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Thread: The Library Gala

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    Re: The Library Gala

    This is a gift for those into buildup and story telling.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Part 8

    She looked more beautiful than Maggie ever remembered, and her midnight black dress was a near match for Maggie’s in terms of skin shown. She had done herself up just as much as Maggie had, and somehow only amplified her already unfair natural beauty.

    The blonde’s dress was slitted down the chest like Maggie’s but much further, all the way to her belly button where it connected. The second slit was on her legs, but it ran up to her hip, far higher than Maggie’s that only went to her mid-thigh. It was daring to say the least and Maggie felt her flame flicker in doubt that she could match Amber tonight, or any time.

    She focused on the pitch-black garment and she wondered how her dark red and it would look together, black and red looked like a visual mix of love and hate. Just like them. Her long blonde hair was wavy, another difference that Amber had made for the night. She had used dark mascara around her brown eyes, and she was wearing dark pink lipstick that was the exact same shade as Maggie’s.

    “Test. Test. Test.” Amber said into her mike and Maggie’s heart again did a flip just hearing words out of her mouth. The soundcheck made it, so Maggie wasn’t the only one who noticed the newcomers. The entire Gala of almost 1000 guests turned to look at the beautiful guitarist who had just come to the stage. Maggie had been wrong, she could only hope that the impact on Amber was as much as had been on her because she suddenly felt inferior.

    Maggie’s heart and mind went blank. Amber looked amazing as she made her way towards the right side of the stage, guitar in hand. She had watched Amber play before in secret at the Showtime, but this was the first time she watched her out in the open. Maggie knew that the blonde knew she was watching her, and she hoped it made her nervous.

    It didn’t look it, as Amber looked as calm and uncaring as ever. Then, another beauty made her way onto the stage. Maggie’s mouth almost dropped, staring at the long wavy brown hair and body of the previously unknown singer. She might have been equal to Amber’s own build, but she had a girl next door kind of face that was just pretty to look at. She had a light tan that contrasted with the bright dress. Her hair style was similar to Amber’s, and Maggie wondered if that was on purpose regarding their band.

    Her eyes moved down to the outfit that looked very different than Amber’s midnight black choice. The dress was strapless and went around the brunette’s chest at a low point near her nipples. It wasn’t as revealing as hers but might have been the tightest Maggie had seen thus far tonight. It hugged her body like a second skin. She breathed into the mic on stage and her voice carried around the room, attracting the few eyes that weren’t previously looking.

    Then it hit her, the dress was very similar to the choice her co-worker had picked. To a trained eye you could see the subtle differences, but a random person would think the silver gowns would be an identical match. A quick glance at Bianca and Maggie knew she was as shocked as anyone that someone had picked such a similar dress and pulled it off so easily. It was fine though, Bianca was far to mature to worry about such a small thing, she thought.

    Next came out Daphne, the darker skinned girl and Maggie’s original bandleader. Maggie gulped, the last time she had seen her, it had been watching her cum underneath Amber’s sweaty body on video. As the drummer, her outfit was more practical and less for show, but that didn’t stop her from showing off. She was wearing black skin-tight trousers that seemed to be made of latex and shined in the light. It made her ass even from down on the showroom floor look immaculate.

    Her button up black shirt matched the color and also had a few buttons undone on top, giving a clear view of her breasts. Maggie wondered if she had done that to make up not getting to wear a more revealing outfit like her bandmates. Her long black hair was also straightened and wavy, completing the look for the band. She took her seat behind the other girl’s and looked ready to play.

    Next were the men in simple tuxes, but no one, not even the women in the room was looking at them when next to the three jaw-droppers. There was no announcement, no welcoming, they simply started to play the slow classical music that fit well in with the theme of the night. It wasn’t dancing music yet and slowly the conversations picked back up but now with beautiful sounds to go with them.

    As the band started, Maggie made her way around, meeting more people and ensuring everyone was happy…while also glancing up at the stage every few seconds. As long as Amber was on the stand, she didn’t have to worry, but she also had to stop herself from simply staring up at her. She also kept her eye out for Silvia but was not able to see the bartender from all the people in the crowd. She wasn’t even sure if the woman was here...maybe it was just her paranoia.

    She walked past many of the other busty and well-built women guests and was side eyed many times. She figured she would end up talking to them at some point, but for now she would focus on the main guests.

    The time flew by in a flurry, as Maggie got lost in conversations with donors and executives once again. Many people flirted with her, more than she had ever had in her life as the librarian beauty let herself be free for this small portion of the night. It was fun, though a bit exhausting with the many leering men and more than a few jealous glances from some of the women. The music was also incredible, and it served as her peacekeeper.

    She told herself again and again. As long as the music was playing, she didn’t have to worry about anything. With so many people, she still had not seen Isabella or Marissa, but knew they had the job of helping the kitchen, so were most likely in and out of the ballroom. About 45 minutes later, as she was talking to a donor who was happily giving money, she heard the sound she had been waiting for.

    “We will be taking a short break, thank you.” The singer said into the mic and Maggie watched the stage as the three-woman set down their instruments and disappeared into the applauding crowd before Maggie could get to them.

    They were instantly very popular with the men and women alike. Maggie noticed the large crowd around Amber, Daphne, and the singer and decided she would wait; it would do them no good talking where they could be overheard…not with what they had to discuss.

    A few minutes passed, and Maggie jumped from group to group trying to kill time until Amber became free. She was so focused checking on where the guitarist was, she nearly bumped tits with one of the equally stacked college students.

    “Excuse me?” The girl blustered with an attitude Maggie did not expect. She turned her head to come face to face with an Indian woman who she had to assume was a student. She had a bright pink dress on her darker skin, with dark brown eyes and dark black hair. She gave off the perceptions of a princess you saw in some of the movies. A quick glance down also confirmed to Maggie she had just run into one of the few girls here who could match her body.

    The student was also doing a quick up and down of Maggie and specifically her choice of clothing. “Wow, nice dress, it makes your tits look huge.” The woman said aloud.
    “Umm thanks…”, Maggie responded to the compliment; and took a look around to see if anyone heard it. She certainly had not expected that from this woman.

    “Are you a student? Because we are always looking for girls with the right stuff to rush our house.” She motioned down to Maggie’s body once again and the redhead got the hint that this student was actually offering to have her rush a sorority.

    “Oh, that’s very kind, but no, I’m a bit too old for that. I graduated a few years ago. My name is Maggie, I work at the library.” She said, reaching a handout.

    “Oh, I’m Thushara, and that sucks.” She replied and didn’t shake Maggie’s hand. She seemed to no longer care about what Maggie was doing as her attention turned to two girls’ standing a few feet away near the dance floor.

    A gorgeous Asian woman and a sexy silver haired girl who screamed classic sorority seemed to be having a heated discussion. “Excuse me...” Thushara said, as she turned and headed towards them in a flash.

    Maggie stood there wondering what the hell was that interaction as she followed the woman’s big, toned ass in the pink dress as it made her way towards the duo. The silver-haired blonde saw her coming and suddenly looked relieved as the black-haired women looked irritated at the approaching figure. Then out of nowhere a deeply tanned and dark-haired redhead stepped right in front of Thushara before she reached the other pair.

    While Maggie had almost bumped tits with Thushara on accident, this redhead seemed to do it on purpose. She had a cocky grin on her face that looked less than friendly, and it looked like the Indian girl smiled right back in a similar manner. The other two girls stopped chatting to look over at the new confronted pair. They moved slightly till the Indian girl stood next to the blonde while the redhead stood next to the black-haired beauty.

    On a closer look, Maggie recognized both of the two original women who had been arguing, as would most people in the college. They were the heads of two sororities on campus and well-known rival’s, Hina Yoku and Lucy Stanton. They were a sight of two very different but equally sexy looks.

    She had seen their bodies in person only a few times at event’s and knew they alone were the reason that made fraternity guys join. Just to get a chance to talk to them, and even dream of hooking up with them. Marissa had told her about each group when they had both tried to recruit her and Isabella. Her Intern’s had each declined, but still got offers every few weeks from random members because of their looks. That’s how Maggie stayed in the know of the drama on campus.

    The final bit was that Lucy brought in a new girl about a year and a half ago named Olivia. Rumor was they had a rough start but had become best friends to the point people considered them twins having become almost inseparable.

    With Olivia as her second in command, Lucy had made her sorority the number one on campus. Hina was the head of a smaller one that was still growing but had started to gain ground. The reason for their rivalry was ironically the two sororities had been one when they first came to the college. When the old leaders had a fall out in Hina and Lucy’s freshmen year, it had split into the two there were now with everyone taking sides. The last three years they had been civil, but now it was full blown war with Hina and Lucy always trying to one up another.

    While the band was off, some music was being played from a DJ that was more fit for dancing. The tanned redhead made a challenging gesture towards the dance floor and Thushara shrugged and strutted towards it with the redhead confidently following her. This left the sexy black haired Asian girl and the nearly silver haired blonde to continue their growingly tense conversation un-interrupted.

    The looks and the stances Lucy and Hinda were sharing reminded herself of her own fights; these women were not friends and might have a bit more to tangle. She wondered exactly how they would, and if tonight was setting something in motion for their sisterhoods.

    The distraction of the sorority girls had taken her sight away from the band members for only a few minutes, but as she glanced back towards the crowd, she no longer could see her ex. She felt a stage of panic as she scanned back towards the stage looking for her. What if she left, what if she was somewhere in the library trying to ruin something? Already in her panicked state, a voice from directly behind made her jump out of her heels.

    “May I buy you a drink?” Amber asked in a sensual voice from right behind Maggie. She had easily separated herself from the many people trying to talk to her. It was a normal day for Amber, who usually had plenty of suitors.

    Maggie felt the goosebumps on her skin shoot up as she turned and came face to face with Amber. Their eyes met first, the windows into the souls, and the orbs they had stared into so many nights in their bouts.

    Then they looked down at each other’s outfit of choice and body they craved like a drug. There was a lot of skin showing; skin that blended together so often, that should be touching. Neither girl had ever seen the other so done up, it was alluring, like a once in a lifetime sight they were privy to. They had pulled out all the stops and it was working to a devastating effect.

    “I would love one.” Maggie answered, she smiled as Amber reached her hand out and took her wrist gently. The sensation of their first touch in three months sent a shiver down Maggie’s spine to her very core. Amber quickly led her through the crowd to the bar and picked two small seats in the corner. Here, they could somehow privately talk, as they each took a seat on the bar stools.

    She didn’t see Silvia working at the bar, and Maggie began to think there was a chance that she hadn’t shown up. She wondered if it might have frustrated her other rival to have to wear a bartender outfit while all the other women had dawned their sexiest dresses. It would have annoyed Maggie if she had been in that position.

    The bartender who approached was a young handsome man who took their orders while Amber slipped him the money with a wink. He smiled back as Maggie watched the interaction with an interested look that sparked her envy when she knew it shouldn’t. He was no threat to Amber’s attention tonight.

    There were still quite a few people around them, so Maggie decided she would keep the conversation light, at least until the other people got their beverages. The bartender left to make both drinks, leaving the two women sitting at the bar.

    “Well… Amber, I’m glad you are here tonight. I hope the setup wasn’t too much of a hassle. I didn’t want to come off a bother with all the requirements for the music and dress code.” Maggie started, seeing what she could pull from the guitarist.

    “Not at all, it went well. And please, you are never a bother. Not to me.” Amber replied simply looking almost curiously at the redhead. Maggie instantly felt her cheeks threaten to go red from the comment. Luckily, for her, the man returned as a distraction. He placed both cocktails in front of them and they thanked him as they each took the glass in hand.

    The man left down the bar where he went into conversation with the waitress April. It looked flirty to Maggie’s eyes, but she couldn’t hear anything as she and Amber’s attention turned back to each other. Some of the surrounding people had gotten their drinks and cleared out but just one too many still for Maggie to ask what she really wanted. She decided to again keep the conversation elegant for just a few more seconds.

    “The songs are quite lovely.” Maggie continued as she took a sip. She looked at Amber’s huge tits in the black dress that she wanted to lick and grope. It felt like the globes were calling out to her, she also looked at the blonde hair, noticing even more brown near the top of her head. There was no hint of pink and Maggie kind of missed it.

    “Thank you, I picked many of them when I was thinking of you.” Amber smiled back. This time Maggie felt the blood rush to her cheeks in a full blush. She thought she had been ready for this convo, but Amber was proving to be a dangerous type of rose that could attack her emotions as easily as she attacked her sex.

    She was also being very flirty which was not something Maggie had expected or prepared for. Amber must be loving this, she thought with extreme annoyance. She pushed the embarrassment down as hard as possible and desperately spoke to turn this conversation around.

    “I had a feeling, it’s nice to know that no matter how hard you try, you can’t get me out of your head.” Maggie playfully responded to Amber’s surprise.

    The blonde had picked up on the change of tone in this flirty duel of words. Unlike Maggie however, she didn’t blush and took another quick sip to keep her cool.

    “Yeah, that is true. You seem to have found a little spot in my head that I can’t get rid of.” She paused for a half a second, then licked her pink lips at her ex that sent a shock to Maggie’s clit just by observing. “Did you enjoy my video? I was thinking of you when I made that too.”

    Maggie let some hot air out of her nose before responding. “I did enjoy it…” She admitted for the first time to herself. “But, like I texted you, I had my own little fun the last few nights. I wonder what you imagined me doing…judging from your texts, you can’t stand to think that I had a hotter night with someone other than you.” Maggie laughed, then mused with a finger on her chin as if lost in thought.

    “I know that it must have really eaten at you…you always ignored me before that. Did the ice queen herself actually feel something?” She finished, less playful this time and edging on aggressive.

    She watched her ex’s face for some reaction, any reaction, but Amber seemed to take the knowledge in stride at least on the surface. “Well, I’m glad you have been enjoying yourself, though I don’t think it’s really fair. You know how I feel about that…about you and others.” Amber said quietly, her façade dropping just slightly. Then she spoke again, with a heated attitude. “Considering how quickly you wanted to tell me about it, I would wager you were thinking about me a lot during your ‘hottest night.” The attitude heated up more. “Tell me though Maggie, did you enjoy actually watching me fuck someone else? Were you hoping I would win? Or did you want me to lose and be humiliated on screen?”

