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    Heart Problems VII - Alpha

    Heart Problems VII - Alpha
    Here we are at the penultimate (I guess) chapter of Heart Problems! There is little to say, I tried to do something different in the end ... enjoy it!


    “Hey, bitch!
    You didn't expect me to have your number, did you? Ah, you are just an slut.
    Are you on your laurels just because you defeated me out of pure luck? Well, you shouldn't! If you are a woman, come to this address. I really want to see if you have enough… tits. Maybe I can bring you a surprise! "
    XoXo, Ayla"

    I read the message over and over again. There was nothing but those written words, and an address. Nothing more than those words. Ayla wanted a rematch. She wanted to feel her breasts dominate Lara's. I looked at my girlfriend, but her face showed only a pleasant calm.

    “First, bitch you tell your mother. Having given birth to someone like you wasn't enough of bad luck for that woman.
    Second, pure luck? I don't think it was pure luck as my tits destroyed yours. It wasn't pure luck as my nipples twisted yours. Can't you admit you're inferior to me?
    Third, I'm in it. It's always a pleasure to knock out cheap whores like you"

    This was Lara's answer, as clear and brutal as their fight and victory. She never got a reply. I imagined that girl growling at the phone screen, waiting for the moment to find herself in front of the girl who had beaten her at her own game. He shouldn't have waited that long.
    The meeting time was two hours later, and fortunately the address was not too far from our position. So, we took our time to prepare. Lara took a refreshing shower while I watched something on TV. It seemed like a normal weekend day, no one could imagine that in two hours there would be a fight between Lara and another busty girl.
    We drove for about ten minutes, taking some secondary roads that led to our destination. I didn't think I'd find myself in a shopping mall. For a fight, audiences can be fun, but for this kind of confrontation, the fewer people there are, the better. And honestly, I'm not thrilled with the idea of ​​Lara fighting in front of other people besides me. We walked in as normal customers, which was very easy. The hard part was finding Ayla among the people. It took about ten minutes before my eyes met hers. Ayla was leaning against the ledge on the first floor, looking at us from above, supporting her head with one hand. I saw her hateful smile even from a distance, as she beckoned us to go up and join her. Lara walked slowly and calmly, even stopping to look at some shop windows, while I was shivering and wanted to go upstairs as soon as possible.
    Ayla waited impatiently for us, her arms folded. Lara stopped a few steps from the girl, imitating her pose. I clearly saw Ayla's eyes drop down to my girlfriend's breasts, shown by the neckline of the top she was wearing.
    "Therefore? Do you want to lose in front of all these people? " Lara asked, smiling arrogantly.
    My girlfriend took a few steps closer, pausing when Ayla smiled mockingly.
    "Follow me" said only the girl.
    Ayla turned, starting to walk, convinced that we would follow her without hesitation. And it was just like that. Each step of Ayla corresponded to a step of mine and Lara, following her through the mall until she reached an underwear store. Ayla walked in without turning to us, and Lara followed her without speaking. Honestly, I felt embarrassed. I saw many girls looking at the wares for sale, imagining that I could see under their dresses. Some could compete with Lara in the breast department, others were too far from my girlfriend's perfection. I walked around looking around and ended up bumping into Lara.
    "Oh, sorry love..." I said, but I saw that she wasn't listening to me.
    Lara was staring dazed in front of me, her mouth half open. I followed the gaze, and suffered the same spell.
    Ayla was leaning against the counter of the shop, turned towards us with a proud look. Next to her, behind the white and transparent desk, in the middle of the small shelves with various accessories for girls, was the saleswoman. I never expected to find such a person there, in front of us.
    "They’re... sister," Ayla said, turning her face to the saleswoman for a few seconds, then returning to look at our dazed faces.
    The girl had her back to us, but when she heard her younger sister's voice, she promptly turned around. The black hair fluttered in the air, while the voluptuous body was half hidden from the counter. The girl's huge breasts were enclosed in an open shirt, the buttons of which threatened to leave with every movement of the girl. Her eyes met mine, and she ran her tongue over her red lips.
    "Oh, nice... to see you again," Adele said, smiling.
