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Thread: Nancy's Office Competition (Another Weird Nancy Story)

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    Nancy's Office Competition (Another Weird Nancy Story)

    My name is Nancy, I am 53 years old , I stand 5'5", I have blond hair, perky breasts and longer than ordinary pointy stiff nipples that get hard as little cocks. If ever I perceive that I might not have the best tits in the room, I can always fall back on the thought that my nipples would bend the nipples flat of the woman who may have bested me in size alone.

    Not only are they long, they are strong, very strong. My husband (Matt) and I often test them, sometimes when he is playing his guitar, I will strum them across the strings as he plays a chord, and he even hangs things from them such as his keys etc. He loves them even more than I do, and it doesn't hurt that they are a pretty rosy pink color and not the nasty looking brown color.

    I have a bush too, a hairy pussy I mean. And I get off on the thought of comparing it to other women who also have bushes. And as other women have found out, mine isn't a typical dark Blond bush like most Blonds have, mine is actually as Blond as the hair on my head.

    It looks fascinating, it's puffy yet velvety and is the color of the fucking Gold Medal that should be wrapped around my champion pussy. As if it had one first place in a pussy pageant, cause it would! Now I have been beat by hair volume alone. But never have I been bested when considering hair volume, clit size and overall sexiness. Not once, not ever did I see another woman's hairy cxnt and feel like she had a sexier or better pussy than me.

    I do however shave hair from my legs and places where it isn't so attractive, I'm not a "hirsute" but rather just showing off my proud bush for bragging rights, as men sometimes do with their beards.

    As for my career, I am a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for a large corporation in Downtown Indianapolis. I make a lot of money and I consider myself a great example of what a powerful woman should be. The work is intense at times but I have a huge office and a $4,000 chair to sit my proud phat Ass in, so I can't complain.

    The job definitely has its perks. I have worked here for 8 years and I plan to one day retire from this place. My previous line of work was as a Financial Manager in Banking so I have always been in an office environment.
    My old job paid pretty well around $140,000 annually. But I changed my life almost 9 years ago now, and that job as well as my husband had to go. I divorced him, his name was Mark. He really was and is a great guy and a good father. In a lot of ways he is like Matt, except he didn't have "Good Cock"

    Mark was on the smaller side I would say about 5 inches and he could not fill me up. Sex with him was not completely satisfying, but it wasn't until he embarrassed me that I was completely turned off by him.
    That is another story, but believe me watching your man "outmanned" is like finding out your hero was really a fraud. Maybe it's similar for a man to see his wife "outwomaned" but somehow it just isn't the same.

    Neither of us were at fault, it's the risk you take when putting your pride on the line. He did his best and so did I, but something about his lack of ability just buried my my desire to follow him. I am sure he will meet someone one day that just wants to be with a nice guy, and I really hope that he does.

    Now Matt is a Great man. We have a kinky sex life and turn everything into sex. We like to play games and often we even use the public to enhance this. I will see a hot looking guy and say something like "I bet he has a big dick and could fuck me better than you can" And he will see a hot woman and say similar things.

    However I take it more personal and always reply with a nasty comment such as " That Bitch wouldn't even make a good knockoff of me, or I bet she doesn't have a bush like mine" etc. But in reality, I really like it when he says those things to me.

    We love the trash talk and often do so during sex. Talking dirty about the man or woman we had seen, and interject them into our sex. I tell him about the woman we may have seen and tell him a dirty sexfight story about her and I.
    How my pussy would beat hers up and so on. Many times we talk about me sexfighting my friends too. And it ends with her and her husband humiliated by us.

    At work I dress in business attire, but not just your average business attire. I maximize everything, I wear silk blouses, skirts, sexy slacks, sexy high heels and only the best jewelry.
    I have an addiction to looking my best and I am very proud to have such accessories available to me.

    In fact, I use my rings, necklaces, hosiery and even my ankle bracelets and toe rings as tools to entice lesser women. These things all play a part in completing my image. So yes I do exaggerate in ways as to highlight it. Right now my most cherished accessory has to be my wedding ring of course.

    It's a 2ct diamond round pave, and I love to show it off. I make it a point to show all the other wives in my circle. My fingers are long and elegant so it feels amazing to me when the other wives stare with such envy.
    I also love my elegant and beautiful watch that my husband bought me for our anniversary. It's a Gold Longines La Grande Classique it's perfect for me, very elegant and it costs $1,725.00. I wear it as a symbol of my husband's love for me as well.

    Of course I just have to dress better, look better and outshine every other woman in the room. And it's much more exciting when other women acknowledge that as well, even if in a subtle way.
    Almost always other women immediately fall into place behind me without a fight, and I can tell. If you pay attention you can always tell who is the dominant woman, it could be subtle such as the way we sit, talk and who is receiving the stares and attention.

    I watch to see where a woman's legs are pointing, as they tend to naturally point in the direction of the dominant person, and their eyes will always revert back to the dominant person as well for responses and so on.
    And when you are the one being listened to more than the others it's a great sign that others are subconsciously viewing you as a superior.
    I know many women of course do not know this, and probably would never admit to such things, but it is exactly true.

    The more I could tell another woman had unknowingly accepted her place, the more erotic it became to take it further. It's so exciting to silently destroy a rival by appearance, confidence and even demeanor. Believe me when two women are looking their absolute best, we do know in our own head who we upstaged and who may have upstaged us.

    We look at each other's bodies, faces, hair, eyes, Asses, jewelry, clothing as well as her demeanor. The truth is always in the eyes, I watch as other women look at me, and I can tell when she knows she was upstaged because when she is done looking at my body parts her last look will always be at my face and she will have that look on her face and she will finally look away as if to try and put it out of her mind.

    I have a new co-worker, she is the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and holds a position equal to my own. She hadn't been with the company more than a day when I first met her.
    Her name is Lisa, she appears to be about my age, she is about an inch shorter than me and her breasts appear to be about the size of mine. (Something I am sure a push up bra must help with)

    I remember the first time Lisa and I had met, not only because of her appearance but also because of her scent. I had sought out the new girl and found her in her office. I walked in with the full confidence that I would no doubt stun and impress her as I always do.

    She rose from her desk and I knew right away by the way she was looking at me, that she was an Alpha herself. She had long Black hair, big beautiful Blue eyes, large firm looking breasts, thick thighs and from what I could tell a phat Ass too. I was happy to see that I was slightly taller.

    On her left hand I noticed that she had her own version of a 2ct wedding ring. Although it was different than mine, it was in no way less stunning and every bit as flashy too. She introduced herself with a handshake and it was firm, she gripped my hand tightly and made a point to lead the handshake (a trick that I always do) She was aggressive and used force to control the up and down motions.

    As much as I disliked the idea, her aggressiveness left me no choice but to allow her to lead. As it would be too obvious if I had fought for control. As we shook hands longer than necessary I looked in her eyes for any sign of her to acknowledge me as a superior and there was none.....

    Like me, her large firm tits, thick thighs and phat Ass gave her no reason to feel inferior to anyone. I couldn't keep myself from stealing glances at her tits (even though I had told myself to stop) I stood straight and exaggerated my own breasts outward to their maximum capability.

    I suppose that my body must have felt that it had to defend itself as I don't even recall my brain sending the message to puff out my chest in the way that I was standing. But the bitch just did the same! Sticking her breasts out more than necessary and (after I had) was her way of saying fuck you, and I knew that by experience.

    She looked me directly in the eye yet paid me no special attention and seemed unfazed by my beauty. There was something else too, I noticed that she smelled amazing. As our perfumes had their own introduction it seemed that her scent actually took over. It was somehow the dominant scent in the air near to me and I had a slight sense of confusion about that.

    I wear Jardin dAmalfi and I have never had to worry about another woman smelling better than me. Yet Lisa was causing a fragrance assault in my mind that made my panties moisten.
    I felt my heart drop as I immediately found my own scent upstaged. My real fear was that I was afraid others would notice it too and I simply would not allow another woman to give off pheromones that were superior to my own.

    It was time to show her more who she was dealing with. So I moved deeper into her office and pushed my phat Ass out to its maximum size as I made an excuse to bend over and look at her office decorations on the window sill.
    I was sure this would impress her and maybe even be cause for a comment. But she said nothing about my Ass and appeared unfazed by it. She just went on answering my pointless questions concerning her decorations.

    She then squeezed by me and caused our Asses to compress into each other. I could feel the strength in her Ass and I was caught by surprise of how powerful she felt. Her left Ass cheek had pushed my Ass cheek out of the way as she moved by. I could literally feel it pushed out of the way like it was nothing and that was shocking. She then lined our Asses up perfectly as she was looking for something else to show me from her desk.

    I could feel her Ass push into mine and I was certain that she could feel mine as well, I even flinched my Ass cheeks to make sure that she could. We kept our Asses compressed far longer than necessary, until it was time to separate them or acknowledge that something more was going on.

    As I went to leave she called to me, she bent over to pick up one last decorative piece and she was so obviously showing off her Ass. My heart skipped a beat as I could now see the complete Ass of the woman who I was up against.
    I was horrified to see that her Ass actually appeared slightly bigger than mine.

    ....**Fuck me, who is this fucking woman?**.. I thanked her for meeting with me and shook my Ass more than necessary as I left her office stunned.

    But I was more determined than ever to keep my Alpha status. I wondered if the Men and Women in the office had noticed how hot she is, and if they dared to compare her to me.
    I was in full defense mode, I could feel it throughout my entire body. Probably similar to the way the hair stands up on a dog when it perceives a threat, and I definitely felt threatened. She was going to be a serious challenge to my Alpha status.

    I ranked our introduction in my own head, and I had to admit that she had just proven in a subtle way that I was not invincible.
    My thoughts were all over the place...** Is she as hot as me? Are her tits really that big and firm?...OMG her Ass...fuck me!!... I hate her...I fucking hate the new bitch. Sure some might actually prefer her Ass over mine but it's just a preference. And overall my Ass is just plain sexier than hers....What was that perfume she was wearing? Surely it couldn't be as expensive as mine...Did she really smell that good?..Fuck no she didn't ... I was just caught off guard and let my imagination run wild**....

    I retreated back to my office to take this all in and to try to understand it. I could not and would not share the attention that the men and women pay to me with anyone and especially a newcomer.
    I thought of her Ass, It very much bothered me that she was going to be showing that thing off around my turf. I knew that I could not beat her when comparing every body part and that in itself was killing me.

    Yet somehow I was still convinced that my Ass was better, it was certainly sexier for sure. And I knew that if it ever came down to just our asses, mine would flatten hers.

    I was shopping for a replacement perfume and more clothing that very evening. It was time to up my game, sure I was already superior to every other woman in the office.
    But with Miss Big Butt I had to up my game to the point where she would acknowledge my superior beauty in her presence, in such a way that I was able to know that she acknowledged it.

    ...** the bitch acting like she was unaffected by me, the audacity of her!..**

    Every day it seemed she would get closer and closer to me, entering my office and leaning into me more than necessary as I sat at my desk. Forcing me to smell the new scent of the office, and to see the new big Ass on the block.
    She was showing me why she was getting so much attention, and it was tearing me apart. It was as if she knew it, and was toying with me. Now my Ass is big too, so it wasn't as if I was an unworthy comparison to say the least. I would be glad to take her on Ass to Ass.

    But she was in my head now and I began to wonder if she knew what she was doing. My thoughts were trying to figure her out.

    ..**Did she place me beneath her as I often do to others when sizing them up....She certainly seems to have a lot of confidence**...
    Her beauty, scent and demeanor have caused me to give her an undue respect. I swear this bitch was teasing me.....** Teasing Me?** ..I tease other women and nobody can fucking tease me** ....
    After she left I became more relaxed and crossed my legs causing my panties to shift, it was then that I noticed a cool wetness in them and this caught me by surprise. The reason for it was obvious, and that pissed me off beyond reason.

    I was practically mad at my own body for reacting in any way but to be in complete control. I also realized that if she was in fact playing the game, she was good, very good.

    The next day I watched others look at Lisa's Ass and that gave me an idea. I decided to wear my Ass pants the next day to remind everyone that I still have the best and sexiest Ass in the office.

    The following morning I went on an Ass tour as it were. I purposely made rounds to all the places where I caught the most attention. The break room was always busy in the morning time.
    So I made a spectacle of getting myself my morning coffee, facing the counter with my Ass to everyone, I was catching eyes for sure, as usual. I could feel the power it was giving me, I was beaming with the confidence from it when Lisa walked in. I immediately noticed she too was wearing White slacks as she stood next to me pouring her coffee as I was adding my cream and sugar.

    I couldn't help myself, I gave Lisa's Ass and "accidental bump with my own Ass, and was surprised to feel her return her own bump so quickly, and I could feel my Ass cheek jiggle to a stop.
    I knew this must be quite a comparison for our audience. I turned my head to look at the eyes in the room. There were no less than three sets of eyes focused directly at Lisa's Ass, the same eyes that only seconds ago were staring with lust at my Ass.

    I was hurt, I mean I literally felt hurtful emotion as I stirred my coffee and left the room on the way back to my office. ...**What's wrong with these stupid people? They know that I am the Ass Queen of this office, and they should know what the better Ass when they see it**...

    I didn't get to really see Lisa's Ass myself and I thought maybe they were looking at hers more simply because she was new.