    Maggie didn’t answer while Amber’s pink lips turned into a grin. “I would bet my life that you masturbated yourself watching it, watching me and another woman fight, in our way…I wonder what part sent you over the edge?” Amber pondered as Maggie sat there in fuming silence unable to form even the simplest of responses. The delay cost her.

    “Your blushing says everything I need to know…” Amber sighed as Maggie’s cheeks had given away. They flushed a dark red at the memory of Amber blowing her a kiss at the end of the video. The image still made her pussy tremble.

    They were silent for a few seconds, measuring each other up and down, taking a second to calm themselves from their increasingly hot convo. The question about the video went unanswered as they each took a sip of their little cocktails. The Gala moved around them, but they only had eyes for each other, lost in their own world.

    Quickly the strong alcohol began to warm their stomachs, loosen their already sharp tongues, and lessen their inhibitions. This is when Maggie noticed that their perfectly smooth legs were only a few inches apart dangling off the edge of their stools. Her freshly shaved skin was smoother than it had ever been and the chance to rub it on Amber was worth the calculated risk.

    Maggie decided to make the next move and up their ante. She needed to feel Amber, make her blush, or show some kind of emotion beyond the tone of her voice. It was also impossible to be so close to her without some physical contact. Keeping the brown eyes focused on her own, the redhead decided to test her smooth skin theory right then and there. She moved her leg just a foot forward and pressed her heel flexed calf into Amber’s matching muscle.

    The punk girl didn’t pull away and allowed the much-desired contact, each relishing at the erotic sensations as the nerves on their smooth skin fired in turn. Their eyes watched each other but neither gave a sign that it was affecting them until Maggie slid her calf up and down Amber’s twice. Then, on que both of their breathing picked up slightly becoming more labored.

    Maggie watched as Amber’s big chest moved up and down, the black dress cut to not hide this type of arousal. She knew her own pale freckled tits were doing the same, but it didn’t matter. It had been done to prove that even though Amber could hide it better, they were equally affected by each other’s flirty game. She pulled away after the second rub as she did not want to attract unwanted eyes or have any of the other guests see what they were doing.

    Now separated, their breathing slowly returned to normal, but they struggled to look away from the taunting boobs of their ex. They sipped their drinks in silence, acting as though the sexual moment didn’t happen. Quickly the cocktails were starting to run low as the long moment of silence dragged on between them until Maggie couldn’t take it anymore. The people around them were gone leaving her enough space. She needed to get the real reason that she and Amber were sitting across from each other at her work Gala.

    “So, do I finally get to know your plan tonight?” Maggie asked, as she took a huge gulp and finished her drink in a sudden swig for courage.

    “My plan?” Amber responded innocently as if Maggie accused her of something far more sinister.

    Maggie gave a slight huff as she felt the torrent of words build on her tongue. “Yes, your plan. You must have a reason, or a goal. Why are you here? What are you trying to get? Why you…sex fought another woman just to get to this Gala?”

    Amber didn’t respond, but also didn’t drink. She simply sat there looking at Maggie with her soft brown eyes, letting the redhead demand questions to answer Maggie knew she would not get.

    Maggie took a deep breath as she got no response, but she would not be denied. Not tonight, not with her confidence, and with what was at stake. “I really don’t understand you Amber…I…I thought I did when we were…sleeping together, but I was so wrong. A month ago, you told me you wanted me as a girlfriend as we screamed at each on the phone. Yet, you play these mind games, pretending like you don’t know me, fighting your way into performing here and now you’re telling me it was for nothing...that you are just here because you are bored?” She paused as Amber watched her and she asked the only question that mattered. “Why?” In the most demanding voice, she could muster.

    “Do you really want to know?” Amber suddenly said sipping the last bit of her cocktail. Maggie put down her drink. She wasn’t sure if she did, but she knew that if Amber admitted it, then at least she would understand what tonight was really about.

    Amber was smiling in a way that could turn people into mush. She didn’t wait for Maggie to respond, taking the silence as approval. “I’m exactly who you think I am, and this event wasn’t really for nothing. If I recall and I’m sure you do, you said you were done with me, but I told you I wasn’t done with you during our phone conversation.”

    “At first, I thought, I would just jump you, drive to your house and force myself on you. It might have worked for that night, but I knew it wouldn’t solve anything, we would be back to square one. One of us forced the other into a fight, so I didn’t. Over the next month, I was at a loss, did I want you? Did you want me? Sexually…more…I wasn’t sure. If you’re thinking we could have just talked…you are wrong. I knew we were beyond that. I was and am, so angry with you, and I know you feel the same.”

    Amber put down her drink and looked away from Maggie to out at the crowd. She almost spoke up, but Amber continued to her surprise. “I cried almost every night those weeks…and I don’t cry. Ever.” She bluntly added at the end.

    Maggie took in a bit of breath at that piece of knowledge. She had never seen Amber cry; she didn’t think the girl had it in her. She wanted to tell Amber that she had cried too, but again Amber kept going, and she was not about to interrupt.

    “Then lucky me, just a week ago, Daphne comes running into the bar bragging about the Gala. I knew about it; I remembered you and I talking about it so many nights in your bed. I bet you thought I wasn’t paying attention, but I was. And I knew it was a chance to see you. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew I would be in your mind the whole time. I guess if I had to put it into words, I thought if more didn’t work, we could just hate each other and leave it at that.”

    Maggie was almost shaking, the same thought, the same line of reasoning had gone through her head. It was breaking her heart, even more than before and she lashed out.

    “So, you did this just so we could talk like we are right now? We could have done this anywhere! At any time! What made tonight so important!? Being the musician doesn’t give you anything…being at the Gala doesn’t change anything…” Maggie said with fire.

    “I already told you, we could not have talked.” Amber rebutted forcefully.

    “Yes, we could have! At least when I took that T.A. job, I knew that it would give me power over you. It would force you to give me a chance to get back at you or else. What you did to get here, with no plan except to talk is just crazy.” Maggie argued back.

    Suddenly, Amber giggled lightly in a way that made Maggie’s heart jump. “I have been feeling crazy these past few months. Yes, I thought about ways to get you fired, tried to think of how I could embarrass you beyond reason or make you so mad it would force you to come fight me. But again, that’s just keeping you in my life through hate. Or back to square one, so to speak.”

    Maggie had no rebuttal to that as Amber’s voice turned sultry. She leaned forward in her seat, letting her tits hang down in her dress. Maggie lowered her green eyes down to the deep slit of Amber’s tits as the blonde brought their faces just a foot apart. “The last few months, I have gone back and forth between wanting to hurt you beyond reason and giving you pleasure that you can’t imagine…just like our little sexfights.” She whispered with a lick of her pink lips.

    “I think about them all the time…wanting to remember the tension, hate and satisfaction I felt and gave. But it doesn’t matter what I want.” Amber finished as she leaned back up and Maggie released the breath she had been holding in unconsciously.

    “Where are you going with this? Of course, it matters what you want…that’s what I want to know!” Maggie demanded, as she felt her heartbeat pick up and adrenaline filling her veins. Now she too was thinking about their many fights and being this close to Amber for this long, and not stripping her down and fucking her in a fight was new.

    “What do you want?” Maggie begged with aggression. She had to know, so she could decide what to do, and put a stop to it if she had too. This conversation had gone on far too long already.

    Amber looked at her for one more second with her soft brown eyes, then they hardened. Maggie almost felt the shift in her ex’s body language. The blonde sat up straighter and said in a clear and non-emotional tone. “To fight. You and I, one last time…here, where it started.”

    Maggie glared at her as if Amber said the wrong thing, as the blonde continued, “But I’m not going to force you into anything, not like you did to me. Tonight, you have the choice to fight me. If you want to pick that choice, then meet me after the Gala. If you don’t….” But Maggie interrupted out of pure frustration.

    “Choice!? What do you mean choice? You did all this, just to fight me back in the library? What would we even be fighting for?” Maggie hissed, there had to be more.

    “Everything...” Amber whispered which only increased her frustration.
    “What. Do. You. Mean?” Maggie demanded as she grabbed her glass tighter, the veins in her hands darker on her pale skin. “Just fight? Nothing on the line? How does that change anything!? We would be back to square one! Just like you said.”

    Amber put a hand up stopping Maggie from saying more. Their eyes met as they gave each other the most intense gaze they had ever shared.

    “You didn’t listen. We won’t be back to square one…because whether you choose to fight me tonight or not, it will be the last time. You will never see me again.” Amber said, looking Maggie eye to eye as the world seemed to dissolve around Maggie with those words. That was it, the ultimatum, Maggie had wondered would ever come. Of all the emotions that Amber could make her feel, this type of fear was a first.

    The nightmare of the previous evening came flashing back to her mind as it turned into a reality. The idea of holding Amber through hate was now extinguished, so was a relationship. They had kept each other close through hatred but now the ultimate threat of complete cutoff was in play. She would never hear Amber’s voice again, never see her smile again, never taste her sex again. Of all the things she had questioned about the two of them, she knew right then and there, this is not what she wanted.

    “Amber….” Maggie said, her breaths feeling lighter as if she was having a panic attack. She didn’t know why this was giving her this type of reaction, but it was equally a physical shock as a mental one. Pain was spreading down her body directly from her heart. She had to stop this.

    Amber gave a sigh and was running her finger around her glass after dropping her bombshell, “I told you on the phone…I wanted you …but I also want to hurt you, for hurting me, for beating me…I have never felt like this for anyone in my life and I think you feel the same. But I can’t go on like this…it’s too hard.”

    She took a breath, “This is how it is going to happen, and I will not be persuaded. If we fight, then the winner can for the rest of her life know she was better…at sex, at fighting…and at love.”

    Maggie sucked in her breath, as she followed Amber’s finger around the glass. “Amber…we don’t have to do this…we can talk…and if it doesn't work out….”, Maggie whispered as she tried to hold back tears that were threatening to build behind her green orbs. All of her bluster, all of her hate, seemed to distinguish from this threat of never seeing Amber again. Now it was real, and it was painful.

    “No.” Amber said forcibly, and Maggie went quiet looking at her ex. This was the most emotional she had ever seen Amber, a new side, one she imagined existed but was never privy too, even at their closest. The blonde took a deep breath, “No, Maggie. Pick tonight. Fight me or don’t, and we can put this behind us forever.”

    “I thought you wanted me…” Maggie whispered with a weak voice that she was ashamed was escaping her lips in front of her original rival.

    Amber didn’t answer and Maggie’s breathing became shallower. “You can’t…why then…why would I fight you if you are going to leave no matter what?” Again, the blonde didn’t respond but did look away as if she was struggling under the weight of the conversation like Maggie was at least.

    She kept looking at her ex with her bright green eyes. “Amber…please…tell me…” She repeated, but before Amber could respond, suddenly they weren’t alone.

    The emotional conversation ended as the busty singer had approached to stand next to Amber, and she tapped the guitarist on her shoulder. “Amber, there you are, we are back on in 10 and I want to go through the next set.” She said, but then she noticed the redhead and her green eyes seemed to light up. Green eyes, to Maggie’s surprise, were the exact same shade as her own as the librarian did a quick back and forth between the two musicians.

    “Oh, this must be the infamous Maggie...I expected more if I’m honest.” Jenny snipped as she looked at the redhead’s expression. Maggie was taken off guard by the comment and was already feeling raw from her conversation with Amber. Who did this woman think she was coming at her like this?

    “Jenny, you interrupted a very important conversation.” Amber said dismissively as she looked up at her band partner. “Oh, sorry.” Jenny said while rolling her eyes, she didn’t sound apologetic at all. The redhead was looking at the singer with utter disdain. She needed to continue talking with Amber privately, but the singer gave no sign she was about to walk away.

    “Yes, my name is Maggie, and I don’t think we have ever been introduced. Jenny, right?” Maggie asked while seething at the newcomer. The silver dress of the singer seemed to glow, highlighting her body and breasts like they did for Bianca. The girl next door's pretty face looked like it needed a good slap in Maggie’s eyes.

    “Yes, Jenny Hashford. We haven’t met but we have several mutual acquaintances with similar tastes.” Jenny responded as she glanced down at Amber. She slithered an arm around the guitarist and whispered something into her ear that made Amber sigh.

    “Do we? I wasn’t aware.” Maggie responded playing dumb and watching Jenny’s arm with her green eyes jealously. Her eyes kept glancing back to Amber who seemed to be watching this little interaction with interest. Now Jenny leaned back up and turned back to Maggie. Their twin pair of green eyes seemed to take full notice of the other.

    “Oh yes we do, of course there is our little Amber here, and Silvia, you know her, right?” Jenny answered giving Maggie a wink that was not friendly.

    “Oh, you are friends with Silvia? I should have guessed; you and she have a similar attitude and ability to not take the hint when your presence is not wanted.”

    Jenny laughed, “Frenemies is the better word for us, but sure, me and her get along…most nights that is.” She giggled again and gave Amber a ‘you know’ kind of look.

    “Well Jenny, it was such a pleasure meeting you.” Maggie sarcastically said. Right now, however, I was talking to Amber before you rudely interrupted, so if you could give us a sec…”

    “No, I need Amber, how about you just wait until after our show?” Jenny dismissively said, almost waving her hand at the redhead.

    “I’m not asking you; I’m telling you to give us a minute.” Maggie hissed as she stood up from her seat. Her conversation with Amber had gotten her feeling suddenly like nothing mattered. If this bitch got in her way, then she would take care of it. She had promised herself that she wasn’t going to let people walk over her tonight and it was time to back up her words.

    “I don’t take orders. I give them.” Jenny growled back at Maggie and boldly stepped forward bumping her huge tits into the red dress and fat pair. Maggie stood her ground and let the breast contact happen as the two pairs squished shed and then separated as quickly as they had come together, but not without some sexy tit meat touching. From a distance, it looked like Jenny had tripped and the contact was an accident, but the three girls knew it was very much intentional.

