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Thread: The Library Gala

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    Re: The Library Gala Part 14

    Part 14

    After a few more minutes their kissing had ended, and they were just staring at each other in the dark. They had cleaned and swapped all of the cum off the other?s gums and teeth, and now only their shared spit remained. Their sex drives had recovered, or at least Maggie?s had after Amber had out sucked her clit. The blonde had driven the redhead to another devastating orgasm and was now clearly ahead in their sex duel.

    But none of that mattered to Maggie after what the blonde had just said. The redhead was laying on her back in her office staring at her greatest rival on top of her. Her ex, who she had been fighting against on and off the last year and was now putting everything on the line against. She reached down to tap into the same rage that had driven her forward the whole fight, that had exploded when the blonde had read her journal, that had been so strong when she accused her of cheating so many months ago. The part of her that would leave Amber forever as the blonde wanted, but as she searched her soul, she found nothing.

    The words and tender embrace, the understanding, the one-sentence Amber had uttered had washed over Maggie like a cold bucket of water. The anger was still there but now it was quiet, and she almost seemed to awaken from a terrible nightmare that she had engulfed herself in.

    Instead of rage, she felt the pain of yearning, born out of the frustration of Amber?s confusing nature. But something else was still there, the hidden love, the truth that Amber cared about her, and Maggie had felt it just a second ago. She slowly pushed Amber off her and sat up, only for the punk girl to do the same. They both came onto their knees facing each other in silence waiting for the other to move first.

    The librarian tried again one last time to search for the hate, but as she stared at Amber?s beautiful face, she felt a wave of calmness, an almost serene sense of purpose that made her relax. She felt as though the truth that her heart had been searching for all year had just been found. She was looking at Amber, but now in a way she hadn?t expected to look at her again when they started this duel.

    It had been one sentence, one line. She had asked Amber not to say the hateful words to her, and Amber had agreed, without hesitation, without laughing, without taunting. It was the smallest of gestures, but it was all Maggie had needed. What she had wanted even if she had forgotten herself due to the emotional battery they shared.

    In a total moment of self-realization, Maggie recognized that she indeed still wanted Amber Fielder, the girl she still loved, the girl she had fallen for during the long nights of tutoring and sexfighting, the girl who made her feel alive in a way she never had before. She recognized that she had gotten lost in the hate, she had gotten lost in the violence that came naturally when they were with each other. What didn?t come naturally was their affectionate side, the understanding and fun. The side of them that only came out in the most private of moments and one they had to work for?and one she was willing to work for.

    As she played back the night in her head with this new clarity, she felt that her ex wanted what she did too. She was almost sure of it, but Amber couldn?t or wouldn?t show it, that was the punk girl?s way of hiding herself like she always did. So now, in the middle of the most emotional sexfight of her life, Maggie realized what she really wanted. She wanted to be with Amber because Amber and she could be kind, they could forgive, and they could understand. She just had to prove it, and make the blonde accept it too.

    But the downside was that coming to this realization mid-fight made her feel lost. She wouldn?t and couldn?t stop this fight now; it needed to be finished one way or the other. They would still need to apologize or at least one of them would, and Maggie knew the chance of Amber saying it was nearly none after the notebook and months of pain.

    But she had to get Amber to admit the truth that she still loved her too, and they could fix it. It seemed like an impossible task after what had already happened tonight, but Maggie knew there was one way, the only way that anything ever got solved between them. The punk girl only showed her real self in the middle and end of their passionate fights when she lost, so in reality, Maggie?s goal was the same, she was going to get Amber to admit she wouldn?t leave by beating her sexually.

    Then she would confess it, hell, she would say it before just to make Amber confused during the fight. By admitting this to herself she felt like a load was lifted off her chest, the kissing, the softness, she wanted more of that and to get it, she had to win. A small smile came to her lips, because even if she lost, at least now she knew she was fighting for what she really wanted.

    ?What the fuck are you smiling at? You look way too happy to be down to me in this fight.? Amber hissed with a lick of her lips as she eyed her ex. To Maggie?s nonsurprise it seemed her ex didn?t realize the significance of the words she had just spoken and the change that had just occurred. Amber was always less in tune with herself and her feelings.

    The freckled girl took a breath as her mind was starting to come back together with a plan. She had to play this right, but weirdly it almost felt easy compared to how she had felt before. Because now, she felt she had a purpose and her body was reacting the same, ready for a lot more sexual conflict to get what she really wanted.

    ?I?m smiling because I?m not scared anymore. Not of you?and not of what I want. I was just confused, like I always am when you are around.?

    Amber?s brown eyes narrowed at the words and she noted the shift in confidence that was coming from the redhead. ?What the fuck do you mean? What do you want? What?s wrong with you?? Her ex was acting differently than before, and Amber felt a wave of nervousness that she couldn?t understand. She had accepted that Maggie was never going to say sorry, that it was over after she had read that damn notebook. But the green emeralds seemed to be ignited, sparkling with some new excitement.

    ?Well, I was just about to say it?s time we stopped this whole tenderness thing that you have been enjoying,? Maggie said with a sudden coyness. She had a plan, and there was only one way to get it in action, get Amber angry. It worked as the ex-student?s face darkened as if Maggie was pushing back on her in some way. Even though she accepted she would leave Maggie, any sort of sense of rejection by the redhead was literally a pain in her soul. It wasn?t like the redhead hadn?t been just as tender with her and playing along. ?Fine, if that?s what you want, I?ll hurt you more.? She shot back unable to hide hurt in her voice.

    ?It is what I want, but also, I know what I want when I win now.? Maggie continued with her chin held slightly higher than before.

    The darkened look on Amber?s face turned into a confused one, then she laughed with a level of cruelness at how the redhead was acting. ?It?s kind of late for that Maggie. We both agreed, this is our last fight, and nothing?s changed. You won?t say sorry, and neither will I. So when I win, I?m never going to see you again because I?m leaving.?

    Maggie laughed cruelly right back at her ex in a way she never really did. ?See, now that I think about it, I don?t think you will never see me again, you aren?t brave enough to go through with it. And honestly, I was only saying that because you did and I was lost in us hating each other. I want something different now.? The redhead said as matter of fact as she squeezed her tits at Amber. The sudden surge and knowledge about what she wanted to fill her body with new energy, she suddenly felt like she could go forever. They would find out what would break first, her love, or Amber?s hate.

    She waited for Amber to challenge her again, but the blonde was quiet. She seemed willing to hear it out or at least willing to know what Maggie would take in the world she won. The brown eyes had a new fire in them as well, but this was one of rage begin told she wasn?t brave enough to make do on her threat. The pale girl chose her next words carefully, so they aligned with her goal. She then put on the sexiest grin she could and brought her lips to touch Amber?s by leaning forward with her chest. Amber took the lip to lip touch with only a raise of her eyebrow.

    ?We said, the winner of our sexfight gets to demand one thing from the loser. One demand, anything she wants. No questions asked.? Maggie somewhat asked while talking with her lips touching Amber?s red pair.

    Amber didn?t respond for a second, taking the lip-to-lip contact sensually. Then a smile came to her own jaw as she started to return the mouth on mouth talking. ?That is what we agreed, and I told you what I want, and I promise you, I am going to go through with it.? She hissed into Maggie?s mouth. Their large tits were lightly pressed in this position, aligned perfectly at the bumpy areola, sending extra shocks of pleasure down their rods.

    ?I remember, psychopath.? Maggie teased with a sharpness. The blonde hissed into the redhead?s open mouth with a slight shaking of her whole body. She didn?t understand why Maggie was thinking she could just act like this, like she was winning, like she had some secret. Didn?t she care that they were never going to see other again? Why didn?t she seem down like she had been during their fight? In a way Amber was feeling the same yearning as her ex, but unlike Maggie who accepted it, the blonde pushed it away, still scared of what other emotions came with it.

    ?If you win, I will do whatever you ask, even if it is leaving you alone forever. I swear on my life.? Maggie continued with the still coyness that made Amber shake in frustration.

    She brought her hands down to the pale bubble ass and sunk her black claws deep into the tender meat. ?That?s what I want bitch, and I?m glad you understand.? Amber repeated herself which what felt for the thousandth time. She would have agreed to anything at the moment to hurt the redhead. Anything to wipe the smirk off of Maggie?s face, but even as she said it, the redhead didn?t react. In fact, her smile only grew, and Amber felt her rage grow.

    ?And what do you want? Why the fuck do you look so happy now? Why are you acting like this?? Amber nearly screamed, her voice picking up as she tried to understand what the redhead was playing at. Maggie was going to leave too that?s what they agreed. Nothing had changed at the last minute, right? They had gone too far in their fight tonight.

    Maggie took a breath, as she prepared to finally say it. The words that would change this fight, and make Amber understand what was at stake. ?If I win, you are going to be my girlfriend.?

    The reaction was immediate, and Amber literally recoiled back as the words pained her more than anything they had done tonight thus far. She backed away on her knees, ending the lip-to-lip talk and losing the sexy tit contact. The brown eyes had also widened, and even in her hate, she felt small in a new way. Maggie almost laughed at the reaction of her ex.

    ?What?s the matter, Amber? Does that scare you that I can finally admit my feelings? Or are you sad that you can?t do the same??

    Amber looked shocked as her beautiful face twisted in a knot, her own heart rate was beating in an unfamiliar way. Her cheeks went dark red in a blush, something that was so uncommon on her prideful face. The air was sucked from the room and her own lungs and she started shaking. They had been sexfighting for an hour, they had already said this was the end. After what they had said, after the notebook, after all before the Gala. No, Maggie was just trying to trick her.

    ?NO!? Amber suddenly screamed out into the office, ?You can?t say that?you?bitch. I told you we were done. You said it yourself just?just a minute ago that we were done. You agreed!? Amber gasped as she started to breath harshly bumbling on. ?You hate me, and I hate you! That?s how it is, and we will never see each other again once I beat you here!? She kept repeating as Amber?s sanity started to snap from her own mind fighting itself.

    Maggie laughed harder than she had all night. ?I don?t care. I promise to give you what you want?if you win.? Maggie?s face turned even wilder as her green eyes narrowed at her prey. ?But if you don?t?you are going to apologize to me, and then you are going to be my girlfriend whether you like it or not.? Every time she said it, it strengthened her resolve while Amber felt a wave of nervousness that almost made her short of breath.

    Then Maggie?s grin turned predatory, like a huntress on the scent of her prey. ?Right here, right now, we fight with our fingers, tongues and sex until one of us makes the other quit for good?and the winner takes what she wants. Unless you want to walk away right now! But I will always think I?m better than you if you do.? She added with a growl. She knew that Amber would have nothing other than to accept if she wanted to finish this game, her ex would never run.

    The blonde almost looked pained and the expression almost broke Maggie?s resolve. But she held on and it was quickly replaced as the bitchy punk girl came back and was ready to fight. ?Fuck you, fuck you to hell Maggie! Your twisted games won?t work! You are lying! I you?re your notebook! You would leave me like everyone always does!? Amber wailed as she lost it in her ex?s office, her sanity snapping from the pain and mental anguish. ?I?m going to beat you; I?m going to fuck you to the point you never want to have sex with any other person in your life! You are dead to me! I?m better than you!? She screamed with a snarl and making little sense, her brown eyes losing any sense of reason. Bianca didn?t matter, Jenny didn?t matter, no other person mattered, she just had to beat Maggie. She had to beat her ex, the only person she had ever really loved. She had to beat her and prove she was better than the stupid emotion. It was twisted logic, but to Amber, everything was twisted now.

    Maggie watched Amber knowing it was time, ready to sexfight, ready to go till the end, and win Amber in whatever way she had too. ?Good, then let?s fuck this out Amber and find out who the liar between us really is!? The plan had worked, and blonde?s anger was now beyond what it had been all night. In a way, it pained her making Amber this angry, but she had too. She finally understood this is what needed to happen for them to ever move past where they were stuck. She had to make Amber feel her emotions, and this was the first step. The second was beating her in a sexfight, an ex-girlfriend vs ex-girlfriend sexfight that was for all the marbles. And she had to win, for both their sakes.