    Time froze. The people around were erased from our minds, as well as the rest of the world. It was just us, in a white world, in a world where Lara and Adele had met again.
    "What the fuck is going on?" Lara asked angrily, looking at Ayda like a fury.
    The girl shrugged, still smiling.
    "Did I say you were going to fight me?" the girl explained simply “I didn't think you already knew each other. Well, that just makes your fall faster,” Ayla finish, pulling herself up.
    Adele smiled at me, winking at me, and called her colleague to cover her shift. A blonde girl arrived, with modest breasts, who as soon as she was close to Adele, looked down in fear. Adele had probably argued with that poor girl. Once the little blonde finished listening to the dominant girl's orders, Adele motioned for us to follow her to the back of the shop. Her ass swayed in blue jeans and it brought to mind the night of sex with that stunning body I was now following.
    The back of the shop was nothing special, a sort of small warehouse that was accessed via a narrow corridor. The room where we stopped was a little bigger than my bedroom. A long sofa covered the wall in front of the entrance, on the left there were two machines that sold snacks and on the right two tables with a coffee machine. It was the refreshment area for orders, as well as the new war zone between Lara and Adele.
    The two girls were already in the center of the room, while Ayla was sitting on one of the tables on the right, excited for the upcoming fight. I chose to sit on the sofa, in the far corner from the other spectator, so that I could clearly see the fight ... and not to be too close to Ayla. Honestly, the way he did was intimidating me.
    "I see you recovered from the last time, dear," Adele mocked.
    Lara narrowed her eyes, looking at Adele. I noticed Ayla opening her eyes wide in amusement. She didn't know about the previous fight between his older sister and my girlfriend, and she guessed how it must have gone.
    "It will be easier than expected," the girl exulted.
    "No, it won't be," I reiterated.
    Ayla looked at me in surprise, as did Adele. I had never answered anyone like that.
    "He forgot you, bitch," Lara hissed.
    Adele looked back at my girlfriend, her mouth still half open in amazement at my gesture. It took a few seconds to understand her rival's words, but she hissed in response. It looked like Adele had been hit on a sore spot. Maybe I was the only guy she didn't keep dating? Or maybe she couldn't bear the idea of ​​Lara throwing her off for the fact that I hadn't left her to follow Adele?
    "After today, he'll forget your name too," Ayla hissed, answering for her sister.
    Lara gave her a hateful look, which quickly moved towards Adele who was beginning to unbutton her shirt. Lara wasted no time in removing the low-cut shirt she was wearing. Lara's blue bra sensually contained her large breasts. But on the other hand, even bigger breasts were barely held back by a black bra, which barely covered Adele's huge breasts.
    "I missed your expression," Adele said, staring into Lara's incredulous gaze.
    My girlfriend, despite knowing of the size advantage of her rival, could not hold back the amazement of seeing that huge breast in front of her eyes. Her boobs were big, but the ones in front of her were bigger. Lara growled in response, starting to undo her bra. Adele smiled as she did the same.
    "See that basket over there?" Adele asked, pointing to a trash can a few steps from me "there are bras inside" I reached out inside the basket and took out two pairs of bras. Both completely broken. "All the bras that didn't hold up... to the pressure." Adele smiled lifting her boobs.
    While Lara was still looking at those bras in my hand, Adele did not wait for her rival to focus on her again. The girl stepped forward, flapping her boobs forward. Their breasts met with a loud snap, and my girlfriend's big breast trembled from the impact.
    "Cock sucker!" Lara yelled, throwing herself forward.
    The fight began with the two girls ramming their breasts against each other. I saw Lara's breasts bounce against Adele's larger breasts, compressing on impact while their boobs were held against their counterpart. She swallowed when I noticed that Adele's pair had compressed less than my girlfriend's breasts. And as the girl's tits gained ground, I saw a smile grow on Adele's mouth.
    But Lara pushed back, making her rival grunt who felt her breasts lose ground. The two girls kept this pace, making sure not to lose too much ground. I couldn't see who could get the better of them, both girls were focused on the fight and didn't let anything show through.