    Amber had almost intervened but guessed they wouldn’t risk going much further here as Jenny stepped back slightly. Her grin grew when Maggie didn’t back off and she leaned forward with her purple lips. “It must have been so shameful cumming underneath Silvia, I don’t know the feeling, but I would love to hear it from those chewable lips of yours.” Jenny whispered with a cruel grin, “Maybe you can tell me about it while cumming under me?”

    “You are nothing but a bitch, aren’t you?” Maggie asked while not giving Jenny the satisfaction of an answer about her fight or proposal.

    “Oh, so you have a little cheek…that’s good. Don’t worry, I make the cheekiest of girls nice and obedient after a night with me.” Jenny taunted with a lick to her purple lips. Her tits seemed to expand out of her tight dress, as if they were daring Maggie to compare them.

    “Obedient? You wouldn't last 5 minutes in bed with me. I would have you begging me for commands.” Maggie hissed laying out a challenge that Jenny felt to the center of her core. The two women were already long past a chance for civil conversation. The hate from their mutual acquaintances alone was driving them and was a perfect ingredient in their special way of fighting.

    “Want to find out? We could uber over to a hotel alone…why don’t you and I have some fun tonight, Maggie? Find out who is better at taking the other’s orders?” Jenny breathed, in a full challenge right then and there to her suddenly new and willing rival.

    Their green eyes scowled into each other, it was like looking in a mirror and Maggie wanted nothing more than Jenny to start something. She imagined their fight, both of them covered in full black latex, demanding the other be submissive until they made them by force. Whips, gags, leashes, anything that they could use to humiliate the other far more than they ever had any other opponent. Jenny was thinking the exact same thing, wanting Maggie to be her little slut, maybe even more than she wanted Amber. The redhead had a draw to her, and the knowledge that Amber was here for the librarian made her all the more tempting to own. She wasn’t just at this Gala to perform and would happily test Maggie to her sexual limits if given the opportunity.

    “Jenny.” Amber said warningly at the singer snapping the tense sexual standoff between the two women. Jenny broke the stare down to look at the blonde and gave a sigh of annoyance. Her debt would be repaid once this night was over. Then she would go after Amber and give it back to her 10-fold for their little oil match. Maybe she would go after her want to be girlfriend as well, this redhead had a fire in her and she liked being the one to fully extinguish the sexual drive of other women.

    The stare down ended made Maggie realize how close she had been to accepting, and thus losing her chance to fight Amber…if the blonde had meant what she said. She needed to keep focus; Jenny was just trying to get her riled up. It was working however, and she made a mental note to follow up with this woman at some point in the future.

    “Well…looks like we will have to wait…at least for a bit, but keep your copycat green eyes open Maggie. I’ll be looking for you.” Jenny breathed, and before Amber could stop her, she leaned forward again and licked Maggie’s pink lips with some extra spit on her wet tongue. The sudden sensation made the redhead recoil back in surprise as a dirty pulse of sexual desire shot to her cunt and hardened her nipples.

    She looked around making sure no one saw it, and then felt annoyed she had jumped back. Jenny’s face was smiling victoriously at Maggie’s reaction, taking the small victory with a light laugh. Amber, who was still watching the interaction, let out a breath of heated air from her nose. She had been wrong…bringing Jenny and Silvia to this event was a mistake. Of course, she had needed them to get here, but they were clearly too unpredictable.

    Maggie was just about to say something that might have escalated it further when a hand went on her shoulder. She quickly turned to find Bianca had made her way to the growing crowd of sexy women. She had seen the lick from afar and decided that she would intervene, both to check on Maggie and make sure nothing happened to upset the Gala.

    Amber’s brown eyes narrowed at Bianca because she couldn’t help hating the girl. There was no denying she felt like Bianca had been the reason her and Maggie had stopped hooking up. She felt a weird sense of rivalry for Maggie’s attention with a lot of people, but especially from this woman.

    “Maggie, Miss Fielder, and…you are the singer, correct? How are you all finding this evening?” She asked the group pleasantly which was quite different from her normal better than you tone. Now there were four sets of impressive chests that were displayed in the group of four.

    None of the girl’s answered the question, as Jenny spoke back at Maggie, “Oh, and who is this Maggie? You need a little friend to have your back?” She quipped, still feeling aggressive. She didn’t like being on the leash that Amber had put on her, so she would lash out anyway to make this frustrating night more fun. Sure, the guitarist might be their leader because of her loss, but that didn’t mean she was going to back down from new potential prey or rivals. That’s when Jenny took a better look at Bianca’s dress and nearly stopped in her tracks.

    “What…” She breathed lightly as she looked up into Bianca’s crystal blue eyes with a new fury. The only thing Jenny disliked more than being on a leash, was not being the center of attention. Her career, her joy was being in front and on top; singing, sex, fighting, she always wanted to look the best and be the best with all eyes on her. That’s why Amber was so maddening with her natural beauty and Maggie with that perfect body. They each took the attention away from her.

    Now this woman was wearing a far too similar dress as hers. She had picked it to ensure all eyes were on her when singing. This was not acceptable. Bianca sensed the anger, and she dropped her fake pleasant tone quickly as Jenny seemed to size her up openly, not caring that she was noticed. “Yes?” Bianca said looking at Jenny wondering what she wanted.

    “Nice dress, I’m surprised you thought you could pull it off.” Jenny huffed fully turning her attention to the other librarian. The comment surprised Maggie and she glanced at her co-worker for her reaction knowing Bianca would not take it kindly.

    “Excuse me? What did you just say?” Bianca shot back. Maggie recognized the tone her co-worker normally used only on her before and during their fights.

    “Oh sorry, I’m sure you are not used to people speaking their mind or truths when you hang out with all the fakeness here.” Jenny mused, gesturing to the crowd. Maggie couldn’t disagree with her there, but it still felt like a comment that needed not to have been said aloud.

    “Well, maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself. The people here, don’t need to listen to the…unclassy opinions from someone of your…lower class.” Bianca snipped back,

    “Lower class?” Jenny repeated, her eye’s narrowing in anger. “Wow, this is a very interesting library. Quite a few bitches running it, huh Amber?” She stated, looking around the entire building while placing her hand on the guitarist shoulder. The blonde looked up at the singer then back to Maggie and Bianca with her punk like smile. “It would seem that way.”

    Jenny then looked back at the two sexy librarians. “You both might think you blend well with this group, but I know with good authority, you both are the exact same class as us. Word spreads…sluts.”

    Bianca looked furious that people she hired would speak to her this way, and even hint towards the sexual piece that connected them while Maggie just looked hurt. She didn’t care about Jenny or whatever she hinted at. It was that Amber had just referred to her as a bitch. Sure, Amber had called her that many times during their fights, but this time it felt more personal in front of other people.

    “I think it’s time for you both to go back up on stage and finish playing your little music. As I said, this type of event is a bit beyond women with your attitude.” Bianca hissed, then looked directly into Jenny’s green eyes. “Jenny was it? Don’t forget. We hired you and I’m more than happy to leave a little review of your band and you’re poor singing in particular.”

    Jenny looked even angrier but went silent at the threat. A bad review from an event like this could destroy her reputation, and they all knew it. Bianca smiled at her tauntingly. “What? No truths now? That’s what I thought, you little bitch.”

    Maggie looked at Bianca and suppressed a grin. She knew her co-worker wouldn’t back down, and her hidden attitude would only escalate situations like this. At least for once she was happy that Bianca was on her side or at least not against her.

    Jenny and Bianca were shooting daggers at each other as a new rivalry seemed to bloom in front of Maggie and Amber. The freckled beauty had been right, Bianca wasn’t about to let a matching dress situation get her into a fight, but put that dress on a woman like Jenny, and well, now it was not off the table.

    It looked like Jenny had the exact same thing in mind. “After we finish our performance, how about you and I continue this conversation? We can…judge ourselves who pulls the dress off better, and what review you will be leaving for my singing.” She hummed at Bianca with a look that clearly meant it would be far more than a ‘friendly’ discussion. Maggie and Amber watched their ‘allies’ move closer to each other each by a step in their high heels. The yellow haired blonde and the redhead seemed almost forgotten watching this new development.

    “That sounds perfect. I’ll be right here at the bar, waiting for you.” Bianca answered, with a slight lick to her lips that was caught by the other three women as the sexual tension went up. “Good.” Jenny said, happily licking her own lips back at her. Then suddenly, she turned back to Maggie with an annoyed look. “Don’t think I have forgotten about you…we can have our little obedient talk later…I’ll make sure to bring a collar and leash.”

    “I’ll bring a set too; I have always wanted a pet.” Maggie replied sharply that made Amber snicker to herself and Bianca side glance at her co-worker.

    “Have you? Well, that’s something we have in common. I can’t wait to make you beg, maybe I’ll make both of you beg me to finish you.” Jenny hissed and for half a second, she might have just jumped on both of the librarians who at that same second were more than ready, their sexual drive and anger taking away their common sense.

    Luckily for the Gala, Daphne had just approached and pushed herself into the group of four. She was still dressed in her tight black pants and sexy get up as a drummer could. The newcomer snapped the peaking tension just enough for the girls to not jump on each other wildly as they looked at her.

    Her own brown eyes seemed to look around at the four women, understanding quite a bit more than she would have just a week ago. After losing the gig to Amber, she had begged the blonde to let her join the band, this event was that important to her.

    That, and she also wanted to get closer to Amber and Jenny now that she found out how, mainly Jenny, had always gotten to the front of the performance list in the last few years over the other female singers. It might have been a new way for her to negotiate with these women.

    She might have been the newest to this game, but she had the body and sex drive to be a quick learner. She would get better at that type of competition and make sure she got the best gigs over these other basic bitches.

    But tonight, she had agreed to all the conditions that were set from Amber. This included not trying to get back at her or going after the red headed librarian, though she had no reason to as she had never even met her in person. Now she understood just from the freckled girl’s appearance. “Jenny, Amber, we are on in two! Let’s go.” She looked at the other members of the little four way. “Oh, and you are Maggie, right? Sorry, I should have emailed you regarding the band change. It was sudden and unexpected, but please keep me in mind for the next event.”

    “Hi, yes, and you’re Daphne. It’s nice to put a name to a face. Not a problem, but, yes, an email would have been nice, but I understand the circumstance.” Maggie stated, then regretted it instantly. It wouldn’t be hard for the Mediterranean girl to figure out she had seen the video, and that could be a problem. She was right.

    “Do you?” Daphne said with suspicion as her brown eyes flashed to Amber as the connection was made. The blonde looked at her drummer and gave the slightest of shrugs and that made Daphne’s shoulders deflate. Then the drummer looked back at the redhead with a slight change in her tone.

    “Well, that’s a shame, but would happily explain it to you in person some time. We can meet up and discuss the circumstance in more detail.” And she flashed Maggie a brilliant smile, that highlighted her features and gorgeous face.

    Now, Amber’s eyes narrowed at Daphne, but she remained silent.
    “That sounds great, I look forward to it.” Maggie answered giving Daphne her own grin, also now looking at Amber. The blonde's face had returned to its passive state just a second before.

    Daphne motioned to Jenny, who gave a huff, she glared at Maggie then Bianca once more before she turned and headed back towards the stage with the drummer. Maggie’s green eyes followed them, specifically, at Jenny, though Daphne’s bubble butt was hard not to look at in those shiny pants. It would be fun seeing how she could match up against Daphne like Amber did, and it seemed the drummer was more than willing to join her. But she wasn’t the only one watching the two sexy figures depart.

    Bianca was staring more daggers at Jenny. The comments from the singer had gotten her annoyed far more than she had expected. It also didn’t help that she had just threatened the one thing that Jenny really cared about, her career. So, when Bianca looked back at Maggie, she didn’t notice Jenny look over her shoulder back at the raven-haired librarian. They had both hit a nerve and now they wanted an apology.

    Bianca knew Maggie might have expected this conversation to go this way, but she would worry about it later. “Maggie, before anything else happens, let’s have the conversation with the interns.”

    “Yes, of course. Can you ask Isabella to go back to room 5? I’ll bring Marissa and give them the agreement. I want you there, but we one of us should be here to handle the guests, are you ok with that? I just need to finish my conversation with Miss Fielder.”

    Bianca nodded and looked down at Amber who looked up to match her stare. The brown and blue eyes locked, and a hidden sense of threat was passed, “Hmm, of course, goodbye Miss Fielder.”

    Amber didn’t reply, and Bianca, who was not willing to take another second of rudeness from these band members did something she normally would not have done. But Jenny’s attitude, Amber calling her a bitch, and then the hint of their shared sexual hobby and fighting was enough to piss her off. Though Maggie hadn’t admitted it to her, she knew this woman and her co-worker had some similar history with sexual competitions. And she knew how to get under the skin of women like this very easily. She leaned down and put her pink lips on Amber’s ear. “I assume you have a history like Maggie and I, just know I fucked her harder than you ever will.”

    Amber was unable to stop herself as her hands went into fists, and she let out the smallest of hisses. For the first time, a small amount of blood rushed to the blonde’s cheeks but again she didn’t reply.

    Bianca stood up and raised both eyebrows at her tauntingly watching the physical reaction of her words. She knew she had hit the mark. With a small nod at Maggie, she left to find both interns. The redhead had no idea what the other librarian had just whispered to the punk girl, but the guitarist's reaction only made her wonder if it must have been something that extreme. Maggie turned her head back to Amber who was still sitting and watching the black-haired librarian’s toned ass sway as she moved away in her silver heels.

    “She is very fuckable isn’t she? But a total bitch, just your type. Your two fights must have been very interesting.” Amber said almost absent mind-ly to Maggie. The redhead’s cheeks went red again, but she didn’t respond, trying to not be jealous in any way and not think about Amber and Bianca hooking up. She wouldn’t mind watching that fight though, she was sure it would be quite the spectacle. As if Amber could read her mind the blonde spoke, “Would you want to watch me fight her? For you?” Amber asked, and Maggie again didn’t say anything but for the fourth time felt even more blood rush to her cheeks. At least this time they were both blushing at the thoughts.

