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Thread: The Library Gala

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Good lord! I missed this completely when you updated it! I'm going to read Part 3 now - really looking forward to it!


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Finally had a chance to read part 3 of the story. It was fantastic! The description of the video and Amber's fight with Daphne was amazingly well done. You keep adding more and more delicious women for Amber or Maggie to battle! Your work on the psychological elements of the story is unparalleled. I can feel Maggie's frustration and anger builidng, just as you are expertly evoking Amber's combination of rage and lust. Amazing work.

    Just a few general comments: after their masturbation contest at the end of "The Showtime Contest", this new video is an excellent addition to the women's virtual combat. I wonder if Maggie will come up with a video of her own to send back to Amber? So far, Amber has been leading Maggie around by the nose and I imagine Maggie wants to retaliate in kind. Whether or not she'll have the chance remains to be seeen.

    Really looking forward to part 4.


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Part 4


    The next day after watching the erotic video of her ex-girlfriend sexfighting another woman, Maggie had a meeting with Bianca and the Director to talk about the final preparations for the Gala. Even with her mind on the video, Maggie was prepared, ready to focus and of course, try to show up Bianca at every opportunity.

    These little catch-ups were always a little awkward considering both women had blown the man during their game a few months back. Since then he had returned to his wife, and both Maggie and Bianca thought him little more than a nuisance who needed to be replaced. Maggie honestly thought he was scum. It might have been one of the few things they agreed on. The blowjobs never got brought up for obvious reasons, but they were always in the back of each of their minds when the three of them were alone in a room.

    Having Bianca in the meeting also stopped Maggie from asking about Amber directly. She didn?t want her work rival of all people to know that she and the band member knew each other in any form of capacity. That could lead to questions because Bianca seemed to always be looking for ways to get into her head. The entire meeting lasted about 15 minutes but neither Amber nor the position she wanted was brought up, instead of focusing on the less important details of the Gala.

    Each girl was taking notes on her clipboard, side eying each other every few seconds. They had both dressed up business sexy for this meeting. The main allure this time was the shortness of their identical black business skirts and matching black stockings. It was almost too much to handle with their white tops that were overly tight around the chest area. In fairness, the director was doing well keeping composed under their intense gazes from behind their framed glasses.

    Maggie would have considered this catch-up a complete waste of time, but for the final five minutes he then brought up two topics that were to the interest of both women.

    ?Listen, there are two important notices that involve both of you. First, one of you will be leading the front of the gala as the head presenter. This includes directing and working closely with the band, caterers, and also the head donors. The other will be on standby and assisting me with the main guests, though she will be ready to step in if the other is unavailable or elsewhere.?

    The man looked between the girls, knowing they were waiting for him to announce who it would be. He had decided a while back, that he wanted no part of this choice. He was far too nervous about how each of their reactions would be. ?I know there has always been tension between you two about this position, but for this week and the Gala, I need you two to work together. So, I?m taking myself out of it, and as your first task as partners, you two figure it out. You have until Friday to update me about who will be working in which position.?

    Bianca and Maggie?s eyes met in their side glances. The irony was thick to them, in his attempt to finally get them to work together, he had guaranteed, their long-awaited sex contest would happen for the very role in question. They knew the importance of leading the Gala, and now they just had to set a time for their fight. Whoever got this would have a significant leg up on the position they both craved, head librarian. To Maggie though, there was more. It would give her control of the band during the night?and of Amber.

    The guitarist would struggle much more to disrupt the Gala if she was in control. Maggie also couldn?t help breathing a little harder knowing within the week she and Bianca were going to lock sexes again. It had been a long time coming for their duel.

    The Director was not done with his surprises as he continued. ?Secondly, it is about your interns. When I agreed to give you both interns, I thought I could get approval to give credits to both of them. Well, I was wrong. They will have to split the school credits and I will leave you to tell them.?

    ?Wait,? Bianca said, while Maggie was too surprised to speak. The program?s credits were the most important thing for doing the internship. If they couldn?t get all the credits, it would mean the full semester was honestly a waste of time for the interns. Half the credits would be decent, but not what they had signed up for. Both Bianca and Maggie knew this would not be acceptable to their direct reports. Before the girls could argue the point, the Director kept going.

    ?Again, I need you two to figure it out because I have to turn in the credit sheet by Monday. So, it can be decided after the Gala if you want to wait.? He said not leaving any room for debate or argument. Both girls had points to bring up, when he held up his hand, making sure they didn?t interrupt. ?I?m going to keep myself out of these decisions because you two need to work together. You have till Friday afternoon to decide between you too and Monday to turn in the credit values for your interns. Am I understood??

    ?Of course.? They answered in unison, their minds working to process this new information and what it would mean for their small team. He gave a small nod. ?Good, so before you both bombard me with questions, I will be taking my leave because I have a lot of things to take care of. I will see you both at the Gala and what a show we will make it.?

    With both Maggie and Bianca trying to get a word in, the Director left the office in a rush, leaving the two sexy professionals to tap on their keyboards together in the room annoyed. Maggie had come to understand that she would need to find a way to replace the Director before long as he truly was showing his incompetence at his job. She needed this head role, not just to get her dream job but also to have some control of Amber. She also wanted to beat Bianca in a full on sex contest unlike their last one off fight. Their work sexual rivalry was nearing the peak and there was only one way this was getting settled. Maggie thought about her many fantasies of pinning the other librarian to the floor nude and felt her body start to get a little more motivated.

    Bianca finally turned on her seat to face Maggie giving her a knowing look that she came to the very same conclusion. ?Well, we won?t be able to agree about this, will we Miss Reynolds??

    ?No, I don?t think we will Miss Marshal, unless you are willing to give up both the main host spot and the credits for the interns right now?? Maggie replied while also adjusting to face her work rival. They eyed each other through their glasses enjoying the view of the short skirts and tight buns of red and black hair. Maggie was feeling daring and reached up, undoing a single button from the top of her shirt, this showed off the top of a new purple bra. Her freckled breasts looked ready to pop out of her thin material.

    ?Trying to show off, Miss Reynolds?? Bianca said, unamused, but also took off a button, her elegant black bra was matching her hair and stockings while in stark contrast to her nearly translucent skin.

    ?Just showing you what you wished you had.? Maggie quipped back pushing her chest slightly more forward. It was a daring display, but after the night of watching the video, it had gotten her a bit riled up. Unfortunately for her, Bianca seemed to catch on that there was more going on in Maggie?s head. The raven-haired girl smiled with her shiny white teeth and dark red lips as she considered her.

    ?Well, someone is feisty this morning?did you have trouble getting yourself off last night thinking of our meeting? ?Bianca leaned forward just enough to make her cleavage look deeper than Maggie?s.

    Maggie couldn?t stop herself from blushing, as the video of Amber came flashing back into her head. Watching Daphne cum underneath her and knowing she and Bianca were headed down the exact same path. Maybe she should record their fight?she imagined, thinking of how hot it would be to watch. She forced herself to re-focus knowing Bianca was looking at her but had delayed too long. The other librarian gave a wicked smile seeing Maggie caught off her guard and red in the face.

    ?Hit the mark, did I?? Bianca gloated. ?And what did you get up too I wonder? Did you and Miss Keeling get up to something?? She asked implying the sexual innuendo, and Maggie felt a spike of further annoyance though she should have expected that. She had a similar wonder if Bianca and Isabella had hooked up at any point.
    ?I would have thought rumors were quite beneath you Miss Marshal, I?m sure I could start the same thing about you and Miss Sanz.?

    Bianca laughed at her work rival?s annoyance and threat. ?Well, well, and here we find ourselves in another little showdown, which of us is fucking our interns? Wouldn?t look good for either of us if the rumors were started.?
    ?No, it wouldn?t.? Maggie agreed and the topic was dropped for now.

    ?Well, before we get to our personal discussion, I wanted to ask you a bit more about our new band.? Bianca continued looking at her clipboard. ?What did you discuss with Miss Fielder once we were gone? Do you know her in any way??

    Maggie?s eyes narrowed, Bianca was intelligent, Maggie knew this, and she doubted that the other professional would stop investigating anything if she caught even the slightest scent into Maggie?s personal life.

    ?I don?t think it?s any of your business, and even if I did, it would need to be on a need to know basis, and you do not need to know.?

    Bianca ignored the obvious attempt to shut her down her inquiry, ?She was quite attractive, and I don?t say that easy. I looked up the singer as well. A woman named Jenny Hashford, also not bad looking.? Which meant she was very good looking and Bianca was less than thrilled about the new physical competition that would be attending her event.

    ?Sounds like I wasn?t the only one looking to get off last night.? Maggie giggled. ?Looking up woman? Couldn?t find anyone to scratch your sexual itch as I did??

    Bianca let out a hot breath of air at that comment. ?I don?t fuck bitches like you for fun, I do it when sluts get in my way. And you are now very much in my way.?

    ?Good, because I intend to stay there.? Maggie breathed back, and there was a pause at the tense moment that almost started their fight.

    It passed and Bianca continued, ?It does seem quite convenient that they would reach out only an hour after the last band backed out, and you seemed to be the only one who was not happy about the choice. I?m going to find out anyway, so might as well come clean now, Miss Reynolds.?

    Bianca gave a light giggle of her own at Maggie who was swearing in her head knowing her rival had put some of the pieces together. Bianca learning more about her personal life seemed only to be a recipe for disaster. She didn?t know a single personal thing about her work rival, except her enjoyment of mental mind games and sexual competition. She also wasn?t sure if Bianca was a regular fighter of sex. She had experienced before Maggie, but how much? And was it something the raven-haired professional used quite often to intimidate other women? Maggie had not been able to find out.

    Maggie decided that lying was best. ?Miss Marshal, you can look all you want for connections that you make up in your head, but the truth is, you never had a chance in this game.?

    Bianca now smiled with the look that signaled Maggie?s danger. ?Oh, that is where you are wrong, and this Gala will be my night to prove it. I just need you out of the way and I think you know how I plan to do it.? As the conversation finally turned back into what the librarians were far more interested in about.

    Maggie knew what she was hinting at and she also was more than ready.
    She spoke for both of them, ?I do, we both know the Gala presenter of the night will truly get one of the top of the list. It?s quite an important role and only one of us can do it.?

    ?That it is, and I think our long overdue one on one is the perfect opportunity to decide who gets this desired position. Agreed?? Bianca asked while her smile seemed to turn even more predatory. She undid one more button showing the bra?s front hook and even a little skin of her milky stomach.

    ?Yes, I think it?s a wonderful opportunity for us to settle this if you are more than willing to go all the way,? Maggie replied as she too unclicked another button as they seemed to perform a slow striptease on their seats.

    ?All the way is exactly how you and I are going to settle this time. No time limit, no breaks?? They were both leaning forward in their chairs at the words, bringing their lips closer. Bianca continued. ??until one of us forces the other into complete sexual submission.?

    For a split second, each girl thought that the fight was about to break out. Their shirts were already half off, and each could fill their hands with the others warm jugs just to start out and then see where the action went. Right there in the office, they could do it, but then they might be interrupted and that would be more maddening than waiting just a few more hours or days. The tense moment passed for the second time, and Maggie glanced back down to her notes.

    ?That is not the only thing in need of discussion right now. What about our interns? I don?t think they will be willing to share the credits with each other.? Maggie mused regarding how Isabella and Marissa viewed each other. She knew Marissa would object heavily to having to share her credits with Isabella and would likely just say no. In fairness, half credit really wouldn?t do either of them much good in terms of progress of their schooling, or was worth the work they had put in.

    ?No, they won?t.? Bianca hummed as she tapped her chin with her pen thinking of how much Isabella disliked the blonde student. Well it was quite easy in her mind. ?Well, Isabella has been far more successful as our intern, she is always on time and always finishes the jobs she is given, so I think we should provide her the credits if they refuse to share.?

    ?I disagree.? Maggie said, much to the un-surprise of either woman.
    Bianca?s lips turned to a scowl, ?How could you possibly want to give the slacker the credit over Isabella??

    ?Granted, what you said is not inaccurate, but just because she is on time doesn?t mean she was more successful. Marissa always took the lead on projects. She might be late, but her work is higher quality and takes initiative to get things done, unlike Miss Sanz who always needed extra guidance.?

    Bianca felt her blue eyes twitch, ?That is not an acceptable reason and I do not agree in the slightest, you are clearly playing favorites.?

    Maggie?s sly smile turned into a full frown, ?I could say the same about you! You seem to be doing it just to spite Marissa!?

    ?And you are just trying to spite Isabella!? Bianca spat back, neither girl wrong in her accusations. Both wanted their own to get the full credits, and due to the butting of heads, there was little chance of sharing. Their voices had started to raise as they sat higher in their chairs but knew that might draw people to look into the office.