    "You know I'll crush you, bitch" Adele hissed. "It will be like last time. You, who cradle your soft and limp breasts, after my breasts have devastated them... and I, who fuck your boyfriend "
    Lara's response was an angry growl, pushing harder. Her tits began to slide over Adele's breasts, thrusting the rival couple as their boobs rubbed their boobs together. Their breasts plotted as Adele had to move faster to counter the attack, moving her breasts over my girlfriend's breasts, forcing them to fall. Lara moaned as she felt her flesh give way to Adele's, squeezing her tits despite her best efforts. Adele smiled, savoring the feel of Lara's breasts buckling back against hers. The girl made a small leap to strike from above, but Lara was able to anticipate the move. My girlfriend stepped back, dodging the blow and delivering a mighty forward blow. I hear Adele moan as her boobs were shaken by the impact.
    Lara attacked again, trying not to give the opponent respite, hitting again with greater thrust. The two pairs of breasts trembled upon impact, but this time it was Adele's breasts that modeled on his chest. Lara didn't wait again, and she started sliding her boobs over the rival couple. Adele continued to be attacked by my fiancée, being pushed around the room with each stroke. A strong swing from Lara made Adele turn completely, breathless. Lara smiled wickedly as she continued to strike. Smile that disappeared when Adele swung her breasts in turn and the girls' tits collided halfway. The fleshy slap filled the room, and I saw the flesh of each girl give way on impact. It had been impossible for me to tell which pair had yielded more.
    Lara was the first to recover from the mighty blow, flapping her boobs forward. Their breasts seemed to explode on their chest, widening and hopping before returning to their original shape. Both girls felt the weight of the blow, but Adele stumbled back caught off guard. Immediately, Lara leapt forward, slamming her breast against the rival couple again, eliciting a grunt from Adele who kept coming back. My girlfriend's tits looked like rams hitting a wooden door, and for a second, I saw Adele's breasts flatten on impact.
    “Come on, sister! You can't lose!" Ayla yelled, watching the fight.
    As Lara approached her rival, Adele quickly jumped forward, then grabbed the girl's shoulders. A second later, Adele's arms wrapped around my girlfriend's back, trapping her. Lara let out a surprised moan as their breasts collided, Adele's breasts pressing against hers. Adele's eyes were fixed on their struggling boobs.
    “Try all you want, bitch. You can't win" the girl hissed "Do you feel your soft breasts giving way to mine? You're weak, you deserve nothing,” she said threateningly, probably referring to the fact that she had me as her boyfriend.
    Lara squirmed inside her grip, her boobs had lost some of their shape, but hadn't been flattened yet. My girlfriend moaned at the sensation of Adele's firm tits trying to invade her space as she searched for a way to escape. Adele squeezed even tighter, sweating every inch of conquest against my girlfriend's breasts, who couldn't break free.
    But this ended when the intense struggle between their tits started to make the two girls sweat. With all the strength that Adele could put us in the deadly embrace, she could not win against physics. As Lara's body continued to move inside that cage, her body began to slide downward. It took Adele a few seconds to understand what was happening, trembling with the effort. I heard both girls grunt as they wrestled with each other, their boobs continuing to mold together.
    Despite Adele's best efforts, my girlfriend managed to break free, immediately taking a step back. Lara's face betrayed the relief and concern of the damage, having been beaten by her rival until now. Adele also kept her distance, taking advantage of the opportunity to catch her breath.
    "Don't think I'm done, bitch" Adele hissed, lifting her tits "My beauties are ready to flatten her saggy bags again"
    "Fuck you, bitch!" Lara snarled, taking a step towards her "I'll destroy you"
    "Your saggy breast have no chance" replied Adele shaking her head "You have already lost once, you will lose again"
    Lara's eyes flashed with anger.