    “Well, it’s time for me to go.” Amber said, finishing and putting down her drink. Maggie turned her head back to the guitarist as the woman stood up from her stool and smoothed out her black dress on her desirable body. The pale girl took notice of Amber’s large chest, following the revealed skin to her navel, then down to the legs she often had wrapped around her. “Maybe I’ll see you tonight, or maybe not. Goodbye Maggie.” She said, as she turned away. But Maggie caught her wrist lightly holding her there.

    “Amber. Wait. Please. I don’t understand why. I don’t care about Jenny, Bianca or anyone else…let’s just talk a little more.”

    Amber gave her ex the smallest of smiles. “11 PM…you know where to find me if you want one last fight.” She looked up at the clock and then back to Maggie’s eyes and soul. “I won’t wait long.” She finished and pulled her arm towards her.

    Maggie slowly let the wrist loose as the blonde pulled it away. Her ex didn’t give her any further look or sign as she left Maggie alone by the bar and headed to the stage. The redhead sat back on her stool, her mind more of a mess now than ever. This night had just taken a dramatic turn now that she knew her biggest fear was happening. In the end, she did have a choice and it was hers, and hers alone. Would it be worth fighting Amber again? Would it only hurt more in the long run? She always had clean breakups, so this was all new. She wasn’t sure what she wanted, but it would end tonight either way, Amber had just guaranteed that to Maggie’s despair.

    She looked at the clock, it was 8:30 PM and the Gala ended at 10. Though normally people stayed till 10:45, she wasn’t sure if Amber knew that or if it was a coincidence. She had two and half hours to make this choice and that did not feel like a long time.

    Isabella would be heading back in the conference room soon, so she had to find Marissa. She pushed her emotions down for a little longer as she stood up. She looked up at the stage where her ex was now starting to play and felt her heart skip a beat. A decision would have to be made, but firstly, she had to settle things with her interns.

    So I thought long and hard if I wanted to post this piece or more with it. I decided to separate the parts because I wanted Amber and Maggie’s convo to be the center point because they are the main characters. I KNOW people are here to read the sexfights and so am I, I swear. I just want the story to make sense and find these types of parts and convos only made the actual fights hotter when we get to them. (I also know i keep repeating this)

    The good news is the next part will be out pretty quick, and within the next two ACTION. Anywayyyy I hope you enjoyed it and I promise you that this build up will be worth it. (I hope haha) Let me know your thoughts if ya want! I always enjoy reading them and seeing what people think.

    Side note: A few characters and stuff will be from some of my old stories that need a lot of rewriting and can be tough, but this story would make more sense if you have read them.(Or don’t and say fuck it, don’t tell me what to read. Both work lol) You can find 90% of them at (rival’s site) , except for the Perfect Ingredient because I never actually finished it, yet those characters may be here. Why did I do this? Cause I can. I will be posting that full story (COMPLETED) in a few weeks, but for now...yeah just roll with it.

    FUCK that’s a whole lot more than I normally put here. Ok, the next part should be out soon...and yeah...till next timmmeee..

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Another great chapter! Really great character development. I'm looking forward to the next part. I assume the interns are going to be working things out between each other!


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Loving all the build up, just my kind of story. Keep the great job, King!
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    Re: The Library Gala

    Another chapter as good as it gets! There must be something wrong with me, but I love these parts even more than the fights. And this is not an underrate for the fights, they are also awesome. But these slowly building part makes the anticipation grow to top level.

    Every now and then when I drive past the library in my home town, I start thinking about this and other stories of yours. Thinking if there is some busty competitive women in there too, haha.

    Back to the story... there is now the gala full of busty females having rivalries with each other. How many fights will there be in one night, can’t wait! And great to see Maggie and Amber go against each other one more time... they can’t just let this skip away without a confrontation, can they?

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    Re: The Library Gala

    We are crawling our way forward, don't give up lads, we are almost there.

    This is amazing, so many things are in motion in this Gala, names and faces out of our sight, this is great.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    I almost like the narration more than the confrontation,don’t lose your inspiration,and I hope everything ends well between Maggie&Amber, what a complicated relationship

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    Re: The Library Gala Part 9

    Part 9

    She found Marissa only a few minutes later in the mob of people while the music picked up again. The blonde had done herself up like everyone else but in her own way. She was dressed oddly compared to all the professional attire of the guests and Maggie had to blink twice now that she got a good look at her intern.

    Her hair was one long braid with white flowers seemingly embroidered in. She had picked a sundress with pink and white polka dots and went to her mid-thighs. It reminded Maggie of the thong bikini the girl had worn during the sexfight and she watched it flow extra high while the intern skipped around talking to the guests. Maybe the choice was on purpose as a way to taunt Isabella further.

    She stood out from all the black tux and gowns, but it seemed to be exactly what she wanted. The blonde's face lit up as she saw Maggie approach and the sexy red dress that she was wearing. The librarian’s body had never looked more incredible and Marissa licked her lips in anticipation of what she planned to do to her.

    “Maggie! There you are! I have been looking for you all night! I hope you are ready, because you are coming back to my dorm tonight and I’m going to fuck you so hard, maybe we can have a little fight too if you are up for it.” She excitedly spoke not as quietly as Maggie would have liked discussing this topic. “I also met the hostess and cook of the restaurant that is doing the cooking! Also, the drummer from the band you picked, did you know she was here?!”

    “Yeah, I…” Maggie tried to answer, but Marissa wasn’t done gushing aloud.

    “Fuck, they are all hot too! Like super-hot! I never expected so many women here who would give the four of us a run for our money. My libido is skyrocketing, and I can’t help but think how I would do in a sex competition with them, do you think about that too? I also saw some students from the sororities here, Izzy and I didn’t rush any of them, but they too are fucking hot…maybe there is something in the water.”

    Marissa!” Maggie shouted breaking the long-winded sentence she had been lost in.
    “Oh, sorry! I always talk too much when I get excited. What’s up?”

    Maggie pursed her lips, as she chose her words carefully. “Listen…I need a big favor from you, more than I should have to ask.”

    “Umm, okay, what is it? You have that serious look again.” Marissa questioned as she observed the urgency on her mentor’s face. It was the exact face Maggie made when she had first brought up the credits to her earlier in the week that led to the sexfight.

    Maggie reached and pulled the blonde a few feet away from everyone else, not sure of what her reaction would be. She then looked at the girl in her hazel eyes. “Marissa, if I make Isabella give you anything you want, would you split the credits with her?”

    Marissa recoiled back at the request as it was the last thing she would have expected. “Wait? What? Are you serious? After what you and I did to win them? No fucking way.” She yelled loudly. Thankfully no one heard the outburst as they were just far enough away from the group of people.

    Maggie knew that this would be a tough sell after the sexfight, but she had to convince Marissa. Bianca had already helped her, and it would help clear her own conscience.

    “Listen, I understand why you would be upset with me asking, I would be too. We all fought and agreed on what the winner would get for the fight, but…I was wrong and so was Bianca about the credits. I can’t do that as a mentor, it’s not right for all the work you both did. Come on, Marissa, anything, you can get Isabella to give you anything. And also, I will owe you a favor of my own.” Maggie added to sweeten the deal.

    Marissa didn’t respond. She felt slightly betrayed that Maggie would ask her for this after the fight. After she had finally beat Isabella and avenged her dorm room defeat by her roommate’s fingers, she would have to give up the prize.

    Maggie pressed the idea seeing the hesitation in her intern. “Marissa, I wouldn’t ask you if I didn’t need you to do it. I have to do what’s right.

    The intern continued looking at her, and though there was real annoyance in her eyes, she could tell Maggie was not just asking because she felt bad. She sensed the redhead needed this for more, something she wasn’t letting on. “You need me too?” She questioned.

    “I do, but only if she gives you anything you want, and a personal favor from me. That can be anything too, and I mean that.”

    Marissa took a breath looking at Maggie as she weighed her options, “Anything, right? And a favor from you?” She repeated, and when Maggie nodded Marissa’s eyes sparkled in mischief. She smiled as an idea; one she had once fantasized about suddenly had a chance at becoming reality.

    “Ok Maggie, for you, I will split them, if and only if, Isabella agrees to be my slave.” She said, nonchalantly, as if it was a normal thing to request. The redhead couldn’t hide her surprise as she raised an eyebrow at her intern.

    “A slave…?” Maggie questioned, “What does that even mean?”

    “Oh, you know, like how in Greek life they have pledges who have to do the cleaning and stuff? I want her to be my pledge, taking care of anything, and doing everything I say. If she agrees, for a whole MONTH starting today, then…I guess I would be willing to split the credits with her. But she needs to agree in front of both of us and prove it right then and there. Your favor we can talk about later.” She finished with a wink.

    Maggie beamed, not caring about whatever Marissa wanted from her, she had what she needed. “You are the best, Marissa, and if she doesn’t agree, then it’s back to the original agreement.” Maggie confirmed. Her intern’s request wasn’t what she expected but it was something she could understand. She had no idea if Isabella would accept it, however, but it didn’t matter.

    “Can you meet me and her in conference room 5 in a few minutes?” Maggie asked, now thinking of the next steps of her plan.

    “Sure! Where are you going?”

    “I’m going to ask Bianca to tell Isabella the same thing. I doubt she would go back there alone if you or I asked…not after Thursday night.”

    “Yeah, Izzy would probably think we would want another fight, which I might.” She giggled.
    “Don’t fight her. Not tonight, if you can help it.”

    Marissa rolled her eyes, “Finnnneeee. I’ll see you in a bit.” She turned and left towards the door and hallway that led to conference room five, on the other side of the library.

    Maggie turned and went back to the bar where Bianca had also revisited. Next to the well-dressed librarian was one of the chefs from the kitchen. Judging by the flour spots on her outfit, it was the pastry chef, but Maggie didn’t know her name. She watched as this girl leaned over the bar and kissed the cute bartender who had served Maggie and Amber drink’s just a few minutes prior.

    She watched the kiss, but she wasn’t the only one. She noticed April, the waitress watching the exchange of spit with envy dripping out of her eyes. The earlier flirting now seemed to be a bit more dangerous to Maggie and lucky for the guy. With the food all served, the pastry chef motioned towards the dance floor. A DJ would be finishing the night and usually, the workers would join in the fun for the end set and dance around, while finishing the alcohol. April saw the motion and quickly left towards the back, but not towards the kitchen. She walked towards the changing room that they had set for workers, her eyes seeing red.

    Maggie couldn’t worry about that now even as she pieced together the story. “Bianca! Is Isabella going to the room?” She asked, then followed Bianca’s stare, which was at the stage. The professional turned her eyes away from Jenny who was now singing in a solo performance. “Yes, I told her I would meet her there in 10 minutes, did Marissa agree?”

    Maggie nodded, “Yes, Marissa has agreed, but her request is a bit out there…she wants Isabella to be her…slave.”

    “Slave…”, Bianca repeated as she let out the lightest of sighs, “Well, that is about what I expected our young Miss Keeling to come up with. I don’t know what Isabella will say, but that is her choice.”

    “Choice…yeah, good word.” Maggie said, as her own decision came rushing back to her head. She still didn’t know what she wanted as Bianca continued.

    “I was able to talk to Marissa for a second prior while you finished with Miss Fielder. I wasn’t sure if you had brought up the credits, so I left that alone. I just briefed her about the band interaction.”

    Maggie nodded, though she wasn’t sure why Marissa would need to know about the band or the interaction that occurred. But she would worry about that later. “Perfect, I’ll go meet them now and get it settled. Are you going to be ok up here?”

    Bianca laughed, “Oh yes, trust me. I can handle myself in any situation, even anything our little band members come up with.”

    The redhead left a second later after the interns. Bianca, meanwhile, ordered a drink and again turned her focus to the singer on stage, watching her with an amused look. When Maggie had brought up that other women would be here who would fight in their way, she hadn’t planned on being drawn in. But this rude singer had started it, and now she very much desired to pick a fight. She ordered a second drink, just as strong and put it next to her. She sipped her own slowly taking in the details of Jenny’s body. If this Miss Hashford wanted to compare dressesand talk about what review would be left, then Bianca would play along. She knew it would only be a matter of time before they started to compare much more, as she licked her lips in anticipation and her nipples got a bit more rigid.


    For Maggie, it was a slightly longish walk down to conference room five in her heels. She passed multiple doors and hallways leading to various rooms and sections of the library as she made her way. After about two minutes, she arrived at the destination and looked through the window before going in, mainly to assess any situation that might have already developed.

    Isabella was indeed there, sitting down in a chair on her phone, her gold dress was a similar style to Bianca’s but covered more of her tits. It fit the style of the more reserved intern. Marissa was there as well, leaning up on the wall near the door also looking at her phone. They seemed to not be speaking.

    When Maggie walked in, Isabella stood up faster than Marissa could even notice. She glared at the two women, who less than 48 hours ago she had been fully nude, fucking, and fighting. “What do you both want? Where is Bianca?” She asked angrily, looking as though she was ready to brawl with Maggie and Marissa both right then and there.

    “Calm down Izzy, Bianca isn’t coming, but don’t worry we aren’t here to fight. In fact, we have a proposition for you! If you are willing to listen?” Marissa insisted as she put a leg up on the wall and in doing so hiked up her dress further to show some sexy leg.

    “What are you talking about?” Isabella hissed, her brown eyes darting back and forth between Maggie and Marissa. She did not sit back down, and even widened her legs slightly just in case. She doubted she could handle them both at once but would give them a hell of a fight if they tried physically, or sexually.

    Marissa opened her mouth to tease her more, but Maggie spoke up first.
    “Isabella…Bianca and I discussed what happened Thursday night between all of us. We agreed that you two both deserve the credits regardless of what happened, so we are here to offer you half of them as we originally set.”

    Isabella’s mouth opened slightly in surprise, “What? Why? You’re lying.” She stated, thinking this must be some type of trick, or some further mind game they were playing with her. She needed those credits, but there was no way they would offer that.