    Sitting at my desk I caught a glimpse of her as she passed by. I quickly stood from my desk and went to my door and watched as she strutted away.
    My mouth hung open at how amazing she looked in them, her ass was jiggling with each step, and it bounced as she walked. I was disappointed as I could tell that her Ass did actually upstage mine. ...**She is just having the better slacks day**...

    But It was obvious as I had just modeled my pants in the mirror that very morning, and I was well aware that it didn't equal what I had just seen walking away. I knew this before from our office encounter. But I didn't know just how obvious it was until we both had on the same pants.

    ...**How could it be that she just happened to wear her White slacks on the same day that I wore mine?...** I shook my head in disgust and returned to my office where I stayed for the remainder of the day.
    I tried to put it out of my mind that my Ass was just officially bested by the new girl.

    I compared us both in my head, she is no doubt a beautiful woman and even if our bodies were identical, I would still be overall hotter because my face is prettier. Maybe that is subjective but I know it to be true, however I also knew that I could never wear my White slacks again unless I wanted others to see again the obvious difference in our Asses.

    Each day I would seek her out and watch her around the office areas and breakroom, she was like me when it came to her attire and accessories, taking it to her maximum ability. There were many times that I would flirt with her out of nervous envy. And I realized that I had to do something the day I caught myself being less than Alpha like.

    I found myself during a meeting with my knees pointing directly at her and looking at her for responses from the discussion. I was in a sort of daze not paying attention to what I was doing and was subconsciously paying her Alpha status with my body language.

    I immediately stopped doing it once I had realized that I was in fact doing it. To play my own game, later that day I made sure Lisa would see my legs as my skirt was about as short as the rules would allow.
    I stood next to her in her office flexing my thighs to show my impressive leg muscles. I wore no hosiery as my legs are silky tan and smooth and I wanted her to know that.

    Her eyes were telling the story that she was in fact affected by my impressive display. She must have looked at them more than a dozen times. I was happy to see that after what I caught myself doing during the meeting. I left her office on a high.

    Although we never spoke of it, we were of course trying to upstage the other with our attire and accessories. We were pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable attire when on the next day she was actually sent home to change after attempting to wear a blouse that was cut too low.

    I knew then that she was serious about our unmentioned game and I felt a sense of victory. It somehow validated that she was pushed too far by my sexiness and that she was simply outclassed. Her slutty blouse was just a desperate attempt to keep up.

    I had won I told myself now I just needed to hang on to that momentum to remain the alpha female at work. I couldn't wait to get home and tell Matt all about it.
    The next day when she walked by and headed towards a common restroom I was at it again, but I was suddenly embarrassed when she was standing still at the door watching me looking at her Ass like some desperate construction worker.

    I was panicked and caught off guard and I am sure that my expression reflected that. But she bailed me out by nodding for me to join her. I thought that perhaps she had some gossip that she wanted to share so I grabbed my little purse and followed her in. ...**She wants me to follow her into the restroom?**...

    As I entered I made the necessary expression to say "what can I do for you" She started fixing her makeup. ...**Does this have anything to do with our little secret contest**... I wondered.
    I locked the door and reluctantly moved to one side of the mirror to do the same. We were having small talk as we faced the mirror, she had started complimenting me on my "stunning appearance" She mentioned how gorgeous my necklace and watch were, before adding how much she liked my heels and skirt.

    I was surprised to hear her compliment me and I was suspicious of what was to come as I returned a compliment to her, but was careful as to not give any impression that she was superior in any way.
    She then made an odd comment that she would like to have my shoes "those would look great on my feet" she said as she looked down towards my feet.
    ...**Who says that about another person's high heels?**... I assumed she was joking when she turned straight to me face to face and said " I wasn't joking, hear me out. I have a challenge for you" I was puzzled but listening as she went on.

    "You and I could trade necklaces, high heels, skirts and blouses and judge for ourselves who looks better wearing the other's property, the winner can keep the heels, necklace and skirt, are you interested?

    I must have given her the weirdest expression as I shook my head no..."why would we do that?" It's not like we could actually tell who wears them better, you could just say that you look better just to win" I followed up with.
    "Oh no you see that's the thing, the game is real not only is it a contest to see who is superior, it's also a way that you can be true to yourself, putting your pride on the line. We have been playing these games with each other for weeks, you always trying to one up me with your clothing and jewelry"

    "And by the way I already know that you find my scent superior to your own. And that's why you are wearing so many different scents since my arrival. And also "by the way" mine is still better"
    "But the thing that is missing, the thing that you can't run home and tell Matt, is that you won, that there was an actual winner and it was you"
    "Likewise I cannot tell my husband Danny the same. No matter what I wore, or you wore we both drove home knowing that there was no winner decided among us. There was no absolute victory, well except the day we both wore our White slacks, You lost that day of course"

    "But mostly we had only our own thoughts as to who was superior on any given day. And neither of us ever had to admit it"
    ...**Run home and tell did she know? did she know...omg, and she knew that I was jealous of her scent too....could she really read me that well?**...

    I felt like a fool, as if she had been playing me, her voice was intoxicating, causing me to drift with my thoughts. Her sudden silence as she folded her arms across her chest, brought me back from my wandering mind.
    Her idea seemed desirable, she is very persuasive and beginning to make sense. Her eyes lit up with the excitement as if she has been dying to tell me her idea since our first meeting. The way she presented herself had excited me as well, she went on.

    "So the one rule is that no matter what, the loser must admit it immediately. She needs to take a look inside of herself, be honest with herself and if the other woman looks better she must admit it and hand her losing item over"
    "The winner will take her trophy home and brag to her sexfight addicted husband how she got it"

    ...**sexfight, she knows about sexfighting too OMG**..
    My pussy had become wet during her presentation and for good reason. I found myself wanting to have this little contest then and there. I felt as if I had been directly challenged and that hasn't happened in 9 years to me. I even grew a little angry with her audacity.

    I have been dying to put her in her place, I needed this to move forward with my life, to assure myself and everyone paying attention that I and not Lisa was the Queen of this corporation.
    My eyes narrowed as I looked her in the eye, "I'll play your crazy game" I said and agreed to a "who's Hotter" duel on the spot. " But, not the skirts or blouses, I don't want to be in here taking off our clothes while people are so near by".....

    She agreed but added her concern for just shoes and jewelry being enough to get an honest and exciting comparison.
    But it was all I was willing to do. I wanted to humiliate her badly, I removed my high heels and kicked them over to her. When Lisa suddenly did the same, I quickly put my feet in her heels.
    I was a bit surprised to feel how warm they were, something about that excited me and dampened my panties even more. I was putting my feet where another woman just had her feet to compare who wears the others high heels better as it were.

    Considering that I am a competitive woman who needs a challenge, every part of me was on alert, and I could feel my nipples as well as my clit had felt the challenge too, as both were instantly hardened.
    Her heels fit perfectly as we apparently wear the same size.

    By the time I looked over Lisa was already standing before me in my heels with her hand on her hip looking down at our feet.
    My eyes followed and I was quickly trying to determine who wore them better. I have to admit that it was not easy to distinguish who in fact looked sexier in the others heels so I suggested that we wear only one of each other's heels so that we could turn and compare each matched pair, heel to heel or head to head you might say.

    Lisa thought this was a good idea as we leaned on each other removing and trading one high heel. Now with one foot in her high heel and the other in my own, both finished our exchange, we were now ready to compare.
    I moved my foot that was wearing her heel right in the path with her foot wearing mine. It felt odd and exciting doing it this way. It was as if my own shoe was now the competition. We stood there like that for a few seconds before I switched and used my original heel to not only bump the toe of her original heel, but I then stepped on it.

    I held her heel to the tiled floor not allowing her foot to escape, she shifted her feet and tried to step on my other foot, but I slid it out of her way and immediately stepped on her other toes as well. I could have pushed her over with the slightest of shoves but I didn't.

    I just watched as she put her hands on my shoulders to keep balance. She whispered a little too loud that "This isn't how we play the game" and shoved me off of her feet. I stumbled back, we both stared at each other for what to do next, but then quickly went about our modeling.

    We turned both shoes from one side to the other, both trying to see a difference in the way we wore them. After a couple of minutes Lisa sighed and then said..
    " I want you to know that this isn't easy for me"....she takes a long pause before adding " but I know you got me on this one, you have some sexy feet and you really made my heel look even better on your foot than it did on mine, your feet are sexier in your heels as well as mine, I admit it".

    I was surprised at her admission and wondered if I would be brave enough to admit it if I thought I had lost. The look on her face was one that reflected disappointment and even a bit of humiliation.
    But she did it, she admitted something that must have been hard to admit...I was impressed by her confession, " I will bring my heels to you at the end of the day, I have my workout shoes with me, I'll wear them home" then she sighed, and her sigh was only further embarrassing to her, something that I am sure she did not intend to do in my presence.

    I feel as if I had just stolen some of her self esteem. I fed from her embarrassment, it actually gave me more strength and confidence than I already had.
    All of this back and forth for weeks, I never dreamed we would ever do something real, yet I had just won her heels. I was high, I felt like the most powerful woman in the world, I just ate another woman alive and left her in my wake.

    This will definitely take Matt, and my talking game to another level. I was going to have to talk to him about this, and I was planning on asking permission to go further than just talking. And to make this fantasy a little more real. I was going to ask for it like it was an expensive birthday gift.

    I leaned in towards Lisa, our silk blouses touching slightly, it was enough that I knew Lisa could feel my hard nipples poking at her breasts through our silky blouses, just as I could feel hers.
    Our breasts continued touching through our clothing for another second or two, as my face moved closer to hers. She must have thought that I wanted to kiss her, she let out a gasp and opened her mouth.
    But the idea of rejecting her open mouth would give me even more power over her, so fuck her, I wouldn't giver her the satisfaction. I could have kissed her and even enjoyed it, but instead I pulled my lips away from hers, causing a subtle and frustrating noise to escape her lips
    I knew from her sounds that she had just rubbed some wetness into her panties. I wondered how it made her feel, being rejected for a kiss by a woman who just upstaged her so convincingly. It was obvious that I had just made her pussy wet but it was surely humiliating to her as well. I assume that she felt rather pathetic and stupid, and I loved that I made her feel this way.

    If I were going to kiss another woman in a situation like this, it would be only to add humiliation to the fact that I had just made her feel lesser than myself, but I didn't feel that we were quite there yet.
    Her expression changed and her eyes widened as she realized that I wanted to remove her necklace and nothing more, and I did so as she was flushed with embarrassment at her mistake.

    I then removed my own necklace and handed it to her. Her expression was advertising her newly found lack of confidence. We put on each others necklaces and faced the mirror, both of us looking into it.
    We were judging how our prized necklaces looked on each other, how they fit with our wardrobe and highlighted our cleavage, looking at each others necks and bust lines to reach an absolute conclusion.

    It was actually my nipples pushing at my blouse that was the sexiest and most profound statement. They were ready for a fight and Lisa's eyes bounced from my neck to my silky hard ornaments at the center of my voluptuous and amazing breasts as they pushed on the silk material.

    We must have sat there in silence for two full minutes while also watching each others expressions for signs of victory. The more we looked the more Lisa's expression saddened.
    We didn't speak a word of who won or who lost at this point. I just simply got behind her as she was looking at herself in the mirror and started taking my necklace off of her. We both knew who won, no words needed said.

    She made no attempt to stop me and that was admission enough. Her eyes watered as she looked at her now bare neck. But she was too proud to cry, she would not let me have that moment. Instead she pushed it down and made the comment " We will do this again" before looking away from me.

    I said nothing more and reached for the door knob, I was happy to have put her in her place. But she grabbed at my arm and spun me around, her hand was instantly up my skirt and before I even knew it she was Jilling my pantied cxnt.

    I was already wet and she obviously knew that. She wanted to make me cum but I knew what this was, andI could not allow that to happen. My response was a total reaction, I put my hand under her skirt and began to masturbate her in retaliation. I was immediately surprised as I could feel that she had a bush too, and a big clit to match.

    We were now body to body, tits to tits but with our faces on each other's shoulders as we were in a race to make the other cum first. And OMG could I smell her more than ever, her scent was doing nothing short of mindfucking me.
    She was still outside of my panties rubbing my cxnt and clit hard. I was of course soaked by now, and it got more intense, we were pushing with our shoulders trying to get better leverage on each other.

    Our heels were making too much noise on the tiled floor and I could only hope that we were not being heard as we moved and swayed our bodies in a natural way as to compete as such a thing as a "Jilling Off" fight.
    I felt Lisa manipulating my pussy to a greater degree, I had a sense of urgency, she was good at this and I could not allow this woman to masturbate me in a way better than I could masturbate her. Or even better than I could masturbate myself for that matter.

    She was now inside of my wet panties, she used her four fingers and trapped my hard clit in the middle of them. She then began to move her hand in such a motion that I felt like my cxnt was being vibrated, I didn't even know it was possible to move your hand so fast.

    It was getting to me, I was fighting my orgasm and found myself backpedaling away from her as a defense. But this also caused my attack on her pussy to suffer. I had to stand my ground though, I couldn't let her make my pussy run away from a fight.

    I dug my heels in and positioned my left leg forward and my right leg slightly back as both of my legs were bent at the knees such as a football player standing his ground. I was opposing her force with my own.
    I snaked my fingers inside of her panties and tried to block everything else from my mind. I buried my two long elegant middle fingers into her slippery pussy and began fucking them in and out of her, the effect was immediate.

