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Thread: The Library Gala

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Wow, haven't had a cliffhanger like this one in a long, long time. Well played King.
    I think ( I hope ) all sexy hell is about to come our way.
    Two vs two or a four-way free for all coming next. Maybe the librarians switch partners - or not.
    Or all four just turn on each other, and end up in one huge sexy four woman catball or four
    woman pile-up.
    And if there's a standoff, a four woman daisy chain.

    Another standout chapter, to a hot story, thanks King.

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    The Library Gala Part 6

    Part 6

    Suddenly the door burst open and a fully nude Marissa came gasping in. The sexy blonde was fully stripped, no longer wearing her striped pink and yellow G-string. She had a faint bikini tan line around her bare pussy that was dripping white cum down her leg. One of her pigtails had been torn out; leaving half her wavy blonde hair wild and the other half up still. It wasn’t far off some of the hair styles the blonde wore normally, but this time it wasn’t intentional.

    She was also dripping in sweat from whatever she and Isabella had continued since the librarian’s had left. Her hazel eyes took in the scene of her partner underneath the other woman, with Maggie clearly in the disadvantageous position of the trib fight.

    “Get off her!” Marissa screamed, as she ran forward and tackled Bianca down into the mat. The professional yelped as her nude body was slammed down by Marissa’s giant breasts in the awkward tackle. Her sticky cunt separated from Maggie’s as she fell down to her side with the blonde and away from the redhead. Marissa pushed Bianca to her back and attempted to schoolgirl pin her quickly, crawling up the professional’s sexy body.

    She wasn’t fast enough as Bianca got an arm up and slapped the blonde’s face hard. This sent Marissa off the pale body and down to the mat on own back stunned from the impact. Bianca sat up quickly and looked at both Maggie and Marissa with her hungry blue eyes. She had a choice of getting back on top of Maggie or making this stupid intern pay for interrupting her continuing the fuck of the other librarian. Her body made up her mind for her.

    “You bitch!” She yelled, as she jumped on top of Marissa who was more than ready for her. Their tits crushed and their limbs entangled from the body-to-body impact. With matching snarls, they began a wild catball away from Maggie at a fast pace each trying to stay on top of the other.

    The redhead sat up taking in quick breaths trying to quickly recover from the clit fuck she had just taken from her co-worker. The sudden separation from Bianca’s body was unpleasant but did give her a chance to regroup her form. She quickly took in the new situation of what had just happened with Marissa’s sudden appearance. She turned her head to observe the new fight next to her as Marissa and Bianca’s rolling had continued at a ridiculously fast pace around the mat.

    Maggie was very surprised that her fight had been interrupted and wasn’t sure how to feel about it. In the back of her head, she had known something like this was going to happen when all four girls had been discussing the night. Reality felt different; now that it was actually happening. Maggie had never even been in a threesome before let alone a sexfight with more than one person. Though she had fantasized about both a lot…with Amber.

    She stood up watching the new fight unfold and wondering what she should do. It didn’t feel right that she and Bianca wouldn’t finish fucking each other alone, but they had made this fight more than just about them. Marissa had wanted a piece of Bianca almost equally with her and there was no stopping this now.

    She didn’t get to ponder this feeling further because a sexy sweaty and equally nude Isabella burst into the room a second later. She had a wild look in her brown eyes as she hunted after Marissa. The fully nude sight of the sexy intern made Maggie’s pupils widen and re-confirmed her desire to both fuck and compare her body to the other student.

    Isabella took in the scene quickly as her eyes landed on the two girl’s rolling on each other. “Bianca!” She screamed and took a step towards them when her eyes caught the sight of the sexy freckled librarian standing alone. Her own body got a wave of desire and she immediately thought that Maggie was about to try and double team her teammate.

    Instead of moving towards the rolling women, she ran at Maggie. The redhead turned her body in time to slightly catch the curly black-haired beauty by the shoulders but with the Spanish girl’s momentum, they moved off the mats in a pushing contest. They ended up near the far wall breaking apart and hissing like cats.

    Still on the floor, Bianca got pinned by Marissa. The blonde successfully spread their legs in a starfish pose to stop the frantic rolling. They took a second, dizzy from the multiple rotations they had done and taking in the feeling of the new womanly body pressed up on them.

    Regaining her senses, Marissa pressed down fully, compressing her large tits into the rival’s milky white pair. Their near equal size gave neither a huge advantage with neither chest dominating the other. One side of their faces was hidden by the wavy yellow hair that had been torn loose by Isabella. The other side, you could see their fire as they breathed hot air into their new rival’s face.

    Bianca looked up at the hazel eyes with a rage. This intern had been a thorn in her side all semester, and she was not going to take this. “You ruined a really good moment for me.” She hissed as she thought about her fuck with Maggie. At some point she had expected to lock claws with Marissa, but the blonde had picked a very annoying moment to interrupt.

    Marissa gave one of her eyebrows a raise. “Did I?” She sarcastically replied. “Well, I’m glad. You have been ruining my internship all semester and it’s about time I return the favor and give you a taste of your own medicine.”

    Bianca’s eyes raged more at the intern’s cheek. “I bossed you around, because I thought just maybe even a stupid whore like yourself had potential to be more.”

    That comment surprised Marissa and even Bianca for letting it escape her mouth. It was a weird half compliment, half insult that Marissa wasn’t sure to respond with. She ended up not needing to because Bianca continued emphasizing her anger. “Clearly, I was wrong, and you will never be more than a slut who needs to dress up for attention. Now, I’m going to do to you what I was going to do to Maggie and teach you your place.”

    Marissa’s eyes narrowed at the threat from Bianca and the further sexual challenge. She wasn’t sure when she tackled Bianca if they were going to fight or fight with their sexes. She preferred that latter and it seemed Bianca did too.
    “And I’m going to give it right back to you.” She breathed and gave the smallest of licks to Bianca’s pink lips that signaled her understanding and desire.

    Marissa released Bianca’s wrists and ran her left hand up from the bottom girl’s hip to the side of her left boob teasingly that gave the pale girl a sexual shiver.

    The professional pushed the sexual sensation down from the teasing touch, “I’ve been looking forward to giving you a personal lesson about sex slut”, Bianca breathed sensually before she very slowly returned a lick onto Marissa’s lips, sealing their fight. Her own hands had looped around Marissa’s lightly toned back and had begun a slow massage towards the perky butt holding her down.

    Their glares had turned into sexy expressions that masked their desire to fuck each other into submission. “You might have a decent body, but I’m going to show you how to use it.” Bianca said as her hands reached Marissa’s delicious rump. She gave it both a sexy squeeze and a playful slap that made Marissa gasp.

    Their bodies were sending signals that this woman touching her was another challenger to her sexual skills. Another woman, who could only be humiliated in the most sexual of ways. A catfight would do nothing to really settle all that had been said between them, because that wasn’t what it was about. Their sexy looks, and attraction to each other made it so that only a dirty sexual competition would give them the answer’s they wanted. Who would get the credits? And who would run the Gala? If one of them successfully eliminated the other from this fight, then it would be pretty much over for Isabella or Maggie, the one who would have to deal with two sexual nymphs attacking her body.

    “Try not to disappoint me bitch, I’m a slow learner.” Marissa taunted with a sexy grin. She brought their lips just an inch apart as their fingers explored even more freely.

    Bianca took the bait and launched her tongue into Marissa’s mouth while squeezing the juicy tanned ass at the same time. Marissa gasped, opening her lips and letting the pink muscle slide in. She leaned up just enough for her hands to fill themselves with the pale woman’s perfect tits. She gave them a good groping as they kissed and felt each other for the first time.

    Their long tongues were spinning around each other enclosed in Marissa’s mouth like their bodies had been spinning on the mats a minute before. Five seconds into the kiss and the opponents realized their new challenger was equally as sexually gifted as their original rival of the night. They steadied themselves as Bianca’s legs went around Marissa’s body pulling her in tight as they began to probe and explore each other’s nude figures; feeling for each other’s erogenous zones.

    While Marissa and Bianca had somewhat mutually decided to continue the sexual aspect of their fight; Isabella and Maggie were in a plain old catfight, releasing a lot of built-up anger and frustration with each other off the mat.

    They were pushing each other around in the nude, exchanging slaps on the other side of the room. They could have punched, kicked or fought violently, but slapping felt right to embarrass and shame the other. They took aim at the other’s big perky tits and pretty faces exclusively trying to stun the other. When the slapping grew painful, they reached for the other’s curly hair at the same time.

    They got dual grips of the long black and short red locks of hair and ripped harshly and away from each other. “OW! Let go!” Isabella screamed, by far the most aggressive and painful thing she had taken so far this night.

    “You let go!” Maggie cried in equal pain. After the more sensual beginning with Bianca, Isabella’s aggression was a quick change of pace for Maggie. She was more than ready however and gripped tighter as they spun each other by the curly hair ferociously. After a few seconds Isabella’s hair pulling won out and Maggie lost her grip on the longer mane.

    The redhead screeched in agony as she tried to break the brown-eyed girl’s hold of her hair while now being dragged. Isabella almost lost her clutch, but quickly swung and released Maggie towards the far wall before the librarian succeeded in escaping the grip.

    The throw was painful for the green-eyed girl but the relief of her hair being free was worth it. She caught herself before falling, her pale tits jiggling slightly as she stumbled away. Maggie had wanted to keep up the sexfight with Bianca, but now her muscles and body wanted nothing more than to keep catfighting the intern. She looked up as Isabella stalked towards her, fire in her eyes and looked to take another handful of bright red hair.

    “Fuck you!” Maggie screamed and rushed forward to meet the intern for another round of vicious hair pulling. They came together with a slap of hot womanly bodies so that their sweaty skin blended on the impact.

    “BITCH!” Isabella hollered back, as each girl took two full handfuls of curls, and pulled each other close. Their sweaty skin rubbed up and down each other erotically sending pleasure signals to their brains and cunts even as they ripped each other’s hair painfully.

    After a few seconds of this, Maggie attempted to distract her opponent by letting go with one hand and spanking Isabella’s hot ass as hard as she could. The spanking sound bounced off the walls of the room and was followed by a cry of pain and pleasure from Isabella’s red lips.

    Maggie’s red hair was gripped tighter in retaliation as Isabella didn’t return the spank and instead again tried to throw Maggie even while her ass was clawed by the light blue nails. They spun once and Maggie noticed they had moved very close to the far wall of the room.

    As Isabella pulled her hair, Maggie took the black curls with both hands again and used her sexy thighs to drive them back. She slapped their full meaty chests together as both pairs of sharp nipples found each other in the struggle.

    “Ugh.” Isabella grunted at the change of tactics and was forced back a few steps. She attempted to regain her footing, but she was surprised by the strength in the legs and ass of the freckled librarian. Body on body, she felt she was challenged by the bitch in a physical aspect by the body press and desperately wanted to match her in every aspect.

    She didn’t have much space to give however, and with the loss of the few steps, Maggie successfully forced Isabella onto the wall. Every inch was earned against the clearly well-built intern as they breathed heavily, competing with every muscle fiber in their legs and arms. As Isabella lost all her leverage, Maggie used her big firm tits against the equal pair to hold her there in a full body press so tight that it brought even their sexy thin stomachs into contact.

    They gasped at the sensation of their womanly bodies meeting a rival of equal build in the heat of battle. Even with the ferocity of their catfight, they couldn’t hide that they desperately wanted to fuck each other and prove that she was more attractive to the other’s eyes like they had hinted all semester.

    Isabella’s hands let go of the red hair and brought her black nails down to the white garter belt, tugging the redhead’s hips closer. They could feel a distinct warmth emanating from their rival’s inner thighs just from the proximity, but they didn’t force a thigh between each other’s legs to feel it just yet. Maggie reached back up and gripped the black hair but focused on their fat firm tits to keep Isabella pinned. She also couldn’t help but rub up and down in small sexy movements as their bumpy areola grated.

    Their eyes locked hatefully as the small red marks on their skin from the slap fight burned increasing their rage. Even their breathing on each other made them wild, the minty smell of their pants in tune with the expanding of their chests.

    Too angry even to speak, they started to renew their catfight as they took each other’s hair for a third time, when they heard the distinct sound of kissing on the other side of the room. The frenzied girls looked over to see Bianca and Marissa tongue dueling on the ground, clearly fighting in a very different way than they had been.

    The erotic sight had immediate impact on both women as they took in their own situation. They suddenly questioned, is that how they should be fighting? What was the real problem between them? Watching the emerging sexual showdown happening between Marissa and Bianca, librarian versus intern, ignited something between Maggie and Isabella that had always been there.

    Maggie turned her face back to Isabella who was already looking at her. Their sharp nipples had been digging into each other unable to hide the deep attraction and sexual undertones they had shared all semester. Maggie couldn’t help noticing up close that Isabella’s eyes were a shade slightly lighter than Amber’s, but the resemblance was close enough to make Maggie angrier for some reason.

    Isabella had wanted to fight Maggie in the same way she had dealt with Marissa after what Bianca had told her about the librarian’s sexual past. The redhead had been so unfair during the internship selection process, and in her mind was the reason all of this was happening. She equally wanted to choke the librarian with her hands and her tongue, and she had the dirtiest of feeling that Maggie felt the exact same way about her.

    Each girl glanced down just for a second and couldn’t help almost moan at the sexy sight of their body pressed by the other. All the arguments, all the words exchanged, and the secret attraction that fueled their hate. It was all in the open now.

    “You really picked Marissa over me…?”, Isabella suddenly asked in a whisper that only Maggie could hear. It took her off guard, both the question and the emotion behind it. There was a level of accusation from Isabella to Maggie. Not the enemies they were now, but the sweet normal librarian and the beautiful but slightly standoffish student who had met three months ago and just didn’t click right away.

    It was a question that should have been in Maggie’s office where they could have talked like adults. Maggie could have offered her another semester or taken the time to get to know her like she usually did. Isabella could have a second chance to be just slightly more friendly and let the librarian see behind her icy walls instead of pushing back like she had.

    But that didn’t happen and now they were both nude, sweaty, and feeling violent. But the question was asked, and they had to let it stew in their minds. It was a question that was between two women who did not understand each other and felt equally confused as to why it had come to this.

    “You…you acted like you hated me…” Maggie whispered back, in a similar tone of accusation. Marissa had been so friendly, and welcoming…what Maggie needed after the Amber debacle. Isabella had been so cold, though now as she looked back, maybe it was just shy. Normally Maggie had always tried to get to know the interns who applied and took time for even the shyest of ones that reminded herself of her. They were only a few years apart age wise anyway.

    But Isabella had been another level of shy and icy that had pushed Maggie to the brink. She knew she had not been fair, but it was also Isabella’s fault for her attitude even when Maggie had tried. Now she hated that she was reminded of her mistake every day the sexy intern was at her library.

    In her heart, she knew that she and Isabella’s hate was built on so many missed chances from both parties. The girl’s cold personality that she didn’t give a chance, and then Isabella’s frustration that Maggie didn’t try harder to get to know her. So many times, one of them just had to apologize or do something non-selfish and they could have been friends or at least not enemies.

    For a long moment they looked at each other waiting for the other to admit she was wrong, to admit she had been the one at fault and simply say sorry. But the second passed because each woman's pride was just a bit too excessive and now there was only one thing they could do.

    “I didn’t hate you…. then.” Isabella whispered back as her eyes went darker, her beautiful face became a shadow of her rage, “But now…I do and, I’m going to make you regret messing with me bitch!” The darker girl screamed, her eye’s hardening and another chance went out the window. She would prove to Maggie why she was better, and she would do it the way she wanted. By fucking her until Maggie admitted she had been wrong.

    Maggie was about to respond with equal anger, to tell her that she would never pick her, but she didn’t get the chance as her lips were suddenly occupied with her new rivals aggressively. She and Isabella had never kissed or even touched before this night, and now they were nude, pressed up, and the lip lock felt incredible.

    Their tongues moved naturally, sliding past each other softly and began swirling around. They tasted each other’s spit as they remembered all the moments together that annoyed them. It fueled their temper in the kiss as it became more aggressive and their white teeth got closer to clicking.

    As Maggie licked Isabella’s gums, the brown eyed girl moaned deep into her mouth and the redhead felt sensation down to her core. Maybe their incredible dislike between them was only a misunderstood deep sexual attraction. Her choosing Marissa was literal rejection to Isabella, of both her body and personality. That would make this fight all the more intense.

    She had been lost in the kiss and didn’t feel Isabella’s hand leave her hair and claw her oblique sharply. “Ow!”, Maggie hissed as she broke the kiss and released the pin falling back a few steps in discomfort. Isabella pushed off the wall with a sexy grace eyeing her like a predator.

    They did one full up and down look of the nude incredible body that challenged them in this room and in life. In the end it didn’t matter what their original intentions were. It was too late to play nice and Maggie understood if Isabella got on top of her, there would be no sexual mercy. So instead, she would get on top the bitch and fuck her, both for the pleasure, and satisfaction of making her apologize and admit she was wrong.

    Their bodies and mouths met in a flash as each took a few steps forward and renewed the sexual competition of the night. Red on red lips; moving up and down stickily as the heated make out session went up a notch. Maggie could easily taste Marissa on her rival’s breath which only turned her on more.

    Their hands filled with each other’s asses and Isabella couldn’t believe the librarian’s glutes were as firm and juicy as her own. Her own ass getting felt up lasted only a few seconds as Maggie’s left hand moved off the brown butt and in-between her new rival’s sexy legs. She felt the Spanish’s girl’s cunt as she ran two fingers on the outer lips.

    Isabella moaned and Maggie took it as a sign to stick her fingers into the wet cunt softly, teasing the slick skin. The intern returned the favor a second later splitting Maggie’s pink slit with an almost tender touch. Unknown to each other, both had already suffered a hot orgasm from the other two girls in the room which is why they were still so wet. As they kissed, they began to pump their rival’s pussy in and out to loud wet sounds in what had become a hot stand-up fuck off the mat.