    Their eyes narrowed as it seemed this would be an equally tense conversation. Each took a breath thinking of the notions and points they will both raise. Their disagreements often turned into near full court cases, bringing facts and countering each other over and over. Even the smallest of arguments between them turned into two-hour debates, or over 50 back and forth emails. Secretly they both enjoyed the mental challenge the other offered, though it paled in comparison to the physical and sexual one they brought to the table.

    ?I will not give Miss Keeling even the notion of credits.? Bianca hissed at her work rival. With how they were dressed, and the already set sexual challenge, Bianca knew there was no need for logic or debate between them now.
    ?Well, I will not give Miss Sanz any notion either.? Maggie hissed right back, and they felt that after the last three months, they had both dragged their interns fully into the rivalry that was about to go ahead.

    They glared trying to think of ways to convince their rival. But it was clear to both that this debate wasn?t really about to them and neither would ever be able to convince the other without sinking their claws into her body. Bianca gave a huff not really wanting to waste time on something they would never agree on.

    ?There is no point arguing about this topic because it is really not about us.? Bianca said as looked Maggie back into the eye who didn?t respond. ?You talk to your intern, and I?ll talk to mine. If they both agree to share, then it is settled, and we don?t have to worry about it.?

    Maggie knew she was right, but the prospect of bringing this up to the interns was going to cause fireworks. But that is what she had to do. ?Fine, and if they don?t?? Maggie questioned her conversation with Marissa about the tension between herself and Isabella coming back to her head.

    ?Well, then we will see, won?t we? Maybe they can talk it out in their own little one on one.? Bianca shrugged, and Maggie felt like the professional woman knew something she didn?t. ?Tell her by the end of the day today as I will be notifying Isabella after this meeting.?

    ?Fine, and what about our meeting?? Maggie said in a sexy hush. She wanted it more than anything now. She wanted to fuck Bianca with every fiber of her being and then she could focus on Amber. It would piss off the blonde if she knew she was going to fuck the other librarian again, and that only made it better.

    ?We will schedule ours once we have our interns answer.? Bianca responded dismissively, and Maggie?s eye twitched realizing they would not set the day or time of their sex contest before talking to the interns.

    Maggie gave a huff wondering why Bianca was pushing back. Why was she delaying unless she had some extra info that she was not privy to yet? Not wanting to overthink it, Maggie stood up from her seat to leave. Bianca watched as Maggie glanced down her open hot chest in that lace black bra. The redhead decided not to spit or grab at Bianca but knew there were alternatives to physical attacks, and she had the perfect one.

    If Bianca wanted to delay their fight further, fine, but she would get this in. She started to move towards the door and Bianca looked back down at her notes. She jumped slightly as Maggie put her hands-on the other girl?s shoulders having not heard the redhead. Maggie leaned down and pressed her red lips into Bianca?s ear. ?Just want you to know?I?m wearing your thong.? She whispered followed by the smallest of licks to the sensitive skin.

    Maggie felt the pale girl shiver in both anticipation and rage as Bianca seethed at the words. The idea of her thong on her rival?s hips was maddening and a deep insult to her womanhood. Before she could turn around to confront the redhead, Maggie had let go and was already nearing the door swaying her sexy hips. Bianca?s blue eyes followed her, but it seemed the librarian wasn?t done however, as Bianca watched Maggie pull up the black business skirt to show off the same small purple lace cloth that she had lost from their first fight.

    Maggie?s toned juicy ass swallowed the material just like the previous owner?s buns had done before. It looked like a perfect fit on the redhead?s hips, and Bianca wanted nothing more to stand up and show her own ass off to compare, but she waited. They would compare directly soon enough and this time she would be the one leaving with a trophy on her hips.

    The door closed behind Maggie as she left the room and Bianca behind. Instead of going back to her own office, she went to look for Marissa knowing that this day had just got a lot rougher. She would tell the blonde now if Isabella was going to find out as well about the credits. She was sure that Marissa could be reasoned with, well, she wasn?t sure, but she hoped.

    The library was huge, with many shelves of books and countless conference rooms, and computer rooms. Many places for students to learn, or meetings to have, or?places to fight, Maggie thought with a stir in her stomach. The search lasted about 10 minutes until she found the blonde helping some students with their computers. She was leaning over on the table, and purposely almost having her plaid skirt flew up high so that it was maybe an inch or two from showing off her bare ass.

    The boys she was helping and others around were practically drooling as Marissa ?helped them?. Suffice to say the drooling did not stop as Maggie walked up and they changed their focus to the sexy librarian, who in her rush had not done up her top buttons. Her violet bra was showing off, and it was far too much skin to show in any sort of polite company.

    ?Hey Marissa, I need to talk to you really quick.? Maggie said coming up to the group of people.

    The blonde turned to Maggie and her hazel eyes gave a little glance at the revealed violet bra and massive tits. She felt a flush of excitement as she took in the sight of Maggie. She had wondered if after their little make out session yesterday that she would want to hook up or at least have some more fun. It just seemed to happen even sooner than she had expected. She gave a small lick to her lips; she had been looking forward to this for quite a while.

    ?Ok! Sorry guys, but hey I?ll be back in a bit.? The guys all gave disappointed okay as Marissa did another up down of Maggie. Her bright green lips going into a sly grin. ?Lead the way?? She hinted as she gave Maggie a little wink. Maggie felt slightly confused but ignored it while taking Marissa?s arm and dragging her towards the small conference room around the corner. They entered the room and Maggie shut the door behind them.

    As she turned to face the room, Marissa had already pulled the blinds down and hopped up on the table. She crossed her shapely legs hiding whatever she was wearing underneath her short skirt, she only had her hair in a single side ponytail that hung down her right ear. She had a polka dot black and red half cut shirt on that showed off her sexy midriff.

    ?What do you want to do to me?teach?? Marissa asked as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs slowly in a teasingly manner.

    ?Teach? What are you talking about Marissa?? Maggie asked confused. She wasn?t thinking about their make-out session nor that her shirt buttons were nearly un-done and her lace lavender bra was sticking out. Sometimes she forgot that she had done herself up so much for work. Before Amber, she only wore sexy clothes like this for special circumstances, now it was normal.

    ?Well, I thought we would have a little fun. Didn?t you just call me in here for a quickie?? Marissa replied as she glanced around the room. The floor, the table, the wall, there were plenty of places they could get it on, maybe all of them if they felt like it.

    ?Marissa, I know we had that little?? Maggie started, but Marissa jumped off the table and crushed their lips and bodies together. The reaction from Maggie?s body was immediate, as she began to kiss back roughly as the blonde?s fingers squeezed her ass. Wow, she wanted this, the video that Amber sent her caused her sex drive to spike the last night and now Marissa was offering hers up. Her hands began to explore Marissa?s tempting body and felt the intern's fingers begin to sneak up her skirt. Her own hand's started to fondle the blonde's ass before she remembered why she was here and the important info she needed to share.

    She pushed Marissa away roughly who fell back until her ass hit the table. She caught herself with a gasp and a look of surprise was on her face. ?Wow, someone?s looking for a bit rougher sex huh? Well, I?m totally game, in fact, I prefer it.? She licked her green lips and began to move forward again when Maggie put up a hand. Though the idea of rough sex with Marissa was almost impossible to decline, she had to get this information passed. She took a breath, ?Marissa, wait, this is important.?

    Marissa paused and even though Maggie looked like a sexy snack, she noticed the seriousness in the tone. ?You have that, ?we need to work? face on.? Marissa noted, and when Maggie didn?t respond, she huffed. She realized she had misread the request and now she felt horny with little chance of release. It seemed like Maggie was just playing very hard to get unless something else was actually up. ?Ok, if we aren?t going to at the least make out, what?s up??

    ?Yes, this is an actual serious conversation because it involves both of us.? And before Marissa could interrupt, she quickly explained the situation about the credits and Gala. She watched as the blonde?s playful face slowly turned into a scowl throughout the chat.

    She finished and Marissa looked ready to scream about Bianca?s comments about her and the notion that Isabella deserved the credits more than her. Maggie wasn?t sure what to say, so she asked the question that needed to be answered before she went back to Bianca to discuss.

    ?Are you willing to split credits with Isabella?? Maggie finally asked hoping that they would be able to somehow get past this in part because she wanted to focus on Bianca. Once she got this answer, she was sure the professional and her would finally set a time and place for their sex match.
    ?No.? Marissa replied firmly.
    ?Why?? She asked exasperated and realized this wasn?t going to be simple.

    ?Would you split them with Bianca if you had to share?? Marissa snapped sounding angrier than Maggie had ever heard her. She opened her mouth to respond when Marissa continued, ?We both knew about this position, and knew we each needed it. We wanted it for the credits, but also to settle something more than that between us. It was supposed to be for one person, but you guys took both of us.?

    Maggie gave her a ?really? look and Marissa backtracked slightly.
    ?Don?t get me wrong, I?m grateful, but there was more on the line about who would get this internship when we both applied. We literally are always looking to get ahead of each other, and this was a big thing.?

    ?So, it was a competition??, Maggie said, as the parallel between the interns and the librarians were starting to give her a headache.
    ?Yes, and it has been since day one and now we have to share? No way. What other options are there??

    Maggie tried to think of alternatives but answered her question when none came. ?The other option is only one of you gets the credits, and the other gets nothing, but Marissa I don?t think...?

    The blonde interrupted, ?I think you do Maggie, so I have to ask you again, would you share with Bianca in our situation??

    The redhead hesitated, she wanted to lie but couldn?t bring herself to it. She was now starting to understand the two intern?s past and what level they despised each other.
    ?No, I don?t think I would??

    ?Exactly. So, let?s go figure it out then.? Marissa huffed as she pushed herself off the table. She came up in front of the freckled face. She smiled and glanced down at the redhead?s revealed chest and lavender bra.

    ?You should button your shirt up though, don?t want them getting the wrong idea like I did.? Marissa jibed while she ran a finger down Maggie?s sternum. She stopped right above the valley of the pale freckled tits. She then stepped past the girl and opened the door with a gust. She left the office as Maggie looked down and blushed. She realized she had just walked out in front of a bunch of students basically showing off her undergarments.

    She turned and followed Marissa out the door trying to walk and button up her shirt at the same time. Her heels clicked fast as she caught up with the student, ?Where are you going??

    ?I?m going to go talk to Bianca and Isabella and figure this out.? She said without looking back at the redhead, and Maggie could sense the anger from the usually playful blonde.
    ?Ok, hold on, let me go and talk to Bianca.? But the blonde either didn?t hear her or didn?t care and continued moving. Maggie sped up as she was able to cover her bra successfully.

    ?Listen Marissa!? Maggie said reaching and taking hold of the blonde?s arm to face her.

    Marissa stopped and was spun around by the arm, their full chests bumped, and they came face to face. Maggie had to stop herself from attacking in a sudden surge on anger. Recently when she was this close to women with bodies like Marissa, she normally ended up fighting them nude and sexually. Their eyes bore into each other and for a second a catfight wasn?t out of the question. ?What? You and Bianca are fucking, right? Is that why you are stopping me?? Marissa spat at her boss. If Maggie wasn?t going to help her, then she would do it on her own.

    ?No, we?it?s complicated.? Maggie huffed, trying to say and not say the truth at the same time. ?I can deal with this though, or at least talk on your behalf so that we get your word across.?

    Marissa?s face seemed to lighten a little bit as she felt at least her boss was wanting to be on her side. ?Maggie it?s fine, I want to deal with this personally and if you were willing to help me, I would really appreciate it.?

    Maggie wasn?t sure how to explain but when she looked at the hazel eyes, she felt ok. They were bright and un-judgmental. ?I want to help you, and I will, I just want to explain first...?

    Marissa stopped her, ?Maggie, it?s fine. I?m pretty confident I get it. Isabella and I also have a complicated relationship, and I have a feeling it?s just like yours and Bianca?s from our conversation yesterday. I have a sense for these kinds of things. We can kill two birds with one stone. So, if you can trust me, let?s go.?
    Maggie stood there stunned for one second, but she knew Marissa did understand. ?I do trust you, but are you sure about this?? She said under her breath like it was still a secret.

    ?One hundred percent,? Marissa said confidently and she started walking again now slower with Maggie side by side.

    ?And what do you mean to settle? How?? Maggie asked, trying to make sure they had a plan. She knew Bianca would have a proposal and didn?t want to come off unprepared.

    ?We have to agree to share the credits, right? But you said if one of us quits or offers her half to the other, it will all go to one.? Marissa said as they marched down the hall, Maggie?s heels clicking next to her. ?Yes?that is the situation.? She recalled, unsure how the blonde would ever get Isabella to do either of those two things.