    She began to moan louder and lift upwards to try and relieve the amazing sensations that I was making her feel. Her heels were almost off the floor, she retaliated by penetrating my pussy with her two middle fingers and grabbing the back of my hair for leverage.

    My hushed moaning was now louder as well as she was fucking me to a rhythm that I was not used to. But apparently my hungry pussy loved the new routine, She was fucking me so differently from the way I would masturbate myself.

    We were two sophisticated and classy women behaving like whorish nymphomaniacs but we would do anything to win against the other.
    We were locked like that fucking each other for all we were worth when I felt my pussy about to orgasm, my little bitch was pulsating as I was ready to cum.

    I gripped her tighter and bit into her neck with tiny little bites as I was subconsciously accepting my loss. I pushed her towards the counter and was sure that I was about to lose and cum all over her hand.
    But I continued to finger fuck her needy pussy too, I was hoping for at least a tie at this point. And my longer elegant fingers were hitting her deeper than she could penetrate me. It was driving her wild, she was losing control.

    Her legs started shaking as she struggled to fight off her orgasm, and all while trying to remain as quiet as possible. It was too much for her, she took her hand from my pussy and bit into it while holding onto the back of my neck for balance. I watched as she bounced her fat Jiggly Ass from the counter back into my fingers for more.

    She had to have smelled my pussy on her fingers as she started cumming and bit into her wet hand while riding her orgasm out. She leaned against the wall and slowly lowered herself onto the floor as she needed to recover. She was shaking and breathing hard into her hand.

    I didn't say a word, instead I quietly put my hand in my panties and masturbated myself off while standing and staring down at her. She looked up at me with an acceptance of her position, and she watched as I Jilled myself off. I fingered my pussy exactly as I recalled her fingering it, matching her pace and everything.

    I was in a frenzy, I started pinching my nipple as my orgasm started. I too chose to bite into my own hand as my orgasm intensified.
    Like her I did it to remain as quiet as possible, I muffled my huffing sounds that my orgasm was causing and then lowered myself using the opposite wall. I needed to recover but I also like the idea of us looking at each other.

    I wanted to see in her face a respect for all that made me the woman that I am, and I wanted to see a sign that she would now know her place and tone things down. But there was neither, her look was to say as this wasn't over by a long shot, and that only made me more determined to continue proving my superiority.

    From this position we could only partially look up each other's skirts. But I saw enough that I knew she was wearing Black laced panties, and I knew she had a bush and a decent sized hard clit too. And I showed enough for her to know the same about me.

    I lifted myself up first, straightened my blouse and skirt and exited the restroom leaving her to her own self pity without speaking a word. And I didn't give a fuck that we each still had the others heel on, I would just make up a story.
    For now I was just happy to be able to get to my office and take all of this in and reset myself. As I sat in my chair I thought about what had just transpired, it was an amazing victory after all. And after the thoughts that she was successful at putting in my head with her phat Ass I deserved this.

    Just last night I had dreamed that I was in my office. It was a replay in my head when we both wore our White Ass pants on the same day. We traded slacks and were looking at each other's full Ass in each other's pants. Sizing each other up to determine who wore the other's better.

    I could see her looking better in my slacks than even I did, stretching them and in a sense ruining them by causing them to conform to her bigger Ass. And my big proud Ass was finding her slacks a bit roomy, not just in the Ass, but the thigh area too.

    The dream was nothing less than self degradation, and I found myself turned on by it. We were in the break room with everyone watching as we were standing back to back and accidentally bumped our Asses together.
    And Then it turned into a full on Ass fight.

    Our proud phat Asses bumping and pounding into each other. And when we pushed them together and just held them there I could feel her Ass beginning to overwhelm mine.
    Pushing it out of the way like it was nothing and even hiding most of it from the coffee drinking audience. My heels were slipping on the tile as I tried desperately to match her amazing Ass with my incredible one.

    Then I started feeling her pants sliding down slowly but surely off of my prized Ass. She was pulling her Ass away from mine then slamming it back into mine. With each ram I could feel them sliding more and more and looking back at our battle I could see my White thong being exposed more and more.

    Then once again we pressed them tightly together and I could feel that her Ass was stronger than mine and all the years of working out my Ass was the best it had ever been and it meant nothing.
    As her phat Ass was swallowing mine, it was eating it alive and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    And all of this was happening right in front of the people who's attention I craved and who I would see every day. She pulled back one final time and delivered an Ass smack that sent me falling forward to the floor as everyone laughed at me.

    As classy as I was, there I was with a whale tail in front of everyone getting my Ass beat down by an even better Ass. I was on all fours, my Ass in the air, my White sheer thong showing all the way until it disappeared into my Ass crack.

    I was too proud to stay down, I got back up for more. But she was retiring me as the Ass champion of the office with each thrust. She was literally beating the pants off of me as they continued lowering with each slam, I was now wearing her pants around my ankles as she completely flattened my once dominant Ass.

    And again I could hear laughter from my co-workers who at one time held me in such high regard. and she pushed me wherever she wanted with her stronger thighs and her more impressive Ass. She eventually was simply Ass fucking me as we pounded our Asses together, until I squirted right through my White thong. Cumming from having been bested by the new girl.

    It only ended when she made me tell everyone that her Ass was the "Champion Ass In The Office" Then she gave me back my pants as a fuck you. She and I, as well as the crowd all knew that I could never wear them again. I woke up and masturbated my pussy twice that morning.

    But now my thoughts were of my absolute victory over her, I was on a high. And I knew that I had found something that I had desired for 9 years now. I was addicted and I needed more and I wondered how I might fill my cravings for it. ...**Who else could I do this with? What more could we do with each other?**... I was in sexual overload and I needed to feel this way again!!

    Lisa did bring me the mismatched high heels at the end of the day as she promised. She walked up to me with them in hand while wearing her tennis shoes. It was hilarious, I thought to myself, all that glamour she was wearing, her phat Ass and bouncy tits were walking towards me in a pair of Adidas. It was an amazing sight.

    As I put on her other heel (of course I was going to wear them home) I caught her eyes as she looked at her necklace around my neck before turning and walking away. And I watched again her phat Ass as she walked away and her tight skirt and I was thankful that my ass didn't have to try and fill her White slacks in real life... **I bet I have something conclusive to tell Matt now you Bitch**...

    To say the least Matt and I fucked like hell that night, and I didn't take off my new shoes, I was going to Fuck in them, wearing the heels that were once hers. I threw them up onto Matt's shoulders while my legs were flailing in the air as he fucked me hard with his big cock, pounding me deep and fast making loud slapping noises that would wake a neighbor.

    The feeling of his cock in my pussy while I stared at the heels I had beaten off another woman's feet was too much, I started talking......These are Lisa's heels baby, I won them from her at work today. "Lisa the new C.F.O you were telling me about?"....Yes baby that's the one now Fuck me and tell me that I am a better woman than her baby"

    He was was extremely turned on by this and eagerly played along without missing a beat, " Fuck Yes baby you are a better woman than Lisa, you are better than her in every way" ....
    "Fuuuck baby, tell me again baby, say that I am a better woman than Lisa, say it again baby ...over and over "...." You're a better woman than Lisa"...." Say that I have a better pussy, say that I fuck better than Lisa, say that my pussy smells better baby"...

    " You're a better woman than Lisa, You fuck better than Lisa, Say Nancy's pussy smells better than Lisa's pussy does"..."Nancy's pussy smells better than Lisa's....."Ahhh ahhh ahhh fuuuck...fuuucck...ffffuuuuck"
    Matt is fucking me hard with his big cock and he was hitting my bottom as his balls slammed into the place between my Pussy and my Ass.

    The sound as well as the feeling of his nuts slapping me was only adding to our dirty talk and it was all too much, and I was about to cum from deep inside of my well fucked pussy..." Tell me that I would Fuck Lisa up, tell meeeee"...
    " You would fuck Lisa up baby, you would fuck Lisa up"...and that was it..

    " I'm cumiiiiiing youuu mthtfkerrrrrrr"...My hips slamming upwards swallowing his big cock.....oooohhh....cumming to the thought of his words as he spoke Lisa's name in a manner so beneath me made me cum sooner and harder than usual.

    When I have a great orgasm my thighs and legs tighten up and stretch out completely, even my feet are straightened, basically I do crazy things with my limbs, my fingers clutch, and my orgasm face is what my husband calls "Ugly O Face" but when I cum I go into some type of thing that I can't begin to describe. I am sure it looks crazy if not completely pathetic.

    I must appear possessed as I gargle my words..."I couuuld....have,,,her fuckiiiing husbaaaand if I wanted tooooo... I could taaaake evthriing frmm herrrr"...My pussy cumming again as his cock plowed in and out of me.
    When I knew he was about to cum I took my feet from his shoulders and told him to cum on her shoes, and he did. He nutted his slimy cum all over them he shot on them from the front all the way to the back.
    After we were done fucking Matt asked more about Lisa of course.

    And I told him everything, about how Lisa and I compared and had a finger fight in the restroom and that I had beaten her and the shoes and necklace were part of our bet.
    He was very excited by the thought of his wife being so dominant at work. He was damn proud that I had set another woman straight as to who was the Alpha of the work place. And that made me very proud of myself.
    I promised to tell him everything that I make the bitch do, and to show him everything that I win from her.

    But asked him for permission to take it as physically as it needed to be taken. He agreed right away of course.
    It must have been so demoralizing to Lisa when I wore her Heels to work the very next day, I debated leaving my husband's cum on them, to degrade her shoe would be like degrading her yet again, but I was too proud of them myself.

    I wanted to keep them perfect as they were my trophy now. But I did take a picture of them with my husbands cum all over them, and of course I had texted it to her with some appropriate caption. But I had yet to receive a reply from her from my text message.

    What had happened next was a matter of perfect timing, Lisa had been very close by, doing some work as I was talking to an assistant. And within an ear reach heard not one but two different men compliment me on " my heels"
    She must have worn these heels to work three times and no one ever said a word to her. I take ownership of them and bingo two compliments in one day. I imagined what she must be feeling and I felt as if I had just taken more of her self esteem...

    I Loved It! Never before had I had such a disdain for another woman who had done less to piss me off. To tell the truth, she didn't really do anything to me that would warrant such a vicious disliking of her.
    As the days passed I started thinking more sinister thoughts and coming up with other ideas and ways to compare when the thought hit me. I love to make people feel uncontrollable lust and cause them to lose focus with my leg and panty teasing.

    I could do the same to her. OMG how thrilling would it be to tease her with my legs and flash her an up skirt view of my womanhood? It would be the thing that brings her into complete submission.
    My sexy legs and pantied cxnt would no doubt be just the thing to speed up the process of her learning her place and accepting how things were. I wanted her to see my panty bulge for sure, I wanted her to see my impressive clit and realize the real difference between us.

    The next day I wore my husband's favorite yellow laced panties as I wanted contrast. Although they were lace there was plenty of sheer material to show off my Blond bush.
    I chose my skirt wisely, I wanted no doubt in Lisa's mind that she was in fact seeing my panties. Which is why I chose a Black short Ruched slit Pencil skirt.

    The Black and Yellow contrast would maximize the effect of my objective which is of course control. The slit at the left thigh allows me to be in control of how I show my legs, and I have no shame in showing my muscle toned silky tan legs, if one is foolish enough to give me power because of my legs, I will gladly take it.

    My calf muscles are quite noticeable as they are large considering my frame, but it is my thighs that I really want others to see. They are strong and they look it, they are big yet defined by muscle and once again when considering my sexy frame they too are a standout.

    I chose my Red sheer and Lace Bra that my husband loves so much. But I chose it because it tends to show the points that my nipples create in my blouse.
    It is not always obvious but they show pretty well when I get aroused, it seems my little hard-ons have a sense for a rivals pair, and want to come out and fight sometimes and I like to intimidate by showing off my pokies
    As for my Bra not matching my Panties, that is just me being rebellious, I can't stand the little matching cuties some women find sexy. Wearing unmatched is my Fuck You to these types.
    As for my Blouse, according to "Business Woman" magazine lighter colors in the office are friendlier and less threatening.

    I want to be seen as threatening, so I of course chose a darker color. I covered my unmatched Bra with a Dark Green silk Blouse.
    It's from Italy and made by Saint Laurent, it's studded with a hiding flap for the buttons. I wear it tight and I do leave two buttons open to allow for my cleavage to do it's thing.

    I insist that my skirts be tucked so I like my blouses short as to not allow any tucked blouse material from under my skirt, that would interfere with a great upskirt shot.
    My heels were to top off my entire outfit. It was to knock out my competition and bring the focus to me. So I chose my most prized pair. I had longed for them and one day when I seen the right color I bought them on the spot. My shoe of choice was a pair of Manolo Blahnik's.

    They were Black Satin with a Crystal Ducci T-Strap. They were completely open on the sides and the strap was lined with real crystal all the way up to the top of the shoe. Even the buckle was lined with the expensive crystal. They made my sexy feet look as if they were wrapped in the most sexiest thing in the world. The look of all black and crystal on my tanned feet was mesmerizing in itself. And the added diamond studded ankle bracelet didn't exactly hurt my cause either, I was more than ready to destroy Lisa today, and I wondered how soaked I would make her panties as she watched me.