    Amber didn?t respond, her world already shattered. They were supposed to hate each other, and Maggie still hadn?t apologized, it was not fair. How could she forgive Maggie? How could Maggie forgive her? How could the redhead want to still try to be together? To be in a relationship?after all they had said, all they had done. It was impossible, it must have been a lie. She had done nothing to warrant this change in the redhead, she didn?t understand what had changed between them so quickly. So, she would end this, she would win...because she wanted to leave love behind?forever. She didn?t need it, the last time she had opened this door of her soul, to feel love, she had felt the pain of heartbreak. It wouldn?t happen again.

    After everything, Maggie again was showing her a way out, and it pissed her off. It was the tutoring offer all over again, but this time Amber wouldn?t take it. The last time she had given into the kindness, she ended up feeling more emotions than she ever had. Even if it was her own doing, she wouldn?t let herself feel that pain of heartbreak again. She just had to win and put the redhead behind her forever.

    Their eyes, the blurry windows of their souls met and narrowed. At the same time, they screamed like sirens and leaped at each other from their knees, crushing their tits and bodies far more aggressively than they had so far in the night.

    Meaty, full chests slammed together making them jiggle and bounce up and down in the aggressive press. Quickly they leaned all their weight forward, working to crush the rival pair flat for good. They groaned as the pressure increased from their flexing back muscles to the point that the brown and pink nipples nearly inverted.

    ?Ugh!? Amber gasped at how soft and hard Maggie?s body could be at the same time
    ?BITCH!? Maggie groaned in return, her ex?s physique feeling as strong as it had at the beginning of the fight.

    They exchanged quick dirty insults as their arms went around their lightly toned backs. With this, they increased the pressure to an unsustainable amount in the titfight. 30 seconds in and sweat re-exploded on their bodies as the breast compression went on and made them slippery. They watched their ex?s faces, waiting for the moment one would let go, one would admit she couldn?t handle the pressure. Their forearms flexed, their areola ground bump to bump, lost in the valley created by their breasts. The hold was tight enough that a pool of sweat was starting to form between the four boobs. Already some long beads of sweat began to drip down their sternums to gather at the pool. It took another 30 seconds of this contest but suddenly Amber cried out, ?Fuck! Let go!?

    Her arms suddenly went limp as the strength of her ex broke her hold. Of course, it only allowed Maggie to pull her tighter into her chest and more of their skin blended. The librarian gasped through the exertion and burning of her arm muscles as Amber groaned in pain. But the blonde kept her head up and leaned it forward with a snarl. She took a grip of the red hair to pull Maggie?s head slightly up and brought her teeth down onto Maggie?s jawline.

    The punk locked on and applied light pressure to the skin with her pearly white teeth, soft enough to not cause pain, but enough were Maggie?s mind screamed danger if she remained this close. She let go of Amber?s body to the blonde?s relief and pulled her face jaw away from Amber?s mouth. The blonde wasn?t about to let her escape however and launched her mouth forward, but Maggie did the same and their teeth clicked on the impact.

    The sensation was jarring as they fell back with their skulls ringing. It had been overlaying violent and they had no intention of repeating that action as they each groaned. They didn?t re-engage for almost a minute until the blonde rolled to her front and got to her knees. She crawled towards her ex, staring at the huge freckled tits that were hanging proudly on her chest. She hated losing, and just by being forced to release their bear hug first made her want to payback.

    Before Maggie could stop the blonde, she gripped hold of the redhead?s breasts with her claws. The librarian shot up and screamed in pain, then latched her own red talons into Amber?s big firm balloons. They grimaced from the stinging as the redhead slowly made her way to her knees then her feet. Amber refused to release the jugs and followed her ex they stood; nails dug into each other?s breasts with their foreheads pressed together once again.

    ?God you always were jealous of me even when we were sleeping together!? Amber hissed through the pain. After losing their little flattening contest, she had no intention of ever letting go of the pale tits until Maggie cried for it.

    ?Please, you used my tits for pillows every night we were together, and I bet you still want to use them!? Maggie yelled, and again watched Amber?s face contort in a way that signified the words were clearly was hurting just as much as the digging of their skin.

    It was answered not by words, but by the black claws sinking slightly deeper and twisted in a nasty attack.
    ?FUCKING BITCH!? The librarian wailed in agony, but instead of twisting her own claws back, she released her fingers and instead palmed the meaty chest. The pale girl drove forward with her strong ass and legs to push Amber as hard as she could, easily forcing the unsuspecting girl backwards.

    Amber?s eyes widened as she was forced to let go of the pale girls and began to stumble back. Maggie had been hoping to force her to the wall, but the toned bubble ass touched Maggie?s desk first. Unable to fall back further, but still getting pushed by the tits, Amber was bent down by the lower back. Instead of stopping, Maggie bent at her own hips with her, each showing off their flexibility as they bent in a reverse L shape ending up half on the desk with their feet still on the floor. Their bodies were aligned, and this also put Maggie?s head right at Amber?s chest where she instantly latched her lips onto the left brown nipple. She sucked it like a bottle to Amber?s pleasure and horror.

    ?CUNT!? Amber shrieked, as Maggie?s sucking was taking in the exact skin that had just been mauled. It was horrible pain but mixed with the exact type of intense pleasure that she craved. Her open pussy and clit began to spasm in response and then, while this was happening, Maggie?s strong thigh pressed up and right into her wet labia, the sweaty muscle grinding on the exposed sex knub like a pole.

    It took two rubs, before Amber groaned and she began to cum on Maggie?s leg, unable to hold on after the full buildup of the 69 race. Maggie felt the sensation of her ex cumming while still holding her half on the desk and split by her thigh. She quickly began to suck the brown nipple harder while moving her leg up and down in sync. ?OH GOD!? Amber screamed, as she nearly squirted cum that only allowed Maggie to grind with even less friction. She took hold of the red hair but wasn?t able to focus enough to rip the hungry mouth that somehow felt like it was swallowing her entire tit. At the same time, Maggie used her other hand to knead and bend the blonde?s sharp right nipple so that each breast was taken care of equally. The punk girl thrashed harder bent on the desk and looped her legs around Maggie?s in response. The orgasm lasted a full 20 seconds, but only when Amber finally stopped groaning did Maggie release the nipple with a loud wet pop.

    The blonde seemed to relax, and Maggie brought her head down to rest on Amber?s chest, listening to the fast-beating heart. It made her own heart ache, listening to the love muscle on her ex. Amber?s was the one she wanted to claim, one she could?she just had to keep going.

    The moment of peace was broken before Maggie could do anything else. The claws that had already been lost in her red locks went down and dug into her scalp. Maggie screamed in shock as Amber used the head clawing to roll them still half on the desk. She had already entangled their legs and the two equally toned asses traded position being pressed into the edge of the wood. They went for nearly two full rotations until the desk ran out of space and with a yelp Maggie fell backwards. Instead of the ground however, her ass landed onto her office seat that broke her fall.

    Before she could get up Amber jumped on top of her in a straddle. It was the exact same position she had Marissa in two hours ago, but this time the bottom girl wasn?t exhausted or weakened by the sexfight. Even in the dominant position, Amber?s sore tits were once again at Maggie?s mouth level, and the green eyes widened in excitement. The redhead latched onto the right nipple before chewing the brown rod roughly. Amber groaned from her mistake and then again even louder as the redhead started sucking hard enough as if to draw milk from the organ. Her breast was still very tender from the titfight and mauling and it only made it worse. Maggie?s mouth was relentless in its sucking and for a second she thought she might actually get milked.

    ?BITCH! Let go!? She yelled and leaned back to free her nipple. It came out with a pop, but by leaning back so far, her blonde hair was hanging down from behind. Maggie took hold of it bending the flexible Amber by the stomach until she was nearly parallel with the floor. Amber hissed as she continued straddling the girl while never letting go of the fiery hair. As the blonde was bent back, Maggie was pulled forward as they each looked to rip the locks out of its roots.

    ?Get off me!? Maggie growled, and Amber hissed like a cat back. They held this erotic standoff while tearing at each other?s hair. Until before they could stop it, the entire chair flew forward. They yelped at the same time, falling to the ground in a ball. The angry blonde?s back hit the carpeted ground and the normally gentle redhead landed on her knees above her.

    But the fall didn?t stop them from keeping the sex going. Amber leaned her face forward and she slipped her tongue into Maggie?s open mouth, unable to keep her taster separated from the redhead?s any longer. The toned tanned legs wrapped around Maggie in a full body embrace. The redhead groaned in satisfaction, both feeling Amber?s legs coil her up, and the tongue worming in. The redhead allowed Amber?s muscle deep into her mouth, before she started sucking it tenderly with sealed lips.

    Amber groaned at the attack and very much enjoyed her tongue being sucked like a cock. With her legs and arms wrapped around Maggie?s body, she increased the pressure, so the redhead was forced to lay on top of her, her ex?s favorite place to be. To the pleasure of both women, they began to grind and drive towards each of their fourth orgasms of their fight.

    The black clawed hands filled with the pale ass meat while their brown and pink nipples stabbed each other for the hundredth time that night. Tongues knotted and they took turns sucking them sensually. After a few turns, Maggie broke it off and before Amber could reengage, she leaned to the right and sunk her teeth into each Amber?s smooth neck. She nibbled and started to suck fully intending to mark and bruise Amber?s skin. When they had been sleeping together, they had been far more careful about giving each other visible hickeys, but now those rules didn?t apply. She was going to mark Amber as hers in every way she could.

    Amber moaned in a sick pleasure, knowing exactly what her ex was doing. She hated it and loved it at the same time. With no other options she went to the left of Maggie?s freckled neck to return the favor. Her ex?s skin was sweet to the taste as she too began to suck, giving nips on the soft skin.

    They chewed and sucked quickly causing fast bruising along their throats. Once she had covered every inch, Amber released the skin and began to lick upwards past the jaw and across the rosy cheeks. Maggie was following the same path until she and the blonde?s tongues passed each other roughly and wetly. They locked eyes all the while until the sexual contact ended and they reached the unblemished side of their ex?s neck. Still in their tight ball, they started to roll with their legs entangled but continued biting and sucking during it. Very quickly, their necks became red and sore with bruises that were just like the ones that were appearing on their inner thighs and groins from their aggressive 69.

    It ended up turning into a catball, rolling around and around biting and scratching, but more for pleasure than pain this time. When one got on top, that girl?s pussy dripped onto the bottom girl?s stomach. Even as they rolled, they continued biting each other like the feral animals they had morphed into. After six roles and a lot of sucking Maggie couldn?t help smiling. She brought her face up to the blondes? ear, her neck sore and red from the love bites. ?You like me marking you as mine?? She hissed into Amber?s ear before quickly going back down. The blonde froze at the words in anger knowing Maggie had indeed marked her, but she didn?t care. She sunk her teeth into Maggie again, this time harder. She was not willing to answer and risk betraying the truth that she did indeed very much like getting claimed.

    The librarian moaned at the more aggressive bite, ?Yes, I can tell you do.? She gasped at Amber?s increased ferocity, and this time Amber brought her head up to respond.

    ?Fuck off, you stalker!? She hissed and she forced Maggie?s lips onto hers, though the librarian knew that the damage was done, both on her ex?s neck and on her soul. The hands explored while their mouths kept each other occupied, running tongues up and down teeth that had left imprinted marks on their skin. Even now, Maggie couldn?t help herself and by pushing forward an inch, began to chew on Amber?s lower lip during the kiss. The blonde hissed, and pulled it free roughly, before giving it right back to chew on Maggie?s. While she did this, she felt the pale girl?s hands fill and hold up her right tit, feeling its heaviness and then rubbing down her torso.

    She sent her own hand down as well and they slipped their fingers into each other. Just a minute of the kissing and pumping made them both gusher like a waterfall, how the hell was it possible?

