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Thread: The Library Gala

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    The Library Gala

    The Library Gala

    Part 1

    Everything in the small apartment bedroom was clean and tidy. It was well organized, and the occupant ensured that no object was out of place before she left each morning. The decoration was designed to be calming, usually a dwelling where one could read a book or do some relaxing yoga in comfort. This night however a massive storm was roaring outside and rain pelted the windows that seemed to shake the room. Random flashes of lightning would illuminate the room and reveal two thrashing figures on the bed breaking the illusion of peace.

    The two figures seemed to be intertwined, rolling on each other aggressively as part of the storm. Girlish grunts and gasps escaped their mouths that mixed in with the sounds of slapping skin meeting again and again. They rolled apart but quickly got to their knees as another flash of lightning lit up the room; revealing their womanly bodies. The thunder that followed covered the sound of them meeting chest to chest in a seesaw battle atop the bed. A long minute passed as their amble chests molded together until one figure overpowered the other and pushed her onto her back. Another brief scuffle between the shadows began as the top figure fought to readjust their bodies and bring their lower bodies together with a wet slap. Now set, they began moving their hips in fast motions as the gasps and moans got louder and louder, matching the howling wind from the outside.

    Another minute passed of the figures thrusting at each other when finally, a long scream of frustration and pleasure rang out from the bottom figure drowning out the sound of the storm. She went stiff and then spasmed wildly shaking the whole structure of the bed. The top figure moaned in apparent satisfaction and victory, continuing to move her hips expertly, using the smallest of motions to draw out the extreme pleasure of the cumming opponent underneath her. Even in the midst of her orgasm the bottom girl tried one last hard buck to throw off the other figure, but the top woman brought her large tits down to crush her rival’s equal pair while locking their mouths together, silencing any further gasps and groans and bringing the room to a sudden quiet.

    It was a long kiss and they became lost in their own world as a stillness came over the entire room. The bottom girl’s orgasm began to subside but still they continued to kiss as their hands filled with each other’s hair. The rain outside began to pour down even harder, drowning out the sound of their lips separating and the heavy breathing of the figures. The top girl moved her face higher a few inches, careful not to break the long drool of spit that was connecting their sore red and pink lips.

    “Give up?” The redhead breathed snapping the line of spit. She shifted her body to bring her tits and nipples to a perfect symmetrical docking of the other woman under her. The bottom woman did not say anything but glared at the green eyes that taunted her a few inches away. Not getting the answer she wanted, the redhead licked the brown eyed-girls face, who groaned, her breathing and heart rate had only just started to return to a more relaxed state after such an intense orgasm. The licking made her want to keep fighting, but she was trapped, and her sore muscles and drained sex would make getting out of this hold extremely difficult.

    “Say it.” The top girl whispered more aggressively as she let go of the smooth blonde hair and ran her fingers down to the still dripping pussy of the bottom woman. The blonde gave a hiss and struggled again for a few seconds trying to get out from under her rival. The redhead’s fingers began to rub the pink slit of the blonde and kiss her rival’s soft neck ready to start again. Only a second into the foreplay and the blonde let out a loud groan collapsing down. Her muscles relaxed against the soft bed and the redhead stopped her foreplay. She brought their sweaty foreheads together waiting for surrender she had earned. The blonde’s cunt was still spasming from the intense clit to clit fuck she had just been given, and now being teased by the playful fingers of her sex rival was too much. It just wasn’t her night.

    “Fuck, ok, yes, I give up, damn it.” She huffed, her sour tone hiding the immense satisfaction she felt throughout her whole body.

    “Yes!” Maggie laughed kissing the blonde again before she rolled off her defeated rival. She had not yet cum tonight while also getting her rival off twice. It was a rare feat and good payback for losing the last three nights in a row to the blonde beauty. Amber sat up with a scowl on her face. She pushed her yellow pink stranded hair back while wiping the sweat from her forehead that had soaked the bed. No matter how many times she and her fuck buddy went at it, anytime she lost it bugged her like nothing else. She assumed that is why the sex was so addicting, like a drug that only sometimes gave her the peak high that she craved. It was even better because she always had to work for it. Because the redhead was equally as addicted to it as she was, the sexfights always got intense about who would get her fix for the night. She looked to the left at the sexy pale girl she had just spent the last hour and half going at it with, secretly admiring the freckles on her face, the size of her chest and the light toned muscles on her back.

    “Wow, you really wanted to win tonight huh.” The blonde sarcastically said trying not to show how much losing bothered her. She hadn’t gotten the librarian off, which made this loss even worse. She stretched out her body on the bed and ran a finger over her cunt. Her clit felt tender to the touch, but she could keep going, and maybe if she taunted her enough, she could get Maggie into another round.

    “Please, I always want to win, and what is with the tone? You upset you lost tonight?” Maggie taunted while looking at her blonde rival with raised eyebrows. She stretched her own body next to the blonde on the soft bed. Her muscles un-tensed and she took this time to rub her sore tits that Amber had deliciously sucked for almost 5 minutes straight during the fight. “Thought you would be used to it by now honestly.” Maggie continued with a gloating smile at her rival as they turned their faces to each other while still laying on their backs. It had not been her week during their fights, and it felt really good to finally pin the blonde and give her a good fucking like she had taken the nights before.

    Amber shot her a scowl, “I had you screaming under me just last night AND the night before.” She said aggressively, making sure Maggie didn’t dispute her wins. The redhead glared back but gave a little shrug a few seconds later.

    “Last night was last night, but tonight you couldn’t handle me, and you know what I want.” Maggie hissed as she sat up and faced her blonde rival. Amber rolled her eyes but sat up as well and moved towards Maggie on her knees. The scowl turned into a little sexy grin that could even make the straightest women in the world a little wet. “Lay down.” The punk girl demanded and lowered her face to Maggie’s dripping cunt as the redhead’s head moved back down onto the pillow.

    5 minutes later, Maggie gave a squeal as Amber pushed her right tit and nipple into the redhead’s clit. She moaned loudly from this unique type of titty fuck and started to cum nice and hard on Amber’s right breast. After the initial peak of pleasure, Amber lowered her pink lips and sucked Maggie’s sensitive clit very lightly, while also tasting the winner in the process. This had become an unsaid requirement for their daily fuck fights. The loser giving the winner what she wanted and what the winner always wanted was pleasure from her submissive fuck buddy.

    Amber drew out the librarian’s pleasure a little longer, knowing her rival’s body like it was her own and learning more about it each night. She slowly finished her task and sat up admiring her work while Maggie was catching her breath. Amber lifted her own tit to her mouth and licked some of the cum off, looking Maggie in the eye while she did it. Once that was done, she crawled back up the redhead’s body with her tongue; running it up the sweaty skin and between the valley of Maggie’s tits before finishing at the neck with a light bite. She then collapsed herself next to Maggie who was still trying to catch her breath while also being turned on from Amber’s little show. Their similar bodies were a sight to see side by side after another night of intense sexual battle.

    “Wow, that felt really good. It feels so great to have you be my little bitch tonight.” Maggie breathed trying to make sure she kept up the illusion of anger, or she would end up begging Amber for more of what she just did to her body.

    “Whatever, clearly you have to gloat because you don’t win enough. I outfucked your clit the last THREE nights in a row. So, enjoy your little win Maggie.” Amber snapped back looking at her sexy rival with an annoyed face.

    Maggie gave a scowl at getting called out as Amber began to laugh at her. “What? Now who is mad that she los…” She was interrupted by the redhead forcing her red lips onto hers and they moaned at the renewed contact of their mouths. The pink and brown nipples tenderly touched as Maggie rolled atop Amber and the blondes limps wrapped around the pale body pulling her in tightly. They had just started getting their tongues involved when an alarm from Amber’s phone snapped them out of it.

    Their eyes opened even as they continued to keep their lips touching wanting to desperately continue what they had just started. The sound kept blasting through, and Maggie pulled back first and took a look at the clock on her wall. It was flashing a 10 PM sign and the blonde under her gave a little sigh as she saw it too. She rolled her sweaty body away from the other woman to Maggie’s immediate displeasure. She moved towards the side of the bed and turned off the alarm. “Time for me to go.” Amber said, not looking at Maggie as she sat up and got off the bed.

    The redhead gave a little shrug pretending not to care even though she would happily gone at it again with her fuck buddy, “Well thanks for the sex, as usual it was a bit too easy.” She said, half hoping it might annoy Amber just enough to make her stay for one more round of sexfighting.

    Amber shot her own death glare at Maggie but couldn’t help having a small smile on her face when she looked away. Their back and forth always gave her such a thrill even now when it felt a bit forced. At least when compared when they had tried killing each other in their first few fights. Maggie watched as Amber started to get dressed, pulling on her tight yoga pants and not wearing anything underneath. The blonde’s ass looked just as good nude as it did in the tight cloth. The girls had been sleeping together now just over a month after Amber’s schooling and class ended. They hadn’t admitted anything, but they knew the sex was now really just for fun and of course pleasure. Though they had thus far kept up the illusion they “hated” each other so they wouldn’t have to admit they just liked to fuck and fight.

    The sound of even louder thunder made Maggie jump slightly on her bed as the rain started to pour down at her window with more ferocity. The storm outside seemed to be getting worse and Amber looked out the window with a bit of nervousness. She finished dressing and picked up her side bag as she made her way to the door without saying goodbye. Maggie was looking down at her phone and didn’t see Amber hesitating at the door as another sound of thunder shook the room. Maggie looked up after a few seconds of not hearing the door open to see Amber was still in her room and now was looking at her. The blonde had turned around and gave Maggie a look like she was struggling with a very hard math problem. “What?” Maggie asked unsure what was happening. Amber let out a slight sigh, “Do you mind if I just crash here tonight? I hate driving in a storm like this.”

    Maggie couldn’t help being surprised about the request as the blonde stood there waiting for an answer. It was their 5th day in a row this week sleeping together, which was a record for both of them in terms of days straight. But they had never crossed the line of staying over at each other’s houses once the sex was over. Even at the latest they would finish which sometimes was around 2 AM, the guest would go home ensuring they did not spend the night together. That is why the alarm had become a thing, to make sure there was a bit more time for them to get home. This meant their time was spent fucking and tutoring, though she did admit they had been talking more about themselves lately during the breaks of their combativeness sex. She weirdly felt closer to Amber than she had to another person in a really long time. She had even been ranting about some work stuff to Amber, and she knew all about Amber’s band problems.

    Even so, Maggie hesitated unsure of what to say, she could tell Amber looked slightly anxious and the storm outside was really bad. After another second, she decided. “Oh, umm, I guess sure.” She said, not sure if Amber would have done the same for her, but she wouldn’t make the blonde drive in a situation that made her uncomfortable.

    “Really?” Amber said slightly surprised before she dropped her bag, “Well, cool thanks”. She awkwardly stood there now looking around the room with the light on. She spent a lot of time in the apartment but when they inevitably went into the bedroom; she was mostly only on the bed. Well, unless they rolled onto the floor and went at it there which was not uncommon. She moved over to the small chair and seemed to be planning to sleep there when heard Maggie give a slight cough. Amber turned to see the redhead had pulled on a long t-shirt and what she could only assume was nothing else. Somehow this redhead made even this look sexy, and Amber thought about jumping on her right then and there.

    “We can share the bed Amber, we have literally fucked each other on it every night this week, so I think it will be fine to sleep, there is enough space so we don’t have to touch.”
    Amber did look slightly relieved on her face knowing she wouldn’t have to sleep on the chair, but the comment did make her laugh. “Ok, yeah cool. But not touching? Is that going to be a new rule for your bed?”

    Maggie rolled her eyes and didn’t event warrant that with a response. She crawled into bed, she watched as Amber re-strip down, seeing the blonde’s tits bounce slightly and her legs get revealed. Maggie felt a pulse of desire, the attraction between them was almost too much to handle. “Can I borrow a t-shirt?” Amber asked snapping Maggie out of her ogling.

    “Yeah any from the top shelf.” Amber moved over and pulled out an equally long one that she pulled over her head. She also didn’t put anything else on as she jumped up onto the high bed. She took a seat with her back on the board two feet away from Maggie and settled in.

    “I’m just going to put on a BBC Nature Doc, are you okay with that?” Maggie said as she relaxed on the bed and turned on her laptop.

    “Oh yeah, I’ll just be on my phone.” Amber said reaching into her bag and pulling it out.
    As the show started, the girls settled into the unique settings and for about 15 minutes an unsaid awkwardness was building between them.

    They sat there watching the nature show, but secretly side eying each other every few seconds. They both were thinking about the weird circumstance of which they found themselves in, sharing a bed and for once not trying to fuck each other. Maggie noticed that after about five minutes that Amber was actually watching the show; her phone forgotten to the side.

    A section on wolves appeared, and then a section on dogs, especially Irish wolfhounds, comparing the two animals. Maggie heard Amber say quietly, “Wow, that is a cool dog.”
    Maggie gave her a little look, “Yeah, I love dogs. I can’t wait to get one when I move out of this flat.” Amber then turned her eyes off the screen to look at Maggie with a confused face.

    “Really? I would have assumed you would be a cat girl.” Amber said with fake shock as she fully laid out on her side to look at the other occupant of the bed, finally breaking the awkward silence that had been building between them.

    “What and live up the crazy cat woman librarian clich?? I have more interests than just books and fucking you.” Maggie laughed as she too observed the other woman in her bed and turned her body away from the screen.

    “I wouldn’t have known…” Amber said, and Maggie thought Amber was making fun of her. But before she could come back with a retort, Amber continued, “What else do you like to do?” The question felt genuine, as if Amber was feeling the need to build on the conversation instead of letting the silence return. It was true, she didn’t know enough about her tutor, except for her sexual tastes and teaching methods.

    “Um.” Maggie said, the mean thing she was about to say swallowed down. She wanted to answer and learn more about the girl she had been fucking for half a year, but she wasn’t sure if it was wise to get closer to Amber. The girl seemed to be trouble…but her curiosity won out in the end. “Well, I like hiking and working out a lot and like some other small hobbies, knitting and yoga. I know it's pretty basic.”

    “Yeah, that is pretty fucking basic.” Amber said deadpan.
    Maggie gave a little laugh at the other occupant’s bluntness, “Well, what about you, I assume, you have other interests too…or no?” Amber almost looked surprised that the redhead had decided to continue the conversation but answered quickly.

    “Well working out too, but I hate hiking. I’m into swimming though and I play guitar at some bars in my free time. Mostly just instrumental versions of songs.” Amber said.
    The last part did peak Maggie’s interests. “I love instrumental versions, what ones do you play?”

    “You do?” Amber asked again even more surprised. When Maggie nodded, Amber thought for a second and continued. “Well, I have a few favorites…”
    Suddenly the conversation began to flow very naturally to the point time flew by without them noticing. The nature show went unwatched and Amber’s phone went unlooked at. For the first time since meeting each other, Amber and Maggie started to get to know the woman who had been their most despised person and now their greatest sexual pleasure. At 12 PM the wave of tiredness hit them, and Maggie turned off the lights. They fell asleep a few feet from each other not saying goodnight but thinking about their long talk.

    Maggie woke up to the sun hitting her face from the now clear sky. Her head was foggy about the night before and as she tried to move, she found a weight on her body. Her green eye’s shot open as she looked down in the now lit room to see that she and Amber were now touching. Not only were they touching, they were what only can be described as cuddling. Their legs were entangled, and Amber had a small smile on her sleeping face as she rested on the redhead’s shoulder. Their upper bodies had molded into each other tightly, the long loose t-shirts providing minimal distance or restriction to how close they could be. Amber was slightly sleeping on top of Maggie, their arms around each other lightly.

    For how beautiful Amber was, Maggie could see she was not as graceful a sleeper one would expect. Maggie couldn’t help running her hands through the blonde silky hair. She could see the softest amount of very light brown hidden under the locks of yellow and pink and she wondered what the girl’s natural hair color really was. She rarely was this close to her fuck buddy when not trying to pin or get pinned by her. The brushing of her hair seemed to wake Amber slightly as she gave a yawn.

    “Umm, morning.” Maggie said lightly as Amber’s eyes seemed to flutter open, but she too seemed to not really take in where she was or how her body was set.

    “Morning.” Amber yawed back lazily as she gave a light stretch, nuzzling her face into Maggie’s neck and becoming still again with a deep breath that seemed to relax her more. Then the brown eyes shot open, her body freezing as she took in her surroundings. She immediately took in the feeling of being close to Maggie, that their legs had entwined, and she had definitely been cuddling her sex rival, the one she was supposed to hate. It felt really good, but Amber was not about to say that. She hadn’t cuddled with someone in years and despite feeling very well rested, she couldn’t make sense of it. The cold exterior of Amber’s personality returned like a flash. She pushed herself off of Maggie to the side of the bed at a loss of words.

    She wasn’t the only one, Maggie didn’t know what to say, this was a new type of interaction with the blonde and both were equally confused. Amber looked very annoyed, but Maggie couldn’t tell if it was with her or maybe the blonde was annoyed with herself. “I need to go.” She said jumping off the bed and pulling on the yoga pants faster than Maggie had seen her leave before.

    “Ok, sure.” Maggie responded slightly unsure of how she felt in this moment. She sat up in her bed, not sure what else to do or say. She watched the blonde dress quickly hiding the body that she craved nearly every second of every day. She hadn’t slept so well in a long time, and couldn’t help saying what was on her mind, “If it is easier and you want to stay over again next time, I honestly don’t mind.” She said giving Amber a little sheepish look, like she had just asked a new friend over for the first time.

    Amber considered her seemingly at a loss of words. The way they had acted the last few hours after their fight and now in the morning was so different to their normal interactions it was giving her a headache. Amber took a breath and finally said

    “Umm, yeah sure, whatever, I need to go.” As she finished pulling on her workout bra and shoes trying not to trip because of the speed she was going. She grabbed her backpack and made her way towards the door but froze at it just like the night before and turned her head back to Maggie with a similar sheepish look. “See you tomorrow?” She asked, knowing what she wanted to hear.