    ?What are you suggesting?? Maggie asked, still unsure of what they were going to say as they reached the door of Bianca?s office. She realized that she would have to trust her intern at this time because there was no chance to go back now.

    ?You will see.? Marissa smiled as she winked at Maggie before opening the door to the small room without knocking. They entered Bianca?s office where the sexy professional and other intern were sitting in conversation side by side at her desk. The brown and blue eyes turned to the two new occupants entering uninvited. They showed no surprise on their faces as Maggie closed the door sealing them all in. She came up to stand next to Marissa in front of the desk.

    ?Oh, hello Miss Keeling. I assume, Miss Reynolds told you about the credit issue?? Bianca spoke up first while standing up and leaning forward on her desk. Maggie noted she had not done the buttons back up and was showing off a lot of tit in her black laced bra. A tiny bit of her wished she hadn?t covered her own now.

    ?Hello Bianca, yes she did and that?s what we are here to talk about with you two.? Marissa confirmed with a glare.

    Isabella smiled at the intruders, ?How common of you to barge into rooms where you don?t belong. I thought I taught you that lesson.? Maggie and Bianca didn?t understand what that comment meant but it was clear it was not to be taken lightly. Marissa?s eyes and cheeks went red as stared down her student rival.

    ?Fuck you Izzy.? She aggressively hissed and started walking towards her rival like Maggie had not seen her move before. Isabella stood up from her seat, wearing her usual tight jeans that showed off her toned legs. With an equal look of rage, she began to move towards Marissa, but Bianca grabbed Isabella?s arm and Maggie stopped Marissa thus keeping them separated.

    The redhead hadn?t seen her intern this mad before. She knew her and Isabella didn?t get along, but she finally was understanding how deep their anger ran. She wondered how they still lived together in the same dorm room, and how they had worked together the last three months without killing each other.

    ?Not here.? Bianca snapped at her intern who looked at her boss annoyed she had been stopped. The professional turned her eyes over to Marissa and Maggie who looked equally as tense. The blue eyes orbs sparkled with mischief that Maggie would never have expected from her work rival.

    ?Well, it looks like our little interns need to settle a few things just like us. I didn?t tell you yet Isabella, but Miss Reynolds voted against you once again. So, now there are two big issues between the four of us. Who is going to be the head of the Gala and how we are going to split the credits??

    Isabella looked over at Maggie and a look of spite poured out of her eyes. Another notch to the growing dislike they held for each other. Marissa looked at Maggie as well, seeing what the redhead would say in response to Bianca.

    ?There is nothing to settle, either they split, or Marissa is getting all of the credits. She has been the higher performer between them.? Maggie proclaimed looking right at Isabella as she said it.

    ?Fuck you too, Maggie.? Isabela spat as the brown and green orbs burned into each other. ?Nice attitude.? Maggie mocked, with a haughty expression that she normally saved for Bianca, but Isabella made her angry. Her attitude and temper sometimes reminded her of Amber, and it drove her up the wall. She was so cold and standoffish, but Maggie knew she hadn?t taken the time to get to know the Spanish girl. She could tell there was a lot more behind those brown eyes that she didn?t and wouldn?t get the chance to know.

    ?Attitude? You have been against me since day one. Fucking prove to me that she has done better or shut the fuck up.? She hissed directly at the redhead.

    Maggie knew Isabella had some truth in her words but would never admit it.
    ?I have the notes to prove it. You have acted like everything was beneath you while you have been working here, so watch your mouth, Isabella.?

    ?You watch yours, Maggie.? Isabella seethed back. At the last meeting, sparks had flown between Marissa and Bianca, now it seemed a full storm was brewing between Maggie and Isabella. Marissa decided to speak up again, and assist her boss who had backed her up.

    ?She is against you Izzy, because Maggie knows a bitch when she sees one and well, I think you know what she saw in you.?

    Isabella glowered, almost too angry to speak. Just because she didn?t bounce around like her slutty roommate, that didn?t mean she didn?t care. She just didn?t like to show her emotions as much, and Maggie had even tried to get to know her.

    ?Well, looks like your intern is the one with the attitude problem Miss Reynolds. Maybe you should take care of her mouth, before talking about mines.? Bianca spoke up defending her intern like Maggie defended hers. Her glare turned to Marissa. ?And I knew you were a little whore the moment I saw you, Miss Keeling. It must be why Miss Reynolds liked you so much.?

    Maggie was shocked to hear Bianca call Marissa a whore. She had not expected the professional to drop the act so quickly in this meeting, but it made sense. Marissa was looking at Bianca angry but interested. ?And you are fucking bossy bitch, so I can tell why you and Izzy get along so well.?

    ?Amusing, but unfortunately for you I have far more detailed notes than Miss Reynolds, to show why a whore such as yourself won?t get a single credit.? Bianca mocked at the blonde.

    ?Oh, Miss Marshal, you really do talk too much which makes you look very unintelligent. I have far more documented points that would give Marissa the edge over Isabella, but we can compare closely if you would like.? Maggie emphasized staring at Bianca with a look of desire, but she glanced over at Isabella at the same time.

    ?Please Miss Reynolds, if we compared just our notes, we would never agree. All that matters is who turns in the sheet at the end and trust me, Isabella?s name will be on.? Bianca insisted to all the other women in the room.

    Isabella smiled at Maggie with a taunting look because she knew that Bianca was right, it would be about whoever would turn the sheet in. They would need to find a way to figure that out.

    Maggie took a deep breath to calm herself down and was going to try one last time to bring them all back to discussion. She knew Marissa wanted to take this aggressively further, and Bianca seemed to have the same idea. But Maggie still believed that the librarians should not involve the interns in their dispute, even after all they had said. ?If we all calm down, we can talk through this??

    She was given three distinct looks from each woman saying, without saying, words were not enough now.
    ?Really Miss Reynolds?? Bianca huffed, annoyed at the redhead for even trying to slow this down. ?Again, you show your naivety in the point of a conflict.?

    ?Stop edging this on Miss Marshal.? Maggie hissed, the calming breath not working as the tension rose further in the room. But Maggie was wrong; they had already gone too far, and the interns were just as in the dispute as they were.

    ?Please, I?m not edging anything. They have every right to be a part of this decision of which of them gets the credits as we do. Unless of course, you two want to split it?? Bianca lazily asked because she knew the answer.
    ?No.? The interns answered in unison, the first thing they had agreed on all meeting.

    ?See Miss Reynolds? You always think people want to get along. But this is why you are so pathetic and unqualified for this role. Sometimes, people just don?t like each other, and only action can get things done. I?m sure you hear this a lot, but you aren?t good enough.? The other librarian stressed at Maggie.

    Now the redhead began to move forward, anger swarming her eyes. The words Bianca used brought up a fear she had been feeling all day after watching the video of Amber. The fear was a feeling, that maybe she wasn?t good enough for Amber and that?s why they weren?t together.

    She remembered what Amber had said to her during their last phone convo fight. The blonde wanted her, as a fuckbuddy, or slave, or?even a girlfriend, but she felt they were beyond the point of where they could just talk it out. She wanted to know what the blonde was thinking. Was she just trying to make her jealous with the video? And now the performance at the Gala? God, she hated that it was working so easily. Did Amber still want her in that way and was she good enough? She wasn?t sure.

    She didn?t know herself if she wanted the guitarist as a girlfriend. ?No, you do want her.? Her mind immediately corrected herself and it was the truth. She wanted Amber, just like the blonde wanted her, in some form, but could they do it as girlfriends? She wasn?t sure again. How could she hate and love a person so much at the same time?

    Maggie forced her mind back to focus, here in this meeting was not the time to think about it. But the words, ?not good enough?, They triggered her, and now she felt like the other three women. Maggie would have fought Bianca right then and there with tongue and claw. Luckily for the state of the office, Marissa stopped her. Their eyes met and Marissa saw the anger in her boss, wondering now if this is how she had looked just prior. The brief movement was enough to stop Maggie and not let it start here, but Bianca had guaranteed one thing. Maggie was now looking for action to settle this.

    Marissa looked up over where Bianca seemed to relish in getting Maggie even more worked up. The thong comment did not sit well back in the Director?s office, and she was planning on getting one of Maggie?s as payback.

    Her blue eyes turned to Marissa as the eccentric girl spoke up, ?You know Bianca, I knew you were a bitch since day one, but I didn?t think you resort to name calling. And Izzy, well, I?ve known you were a bitch.?

    ?Cute. I feel the same way about you Mari. Shame we already settled who was more of the bitch between us in our dorm.? Isabella taunted and Maggie saw once again that the insult seemed to hit the mark, but this time Marissa kept her calm and smiled.

    ?I don?t think we solved anything, and I think it?s time I paid you back for that night.? Marissa challenged, with more confidence.

    ?Oh, you think so. Then why don?t we do it again?? Isabella suggested it to her roommate. ?I was wondering if you would ever be brave enough to confront me again before we moved out.?

    ?Just waiting for the right moment roomie, and I think it?s right now.? Marissa hissed, raising her eyebrows at Isabella but her hazel eyes sparkled with intimidation.

    ?Why not?? Isabella breathed, as her brown eye?s stripped Marissa. They each reached for the zippers of their lower garments forgetting the other two were in the room. If Maggie and Bianca hadn?t been there, then nothing would have stopped the roommates from stripping down and fingerfucking each other into oblivion. Before they could move towards each other again, they were stopped by their respective librarians.

    ?Hold on, Isabella.? Bianca said, again trying to diffuse the quickly raising aggression between the two interns until conditions had been set. ?See Miss Reynolds? Words can?t solve anything now between all of us; I think this will take a bit more from all parties involved.? She looked at the other three occupants and more specifically their bodies. A way to break Maggie and fuck over Marissa at the same time doing what she does best was the idea.

    ?I agree?. Isabella said with a cold smile at Marissa, then at Maggie who scowled back.

    ?What are you suggesting?? Maggie asked, but she had a feeling she knew from the look of Bianca?s blue eyes that the time of their long-waited duel was about to be set.

    ?Simple Miss Reynolds, your intern against my intern. Winner?s intern gets the credits for the whole semester. Loser?s get nothing. And of course, you versus me, winner runs the Gala, loser doesn?t. I think that should settle everything that needs to be figured out.? The words lingered in the air, letting the challenge fill their heads with images of what Bianca was suggesting.

    Marissa looked at Bianca surprised that she was the one who suggested something like this. She thought the professional was an absolute prude and yet, it seemed she had underestimated her. Maggie also was surprised that she had included the interns, she didn?t think Bianca trusted anyone, but it seemed her and Isabella were closer than she had expected. The Spanish girl smiled after a few seconds and said first before anyone else. ?I like that idea.?

    ?Same.? Marissa repeated before Maggie could say anything, electric sparks were flying between all of them, the prospect of taking all the credits for themselves very alluring. The hazel eyes turned to make sure Maggie didn?t say anything to dispute this. She eyed the three other girls, all seeming eager and knew she would have to do it. Even with Amber on her mind she knew she would have to settle this first with Bianca and Isabella before she could focus on the blonde. In fact, her role in controlling the blonde would be significantly easier if she had Bianca of sight.

    ?And how exactly will we compete?? Maggie asked, looking directly at her work rival, she felt like she was the only one who still didn?t want to fully commit to this showdown.
    Bianca smiled, ?I think you know Miss Reynolds. It?s time for you and me to settle this, no one off, this is a full-on sex contest. The interns can settle it in whatever way they want as long as one comes out on top.?

    Maggie wanted to yell out annoyed that Bianca would admit they openly sexually fought but before she could stop anything, Marissa spoke up and answered confirming her thoughts about her sexy intern.

    ?I think we will do the same, unless you think you can?t handle it Izzy.? Marissa said, looking at Isabella. The other intern who smiled at her rival with a hunger that Maggie recognized from the look of her own fights.

    ?Oh, I can handle it Mari, in fact if I recall, last time I handled you easily, no pun intended.? As she waved her fingers at the blonde. Maggie almost smirked, luckily hiding it before Marissa saw it. She did love puns, but it annoyed her that Isabella seemed to like them too. They had more in common then they let on.

    Marissa just glared at her rival?s waving fingers as Maggie eyed the two interns. It became very apparent that working together for 3 months had put them in a sexual frenzy nearly as close as Bianca and Maggie?s were, though Maggie hadn?t caught their sexual attacks on each other. She assumed they happened right under her nose. She wondered what happened in their dorm every night.

    She did feel the sexual tension in the room and now that it was out in the open, it was thick.
    Maggie was still looking at Marissa surprised; she had thought about this since their kiss during the meeting. It seemed she and Isabella had done it before. She suddenly felt behind them, as it seemed Bianca and Isabella knew about each other?s fights, something she had not discussed with Marissa.

