I don't know if I shared this at the time, but in my story "The Countdown" I made small tributes to several of the great catfight and sexfight writers/stories. I put the list here to highlight the wonderful writers we have in this community.


The Countdown has some references to other catfight and sexfight stories. Here is a small list to find those little tributes to fantastic stories you can’t miss.

Page 43: The fight that Soleil sees on Youtube is the first confrontation between Barbara and Lita in Petri’s Ab Match e-book.

Page 91: Ronald Drake is a character in Vegas Showgirls story by Unknowfan. The showgirls mentioned are Maria and Victoria.

Page 92: Salvador appears in Gary’s Vacation Vixens, being the sexual interest of the two main characters of the story: Janine and Deborah.

Page 94: Room 14 is a reference to the room where Karen and Monica fight each other in Picture Perfect story by Halhow.

Page 120: The play Peasant Actresses is a tribute to the story of the same name by HGHunt. The two busty women mentioned in the text are rivals Emily and Joy.

Page 137: Madame Johnson is Becky Johnson, a character created by Emery. Her rivalry with her colleague Stephanie Jordan is the common thread of the story Faculty Engagement.

Page 173: The blogger is Michelle Godwin, central character along with Holly Criswell of Catharsis’ Perfect Pair story.

Page 184: Sakkara is the human name for Purgatori, a comic character used by XP in his story The Battle for Hell, where she sexually confronts Lady Death.

Page 233: The video that Lune is watching is the titfight between Eliza and Hillary from Jon Grey’s Halloween Titfight: Two Elviras.

Page 299: The passionate kiss of the video is part of the story The Negotiation by JB57. Its protagonists are Veronica and Jennifer.

Page 300: Peggy Craft is a character created by Soxs for his story The Wallflower Fight as the nemesis of another young woman named Pam.

Page 435: This a reference to Kingofdapirates’ The 14th Floor, where its protagonists Elise and Carrie fight sexually with each other in an office.

Page 442: This incident is narrated in Catwriter’s Newsgirls Showdown, where the hatred between reporters Erica and Cindy lead them to fight in front of the cameras.