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Thread: The Library Gala

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Good lord! I missed this completely when you updated it! I'm going to read Part 3 now - really looking forward to it!


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Finally had a chance to read part 3 of the story. It was fantastic! The description of the video and Amber's fight with Daphne was amazingly well done. You keep adding more and more delicious women for Amber or Maggie to battle! Your work on the psychological elements of the story is unparalleled. I can feel Maggie's frustration and anger builidng, just as you are expertly evoking Amber's combination of rage and lust. Amazing work.

    Just a few general comments: after their masturbation contest at the end of "The Showtime Contest", this new video is an excellent addition to the women's virtual combat. I wonder if Maggie will come up with a video of her own to send back to Amber? So far, Amber has been leading Maggie around by the nose and I imagine Maggie wants to retaliate in kind. Whether or not she'll have the chance remains to be seeen.

    Really looking forward to part 4.


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Part 4


    The next day after watching the erotic video of her ex-girlfriend sexfighting another woman, Maggie had a meeting with Bianca and the Director to talk about the final preparations for the Gala. Even with her mind on the video, Maggie was prepared, ready to focus and of course, try to show up Bianca at every opportunity.

    These little catch-ups were always a little awkward considering both women had blown the man during their game a few months back. Since then he had returned to his wife, and both Maggie and Bianca thought him little more than a nuisance who needed to be replaced. Maggie honestly thought he was scum. It might have been one of the few things they agreed on. The blowjobs never got brought up for obvious reasons, but they were always in the back of each of their minds when the three of them were alone in a room.

    Having Bianca in the meeting also stopped Maggie from asking about Amber directly. She didn’t want her work rival of all people to know that she and the band member knew each other in any form of capacity. That could lead to questions because Bianca seemed to always be looking for ways to get into her head. The entire meeting lasted about 15 minutes but neither Amber nor the position she wanted was brought up, instead of focusing on the less important details of the Gala.

    Each girl was taking notes on her clipboard, side eying each other every few seconds. They had both dressed up business sexy for this meeting. The main allure this time was the shortness of their identical black business skirts and matching black stockings. It was almost too much to handle with their white tops that were overly tight around the chest area. In fairness, the director was doing well keeping composed under their intense gazes from behind their framed glasses.

    Maggie would have considered this catch-up a complete waste of time, but for the final five minutes he then brought up two topics that were to the interest of both women.

    “Listen, there are two important notices that involve both of you. First, one of you will be leading the front of the gala as the head presenter. This includes directing and working closely with the band, caterers, and also the head donors. The other will be on standby and assisting me with the main guests, though she will be ready to step in if the other is unavailable or elsewhere.”

    The man looked between the girls, knowing they were waiting for him to announce who it would be. He had decided a while back, that he wanted no part of this choice. He was far too nervous about how each of their reactions would be. “I know there has always been tension between you two about this position, but for this week and the Gala, I need you two to work together. So, I’m taking myself out of it, and as your first task as partners, you two figure it out. You have until Friday to update me about who will be working in which position.”

    Bianca and Maggie’s eyes met in their side glances. The irony was thick to them, in his attempt to finally get them to work together, he had guaranteed, their long-awaited sex contest would happen for the very role in question. They knew the importance of leading the Gala, and now they just had to set a time for their fight. Whoever got this would have a significant leg up on the position they both craved, head librarian. To Maggie though, there was more. It would give her control of the band during the night…and of Amber.

    The guitarist would struggle much more to disrupt the Gala if she was in control. Maggie also couldn’t help breathing a little harder knowing within the week she and Bianca were going to lock sexes again. It had been a long time coming for their duel.

    The Director was not done with his surprises as he continued. “Secondly, it is about your interns. When I agreed to give you both interns, I thought I could get approval to give credits to both of them. Well, I was wrong. They will have to split the school credits and I will leave you to tell them.”

    “Wait,” Bianca said, while Maggie was too surprised to speak. The program’s credits were the most important thing for doing the internship. If they couldn’t get all the credits, it would mean the full semester was honestly a waste of time for the interns. Half the credits would be decent, but not what they had signed up for. Both Bianca and Maggie knew this would not be acceptable to their direct reports. Before the girls could argue the point, the Director kept going.

    “Again, I need you two to figure it out because I have to turn in the credit sheet by Monday. So, it can be decided after the Gala if you want to wait.” He said not leaving any room for debate or argument. Both girls had points to bring up, when he held up his hand, making sure they didn’t interrupt. “I’m going to keep myself out of these decisions because you two need to work together. You have till Friday afternoon to decide between you too and Monday to turn in the credit values for your interns. Am I understood?”

    “Of course.” They answered in unison, their minds working to process this new information and what it would mean for their small team. He gave a small nod. “Good, so before you both bombard me with questions, I will be taking my leave because I have a lot of things to take care of. I will see you both at the Gala and what a show we will make it.”

    With both Maggie and Bianca trying to get a word in, the Director left the office in a rush, leaving the two sexy professionals to tap on their keyboards together in the room annoyed. Maggie had come to understand that she would need to find a way to replace the Director before long as he truly was showing his incompetence at his job. She needed this head role, not just to get her dream job but also to have some control of Amber. She also wanted to beat Bianca in a full on sex contest unlike their last one off fight. Their work sexual rivalry was nearing the peak and there was only one way this was getting settled. Maggie thought about her many fantasies of pinning the other librarian to the floor nude and felt her body start to get a little more motivated.

    Bianca finally turned on her seat to face Maggie giving her a knowing look that she came to the very same conclusion. “Well, we won’t be able to agree about this, will we Miss Reynolds?”

    “No, I don’t think we will Miss Marshal, unless you are willing to give up both the main host spot and the credits for the interns right now?” Maggie replied while also adjusting to face her work rival. They eyed each other through their glasses enjoying the view of the short skirts and tight buns of red and black hair. Maggie was feeling daring and reached up, undoing a single button from the top of her shirt, this showed off the top of a new purple bra. Her freckled breasts looked ready to pop out of her thin material.