    ?Miss Reynolds?? Bianca asked, waiting for her answer. If Maggie accepted it would be set.
    Maggie looked at her rival through their glasses. There was no point delaying it. She wanted to fuck the smile of Bianca?s face, and a bit of her wanted to watch Marissa do the same to Isabella. She felt the wild side of her speak up, and it was time to get this done. Her green eyes opened, and she gave her own predatory grin.
    ?Set it on your calendar, Miss Marshal.?

    As the interns continue to glare at each other, Bianca was happy with the verbal agreements for now. ?Well, isn?t this going to be fun. A little two on two review for our little team.? Bianca laughed dripping with sarcasm. ?I think we will be able to settle quite a few things between us. When should we all get together for this meeting??

    Marissa smiled and answered with ease, ?Thursday night, gives us two days before the Gala and Friday you have to turn it in, right?
    Bianca gave a small nod, but Maggie knew that she was not fully truthful, but didn?t correct her.

    Marissa continued, ?We will do it here in the library when it?s only us four in the building, after hours.?

    ?Perfect.? Isabella breathed. ?I?ll get some of the dorm guys to bring some mats over from the gym and set them in a meeting room.?

    ?I think that is acceptable. Miss Reynolds?? Bianca looked at her rival for any doubt, any chance one of them would back down. But as their eyes met; they both knew it was finally going to be settled. ?Perfectly acceptable, Miss Marshal.? Maggie confirmed.

    Bianca?s grin was feral, she looked like she finally would get what she wanted, and after months of foreplay, the climax was just around the corner. ?Excellent. We will see you both then at 10 PM Thursday night. The Library is closed Friday for the setup so we can take the night if we need. Now, I would ask you both to get out of my office.?

    ?Wait.? Isabela said, moving around the desk. Maggie wasn?t sure what she was doing as Isabella moved sexually towards Marissa who watched the little stride while rolling her hazel eyes. The tight jeans looked like they would rip from Isabella?s perky ass and her breasts were giving a little jiggle behind the black blouse each step as she approached.

    Isabella got right into Marissa?s face, and the interns sized each other up. This also allowed Maggie and Bianca to compare their similarly built bodies. Both were hot to the redhead, but Maggie couldn?t deny her attraction to Isabella. ?Hell?, she thought, the Spanish girl was nearly as attractive in her eyes as Amber was, nearly.

    ?You sure you want to do this Mari?? She heard the dark-skinned girl whisper to her rival.

    ?Oh, I?m really sure Izzy.? Marissa whispered back and moved her face closer. Their hot young bodies were already touching, and Maggie couldn?t help being reminded of the video she had watched the night before. It seemed she about to have another front row seat to watch two sexy women go at it with their bodies and sex.

    Marissa smiled as Isabella moved her lips an inch more forward. She lightly touched the green lips with her red in a simple lip lock. They paused for a second before they both then opened their mouths and allowed their tongues to touch. With that, they began to wetly kiss in the office.

    Maggie and Bianca watched surprised but with labored breath as their sexy interns showed they were more than willing to settle it sexually for the college credit. The kiss lasted a long time, each exploring the other?s teeth, tongue and gums, as if testing the water, feeling each other out. Maggie wondered how much self-control they had not to wrap their arms around each other and just fuck now. They finally separated from the wet kiss, both slightly out of breath from the heated exchange, but kept their lips just an inch apart.

    ?I?m going to teach you again, just like our night in the dorm.? Isabella whispered as one of her fingers ran up Marissa?s inner thigh nearing the edge of the skirt.

    ?We will see.? Marissa whispered back with her own hand on Isabella?s lower back giving a light rub to the tense muscle. The images of their dorm room showdown flashing in both their minds and the intensity of the moment.

    Marissa stepped back and moved towards the door glaring at Bianca as she went. Maggie and Isabella?s eyes met, and she felt that the Spanish girl was talking to her as well. If Bianca hadn?t been in the room, she felt they would have exchanged a few words and some spit as well. She turned towards the door giving one last look at both Bianca and Isabella before she finally left the room.

    ?Marissa, wait up!? Maggie said, but the blonde brushed her off with a sly smile as they headed back to the main part of the library.

    ?Let?s talk about this at the end of my shift, I think we both have some explaining to do.? Marissa giggled. Maggie gave a slight nod as Marissa smiled at her, ?See you in a bit.? She laughed as she skipped back to the computer section where the boys were still waiting like puppies.

    Maggie rubbed her temples softly; this day had not gone as expected. She returned to her office thinking about how having the lead Gala position could help her throw off Amber. It wasn?t until they were closing up that Marissa came up to Maggie, ?Hey you ready to talk and explain?? The intern questioned.

    ?Yeah, I was going to ask you about everything that happened in that meeting.? Maggie inquired about the eccentric girl.

    ?I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.? Marissa giggled. ?You first, but I will tell you anything you ask. Now explain.? Marissa demanded and Maggie knew she didn?t have much of a choice. She quickly clarified her rivalry with Bianca and how it had started, though she left out anything to do with Amber or how she had first experienced sexual conflict. It felt good to be able to talk about it with someone who wasn?t trying to pin her, or at least not yet. She knew Marissa could easily flip from friend to foe in this sex war game.

    Once she was done, Marissa told her about their night in the dorm room. Where she had been out finger fucked by her roommate. When she told Maggie about being cummed on, a flashback of Amber doing it to her in their fight was all she could think about. When the schoolgirl finished, she put a determined look on her face.

    ?Maggie, we need to win. I need to beat her, not just for the credits, but for my own pride.? Marissa explained with an extremely serious tone. Maggie felt the same way with Bianca and the implications it would have on her job, the Gala, and her interaction with Amber. ?Yeah, we do?and we will.? Maggie confirmed.

    Marissa nodded satisfied with that answer, ?Good, because I think things are going to get intense. Listen, I would absolutely love to take you to my dorm right now and give you the lay of a lifetime, but we won?t yet.? She gave a smirk, ?This is not going to be a one off, or something like that between the four of us. This is going to be a marathon and we both will need to be fully ready. I don?t want to drain you too much.?

    ?I think I would be the one draining you.? Maggie found herself saying, unable to hide her combativeness even with her friend. After the video, and now the four-way confrontation in Bianca?s office, Maggie was feeling almost jittery with sexual energy.
    Marissa panted slightly, ?Wow, I want to fuck you so bad, but again, lets win this together and save our strength. Then you and I can play and find out who drains who.?

    Before the redhead could respond, Marissa felt up Maggie?s ass with a smile causing her to jump. It felt really good and she reached to return the grope, but Marissa blocked it. ?Let?s catch up tomorrow Maggie.? She giggled, and the librarian almost kissed her intern, but she wasn?t quick enough as Marissa backed away with a grin. Saying nothing else, Maggie watched the blonde bounce out the room with a skip. Alone now, she wondered just what the hell was going to happen Thursday night.

    Damnnn more build up. Sorry yall, but the next few parts are action...I think haha. No, they are I swear. Well that is Part 4. Hope you enjoyed and are also enjoying the overall direction of the story. Ummm, yeah. This story is getting long, but I think the build up and interactions of the characters are important. Makes each fight feel more real (or at least as real as they can in a fantasy story lol). In thelast part, we got some Amber action and now I think it?s time for Maggie to get her hands dirty as they fight to control each other in a round about way. (I think? lol )
    Cool, well I think that?s all I got. Uhh yeah, let me know your thoughts if ya want. Next part might be delayed for stuff I can?t control. But I HOPE I can keep to the 2 week schedule.
    Ok thats enough talk. Till next time.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    I love long build-up stories, so I'm really enjoying this. Great job, King!
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    Re: The Library Gala

    This was another fantastic part of the build up and it looks like the payoff (or one of the payoffs!) is finally coming in the next part. As I've said many, many times, King is the master of the tease, but he is really outdoing himself this time. I think that the story comes to 71 pages and, so far, we've had one sexfight - and that was a recording! If that sounds like I am complaining, I am not - King always delivers at the end and I am sure this story will be no different. And, unlike some people who shall go unnamed, he does get us these chapters on a pretty regular basis! So, no complaints here!

    I am really looking forward to the marathon sexfight/orgy fight in the next chapter. I am especially looking forward to Maggie taking on Bianca and deciding their workplace situation!

    Great work!


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    The Library Gala Part 5

    Part 5

    The week seemed to crawl by at a snail?s pace for Maggie. The Gala planning took all of her time and she was not able to meet up with Marissa and talk about what was to come.

    The sexual incidents stopped from both parties with the match set, so work turned back into just work for herself. In the other part of her life, she hadn?t heard or seen anything from Amber since their meeting in the room. She had almost reached out to the blonde to talk about her upcoming fight but stopped herself just before hitting send.

    The blonde seemed to do all the communication through the Director himself which left her slightly in the dark. It didn?t matter, if she got the Head of the Gala, there would be nothing Amber could do to sabotage her. They would be conjoined by the hip all night, but Bianca if got it; she would just be a pawn without much influence of the night?s events.

    Thursday night came up on her before she knew it. She found herself shooing people out roughly 30 minutes before closing for the weekend. Once she was sure everyone was gone, she noticed that she hadn?t seen Bianca or Isabella in over an hour. She checked her clock and noted it was 9:45 PM. ?They must be already over there.? She thought and decided she should head back to her office and find Marissa.

    She made her way back and found the sexy intern waiting for her near her office. ?Hey Maggie!? She said bubbly and with a wide grin, ?I feel like I haven?t seen you all week!?

    ?I know, it?s been so busy? Maggie replied with an exaggerated tone.

    ?Right? Well, I think we are going to see a lot of each other tonight!? Marissa laughed, almost sounding giddy at the prospect. Her tone would not let you think she was about to go fight her roommate with the potential of having a sex against her as well. They hugged quickly and Marissa hopped into the office as Maggie opened the door.

    She held the door with her foot as she checked her clipboard until she was satisfied that every room had cleared out. Looking up from the sheet, she got a quick glimpse of Marissa?s womanly body putting on her workout clothes. Maggie couldn?t help enjoying the view of her intern and her skimpy undergarments, though she didn?t have time to see the color and style before Marissa pulled on tight black yoga pants. The blonde?s ass could jiggle in such tight clothes. The black pants contrasted her bright yellow sports bra that seemed to be ready to rip apart from her bust size alone.

    ?This is going to be fun!? She said as Maggie walked in and closed the door behind her. The blonde had her hair in her classic pigtails style that went down the sides of her head. Her lips were their natural pink color and her hazel eyes seemed to glow in anticipation. She was very pretty Maggie thought, but a different type of blonde than Amber. A schoolgirl face and a smile that you didn?t know was for you or against you.

    ?You seem very excited for what?s to come.? Maggie questioned as she sat down and stretched her arms out slightly. She also felt excited, but kept it hidden behind the small number of nerves building in her chest. This had been the longest buildup to a sexfight in her life, and she wanted to make sure the anticipation didn?t get her overly horny before Bianca and her even touched.

    ?Aren?t you? I have been waiting to get back at Isabella for a while now. Also, they might be bitches but at least they are hot. Makes fighting them bearable.? She took a look at Maggie?s attire and did not see the redhead have a change of clothes. ?Aren?t you going to change?? She questioned.

    ?No, I won?t be. Trust me. Bianca won?t either?it?s part of it for us.? Maggie said, looking down at her white blouse, and her hidden garter belt and stockings she was wearing underneath. She and Bianca hadn?t discussed or agreed on certain outfits, but she felt it would be weird if they fought in anything else.

    Marissa shrugged, ?Whatever you say, at least it does give you that sexy librarian look. It will get Isabella excited which might help me. How do I look??

    Marissa did a little spin, giving the redhead a full view of her sexy body. Maggie noticed the tightness of her clothes and how hour glassy Marissa looked. She could see the toned lines of muscle on the blonde?s legs that led to her juicy toned ass. Maggie considered that if Isabella was as fit as both of them, then all four bodies fighting tonight had very similar size and proportions. It would matter however who could use hers the best to beat the others.

    ?Honestly, if we didn?t have to go out and fuck those bitches, I might have taken you right now.? Maggie confidently said that made Marissa give her a surprised look at her boldness.

    Their eyes locked for half a second and they might have just started to fuck right then if the fight hadn?t still been on their minds. Marissa smiled, ?I?m glad you picked me, sorry I didn?t tell you about Izzy and I?s past, but I wouldn?t want any other partner for something like this. Afterward, maybe we can make do on some of our tension.?

    ?I think that would be fun.? Maggie replied with her own sexy look.

    ?Awesome. Well, let?s not keep them waiting. It?s time for us to get what we earned.? Marissa clapped as she headed for the door and left the office with a skip. Maggie followed, flicking off the lights as they left. They began to make their way to the other side of the library where Bianca and Isabella were waiting for them.

