Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn
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Thread: Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn

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    Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn

    Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn
    Hey there folks! Long-time lurker, new poster here. I'm looking for a story that was posted on Literotica but has since been taken down. It was a multipart story, and one of the main characters was a blonde named Sarah. She and her friend joined a sexfighting league, and one of the first fights was against a girl called Bronwyn. Does anyone happen to have the series saved, perchance?


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    Re: Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn

    I can't say I remember this tale off the top of my head. Do you know who the author is? That might help.

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    Re: Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn

    Quote Originally Posted by Rivals_Rapture View Post
    I can't say I remember this tale off the top of my head. Do you know who the author is? That might help.
    Unfortunately not. I only ever saw it on Literotica and stupidly had it bookmarked rather than saved, so when the author took it down their name went with it.

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    Re: Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn

    The Debut: Sarah vs Bronwyn

    "Come on babe, drink up she's here," said Wendy, spying Saskia's BMW pull up in the car park.

    "Oh great," Sarah sighed knocking back her drink, "See ya' Ted."

    "Yeah see ya' girls," Ted replied, looking past them through the door at the car.

    The two girls headed across the car park towards Saskia; as per usual she was immaculately dressed in a navy blue skirt suit, her trademark bright red stilettos and large sunglasses.

    "Hello there and how are you two today?" the older woman asked, as they put their travel bags in the boot.

    "Fine thanks," Wendy chirped, climbing into the back seat, Sarah settled into the passenger seat and smiled nervously at Saskia.

    "Don't worry Sarah, I'm sure you'll be fine," she smiled starting the car.

    A week had passed since their first visit to Boxten Hall, for Sarah the week had gone far too quickly, all she had thought about was tonight. Wendy hadn't really helped because all she had talked about for the past week was tonight, which had made the little blonde even more nervous. She had been unable to concentrate on any of her coursework so she had spent most her time (and money) in the Red Lion with Wendy or in Wendy's bedroom getting in some 'practice'. Still, she had agreed to do this and she couldn't back out now and let Patricia down, 'Oh well, the money will certainly come in handy, I'm bloody skint.' she thought looking out of the window as the countryside sped by.

    "Want some music?" Saskia asked.

    "Yeah go on stick the radio on." Wendy replied.

    Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed as the local station came through the speakers, 'Oh brilliant, Bon Jovi and adverts for ****ing double glazing, very therapeutic.' She settled back in the seat and tried to get some sleep.

    An hour or so later they swept through the ornamental gates; Wendy tapped Sarah on the shoulder.

    "Wake up babe, we're here."

    "Ugh, mmm wha..."

    "We're here."

    "Oh right."

    "Have a nice sleep, comfortable seats aren't they?" Saskia smiled.

    "Erm, yeah."

    They drove through the archway and into the courtyard, Saskia parked up and the trio made their way across to the oak doors where Perkins was waiting.

    "At least you haven't had to get dressed up this time babe, this dress cost me thirty quid," Wendy moaned.

    "Oh, my heart bleeds, you poor thing!" Sarah huffed," at least you're going to be wearing something, I'm going to be butt naked while some vicious ***** tries to ***** **** me into the floor in front of an audience!"

    "Hmm sorry babe, 'you nervous?"

    "Erm...just a little yes, come on let's get up to the room."

    "Good afternoon ladies, may I take your bags?"

    "Thank you Perkins," smiled Saskia.

    They were led down the corridor and into the drawing room where Patricia was sat waiting for them, dressed in a black trouser suit.

    "Hello Sarah, I just thought I'd have a quick word with you before you were shown to your room."

    "Oh, okay."

    "Right, tonight's event will start about 9:00; you will be fighting second on the schedule, so I guess you will be on the mat by about 9:30."

    "And unconscious by about 9:35," Sarah joked.

    "Nonsense!" Patricia laughed, "Any girl that can beat Saskia will provide a stern test for any of our competitors."

    "Who will I be fighting?" the little blonde asked.

    "That's not been decided yet, don't worry it will be someone who will be closely matched to you."

    "Who decides that?" asked Wendy.

    "Either myself or Saskia, she's my deputy."

    "Oh I see," said Sarah looking over her glasses at Wendy.

    "I try my best," Saskia smiled, shrugging.