    “Trying to show off, Miss Reynolds?” Bianca said, unamused, but also took off a button, her elegant black bra was matching her hair and stockings while in stark contrast to her nearly translucent skin.

    “Just showing you what you wished you had.” Maggie quipped back pushing her chest slightly more forward. It was a daring display, but after the night of watching the video, it had gotten her a bit riled up. Unfortunately for her, Bianca seemed to catch on that there was more going on in Maggie’s head. The raven-haired girl smiled with her shiny white teeth and dark red lips as she considered her.

    “Well, someone is feisty this morning…did you have trouble getting yourself off last night thinking of our meeting? “Bianca leaned forward just enough to make her cleavage look deeper than Maggie’s.

    Maggie couldn’t stop herself from blushing, as the video of Amber came flashing back into her head. Watching Daphne cum underneath her and knowing she and Bianca were headed down the exact same path. Maybe she should record their fight…she imagined, thinking of how hot it would be to watch. She forced herself to re-focus knowing Bianca was looking at her but had delayed too long. The other librarian gave a wicked smile seeing Maggie caught off her guard and red in the face.

    “Hit the mark, did I?” Bianca gloated. “And what did you get up too I wonder? Did you and Miss Keeling get up to something?” She asked implying the sexual innuendo, and Maggie felt a spike of further annoyance though she should have expected that. She had a similar wonder if Bianca and Isabella had hooked up at any point.
    “I would have thought rumors were quite beneath you Miss Marshal, I’m sure I could start the same thing about you and Miss Sanz.”

    Bianca laughed at her work rival’s annoyance and threat. “Well, well, and here we find ourselves in another little showdown, which of us is fucking our interns? Wouldn’t look good for either of us if the rumors were started.”
    “No, it wouldn’t.” Maggie agreed and the topic was dropped for now.

    “Well, before we get to our personal discussion, I wanted to ask you a bit more about our new band.” Bianca continued looking at her clipboard. “What did you discuss with Miss Fielder once we were gone? Do you know her in any way?”

    Maggie’s eyes narrowed, Bianca was intelligent, Maggie knew this, and she doubted that the other professional would stop investigating anything if she caught even the slightest scent into Maggie’s personal life.

    “I don’t think it’s any of your business, and even if I did, it would need to be on a need to know basis, and you do not need to know.”

    Bianca ignored the obvious attempt to shut her down her inquiry, “She was quite attractive, and I don’t say that easy. I looked up the singer as well. A woman named Jenny Hashford, also not bad looking.” Which meant she was very good looking and Bianca was less than thrilled about the new physical competition that would be attending her event.

    “Sounds like I wasn’t the only one looking to get off last night.” Maggie giggled. “Looking up woman? Couldn’t find anyone to scratch your sexual itch as I did?”

    Bianca let out a hot breath of air at that comment. “I don’t fuck bitches like you for fun, I do it when sluts get in my way. And you are now very much in my way.”

    “Good, because I intend to stay there.” Maggie breathed back, and there was a pause at the tense moment that almost started their fight.

    It passed and Bianca continued, “It does seem quite convenient that they would reach out only an hour after the last band backed out, and you seemed to be the only one who was not happy about the choice. I’m going to find out anyway, so might as well come clean now, Miss Reynolds.”

    Bianca gave a light giggle of her own at Maggie who was swearing in her head knowing her rival had put some of the pieces together. Bianca learning more about her personal life seemed only to be a recipe for disaster. She didn’t know a single personal thing about her work rival, except her enjoyment of mental mind games and sexual competition. She also wasn’t sure if Bianca was a regular fighter of sex. She had experienced before Maggie, but how much? And was it something the raven-haired professional used quite often to intimidate other women? Maggie had not been able to find out.

    Maggie decided that lying was best. “Miss Marshal, you can look all you want for connections that you make up in your head, but the truth is, you never had a chance in this game.”

    Bianca now smiled with the look that signaled Maggie’s danger. “Oh, that is where you are wrong, and this Gala will be my night to prove it. I just need you out of the way and I think you know how I plan to do it.” As the conversation finally turned back into what the librarians were far more interested in about.

    Maggie knew what she was hinting at and she also was more than ready.
    She spoke for both of them, “I do, we both know the Gala presenter of the night will truly get one of the top of the list. It’s quite an important role and only one of us can do it.”

    “That it is, and I think our long overdue one on one is the perfect opportunity to decide who gets this desired position. Agreed?” Bianca asked while her smile seemed to turn even more predatory. She undid one more button showing the bra’s front hook and even a little skin of her milky stomach.

    “Yes, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to settle this if you are more than willing to go all the way,” Maggie replied as she too unclicked another button as they seemed to perform a slow striptease on their seats.

    “All the way is exactly how you and I are going to settle this time. No time limit, no breaks…” They were both leaning forward in their chairs at the words, bringing their lips closer. Bianca continued. “…until one of us forces the other into complete sexual submission.”

    For a split second, each girl thought that the fight was about to break out. Their shirts were already half off, and each could fill their hands with the others warm jugs just to start out and then see where the action went. Right there in the office, they could do it, but then they might be interrupted and that would be more maddening than waiting just a few more hours or days. The tense moment passed for the second time, and Maggie glanced back down to her notes.

    “That is not the only thing in need of discussion right now. What about our interns? I don’t think they will be willing to share the credits with each other.” Maggie mused regarding how Isabella and Marissa viewed each other. She knew Marissa would object heavily to having to share her credits with Isabella and would likely just say no. In fairness, half credit really wouldn’t do either of them much good in terms of progress of their schooling, or was worth the work they had put in.