    “Because I’m so kind.” Marissa sarcastically laughed as Maggie gave her an annoyed look. Looking back at the still angry Isabella, she started to clarify further.

    “Marissa has agreed to split them with you as a favor for me and Bianca. Your mentor was willing to help me and did everything she could to get them for you.” She explained, thinking about how much Bianca was willing to sacrifice. “But you both lost and I’m not going to take away the win from Marissa. If you want these credits, then Marissa has a condition. Either you accept her deal, or it goes back to the original agreement from the sexfight. Do you want to hear it?”

    Isabella glared at Marissa but then looked back at Maggie, her brown eyes softening slightly as she did all the scenarios in her head. She knew she had to listen and what’s worse, she knew she would have to accept. “Yes.”

    Maggie gave a nod, glad to see that she would at least listen to the terms. “Marissa?” She said, as the eccentric blonde’s grin grew, and she moved forward in her short sundress.
    “Well roomie, I thought long and hard about what I wanted…but then I realized, what I wanted was right in front of me the whole time.”

    “And what do you want?” Isabella seethed at her roommate. For as much as they didn’t get along, they had lived in the same room for two months before their fight. So, they knew each other and their tastes. She was sure the request would be something…different, just like her roommate.

    Marissa beamed, “I want you, as my slave for the entire month starting tonight.” She declared to the other girl. There was a long second of silence as Maggie’s eyes shot back and forth between the roommates waiting to see what Isabella’s answer would be.

    “Your slave?” Isabella repeated with equal confusion Maggie’s when Marissa had first told her about it on the dance floor.

    “Yep, my slave. You will do everything I say. Clean our room, get my food…” She paused and her smile turned hungrier. “And take it like a slut as I fuck you every single morning and night. Anyway, and anyhow, I want.”
    Maggie looked at the blonde with surprise, though the slave thing made more sense now in terms of the roommate’s relationship and why Marissa wanted it so bad.

    Isabella looked like her temper was going to explode, as she thought about how ridiculous the request was and what the blonde would really make her do. She would never have thought of an idea like that, but now that she heard it…it fell exactly in line with Marissa’s way of thinking.

    A month was a long time, but not even half the amount of time she had spent working in the library for these credits. She needed them, and though her pride would take another hit, she would take it for what it was worth. In fact, it would give her time to think of plenty of ways to get back and learn more about her roommate’s body. It looked like these sexfights were going to become an actual thing between them and she would not lose again.

    “What is your answer roomie? Think, we will finally get to share the room again! Swapping days and weeks was soooo tiresome.” Marissa giggled; now very happy this offer was on the table. This would be far more fun than getting some stupid college credits. Hell, she was annoyed she didn’t think of this in the first place. Seeing Isabella squirm was one of her small pleasures in life, and soon she would have her squirming in front of her and under her all month.

    There was a second of quietness as they waited. “Ok, I’ll do it,” Isabella whispered, not wanting to say it too loudly, but sadly, that wasn’t enough for her roommate.

    “You’ll do what?” Marissa demanded as she took a step closer, her smile growing, “Say it louder.”

    Isabella looked at her roommate with that same fire in her eyes during their fights. Her voice was hard and dripped with venom. “I’ll be your slave for one month, in exchange for us splitting the school credits.”

    “Excellent. Ok Maggie, you can have us split the credits! I just have to test her word.” Marissa smiled as she walked up to Isabella. “First order slave, sit down and open your mouth.” As she stood in front of her roommate so that they were eye to eye. Maggie almost wanted them to start fighting, just so she could watch. She wondered what Izzy was wearing under her gold or what Marissa had hidden under her polka dot sundress.

    The Spanish beauty eyes narrowed but she did as she was told. She pushed her dress out of the way and took a seat. She then opened her mouth like a baby bird knowing that is what her roommate wanted. Marissa didn’t waste a second and leaned down, spitting into it with a big glop.

    Not finished, she then followed it with her tongue and began kissing the girl hotly. She worked to spread her own spit across the red lips and white teeth of her roommate who kissed back with no hesitation. Five seconds into the make out, Maggie could tell that Marissa was dominating the kiss using gravity to let the spit build up in Isabella’s mouth. She then hopped onto her roommate’s lap putting her toned ass atop Izzy’s thighs while pulling the thick black hair.

    The lip smacking continued for almost 20 seconds until Isabella gagged, her mouth full of their mixed saliva. She was forced to break off the kiss and swallow the goo to catch her breath. While she did, Marissa’s hands filled with the gold sparkles and squeezed the sitting girl’s chest letting her hands sink into the fat. The bottom intern frustratingly enjoyed the feeling of being groped moaning loudly as Maggie watched on. She felt envious, a piece of her wild side wanting nothing more than to join in or get into a sexfight of her own as quickly as possible. She bit her finger to distract herself but continued to ogle her intern’s show.

    While having her breasts fondled, Isabella reached around for the blonde’s perky ass. She pulled up the white sundress giving Maggie a good look at the lingerie lace booty shorts she was wearing. They covered plenty, and also revealed everything when you looked long enough. The Spanish girl traced the lace shorts on the ass once before Marissa slapped the wandering hands down aggressively. She pushed their foreheads together while giving her roommate the lightest of licks on her lips to get her attention.

    “Hands off, you don’t touch me unless I give you permission, understand?”
    “Yes, Mistress.” Marissa corrected her, and Maggie watched Isabella’s hands clench before releasing them.
    “Yes, mistress…” She finished, her body already shaking in anger from this humiliation.

    “Good girl.” Marissa teased as she stood up and off Isabella’s body. “This is going to be a very fun month. I’ll see you tomorrow, because tonight your mistress is busy.” She glanced over at Maggie with a lustful stare. The librarian grimaced, this just meant that her intern was still fully planning on fucking her. Just another option, one she did want to explore, but it just wasn’t her priority tonight. She knew it would be competitive and even fun, and it helped that Marissa was very sexy, but she would have to delay their hookup for a little longer. She just wasn’t sure how the women would take it.

    Marissa had already turned her attention back to Izzy. “Be at the dorm by 10 AM and wear something sexy, I think I want a strip tease. Understood?” Marissa ordered, tapping her chin with her finger as if lost in thought of the many ideas she had planned for her sexy obedient roommate.

    “Yes, mistress.” Isabella breathed, as the words came out more naturally though she hated it all the same.

    “Sweet, okay, well I’m going to go back to the dance floor. I have someone I need to talk to.” Marissa said as she did a little bounce. Maggie looked at her blonde intern with suspicion, “Who?” She questioned, but Marissa shrugged, “Don’t worry about that, I’ll see you later tonight.”

    Before Maggie could decline or explain her situation with Amber. Marissa was in her ear, the colorful lipstick pressed into her skin. “Izzy finds you so fucking attractive, it’s hilarious, if you want some fun with my slave, all you have to do is ask. Except for tonight, because you’re mine, and tomorrow when I give Isabella a good hard fucking.” She then forced Maggie a quick kiss that turned into a short make out with some ass grabbing on both sides.

    Isabella was watching the sexy display with a burned-out flame, the shame of her loss and the realization of being a slave for a whole month was dawning on her.

    Marissa separated from Maggie and left right after in search of the band members that Bianca had brought up to her. This left Isabella and Maggie alone in the room, each unsure of what to say to the other.

    Isabella then stood up, her face was red, blushing deeply in embarrassment. Maggie wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words to her mouth. Luckily for her, Isabella stopped at the door and turned to look her in the eyes.

    “Thank you, Maggie.” She said with sincerity, she knew that even if Bianca had asked, it was Maggie who had given her the chance to earn them by these means.

    “Wait, Isabella.” She reached and took hold of the girl’s arm very softly stopping her. The brown and green eyes met that both had so hatefully glared just two nights before. It still felt like there was a lot between them. “Listen, I’m…sorry. Sorry for not being more professional and dragging you into Bianca and I’s feud. I was against you from the beginning and that was so unfair. I hope you can forgive me…”

    Isabella was looking at her with her head slightly turned to observe the redhead in a new light. In truth, the apology meant more than she thought it would and the redhead surprised her once again.

    “It’s okay, I went along with it just as quickly, and I don’t really hate you. I know you would have been a great tutor.” She said but didn’t pull her arm away. In fact, she stepped closer to Maggie instead.

    “I still can be…” Maggie offered without thinking, then she noticed how alone she and Isabella were.

    “Yeah? I was hoping you would say that.” Isabella breathed, as her gold dress touched Maggie’s at breast level. They stood right in each other’s faces, breathing hot air on their lips.

    A calm but slightly awkward silence stood over them, until Isabella couldn’t take it anymore. She brought her face forward just as Maggie did the same, locking their lips together.
    In a sudden rush, their bodies came together as Isabella and Maggie pulled each other in tight. Maggie then pushed Isabella into the wall of the closed door. “I can be your mentor in our way of settling things…because during our fight it was way too easy.” Maggie whispered, in between their spit covered tongue sucking.

    “You bitch…” Isabella hissed, as she was pushed harder into the wall by the tits. Her gold dress offered far less movement than Maggie’s. This stopped her from flipping them around and she groaned.

    “It will be our little secret…Do you want that Izzy?”

    “Do you want that, Maggie?! I doubt you could handle me as that type of intern.” Isabella rebuked, but the look on their faces both screamed the answer. Yes, they both wanted it and they were both going to do it. They stopped kissing and were pushing their chests in together with their deep breaths.

    “I’m going to teach you what really matters when it comes to sex and fighting.” Maggie whispered.

    “Maybe I would teach you a few things.” Isabella whispered back.

    “I doubt that, but you are willing to try,” Maggie replied and then suddenly swung their bodies off the wall. She forced Isabella around, but with the intern’s legs trapped in the gold dress, she tripped, and Maggie mounted by the hips.

    “Lesson one. Get on top.” Maggie taunted and she pulled the gold dress down, letting Isabella’s huge tits come free. The intern growled in annoyance and tried to buck her off but was not successful. After the talk with Amber and Jenny, Maggie was feeling feisty and wanted to get some steam off. She leaned down and pushed her pale white tits right into Isabella’s face in a motorboat. She also used her left hand to take hold of the bottom girl’s tits while her right hand began to rub her cunt through the gold dress and whatever little piece, she was wearing underneath it.

    The intern reacted quickly and pulled one of the red covers off the tits. She then sucked in the pink left nipple planning to drink Maggie’s milk. She also wanted to rub her mentor’s sexy cunt back, but the redhead kept it pressed onto her thigh. Instead, she just squeezed Maggie’s juicy firm ass best she could and ran her fingers down the middle.

    They went at it in this position for almost two minutes as Isabella began to moan. The tightness of her dress made her body even hotter and she wasn’t going to be able to last. “Oh, fuck Maggie…” Isabella groaned, spitting out Maggie’s tits. She wasn’t trying to hold it in her orgasm, but just before she started to cum, Maggie jumped off and separated their overheated forms.

    “Lesson 2, make your rival want your body until she can’t stop herself.” Maggie teased further, though she was breathing heavily in sexual desire.

    Isabella almost jumped up and onto her mentor before a grin came to her face taking in the words. She stood up slowly thinking that she had entered two very different relationships tonight. The librarian was going to be an interesting mentor with mutual attraction, and she could play this game just as well. In fact, she really wanted to play.

    “Sounds great…I look forward to using your lessons against you…Miss Reynolds.” Isabella purred, which gave Maggie a shiver she didn’t expect. Maybe she did like the domination aspect…she was learning a lot more about her sexual tastes and Isabella looked willing.

    “So am I…Miss Sanz.” Maggie purred right back.

    “Hmmm.” Isabella hummed, her own body desperate for release, but instead she adjusted her tits and hair while looking at Maggie with a feverous stare.

    “I’m going to head back to the Gala, can I expect an invite on my calendar?”

    “Yes, keep it up to date, or I’ll borrow Marissa to borrow her slave for a night.”

    Isabella growled and Maggie laughed, but they didn’t renew their ‘lesson’ just yet. With that she turned on her gold heels and left the room. But she had a hidden smile on her face as she made her way down the halls. Even as she faced a month of humiliation, she would make it count. She would get better, she would learn about Marissa’s body, she would take the lessons from Maggie. Then she would outfuck them both, and maybe Bianca too because she could.

    Maggie meanwhile relaxed in the room for a few extra minutes thinking that if all else, she had gotten a few things right this night. At least her conscience was clear for the time being. At least until Marissa found out she had just agreed to mentor Isabella. Again, she hoped the blonde would understand.

    It felt like the calm before she went back out to the Gala, and to where Amber was. Just being in the same room as the blonde made her cunt wet and her heart ache, but she had to do it. They needed to talk more. She was not going to fall for this ‘leaving forever bullshit’.

    Finally, she left the conference room and made her way back down the multiple empty hallways. Her heels were clicking as she moved, determination etched on her face. She was so concentrated on her next conversation with her ex that she didn’t hear a door to one of the side rooms open and close behind her. Another figure slithered into the hallway, and she had a predatory smile seeing the normally curly haired redhead alone, she finally had found her.

    “Look who it is.” A voice said from behind Maggie that froze her in her tracks. ‘Of course.’ She thought she would be here now. Maggie took a breath knowing who the voice belonged too and feeling another wet sensation in her nether regions. The last time she had heard it, she had been nude, soaking wet and had been forced to cum while under the owner’s ass.

    She turned on a heel to see Silvia standing there in what was the sluttiest cocktail dress she had ever seen in her life. The woman clearly had also dressed up for the night, and let her tomboyish look seem to fall aside. Her rival’s dress was dark purple with two thin straps around the shoulders. It didn’t provide as much cleavage as she would have expected, knowing personally how stacked the bartender was, but made up for it on the ass and legs.

    It was very short and tight, by far the smallest that she had seen thus far. It went down only an inch above where her ass was and when she walked; Maggie was sure some ass cheek would flash.

    Her legs looked toned in the three-inch black heels she had picked while her lips were the same shade of purple as the dress. They seemed to sparkle with erotic lip gloss that worked with her silver sparkly mascara on her blue grayish eyes.