    After a few seconds, their lips separated by an inch, “You bitch, I fucking hate you too, I never would have picked you!” Maggie aggressively breathed into the intern’s face, unable to control her own temper as her second fuckfight dragged on.

    “You’re the bitch! I didn’t want to work under you anyway!” Isabella lied, but in her anger, no one would know. She curled her finger to find Maggie’s g-spot inside the sexy wet cunt that felt so good in her hand. She found it faster than she expected, and the rub of the little rough spot caused Maggie to gasp and her knees gave out slightly.

    “What’s the matter Maggie?” Isabella taunted feeling her rival shake as she watched the redhead get turned on quickly by her magic fingers.

    “Nothing Isabella!” Maggie growled back, pulling her rival into another wet kiss that silenced any further talking. Their tongues knotted up in-between the matching red lips as they continued to masturbate each other. Maggie fingered her rival faster and the sensation broke Isabella’s stance like hers had been from her g-spot. Their legs bent and weakened, they began to move around the room as their fingers continued to dance on their labia and deeper into each other’s sex.
    A few steps and they began to stumble, holding each other upright while fingering in a wild spin they refused to break. Their constant attacks on each other’s G-spots made their legs weaker and shake involuntarily. With their eyes closed, neither of the standing girls could take notice of where they were going, and they stepped back onto the mats. Even now they wouldn’t let go of their sexy rival until one of them had cum like a bitch. The loser would fall to her knees in front of the winner of their finger duel.

    Still unaware of their location, Maggie and Isabella’s calves bumped directly into the still kissing pair on the floor. At the impact, Marissa and Bianca broke their wet kiss to look up at the touch. Then there was a sudden flurry of chaotic movement. Isabella screamed as she fell backwards tripping over Marissa’s body. She held onto Maggie who yelped as she was pulled down with her and their fingers slipped out of each other.

    Marissa watched the impact and now fall of the other girls to the ground, but Bianca only watched her. With the intern distracted, the trapped bottom girl freed her spread legs and used her hips to flip their bodies in a fast motion. This sent Marissa to her back with a gasp as Bianca took the top position in less than two seconds.

    The blonde tried to recover but Bianca, showing off a bit of flexibility brought her fishnet legs up quickly. She got her knees onto Marissa’s shoulders and successfully placed the student in a nude schoolgirl pin.

    Marissa let out a growl as the sexy wet slit of Bianca moved near her chin. She began to buck and gripped the black garter belt to pull Bianca off her while the professional focused on keeping the intern pinned. She pushed her pale ass into the blonde’s big firm tits to keep the pressure on.

    Next to them, Isabella had been stunned for half a second from the fall. Maggie was catching breath, had fallen slightly forward and was now atop Isabella with her freckled tits in the brown eyed girl's face.

    Isabella recovered and, in her position, quickly gave a light suck to the left nipple of the librarian that caused Maggie to moan. She quickly tried to suck more tit in, but Maggie pushed her body up fast. She freed her boob from Isabella’s wet mouth and got her knees on the intern’s shoulders easily from her position; ironically in an identical schoolgirl pin that Marissa and Bianca were engaged in just a meter away.

    Each intern struggled wildly taking hold of the garter belts as the librarian’s kept them pinned. The sounds of groans and hisses filled the room as they rotated slightly here and there, until finally both Isabella and Marissa stopped to take a breath. This gave Maggie a chance to look up and see that she and Bianca had somehow come face to face with the crowns of each interns’ heads only a foot apart.

    Bianca had noticed too and was looking at Maggie with disdain as she sat atop Isabella. The top girls pushed their sweaty hair back with both hands as they faced each other with their rival interns trapped between their fishnet thighs. The bottom women released the garters as they watched the showdown above them waiting to make their move.

    The librarians glared at each other as the interns took notice to how close the wet cunt of the rival woman was near her face in this type of pin.

    “Get off my intern or I’ll lay my ass on yours and suffocate her.” Bianca threatened at Maggie and Marissa hissed below as she struggled lightly.

    “You get off mine or I’ll do worse to yours.” Maggie glared and she felt Isabella silently fume and dig her black painted claws into her pale thighs sharply.

    “Make me.”

    Their hands met and they began a chicken fight trying to keep their enemies’ intern between their thighs while freeing theirs. Both bottom girls were struggling trying to avoid the dripping pussy right above their face while also not being squished by the sexy thighs of their rivals.

    “Push her off Maggie!” Marissa hissed looking up at the battle above her head.
    “Fucking grab her hair, Bianca!” Isabella yelled as they shouted on their own mentor. The physical battle was still quite erotic as Maggie and Bianca released girlish gasps and breathed hotly in this contest of muscles.

    Isabella looked up to find her eyes lock upside down with Marissa who was in an identical trapped position. They glared as the librarian's test of strength was going on above them as Maggie and Bianca forced each other back and forth with growls in a near draw. Her brown eyes watched up at the four pale giant tits bouncing above her as the women moved in tune with their struggle.

    She needed to help Bianca and also make sure Maggie knew who she was messing with for sitting on her like this. They had already fingered each other, but as she had told Marissa, fingers weren’t the only weapon she would bring to the table this night.

    She took hold of the white garter belt, with the intention of stopping Maggie from using the weight in her hips to help her hand fight. Maggie glanced down just in time to see Isabella’s pink tongue do a long-wet lick of her cunt. She immediately faltered with a moan at the sensation, very surprised Isabella would do that to her, especially after their catfight.

    The faltering was all Bianca needed to overpower Maggie in their test of strength. She pushed forward and started to bend Maggie backwards while Isabella tried to escape by flinging her legs up to wrap around the redheads’ upper body. The redhead moaned as her big tits slightly brushed Bianca’s equally big pair. She flexed her abs to hold her in place above Isabella as long as she could as the bottom girl’s legs couldn’t lock around her on the first attempt.

    Seeing the effect, the lick had on her teammate, Marissa quickly took hold of the black belt on Bianca’s sexy hips. Instead of giving a quick lick like Izzy however, Marissa went all in. She slipped her tongue in deep and began to pump it in and out to the shocked professional above her. Bianca groaned deeply as the pink probe dug into her tight pink folds, as Marissa’s nose brushed her clit incidentally.

    She lost all the momentum she had gained in the test of strength. She quickly released Maggie’s hands to grab harshly at the yellow hair of the intern below her to pull her off. Maggie snapped her body forward as Isabella quickly resumed her licking, looking for another shot to get her legs around her trapper. She began to eat as deeply as Marissa while her brown eyes found the green. They shared a look that said more than any words they could use.

    Both librarians groaned as they looked up to see their rival in the same predicament as herself. With a snarl, Bianca let go of the blonde hair and reached for Maggie’s. She took hold of the sweaty locks and pulled her rival forward towards her. Maggie hissed as her upper body smashed into Bianca’s sexy form as the test of strength resumed this time with their tits.

    Also, a second battle was being waged down on their nether lips as the interns started to pick up the pace of the eating. Maggie adjusted herself so that her firm tits crushed directly into Bianca’s pair while taking hold of the silk like raven hair so that she could use the pale body as support.

    The unintentional titifight continued as the fat globes bounced and shifted on each other. Maggie let go of the black hair and squeezed Bianca’s hot body to her own in a bear hug. Bianca copied and they embraced each other as their breasts flattened each other like full balloons. They each groaned at the shift of tactics, but quickly they lost their focus as they began to pant and build towards an orgasm from the intern’s sexual acts.

    Crushing their enemy’s tits suddenly became less important as they continued being eaten by the sexy students. They could feel each shake and shiver through their rival’s body when their own intern got a good lick or suck on the dripping cunts.

    In all her life, Maggie had never had so many hands on her giving sexual pleasure. Besides Isabella eating her out, her proud tits were crushed into Bianca’s sweaty pale pair, their pink nipples digging into each other, and her work rival’s sneaky fingers massaging her toned back. She was already closer than she wanted to an orgasm after her first one just a mere five minutes prior.

    Beneath them, Isabella and Marissa ate their rivals’ expertly, working deep with their tongues as if this was a race, which it had already become. They filled their mouths with the dripping white cum that covered their lips until they began to suck their rival’s clits tenderly. They noticed the intense sensations that were sent up the librarian’s bodies when working the sexy bundle of nerves.

    They each knew the other was doing the same, and one would get their opponent’s mentor off first. After the two minutes of clit sucking, Isabella took a second to chew lightly on the soft skin of Maggie’s inner thighs, while Marissa had dug her tongue in Bianca as deep as possible in a more aggressive approach.

    They were no longer trying to escape the muscular thighs that had pinned them even when they could have broken free. Their hands rubbed juicy asses and legs while providing fantastic cunninglingus to their rival’s mentor in this sexy race. Neither gave Bianca or Maggie a second of relief from their long probing tongues that wanted to suck the other off the edge. Pink and red lips were in a full make-out session with the pussy lips making a kissing sound that filled the room that was only broken by the sounds of gasping and groans from the librarians.

    After another 30 seconds of this body-on-body struggle there was a shift. A good squeeze to her hot pale ass and a hard suck of her clit pushed Bianca to a place she hadn’t expected. Maggie felt her co-worker go stiff and a small smile came to her red lips.

    “Oh fuck.” Bianca gasped as she felt her pink sharp nipples pressed in with Maggie’s own pink daggers. She brought her hands up to push Maggie away, but the freckled girl wrapped her arms around her sensing her starting to cum. Maggie wasn’t going to let Bianca escape the heat of her body or Marissa’s sweet pink muscle. “Where do you think you are going!?” Maggie snarled as Bianca groaned at the words.

    “FUCK! LET GO!” Bianca groaned as she began to cum in a torrent, her first of the night as Maggie bearhugged her tighter, trying to make sure Marissa could keep sucking her clit through the whole process. “Never…this job is mine.” Maggie hissed as she locked her lips to Bianca’s neck in an attempt to increase every type of indulgence.

    “Bitch…”, Bianca moaned again, unable to escape Maggie's body that allowed Marissa to eat out her cunt with zero resistance. Her legs tightened as the pressure of her pussy built while Marissa dug deeper, trying to lengthen the time of the orgasm as some more tasty cum leaked out of her pale body.

    She began to thrash as the pleasure moved down her limps and to her core. Trying to escape again, she desperately threw her body and weight to the right. Doing so, she succeeded in falling off of Marissa’s tongue while also taking Maggie with her to the ground.

    The sudden jerk of Bianca had broken Marissa’s grip on the black garter belt while Isabella let Maggie’s white one go freely as the interns were able to finally free themselves from the sexy thighs.

    The two librarians went off the interns to their sides in a tight ball of flesh, but Bianca was still on her high of pleasure. This gave Maggie the chance to firstly get on top, then crawl down her co-worker's still cumming body.

    She forced her rival’s legs apart and then brought their spit covered pussies together with a wet slap. Bianca screamed louder at the connection as her orgasm continued now in a trib. The pale beauty could feel her spasming clit covered by the redhead’s warm labia as Maggie began to grind on her co-worker, attempting to draw out her orgasm just a bit longer.

    Meanwhile, a few feet away; both interns jumped up and turned to face each other. The white cum of the librarian’s was dripping down their lips from their performance and viewed each other with a dirty grin. They leapt at each other, crushing their sexy bodies while also quickly locking into a cum swapping kiss.

    The focus was on their tongues and the slosh of goo they spread on each other’s teeth and tonsils. As they kissed, they used one hand to squeeze each other’s asses to force their rival to moan and potentially choke on the spit and cum. Their other free hand returned to the open cunts, continuing the fingering they had briefly paused from the other room.

    The gooey mix was delicious as they swirled the discharge of Maggie and Bianca between their tongues and began to finger each other wetly. However, the renewed fight started to become one sided quickly as Marissa’s sex started to tighten on Isabella’s fingers.

    She had not yet cum tonight but was quickly approaching her first orgasm. While in the other room, she had gotten Isabella off first but now it seemed to be a disadvantage. That, plus Bianca had released more cum into her mouth than Maggie had into Isabella’s. It was getting to a point she could not handle the mixture without swallowing it or breaking the kiss to control her breathing.

    While Marissa lost focus, Isabella won the knee fight and by twisting their bodies, forced her blonde roommate down to her back with her on top. She kept her red lips firmly onto the pink so that they never broke apart and not a drop of cum was lost. Once the eccentric girl was on the ground, Isabella began to finger her roommate aggressively and with two fingers while her thumb pressed directly on Marissa’s clit.

    The blonde’s sex was pulsing, from the stripping with Izzy, the make out with Bianca, and now this fingering while cumswappng. It was too much, and she moaned with a gargle of cum between their locked mouths. She might have given Isabella a quick orgasm to draw first blood, but this one felt overwhelming. It had been a slow burn that increased in heat but was now out of hand. Mari couldn’t push it down this time like she had before as Isabella pumped her a few more times.

    She began to cum, unable to control her breathing with the mouthful of oozy goo that they were still exchanging. It started to make her choke as she finally broke the kiss to swallow the spit and discharge that had been oozing down her throat. Her muscular legs began to shake wildly and she spasmed underneath the Spanish girl who was smiling at the sensation. Isabella took a breath too and did a big gulp finally swallowing the cum but on her own terms. It coated her own throat with the juice she had pulled from the bitchy librarian.

    She felt Mari’s cunt tighten on her fingers as her roommate began to leak more cum out into her waiting palm. She caught it while still pumping up and down in a rhythm to break her rival. Seeing her roommate’s hazel eyes fully closed, Isabella licked her red lips clean and pressed them into Marissa’s ear.

    “Just like last time bitch.” She whispered and Mari moaned in both desire and frustration. Before she could say anything back, there was separation, and Mari was going off alone on the mat in a spasm. Isabella had pushed herself back to her knees and was looking over at the other dueling pair.

    Marissa tried to grab at Isabella and pull her back, but the brown eyed girl pushed her away easily and slapped the cumming girl hard to her face. Marissa groaned in pain as her eyes rolled slightly, and she felt her pussy convulse again while now stunned back to the ground. The blonde’s orgasm might have been stronger if Isabella had mounted her, but the black-haired roommate had something and someone else in mind.

    She had turned to see Maggie mounting Bianca by the pussy and was starting to ride her. One of Bianca’s fishnet covered legs was on Maggie’s shoulder and the other was trapped, giving the redhead full control. Maggie hadn’t given Bianca even a second of rest once her orgasm subsided. She was trying to drive another fast spike of pleasure into Bianca’s body as quickly as possible.

    Sweat beads were flying off their body as they fucked, legs crossed, and the raven-haired girl seemed to be taking more than she was giving. She was groaning loudly as her pink pussy was spread against Maggie’s; the released cum making their nether regions slick as she struggled to fuck back in this position.

    The sight annoyed Isabella, who could still taste Maggie on her lips. She wanted payback for the face sitting and that thought helped make her decision. She left the stunned blonde on the ground and moved quickly and quietly on her knees. She came up behind Maggie and Bianca unheard and slithered her arms around the pale body. She filled her hands with the redhead’s big tits softly as the redhead froze her fucking of Bianca at the touch. “Forgot about me?” Isabella whispered into Maggie’s ear with a dangerous sensuality.

    The bright green eyes shot open at the words. She turned her head, “Issa…” She hissed, knowing she was caught. She reached behind herself and was able to grab hold of the wet curly black locks the best she could.

    Pulling the black hair towards her, Maggie felt the big tanned tits of Isabella push into her back. She turned her head to look at the other rival in the eye, but doing so, she was suddenly kissed by Isabella. It almost looked romantic as she was kissed from behind, their warm tongues sliding into each other’s mouths, even as the librarian was still connected to Bianca by their cunts and Isabella was on her knees behind her.

    Bianca’s blue eyes opened at the feeling of Maggie stopping her humping. She felt a pulse of desire, seeing Isabella and Maggie sucking each other’s mouths. Sensing the distraction, she freed her leg off of Maggie and sat up in a crunch motion. She latched her lips onto the other’s librarian’s rigged nipples and began to suck the freckled breasts into her warm mouth as deep as possible. The reaction was immediate as Maggie gave a shake of pleasure as she was attacked on multiple fronts.

    Being sandwiched between the two heavenly bodies and covered in their womanly parts made Maggie scream into the intern’s mouth. A few seconds of this, and Isabella sent a finger down to the redhead’s clit even with her pussy still connected to Bianca’s. With one stroke of her love knub by the intern’s tender touch, Maggie had to break the wet kiss with a loud and desperate moan. Her pussy convulsed on Bianca’s sex organ and the raven-haired girl groaned at the continued sensation of their blended sexes. Maggie’s wail was quickly silenced as Isabella started kissing her again roughly while pulling her backwards.

    While this was happening, Bianca had been sucking Maggie’s tits, covering them with a thick layer of saliva. No amount of spitting down each other’s shirts would pay back this thorough coating. As Maggie was pulled to the ground, Bianca let the nipple leave her mouth, while also letting their wet pussies separate.

    She quickly rose up to her knees as Maggie began to thrash trying to escape from Isabella’s limbs. The redhead was facing the ceiling, making her tits shine in the light and jiggle wildly atop the intern. Maggie’s strength surprised Isabella who was forced to let go after a few seconds of attempting to hold the redhead in this position.

    Their twined limbs separated, and Maggie rolled off of her. But before the librarian could push herself up, Bianca was on her, and they began to wrestle. It lasted less than a second as Isabella sat up and Bianca quickly pinned Maggie down on her back by the hips. She interlaced their fingers and spit onto Maggie’s face, but missed and hit the redhead’s neck.

    Meanwhile, Marissa was still recovering on her side coming down from the high of an almost 15 second orgasm. She had made an error holding in her pleasure that long. She may have gotten Isabella off first, but hers had drained her far more than she expected. She looked up just in time to see Bianca and Isabella attacked Maggie once again.

    Bianca had shifted on top of Maggie so that her big toned ass was pushed into the other librarian’s face in a reverse face sit. Isabella had moved down in a downward dog yoga position in between Maggie’s legs. The sexy freckled girl was still struggling, trying to roll, trying to escape, but it was too late.