    “No, they won’t.” Bianca hummed as she tapped her chin with her pen thinking of how much Isabella disliked the blonde student. Well it was quite easy in her mind. “Well, Isabella has been far more successful as our intern, she is always on time and always finishes the jobs she is given, so I think we should provide her the credits if they refuse to share.”

    “I disagree.” Maggie said, much to the un-surprise of either woman.
    Bianca’s lips turned to a scowl, “How could you possibly want to give the slacker the credit over Isabella?”

    “Granted, what you said is not inaccurate, but just because she is on time doesn’t mean she was more successful. Marissa always took the lead on projects. She might be late, but her work is higher quality and takes initiative to get things done, unlike Miss Sanz who always needed extra guidance.”

    Bianca felt her blue eyes twitch, “That is not an acceptable reason and I do not agree in the slightest, you are clearly playing favorites.”

    Maggie’s sly smile turned into a full frown, “I could say the same about you! You seem to be doing it just to spite Marissa!”

    “And you are just trying to spite Isabella!” Bianca spat back, neither girl wrong in her accusations. Both wanted their own to get the full credits, and due to the butting of heads, there was little chance of sharing. Their voices had started to raise as they sat higher in their chairs but knew that might draw people to look into the office.

    Their eyes narrowed as it seemed this would be an equally tense conversation. Each took a breath thinking of the notions and points they will both raise. Their disagreements often turned into near full court cases, bringing facts and countering each other over and over. Even the smallest of arguments between them turned into two-hour debates, or over 50 back and forth emails. Secretly they both enjoyed the mental challenge the other offered, though it paled in comparison to the physical and sexual one they brought to the table.

    “I will not give Miss Keeling even the notion of credits.” Bianca hissed at her work rival. With how they were dressed, and the already set sexual challenge, Bianca knew there was no need for logic or debate between them now.
    “Well, I will not give Miss Sanz any notion either.” Maggie hissed right back, and they felt that after the last three months, they had both dragged their interns fully into the rivalry that was about to go ahead.

    They glared trying to think of ways to convince their rival. But it was clear to both that this debate wasn’t really about to them and neither would ever be able to convince the other without sinking their claws into her body. Bianca gave a huff not really wanting to waste time on something they would never agree on.

    “There is no point arguing about this topic because it is really not about us.” Bianca said as looked Maggie back into the eye who didn’t respond. “You talk to your intern, and I’ll talk to mine. If they both agree to share, then it is settled, and we don’t have to worry about it.”

    Maggie knew she was right, but the prospect of bringing this up to the interns was going to cause fireworks. But that is what she had to do. “Fine, and if they don’t?” Maggie questioned her conversation with Marissa about the tension between herself and Isabella coming back to her head.

    “Well, then we will see, won’t we? Maybe they can talk it out in their own little one on one.” Bianca shrugged, and Maggie felt like the professional woman knew something she didn’t. “Tell her by the end of the day today as I will be notifying Isabella after this meeting.”

    “Fine, and what about our meeting?” Maggie said in a sexy hush. She wanted it more than anything now. She wanted to fuck Bianca with every fiber of her being and then she could focus on Amber. It would piss off the blonde if she knew she was going to fuck the other librarian again, and that only made it better.

    “We will schedule ours once we have our interns answer.” Bianca responded dismissively, and Maggie’s eye twitched realizing they would not set the day or time of their sex contest before talking to the interns.

    Maggie gave a huff wondering why Bianca was pushing back. Why was she delaying unless she had some extra info that she was not privy to yet? Not wanting to overthink it, Maggie stood up from her seat to leave. Bianca watched as Maggie glanced down her open hot chest in that lace black bra. The redhead decided not to spit or grab at Bianca but knew there were alternatives to physical attacks, and she had the perfect one.

    If Bianca wanted to delay their fight further, fine, but she would get this in. She started to move towards the door and Bianca looked back down at her notes. She jumped slightly as Maggie put her hands-on the other girl’s shoulders having not heard the redhead. Maggie leaned down and pressed her red lips into Bianca’s ear. “Just want you to know…I’m wearing your thong.” She whispered followed by the smallest of licks to the sensitive skin.

    Maggie felt the pale girl shiver in both anticipation and rage as Bianca seethed at the words. The idea of her thong on her rival’s hips was maddening and a deep insult to her womanhood. Before she could turn around to confront the redhead, Maggie had let go and was already nearing the door swaying her sexy hips. Bianca’s blue eyes followed her, but it seemed the librarian wasn’t done however, as Bianca watched Maggie pull up the black business skirt to show off the same small purple lace cloth that she had lost from their first fight.

    Maggie’s toned juicy ass swallowed the material just like the previous owner’s buns had done before. It looked like a perfect fit on the redhead’s hips, and Bianca wanted nothing more to stand up and show her own ass off to compare, but she waited. They would compare directly soon enough and this time she would be the one leaving with a trophy on her hips.

    The door closed behind Maggie as she left the room and Bianca behind. Instead of going back to her own office, she went to look for Marissa knowing that this day had just got a lot rougher. She would tell the blonde now if Isabella was going to find out as well about the credits. She was sure that Marissa could be reasoned with, well, she wasn’t sure, but she hoped.

    The library was huge, with many shelves of books and countless conference rooms, and computer rooms. Many places for students to learn, or meetings to have, or…places to fight, Maggie thought with a stir in her stomach. The search lasted about 10 minutes until she found the blonde helping some students with their computers. She was leaning over on the table, and purposely almost having her plaid skirt flew up high so that it was maybe an inch or two from showing off her bare ass.

    The boys she was helping and others around were practically drooling as Marissa ‘helped them’. Suffice to say the drooling did not stop as Maggie walked up and they changed their focus to the sexy librarian, who in her rush had not done up her top buttons. Her violet bra was showing off, and it was far too much skin to show in any sort of polite company.

    “Hey Marissa, I need to talk to you really quick.” Maggie said coming up to the group of people.