    I have for years practiced my ability to cause emotion by teasing, something I had perfected a long time ago. I literally have the ability to mesmerize a person, using just the right combination of tease and voice.
    It has been a well played game of mine since I can remember and I am the best at it. But It seems that too many people are too easy, Just show a little leg and they are putty in your hands. And I don't find the challenge I crave in that.

    Lisa and I were working on a project together so I knew we would be very close today. I had set up a perfect meeting environment in my large office where I have my silent competitions.
    I have two leather mid century chairs that directly face each other allowing for a close face to face interaction. It was a battleground so to speak. The chairs were not for Lisa mind you.

    I have had them for years in place and there were several dirty stories that I took home to hubby over the years involving my well thought out "Leg Ring" as Matt and I grew to call it.
    The chairs themselves were of course comfortable, made of leather and the arm rails were made of expensive wood.We were 5 minutes from our meeting time.

    I waited for Lisa, still in my desk chair. I wanted to make her watch me as I moved to the chairs to take a seat. There was no knock on my door, but rather the door just slowly opened.
    I looked into her big sexy eyes as I stood to make my dramatic but short walk to my "Leg Ring" But it felt that I could have done a better job with my walk, I just had the feeling that I didn't look as powerful or as sexy as I had planned it in my head.

    I slowly made my way, exaggerating every sexy weapon I had to the best of my ability. But her look was not one of a person shaken by a worthy rival.
    We sat directly across from each other but within striking proximity. I could snake my heel all the way up this bitch's skirt from where we sat. But first I will toy with her I thought to myself.

    ... **Matt is going to love this story, and I will be sure to give him every detail** ....

    My eyes were suddenly drawn to her feet. My heart started beating fast as I knew exactly the shoe she was wearing. They were Christian Louboutin and they were absolutely incredible, they were Black Salopatina and had Black lace lined with crystal running up the T-Strap all the way to the top.

    Adding to my fascination for them was the bottoms, they were Red, actually a nice dark whore Red. The fact that I knew she had paid more for her shoes than I did was a real let down. I was not used to this, being in a room with another woman who had more expensive shoes than I had.

    The difference in our shoes wasn't a knockout. It wasn't as if I felt she had bested me at first glance, they were obviously great but we had not even begun our meeting as of yet. And soon I knew I would mesmerize her to the point she would need to excuse herself for relief. But I wasn't planning on allowing her to leave, but rather I was going to make her cum right in front of me.

    We began our meeting going over documents and discussing strategies but the battle would soon begin, not even 10 minutes into it and I made the first move. I crossed my right leg over my left knee, showing my sexy black heels and my thighs just below my skirt.

    I started slowly bouncing my heel with my legs in a rocking motion. I made my heel so that it would dangle off my foot, showing the bitch my sexy and expensive taste. It was very subtle but very deliberate as well, as it required I unbuckle the ankle collar.

    I continued doing this for several minutes. I was watching her eyes and tried counting how many times her eyes shifted to my heels. I was at about 7 when she matched my leg cross with her own sexy version. Hers was more pointed right at me whereas mine was pointed to my left, something that I took note of.

    Still both pretending that this "meeting" was only a meeting and that there was nothing more going on. Certainly not a battle between legs and certainly not a game of tease, with both of us trying to make the other a wet pussied Beta Bitch.

    I stared her over, I had to admit she did have powerful looking legs, her calf muscles were big and so very evident. But I too am proud of my own calves, I crossed my legs again. This time resting my leg lower on my left knee.
    This allowed a view not only of my calf, but all the way up to my skirt. Not enough for her to see my pussy though. But it did allow for the longest leg display so far.

    She could now see from my heels all the way up to half of my thick thigh, a perfect view of my long tan silky smooth leg. To tell you the truth, I felt like she should thank me and acknowledge just how lucky she was to get such a sexy view. She was looking at my impressive thigh and lost her wording as she was reading one of her talking points. The first sign that I was getting to her.

    It was now my turn to read my prepared presentation. She began to take notes then changed her crossed foot, switching from one leg to the other and she expertly opened her legs enough so that I was treated to a quick flash of her panties.

    They were Red, and I think pretty slutty from what I could see. And it caused me to pause slightly while speaking....**Damint!!**... She also pointed her little whore Red shoe bottoms at me and made sure that I saw her cute little toe ring. ..**OMG why did I not think of that?**...

    I felt my clit twitch. Literally my clit had spasmed, it throbbed and hardened pushing into my panties from the way she was playing this game. I crossed my legs again, this time I made sure to give her a quick view of my panties as things were getting out of hand.

    I read on, but noticed Lisa at it again, crossing her legs wide and displaying her Red slutty panties again. She is proving to be every bit as good as me at teasing. Although my leg show was quite impressive and mesmerizing so was Lisa's, my concentration was being affected as I watched her as well.

    Her heel dangling there flashing Red bottoms back at me and on full display for me, and only inches from my own heel which I thought would dominate. But seeing our heels together, as hard as it was to imagine earlier in the day, Lisa had topped me with her shoes.

    Again I could feel my panties tightening harder as my hard clit was pushing into them, my little Bitch wanted to come out for a fight. I remained calm using my legs to try and redirect. But she had great legs too and was using them with incredible skill. I found myself wanting so badly to see up her skirt, to see her thick thighs and her panties better.

    I wondered how slutty they would be. I was getting wetter and wetter, she was as used to this as I was, she was even starting to have success at mesmerizing me a bit. It was her legs, they were so tan and silky and defined too. I began to feel that her leg show could cause my pussy to cumm without even being touched.

    I had to gather myself, the fact was, so far she is making me desire her more than I was making her desire me. And it was obvious to me as I panicked in my thoughts when I felt my clit actually twitch.She had made my clit thirsty for something physical. And she had caused an effect on my body, and that was my job. I make other women melt, I make other women's clit twitch and not the other way around.

    I can't believe it, this time I am bested, and there was no way around it. Her heels had just upstaged and outclassed my own. And if that wasn't enough she had actually outdueled me in a leg show too.
    And I knew that as if it went on any longer I would be fingering myself in front of her. In fact I did, sort of, I was pulsating my pussy and squeezing my thighs together to give some needed relief to my needy pussy. But I stopped myself as my brain acknowledged my loss.

    I was just in shock, I was embarrassed and I felt shame for allowing Lisa to upstage me like this. I spared no expense and gave it my all. I had no excuse, I had three days to prepare for this meeting and during a time when I was on a high from beating her only days before.

    I was supposed to win, I planned well, very well in fact. But Lisa had planned even better it appeared. Still I kept up though, It wasn't as if she had made my heels and legs an embarrassment. I looked her right in the eye and than back down to our heels. There was no escape for my emotions, the idea that I had lost made me practically depressed.

    But when her shoe suddenly jumped on mine pinning my foot to the carpeted floor I became absolutely livid. Up to this point in the day not a word of competition was spoken. We both knew it was going to happen though and we both planned our best strategies and here we are. With her Red bottoms pinning and creasing my expensive Black heels as my clit tugged at my panties.

    I struggled but could not free my poor shoe. As I used my leg to tug as hard as I could she just held my foot to the floor as if it were nailed there. My skirt rising higher as I struggled to no avail then she whispered to me, she actually whispered....... "Say I won"

    Her voice and demanding statement shot through my heart and straight to my pussy......I didn't know what to do, she had won of course but I just couldn't say it. Instead I snarled with a look of hatred on my face as my eyes followed her legs from her thighs down to her heel that was pinning mine against the floor, and as it did nothing to defend itself.

    That's it, it was more than I could take, but before I could react she had let my foot go as she laughed in my face and crossed her legs again daring me to do something. I was trying so hard to stay calm and pretend it wasn't affecting me, I crossed my legs again as I tried to downplay what had happened.

    But out of anger I slapped my dangled heel into hers. It was a decent hit too, you could hear the clicking sound from the collision of our expensive high heels.
    I wanted to damage her shoe, But it remained in place. It didn't even shake on her foot it just moved a little and stopped.

    To my surprise Lisa actually returned the exact same move. Slapping her shoe back into mine, we both watched as my heel wobbled on my foot but my toes barely allowed it to stay in place on my foot.
    I did not intend to, nor have I ever even thought of a high heel slap fight, but here we were right in the start of one as our heels were in a trading punches war.

    This time I gave more of a swing trying to use my foot to pivot from my heel and deliver an even harder hit to her amazing high heels.
    But the Bitch used her toes and moved her shoe out of the way avoiding contact. That part in itself was impressive but before I could even respect her brilliant move, she somehow countered me and delivered a perfectly timed hit that connected near the bottom of my heel.

    It was clearly the hardest and most successful hit yet. We both watched as my heel fell from my foot and onto the floor where it laid motionless on it's open side. I was able to take in what had happened. The embarrassment from my miss was more than enough, but to have my heel slapped from my foot was unheard of.

    I was stunned, and could hardly understand how my shoe was knocked down onto the floor. My heel could only be on the floor for so long before it would be considered a knockout, just like in a boxing match.
    So there was a count going on, not a spoken one but we both understood what was at stake. When my senses returned, I immediately picked it up and put it back on my foot. I could not live with myself if Lisa's foot out boxed mine. But she was simply lucky at it so far.

    I tried to not look defeated or embarrassed but I don't think my fake look of confidence fooled her one bit. I dangled and swung my heel harder on my foot this time and made my best attempt to knock her heel off of her foot as she smugly dangled the red bottoms at my stare.

    I landed a solid blow to her heel but it stayed in place on her foot. There was an awkward silence for a couple of seconds as she smiled at me. She then snaked her heel around to the backside of mine and locked our heels together.
    Our legs rubbing and battling back and forth as we both tried to destroy the other woman's shoe or at least knock it from the other's foot.

    The sounds of our hard heels fighting each other was louder than I had expected, and her feet and legs proved to be very strong, she was able to twist my heel with her own.
    My ankle was being bent as our heels were locked together. They were stuck there like two arms, arm wrestling. Locked tightly together as we fought with our heels.

    I was going to get my revenge and break her fucking heel if I had to. But then I could feel her foot bending my ankle further, twisting it to the point that I felt pain. Then as if in slow motion I could slowly feel my heel slipping down my foot, and once again my heel fell to the floor.

    Humiliated for a 2nd time I was very frustrated and I grabbed it with aggression and put it back on my foot once again. I was going to beat her heel if it was the last thing I did. I then used my other heel to step on her other heel on the floor, but even there she was able to out wrestle mine and ended up clamping my heel to the floor.

    Out of frustration I took another swing with my heel at her dangled foot. But she just moved her foot slightly and caused yet another miss from me.
    The misses were humiliating, it was as if she could toy with me. And her other heel pinning mine...**Was her feet really beating mine?....I must be having another dream. ...**Please tell me I am just dreaming again**...

    The next thing I knew she had caught my heel with another counter shot, it hit my heel directly at the bottom of my heel, I was barely able to turn my head in the direction that my heel went flying in time to see that it was flying end over end like a punted football, before landing in my deskside wastebasket.

    I was sickened. ...**did it really have to land in the fucking trash can? OMFG, That's it, I am done for, there is no way I can go and dig my heel out of the trash can without making it even worse than it already is. And even if I did, the Bitch had already proven that she was actually better at high heel fighting than I was""... "Oh no, did I just trash your shoes? Oh MY God that must be so embarrassing for you, Oh you poor thing, Imagine that, you wearing your prized heels only to have one of them beaten so badly that it ended up in the trash"

    Her words stung me as my heart had already dropped. I was getting upstaged so badly in my own office that it had stunned me. Moments earlier I was imagining how badly I was going to humiliate her, but she is making me look ridiculous in my own "Leg Ring"

    She was gloating with both of her heels on and wearing a smirk on her face with a side of I told you so. ...**Did this really just happen, OMG I can't believe it, this is so fucked up**...My head was hung down and all I could do was look at the heels and feet that had just humiliated my own.

    I was looking at them with hatred and lust but also I needed a break from her stare. I couldn't look her in the eyes, I couldn't look at her at all with the confidence I had just moments ago. All I could do was sit there with my twitchy and Bitchy clit wanting out, digging into my panties. It was as if it were caged. And as if it could smell the other pussy and was fighting to get free and attack the other cxnt in the room.

    "I expect your heels on my desk by the end of the day" My eyes instantly closed at hearing her words, they hit me where it counted, I let out a huge sigh, my mouth had subconsciously sucked my cheeks inward as my jaw had distracted as if to somehow hide my own slight nod of agreement.

    Of course my closed eyes made no difference, she could see me and she loved what she was watching. I was struggling to think.....I was lost in my first defeat and needed to handle it like a woman. But the initial shock of actually losing was something I was unprepared for.

    As I sensed she was about to get up, I shook my head no to her. She returned a look of curiosity at me. "let's compare more" I said to her, causing her to relax back in her chair.
    She folded her arms as if to ask what I had in mind. I then slowly spread my thighs open teasing her with my thighs as the slit in my skirt began to open. Her eyes were glued instantly to my skirt or up my skirt I should say. And she immediately began to match my reveal.

    Slowly opening her own thighs, while allowing the darkness underneath to continue to hide anything more. Her thighs were very prominent like my own. We were in a teasing game again but this time I opened up enough to let her see my panties, but not just my panty tip.