    “Isabella, let’s do it together.” Bianca said with an almost giddy sound that was uncommon from her usual serious tone. The intern smiled, looking up at her boss from between the one fishnet covered leg, and the other pale leg of the redhead. “Perfect.” She responded, giving Maggie’s calves a little massage.

    Maggie’s green eyes shot open at the words, taking in the sight of Bianca’s perfect ass in her face. She took hold of the long black hair and spanked the fat muscle once with a loud snap. Neither stopped Bianca as the professional leaned down and began working on Maggie’s clit with her mouth while Isabella’s tongue started working her lower slit, near her asshole.

    Maggie screamed in pleasure and desire. The sound was one of the highest pitches she had ever made in any sexual interaction. Just hearing their plan had gotten her excited, but she knew this was not a great place to be in a sexfight, or maybe it was the best place because it felt incredible.

    She shot her tongue into Bianca’s now available cunt, sliding in and tasting her coworker’s tasty sex for the first time. She only had a second however, as she immediately withdrew her pink snake to groan as she felt her rivals begin to work their sex magic on her body. ‘Oh my god.’ She thought, as her second orgasm started sprinting towards the edge at an unbelievable speed.

    Maggie had two tongues working her cunt and she knew she wouldn’t last a minute here. Where was Marissa she thought, knowing the blonde was her only chance to get out of this. Isabella was now going as deep in Maggie’s pussy as she could while Bianca had found the clit she had dueled twice now with her tongue.

    She locked the small organ with her pink lips, having thought about this moment for the last three months. But to Maggie’s surprise, the professional was incredibly gentle to the love knub and that only made things harder for Maggie who moaned at the softness. The intern and librarian were in tune as Bianca’s lips were running up and down her clit at the same time Isabella’s tongue thrusted deep. But that wasn’t the end.

    Without either girl speaking, they seemed to know what they needed to do next. Maggie felt Isabella’s tongue leave her and start to run up the slit towards where Bianca was sucking.
    She also felt her coworker release her for half a second and move up an inch near her bellybutton. Then Bianca’s tongue down her skin making her way back to the clit and in a direct line with Isabella’s tongue.

    Maggie felt the incredible sensation of her clit crushed as their tongues touched, and they began to kiss right atop her sex. Their lower lips both pushed in tightening on her most sensitive organ and it was a feeling Maggie hadn’t known and couldn’t handle.

    It might have been one of the quickest 0-100 orgasms of her life. She shrieked as she began to cum hard, the image in her mind and feelings given to her by the clit kiss was too much for her body to handle. Her whole body started to shake wildly as Isabella and Bianca kissed harder on the clit. Maggie couldn’t even focus on the attack of Bianca’s ass as she felt the pleasure hitting the top of her skull and spread down her body, her nerves firing as cum dripped out of her for the second time that night.

    “FUCK! Marissa! Help!” She screamed unable to hold it in. Even as her orgasm peaked, the rivals didn’t let up, looking to drain Maggie and break her in this sex hold. All Maggie could do was slap Bianca’s firm ass, but it didn’t slow down the professional or even distract her.

    Even as her orgasm started to lighten, she knew she would cum again in quick succession if they kept this up for another few seconds. Suddenly the weight off her face was gone. She heard a scream from Bianca and Isabella both as her clit was freed from the kiss. Her green eyes opened to see Marissa had finally gotten up from her orgasm. The standing blonde had taken hold of both girl’s black hairs and pulled them harshly to the side and off of Maggie’s sex.

    Her body free, Maggie reacted quickly and trapped Isabella’s head in-between her pale thighs as the brown-eyed girl screamed from the hair pull. Maggie rolled to her side, keeping Izzy in the headlock as the intern began to struggle against the redhead’s intention while Bianca and Marissa renewed their fighting.

    The redhead was able to roll them further and climbed on top of the Spanish girl who clawed up as best she could, desperate to not be put into another schoolgirl pin. It didn’t work, and a second later she was under Maggie once again. This time, the dripping cunt was too far for Isabella to lick as she took hold of the white garter belt like before. With a flash in her green-eyes, Maggie reached behind and began to finger the brown eyed girl’s open pussy. Isabella moaned, once again trapped between Maggie’s legs and this time with the librarian’s focus fully on her.

    While that was happening, Bianca had tackled Marissa and the blonde welcomed the renewed contact of their bodies. The librarian failed to get Marissa down to her back and they ended both up on their knees in front of each other. She had let go of Isabella’s hair and took two handfuls of Bianca’s as her blonde hair was gripped in turn. They began to titfight on their knees like she and Isabella had been, the pale and lightly tanned tits bouncing into each other with light slaps. Bianca’s tasty body felt different than Izzy’s but equally as womanly as their sharp nipples poked the sweaty globes.

    After Marissa got a good boob thump to the side of Bianca’s chest, the librarian gasped and paused their fight, compressing their orbs lightly to reduce the swinging. Their lips came only an inch away as they felt the hot breath of their enemy. “Again, you break up a good moment for me…I’m going to teach you some manners.” Bianca snarled as Marissa seemed to have a knack for getting in the way.

    “I just never learn...” Marissa hissed back as she smashed her lips into Bianca’s. She might not have had any cum, but her mouth still tasted like Bianca’s sex. The librarian moaned from the taste herself and Maggie on the blonde’s lips. Bianca’s left hand went to the remaining blonde pigtail. She ripped at it while her right hand slid its middle finger into the student’s pussy still on their knees.

    Bianca broke the kiss with her finger fully inside of Marissa, “I’m going to make you drink your own cum for making me taste mine.”
    “We can share…” Marissa mocked as she stuck two fingers into Bianca’s cunt and for the first time, slipped her pinky to tease Bianca’s asshole. She felt the pale girl gasp slightly at the new sensation and Marissa grinned knowing she had surprised the more experienced sexfighting librarian with her boldness.

    A few feet away, Isabella got closer and closer to her second orgasm. She began to moan louder and louder, the garter belt not giving her any advantage in escaping as two of Maggie’s fingers went in and out with a light squishing sound.

    “Fuck you bitch!” She cried, but as she said that Maggie stopped fingering her and released her face from her thighs. The sudden loss of pleasure was almost more frustrating than relief of escape.

    Not sure what had happened, she tried to sit up, but Maggie drove her one fishnet covered knee into Isabella’s stomach hard enough to keep her pinned. “Ouff”, Isabella groaned as Maggie used their mixed sweat to slide down the rest of Isabella’s body. She had one goal in mind. Twice Isabella had stuck her tongue in her, now she was going to give it back twice as good. She lowered her body to the floor and slid her tasting muscle directly into Isabella’s warm pussy and then stuck one finger in the brown asshole for good measure.

    Isabella screamed as the pleasure returned ten-fold. Her back arched involuntarily as she realized that Maggie was far more experienced in sexfighting than her and would be as dirty as needed. She would have to make it up in passion and energy as she tried to bridge out of it, but Maggie followed her motion easily.

    This put them in a new position with Maggie on her knees and each of Isabella’s legs on the side of her head. Isabella then tried to squeeze Maggie, but the gambit had failed and now Maggie was able to get her whole mouth on Isabella’s cunt, even as she had to remove her finger from the intern’s ass.

    Maggie felt Isabella start to shake as the intern no longer spoke, biting her lip to stop herself from releasing her pleasure. This sensation of Maggie’s lips and tongue was incredible, and Isabella knew she had never received a perfect eat out of her pussy like this one in her life.

    Maggie lifted her mouth off just slightly to taunt, “What’s the matter Izzy? Do you like it when I do this?” She hissed before she began to suck her rival’s clit directly using every bit of her skill from her previous fights. “You bitch!” Isabella screamed as her legs tried again to squeeze Maggie’s head with her thighs, but with the sexual release starting, her muscles couldn’t keep the pressure on in this bridge.

    “NO!” Izzy cried as she began to spasm and cum into Maggie’s mouth. The librarian could feel the goosebumps everywhere on Isabella’s body shoot up while she got a nice little dribble of cum into her mouth. It was very tasty, and she thought for a second how fun it would be keeping Isabella down like this for the next two hours. Isabella twisted and groaned as she squeezed Maggie’s head again tightly, this time involuntarily that the redhead gasped at. The brown legs were unbelievably strong. Maggie kept it up however, swallowing every drop of discharge while keeping her tongue in Isabella the entire time. The orgasm lasted almost 20 seconds with Izzy’s clit given no mercy and sucked hard over and over.

    Finally, Isabella’s muscles relaxed on Maggie’s shoulders and the redhead felt that she might have just finished Isabella for good. The intern’s breathing was shallow, and she seemed almost dazed from the sexual release. A second hard orgasm could end a good amount of sexfights, not all women were built like she was who could handle more Maggie thought.

    Maggie released the legs off herself and moved slightly away from the gasping but motionless Isabella. With a free second, she unclicked her garter belt and also removed her last fishnet stocking, leaving her fully nude. She was tired of the other women grabbing at it as it had turned into a disadvantage. She almost turned away, but her anger at Izzy continued to boil even now. Against her normal personality, she spit on the huge brown tits twice. She knew the intern felt it, and that is what Maggie wanted. To make sure Isabella knew that she wasn’t in her league. Isabella gave her that same rage that Amber did when they first met, and Silvia did, it made her feel crazy with lust and hate.

    She also knew that getting this fight into a two on one was the key to winning. With Isabella looking like she was out for the count, she turned her head to see Bianca and Marissa still kissing with their fingers in each other.

    While she had been finishing Izzy, Bianca had also lost her garter belt in her duel with Marissa, but both fishnets remained on the sexy legs. They however were torn in plenty of places, and she guessed there had been a bit more catfighting between the other busty girls. Another sign was Marissa’s hair was now fully free from the pigtails, and the wavey yellow locks were blended into the dark black above their heads…it was quite a sight.

    She crawled slowly where the two sex queens were still wetly kissing and fingering each other with wild abandon, both in the ass and pussy. She got close enough to hear the threats and taunts they made at each other when they would separate their lips for a few brief seconds.

    “I’m going to make you eat me out and cover your face with all my cum.” Marissa growled at Bianca with her wet lips. “For all the times you got in my face this semester.”

    “If you want to 69 bitch, I’m more than ready. I’ll give you an orgasm so excellent that you will be begging me to teach you how to fuck. Your pathetic cunninglingus attempt was lacking previously.” Bianca taunted back and she licked Marissa’s white teeth.

    “Pathetic? I already got a good mouthful of your cum bitch. Shame I had to force it down Izzy’s throat, because your throat looks even more tempting to coat.” Marissa finished as they started kissing again, each humping the other’s fingers as they neared release.

    They might have rotated and started this dirty 69 they threatened but with Marissa rolling on top, Maggie put her hands-on Bianca shoulders stopping both of them from continuing to trade position. Bianca’s blue eyes shot open and looked up and away from Marissa. She could still feel that the blonde’s right hand was in her cunt and her left one was groping her toned pale ass. That meant the hands on her shoulders belonged to someone else…and she groaned seeing the red curly hair above her.

    Marissa looked up and was surprised having Maggie’s big firm tits near her face. She ended her spit filled kiss with Bianca and grinned that Maggie was here, and Izzy wasn’t. That meant her roommate was either done, or had just been forced off like she had been and left to cum. “Sit up.” Maggie ordered Marissa, who removed her hands from Bianca’s wet cunt and did as she was told, excited to see what Maggie had in mind for the other librarian.

    The raven-haired beauty quickly began to thrash wildly but with two women holding her down, there was not much she could do. Maggie then moved forward on their knees, passing her wet cunt just a few inches above Bianca’s face as Marissa sat on her hips facing the redhead.

    The hazel and green eyes met as they sat atop Bianca, and with a little grin they couldn’t help but share a quick kiss that also pressed their fat tits together slightly. Marissa was a fantastic kisser and Maggie had to stop herself from getting lost in her intern’s warm inviting mouth. She broke it off, and the look they shared said only one thing, ‘after this’.

    With their kiss ended, Maggie and Marissa moved in sequence. Bianca could only scream as her co-worker pushed her own juicy ass into her face while Marissa leaned down to suck her pale boobs and finger her again.

    The pleasure was doubled, but Bianca refused to take this without giving it back. She licked Maggie’s ass best she could. She dove her tongue into the puckered flesh and kneaded the big muscle with force. Maggie huffed at Bianca’s drive and filled her hands with Bianca’s fat tits. She groped the big balls of fat tenderly while Marissa moved down the pale body with a clear goal in mind.

    Maggie watched the blonde move and knew her target. She looked behind herself at where her ass was still atop Bianca’s face. “You probably don’t know, but this will feel incredible for a slut like you.” Maggie said to her trapped rival. Bianca was now in the same position she had been in a few minutes’ prior and she was going to give her a piece of her own medicine.

    “Yeah, scream loudly if I’m up to your standards…” Marissa taunted from between Bianca’s legs. She ran her tongue from Bianca’s belly button the rest of the way into the professional’s wet pink cunt. She was alone only for a second, as Maggie leaned down and stuck her own tongue into Bianca as well. Bianca wailed as it felt like a thick slippery cock as the two tongues filled her wet cunt at the same time.

    “YOU SLUTS!” She cried, getting some air as Maggie had taken her ass off to get her tongue involved. They pumped in and out twice and Bianca almost came, unable to not thrust harder for more pleasure. Just before she let go however, the tongues retreated. Maggie’s ass left Bianca’s face and the professional quickly tried to move.

    She thought that Isabella had gotten there to help her, but she was wrong and felt the four hands of her rival’s force her back down. She opened her blue eyes just in time to see Marissa’s equally juicy and toned ass was now hovering above her head. The other two women had only switched positions to give Bianca even more pleasure.

    Marissa lowered her ass onto Bianca whose tongue began to work her like it had Maggie’s seconds before. “Told you I would cover you in my cum!” Marissa laughed as she spread her sexy cunt over Bianca’s pretty nose. The pleasure was a lot to bear for the humiliation, but Marissa took it in stride. At the same time, Maggie fingered her co-worker while sitting on the professional’s hips.

    Wanting more, she then moved down deciding to force Bianca off with her cunt. She spread her rival’s fishnet legs easily and slid between them. She slapped their pussies together and began to hump. She could feel Bianca’s sex twitching, her body now fighting both of them for more than a minute. As she began to grind Bianca, she shut her green eyes to not watch Marissa’s amazing tits bounce up and down and just focus on forcing Bianca down off while keeping her own sex drive in check. It was a mistake, as if she had kept them open, she might have seen Isabella move like a cat around the three fucking women.

    Bianca held on against the tag team just long enough, and Maggie’s eyes opened a second too late. She tried anyway to warn her partner. “Marissa!” She yelled as Isabella got behind the quirky blonde. She put her arms under her roommate’s armpits as if going for a full nelson, but instead clawed the huge bouncing tits.

    “OW, SLUT!” Marissa cried as she tried to pry the hands away, but lost focus on keeping Bianca down. Isabella fell back taking Marissa off of the professional’s body. In a flash Bianca had sat up and ended the librarian’s trib, kicking out at Maggie and landing a shot on the redhead’s sternum that took the wind right out of her lungs. The redhead kneeled over in pain gasping, but lucky for her, Bianca didn’t press her and turned her attention to the two interns.

    Isabella was fingering Marissa from behind as the blonde tried to free herself. Bianca wanted to get Maggie trapped but she also knew that Isabella wouldn’t be able to get Marissa off in the position. Leaving the gasping redhead, she crawled over to the blonde and brunette who were struggling on the ground. She gripped the blonde’s legs and helped Isabella starfish them both. Mari looked up to see Bianca between her legs grinning at her. Bianca blew some cool air on the blondes over heated cunt that sent a new sensation up her body.

    “Let me show you how it’s done bitch.” She hissed and began to lick up Marissa’s leaking juices as Isabella kneaded and tweaked her roommate’s sensitive nipples. Maybe Bianca was as good as she threatened at eating out other women as Marissa began to cum only 10 or so seconds after the pale beauty began her work.

    “Oh fuck…” Marissa groaned as she came atop her roommate, but not in the way she wanted. She was forced to face the ceiling, feeling the huge tits on her back while her legs were forced open. Bianca continued sucking and licking the sex flesh as Isabella whispered words into her roommate’s ear and kneaded the fat tanned boobs harder.

    “The room is mine bitch…you are cumming again like a slut.” Isabella taunted quietly.
    Marissa growled in retaliation as her pussy squeezed Bianca’s tongue involuntarily. She could do nothing though, as the professional slid it out of the warm cave and pressed the pink muscle down onto the clit directly. Marissa’s screams hit a new pitch as the orgasm peaked and she released more cum into Bianca’s mouth.

    Finally, after a few more seconds, Isabella let Mari fall off to her side as Bianca sat up and swallowed her annoying interns’ juices with extra lick of her lips. “Hmm, at least you taste decent.” She said while rolling her eyes. She cleared the rest of the skin by her mouth with her pointy finger, then sucked it clean.

    Marissa rolled away slightly needing time to recuperate, and Isabella sat up breathing heavily from the job of the holding blonde during her orgasm. Bianca took a second to look and take in her own body and then her interns. They smiled at each other, before Isabella and Bianca shared a quick kiss of appreciation for their fight thus far. The kiss started to get heated as their tongues were lightly playing, until they too remembered where they were and the goal of the night.

    At this point, all the girls had kissed each other at one point or another during this fight and the taste of their cum was becoming harder to distinguish between their mixed fluids. Bianca ended the kiss slowly and smiled at Izzy. “Let’s finish them and take our prizes. My library and your room,” Bianca breathed, as she looked at both of her rivals on the ground. “Yes, I’ll take Marissa.” Isabella responded, looking at the still recovering blonde with a burning glare. The intern knew her body, she had gone off twice, and a third one was closer than she wanted. She didn’t want to cum again. People never lasted this long with her in bed, so she needed to finish the blonde quickly.

    Bianca almost objected because she wanted to do so much more to Marissa, but the Gala was still on the line, and for now that was more important. She gave a node and responded, “Excellent, I’ll finish Maggie.”