    Her pixie cut was no more, having her light brown hair grown out slightly longer since Maggie had fought her. It was nearing her neck, maybe only a few inches shorter than Maggie's was currently if she hadn’t straightened it from the curls. She also had plenty of shiny jewelry on with gold earrings and a diamond necklace, not unlike Maggie’s accessories.

    “What are the odds? Maggie, it’s so good to see you again.” Silvia snarked with zero of the warmth her words offered. “You look good, good enough to eat if I must say.”

    Maggie didn’t respond as Silvia took a few steps closer to her and continued. “After our last convo, I’ve been waiting for you to come back to the Showtime so I could take my victory fuck”.

    Maggie seethed but tried to keep her cool. “Hello Silvia, I’d say the odds were pretty good sinceyou must have known I would be here. I’m sure you were just happy to work on this event for no other reason. I would say it’s good to see you too, but I would be lying.”

    “No need to be snarky. And I won’t lie, I did know you would be here, but in truth, I wasn’t sure I would find or have time for you. I’m here to find some good connections for the bar and some good times for myself.” Silvia said with her natural tone almost dismissively. “It’s quite boring, but there are some fantastic looking bodies here. Don’t you agree?”

    “If it’s boring, you are always free to leave. It would raise the average quality of personality with you gone.” Maggie huffed, already losing her temper. Silvia just had a way of getting her heated, just like during their text conversations.

    “Tsk Tsk, you are quite in a mood tonight, aren’t you? I wonder what has got you so heated?” Silvia pondered with a lick of her purple lips and a knowing gaze.

    “You’re right, I’m not in a good mood. So why don’t you quit with the pleasantries and fakeness and tell me what you want? Or are you here to take my order? What a good little bartender you are.” Maggie snarked as she crossed her arms in front of her ample chest. Silvia's smile widened and she began to move towards the redhead in small steps. The looks promised many things between the two sexy women as they stared each other down in the hallway.

    “Sadly, for you, I’m not taking orders tonight, but I’m happy to give one. Drop to your knees and give me a little makeup sex for being so defiant during our text chat.” Silvia ordered, stopping a few feet from her rival.

    Maggie felt her primal feelings of aggression with the body she had seen in so many photos so close to hers. She felt a different type of rivalry with Silvia, they wouldn’t be friends in any circumstances, and she knew the bartender felt the same.

    “Fuck you. I don’t owe you anything.” Maggie hissed at her rival, she watched Silvia’s chest bounce slightly as she took another step forward.

    “Oh, I think you do.” Then, Silvia sighed as she stopped now about three feet away. “You’re lucky because tonight you and I won’t have time to REALLY settle this, which is a shame. I already have an appointment and can’t take the time to teach you your place…again.”

    For a few seconds, Maggie had forgotten about everything else besides the slut in front of her and her annoying mouth. “It actually is I think you have it mixed up, I owe YOU something.”

    “Yeah? I get the feeling of what you think and what I think are two very different things.” Silvia breathed sensually; her words dripped with sexual hostility.

    “I don’t think they are very different at all, but the position of each of us would have to be decided,” Maggie said with a fake smile of aloofness.

    “And how would we decide that?” Silvia questioned, but she knew exactly how she would get the redhead into position if push came to shove.

    “You tell me.” Maggie countered and Silvia gave her a flattering smile while blushing her eyelashes. There was a moment of silence, as they noticed how alone they were in the hallway. No one would separate them if they started right now, in whatever way they wanted.

    “It’s funny, from our chat logs, I know the exact type of girl you are,” Silvia said while changing the flow of the conversation. Her blue-grey eyes seemed to be going up and down Maggie’s body, again and again, taking in the details of her figure. She focused on the slit of the redhead’s dress that showed off some creamy thigh.

    “What does that mean?”

    “You’re the kind of girl who needs a good hard fuck to keep her ego in check, and I’m just the girl to give it.” As she pointed to herself.

    Maggie huffed, “And I know the exact type of girl you are Silvia. You’re just a massive slut. A cum dumpster for anyone who needs a fuck.” Maggie hissed, exasperated from this war of words she found herself in. First Jenny and now Silvia, it was just that kind of night.

    Silvia smiled, “Hmm, interesting choice of words, but yes in a true way. I love sex. Women, men, as long as they are groaning underneath me, I’m happy to play.”

    “And I thought you couldn’t be any more of a pathetic slut; shame I was wrong,” Maggie said, rolling her eyes.

    “You want to talk about pathetic? You came into my bar and had a sexfight with a random woman you didn’t know, for a girl who doesn’t care about you. So, I think the word ‘pathetic slut’ works for both of us. And I’m pretty sure your face was my cum dumpster that night.” Silvia shot back right at Maggie’s heart.

    The redhead took an insistent step forward and so did Silvia, bringing them face to face where they could feel each other’s breath on their lips.

    “What the fuck do you want Silvia if you are not here to do Amber’s bidding?”

    “Ahh, so the little nerd still misses her blonde? How cute, I think she misses you too, but I gave her a good fuck make her forget you after you ran away from the Showtime. Maybe I could make both of you my little sluts?”

    “Say that again. I dare you.” Maggie breathed, more than ready to have a nasty catfight right in the hallway. She didn’t care if they got caught. This woman could get her to do it.

    “So easy to push your buttons.” Silvia gloated back but decided not to push the Amber card further. She had figured out that between Amber and Maggie, there was more than just a sexual rivalry. The blonde would be pretty angry that she was even talking to the librarian, but right now she didn’t care.

    “Well Maggie, since you asked. What I want is to find out which one of us is the real cum dumpster for the other, find out who is the sexier more sensual woman in an environment that just oozes sex.”

    “What the fuck is wrong with you? What does that even mean?” Maggie questioned, unclear where the bartender was going with this.

    Now Silvia almost gave her a dreamy-like smile. “See, every couple of months, I like to get together with some friends in which we have a little…orgy, I guess you could call it.”

    “An orgy? That’s gross.” Maggie huffed sticking her nose up at the other woman. She had never been in an orgy, save for what happened two nights ago which she guessed was close.

    “Whatever you say, but any woman who likes sex as much as I do, and I would argue you do; would be interested. But think of it this way, there are a lot of unanswered questions between us, and this would give us a chance to figure them all out!”

    “How?” Maggie asked but she had an idea. Her mind was already seeing images of what Silvia was offering her.

    “Easy, during the next orgy, how about you and I settle it? A little sex rematch in the middle of a fully active orgy.” Silvia breathed as she had just offered Maggie everything they would need to settle it all.

    Maggie was looking at Silvia like she had been hit in the head, “You want to sexfight, surrounded by men…I’ll ask you again, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

    “7 or 8 guys and maybe a few women, most were masks so you wouldn’t have to worry. Think about it, them all around us, screaming, cheering as we fight, trying to make each other cum while also being cummed on. Doesn’t that sound exhilarating?”

    Maggie huffed, but her nipples were hard at the idea and Silvia’s were sticking out too. She might have been more open with her sexuality, but she hadn’t gone this far yet or ever planned to when it came to an orgy. Sexfighting was already something she had never imagined herself doing, but she couldn’t just say no…the thought was too enticing. Silvia watched the gears turn in Maggie’s head, “Come on Maggie, let’s settle this between us…a slutfight.”

    “Get out of here.” Maggie hissed, she wouldn’t put it up with it anymore, but she also didn’t decline the fight. Silvia laughed, “Ok Maggie, but hey, if you ever need to settle things with me and trust me…you will. Give me a call.”

    Finished, Silvia stepped around Maggie in a swift motion and started to walk away. Maggie watched her leave, but then the cocktail dressed woman stopped at a random door on her left side. Silvia pushed it open, revealing it was nothing more than a small storage closet. ‘Perfect.’ she thought.

    “Or…” She said with a new excited tone as looked over her shoulder back at the sexy redhead. “You can come step in here with me for a few minutes to…talk it out. If you can spare some time.”

    Maggie looked at the open door with hesitation. She had already gotten heated with Isabella, and now Silvia was trying to get her into a confrontation. If she chose to meet Amber, she could be in trouble.

    Silvia noticed the hesitancy and knew she had Maggie. It wouldn’t take much more to get her into a little fight right now, but she would sweeten the deal just enough to allure her further.
    “I’ll even make you a deal Maggie. Right here, in this little closet, we have a match. Finger’s only, first girl to get the other off in her hand wins.”

    “And what does the winner get?” Maggie asked though she was going to accept no matter what. She wanted to make this bitch remember where she belongs.

    “If I win, you come to my orgy in a month and we have a full-on slut fight until one us drains the other to full submission. If you win, I’ll leave now, and won’t message you anymore…though I think you will message me. Because you are just like me. You weren’t hot back in school not like Amber or Jenny were. We were two little wallflowers, but now we have bloomed and there isn’t enough room for both of us in the garden.”

    She wouldn’t let Silvia get away with acting all hot and dominant, and if she could just beat her here, she could remove one of the stressors in her life. A little revenge wouldn’t be so bad either because she would have reached out to Silvia before long. It was going to be after she had dealt with Amber, but she was flexible. More than anything, she wanted to fuck this bitch and make her cum as hard as physically possible.

    “You know Silvia, I think I can spare a moment to help you wilt,” Maggie responded with a sexual tone of her own. Silvia’s eyes lit up, a sexual frenzy going through her body at just the thought of what was about to happen.
    “Then come on in Maggie, I’m sure we can squeeze in this space if we push in the right places.”

    Maggie put her head high as she took a few steps and without hesitating walked past Silvia and into the small storage closet. It was maybe five by vie feet and the shelves were lined with some discarded notes and clean supplies for whiteboards. No jugs of soap or liquid Maggie thought, thinking about their first fight and how messy it was. She turned around as Silvia entered after her and sealed them in.

    All the light disappeared from the room as the door closed. The pitch-black made it near impossible to see except for the outline of the sexy figure in front of them. Before Silvia had a chance to take any advantage or say a word, Maggie rushed forward. The thin silky dresses compressed as the bartender’s back roughly hit the door she had just closed while she let out a grunt. That pain was nothing compared to the pleasure she felt as Maggie’s fat tits pushed on her girls, their sharp nipples finding each other easily.

    The slam was loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear it, but neither girl cared. Maggie tried to capitalize on her surprise attack, but Silvia took hold of her red hair and ripped it back harshly with a light hiss. She gasped at the ferocity of the pull as she was bent back by the neck and then licked on it.

    She tried to hold the body pin, but Silvia kept pulling and nibbling her exposed skin until the redhead released her tit press with a hiss. She fell back a few steps while Silvia pushed herself off the wall with a smile that could not be seen. She then launched herself at Maggie who met her willingly in the darkness.

    Their tits met first, and their sharp heels dug into the carpet under them. Arms wrapped around each other’s thin waists as they worked to gain every inch and push their rival’s back onto a wall in the dark.

    “You’re going to regret coming after me slut.” Maggie hissed, then licked Silva’s face wetly on the cheek. The bartender groaned as a trail of salvia was oozed on her face. She tried to return the favor, but Maggie dodged the tongue and dove her face in-between the bartender’s neck and shoulder. She nipped the exposed soft skin and felt Silvia doing the same seconds later. In-between their bodies, their nipples had locked like horns and were flicking and bending behind their thin fabric shields.

    Silvia ended her neck attack after sucking for a few seconds and moved to Maggie’s ear. “I already made you cum on my body once Maggie, now I’m going to make you do it again.” She licked the lope and stuck her tongue into it that forced Maggie’s head up in a jolt. “Bitch…this time you will cum under my ass.” As she let go of her rival’s brown hair and slapped the toned ass of Silvia.

    For Silvia, all the dirty photos, and all the threats paled in comparison to finally being in physical contact with Maggie. Now she just had to break and claim the redhead’s sex in victory. She couldn’t help smiling as she ran her hands up and down Maggie’s form, tracing the toned muscles on her rival’s back. She was the exact type of woman that Silvia loved to fight and fuck the most. An equal challenger that would match her to the sexual end, whatever end that would be. Her hands made it down to the librarian’s hidden flexing ass, the one she had seen up close soaking wet, and so very much wanted to taste.

    They pressed in tighter, which of course brought their heated faces in closer and closer. It was impossible to tell in the darkness, but one of the tongues touched the other’s lips trying to split them but was rejected.

    “Scared to kiss bitch?” Maggie hissed, revealing who had started it. Their eyes had adjusted so they could see each other slightly, especially now so close.

    “Don’t want to tire out your tongue before you get to my ass, whore.” Silvia grinned and was surprised when Maggie returned it. “I like that idea.” She breathed, but then aggressively scratched Silvia’s right ass cheek.

    “AH!” Silvia gasped before Maggie forced her tongue right into her open mouth. She gagged slightly as her taster was pinned down to the bottom of her oral cavity by the redhead’s wet muscle. Maggie held it down for a few seconds, then withdrew it very slowly dragging it out of the purple lips of her rival. They had paused the titfight while this was occurring and Maggie smiled, “Too long for you to handle?” She mocked at the lightly gasping Silvia who was trying to catch her breath. The brown-haired girl hissed as her blue-grey eyes narrowed dangerously at the teasing.

    “Bitch, when I get you to my orgy, we will see who can deepthroat better.” Silvia gasped, now wanting more than anything to kiss this bitch and drown her in spit.

    “Yeah? And how are we going…”, Maggie started but was interrupted by the sound of purple and pink lips smacking together. They renewed the kiss fight, tit fight, and ass groping all at once. Between their mouths, their tongues tried to choke each other with a stabbing motion, the deepthroating comment driving them forward. They could have started actively fighting and wrestling, they were more than ready to match muscle, but the closeness of their bodies sent signals to match sex.

    Silvia kissed Maggie wetly, their tongues jostling and sliding around each other now. The sensitive skin of their lips, moving up and down spreading their lipstick, and tasting each other shocked their clits. After a minute, the tongue play started to slow, while the other parts of their battle escalated. Their crushed boobs demanded to meet nude, and their already wet sexes commanded entry into the battle.