    The blonde turned to Maggie and her hazel eyes gave a little glance at the revealed violet bra and massive tits. She felt a flush of excitement as she took in the sight of Maggie. She had wondered if after their little make out session yesterday that she would want to hook up or at least have some more fun. It just seemed to happen even sooner than she had expected. She gave a small lick to her lips; she had been looking forward to this for quite a while.

    “Ok! Sorry guys, but hey I’ll be back in a bit.” The guys all gave disappointed okay as Marissa did another up down of Maggie. Her bright green lips going into a sly grin. “Lead the way…” She hinted as she gave Maggie a little wink. Maggie felt slightly confused but ignored it while taking Marissa’s arm and dragging her towards the small conference room around the corner. They entered the room and Maggie shut the door behind them.

    As she turned to face the room, Marissa had already pulled the blinds down and hopped up on the table. She crossed her shapely legs hiding whatever she was wearing underneath her short skirt, she only had her hair in a single side ponytail that hung down her right ear. She had a polka dot black and red half cut shirt on that showed off her sexy midriff.

    “What do you want to do to me…teach?” Marissa asked as she uncrossed and recrossed her legs slowly in a teasingly manner.

    “Teach? What are you talking about Marissa?” Maggie asked confused. She wasn’t thinking about their make-out session nor that her shirt buttons were nearly un-done and her lace lavender bra was sticking out. Sometimes she forgot that she had done herself up so much for work. Before Amber, she only wore sexy clothes like this for special circumstances, now it was normal.

    “Well, I thought we would have a little fun. Didn’t you just call me in here for a quickie?” Marissa replied as she glanced around the room. The floor, the table, the wall, there were plenty of places they could get it on, maybe all of them if they felt like it.

    “Marissa, I know we had that little…” Maggie started, but Marissa jumped off the table and crushed their lips and bodies together. The reaction from Maggie’s body was immediate, as she began to kiss back roughly as the blonde’s fingers squeezed her ass. Wow, she wanted this, the video that Amber sent her caused her sex drive to spike the last night and now Marissa was offering hers up. Her hands began to explore Marissa’s tempting body and felt the intern's fingers begin to sneak up her skirt. Her own hand's started to fondle the blonde's ass before she remembered why she was here and the important info she needed to share.

    She pushed Marissa away roughly who fell back until her ass hit the table. She caught herself with a gasp and a look of surprise was on her face. “Wow, someone’s looking for a bit rougher sex huh? Well, I’m totally game, in fact, I prefer it.” She licked her green lips and began to move forward again when Maggie put up a hand. Though the idea of rough sex with Marissa was almost impossible to decline, she had to get this information passed. She took a breath, “Marissa, wait, this is important.”

    Marissa paused and even though Maggie looked like a sexy snack, she noticed the seriousness in the tone. “You have that, ‘we need to work’ face on.” Marissa noted, and when Maggie didn’t respond, she huffed. She realized she had misread the request and now she felt horny with little chance of release. It seemed like Maggie was just playing very hard to get unless something else was actually up. “Ok, if we aren’t going to at the least make out, what’s up?”

    “Yes, this is an actual serious conversation because it involves both of us.” And before Marissa could interrupt, she quickly explained the situation about the credits and Gala. She watched as the blonde’s playful face slowly turned into a scowl throughout the chat.

    She finished and Marissa looked ready to scream about Bianca’s comments about her and the notion that Isabella deserved the credits more than her. Maggie wasn’t sure what to say, so she asked the question that needed to be answered before she went back to Bianca to discuss.

    “Are you willing to split credits with Isabella?” Maggie finally asked hoping that they would be able to somehow get past this in part because she wanted to focus on Bianca. Once she got this answer, she was sure the professional and her would finally set a time and place for their sex match.
    “No.” Marissa replied firmly.
    “Why?” She asked exasperated and realized this wasn’t going to be simple.

    “Would you split them with Bianca if you had to share?” Marissa snapped sounding angrier than Maggie had ever heard her. She opened her mouth to respond when Marissa continued, “We both knew about this position, and knew we each needed it. We wanted it for the credits, but also to settle something more than that between us. It was supposed to be for one person, but you guys took both of us.”

    Maggie gave her a ‘really’ look and Marissa backtracked slightly.
    “Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful, but there was more on the line about who would get this internship when we both applied. We literally are always looking to get ahead of each other, and this was a big thing.”

    “So, it was a competition…”, Maggie said, as the parallel between the interns and the librarians were starting to give her a headache.
    “Yes, and it has been since day one and now we have to share? No way. What other options are there?”

    Maggie tried to think of alternatives but answered her question when none came. “The other option is only one of you gets the credits, and the other gets nothing, but Marissa I don’t think...”

    The blonde interrupted, “I think you do Maggie, so I have to ask you again, would you share with Bianca in our situation?”

    The redhead hesitated, she wanted to lie but couldn’t bring herself to it. She was now starting to understand the two intern’s past and what level they despised each other.
    “No, I don’t think I would…”

    “Exactly. So, let’s go figure it out then.” Marissa huffed as she pushed herself off the table. She came up in front of the freckled face. She smiled and glanced down at the redhead’s revealed chest and lavender bra.

    “You should button your shirt up though, don’t want them getting the wrong idea like I did.” Marissa jibed while she ran a finger down Maggie’s sternum. She stopped right above the valley of the pale freckled tits. She then stepped past the girl and opened the door with a gust. She left the office as Maggie looked down and blushed. She realized she had just walked out in front of a bunch of students basically showing off her undergarments.

    She turned and followed Marissa out the door trying to walk and button up her shirt at the same time. Her heels clicked fast as she caught up with the student, “Where are you going?”