    "At around 7:30, one of my maids either Nina or Michelle will arrive at your room with your robe and colours; she will also hand you a card with tonight's schedule on it," Patricia explained.


    "What size are you?"


    "Would you prefer a thong or bikini bottoms?"

    "Oh, definitely bikini bottoms please."

    "Hm, I thought a thong would be a bit too racy for you," Saskia smirked.

    "**** off! I just don't like them, okay?" the little blonde scowled.

    "You like mine," Wendy whispered smiling, "You've got enough of them in your drawer!"


    "Right, okaaay," said Patricia raising her eyebrows at Saskia, "Perkins will show you up to your room and I shall see you both later."

    Patricia pulled on the rope by the door and then sat down next to her friend, as the butler arrived, Saskia turned to Sarah.

    "See you later Sarah," she smiled, "good luck."

    "Thanks," she replied sharply as Perkins ushered them out of the room. As the butler led the way with the bags the pair followed behind whispering.

    "Did you see the sarky smile that witch gave me on the way out? Good luck my ****, she's gonna put me up against some right fierce *****!" the little blonde ranted.

    "You don't know that for sure, maybe Patricia will pick your opponent," Wendy replied trying to reassure her.

    "Oh I know alright, if Saskia's got anything to do with it, I'm in for a bloody hard time."

    "Here we are ladies," said Perkins showing the pair into the room.

    "Thank you," Wendy smiled, closing the door.

    "God, look at the size of this bed!" she beamed, running over and flopping down on it, "Fancy a quick practice?"

    "No I bloody don't!" Sarah groaned, "I fancy a drink and then a bit more sleep."

    "Okay babe," the big girl smiled, hugging the little blonde and giving her a peck on the cheek. She looked around the room for a rope to pull, and then noticed a telephone on the bedside table.

    "Aha!" she chirped, picking up the receiver.

    "Hello room 6," a voice answered.

    "Hello, could I have two gin and tonics with ice sent to this room please?"

    "Of course, Miss."

    "Thank you," Wendy replied and put the phone down, she looked over at Sarah who was staring out of the window. Seeing the look of apprehension etched on her face, she went over and put her arm around her.

    "Beautiful gardens aren't they?" Wendy said, trying to take the little blonde's mind off the subject.

    "Hmm, we'll have a walk round them tomorrow, if I'm still capable," she smirked.

    "Oh come on babe, whoever they put you up against you'll still beat them, I'm sure of it," the big girl smiled.

    "Bloody wish I was!"

    Just then there was a knock at the door, Sarah went over and opened it, standing there was one of the maids, smartly dressed in her white blouse and black knee length skirt.

    "Your drinks Miss," she smiled handing her the tray.

    "Thank you," said Sarah, "what's your name then?"

    "I'm Nina Miss, I will be assisting you this evening," the maid replied.

    "Oh right."

    "Will that be all Miss?"

    "Erm...yes thank you Nina."

    "Very good Miss, I shall return later with your outfit," she smiled and made her way towards the stairs.

    Sarah closed the door and turned to look at Wendy.

    "Bloody **** this is weird," the little blonde giggled.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well, all this yes Miss, very good Miss stuff; that girl is the same age as me if not older and she has to address me like I'm some sort of bloody aristocrat or something!"

    "Well it doesn't bother me, I could get used to it quite easily," said Wendy taking a swig from her glass. "Come on, have your drink and then we can go to bed for a couple of hours before your little helper returns."

    The pair quickly finished their drinks, undressed and slipped between the sheets. Wendy snuggled up behind her lover.

    "Hmmm, God this bed's nice," Wendy purred, gently kissing the back of Sarah's neck.

    "Don't get any ideas, I need to sleep."

    "Spoilsport," the big girl whispered, slowly kissing down the little blonde's back.

    "Pack it in Wend, its bad enough being nervous, if I'm nervous and knackered I don't stand a chance."

    "Oh alright, I'll let you sleep," Wendy smiled, and set the alarm on her mobile.

    The pair snuggled together again, the big girl kissing her lover on the cheek.

    "You'll be fine babe," she whispered.



    Wendy groaned and threw out a lazy arm trying to find her mobile, eventually she managed to grab it and turn off the alarm.

    "Shut the **** up," she moaned, blinking and taking in her surroundings, "Wake up babe."

    "Mmmmnnn, what time is it?"