    Maggie ignored the growing feeling and ended the wet kiss with a hot string of spit still holding them together. Amber?s brown eyes had been closed, lost in the make out. It was as though she didn?t even notice Maggie stopping and sliding down her sweaty body. She groaned feeling Maggie?s sharp pink nipples rake down her body until the redhead got her mouth back on Amber?s pussy. She very much wanted to return the orgasms that Amber had drawn with her lips, it was only fair.

    She locked her lips onto Amber?s clit and began to suck it slowly, the taste covering her tongue. The clit reacted, and she tried to use her slow-sucking method, but Amber wasn?t about to have this. ?Don?t fucking try that again!? She growled as she moved back an extra foot and crushed her thighs into Maggie?s head. The redhead groaned as Amber turned her to her side while keeping the head between her legs.

    ?Crushed by my thighs? I bet this is your fucking dream stalker! Did you write that in your notebook too!?? The punk girl laughed maniacally, though the feeling of Maggie between her legs like this gave a her a thrill she couldn?t describe. The smallest part of her screamed to stop fighting the feeling, but she pushed it down again. It wasn?t worth it; it wasn?t worth it, she repeated.

    Maggie grimaced as the sexy legs squeezed her head, the smoothest of the skin turning her more on in this aggressive move. In retaliation, she sunk her teeth into Amber?s leg, not enough of really cause pain but also began to hickey her ex?s groin. The blonde tried to ignore the satisfying feeling but couldn?t help releasing the tension for half a second. With it, Maggie forced her head up further and dove her tongue directly into Amber?s pussy.

    ?Oh fuck!? Amber hissed and made the choice to let the head-scissor end. She backed away, freeing her cunt from her ex?s slippery tongue. The librarian didn?t stop and leapt onto Amber again, but the blonde rolled, and Maggie missed her landing. The bright green eyes were burning red as she desperately wanted to get back into a mounting position to fuck Amber into a puddle. She turned, but Amber had already rolled another few feet away and sat up. She shifted towards Maggie and widened her legs, in an open challenge to her ex, offering the exact type of fight they knew it would come down too.

    Amber wiped her mouth while also spitting into her palm. With a sexy grin, she covered her own pussy with the spit. The gooey strands mixing her with her discharge, a substance Maggie would kill for to swallow.

    ?Let?s go stalker. Pussy to pussy, the way this has to be settled, I want to feel your cunt when you cum onto me. I want to leave you forever with the memory of my body.?

    Maggie rubbed her own smooth labia and even fingered herself into her vaginal walls. God she was still sensitive, it didn?t make sense. It had only been just over an hour and after cumming so much; she shouldn?t be able to cum this hard again in this short amount of time. Did she and Amber really have this type of connection?

    She glared with her emerald eyes at her ex?s challenge and went right down to her full muscular buns. ?I know my pussy is the best you have ever felt in your life and I?m going to remind you why that is right now.?

    ?Mine is just as good if not better.? Amber snapped back, ?I have made every women and man I have ever fucked scream their head off, just like I made you ever night back when...? She trailed off as if she didn?t want to think about it.

    ?Back when we were together?? Maggie finished the sentence for her. ?Just admit it Amber! You miss those nights as much as I do!?

    ?No! You?you don?t understand what I went through after we stopped!? Amber whispered, but Maggie could still hear it.

    ?What you went through?! You are still being fucking selfish thinking only about yourself!? She yelled, but she remembered her game. ?But you know what? I don?t care. I like it in a sick way, because I like you!?

    ?Shut up!? Amber cried, as Maggie?s words sent her even more into a ditz, every tether of her sanity beginning to snap. Without another sound, they scooted forward and crossed their toned legs, stopping an inch from the wet smooth sexes from finally touching.
    ?This time I?m not going to cum that fast bitch.? Amber hissed.
    ?You won?t have a choice!? Maggie answered.
    With that, Maggie and Amber suddenly began to trib with their spit as lube, each moaning from the wet sticky contact. They moaned loudly and rotated to their opposite sides, in a perfect scissor. Their asses bounced like balls on the side of their bodies as they pumped and grinded on each other in their dirty sex war.

    A minute passed, and their eyes met in shock from the skill her rival was showing. It had been a long time since they had gone like this for an extended time, almost over 4 months. ?Fuck, you got better at this?? Maggie growled, this was the longest they had matched pussies in the night, and the sensations grew faster than expected. Amber was moving in a way that Maggie knew came with practice, thrusting, dodging, they were no longer just two girls humping with abandon. Now they were real fighters, ensuring they gave more than they took with each thrust.

    ?Yeah, so have you,? Amber admitted in response as their clits were already starting to fence. They felt erect enough that they could feel their bundle of nerves running up and down into their rival?s cunts for brief seconds. It was intense having their sexes covered by the soft and flexible skin of their ex?s labia. In this reversed position, it let both of their asses out to the side and in a very slappable position that was going to easily be exploited.

    Maggie went first and spanked Amber hard, causing a jiggle into the strong muscle. The blonde moaned in clear enjoyment of the aggressive spanking, always finding extra fun in their ferociousness. Amber returned it, to the point Maggie swore there would be an imprint on her perfect ass from the blonde?s soft hands.

    After another minute, they could feel cum dripping down and sharing while forming a pool underneath them. The hard grind got smaller as they focused on their clits that were fencing in such small precision movements. They were breathing in small gasps as the sensation of the other?s body started to spike up. They had been only clit fighting for a minute, and Maggie felt another orgasm beginning to sneak up on her.

    ?Ohh.? She cried out, but forced it down, keeping her focus in the fight. They began to grind harder, the exposed pussy lips blended, the squishy pink flesh almost starting to glue together. It felt like she was falling more in love with Amber?s body during this fight. She swore forcing away from it, but it was almost impossible as she felt another spike.

    ?Cum on me.? Amber demanded with a grin, and Maggie hissed in response. But there was no denying she was getting to the point that her need to cum was spreading down every nerve. Amber?s pussy felt too raw on her sex and unbelievably good. She moaned loudly, and for a second, Amber thought she had the full advantage, but the vibration from Maggie?s throat moved all the way down her body to vibrate the conjoined cunts.

    ?What?what?? The punk girl groaned, and the little grin that had been forming vanished. Maggie seemed to be fucking her harder, her pale bubble ass flexing to grind deeper into the blonde. The brown eyed girl took a breath and pushed her gym-built ass just as hard. She wanted too always be better than Maggie and tonight in her mind, the last chance to do it.

    Even as they flexed with more force, they didn?t scream and wouldn?t let the pleasure show. Once again, they looked up from the other?s hot ass and glared eye to eye. They felt their ex?s body start the signs of peaking, they knew from their nights that it was so close, one of them was about to cum.

    They could feel the enemy?s labia tightening on her own, cum leaking and mixing between them. It was like they were holding it back by a tether, almost painful in the best of ways. This was it, one of them was going to break. They held their clits together squishing them head-to-head. Many of their shared nights had been settled in a clit crush just like this, but after ten seconds of holding them, they miraculously pushed the pleasure down once again, showing a control neither could perform normally. But with their ex, and the drug of love and hate, it had put them in a place they could perform it.

    They separated by less than an inch, ?Oh my god.? Amber breathed; she had never been that close without cumming before and could still feel the heat of Maggie?s perfect cunt.

    ?That?was?something.? Maggie gasped back as she moved her body back an extra inch to avoid the heat. It didn?t last as Amber re-closed the distance a second later and lightly touched them again. The pale girl gasped but didn?t hesitate to return the light grind. Both the shock and pleasure gave them another wave of energy. They avoided another clit crush and ground side to side so that each of their folds was splitting the other girl?s vagina.

    ?I won?t stop you bitch.? The blonde growled while looking at the ceiling, she didn?t trust looking at Maggie now, it would be too much to see her big pale tits jiggle or muscular ass...or worse, her face. Though, she wanted to, deep deep inside.
    ?I know you won?t, and neither will I!? Maggie screamed back as her body reacted to continuing the fight once again. She found Amber?s fingers and laced them, feeling the grip returned palm to palm. They dug in and began to pull each other towards the fourth orgasm of their fight, breaking their previous amounts record in less than half the time. The silence was deafening in the office beside the light squish of female sex organs slipping around.

    ?AHHH!? Amber screamed, ?Let go!?
    ?No, you let go!? Maggie wailed back, and yet neither did. They fucked longer until they again reached the cliff, the place where one would be ended for good.

    Desperate not to cum, the girls separated for a second time against their promises, long wet strings of cum holding them together. Amber rolled to her front and put her head on her arms. She thought her body was figuratively going to implode. Maggie pushed herself up and in the most dangerous seconds, she laid on top of Amber, who didn?t resist even as she was groped. The sensation would be dull to what had just been the perfect feeling of their pussies connected. Maggie brought her lips down to Amber?s ear even if she was careful to keep her pussy of the perfect feeling ass. She could have fingered her rival, but she had other things in mind now.

    ?You are everything to me. Does it hurt knowing you broke us? Do you regret it? Do you fucking miss it, I can tell you do?? Maggie whispered into her rival?s ear. Amber gasped on the floor while shaking. The words seemed to keep her at the pleasurable level of their cunt fight. ?You know a life without me would be boring! So just fucking be mine!?

    Amber?s brown eyes shot open in rage and she let out a scream in frustration at Maggie?s arguments underneath her. They were driving her insane and the last thread of her sanity was close to snapping. She didn?t want to hurt anymore, and Maggie only brought emotional pain. But so much pleasure, so much that it almost hurt as well. She had to forget the good, she just wanted this last fuck, she needed to win and make Maggie hurt as much as she did. Then she could run, then she could escape?like always. But?but?what if Maggie and her could do it, what if all the good, the fun, the?love could be hers. Her mind was starting to argue with itself and it didn?t help as Maggie whispered again.

    ?You know, maybe you are right, maybe I?ll never be yours?maybe I will be happier with someone else?maybe one of the other girls??, but she was stopped as Amber froze.

    ?NO, YOU FUCKING WON?T!!!?, Amber screamed, and with pure rage she bucked hard and sent Maggie off her back. Maggie rolled away with her eyes wide. She shot back up looking at Amber who slowly pushed herself up, her eyes looked shocked too that she had just admitted something she never wanted to say.

    ?See you admitted it!? Maggie laughed at her ex with a snicker. The blonde was looking down at her knees and Maggie pressed the point. ?You still fucking want me as I want you! More than just a fuck buddy! I knew you would have ever left! You can?t leave because you are obsessed with me so just apologize and fucking be my girlfriend.? Maggie yelled; the words alone made her feel her soul repair just in the slightest. It was so simple in her mind yet seemed to be the hardest thing in the world for Amber to understand. ?Just fucking say it, Amber!? She repeated but now with more authority as if it was already making a demand.

    Amber started to laugh but it didn?t sound like her. She was gone, Amber had snapped, there was nothing else as her emotions became lost. When her brown eyes looked again at the redhead, Maggie noticed for the first time that it felt like Amber wasn?t looking at her, her eyes seemed distant, even lost.

    ?I?am going to kill you, Maggie,? Amber whispered, her voice off, her sanity gone. The redhead had pushed her too far, and the blondes own confusion, her own self-denial after months of mental anguish.

    Maggie breathed deeply looking at the girl as she took account of her body. Her sex drive was still strong, and with Amber, she knew she could do keep going, but she wasn?t sure how much longer she could last. She was also happy that even in her current state, the blonde didn?t threaten to rape her, only kill her. She couldn?t be mad at that in some form of twisted logic she guessed. From the look in Amber?s eyes, Maggie realized that her ex was beyond reason. If she was going to see her Amber again, the one she loved, she had to beat her.

    She had to continue and play the game; she was already too far into it. It would get worsebefore it would get better, she told herself. She felt scared it wouldn?t work, but she could only go at it with her body, the way they knew, and the way they fought.

    She gave Amber her own sadistic grin, ?Yeah? Well tonight?s your chance Amber, because I might just end up killing you too.?

    Amber?s look seemed to only darken, and Maggie smiled at her, tauntingly, knowing the game was about to begin. But she was tired of fighting here in her office, she wanted to take Amber further down the path. She jumped up and walked her sexy ass towards the door with a flash in her green eyes and shine of her white teeth.