    I gave her eyes enough access to see al the way to the top of my panties, my hairy Blond bush and all. I did it in a way as I had never done it before, throughout all of my teasing games never had I let someone see me this way.
    I was spread so wide that it was just trashy, but I was going for shock value and this was no time for modesty. I wore these slutty panties for a reason and this was it. I was pointing my panty bulge right at her.
    I was sure that this would force an expected reaction of wetness and lust from her. After all my Blond bush was nothing short of incredible, and my clit making a bulge in my panties was making a statement of it's own. I sat there spread like that as to dare her to do the same.

    After all I knew she couldn't possibly match me. My clit looking like a tiny hard cock ready for a fight. I placed my thumb and index finger on it, through my panties and started jacking it off like a cock.
    This was a clear show of the power of my clit. She had beaten me in one way today, and now I am going to humiliate her in another. I was sure that I had her, and was looking forward to at least going home with something that belonged to Lisa. And Matt was still on my mind, I knew that I could still give him her panties and hide from him that I had lost my new heels to the bitch.
    I watched her face as she watched me jacking off through my sheer lace panties. She wouldn't be able to match my furry cxnt and my knowing that had restored my confidence. She seemed to just watch, and the more I jacked off my clit the closer to orgasm I was getting.

    The move to jack off my clit was a bold one intended to impress her, but her move to just watch and do nothing also seemed to be a clever one. I was either going to have to stop, or just cum in front of her and and I couldn't allow that.
    It would be as if she were causing me to cum just by looking at her. But I couldn't stop or it will look as if she had outsmarted me. ...** Gawd why doesn't this Bitch do something, OMG I have to stop before I cum and end up looking stupid, I can't beat myself**...

    Finally Lisa slowly and teasingly opened her thighs, spreading them more inch by inch, she now had my full attention...I could now see the very tip of her Red Panties, only about a half of an inch, I was getting wetter by the second at the thought of her exposing herself like this to me and losing.

    My cxnt is superior and soon we will both acknowledge that fact. She then followed my lead, spreading her thighs wide open allowing me for the first time to examine my competition closely.
    When I seen her Pussy through her pantied cxnt I involuntarily let out a gasp. It hit me like a ton of bricks, my heart fell to my stomach, but not as fast as my clit began to throb, still in between my fingers.

    I felt it, the little bitch of a clit actually throbbing uncontrollably in my tight panties as I removed my fingers to prevent an orgasm. But then I I was unable to hide it or pretend that I was unaffected by her pussy display.
    My throbbing clit was telling on me. My little Yellow panties looked as if they were hiding a beating heart. And Lisa knew what she was causing it, it was beyond embarrassing.

    We both watched it happening, my panties flexing in and out. And if I so much as touched her again (my clit) she was going to cumm, and I couldn't allow it. The accompanying audible gasp that escaped my mouth uncontrollably was only a second before my embarrassing clit reaction. It must have felt like such a great victory to her to know that she caused me to gasp and actually made my clit react just by the appearance of her pussy alone.

    I felt like a stunned boxer, trying to gather his thoughts. Lisa was doing a number on me. Her pussy looked amazing, her panties were completely sheer, the absolutely sluttiest panties that I had ever seen.
    But what really caused my clit to twitch and throb was not only did she have a huge bush, but she had a huge clit that caused a panty bulge that definitely threatened my own. I never imagined that Lisa would have a big clit and a hairy bush, maybe a little normal hair but never a full bush. Her clit stood to attention too, I mean it was pointing upwards as if it was trying to climb out of her panties and fight my own.

    I don't know how long I stared but I looked over every inch of her womanhood, her dark bush actually stuck out of the top of her panties as well. And she was thick, and I knew that she could be even hairier than me.
    My eyes went back and forth between our pantied cxnts, we had it all. Big pussy lips, big clit and they were staring each other down.

    Her threatening cxnt was was 3 feet away from mine, daring my pussy to do something about it. And my clit was dying to get at hers.
    Then Lisa repeated my move, using her thumb and finger to jack off her own clit. She was challenging me to a jack off contest. I was at that time afraid to accept her challenge as I knew I couldn't last long before I would orgasm.

    And the worst part was that as she jacked her clit off, it grew more. She wasn't done growing, her clit hardened and pointed up even more as she stroked it, maybe even besting mine in size, but if so it was fractional.
    All of this made me as was wet as a whore and knew that I had no hope of accomplishing what I set out to do. I had put my bush and cxnt on the line and could not say that mine was better.

    This was very disappointing to me. Now it was only a comparison of course, but it was clear that visually she had no reason to be afraid of me. As her hairy pussy and big clit were every bit as sexy as mine.
    Her Black hair was so velvety and was not typical of the women I had compared with. It was the first time that I had seen a dark bush equal my Blond one. And I will never look at Lisa the same.

    I had no choice, I had to match Lisa stroke for stroke, I began to jack off with her, matching her pace but trying to do it lighter and softer than she was. I tried so hard to not cum, but the more I jerked the more my legs stiffened and my toes stretched upwards. She was jacking her clit at a faster pace than I was earlier, and it made it even worse to match her without squirting a losing orgasm.

    She was using her thumb and her middle finger and jerking her clit, she was doing it with longer strokes than were necessary as to insinuate that her clit was bigger than mine.
    The more I watched the closer I was getting to orgasm. I would look at her face to see how effected she was by my show, and she was of course, but not as much as I was by her show. I wanted to close my eyes so that I didn't have to look at her sexy pussy, but that would be cheating and it would be considered an beta thing to do.

    She winked and blew me a kiss as my moans grew louder. The Bitch knew she had me, there was nothing I could do. I started cumming and I mean I was I was cumming all over myself and my expensive chair.
    I didn't speak, I could only moan and pant as my legs lifted from the floor and pointed straight out. My "ugly O" face had added to the the squirting juices flying through my slutty panties.
    She just watched, and right as my first orgasm had stopped I had crossed my legs and began squeezing tight, I was squeezing my pussy by tightly crossing my legs and humping my thighs into my begging cxnt. I began bouncing my legs again.

    Normally this was a way I would masturbate hands free in public without letting on to what I was doing. It's called syntribation. But I didn't even mean to do it consciously.
    It had something to do with my unconscious mind blocking out the reality of what just happened. I needed to cumm again, but my mind would not accept what my body needed so there I was looking pathetic and strange as I bounced and moved one leg on the other to simulate a fucking type of motion.

    Hiding what I was doing wasn't even necessary, she had just seen me cumm all over myself. But I was trying my best to hide my second orgasm anyway while squeezing my pussy over and over as if she somehow she couldn't tell what I was doing.

    Lisa sat there in complete control, watching me with her legs propped up now on the wooden arm rails showing her big meaty and hard clit. She started talking to me, telling me a story about a hot wife who had delved into a kinky lifestyle and held an over inflated and undue self confidence.

    And how this woman cherry picked her opponents, how she hid her personal inadequacies, ...."You see this woman thought she was a Dominant but she was really just a Subby cuckquean. She had enjoyed her victories and each conquest had added to her confidence but she never really had true competition"

    "Then one day she had began to measure herself against a woman even better than herself. But she never thought it would get real, she had only intended to play games".....
    She was of course telling a fictitious story where I was the main character. It only added to my horror that I found myself hanging on to her every word, I was actually getting off on her story.

    She was very detailed in her story, going over my sexual activities and my personal life with impressive accuracy. However she was wrong about one thing, I had seen real competition, I had been in real sexfights before. She then talked about her fucking Matt after she was done humiliating his wife. She pushed her pussy towards me, bringing attention to it as she went into detail of what she would do to him and how she would fuck him and make me watch.

    She started jacking her clit off again, even more aggressive than I was moments ago. And I shut down, I mean I literally froze in panic but kept pressing my thighs into my cxnt. Still trying to play it off that I wasn't even masturbating, even though it was obvious. my subconsious mind just couldn't allow Lisa to see that she is capable of doing this to me.

    ..." Go ahead, make yourself cum again you pathetic bitch"....Her words only made me do it more as I exaggerated my crossed legs to a point that it must have looked ridiculous and started rubbing my breasts and nipples through my expensive blouse.

    I was so lost, so fucked and upstaged by her when Matt suddenly popped in my head. ...**What will he think if it ends like this and I have to tell him?**... But I could only do it more as she pulled her panties tight into her cxnt, she wanted me to see it and feel as if it were in fact better and sexier than my own.

    My moans were very low and quiet but they were there and the bitch was hearing them. And the more I looked and sounded pathetic the more I was getting off on it.
    I didn't care at the time what it looked like, the humiliation was getting me off and this had never happened to me before....hhuhh...hhuuhhh..mmphhffhh....I came, I orgasmed with my legs crossed as I imagined Matt fucking her, the thought of me as some desperate cuckquean wife who was forced to watch her man fuck a better woman was too much.

    My body convulsing and shaking, filling my husbands favorite panties. As I leaned forward reacting to my orgasm, I actually lunged forward, my mouth open, my arm around Lisa's neck as I desperately needed to kiss her.
    But Lisa slapped my face causing me to fall out of my chair and onto the carpeted floor. She smiled looking down at me. Then I felt her black and red heel gyrating on my yellow thong as she held my my legs high by holding my feet.

    One hand gripping my heel, the other wrapped around the ankle of my bare foot. She was shoe fucking me and it was better than anything that I could have imagined.
    My hips were pushing up into her shoe as I made a desperate attempt to fuck into it from the floor. I was having my third orgasm and I could not believe the level of humiliation I was feeling as I exploded. I would have at that time allowed her to walk me like a dog around the empty office and liked it.

    My legs now fully extended as I fucked into her heel to maximize my orgasm, I was screaming beneath her, watching as she looked down at me smiling. When it was over and I was unable to lift myself off the floor she started jacking off above my head. And when she started cumming she was squirting right on my face, hair and blouse. The wetness caused much of my Green silk blouse to darken and look as if I had spilled something all over myself.

    I finally caught my breath, and her expression changed, her look was much more serious now " Give them to me" she said. And I knew instantly that she meant my fresh cummy panties. I had nothing left, I just wanted to go home and get out of there.

    I caught my breath and raised from the dirty office carpet. And almost fell over as I was balancing my stance with one shoe, I had forgotten that I was wearing only one shoe. With all that had happened it was no wonder I was in shock and unaware of my surroundings.

    I felt pathetic as I walked back to my chair, I was raising and lowering with each step having a heel on one foot while the other was bare. And the short walk seemed long and humiliating, it was pathetic and was a far cry from my normal graceful and confident walk.

    I paused to get control before I fell back onto my chair, that's when she raised her heel and put it right on my neck, I could see the red bottoms as she pushed me deeper into my chair, not actually choking me but showing me who was in control.

    I quickly lifted my hips as I lowered my panties past my phat ass and down my thighs and finally past my one heel. When I had them in my hand I could feel how soaked they were, I actually had juices in my hand from the brief contact as I raised them to her.

    She laughed as she took them. I could feel that I had ruined my expensive chair, it was soaked and looked as if I had spilled something on it too. Once she had them she told me to walk and get my other heel out of the trash can. Once again I was humiliated by my pathetic walk lifting higher on one foot with each step, I just felt so stupid walking like that. Then the worst thing of all happened, she had pulled out her cell phone and began taking pictures of me. There was nothing I could do. She must have taken twenty pictures.

    Then she dragged me by my hair over to my desk where she sat in my chair and made me crawl to kiss her pussy as she took more selfies. She then got up, straightened herself out and walked away.
    I left the office with her cum all over my blouse, my face and even my hair. My whole car smelled of her pussy as I drove home. Then I received her first text alert, of course it was a picture of me. I pulled over to get a good look. I wanted to see how I looked, I studied it, my appearance, the look in my eyes.

    The thing that most bothered me was I knew that at one point I actually enjoyed her humiliating me and I wanted to see if there was any sign of that in my face and how bad I looked. I focused on my lips and noticed that I puckered them more than necessary when I was kissing her cxnt.

    I went home pantyless and barefoot and Matt was waiting by the door. He was excited to hear all the details of our meeting in the Leg Ring and was eager to smell his wife's coworkers panties.
    I couldn't look him in the eye and he knew right away. The wetness on my blouse and hair clearly smelled of pussy and it wasn't his wife's pussy scent either. He seen that I had no shoes and he lifted my skirt to find his favorite panties missing.

    They were beaten right off of his wife's powerful pussy. He looked at me as if my head had fell off, "What happened Nancy? And you better tell me everything, what exactly happened?
    Part 2

    " She beat me, I started crying, I lost baby... you should have seen her cxnt, she...she has the hairiest sexiest bush that I have ever compared against...and her clit is like a tiny cock" I then ignored his shocked look and his following questions as I sat down in a chair with my face in my hands crying with shame.

    Although he was shocked and disappointed he was supportive. Telling me that everything would be ok. But I wasn't sure that it would. The humiliation she had caused me was making me want to cum again even as I was reduced to a crying girl in front of him.

    I finally stood up choking back the tears and led him by hand to our bedroom. I stripped of my wrinkled wet clothes, laid him down, took off his pants and jumped on his dick. My wet pussy took his cock with ease.
    His curiosity forced him to ask more questions even as I was slamming up and down on his fat cock. How could she have beaten you baby? Why did you let her beat you?" ..."I didn't "let" her beat me, I just couldn't stop her you motherfucker"

    "Just fuck me and tell me a story about me and Lisa in a fuckfight" I said as moved my hair onto my face and sniffed my cum soaked hair. I then offered him a handfull of my hair to sniff and and told him to smell her.
    "Do you think she smells better than me baby?" "No, you are a better woman than Lisa"... I stopped him,

    " No...Tell me that Lisa is a better woman than me, Tell me that you want to fuck her"...He was puzzled and said that he would not tell me that. But I grabbed his face in one hand and squeezed his cheeks tight, " TELL ME MOTHERFUCKER....TELL ME THAT LISA'S PUSSY IS BETTER THAN MINE...." I can't say that, I can't say that another woman is better than you, what is wrong with you?" ....