    Quickly, Lara leapt at her rival. Frightened by my girlfriend's sudden rush, Adele lifted her breasts and their breasts completely collided. Lara moaned as Adele's breasts seemed to shift back. Adele widened her eyes when she realized that her rival's tits had just dominated hers in this exchange. But Lara didn't wait for the opponent to think about her again, hitting her breasts numerous times, determined to settle the matter. I saw Adele's breasts tremble with each impact as she moaned trying to resist. Ayla looked regretfully at her sister who tried in vain to trap her rival in a hug again, but Lara always managed to get back just in time. Screaming, Lara charged at her rival, pushing Adele a few steps back. Adele grunted as she felt her flesh deform under the weight of the charge, and Lara continued to assault her opponent's breasts, grabbing Adele's arms to pull her to her. My girlfriend kept banging her boobs against Adele's larger breasts with impressive speed, alternating the direction of the blows.
    But just when it seemed to become a one-sided confrontation, Adele started fighting my girlfriend. With a roar, Adele pushed my girlfriend away, then rubbed the flesh of both aching breasts.
    "Oh, what is it? Do you hurt your stupid breasts? " Lara smiled, making her couple bounce "I can't wait to crush them!"
    Adele let go of her boobs, which bounced for a few seconds, then pushed them out as she stared at her rival. Now I could clearly see the red skin of both of them. I think Adele was a little redder than my girlfriend, but the difference was almost imperceptible.
    "Your little balloons will be completely destroyed, I will turn them into jelly" Adele answered sour, as she approached her hips with her hands.
    Lara did the same, moving closer.
    "It won't end like the last time"
    At the same time, the girls flapped their boobs forward. Adele grunted when the blow made her breasts tremble, but the impact seemed to cause more damage to Lara, given the contraction of her face. Adele noticed it almost immediately, and pressed her melons against Lara's couple, who moaned when Adele's huge breasts pressed against her smaller couple. Lara's breasts regained their shape when Adele walked away, but the sensation of her tits yielding against the counterpart remained.
    Before Adele could think of anything to say, Lara slammed her boobs forward, hitting frontally. Adele grunted, backing away. Lara slid forward, pushing her breasts from below against Adele's huge breasts. Both pairs of breasts flattened on impact, but it was Adele's breasts that took the brunt of the attack. Adele's face was a mask of pain, but she continued to push back my girlfriend's breasts. I saw her huge breasts return to their original shape just before my girlfriend's breasts hit them again, appearing out of the blue from the left.
    Lara dragged her tits over Adele's, and their flesh was compressed between the girls. Reluctantly, I noticed that although it was Adele who took the shots, her breast were undergoing a minor variation in shape compared to my girlfriend's pair. In response, Adele moved forward, trying to push her breasts against her rival's, but Lara was again able to avoid the impact, once again rape Adele's breasts.
    With a new push, Adele found herself stumbling forward as Lara shifted to the side. Immediately, my girlfriend turned abruptly, sending her boobs against the right side of Adele's breast, and then back to the left. Adele simply groaned at this constant exchange of blows.
    “Look at your saggy boobs” my girlfriend smiled “We can both feel it, right? Your breasts are crumbling against my superior tits. I can't wait to flatten you, Adele" she finished, licking her lips.
    Adele groaned as another blow rocked her breasts, panting with pain coming from her chest. He tumbled to the ground, panting in pain. My girlfriend approached quickly, but her breasts met another resistance. Ayla got in between, and Lara's sweaty tits collided with the girl's pair.
    "Bitch, what are you doing?" Lara asked, surprised.
    But Ayla just snarled, pushing her boobs against my girlfriend's, who took a few steps back. I was about to speak, but a voice boomed in the room.
    "No!" Adele got up quickly, and swung her tits against those of her younger sister, who whimpered falling on her ass. "Never dare to intervene again" threatened her, before returning to Lara.
    The two girls panted, waiting for Adele to reposition herself in front of her rival and for Ayla to return to her seat, then they began to circle, looking at each other with hatred and determination. I could see the damage on their breasts. Lara was flushed, as was her rival, and both couples had lost some of their firmness. But it was still impossible to say who was winning.
    Without a signal, the two girls threw their boobs at each other again, pushing each other a few times, trying to make her rival flinch after smiles. And after a few minutes, the blows became more violent, as they added more momentum with a few steps before the collision. They staggered backwards, moaning, but returned to strike. Their breasts flattened more and more.