    ?Where the fuck are you going? Running away? You aren?t going anywhere!? Amber hissed from the ground; she was already pushing herself up to follow Maggie wherever the redhead was going. As she came to her feet Maggie got the full look of the sexy body that she was challenging, that she was fighting to claim, and that resisted her. Amber stood there looking sexier than she ever had in her life. Her pussy was open, dripping cum, her spit covered nipples were dripping too off her massive chest. Her bubbled ass was sticking out to the side with her cocked hip, and Amber had the sexy cruel look that worked on her beautiful sharp face. On the hot crazy scale, Amber was a ten in both.

    The blonde had a sneer on her lips, her eyes still distant as she took a catwalk like strut at her ex. Maggie stood there in equally sexiness, her own beauty blossomed into a full garden. Her fiery red hair, her pale equally large chest and ass with her flat toned stomach signifying her healthy sexual lifestyle. Her freckled cute face, no longer defined as mousy was looking more like a sexy goddess. They had exchanged three powerful orgasms already, not including their earlier fights. This was nearing the most sex they had done in a single night from the sheer intensity that they had with each other, yet still they were ready for more, ready to take each other to the sexual limit of which their bodies could go.

    ?Oh no Amber, not at all, I just want to finish you somewhere else. It?s the perfect place where I?ll make you mine.? She left her office a second later and Amber was hot on her tail. ?Stop saying that!? The punk girl growled in the halls, but Maggie didn?t respond, and she simply swayed her large pale ass at her rival. She made sure to give it an extra jiggle and knew it would drive Amber up the wall having to follow and stare at it. She remembered doing this in the exact same halls right before their first fight. It was funny how so much yet, so little had changed.

    She led her down the hall for a whole minute, passing one conference room, her eyes noticed two women locked on the floor in a sexually violent embrace. She couldn?t tell who it was, but only that it wasn?t Bianca and Jenny. She knew Amber saw it too, but neither even slowed down to get a second glance. There would be no more distractions tonight even if it had been their other rivals. They needed to end it between them first.

    Maggie pushed open the main hall doors of the library into the front and showroom of the Gala event, still dressed up like the girls had been earlier in the night. The twin doors did not even have time to close as Amber caught them coming in after her ex. The big room was dark, but some of the stage lights were still on and a few others near the abandoned bar. It was enough to give them a shadowed but alluring view of the other.

    Maggie turned and walked backward slowly, ensuring Amber didn?t jump on her. Her tits jiggled each step and Amber watched them hypnotized for a few seconds. Then she looked around the room and the bar where they had talked a few hours ago. Things had already changed from then and it almost felt like a dream to the crazy blonde.

    ?You want to fight here? We could easily get caught or interrupted, though that wouldn?t save you from me now. You have found a way to piss me off more even when we first met, more than when you took a job to fuck me over. I have never hated someone as much as I hate you right now.? Amber said, and in the large room, it seemed to echo off the walls.

    ?Hate? Are you sure that is what it is baby? I think you are mixing your feelings up like always.?

    Amber turned her still distant eyes at her ex, her eyes reflecting Maggie?s red hair, making them seem as red as fire. ?I guess you will find out?babe.? She sarcastically snarled.

    ?I look forward to it. You know why I want to fight here, psychopath??

    Amber took a look around and then turned back to Maggie with a grin of her own. ?I get it, I didn?t recognize this room all changed for the event. This is where Wayne liked to sit when he was doing my homework. This is where we first met, where I tore your book up, where we slapped each other, where I threatened you.?

    Maggie grinned back at her ex, glad Amber was still in the state of mind to remember, ?Yeah it is, I want to finish you here, where we first met and where it?s going to end.?

    ?So, you want it over to now?!? Amber pointed out with a snarl. For half a second, she thought they had gone back to the original agreement, but Maggie laughed and shook her head.

    ?No, it?s where this part of us is ended and I?m going to FUCKING TAKE YOU AS MINE! I can?t be scared anymore! I won?t! I want to live my life?.and I still want you in it! I thought about it all night, I went back and forth, but I have made up my mind and nothing?s going to change it. I know you still care about me!? Maggie said trying to hold back her desperation. She hated that she was the one still fighting for it that again she was the one begging. She didn?t want it to be like this, but she also really wanted Amber. She just needed Amber to say it back to her?once.

    Amber laughed, ?You are way to sentimental Maggie! I don?t give a fuck about?and?I?I don?t want?.? Amber started then didn?t finish. She seemed to shake her head as if forcing the words or next comment out of her head.

    Maggie giggled again at her ex?s clear war with herself, ?Please I know you like me saying it, even now. And sentimental? That is rich, coming from the girl who waited for me back in the exact same room where we first fought. I would say this puts us on about par for the sentimental one in our relationship.?

    Amber huffed, not having much of a response to that and she didn?t trust her tongue.

    ?What?s the matter? Cat got your tongue?? Maggie teased as if reading her ex?s mind.

    Amber swallowed down her hateful words and hissed. ?Fine, then I guess I get to fuck you in the main room of your precious little library! It?s the only thing you will have left once I finish you forever!?

    ?Only if you win slut! Because if you don?t??

    ?I?ll be fucking yours?I know Maggie, stop fucking say it!? Amber finished for Maggie with a cry and started walking quickly at her ex, the insane look still in her eyes.

    ?No! I won?t stop!? Maggie growled in her equal anger at Amber still fighting it. She ran forward at Amber with equal pace to meet her ex and fight it out till the sexual end.

    They ran at each other and met on the red carpet that had been pulled into the room from the outside. It made a clear for a soft arena for them to thoroughly fuck on it. They met, throwing punches and slaps as they exploded into violence. But quickly, they gave up that approach, already far too tired and wounded to keep this up after one good slap had been traded. They stood apart gasping with their hands on their knees. Then Maggie gripped Amber?s arm and pulled her close, as their mouths locked together into another round of wet kissing.

    ?We need to finish this by sex, I want to fuck fight you, that?s what matters between us. That?s how I want to leave you.? Amber growled as she eyed her redhead through their kissing. Hers. Her mind repeated, but it was the part of her mind that was no longer responding to her own thoughts.

    ?I want that too, but I know you won?t leave.? Maggie confirmed with a nod, ?The moment I saw you tonight, I knew we would end up here, and it feels just right. Doesn?t it?, She pulled Amber down to her knees kissing her deeper, their tongues knotted up in an impossible knot.

    Maggie continued her growl and taunting. ?How many guys and girls have you fucked? I bet they never gave it to you as I could.? Maggie snarled between the kissing, feeling her tongue and lips move faster against the sweet pair. She ran a hand over Amber?s open flower, teasing the folds.

    ?As many as I needed so that I could forget you,? Amber growled, her eyes darkened, then she spit on Maggie?s face before kissing her again.

    ?Ugh.? Maggie gasped down Amber?s throat in pleasure and disgust. She couldn?t wipe it free not wanting her hands off of Amber?s rump for even a second. She kept kissing, as she felt the spit drip down her cheek towards their clashing boobs.

    ?And I bet it never worked, you are wetter than me?even now. How often did you groan my name when you had them? Just know I thought about you every single time I fucked another person.? She felt Amber shiver from another deep truth, but the black clawed hands dug deeper into her skin.

    ?Moan for me babe,? Maggie demanded and she stuck two fingers into her opponent?s wet pussy. Amber hissed and held in her moan as she was fingered, taking the contact once again.

    ?You fucking bitch! I?m going to?? But she didn?t finish as Maggie kissed her again and their tongues moved to dominate each other in their enclosed mouths. Their kissing was starting to make them hornier to the peak again, it made them miss each other. They licked the full-length tongue to tongue, offering them full access with zero resistance.

    ?I?ll last as long as I need to beat you! I always had you in my room and yours!? Maggie slipped her tongue free and she looked down below their bouncing tits. The gooey lines covered her finger completely coating them in the sweet nectar.

    ?No, I always had you!? Amber snarled cruelly as she began to roughly finger her librarian with three full fingers. Maggie gasped, as her walls were stretched hotly. She wouldn?t have minded this normally but to stop herself from cumming she forced them out. They struggled arm to arm and cum covered fingers to cum covered fingers for a second before falling back on their asses as they pushed their rival away. Maggie sat up just in time to see Amber lay down on her back and widened her legs. ?Come here stalker, bring that pathetic pussy and let?s see who can fuck who better. I?m tired of playing with you.?

    ?Whatever you say, psychopath. This time, I?m not letting you separate our bodies for any reason.?

    ?Bring it on you fucking bitch!? Amber screamed into the sky and humped the air, offering her body up to be taken. A prize that no man or woman could ever deny when Amber looked and acted like this. The redhead took the bait and pressed her body down, as they settled into a missionary position with Amber?s legs nice and wide. The librarian began to hump into the punk who moaned in satisfaction, as her pussy was spread. Their clits began to send shocks again as they looked finally get this huge orgasm, they had been holding on released. For three minutes the two women fucked like this, letting their bodies get into the rhythm of their humps, the sweat and heat making them slide just a little bit easier.

    It didn?t last long, they had already driven each other up a wall back in the office to the near breaking point. Just two minutes into their fuck and Maggie looked at her ex. She was starting to wane, her pussy aching for release. She didn?t know how the hell she had held this in for so long, but there was no way Amber wasn?t feeling it too, they were pushing each other to the biggest orgasm of their life.

    Maggie looked into Amber?s eyes, where they still held the same distant view of the mentally shattered woman. ?You broke my heart, you fucking bitch!? Maggie growled, ?But guess what!? I can forgive you!?

    Amber screamed a hellish wail as if those words burned her mentally and physically whether they were true or not. She leaned up from her toned stomach and slammed her lips into Maggie?s who became lost at the sensation as she was kissed deeply. Their lips burned as they moved on each other wetly, piston tongues slashing and knotting between, it was addicting like a poison that killed and love them, it was painful, and it was everything they wanted.

    Amber started to get to the point of no return, and she knew there was no separation this time. Maggie noticed it too, they were to accustom to sensing the other?s impending orgasm.
    Their lips separated by less than a centimeter as Amber let out a girlish gasp.

    Maggie felt herself filled with the chance at breaking her ex. ?Remember this Amber! Remember all the nights in my bed where you were dominated. This is where you belong! You want to be here!? Maggie cried as she sped up her assault of the blonde?s pussy. Amber groaned in grief as her body spasmed and the damn cracked.

    Then, Amber lost control of her breathing, how was Maggie doing this to her, how was the redhead showing this control of her sex, ?MAGGIE, NO!!!? She cried, her pussy exploding in a way that it hadn?t before. It shot into her so suddenly that she didn?t have a chance to push it down. The pleasure was incredible, and she hated every second as it overwhelmed her and shook her form. She felt herself cum onto Maggie?s sex lips, and then spread wetly all over her legs. Her ex?s own pussy was blended into hers moving in perfect sync so that her clit was always covered. The psychopath groaned as her body spasmed almost feeling lightheaded from the released pressure that shot down ever limb and had built up in a way she hadn?t expected. After a second though, she forced some of it back down so that it didn?t feel as strong. It took incredible focus, but Amber was doing it, the biggest orgasm of her life was held in, just slightly.

    Maggie was smiling, she had held on, Amber was cumming, but she didn?t notice the blonde stop mid scream. She had her green eye?s closed and that was a mistake. Amber?s dark look returned to her face even at the peak of her satisfaction. She used her toned legs and reserved them, putting Maggie on her back and herself on top. The stalker screamed as felt her own pussy dominated in the same way in a way hers had been. She never expected the blonde to do this mid orgasm.

    ?I can beat you like this too Maggie! I?m your perfect match at sex!? Maggie?s clit was pressed so hard that she began to cum on the blonde?s sex. ?YOU remember this, you remember this as the last time my pussy eats yours alive!? The blonde taunted as the stalker screamed and began to cum, her cunt being dominated like never before. Her clit was pressed into Amber?s soft labia again and while the punk girl had just started coming down her high, the freckled girl was going up.