    “Maggie? Not Miss Reynolds?” Isabella questioned with surprise, looking at Bianca and her nude body with a lick of her lips. She had never heard Bianca refer to Maggie’s first name the entire semester.

    Bianca gave a slight shrug. “There is nothing professional about what we are doing here, and I thought it was time she and I dropped the pretense that there is.”

    “Hey, it works for me, and once we are done, I might have to fuck Maggie off one more time…just for some of the stuff she has said to me.” Isabella said, taking a look over where Maggie was laying.

    “I think we can arrange that; I wouldn’t mind making Marissa take back some of her words tonight as well.” Bianca hissed with a predatory grin, glancing at the still recuperating blonde.

    “Let’s get them off, side by side, I’ll drag Marissa over to Maggie.” Isabella said standing up and Bianca had no problems with that plan. She watched as Izzy took the yellow strands and pulled it hard towards Maggie. Marissa groaned as she crawled slowly to reduce the pain of her scalp as she was led by her roommate.

    Bianca slipped both her ruined stockings off leaving all four women fully in the nude. She crawled over to Maggie who hadn’t moved for a few minutes. The other librarian didn’t lash out and instead widened her bare legs as if she was more than ready to finish this the way they started. Bianca smiled at the silent invitation and opened her own.

    When she had started this job and met Maggie, she had never expected this, but it was perfect. There was nothing better than winning her job while also getting to dirtily fuck the woman who challenged her. She loved sexual competition as it was the only time she ever got to let out her wild side. It was rare she met another woman like Maggie who was as sexually willing as she was and had a body to match her. Winning this would make it all the sweeter by finishing the sexy rival she had found.

    “You won’t finish me, Bianca.” Maggie said with a haughty tone that didn’t suit her as she sat up. Their eyes found each other with their legs wide open. Maggie might have been behind in the race, but one hard orgasm could change the tide, and her cunt was more than ready to break Bianca’s.

    The blue-eyed girl gave a humph, but before she could respond a scream turned her head. Marissa had gotten up and was now in a hairpulling catfight with Isabella. Her attention wasn’t held for long however, and before she looked back at her co-worker, Maggie shot her pussy forward. The slick slits locked again to its matching rival and they began to fuck with a groan. Locking into a kiss with their tits crushed, they lost sight of the other pair in their sit up fuck.

    Tongues moved softly on each other as the wet kissing continued. A few seconds into the smooch and Bianca built up a wad of spit in her mouth. She then used her tongue to force it into Maggie’s mouth.

    Their lips separated by an inch after the exchange. “I’m going to finish you…and your hot little body, you won’t stand up to me in my library after this.” She whispered as Maggie played with the glob of spit into her mouth. She added a good amount of her own and used her tongue to return it into Bianca’s hungry maw as it was passed between them.

    Her mouth now free, Maggie whispered back, “I told you. This is my place…my job, and you don’t belong here.” She finished just before Bianca brought the spit back, but she kept her lips closed and the good exploded between their mouths. Most of it fell between their compressed tits, pooling in between them sexually.

    “I belong here because I’m better…at sex, and this job.” Bianca said now with strings of spit connecting their lips. Maggie almost responded, but they felt a bump from a toned ass to their sides.

    Both the librarian’s turned their heads to see Isabella and Marissa had also locked into a sweaty trib on the ground. They were both fully laid out on their sides humping each other on wildly. They didn’t seem to even register they had rolled into the other pair, both lost in the sensations and focus of the fight.

    From the looks on their faces and masks of determination, Maggie couldn’t help wondering that for all their bravado, that if this was the first time, they had done this. The first time they had gone at each other clit to clit or had gone pussy to pussy in a sexfight with anyone. She was right and the roommates were desperate to win this as they pushed the line, they were willing to go to win.

    The sight was incredible and the librarian’s paused their own fuck to watch. Maggie was enjoying a new first, a sexfight right in front of her. It was different from the experience of seeing it on screen with Amber and Daphne’s. Maybe a few differences here and there she noted, but one thing was for certain, in person was hotter than on screen even if it wasn’t her ex doing it.

    She lost focus of the show as Bianca’s clit had found hers again. The hot trib turned faster and more precise with their clit duel. The librarian’s attention now on each other again, they did not notice the other pair roll towards them a few seconds later. Bumping into them again, Isabella and Marissa sat up and used their hands to brace themselves from behind. Ironically this put them in the same position that Bianca and Isabella had planned to do originally, with one key difference. Isabella had ended up next to Maggie and Marissa had ended up side by side with Bianca.

    Marissa and Isabella were no longer talking or taunting as their pussies ate at one another. The sexfight was physically intense as the roommate’s labia folds blended and meshed sending enjoyable but frustratingly hot sensations from their core to their limbs. Sticky cum had already begun coating their inner thighs as they pushed in harder to increase the pressure. They could feel the other’s clit with their sensitive flesh but avoided it on their own. They circled and feigned as if they knew that was the final line they would have to cross in order to win and fully embrace their attraction and hatred at roommates.

    Being side to side with their rivals, Maggie and Bianca also leaned back and caused the redhead’s left shoulder to brush with Isabella’s right. They turned, surprised how close the hot sexy body was to them, their big tits bouncing up and down in tune with their fucking. They snarled at each other, but both continued to focus on the cunt fuck between their sexy legs. Maggie next to Isabella, Marissa next to Bianca, each trying to finish their rival pussy to pussy so that one pair could team up on the last remaining rival.

    The two cunt fights went on for another few seconds until, unable to stop herself, Isabella grabbed the redhead’s hair and pulled it towards her. She had watched the fat freckled tits bounce one too many times, taunting her. The redhead’s lightly toned stomach was punchable and lick able to Isabella’s brown eyes and she wanted more of her rival.

    Maggie didn’t resist and locked the darker woman in a sloppy kiss as her clit flicked Bianca’s love knob. Her right tit pushing into Isabella’s left, as if looking to challenge the pair once again. Isabella dominated the kiss for as second, while her pussy rubbed wetly on her roommates, finally taking their rivalry to the most intimate and erotic level of sexual challenge.

    Their clits had found each other, and Isabella screamed into Maggie’s mouth who knew what had just happened. Marissa moaned louder than ever before confirming the librarian’s thoughts. They had crossed the line; they were now fucking in the most intimate of ways two woman could fight. It went unsaid, but there was more on the line between them than just the credits and room. This was now everything, who could break the other sexually, a true test of their bodies and clashing personalities.

    Maggie and Isabella continued kissing with their tongues outside their mouths, still competing sex to sex with Bianca and Marissa respectively. The other two didn’t kiss, instead they watched the show of their allies fight as they pushed in harder and focused only on their first rival. Or so Bianca thought.
    Marissa suddenly twisted using her obliques and locked her lips on Bianca’s bouncing fat right tit, sucking it deep into her warm mouth. It was so much of a surprise, that the sensation shot right down from the pale nipple to her clit and the professional began to cum. Maggie felt it, but Bianca pushed off before Maggie could stop her. Instead of pursuing her, and knowing what would happen if she tried, Maggie instinctively rolled atop Isabella. For three seconds, the Spanish woman’s cunt was connected to her roommates, while under Maggie. They kept exchanging spit as their nipples pressed in as she pulled the redhead in tighter with her arms.

    The blonde watched Maggie get on top of her roommate and knew she had the chance to double teamed Isabella right then, but another part of her felt the need to force Bianca off harder. Watching Maggie’s perfect ass jiggle in front of her made her decision. She chose quickly that she had to drain the sexual energy of the tireless business woman before she and Maggie’s energy started to wane. She could trust her partner to take care of Izzy.

    She regrettably broke off her clit fuck with Isabella and separated their cum covered pussies. Wasting no time, she spun on her ass and quickly lined up her cunt with Bianca’s who had backed away a few feet with her eyes closed. She slid between the pale muscular legs and brought her clit down directly on the already cumming girl. The touch was incredible for both women as Bianca now began to cum on her despised intern unable to stop herself. Weirdly, they felt their clits seemed to a close fit and it almost felt natural for them to fuck.

    Marissa moaned in excitement as she forced the woman off harder, cunt to cunt for the first time. It was exactly how she imagined, and Bianca’s moans made it all the better.
    “FUCK YOU MARISSA!” Bianca cried at the new sensation, her eyes opening, already knowing that Marissa was trying to ride her. It was working and the blonde flexed her ass to drive a few hard thrusts from the scissor position.

    “YES! Enjoy it whore, so much for teaching me!” Marissa screamed as she felt Bianca’s cunt twitch twice more before the blue-eyed girl’s eyes seemed to roll back in pleasure. The wavy-haired blonde then humped twice more for good measure before moving back and splitting apart the two soaked slits. If she had time, she would have started on Bianca right then and there but taking out Isabella would come first…then she would have her fun with the pale beauty. It didn’t stop her from quickly taking some of the wet cum between her legs and running it over Bianca’s chest.

    After that, she left the drained Bianca and crawled over to the other pair, not trying to hide her approach. They hadn’t gone anywhere still kissing in a missionary pose, unable to really fuck as well as they would like. Isabella heard her roommate coming and ended the make out. Her eyes darted to the crawling blonde and then back at the redhead. She started struggling to get out from under Maggie but wasn’t fast enough. Marissa crawled like a lioness around her, bringing her hands at her roommate’s shoulders so that they looked at each other upside down. Marissa then looked up and smiled at Maggie. “Let me.” She said giving the now sat up redhead a light kiss of appreciation on the lips that couldn’t help tasting like Bianca and Isabella.

    She then leaned down to Isabella’s face and gave it a lick. “This is for that night.” She whispered before also giving the lightest of kisses to the red lips that was gentler than any of the night. She held the lip lock for a few seconds before breaking it, even though lips stuck together a millisecond longer. Dark brown and hazel eyes were bearing into each other with equal amounts of anger, hatred and desire.

    From there first meeting as roommates and the awkward hug they shared. To now, a sexual duel in which they had forced themselves into and gladly took part in. They were no longer just ordinary roommates; they were so much more.

    She then moved again, going around the pair to where Maggie’s sexy back and full ass was sitting on her roommate’s hips. As Maggie held her down, Marissa lowered her face below the hot ass and into Isabella’s wet cunt. She wrapped her lips around the Spanish girl’s clit and began to lightly suck it as if doing it to a lover. She slipped in two fingers for good measure and extra motivation.

    Isabella groaned at the tongue and body press. “Damn it, fuck you, roomie!” She tried to close her legs again, but Maggie laid her hot equal body down and spread their legs by the ankle, keeping her cunt open. Her brown eyes looked into Maggie’s green with an angry fire and knew that it was returned with an equal inferno.

    She stuck her tongue out and Maggie matched as they twirled the wet muscles outside their mouths over and over, Isabella doing anything she could to keep stimulating Maggie, giving back anything. She had to retreat as Marissa got her closer, another 15 seconds passing in this hold…and Izzy felt her limit approach. She freed her hands and gripped Maggie’s full ass, spanking it once and squeezing it. The redhead panted and moaned from the ass massage but kept the intern pinned so Marissa could finish her.

    Isabella squealed, she couldn’t believe Marissa was eating her like this, so soft and gentle, it felt amazing with Maggie’s incredible body pinning her, her hands full of the redhead’s toned juicy ass…her young womanly body felt like an inferno. She kissed Maggie again, spanked harder, trying to hold on until Bianca recovered or Maggie had to get off. The girl’s kiss turned into swirling massive amounts of shared spit in their mouths until Isabella broke off with a desperate cry as her clit was sucked harder by her roommate.

    “Fuck you Marissa!” She gasped then let go of the librarian’s ass and took hold of the curly red hair bringing their lips to touch. “AND Fuck you Maggie! I hate you, you fuc…!”, She screamed but the rest was swallowed by Maggie, taking in the hate and giving it back. Locking them together again in a kiss in a pure spite with her tongue fully dominating the other’s mouth. Maggie felt it before Marissa could, the Spanish girl’s body’s dam had broken and was leading to a devastating orgasm that would rock her to the core.

    She broke away again, “Noooo…” She now whimpered quietly so that only the redhead could hear, “Maggie…. oh my god….” The tone was so different from half a second before that Maggie felt a weird sense of a shame. Isabella looked at her desperately as the pleasure went over the edge and Maggie watched with the same look of desire.

    She felt Isabella start to cum into the open mouth of Marissa, in what would be her third orgasm from the fight and what was looking to become the biggest one yet. She screamed as she felt her despaired roommate tongue her harder. The one she had built the most intense rivalry in her life with, would swallow her cum and continue to eat her so well. Mari enjoyed every second of draining her roommate and making this fight a two on one.

    Just as Isabella started to cum, Bianca looked up finally coming down from her high. The orgasms were so intense that it had lasted nearly 30 seconds and that was without the recovery period. She cursed herself as she watched her intern starting to cum after holding on so long from the sexual attacks. Bianca pushed herself to her feet and made her way over. Not thinking, just acting, she gripped Marissa’s yellow hair who had been totally lost in the moment and pulled it hard up to her feet. The blonde screamed and then was slapped, stunning her briefly and dropping her back to the ground. Bianca then went down to her stomach between the dueling legs where Marissa had just been.

    Maggie was still kissing Isabella through the beginning of the pleasure when suddenly she felt her asshole licked and tongued. She broke the kiss with a squeal and flipped her sweaty head around and could see that the black hair had replaced the yellow. The rival librarian was now pushing her face between Maggie’s muscular cheeks with her slippery tongue. “Bianca…you!” Maggie cried and Isabella smiled at the change of fortune. Bianca was dangerously skilled with her tongue and Maggie knew she was in trouble as an extra finger was added to her cunt.

    She tried to close her legs, and flip around but Isabella now was the one holding them in this position. “You aren’t going anywhere…”, She breathed, and Maggie realized the rival intern had actually not yet cum. Somehow the intern had pushed it down or stopped it, showing off her immense sexual control. Now Maggie started to shake, her ass being eaten while now held tight by Isabella.

    Her own orgasm was just about to start, and she let out a whimper. “Yes…cum you bitch.” Isabella hissed, holding Maggie’s fat cheeks wide as she licked the redhead’s face and let Bianca go deeper. Then the tongue was gone from Maggie’s toned ass. Marissa had jumped up and grabbed Bianca’s in retaliation. Bianca was more than ready and lunged her body forward, tackling Marissa to the ground. They screamed as they rolled away, their thighs up on each other’s cunts, starting a rub off.

    This left Maggie and Isabella alone, their legs widened, and seconds from going over the edge. Maggie controlled her pulsing sex and Isabella’s eyes widened at the librarian’s self-control. Then Maggie smiled at her with a cocky grin, “I wasn’t planning on going anywhere. I’m going to fuck you Isabella…for acting so cold to me…when I tried to be nice. You aren’t good enough to be my intern.” She whispered the mean truth to her newfound rival, again unable to hold back her resentment.

    She wished she could have held back those words, but in this climatic moment she couldn’t. For some reason it felt right, finishing Isabella or being finished by her. She thrust down, with her on edge clit and kissed Isabella again with both pairs of lips. She felt the intern shake in rage, at the words, Maggie holding it over her head like she was better than her, that she was the one in the wrong. Neither came from the thrust as their clits missed by a millimeter though the pleasure still increased from their sexes.

    “No, this is for hating me for no reason… I wanted you to pick me…I’m more than good enough to be your intern…and I’m going to out fuck you to prove it.”, Isabella breathed her own truths back. It was too late for apology, and they started to fuck in a wide leg missionary, so only their clits could fight and settle it…who was in the wrong and who would apologize. It only took two slow hard thrusts before both girls were about to cum.

    Every girl that Maggie fought felt a little different, their motions, their thrusts, the uniqueness of how they took and gave pleasure. It was like getting just a little glimpse inside the personal life of the woman she met and fucked. All of them, including Isabella’s sex felt unique on her cunt, but her fucking style was similar to Amber’s, more aggressive, thrusting harder and taking more. It was different than Silvia’s, which was more like her own, allowing the rival to drain herself before starting to fuck back. Bianca’s which like her personality was thrusting at precise moments and spots. She wondered what Marissa’s style was…or Daphne’s…or the Jenny woman that Amber had fought. If they had similarities or not. Maybe she had thought way too much about this and there were really no connections between them.

    “Touch our clits.” Izzy whispered and she knew this would send one of them over and that was the idea.
    “You won’t last.” Maggie whispered back but was already getting her ass ready for another thrust.
    “Try me…Miss Reynolds.” She finished with a dismissive look that was enough to make Maggie go all in with a snarl. She thrust her hips down and Isabella shot her own up and this time there was a connection. In the missionary position, the two erect clits crushed causing Maggie’s and Isabella’s eyes to widen in shock. They screamed out in pleasure both their enemy’s name and thrust again.

    The clits met again for the second time and pushed in like two balloons compressed in a small space. This time, they both felt it. Isabella’s clit gave way, unable to handle the second plunge. Her brown eyes somehow opened even further as Maggie could feel the goosebumps on Isabella’s body shoot up. This time Maggie knew it was for real. “AHHH. OH God…Magg”, Isabella screamed, but that was all she got out as Maggie kissed her, forcing their mouths together and dominating the intern as the orgasm shot from Izzy’s clit to the rest of her body.

    Maggie wanted to swallow all of the screams so that neither Bianca nor Marissa could tell which of the other pair had won. Isabella was no longer in control, shaking wildly and sending vibrations down Maggie’s throat as she tried to get more sexual contact with Maggie, now looking for pleasure and not fighting it. She squeezed the redhead’s toned ass almost playfully as she came, the hardest orgasm of the night for the young intern cumming under the sexy pale librarian.

    For almost a full 20 seconds, Maggie took the released indulgence of the intern until Isabella started to end her spasms. The orgasm was one to many for the young black-haired girl who had never been in a full sexfight or gone beyond a single fuck. She released Maggie’s mouth and fully relaxed, no longer in any erotic or physical state to fight. This time Maggie was sure, Isabella had been shattered, her beautiful face a mix of despair and near full sexual satisfaction. This being the first time Isabella had been brought to such a state in her life.