    “I’m going to go talk to Bianca and Isabella and figure this out.” She said without looking back at the redhead, and Maggie could sense the anger from the usually playful blonde.
    “Ok, hold on, let me go and talk to Bianca.” But the blonde either didn’t hear her or didn’t care and continued moving. Maggie sped up as she was able to cover her bra successfully.

    “Listen Marissa!” Maggie said reaching and taking hold of the blonde’s arm to face her.

    Marissa stopped and was spun around by the arm, their full chests bumped, and they came face to face. Maggie had to stop herself from attacking in a sudden surge on anger. Recently when she was this close to women with bodies like Marissa, she normally ended up fighting them nude and sexually. Their eyes bore into each other and for a second a catfight wasn’t out of the question. “What? You and Bianca are fucking, right? Is that why you are stopping me?” Marissa spat at her boss. If Maggie wasn’t going to help her, then she would do it on her own.

    “No, we…it’s complicated.” Maggie huffed, trying to say and not say the truth at the same time. “I can deal with this though, or at least talk on your behalf so that we get your word across.”

    Marissa’s face seemed to lighten a little bit as she felt at least her boss was wanting to be on her side. “Maggie it’s fine, I want to deal with this personally and if you were willing to help me, I would really appreciate it.”

    Maggie wasn’t sure how to explain but when she looked at the hazel eyes, she felt ok. They were bright and un-judgmental. “I want to help you, and I will, I just want to explain first...”

    Marissa stopped her, “Maggie, it’s fine. I’m pretty confident I get it. Isabella and I also have a complicated relationship, and I have a feeling it’s just like yours and Bianca’s from our conversation yesterday. I have a sense for these kinds of things. We can kill two birds with one stone. So, if you can trust me, let’s go.”
    Maggie stood there stunned for one second, but she knew Marissa did understand. “I do trust you, but are you sure about this?” She said under her breath like it was still a secret.

    “One hundred percent,” Marissa said confidently and she started walking again now slower with Maggie side by side.

    “And what do you mean to settle? How?” Maggie asked, trying to make sure they had a plan. She knew Bianca would have a proposal and didn’t want to come off unprepared.

    “We have to agree to share the credits, right? But you said if one of us quits or offers her half to the other, it will all go to one.” Marissa said as they marched down the hall, Maggie’s heels clicking next to her. “Yes…that is the situation.” She recalled, unsure how the blonde would ever get Isabella to do either of those two things.

    “What are you suggesting?” Maggie asked, still unsure of what they were going to say as they reached the door of Bianca’s office. She realized that she would have to trust her intern at this time because there was no chance to go back now.

    “You will see.” Marissa smiled as she winked at Maggie before opening the door to the small room without knocking. They entered Bianca’s office where the sexy professional and other intern were sitting in conversation side by side at her desk. The brown and blue eyes turned to the two new occupants entering uninvited. They showed no surprise on their faces as Maggie closed the door sealing them all in. She came up to stand next to Marissa in front of the desk.

    “Oh, hello Miss Keeling. I assume, Miss Reynolds told you about the credit issue?” Bianca spoke up first while standing up and leaning forward on her desk. Maggie noted she had not done the buttons back up and was showing off a lot of tit in her black laced bra. A tiny bit of her wished she hadn’t covered her own now.

    “Hello Bianca, yes she did and that’s what we are here to talk about with you two.” Marissa confirmed with a glare.

    Isabella smiled at the intruders, “How common of you to barge into rooms where you don’t belong. I thought I taught you that lesson.” Maggie and Bianca didn’t understand what that comment meant but it was clear it was not to be taken lightly. Marissa’s eyes and cheeks went red as stared down her student rival.

    “Fuck you Izzy.” She aggressively hissed and started walking towards her rival like Maggie had not seen her move before. Isabella stood up from her seat, wearing her usual tight jeans that showed off her toned legs. With an equal look of rage, she began to move towards Marissa, but Bianca grabbed Isabella’s arm and Maggie stopped Marissa thus keeping them separated.

    The redhead hadn’t seen her intern this mad before. She knew her and Isabella didn’t get along, but she finally was understanding how deep their anger ran. She wondered how they still lived together in the same dorm room, and how they had worked together the last three months without killing each other.

    “Not here.” Bianca snapped at her intern who looked at her boss annoyed she had been stopped. The professional turned her eyes over to Marissa and Maggie who looked equally as tense. The blue eyes orbs sparkled with mischief that Maggie would never have expected from her work rival.

    “Well, it looks like our little interns need to settle a few things just like us. I didn’t tell you yet Isabella, but Miss Reynolds voted against you once again. So, now there are two big issues between the four of us. Who is going to be the head of the Gala and how we are going to split the credits?”

    Isabella looked over at Maggie and a look of spite poured out of her eyes. Another notch to the growing dislike they held for each other. Marissa looked at Maggie as well, seeing what the redhead would say in response to Bianca.

    “There is nothing to settle, either they split, or Marissa is getting all of the credits. She has been the higher performer between them.” Maggie proclaimed looking right at Isabella as she said it.

    “Fuck you too, Maggie.” Isabela spat as the brown and green orbs burned into each other. “Nice attitude.” Maggie mocked, with a haughty expression that she normally saved for Bianca, but Isabella made her angry. Her attitude and temper sometimes reminded her of Amber, and it drove her up the wall. She was so cold and standoffish, but Maggie knew she hadn’t taken the time to get to know the Spanish girl. She could tell there was a lot more behind those brown eyes that she didn’t and wouldn’t get the chance to know.

    “Attitude? You have been against me since day one. Fucking prove to me that she has done better or shut the fuck up.” She hissed directly at the redhead.

    Maggie knew Isabella had some truth in her words but would never admit it.
    “I have the notes to prove it. You have acted like everything was beneath you while you have been working here, so watch your mouth, Isabella.”

    “You watch yours, Maggie.” Isabella seethed back. At the last meeting, sparks had flown between Marissa and Bianca, now it seemed a full storm was brewing between Maggie and Isabella. Marissa decided to speak up again, and assist her boss who had backed her up.