    ?Oh my god.? Maggie cried as she began to cum as well as their bodies synced once again. They exploded on their sides pulling each other?s legs tighter trying to get into the most physical contact possible. Amber cried as she was fucked but was tribbing back, all the same, wanting to make Maggie last longer than she had. She gave Maggie?s tits an extra squeeze still with their cunts connected like a puzzle piece fused together. It was euphoric, it was a pleasure Maggie wasn?t sure how she lived without. Amber fucked back, grinding her body upwards and meshed her sticky folds to Maggie. The redhead screamed, shook, and exploded from her cunt. But just like her ex, she focused before the orgasm had broken her focus completely. She brought her breathing back under control thinking of only what she wanted, and what she had to win. She pushed down her own throbbing sex to keep fighting and Amber gasped knowing what she had done. Their eyes met, and in their shock and horror, they released that this 4th orgasm had not ended their fight and they both had another gear. They had controlled it using their opposite love and hate. Now somehow, they had to keep going.

    Amber rolled off her ex, but before Maggie could push herself up, she had laid on top on top of her again in the opposite way. Legs wide, and a second later, they were sucking and cleaning the pussy that had just exploded on their nether lips.

    ?Amber?? Maggie moaned as she sucked the blonde?s clit again while also wetly fingering her blondes? perfect ass. They seemed to be in a game of copycats, as a finger was interned into her forbidden hole as well. The part of them that had held back the massive orgasm was starting to build up again, faster because it was like storage. They could push it off, but not forever and every time they did, it got them both up faster. They rolled once so each of them could tongue the other?s ass which only increased the quickness of how fast it was building.

    But when the redhead got on top again, instead of sucking, Maggie moved a foot forward and took her huge right tit and pressed it down into Amber?s pussy. She used her nipple to go as deep as possible inside the pink slit. Clearly, Amber recognized the sensation and screamed louder, ?Oh my god! Your tits.? She wailed as her legs seemed to squeeze on the breast fat, trying to make sure that Maggie couldn?t remove it for any reason. Amber returned the favor a second later and Maggie felt Amber?s sharp brown nipple flick her clit. ?Yes!? Maggie moaned as they gave each other a quick lesbian titty fuck, covering each breast with the nectar of their ex and using the nipples to sap and flick the sexual zone.

    After 3 minutes they rolled apart with a gasp. They had held in the orgasm from the tit fuck and the tonguing, but it was close, and Maggie knew, her sexual tether was near the end as the 5th and final orgasm was growing. Once again, the blonde got up and crawled on top of Maggie now face to face. They aligned their cum covered nipples and pressed them with a loud squish while locking into a cum swapping kiss.

    They as the spit and cum began to ooze out of their lips. When the blonde pulled up to suck in the air. Maggie groaned tasting their mixed cum with Amber?s extra spit. ?More.? She demanded which gave Amber a moan of desire from the order. ?I want more.? The redhead screamed and dove her tongue back into Amber?s mouth who gladly accepted the second cum swap. This was one was shorter but more ferocious, tongues slashing and choking. Once they had separated again, Maggie screamed, ?Give it to me. I?ll swallow everything you have!?

    ?You are the biggest slut I have ever fucked.? Amber growled as she spit into Maggie?s open mouth to the redhead?s desire.

    ?Yeah, especially when it comes to you. I can be your slut, if you are mine? Maggie moaned swallowing the goo with a loud gulp. She firmly wrapped her legs around Amber to lock them in place. ?Now you are going to cum for me, because I want it. I want it so bad. I want to finish you and be your slut.? She groaned using her magic with her words.

    Amber seemed to freeze and was once again arguing with herself, really liking the idea that Maggie was begging to be her slut. She really, really wanted that; it had been the one thing she had wanted after their first fight. In fact, it is what she wanted all year and now it was offered. ?I?want?that.? Amber gasped but she didn?t stop. Their fingers interlaced and they pushed their tits together, renewing their long-standing titfight as they resented the abused boobs together.

    ?I hate you?? Amber hissed finally as Maggie ground her clit on hers over and over from this position, but the words didn?t sound as angry as she was given further satisfaction. Her angry almost evil side refused to give up just yet, the side of her that wanted to give up, to be Maggie?s girlfriend was still quiet.

    ?I hate you more?but only because you won?t be with me the way I want to be with you.? Maggie hissed back then licked Amber?s ear and then chewed on the lope tenderly.

    ?No! That?s not?ugh god, you how do you know my body so well?? Amber groaned unable to even complete a coherent thought as they fucked dirtily even from the top spot.

    ?Because it belongs to me?? Maggie murmured back into Amber?s ear and felt the blonde shake in either frustration or pleasure. Amber eyes widened in shock, and the true emotional pain was slicing her in two. ?You?why can?t?why do I feel this way.?

    Maggie felt her own temper break as she was fucking her ex, Amber?s body still a league above anyone she had ever fought. All of this was still happening because Amber was impossible. Her green eyes saw red, she could not take it, she was falling for her own trap, getting angry. ?AMBER! You can?t just fucking say it can you? WHY DON?T YOU LOVE ME!? Why are we still fighting? I just don?t get it!? Maggie screamed even as they started to break each other with sex going for their 5th ending. she didn?t know what she was going to do, but that was it. Amber was done playing with her heart and she would do anything to stop it.

    Amber?s eyes were still distant as her brain battled itself as much as her body fought the librarian. Maggie?the one she wanted, the one she didn?t deserve, the one that hurt her. The one that was fighting her, that she was fighting to leave but no longer understood why.

    ?I?I?I HATE THAT I LOVE YOU!? Amber screamed as she kissed her rival trying to pull the air from her lungs once again. Maggie sucked back as they dug their claws into ass muscle, the one that had swayed in front to them so many times. Their pussies had fully fused like two lost lovers as they drove each other to the end, one last to see who would win and take her prize.

    The words gave Maggie resolve, she wouldn?t let Amber use love as excuse anymore. It only made her stronger.

    They settled on the rug, in a trib position looking at each other in the dim light as they moved their bodies in tune with another. Amber knew Maggie loved to be rubbed three times and then pushed in. Maggie knew Amber loved a round and round motion with their lips and clits. Both girls? using their ex-lover?s weaknesses against them. They were so in-sync that Amber wasn?t sure if she was fucking a clone, Literally the second her body wanted something, an extra hard rub, a clit press. Maggie was doing it without being told.

    Amber had never pushed her body like this during such mental anguish. Both fights against Maggie, the oily duel against Jenny, her showdown with Silvia. They emotionally paled comparison to the battle she was in now. It might not have been the longest, the most drawn out, but it was hardest, the most emotional, and the most draining.

    Maggie in every sense of the term fucked her perfectly and she could only hope and pray that she offered the same sensation to the redhead. If she didn?t, she would lose, and then she would run, she had too.

    It was clit to clit again and again as the love nubs that had dueled so many times found each like missed lovers. Like everything else for Maggie, Amber?s clit just felt different than all the others she had fucked and fought. It felt like it belonged on hers, like two puzzle pieces that slide inline. That she had somehow trained her body to recognize the blondes as a source of pleasure and no longer that of pain and anger. If only Amber could feel the same, but she the doubt down, she had to win, she had to break the blonde, she knew it.

    ?I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.? Amber was just repeating now more to herself than even to Maggie. Hell, the redhead wasn?t even sure if the blonde was talking about herself.

    ?Doesn?t matter, I love you more!? Maggie said over and again the psychopath wailed in emotional pain.

    This conversation was finally happening as they tribbed, as they fucked to break each other and get the other to admit what they wanted. Amber then moaned as Maggie?s clit circled around hers and they pressed again. Then Amber, her mind already broken suddenly gasped.

    ?It?s you?I can?t beat you. I can?t?I can?t?? Amber began to sound almost panicked as her sex started to get overwhelmed. She fell back to her back, her ass thrusting with less force each time, her muscles quitting on her at an unheard-of rate.

    ?Say it, Amber!? Maggie sobbed as she fucked the girl on the ground. Amber?s body was no longer attacking back, they had shared multiple orgasms back-to-back. She was on the ground now and Maggie took the dominant position.

    ?Nooooo?? Amber moaned, as she lightly thrust back with the last bit of her strength. Here on the Gala floor, in the main hall, just a few feet from where they first laid eyes on each other, Maggie was giving the ex-student the fuck of their painful night.

    ?Please say it Amber, I don?t want to keep going! I don?t want to make you hurt, but I will!?

    ?No!? Amber cried and started thrusting back with an unknown reserve. In a second, the fight changed as Maggie went down to her back with a scream and Amber took the top position in their womanly fuck riding her hard.

    ?YOU ARE JUST GOING TO LEAVE ME!? Amber screamed, and now Maggie seemed to go limb, she couldn?t do anything against Amber?s raging form, her body had been wrecked by the emotional orgasms she had been given and now taking a hard fuck. The punk shot down and Maggie?s eyes went wide as her lips were suddenly covered and Amber?s tongue was in her mouth. She could feel Amber?s tears go down her own blushed cheeks as Amber provided one last attack against Maggie?s soul. But the redhead found new strength from the kiss, a final resolution that steeled her muscles for one more round. Even when Amber was in the top spot, she needed to kiss her, she was sending signs even when she wouldn?t say it.

    ?No?I can?t lose. I need to win?for you!? She yelled as she pushed her body up to match Amber again to even, tears flowing out of her eyes open as she began to trib her ex back thinking about how much she loved Amber. Amber didn?t make a noise or comment at her ex?s will to keep fighting as they came to even on their asses once again in an equal trib. Legs crossed and tits pressed, the punk girl simply started humping back, sitting on their asses in battle dueling to the end. They rested their heads on each other?s shoulders, their big tits just close enough for their nipples to flick.

    This was the final fuck with their cunts were wide open. Now they could barely move besides their asses thrusting. They continued to fuck, Maggie?s and Amber?s clit found and became fused as one in a clit crush. They could no longer separate without one of them cumming, one of them breaking apart and ending the battle.

    ?I won?t lose?you will be mine. Here where we first met!? Maggie wailed as if she was trying to say it into existence. Her sexual tether was at the end, the drug was wearing off, she knew this orgasm that somehow, someway was growing in her body would be her last if she went first. She just had to make sure Amber?s went first or it would be for nothing. Then Amber screamed again that turned into a wail that hit a pitch that Maggie hadn?t heard in a long time. This was it.

    Amber felt her body cracking, her form again knotted up to her ex, her pale rival who gave her more pleasure than anything in her life. As she watched Maggie?s tits bounce up and down again, she felt like she was back in the shower. She felt her wet cunt slip and slide into her rivals, nerve endings causing electric shocks on both of them. Amber did as Maggie did, she reached deep down to her hate that was her source of drive, but this time she found nothing. She couldn?t tap into it; she couldn?t use it anymore. She didn?t hate Maggie as she wanted totoo, and now she was getting fucked by the very girl who openly wanted her for more than just her body. She wanted her as a person, and maybe it was the truth. But without her hate, Amber had nothing, and her world collapsed further.

    Amber?s distraction, the pleasure, the sexual impulse rode up her mind as she felt every nerve of hers connect to Maggie?s. The large, freckled breasts, the pale body, the normally curly red hair, everything she wanted. She was so attracted to Maggie it was almost too much.

    Amber?s body didn?t have time to brace itself for the next clit crush and for a second everything went blank. Maggie felt her ex go loose in her arms then tightened in a way that was suffocating.

    ?You?? Amber gasped but the damage had been done, there was no longer pushing back. Maggie felt Amber give an extra shudder, her fingers wrapped around Maggie?s body as a way of holding herself up no longer in control. Maggie pushed forward against the limp form and Amber went down to her back. In this position, Maggie continued to grind sensing the moment was here in a slight missionary position.

    ?This! No! Why you!? Why can?t I stop it!? The bottom girl cried, her ass and legs widening to increase her own pleasure, the two sides of her mind giving up. She needed Maggie, she couldn?t go any further.