    Maggie was still watching her from the bed in the long t-shirt, looking very sexy to the brown eyes. “Yeah, if you are free.”
    “I’ll text you.” The punk girl said as left the bedroom and a few seconds later Maggie heard the front door of her apartment open and close.

    She sat there in bed thinking about the night she had just had and who it was with. The intense aggressive sex followed by the two hours of hanging out with Amber was just…fun. That was the only word she could find for it that didn’t dig too deep into her mind. She also couldn’t deny that waking up next to the blonde felt good, like really good. Her body seemed to just enjoy touching Amber even when they weren’t fighting and that was something she had not expected. And their conversation was engaging too, she hadn’t been open with someone like that in a while. ‘That was nice.’ She thought as she stood up and started to get dressed, a faint blushing on her cheeks.

    “Excuse me!” The voice said snapping Maggie out of the memory of her and Amber’s first night together. The green eyes came back into focus at the young male student in front of her desk.

    “Oh, I’m sorry, yes, the medical section is row R. Down the hall to the left.” Maggie said, trying to be as friendly as possible and not frustrated that the memory was interrupted. It was one of her favorites to think about.

    “Perfect thanks.” He said but didn’t walk away. His eyes were focused on the ample amount of pale cleavage the librarian was displaying from her open blouse. Maggie noticed and gave a little cough that the boy understood, a glance was fine, but the staring was a bit much. He turned away and walked towards the row Maggie had presented. With him gone, Maggie turned her focus back to the sheets in front of her and pushed the memories of Amber out of her mind.

    The sound of fast typing and endless clicking was the usual noise emanating from the front desk of the school library at this time of year. Students who approached the desk to ask a question or gawk at the occupant were sent away with very short precise answers that left very little chance for prolonged conversation. Boy’s would attempt to converse with her, eyeing the delicious pale cleavage that was promptly displayed from her open light blue blouse. Even quite a few girls would come up to appreciate the woman’s chest who was working behind the desk, fully focused on her task at hand and not worried about the spectators, she had become used to it.

    Maggie Reynolds sat at the front of her computer working on the continued report and fliers of the Annual Library Gala that was set to be hosted in 4 weeks exactly from today. As the director’s top choice for becoming the head librarian, Maggie’s role in running and preparing for this event was the biggest it had ever been in the three years she had been working here. The amount of effort and pressure to have a perfect event was enough to break most people, but Maggie wanted and lived for these events, specifically this one.

    The College’s Gala was by far the most important funding night for the library and school every year. In recent memory it would become the talk of the college students. Tickets were always in high demand due to the high-end sponsors that would attend and copious amounts of food and drinks served. An event such as this would potentially make or break the staff of the library and also provide sustainability of their funding. Maggie had always taken a backseat the last few years, but this year she was in control and nearly every decision was hers. Or at least half of them, due to her competition. This one event could put anyone’s name on the map in their small circle, and a chance for better-quality jobs. For Maggie, it could provide the security she enjoyed for another year and beyond in the job she loved. This specific gala was extra important to her as it seemed the Director would select her as the head librarian if it went smoothly.

    The event itself was a fancy black-tie, the men would all be in their most pristine suits, and the women in elegant dresses. Alcohol was always generously poured and many of the women were not afraid to show off a little skin. It was a place to meet people, and the library staff’s goal was to ensure everyone was as happy as can be. They would also push them to donate generous sums of money by any means necessary. The guests normally included the high ups on the college board and the most influential donors from the city. On the surface, it was the one school event that matched the sports teams and Greek life events. For the staff it was the hardest time of the year having to plan such a massive event. Every detail had to be perfect, every choice Maggie made had to be accurate and done with extreme care.

    Entertainment, food, events, and on and on the list went that Maggie needed to assemble and correct for a single night. She viewed the guest list over and over. She would see new names pop up every day and would always double check they were supposed to be there. It meant hours upon hours of tireless planning, meetings, and phone calls added onto her day job. For anyone else this would have been enough to overwhelm a person’s psychology with the stress. For Maggie however, it seemed like a breeze, because compared to her personal life and situation, the Gala was a walk in the park. It seemed like an escape compared to that issue or in more specifically, that person. The real stress in her life came from her, the woman that seemed to have a permanent parking place in Maggie’s mind. Amber.

    She had changed Maggie’s life forever and now seemed determined to tear her down and leave the librarian in shambles. Her former mortal enemy, turned fuck buddy, turned potential lover, and finally turned mortal enemy again. Thinking about it too much gave Maggie a migraine beyond anything work had ever given her.

    Amber dominated Maggie’s thoughts whenever she wasn’t working, so instead she threw herself into planning this Gala, anything to distract herself from dealing with the other woman. The stunning blonde had become an obsession of Maggie’s over the last year. It seemed they were destined to try and kill each other whenever they were within proximity. Twice in their lives they had thrown themselves in bitter catfights. Both times a clashing of wills to force the other to back down permanently and admit their inferiority. Needless to say, neither fight ended in the way they expected. Because for two women who wanted to kill each other, they always seemed to end up nude and fucking like animals anytime they got alone. This was especially true after and even more true during their catfights.

    That was her first experience in a sexual competition, where she and Amber tried to fuck each other down. Maggie loved doing it with the blonde; that was a part of her she was no longer willing to deny. Amber was the best sex she had ever had, and their emotional connection made every meeting they had a dopamine shot to her veins. They made her feel more alive than even the newest books could or a holiday to a cozy cabin.

    That wasn’t the real problem with Amber that Maggie had, which caused her so much distress. If they were just enemies, it would be fine, they could coexist hating each other. But stupidly Maggie had let her feelings get in the way. They weren’t just enemies and no matter how hard each of them tried they couldn’t stay away from one another; not anymore anyway.

    Something had changed between them from their nights alone. Even now, after all that had happened between them, the blonde was something Maggie wanted. Not just sexually, not just her body, though it was an incredible bonus. She wanted everything. She loved the blonde’s personality, her drive, Amber’s confidence. She loved how kind she was when no one else was around, how the harsh walls she kept up seemed to melt away when they lay in bed together in the mornings. She enjoyed the possessiveness Amber had over her, because she was equally as possessive. Some people might find Amber aggressive, but Maggie didn’t mind and enjoyed the challenge. On the outside maybe they looked different, acted different, but alone they were a good pair and that is what mattered most to Maggie.

    She knew they had been close to becoming girlfriends and maybe that is why it hurt even worse. She knew she had messed up saying ‘I love you’ before the blonde was ready. But Amber had only made things worse with her reaction, so in her mind they were both to blame. They had regressed to the beginning of their relationship, with a hatred burning like a wildfire, fueled by their inability to communicate and admit the truths they both were scared of. She knew if she and Amber ended up alone, they would be fighting again. A fight she secretly wanted but was also terrified of because the idea of causing pain and hurt to Amber didn’t give Maggie the thrill it used to.

    A second source of fear was that each time she saw the blonde, she worried it would be her last. If one of them broke off contact for good, it could end everything. She didn’t want that or at least she didn’t think she wanted it. They had no further contact since their little phone duel and this alone was eating her up inside. Maybe she would never see Amber again, and that came close to breaking her heart. But if they did, another fight was sure to occur.

    Besides Amber, there were quite a few other women who had entered the librarian’s life over the last year that wanted the title of biggest thorn in her side. The two leading candidates now were her co-worker Bianca and a bartender named Silvia. The latter she had confronted at the Showtime bar when in a moment of weakness, she had gone to try and make amends with Amber. Silvia had stopped her for reasons she didn’t really understand. Their disagreement led to a fight of their own that she had lost. She left the bar humiliated and without resolution with Amber swearing to never to go back or see the short haired woman again.

    It seemed the bartender had other ideas, and Maggie had received a friend request from the busty bar girl. She wasn’t sure why she accepted, but she did and hours later found herself in a dirty chat log of pics and threats from her new rival. Silvia was demanding she come and satisfy her for a good victory fuck as she had been beaten, and Maggie told her to fuck off and that her ‘win’ was not a real fight.

    The messages kept coming however and Maggie realized that Silvia had no intention of letting up until Maggie submitted to her in some form or another. It only took a few back and forth posts for Maggie to realize it really seemed to annoy Silvia that she was being defiant to her, so Maggie doubled down. They got more aggressive telling each other what they were going to do if they fought again. Then the pictures started happening after Silvia sent one of her tits resting on the bar. Maggie replied with one in her sexiest librarian clothes with plenty of tit to match. Then to double down and feeling embolden, she sent a few skimpy bikini shots to her rival with her ass. Half an hour later she got one in return of Silvia in a sexy red one-piece thong bikini. Her ass looked incredible with her showing it off to the camera. The caption ‘Is your face available?” was written with a lip emoji.

    The burn hit its mark and Maggie suddenly was more engaged than ever. The photos got dirtier and more aggressive. They switched to lingerie, and a few then even topless, but not yet nude. Maggie had never had a non-direct sexual confrontation save for the facetime sex she did with Amber and she was enjoying it.

    This went on for almost a few weeks straight and Maggie felt that she and Silvia had a deeper rivalry than she had thought, and it was growing at an exponential rate every message. She wanted nothing more than to put the bitch in her place which would be under Maggie’s buns, but in truth she was not planning on going after the bartender yet. She was planning on avoiding that until she had a better plan to deal with Amber in some way or another. The messages did stop about a week ago and Maggie wondered what the other woman was waiting for or if she had finally backed down.

    At least she didn’t have to see Silvia every single day, that was not the case for the other woman on her sex rival list. 3 months prior she and her co-worker Bianca had sex fought to determine who would back down in a meeting in their quest to outdo each other professionally. The fight led to Maggie and her attached by the hip of their stockings until she had forced the other pale woman to cum in a pussy to pussy fuck off. She then gave her another one for good measure and slapped her ass with her own work clipboard like a paddling. Bianca had told her they were not done with each other, and Maggie now knew the raven-haired beauty had meant it.

    Bianca hadn’t taken the loss well and within a week had begun attacking Maggie with increasing aggression trying to goad her into another sexual showdown and reignite the rivalry. Maggie had ignored these attacks at first, as she thought of ways to fix her relationship with Amber. But after what happened at The Showtime and her fallout with the blonde during their masturbation call, Maggie decided she would not take it anymore from Bianca.

    The game of cat and mouse quickly turned into a game of cat and cat, both hunting the other while being hunted themselves. They no longer messed with each other’s schedules and didn’t go after each other’s professional standings at the library. That seemed to no longer interest them now that they had a more personal dispute. The library turned into a jungle of sexual incidents between the two women where they seemed to be determined to challenge each other for sexual supremacy.

    It started with bumping hips or brushing shoulders when passing each other in the hall. That only lasted a day or two as Bianca realized Maggie was no longer backing down. The next day they started wearing more and more revealing clothing. They barely kept the professional tones whenever they talked during meetings. The short business skirts allowed asses to get aggressively pinched when one of them was restocking books or helping students with their work. Hair would be slightly pulled when they were focused on a computer, snapping their head back.

    The attacks were so quick that the prey could only glare at the swaying ass of her rival as she walked away with a point. This had been going on for weeks and it was clear that they were both nearing their breaking point. Maggie knew the only thing that would solve this was rematch sexfight with her rival. She just didn’t know when and where they would attempt to fuck each other into professional and sexual submission.

    It was now a week till the big event and Maggie was finalizing the official welcome flyer at the front desk of the library. This is where she spent a decent amount of her day because it was normally a safe zone from attacks from Bianca. It was a slow time in the day, and only a few students were around the tables near the desk reading and studying. She shifted her work and began working at the welcome guide for the night when she heard the distinct sound of heels clicking behind her. That noise meant Bianca was approaching and Maggie took a breath to calm her sex drive that spiked as it normally did when the raven-haired girl was nearby. She wasn’t in a position to be attacked, she considered, and with the sound of the heels made it clear Bianca wasn’t attempting to sneak up on her.

    The sounds stopped as Bianca came to pause behind the sitting Maggie. Both girl’s hairs were in buns and dressed professionally if not slightly provocatively with their stockings and short skirts. They were a sight when stood side by side or in close proximity. Maggie did have an extra button undone showing off some hot cleavage and hinted at the set mountains she kept hidden. Bianca stood behind Maggie for a few seconds not expecting any acknowledgment. She stared at the back of her rival’s head, stopping herself from ripping that red hair out of its bun and fighting this bitch. ‘Not yet, but soon’, she thought as she noticed what the redhead was working on and her exposed creamy cleavage that was so easily targetable.

    “Miss Reynolds, may I see the flyer for the library gala?”

    “Of course.” Maggie responded promptly while tensing slightly at the closeness. She didn’t turn to look back at her work sex rival but could see the sexy figure reflected in the monitors. Bianca leaned down and forward looking at the screen over Maggie’s shoulder whilst also putting her tits near the redhead’s face. Again, in the reflection Maggie got a good look at the valley between the other woman’s impressive chest. Her green eyes shot to Bianca’s beautiful face just a few inches away, remembering the hot wet kissing they had done to each other a few months ago. Bianca’s blue eyes remained on the screen as Maggie brought her view back to the monitor as well waiting for this interaction to be over with.

    A few seconds passed as Bianca scanned the file, her blue eyes running up and down the display looking for any error, something to call out the other woman. “Are you finished?” Maggie asked, annoyed at the intrusion, and frustration on how close Bianca had moved her body. “Almost…” Bianca said, looking up quickly with her blue eyes and did a quick scan of the room. With all the students lost in their books and the coast clear she leaned her face back down and spit into Maggie’s cleavage in a long glop.

    Maggie jumped slightly but stopped herself from gasping as she felt the wet substance of spit land on her pale skin and slick down between the valley of her large breasts. The wet substance fired every nerve on her pale skin it passed and slid down her body. Maggie seethed, not able to attack back or yell knowing Bianca had again upped the ante on their attacks. Another line crossed as they neared another sexual confrontation. Happy with her successful attack, Bianca leaned back up, eyeing the redhead again, with a fire in her eyes that was daring the redhead to challenge her right then and there.

    “Hmm, the report and fliers look decent, but I would use a different font. Don’t want to come off as boring for an event such as this.” She said with a smile knowing her spit was now oozing down the redhead’s sweet cleavage and there was nothing she could to stop it. Maggie turned her head around; a dark look on her face masked the sense of growing arousal from the game they were playing.

    “You think so? Personally, I think your taste is off, but I’ll take it into consideration.”
    Bianca gave a fake smile as she turned on her heel and made her way back down the rows of books. Maggie watched her go, following the professional woman’s hot ass flex up and down in the skirt like it was bouncing. Bianca’s business skirt was so short that just walking risked some cheek showing from behind. Every guy at the library was getting a free show she thought because both of them were dressing for each other.

    Maggie returned to her work now typing harder and faster on the keyboard. She continued writing out the reports but began to daydream as she felt the spit make it down her chest and start to move down her stomach towards her navel. She imagined herself standing up and going after Bianca right then and there. Her heels would click aggressively, and Bianca would turn around just in time to face her more than ready to settle the score.

    She would tackle the black-haired bitch in clear view of the students as the two of them would begin to fight on the floor. The people around who saw or heard the commotion would rush over but, instead of breaking them apart would form a tight circle around the two beauties ensuring neither could escape the other. They would continue to wrestle in the middle and settle the score once and for all. Their clothes would be torn off in large pieces to the cheering crowd who roared and screamed like animals as the woman’s sexy bodies became more and more revealed.

    Their hot pale bodies squeezing each other, hair torn out of their buns, each woman trading the top position over and over as they became more and more nude and feral. The men around them all hard as rocks, the woman wet with jealousy as the two best bodies in the library and maybe the school had a sexy little catfight for all to see. Of course, in Maggie’s mind, it would end when their pale bodies would be drained, and they struggled in only the teeniest of thongs they each wore on their hips, the crowd going uncontrollable at the sight. Until Maggie successfully ripped Bianca’s thong off her body making her fully nude and bare. She would still have her own barley on, the only piece of clothing that wasn’t in shreds around them.

    She would claim the top spot and pin the other woman to the carpet. Their now hot sweaty bodies would be in near full contact as Maggie forced their legs open. Bianca’s smooth pink pussy wide open by the force in a starfish pose they would be in. Maggie wouldn’t care if she had only her thong on, as long Bianca was completely nude and under her. It would be worth the humiliation that the blue-eyed slut would feel.

    The bottom woman would scream in frustration as Maggie celebrated to the applause of the men and women around them, the catfight over and her victory secured. But with their equal sized orbs pressed hard into each other, she would feel Bianca’s hard nipples, they wouldn’t be able to hide their cunts starting to drip, each knowing a catfight was unable to really settle anything between them. Their nude bodies touching everywhere, green and blue eyes would meet, and the desire would be palpable.

    Maybe it would be a quick kiss, or a lick to the lips that signaled they had not settled anything with their clothes ripping catfight. She would stand up and drag the nude Bianca by the hair to the back of the library, away from the eyes and desperate crowd. Then alone, the real fight between them would begin, a full on sexfight between the women, this time not a one off, not who cums first, but who can drain the other, who can fully fuck the winner to the other’s complete satisfaction till she couldn’t go on. One that would only finish once they were each covered in sweat and cum. Wrapped up together with one of them on top moaning in victory.

    At this point Bianca’s spit was not the only wet spot on Maggie’s body as she shifted her legs uncomfortably wanting to go home and masturbate to the sexy images in her head. So far, neither she nor Bianca had set the stage for another sexfight, but with spitting down her chest, Maggie knew it was coming sooner rather than later. Her shift was another 2 hours so going home wasn’t an option, and she decided to continue her work double time to distract her. Lost in her computer Maggie typed away not noticing the things happening around her, until she heard the question from a woman who had approached the front of the desk.