    “She is against you Izzy, because Maggie knows a bitch when she sees one and well, I think you know what she saw in you.”

    Isabella glowered, almost too angry to speak. Just because she didn’t bounce around like her slutty roommate, that didn’t mean she didn’t care. She just didn’t like to show her emotions as much, and Maggie had even tried to get to know her.

    “Well, looks like your intern is the one with the attitude problem Miss Reynolds. Maybe you should take care of her mouth, before talking about mines.” Bianca spoke up defending her intern like Maggie defended hers. Her glare turned to Marissa. “And I knew you were a little whore the moment I saw you, Miss Keeling. It must be why Miss Reynolds liked you so much.”

    Maggie was shocked to hear Bianca call Marissa a whore. She had not expected the professional to drop the act so quickly in this meeting, but it made sense. Marissa was looking at Bianca angry but interested. “And you are fucking bossy bitch, so I can tell why you and Izzy get along so well.”

    “Amusing, but unfortunately for you I have far more detailed notes than Miss Reynolds, to show why a whore such as yourself won’t get a single credit.” Bianca mocked at the blonde.

    “Oh, Miss Marshal, you really do talk too much which makes you look very unintelligent. I have far more documented points that would give Marissa the edge over Isabella, but we can compare closely if you would like.” Maggie emphasized staring at Bianca with a look of desire, but she glanced over at Isabella at the same time.

    “Please Miss Reynolds, if we compared just our notes, we would never agree. All that matters is who turns in the sheet at the end and trust me, Isabella’s name will be on.” Bianca insisted to all the other women in the room.

    Isabella smiled at Maggie with a taunting look because she knew that Bianca was right, it would be about whoever would turn the sheet in. They would need to find a way to figure that out.

    Maggie took a deep breath to calm herself down and was going to try one last time to bring them all back to discussion. She knew Marissa wanted to take this aggressively further, and Bianca seemed to have the same idea. But Maggie still believed that the librarians should not involve the interns in their dispute, even after all they had said. “If we all calm down, we can talk through this…”

    She was given three distinct looks from each woman saying, without saying, words were not enough now.
    “Really Miss Reynolds?” Bianca huffed, annoyed at the redhead for even trying to slow this down. “Again, you show your naivety in the point of a conflict.”

    “Stop edging this on Miss Marshal.” Maggie hissed, the calming breath not working as the tension rose further in the room. But Maggie was wrong; they had already gone too far, and the interns were just as in the dispute as they were.

    “Please, I’m not edging anything. They have every right to be a part of this decision of which of them gets the credits as we do. Unless of course, you two want to split it?” Bianca lazily asked because she knew the answer.
    “No.” The interns answered in unison, the first thing they had agreed on all meeting.

    “See Miss Reynolds? You always think people want to get along. But this is why you are so pathetic and unqualified for this role. Sometimes, people just don’t like each other, and only action can get things done. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but you aren’t good enough.” The other librarian stressed at Maggie.

    Now the redhead began to move forward, anger swarming her eyes. The words Bianca used brought up a fear she had been feeling all day after watching the video of Amber. The fear was a feeling, that maybe she wasn’t good enough for Amber and that’s why they weren’t together.

    She remembered what Amber had said to her during their last phone convo fight. The blonde wanted her, as a fuckbuddy, or slave, or…even a girlfriend, but she felt they were beyond the point of where they could just talk it out. She wanted to know what the blonde was thinking. Was she just trying to make her jealous with the video? And now the performance at the Gala? God, she hated that it was working so easily. Did Amber still want her in that way and was she good enough? She wasn’t sure.

    She didn’t know herself if she wanted the guitarist as a girlfriend. ‘No, you do want her.’ Her mind immediately corrected herself and it was the truth. She wanted Amber, just like the blonde wanted her, in some form, but could they do it as girlfriends? She wasn’t sure again. How could she hate and love a person so much at the same time?

    Maggie forced her mind back to focus, here in this meeting was not the time to think about it. But the words, ‘not good enough’, They triggered her, and now she felt like the other three women. Maggie would have fought Bianca right then and there with tongue and claw. Luckily for the state of the office, Marissa stopped her. Their eyes met and Marissa saw the anger in her boss, wondering now if this is how she had looked just prior. The brief movement was enough to stop Maggie and not let it start here, but Bianca had guaranteed one thing. Maggie was now looking for action to settle this.

    Marissa looked up over where Bianca seemed to relish in getting Maggie even more worked up. The thong comment did not sit well back in the Director’s office, and she was planning on getting one of Maggie’s as payback.

    Her blue eyes turned to Marissa as the eccentric girl spoke up, “You know Bianca, I knew you were a bitch since day one, but I didn’t think you resort to name calling. And Izzy, well, I’ve known you were a bitch.”

    “Cute. I feel the same way about you Mari. Shame we already settled who was more of the bitch between us in our dorm.” Isabella taunted and Maggie saw once again that the insult seemed to hit the mark, but this time Marissa kept her calm and smiled.

    “I don’t think we solved anything, and I think it’s time I paid you back for that night.” Marissa challenged, with more confidence.

    “Oh, you think so. Then why don’t we do it again?” Isabella suggested it to her roommate. “I was wondering if you would ever be brave enough to confront me again before we moved out.”

    “Just waiting for the right moment roomie, and I think it’s right now.” Marissa hissed, raising her eyebrows at Isabella but her hazel eyes sparkled with intimidation.

    “Why not?” Isabella breathed, as her brown eye’s stripped Marissa. They each reached for the zippers of their lower garments forgetting the other two were in the room. If Maggie and Bianca hadn’t been there, then nothing would have stopped the roommates from stripping down and fingerfucking each other into oblivion. Before they could move towards each other again, they were stopped by their respective librarians.