    Maggie and Marissa made their way into the depths of the library side by side. They chit chatted about the day, and not the sex war they were walking towards. They passed the meeting room where Maggie and Bianca had fought their first match three months ago, ironically right around the time when Isabella and Maggie had fought in their dorm room. A null in the conversation gave Maggie the chance to ask a question that had been on her mind the last few days. ?Do you and Isabella still share your dorm every night??
    Marissa laughed in response, ?Nah. Though we are still roommates, we split the room 50/50. One week in one week out, the last 3 months since our fight. Obviously, it?s not hard to find a place to stay when the other has her week.?

    ?Yeah, makes sense.? Maggie responded, though that sounded like hell to her.

    They chatted more as Maggie glanced down the end of one hall that led to the room with the many books, where she had lost her first fight underneath Amber. The cum stain was still on the floor. The rooms where they were headed were near that hall. It was two meeting rooms side by side that Bianca had marked via email. One room for each fight Maggie realized.

    They approached the first of the open doors and Marissa gave one last wink to Maggie as they entered the room on the right. Bianca and Isabella both looked up at the new rivals entering the enclosed space. Green eyes met blue, hazel met brown and they all knew this was really going to happen. The newcomers placed their bags in the opposite corner of the room as they continued to eye each other.

    Both Isabella and Marissa were dressed for maximum movement and in workout gear. Matching black yoga pants on their legs, and workout bras that struggled to contain their chests. Isabella?s black top was slightly a different style, only going over one shoulder while Marissa's bright yellow double shouldered more normal style.

    Maggie had been right; Bianca and she were dressed identically with complete fishnet stockings and the works. Their skirts were so short, and they had so many buttons undone on their blouses, they might have been mistaken for strippers than actual professional librarians. After a full minute of sizing each other up, the silence was broken.

    ?Well, I?m glad to see you two decided not to run away. We were worried you wouldn?t show.? Isabella taunted as Bianca stood up from her seat with a confident smirk as she did an up and down of Maggie. She looked like a snack that she just had to sink her pearly teeth into.

    ?And miss a chance to humiliate you? Never roomie.? Marissa taunted back as she took in the surroundings of the small nearly empty room. With not much to see, she took a look at Bianca, she felt a surge of desire. She was almost equally interested in watching the librarian?s fight as she was to get her revenge on Isabella.

    Maggie looked down at the ground where some rubber mats had been placed over the carpet in the room. Her mind flashed back to being soaked and soapy, rolling around with a sexy bartender on a similar type of rubber. ?How did you get these mats here??

    ?Some of the boys from our dorm brought it over from the gym, I said we needed it for the Gala.? Isabella said, looking at Maggie. The redhead looked very appealing to her right now, more than she had wanted but she couldn?t worry about her?yet. Another silence started as it was time to get started.

    ?So which pair goes first? Marissa asked with her usual bubbly tone. She looked around the room at the other three girls. There was a sudden pause as each pair waited for the other to go for it and take the next steps to start their fight. Maggie had thought they would split between the rooms, it seemed Bianca thought the same.

    ?Well, Miss Reynolds and I will take the other room.? Bianca confirmed, as she was clearly more than ready to get atop Maggie and start the sexy night. But Marissa looked both surprised and against that, ?No you two need to stay, so you can watch what I do to little Izzy.? She said directly to Bianca. The professional glared back as the many barbs they had traded over the last few months came rushing to their heads.

    ?Oh, you want Maggie to see you cum like a slut? Don?t worry Mari, I wouldn?t let them miss the show. ?Isabella quipped in and turned Marissa?s attention back to her. ?You both should stay; because I want to watch you make Maggie scream after I finish her.? She said to her boss.

    Bianca smiled at her interns? words while Marissa opened her mouth to talk back, but Maggie got there first. ?Oh Isabella, I?m more looking forward to hearing you moan under Marissa. If you have been hanging out with Miss Marshal all semester, I?m sure she has taught you a thing or two about cumming first.?

    Now a flash of anger passed Bianca?s face, but it recovered quickly enough for no one to see. Isabella laughed at Maggie?s little comeback, ?You know Maggie, once I finish Marissa and Bianca finishes you, maybe I?ll kick your ass just for good measure.?
    Maggie?s stare intensified at the other intern who was looking back with equal fire.

    ?I wouldn?t mind watching that too or roughing up your little intern.? Bianca added with a sly look at Marissa. The blonde was already looking at her with her own burning gaze. She was sure, her and Bianca could have a good round of hate sex and that it would be really good. ?Oh, I would like to get rough with you Bianca.? Marissa said with a lick of her lips at the raven-haired girl. She turned her attention back to her roommate as she and Maggie were still glaring at each other.

    ?Izzy, you should be worrying about me.? She said, taking a step closer to her roommate. ?First, I?m going to rip your clothes off. Then I?m going to pin you. And then, I?m going finger fuck you until you beg me to make you cum.? Marisa said as she did a little bouncing, shaking her tis up and down.

    Isabella turned her attention back to Marissa. For all her anger at Maggie, Marissa was still her target because of their past, and continued living conditions. ?Let?s go first than bitch, I?m tired of listening to your mouth, but don?t worry I?ll make it work when you are eating me out after I finger fuck you till you scream.?

    It seemed the interns had made the decision that they were going first, and the other two girls weren?t about to stop them. It would only get them more riled up for each other, and that is exactly what they both wanted.

    Marissa grinned, as she felt her muscles tense and her sex drive kick up an extra notch. ?Sounds good roomie. I?m sure we can entertain each other for quite a bit. Are you both okay with that??

    Maggie and Bianca gave respective nodes to their interns who smiled back at them. Now ready, Marissa and Isabella moved onto the mat with a sudden jump in their step, clearly ready to renew their sex duel from the dorm.

    Bianca seemed satisfied letting the interns go first, this just meant a hornier Maggie for when they finally met in sexual combat. ?Perfect, they go first, but since we are going to watch, how about we make this a bit more interesting?? Bianca dared, looking directly at Maggie who was still standing on the opposite edge of the mats. The redhead had expected this as she turned her eyes to her work college.

    ?I?m listening.? Maggie replied as Marissa and Isabella stopped looking at each other and looked at their supporters. Bianca had a grin on her face at Maggie?s willingness. ?I think it would be best if we sped up our fight, considering our clothes are a bit tougher to remove than our interns.?

    ?Get to the point.? Maggie huffed, as usual Bianca liked to draw things out as long as possible.

    Bianca gave a small humph at the rudeness but continued anyway. ?I suggest that when your intern loses a piece of her clothing, you lose the same piece. This way poor Miss Keeling won?t be the only nude slut in this room as Isabella strips her, and we won?t have to ruin each other?s expensive clothing when it?s our turn.?

    Maggie wouldn?t deny that she had hoped that these clothes would not be destroyed in their fight. But she also didn?t want to seem unwilling to get as aggressive or nasty as the other girls. She looked over at Marissa who gave her a wink and a small nod that she was okay with that.

    ?Fine, I agree to that.? She said with a smile. ?They aren?t wearing any stockings or garters though, so I guess those will have to remain until we have a chance...? Maggie hinted, and Bianca picked up on it.

    ?Yes, I think they will.? Bianca smiled, remembering their last fight and being connected to each other in the final sexual showdown. They both had a look of earnest on their faces that they could start up there too.

    ?And how do we know who wins this whole thing?? Isabella asked the room letting the question linger in the air as they came seconds away from the fight.

    ?The better pair wins, if one of each goes down, or quits, the two remaining can finish it.? Marissa said, looking at Bianca and Maggie for their confirmation.

    Isabella continued where her roommate left off, ?And when you say go down, you mean cum right?? Maggie and Bianca?s eyes flashed; they both knew they wanted more than just cum this time around.

    ?You two do what you want. I think Miss Marshal and I will go till one of us quits or submits to the other fully?no matter how many orgasms?. Maggie said, letting the wallflower down again like she did so much more often now. She was challenged once again for her library and job and she would meet this other lioness with equal fang and claw.

    ?That is exactly what we will do, until full sexual submission or if one of us is too exhausted to continue and the winner walks out.? Bianca sensually breathed back at her rival now just seconds away from getting started.

    ?Oh, now that sounds fun! What do you say Roomie? Ready to go all the way this time?? Marissa elated as she openly licked her pink lips at the other woman.

    Isabella gave her a cool look, ?More than ready because it will be the last time that I have to deal with you. When I have these credits, I?ll find a new roomie too.?

    ?Whatever you say.? Marissa rolled her eyes as she and Isabella began to move forward while stretching erotically. The other two women sat down on the two chairs they had moved to the opposite sides of the mat for viewing. Maggie got a good look at Isabella now and without surprise saw a body on par with hers and Marissa?s. She had expected that.

    She eyed Bianca?s copycat fishnet stockings looking up her skirt, but the raven-haired beauty crossed her legs before she could see what little thong she was wearing. Maggie crossed her own pale legs as their eyes turned to the combatants.

    If Isabella and Marissa ended up nude quickly, so would they, which was perfectly acceptable to Maggie. The way the girls were looking at each other, she knew nude was exactly what they planned to be very soon.

    The girl?s finished their stretching and moved within reaching distance of each other with unique looks of desire and resentment. Marissa?s pigtails and Isabella?s free long black curly hair in just one of the stark contrasts of their bodies.

    ?Last chance to back out.? Isabella hissed quietly as she reached out with her dark arms and black coated fingernails.

    ?Hmm, let?s play, Izzy.? Marissa giggled duplicating the move by interlacing their fingers and the fight was on. The way they started reminded Maggie immediately of Daphne and Amber. They spent a few seconds feeling each other out at arm?s reach. But these girls had much more on their mind than wrestling. Body met body and lips met lips as the intern?s hands slipped free of each other. They smoothly wrapped their arms behind the other?s lower back in a sexy hug. Heads tilted to the side and they began to wetly kiss, restarting the makeout session that had begun a week ago in Bianca?s office.

    Isabella and Marissa?s tongues meshed and twirled in each other?s mouths, only the second kiss they had ever shared. Hands explored each other?s backs before moving lower towards the black cotton covering their glutes. Isabella took hold of Marissa?s ass first and gave it a squeeze through the soft material.

    ?Mhmm?, Marissa moaned into her rival?s mouth, enjoying the beginning of their rematch. They kissed for a minute, making sure both were fully engaged in the sexual aspect of their fight. Satisfied with their tongue duel, their legs began to shift around. Each forced their right in between their rival?s thighs while still kissing but now more aggressively.

    The mouths trying to pull the air out of the other?s lungs and break her rival?s concentration. 20 seconds of this and Isabella?s brown eyes shot open in distress. Unable to get enough air she broke the kiss off with a gasp, spit flying everywhere.

    Isabella?s ending of the kiss didn?t give any advantage to Marissa who was also gasping in air. They inhaled as they wrestled standing up with their arms still looped around the other. Marissa was trying to throw Isabella off balance to the floor using her body, but Isabella threw her weight into the same direction to the blonde?s surprise.

    They tumbled to rubber mats in a quick fall that landed with a loud smack. Unfortunately for the blonde she took the brunt of the impact on her back while Isabella landed directly on top of her. The wind was slightly knocked out of her lungs and she pushed and kicked Isabella away wildly.

    The dark-haired girl fell off of her rival, as Marissa turned to her side in discomfort. She didn?t want to be locked into a kiss unable to breath and made sure her lips were out of reach. She kicked out at Isabella to keep her away, but the Spanish girl easily moved around and out of her legs. Getting to the side of her laid out opponents, she slapped Marissa?s face with just enough force to make her rival roll away. The hazel eyed girl got to her front and attempted to push herself up to her knees.

    But the brown eyed girl saw the advantage she wanted. She jumped onto Marissa?s back and their combined weight brought them back down to the ground. Both pairs of big breasts were squished down, with the yellow bra pressed into the rubber and the black one into the blondes back. In sequence, the top girl?s arm went around the neck of the bottom girl while the other hand took hold of her juicy ass. Marissa growled and rolled them once, but Isabella didn?t let go and after a full rotation on the mat, they ended up in the same position struggling.

    Marissa tried to reach up behind for the black hair, but it was out of reach. Her roommate kept her whole weight on her rival, pressing her black bra and tits into the shoulder blades of Marissa harder. She gave the ass a spank and then brought the other hand up to squeeze Marissa?s left tit through the cloth. She could already feel the pink nipples hardening behind the yellow bra. Marissa growled again shifting her weight as she was pressed into the mat.