    “Excuse me, can you please point me to the director’s office?”
    Maggie froze in place staring at the screen, her entire body seemed to react to the sound of that voice, the only voice that really mattered to her, the voice of her darkest nightmares, and her most wonderful dreams. The girl she loved and hated with a passion stronger than anything she had thought was possible in her life. She looked up towards the voice and came face to face with none other than Amber Fielder herself, standing in Maggie’s library, in front of her like nothing had ever happened between them, like she was carefree in this world. But this girl who had just asked this question in front of her was not the Amber she knew, and Maggie’s flight or fight reaction went haywire unsure of how to handle the new look of her rival.

    The blonde’s pink streaks were gone, leaving only her yellow hair in a messy ponytail. She had a pair of glasses on that framed in her brown eye nicely and wasn’t wearing the tiny amount of makeup that she normally put on. She was dressed very modestly, a sweater that did it’s best to hide the incredible rack hidden behind that Maggie had personally sucked many times before. Small cute earrings, with the nose ring nowhere to be seen. She also had a long skirt on, that gave no hints to her muscular legs and incredible ass under it. This wasn’t the punk girl that Maggie knew, Amber looked like a normal slightly older student with a very pretty smile who would turn heads when she walked into a room from her natural beauty alone.

    Maggie stared, mouth half open, after all they had said on their last phone call, all they had done to fight each other. After threatening to rape each other…which was one of Maggie’s biggest regrets she had ever said. She would still cry on some nights thinking about saying that to Amber, the girl she was still in love with, but she just couldn’t control it when around the blonde. The blonde brought emotions out of her that she kept very deep.

    “Amber!?…What…what are you doing here?!” Maggie said, nearly losing control right then and there. If she had thought the urge of jumping on Bianca for a catfight was intense, the feelings were tripled now face to face with the blonde. She couldn’t help sitting up slightly from her seat, her muscles becoming tense, her nipples began to get stiff just from being a foot away from her longtime rival.

    Amber gave Maggie a beautiful smile, her pink lips showing off her pearly white teeth as she turned her head slightly, “I’m sorry, you must have me confused for someone. I’m simply looking for the director’s department, do you know where it is?” She had practiced this conversation in the mirror 100 times and so far, the redhead was playing the character exactly how she had planned. Even with all her preparations it was still very hard to look at Maggie in person. After how much they hurt each other Amber knew they were beyond words. This was the game of love and war they played, and this time Amber decided to make the first move.

    Maggie couldn’t breathe, it felt like a panic attack was starting as she and Amber stared at each other, the same eye’s she had watched through a screen 3 weeks ago in their dirty masturbation contest. The way Amber was looking at her, she knew, she knew how she would react and that frustrated Maggie even more. She would not give the blonde this, she could play any game Amber wanted to play.

    “Row H…. past the poetry section. Do you want me to show you?” Maggie asked as her green colored nails clenched into fists. She noticed two people now were in line behind the blonde, but she didn’t care.

    “Oh, no thank you, but I will make sure I’ll come to you if I have any questions or need help!” Amber smiled again with no malice, no hint of anything about their relationship and knowing each other. She turned and started making her way down the rows Maggie had pointed out. She did not look back, she did not sway her hips, not doing anything that gave a single hint towards their shared past. Maggie watched her go with a fire burning in her soul. Her heart was doing flips, her mind was screaming at her for being caught unaware, her cunt was wet from an interaction with Amber that lasted less than 30 seconds.

    She watched the blonde move down the long line of rows, Maggie’s knowledge of the blonde’s body enough for her to see her nude. Amber took a turn and went into the section as Maggie blinked. Did that just happen… Did her ex-lover just walk in and pretend not to know her, the same woman she had threatened and been threatened to rape just three weeks ago. Amber was playing a game with her, another game between them, she didn’t know when it would end.

    Too much had been said and done between them to just talk it out. They were going to try and kill each other…and in truth that scared her. She was scared of the part of her that wanted to fight her. It was fully in contrast with the other part of her that was still madly in love with Amber Fielder. Even more so than when she first had said the words on accident. She didn’t understand why, but she still wanted to hurt Amber, physically and emotionally. Maybe to share her pain? Because the blonde had rejected her sharing of love, so she would force some other emotions to share. In truth, she wasn’t sure how to handle this, but it seemed that without her consent another game had been started between them. And Maggie knew that no matter what, she would see it to the end with Amber.

    Hello everyone. I have been really enjoying the flurry of new stories being posted so I thought I would try to continue the trend. This is part 1 of a new story that features Maggie and yeah, sorry for not a lot of action in this post. My goal right now is one new part every 2 weeks so hopefully that’s chill with everyone. I know that’s a long time between sections but ehhhh what can you do, it will be better than 5 months like the last story lol.

    Uhhh, yeah, let me know your thoughts and comments about the way the story is going, and I hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully, everyone is down for another story about the freckled librarian.

    Till next time.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Love the fight in the stormy night, great scene, King!

    And I like to see Bianca again. My favourite rivalry is Maggie-Bianca, although I think Maggie is going to have more than one problem to deal with this time...

    Keep the good work!
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    Red face Re: The Library Gala

    A SUPER hot imagined scene, as quick as it was. I can't wait to read more!

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Just saw this! Have not read it yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so! More great stuff from King and I know, from our correspondence, that this is another adventure of Amber and Maggie!


    Just read this. I love everything about this story. It's a great introduction to a new epic, laying out the foreshadowing really nicely.

    The opening scene with Amber and Maggie is fantastic. It's a great idea to fill in a bit of their past together. I'm delighted that Silvia is pursuing a rivalry with Maggie and Bianca's attack was nicely done. And now we have Amber, playing some bizarre mind-game that I can't even begin to guess at. But it's all really well done and, as always, teases the reader with so much more to come!

    Great work! Looking forward to the next part.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Part 2


    It was not a restful night for Maggie as she tossed and turned, lost in the thoughts of the previous day and the interaction with Amber. She had to get up early for a 9 AM scheduled meeting with the board, so she forced herself asleep best she could. Her mind was still a mess when she awoke, quickly checking her phone. She had texted and called Amber 5 times last night but got no response. She should have expected it, but Maggie felt she needed to try and find out what the blonde was up too.

    She could have emailed the director but didn?t want to raise any suspicion. If she let on that she knew who the blonde was; questions could be asked, and she didn?t want anyone looking into her past with the ex-student. Today?s gathering was one of their final sessions before the big event and some last-minute decisions would need to be made as per the Director?s email. In her opinion some of these choices should have been made months ago, but Maggie would deal with it as she always did. She dressed quickly, choosing her outfit with care, and making sure it showed enough skin. Bianca and her intern were set to be in the meeting too and when she and the other pale bitch were in the same room, it was always a game of who looked better, and who could turn the other on more.

    She arrived 30 minutes early to the school as she normally did, and still had an hour before the meeting was set to start. Still thinking about her interaction with Amber; she began setting up the room with all the necessities. She was still clueless to why the blonde had shown up?why she had gone to see the director? What was Amber?s goal? She was still thinking about it while arranging the notes in front of her when the door to the conference opened. She looked up at the sound and her green eyes narrowed instantly as Bianca walked in way earlier than she was supposed to be arriving. The raven-haired beauty?s pink lips gave a daring smile as she noticed the other occupant and that Maggie was completely alone.

    Bianca looked incredible wearing perfectly professional attire without a single black hair out of place in its tight bun. She had a tight white blouse that had several of the top button undone giving her creamy pale tits the full looking cleavage, they deserved. It was tucked into a short tight black business skirt giving her a near perfect hourglass figure. Her stockings were also black matching her skirt and ran all the way up her sexy legs. They looked defined and with her heels on brought out the toned muscle lightly. Of course, her blue eyes were framed by square black glasses that somehow amplified the sharp features of her face. She took a few steps forward and placed the files she was holding on the table. With her hands free, she started walking with loud clicks towards Maggie, her tits bouncing slightly as she moved.

    The similarly dressed redhead dropped her own papers down and stood up. She made her way around the same side of the table with her own heels clicking aggressively. They didn?t stop until they came face to face, pushing their hot young bodies into each other. They pressed in so tightly that the buttons from each of their blouses touched and their glasses on their noses nearly clicked. For a few seconds, the two women stood pressed up on each other waiting for the other to speak first and letting their bodies do the talking.

    ?What are you doing here Miss Marshall? This is my meeting and it doesn?t start for 1 hour from now.? She spat as she eyed the woman who had spit down her shirt just 24 hours before. The new arrival gave her a cocky grin, as if they didn?t know each other?s schedules by heart. ?I just thought since this is such a big event, you would need help setting up.? She sarcastically spat as they dared to put their lips on each other speaking so close. It just so happened they both had selected dark pink lipstick to tempt the other. It would help hide any sloppy kissing if they happen to push each other too far.

    ?I already have my intern coming in, so like usual, you really aren?t a necessity Miss Marshall. Just a prop for view.? Maggie smiled and gave her lips a little lick. She was sorely tempted to spit into Bianca?s chest, but knew that might start something.
    Bianca?s blue eyes flashed in anger, the comment hitting its mark close to home, ?You are going to learn your place very soon Miss Reynolds, and you will find out which one of us is the necessity.?

    Maggie gave a forced chuckle, ?My place? I?m pretty sure I put you in your place or do I need to remind you?? She finished making a small sexual moan that mimicked the sound that had escaped Bianca?s lips when she had cum during their prior sexual showdown.
    Bianca gave a bright white smile that dripped venom as she remembered their legs attached by the stockings. She wouldn?t let this bitch get away with that comment or making fun of her. ?You think our little one-off fuck means anything about who is on top here? It?s personal now slut, and I?m going to make you moan like that but twice as loud.?

    Maggie continued to keep her tone neutral as best she could. ?Oh, now it?s personal? I was pretty sure it was personal when you slapped my ass with your note board. It?s funny, I was waiting for you to beg me for a rematch, but now I?m not going to wait. I?m going to give you a reminder of your place.? With that said, she could no longer help it. She glanced down and already being so closely pressed into her rival she didn?t even have to move back. Maggie puckered her pink lips and spit down into Bianca?s chest. The goop landed wetly just above the raven-haired woman?s globes and wasted no time sliding down the soft skin and into the white blouse. She looked up with a taunting smile to see Bianca?s rage, but locking eyes again she found her smiling as if she was enjoying the feeling.

    ?I want more than just a little rematch, this time we go all the way until one of us quits. And when I win, you will stop flaunting your tits like you own the place.? Bianca didn?t even break eye contact as she puckered her own pink lips and spit down Maggie?s chest as a tit for tat exchange. It landed right on the mark and for the second time in 24 hours Maggie had to feel her rival?s wet substance slide down her breasts. This time however, there was no one around but them and she could retaliate.

    ?When I win, you will stop walking around in those slutty skirts and pinching my ass every chance you get.? Maggie hissed as she brought her right hand around Bianca?s waist and pulled up Bianca?s skirt showing off her ass to the room. Bianca didn?t react as she felt her skirt pulled up and her minuscule white thong was revealed. She couldn?t help her breathing increasing as Maggie used her same hand to palm the hot right cheek ass of her rival. She groped the muscle and even gave it a very light slap that seemed to jiggle sexually. Their blue and green eyes narrowed as they crossed the unsaid line of their jungle game. She gave one last hard squeeze and when she released it she still raked her nails lightly on the pale white skin. She brought her hands back to her side and waited for her own ass to be attacked but it didn?t come.

    ?Looks like we are both tired of playing our little game. I?m glad my spit going down your chest got you all hot and bothered.? The blue eyes flashed down to Maggie?s white blouse, tempted to spit once again to turn her on even more, but decided to push the conversation forward. ?It is time for another one on one review of your performance Miss Reynolds.? She finished pushing her glasses closer up to look into the green orbs once again with a new level of intensity.

    ?I think it?s long overdue, Miss Marshal.? Maggie whispered no longer willing to beat around the bush and get this game started. She turned her head slightly and moved an inch forward.
    ?Agreed, Miss Reynolds.? Bianca whispered back as she skewed her head the other way and closed the other two inches between their faces, her hands already moving around to wrap up the other girl and pull her in tighter by the ass.

    They leaned their faces in and brought their lips closer and closer until pink lip-gloss met pink lip-gloss as they touched. It may have led to so much more, but it was not to be.


    The sound caused both Maggie and Bianca to snap awake from the sexual daydream they had invoked on each other. Their eyes widened but neither moved away keeping their lips touching and their tongues in striking distance. This kiss would have locked in their agreement and Maggie also thought that she and Bianca would use the next 30 minutes for a little pre-match, and now that was out the window. She could see mirror thoughts going through Bianca?s head weighing the options of whether to attack or delay just a bit while longer.

    ?Hi, anyone in there?! Maggie! It?s Marissa! I got here a little early to help out.?
    Maggie and Bianca glared at each other with sex crazed eyes but moved slightly apart. The interruption was maddening as they still hadn?t set a time or place for them to fully settle the score and now, they would be delayed even longer. The realization that they would have to wait settled them down slightly. Both women fixed their clothes while watching the other, but neither wiped away the spit on their chest letting it stir. ?One second Marissa.? Maggie called as she and Bianca took in the sight of their work rival one last time alone. They were both very horny and in the mood to settle it. ?Soon.? Bianca breathed as she moved away to the other side of the table as Maggie turned and headed to the entrance trying to calm her breathing.

    Maggie opened the door and in bounced the intern Marissa. What a sight she was with her low-cut yellow top that showed off her lightly toned midriff. It also showed an overly large amount of cleavage of her own that bounced with her as she basically skipped into the room. Her matching yellow bra would appear slightly when she leaned over or moved too quickly which was nearly every second. Everything else about the blonde screamed quirky. Her red and black plaid skirt flowed easily, her blonde pigtails, and her wild color of blue lipstick, she looked a bit eccentric compared to the other women in the room.
    ?Hey Maggie!? She said with her usual bubbly tone as she gave the redhead a quick hug. Their own big tits pushing together slightly gave Maggie a jolt of desire. She was thankful that her bra hid her very rigid nipples from poking Marissa in the chest. Releasing Maggie the blonde took a quick look around with her hazel eyes and saw Bianca. Her smile faltered a slight bit. ?Oh?Bianca, you are here too.?

    ?Miss Keeling. Glad you decided to show up on time for once.? Bianca huffed as she picked up the files she had left on the table when she had first walked in. Marissa rolled her eyes at the raven-haired woman very used to the tone she was given. They had gotten off on the wrong foot from day one and had only gotten worse as the semester moved on. Marissa was one of the two interns the library had selected for this semester's study.

    Unlike Bianca, Maggie had taken a liking to Marissa. She couldn?t put her finger on it, but she guessed it was that she found her interesting. The Incredibly bubbly type of personality had never been on the staff, and the new type of energy was a good thing. She had not taken to the dress code however, which really irked Bianca and sometimes Maggie as well. She wore different types of schoolgirl?s skirts and short shorts most days, and very tight t-shirts of varying bright colors. She was friendly if not overlay, and once in a while Maggie suspected there was a fakery to it.

    The most surprising thing to Maggie was both of the interns' looks, because it seemed the director had found two whose bodies could match the two top employees. Compared to herself, Marissa?s legs looked equally toned and firm that led to an equally sized ass. Her chest was impressive, and the hidden drive Maggie felt to compare herself to all other women didn?t stop at the intern. She wasn?t sure what Marissa?s sexuality was, but she would swear she caught her licking her colorful lips while eyeing Maggie?s own delicious breasts valley more than once.

    Maggie sat down and brought out her fliers continuing her work before she had been interrupted. Marissa and she talked as the blonde began to set up the room and finish getting things organized. Bianca left the office to go wait for her intern not wanting to spend more time with Maggie unless it was alone and nude. As she walked out, she and Maggie shared one last look of aggressive lust as the door shut.

    A few minutes into working, Maggie looked up as her intern finished moving the chairs. ?Thanks for coming in early, I really appreciate it.? She said to the other woman as she slowly was able to relax from her surprising sexual morning. Perhaps it was best she thought, let the anticipation build in Bianca?s mind. She had already lost once, and that meant she was the one who would come in with a disadvantage.

    ?No worries! Glad I could help.? Marissa responded, as she moved to the chair next to Maggie making her skirt flow a little extra and almost showing some ass cheek. Maggie did a little stretch in her chair reaching her arms up and pushing her chest out. Her back gave a light pop that felt really good. She also felt the hazel eyes of Marissa do a little up and down of her body and specifically her chest.

    The room finished being set up; Marissa sat down next to Maggie and started helping to flick through papers on the table. A few minutes later Marissa gave a small chuckle as she stacked a few more papers. ?You know, whenever you and Bianca have a meeting together, you both wear much more revealing clothing.?

    Maggie looked up surprised at the comment and eyed Marissa noting that the woman was far more perceptive than she let on. The pigtail haired girl wasn?t looking at her now, but her chair had moved closer to Maggie without the red head noticing.
    ?Do we? I hadn?t noticed.? Maggie lied, knowing that she had picked this thin blouse and an extra short skirt just because Bianca was going to be in the room.

    ?Really? Cause it feels like you have, there is some extreme unsaid tension between you two.? Marissa continued still not looking at the redhead. Maggie looked up as the blonde brought the pen she was using to her blue lips and wrapped them around the small shaft. She gave it a little light suck that Maggie couldn?t help imagining she was watching Marissa suck a clit or nipple.

    The blonde looked up at Maggie watching her and grinned. She didn?t look embarrassed doing the sexual motion and even seemed to wrap her lips around it a little harder instead. Ok, she was far more prospective than Maggie thought. She returned a smile to her intern trying to show that she didn?t mind the over sexual acts. ?And what makes you say that??