    The orgasm had been incredible, and Izzy felt her body no longer respond to commands. Unable to hold Maggie’s ass to her, her arms went slack, and they finally rolled apart. Even then, their eyes were still looking at each other for a few extra seconds, until Isabella rolled away from Maggie, unable to look at the librarian further. She suppressed a sob, trying to hide the shame of her defeat.

    While the other fight was settled, Bianca and Marissa had broken apart from their hair pulling role. They had ended up on their knees, moving in a tight circle around the other. Following the sexy open cunt of the enemy that dripped in anticipation of what was to come.

    “I’m glad I get to finish you before the night was over, I was worried you wouldn’t last long enough.” Bianca taunted at the blonde, her eye’s taking in every inch of fuckable lightly tanned skin.

    “Still talking shit huh. Does your annoying mouth do anything else?” Marissa laughed back at her, wanting to make do on a promise from earlier in the night. Bianca was a snack, and Marissa wanted another taste.

    “Sounds like we both can’t stand each other’s mouths. I know an excellent solution to shut them both up for a little while if you want to play Marissa?” Bianca challenged as she admired the hanging tits, and perfect ass of the annoying intern. She stopped and ran her tongue between a V-shape she made with her fingers. Marissa’s hazel eyes seemed to almost ignite at the suggestion. They were on the same wavelength.

    “That’s exactly what I want. I would love to 69 you Bianca, and find out which one of us is really going to be covered by the other’s cum. Just like we said.”
    “Exactly…we can’t stand each other’s mouths…it’s only natural we should find out which one is better.” Bianca agreed.
    “Come here baby, I’ll show you why it’s my tongue.” Marissa cooed as they stopped moving and went to their knees. Bianca hadn’t expected that name to turn her on, but Marissa was a little sex nymph. She didn’t have to do much to be alluring and Bianca found the intern more attractive than she let on.

    The professional smiled and went down onto her back. She allowed Marissa to go around her and then crawl on top in a sensual manner. Their tongues ran on the other’s body from their necks, through the valley of their breasts, until they stopped just under the other’s navel. Adjusting slightly, both girls widened their legs at the same time, a mutual sign they were confident enough to finish their rival without any further fighting.

    It began in earnest, and Maggie could tell their strategy after only a few seconds. It wasn’t a race, both of them were taking their time, building up the pleasure, so that when one went off, it would put her in a position to be finished for good. She could tell each was waiting for the other to start being more aggressive as they licked and kissed their inner thighs. She guessed that both trusted their partner to win, but also that maybe they didn’t care.

    Marissa and Bianca were quickly lost in their own fuck, seemingly forgetting Maggie and Isabella were in the room. This suited Maggie who had to relax her own sex, even if she got involved now, Bianca might easily get her off with a simple kiss or one finger into her still soaked pussy.

    The suck off went on for a few minutes as Maggie watched on. Bianca was working Marissa’s clit with tender care, running her lips up and down on it. Marissa was using her tongue to slide in and out of the top girl while her finger teased the asshole of the librarian. Different strategies but both devastatingly effective in this type of fight. After two more minutes of watching the spectacle, Maggie could tell Marissa was in trouble.

    The blonde’s legs seemed to be shaking at points while Bianca seemed to be in more control. She hadn’t expected her coworker to be this skilled with her tongue and now it seemed neither did her intern. Besides the sound of their licking and sucking, the room was quiet. Every breath, every little moan could be heard. Again Maggie noticed that Bianca used the vibrations of her own moans to push more pleasure onto Marissa while the blonde was not doing the same. She felt that experience might be playing a more crucial role as the translucent girl seemed to sense the intern’s weaking attacks.

    Maggie glanced over and took note that Isabella had not moved from her side. She was breathing tiredly, and she wasn’t going anywhere. Maggie knew the feeling and understood what was going through the intern’s head after suffering a sexual defeat. She had finished her and also had been able to hold in her final orgasm by a thread. This would only make Isabella’s loss worse, and now Maggie could help Marissa against the other ravenous. Pushing herself slightly up, she readied her still excited body for more sexual conflict.

    Slowly she went to her knees, white sticky cum dripping out of her pussy as she moved. Isabella might have lost the battle but had done work on the librarian’s body. She might not have been as skilled as Amber, but with more sexual competition experience, the Spanish girl might reach that level Maggie thought. She gently crawled away from the completely exhausted intern, who did not give chase.

    She crawled over to the 69-ing women and went to where Bianca’s face was lost in the eating. She watched her co-worker’s pink tongue dove into her intern. Her bright pink lips rubbing on Marissa’s pink pussy in a spit covered make out that looked so hot to Maggie’s green eyes.

    Both sex fighters were breathing heavily and had adjusted to be in a very perfect ball of womanly skin. Maggie admired the show for an extra second, watching how Bianca used her finger in Marissa’s ass. She seemed almost playing with the intern, like she knew she was about to win. It would be a satisfying finish if Maggie didn’t get involved.

    The crystal blue eyes were closed as Bianca prepared to finish Marissa. She wanted nothing more than to win, nothing more than to mount the blonde after this and give it to her in every way possible. A piece of her almost enjoyed beating Marissa even more than Maggie. Obviously then she could go and take care of her co-worker if Isabella hadn’t been able to finish her…the Gala was still on the line. She had heard both girls scream in pleasure on the other side of the room, but it was impossible to tell who got who off harder, or if it had been a mutual finish.

    Waiting long enough, Maggie ran her hands through the black long hair that had come undone from the bun softly, but just enough to get the professional’s attention. Bianca’s blue eyes shot open at the sensation and she came to see Maggie looking down at her. Maggie pulled the hair lightly of Bianca, forcing her mouth off Marissa’s cunt for the first time in almost 4 minutes.

    The two librarians looked at each other in a position neither would have ever believed themselves in just months ago when Bianca had accepted this job. Their rivalry was born from their profession but was now evolved. It was equally about them as women, and the head position, the gala was just an excuse.

    “Fuck you Maggie.” Bianca whispered as she felt her pussy licked and probed deeper by Marissa’s tongue. She was now unable to return the sexual favor and the blonde seemed to speed up, thinking maybe Bianca was close. Maggie didn’t say anything in return, just letting their eyes devour each other in these final moments.

    Then she leaned down and kissed Bianca desperately in an upside-down lip lock, just under where Marissa’s-soaked cunt and sexy ass was placed. Bianca moaned into the kiss, clearly accepting it, wanting it just as much. The front of their tongues rubbed as they explored each other’s mouths like there was no tomorrow tasting themselves, their interns, and everything else they had sucked this night.

    Though Maggie could taste the cum in Bianca’s mouth, she could no longer distinguish exactly who’s cum she was swallowing. Every girl had exchanged each other’s in one form or another and now the spit was just a mix of their bodily fluids.

    Bianca and Maggie kissed roughly as the redhead put all her effort in keeping her co-worker’s mouth occupied. Her hands controlled the professionals face by the hair who was clearly trying to do anything to force Maggie or Marissa off. Bianca didn’t know if Isabella would be able to stop the other librarian. Her sexual tank was nearing empty and this orgasm would be too much after this long 69 with Marissa.

    She turned her head to gasp for air trying to control her body, her hips involuntary starting to thrust into Marissa’s tongue. She only got one deep breath before Maggie’s lips were back on hers. The kiss deepened, but the redhead was starting to feel faint, a wave of tiredness hitting her. Her near orgasm, the only thing giving her energy to keep this up.

    Another 5 seconds past as Bianca struggled with a last burst of energy that almost got Maggie off from the kiss alone, she was that close. The professional’s finger’s pumping Marissa as hard as possible, but the surge ended. Then she began to kiss back softly into Maggie’s mouth as if she accepted her fate. A second later after this shift, Maggie felt it.

    She felt it through Bianca’s mouth, and it was clear the Professional was starting to go over the edge. Bianca was just about to cum, and Isabella was in no state to help her. They were going to win. Marissa had brought her tit up and was flicking her nipple on the professional’s clit and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

    But as Maggie prepared herself to hold Bianca, she felt a tongue slip into her ass that instantly brought her back to the edge of an own devastating orgasm. Isabella had dragged her defeated body over and was giving Maggie one last attack. She was not willing to be the only one down. Her pride more than her energy got her to move and tongue fuck the librarian. She placed her knees on the back of Maggie’s calves and her arms were wrapped around the librarian’s pale thighs keeping Maggie locked down. The redhead didn’t have the strength left to force the brown-eyed girl off anyway.

    Izzy was too late to save Bianca or have the strength to fight Marissa off, but she could bring Maggie down with the both of them. She squeezed Maggie’s juicy ass and licked the cooper tasting hole wetly, spitting into it once. It was a tense sensation Maggie hadn’t felt in a long time and with it, she began to cum with a moan. At the same instant Marissa pressed her pink nipples into Bianca’s clit like a ram, pressing it down perfectly. This made Bianca scream as she too began to cum while kissing Maggie.

    After all the buildup, the final moment had arrived in the young professional’s second sexual competition, but in a very different way than they thought it would after the last three months. Instead of forcing each other off personally, they were drained by the intern’s they had brought on and included in their duel. They continued kissing while screaming into each other’s mouths as their clits sent pulses into each other.

    The pleasure rode down their pale bodies as they continued to lick at one another, lost in the indulgence. The intern’s kept up the licking in the redhead’s ass and raven hair’s cunt respectively, knowing what was occurring. Bianca’s pussy had tightened on the hot tongue of the bitchy intern while also getting her tongue sucked like a popsicle by her rival. Her damn coworker who for the second time in her life was swallowing her sexual screams. She could feel her asshole tighten on Marissa’s probing finger at the same time as she surrendered to the two best bodies she had ever fucked or been fucked by.

    For almost 15 full seconds Bianca writhed under the desire of the intern until her tongue finally escaped from Maggie’s mouth. Her legs went slack right as Maggie’s did the same. Isabella had given the hot ass and cunt everything it could handle. She removed her tongue and collapsed to her side, happy, she got Maggie off, but now fully out for the count.

    This whole time, Marissa had kept up her assaults on the professional, wondering why Bianca had removed her tongue and started only using her fingers. She knew she would have lost if the professional had kept using her taster, it was very close. After a few seconds longer, Bianca finally stopped fingering as well and the suck off ended. Marissa withdrew her own tongue and went slightly limp on top of Bianca. Maggie too fell to her side completely depleted, her face only a half a foot away from her co-workers, both breathing shallowly.

    The room was quiet for a few seconds until Marissa sat up and rolled off Bianca with a groan. For roughly another minute none of the girls moved, relishing in the pleasure and circumstance of the fight. Then, Marissa finally looked behind her to see Maggie lying next to Bianca’s face. She then understood why the pale beauty had stopped using her tongue so suddenly. She also saw Isabella near Maggie’s ass and easily put two and two together. Maggie had gone down even as she had helped her win the fight, she owed the redhead for that.

    The conference room temperature had risen 20 degrees in the last 35 minutes as the sexual frenzy came to a satisfying culmination. The four combatants had all drained each other to the point of exhaustion and yet in the end, only Marissa was still up for going on.

    “Did I win...?” She breathed to herself, almost unable to believe it. She could still fuck, and she rolled away from Bianca quickly. She was close after the 69 duels with the pale girl. One more good lick and she may have been on the ground like the other women, but she had held on, she could fuck one more time, and none of the other girls could, that seemed like sexual submission to her. They had said, they would know when it was over, and Marissa felt that this was it.

    Bianca and Maggie were side by side looking exhausted and not about to get back up. Isabella was a few feet away on her stomach with her head in between her arms. She had cum the most and hardest between all of them, she looked completely done and Marissa felt an extra surge of satisfaction seeing her roommate in this state.

    A piece of her wanted to roll Isabella over, and cum on her, in a tit for tat from their last fight, but she wouldn’t. She had to claim her victory, before the other two were able to recover. Especially Bianca, Marissa looked at her, the woman might have been a bitch and bossy, but holy fuck was she good at sex.

    She stood up as her cunt, having already orgasmed was still dripping cum as she had held in Bianca’s devastating mouth. She walked over to the side of Maggie who was breathing shallowly and seemed almost dazed from the exertion.

    “Common Maggie…we won. Let’s take their stuff and get out of here.” Mari whispered as she gave the freckled girl a little rub on her shoulders.

    Maggie took a breath and sat up, helped up by Marissa. Her first experience of sex with more than one person had been more intense than she expected, let alone sexfighting two people at once. She felt sexually and physically depleted. Her other fights had not drawn so much out of her. Except maybe her second fight with Amber, but that didn’t count because it was Amber…and in Maggie’s mind Amber was different.

    She slowly walked off the mat, her legs doing a light shake each step as Isabella nor Bianca seemed to protest or attempt to stop them. They had won, but as Maggie looked down at Bianca on the floor, she felt a weird sense of regret she couldn’t put her finger on. She doubted she would be able to figure out any of her emotions in the state she was in.

    She knew her co-worker was aware of what was happening but maybe she didn’t care or was truly too out of it to go on. Maggie picked up her light blue thong and white garters, and then reached for the little red one that had been on her rival’s hips. She picked it up but stopped before putting it on or in her bag. Looking at Bianca again, she suddenly and for a reason she couldn’t explain let it drop back to the ground.

    Marissa had gone back across the hall to get her clothes and returned with Isabella’s red bikini and workout bra. The sexy red high waisted thong bikini was something Marissa clearly wanted and whatever Maggie was feeling with Bianca, Marissa was clearly not with Isabella. At least Izzy’s thong this would be enough of a sign that they had won, Maggie thought.

    Maggie quickly grabbed everything else including her removed stockings then came back off the mat to her intern. Marissa beamed at her, then smirked at the fallen fighters. “We win, and you sluts couldn’t handle us.” She declared aloud and neither of the ground laying girls disputed it. This was the final test, confirming Bianca and Isabella submitted.

    Her smile grew at the silence. Satisfied, Marissa turned and left the room, her perky ass almost bouncing in glee. Maggie followed her, still fully nude but paused at the door. She turned back to find the blue eyes looking at her with a defeated look. Bianca’s expression had a similar look that Maggie felt, but still she couldn’t place what it was.

    Isabella was still looking broken and just holding back the tears of her defeat. Maggie had been there; it wasn’t easy losing a sexfight. You felt drained, win or lose, but with a loss, you got the full weight of what you had wagered, plus the thought that your body wasn’t sexy enough…you were more attracted to someone you hate than she was of you. You couldn’t control yourself; you weren’t good enough…Maggie had been there with those questions.

    Bianca didn’t say anything but looked over at Isabella and Maggie sensed a new emotion from her co-worker. She looked…sad, not angry…almost regretful. She wasn’t sure what was really going on in her co-worker’s head at this instant, but now wasn’t the time to ask. Bianca looked back at Maggie as the curly haired redhead closed the door and caught up to Marissa.

    They walked in silence fully nude until they got back to Maggie’s office where she fell back into her chair and Marissa slouched on the wall and floor.
    “We did it.” Marissa said with a return of her smile. “Holy fuck, we did it and my god, what a fucking night. I haven’t cum that much in my life. Thank you for getting back up…I don’t think I was going to beat her. Bianca’s...incredible at sex...and Izzy…it’s a shame we don’t get along…we could have had a lot of fun.”

    “Yeah, they are…” Maggie agreed, but didn’t know what else to say. The look from Bianca and Isabella’s whisper of her name made her feel confused.

    Marissa didn’t pick up on it. “But we beat them! I really like this stuff…these sex contests or whatever they are. That was me and Izzy’s first real one, but I can tell you and Bianca have way more experience. Crazy, but whatever, we did it!” She looked at Maggie’s drained expression and grinned, “Did Isabella get you off again while holding Bianca down?” She asked.

    Maggie smiled with a deep breath, “Yes, she has quite the tongue…I didn’t think she would get back up after how hard she got off.”

    Marissa nodded, “Yeah…Izzy does have a certain drive…but it doesn’t matter, the credits are mine…and you get the Gala and maybe the head librarian role! Exactly what we both wanted.”

    Maggie nodded with another smile as the eccentric girl continued.
    “And I beat her…I finally beat her.” Marissa almost seemed more giddy than usual, like she was convincing herself of the fact that Isabella had been beaten. It was true, for the last 3 months she had dealt with the fact she had been out masturbated and embarrassed...but now they were equal…or hell, she felt even ahead.

    Maggie didn’t respond but couldn’t help but be very happy for Marissa. She had been there fighting Amber and was able to push the weird feelings that she had for Bianca and Isabella down for now. She looked up at her blonde intern and gave a light lick of her lips that Marissa saw.

    “You were great, and so very sexy. We did beat them, and you won it for us.” She said and Marissa almost did a bounce of glee that Maggie was agreeing. Then a sly look came to her yellow lipped face.

    “Listen Mags. After the Gala, you and I should hang out alone and if I can be real with you, I would love for us to explore each other’s bodies…maybe have a little match of our own? Just for fun of course.” Marissa asked with her own lick of her lips.

    Maggie was still pretty out of it but gave her a surprised look. “How can you think about sex right now?” She wondered, though as Amber flashed into her head, she knew she too could maybe do another round if it was with her ex and only her.

    Marissa shrugged, “I didn’t get that last one like you and the others did. Anyway, you and I deserve it after tonight…and I think it would be really fun! But I’m sure we can figure it out at or after the Gala, so don’t worry about it now. I enjoyed watching you get it on with those two sluts though.”

    “Yeah…it would be fun…” Maggie responded, not committing and not denying what she was going to do at the Gala because she didn’t know herself. Marissa seemed to take that as confirmation and marked it in her head. The girl’s both dressed slowly, until their sexy bodies were fully covered in the same clothing they had worn when they arrived. Maggie noticed that Marissa had slipped on Isabella’s red thong with a hidden grin.

    As they finished dressing, they came face to face with a smile. Marissa kissed Maggie lightly for a few seconds, “Thanks Mags…you are the best. See you on Saturday.” She hummed, before skipping out of the office and Maggie followed out a minute later as presentable as possible. She didn't see Bianca or Isabella near the entrance and didn’t go back to check on them, even though she wanted to. She needed to be in her own bed tonight…or Amber’s if that was an available option.