    ?I don?t think you need this, anymore do you?? The brown eyed girl hissed let go of the neck and clawed both globes of fat in her hands. ?Bitch! Get off!? Marissa cried, but before she could stop her, Isabella took the front of the yellow sports bra and pulled it up violently. The blonde screamed in frustration unable to stop herself getting stripped by her roommate. ?Let go!? She yelled and tried to flail her arms to keep the bra on, but Isabella got it above the blonde?s shoulders forcing her hands up and limiting her movements.

    With the blonde?s hands straight above her head, Isabella ripped Marissa?s sports bra up and off her hot body. The large firm lightly tanned tits came bouncing out as Isabella removed the cloth and rolled off her rival. She got to her knees a few feet away with a smile, glancing at the watchers. Marissa stayed on the ground an extra second, seething as she found herself topless, her pink nipples erect only two minutes into the fight. She had been thinking about this contest for a long time, since that night she had laid in her bed covered in her roommates cum. She felt a deep drive of rage, that was not going to happen again, she told herself.

    With a smile, Isabella went higher on her knees a few feet waiting. Once the blonde looked up with her raging hazel eyes, Isabella spun the yellow sports bra above her head like a trophy, letting her hidden playful personality show. Maggie and Bianca watched the teasing display until the darker girl threw the discarded bra off the mat with a laugh. The brown eyes then turned to Maggie and Bianca?s grin grew as she too looked at her work rival.

    When Maggie didn?t immediately start to strip, Isabella gave a sigh and spoke at her. ?You remember the deal, let?s see your small little titties?Miss Reynolds.? She mocked the redhead and Bianca gave her work rival a told you so look with her intern ?winning? the first round.

    Maggie seethed at the insult from Isabella. Her once hidden drive to compare her body and prove herself better was awake and wild. It was what drove her to the first fight against Amber, and now would resolve her in this fight. She would keep to the terms as they had agreed to trust Marissa to get even quickly. ?Of course, it was the terms.? She said to the two other women and began to strip still sitting on her highchair.

    She unbuttoned the white blouse quickly and unhooked the light blue lacy bra a second later. She looked directly at Isabella as she peeled the bra off, and her large pale freckled tits became revealed. They were outsized for their firmness and covered with freckles. She dropped both upper body garments to the side of the chair and on the ground, not worrying about folding them. She then crossed her arms over her chest as she felt the air hit tingle her nipples.

    Isabella looked slightly surprised as she saw the redhead?s impressive chest come into view. She automatically compared it to both hers and Marissa?s but couldn?t tell who was the biggest or firmest. Bianca had told her that Maggie?s tits were as big as theirs, but she didn?t fully believe it thinking the bitch must have padded her bras. Now she was sure Bianca had been telling the truth.

    With Maggie still looking at her, she thought about taking her own top off just to make sure the librarian knew she didn?t stack up in the chest department. Marissa was the only one who didn?t watch Maggie strip. She was looking at Isabella with a fire in her eyes, all of her playful attitude gone. She moved forward on her knees, tits free and shaking as she shuffled forward. Isabella turned her dark eyes towards the returning challenger.

    ?Oh, ready for more Mari? You do still seem overdressed.? Isabella heckled as she moved forward in a similar stance on her knees. They came together in a sort of boxer clinch with their heads and hands on each other?s shoulders looking like they were starting to wrestle.

    They moved little for a few seconds when Maggie saw Isabella?s arms shift off of Marissa?s shoulder and slid between their bodies. Suddenly Marissa gave a yelp in surprise, ?Don?t pinch my nipples!? She cried out as she released the clinch and pushed Isabella away. But as Izzy fell back Maggie and Bianca could see the Spanish girl?s thumb and point finger had the right pink nipple in a tweak.

    ?Why?! I can tell you like it!? Isabella screamed while her pinch of the nipple slipped as she was pushed away. She launched her black nailed claws forward connecting with Marissa?s tits again. The blonde howled in annoyance as her breasts were mauled. She gripped the curly black hair in retaliation and pulled Isabella towards her sharply in effort to free her tits.

    It worked at first with Isabella letting go, but as she came forward, she ducked her head and latched onto the right pink nipple with her hungry mouth. She began to suck it hard as Marissa quickly reversed her tactics trying to pull Izzy away. She let out a light moan and pulled harder not wanting her tits licked like they were being, it reminded her of their dorm fight.

    Maggie bit her finger watching the fight and feeling her own sex drive speed up. She hadn?t expected Marissa losing her bra to cause such a disadvantage as the black-haired intern attacked her teammates' boobs over and over with tongue and fingers.

    Marissa tried again to pull her roommate off while Isabella remained sucking and chewing on the nipple like a bottle. The brown eyed girl wrapped her arms around Marissa?s back and also brought her yoga leggings around her in a full body embrace. Marissa groaned holding the double weight and she fell forward atop Isabella who didn?t seem bothered. She continued to suck wetly pushing more pleasure into her roommate?s body and enjoying the taste herself. The blonde moaned in desire but changed tactics again in desperation.

    Her hands went into the black-haired scalp and pulled Isabella?s face deeper into her tits. This allowed her nipples to be sucked deeper but also forced Isabella into a precarious position underneath her roommate. Maggie could tell the Spanish girl was quickly struggling to get air as she was smothered under her roommate?s large bust. She refused to let her red lips release the nipple that was clearly getting Marissa sexually excited.

    The blonde used gravity to her advantage and put more of her breast weight on Isabella while sneaking her left hand out of the black hair and down between her rival?s legs. She gave a hot rub to the covered pussy and Isabella?s brown eyes shot open. She let out a muffled hiss from the new sensation. She couldn?t breathe and now she was getting her cunt pressed, a dangerous combination.

    Unable to keep going, she bit Marissa?s nipple harder that caused the blonde to pull up quickly. The minute her face was free, Isabella gasped a big dose of air. She released her legs and tried to push Marissa away, but the blonde had other ideas.

    She slapped Isabella?s face twice with a ringing sound that stunned her roommate. She then sat up and turned herself around, pressing her hot ass into the Spanish girls? bra while eyeing her roommate?s yoga pants. Isabella had recovered quickly and grabbed both blonde pigtails to puller her off, but Marissa?s fingers had already started. She began peeling the yoga pants up and off. As Isabella?s legs started to thrash to stop her while pulling the hair, Marissa lifted her toned ass and dropped it on Isabella?s stomach with a pop. Izzy groaned at the impact and stopped resisting as she was stripped.

    Marissa pulled her rival?s legs straight into the air and peeled the yoga pants off the sexy limps all the way. The bottom girl groaned in pain and frustration as she felt her legs be freed. Marissa gave a haughty look at Bianca as she was holding Isabella?s cloth and was still sitting on her rival. She glanced back down at the little red thong that her roommate was wearing and smiled that they had both picked sexy thong bikinis.

    ?Cute bikini bottoms roomie, looks like we thought alike.? Marissa taunted as she rolled off her rival. She could have kept her advantageous position, but instead wanted to see Bianca strip. Her confidence had come roaring back and now she felt like they were on even ground. Isabella sat up and flipped her curly hair back with a huff. She looked down at her bare legs and over at the topless Marissa who was smiling at her. She felt her own temper, the same she felt back at their first confrontation building. But she didn?t want to just fight Marissa, she wanted to out sex her. Out finger her, that?s what mattered to them, because they knew it meant the most between them.

    Isabella had chosen a sexy high waisted red thong bikini which is why her yoga pants had been pulled up so high. She got up wearing only a thong and black sports bra wanting to get right back at Marissa. She looked sexier than Maggie had imagined the cold intern could?to her annoyance.

    Maggie then smiled at Marissa who grinned back at her, before the blonde turned back to the other women in the room.

    ?I think it?s your turn to lose some clothes, Miss Marshall,? Marissa taunted back as Bianca glared at both of them. Not willing to lose face, she stood up proudly in her heels and unzipped her skirt. Then she turned around as the skirt fell, showing off her toned bubble ass to the room.

    She too was wearing a red thong but this one was low waisted, lacy and with a silk shiny front. This was matched with a dark black garter belt on her womanly hips. Her fishnet black stockings and her pale white skin almost made it look like a sexy checkerboard. She turned back to face her rival?s in the room in her thong, garter and white blouse. She sat down and crossed her legs, glaring at Maggie who glared back hotly. Bianca had expected the redhead to be nude before she was or at least bottomless.

    ?Looks like you and your bitchy intern are going to be nude soon. A bit more of that kissing and I think Isabella might just cum and then we can switch.? Maggie said at Bianca while Isabella wanted to launch herself at the redhead for the comment.

    ?Not before you and your whore of a pet.? Bianca snapped back, their voices raising as Marissa looked taken aback by the new insult. ?But you are right, we should switch and get started once one of them cum?? Bianca continued.

    Marissa then smiled, ?Don?t worry Maggie, I could feel Izzy. She already wants to cum so bad, she won?t last much longer! Then I want to fuck the other slut.? She finished as hazel and blue eyes locked for a second.

    ?Hmm, fuck you Mari, I?m going to make you cum with my fingers, just like last time.? Isabella growled, staring at her roommate with a new fury.

    ?Oh, I?m so scared?? Marissa said with fake terror that quickly was replaced with cockiness. ?If we are going to fucking do this then I?m tired of these clothes. I want to fuck you roomie, I think we both know that is what matters.?

    Isabella glanced down at her sports bra knowing that she agreed with her roommate. They would end up nude soon, and it seemed like a waste of time with this wrestling. This should be more like their dorm room fight, but on another scale.

    They had only masturbated each other back at their dorm and didn?t even kiss during their first sexual contest. But she had mentally prepared herself to go further this time, in fact, as far as she needed and as far as Marissa would go with her. Even if it meant have full on sex with her despised but very attractive roommate. Marissa saw the thought process in Isabella?s head and knew that she agreed with her.

    ?Izzy?if you take off your bra, I?ll take off my yoga pants. And we can really get this going?just like back when we started at the dorm...? Marissa offered, snapping her yoga pants to her hip. Judging from the smiles that came to Isabella?s red lips, Maggie thought the snapping motion must have meant more than she understood.

    Isabella smiled very much over their wrestling, ?Ok, Mari you have a deal. This is far more about sex and this time?I?m not only going to use my fingers??
    ?Me neither?? Marissa giggled back as she licked her pink lips at her sexy roommate.

    They didn?t wait for one to go first and they didn?t give a little show. Isabella quickly pulled her red sports bra off and Marissa stripped down and out of her black yoga pants simultaneously. The blonde was wearing a bright yellow and pink striped bikini G-string thong. It also hung slightly higher on her hips though not as high as Isabella?s was and was a side tie. Marissa did seem to have doubled knotted it to ensure it wouldn?t be untied so easily.

    She was incredibly attractive, and Maggie got the best look of her sexy intern yet. She had been teased multiple times by the blonde, but now they knew the desire was mutual. She and Marissa could have had a lot more fun when they worked together though...she had to think about Amber too in the mix of all of this.

    Maggie also took a good look at Isabella?s freed chest and nearly nude body. Full of size and perky with brown nipples to go with her darker skin tone. Her long curly black hair was long enough to nearly cover them as the Spanish girl ran her fingers through it, unaware that Maggie was eye banging her in that tiny red thong.

    While Isabella was flipping her hair back, Marissa did see Bianca give her a good up and down clearly enjoying the view. ?Like what you see bitch?? The intern questioned.

    Bianca gave her a whatever look, ?You have a decent body, but nowhere near as good as mine.? She hissed, letting a bit of jealousy show and not denying her own desire for Marissa. The blonde was so disrespectful to her, and she wanted nothing more than to fuck it out of her.

    ?Well, it?s a good thing I?m about to see your body, and once I finish Izzy, why don?t you step on the mat Bianca? I?ll prove to you tonight who has the better body between us and who can use it!? Marissa challenged not thinking about Maggie or Isabella in that second.

    ?Gladly.? Bianca challenged back and their glare intensified even more so than the roommates. Bianca didn?t move off her chair yet though as much as she wanted too, still thinking about finishing Maggie first.

    ?Take off your skirt, Maggie.? Isabella suddenly demanded looking at the redhead with fire and desire.

    ?Excuse me?? Maggie questioned back at Isabella; her own green eyes unable to not steal a glance down at the fat brown tits. Her pale orbs were desperate to crush the challenging pair.

    ?Sorry Maggie, but you both have to strip.? Marissa answered. She was still looking at Bianca as Maggie turned her questioning look to her intern. Marissa?s tits did look quite suckable as well, and Maggie felt the desire to mount and enjoy her intern?s womanly body.

    ?Yep, Bianca, sorry, but that means you too. You both agreed.? Isabella agreed while giving her chest a little shake at Maggie. The tension between them growing exponentially with their exposed breasts pointing at each other threateningly.