    "You can't win, you stupid bitch," Adele hissed, throwing herself forward again.
    Lara moved a second later, and when their beauties collided again, my girlfriend groaned in pain, closing her eyes. She turned back, as if she wanted to strike again, but inexplicably stopped in place. Adele's arms closed behind Lara's back, before my girlfriend did the same.
    The girls began dragging their own boobs against the rival couple, where Lara's breasts flowed up and down and Adele's breasts rolled over and under my girlfriend's. Their nipples stabbed the opponent's flesh each time, scraping their tits as they were dragged by the slow movements. When a breast seemed to start to fail, it would then return to its original shape when the counterpart gave out. Gradually, the girls built up their strength, banging their boobs back together.
    "Are you afraid, bitch?" Lara asked with a grunt. "If your sister's bitch hadn't intervened, you would have died." She ended up pushing her melons into Adele's watermelons.
    "Are you delirious?" snarled Adele in response "You have no chance against me"
    The girl sent her nipples into Lara's flesh, who moaned loudly. So Lara grinded her boobs until they were on top of Adele's pair, so that the girl's flesh spilled outwards, leaving room for her pair. None of the girls protected their breasts from damage anymore, they just wanted to cause pain to the other girl, continuing to bang their boobs together while the meaty noise continued to echo.
    With grunts and groans, the girls decided to squeeze with all their might. Their boobs trapped in the middle swelled enormously outwards as the pressure increased.
    "Can you feel your pride crumble, bitch?" Adele hissed as she squeezed.
    Lara didn't answer, continuing to grind her teeth to apply more pressure. The fight had become a pure show of strength, trying to squeeze the life out of the other girl's body. Again, the sweat worked in favor of my girlfriend, who began to twist her breasts left and right, doing more damage to her rival's body. Adele then escaped the girl's grasp, and slammed her tits forward. I heard Lara's loud moan come out of his lips as she felt her rival's breasts invade his space. Both girls slid down, watching as my girlfriend's tits make way for the bigger couple. Lara reacted promptly, pushing her melons against her rival. Both pairs of boobs flattened out equally while Adele grunted in annoyance. Adele had lost the small advantage of firmness she had.
    Lara smiled before repositioning her breasts under that of her rival, keeping her square on Adele's face as she began to drag her breasts upwards, lifting her huge breasts. Adele looked in amazement at the strength of Lara's breasts who, moving away, let the girl's huge breasts fall down.
    "Is that all you got, bitch?" Lara asked scornfully.
    Adele narrowed her eyes, then flapped her breasts forward. As the girls were still hugging, my girlfriend had no way to escape, panting in pain. Their breasts shot outward, the flesh mixing with each other. Lara pushed back, slamming her breasts twice against Adele, out of breath. My girlfriend's attack must have been hard as Adele grabbed her shoulders to push her away with a grunt.
    Adele's huge breasts were moving much more than before, a sign that she had lost some of her strength, but even Lara couldn't feel safe. Both were panting heavily, none wanting to give up. Suddenly, Adele raised her hands defiantly. Lara looked at the girl for a few seconds before locking her hands with those of her rival. They raised their arms above their heads and began to roll their shoulders, banging their powerful boobs together. I could see their flesh flattening against their ribs with each contact.
    For about ten minutes, I watched the girls continue to rock their boobs, each pair seeming to flatten out at the point of collision, then regaining their shape soon after. The difference in size didn't seem to give anything significant this time, and Lara knew it. I stared at the two young women who used their breasts to violently pound the rival couple, taunting each other after a painful moan from one of them. The constant smacking of flesh echoed throughout the room and the two girls began to change their tactics after neither of them seemed to give way to the other. Adele pushed her breasts forward, forcing both breasts to squeeze before the other could respond. Their breasts flattened to the point of impact evenly, and I think Lara was heartened that this similarity was an improvement on their last fight.
    Adele seemed to think the same thing, and realizing it wasn't encouraging, she freed her hands from Lara's grasp and completely wrapped my girlfriend's back. Lara immediately hurried to imitate her rival, starting to hug each other. Their tits pushed together, molding and squeezing. My girlfriend's smaller breasts struggled on par with Adele's larger boobs, moving back and forth between them.