    Driving home, she couldn’t help thinking about the fight and what she had just done with the other women. The reason they had fought and what it meant for her and Amber.
    She thought about her final kiss with Bianca when they swallowed each other’s moans. Her final fuck with Isabella and the look of defeat on the intern’s beautiful face. And about Marissa’s comment about them hooking up the night of the Gala. It seemed there were two blondes who might have claimed her the night of Gala…if Amber made do on her threats. But she still didn’t know the full plan of her somewhat ex.

    Her kind of ex-girlfriend, the one who started this all. Even after her sex war with the other girls, Amber was still on her mind. She wasn’t sure what the punk girl would do, but the Gala and them coming face to face was only two days away. Lost in thought, she made it home. Her legs struggled to carry herself up the stairs towards her flat until she reached the door, Amber still the only thing on her mind.

    She had fought this night just to ensure Amber couldn’t ruin her Gala. Sure, she and Bianca had been planning a second fight for a long time, but the only reason she ever got involved with Bianca this way was because of Amber. So, in a way, Amber had forced her into more sexual fights, even if the fight that didn’t include the blonde herself.

    She wondered what the blonde would make of that…that she was the reason Maggie was now sex fighting even more. It was the reason they had their little falling out...well that and she did say ‘I love you’ to Amber before the blonde was ready…but Maggie still thought the blonde had just overreacted.

    The anger of the ‘I love you’ night, made her feel almost drunk with the exhaustion mixed in. She took her phone out and shot a text to Amber, “Hey…”. She knew it wasn’t a good idea, but in the very least, she wanted to let Amber know that she was sexfighting other women too. The blonde didn’t have a patent on sending messages like that damn video of her and Daphne.

    She then jumped into the hottest shower of her life letting the dry sweat, saliva, and cum drip off her body until she was clean. As she dried off, she continued thinking about her night and what it all meant. Was she now in control of the Gala? Was Bianca dropping out of the head librarian role? Including the two interns had made her personal rivalry with Bianca muddied and more confusing.

    Now clean, she returned to her bedroom, and checked her phone while jumping on the bed nude. She hoped Amber was thinking about her like she was thinking of the brown eyed punk girl. But alas, no new messages and so against her better judgement, she sent a second one.

    “Just so you know, you aren’t the only one who can out fuck other woman. But I don’t need to send you a video, you can use your imagination.” She finished and hit send. A slight sigh escaped her mouth as she rolled a few times in her bed making her way to under the covers.

    As sleep started to take her, Maggie’s last thoughts were on what Amber would think if she could have seen the fight, or even been told about the fight. The little piece of her wished she could talk to her about it…that would be fun. Them gossiping about the moves done on her, Amber getting jealous, but in a playful way and jumping before the blonde jumped on her as Maggie teased her. That would be perfect and is what Maggie really wanted.

    Even now, after the night she had endured, she wanted Amber next to her. For sex, for just being there, for love...all of it. But she couldn’t have that. So, she would just have to keep Amber in her life, even if it had to be through hate. It wasn’t what she really wanted, but that wasn’t her choice alone. As long as Amber and she hated each other, they at least would remain in contact…and she guessed that would that be enough. The tiny voice in her heart did think that if one of them or really Amber ended it for good, she didn’t know what she would do. Those were the thoughts and questions that filled Maggie’s mind as sleep finally took her.
    Oh man…what a fight it was to write lol. Isabella, Maggie, Bianca and Marissa are quite a group to throw in together. Now we can finally get to the Gala with that match settled where the story will continue. I hope you all enjoyed this part, and hopefully I can get the next piece out in a week or two. (more likely 2 weeks haha) This all depends on how I break up the next parts...either in two or three small parts or one large part.

    Also, I’m interested to see if this meets everyone’s expectations and didn’t distract from the rivalry of both pairs of girls. I did see a few comments mention that and had that on my mind on the grammar check I was doing. Guess we will see. Obviously this isn’t the ending of the story and loose threads will be further explained as we move onto the next parts to why and how this story will progress. Soooo yeah…it’s all part of the plan. I think lol! I can say we are roughly at the halfway point (though this fight was longer than I expected) so many be a bit more than half. I’m excited to bring back Amber and get her more into the fray along with a few other girls making their first appearances.

    Thank you all for the comments/likes and motivation. Like all the amazing writers on this board it keeps me writing.

    Okkkkk yeah I think that’s it. Again thank you all! Amber and Maggie’s official reunion is on the way. Each on the hunt, but who will hunt who!? You will have to wait and see. Let me know your thoughts if you want and till next time.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    King, this part of the story was incredible! This is, maybe, the best four-woman fight I've ever read. You somehow managed to avoid all of the pitfalls I was concerned about and deliver an incredibly erotic, explicit and even believable battle that leaves your readers on the edge of their seats the whole time! And, along the way, you've managed to put even more meat on the bones of the respective rivalries at play in this story and plant the seeds for lots of other stories further down the line. Amazingly well done.

    I can't wait for part 7. If it's true that this is just past the halfway point of this story, then you are writing your magnum opus! This is now longer than "The Showtime Contest" and seems to be just picking up steam.

    Great work!

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Just wow. You truly are the king. King of creating a build-up and then taking it all the way to the finish line. This was perfect again. Loved the way things kept changing around in the continuous battle. For some reason I was rooting for Bianca and Isabella, but this result was maybe better for the storyline. Can?t wait for the next part!

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    Re: The Library Gala

    I've re-read this story a couple of times since it was posted and am still blown away by how good it is and how well it works in both holding suspense and building the characters. Some of the points I like in particular include:

    How three of the four women completely exhaust each other.
    How the battle constantly see-saws between the two teams.
    How evenly matched the four combatants are in every phyiscal and sexual way.
    How it really develops the rivalry between Maggie and Bianca - something that had not really excited me until now.
    How it also develops a new rivalry between Maggie and Isabella.

    Great work! And the story is only half done!


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Aaaaaaaaaaaamazing job!

    I especially love a little detail at the end of the sexfight: the important meaning of Maggie not taking a trophy from Bianca. I love that, despite her second victory over Bianca, it somehow doesn't feel like one: she was losing when the other girls interrupted, and she ended up as exhausted as Bianca. Marissa was the MVP. There's still a lot to work out between them, so this story has added even more tension and unresolved issues to their rivalry.
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    Re: The Library Gala Part 7

    Part 7

    Maggie awoke very late on Friday morning as the sun peeked through the window. Doing the slightest of stretches in her soft bed sent waves of pain in her body. ?Ohh.? She groaned as she felt out her incredibly sore in her lower legs and glutes. It was like she had completed a four-hour HIIT class and now was suffering the consequences.

    With a second groan she got up off the bed and grabbed her laptop from the desk. She was going to put on a series and rest all day after the night he had with the other library girls. It would be needed as she remembered how hard she pushed her body against Isabella and Bianca. Fortunately, she naturally recovered quickly, both her muscles and her sex drive. The consistent gym going, healthy lifestyle, and recently very active sex life helped with that. Thank goodness the library was closed for the Gala setup today, she thought to herself.

    As the series started, Maggie laid back on her bed and picked up her phone. There on the home screen was a notification from Amber. ?Oh right?? She thought, remembering she had sent the two texts to her ex last night when not in the right of mind. She rolled over and screamed into her pillow in frustration with a muffled cry. ?Why did I send those!?? She yelled, overly frustrated with herself and the circumstance she put herself in.

    She thought about deleting the new message without reading it but scratched that idea fast. It would only make her crazier if it said something important. She hit open under Amber?s name and the message flashed onto the screen.

    ?You miss me that much that you have to text me just to tell me that huh? Well, you aren?t the only one having fun tonight?use YOUR imagination Maggie. I don?t need you.?

    The blonde had replied almost 9 hours ago, only a few minutes after Maggie had fallen asleep. So, Amber had been awake late last night too, and clearly didn?t enjoy getting that message from her. She could sense the annoyed tone in which the text had been sent, her ex had never been good at hiding her emotions. It seemed her message to Amber had finally struck a nerve that Maggie had been trying to hit. Though finally hitting the nerve?didn?t make her feel happy, in fact, it only made her more on edge.

    Maggie read the response a few more times. She figured that the comment of ?you aren?t the only one having fun tonight?, meant Amber was also sexfighting, Maggie considered. It had to be. This annoyed Maggie even though she kept telling herself that it didn?t matter. She already knew that Amber had done it with other women, hell, she had watched one of the punk girl?s fights on video multiple times. But yet, the annoyance remained.

    It begged the question though, why was Amber making them wait? If she was going to just go around fighting other girls, why couldn?t they just settle their own match right now? Or at least last night?clearly, they both had been free?or could have made themselves free. And another question was who the hell was the blonde fighting?? Daphne again? The Jenny woman, Silvia or maybe someone new, Maggie couldn?t get the growing questions out of her head.

    Well, at least this confirmed they might be on equal sexual footing at the Gala. That was a positive for Maggie if a fight did break out between them. She also didn?t want a handicap?if she and Amber were going to fight, she had to win with Amber at full or near full sex.

    Or maybe they wouldn?t end up fighting, it?s not like they had anything to really fight for, Maggie considered. It might just make things worse for both of them if they kept going at it, going around and around in the endless circle.

    It still bothered her thinking about Amber having sex with someone else, but again it seemed to be affecting them both. For all the questions and strange feelings Amber?s message gave her, it also brought the smallest of a cheeky smile to her lips. Because her ex had responded for the first time in a long time?that meant the message had bothered the blonde enough to send a response?maybe Amber wasn?t as ahead in their mind games that she thought.

    Then another thought came to her head. Amber had said they weren?t done, that she still wanted her the last time they had really communicated. But what if the text Maggie sent had changed Amber?s mind. What if Amber wasn?t going to try to fight her now. ?Oh my god. What if I just ruined it?? She thought as her mind went down the rabbit hole of worry and fear that she didn?t expect from that idea. She couldn?t be the one to end it, or at least she thought she didn?t want to be that person. ?Why is this so hard? What do I want?? She groaned aloud again because she just couldn?t figure it out.

    She almost texted Amber in a flurry wanting to make sure it wasn?t her, that they were still going to talk or fight. She stopped herself at the last second. She deleted the written message and instead screamed into her pillow again, trying to let the anger get out best she could. It was better than texting Amber everything on her mind, the good and the bad.

    ?No.? She thought, not this time. She wouldn?t just sit here and feel bad about herself while Amber taunted her and got the last word in. A second later, she had picked up her phone again and was typing a whole new message. Before taking a second to calm down or relax, she hit send and let the message go.

    Only then did she re-read the paragraph of pure spite she had just written.

    ?Oh, you don?t need me huh. What happened to ?We aren?t done.?? Was that a lie or are you doing all of this just because you have nothing better going on in your life? How about you just tell me what you want, and we can talk about this like fucking adults. But that won?t happen will it? You can?t act like anything other than a spoiled brat. This is why I told you I was done with you. Also IMAGINE this Amber! The night I just had was hotter than anything and everything we ever did! I don?t need you!?

    ?No?No?No?, She hissed at herself with a blast of regret. ?Why did I send that? I'm going to lose her, and we will never even talk.? Maggie cried internally. She threw her phone to the other side of the bed, already bemoaning her actions. It was true at least, she didn?t need Amber, but that didn?t mean she didn?t want her. Why did Amber always make her feel this confused?

    She quickly picked back up the tossed phone and reviewed the last part of the message from Amber. She read the last four words over and over. ?I don?t need you. I don?t need you. I don?t need you.? That was the knife that was hurting the most. She and Amber had said many mean things to each other, but never that phrase. Now they had both said it in succession it opened a new wave of potentially hurtful words.

    The last time when they had talked Amber had said she still wanted her in one way or another?so had that changed? Maybe she didn?t expect Maggie to fuck fight someone else or taunt her with it. No, the blonde wasn?t stupid, she must have known that Maggie would come back at her in the same way. Amber was emotional to that sort of thing however, that much Maggie was very certain Maybe like herself, it might have been a spur of the moment message?that maybe the blonde regretted Maggie hoped.

    Those words still scared her because it felt like Amber was trying, or beginning to separate them, not just physically but emotionally. Those words were potentially the first step in removing herself from Maggie?s life and if the blonde said them enough, they would become reality. That was the worst thing that could happen until they could at least talk...or fight.

    After a quick bite of worry eating and constantly checking her phone over and over with no new messages, she put it face down on the bed for good. Amber would have seen it by now, and that meant the punk girl was ignoring her again. But that was fine?she would see her original body rival tomorrow whether the blonde had changed her mind about them or not.

    Looking to distract herself, she decided to check her work emails just once before zoning out with some instrumental music and a very hot bath. She signed into her account, and her tired eyes were drawn to the newest email on her list. It was from Bianca. The time signaled it had been sent just 15 minutes before she logged on.

    A confused look came to Maggie?s face, why would Bianca email her now? She and the other librarian had made sure that everything was taken care of before Thursday?because of their match, so she doubted it was about the Gala. But it had to be important?there would be no other reason Bianca and her would communicate today.

    She opened it to see one word, ?Coffee?? with a time and an address to a small shop that Maggie had been to once or twice. The time Bianca had requested to meet was only 30 minutes away.

    Maggie hesitated, after last night, she couldn?t imagine Bianca would want to face her or what they would discuss. She didn?t really want to talk to Bianca either, because technically Marissa had won, so in a way she had won. But Maggie had given up at the same time as Bianca. Neither holding out even a second longer than the other and they both knew it. They had been kissing when it happened so she couldn?t deny it.

    She assumed her co-worker wanted to talk about leading the Gala or something like that, disputing her win. She had no plans for the whole day, except to rest and worry about Amber. So, Maggie decided she might as well figure out what was going to happen tomorrow night and how she would handle Bianca if the woman didn?t back down.

    It was frustrating that last night?s fight would mean nothing for herself, but that is what she got for not out fucking her work rival. If she emailed the director and Bianca disputed it with her own response?well it would not be good for the Gala, or either of their job aspirations.

    She replied to the email with a quick yes and got dressed in simple clothing. She couldn?t be bothered dressing up for this, not with the way she felt and the night she just experienced. It felt weird going to meet her colleague for coffee after only 9 hours from being attached pussy to pussy with her, but her whole life had been weird since meeting Amber. The blonde had changed her, for the better or the worse, she wasn?t sure. But it was a change, nonetheless.

    It was a short drive and she pulled up to the coffee shop 5 minutes before the meeting time. She saw her co-worker sitting inside from the window. She was reading a newspaper like it was the 80s, but as Maggie got a better look, she stopped in her tracks. It was a very different Bianca than the one Maggie knew and was so accustomed too at work.

    The professional was dressed like someone her age with simple black leggings and an almost baggy white t-shirt. Her hair was down from its usual tight bun and messy like she had just rolled right out of bed. She looked younger without all the makeup and the business-like attire than Maggie had ever seen her. For once she felt like they were the same age, which they were.

    She entered the shop and made her way over to the sitting librarian, holding her breath until she was only a few feet away. ?Hey.? Maggie said, standing near the sitting woman waiting for the reaction of her co-worker before moving closer.

    Bianca looked up from the newspaper with a slight jump. She did a quick up and down and her face seemed to show the same relief Maggie felt about their outfit choices. ?Hello Maggie, thank you for coming, would you like a drink?? She asked in a relaxed tone. Maggie didn?t notice any indication that signaled this was going to be an aggressive conversation.

    ?Umm, sure. Can I have the same?? Motioning to Bianca?s tea as she took a seat opposite her rival. They couldn?t help doing another up and down of their outfits while they got settled. Maggie was also in similarly styled yoga pants to Bianca?s black leggings. Each thin material stretched by their big asses that they pushed so hard at the gym and used on each other.

    Their large tits were well hidden by their baggy t-shirts but couldn?t hide how full each chest was when they sat down. Both women were both still head turners and in fact, a few high school boys had already glanced over at the two sexy mid twenty girls, desperately trying to get a better look.

    Bianca signaled the good-looking barista who quickly brought another cup of tea. Maggie thanked him and Bianca paid as he moved away with a smile., ?Thanks Dave.? She said, and he grinned back at her. Maggie was surprised that her rival was on a first name basis with the man, seemingly starting to find more about her co-worker and her taste of tea and men. They both took some sips, looking at each other from over their cups. The silence was growing until Bianca finally broke it, her own little anxiety kicking up. ?How do you feel??

    Maggie looked at her wondering how this talk was going to go. She didn?t sense any anger or even resentment from her co-worker even now. She decided she might as well be real. ?Can I be honest with you?? She asked.

    Bianca gave her a small smile from behind her teacup, ?Yes you can, and I will be honest with you.?

    Maggie returned the smile back at that answer. She took a breath and put her tea down, ?I?m? exhausted?after last night?it was just...? As words failed her trying to think of how to describe the emotions. Luckily, Bianca stepped in.

    ?Intense?? When Maggie nodded, Bianca continued. ?Yes, it was. I have had quite a few showdowns with various other women including ours, but never before have I had a sexual contest with multiple people at once, that was a first.? Bianca admitted putting her tea down and brushing back her messy hair. Maggie wondered how her body looked, and if she had the bite and suck marks that her own body showed in the mirror this morning. She must, Maggie thought, somewhat wishing she could see it or if they could go compare.

    ?Me too, though I guess that is what we asked for...? Maggie replied, and Bianca gave the smallest of nods as they both picked up their drinks again and sipped. They re-played the night in their head, mainly the parts where they both pinned each other and their final kiss.

    They let the silence build again, but it didn?t feel quite as awkward as Maggie thought it would, it was almost calming talking to Bianca about this stuff. After 5 months of dueling this woman at work, it was quite a shift to be sharing a cup of tea dressed like normal 20 something year-olds. Or at least as normal as two 20 something year old?s who had used their bodies to fuck each other into submission more than once could be.

    She could tell Bianca was still holding in why they were sitting together in a coffee shop, less than 10 hours from one of the most erotic fights they had experienced. On que however, the other professional put down her cup and looked like she was ready to finally get to the point.