    Both librarians were going to dispute this claim but when they saw the other open their mouth, they stopped. Neither wanted to be the one to back down and a sly smile came to Bianca?s red lips.
    ?An agreement is an agreement.? Bianca cooed as she began to unbutton her white blouse, though there were only three buttons done up anyway.

    ?True?? Maggie agreed standing up but instead of glaring at Bianca, she turned her scowl towards Isabella who was inspecting her with her large brown eyes. It looked like Isabella wanted more than anything to sink her claws into Maggie?s fat chest or get her tongue on those pink nipples, maybe both. Though they had set up separate rooms, Maggie knew there was no way that she and Isabella weren?t going to lock claws at some point, there was way too much between them.

    The skirt dropped and Maggie was left in a skimpy light blue thong, fishnet black stockings, and a white garter belt, while Bianca had her black fishnet stockings, matching black garter belt and dark red thong. She had discarded her red bra and shirt with a throw towards the corner of the room. Maggie noted that she didn?t fold her clothes like last time. It seemed Bianca was feeling very aggressive as they took their seats and crossed their long sexy legs. They eyed each other coolly, both nearly nude before even getting to touch each other.

    Isabella and Marissa finally turned their attention back to each other, though their minds were on the librarians who watched them. They moved forward till they were only a few feet from their sexy roommate. Pausing before touching, Isabella cooed, ?Just like last time?? She reached down while lifting her left tit and the brown nipple a little suck.

    Marissa smiled, and duplicated the move, with her own long sucks to her right tit. Maggie and Bianca watched the little display for a second before glancing back at each other. Bianca smirked and showed her own breasts size lifting her left tit up and giving the nipple a little lick. Maggie didn?t take the bait and returned her eyes to the interns.

    The girls on the mat had stopped their sucking of their own tits and were inching closer. Their eyes were targeting the wet boobs tits to slurp them.

    ?Ready for your second masturbation lesson?? Isabella whispered, before sticking two fingers into her mouth and coating them with a glob of spit.

    Marissa didn?t respond and simply launched herself at her roommate, attacking the already revealed body parts as the sexfight was renewed with enthusiasm. Both girls moaned at the now nearly nude contact as their womanly bodies meshed together and their wet tits crushed. It was like they were back in their dorm, between their twin beds after masturbating in front of each other. Marissa began rubbing the outside of the red thong sensually that made Isabella shiver with the sensations. The Spanish girl returned the favor quickly and engaged her roommate's tits harder while rubbing the tie by G-string.

    Maggie and Bianca were now watching the battle with wide and eager eyes as the girls fell to their sides. Isabella rolled herself on top and the sexy ass in the tiny red bikini was pushed back towards Maggie?s eyes. Marissa rolled them and now the yellow and pink string took the top spot and Maggie was able to compare the two pairs of buns easily. Both interns must have spent a decent amount of time at the gym, and she couldn?t tell who's looked better. Or whose she wanted to fuck more. The rotations did not stop the girl?s fingers between their legs massaging the hidden cunts as the pleasure began to build.

    They seemed to roll without resisting still face to face. They weren?t kissing, but every time they whispered threats tongues touched lips. At one point, Isabella?s tongue stayed out a bit too long and Marissa began sucking it sensually. The Spanish girl groaned and rubbed the outside of the yellow pink thong harder in response. Maggie had been wrong, watching Amber on the screen was hot, but this was more so. She could see every drip of sweat and hear every little sound of skin slapping, tongue sucking and sexual moans from the fighters as the sexfight increased in tempo.

    The sexual rubbing outside the thongs was having an impact, but whoever could get onto the wet labia first would win this round. It would also get Bianca or Maggie stripped down to her nude cunt first. Maggie was certain that seeing Bianca or herself naked would be too much for them to hold back their own confrontation any longer.

    The intern?s hands no longer tried to grip each other in an aggressive way, but in a sexual aspect, to tease and to provide sexual relief. Their left hands explored their roommate?s bodies, while both of their right hands were between the other?s legs never wavering from the rubbing. Their mouths were targeting each other?s tongues like snapping turtles and when a connection was made, a loud suck and pop was also followed by a sexy moan.

    As Marissa got on top of Isabella once again, she dove her hand into the front of Isabella?s thong, rubbing the sensitive wet flesh and feeling the hot wet cunt of her rival. The Spanish girl groaned louder than ever as she felt like she was back in their dorm, both of them again back at it. It had taken months and the only question now was why it had taken so long?

    She slipped her own hand in the striped thong and got her fingers on Marissa?s sweet cunt. She had forgotten how good it felt in her hand as she rubbed up the soaked slit. Marissa must have thought so too as she moaned deeply at the new contact. She didn?t finish the sound as Isabella used her other hand to grip the back of her head and pulled her enemies face aggressively down to her own.

    Marissa and Isabella locked into a savage kiss while they slipped one finger each into the other?s wet folds. Their long middle fingers went deep while the others rubbed the outer lips tenderly in a duplicate motion. They refreshed their memories of their roommate?s cunt for the first time in almost 3 months. They started to masturbate each fully on the mat, where they would finish each other, and one would be the dominant roommate and take the school credits for herself.

    Bianca and Maggie watched on as Marissa and Isabella kept their deep kiss going while their fingers played in each other thongs. They had added an extra digit into the other?s nether lips, splitting each other?s slits with cum and saliva.

    Maggie watched her biting her finger harder. She considered their fight could go on a long time with just their fingering. It was fun watching the interns, but her body wanted more than just a show, she wanted to be the one fighting. The library and the Gala were on the line tonight, and she felt it was time.

    Maggie peeled her eyes away from the two interns masturbating to look up at Bianca and see what her rival was doing. The blue eyes were already looking at her, two of her fingers and black nails rubbing the red lace thong covered cunt. The translucent beauty stopped when Maggie?s green eyes locked with hers like she had been caught but seemed more excited than embarrassed.

    Bianca stopped her light rubbing and lifted her fingers up to her rival. They gleamed in the light with an undeniable sticky substance that Maggie could identify from any distance. Bianca licked her red lips and gave a come-hither motion to Maggie with her middle and point finger for a sexy second.

    She stood off the seat wearing only her few pieces of remaining clothing and quietly walked around the mats towards the door. Her sexy pale ass sticking out behind her as she moved in a flaunty manner; her blue eyes never leaving Maggie?s the whole walk.

    She reached and opened the door quietly looking back at the kissing interns one more time. They seemed blissfully unaware that she was leaving the office as they drove each other closer to a first decisive orgasm in their finger fuckoff. She looked back at the redhead who was still looking at her and gave her a sexy pearly white smile. She knew Maggie would follow her.

    Bianca exited the room and Maggie got off her own seat looking at where she had last stood with wild eyes, her own pale ass more than ready to meet and compete with the buns Bianca had flaunted. The fighting girls on the floor were so involved in their mutual fingering and kissing that they didn?t notice her follow Bianca out of the room and take just a few steps into the other office next door. She entered the room and closed the door behind her, sealing herself and Bianca inside.

    The rival librarian turned on a heel and stood there on the mat, one of her fishnet legs bent and a cock in her hip. Maggie cocked her own hip as well, glaring at her rival, both so turned on by each other it was driving them crazy with lust. It had been three months of foreplay and the release was nearby. Here they stood, in the library they both claimed as their own territory dressed sexually for each other, more than ready to fight for it with their womanly bodies in their way.

    Maggie smiled as she took in the moment that had been building for months. ?Here we are again, Miss Marshal.?

    ?Yes, after all the games, the touching, and the tension, we finally get to settle it here and now, Miss Reynolds.?

    ?You agree to a full on sexfight then Miss Marshall?? Maggie asked, knowing the answer.

    ?Indeed, a complete sexfight Miss Reynolds, a one-on-one full body review of all our assets. Far more in depth than our last one.? Bianca stepped closer as she continued, ?Last time there was a time limit on us.? She stepped another foot forward. ?This time there is nothing stopping me from inspecting every inch of your pathetic body for as long as it takes. I have been waiting for this, you fucking slut.?

    ?You aren?t the only one who has been waiting for this bitch. Every time you pinched my ass, every time you pulled my hair, I thought about ripping your clothes off and pinning you to the carpet. Then I would fuck you in front of an audience till you submitted.? Maggie growled taking her own step forward and admitting her most fevered daydreams.

    ?I thought the exact same thing, but I?m glad I waited. I want it to be private, that way we can be as dirty as we want in this review. And now we are alone, and I?m going to make you cum so many times, you won?t be able to stand at the Gala?My event.? Bianca growled back.

    ?The Gala was just the catalyst, but this between us was always going to happen. This is my job; this is my place.? Maggie reached up and let her slightly longer curly hair down out of its tight bun. It had been a while since she had gotten it cut, nearing beyond her shoulders now. She gave one last thought about Amber, and what it would mean to be in control of the blonde the night of the Gala. Then she pushed it out of her head to focus on her sexy colleague with all her might. ?And now I?m going to force you out by making you cum.? She finished with a sexy breath.

    ?I?m not going anywhere.? Bianca hissed releasing her own longer straight black hair from its own bun and flowing it back with both hands, ?This library is mine.?

    ?No, it?s mine.? Maggie responded with absolute certainty and anger. They began to circle each other on the mats remembering every pinch, every backhanded compliment, and the spit oozing down their chest.

    ?I have been wet for a month thinking of what I?m going to do to you. Now, you just need to lay on your back and be fucked like your little intern is in the other room.? Bianca said as they moved closer, enclosing their circle bit by bit.

    ?Marissa is going to out fuck your bitch of an intern, and I?m going to out fuck you, this is more than just the Gala, or even the library, this is personal.? Maggie replied as she got even closer to Bianca. They could have reached out and grabbed each other?s hair or tits, but they didn?t. They moved closer and into a tighter and tighter circle. Till they were face to face, still rotating in long slow steps.

    ?Yes, it is very personal, and I?m prepared to get as nasty as required with you during our review. With that said, I think it?s time we drop the pretense of professionalism for this little sex contest. What do you say?Maggie? Are you brave enough to get nasty with me?? Bianca blew sensually into her coworker?s mouth.

    For some reason hearing her first name from Bianca?s red lips drove a spike of lust into Maggie that she hadn?t expected from the words alone. Bianca hadn?t called her Maggie since she had left the raven-haired girl on the ground after forcing her off. It felt like they were not just starting a new fight, but this was a direct continuation of their last one three months later.

    ?Ok?Bianca.? Maggie breathed as she stuck her tongue out and gave the smallest of licks to Bianca?s tantalizingly close lips with their faces only an inch apart. ?I am ready to get very nasty with you. No professionalism like last time, but I think we should pick up where we left off in terms of the conflict, if we want to do it correctly.?

    ?What are you suggesting?? Bianca whispered, seconds away from the fight, her muscles and skin tense, and her cunt already dripping. She licked Maggie?s red lips in quick response.

    ?I?m suggesting that we start exactly where we left off.? Maggie reached down and unclicked her own white garter belt from her fishnet stockings in a slow manner. She looked up once done and gave a daring look at her rival, ?Want to hook up with me?? Maggie asked with a grin, her little pun making her smile even in an instance like this.

    Bianca smiled lazily. ?That sounds like an excellent starting point, but why stop there if we are going to restart our fight? Take your thong off and I?ll take mine off.? She demanded of Maggie.

    ?But of course, I look forward to having another one of yours, just like your little purple one that I get to wear when I think about you cumming under me.? Maggie gloated at her sex opponent.

    ?It?s cute how confident you sound winning one little sex fight.? Bianca sneered sarcastically and continued, ?I already told you Maggie, our little one fuck off doesn?t mean anything because we are going to continue it right now. This time it?s till one of us can?t go on.?

    ?Then let?s do this and see who once again will scrub to her dirty desires in the workplace.? Maggie whispered and Bianca gave the smallest of nods in agreement.

    The raven-haired girl slowly moved down to her knees and Maggie followed as they moved bit by bit closer. Their big pale tits lightly touched, and they eyed each other, searching for any reaction from the desirable contact. They distanced slightly just for stripping their thongs off in a slow manner. They also slipped off their heels while reaching behind to throw the tiny pieces of string and shoes off the mat. Neither could see the other?s pussy yet due to how big their rival?s chest was.

    Coming back up to their knees, they faced off once again now bottomless. Without looking and only leaning slightly forward, Maggie reached down and hooked her fishnet stockings to Bianca?s black garter belt. She gave a slight tug once she was confident that the hooks were in place and leaned back up. Bianca followed suit hooking her own black stocking to the white garter belt of Maggie?s. But as she finished, she ran her hand up Maggie?s already open slit getting a distinct wetness dripped on her finger. Maggie didn?t react and let her colleague feel her, she wanted Bianca to know how ready she was.