    " I want you to say it, I like it......SAY IIIIT!!!!"...."Lisa's pussy is better than yours"....

    ..."OHHHHH....OOOHHH....Tell me if she came over right now, you would stop fucking me to fuck her instead".....

    " IF Lisa walked through that door right now I would make you eat her better pussy while I fucked her"

    His words made me so hot, I loved it, I loved hearing my husband tell me that Lisa was better than I was....I jumped off his dick after my first orgasm, I grabbed one of her heels that I had supposedly "won" from her and laid on my back on the bed....

    " Fuck me some more baby"....He got on top of me and put his hard dick back inside of me and started pounding me hard...I was taking his cock for all it was worth and started suking her shoe like it was a dick, sticking the toe end into my mouth, getting my mouth all the way around it and making sure that my tongue slobbered the dirty bottom...
    .." TALK"........he knew what I meant....."

    " I wish Lisa was here right now, would you like to watch me fuck her baby?"....

    " YESSSS.....Would you fuck her babyyyy?"....

    "You're damn right I would, I would fuck her better than I fuck you and right here in your bed"....

    "...OOOHHHH...I'm Cuuumiiiiiiiiing.....youuu...wantt herrrr babyyyyyy?....."

    "Fuck yes I do, I want her more than I want you. now cum on Lisa's dick, cum on her dick baby, this dick belongs to Lisa"....

    His last words were hott but came too late, my orgasm was over and I couldn't cumm anymore. Lisa had beaten the cumm out of me and even Matt could not make me cumm again. I was finished.
    The next morning I noticed that he had put my cum soaked blouse on his dresser. I knew he wanted to smell her again and I didn't care. In fact I had planned to humiliate myself more by wearing my blouse in public with her scent still on it.

    The shameful thought of doing so was getting my cxnt wet again. I took a shower and went to bed, the next morning Matt wanted the whole story. So I told him everything. He gave me a hug and a kiss on my head when I finished with the details. He then wanted to talk about why I thought that I had enjoyed her humiliating me and why I wanted him to do it further.

    To that I had no immediate answer, but I had the weekend to put myself back together before going back to work on Monday. I am not sure why I even wanted Matt in on the humiliation that she had caused me, I suppose to be even further humiliated by it.

    I went over everything in my head. How I had lost my shoes, my panties, my dignity...everything to her. And while having this very thought my text message alert sounded. I thought nothing of it, I had not considered the possibility that it could even be Lisa but it was.

    I opened it and was immediately horrified, It wasn't a picture of my pussy, my shoes or even my panties. No it was a picture of her wrist with my prized watch around it. The very watch that Matt had bought me for our Anniversary, my Fucking Gold Longines La Grande Classique.

    It changed my entire outlook of everything. My watch was not on the line, it was not a part of the game and she knew that. I was not even aware that I didn't have it. I do remember selecting it the day of our battle. But I don't recall it ever leaving my wrist and I had not noticed it missing when I got home.

    In fact I had forgotten all about it until this very moment. There were other pictures of course. The next was of her wearing my heels while holding her wrist up to show my watch. And after that a picture of her wearing my panties meant to show how my panties could not cover her gorgeous Black bush.

    The last picture was of her panties on top of mine, just our posed panties on her bed. Her only thought was to destroy my pride, humiliate me and destroy me by showing off the things she had won and stole from me. I have never before seen such a savage level of hatred coming from another human being.

    By now I was over enjoying the humiliation and was ashamed of myself for it. It was like a switch was turned on in me and I was sure that it was my desire for humiliation that beat me and not Lisa herself.
    The woman who had humiliated me Friday was not the woman who handed me her property on Monday. And she wasn't working out, I know that for a fact, so why did she happen to have a pair of tennis shoes with her? I went home barefoot Friday as I had no back up plan. She definitely planned it, she planned all of this, the little Bitch.

    But then I received yet another picture. It was of her and her husband side by side, both holding up their middle fingers to say fuck you to me. Her husband must have helped her put this all together.
    That made me feel as if my win over her was legit, and her husband must have helped to repair her pride and convince her to let me bring the battle to her a 2nd time.
    She lured me in and the two of them planned it. I imagined them shopping for the shoes and attire that she wore for our battle
    It had been 9 years since my last real sexfight, I was long out of the circle of real competition. If I was going to get revenge, I needed a plan. I turned to the internet to find out more about the psychology of humiliation, I just had to find out why I went into my battle with Lisa so confident, and why I choked, lost and then desired my defeat.

    At first I didn't learn much, just that the the very word humiliation derives from the Latin root word humus which means dirt or earth (which I had enjoyed her treating me like dirt) I learned that I must have had these feelings prior, and I had no doubt that these feelings were initiated by a coworker at the bank that I worked at 9 years earlier. These desires likely grew from an extreme and humiliating experience. Interesting, I had sabotaged myself as a punishment for losing to Jill from my old place of work.

    The more I suppressed those feelings, the more my desire for them grew. But I also learned that sometimes when you fully experience a suppressed desire such as humiliation, it may very well become less desirable to the conscience mind.

    It was Sunday now and last night Matt and I had our normal sex, which was pretty terrific. But I did not so much as mention Lisa all day, and I certainly did not bring her up during sex. That's not to say that the incident wasn't on my mind every minute of the weekend, it was.

    But it had developed into more hatred for her and less respect, and instead of enjoying the humiliation I now despised her for it. I had already decided that I was going to get even with her, something I would not have dreamed of attempting to do Friday.

    In the evening I had debated with myself, one part of me wanted to take some time off from work and the other said that if I do it will be yet another victory for Lisa. I went to bed sure that I would be at work Monday morning, but there I was calling my boss Monday morning instead.

    And I asked for more than the day off, I had explained how I would need the next two weeks off, pretending that I had a family emergency. My boss was very accommodating as I had not taken much time off in the 8 years that I had been there. She even suggested that I take more time if need be.

    I went onto Amazon to shop for sex toys. In no time I had decided on a few toys, one being a double headed dildo, another being a fat 10" suction cup cock. I am going to practice fucking and grinding, and I will get even with her. I even purchased "The Tremor" from Amazon. It was $849.00. It is a vibrating ribbed fuck toy on a seat more or less. It has Rock -N-Roll function. Meaning it rocks as you fuck it and rolls too.

    I checked it for positive reviews. One user review stated that his wife would not try it for 3 months, but when she did her orgasm was "Fast" and "Powerful" Another said that The Tremor introduced her to sensations that she could only dream of before riding it.

    I decided to try it, I needed something to challenge my pussy to cum quickly. If I could fuck this thing for a fair amount of time without cumming, I could outfuck Lisa too I thought. And I used it several times in preparation for an upcoming cxnt to cxnt fight with Lisa.

    The two weeks flew by, but I was much better prepared. It was now Sunday night, the night before my return to work. Throughout my time off I often wondered how Lisa felt and I imagined that she must feel like the Queen of the office in my absence.

    I did a lot of thinking and I felt quite confident in my ability to regain what was rightfully mine, my Alpha status! I knew that as I was preparing so was Lisa. She of course knew when I would be returning to work and would no doubt be ready to gloat and put it all in my face.

    I prepared my clothing, I decided to wear a dark Red silk blouse, with a similar Black skirt, but this time I topped my feet off with a pair of Christian Louboutin's, they were Black and since the red soles had such an effect on me, I played her game and bought a pair with similar Red bottoms. But the bottoms also had black stripes crossing from left to right.

    My panties were Red too, I wanted them to match my heels when my feet were up, and I liked the idea that I wore the same colors as she did prior. They were completely sheer this time and my cxnt looked amazing in them. The next morning I arrived early and went into my office unnoticed.

    Although I had not yet seen Lisa, my nipples stiffened and my clit twitched as I could smell her, I could actually smell her. I had been there for several minutes before I remembered why, she had squirted all over my office. And OMG I was sitting in her dried juices.

    The Bitch knew that I would smell her, she had already succeeded at getting into my head without even being near me. The Little Slut. I contemplated my next move. Do I just stay here and wait for her? Do I hunt her down and take the fight to her? As it turned out my next move was to lock my door and finger myself to oblivion. I was right back to being pathetic? I was on my hands and knees with my face in my chair sniffing it like some pervert.

    I must have gotten off three times and my office still smelled of Lisa's dominant pussy scent. I realized as I unlocked my door that someone was at the door as if they were listening in on me. There was no knock, the door knob just turned as Lisa let herself in.

    She pointed her nose in the air and started sniffing as if to smell the air. It sickened me that she was smelling my cxnt scent like that, why did I have to masturbate.

    " I can smell Alpha pussy and just a hint of beta pussy, maybe on the side?"

    She then got nose to nose with me as we stared into each others eyes, for a moment I thought she was going to slap my face.

    But I wasn't nervous, my blood was heated and I was ready to fight her anyway necessary. I grabbed her by her hair an pulled her towards the wall......
    " Bitch If you want to take me on then we do it woman to woman, and we settle it like women should"...

    " I want to fuckfight, my body against your body, my sex against yours.....but we can't do it here at work. Instead we should meet outside of work" " Matt and I will meet you and your husband for dinner and drinks, then we will go back to our place to fuck it out in front of our "sexfight addicted" husbands...

    We will give them the fight of their dreams and settle our differences at the same time" Lisa smiled and looked right into my eyes..."You are fucked, you have no idea what you just got yourself into. Let's do it, my husband Danny and I will meet you two for dinner and drinks, but instead of going to your place, you two will come to ours and the loser will be humiliated"

    If you and Matt are up for it, I suggest the winner fucks the losers husband right in front of her".. .." No fucking way, If you want this fine, our husbands can watch, but I don't want to fuck Danny and you certainly are not fucking Matt, take it or leave it Bitch"...."Fine, I will leave it then, we can leave things just as they are" She said.

    I was stunned at the suggestion **She is a whore, a nasty narcissistic, attention seeking dirty whore, and I can't let it end like this, I can't let this go** "How about something else a stake?"...

    "Well what do you have in mind Nasty Nancy?"...

    ...** Nasty Nancy? She has reduced to playground names now?**...

    "How about the loser transfers to another location? Here in Indiana I mean, but she will not remain at this office?"

    "Not good enough Nancy, there is no way out of this where you don't have to watch me fuck Matt. How about we each fuck each others man and see who can make the others husband cum faster?" And the loser will transfer as well?"

    "I will talk to Matt" I did not want this type of contest but I also didn't want her to keep her victory over my head a long sit down discussion with Matt we had come to terms with the situation, we both agreed to Lisa's demands and our marriage was strong enough to handle what needed to be done.

    That Friday evening I was dressed with the most expensive outfit I had ever worn. I will skip all the details of brand names, but I was braless and in the sexiest Black evening gown ever made.

    My neckline was plunged to nearly my stomach, and I was showing a lot of side boob, yet I was confident the gown would not cause a wardrobe malfunction as I had tested it, and even when I shook my chest my breasts remained tightly covered.

    My feet were covered in Gold Glitter heels, they were sparkling and made for attention. My pussy was covered in a Gold sheer thong and of course was not able to completely cover my Blond Bush.

    Matt and I arrived first at The Eagle restaurant in downtown Indianapolis, we had a very private table that I had handpicked days before.

    The lighting was perfect and romantic, dark with only accent lighting. And the COVID-19 pandemic spaced tables much further apart than normal. It made our already secluded table even more secluded. You would have to turn a corner to even see us and that was the plan. The table was absolutely perfect in case things got out of hand.

    As we were already seated I turned as I noticed someone coming around the corner, It was Lisa she was wearing a Gold evening gown of her own. Like my own, her neckline plunged to nearly her stomach.

    She was also wearing a stunning necklace. The necklace fell between her breasts in a way more stunning than I had thought possible.

    ...** Is there any more ways this woman can shock me**... I thought to myself. Even though I was prepared and had my guard up, my pussy was getting hott already.

    She was also wearing a black and studded COVID mask that highlighted her complexion and the Gold like studs contrasted with her Black hair perfectly.

    Her Black High Heels were similar to the ones that mesmerized me in the office, except they were highlighted with Gold glitter. We said our hello's as they both took a seat across from us, Lisa of course directly across from me.

    After our meal we ordered wine for everyone, we were getting more relaxed but I had been staring daggers into Lisa all the while.

    As we sat with our legs under the table she accidentally (or on purpose) bumped her high heel into mine. And I grew instantly defensive as I know how lethal she can be with her feet.

    So instead of taking her on in another foot battle I shifted my feet as to avoid her contact. But the little Bitch kept it up and our shifting feet had caught the attention of the men who easily figured out what was going on.

    It was My husband Matt who had suggested an alternative solution to fighting our feet under the table. " It would be so sexy if the two of you could battle right here, right now in the restaurant in some way, but you can't be bringing attention to yourselves as you are now"

    "Why don't the two of you use those feet instead to try and make each other cum under the table? Whoever loses, has to hand her panties to the winner right here in the restaurant"...