    The little blonde sighed and sat up, looking round the room blinking and yawning.

    "Feeling any better?" Wendy asked.

    "Yeah a bit; anything to drink?"

    "Yeah, tea or coffee?" the big girl replied, noticing a tray with a kettle and cups.

    "Oh whoopie! Go on then baby, make us a tea."

    "Bloody ****, what did your last slave die of!" Wendy tutted.

    "Disobedience, get the tea made, wench!" the little blonde laughed throwing a pillow.

    "Oh is that right?" Wendy giggled, pouncing on Sarah and holding her down, "Who are you calling a wench? Small stuff!"

    The two girls rolled around on the large bed, laughing and tickling each other. As usual Sarah eventually got the upper hand holding the big redhead down on her back.

    "Gotcha baby!"

    "Okay, okay I give up!" Wendy gasped.

    As they gazed into each other's eyes their lips met. Wendy pushed her tongue deep into Sarah's mouth whilst slowly gliding her hands down the blonde's back towards her pert little ***; she moaned lustfully as she felt the fingers gently stroking her inner thigh, her breathing getting heavier. The moment was suddenly broken by knock at the door.

    "******!" the big girl sighed, "I nearly had you then."

    "I told you we can't; I don't want to be knackered."

    Sarah wrapped a sheet round her and opened the door; standing there was Nina, holding a white silky robe on a hanger.

    "Oh sorry Miss, did I wake you?"

    "Erm, no no it's fine."

    The maid handed her the robe and a card.

    "I shall return around 9:20 to escort you to the main room, Miss.

    "Oh right, thank you Nina," Sarah smiled, closing the door. Placing the robe on the bed, she turned to look at the card.

    "Oh ****!" she yelled.

    "What's the matter?" asked Wendy, looking bemused.

    "They've only put me against ****ing Bronwyn, that feisty little Welsh thing!"

    "****in' 'ell," the big girl muttered.

    "Yeah exactly, I'm gonna get absolutely mauled, you saw what she did to that Victoria!"

    Wendy smiled and tried to reassure her lover.

    "Yeah I know but you're better than her, she looked like a right pushover."

    "Hmm, we'll see."

    Taking the robe off the hanger she found a pair of royal blue bikini bottoms hooked onto it.

    "Oh very classy," she scoffed, holding them up to show Wendy.

    "Oh will you stop moaning, they'll look fine when you've got them on, God you were fine when you first woke up!"

    "That was before I found out I was fighting her wasn't it, I'm going for a shower!" the little blonde huffed, tossing them back on the bed and stomping off to the bathroom...

    Half an hour later she emerged from the bathroom to find Wendy sitting on the edge of the bed watching the TV. The big girl turned and smiled at her, watching her dry herself off.

    "Need a hand?" she smirked.

    "No thank you," the little blonde smiled back, "pass me those bottoms please baby."

    Wendy threw them over and she slipped them on, tying them at the sides.

    "There," the big girl beamed, "I told you they'd look fine."

    "Hmm they're okay I suppose," Sarah replied, looking at herself in the mirror.

    "Hang on, I've got an idea," Wendy chirped digging into her bag and pulling out some blue nail polish.

    "You must be joking!"

    "Oh go on, it'll look dead good I promise."

    "Go on then, if you must." she sighed rolling her eyes, "I suppose it will help to pass the time."

    The time actually passed a lot quicker than they had expected, they were now both sat on the edge of the bed watching the hand on the wall clock creep towards 9:15. Sarah sat in her robe drumming her fingers on the mattress, her nails all painted and her face made up complete with blue eye shadow.

    "I still think I look like a clown." she said catching her reflection in the mirror.

    "No you don't you ****in' cheeky sod," Wendy retorted, " I spent ages doing that you look bloody gorgeous."

    Just then there was a knock on the door, Sarah's face filled with dread.

    "Well babe this is it," the big girl smiled.

    "Mmm, come on let's go." said Sarah, taking a deep breath.

    "Good evening Miss," beamed Nina as she stepped out on to the landing.

    "Good evening Nina," the little blonde replied nervously, noticing Bronwyn and Michelle standing a little further down.

    There was what seemed like a very long awkward silence before Michelle turned and nodded to her colleague.

    "If you'd like to follow me please Miss," Nina chirped as they all made their way downstairs with Bronwyn and Michelle a little way in front of them. Sarah's stomach was churning as the nerves built up within her.