    “Hold on, Isabella.” Bianca said, again trying to diffuse the quickly raising aggression between the two interns until conditions had been set. “See Miss Reynolds? Words can’t solve anything now between all of us; I think this will take a bit more from all parties involved.” She looked at the other three occupants and more specifically their bodies. A way to break Maggie and fuck over Marissa at the same time doing what she does best was the idea.

    “I agree”. Isabella said with a cold smile at Marissa, then at Maggie who scowled back.

    “What are you suggesting?” Maggie asked, but she had a feeling she knew from the look of Bianca’s blue eyes that the time of their long-waited duel was about to be set.

    “Simple Miss Reynolds, your intern against my intern. Winner’s intern gets the credits for the whole semester. Loser’s get nothing. And of course, you versus me, winner runs the Gala, loser doesn’t. I think that should settle everything that needs to be figured out.” The words lingered in the air, letting the challenge fill their heads with images of what Bianca was suggesting.

    Marissa looked at Bianca surprised that she was the one who suggested something like this. She thought the professional was an absolute prude and yet, it seemed she had underestimated her. Maggie also was surprised that she had included the interns, she didn’t think Bianca trusted anyone, but it seemed her and Isabella were closer than she had expected. The Spanish girl smiled after a few seconds and said first before anyone else. “I like that idea.”

    “Same.” Marissa repeated before Maggie could say anything, electric sparks were flying between all of them, the prospect of taking all the credits for themselves very alluring. The hazel eyes turned to make sure Maggie didn’t say anything to dispute this. She eyed the three other girls, all seeming eager and knew she would have to do it. Even with Amber on her mind she knew she would have to settle this first with Bianca and Isabella before she could focus on the blonde. In fact, her role in controlling the blonde would be significantly easier if she had Bianca of sight.

    “And how exactly will we compete?” Maggie asked, looking directly at her work rival, she felt like she was the only one who still didn’t want to fully commit to this showdown.
    Bianca smiled, “I think you know Miss Reynolds. It’s time for you and me to settle this, no one off, this is a full-on sex contest. The interns can settle it in whatever way they want as long as one comes out on top.”

    Maggie wanted to yell out annoyed that Bianca would admit they openly sexually fought but before she could stop anything, Marissa spoke up and answered confirming her thoughts about her sexy intern.

    “I think we will do the same, unless you think you can’t handle it Izzy.” Marissa said, looking at Isabella. The other intern who smiled at her rival with a hunger that Maggie recognized from the look of her own fights.

    “Oh, I can handle it Mari, in fact if I recall, last time I handled you easily, no pun intended.” As she waved her fingers at the blonde. Maggie almost smirked, luckily hiding it before Marissa saw it. She did love puns, but it annoyed her that Isabella seemed to like them too. They had more in common then they let on.

    Marissa just glared at her rival’s waving fingers as Maggie eyed the two interns. It became very apparent that working together for 3 months had put them in a sexual frenzy nearly as close as Bianca and Maggie’s were, though Maggie hadn’t caught their sexual attacks on each other. She assumed they happened right under her nose. She wondered what happened in their dorm every night.

    She did feel the sexual tension in the room and now that it was out in the open, it was thick.
    Maggie was still looking at Marissa surprised; she had thought about this since their kiss during the meeting. It seemed she and Isabella had done it before. She suddenly felt behind them, as it seemed Bianca and Isabella knew about each other’s fights, something she had not discussed with Marissa.

    “Miss Reynolds?” Bianca asked, waiting for her answer. If Maggie accepted it would be set.
    Maggie looked at her rival through their glasses. There was no point delaying it. She wanted to fuck the smile of Bianca’s face, and a bit of her wanted to watch Marissa do the same to Isabella. She felt the wild side of her speak up, and it was time to get this done. Her green eyes opened, and she gave her own predatory grin.
    “Set it on your calendar, Miss Marshal.”

    As the interns continue to glare at each other, Bianca was happy with the verbal agreements for now. “Well, isn’t this going to be fun. A little two on two review for our little team.” Bianca laughed dripping with sarcasm. “I think we will be able to settle quite a few things between us. When should we all get together for this meeting?”

    Marissa smiled and answered with ease, “Thursday night, gives us two days before the Gala and Friday you have to turn it in, right?
    Bianca gave a small nod, but Maggie knew that she was not fully truthful, but didn’t correct her.

    Marissa continued, “We will do it here in the library when it’s only us four in the building, after hours.”

    “Perfect.” Isabella breathed. “I’ll get some of the dorm guys to bring some mats over from the gym and set them in a meeting room.”

    “I think that is acceptable. Miss Reynolds?” Bianca looked at her rival for any doubt, any chance one of them would back down. But as their eyes met; they both knew it was finally going to be settled. “Perfectly acceptable, Miss Marshal.” Maggie confirmed.

    Bianca’s grin was feral, she looked like she finally would get what she wanted, and after months of foreplay, the climax was just around the corner. “Excellent. We will see you both then at 10 PM Thursday night. The Library is closed Friday for the setup so we can take the night if we need. Now, I would ask you both to get out of my office.”

    “Wait.” Isabela said, moving around the desk. Maggie wasn’t sure what she was doing as Isabella moved sexually towards Marissa who watched the little stride while rolling her hazel eyes. The tight jeans looked like they would rip from Isabella’s perky ass and her breasts were giving a little jiggle behind the black blouse each step as she approached.

    Isabella got right into Marissa’s face, and the interns sized each other up. This also allowed Maggie and Bianca to compare their similarly built bodies. Both were hot to the redhead, but Maggie couldn’t deny her attraction to Isabella. ‘Hell’, she thought, the Spanish girl was nearly as attractive in her eyes as Amber was, nearly.

    “You sure you want to do this Mari?” She heard the dark-skinned girl whisper to her rival.