    Marissa popped the pencil out of her mouth and taped it on her chin. Facing her, Maggie stole a quick glance into Marissa?s tits as well and that bright yellow bra. ?Well, you bicker a lot for one, but it?s also the way you stand, the looks you give each other, again, it just screams tension. Did I interrupt anything this morning?? She asked and Maggie noted the sparkle in the hazel eyes like she was trying to solve a puzzle.

    Maggie ignored the question and decided to push back. ?I could say the same about you and Isabella, you two snip at each other like little kids. I feel like you guys have more history than just ?living together? like you told me. It?s just so weird, I got along very well with my college roomie, but you too seem to despise each other? Maggie stated, looking to move the subject away from her and Bianca. She wasn?t fond of the idea of people knowing that she and her colleague had more than just professional tension between them. Marissa seemed to sense the attempt at a change of subject but played along.

    ?Oh, there is tension between us too, maybe more. She comes off very cold, but I will say that I?m surprised you and Izzy don?t get along, I mean I hate her, but again, that?s from our history. She really tried to be your friend in her own way, I could tell. Doesn?t matter now, selecting me and with Bianca working with her now for this long; I?m pretty sure she doesn?t like you just as much as me which is impressive.?

    Maggie gave a sigh; she knew Marissa was right. When the interns had started, both of them had clearly wanted to be under herself, but Bianca demanded that one report to her. Maggie had chosen Marissa just for the friendliness that Isabella seemed to struggle to match. Honestly, she hadn?t been in the best state of mind during the process and she knew she could have handled it better. She had been feeling down about Amber and let her emotions control her. Sure, she might have picked Marissa anyway, but she had been so dismissive of Isabella during the process. She knew she had hurt the girl?s pride, and now it seemed Bianca had stirred the pot even more.

    The real breaking point was that she had written Isabella late once out of spite for Bianca doing the same to Marissa. But Maggie knew Marissa had deserved it, and Isabella didn?t. The Spanish girl?s temper exploded when Maggie had tried to apologize. The damage had been done and her refusing Maggie?s apology soured their relationship even more. She should have tried harder to not drag the interns into her and Bianca?s rivalry, but now it was too late, and they were in the game. But Maggie thought Marissa wasn?t being fair as when she had tried to apologize to Isabella, the blonde had been annoyed. Bianca and Marissa had their own little spat and she stated that the bossy woman would never apologize to her, so why should Isabella get one.

    Maggie decided to remind Marissa of that, ?If I got close to her, I feel you and I wouldn?t get along as well.? She said looking at the intern making sure she knew that was a part of it.
    ?Yeah, that?s true.? Marissa replied. ?I guess we won?t ever know huh. I?m glad you chose me though; I don?t think I would have made it under the bossy bitch.? She continued in her carefree voice. Things like that didn?t seem to bother Marissa as much as they did Maggie who wanted people to like her most times. Bianca didn?t seem to care either, but Maggie wasn?t so sure about Isabella. She was either really good at faking it to just spite Maggie or maybe she also didn?t care what other people thought of her.

    They were quiet for a few seconds, shuffling papers, but now questions were building in Maggie?s head. She tried to hold it in, but then decided she had to nip this in the butt quickly.

    ?And what kind of tension are you referring to? Maggie asked, now focusing much more on the conversation than the work in front of her.
    ?You really want to know?? Marissa replied with a cheeky smile as she looked up from the papers again at the redhead. She noted that Maggie looked like a sexy schoolgirl teacher, and she was the schoolgirl.
    ?I am curious.? The hazel and green eyes played with each other though Maggie?s glasses, as Marissa judged how far she could push this.

    The blonde wetted her blue lips, ?Well, I mean honestly it feels really?sexual.? She breathed and the room temperature seemed to rise a few degrees.
    Maggie had to do her best not to say, ?How did you know?? as Marissa continued not knowing the redhead?s breathing picked up just slightly. ?Hell, I get turned on watching you glare at each other! Have you two ever, you know, fucked?? Maggie?s eyes widened, taken aback at both the question and the blonde hitting the nail on the head. This conversation was clearly headed in the direction that Marissa was forcing it whether Maggie liked it or not. She looked down at her papers for a second trying to control her body. When she looked back up Marissa was still watching her while also licking her lips more sensually than what was required at a workplace.

    Maggie gave a second sigh, ?You know we are at work.? As she looked towards the door wondering what would happen if someone or mainly Bianca walked in on this conversation.
    Marissa laughed at the comment, ?You said you were curious.?
    Maggie gave her a small smile, ?Fair, but other people might not be as comfortable talking about this kind of subject while at work.?

    Marissa ignored the comment and took Maggie?s non answer as confirmation. Her own hazel eyes widened in surprise. ?So that?s a yes? Oh wow, she does have a good body, but she is such a bitch. I?m surprised you would go for someone like her. Was it good at least??

    ?Marissa?? Maggie warned, and only now did she take the hint. ?Okay, Okay, too far, but at least tell me If I?m right about the tension even if it?s not sexual.?

    Maggie considered again, thinking she had to make sure Marissa didn?t leave with the wrong ideas even if they were right. ?If I answer any of your questions, you have to answer mine.?
    Maggie felt her eye twitch as she had half hoped the blonde would have not wanted to continue if she could ask things back. She underestimated just how much Marissa didn?t care but that was fine. Maggie was sure she could control the questions as she needed.

    ?Fine, yes there is tension. But what about you and Isabella? Is there tension there?
    ?Maybe.? Marissa said with a wink and Maggie scowled.
    ?Hey, that?s not fair.? But Marissa didn?t elaborate.
    ?My turn, who started the tension??
    Maggie was now completely not working and was fully engaged in the conversation. She was hesitant to answer after Marissa dodged her question, but also wanted to learn more and the only way to do that was keep playing. ?Well, both of us, but it's more complicated than that.?

    ?Yeah? Now I?m the one who is curious about that, but also about you. You just like a good body? Is that what you need for the tension that you guys have.?
    Maggie gave a little huff, as if that was the only thing she looked for when it came to having sex. ?I?m not that shallow, I am picky when it comes with who I sleep with. But again, I didn?t say I slept with her.? Maggie quickly corrected. An image of Amber flashed in her mind. Sure, Amber did have a great body too and that had caused the original tension between them...but that wasn?t all that was needed. Right?

    ?Well, my body is easily better than hers.? Marissa confidently said, standing up from her seat with a little hop and presenting it to the redhead, daring Maggie to dispute. ?But you and I don?t have that kind of tension, so it must be something more.?

    ?You?re very confident, aren?t you?? Maggie breathed, but couldn?t help doing an up and down look of Marissa, that the blonde enjoyed. She also seemed to be waiting for Maggie?s answer and wasn?t about to sit down till she got confirmation. ?You do have a nice body.? Maggie commented, but she didn?t give the answer Marissa had been expecting.

    There was another null of silence as they looked at each other until Maggie turned her head back to her work thinking the conversation was over. Marissa however was still waiting for a better answer from those tasty pink lips. She took an extra step closer to the sitting redhead so that she was standing right above her.

    ?I think sometimes tension can be a fun thing, especially the sexual kind. Things can become?unpredictable.? Marissa purred, still was standing over Maggie and looking down to the redhead?s cleavage with her narrowed hazel eyes.
    ?Do you think so?? Maggie asked looking up again at the intern wondering why she had moved so close. She didn?t know what the intern was playing at, but she was about to find out.
    ?Yeah.? The other woman replied, and Marissa leaned her face down and pushed her full blue lips into Maggie?s tempting pink pair.
    The redhead jolted slightly in shock as the intern?s tongue shot into her mouth searching for the redheads. The girl was an aggressive kisser and for a few seconds she dominated the lip lock while her tongue explored Maggie?s mouth, licking her white teeth and inside of her cheeks. Maggie began to kiss back with equal vigor, and their conjoined tongues knotted up in between their months as they tried to control the other?s face by the lips.

    Marissa took a leg over Maggie?s body and placed herself on the librarian?s lap straddling her sexually. Maggie?s head was tilted up continuing the kiss as Marisa put her hands on the bottom girls? shoulders. The blonde?s yellow shirt and tits would be in Maggie?s face once they stopped and Marissa was clearly planning on rubbing on Maggie?s mouth next. They continued to kiss as their fingers began to wander, losing themselves in the sensation of each other? bodies now in contact. Maggie ran her hands easily under Marissa?s short skirt, feeling the amazing ass underneath the cloth that was already on their thighs. She squeezed the glutes and knowing it was the second perfect ass she had felt up in just 30 minutes. Incredibly it felt equal to Bianca?s ass and Maggie wondered whose was better.

    Marissa must have been wearing a tiny thong because Maggie?s hands filled only with the eccentric girl?s skin. The intern?s hands left the shoulders and filled them with librarian?s shirt covered tits as her ass was gripped. She squeezed the big balls of fat through the fabric of Maggie?s white blouse shirt and coral colored bra. They moaned into each other?s mouths deeply during the kiss as they felt up the sexy body of the other woman. Their hidden desires were suddenly in the open and heating up fast.

    The kiss ended a few seconds later with Marissa pulling back, both girls breathing heavy from the sudden intensity of the sexual stimulation. She gave a grin with her arms wrapping back around Maggie?s neck and still sitting in her lap. ?Whoops, looks like I created some sexual tension between us now too.?

    Maggie eyed the intern and couldn?t help glancing forward at the impressive cleavage in her face. She was amazed how fast things could change between people. 2 minutes ago, she would have not seen Marissa as anything other than her intern. Now she felt the attraction, and even a tiny spark of competitiveness that she found with women whose bodies could be considered equal to hers. It seemed Marissa was more than just willing to see what trouble they could get into.

    ?Looks like you have.? Maggie said sensually, and Marissa?s eyes gave a little sparkle that promised much more than just a wet kiss the next time she had the chance to get Maggie alone. She very slowly hopped off Maggie, but not without pushing her large tits into the librarian?s face for a brief second. Maggie meanwhile rubbed Marissa?s thigh on her standing leg until she got off fully. Marissa sat back down to her seat next to Maggie wondering if she had time for more, but they couldn?t continue their conversation. The sound of the door opening paused as several other employees began to show up and file into the room.

    Bianca also returned with her own intern in stow, Isabella. The girl was a stark contrast in tone from the pale professional, both in looks and personality. Her darker skin and long curly black hair were her most prominent features along with her dark brown eyes. She was also just downright sexy Maggie thought, and the girl seemed to know it.

    A gym toned bubble butt and firm large tits gave Isabella an identical body type to herself, and the others. Maggie couldn?t help wondering if all four of them could trade clothes including bikinis without worrying about size. Like usual Isabella was wearing extremely tight blue jeans that made her ass pop out and a black button shirt fully done up. Maggie considered her colder than Bianca, but less argumentative. She got the feeling that she compared other women to herself as closely as Maggie did. Though it was really hard to tell what she was thinking most times, unless it came to herself or Marissa. Then it was clear, she did not like them.

    Isabella and Marissa glared at each other as they walked in, and Maggie felt much more aware of the tension between them. She had to consider now that it was deeply sexual as well because of the way Marissa was hinting at earlier. She wasn?t sure if they had gone all the way like she and Bianca had, but now it wasn?t fully out of the question.

    It took a while as people chatted around the room until the Director showed up. He was the last one on Maggie?s list she needed to be there, and she was able to start a minute early. She stood up to welcome everyone when the Director quickly stopped her, ?Hold on one second Maggie, we are waiting for one more person.? As if on cue there was a knock on the door of the room.

    Maggie turned to the door looking surprised, she was sure everyone was accounted for glancing back down at her list. The Director stood up quickly. ?I invited the manager of our new band! I will explain shortly.? As he made his way to open the door.

    Maggie was so confused as was most of everyone else in the room. Even Bianca was looking at her notes with a small scowl on her face. They had already selected a band, when did this change occur. She followed the director as his hand went to the door and it hit her. She knew before the door opened, she knew who was about to walk in, and there was no way to stop it.

    He opened the door and Maggie?s world came crashing in as Amber entered with a small smile. She was dressed as she had been the day before, modest and hiding her incredible body as best she could. Maggie felt her heart skip a beat, her mouth slightly ajar and at a loss of words. ?What?? she said under her breath, she couldn?t make a scene now and simply had to watch as the director welcomed the arrival. Amber didn?t look like she didn?t have a care in the world, smiling at all the occupants. Bianca, Marissa, and Isabella too seemed to take notice of the new gorgeous newcomer entering the room. They watched as she seemed to turn people?s heads with just her smile and good looks. The other three beauties all felt a pang of unneeded jealousy that this woman could get people to stop breathing somehow more than themselves.

    The director moved around with Amber and offered her a seat at the rounded table where he had been. She took it and gave him a pretty smile. ?Thank you.? She said and the voice made Maggie wanted to scream out. ?Of course. One second Maggie.? He quickly ran out to grab another chair leaving the 25 or so people in the room. Eye?s quickly darted back and forth between Maggie, Marissa, Isabella and Bianca as they judged the new appearance in the room. Amber however simply smiled pleasantly at each person, including the three of the girls, though she avoided Maggie?s desperate green eyes on purpose.

    Maggie had sat down still unable to process and the director, noticing her confusion quickly took control. The chitter chat stopped as the director stood up looking around the room. ?Well thank you all so much for coming. Everyone obviously knows each other from the last months of endless meetings but we do have a new face. Everyone, this is Miss Fielder.? He gestured to Amber and his eye?s lingered longer than they should have. It was tough, Amber was a stunner even when she was dressed very modestly without any makeup, or accessories like she was now.

    ?She is a former student and will be our musical talent for the night! She also generously gave a donation at the same time.? People around the room clapped, everyone except for Maggie whose hands were clenched under the table in tight fists. ?Due to her generosity I have officially welcomed her band into performing. I wanted to bring her here so that everyone would be aware as it was very last minute.?

    That statement got Maggie?s brain working again. She raised her hand and was about to say something when the Director and everyone?s eyes went to her before she spoke, ?Maggie, I?m sorry for not updating you about this change. It happened so fast, and I was in a pinch.?

    ?No, it?s fine.? Maggie responded quickly on the spot hiding her true feelings. ?But what happened to the other band?? She had picked it personally and had gotten everyone?s approval including Bianca?s and somehow Isabella?s. The band had come with a bar sponsor that the intern was not fond of and made her displeasure known to the redhead personally. Another one of their disagreements that led to them arguing where some choice words were exchanged. Finally, Isabella gave her vote, but had not yet said she was happy with it. From the sparkle in her brown eyes, she seemed to sense Maggie?s extra annoyance at the change. The librarian continued, ?I talked to the drummer Daphne just last week on the phone and she was excited to perform.?

    ?A mix up of schedules I?m afraid, she called, and they backed out yesterday. She didn?t say much more.? He explained to the room. Maggie couldn?t tell if he was being serious, and she didn?t know why Daphne hadn?t emailed her. She didn?t get another question out as the Director turned back to Amber.
    ?Amber, if I may call you that. Would you like to say a few words and introduce yourself and your band?? Amber sat up slightly straighter as she looked around the room. Again, meeting everyone?s eyes except of course for the green ones that wanted it so badly.

    ?It?s nice to meet you all. My band is made up of four people and we can play a variety of music. I promise I won?t be in the way. And about myself, I just love this school. I spent a lot of time in this library as a student. I?m very much looking forward to performing for you and everyone at the event.?

    A little more applause and welcomes went around the room that Maggie did not join part of. She wanted to scream out liar at the blonde for even bringing up that she loved the library, but she held it in behind her clenched white teeth. ?Excellent, now Bianca, can you provide the notes of what else is needed.? The director instructed and Bianca began to go through the list.

    The next 20 minutes passed slowly as different members of the meeting discussed the various final points as Maggie took notes, her eye?s flashing to Amber every few seconds. Her heart beat faster than ever, as she tried to figure out how the blonde had gotten in this position without her knowing. Clearly, she was planning something for the gala, and being just being insured she could potentially have a large impact on Maggie?s job.

    The meeting carried on with information that Maggie could have figured out in her sleep, until the Director brought up a second big change. ?Well, now we need to hire some official bartenders and drink supplier.? The director said slightly exasperated. ?Unfortunately, the bar was connected to the band and backed out as well, but on the good news, Amber here has provided a discount with the bar she normally performs, and I think we should really consider it.?

    For the first time, Amber spoke up without being called. ?Well, I?m not sure if any of you have been to The Showtime? They provide full setup for our band and also have a great drink selection.? And for the first time her eyes found Maggie's. Green and brown gazed into each other for an extra-long second until one of the interns spoke up breaking the look.
    ?Oh my god! I love the Showtime!? Marissa proclaimed, looking at Amber with her bright hazel eyes. ?I knew I recognized you! You played guitar there a long time ago right??

    Amber gave her curious glance. ?I did, it is unfortunate we never met.? She said with a friendly smile that Marissa returned, and Maggie felt a small spark of desire between them. This bugged her more than it should have, and her teeth clenched even tighter. Amber was her person to deal with and she felt a surprising amount of possessiveness over her ex that even Marissa would not be excluded from.

    ?Oh, well I have only been going there the last year or two and I think it was only my first or second time you were there.? Marissa continued, twirling her hair around her fingers.
    ?I have been there too; it does have good drinks.? Isabella said, without much emotion as she didn?t want to seem too eager to agree with Marissa. ?I think we should consider it; it sounds way better than the bar we originally had chosen.?

    Maggie shot a glare at Isabella for the backhanded insult and Isabella shot one back with a taunting smile knowing it had ticked off the librarian.
    The director looked at his own notes. ?I haven?t been there in ages, but I do remember their drinks were fantastic.?
    Amber spoke up again, ?They are our sponsor, so I can get a big discount, but of course it is your all?s choice.? The mummers seemed to be in agreement and Maggie felt her window to stop this was closing. Luckily, she wasn?t the only one who liked to be in control.