    It started as Silvia’s purple nailed claws lightly raked around Maggie’s thigh from the ass to the front, catching the red dress’s leg slit. She pulled it to the side, showing off Maggie’s tiny string red thong from the front. She then waited, her hand hovering over the librarian’s thong covered cunt, wanting to start at the same time, and ensure there were no excuses.

    There was no further foreplay needed and Maggie understood the signs that the sexfight was begging to be started. She reached down and pulled Silvia’s cocktail dress up and over the fat toned ass of the bartender easily, it was already so short. Short enough in fact that Maggie hadn’t needed to move it, but she wanted to ensure she could take a full hand of pure ass meat with nothing in the way.

    Her hand then moved around to the front of her rival’s body, where she could already feel the heat off her rival’s sex. She was overly excited to finally touch the sweet pussy of her hated adversary and force it to take more pleasure than it could handle. She waited for a second for the bartender to start, but Silvia still didn’t move, hovering over the librarian’s dripping cunt and waiting for Maggie to go first.

    “Scared again?” She breathed, but only got the smallest of licks as an answer.

    ‘Fine.’ Maggie thought, as she brought her hand up expecting to trace Silvia’s cunt lips from the outside of whatever thong she was wearing. But she froze when her pointy finger got a little wet surprise. Instead of touching some cloth, it pressed onto the wet sexual skin of Silvia’s nude pussy.

    Maggie froze in surprise, as her finger ran up and down the wet slit confirming that her long-time phone rival wasn’t wearing anything underneath the impossibly short cocktail dress. This is why Silvia had paused to let her go first, and Maggie felt even more annoyed when she could see Silvia grin at her reaction.

    “Oops, looks like I forgot to wear one…good thing I know yours will fit baby.” Silvia teased, while her own hand started to tease Maggie’s pink pussy around the string. It was so thin, that Silvia was able to use her two fingers on the librarian’s wet labia without even having to move it aside.

    For some reason, knowing Silvia had been walking around commando all night only made Maggie wetter, and again she realized that this was equally a mind game as it was a sex game. But she could win mind games.

    “It’s all yours if you can take it off my body.” Maggie cheekily said as her free left hand took hold of her rival’s hot ass cheek. Her own pale ass was groped a few seconds later as Silvia kneaded her muscle and sunk her claws into it as deep as she could.
    “I plan too, once you are nice and fucked” Silvia whispered back. Full and thick is what Maggie’s ass felt in Silvia’s hand. She spanked at it once, feeling it jiggle up the muscle and could only imagine how much this girl worked out to have this type of booty.

    A few seconds later, the asses were forgotten, as Maggie slipped her middle finger into Silvia and gasped as she felt the second big surprise. Her palm came in contact with a bush, a sex bush that Silvia had started to grow. Even as her digit got covered in warm wet cum. She felt Silvia smile even wider, “Looks like I forgot to shave too…”, and Maggie groaned, at the feeling. She hadn’t grown her bush out in a long time, but now she wished she had one. Sivila’s didn’t feel long, but had started to curl and Maggie knew that her and Silvia’s pubic hari grew the same way. Thick and curley. This sexfight just got hairier for her, literally.

    She slipped two fingers into Maggie, wondering how much pleasure the redhead could take and looking forward to finding out. All the videos and pictures she had masturbated to of the redhead got her more and more excited to settle which of them was better. Maggie was thinking the same thing.

    “Are you ready to cum Silvia? It’s going to be so nice not having you sending me pictures begging me to come fuck you every night.” She hissed. Pussy hair or no pussy hair, she could still win this with her hands.

    “Oh, I’m ready to cum, but it won’t be in your hand…it will be on your pretty little face after I finger fuck you to a very satisfying orgasm.”


    The words increased their drive and a second later, two long fingers each, were wetly inserted into the two sex craving cunts and they began to pump.

    “OHHH”, Maggie groaned at the sensation as her cunt was thrust and split every second again and again.

    “Yum.” Silvia moaned but was silenced halfway through, as Maggie crushed their lips and swallowed the rest of their shared moans.

    Their tongues moved fast, and yet their fingers moved faster, but in full sensual motions that left no piece of their sexual organs untouched. This was about who could get each other off first, but equally about who could make the other the wettest, who was the dirtiest, as they built up towards their climactic finish.

    In and out their hands moved, while they broke their kiss and rested their heads on each other’s shoulders. Both of their left arms were around each other’s necks keeping each other’s breasts tightly squeezed, while the right hand was flexed and working hard between their legs.
    After three minutes, their limbs started to tire quickly from being in their high heels. But falling down to one’s knees was dangerous and could put them in a position they did not want to be in with their sex rival.

    Their tits had been pressed equally the whole time, the womanly fat molded into each other, still separated by the thinnest of dress materials. Silvia tried to get her tits on top during the finger fuck but Maggie resisted, though the swinging motion popped free her left tit that bounced out of the dress. It only drove them wilder as more skin touched.

    Another minute passed, and Maggie could feel the cum dripping out of herself. She then gasped as Silvia started using it as a lube, slipping out of the librarian’s cunt and using the wet cum to run her fingers and tease the redhead’s asshole with the discharge. After the second time, Maggie did the thing to her and received a little sexy gasp in her ear from the sparkled purple lips.

    “Copycat.” Silvia murmured face to face with her rival.
    “You wanted ass play, Silvia. I’m just giving you what you love, baby.” Maggie huffed.

    “Yeah, and I’m going to love it more when I make you eat my ass with that sharp tongue of yours,” Silvia growled.

    “Yummy.” Maggie breathed, and Silvia moaned frustratingly, feeling her cunt drip a bit more at those words.
    They refused to lock into another kiss, calling each other dirtier and dirtier words. Though the real reason is they needed to keep their breathing even or the building orgasm would start to quickly overwhelm their walls.

    The sounds of squishy mush were nearly loud enough to be heard from the outside of where their sex duel was occurring. They were openly groaning and breathing, gasping in air when their clits were flicked or rubbed in the right way by their magical fingers. Their soaked pussies squeezing on the invading digits time and time again while G-spots were easily found, and rubbed, the rougher skin providing just more and more pleasure.

    Maggie felt the pleasure of blowing up like a balloon in her pussy and needed to change the fight. She dangerously jumped in her heels and finally succeeded pushing the weight of her tits on top of Silvia's pair. “Ugh.” The bartender groaned as her shaking legs gave out, and she collapsed onto her knees. Luckily, she still had her arm round Maggie’s neck, successfully pulling the redhead with her whose own legs could take no more.

    “Bitch.” Silvia gasped as their fingers quickly went back into each other now on their knees. Their sensitive folds had already been rubbed to the point every nerve was firing, and they quickly got back to the point they had been before. The shift in their bodies helped them begin titfighting again slightly, but it didn’t scratch their sexual itch with three of the four globes still covered by the dresses.

    “Fuck you.” But Maggie felt herself starting to wane. Her and Isabella’s little mini fight was coming back to haunt her, and she moaned extra loud when Silvia’s probing finger again went to her asshole. This time the bartender slipped in just enough to make Maggie’s legs give an extra little shake even on her knees and she groaned again.

    “Oh, you like your ass fingered. I knew that, but it’s a really good reminder.” Silvia whispered into Maggie’s ear harshly.

    “I’m not the only one.” Maggie smiled as she quickly returned the favor and felt Silvia’s ass clench warmly on her pinky when she held it for a few seconds.

    Silvia couldn’t surpass her moan, “Yes...I do, but I like your tongue in it more, where it belongs.”

    Maggie hissed at the insult but didn’t get to respond as they locked into another kiss uniting their probing tasters. The threat of getting their tongue forced into their rival’s ass made them angry, but their tongues were surprisingly playful inside their mouths. This was in contrast to the aggressive cum spit covered fingers that thrusted and the free hand that spanked each other’s fat asses.

    Maggie then sucked her free hands’ fingers with her mouth, then sliding down Silvia’s back stuck them into her asshole once again. Silvia screamed this time at the invasion and did it right back to Maggie as they held this dual pose.

    They were as sexually connected as they could be by just their hands. In the mouth duel, Silvia’s tongue licked Maggie’s gums and then retreated back to its lair. Maggie’s tongue quickly gave chase, but as it delved deeper, Silvia’s purple lips wrapped around it and began to suck it like a cock. Maggie groaned, as she fell for the trap Silvia had used on her before. It distracted her for a second from their mutual fingering and put her a breath and thrust behind.

    They were holding each other up even on their knees, the small space not large enough to separate from the pleasure and pressure from the other’ woman’s body. There still was just enough room for one woman to force her ass into the other’s face like last time, but the physical struggle that it would require to get the other down would be wild.

    Maggie’s cunt was twitching, her body desperate for release, but she could feel Silvia, she could feel her rival’s cunt in the same form, her breathing labored. She just needed to hold out for a little while longer. This time she wouldn’t let this bitch get her off with a trick or running away like when it had happened in the water.

    “Cum Maggie, you want to fight me again. I can see it in your eyes and can feel it. We deserve a real sexfight to see who’s the best between us. In front of a crowd…where everyone can see.”

    “Fuck you Silvia…I already know I’m better, and I don’t need people to know it, only you.” But deep inside, she knew the words the woman spoke were true. She did want that flight, she wanted to push her sexual organs to the limit in the dirties of fashions with this slutty bartender. With a crowd, that could only make it better.

    This fight and hate were fully primal. Not for her job like her fights with Bianca, or love came with Amber, this was purely about sex at the most primal of levels.

    The sexfight dragged on for long minutes. Sweat was starting to drip down their bodies as if they had been on the dance floor all night making their legs slip. Maggie’s body was too hot, the air was too thick with their mixing scent of sex and perfume. The sensation of Silvia’s meaty rack still pressed on hers, neither gaining nor losing an inch. Her dress and thong felt tighter as if they were two snakes constraining each other in this little room.

    Every time Silvia slipped into her; she felt the end of her sexual tether being pulled. There was no way her enemy wasn’t close, unless the bartender had already fucked or fought someone tonight, there were plenty of women she could have done it with, Maggie thought with a worry. But in reality, Silvia was in a similar boat as her rival. Her body demanded release wanting to be dominated, but her mind refusing. The redhead again amazed her from the sheer sexual energy pool she could draw from. Not many women or men would have lasted this long already with her in such an enclosed and heated embrace.

    It also excited her further seeing that the redhead was willing and able to have a sex contest in any environment. Their last fight had been wet and cool, wrestling for almost 20 minutes prior to the start of sex, now this one was hot and sweaty where each second counted for their fucking. The next one, she would combine them and put them in an environment they would fight and fuck till only exhaustion could declare a winner. To get that though, she had to win, and one way was to work the slut’s nude tits. She just needed a small advantage, then knew she would be able to finish her rival.

    Maggie had the same thought, and in fact, had already brought her left hand back up towards their close faces. The bartender thought she was simply re-wetting her fingers for another ass probe, but this time Maggie gripped the light brown short hair and ripped it back with her free hand.

    “UGH!” The shocked woman cried, bending at her abs, her finger’s leaving the redhead. In the second she was bent; Maggie also slipped out of her rival and used her cum covered fingers to pull the purple cocktail dress down so that the big tits bounced free. They did the smallest of jiggles, the globes standing high and firm on her chest, equal size to Maggie’s and just as firm and soft.

    Silvia felt the hot air on her nipples harden them further. The sensation of breast freedom getting her closer to a devastating orgasm that only got worse when Maggie cupped her left tit and squeezed it for good measure. She used the bartender’s own cum to slide to the nipple and bend it with her thumb. The sexual hock rushed to Silvia’s core, almost getting her off as she moaned loudly.

    Maggie intended to go further by sucking Silvia’s blossom into her mouth, but the girl forced her body back upright in time. She snarled as she easily pulled the freckled girl’s remaining hidden tit free with a single swipe of her nails. She then went to claw the boobs of her rival, but Maggie caught her wrist, while Silvia freed her own globe from the dangerous hand, and they pressed their foreheads together.

    They arm wrestled for just a few seconds, their tits bouncing up and down with their aggressive motions. The sweat allowed Silvia to free her own wrist and took hold of both of Maggie’s. She forced both limps out to their sides and doing so led them into a chest-to-chest collision.

    The large nude tits slapped together for the first time, spiking their already screaming sex drives as rubbery sweaty nipples bent each other in the womanly fat. It was as if the renewed titfight suddenly made them feral. Even with their hands outside of their rival’s cunt for the first time in 15 minutes, they were now close enough for a nipple orgasm to not be out of the question.

    Before Maggie could react, Silvia released her wrists and wrapped her arms around her posterior in what Maggie thought was a bearhug. But Silvia then spun them aggressively, sending Maggie down to the floor with a scream. Liked two caged animals, now on the floor, any rules they had set were off.

    Silvia was able to get on top of the incredibly smooth body. She first tried to scoot down to get one of those freckles pink nipples in her mouth, but the redhead squeezed her tighter, keeping them locked. She then tried to roll to the right and left but was resisted each way. Finally, she tried to push herself up onto Maggie’s hips, and this time the librarian let her go for an obvious reason.

    They were too close, and desperate to win for this to go on much longer. Maggie’s legs opened in a challenge and Silvia fully accepted the dare. With zero hesitation, she slapped their pussies together and began riding Maggie, who thrust back in fluid motions, the dark room now a sauna.

    Two things were quickly apparent to the sexfighting librarian. Firstly, her red thong was still on her hips and that kept the clits from fully crushing offering the tiniest bit of reliefs. Of course, it was so tiny that their labia were still in full contact and with the state they were in, it was more than enough for one of them to be finished.

    Secondly, Maggie got the first experience of sexfighting a woman with pubic hair above her womanhood. It felt different, slightly rougher for her than she expected, though it didn’t seem to be an advantage or disadvantage yet at its current length and curls.

    They both moaned loudly, even after trying to suppress them in their throats. “I thought you wanted fingers only!” Maggie growled, followed by a a-second-deep moan as she gladly took the pussy-to-pussy fight. The contact with Silvia’s sex put her body in place she never would be able to back off or separate them. Either she was going to cum against Silvia’s body or finally return the favor from their first fight, here and now.