    ?Listen Maggie, I asked you here because I?we?were wrong.? She paused, clearly trying to get her words in a row. She then continued as Maggie waited. ?Whatever happened last night about who won between us two, doesn?t matter?but the intern?s disagreement does, and I need to talk to you about it.? Bianca started and Maggie could see that this conversation was more important than she thought.

    She gave a small nod, she had no intention of interrupting, because she felt like Bianca wouldn?t do this unless it was important, the woman had far too much pride to call her here for anything less.

    Bianca continued, ?I need a favor and you know I wouldn?t ask you if it wasn?t critical.?
    ?Ok?what is it?? Maggie asked, she was still unsure of where this was going.

    Bianca gave the smallest of sighs and bit her naturally light pink bottom lip softly, ?I need you to convince Marissa to split the credits with Isabella.? She said quickly and continued when she saw Maggie?s mouth open.

    ?Because she really does deserve the credits just as much as Marissa does, despite what we have both written in our notes. I know she didn?t want to be my intern, but she and I have gotten closer than I would have expected, and she really did give all her effort for me and the library as a whole this semester.?

    Maggie was more than surprised that this was the request from Bianca, rather than the request itself. For the first time since knowing her, Maggie thought that maybe the professional did have a heart. She still didn?t say anything as her co-worker continued not looking at Maggie but down at her tea and herself in the reflection.

    ?Listen Maggie, if you can do this for me...I will drop out of the librarian head role job, and it would guarantee you would get it.? Bianca finished, looking up at Maggie, her face almost looking as desperate as she sounded.

    Maggie was almost speechless at the offer, ?Really?? She questioned but caught herself from going on as Bianca?s face looked even more down.

    She back tracked slightly. ?Sorry, I just...I didn?t really think you cared about anyone, but yourself.? Maggie said, then realized that comment was even more rude and insensitive when her co-worker was being very open with her. ?No wait, I didn?t mean that?? She started again but Bianca held a hand up.

    ?No, it?s fine?I get why you would think that of me?It?s?not fully inaccurate.?, Bianca admitted as she felt the fire in her soul light, the drive she wanted to fight off her work rival. Her job, her career had always been her priority and it was true, she wouldn?t let anyone get in her way.

    But then she thought about Izzy once again and what their friendship meant. She pushed it down her combativeness, and even her desire to be the best till it was squashed down. This wasn?t about her; this was about her friend that had fought side by side with her and she had to protect her anyway she could.

    ?The truth is Isabella deserves it and I promised her, in the same way you promised Marissa. When we were all in my office you were right in what you said to me. We did not do what professionals or mentors should have done by involving them in our thing. I guess I got lost in the moment, and that it is inexcusable.?

    Maggie looked down at her tea and her own reflection. ?Yeah?I did too.? She said softly, but Bianca didn?t hear her and kept going.

    ?I would like to think I would do the same thing for Marissa if Isabella and I had won?but I know to you, that must sound like a lie. So, to prove it, I?m offering up my career, to show you I mean it. I need you to do this for her and I will do anything to get it to happen.?

    Maggie remained quiet as Bianca asked again looking and hoping for the answer she wanted to hear. ?Will you please try to convince Marissa to split the credits? In terms of fairness and just?what?s right for our interns.? She finished and leaned back, looking at Maggie with her desperate blue eyes. It was not a look that she never really expected to see from her rival.

    Maggie thought for a long second, this was not the meeting she had expected, but maybe it was the one she had wanted. Just to talk to Bianca in a normal tone and environment. It is what they should have done to their interns from day one. It seemed only after their sexual fight could they communicate without the backhanded compliments?she wondered if her and Amber needed the same thing.

    In her heart, she knew that Isabella did deserve the credits as much as Marissa did, and as she thought about the words she and Isabella had shared during the fight, the guilt built in her chest.

    Bianca was right, they never should have included the interns in their thing. Personally, she had not given Isabella a fair chance, then had engaged the girl in her first full on sexfight. She had made so many mistakes when it came to the beautiful dark-skinned girl, maybe here right now, she could try to make amends?or at least not make another mistake.

    She took a breath and met Bianca?s blue eyes with her sharp green ones. ?Listen Bianca?I don?t want you to drop out of the race for the head librarian role.?

    The professional was looking at her with a more confused and defeated look. ?Ok, then what can I give you?? She was ready to offer up her body, her job, anything to get Maggie to agree to help Isabella.

    Maggie gave her a small smile instead. ?Nothing, because I want to beat you fair and square, not have it forfeited or have anyone else involved during our stuff.? Bianca?s mouth opened slightly in surprise as Maggie continued.

    ?What happened last night didn?t really solve anything between us personally. I mean, you got finished by Marissa and I got finished by Isabella right at the same time. I don?t feel like I really beat you.?

    Now Bianca moved back slightly with a surprised look on her face. ?I?m guessing that?s why you didn?t take my thong?I wondered?? Bianca replied looking at her college with a renewed interest and a questioning look. Maggie gave a small nod and Bianca couldn?t help but laugh slightly.

    ?Well, I guess we do think alike, if we are being honest, I feel the same way?it almost turned into you and Izzy fighting even more than you and I??, Then her face turned serious again, ?But that doesn?t matter, you and your intern got back up, we didn?t. We set the terms and conditions and I will go with them?so that is why I?m asking you and am willing to give up whatever it is.?

    Maggie knew that was true as Bianca continued, ?If not the job what can I give you then for Isabella?s credits? I can talk to Marissa as well if you want me too...but I think you could convince her far easier.? She continued lightly as they viewed each other slightly in the cute coffee shop. This was the first conversation they had ever had that wasn?t filled with backhanded compliments or snarky remarks every second.

    Maggie looked again at Bianca and decided again to be as honest as possible. Everything Bianca had said was true, and she felt a weird connection with her coworker after all they had been together with their bodies and sexes. ?Bianca, you said it, I?m also ashamed we let our interns into our business. I know they had their own personal stuff prior, but?I think my desire to beat you and also get at Isabella overwhelmed my common sense. I know she may hate me, but she was right, I?did not treat her fairly during the selection process. Then I pushed harder on Izzy because Marissa was not working hard enough.? She trailed off but Bianca picked it up.

    ?I don?t fully hate Marissa either, well at least not as much as I let on. I actually think she is quite funny; and even talented if she actually applied herself. I pushed her because I wanted her to be the best and? because I was jealous. They both wanted to work under you and not me?and Marissa was very open about that fact to my face. It?s funny, I think we would have made quite the team if we all got along.? Bianca mused with a slight smile that Maggie returned thinking of that scenario.

    ?I think so too, but could you imagine being in a meeting with the four of us? Men wouldn?t know where to look and even most women might be interested in joining.? Maggie agreed and then smirked, ?And if we all hooked up like we did last night on a regular basis? Wow, I don?t think we would make it through the semester.?

    Bianca laughed even harder now, ?Yes, that would be an issue. I have the slightest feeling Marissa is going to want another piece of me?and I?m very interested in getting some of her.? There was another small silence and Maggie agreed. ?Same with Isabella and me.?

    They took the admissions of truth in stride as Bianca put down her drink getting Maggie?s full attention. ?So, you will do it? You will convince Marissa that she has to split the credits?? She asked slightly more forcibly for the reason of making sure this meeting did not lose focus.

    Maggie paused, but already knew her answer and looked right back at her work rival. ?Yes, I will, but I do want one thing from you.?

    ?Ok. Name it.? Bianca responded, ready for anything. This conversation had already been far more pleasant and less confrontational than she had expected it would be. But she was sure, just like their fights it could turn on a dime.

    Now Maggie took a breath, her mind working out every scenario, and in the end, she knew what she needed. ?I would like us to work together running the Gala, as a team, and not with one of us in front and the other in back.? She finished, making sure not to sound as desperate as Bianca had.

    Bianca looked even more surprised and took back at the request. ?You want us both to lead the Gala? Like at the same time?? Maggie nodded again, hoping that the professional wouldn?t push hard into the why she was asking this.

    Bianca continued to look at her with an even more confused stare. ?That?s all you want. But what about our fight? That was what we were fighting for last night?? She asked, thinking it couldn?t just be that. There had to be more or maybe Maggie?s wasn?t being fully honest with her.

    ?As I said before, I don?t think I really beat you, and you didn?t really beat me. So, I can?t really claim to have the right to lead the Gala now like I fully out fucked you. We haven?t been able to get ahead of each other in our day job, so until we can really settle it, I think our rivalry just has to be paused. And yes, that?s all I want. Is it a deal?? Maggie demanded making sure that Bianca wouldn?t back down now.

    Bianca didn?t hesitate and gave her co-worker a small nod. ?It?s a deal.? She reached over with her hand offering. Maggie took it and they shook, which could have ended their conversation, but they didn?t move away from each other as they released their hands and continued sipping their tea. Until Bianca couldn?t help pressing for more information at the unusual request.

    ?I mean Maggie, of course I want to lead the Gala with you?but I have to ask why?? She questioned looking at her co-worker with an even more perplexed look.

    Maggie shrugged. ?Leading alone won?t get me the head librarian role. The director won?t make his choice off that. We will have to make the decision for him because he is useless. So, until we settle it between us, we are again at a bit of a stalemate?

    ?I agree on both fronts, the director and the Gala, but I think there is more you aren?t saying.? Bianca pressed and Maggie knew she would have to be slightly more truthful with her intelligent co-worker.

    ?Well, I also?might need your help dealing with an issue that might present itself at the event.? Maggie said, without saying anything.

    ?What kind of issue?? Bianca quickly inquired, not letting this go easy.

    Maggie didn?t say fully, but the reason she was asking this is because she needed an ally. Or at least, she did not need another woman coming after her tomorrow. If she made Bianca give up the job, she would be resentful and that might have led to another fight. She couldn?t deal with her co-worker and Amber the same night?not if there were other women also wanting a piece of her.

    This way, maybe her and Bianca could work together?at least for a night, before they started another round of sexual incidents. Bianca could help her deal with the smaller things while she held off Amber in any way required. ?It?s an issue where only you can help me?I don?t want to ask the interns though?they could.? She hinted.

    With that Bianca sat back, she understood what Maggie was saying. ?Ok?but I have to say, I use my body to get what I want, when I want. I don?t really pick fights with random women I have never met or have no issue with.?

    Maggie laughed at that, ?I mean?I?m not really just going around fighting women because I?m bored?though I won?t lie, I have fun doing it and really enjoy it. When I win at least.?

    ?Well, we can agree on that. Sexual competitions with the right woman can be thrilling?, Bianca said as she sipped her tea nearly finishing it.

    ?Yes, they are.? Maggie kept going to make sure she didn?t lose this chance to get someone on her side. ?Honestly, I?m not asking you to fight some random women as part of this. I don?t need you too, I just need you as a partner...a regular coworker and not a rival?at least just for tomorrow night so if something happens, I can rely on you to help with the Gala, and not ruin it for both of us.?

    Bianca gave it a quick thought but knew this was part of the price for Isabella?s and her loss. Her curiosity still was ringing, but she held back most of her questions except for one. For once she felt her and Maggie did understand each other. ?Ok, I understand and will do it, but last question, who am I watching??

    Maggie gave her another small smile, ?I?m sure you will know it when you see it.?
    Bianca gave her a ?really? look, but she understood the point and did not dispute as long as she helped Izzy.

    Maggie?s smile grew and continued, ?Then after the Gala?maybe you and I can meet up again and really find out who will be head of the library, in our own way, like we should have this time.? She couldn?t help it, she leaned slightly forward and pulled her t-shirt to her skin, so that it outlined her impressive chest. Bianca licked her lips in a sensual manner, a hungry look she so often gave her work rival.

    ?I would enjoy that. I hate to admit it, but our reviews are always?satisfying and a very private one would be?enthralling.? Bianca breathed. She put her tea down and led forward so that the hole of her shirt showed off her hidden cleavage. Maggie glimpsed the big jugs her own had matched up with just a few hours before. If it came to it, she would more than ready right now to titfight again against her sexy rival.

    ?Yeah, they are.? Maggie agreed with a little sigh. ?And I think it would be good to find out which one of us can really outmatch the other in professionalism, when the time is right?Miss Marshall.? She teased Bianca.

    ?That sounds excellent?Miss Reynolds.? Bianca replied, her tone oozing in sexual promise.

    They smirked at each other with a hungry look; happy their rivalry was very much alive, even with their night of truce agreed upon. With that, Maggie stood up and so did Bianca.

    ?Thank you, Maggie, for doing this for Isabella. I?ll do what I can for the Gala and you?as a team.? The professional said as she picked up her phone and notes.
    ?As a team.? Maggie repeated with a nod.

    ?Perfect, well I will see you tomorrow night then. I think I will go home and recover.? She looked up at Maggie, ?I assume you will be as well?? Bianca questioned and she nodded as the weariness returned to the redhead?s body in a wave.

    The blue-eyed girl said no more as she moved around the table. For half a second Maggie thought she was moving to hug her goodbye, but thankfully, Bianca passed by before she had moved forward awkwardly to embrace the other woman.

    With that, Bianca left the coffee shop, but not without saying a quick goodbye to the barista Dave. She was happy that the conversation was over and now was able to fully focus on the Gala. Though she hated that Maggie wasn?t as bad a person as she thought she was, at least she knew what to expect from her work rival at the event. It wouldn?t be the worst thing to not have to worry about Maggie fighting her during the event. They could save it a little while longer.

    The proposal got her thinking however as she made her way home. Would there be other women who used their bodies at the Gala like she and Maggie did, and would they be going for the redhead? ?Interesting.? She mused as she returned home a few minutes later and warmed up her bath for a long soak.

    Maggie finished her drink before going home a few minutes later. The rest of the afternoon she rested, relaxed, and allowed her sexual energy to recover as the night with Amber approached. She had experienced one of the most sexual exhausting nights of her life just hours ago, but she knew that event was just the pre-storm before the Gala. The thought of the guitarist?s sexy body filled her mind as took her own hot bath, soothing her muscles and sex organs. By the end of the soak, and light yoga session, her body was starting to signal that it was ready for more hot sex and fighting.

    She also planned about how she would approach Marissa with the proposal. She wasn?t sure how the blonde would react about needing to split the credits. Maybe she would no longer be interested in having sex after the split conversation. That might make Maggie?s own night a bit simpler, or it could be the opposite. It might make the intern want a piece of her and could lead to another fight.

    Thankfully the rest of the day was uneventful, a nice change for the sexy librarian. After a hot shower and some extra foam rolling, she was feeling pretty good. As she lay in bed alone, on the left side, the side she slept on when Amber used to come over, she felt as though her sex drive was fully rejuvenated.

    A re-run of some show was playing on Netflix, but Maggie wasn?t watching. She had a word texted on her phone, a simple ?Hey?, right under Amber?s name. The last convo they had just above it, taunting her with the cruel words they had exchanged. Her finger was hovering over the green send button, but she didn?t hit it, she couldn?t, not now.

    Tears started to build in her green eyes as she thought about all that happened between her and Amber. She didn?t know why the waterworks were starting now, but she couldn?t stop it. She had spent all day telling herself how much she hated her ex, and how she would win their fight like last time if it happened. But now she was just lying in the bed they had once shared, thinking about Amber, wishing that she could talk to her instead of fighting her just once. It would mean so much, and just maybe heal some of the emotional wounds they had inflicted.

    For a split second she thought she saw that Amber was typing back, but then it flashed away faster than it appeared. She cursed her imagination playing for tricks on her and gave a hard sob as the tears flowed down her cheeks in a torrent.

    Unbeknownst to her, 10 miles away in a shared house, Amber was lying in her messy bed but clean room in a similar situation. She kept it tidy now?because Maggie liked it that way. She was glaring at her phone with her hard brown eyes. She had written ?Hey Mags?? and was debating heavily with herself to send it.

    Her imagination had been running wild after Maggie?s message about her fighting last night. When she had seen the interns and co-workers of Maggie?s at the meeting, she had felt an enormous spike of jealousy. They had all been far more attractive than she had expected, and she presumed they were part of the hot night Maggie had mentioned.

    The last message she had sent with the line, ?I don?t need you?, had been done out of spite and anger. She let her emotion get the best of her once again and she knew it. She regretted sending it, but at least Maggie had responded. It might have been equally as angry, but at least it kept them in contact.

    She deleted the message after shedding a few tears of her own. She wouldn?t crack now, not until after this stupid event. She had wanted to scare Maggie with that message and ended up scaring herself even more. They couldn?t keep going like this and she knew it. One of them would end it for good soon, and that?s why Amber was going to make them finish it tomorrow. They would figure it out in the place where it had started between her and the librarian.

    She had gone this far. She was going to go to the Gala. She was going to talk to Maggie, and there she would make Maggie choose, to fight or to run, once and for all.

    The next morning, Maggie rolled out of bed with a groan. Her slumber had been plagued by a continuous dream of Amber leaving and never wanting to see her again. Her dream self-had been distraught by the idea, begging the blonde to stay over and over to no avail. It was more of a nightmare, but by breakfast however, she had forgotten all about it as the event she had been planning for months was just hours away.

    She went over her notes and sent a few last-minute texts to Marissa, Bianca and even Isabella. The former was the only one who didn?t respond to the messages and timelines given. She then went to her closet and took out the dress. She had her outfit picked out over a month ago but had changed it just last week. Once she had learned Amber was going to be there, she knew she needed a more alluring and revealing dress. The one she had chosen was just that, so much so that she was nervous to wear this at a work event, but she kept telling herself she had to do it. She wouldn?t be the only woman there showing off skin.

    It might have only been a week since seeing Amber in person, but that felt like a long time not getting to see her ex. She thought about her so much that it was starting to make her crazy. She missed Amber, or at least the Amber she had gotten to know when they were together. After her week of dealing with the other library girls, she wanted to talk to the blonde guitarist more than ever about life. If all went as planned, she would get her chance tonight.