    ?We NEED to keep this evening professional; a nice bit of classical music would do nicely to keep with the theme of elegance and the cocktails should match.? Bianca spoke up still looking at her notebook. ?I don?t know if the Showtime has the level of elegance we are looking to have.? She continued as she looked up at Amber. ?Miss Fielder, I?m sure you are a fine musician, but if the Showtime is your sponsor, how can we be sure that your band can perform in a way that matches what this event is about.?
    ?I must say I agree.? Maggie said, getting an eye roll from Bianca, but no look or reaction from Amber. She opened her mouth to respond but was beaten to it.

    ?Bianca, Maggie, please I?m sure?.? But the Director was interrupted.
    ?Well that sounds B-O-R-I-N-G.? Marissa huffed. Bianca looked up at the intern who was staring back at her stilling twirling her pigtail. Their eyes and bodies seemed to say more than their voices as both women seemed to lean slightly forward with their impressive chests prominently on display.

    ?Boring is not the word I would use.? Bianca said a bit more firmly. ?This is a formal event, not one for?childish tastes.? Marissa?s ears shot up slightly and she sat a little higher in her chair. ?Childish? Excuse me, I?m maybe what? Two or three years younger than you. It?s called keeping it fresh and fun.? The bubbly voice continued, but there was a tone of threat and anger now that Maggie picked up on.

    ?This isn?t the time for ?fun?!? Bianca said loudly now her own professionalism seemed to go down. Her attention for once not on Maggie but her intern. ?This is an important event for everyone here and as one of the interns your ideas will be taken into consideration by myself, but not??

    ?I report to her, not you.? Marissa interrupted a second time giving a slight nod at Maggie who couldn?t help but smile. Bianca shot a dark glance at Maggie that reminded her quickly that they were nowhere near done with each other. The glare quickly turned back to Marissa who was glaring back.
    ?Well, common now team. We can compromise.? The director said, looking to stop the little bickering that seemed to be escalating.

    Meanwhile, Maggie couldn?t help but be amused as the sparks seemed to fly between Bianca and Marissa. She also now noticed again with her trained eye that Bianca was pushing her chest slightly more forward than before, and across the table Marissa was doing the same. ?All of us?? Maggie wondered. If her and Isabella?s tension was also sexual, which she couldn?t say for sure yet, Bianca and Marissa felt the same thing towards herself. That would mean in this room alone, there were 4 girls who all wanted to at the least, fuck her.

    She glanced at Amber to see the blonde also watching the other two women with a similar look of amusement. Amber knew that Bianca was the woman who had she had fuck fought for her job, maybe this would make some sense of her situation. Or maybe the blonde was as possessive over her that she was for her ex, and she felt the same fire burn when looking at Bianca. Either way, she was sure the blonde was calculating this, just like she was and how it would impact whatever she was planning. Isabella remained quiet but Maggie felt the brown eyes move back and forth as well taking in the situation.

    ?Marissa, Bianca, I?m sure we can let Amber explain.? The director said with a bit more authority making it apparent they should stop sniping at each other.
    Bianca?s smile suddenly went askew as she remembered she wasn?t alone in a room with this new challenger to her authority. ?Of course. Marissa, you and I can discuss this later, don?t want to keep the whole meeting about such a little thing.?
    ?Fine.? Marissa said as they continued to scowl across the table but ending the conversation between them.

    Amber spoke again breaking the tension that had built up in the room. She knew she needed to win over everyone if the Showtime was to be selected. ?Miss Marshall, right?? Bianca turned to the new beauty in the room, quickly calculating if the blonde was a threat in any way. Amber gave her a calming smile, ?I actually brought a list of their cocktail services in order of price. I think you will find everyone?s tastes would be matched; they actually get quite fancy and you won?t be disappointed.? Bianca reached and took the sheet from Amber, eyeing the blonde too wondering who she was and what she was doing. She seemed more prepared than the average manager that Bianca had interviewed during the selection process.

    Her blue eyes ran down the list, but Maggie noticed that she clearly was impressed by the notes as she passed the sheet to Isabella. ?These do look nice??
    ?Just like I said, it looks better.? Isabella re-stated making sure everyone knew she had been the one to bring that up. Maggie could do nothing as Amber went in further clearly knowing she had Bianca where she wanted her.

    ?As for the music, I assure you, my band is able to play any type including classical. I?m personally not the head singer but the guitarist. My singer however can hit every note, I have heard her personally.? Amber said, shooting a glance that said, ?You know what I mean?, at Maggie who seethed and felt a new surge of jealousy. No one else but her knew what Amber meant, she was sure the notes the singer hit was not from just music. Bianca might have picked it up on the sexual tone too, but she just looked entertained as if she enjoyed the comment.

    ?Here, I also brought a song list that we normally play. There are some rock ones too, so we can have some fun if the evening calls for it.? She shot a wink at Marissa who smirked back as Amber played the room smoothly just like her guitar.

    ?Well, you do seem very prepared.? Isabella shot her own pretty smile at Amber who returned it equally and their eyes lingered longer than expected. ?It?s tough being a manager. I have to be ready for every show and meet all of the expectations, so I do my best to stay on top of it and be as professional as possible.? She finished giving a wink to Bianca that almost sent Maggie over the edge. Was Amber planning on fucking every person in this room? How dare she act this way when she was in the room with Maggie, flirting like a slut.

    Bianca seemed very satisfied with that answer and gave Amber a rare smile of her own. ?Well, I think this has worked out for the best then. I say we move forward, Director.?

    Everyone in the room seemed to agree including Marissa and Isabella until only Maggie was left to decline. She would need a lot of reasoning to go against everyone, something she didn?t have and couldn?t think up on the spot. She took a breath knowing she was stuck, and that Amber had gotten her into this position on purpose.

    ?Fine, that?s all agreed then, we will reach out to the Showtime, and I assume the other band definitely couldn?t reschedule. Daphne couldn?t be reached?? Maggie pushed, marking things down and watching the already tense meeting tighten more. Everyone was looking at her funny, as if she had brought up the band again. The Director nodded with slightly more weight; ?Yes, I confirmed with them last night. It was a stroke of luck that Amber?s offer came in only an hour after they had backed out!?

    ?Yes?very lucky.? Maggie said and she observed Amber again, who for once was looking right back at her with taunting eyes. A wave of desire and electricity sparked between them and Maggie knew Amber had done something, but she just didn?t know what or how.

    The rest of the meeting went off without any further incidents. Until the full hour had passed.
    ?Well everyone, this was an absolutely great meeting. We are all set for Saturday night, so email me if you have any questions and if not, I will see you at the show.? With that said people began to pack up their stuff. Maggie noticed that Amber was packing up quicker than most.

    ?Miss Fielder! Could you stay one extra moment? I want to ask you about where you want to have your generous donation placed and a few extra details about the music if you could please.?
    The rest of the room turned to the ex-student who had been singled out. Amber looked up not surprised that Maggie was doing this, but also was not planning on staying.

    ?Oh, well unfortunately I do have to run to my next appointment, I?m sure it can be sent via an email, the Director can provide mine to everyone here.? She explained.
    ?It will only take a second.? Maggie stressed and with the rest of the room looking at her, Amber let out a slightly frustrated sigh knowing that she had to keep face.
    ?Okay, sure. I can spare a second.?

    The rest of the room was already making their way out, Marissa and Isabella giving the redhead and new blonde a curious look as they passed. Bianca too gave a probing look at Amber and Maggie thinking there was something else afoot, and she was right. Finally, the last member left the room and Maggie shut the door behind them. She took a deep breath as she turned to see Amber still sitting in her seat giving her an interested look.

    For the first time in over 4 months, Amber and Maggie found themselves together and now alone. They stared at each other, green to brown orbs looking deep into their souls and Amber couldn?t help dropping her fa?ade slightly.
    ?What do you want?Miss Reynolds?? She asked with a sneer, taunting her the way Bianca did. Maggie?s mouth twitched slightly into a dark grin as she looked at her ex-lover with as much disdain as she could muster.

    ?There you are, I was wondering how hard it must be to fake a personality that long.? Maggie hissed as she continued to stand as if a fight or a fuck was about to break out between them. With their history, both weren?t out of the question.
    Amber gave a slight shrug. ?You would know something about faking personalities, wouldn?t you??

    ?What are you talking about?? Maggie snapped back.
    Amber returned the dark look that Maggie was giving her and leaned slightly forward in her chair, ?You act kind and sweet to everyone you meet and people like you for it, but I know you. I know the real you; how aggressive you are, how you compare your body and brains to other people and other women in particular. You think of them as inferior. If everyone knew who you really were, you would be considered even more of a bitch than I am.?

    Maggie breathed aggressively out of her nose to calm herself. ?You?re wrong. You don?t know the real me. I can?t believe you donated money just to come insult me at my job. Great use of your time Amber.? Maggie sarcastically hissed. ?How about you cut the bullshit and you tell me what you want and how you got this gig.?

    Amber gave a little hiss of her own. ?I want to pay you back for all that you have done to me and show everyone who you really are.?

    Maggie took another breath, but this time it did not calm her down. ?Payback?What do you fucking mean? YOU are the reason I act like this; this is not me.? She proclaimed as if to convince herself as well as Amber. The blonde was still looking at her now, but no longer with anger. She looked as though she was pitying Maggie, and also didn?t answer the question.

    ?Why are you back in my life?? Maggie asked on the verge of screaming. She held back the torrid of questions and insults that threatened to pour out of her mouth.

    Amber gave Maggie a small smile. Pity still in her eyes while showing her pearly white teeth in contrast to her lips. She had expected this question the whole time, but instead of answering, asked one of her own. ?Why did you leave your number for me after our fight??

    Maggie and Amber stared at each other for a few long seconds as they each answered the other?s question in their heads. For Maggie, curiosity, kindness, and a sexual desire to continue their meetings would answer.
    For Amber, a secret. A truth she had only just admitted to herself but struggled to understand or explain. The silence went on as neither girl was willing to explain herself.

    The time ticked on until Maggie gave a little sigh with a chuckle as she too started to feel pity for her blonde rival. ?We never were good at communication, were we? I won?t answer that, and neither will you and we both know it. Let?s be real though, it?s always been about which one of us is better? Who?s the better person, who?s better at sex, which of us was the better?.? She almost said girlfriend but caught herself in the nick of time.

    Amber laughed aloud, a sweet sound that Maggie didn?t know she was missing until she heard it then. She blushed slightly as she thought Amber had known what she was about to say. Maybe she did, but Amber stopped laughing and returned Maggie?s pity look with one of her own.

    ?I?m just here to perform a gig Maggie, so you don?t have to worry about us communicating. I?m sure you have plenty on your plate already. That Isabella girl and you seem to not like each other very much, you fucked her yet, too??

    That did it. Maggie felt her anger explode because no matter how much she denied it, she desperately wanted to fight Amber, but more so wanted the blonde to admit she wanted it more. She was not just here just for a gig, that was bullshit. This was going to be about who had the weaker will and would succumb to her desires.

    She half hoped that this talk would lead to a really hot night of combative sex with Amber, but she would never admit that to anyone and especially not the blonde herself.
    ?And if I have? Are you going to freak out again? Am I cheating now? Maggie hysterically spat at Amber, as she began to lose the threads of self-control she was holding on to.

    ?I?m not the one who seems to be freaking out between us. Sounds like you are projecting onto me.? Amber said matter of fact while keeping her tone very neutral in comparison to Maggie who seemed to be edging towards tears of frustration.

    ?I?m projecting?! I wonder why? Maybe because you?re the one coming to my work pretending not to know me! You know how important this job and event is to me!? Her voice suddenly got small and she finished in a whisper, ?I told you that in confidence?.?

    Amber?s face flickered with the hidden emotion that she did care. She cared what Maggie thought of her more than anyone, but like just like her ex-fuck buddy, anger won out and her face hardened with resolve. ?Oh, am I breaking your trust? Doesn?t feel great does it? It?s almost like?you know, taking a T.A. job to fuck over someone?s grades.? Amber said venomously again bringing up their past they had ignored for so long.
    Maggie was at a loss of words, this is normally when they would just start fucking, but she got the suspecting that Amber had no interest of that right now. It wasn?t safe to throw herself at Amber when they were like this, so emotionally charged and in public.

    ?It?It?it?s not the same thing?? Maggie said, but even her own words didn?t convince her. The guitarist was right. She had taken that TA job to get back at Amber and now Amber was using her own game against her. The blonde smiled mockingly at Maggie being unable to rebut the statement, feeling as though she had outsmarted the smartest person she knew.

    She decided to end this now, before they both lost the little bit of control they had. ?I told you we weren?t done. We will settle this, but that can wait till later.? She finished as she stood up from her seat. I?ll be going now.? Amber said, starting to pick up the few papers again, preparing to leave. Maggie shifted her body in between Amber and the door, this conversation was not over until she at least understood what the blonde really wanted.
    ?No, it?s not. What the fuck are you trying to accomplish besides fucking me over??

    Amber huffed, ?Nothing, that?s all I care about. Ruining your life like you tried to ruin mine. I?m going to make sure everyone knows the real you. The one I know, and if that causes you to?I don?t know, miss out at your dream job, well that?s not my problem.?

    Maggie smiled with a cruel look from her normally kind face. ?You really are just a cold bitch, aren?t you?? She hissed.

    ?Just like you babe.? Amber hissed back and they both went quiet.

    Maggie didn?t say anything as her mind went wild with, she could only imagine the blonde was planning for her. Attacking her at the gala?embarrassing her, getting her to snap, so many options that Maggie couldn?t control.

    There was nothing left to say as the clock on the wall provided a small ticking to the deadly silent room. They glared as the game and board were set. The only question remaining; who would defeat the other in this game of sex, hate, and also love that Maggie and Amber dared to play with each other?

    After a few more seconds, Amber stood up and slowly moved around the table to stand in front of Maggie, so they were eye to eye, smelling each other?s scent, sending their brains even more haywire. Amber looked even more beautiful up-close, but Maggie didn?t back down, her arms still crossed around her chest, which she couldn?t help notice was only a few inches from the blonde?s own rack.

    ?I believe we have each said our piece Miss Reynolds, I will be going now, but I?ll see you at the Gala.? Amber breathed with such sensuality that Maggie?s knees almost went out. She took a calming breath and somehow moved her body and lips closer to Amber so that they were only a few inches away from touching.
    ?Of course, Miss Fielder, I don?t want to keep you from what I?m sure is a busy and fulfilling schedule.? She sexually breathed back and for a second she saw Amber twitch. She wasn?t a wallflower anymore, she was a full garden when Amber was around, and she would use her thorns.

    Amber leaned slightly more forward and puckered her lips. Maggie sucked in air as her eye?s started to close, her own lips puckered, ready to kiss her ex and get a taste of that addicting drug that was Amber. She waited a second but the lip to lip contact never came.
    Amber had stopped moving forward and with a grin, blew a bit of cool air onto Maggie?s mouth as if she was blowing dice at a casino.

    Incredibly the sensation of the air made Maggie?s legs shake slightly and the minty smell from Amber?s mouth made her involuntarily groan aloud. Her green eyes fluttered open to stare into her ex?s taunting brown orbs. Her face felt hot and she knew blood was rushing to her cheeks after the sound she had just made. They stood there for longer than was necessary as Amber watched and enjoyed the effect just a little air had on her ex-fuck buddy.

    Then the blonde gave Maggie a real smile, the one she knew Amber saved only for people she cared or in her case, had cared about.

    ?I hope you are ready for whatever happens between us. Oh, and hey check your phone tonight, I will send you a video. Just for you.? Amber whispered, before finally moving away by taking a step back. Maggie took a step to the side to let her pass, but their sex crazed eye?s never left each other. Without another word, Amber left the board room leaving Maggie, hornier, more confused, and what felt like zero control of anything in her life.


    Well there is part 2. No major action yet, but the stage is getting set for our hero Maggie or is Amber the hero!? I guess it?s whoever your point of view is as these two begin their dance. Lol how poetic, anyway! Hope you enjoyed, umm let me know your thoughts if you want.
    I retain the right to post new parts every 2 weeks, but this part got done fast hahaha.
    Yes, well that is it. Yep, cool till next time.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Wow! Another excellent buildup! But I'm really starting to worry about poor Maggie! You are setting her up for the most exhausting -and maybe stimulating- week of her life. So, she's getting ready for another sexfight with Bianca, which seems just around the corner. She is getting turned on by Marissa, so that may not lead to a fight, but it certainly promises another sexual encounter. Silvia is obviously going to be at the gala serving drinks, so that rivalry will come to a head. And, of course, we know that the gala evening is going to end with Amber and Maggie getting together to settle their differences!

    On the side, you've got Maggie's building rivalry with Isabella and, I assume, Jenny is the singer that Amber is talking about. So, there is even the off-chance that Maggie may get into it with her!

    At this point, all you need to do is have the women from "The Perfect Ingredient" catering the gala and all of your major characters will be in one story -and possibly all at each other's throats! (Or other body parts!)

    Looking forward to part 3!


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    The Library Gala

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    Re: The Library Gala

    What to wrote, STORY let me speechless. Really good story, we all need good stories like this
    That fell so good in this time of virus expansion and quarantines.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Congrats for the amazing dialog between Maggie and Marissa!
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    Re: The Library Gala

    Otra agradable sorpresa, pero complicando deliciosamente el n?mero de bellezas. Deseo Amber y Maggie como final feliz

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    The Library Gala Part 3

    Part 3

    Maggie made it through the rest of the day without any sight of Amber, Bianca, Marissa, or Isabella. Per the Director, she wouldn?t see Amber again until the Gala on Saturday night, so she didn?t have to worry?for now. Her mind raced about the comments her ex had made during the meeting, trying to piece together the limited information she had.