    “You brought our tits into it first! Now everything is on the table!” Silvia hissed back as she lightly slapped the redhead’s bouncing bottom tits for good measure.

    “Fine, let’s finish this like real women, bitch.” Maggie snarled as they began to work their hips like the experts of sex they were. In the dark their eyes met, grey to green, their pupils fully dilated to take in every detail they could with the dimmest of light. They wanted, no needed to watch the moment the other surrendered to her superior sex. They both knew it wouldn’t be a long fuck, and within seconds they were both gasping near the edge of their already pent-up orgasms.

    Maggie’s cunt was on fire, her labia soaked with cum and smooth friction from rubbing on an equally wet pussy that hid beneath the curly brown fur. Maybe there was something to it, she thought, feeling the little hairs between them. For a brief second, she wished just now she had her own red bush to match and tangle and give Silvia the same feeling.

    They couldn’t roll, but Maggie was able to use her strong legs and forced Silvia down onto her back. The redhead then claimed the top spot and began to grind harder on her sex rival. Then she was back on the floor, as they traded over and over every few seconds. Both women only held on because of that tiny red string thong that kept their clits from meeting. It wouldn’t matter for long though; Maggie knew another minute of this intense fuck and she was going to explode.

    She couldn’t handle the pleasure as the voice in her head, the one that gave her that extra push in her fights so many times, screamed for her to fight it.

    She had one chance and it was half forced, half involuntary. Win or lose, she knew deep down that this would not be the final time she was pressed nude against this slut. As she was pushed onto the bottom, she reached down with her hand. Just as Silvia began to thrust her bouncy ass down onto the open pussy once again, Maggie pulled her own string thong to the side. The fully exposed pussies merged their sensitive flesh and to the surprise of both women, their magnetic clits connected on the powerful thrust.

    Fortunately for them, the hallway outside was empty as they screamed like banshees. It felt as though they had fused now that the only shield that kept them from going off was gone. “FUCK!” Silvia cried, at the surprise while Maggie made an inaudible sound from deep in her throat. Silvia’s entire vagina felt as though it had clamped to Maggie’s form, her most sensitive organ in a pushing battle with its equal.

    Much like the redhead’s decision, it only half worked. Their clits had locked, but because of Silvia’s thrust, the bartender’s clit had crushed Maggie’s slightly more. On the other side, because the clit-to-clit contact was a surprise, Silvia hadn’t taken an extra breath to prepare for it like Maggie had. What it meant, was that a second later, they both started to cum, Maggie going off a half second before Silvia, though it might have been too close to call.

    The feeling of their cunts cumming on each other together at nearly the same time was euphoric as much as it was maddening. Silvia’s form seemed to move in time with hers as they annoyingly found themselves on the same sexual wavelength. They cursed each other as they spasmed, their muscles firing involuntarily. They humped in this position for the first five seconds, releasing just a bit of cum on their lower bodies, and some into Silvia’s bush.

    Another few seconds and Silvia landed forward atop Maggie in a tit press. This separated their cumming and firing clits, but it did not mean the fight was over. Now in a tight ball, Silvia went up in a doggy style position, she shot her arm down between their bodies where her hand appeared on Maggie’s cunt. Maggie had already done the same and they stuck their middle and ring fingers into their enemy. Like pistons, they started pumping each other through the still powerful orgasm and locked into a kiss to swallow their screams.

    They kissed as they kept cumming for another 6 seconds, sucking each other’s lips. The sight behind the battling beauties was a thing to behold. Maggie’s legs were wide and bent at the knees. Silvia’s ass was in the air between them, her own legs bent as well. Their hands looked like spiders making cum webs with their rival’s dripping sex. Even now their pussies remained tight around the exploring digits, the goosebumps still appearing all over their bodies.

    She could feel her own white goo drip out of her and down towards her ass while her own palm was covered in Silvia’s discharge. They snapped the kiss and Silvia rested her chin on the freckled shoulder, the pleasure and spasms finally ending. The space was too small for them to roll apart, so they stayed in this position catching their breath.

    “Fuck..” Maggie gasped, at how hard she had just cum.
    “Ugh god.” Silvia gasped, she was too cumming harder than she expected. It was fine though, she felt like she had won, she felt Maggie go off first, even if it was only a millisecond before. Again, her excitement grew that Maggie could match her sexually even in this type of fuck. Her craving for a full slut fight with this secret wild rival was drool worthy.

    They were still breathing loudly enough that anyone outside the door would be able to hear it, but that was lost on them. They held each other for a few seconds, both more than ready for another round. For a wild second, Maggie forgot about the Gala, Isabella, and everything…including Amber. She just wanted to put Silvia on the ground and suffocate her with her proud toned ass. Thinking that she started to pump her rival again when Silvia pushed her hand down and out of her cunt. She tried once to get back in, but Silvia forced their heads together looking to ensure Maggie was listening.

    “I would spend all night in here fucking you till you cried in pain and pleasure, but luckily for you I need to go entertain some future dates and connections. But at least now we both know that in a month or two we will fight with the winner taking all…at my place.”

    “What? You didn’t win. We went off at the same time.” Maggie disputed, as she tried to slap Silvia’s hand away. She knew she may have gotten off first, but there was no way she would admit it. It had been way too close for either of them to claim victory.

    Silvia let out a breath of hot air from her nose. She would not be cheated out of her win. “Fuck you, you went off way before me. You are coming to my house. AND while you’re at it, give me your thong and open your mouth for my ass.”
    “No fucking way.” Maggie hissed back and they glared at each other, still half nude and pressed in a symmetrical docking of their tits.

    The tension was thick, and the disputed win only made it hotter. But as Silvia thought about it, she didn’t want her climactic showdown with Maggie to happen in this dingy little room. Their fight needed to be grander, their bodies demanded it. She pushed herself off of Maggie and fell back to her knees. The redhead looked at her in surprise, but the bartender wasn’t done. She could compromise, as long as she still got what she wanted.

    “How about this Maggie. Let’s call it a tie…and we both get what we want.”
    The librarian didn’t answer and continued to glare, her body was already wanting another round pressed so tightly to Silvia, but she would hear her out before jumping on her again.

    “You get a pass of me forcing my ass in your face tonight, and I’ll stop calling, texting you, and sending you those dirty pictures…but you have to swear to come to my orgy, and have a rematch with me there. I’m tired of these one offs we keep having. It would be more fun than doing it here in this little room anyway. We could have a couch, a king-sized bed, a pool, anywhere we want.”

    The redhead got spikes of pleasure as the words dripped out of Silvia’s mouth like a siren’s song. But still she could just finish her rival here, it seemed like the easiest option, but the bartender wasn’t done.

    “How about it, Maggie? I would accept it, or you might miss your chance to see little Amber if we keep going.” Silvia teased as she pulled out her trump card. Maggie froze, her mind cleared just slightly at the name. Her ex and what she had to decide tonight came rushing back to her head. “You bitch….” She hissed, but now it seemed like the only deal she could take. If she and Silvia went at it all night, she would miss Amber, and this slut wasn’t worth not getting to talk to the blonde guitarist again.

    “What’s your answer?” Silvia demanded, her claws ready, but just this once, she didn’t want to use them. Maggie glared at her in the dark, but this fight had told her everything she needed to know. “A slut fight between us.” She breathed back and Silvia’s grin grew to show a lot of pearly white teeth.

    “Good.” She answered and stood up without waiting for another second. Maggie stood up quickly too as they came back to eye level. They almost bumped tits as Maggie made a move towards the door to get some air, but Silvia got in front of her.

    “Two other things. First, leave your thong here. We tied, neither of us got it for the rest of the night.” Silvia said, giving a little up and down towards Maggie’s lower body.

    “What the fuck? You didn’t put anything up against it.” Maggie argued but Silvia shrugged.
    “Not my fault you offered it up, next time, be bolder and don’t wear one like me or you risk losing it.” She laughed and Maggie almost lost her cool. But Amber, that is what her mind kept telling her was the most important thing now, so she decided to play this game further if it meant getting back to the Gala.

    She pulled the string down off her hips in a fluid motion, sliding it down her sweaty legs still in the compact room. The cool air was electric on her heated cunt as she stepped out of it. In fairness, she did somehow feel even more daring and dangerous than she did when she had first arrived.

    The idea of a full-on slut fight hadn’t appealed to her before, but now against Silvia, she could do it. It wouldn’t be like her fights with Amber or Bianca. It would be a new sexual experience and Maggie just wouldn’t be able to say no, as long as she could fight the bartender. “Happy?” Maggie questioned sensually as she stepped out of her string thong, leaving it on the floor discarded.

    Silvia’s eyes were electric, “Yes, and second, before we leave.” She suddenly grabbed Maggie’s wrist and pulled the sticky cum covered fingers to her purple lips. She began to suck them slowly, cleaning her own cum off the redhead’s fingers. Maggie watched with wide eyes, but never to be outdone, she brought Silvia’s fingers to her own mouth. She had tasted herself many times, but this was the most voluntarily as she began to suck them.

    It felt like they were sealing the pack that they both would participate in the slut fight. Up and down their lips moved on each other’s fingers, bobbing their heads like they were sucking a cock. Replacing the wet sticky cum with a fresh coat of spit and pulling the substance into their warm mouths.

    After almost every drip was clean, Silvia released the fingers with a little pop. “Oh, yes. Things are going to get very wet and sticky between us.”

    “Why wait,” Maggie said, then pushed her lips into Silvia’s again aggressively, trying to force her own cum she had saved into her rival’s mouth.
    The surprise didn’t work because the bartender had been saving her cum just the same. The white goo on their tongues met and exploded in their sealed entrances, the hated rival’s discharge mixed as they started a sloppy kiss; their spit and cum leaking out the sides.

    Maggie’s pink muscle was nearly at Silvia’s tonsils to force some of the tasty cum down Silvia’s throat. She tried to pull back, but Silvia’s hands went to the back of her head and pulled her in tighter. Maggie returned the favor and their teeth clicked as they attempted to gag each other with their tongues and let the cum ooze down their enemies' throats slowly.

    After almost 10 seconds both girls were whimpering, nearly choking each other with their cum, unable to swallow. As if they had mutually agreed, they released each other’s heads at the same time and let their lips separate. They broke the kiss with a large gasp while multiple strings of spit and cum kept their jaws touching. They quickly swallowed back the load that had made it halfway down. Silvia beat Maggie to it and broke the strings with her finger and sucked up the extra mixed juices. Maggie watched, her face fed from the heat of the closet and desire when Silvia cracked the door just enough for a wave of air and the shine of light hit them. The hall was empty, so they adjusted their dresses while eyeing each other coolly. It would take a few minutes for Maggie to get back to presentable.

    Silvia pushed open the door fully and stepped out followed by Maggie, leaving their dark sexy arena behind. Maggie knew she would have to run to her office to clean up and expected Silvia to go to one of the powder rooms. It seemed that the bartender was already thinking of it, no longer caring about Maggie. At least not yet, not until their date.

    “Well Maggie, as agreed, I’ll see you for our little slut fight. I promise I won’t bother you till then, unless I need to give you some extra details.”

    “Yes, you will, and let me know. I’ll be waiting for it.” Maggie replied in and almost a 180 degree turn of what she said earlier. Now she would be there and be as nasty as possible to humiliate Silvia and risk being humiliated in turn. It would be worth it.

    For a breath, even Silvia thought of tackling the redhead back into the closet, but she would wait. She enjoyed the hunt almost as much as she enjoyed the kill, and Maggie was truly a prize she was going to claim. She wanted to break the will of the redhead and the fight she had planned would do it in a way neither of them could prepare for.

    “See you soon…slut.” Silvia breathed sexually, as she turned on her heels and started making her way back to the main hall. Maggie took an extra second to watch the hot little cocktail dress with nothing underneath it shake a few times before the incredible body slipped through the far door. Maggie stood in the hall alone with her thoughts, she would worry about Silvia later. For now, she had to go find Amber.

    Meanwhile...on the other side of the Gala.

    Bianca sat at the bar, running a finger around her half empty cup. The live performance was almost over meaning the two women, Miss Hashford and Miss Fielder would soon be free. She watched them from afar, a cunning sparkle in her crystal blue eyes. This night was going to get interesting.

    Well, after the last part, I thought we needed some action...or as some comments said, let’s get some payoff! Well it begin’s now and is gonna keep on going. I’m glad everyone was good with the slow pace up till this point, I like the build ups too, but some sexfighting is good to lol. Hope you enjoyed this part and the return of Silvia...I really look forward to getting her and Maggie back together soon. Real soon. Next part should be up in about two weeks, so enjoy this one haha. We will get back to the Gala and continue Maggie’s oh so wild night. Of course, She and Amber will continue to circle each other but a lot of women might want a piece of them. FIGHT. Anyway, thank you for all the comments, they are great and I do appreciate them. And yeah, that’s all I got for now. I’m writing a lot more here than I normally do but what can you do. Till next time, King

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Fantastic! Somehow, in just a couple of appearances, you've managed to make the rivalry between Maggie and Silvia even hotter and more erotic than Maggie's relationship with Amber! I think that's because the Maggie-Silvia relationship is just pure sex and mutual hatred! And the promise of what they will be doing to each other and where, the next time they get together, is incredible! It's torture that we are going to have to wait for that for quite some time - at least until you finish this story!

    Great work! The payoff has been well worth the build up.


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Quote Originally Posted by JB57 View Post
    Fantastic! Somehow, in just a couple of appearances, you've managed to make the rivalry between Maggie and Silvia even hotter and more erotic than Maggie's relationship with Amber! I think that's because the Maggie-Silvia relationship is just pure sex and mutual hatred! And the promise of what they will be doing to each other and where, the next time they get together, is incredible! It's torture that we are going to have to wait for that for quite some time - at least until you finish this story!

    Great work! The payoff has been well worth the build up.

    There are so many options, outcomes and paths to follow, roll a dice and you get an amazing pairing

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