    As they each tested the hooks connecting their thighs, Maggie gave out her last demand.
    ?Pussy to pussy right now. Let?s do it all the way?if YOU are brave enough.? Maggie breathed, taking Bianca slightly by surprise, but she didn?t show it. It was time for her revenge and having her cunt eat Maggie?s was the perfect place to start.

    ?Fine, if you want to start with the entr?e, I?m more than happy to satisfy you.? There was half a second before Bianca forced her lips onto Maggie?s. Her head was pushed back as the professional?s tongue sliced open her lips and dove into her mouth. Bianca dominated the kiss while Maggie gasped and almost gagged at the forcible smooch. Their nude tits compressed enough for them to groan between the meshing pink and red lips. She just started to tongue back when Bianca broke it off and pushed the redhead roughly.

    They couldn?t fall back far and simply went down onto their hot bubble asses as their thighs tugged on each other. They spread their legs and showed off the already wet cunt for their fuckable coworker. Both were smooth and pink, with the small head of their enemy?s clit showing the top from its hood. The sexy slit that haunted them for the last three months now in front of them, ready for a good hard fuck. One for revenge, and one to prove it wasn?t a fluke. Their sexy fishnet stockings crossed each other by the calves as they scooted forward. They had done enough teasing and there was no need for further foreplay for the librarians.

    Nude and attached by the garters they crossed legs and without pausing, without taking a second to take in the moment, they pressed their pussies together with a wet slap. After teasing each other for over a month, pinching each other?s asses, squeezing past each other every chance, the simple touch opened the floodgates. They gave a little gasp at the electric contact as their sex folds meshed; unable to escape and ready to fuck.

    ?Yessss?? Bianca groaned at the renewed sexual contact with her co-worker, while Maggie bit her lip holding in the satisfying sounds threatening to pour out. The initial shock passed and their eyes locked green to blue and the fire to fuckfight was re-ignited. They began the slow movements of going round and round of each other?s labia in a locked trib. They were already wet, and no lube or spit was needed for their nether lips. But now a torrent seemed to spill as the sliding became easier and their cunts became slicker every rotation.

    The wet trib began in earnest with the rubbing having zero friction between their dueling cunts. They held in their groans as their sex organ?s merged and nerves connected, all the daydreams of their fights paled in comparison to the real thing.

    Maggie had forgotten how intense and pleasurable having her sex rub against a woman who was equally as sexually insatiable as she was. The fuck sped up as their asses started pumping and flexing harder in each other.

    It felt like they had already been sexfighting for an hour with how fast the impending orgasms started building in their nether regions. In reality it had only been two minutes as both Maggie and Bianca felt their clits starting to search for each other out of their hoods. It seemed watching Marissa and Isabella had gotten them more excited than they thought.

    The love knubs were about an inch away passing each other each hump like two warring ships. They could cum like this, with just their labia blending, but to force their rival off hard and decisive, clit to clit action would be needed. Their clits missed again, and Bianca felt a pulse of requirement to make this connection happen.

    ?Stop running from my clit.? Bianca hissed over the sound of the wet squish as their love organs miss each other again. Her white tits were bouncing up and down her body in tune with Maggie?s equal sized chest.

    ?You?re the one avoiding mine.? Maggie huffed as she put both her arms to her right side. She rotated her upper body to the right to get a better position to fuck, but Bianca didn?t move keeping on her ass and facing upward. This put them in a plus cross position, the hooks and garters straining to stay locked, and added another level of muscle control needed for them to stay in contact.
    ?Have not.?
    ?Have to.?

    ?Touch my clit then Maggie, and I will break you with my higher quality sex.?
    ?Last time your little clit didn?t meet my expectations Bianca, but I?m glad I get to test you again.?

    In the plus position with Bianca?s chest facing the roof and Maggie?s to the wall, the redhead adjusted her clit an inch to bring their most sensitive organ into conflict. They braced themselves for the impending impact and sensations that were about to be unleashed.

    Their clits flicked and the rest of their bodies gave a giant spasm as the sensation moved down their limbs. They held in their moans that made them want to cry out their rival?s name in anger as their clits passed and flicked again. The duel switched from their hard thrusts to precise movements as the small equal sized knubs began to move on each other.

    Their most sensitive organs were now fully out and ready to compete, but instead of direct pressing, it was more of a sword fight. Flicking, stabbing quickly over and over. Then each girl tried to get their rival?s clit smothered by her wet warm pussy lips, cover and press it with her labia and vulva. They were bridging with their hips a foot off the ground trying to get her clit in a better position. They pulled apart for a second, but the tug of the stockings snapped them back with a wet slap. They're-locked thighs went back to the floor circle grinding yet again closer than ever.

    They were drawing in heavy breath, twerking their asses as they pushed forward trying to draw an orgasm out of her rival. Cum had begun dripping down between their locked thighs and onto the mat below them. They had been going at it for almost 5 minutes and little beads of sweat were starting to form on their skin.

    Though with 3 months of foreplay and watching their interns had built up their sex drive to high. Maggie was close, so very close but she knew Bianca was too, the way her body moved and reacted to their humping. She just had to hold on as their clits crushed again.

    Bianca felt like her cunt was a gate and Maggie?s clit the battering ram. Again, and again, they crossed and pushed trying to settle the score, to draw first blood in this sex duel. They were chewing their lips trying to distract themselves, anything to stop their minds from being overloaded with pleasure. They flicked again and held the clits on each other for a long second, and this time it was too much for the redhead.

    ?Oh god, no.? Maggie cried as the clits brushed again. ?Oh god, yes!? Bianca howled, sensing the redhead?s edge had been found and met. Maggie pulled apart their wet cunts for just as second, but Bianca moved with her and brought all the nerves in their labia together again. Their attached garters and stockings giving the freckled librarian no escape. Bianca pushed up on her hands to drive her cunt and clit into Maggie?s more and more.

    Maggie desperately fucked back unable to escape, but her dam was broken and three seconds later she began to cum. Her arms giving out as she fell to her side onto the ground, her face pressed into the mat. This gave Bianca more leverage as she moaned, ?Keep cumming you inferior bitch, this is what I have been waiting for.?

    Maggie finally gasped as the pleasure spread down her body to the crown of her head. ?Oh fuck!!! Fuck you!? She groaned loudly, unable to stop herself from having her pussy tighten on Bianca?s and release a bit more cum.

    Bianca continued to ride Maggie down while the ecstasy of winning this first battle. She had brought her rival down to her level, now they were equal once again. Each forcing the other off underneath her. Three months of wondering if Maggie was better than her, three months of teasing and planning, and now she got to enjoy watching her sexy co-worker cum against her will. ?Under her, where Maggie belonged?, Bianca thought.

    Maggie desperately held in her loudest screams, knowing it would only give Bianca more satisfaction. She rolled down to her back as her clit shocked her again and she felt more cum drip out of herself and onto Bianca?s warm pussy. She covered her mouth with her hand and gave a muffled groan as the orgasm finally began to descend from its peak.

    Bianca could feel every second of her rival?s orgasm beginning to subside. She rubbed them together once more before she moved back just a bit so her cunt lips could finally separate from Maggie?s. This was in order to keep her own body tame. In this war of attrition, it would be a long night and she would need to hold her sexual energy in as much as possible.

    Though her own clit was equally twitching, and she wondered if she should finish it on the redhead in a controlled manner. She decided against it, she would just take the time the redhead needed to recover, to bring her body back down.

    Maggie?s legs went slack, and Bianca was able to get to her knees somewhat on top of her. ?Revenge feels amazing, but I?m sure it tastes better.? She reached down and fingered herself once, coating them in wet cum that was a unique mix of the two sexy librarians. She leaned forward over Maggie who was glaring at the top woman. She took the cum covered fingers and pushed it between Maggie?s red lips. ?Suck them bitch.?

    Maggie glared but she opened her mouth giving access to Bianca?s coated fingers. She then wrapped her red lips on the sticky digits and slowly began to suck on them softly. Cleaning their mixed cum from her rival?s pointers.

    She moved her lips up and down as her tongue worked the nails of her rival like she was sucking a cock. She wanted to keep Bianca horny, and could tell that the professional enjoyed the sensation. Her greens still flashed in anger as she performed the humiliating task, but letting her body recover.

    ?Good girl.? Bianca breathed as they took in this new development between them. However, now it wasn?t enough.

    ?I would love to leave you like this, like you left me after our first fight.? She removed her fingers from Maggie?s mouth and cupped her chin with the same hand. ?But this time, there is nothing stopping us or me in particular to forcing you off as much as I want.? She added spitefully.

    She pushed Maggie?s face away and back to the floor. The redhead could feel Bianca unhook their garters, but she didn?t attempt to stop her. She wanted a bit more time to recover. It seemed she wanted to mount the freckled girl with one of Maggie?s legs on her shoulder. As Bianca eyed the redhead though, she felt that the bitch was slightly overdressed. With Maggie?s fishnet stockings unhooked, Bianca took hold of the cloth near the top of her rival?s thighs and began peeling the right stocking off the pale girl?s leg.

    She stripped it all the way off of the pale leg and Bianca admired the sexy muscle tone her rival possessed. She hadn?t seen the redhead?s bare legs in a long time since they always wore stockings to work. She reached for the second, but Maggie swung her limp up towards her rival to stop her. Bianca dodged it and jumped on top of Maggie by the hips making the librarian grunt; now down to her white belt and one fishnet stocking on her left leg.

    Bianca smiled as she ran a hand over the pale freckled tits giving them each a hot squeeze. ?You have some fight left in you, good, this is going to be a long night.?
    ?Fuck you Bianca?but you are right, we have all night to settle this.? Maggie spat back.

    She felt a level of excitement of getting this started again. The first orgasm was for getting her nerves off, but she did feel one small level of her confidence shaken. She had beaten Amber, Bianca and even gotten Silvia close with a trib fuck. But Bianca had just out fucked her cunt to cunt, something Maggie took extraordinary pride in doing to her rivals. Bianca clearly was in her and Amber?s league when it came to sex. She had known that, but now it was reconfirmed by facts.

    ?Let?s settle it then.? Bianca laughed, ?I?m going to make you enjoy it Maggie, and by the end, even you will admit that your body and sex is inferior. And that this library?is MINE!?

    ?Never.? Maggie growled as she allowed Bianca to move down her pale body. The raven-haired girl lifted Maggie?s bare right leg to her shoulder. She thrust her hips forward into Maggie?s cunt, starting the second round of pussy fighting from a slight height advantage. Maggie went to her side again but made sure her position gave them a chance to stare into each other?s eyes the next time one of them came. Just as their cunts found each other, the sound of the door swinging open drew both of their eyes away and to the source of the commotion.

    HOW COULD YOU END IT HERE? I don?t know, just felt like the time to take a break lol. The fight will continue for the next part I swear! The good news is, the next part is going to get wild, the bad news is?it isn?t up now lol. The grammar of the next part is a bloody mess, and I will be out for a few days. But don?t fret, it?s coming. After that we will FINALLY get to the damn Gala. Where I?m sure everything will go smoothly for the nerdy librarian?Nah Jk..I think the fights are only going to heat up from here (I hope at least lol).
    OK- so that?s everything uhhh yeah! Hope you enjoyed it obviously and let me know your thoughts if you?re willing! Again, this story is turning quite long but ehh what can ya do.
    Till next time-King

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Dear King,

    Another incredible addition to your story and, this time, we finally got some great sexfighting to go with it! The battle between Maggie and Bianca is incredibly erotic and beautifully done and the women's determination to go at each other all night dials the eroticism of their encounter up to a whole other level. Great stuff. I can hardly wait for part 6!

    Marissa and Isabella's fight is also very good, but I do admit to some trepidation in bringing them into the Maggie/Biance battle. I know from experience that writing a multi-woman sexfight is hard. More importantly, I fear it will distract Maggie and Bianca from settling their own battle. On the other hand, four women with the whole night in front of them - I can see the possibilities!

    Anyway, I really hope that part 6 is almost done and that you don't keep us waiting too long! It's an incredible place to leave a cliffhanger!

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    Re: The Library Gala

    I agree with JB that sexfights with several women are always complicated to write, because it is difficult to keep the tension and emotional component balanced. But we all trust King, so I'm sure the next part is as good as this one. I especially liked the part about Bianca and Maggie. That is my favorite rivalry in the King Sexnematic Universe!
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    Re: The Library Gala

    What a masterpiece, once again! I love the way you create sexual tension with long patient build-up. It makes the actual sexfighting scene way hotter than without it. The whole universe of these busty woman tussling against each other is increadible well created. I only wish that there would be a mature busty lady to compete with these young ones... Anyway, excellent work, thank you so much! I can?t wait for the next part!

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    Re: The Library Gala

    I love the way you write; the simplicity of the narrative you weave masks the complexity of the tapestry
    Bravo !
    You da king

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