    Amber had mentioned a singer in her band and that was news to Maggie. When they were sleeping together there was no female singer. The few times she had gone to watch Amber in secret the blonde had performed alone. She knew her ex wasn?t one to team up, so there must have been a big reason. She assumed from the tone and suggestive words Amber had used to describe this singer that she was very attractive. The more she thought about it, the more she determined this singer was the very same person Amber had been fighting the night at the Showtime.

    That meant this new girl and the slutty bartender Silvia would be at the Gala. Another two wild cards that used sex as a weapon and potentially would be on the prowl. They would be a further mix with the growing number of women in Maggie?s life who played this sexual game she found herself in.

    Ironically it was the calmest afternoon she had had in months? work wise. She couldn?t enjoy it however, due to the nagging comment from Amber about a video being too sent to her. What was Amber going to send her that she couldn?t have just said in the meeting?

    Her thoughts raced the more she thought about it and more the questions came to her head. Should she send something before to Amber first and get ahead of it? It was going to be a dirty video; she was sure of that. Would it be like what she had done with Silvia and their exchange?
    No, that didn?t make sense. Amber would have just called her, not done it by chat. She had several more thoughts but, in the end, she simply knew she would have to wait and see.

    As she got home from work, she found herself pacing in her bedroom looking at outfits and bikinis she would wear to send a video back to Amber if needed. Starting at 6PM she began checking her phone every 5 minutes, but no messages appeared from her ex fuck buddy.
    She tried reading a book to relax, and then put on a movie, anything to stop herself looking at her phone screen. Nothing worked and she eventually stopped trying to distract herself.

    At 8PM, still nothing as she ate dinner. Maggie began to think that Amber had been playing with her. The bitch had gotten her flustered when nothing was really going to be sent. It was just a bizarre trick and she had fallen for it. She felt very stupid.

    At 10 PM Maggie started getting ready for bed, now fully believing nothing was coming and angrier more than ever at herself. She got out of the shower and was drying her sexy body with a soft white towel while gritting her teeth. ?Why would she do this?? She asked aloud to no one, when the sound of she had been waiting all night finally came. Her phone buzzed on the mattress loudly and Maggie dropped her towel in surprise. She looked over with wide eyes and felt nervous as she slowly walked over and picked it up.

    The message was indeed from Amber, and a video was already being downloaded quickly. Her bitch of an ex hadn?t lied but when she saw the size of the video, she realized she had been wrong. It was just under an hour long. Way too long for a striptease or something of that nature. ?What is this?? She thought but didn?t dwell on it as she hit the play button. She sat down nude on her soft bed and crossed her toned legs as the video began to play.

    She expected the blonde to appear right, maybe taunting her or calling her out. But as the screen lit up all that appeared was Amber?s messy room. It looked just like it had the last time she and her ex had slept there together as if it was yesterday and not 3-4 months ago.

    ?You sure you want to record me pinning you down?? Came a voice that Maggie recognized, but couldn?t place right away. It wasn?t one she associated with Amber, but her heart rate started to pick up as another voice spoke back.

    ?Yes, because I?m looking forward to watching it and showing everyone else. Think of it as blackmail for the winner.? The voice that Maggie knew better than anyone else responded.

    Maggie?s pupils grew larger in her eyes as her missing blonde lover walked onto the screen. She paused the video with her heart pounding and her cheeks already starting to go flush. She jumped off the bed quickly turning off all the lights in her room till the screen was the only thing illuminated. She crawled back onto the bed and leaned back on the headboard. With a small gulp she went into full screen mode trying to see Amber in as much detail as possible.

    The blonde was in a light red sports bra and matching yoga pants. The pink streaks were already gone, and her hair was done up into a loose yellow ponytail. Her beautiful face had that taunting look that Maggie loved so much. The look though was being given to someone else in the room that she couldn?t see yet. With a deep breath, she hit the play button and again Amber began stretching in her tight clothes.

    The video continued as the other voice spoke again, ?I?m surprised you actually texted me today, you must really want this gig.? Hearing the voice again Maggie knew who it was and her mouth opened slightly more. It was Daphne, the drummer and manager of the original band she had chosen for the Gala. The one that had backed out from the event and that Amber?s was replacing. A million questions came into Maggie?s head with the first one being, ?How the hell did they know each other??

    ?It?s one of the biggest gigs in the city, of course I want it.? Amber replied to the still hidden woman. She looked at the camera and gave it a sly smile and Maggie felt that she was directly speaking to her through this little video.

    ?No, I doubt that it is only it. You have never given a shit about anything, even gigs. So why now, what?s changed?? Daphne mused with plenty of curiosity mixed with annoyance.

    Amber didn?t answer while still looking at the camera with her soft brown eyes. The unsaid answer was in Maggie?s mind, ?You know why?. She could almost hear Amber say it just by the look she was being given. Amber pushed back onto Daphne. ?And you must really want my Showtime pass because you texted back pretty quickly. I?m surprised you were willing to make do on our little spat last night.?

    ?Let?s be real, this has been building between us for a while, so I thought, why not now if you are offering? We both have something the other wants and now we can figure all of it out.? Daphne huffed with a bit more aggression as if she remembered her and Amber were not friends. They were both here for something and neither intended to leave without it.

    ?Hmm, I think it?s been building for the last four years because I said no to you.? Amber hummed as she continued her stretching. Maggie sucked in her breath at that comment, wondering now about their history even more. Was this a potential girl who had wanted Amber to be her girlfriend? Maggie tried to push the thought from her head as it brought up some very unwelcome feelings that were too closely related to jealousy. She could only assume the other woman had also started stretching as Amber?s eyes had moved away from the camera and were following some movement off screen.

    Daphne?s voice got lower and clearly; she did not take that comment lightly. ?You know what Amber. I?m glad you declined, it showed me how much of an entitled bitch you were.?

    Amber didn?t reply, but Maggie saw the look of anger briefly appear on her ex?s face before being pushed back down. She quickly gave a cool look to Daphne and Maggie doubted the drummer had caught the small glimpse of what Amber was really thinking.

    The still-hidden girl continued, ?Well, after this I?m just glad I won?t have to see or hear you play anymore at the Showtime. I mean, your guitar skills are subpar at best which begs the question, how many blowjobs did you have to give to get that pass??

    The look of anger was now fully gone, and Amber snickered aloud at the other girl?s comments but shot back just the same through the giggling. ?I would guess the same number as you, and you still couldn?t get one.?

    ?Maybe because I?m not an untalented musician and I can get one by on merit alone.? Daphne sneered haughtily but Maggie detected a hidden sense of frustration behind the words. It was clear she didn?t take the sexual burn lightly and was not one to have her skills questioned. She wondered if Daphne had really tried to get a Showtime Pass through alternative means.

    ?By your logic, you must be clearly lacking in one talent I have.? Amber rebuked and Maggie was slightly impressed how her ex was insulting this rival. Was it weird that Amber talking back was turning her on, even though the words were not for her? ?God damn it.? She thought, as the voice inside her head told her it was.

    ?The logic is, you?re a classless slut and I?m not.? Daphne explained with a taunting tone.

    Amber sneered back, ?Ok Daphne, I?m tired of listening to your mouth. How about we cut the shit and get to it??

    The other girl chuckled like she wasn?t worried. ?Sounds good Amber. As we drunkenly agreed at the bar last night, whoever pins the other to the wall or floor for 10 full counted seconds loses.? She confidently said as Maggie understood the challenge and wondered why they had chosen it. She and Amber had wrestled a lot on their beds, but never had they done a ?match? that ended by counting or pinning. She wasn?t sure how the punk girl would approach this, or if Amber would have any sort of advantage. She knew the blonde was in great shape, but her legs and ass were a lot stronger than her upper body. Maggie knew that for certain and she felt a pulse in her clit thinking about it.

    ?Wow, I?m surprised you remembered with how drunk you were.? Amber laughed as she rolled her eyes. She spread her legs and leaned down to each slowly while still looking at Daphne. She stretched each hamstring and inadvertently let her tits hang down slightly showing off her impressive cleavage for Maggie?s view.

    ?Excuse me? I was drunk?! You were literally slurring your words, but I remember you getting into my face which started this.? Came the reply while a sexy deeply tanned toned leg stepped into the camera. Maggie was getting her first glimpse of Daphne?s body and if that leg was the preview, she was suddenly much more excited for the full show.

    ?I got in your face because you were making snide comments from your little group at the bar. Then you came and sat at my table bragging about the gig when I told you to fuck off. I?m glad you did though because it is going to give us a chance to settle it.? Amber breathed and Maggie felt the sense of impending conflict.

    ?Just wanted to make sure you knew what you were missing out on.? Daphne replied, with a small hint of sexuality and matching conflict.

    ?See? You still aren?t over me rejecting your little offer.? Amber bragged and then gave a coy smile. ?You know the guys wanted us to do this little pin match last night at the bar and you?re a lucky little bitch that we didn?t. I would have pinned you on that nasty sticky floor and then poured my drink all over your pretty face for good measure.? Maggie watched on as the girl she still loved switched personalities and became the bitch that she had fought. It was like she was seeing two sides of Amber. The one side she loved and the one side she hated, but she knew Amber came with the whole package?and she liked the challenge.

    ?That?s cute you think you would have won, but if we had done it then we would have been separated. Doing it privately, with only us will make it much easier. This way, no one can separate us when I start humiliating you.? Daphne jeered back.

    ?Humiliation? I like the sound of that.? Amber agreed with a dark smile and it seemed she had finished her little pre-stretch. She stood up and crossed her arms over her sexy chest seemingly ready to go.

    ?The stakes are the same as we promised last night too?? Daphne questioned as it seemed they were closer to finally starting this contest.

    ?Yes, and when I win, you and your band back out of the library gala gig.? Amber declared sounding equally as confident as the other woman.

    ?Fine. But when I win, I get your yearlong Showtime pass.? Daphne countered quickly. ?It will be great not having you and that bimbo Jenny getting in our way anymore.?

    Amber smiled lazily and sounded like she knew a secret as she licked her lips, ?You don?t have to worry about winning Daphne. I promise.?

    ?Keep thinking that Amber, if you had joined my band when I asked you years ago, this whole thing could have been avoided. We would have had a lot of fun together.? Daphne breathed back and Maggie heard the clear sexual intent of the words this time. She took in a suck of breath as she felt a slice of jealousy she had so far pushed down, but it was bubbling to the surface. Knowing this girl had once crushed on her ex made her competition in Maggie?s eyes without them ever meeting. ?But you don?t care who Amber fucks right.? She reminded herself without much enthusiasm as she watched on.

    The feeling of jealousy doubled as Daphne finally moved into view of the screen and was as attractive as Maggie had assumed. She had seen the woman in the YouTube music videos, but she was always in the back hiding behind the drum sets she used. The videos also rarely focused on her body which Maggie thought must have been a mistake. She had a very Mediterranean appearance as if her heritage was from Greece or maybe Italy. She had olive colored skin and what looked like very sharp eyes. She had dark brown or maybe even black hair that was tied up in a ponytail in a similar style as Amber was wearing.

    She was wearing tight lime green workout clothes in preparation for this fight. A similar style sports bra that seemed stretched to contain her large tits. Her ass looked like a juicy bubble held in volleyball latex shorts that looked overly tight. They were roughly the same height and seemed to have a similar sexy build with their hourglass figures and thin waists. Daphne?s chest and ass looked like a near match for Amber?s and this only made this fight more even appealing in Maggie?s eyes. As she finished her comparisons of them, she accepted that this drummer?s body was a match for Amber?s and that meant also her own.

    Maggie had talked with the band leader about performing at the Gala via email and calls only. She had always been impressed with her tone, but now she was more impressed with her body. She wished she had made a few of those meetings in person for a better look.

    Amber?s face gave a sexy little grin at the band manager. ?I knew you still wished I had joined. You?re right though, we would have had a lot of fun, but no better chance than now to make up for the lost time.?

    ?I don?t think you will be having fun during this.?

    ?We will see, won?t we? Let?s find out who pins who.?

    Maggie now knew the band she had chosen hadn?t backed out; they had been forced out. She knew how this video was going to turn out, but she still watched on pretending she didn?t. Amber had sent this to her, and her alone. This little pin match was going to turn into something much more. In the back of her mind, she didn?t want to watch her ex fuck fight another woman but there was no way in hell she was stopping the video.

    It all made sense. Amber had found out about Daphne performing at the Gala and gotten her to wager it. It sounded like they also already had quite a bit of history, so maybe this was just a cumulation of many events between them. Maggie felt like she should have guessed the music scene in the city was small enough for Amber to know all of them.

    She felt another pain of annoyance that Amber had found another woman who would fight in their way. She knew it was a bit hypocritical considering that she had met and fought two, in Bianca and Silvia, but Maggie ignored that logic. She had never made or sent a video to Amber like this, so again the blonde was the one in the wrong?like always.

    They had finally stopped taunting each other and seemed to be waiting for the other to move first. Maggie wanted them to fight, but also not, which confused her. She had never watched a sexfight and continued trying to control the spike of jealousy that it wasn?t herself facing her Amber. They started circling each other slowly in the small room. A few seconds later and with no prompt, Daphne reached down and peeled her sports bra over her head. Maggie could only see the sides of the large breasts because Daphne back was facing the camera.

    ?Are you brave enough to go topless? You did say your tits were better and bigger than mine last night, and I don?t believe it.? Daphne questioned, clearly trying to intimidate Amber with the size and fullness of her chest. She tossed the green bra away off screen and though Maggie could still only see her back, looked to squeeze her own tits in a taunting fashion.

    Amber laughed again, ?That is not a problem because they are, and in fact why just lose our tops if you are feeling cocky?? She pulled her own red sports bra off letting her tits bounce deliciously in Maggie?s line of sight. They jiggled slightly on the release and Maggie licked her lips at the rigid brown nipples becoming free. For being so busty, her tits should not have been that firm, Maggie thought. Sure, her own chest was similarly built, but still, looking at Amber?s thin body with those perfect tits caused Maggie to feel an unneeded envy.

    The blonde was slightly paler than when Maggie and she had first met over a year ago, losing some of her glow in the winter. She didn?t have any bikini tan line however, so if the blonde was still tanning, it must have been topless. It had only been a month, but somehow, she had forgotten how hot Amber was even when viewed on a screen. Seeing her ex strip was getting Maggie wet already and a bit of her wished this video had been a private striptease just for her.

    Amber threw her bra off to the side of the screen and reached for her yoga pants. She peeled the red lycra down her legs like a second skin. But right as she leaned up and stepped out of them, Daphne?s body obstructed Maggie?s view of the blonde. She couldn?t? see what Amber was wearing underneath and she let out a growl of frustration at the obstruction.

    Daphne clearly was not about to be out done or scared off by the revealing of their bodies. She immediately peeled her own latex lime green volleyball shorts down leaving her in a dark green t-string thong right in front of the camera. It wasn?t stylish and was clearly made for working out in the exact type of shorts Daphne had been wearing. Maggie had quite a few like it in her own drawers.

    Maggie couldn't help but groan at the sight of such a juicy ass right in front of the screen. It seemed to bounce when the tight shorts were removed and on every other little movement. Daphne kicked away the lime green cloth and ran her hands down her hips in a sexual manner. Her glutes looked incredible, even better out of the shorts than it did in. She cocked her hip clearly daring Amber to take it another step forward. Maggie wanted nothing more than to compare this body to her own in every way possible. When Amber did not seem to take the bait, or say anything, the Mediterranean girl gave a huff. She hooked her thumbs around the workout thong on her hips.

    ?If you want to strip so quickly, how about we go at it nude bitch?? Daphne growled at Amber as Maggie held her breath. She couldn?t believe how fast they were moving. If they were already willing to fight nude, then Maggie felt there already must have been plenty of sexual tension between them before they decided to come back to Amber?s room.

    ?Nah, I?m not going to give you the satisfaction of seeing me nude. I just wanted you to be extra comfortable when I force you on your back with me on top of you.? Amber insisted as she took a step forward towards her rival and brought them closer.

    ?Oh, that?s sweet of you to think of me.? Daphne responded with a heavy dose of sarcasm. ?But know, I?m going to make you very uncomfortable when I pin you.? She hissed with a lick of her lips as she too stepped forward, her sexy full ass flexing slightly in the video. As of now this was simply a pin match, but Maggie knew this could easily turn into more. You wouldn?t? strip down to just your tiny panties to wrestle another girl unless there was obvious attraction. How deep and lusty was that temptation she wasn?t sure. From this view she would only be able to see Daphne?s back on their first contact. ?Tsk?? She clicked her teeth, wanting them to already get into a different position so she could get a better view.

    The girls moved forward a few steps before stopping and reaching for each other by the hands, arms outstretched. They were hesitant at first, fingers lightly touching and pulling back once then twice. Finally, the girl?s fingers interlaced, and they were palm to palm holding each other at arm?s length. They didn?t rotate or move at all so Maggie could only see Daphne?s sexy ass on the screen as her back was still facing the camera. They seemed to be feeling each other out and getting a gauge on each other?s strength.

    For about a whole minute they held this pose, so Maggie took a better look at Amber?s rival?s backside. Her hair, though still in a ponytail was very long, nearing her lower back. It looked perfectly straight, a similar style to Amber?s blonde strands compared to Maggie?s own curly red locks. Her back and legs were incredibly sexy, and her darker skin reminded Maggie of Isabella. She felt a flush of anger and desire thinking of the Spanish girl?s band comment during the meeting.

    A few seconds of quick shallow breaths when Daphne broke the quiet with a huff, ?We aren?t getting anywhere like this bitch.?

    ?Don?t worry, we are just getting started.? Amber growled as she rotated their arms downwards bringing their connected hands to the sides of their hips. In this position it allowed Amber to bring her busty chest forward in a direct line with her rival?s twins.

    With a hard slam, their breasts came together as Amber went on the offensive. Daphne hissed in surprise of the sudden change of pace. It seemed like she was startled from the touching of their sexy nearly nude bodies. Maggie groaned as the very tanned ass and green thong moved closer to the screen as Daphne lost a foot or two.