    I knew why Matt had suggested our panties as the stake for losing. He knew that mine were very expensive and that would give me incentive, but he also wanted so badly to smell my rival's pussy, and I wanted that for him too.

    Danny was only too happy with the suggestion. I immediately lifted my heel up Lisa's leg and found her panty covered cxnt and just as fast I was flicking my shoe over her fat clit and hairy bush, all the while I was watching her facial expression to judge my effectiveness.

    I then felt her heel, and of course she had to do it with style. She started low down onto my ankle and then up my calf and I felt a shiver in my body. She then went on to my thigh and finally right on my clit at the center of my Gold panties.

    And just as she had opened her thighs to allow my heel complete access, I did the same. I spread my thighs for her, as I was confident that I would win this game.

    A couple of minutes into it and I felt her panties getting wetter as the bottom of my shoe was getting slippery. But what I didn't expect was how well she could manipulate my pussy from a seated position.

    And that had made my own pussy wet and slippery, I could feel my juices making suds through my panties as she began a pattern of clit manipulation on me.

    So far we were successful at not drawing any attention to ourselves. We would even sip wine as the battle was underway. Matt at one point even had to ask if we were still at, it and how it was going as we played it off so well.

    But Lisa beat me to answer him..." I will tell you how it's going, you're stupid wife is getting her panties pushed inside of her nasty cxnt, I am fucking her Matt, I am playing your wife's little Golden pussy like a musical instrument"

    ..."Is that true baby?"...."Helll noo it isn't truuue.....Her pussy is aaazz wet as..can get".....Lisa laughed..." She can't even talk right so you might want to hold your questions until after I have her sitting in her own cum mmkay?"

    After all of my preperation for her, I could not believe that she was getting the better of me. She used the tip of her heel to slap my clit back and forth with an incredible display of talent, and then lightly pushed my clit around as if she were squishing a bug.

    She had practically turned her shoe into a vibrator....."Baby...she is getting to you, you better do something, whatever you do, do not let her make you cum"...Matt was taking it personal, almost as if he were the one in the contest.

    I tried to remain focused and ignore how she was making my pussy feel, and to concentrate my efforts on her pussy as I fucked her through her nasty underwear.

    I tried slapping her pussy, pushing it, grinding it. humping it. But no matter what I did she countered with something that was more effective at stimulating my pussy.

    It was getting dirtier, I was starting to have to bite my lip to keep from moaning as Lisa continued to prove that she was very skilled at finding my most sensitive places, her heel was manipulating my pussy in way that I could not duplicate, or have been expected to prepare for.

    I was losing focus but was trying to keep it all together and my efforts to stimulate her were fading fast. ...** Fuck she's going to make me cum, she is really going to make me fucking cum in my panties at a goddamn restaurant**...

    I knew it would be considered cheating, or even running, but I panicked and reached my hand down to grab her ankle to try and stop the inevitable, I was willing to do anything to avoid gushing my cumm all over the place and be beaten right in front of my husband. But even that could not stop her, her legs were too strong.

    I was desperate to stop myself from cumming, I embarrassed myself when the silly words came out of my mouth"Time Out...Tiiime oooouuut" I knew the words were a sign that I was choking in this battle but it was too late to take them back.

    Lisa bursted into laughter and Matt looked at me with empathy and disgust for what was happening...." Time Out, did you just call for a Time Out?....My poor Stupid Nancy, there are no time outs, you will just have to shut up and lose, you stupid lesser woman you"

    "Now cum right in front of your husband"....Lisa was cruel, she then started bouncing her knee up and down as she vigorously pushed and pulled at my hard fat clit..

    It was coming to an end quickly, I put my elbows on the table with my hands straight up, I curled my fingers as if I were clawing at something. Both men began to watch us and specifically watch me as my reactions reflected an approaching orgasm and no doubt a wild uncontrollable one at that.

    With my hands still open and my fingers still curled I began to shake my hands and arms from the pivoting point the table and my elbows had created. I shook them back and forth in quick little motions. My foot falling from her pussy in the process, my legs tightening and stretching as my orgasm started.

    And to my horror, my shaking body had caused my breasts to spring free, not just one of them but both of them popped out and were bouncing free and jiggling to the motions of Lisa's foot fucking.

    The waitress turned the corner just in time to hear me..."Sheee's maakinggg meee cuuuummmm baaaabyyyyy...Oh Gawd...Oh Gawd Oh Gawd ooog ggaawd oooggh oggghh yu fuwckiing biitch...ooohhh...ohhh gahhh gahhh...gahhh...gahhh...

    Even as I was cumming I was aware of the waitress, and was trying desperately to cover my exposed tits with my gown, but had to settle for a hand bra, it was the best I could do at the moment.

    The orgasm had caused my hands to tighten around my breasts, it must have looked like I was giving myself pleasure instead of trying to hide myself from the embarrassment. I grinded my hips into her heel, practically begging her to finish me off.

    Lisa was taking my cumm from me, and I humped her high heel like a thirsty dog as my husband, Danny and the waitress all watched me. My tits covered by my hands but still bouncing with the rhythm of being thoroughly fucked.

    My orgasm was over and I quickly pulled my gown back over my breasts. The waitress just stared at me, it was obvious that she loved watching and was now very aroused.

    I did not know her, and would likely never see her again but I was devastated that she had witnessed me losing to Lisa, as it was an obvious contest.

    She finally turned and left but both men continued looking at us, my husband looking at me with empathy and concern and Danny looking at Lisa like she just made him the proudest man in the world. ...**Oh My God I can't believe that just happened**...

    " Did somewun cummy wummy in her ittle bitty panties?" Lisa was baby talking me as I tried to recover, I couldn't respond as I just wanted to catch my breath. But Matt told her to knock it off, and that caused a hard look from Danny as he did not appreciate Matt speaking to his wife this way.

    And it wasn't quite over yet, Lisa had twisted her heel into my panties and began tugging them from my Ass, I even subconsciously lifted my Ass to assist her, she slid them past my thighs and calves and they sprang free from the snag my heels had caused.

    She reached under the table and finally pulled them up to show her new trophy. She didn't try and hide it either, she stretched them back and forth, and took a sniff of them and handed them for Danny to sniff also.

    " I told you she wasn't much darling" Lisa said to Danny. But Matt was defending me saying that I was more of a woman than Lisa ever would be. Danny and Matt were about to get into it when Lisa spoke up to calm the situation.

    " You know, we should all just get out of here and head to our place" Lisa suggested. Matt helped me to my feet although I was now fine to stand on my own, we started out just before Lisa and Danny but our attention was drawn back as Lisa started laughing and took a picture of my seat at the table.

    I did not need to see it, I knew what she was laughing at. She was laughing at the wet spot that I apparently had left on the seat. It was further humiliating by the sight of her taking a picture of it though.

    As we got in our car to follow them Matt started speaking. " When we get to their place I want you to fuck her until she can't stand, I want you to humiliate that little Bitch every way possible, you hear me?"
    "No woman is going to disrespect me and my wife like this and get away with it" I didn't respond, I was still trying to understand how I lost again and I began to wonder if I was just going to her house for more humiliation and embarrassment.
    As we pulled in their long drive-way I was impressed by their beautiful home's exterior. When we were all inside it wasn't the immediate fuckfight that I was prepared for.

    Instead we were taken on a tour of the house and settled into their full basement which appeared to be the place where the partying took place. It had a full dance floor, a pool table and even a gym equipped with punching bags and weights.

    Danny had brought us more wine and Lisa seemed to be suddenly nice, asking if I would like to see her gym. I agreed to check it out as the men were looking at the theater and stereo system.

    The mood was hardly one you would have expected after so much competition from two wives hell bent on humiliating each other. But my mind was of course busy with the thoughts of what had happened and what was to come.

    The four of us gathered around the pool table as Danny and Matt were playing pool. Lisa put on some music and motioned for me to join her on the dance floor. I knew this was it, this was going to lead into our monumental fuck fight.

    So I eagerly joined her. We were face to face dancing and of course we both were trying to out dance each other. She has moves but it became clear soon that I was indeed the better dancer and Lisa couldn't quite keep up.

    She then turned and aimed her phat Ass right at my husband. " This Ass is better than your wife's" she said as she started twerking. And she was amazing at itand I could tell that her twerking skills were superior to my own.

    I of course was forced to twerk with her as I couldn't look like a coward. But she was out twerking me and that was obvious. I hated that Matt was watching another woman shake her bigger Ass better than I could as it was something that I did for him on the regular. I was very good at it, but Lisa was even better.

    She then turned her Ass to mine as Cardi B's W.A.P was blairing through the speakers, filling the room with bass and a beat to slap our Asses together.

    I slammed my Ass against hers for all it was worth, but the bitch just slapped my Ass wherever she wanted with hers.
    This was an eye opener for my husband. He could have never of imagined his wife's proud Ass being slapped around like it was.

    I had enough of her Ass eating mine and I turned her to face me, she was now right in my face, we were tits to tits in our gowns as she used her breasts to slap mine.

    However that did not produce the results that she was hoping for as my firm breasts held their ground and so did my gown, and her slap had actually caused her own breast to pop out.

    But the little Bitch had too much pride to cover up, or perhaps if she did so she would feel as if she had lost. Either way she kept her left tit fully exposed as she went in for another tit bump, this one more successful as she had knocked my left tit free from my gown.
    Danny shut off the music, I suppose to better hear our reactions to one another. It appeared to be tied up as we both had one tit exposed now.

    As confident as I was entering tonight's meeting, I was now a little nervous as I had been embarrassed at the restaurant and by our Ass show. I was praying that the next clash of breasts did not leave me fully exposed and give her another win.

    I made the next move, lunging forward and crashing my covered breast into hers and her gown flew away from her chest like it was on springs. Exposing both of her breasts completely. I was jumping for joy in my mind, finally I had a win over her, and I was proud of it.

    She then stood there puffing her tits out, trying to minimize her embarrassment at having her breasts exposed. I removed the gown from my other breast and stood breast to breast with her.

    Now we could all finally see, we could finally compare our tits like never before. Lisa had fat meaty tits for sure, as did I. And I was taken back when I realized that she did best mine in size albeit very slightly.

    Tit to Tit though she was bigger than me and I had no push up bra to blame it on either. There was no excuses our breasts were uncovered and out for the judging.

    And honestly there was no clear winner in comparing them alone. As slightly bigger wasn't enough to win. There would have to be a fight to know who had the better breasts overall.

    Danny spoke up, telling us to look at his wife's incredible nipples. And she certainly did have amazing nipples too, they were quite perky and hard as well as long, and they were very pointed like my own, although her nipples were darker than my pinkish color.
    It was obvious that her nipples were as much of a source of pride for her, as mine were for me.
    I once again was surprised by Lisa. It figures, everything about her was just incredible. I just could not believe that my nipples could not best hers in appearance.

    My nipples were my "go to" if ever I was surpassed by size. And yet there she is besting me in breast size and equaling my nipples. I had never before been up against nipples as big as my own, this has never happened. I looked back and forth at my tits and nipples and hers, as did Matt and Danny and I watched as her eyes were glued to my tits and my nipples as well.

    Maybe it was all of the humiliation that I had endured so far that caused me to be so aggressive. Or that I was ready to get it over with, win or lose, but I was setting the pace for this game and I was determined to humiliate this Bitch.

    I would not live another day without knowing if she would discontinue my rein as Queen of the office and make me irrelevant. I just had to know as my biggest fear is to be deemed irrelevant. I simply will not let anyone erase me. I would move to another town and start over before I would accept living in another woman's shadow.
    I closed the distance on her and slowly inched my nipples towards hers until they kissed, a nipple kiss is the only way to describe it. And she and I both watched as our little hard-ons touched ever so slightly.

    We did not move as we wanted only our nipples to fight it out. We used nothing more than our breathing to swell our nipples closer together. They were pushing head on for a minute or so. It was like slow motion and I could see Danny's expression as my nipples had Lisa's nipples nearing a bend. I couldn't flatten hers.
    But It was enough to show who was winning, And it was the first sign of any sort of victory. I moved my nipples in only another millimeter or so and Lisa's nipple finally folded, bending into her own areola.
    She let out a gasp as her husband shook his head in disgust and shock too I suppose. I took advantage pressing in a bit more and held her nipples flat, I pinned the little tit dicks as Lisa had once pinned my foot.

    She quickly backed away and started pinching her nipples. She would not accept that her nipples were just pinned and wanted to try again. This time I let her bring her nipple to mine, I gave her full control as she slowly brought them in for another kiss, but this time I would not allow her to retreat.

    I kept the pressure on until her nipple had inverted inside of her areola. Her husband was again shocked when I pulled my nipples away from hers allowing our nipples to be in full view once again.

    My nipples looked as stiff and as proud as they ever were. However Lisa's nipple looked more like a belly button without a hole. She literally yelped at seeing her nipple so humiliated and beaten. She once again used her fingers to manipulate her nipple back to looking like a nipple instead of a beaten piece of shit.

    But they did not look as proud as they once did. This time she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and started jousting and jabbing her nipples at mine but my nipples would flatten hers at every point of contact and she was fast losing her hardness.