    Amber came in a way she hadn?t felt since their nights, she reached up and pulled Maggie?s body to her screaming from the deepest part of her soul, the anger, the pain.
    ?Please look at me?? The blonde whispered as they made eye contact and Maggie could see herself in her ex?s brown eyes. Amber stared at her ex as if trying to remember this look as her body continued to cum, the shaking, her legs spasming as she went off under Maggie in a way she never had before.

    She felt the anger leave as she came, her mind finally coming back from the dark place she had been lost in. The pleasure spiking in every piece of her body and as she moaned directly into Maggie?s face. Her clit was shaking, and she had no response other than to gaze into Maggie?s soul. The redhead held on, she had too, by force of will, by knowledge of what had happened before, until she too started to cum. It wasn?t forced by Amber; it was more her body?s reaction to the blonde?s unbelievable sensation. But it was light, and she was able to push it back just enough to keep her focus on riding Amber that the blonde didn?t notice. The pressure from Amber?s orgasm was almost 3-fold what Maggie was feeling as she rode the ex-student down into the ground.

    Amber screamed again, cumming again in repeating orgasms. This was the second time in her life this had happened and both times were against her redhead. Her body shook and Maggie could do nothing but hold on, focusing on the thing she wanted, focusing on the love she felt, the only thing holding her orgasm back while Amber had nothing of the sort. The final jolt was the most intense, Amber?s pussy seemed to contract, and Maggie almost felt like her own sex lips were gripped between them. She felt Amber cum, her own pussy getting an extra splash as she road Amber down, hopefully for the last time. Almost 30 seconds, the longest orgasm in Amber?s life and Maggie finally felt the black claws retract and the hold loosen as the blonde?s hard body released every bit of tension. Maggie collapsed too, onto the suddenly very still Amber, the orgasms shared making their breathing very light.

    A whole minute passed as Maggie laid atop the still Amber. She could only feel her ex?s chest move in the smallest of breaths, the only sign that Amber was still conscious and that the pleasure hadn?t been too much. Maggie felt lightheaded just after feeling her ex cum, so she could only imagine that Amber had almost lost her mind in those moments.

    But Maggie had to know and need to make for certain that it was over, where her ex?s eyes coming back into focus. If she didn?t get the words of surrender out of Amber now, it would all be for nothing. The blonde made no sounds or groans as Maggie forced their heads together and waited till Amber?s eyes opened to look right into them as if they were still orgasming.

    ?Do you give up?? She whispered, praying that the blonde could not recover. There was a long couple of seconds as Amber?s chest moved slowly in time with hers, their heartbeats having synced, beating as one behind their large chests. She refused to break the eye contact, even as she could see a tear from the brown eyes run down Amber?s bright red cheeks.

    Then Maggie heard it, the pained, almost heart-wrenching sound as Amber whispered. ?Yes?I?I?give up?please stop Mags?you win?I can?t cum again. Not against you. I can?t fight you like I fight others. I don?t want to sexfight anymore??

    The words did not have the impact Maggie thought they would. She imagined it would be a moment of glory as she made her demand of Amber, or if she didn?t care that she had finally won. Before she could even say anything, she felt Amber?s chest heave upwards as tears began to pour out of her brown eyes that seemed to re-focus from her crazy self.

    ?I can?t do this anymore, stop, stop please?just?leave me?like everyone does?I don?t deserve you.? Amber continued as her cry turned into a full sob.

    Maggie paused?her heart beating thru her chest as she pushed herself up to look at Amber face. The blonde not in any state of mind to listen and felt small seeing the sadness in the brown eyes as they poured tears. The beauty began to breathe rougher, un-syncing their beating hearts into an irregular beat.

    Amber sobbed louder, not even looking at Maggie as the redhead rolled off the blonde. Her green eyes pained as she watched her ex crying on the floor going into the fetal position. ?Please stop, please leave. Please let me leave. I can?t feel this anymore.? The punk girl wailed, no longer sounding like herself.

    The librarian didn?t celebrate, didn?t taunt with victory as a wave of exhaustion spread from her head to the tips of her fingers. She had won, she could have kept going if Amber had refused to give up, but now with her surrender, that little bit of adrenaline disappeared.

    Maggie could only lay there listening to the sobs, unable to make out any sense of them as the blonde cried harder. She didn?t know what to do as she listened to Amber break down. It was time to make her demand, Amber was hers, but she knew the brown-eyed girl was not in a mental state to even understand. Both of them were spent, physically depleted, sexually drained, and emotionally shattered. They had laid everything on the line against each other and both now could barely move from the most emotional draining sexfight of their lives.

    Minutes passed and Maggie?s eyes started to flutter close. That last orgasm had taken its toll and her brain was demanding rest. If not for anything except to escape the heart-wrenchingsound of Amber?s wails of defeat.

    Her own heart was torn, if Amber was this devastated about losing, had she been wrong? Did Amber truly not want to be hers even deep down. She knew her demand was what had broken Amber?s concentration, but she thought she had in a way been giving Amber what she wanted. No matter what, she wouldn?t force Amber into a relationship, she wanted a girlfriend, not a slave. Then, right as the darkness took her, she heard it. It was a whisper in the smallest of voices squeezed in-between a gasp and a sob. ?Maggie?I?m?I?m so sorry. Please forgive me??, but that was the last thing the librarian heard as she passed out on the floor.

    The green eyes shot open to complete quietness. Where was she? What the hell had happened? It took a few seconds as the redhead?s still drained brain to piece together the night she had just endured. She sat up, causing pain to shoot down her arms and legs. ?Ugh.? She groaned, the lactic acid already burning her muscles. Then it all came back to her, she was in the main hall of her library, where she had just outfucked her ex-girlfriend in the sexfight of her life.

    ?Oh my god.? She gasped as she stretched for half a second. Her body felt weirdly satisfied, and even though she won, Amber had given her some of the most intense orgasms of her life. She looked up at the clock wall. 3 AM, she had been asleep just under an hour. The room was so quiet and dark, as the automatic lights seemed to even shut down in the night. She took a breath remembering her victory and turned her head to the right, expecting to see Amber passed out next to her, but there was no sign of the punk girl.

    ?Amber?? She said in a half whisper around the room but received no response. Amber was gone and there wasn?t a trace of her except the sweat and cum stains they had left on the floor. Maggie had won, she had done it, she had outfucked her rival and made the blonde surrender to her sex. She slowly scanned the room looking for any sign that her ex was still here, but it seemed Amber was unwilling to accept the demand that Maggie was now owed.

    It was over, and the librarian stood up and gingerly made her way to her office thinking of what to do next. She did not run into anyone or hear any other sound that signified that other sexfights were still going on in the halls. She had thought by winning, everything would have been decided, that there would be no further questions or decisions, but she was wrong.

    Her ex?s crying at the end of their fight made Maggie hesitate to demand and make Amber hers. It wouldn?t be worth it if Amber was only doing it because of the loss. That wasn?t what she wanted. She thought that by winning the blonde would have admitted she wanted it too, but she had been wrong. It had been a long shot, and now felt like a failed gambit.

    She had other rivals, ones who would give her the craving of sexfighting she needed, that would be enough right? Silvia, Bianca, Jenny, her interns, there were enough women that Amber wasn?t needed. She didn?t need her blonde ex. She didn?t. She didn?t. She kept repeating in her head.

    Then as she entered her office and looked at the desk where she had been on top of Amber, the floor where they had shared the tender moment of kissing, she seemed to freeze. And the apology, she remembered, Amber had said it, she had apologized. Like a second wave, Maggie understood now that she wanted more than just her job in her life, she wanted more than this place, she wanted more than her rivals. She wanted someone who really understood her, and was hers, and there was only one person who fit that criteria, or at least she wanted to fit that criteria.

    Amber had apologized in the moment Maggie had broken her like she had planned, she had heard it, but the ex-student also had run away. What did it mean? She wasn't sure, but it seemed the game wasn?t over. She had won the fight but the war with Amber wasn't over. Her ex owed her one demand. She wasn?t going to make Amber be her girlfriend, because she needed Amber to want that as well or it wouldn?t be real. But this night would not be for nothing; she was going to find out the truth.

    ?I?I need to know.? Maggie said aloud to no one but herself. She looked a mess, bruised and clawed deeply in every place. Stains of cum covered her cheeks, groin and all over her legs, with light scratches even to her face, there would be no hiding that something horrific had happened to her tonight. But now, she didn?t care.

    She ran back to find her red dress, thankfully not running into or seeing anyone else. Five minutes later she left the library in a near sprint, barefoot and wild. Getting to her car and on the move was the only priority. It might have been very dark, but she didn?t care for her safety or wellbeing at this moment. She nearly jumped in her car and drove at a high speed to the only place she wanted to go. Amber?s.

    She pulled up to the house 15 minutes later and didn?t hesitate to let herself in to the closed door. Some of the blonde?s guy roommates were still up playing video games and jumped in surprise at the still sexy up but rough looking librarian.

    Jack, one of the guys she had become friendly with got up first. ?Woh Maggie. What are you doing here?? The three other guys then all stood up and got in the way of the librarian who was stopped in her tracks looking up at the blondes second floor door.

    ?I need to see Amber.?

    The guys all shared a look, then Jack spoke again, ?Sorry...but we can?t let you up.?

    ?You have to let me see her.? Maggie said trying to keep her voice even in her exhausted and desperate state. ?I know she is here.?

    Jack looked squeamish for a second but kept his voice firm. ?She just got home a few minutes ago and specifically said if you showed up, not to let you up. I?m sorry but you have to leave.?

    ?Amber!? Maggie suddenly yelled loud enough for her to be heard in the whole house. The boys jumped back at surprise, not expecting the nearly always calm librarian to shout.

    ?Maggie, I?m sor?.? Jack started but didn?t finish as another voice from the upstairs rang down.

    ?Get out!? Amber yelled down as she appeared from her room looking down at the first floor. Maggie looked up to see an equally as broken woman. Her beautiful face was makeup and tear stained, running down her cheeks. The scariest part for Maggie was wondering how the hell did she still look so beautiful standing there in a plain white t-shirt and red cotton shorts. She pushed that thought from her head, trying to focus.

    ?Amber, Please I think we??

    ?GET OUT!!!? The broken blonde shrieked. ?You WON! YOU ARE BETTER! LEAVE ME ALONE!?

    The men all looked up at their roommate, and for the first time were actually worried about her. They had never seen Amber like this, the usually too cool for school and queen bee looked shattered. The distraction of Amber appearing and yelling however gave Maggie the chance she needed. Ducking under the men?s arms, she moved past them and ran up the stairs as quickly as she could in her flats. Amber watched her coming with broken eyes and as the guys started to move to catch her, she called them off.

    ?No, she can come up. She won?t be staying long.? The punk girl commented as she turned and went back into her small bedroom just as Maggie made it to the floor. Maggie went in right after the girl and closed the door behind herself. She took a look at the messy room, her eyes finding the black dress Amber had worn was laying on the ground, her thong next to it. Both were torn and shredded, and Maggie knew it hadn?t been her who had done it.

    Amber wasn?t looking at the new arrival as she crawled onto her floor bed. ?Amber.? Maggie whispered but the blonde wasn?t facing her. She took a seat facing the wall with head in her hands.

    ?I didn?t want to see you again. Why are you here?? The punk girl murmured feebly.

    ?You lost our sexfight. You don?t get that choice. We agreed, the winner gets what she wants, and I want to talk right now.? Maggie said with confidence trying to make sure Amber didn?t question it.

    ?Ok.? Amber whispered in such a defeated voice that Maggie couldn?t believe it came from the once so confident blonde. Maggie watched her, not saying another word until Amber took a breath in, ?What do you want from me Maggie? You want me to be your girlfriend? After all that happened between us. Is that still your demand??

    ?No.? Maggie responded, and waited to see how Amber reacted. But as she had thought, the blonde didn?t make a sound. The redhead had no idea how that word felt to her ex. So instead, she got to the point and once again tried to leave it all on the line for the final time.

    ?I want you to tell me everything?everything that has gone through your head to this point about me and about us, right now. That?s my demand. I want the truth and if you give it to me, I will leave, and we don?t have to see each other again. That?s all I want.?