    As she watched the sexy large brown glutes flex in front of her screen, Maggie couldn?t help being slightly frustrated. She couldn?t see what she could only imagine was an intense titfight now happening between the two busty girls. She wondered which pair of nipples were currently poking harder in the other?s fat.

    They seemed to begin to push in harder and intensify the nude test of strength. Maggie watched the light muscles in Daphne?s arms and back flex as their breathing picked up rapidly. With how close Maggie could see they had brought their stomachs, she felt like they were trying to flatten each other?s tits very early into this fight.

    Happily, her first wish was granted, and with a grunt the fighters rotated slightly so Maggie could see a side shot of them. Amber and Daphne?s firm large orbs were compressed as tightly as she had imagined. She could see the look of concentration on both combatant?s faces as they glared at each other, brown eyes to brown eyes. Maggie brought her own hands to her large milky white tits and gave them a squeeze. It felt nowhere near as good as the sensation she was trying to recreate from the video and memory of the blondes hands. Her and Amber?s bust size was too close to measure and now she wanted to know if she matched up with Daphne. She also worried that Amber was enjoying this fight more than she enjoyed theirs. She pushed that emotion down as hard as possible and reminded herself, she didn?t care what Amber thought.

    For almost five minutes the girls still moved very little, taking and losing inches with their chest. Every step countered by the other in this incredible erotic duel with their right legs firmly planted between each other?s sexy thighs. They grunted and hissed in turn as the video moved on. They seemed equal so far and Maggie knew their muscles must have been burning by now. They only looked hotter as sweat had exploded all around them like a coating of thick oil. They were breathing heavy, using the deep breaths to expand their chest into their rivals even more so. Though she had no problem watching Daphne?s bubble butt for hours, Maggie wanted to see more. Specifically, her blonde ex?s ass and tits of which she had only gotten glimpses of thus far in the fight.

    The heavy amount of sweat made their tits slippery. In the process of keeping themselves nipple to nipple they incidentally began another slow rotation in their duel. Maggie smiled as Amber was getting closer and closer to having her own ass shown to the camera. The angle of the video would give a perfect view of Amber?s buns to her, and it was all Maggie wanted to see in the world. As Amber finally was turned to show her backside to the camera, Maggie gave a deep involuntary groan as she saw what the blonde was wearing.

    She paused the video with a shaking finger as Amber?s own toned full ass was facing her. The blonde's sexy back was flexed, and the yellow strands went down between her shoulder blades. There was much to take in, but Maggie?s green eyes only had sight for the red workout t-thong Amber was wearing. Maggie knew that piece of cloth very well because it was hers, the one Amber had taken after their first fight almost over a year ago. She had discarded it as they hunted each other nude in the dark when she was caught. She could still feel the shame and humiliation of her defeat from that night. It was something she and Amber had never discussed and wondered if that was just another part of their issues.

    Maggie knew now with certainty that Amber was not just having this fight for her own ambitions, but also as a show for her ex. It was some sick plan to make Maggie want to fight her even more?and it was working. Her bitch of an ex-fuck buddy was one hell of a performer and Maggie hated it. Sure, she still had Amber?s sexy little black lace G-string from the second fight, but the red workout thong had more meaning. It might have been less expensive and less erotic, but the red thong was the was the first, the first item taken in the long line of stolen clothes form their fights.

    Maggie couldn?t look away; knowing this video was for her personally, not just a fight to enjoy, but a warning, a message that Amber was giving her, and that she was coming for her. She checked again and saw she had about 40 minutes left, and she would watch every second. She felt herself getting wetter in her nether regions, unable to ignore her own bodies needs much longer.

    With her hands still shaking at the sight of the red piece of cloth, she hit play and the battle resumed. Daphne won a few feet and pushed them back for their bodies to be in full view of the camera. The wrestlers pushed in harder still, but their tits were now far too slippery from the sweat to keep them directly pressed. They used this to their advantage with a new tactic to slide a large tit in-between the rival?s globes for increased pressure as Maggie watched on.

    They continued to rotate on their feet as Maggie turned her attention from their pressed tits to their faces. They had been quiet for the last couple minutes or at least Maggie couldn?t hear any of the heated arguments. Focusing on their lips, Maggie could see Amber?s mouth moving. The blonde pink tongue touched the other woman?s cheek and ear as she finished saying whatever she had hissed at her rival. Daphne immediately growled something back using her tongue to leave wet spots on Amber?s face in retaliation. Maggie wondered what they said, who was daring who to do what in their dirty fight.

    They stopped turning with the sides of their bodies facing the camera. Maggie got a great view of their womanly humps, with their full juicy asses sticking out behind them and their stomachs and tits fully in contact. If you didn?t notice the red and green strings, you would have thought they were fully nude. But knowing the colors of their thongs, Maggie couldn?t help but imagine they were in a sexy Christmas photo shoot as she eyed them further. Her mind worked in weird ways sometimes, as Amber had pointed out to her quite often when they were sleeping together. Back on the screen Daphne was whispering but this time forehead to forehead with Amber, their pink lips just an inch or two apart.

    Amber pushed her face in harder so that their lips were actually touching as she spat back more words, but Maggie wouldn?t call it a kiss. Daphne didn?t back down and was mouthing back lip to lip, so it looked like they were basically making out as they exchanged hot words. They stopped moving suddenly at the end of Amber?s second response with their eyes glued together and their lips still lightly touching. Maggie thought the video had frozen, it was such a sudden stop.

    She reached down to check and accidentally hit the pause button just as Daphne locked Amber into a real aggressive kiss. A deep moan escaped from Maggie?s mouth and her clit gave a spike of pleasure at the frozen image of the lip lock. The sight had two sensations, one of lust and one of heartbreak. She had never felt those two emotions clash in such a way at the exact same moment. She knew Amber had fucked and sexfought other people recently but seeing her kiss another person on screen was different and raw. Maggie had been told hearing and seeing were two very different things and this was a real time lesson of that fact. Besides the heartbreak, the other feeling was raw desire for the sexual turn of the fight. She couldn?t stop herself from feeling those intense emotions as she reached down to begin and play with herself slowly. Maggie couldn?t look away or ignore her own sex as her senses and emotions were overloaded.

    She hit play with her free hand, and the ferocious kiss ended up not lasting long at all. Amber seemed to be the one that broke it off with a savage look on her face as if she hadn?t expected it. She freed her fingers of Daphne?s hands and put her arms around Daphne?s toned back before the darker girl could get her own limps up. She squeezed the woman hard in a tit crushing bear hug, their four breasts bulging out. Daphne groaned and struggled, trying to get her legs around Amber?s and trip her up with her arms trapped. They stumbled once then twice, and Maggie could tell Amber was struggling to hold the sexy sweaty woman. She was trying to push Daphne towards the wall and slap her on it. It wasn?t working still far from the wall and she must have come to the realization that she wouldn?t be able to get Daphne there prior to losing her grip.

    Instead of letting go, Amber spun and threw all her weight to the side. This happened simultaneously to Daphne getting a leg hooked around Amber?s left calf and the shifting caused them to tumble down roughly to the carpeted floor. They landed on their sides, breaking the bear hug Amber had been applying to their chests. The fall caused them to separate for less than two seconds before jumping back together in a clash of bodies. It was a flurry of movement of sexy limps as Daphne went low on Amber and got her arms around the blonde?s thigh. Amber went for the other girl?s hair to pull her off from above as each tried to push her advantage.

    Daphne?s move, that Maggie deemed was more wrestling-like, had the advantage. She got under Amber and with a hard pull to her thigh put the guitarist onto her back with a thud. She released the toned leg and attempted to get on top of the punk girl by the hips. However, Amber had never released her rival?s black hair and she gripped the ponytail to pull Daphne off roughly.

    The Mediterranean girl went down with a yelp as she fell off of Amber?s body to the side, but her fingers caught hold of the front of Amber?s red thong as she went. Maggie noticed Amber?s brown eyes widen in a real panic at the hand on her panties. Amber clearly didn?t want the thong ruined in any way and rolled to the side following Daphne to avoid having it torn or stretched by her rival. Maggie?s green eyes could see the red strings digging up into Amber?s cunt and ass while the two women fought on their flanks. They slapped each other with their one free hand while Amber?s other was on the ponytail, and Daphne?s was still on the thong.

    As Daphne pulled the red to bring Amber closer, the blonde let out a loud scream of anger. The drummer grinned as she seemed to notice that her hold of the red thong was causing Amber extreme distress. She stopped slapping and brought both hands down on it to increase the pressure on the cloth. The guitarist released the black hair immediately and tried to force Daphne?s fingers off with both her own hands.

    ?Let go of it!? Amber cried, using her unpainted nails to dig into the back of Daphne?s hands.
    ?You should have taken it off if you didn?t want me to use it!? The drummer laughed back at the angry blonde. She pulled Maggie?s lost thong deeper into the blonde?s sex and ass.

    ?Fine then!? Amber growled as she pushed her hips forward to trap her rival?s hands between their hips. It was impossible for Daphne to pull the front of the thong up into Amber?s cunt now and she hissed in frustration. The blonde meanwhile reached behind Daphne?s sexy hips and took hold of the dark green triangle with both hands. Daphne slipped her sweaty hands free and matched the guitarist new hold with no hesitation, and they seemed to pause here. Still on their sides, hands on each other?s thongs, and resting their faces on their rivals? smooth shoulders.

    The break lasted for less than two seconds and they each pulled the cloth up into each other?s ass. They hissed in pain as they rolled on the floor in the synchronized hold. Their legs criss crossed as they pulled each other tighter in their underwear. Maggie watched on, wondering who would release first as each girl dug their rival?s cloth into the other?s ass and pussy with wild abandon.

    They were rolling back and forth on the screen moaning and hissing like cats. Amber would occasionally release the dark green thong and sink her fingers into the juicy muscled ass of the drummer. Daphne growled at the sexual attack but did not let the red thong out of her grasp for even a second instead focusing on splitting Amber in two by the cunt. Maggie wondered if they had forgotten about the pinning as the fight turned more feral.

    Only because of the different skin tones could Maggie tell whose legs belonged to who. As they entangled their limps tighter, they lost all leverage when trying to stay on top. They began to roll multiple times in the same direction in a flurry. Maggie noted that they were getting closer to the edge of the screen of the video until she could only see half their bodies with Daphne on top. One more rotation and they would be off Maggie realized.

    It was meant to be as Amber pulled Daphne?s green thong to the right, and the drummer rolled with it to relieve the pressure on her ass like they had done quite a few times. But it was one to many rolls for them to stay on camera; disappearing as they yelped in pain and frustration.

    They rolled off screen and Maggie picked up the phone in frustration. ?Really?? She asked no one else in her room. She could still hear them, the sounds of both Amber and the other girl grunting and groaning as they wrestled out of sight in their underwear. ?Fuck, get back on camera?, Maggie gasped in bated breath still just waiting for the girls to reappear. The seconds ticked on with the catfighty sounds until she heard an extra high-pitched girlish scream of annoyance that she knew was from Amber. There was a sudden pause of the sounds as the room seemed to go still.

    ?One?Two?? Daphne suddenly began counting and Maggie licked her dry lips in a weird sense of relief realizing they were still trying to pin each other. There was a loud bump and the counting stopped. Two seconds later there was some movement on screen as a piece of red cloth was thrown back into view.

    The thong looked even smaller now removed from Amber?s body. Maggie remembered picking it the day of her and Amber?s first fight, though she hadn?t known the duel was that night. She still would play with herself some nights thinking of Amber in that sexy little sting pink thong the punk girl had worn that same night. She had wanted it, hell, she still did, but Amber kept that one hidden from her. Turning her attention back to the fight, she assumed that whatever pin Daphne had gotten on the guitarist had been broken with the sacrifice of her last piece of clothing. The catty sounds and breathing picked up again and about 15 seconds later, there was a different high-pitched wail from Daphne.

    A second ticked by and the dark green thong Maggie had seen so much of in the early stages of the fight came flying in and landed near the discarded red one. Maggie knew from personal experience that Amber wouldn?t take being the only one nude very long and seemed to have quickly leveled the playing field. The blonde wasn?t done however, ?One?Two?Three?? She heard Amber puff still off screen followed by a loud groan from Amber and Daphne combined. The counting stopped and was replaced with dual screeches of anger and smacking skin.

    Maggie?s cunt was dripping without her even touching it at the thought that both girls were nude, and those pins were sweaty skin in what must be full body contact. The wrestling off screen continued and Maggie could hear their constant attempts to pin each other as they counted over and over. Neither ever got above the number three but every time one of them counted, the moans and groans got louder and more intense. Maggie wondered what they were grabbing now to keep each other close and how they were pinning each other.

    She imagined it would be by the tits from the position she had last seen them. Or maybe reverse schoolgirl with their juicy asses covering the other?s face. Or maybe putting their bare pussies near each other?s chins in a domination like pose. So many possibilities and yet all Maggie could think was, ?Damn it?get back on screen.? So she could see.

    After the fifth pin attempt by Daphne, Maggie almost fast forwarded, overly frustrated by not being able to see anything. Her finger hesitated on the button and she resisted the urge and kept watching, listening to the groans get louder with some sexy gasps mixed in. Now she couldn?t tell if they were having sex or fighting which caused another sensation of jealousy in her stomach.

    She was sure that is how she and Amber sounded when they sexfought and she really didn?t like Amber making it with other people. ?Fucking bitch.? Maggie breathed. It was tough as she also found watching Amber fight incredibly attractive while also hating herself for the same thought. She had told the blonde they were done with each other, but that didn?t mean Amber could do this, the punk slut was her property Maggie thought aggressively. The video was still void of the sexy women and Maggie huffed. ?What the hell were they doing? Why wouldn?t they get back on camera? And why was she having so many confusing feelings!?

    The seconds ticked by as Maggie?s room was filled with the increased sexual moans of the woman on video. Quite a few cuss words were also now being passed around now and it only drove Maggie wilder not seeing them. The counting and pinning had stopped as the pace of the sexual panting amplified.

    After almost another two long minutes of waiting Maggie?s finger was hovering over the fast forward button again. Just before clicking it, her green eyes caught just the slight bit of movement on the right side of the screen. It was one of Daphne?s tanned legs that flashed onto camera and then disappeared again. Maggie?s finger continued to hover, until after ten more seconds, and Amber?s blonde hair came into view with Daphne?s hands gripping it. The straight yellow strands were free from the ponytail as they were pulled back off screen.

    Only a second later and Maggie moaned deep from her throat as the fighters finally came back into the screen looking sexier than ever. They were tangled in a ball of nude sweaty flesh, rolling very slowly all over. They would pause each role and catch their breath before resuming the catball. They were crushed tight, with their toned legs just as wrapped up as before. Maggie could see a wet trail of sweat on the ground from the ball. Their arms were around each other?s necks holding each other from getting away.

    Each flip looked like a mini workout of its own as they both seemed determined to stay on top. Their thighs were sliding up into each other?s pussies and Maggie guessed some of the wetness on their leg muscles might not only be sweat from how they were panting.

    Daphne took the top position and forced her lips on Amber?s in what at first appeared to be just a second aggressive lip lock. As Maggie looked closer however, she could see this a whole lot of tongue and spit being exchanged. Amber was enthusiastically kissing back, and it confirmed to Maggie that while off screen the fight had turned sexual, or at least more sexual. She figured the counting had stopped because the wrestler?s mouths were now too busy enjoying each other.

    The watching librarian felt that strange feeling of jealousy return now that they were back on screen. That didn?t stop her from playing with herself faster, the damp spot growing on her sheets as she watched the nude girls swapping spit. Amber broke the kiss with a gasp and spit into the face of Daphne who seemed surprised by the gob. She panted in disgust and arousal falling back and off of the guitarist a few feet away. Amber pushed her way up to her knees and moved forward with an evil grin on her face. Daphne wiped the spit from under her brown eyes and moved to meet her with an equal look of darkness.

    Their bodies came together, and they immediately continued to kiss as if they couldn?t stand to keep their mouths apart. While they swapped spit on their knees their fingers found each other and laced. They began to renew their sexy test of strength. Their sides were facing the camera, so Maggie got a perfect side view of the two woman?s busty chests meeting in battle. The tits bounced and jiggled on each other, until crushing nipple to nipple. They bulged out to the sides as they flattened each other slightly as their stomachs gazed. Their hands went down to their sides, still interlaced which in turn squeezed their own tits together with their arms. It was all about their boobs now and neither girl was backing down from this nude titfight.

    Daphne separated her lips from Ambers but kept her tongue out of her mouth. Maggie watched as Amber?s tongue slid out and they wetly rotated the two wet muscles around each other out in the open. The titfight stopped as they turned their focus back to their dueling tongues, spinning them around and around. They fell to the side and Daphne crawled on top of Amber, their heads away from the camera but their sound of their kissing filled the room.

    ?Maybe they are just having sex?? A voice in Maggie?s head taunted her. She gripped her phone tighter in anger, before catching herself. ?No, this isn?t you.? She told herself, taking a deep breath trying to not let the raging fury take control of her. ?Amber does not get to control your emotions?you don?t want her,? She told herself, but as she saw them starting to wrestle to get on top again, she couldn?t help but smile in secret relief.

    They rolled in a way that brought their bare cunts facing the camera and Maggie moaned at the sight. She lightly flicked her own clit as their legs spread in the sexy pin. It was an incredible view of Amber?s tight cunt and asshole, and in this pose, she got double trouble with Daphne?s own dripping cunt and ass right by them. Amber rolled Daphne successfully and fortunately for Maggie moved their cunts in an even more perfect spot for her to watch.