    It was over, I had beaten her nipples as she finally withdrew for the final time. " Say it Bitch" she looked at me with disgust and said " Your nipples beat my nipples, you do have the better nipples, I admit it"
    We remained embraced as I pushed my breasts into hers, still on a high from fucking her nipples into retreat and defeat I started whispering some shit talk in her ear.

    I told her how I was going to flatten her fat proud tits in front of Danny. I pulled back to look at her face and she did not appear to have any confidence left.

    I then wrapped my arms around her waist and back tightly as she did the same. We were careful though to not make it a squeezing match but rather to let our tits do the fighting.

    I pushed my breasts into hers but neither pair had retreated or shown any sign of give. They were perfectly matched and holding their ground. They were pushing together and expanding equally at the sides.

    Although they were swelling out, they were doing so as counterparts, matching each other as twins. Her slight size advantage did not seem a factor at all and it became apparent that our first embrace would not determine a winner as we let go at the same time to gather our energy for another go.

    As we pulled away from one another though it was quite apparent that neither pair of breasts looked as they did prior to our embrace. Both of our breasts were reddened and already appeared to sag a bit more than their usual proud and high stance on our chests.
    This time I placed my hands behind my back, Lisa accepted the clear challenge and did the same. Face to face and tits to tits once again, I swung my tits directly at hers and landed a powerful blow. We could all hear a yelp escape her mouth as a result of the blow, and I watched as her fat tits jiggled to a stop after absorbing the hit.

    It was her turn now, she practically had her left shoulder pointing at me as she turned her body and wound up for the shot. I held my ground and waited for it as a fair woman should.

    The hit was so hard that it caused my left tit to knock into my right tit causing even more pain. I am sure that my yelp was even more profound than Lisa's as she delivered a game changing blow that caused me to momentarily turn my back to her and take a few steps away before I could go on.

    Matt was looking at me to make sure it wasn't a TKO kind of hit, and he suddenly was looking very concerned about his wife's ability to go on.

    She then placed her hands back behind her and waited for my next hit. I turned my body and swung at her left tit for all I was worth, slamming my tit hard into hers. But the hit only seemed to hurt me as somehow my tit had absorbed more of the blow.

    It was apparent that she was holding her ground better than I was able to and that of course was mind fucking me. Lisa then delivered an amazingly effective blow to my left tit, It was the loudest thud yet.

    The hit had caused me to spin and again walk a few steps away to recover. When I returned I had no intention of trading any more blows with her.

    I quickly grabbed her and pushed my breasts into hers as I pushed her backwards and into a wall. I grabbed her hands and held them up and against the wall. My tits were now pressing directly into hers for all they were worth.

    As I looked down to watch our breasts struggling I was sickened to see that her breasts were more intrusive than mine were. Her breasts were simply more in appearance now, and were taking the space from mine. My pride could not accept what I was seeing.

    I had her pinned against the wall and yet it was her breasts that were taking the fight to mine. No matter what I did, my breasts were getting flattened and I was shocked at how easily she was flattening me.

    My tits were almost invisible from a side view my husband would later tell me. She then squeezed my hands and overpowered me, spinning me around and pinning my back to the wall.

    And just like that and without her even asking, I quit. "ok, ok, ok" but that wasn't good enough for her. "Say it" ...."You're tits have beaten my tits, now let go"...."Tell your husband, look at him and say it Nasty Nancy"....

    " Matt, she is flattening my tits, she has better tits than me baby" Matt just silently shook his head acknowledging my statement.

    Then she finally let me go, but I was hurting, she had fucked my tits up! As I walked away from her my once proud tits were sagging more than they ever have in my life. It was humiliating having my tits beaten up to the point that I actually sagged like an old lady.

    I pulled Matt to the side as I needed a break and so did Lisa. We both looked a mess and pulled our gowns back into place to take a good rest. As we were ready to start again, Matt was encouraging me, it's one to one so far baby now go over there and fuck her good"

    As we approached each other we were both still in our heels and gowns. We were face to face when we heard Matt challenge Lisa to compare pussies with me. He was extremely proud of my pussy as was I, so it made sense that he chose a contest he was certain I would win.

    Lisa just looked me in the eye as she released her straps from her shoulders, her gown fell to the floor in an instant as she stood there with her champion titties, her sheer Black panties which she quickly removed and her Black and Gold heels.

    I followed suit but of course had no panties to be removed, she led me to the couch, where we sat side by side. Both of us spreading our legs wide allowing our husbands to judge us. Of course we both looked over each others womanly cxnts as well.

    I noticed that her large clit was hard and erect as was mine. But seeing her clit like this I was sure now that her little cock like clit was no bigger than mine. And for that matter neither was her bush. In fact we both looked exactly equal and it was a matter of preference of our color, Blond vs Black.

    Both of us desperate for an advantage over the other, started jacking our clits off to their full potential. Trying to best the size of the other. We stood up clit to clit jacking them off only inches apart.

    As we removed our hands and stood clit to clit for a comparison I could now tell that Lisa's clit had outgrown mine. Not by much but enough that it was obvious to anyone watching our little sword comparison.

    As if that wasn't enough she slapped my clit with hers, a literal bitchslap that caused my clit to fold and spring back to a stop.

    I did not return a slap of my own and it was Danny who suggested that we fuck each others husband to show them who had the tighter and better pussy.

    We sat both husbands down in leveseats facing opposite from one another and only two feet apart. We lowered our cxnts onto their cocks at the same time as we eyed each other.

    Even as I felt Danny's big hard cock enter my wet pussy, I was focused on my husbands expression as he entered Lisa's pussy. (I could not really feel a size difference between Danny and Matt. But it was my thought that Matt was a little thicker than Danny was)

    I was looking for signs that Matt might enjoy Lisa's pussy more than mine or that he might like her pussy better.
    But I could not really tell even as he was really into fucking her.

    His big cock was going in and out of her so deep and she was raising higher than I was on purpose. She wanted me to see her taking all of him.

    But I was more focused, only trying to make Danny cumm before Lisa could make Matt cumm. I was taking him faster and I even started dirty talking him.

    Asking him how he liked watching Matt fuck his wife, and telling him that it was he who was going to cause his wife to lose by blowing his load into my pussy and how he was so lucky to be inside of me as I have better pussy than his wife.

    Lisa was watching too and she could tell that Danny was close, but it was too late for her to change her technique now. I reached down with my hand and gently squeezed Danny's nuts as I looked her in the eye.

    Danny was really struggling to not cumm, Lisa yelled at him that he better not cumm inside of that stupid whore. But he was panting and I swear that I heard the word "please" come out of his strange and misunderstood words.

    Lisa watched in horror as I took his cumm from him, forcing him to shoot inside of my pussy and fill me up. He was thrusting deep and apparently gave up any hope of winning as he fucked my pussy hard.

    I raised from his beaten cock and watched as it flopped out of my pussy. It laid down on his body already on it's way to softening.

    Lisa was so upset by the image that she actually remained still on Matt's cock as she tried to process what had just happened.

    I then made my way over to Matt and Lisa, she still had a look of disgust on her face as I pushed them both backwards onto the loveseat.

    I put my pussy right on hers and started slapping her cxnt with mine as we began a fight to fuck Matt's cock. She went back to fucking him and as she was near the tip of his cock with one of her long pussy strokes, my pussy bumped her pussy right off of his dick, and at the same time I swallowed his cock whole.
    But I grinded on it deep, not giving her a chance to get back on it. But she pulled my hair, and pulled me completely off of him and dragged me by my hair to the dancefloor.

    Danny was still watching of course, but his cock was a little smaller than it was only moments ago.

    It was time to go cxnt to cxnt, she lowered herself to her ass and supported herself by her elbows as she opened her thighs completely challenging me to a pussyfight. I copied her position and we were now both on our Asses and sliding our pussies closer to each other.

    Our heels clicking on the hardwood floor as we jockeyed for position, crossing thighs back and forth each trying to get the better position and gain advantage.

    Both of our bushes in contrast of each other, both of our hard clits eager to fight. and then it was on.
    She made the first move swinging her hips into me and crossing her clit with mine. It was more of a slap or a strike actually, it was as if her clit had just quickly slapped mine.

    And it felt good, too good as I gasped out loud. She waited for my retaliation as if to challenge me to a clit slapping fight. ...**This nasty whore wants to trade slaps with me**... I thrusted my hips and thighs slapping my clit right back across hers and that too felt amazing and my pussy was as wet as it has ever been.
    And it's going to be poetic justice that it is her husbands cumm oozing out of my pussy that is the lubricating the way as my better pussy beats the cumm out of hers..

    But I began to worry as we traded slaps to each others swollen clits, as it felt more and more, as if either slapping or getting slapped back could make me cum soon.

    Finally Lisa grabbed me behind my hips and just started fucking into me. I also closed my arms around her hips as we pressed our clits together tightly and humped into each other.

    We were fucking scissor style leaning on our elbows, and at this pace it wouldn't go for long. Our asses moving back and forth as our hips swung in and out to give each other our best thrusts. I couldn't tell who's clit was actually winning the fight yet, both were very hard and bulging with pride.
    We continued fucking like this for several minutes, both of us breathing and moaning loudly, slapping and then grinding our cxnts together hard. I could see some of my little blond hairs on her black bush. But I could see much more of her Black hairs on my blond bush.

    My bush was beating hers, it was pulling more of her hair from her bush, than what her bush was yanking from mine. And my pussy was getting peppered with her torn out hair.

    Lisa started clicking her heels on the floor, as she was raising and lowering her phat Ass to the floor. She was close to orgasm and I was close as well.

    I began talking shit to her... "Look at Loose Lisa, she is about to cum on her own dancefloor, go ahead loosy Lisa Cum like the whore that you are right in front of Danny"

    I followed this up by stabbing my clit hard into hers, and for the first time it was obvious that my hard clit was indeed flattening hers, beating it down like the lesser cxnt it was.

    And to my amazement Lisa went off into a pathetically insane and humiliating orgasm. Slamming her heels over and over into the dancefloor as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her back and Ass were raising from the floor and falling again over and over.

    She was screaming so loud that I could hardly hear Danny yelling for her to not cum. But it was too late for his wife, I was fucking her like a pornstar fucking the new girl. She went off...Sheeee's makiiiing me cummmmm honey.....OHHHHHHH....OHHHH NO...NO...NO NO NO NO NO.

    As she shook her head back and forth as if to say no, her clit was throbbing and her creamy cum was oozing from her pussy as she was near the end of her orgasm. She then collapsed, just laying there with her breasts rising and falling as she struggled for air.

    But after all the Bitch had put me through I wasn't done with her. I grabbed her by her heels and pushed her back onto her shoulders as I held her legs and thighs in the air just as she had done to me at the office. But instead of shoe fucking her, I stepped over her and Put my cock like clit right into her pussy.

    I started fucking her while holding her ankles high in the air as her shoulders were still pinned to the hardwood floor. I held her so straight as I fucked her that I was able to stand on her Long Black hair in my heels. Her hair was trapped under my heels and it made her look ridiculous.

    Danny was literally in shock at seeing his beautiful wife so beaten. He will never look at her the same I am sure of it.

    She didn't even seem to fight it as well as she could have, probably because she had the fight fucked right out of her. I fucked her just like that even as Danny protested and demanded that I stop.His cumm was now gone from my pussy and all over hers and was even oozing down to her stomach.

    He said that I had proven my point and to let her go. But I didn't care, I fucked her through another screaming orgasm before pushing her legs back to the floor. I then grabbed her by her hair and walked her like a pet towards Danny...." Tell Him"......"She fucked me up Danny...She fucked me up"

    I then kicked her in her phat Ass and watched as it shook, I repeated kicking her in her Ass over and over with each step as she crawled over the the protection of her husband.

    And I knew from experience that she may never recover to be the confident woman she once was and that thought made me so proud.

    I quickly went to her bedroom where I was certain I would find my watch. It was on her dresser, I took it and noticed something interesting. A small Gold botle of perfume, it was made of glass and had a crown on top as a lid and the words "Clive Christian No.1 were written on it. I opened it and there it was, miss Big butt's secret perfume.

    It was a secret no more, now she had nothing on me but strong titties and a big phat Ass. But overall I had proven to be the better woman. Upstaging her bush, her pussy, her nipples and her fuck skills.

    I wiped my wet pussy on her pillow and headed back to the basement where I found her in Danny's arms as he comforted her.

    "Say something"......and she knew what I was talking about as she spoke the words I wanted to hear...." You are the better woman" She said it not from anger, but her tone suggested she was disgusted with herself for losing.

    It was enough for me. I put my gown on, and helped myself to her Black panties, a treat for Matt as we left Danny and Lisa behind forever.

    The very next morning I logged into my email....My Dearest Jill

    hotnancy1969 FCF
    Nancyed1965 Trillian
    Nancy, The cxnt Queen !

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    Re: Nancy's Office Competition (Another Weird Nancy Story)

    Wow, awesome story with lots of nice specific details. I liked how the story build up slowly towards the actual sexfight including many smaller intensive fights. I would love to read more stories from you!

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    Re: Nancy's Office Competition (Another Weird Nancy Story)

    Very good !!
    Interesting plot, a building erotic tension between the two women...

    I can hardly wait for more ! Either about Nancy again or anything else you like to write.
    YOU KNOW to write hot stories !!

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    Nancy's Office Competition (Another Weird Nancy Story)

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    Re: Nancy's Office Competition (Another Weird Nancy Story)

    thank you very much ,, so fabulous, nice story !!

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