Hi everyone. I'm making this thread because I'd love to find some like-minded people and RP together. Which is far harder than it sounds because my fetishes are very weird.

Unlike most people here I'm not more into FvF than other gender sexfights. I also love MvM and Futa vs Futa and I'm particularly interested in MvM because very few people like it.

I love evenly matched sexfights between equal and almost identical opponents, where nobody can gain the upper hand even for a moment. Particularly symmetrical sexfights. Tit to tit, nipple to nipple, ass to ass, cock to cock, and many others. I also love symmetric clashes with weirder things. For example two futas/guys pressing their cocks slit to slit and trying to cum or pee at the same time inside each other's slit. Or pressing their assholes together and trying to shit inside each other at the same time. I like the rivalry to go on forever. My ideal sexfight is actually one that never ends, where the opponents cannot tire and are locked in a sexfight that grows in intensity forever. If you share absolutely everything PM me. I'm looking for someone who always had these weird fetishes, not just who read this thread and thought "That's an interesting idea.".

My fetishes are really rare and weird but the only way to find if there's someone who shares them is by telling everything. If you share everything PM me.