    Amber went into a doggie style position atop Daphne, pressing their globes together as her ass shook slightly in the air. Maggie could see between their toned stomachs all the way to their compressed tits that hid the fighter?s faces. She couldn?t hear any wet kissing, and Maggie guessed they must have been talking to each other as the action stopped. She turned up the sound as high as possible and was just able to make out the sentences.

    ??kissed me first.? Amber growled but Maggie heard her lick her lips as if she didn?t? mind slightly and in fact enjoyed it.

    ?Fuck off, you were begging for it rubbing your lips on mine.? Daphne growled as she tried to rub her body up on Amber?s. The guitarist rubbed back down on her rival as the sweaty tits shifted around their bodies in this pose.

    ?What? Can?t handle a little lip touch? I can tell it made you fucking horny, you went right for my thong after that kiss.? Amber snarled while massaging their tits together harder.

    ?Yeah, and you were quick to get mine off too right after. I think you just wanted to roll around nude with me, everyone does.? Daphne breathed sensually, but Maggie sensed there was still plenty of aggression behind the sexual tone. This silenced the jealous voice in Maggie?s head again slightly.

    Amber seemed to smile, and she reduced the pressure off their tits slightly. ?Maybe I did, and now I want to roll you under me and for you to take it.?

    ?Take what bitch?? Daphne questioned but Maggie could tell by the knowing tone that she knew exactly what Amber wanted her to take. Maggie could see both their cunts and needless to say, it wasn?t just sweat that was making them gleam.

    ?I think you know.? Amber?s smile turned sadistic as she continued. ?I?m going to fuck you into submission now, just like you have been begging me for the last three years.? Maggie groaned now knowing her ex was the one to make this fight sexual. To make them fight their way, with Amber knowing that Maggie would watch it. Again, she felt the blonde was not just fighting Daphne, she was showing off to Maggie at the same time.

    ?You are going to fuck me into submission?? Daphne questioned, doubtful but as she must have seen the look on Amber?s face, her voice hardened. ?Ok, just try it bitch, and I?ll give it back to you twice as hard.? She snapped, saying it with more aggressive sensuality that Daphne seemed to use so much. That little bit of jealousy slowly began to burn again, and Maggie expected she would just have to deal with it for the rest of the video.

    Amber had taken a hand and was running it down Daphne?s hip, and it seemed the darker skinned girl was realizing that Amber meant exactly what she said.
    ?I still am taking your fucking pass after this.? Daphne hissed but her own free hand was now running on Amber?s upper back lightly.

    ?Oh, our contest is still on Daphne. I?m still going to pin you like a bitch, but while I have you under me, you are going to be fucked.? Amber confidently proclaimed and Maggie knew they were entering the next stage of their fight. She knew it had been coming, why else would Amber send her this fucking video.

    They adjusted their bodies slightly and Maggie could see Daphne smile as she finally fully understood the game. The smile became a cruel but sexy look that Amber returned as the lust and anger was palpable between them. ?I think you knew this was going to happen. I knew you wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck you.? Daphne exhaled and continued to smile, ?As long as I still get what I want, why not? Let?s pin and fuck each other to settle this.?

    Amber had slightly reduced the pressure on their upper bodies while their cunts began to hover closer. ?I did want to fuck you, but I liked watching you practically beg for it like a little whore every show.? The guitarist taunted her rival face to face. Each wanted to make the other girl the first to touch their pussies together as the game changed.

    ?Begging? That?s rich. I knew you were interested the way you were always looking at me at the bar. I just figured you were just scared to actually hook up with me because you knew I would dominate you.? Daphne taunted back, and Maggie could tell that Amber didn?t like that.

    ?Do I look like the kind of girl who would be dominated?? Amber growled with a very low threatening tone.

    ?Yeah?you do?.? Daphne?s said slowly and with plenty of taunting

    Amber?s smile returned, ?Ok, it?s a sexfight then bitch.?

    ?Whatever you wanna call it whore.? Daphne snorted, unimpressed by the name, but clearly more than interested in having one.

    Amber pushed her chest off of her rival but did not give up the top position. She scissor mounted the other girl by crossing their legs as the bottom girl didn?t resist. In fact, Daphne widened her limbs so they could meet with their most sensitive love organs. Maggie noticed that from this angle that Daphne had a small landing strip of black pubic hair.

    She wondered what that would feel like to Amber once they began to trib. All three women she had fought in her life had been fully shaven like her, so this was another new experience Amber would have over her. Ironically, she had been thinking about growing her own pubic hair out slightly again, and now she wondered if Amber would prefer it. As she admired Daphne?s perfect pussy and hair, she gave a sigh. It would be tough to have one like that, because Maggie?s bush was always curly and would grow into a thick mob if not maintained daily.

    She snapped out of her imagining Amber and her both with their pubic hair as a deep groan came from her phone. Amber and Daphne had begun to fuck, and both were really into it. She could hear and feel in her mind as she began to drip cum into her palm. Her fingers picked up speed in tune with Amber and Daphne?s humping of each other.

    ?Quit bitch and just take it.? Amber hissed at the rival band member.

    ?Fuck you?. The bottom girl growled, and they sped up their sexy sweaty trib clearly already very turned on from the last 35 minutes of near nude wrestling. Maggie watched with bated breath and paused the video, 12 minutes left. She was so horny that touching her own clit was basically going to get her off. She wasn?t the only one it seemed; the strength contest had clearly turned the wrestlers on so much that they wouldn?t last long in this trib.

    She hit play ready to watch it to the end. The fuck continued, and she couldn?t tell who did it first but one of the girl?s spit on the other?s tits and the other responded the same. Her green eyes were glued to the screen as the fuckers spit in tune with their humping, gasping each time they were hit by goo. They spit so much that Maggie thought they must have run out of saliva as they finally stopped; their tits dripping with each other?s mouth juices.

    Maggie could see how much Amber was into it as she began to drool long globs onto the drummer girl. Daphne used her free hands to rub the spit into her tits, giving her own little show even as she was fucked. Enjoying it, Amber leaned down to spit directly into Daphne?s open mouth, but the bottom girl used the closeness to reach up and grip onto the blonde?s hair again. Amber screamed as Daphne pulled the strands to the left and Amber?s upper body went with it off of her.

    They began to struggle again on their sides as it seemed Daphne was no longer in the mood to be on the bottom. Amber was trying to get back on top and put the woman back on her behind. It was futile though with Amber not being able to reach her rival?s hair while almost being bent backwards.

    The drummer successfully reversed them and used her strong legs to push Amber to her back as she took the top spot, their cunts never separating even during the intense roll. Maggie held her breath as she watched her blonde ex-lover down on her back, locking lips with the sex rival in a sloppy wet kiss as their hands took hold of each other?s hair. Their tits seemed to create bridges of spit connecting them and Maggie knew they were clit fucking, their labia spread onto each other?s in this full trib. Maggie noted their flexibility being able to kiss so hotly and easily in this position.

    Daphne sat up and began riding Amber ferociously. The girl seemed to know how to fuck another woman with extreme skill, Maggie thought as she watched on. Amber was fucking back, but the position she was in was clearly at the disadvantage, humping up at her rival and against gravity. Maggie wondered if either was still going for a pin or if now it was just about who could get the other off harder.

    She couldn?t help but remember the feeling of her own clit and Amber?s fencing as she watched the blonde do so with Daphne. Fuck, she missed feeling her own folds meshed as one with the blonde. It was the best sex she ever had and maybe the best feeling ever. At least the video gave a good view of their spectacular final fuck between the two music babes. Amber didn?t seem interested in fighting to be on top and even widened her legs further. They kept their hands in each other?s hair as they groaned into each other?s faces. Three then four minutes passed Maggie watched as their pussies met and their gasps and moans increased in volume as they pushed each other further down the sexual gutter.

    Their pace was incredible, and they seemed to be unleashing a long built up sexual tension from their past. Maggie wondered how long they could go at their speed of sex comparing it to her own fights against Silvia and Bianca. Those two sluts had pushed her to the limit, and she wondered if that is how Amber felt now in this duel. After another minute, Maggie finally noticed that Daphne?s down thrusts were slowing, her muscles not flexing as hard, the juicy toned butt starting to wane.

    Her breathing had become more labored as the beginning edges of an orgasm was starting to leak past her walls. Maggie knew this feeling well, riding Amber was no simple task and losing yourself in the sensations was very easy. Daphne clearly wasn?t used to sexfighting, or the woman below her giving it back as hard. Maggie assumed most men and women just took it from Daphne once she was on top, but she knew her ex. Amber was incredible at forcing pleasure on another person from any position.

    Clearly Amber had noticed the stall and was snapping her hips faster from the bottom starting to take control. Maggie could only see half her ex?s face, but the grin on it was one Maggie hated. She only saw it when she was about to lose to the punk girl. Amber?s large tits were bouncing in tune with Daphne?s, the matching brown nipples still dripping in spit. A desperate moan forms the top girl as she separates their cunts and Maggie gets a glimpse of the white gooey cum connecting their soaked pussies.

    Amber used the freedom to sit up and there they met in a renewed scissors on their asses, but the half second seemed to give Daphne the time she needed to push the pleasure down. She slapped her cunt forward to meet Amber?s and they tried again now face to face, their tits bouncing and flicking their nipples as they fucked on their asses.

    Their foreheads went together, and It looked like a final stand as their fingers interlaced again. They pushed forward with their tits, somehow continuing their strength contest while also fucking. Maggie watched the concentration in Amber?s eyes knowing she was clearly doing everything she could to hold back both her orgasm and the sensation of her burning muscles against this incredible woman.

    This went on for a long minute, and Maggie felt this was a last effort from the darker skinned girl, a full-on attack to break the blonde with her so that they at least went off together. It was a good move; one she had used on Amber before. But she also knew it was too late now and the guitarist was far ahead in this sexfight.

    The face to face trib went on for another minute when finally, the Daphne woman?s arms seemed to go limp, releasing Amber?s hands. She weakly tried to push Amber away, but as Amber?s arms wrapped around her toned back, Daphne realized there was no escape from this final fuck and that the pressure in her loins was too much.

    Daphne screamed near the top of her lungs, and Amber moaned in satisfaction at the sound. It was clear to Maggie that Amber had forced Daphne to cum, and now the drummer was going through wonderful but frustrating pleasure that came from losing a sexfight.

    Maggie knew between their locked cunts, one clit was spasming and the other teasing it through the motions. She could only imagine the sensations that Amber was feeling in victory. Daphne got pushed onto her back and continued to cum as Amber used gravity to bring further and further pleasure onto the drummer.

    Amber filled her hands with the light brown tits and squeezed them as another wave hit Daphne, who moaned again loudly. Maggie paused the video getting a perfect view of Amber?s ass that was facing the camera. It looked as toned as it was when she had fought it over a year ago. What she would do if Amber was in her room right now, she couldn?t imagine without cumming. She would have given anything just to sink her unpainted nails into those buns. Not knowing what was next, she un-paused the video to watch the last few minutes. Amber was finishing her trib of Daphne, her lightly tanned tits jiggling, her bubble ass seemingly bouncing too as the drummer was coming down from her high.

    The view of Amber beginning to relax somehow made Maggie nearly cum, her fingers involuntarily going back to her own wet cunt. She could see drips of white cum going down Amber?s legs and Daphne?s ass. Amber was now running her cunt in long slow strokes onto her rival to keep Daphne?s desire met.

    A few seconds later and the drummer seemed to fully relax down to the floor. Amber flexed her ass just a few more times for good measure making sure there was no resistance. Maggie watched on as her ex-smiled as she felt none from the other musician. Amber pushed herself up to her knees and was looking down at her shallow breathing rival. She reached down and rubbed her fingers on their still touching cunts, coating them with their mixed cum. ?See, told you we would make up for lost time.? She grinned as she sucked her fingers clean of their mixed cum, but Daphne didn?t see, her brown eyes closed as she inhaled softly.

    She laid down and compressed their large chests together and started counting slowly. ?1?2?3?At three she wetly licked Daphne?s face, but didn?t get any response except a light groan from the darker skinned girl. Satisfied she continued her count, ?4?5?6?7?8?9?and?10.? Hmmmm. That?s it then, looks like I ended up on top after all.?

    Slowly she separated their sweat drenched bodies and finally let their large tits uncompressed. Maggie could only see Amber?s sweaty gleaming back as she sat up on Daphne?s hips. She could see the blonde?s arms moving and she assumed that Daphne?s tits were being squeezed and her nipples rubbed in some form or fashion.

    Done playing with the boobs, Amber sat back up all the way and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She then turned her face around towards the camera and another sly smile came to her lips. Maggie gulped on the edge of her own orgasm in her room as Amber looked at her through the screen.

    The blonde stood up slowly, her nude sexy body gleaming in sweat and spit as she looked down at the drummer and gave little lick to her pink lips. ?Stay there, baby, I?ll be back in a second.? Daphne didn?t respond, her eyes were still closed, and she seemed to be relishing in the pleasure and defeat that Amber had just given her on the dirty carpeted floor. The brown eyes turned again and found the camera. She moved towards it in a sexy strut as she and Maggie made indirect eye contact through the screen.

    The way Amber was walking, Maggie knew it meant the fight had been closer than she had expected, and her orgasm was close. The blonde?s cunt was dripping pre-cum and the way she was breathing gave Maggie many flashbacks of their sexfighting nights. The green eye?s pupils grew even larger taking in Amber?s form that came to stop right in front of the camera.

    They had definitely wrestled more than her and Amber?s catfighty approaches, and she wondered just how exhausted Amber really was. The blonde dropped to her knees and smiled at the camera. To Maggie?s green eyes, Amber?s brown orbs and face were as beautiful as ever. Some spit was dripping off her pink lips like the sweat that was going down her forehead. Just small signs of the slutty battle she had just fought.

    The punk bitch who Maggie had fought the first two times was right in front of her in all her glory. But so was the girl that Maggie had fallen in love with. The problem for the librarian was that it was the same girl all in one.

    She took another deep breath just as Amber began to speak, ?Hey nerd, I hope you enjoyed the show.? She gave a small giggle glancing back at Daphne for a second before continuing, her dark brown eyes watching the screen. ?Looks like I will see you at your stupid little Gala because you were wrong Maggie.? Amber paused and her eye?s hardened, her voice dropped to a sexy almost insane tone, ?You and I are not done with each other, not by a long shot.? It was said with so much weight that Maggie knew the blonde was right. Amber?s tone returned back to its smoother sensual tone. ?Think of this video as a preview of what I?m going to do to you unless of course, you run from me, just like the little wallflower I know you are. I guess we will see, won?t we?? She looked back at Daphne again with a hunger. Eying the sexy body laying defeated on the carpeted floor. Amber looked back at the camera once again, ?Sorry, but the rest of this performance is going to be?private.? She finished and smiled sarcastically at the camera.

    Amber then brought her fingers to her mouth and blew a kiss at the screen that Maggie swore she felt on her lips. ?Miss you babe.? She breathed and then reached with her other hand towards the screen and the video ended. With the only light in the room off, the apartment went pitch black and Maggie?s whole body was shaking near an intense orgasm as she fell down to her soft bed.

    Her imagination went wild thinking about the humiliation that the Mediterranean girl would experience and how a tiny bit of her wished it was herself. Amber wasn?t one to let a woman like that get away after a sexfight. She was sure Amber would use Daphne?s sexy body for her own pleasure, maybe she used those sexy brown tits to rub her clit. Amber always seemed to enjoy a tit fuck from Maggie when she would win.

    She was so turned on that she figured she might orgasm just from moving around her room. Watching the blonde gave her such a thrill, and an extreme jealousy that another woman was in Amber?s room. She missed that room thinking of that as her place. Besides the mess that was always present, it had become another one of her sanctuaries. She assumed it had been filmed the night before Maggie had seen her at the library, and it drove her mad that she had been caught unprepared.

    She threw her phone to the side of her bed and closed her eyes laying down. She would just fall asleep, and not watch the video and masturbate to it like Amber would want. She could just sleep it off, she was in control. However, that thought didn?t last long, and three minutes later she had picked up her phone. She started the video at the part they rolled back on-screen nude.

    Even now she told herself she would not cum when watching this smut. She was just testing herself, she thought, and she would win as long as she didn?t cum. But at the sight of Amber winning against Daphne, Maggie rubbed and fingered herself harder than she had in weeks trying to recreate the feelings of her and Amber?s clits squishing together. It turned out the only thing she found as sexually intense to fighting the blonde herself, was watching the blonde fight someone else and win. God, she had been cheering for Amber, and that made it worse.

    She started to cum hard with a sob, as her body sent waves up and down her limbs, alone in her bed. Her pussy tightening on her own fingers. But that wasn?t the reason for the sob that escaped her mouth. Her orgasm didn?t start when they started kissing, or when they rolled around nude. She didn?t even cum when Amber had made Daphne surrender, and pinned her in that perfect view.

    No, she came at the exact moment when Amber blew her a kiss while looking at the camera, because it was meant for her. ?Miss you.? The blonde had said, taunting Maggie more about their past and the emotions along with the view of her ex in the camera brought Maggie to orgasm.

    The pleasure lasted a good 10 seconds until she collapsed in her bed hard, her groans loud enough for people to think there might be another person in the room with her. Not since her fight with Silvia and the phone conversation the same night with Amber afterward had she cum like that. As her breathing settled, she laid there in her dark room with only her thoughts to keep her company. She wiped a small single tear from her cheek, ?Oh my god, Amber?. Fuck?I hate you.? She breathed with a second light sob aloud as the redhead finally was able to fall asleep moments later.

    Finally getting some sexy action with plenty more to come. Maybe it wasn't the characters people expected or wanted, but every fight and night draws the Gala closer as Maggie?s game continues?

    Anyway! Let me know whatcha think and if ya enjoyed. This story is now longer than the Showtime Contest for some crazy reason, but I really don't want it to get stale or boring for I?ll try to keep it exciting somehow haha. Till part 4 then.


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