    “Oh, I’m really sure Izzy.” Marissa whispered back and moved her face closer. Their hot young bodies were already touching, and Maggie couldn’t help being reminded of the video she had watched the night before. It seemed she about to have another front row seat to watch two sexy women go at it with their bodies and sex.

    Marissa smiled as Isabella moved her lips an inch more forward. She lightly touched the green lips with her red in a simple lip lock. They paused for a second before they both then opened their mouths and allowed their tongues to touch. With that, they began to wetly kiss in the office.

    Maggie and Bianca watched surprised but with labored breath as their sexy interns showed they were more than willing to settle it sexually for the college credit. The kiss lasted a long time, each exploring the other’s teeth, tongue and gums, as if testing the water, feeling each other out. Maggie wondered how much self-control they had not to wrap their arms around each other and just fuck now. They finally separated from the wet kiss, both slightly out of breath from the heated exchange, but kept their lips just an inch apart.

    “I’m going to teach you again, just like our night in the dorm.” Isabella whispered as one of her fingers ran up Marissa’s inner thigh nearing the edge of the skirt.

    “We will see.” Marissa whispered back with her own hand on Isabella’s lower back giving a light rub to the tense muscle. The images of their dorm room showdown flashing in both their minds and the intensity of the moment.

    Marissa stepped back and moved towards the door glaring at Bianca as she went. Maggie and Isabella’s eyes met, and she felt that the Spanish girl was talking to her as well. If Bianca hadn’t been in the room, she felt they would have exchanged a few words and some spit as well. She turned towards the door giving one last look at both Bianca and Isabella before she finally left the room.

    “Marissa, wait up!” Maggie said, but the blonde brushed her off with a sly smile as they headed back to the main part of the library.

    “Let’s talk about this at the end of my shift, I think we both have some explaining to do.” Marissa giggled. Maggie gave a slight nod as Marissa smiled at her, “See you in a bit.” She laughed as she skipped back to the computer section where the boys were still waiting like puppies.

    Maggie rubbed her temples softly; this day had not gone as expected. She returned to her office thinking about how having the lead Gala position could help her throw off Amber. It wasn’t until they were closing up that Marissa came up to Maggie, “Hey you ready to talk and explain?” The intern questioned.

    “Yeah, I was going to ask you about everything that happened in that meeting.” Maggie inquired about the eccentric girl.

    “I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.’ Marissa giggled. “You first, but I will tell you anything you ask. Now explain.” Marissa demanded and Maggie knew she didn’t have much of a choice. She quickly clarified her rivalry with Bianca and how it had started, though she left out anything to do with Amber or how she had first experienced sexual conflict. It felt good to be able to talk about it with someone who wasn’t trying to pin her, or at least not yet. She knew Marissa could easily flip from friend to foe in this sex war game.

    Once she was done, Marissa told her about their night in the dorm room. Where she had been out finger fucked by her roommate. When she told Maggie about being cummed on, a flashback of Amber doing it to her in their fight was all she could think about. When the schoolgirl finished, she put a determined look on her face.

    “Maggie, we need to win. I need to beat her, not just for the credits, but for my own pride.” Marissa explained with an extremely serious tone. Maggie felt the same way with Bianca and the implications it would have on her job, the Gala, and her interaction with Amber. “Yeah, we do…and we will.” Maggie confirmed.

    Marissa nodded satisfied with that answer, “Good, because I think things are going to get intense. Listen, I would absolutely love to take you to my dorm right now and give you the lay of a lifetime, but we won’t yet.” She gave a smirk, “This is not going to be a one off, or something like that between the four of us. This is going to be a marathon and we both will need to be fully ready. I don’t want to drain you too much.”

    “I think I would be the one draining you.” Maggie found herself saying, unable to hide her combativeness even with her friend. After the video, and now the four-way confrontation in Bianca’s office, Maggie was feeling almost jittery with sexual energy.
    Marissa panted slightly, “Wow, I want to fuck you so bad, but again, lets win this together and save our strength. Then you and I can play and find out who drains who.”

    Before the redhead could respond, Marissa felt up Maggie’s ass with a smile causing her to jump. It felt really good and she reached to return the grope, but Marissa blocked it. “Let’s catch up tomorrow Maggie.” She giggled, and the librarian almost kissed her intern, but she wasn’t quick enough as Marissa backed away with a grin. Saying nothing else, Maggie watched the blonde bounce out the room with a skip. Alone now, she wondered just what the hell was going to happen Thursday night.

    Damnnn more build up. Sorry yall, but the next few parts are action...I think haha. No, they are I swear. Well that is Part 4. Hope you enjoyed and are also enjoying the overall direction of the story. Ummm, yeah. This story is getting long, but I think the build up and interactions of the characters are important. Makes each fight feel more real (or at least as real as they can in a fantasy story lol). In thelast part, we got some Amber action and now I think it’s time for Maggie to get her hands dirty as they fight to control each other in a round about way. (I think? lol )
    Cool, well I think that’s all I got. Uhh yeah, let me know your thoughts if ya want. Next part might be delayed for stuff I can’t control. But I HOPE I can keep to the 2 week schedule.
    Ok thats enough talk. Till next time.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    I love long build-up stories, so I'm really enjoying this. Great job, King!
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    Re: The Library Gala

    This was another fantastic part of the build up and it looks like the payoff (or one of the payoffs!) is finally coming in the next part. As I've said many, many times, King is the master of the tease, but he is really outdoing himself this time. I think that the story comes to 71 pages and, so far, we've had one sexfight - and that was a recording! If that sounds like I am complaining, I am not - King always delivers at the end and I am sure this story will be no different. And, unlike some people who shall go unnamed, he does get us these chapters on a pretty regular basis! So, no complaints here!

    I am really looking forward to the marathon sexfight/orgy fight in the next chapter. I am especially looking forward to Maggie taking on Bianca and deciding their workplace situation!

    Great work!


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