defiantly kissed her sucking Debra’s lips more intensely as she pulled at her face and jaw for control sliding the palm of her hand under Debra’s jaw….amid gasps and purrs as they stood woman to woman in the ladies shower room…….Debra reached across, and rubbed her finger up under Kyla’s chin tilting her head upward a bit and she returned Kyla’s passionate kiss with a kiss from her own lips as she sucked at Kyla’s lips with her own full lips.
The two pressed into each other although they had dried off much of the water that had cascaded of their bodies, the shower area was still wet from water from showers that had been used by other women earlier that morning as they staggered and swayed together the soles of their feet splashing through some of the puddles of water that had not dried from the air. Each one consuming and yet being consumed in their heated kiss. The kiss was so intense it must have felt like her lips were getting bruised as they leaned in passionately kissing each other, nostrils flaring as they had to breath through their noses as the tips her nose pushed against the others nose as they had to rotate their heads slightly so the tip of each woman’s tongue flicked at that of her rival.
Besides both being about the same height and weight, the physical builds were similar, each one sporting a pair of breasts held comfortably in a 38D bra. As they pushed into each other from opposite sides their succulent twin orbs mushroomed between their opposing bodies. As Debra leaned in her erect nipples slashed across Kyla’s soft bosoms which made Kyla gasp. Debra smiled as she seized control for the moment knowing her thick erect nipple tips were digging into Kyla’s soft breast flesh as she scraped them across Kyla’s soft breasts.
Kyla was one who resented being dominated and Debra’s attack did not bring her any happiness, she reached back as she thrust her own mammaries into Debra’s which made the blond wince as she found her breasts being crushed by Kyla’s own powerful cleavage. Kyla ran her hands through Debra’s shoulder length blond hair as she leaned in her own aroused stiff pokies dragged along Debra’s own soft breasts scraping the underside of Debra’s soft underside of her rack. Debra hated being dominated as she frowned showing her displeasure for Kyla advances.
They each leaned in so hard as their soft breasts mushroomed between them crushing and being crushed as their arms wrapped around each other. Soft rounded curve of breast met the others curve of her own twins, if they were still for a moment each could have detected the rhythm of the other’s heartbeat pounding away under her left breast. As their breasts mushroomed in the sultry heat of the empty shower room each one’s nipple pressing into the other as each grunted as she could feel the others tact as she forced her nipple trying to invert the other own hard erect nipple pushing it hard into the others surrounding areola. They were perspiring form their contact as the battled in the shower room.
Each had her bush trimmed back as the two natural brown fur rugs met as they struggled to maintain control of the other woman. As the danced back and forth in the empty shower room staggering as they dueled back and forth hands reached up and grabbed the other one’s shoulder length blond hair and pulled hard……….Debra gasped as Kyla pulled……..a few moments later Kyla squealed as Debra pulled….a few moments later……….then Debra screamed as Kyla tugged….and a few moments later Kyla moaned as Debra pulled. This seemed to go on forever, first one, then the other, then the first one again followed by the other.
Neither was shy about taking a hand on approach to pulling the others fine mist of pubic hair, as they pulled at the others pubic wispy forest it was hard and aggressive she-play…….each one eager to pull out the others fine hair which seemed to be pulled out by the handful. As they fought in a tight circle long legs pressing to get between the other one’s thighs, they pressed in tighter as mound was forced against mound as pubic patch entwined with pubic patch. As each fought her flesh labia lips brushed and slapped at her rival’s own fleshy and meaty labia lips as they smacked together. As each rocked on her hips forcing her own sex to slap at the others pussy they jagged sculpted muscular clit’s joined the war. Sculpted unhidden clits began their own private duel as they slapped and smacked together repeatedly as they wrinkled clits tangled shamelessly.
Neither was shy about proving herself to be dominant as the wrapped their arms around the others hips trapping the others waist as the legs entwined the bare feet holding them steady on the cool tile floor, their hands reached for the others gluts more to keep a steady controlling hold as their fingers sunk into the others firm buttocks. Between the squeals and moans were hisses and snarls as each jabbed her fingers into the unprotected back sides of the other’s pussy. Each tried to tighten her ass cheeks around the others invading hands as they rocked and slide clit to clit scraping her flesh over the others muscular contoured clit. At first it was the long slender middle finger form their hands that violated the others vagina as they pressed their dirty fingers into the others vulva from behind. Each could feel the penetration and insertion as each swore “dirty cunt” “nasty bitch” “slimey whore” “fucking slut”.
Each was beginning to leak badly as her pussy was forced to cum and woefully the fluids that leaked out combined with a mix of urine as well as each could feel the others slender index finger join the probing as well. Debra and Kyla were both trembling as they were forcing the others to quake on her bare feet as even their thin ring fingers joined the fray. Soon after their pinky fingers joined the battle as each rested her thumb tip on the others clit and pressed down on the others muscular clit. Their other hand was busy as well focused on the others round ass and the hidden back door of her ass crack.
More snarls and hisses were exchanged as each used her free hand to attack the others exposed anus. There were no limits in this sultry bitchfight on this hot summertime weekend as each rocked the other into waves of orgasms. Kyla was tenacious as Debra quivered Kyla forced her to a sticky and heated loss as she forced her to the tiled floor as she did she took her victory like a true queen as she climbed on Debra’s face and sat defiantly on Debra’s face forcing Debra to satisfy her.
The End
(I do hope you all enjoy this hot summertime story, I realize that this flies in the face of social distancing but hopefully all will appreciate the closeness of a long protracted battle Feel free too leave a comment. Enjoy and stay healthy. )