    Amber still didn?t turn around but did look up from her hands at the wall.

    ?Everything? About us? That?s what you want??

    ?Yes. I want to know what was in your head, why you came to the Gala, what?what this was all about. From our first meeting or whatever you want.?

    Amber gave a slight laugh and then began to cry again, not able to help it, even as it was so unlike her. It wasn?t as much of a downpour as before, and this time she was easily understood.

    ?Since I turned 18 or even before, I have used my looks and body to get what I want. It?s always been very easy for me, but it also never let me get close to people. Men, women, all they wanted was to fuck me, or have me as some eye candy. So, I manipulated them for it, and I enjoyed it?Loved it even. I don?t think I was or am a good person, but I didn?t care, I was who I was, and life was easy. Everyone was the same, everyone?boring, until?until you.?

    Maggie didn?t interrupt, she didn?t want to feel hope, but she couldn?t help, she knew what she wanted, she just had to hear it. And if Amber was going to tell her about her past, she would listen to every word.

    Amber continued, ?I remember when I first saw you, yes, I remember that first time in the library. You hid your body a lot more then, but I knew, something about you was a threat to me. Then we talked, and you just didn?t give a fuck about me threatening you, you just didn?t back off. Hell, you even stood up to me going after Wayne and blew him in a dirty challenge!? Amber laughed through her sobs.

    ?I hated you more than anyone I had in my entire life, but I did feel something, that was new. Even if it was just hate?and attraction, it was the first time in a long time I had felt something for someone other than boredom.? She continued to laugh through her tears. ?Then we had our fights, and the sex was like?incredible, mind-blowing. Fighting you was a drug I needed, and only got once I was dominating you. God, even now after losing?I still want it.?

    ?But I lost our second fight, and I thought my life was over, but you offered me a chance. Hell, you even tutored me?and didn?t ask for anything in return except a good lay, which I guess was like the others, but god, I wanted that as much as you did?probably more. I looked forward to those nights every day of the week, though I still told myself I hated you. I tried desperately t to make you out into a bitch even then.?

    ?Little by little I felt like you were real with me, and I was real with you. Even when school ended, I wanted to keep it going and was so thrilled you did too. I was so happy that day though I didn?t understand why...but now I do.?

    Maggie couldn?t believe what she was hearing. Had Amber really been feeling something for her before she had. There was no way, right? Amber then paused, and it felt like she had been holding onto this pain for a long time. Maggie almost interrupted but didn?t. She knew what was coming next.

    ?Then those damn words. I had not expected you to say them to me, and for them to mind fuck me so much. When I learned you slept and fought someone else, oh my god, did it drive me crazy. I honestly can?t explain it, I just kind of made this image that you would wait for me after I disappeared for almost a month?trust me, I know that?s not how life works? Amber laughed with a half sop. ?Even saying it now sounds so fucking stupid. I guess I am idiot like you always said and wrote down.?

    ?Then of course?I fucked it up even more. You didn?t cheat on me?I know that?we weren?t a couple?I just?had never cared about someone fucking someone I was. Even Wayne, I just didn?t like you distracting him from my work, I didn?t care about what he wanted, I only told you to stop because it would have affected my grades.?

    It?s weird?I don?t even care now...that you slept with Bianca. I fucked Jenny and though it was sexually as satisfying, it didn?t feel the same as you. I figured that?s what you felt. I also guess I wanted us to be even and I was scared. Again, I know I sound crazy, but I was feeling something for the first time in a long time. I told you I have never been in a relationship before? ?you were the first person to say that to me?after more than a single night that is, after knowing each other for almost a year.?

    ?So, I just went back to what I knew, wanting you and hating you at the same time. The Gala? It meant nothing to me. I just had to be there?I had to see you and give you the choice?I thought you wouldn?t choose to meet me?then I would have my closure. But you didn?t, so I thought maybe I could beat you, but I found that notebook and I think I lost it. I didn?t like it.?

    Amber went quiet again and Maggie held her breath. She wanted to burst out, but something they still hadn?t been saying.

    ?And you won, I can?t beat you or your sex, you are a drug to me that I can?t overcome?and that?s it. Now you are here. So, please leave, Maggie?I can?t look at you without feeling?regret.?

    Maggie looked at Amber?s backside, nothing in the world mattered to her now, her job, her friends, anything. Except for Amber, but she needed to hear it, the blonde still hadn?t given her an answer. She didn?t move, looking at the back of her original rival?s head, the girl who started everything. ?Amber?I need you to ask me to stay.? She said with the lightest of breaths, this was it.

    Amber didn?t respond for a long second, then turned her head slightly. ?What??

    Maggie felt her resolve, her confidence from winning, she had to go for it. ?It always me. I said I love you first, I went after you first to come back, I called you and during the fight, I told you I wanted us to be more. That hasn?t changed?but? I?I won?t be the only person trying. I can?t be?that?s how my life always has been, always trying harder than other people would do to me. So, you need to ask me to stay?and I will.?

    ?I don?t understand?is this part of your demand?? Amber asked as she turned around and their eyes met, green and brown locking in pain.

    ?No, I?m not going to force you. I don?t want that. I want to hear you say you want it?me too. We said, whoever won got what she wanted and I?m here. I know what I want. So now you have to make a choice, ask me to stay or don?t.?

    The blonde looked away in shame, and back towards the wall. Maggie waited almost 30 full seconds but took the quiet as the sign that Amber had made her choice. ?Ok?that?s what I needed to know.? She said, her voice going small.

    She turned back towards the door and put her hand on the knob. Unable to stop herself she turned back to look at Amber who was watching her now from the bed.

    Ten seconds passed as Maggie waited with this longing eye contact, but Amber didn?t say anything. And Maggie knew that her choice was made and that this was the end. Even though she had won the fight, she felt like she had lost the war by coming back. She wouldn?t let her tears be seen, because it hurt so much. She had fallen for her own trap, but it was fine, she had won, she would live her life happily knowing Amber was broken and alone. But why did it hurt so bad?

    She opened the door and took a step out. When the voice of her dream girl froze her in her steps.

    ?Maggie wait?please?stay.?

    The words were so soft that Maggie almost didn?t hear them. She took a ragged breath in, her own tears that had started poured down her cheeks. She looked back at the blonde who was on her knees crawling towards Maggie, her own tears pouring out.

    ?Please stay, I?m sorry.? Amber said so gently that Maggie might have mistaken it for a breath if not for the stillness in the room.

    Amber began to gasp and lose her breath. ?I?m sorry?I?m so sorry for what I did to you, for all of it. For attacking you about Wayne, for coming to your office and destroying that book, for not just telling you what I really wanted, not telling you how hanging out with you was?so fun. How incredible our sex is. I never said it?but I?m so sorry Maggie. Please don?t leave, I want you too, I?m just?scared, I don?t know how this works.?

    Maggie was frozen in space, her own mind, one she took so much pride in completely stuck. Amber didn?t seem to be able to tell what Maggie was doing standing at the open door. How underly everything had changed in just a minute.

    ?I know you could have a good life even if it is not with me.? Amber continued as began to fully cry as she had back at the Gala, ?But?but?I want to be in it?please stay.? She wailed finally letting out the truth, letting it pour out to the redhead whose heart exploded in happiness.

    ?Oh, thank god.? Maggie almost gasped as she closed the door and Amber sobbed louder not noticing that the redhead was actually still in her room. The librarian dropped her bag and literally jumped onto Amber who gave yelp in shocked surprise for a second thinking their terrible duel was re-commencing. But this time Maggie didn?t attack and began to snuggle into Amber?s body kissing it everywhere she could.

    ?What?? Amber gasped, but her arms wrapped around the redhead?s body tenderly pulling her close and started kissing back

    ?I?m sorry too, for the notebook, for anything else you need to hear. I missed you so much.?, Maggie gasped as she felt Amber start to hold her back softly.

    The ex-students face was one of shock, ?You?forgive me?? Was all she could get out in the moment.

    Maggie almost screamed, ?YES! If you forgive me? I still care about you?more than I think you really could handle. I just had to hear you say it! Thank god I won after all.?

    She grinned at Amber who after all of it, even with tears going down her cheeks grinned back.

    ?You got lucky.? Amber laughed through a sob.

    Maggie laughed too and she leaned down and kissed Amber Fielder with such a softness that it made each of their hearts flutter with the tiniest amount of hope that suddenly felt possible.

    Maybe that is what it took, a sexfight that nearly killed them emotionally, but it let them be honest with each other. Let Amber finally break free of the bonds she put on herself.

    The kiss concluded as Amber began to remove Maggie?s dress again. She wasn?t ready for sex but wanted to be nude with her, to feel her. Maggie allowed herself to be stripped along with removing Amber?s clothes at the same time. Their bodies showing the horrific scars from the most intense fight in her life. Red marks from claws, teeth, and dark bruising that was kissed with tenderness and forgiveness. A few minutes later and sleep took them, the first restful night they had in almost four months, after being completely drained.

    1 and a half months later?

    Maggie woke up in her large soft bed and immediately felt the bodyweight of another person snuggled into her. She was still getting used to it, now it wasn?t an accident. Amber was wrapped around her body tightly, both girls showing signs of a vicious sexfight the night before, where Amber had forced her to cum and give up the fight. Her punishment would begin today she thought with a sly smile. She hated losing, but it wasn?t the worse thing with Amber?her girlfriend.

    Careful not to wake the sleeping beauty, she reached for her phone. Clicking it on, she saw a text she had been both dreading and anticipating for the last couple of weeks.

    She read it slowly, ?1 month from today. Address 11313 Vineyard Way. Start time 10 PM.?
    It was followed by a second message. ?Hello Slut, here is the date and my address. Can?t wait to see you. Love Silvia.?

    She looked at the text for a long while wondering how Amber would react. She had told her about the fight with Silvia in the storage room, but not what she had agreed to later. She had been careful so far being super honest with Amber and felt the blonde was doing the same. It was hard work turning months of hate and hurt into love and trust. It was going to be a very long process.

    She felt the blonde shift into her neck slowly waking up, ?Hi?? Amber yawned and Maggie smiled at the softness of it. ?Hey?? Maggie whispered back playing with her girlfriend?s blonde hair, this time not worried if she was caught.

    Amber nuzzled into it, ?Hmm, you gave me some trouble last night, but I?m glad you finally found your place. That means the whole day is mine.? She said sleepily and moved her head towards Maggie?s big pale tits.

    The librarian growled lightly and took light hold of the yellow hair in her fingers, ?It was closer than you make it sound.?
    Amber looked up from her snuggle spot and grinned. Then her eyes flashed down to her girlfriend?s phone. ?What?s that??

    Maggie noticed she had not clicked away from Silvia?s name and the text was open. She looked at Amber with an expression that almost begged her not to leave her or be mad. ?I wanted to tell you but wanted to explain it in the right way?I?have a rematch with Silvia that we made at the Gala,? Maggie explained quickly, talking fast that only made Amber more suspicious.

    Unfortunately, Maggie only spoke faster, ?It was before you and me?fought, but listen?I?won?t go because...?

    Before Maggie could react, Amber jumped on her through their messed-up sheets. The redhead screamed in surprise she was pinned to the soft bed in the nude. Her body showed signs of some very pleasurable and aggressive sex. Amber was looking at her with a curious expression as Maggie waited for the yelling, for the heartbreak. For half a second, she thought Amber was going to scream, but Amber asked a very different question.

    ?Maggie be honest with me. Do you want to fight Silvia??

    Maggie thought about it for a long second. The last two months had been great, but she did miss the fire, something that she and Amber could only fake now. Amber filled a piece of her heart and life that she had been long missing but had also voided a new part that she did not want to give up. ?I do?but not if you don?t want me to. This has been the best start to a relationship I have ever had?even if you do drive me crazy.?

    Amber looked at her for a long time, almost a full ten seconds before she smiled. ?You drive me crazy too, but really, I think you should go.?

    Maggie?s mouth opened slightly in surprise, ?Really? But does that mean we are having an open relationship??