    But they wouldn?t just talk, Maggie thought, not this time. She was going to get to the bottom of this with Amber once and for all. She herself wasn?t sure what that meant, if they would fight, or if they would just talk, but she would figure it out when she saw her. If the blonde declined either of the choices, then Maggie would do what she had to do. Again, she wasn?t sure what that involved, but she hoped it wouldn?t come to that.

    She needed to know at least why Amber had done all this, what was her reasoning. She honestly didn?t know herself if she wanted Amber as a girlfriend, she flipped back and forth on the idea by the minute. She guessed that all of this had been trying to make Maggie jealous and wanted to simply fight again, because it didn?t feel like this was a plan to get them together?but she had no insight into her ex?s mind.

    She began to get ready, as she laid out the hottest dress she had ever bought, got her makeup out from her drawer, and even her hair straightener. It was going to be a long process of preparation, but it would be worth it. If nothing else, but to make Amber stunned at her done up appearance when they first saw each other.

    As the redhead stood there, starting her procedure, she couldn?t help fantasizing if the blonde and her were just slightly better at communicating. She would have woken up with the gorgeous girl this morning in the sweat and cum covered sheets. Amber would be annoyed with her that she would be busy all day and night but would get over it as they teased each other about the previous night?s fights. And after the event, they would go back to hers, eat some ice cream and hang out all night.

    In truth, that is what she wanted, her aggressive fuck buddy to be next to her, helping her with her makeup, getting her ready, even maybe help prep her for another match with Bianca. But they had gone too far, said and done too much and she would never get that with Amber. With that thought pushed from her mind she focused on getting ready for the Gala, where anything could happen.

    Five hours later, Maggie pulled up to the parking lot of the school in her shabby green Honda civic. She parked in the work lot, a decent walk to the library as the sun was just starting to set. Most people would have car service, but she would end up walking her usual route. That was fine though, it gave her a chance to really put the final touches on the look she wanted in her car. She pulled on her 3inch high heels and slipped her flip flops into her bag. She took one last glance in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect.

    The woman looking back was not fully one she recognized. She had come a long way from her first meeting with Amber a year ago. Back then he hid her body from the world, only hinting what she possessed behind the layers. She let people walk over her, at her job, at school, at everything. Then Amber appeared and awoke something in her.

    Now she felt like she had the confidence of twenty women combined, and had no problem going for what she wanted. She was still her kind self, but a prouder and more confident version and the mirror showed it. She looked like a babe, a sexier, more flaunting version of herself that was out to play. Tonight, she was going to see how far she could push the boundaries of her sex appeal and life.

    She was a sex queen with a body to match. She was going to openly flaunt and be flaunted at by any rival who dared tried to one up her. She wasn?t sure that even Amber would mess with her tonight with how done up she was and how confident she felt. She got out of the car, making sure her dress didn?t touch the ground too much and began her short walk towards the building. Her heels clicked as she made her way on the pavement, following the same path she did every day but this time in style.

    Even in the dimming light, from afar the outside of the library was aglow with multiple people near the entrance. They were not the normal students of the day but well-dressed professionals and some of the highest donors in the city.

    With her and Bianca?s truce, she wouldn?t have to worry about her co-worker and in fact would rely on her for more than she was sure the other librarian was ready for. Both in the running of the Gala and to help if Amber tried anything beyond the guitaring she was being paid for. She was confident that Bianca could control any of the upcoming situations as well as she could.

    But there was a price for the truce. She needed to talk to Marissa and hoped the blonde would listen to what was going to happen with the credits. If the intern pushed back, she would have to handle it a different way, but hoped it wouldn?t come to that?at least not tonight.

    As the library came into full sight, Maggie took notice of how done up it was, just like her. There were spotlights, balloons, and plenty of banners and that was before the red carpet. She approached quickly, as the first people took notice of her and their mouths dropped in awe.

    The catering group also welcomed her, and she smiled as she did a quick check in with the head of the company they hired. She was a very pretty girl named April; whose body was well hidden by her work clothes. She had a kind smile and a sharp face, and Maggie could tell there was a hunter behind her guise on just their first meeting.

    The employee did a triple look at Maggie?s body and she could sense the comparison the woman was doing. She guessed that April had more to her than she let on, both in looks and personality but she didn?t show it?not yet as an employee of the night at least.

    ?Miss Reynolds, right?? April asked, her outfit that of a well-dressed waitress, but with an extra badge to signal she was in charge.
    ?Yes, you must be Miss Baker. So nice to meet you finally!?
    ?Same to you.? She said, not being as open as Maggie was and keeping it fully professional. ?Everything is set up and going smoothly. Wine??
    ?Umm, I?m okay for now, but I?ll come looking for you if I need it.? Maggie replied, matching the tone that was used with her.
    ?Of course. Please enjoy yourself and grab me if anything is needed from the caterers.? She finished and then turned to the next guest who was walking in.

    Maggie smiled as she moved away from the woman, wondering what she hid behind her less than flattering clothes. She did notice April was watching her ass as she moved away, so she added an extra sway just because.

    In only a few steps, she made her way into the spotlight and the entrance of her beloved library. Women whispered; men gapped as Maggie made her into the welcome platform of the event. She stepped into the light and many of the welcoming committee, who had met Maggie before, had to do a double take as she was a moving flame and so changed.

    The director, whose own tongue almost fell out of his mouth as he turned his head. Maggie enjoyed the stares and let a cocky grin go to her lips. Part one of her plan was already working and now she just needed to have the same impact on Amber later. She moved towards the director and his group which included a few high-end donors.

    The men, including the director watched her tits jiggle as she approached. He personally had his dick fucked between those huge breasts as he took an extra glance up and down his librarian?s body. The redhead was attracting everyone?s eyes so far, and no one was able to look away easily.

    Her done up look was such, her normally short bright red curly hair that usually rested at her shoulders was straightened and flowed down to the mid of her back. She pushed some to the front of her face covering her left green eye alluringly. She had used her contacts, leaving the normally specced orbs out to glitter for the world. She had done a light foundation to highlight her freckles and the bright red lipstick she chose with the dark mascara on her eyes finished the look perfectly. She had taken her already hidden beautiful self and made it more, enhanced it, at least for tonight.

    Her long bright red dress was a shade lighter than her hair and was cut in a way that revealed her normally well-hidden body in a fully sexual manner. It was skintight that followed every curve of and with a deep chest cut that provided more than average cleavage.

    The sides even showed off her chest and even the smallest amount of under boob from the right angle. The flow allowed it to be pressed against her skin, showing off her ass she had pushed harder at the gym the last few months. This also allowed her to wear the tiniest thong she had ever worn...and that was saying something with the one?s she had won and bought this year. Anyone could also see the toned muscles in her right leg as the dress was slit up to her mid-thigh on that side.

    Even when the dress pressed tightly to her skin, there was no indication that she was wearing underneath it. This led to even more sexy and double looks at her big juicy ass which is why she was swaying it so freely. Needless to say, it was the most daring dress and outfit Maggie had ever worn. There was a reason she did a quick shot of tequila in her car before finally going out to the party.

    She did her hellos to the early birds smiling and welcoming everyone she could. Her first rounds were to make sure everyone was okay. She scanned the room, looking for any other women who would use the night like she was, to show off and push down any challengers. The wallflower had to take a seat, at least for tonight. She checked everything on the Gala, and so far, it seemed it was all going smoothly as the party really started to begin.

    With nothing else to do, the night began to flow by, and she was lost into the crowd. Somehow, she hadn?t seen either of her interns, Bianca, or many women would match up against her in the looks or body department. Maybe she hadn?t had to worry as much as she had about the endless women getting between her and Amber.

    That didn?t mean to say there were not some lookers in this group and Maggie?s eyes were drawn to both the guests and some of the workers who she would consider in her league. None were as dressed up as she was, but some of their natural beauty was unhide able and could give her a run for her money. She made a note of them in her head, April being the first on the list?she had seen the girl take a sip of wine. Maggie didn?t care, but she did wonder what she was doing it for.

    Her first attempts to get into conversation with some of the women who could match her were unsuccessful and she was quickly dragged into talking with a few big-time donors. Obviously, the ?main? goal of the night was to ensure they kept funding the library, so a lot of her personal arrangements and desires would have to be on hold.

    About 10 minutes later, the director came up from out of nowhere and tabbed her on the shoulder. ?Maggie, there you are.? He noticed the rest of the people and quickly stood up slightly straighter. Maggie gave a huff, she couldn?t believe she and Bianca actually gave this man a tit job for work, he was becoming far less attractive every second as her own prospects grew.

    ?Oh, apologies my dear men, I know my librarian is quite a catch to talk to, but I do need her for a few seconds.? He blabbered through his words.
    ?Excuse me.? Maggie said with grace, as all the donors smiled at her and she took two steps away to where only they could talk.

    The Director whispered into her ear, ?Maggie, can you please get to the front, a group is out there waiting for directions.?

    She almost responded when Bianca appeared from basically out of nowhere, ?Don?t worry, I?ll be handling it.? She said quickly and both sets of eyes turned to her.
    The Director almost objected knowing that anytime one of the two librarians tried to one up the other, a very tense conversation followed. But this time Maggie held up her hand. ?We have an agreement and are working together as we need. Bianca and I will handle everything, so please go enjoy yourself.

    He did a quick back and forth in silent shock. Somehow his request for them to work together actually worked, though he never would have guessed what it had taken. He quickly removed himself from the conversation, not wanting to question either women, when they had that look in their eyes.

    Meanwhile, Bianca and Maggie gave each other a full up and down look. It seemed she had finally felt a match in terms of her flame tonight in the form of her co-worker?s outfit. She had expected Bianca to easily give her a run for her money and the other pale girl did not disappoint.

    The blue-eyed girl had chosen a sleeveless bright silver gown that almost made her look nude from a far distance because her skin was as pale as the material. It did not slit on the legs but was low cut around her chest to make up for it. Fully shoulder less, it showed off the immense size of the woman?s tits from the top with the dress seemingly held up by her rival?s sexy pink nipples. Maggie wasn?t even sure Bianca was wearing a bra in this look. It was also very tight, as it hung to her thin waist and well-defined hips pronouncing her hourglass form.

    She had also done up her makeup, highlighting her translucent complexion, and for once her black hair was loose, sleek, and down. It looked as if she oiled the locks with not a single strand out of place. They finished their quick judging of outfits and makeup after only a few seconds.

    Nothing was said, until the tense moment passed as Bianca smiled, giving off the same feeling that Maggie had felt back at the coffee shop and she was thankful that their truce was still in effect.

    ?Maggie?you look nice.? Bianca complimented her with a smile that showed plenty of pearly white teeth behind her dark red lips.
    Maggie was taken slightly back still not expecting the friendliness, then responded. ?Thanks, Bianca?you do too.?

    The other librarian smiled at her as she then looked around the room at the growing crowd. ?Fun so far??

    ?Yes, it?s been fun, I guess it was all worth the extra work we had to put in.? Maggie replied while her green eyes scanned the room. One minute ago, she had thought there would be no other women with the confidence of her body and style tonight. Now with a blink of her eyes, there were quite a few all around, including Bianca.

    ?Yes, it was really quite stressful setting up, and I?m not even including you and I jumping at each other every few minutes.? Bianca mused, letting her eyes wander the room at the women appearing out of nowhere. It was clear Maggie wasn?t the only one to notice all the dun-up women flaunting their bodies. That didn?t even include the waitress April, or the chef and pastry chef they had hired from a local restaurant who had quite the look of their own. But did any of them settle things or go at it in their way, Maggie assumed she would never know.

    ?Very true, but honestly I think we did well, now we just need to make sure the donations come in for our yearly funding.?

    ?That won?t be a problem, some of the gents already donated a few thousand?they were looking at my tits while submitting the check, but hey have to use what we have.? Bianca said with a huffy tone.

    Maggie laughed, ?Yes, tonight?s the night to do it and I don?t doubt they were...? as she eyed Bianca?s own tits with a look of desire. Luckily the other librarian didn?t notice, and Maggie quickly looked up at the clock. She noticed there was only 30 minutes before the full event would really start, and that meant the musical entertainment would arrive soon. ?Bianca??

    ?Hm?? Bianca looked back at the redhead; she had noticed two older students wearing quite revealing dresses themselves make their entrance.

    Maggie hadn?t seen them and was still looking at the clock, she had not forgotten, but she had pushed it from her mind just for a bit. ?The band? would you let me know if Miss fielder needs anything extra or asks any weird questions.?

    Bianca now turned her full attention to Maggie and let out a little ?ahh?. Now things made sense, she remembered the beautiful guitarist at the meeting and the looks between Maggie and the blonde. She felt foolish not making the connection before to why Maggie had created their break. ?I assume that woman might be the reason we have our little truce??

    There was no point in trying to lie now, she was at the Gala for fucks sake and Amber was on her way, there was no hiding. ?Yes?she might be a part of it?she and I have a history.? Maggie admitted.

    Bianca thought for a second, but again, for Isabella, she had her own thing to lose tonight. Maggie and she were a team, and she was going to keep her word. ?Well, don?t worry, as I said, we are a team tonight. I?ll make sure they don?t do anything funny. I doubt they could though, we have this event quite taken care of?I would think.? She paused and Maggie turned her attention to her co-worker.

    ?I doubt she would cause a scene, if I was her?I would come straight for you, but that?s just me.? Bianca pondered, as she eyed another pair of students entering with incredible bodies to match. She wondered if Isabella and Marissa knew them or if they were part of some school function to get tickets.

    Maggie?s mind took in this thought. ?You are right, I just don?t know why she is here?we can?t talk in this environment, so I assumed she was trying to mess up the whole Gala. But maybe she wants to talk in public?where neither of us can make a scene?? She finished, working out the puzzle in her mind.

    ?Well keep me in the loop. I saw Marissa and Izzy both here, and they both dressed the part. Well, Marissa attempted at least.? Bianca said, rolling her eyes and continued, ?I will be talking to her shortly just to warm her up to the idea of your conversation, let me know when you will bring it up.?

    ?Perfect, I just want to make sure all goes well in the beginning. I will talk to them both when I can get them free.?

    ?Ok, excellent.? Bianca responded with a little nod.

    They smiled at each other, but as Bianca saw several board members arrive, she went to greet them quickly. As she moved by however, she gave the quickest of pinches to Maggie?s ass through the sheen dress making her jump. Ok, so the truce was 90% on, Maggie thought, they could settle their stuff later and they would.

    She took a glance but wasn?t able to find Marissa or Isabella on the first quick search. They did have quite a few jobs to complete before they were able to join the party, so most likely they were in the back?god she hoped they didn?t start fighting?that would be very bad.

    The time began to fly as Maggie greeted other people and she and Bianca settled into their trading of the roles, jumping back and forth between groups. After 20 minutes that felt like 2 hours, Bianca came up behind Maggie once again. ?Maggie, the band has arrived,? She whispered into her ear.

    Maggie took a deep breath; it was now or never. ?Thanks Bianca, where are they now??

    She motioned to Maggie and the redhead moved closer. ?They are in the back setting up and getting changed. I only spoke with them briefly, but they didn?t seem interested in anything but playing. Miss Fielder was perfectly polite, but now that I know your?history, I did feel her eyes follow me a bit more. Interestingly, they do have five members now instead of four we hired.?

    ?Five?? Maggie questioned, looking for any sign of trouble.
    ?Yes, the drummer?Daphne I believe it was? From the old band you hired is here, I guess she is playing with them tonight. The two men are the same, but I didn?t meet the singer, she was changing when I was back there.?

    ?Ok?? Maggie thought, processing the new development. So, there was another piece in this puzzle of attractive women at the Gala. She doubted though that Daphne would be up to anything or part of any plan. I?m sure she hitched some deals with Amber after their sexfight to still get to play for the experience and get her name out there. ?When do they go on?? Maggie asked, noticing that more than 80 percent of the guests had arrived and were simply mingling and now waiting for the music.

    ?Now, it seems.? Bianca said with her own slight surprise and she motioned her head towards the stage where the band was now standing.

    One look and Maggie felt her stomach flip, her heart quicken, her mind go blank, her nipples harden, and a little wetness begin to form behind the tiny string thong she had chosen. On stage walked Amber, and Maggie couldn?t help but gap as did everyone in the room. Maggie?s heart threatened to burst out of her chest at the pace it was now beating as her ex made her appearance.

    Here comes Amber! Let?s get this on! This was a needed part as the Gala begins and the girls are all arriving. There might be a few returning and even some new characters will be appearing too, but we will see how far they go and what pieces they play for the night. Keep an eye out and let me know whatcha think of them. Hope everyone is still enjoying and having a good new year. Umm, yeah, let me know your thoughts also on how you like the story if you are willing. Hopefully Amber and Maggie meet soon! or they might be to busy with their own stuf...who knows! sorry this part took so long, but it was the holidays.

    Ok...that's all I got. Hopefully the next part will be out soon.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Another fantastic part to the story, even if it is all buildup. But, as I've written many times, you are king of the tease and this is just laying the groundwork for what I know will be some spectacular sexual confrontations going forward!

    I like the change in the relationship between Bianca and Maggie. And I wonder how Maggie is going to "convince" Marissa to share her credits!

    I like the allusions to some of your other characters, including Teagan from "The Perfect Ingredient" and, I think, the sorority girls from "The Sorority House." I'm still waiting for Silvia to make her appearance. If anyone else in the story besides Amber is going to get Maggie into a woman to woman showdown this night, I expect/hope it will be Silvia. I'm still curious as to what Amber may have done to her to get her off Maggie's back from earlier in the story! And, as I recall, Jenny may still owe Amber a humiliating submission. Has that been resolved or is that part of Amber's plan?

    Great stuff, looking forward to the next part.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Perfect novel,esger for continuity

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    Cool Re: The Library Gala

    Awesome work again! As long as the build up is this good, who needs the real fights anymore? Haha, just kidding. I really appreciate the amount of time you use to build the universe, which sets up the sexfights later on. And can’t wait what Amber has is mind for this very special night. This whole story is already one of the best in this genre. I hope it never ends...

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