    "What's the problem, bitch?" asked Lara, smiling "Your big boobs can't crush mine?"
    The grip tightened, forcing the meat to pop out from the sides. Adele hissed angrily, squeezing again. Lara moaned, feeling the weight of her opponent's breasts weigh on her breasts.
    "It will end like the last time" Adele hissed "My tits crushing yours"
    My girlfriend tried her best to increase the pressure, and the girls alternately took to pumping their grip, adding more and more pressure. Each time, a girl moaned from the pressure as her rival tits pushed against hers. Taking a deep breath, Lara lifted her boobs, sliding them onto Adele's breasts and forcing them to squeeze as they struggled to stay upright.
    "Cunt," Adele grunted as she tried to lift my girlfriend's breast.
    But her attack was interrupted when Lara began to rub her breasts against the rival couple, bending over to her knees. Adele could feel her flesh being pushed down and, moaning, returned the favor by pushing her tits up. He heard Lara swear to redouble her efforts in lowering her breasts, and both girls moaned together as their flesh continued to shift during their battle for supremacy. Continuing to push and stab with their nipples, the two girls winced every time they felt the other's daggers go through her flesh, while they slapped their tits against each other. Each girl continues to push, lifting their breasts before the other managed to steal her position.
    "Let's finish it like last time, bitch" Adele hissed "Let's see if your boobs can handle the pressure of mine. But this time… your boyfriend will become mine completely! "
    "Do not dare!" threatened Lara “I will never let you touch him again. I'll grind you flat, bitch" Lara replied "Let's see how long your pathetic breasts will resist against mine!"
    Fatigue was taking over, and the two girls decided to end it this way. They grabbed by the waist, continuing to push each other, hoping that the rival couple would give in at any moment. Adele wrapped her arms around Lara again, then pushed herself forward to slam her big tits against my girlfriend's pair, who swelled along with her counterpart. Lara pushed back, returning the move as their flesh stirred noticeably. Each moaned as their breasts squeezed incessantly, the flesh giving way and losing its rounded shape. Adele's face now showed the pain she felt, and Lara cast worried looks at her breasts.
    Adele seemed to stop pushing as Lara advanced with all her might. The girl moaned as her breasts gave way, shifting to the side. But Lara grunted uncomfortably too, as she felt her own couple flatten, her breasts spreading across her chest. I watched with incredible hope mixed with fear as his girls squeezed tighter, forcing their boobs to squeeze again. The two girls looked at each other in tears as pain and exhaustion were visible on their faces, as was their determination to win.
    Lara rested her forehead against Adele's, each girl completely sweaty and out of breath. I saw Adele close her eyes while Lara purses her lips. We were now at the peak.
    "I give up!"
    Those words. Those beautiful and damned words. Those words had finally been spoken. But not exactly what we thought.
    "Impossible..." Ayla whispered, giving light to my own thought.
    Those words were spoken by both of them, at the same time. Both Lara and Adele had surrendered simultaneously. Nobody had won. Nobody had lost. I watched as Adele's older couple modeled themselves around my girlfriend's breasts, as Lara's breasts gave way to the other girl's couple. Simply, their firm flesh now mingled together, melting as the girls watched in amazement, who remained embraced to watch. It was hard to accept. Another girl who had breasts like hers was something impossible, yet it had happened.
    The two girls walked slowly away, staggering visibly. Lara, still panting heavily, swayed almost to fall, but managed to grab her. Adele, with her breathing now under control, still had to lean on her younger sister who came to her rescue. Both were giving each other mixed looks of hatred and disbelief. It wouldn't end like this. It couldn't end like this.
    "In a week," Lara whispered.
    We all looked at her, not understanding what she meant.
    "Thing?" Ayla asked.
    "In a week... we'll finish it… where did it start... in bed... " Lara finished.
    "I'll be there..." Adele whispered back.
    They exchanged that intense look again, before my girlfriend gave me instructions to bring her clothes.
    Upon returning home, Lara fell into a deep sleep. How to blame her? But what happened a week later would change my life… or not?
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