    Amber gave a slight shrug. ?I guess so?but obviously we are each other?s first priority.?
    Maggie nodded faster and quicker than she ever had made a slight grin came to Amber?s face.

    ?Anyway, you aren?t the only one between us who has women wanting a piece of her. Marissa wants to hang out soon, and I can?t forget Bianca. She really wants to fight me.?

    Now, Maggie, had an enquiring look come to her face. ?So, you have just been waiting for me to be busy so you could go fight Bianca or hang with Marissa??

    ?Maybe?I mean, I knew something was up. I figured there was a reason you hadn?t shaved down there in a while; it?s coming in pretty quickly isn?t it??

    Maggie blushed, ?Yeah?that?s the reason, and I guess I need to go see Isabella too.?

    ?Well, looks like we will both be a little busy. and for the rare few times, they didn?t have their looks of hunger and domination and her eyes, ?Maggie.? Amber said with a serious tone.

    ?Yeah?? Maggie responded, again getting nervous from the nature of her girlfriend?s tone.
    Amber looked at her then her eyes went soft. ?I love you.?

    Maggie?s blush went even darker and she felt her heart soar. They hadn?t said it since their fight, not in a way she had been wanting.

    ?I?I love you too.? She responded in a whisper.
    ?I know,? Amber said with her normal punk voice and Maggie couldn?t help rolling her green eyes.

    ?You always ruin it.?

    ?Yeah, but now shut up.? They shared a soft kiss that they both smiled at the ending. Then Amber?s look turned back to hungry and the fire was alive. ?Now hurry up bitch. I won last night, and I think a hot shower would be nice so you can wash your nasty sweat off my body.? The punk ordered

    The nerd growled at the demand, ?Fine, ok babe, I?ll even put on my new bikini for you.?

    Amber jumped off and swayed her perky full ass as she walked towards the bathroom. Maggie?s eyes followed the perfect behind until it disappeared into the room. Then she quickly texted back. ?Slut, I have been waiting for this message. I?ll be there.? She hit send, then decided she would explain the whole orgy thing later, she was sure Amber would understand, and if she didn?t?well they could sexfight about it.

    She quickly received a lip emoji in response and felt a thrill of what was to come between her and the bartender. But instead of replying again, she threw her phone down to the side. She would deal with Silvia later. Right now, she wanted to shower with her loving girlfriend, and she followed Amber into the new wet arena with a grin on her lips.


    Well! The end. I hope you all enjoyed?I?m wondering how people will take this final part and I hope people understand Maggie?s mental switch mid fight. To me, it made sense because I saw her wanting to keep Amber no matter what. but I?m also the writer and can?t say I put it to paper well enough for others to think so lol. I think she was just looking for a sign and Amber gave it to her with their tender moment. Honestly, the whole Gala, and her talk with Teagan, I think she always wanted Amber, and I think the blonde did too though fought it more. But Maggie doubled down and said fuck it first. She has become more confident as the stories have gone on to go for what she wants.

    I doubt that that it will meet the expectations of the final fight between Maggie and Amber that some hoped for it. It had whole lot of hype (from myself), so I really wanted it to be great, but I think it is always tough after building it up so much. Honestly, I always wanted them to reconcile but I?m sure some might be annoyed they ended up together but yeah it was always the plan. I wrote the end of this story the same day I wrote the beginning. Anyway, I'm glad they are happy though I think they will have a lot of work to keep it that way.

    Thank you everyone who commented on this story!
    Anubisx, JB57, Rivals, Catfightfactory, obipau, GMC10, plan_b, dwcole8, thedemba2, animefreak, Vg12, UltimateZeroStar, Spear, Maritalkombat and those who liked it!
    Eprog35, apenman, MemphisBlue, Rockingrajesh, TequilaMockingbird, hcxhb, cc25, Guilty_Spark, dharris, Ragnar0k,Ovan, Nastia

    The posts mean a lot. But now I'm getting to about it lol, So I?m post on rivals website to what I want to write next. I have an idea that it will be Mag/Silv, but I?m interested in going back to Carrie and Elise for all the comments. And Amber with Bianca or a new rival with Amber who the outline is making it as spicy and dirty as the other girls. Either way! I will post more there or respond here! I don?t know haha.

    I?m being way to talkative here, but I really want to say thanks to everyone. This community needs more interaction which I will say, I?m slow and bad at, but I?ll try to get better. Thank you again and till next time.


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Great ending to the story! It was exactly what I was hoping would happen and it fit very logically and consistently into what the story (and the previous chapters in the Maggie/Amber saga) established. Fantastic work!

    Next, please treat us to some Maggie vs. Silvia! In my view, that is the hottest new rivalry in your recent work!

    Your fan,


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    Re: The Library Gala Part 14

    Long time reader, first time commenter. After finishing something of this length, it would only be proper for me to congratulate you.

    Because, really, wow. I don't think I've ever read anything on this site that has had this much of an overarching story. More than that, seeing a story where the two fighting women actually go past their surface hate/lust and fall in love is very rare all on its own. I feel like it's somewhat of a taboo for writers on this site to have their characters cross the "love" threshold, which is completely understandable; we're here to see women fight and fuck, not fall in love. But it makes sense in this story. You had the two main characters grow past the initial hate and lust and into the uncharted, uncomfortable territory of "feelings".

    You know what doing that creates? Character development. Something you don't really see in these kinds of stories. So, hundreds of props to you for allowing your characters to grow, feel, and think past the mindset of "fucking fight (and fuck) me, bitch".

    I also have to commend your writing. You're improving after every story, and you have a great way of setting up scenes and moods. This last chapter was heavily emotional and, from experience, trying to write emotional scenes is a difficult task. You pulled it off.

    Story-related comment, though. While I do love how Maggie and Amber resolved things, those two would have the most toxic relationship in real life. They are both petty and aggressive, and while love redeemed them in each other's eyes, it complicated their entire dynamic from the beginning. Getting into a relationship while ALSO fuck-fighting other women on the side? Yikes. The jealousy is practically destined to increase tenfold. And it's not helped that they're also poor communicators who rely on their emotions and bodies to do the talking for them.

    Ah, but who am I to say what happens? In this little universe, where aggressive sex precedes peaceful resolution, I hope for a happy ending for those two...

    Thanks for the early update, and congratulations for, well...everything. To me, you've earned your place among the pantheon of writers on this site, and in the sexfight fiction genre. I look forward to whatever your next story is!

    (One last thing, out of sheer curiosity: you mentioned in the Author's Notes of "A Night Alone" that you were working on a one-off story centered around a ski trip. Your premise for that story really intrigued me, since I love a good, simple titfight. I was just wondering if that was still in the works? Or was it ultimately discarded?)

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Congratulations on this long novel.l look forward how did Elise&Carrie story evolve?

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Amazing story. Such a roller coaster!
    MY SEXFIGHT E-BOOKS: Anubisx's Amazon

    MY DEVIANTART: Anubisx's DeviantART

    MY LAST SEXFIGHT E-BOOK: Resort Showdown

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    Re: The Library Gala

    EDIT: did‘t notice the final chapter before commenting chapter 13, sorry
    reading now ��
    wow, great chapter, King.
    I was at first annoyed when the two others showed up - which shows you how deep I am invested into Maggie and Amber thanks to your great character build. But the way you resolved that situation was genius.
    As a old softie I really hope for a happy end for Maggie & Amber.
    IF you are still searching where to go next, I would vote for "the perfect ingredient"

    BEst regards
    Last edited by Spear; 4 Weeks Ago at 11:26 AM.

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Ah! the end of a great saga! Always emotional, isn't it?

    As many here I really enjoyed reading this story, and I wouldn't comment on the writing as it is great, and I'm not qualified for that
    I'd like to criticize some points of this story, but first I need to say that the first story of Maggie and Amber was probably my favourite story on here, (I'll give it the edge against Wife vs Mistress by Jb57 since it is... well... complete ) and also that Amber is my favourite character in the Sexfight-vese, so I might be biased.
    I won't be talking about the other characters as I didn't find them as interesting as Maggie and Amber (they got a whole story for themselves, so it helps)

    I think it's important to remember that in the first story, Amber was viewed as the bad character, antagonist, or "evil" even though the word is strong, even though she was just a college student, abusing of her looks to get good grades (and being bitchy), nothing new, or as we say in france, "nothing to make an omelette from".
    I remember people arguing if the good guy of the story should win the sexfights, I think it was in response to the story, as it was kingofdapirates who started the thread if I reckon.

    In my opinion, this story (The Library Gala) tried to give more complexity, depth and flavour to the characters, and this is where it gets interesting.
    A character like Maggie can only grow, she discovered her sexuality, and is striving towards that "alpha" ideal. We basically knew her as the prude librarian, and the story is written in a way that pushes her to become better in her role. Almost like any hero's journey. She was the underdog, the Batman of the story, and instead of becoming a better Batman as in "Superman vs Batman" she is becoming Superman...
    What I mean with all this analogy, is that, in my way of reading the story, she is becoming a character she shouldn't, or wasn't written to be in the first place?

    On the other hand, we have Amber, the character who's already at the top of her game, or nearing the top, she is basically the one who can be the most interesting to develop (personnality wise/internal conflicts), as the reader would like to understand why she is who she is, or why she is behaving the way she does as we already know that she is good in what she does.

    In my analogy, she was Superman (forgetting evil/good) and is becoming Batman, well at least a lesser version of Batman. In my opinion, the story didn't allow her to become better at what she does, and tried to give her too much of personnality, too many internal conflicts, and as much as that is interesting, I think it failed in the conclusion of the story.
    As the story goes, Amber loses her spark, that bad bitch attitude, confidence, since she has no fuel anymore, and hides behind her issues (that we don't know).

    Again, back to my analogy, Batman wanted to kill Superman because he was afraid Superman would turn against humanity if he lost to his "character" ie: personnality problems/if he snapped. In my opinion again, if the point was to make Amber have a mental breakdown because of her issues, then she should have totally snapped, and not only in facade, as we read in the story at some point that she lost her "hatred" (because there was none! but love and fear). This is why I'm saying that she becomes a lesser Batman; she has no fuel but be a stepping stone for Maggie's character completion, and ultimately their reunion. "Amber crying, sobbing and that long tirade where she explains why she fled and pushed Maggie away, should have been in the story."

    At the end, I think that I didn't read the last sexfight as the juggernauts fight that I was waiting, not that is was bad, it just didn't feel like Maggie/Amber, as it was clear how it would unfold, and as much as I'm an Amber fanboy, it's not the way she loses that makes me sad, but how she was only reacting (during the whole story) and not acting.

    In summary, there were 2 options in my opinion: having more of Amber's struggles in the story, and having a final confrontation that would have been a kind of passionate hate/love reunion because Amber would have worked on her issues, or a real breakdown with either Amber getting destroyed by the fight and leaving for good, or her winning but still leaving, opening room for a sequel.

    Phew, that was long, I got carried away! Again, this is only my point of view on an already great story!
    You said that you were writing the Maggie vs Silvia fight, so is the Maggie/Amber storyline over?


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Congratulations and celebrations!

    What a great masterpiece. It deserves all the praised and more. The final fight was basically everything that could be asked. Loved the logical storytelling and the emotional ending.

    With few others, you are absolutely one of the greatest in this small genre. This is a story that have to be read many times. There is so many different scenes that I can?t even remember them all anymore!

    Once again, thank you for all of this and good luck for the next project, whatever it will be! You?re a great source of inspiration to all of us! Stay safe and take care!

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    Re: The Library Gala

    Hi king,

    congratulations on your great work. One of the best stories EVER

    I really, really loved the happy ending.

    Best regards


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    Re: The Library Gala

    Amazing finalie.
    I wasn't 100% sure that Amber and Maggie would get together but I'm glad they did. The moment Maggie finally figured out what she wanted was great too. I also appreciate that she went back to the spot where everything started. Looking forward to more stories with Amber and Maggie. (If that's what you're planning) Either way, I'm excited for whatever you have planned next!!

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