    "Jesus I feel sick Wend," she whispered.

    "Don't worry babe you'll be fine."

    Eventually they were all stood just inside the main room by the double doors. The two competitors were now standing side by side as they waited to be introduced. Wendy gave the little blonde a hug and a peck on the cheek.

    "Good luck babe, I'm going to have to go and sit down now."

    "Yeah, go on I'll be fine I'll see you in a bit."

    Wendy slipped off into the gloom to take her seat next to Saskia. The two fighters kept exchanging brief glances, before Bronwyn finally broke the silence.

    "Well, I said I'd see you soon didn't I Sarah," she said in her broad Welsh accent.

    "Hmm, I didn't think it would be quite as soon as this," Sarah replied nervously smiling.

    "Aww, don't worry, I'll go easy on you and make it quick with you being a newbie." she smirked.

    "Thank you so much," the little blonde smiled back sarcastically.

    The little Welsh girl winked and strode off onto the mat as she was introduced by Patricia. As usual she started doing her pre fight jumps and stretches; eventually she stopped, slipped off her robe and handed it to Michelle revealing a purple thong. Patricia smiled at her and carried on with the introductions.

    "Now ladies we have a new competitor joining us this evening and I'm sure you will all give her plenty of encouragement, will you please welcome Miss Sarah Lawton."

    The audience applauded warmly as she made her way over to the mat with Nina by her side. As she stood there on the mat she noticed the carpet looked and felt exactly the same as the one in Saskia's office. Strangely the nerves had almost all but gone since that little sarky exchange with Bronwyn 'I think you'll find this particular newbie's got game my little Celtic friend' she thought smiling to herself. She removed her robe and handed to Nina.

    "Thank you, good luck Miss," she smiled and made her way off the mat.

    The little blonde thanked her and smiled, looking round the tables at the edge of the mat she eventually found Wendy sitting next to Saskia, already with a drink in her hand; the big girl winked and mouthed 'I love you babe' Sarah winked and smiled back at her.

    "Okay, to me please girls," said the menacing looking Jacqueline, in her black t-shirt and combats calling them both to the centre.

    "Right girls, brief rundown of the rules, this is my mat so you do as you're ****ing told, if you don't I'll kick your ****, right kneel down please."

    The two girls knelt down facing each other maintaining eye contact.

    "Okay, go!" Jacqueline barked.

    "Well, you heard her, come on Sarah go for it," Bronwyn goaded.

    Sarah lunged at her, as she did so Bronwyn rose to meet her, their bodies slapping together; the blonde letting out a stifled groan as she absorbed the impact.

    "Oh I don't think so," the little Welsh girl whispered as she slammed Sarah hard on to her back, giving her right ****** a hard twist.

    "Ow... ****!" Sarah yelped kicking out her opponent but missing.

    "You're gonna have to be faster than that," she laughed rolling out of the way.

    "Okay then," Sarah smiled pouncing on her and pushing her face down on the mat. Before she could wriggle free, the little blonde straddled her and began to pull the thong up hard between her opponent's cute little *** cheeks.

    "Aaaaooooww...fff****in *****!" Bronwyn shrieked.

    "That fast enough for you?" Sarah asked, pulling harder.


    "Oh dear, don't you like that? Tell you what let me take it off for you."

    Before the little ginger girl could react, Sarah quickly yanked the skimpy purple garment down her legs and off over her feet, tossing it to one side. She then swiftly rolled her on to her back and slipped her hand between her legs, running her fingers over the neatly trimmed bush and working them over her rapidly hardening ****.


    "Oh yeah, you like that don't you!" the little blonde smiled, working her fingers harder.


    "Oh yes, Come on Bronwyn!"


    "Come *****!" Sarah growled, sliding her fingers into Bronwyn's soaked *****.

    Wendy sat intently watching her lover dominate her opponent, she could feel her ***** getting wet as the little Welsh girl gasped, wailed and desperately tried to escape from Sarah's onslaught.

    "That's it babe, you've got her!" the big girl whispered lustfully.

    "AAAHHHH......NO NO...... ****IN' ****!" Bronwyn screamed as Sarah pushed her fingers deeper into her opponent.

    "Come on ***** give it!"


    Bronwyn's body tensed as the ****** coursed through her, her eyes wide with incredulity as looked up at the little blonde smiling down at her. As the feeling subsided, her body went limp and she lay back exhausted.

    "Score Miss Lawton 1-0," Jacqueline announced.

    "Yeah, nice one babe!" Wendy whooped, giving Saskia a sarcastic grin.

    The audience applauded, they seemed to be quite surprised that Sarah had taken the lead; she stood in a corner and waited for Bronwyn to recover. After a few moments she got back up to her feet and looked over at Sarah, her cute doll-like face filled with rage; with her breathing getting heavier, she stormed backed to the centre of the mat and knelt down by Jacqueline beckoning over to the little blonde to face her. Sarah smiled and knelt down facing her angry little opponent.

    "You ****ing smug cow," the little Welsh girl hissed, "you got lucky, I'm going to make you ****ing scream for mercy now, *****!"

    "Let's see shall we?" Sarah replied, still smiling.

    That was like a red rag to a bull, Bronwyn shrieked as she pounced on her taunting adversary, knocking her glasses off. Jacqueline stepped in to allow her to replace them but the reprieve was only brief, the fiery little Celt launched herself at Sarah once more, this time getting her on her back and quickly tearing off the bikini bottoms, revealing the little blonde's cute ***** with its wisp of blonde hair.

    "Ohh, that's sweet," she said lustfully as she spread Sarah's legs and massaged her **** vigorously, "let's see how good you really are."

    "Ohhhhh....Jesus....you little ****in......."

    "Oh yeah, how d'ya like that *****?"

    Bronwyn pushed three fingers into the little blonde's dripping snatch making her groan in ecstasy, her legs thrashing around as she tried to roll away but it was futile, the little Welsh girl had her held down fast with her knee.

    "Oh my God....ff****....f****..no....no!"

    "Let's see if we can get another one up there," Bronwyn whispered, smiling at her struggling foe.

    Slipping the fourth finger in, she then began to rub Sarah's **** with her thumb, pushing her to the point of no return.

    "OHHHHHHH.....NO....NO PLEASE BRONWYN......F****!

    "Yeah, not so ****in' cocky now are you Sarah!" the little ginger girl jibed, "come on, scream for me *****!

    "NNO......NO....NO **** YOU *****....I'LL....AAAAAAHHHH!"

    "You'll what? You've got nothing, ****in' squirt for me newbie!"


    The little blonde screamed as *** gushed from her *****, splashing onto the mat and all over Bronwyn's fingers. With a broad smile, she leaned over Sarah's face, licked her fingers and planted a kiss firmly on her lips.

    "Hurry up so I can finish you off," she mocked and sauntered away, taking the audience's applause.

    "Score Miss Evans, 1 all."

    Sarah lay there for what seemed like quite a while, 'Jesus that was strong!' she thought trying to recover.

    "Oh dear, that one took a bit out of her," Saskia smiled turning to Wendy.

    "She'll be fine in a minute, you should know that better than anyone," the big girl replied confidently.

    "Touché," Saskia sighed and took a sip from her glass, noticing Patricia smiling at her.

    Sarah eventually recovered and knelt down facing her eager opponent.

    "About time, let's finish this," she scowled, making a lunge for the blonde.

    Sarah caught her, wrapping one arm around her waist and grabbing the back of her head with her other hand; she pushed her tongue deep into Bronwyn's mouth. She responded likewise the kiss becoming more and more passionate; the two girls fell on their side and then began a struggle to force the other on to their back. They rolled back and forth pawing at each other like wildcats but never breaking the kiss. After a couple of minutes Bronwyn did finally break off and pushed Sarah away putting her flat on her back, seeing her chance she spread her legs apart, slid between them and began to grind her ***** on to the blonde's throbbing ****.

    "Ohhhh......****....no no no......no!"

    "Oh yeah, come on Sarah fight me!"

    Sarah gritted her teeth and pushed back, trying to block out the amazing sensation building up in her. She grabbed Bronwyn's wrist and pulled her closer, pushing back with all the strength she could muster.

    "Come on....newbie.....come.....you know you're......close!" Bronwyn gasped, sweat trickling down her body.

    Sarah could see that Bronwyn kept swallowing hard and closing her eyes; sensing that her opponent was struggling, she gave one last hard shove and the little Welsh girl fell back on to the mat with a pitiful moan.

    "Ohhhhh ****....no!" she gasped as the blonde forced herself on top.

    "Oh dear, getting tired are we?" she teased grinding down on her helpless opponent

    "No....no no....Ohhhhhh.....ffff****....*****!"

    "That's it come on Bronwyn let go."

    "No....no ....NO NEVER.....F**** YOU *****!"

    "Come on, you like that don't you *****!" Sarah laughed thrusting harder.


    "TELL ME YOU LIKE IT ****!"


    Bronwyn's legs kicked and thrashed about as the climax racked through her body making her writhe under her gleeful opponent, clawing at the mat she gasped and moaned before finally relaxing as the last of the ****** left her. As she got up to release her, Sarah gently kissed her on the lips and smiled.

    "I'll wait for you over there, if you still want to finish me off," she whispered as the audience applauded.

    "Score Miss Lawton, Miss Lawton leads 2-1 with 3 minutes 9 seconds remaining."

    Wendy looked on wide eyed amazement, she had watched her lover fight before, but this seemed different, there was a real intensity and determination about her. The little Welsh girl was still down but had now rolled over on to her front, holding her head in her hands, Sarah was already knelt down in the centre of the mat waiting for her to return.

    "Impressive," Patricia remarked, turning to Saskia.

    "I told you she was the goods didn't I?" she replied, "Just what we need to shake things up a bit, perfect no limit match material."

    "Hmm, maybe we'll see."

    Bronwyn staggered back to centre and knelt down facing the blonde, Jacqueline knelt down next to her.

    "Are you sure you wish to continue?"

    "Yes, there's no way I'm going to let a newbie beat me!" she scowled fixing her eyes on Sarah.

    "Okay go!"

    Before Bronwyn could react, Sarah darted forward and pushed her on to her back; spreading her legs she pushed her tongue deep into her dripping snatch; the ginger girl wailed with ecstasy as the blonde expertly probed her **** before taking it out and flicking it over her swollen ****.

    "Ohhhhhhh oh my God Sarah please please that's ****in......ohhhhh!"

    The little blonde held on to Bronwyn's legs so she couldn't wriggle free, not that there was much chance of that, the little Celt was completely broken by now. Sarah continued to devour the beaten girl's ***** pushing her towards another shattering climax.

    "Oh....ohhhhhh......please don't stop,please don't stop, eat me, EAT ME PLEEEASE!"

    Saskia looked over at Wendy, wide eyed with lust.

    "Has she ever used that move before?" she asked.

    "Ohhh God yes," the big girl replied closing her eyes and smiling, "many times."


    Bronwyn's ***** erupted as wave after wave of *** surged out, splashing on to Sarah's face; the blonde leaned over kissed her opponent pushing her tongue hard into her mouth. The little ginger girl moaned lustfully falling back exhausted, as she felt her body go limp, Sarah broke off the kiss.

    "I withdraw, you win," Bronwyn groaned, barely able to keep her eyes open.

    "Score Miss Lawton, Miss Evans has withdrawn, Miss Lawton wins 3-1," Jacqueline boomed out.

    The audience burst into rapturous applause, Sarah looked around the room; most of them were on their feet, she knew the majority of them hadn't given her a hope of beating Bronwyn. Feeling a little over awed by the whole experience she smiled nervously, bowed and quickly made her way over to Wendy wrapping her arms round her.

    "Well done babe, I knew you could do it," she whispered.

    "Let's get back upstairs and order a drink...or seven," the little blonde laughed.

    Turning to look over at the mat she could see Bronwyn being helped out of the room by Michelle; part of her couldn't help but feel some sympathy for her, she looked totally destroyed.

    "Congratulations Sarah, a most impressive debut," said Patricia shaking her hand, "Nina will deliver your prize money up to your room shortly."

    "Erm, thank you Patricia."

    "Yes, well done Sarah, enjoy the rest of your evening," smiled Saskia.

    "Don't worry Saskia, we will," chirped Wendy, as Sarah put her robe back on and the pair headed back upstairs...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry if it has a different format than how it was published, I usually change it to read the most comfortable story for me

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    Re: Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn

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    Looking for The Debut: Sarah Vs Bronwyn
    That's the one, thanks! Can you remember who the author was, by any chance?

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