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Thread: Heart Problems VIII - Omega

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    Heart Problems VIII - Omega

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"
    Lara paced frantically in the living room, sometimes putting her hands in her hair. After a few minutes, she sat down in the armchair, where she remained for only a few seconds in silence, with an absent look, before getting up and resuming her crazy walk.
    Giorgia and I were sitting on the sofa, worried about seeing my girlfriend in that state. Only two days had passed since the fight, and instead of being happy for having resisted until the end against the only girl who had won against Lara, she chose to go crazy all of a sudden.
    "Come on, La... Don't be like that..." Giorgia tried to say, but her friend continued undaunted not to hear.
    “Now she kills me. There is nothing more to do. I'm done” Lara continued to say.
    She seemed to have gone mad all of a sudden. The fact that Adele had seen that her weak rival almost managed to defeat her would have warned her. He would no longer underestimate my girlfriend, and that would mark the end of Lara. This had driven my girlfriend crazy, remembering Adele's words as their breasts clashed.
    "This time... your boyfriend will become mine completely"
    Those words filled her every rational thought; then followed the vision of Adele riding her ex-boyfriend, while Lara watched helplessly as her whole world was being taken away by another person. Fear ran its course, making Lara so unstable.
    "Lara, enough!"
    My voice completely froze my girlfriend, who stopped us on the spot. Her eyes still frightened, but I don't know if it was due to my sudden appearance or the thoughts that haunted her. Giorgia too looked at me with the same eyes, not expecting my sudden reaction. I had remained silent until that moment, then seeing the love of my life behave in such a strange way made me jump in to help.
    "Sorry..." Lara whispered, looking down, sitting cross-legged on the ground.
    While my girlfriend continued to look at her hands, I finally watched her in complete tranquility. Her hair a little tousled, the gray tank top that did not hide her breasts still undergoing rehabilitation, and the red shorts, from which her sensual legs came out. Even then, I saw it as the first time: beautiful and unattainable.
    I walked over to her, sitting in the back and wrapping her around my body. I felt her body shake for a second, as if she remembered a distant sensation suddenly returning. She was scared, but the sensation of the warmth of my body seemed to give her some of her confidence back.
    “I love you, and I will always love you. But now please calm down.” My voice entered her ear like a sweet lullaby.
    Lara nodded, breathing slowly. We still remained like that, in that position, for a few more minutes, before my girlfriend made me understand that I was fine.
    I got up and went back to sit on the sofa, leaving a vacancy between me and Giorgia, occupied by Lara a few seconds later.
    "Lara, don't think about it." Giorgia began “There is still time, spend it with the people you love ... right?"
    Lara looked at her, and smiled back. She hadn't quite calmed down yet, something still troubled her.
    “You're… you're right. I… got carried away…” my girlfriend said, squeezing my hand. “Except, now Adele will come here ready to win. When we collided in the store, none of us thought it could go that way. But now…” her voice became strangled, almost interrupted by the crying that was about to start again.
    "No, darling. Don't worry, "said the blonde, grabbing Lara's hand" Panicking won't help you "
    Lara held back her tears, nodding. After a few breaths, she seemed to return to normal. The very idea of what would happen over the weekend, in that same house, weighed on us all. But it was Lara who felt a pressing pain inside her. I looked at her worried. Slowly, the Lara I had fallen in love with was sinking into a vortex of fear and pain that she didn't deserve.


    The remaining days passed in a similar way, and only when it was a few hours before midnight of the fateful day, Lara seemed to have recovered completely. On her face, I could still see some of her concern, considerably less than in previous days. Her breasts had returned to their original appearance, full and firm, a wonder to touch and look at. We spent the last day like this, in the bed where the last battle would take place, hugging each other tightly as if we hadn't seen each other for months, until we reached the peak of pleasure hours later, and then fell asleep happily tired. In my heart, I wanted to run away; run away with Lara aimlessly. I didn't want to see how the story ended, I was afraid of it. But I knew it was right, I knew we had to know. We had to stay there, until the end. And with these thoughts, I fell asleep hugging the woman I loved, and I didn't know if she would stay with me even after all this.


    Finally, the day arrived. When I woke up, he heard the unmistakable sound of water running in the shower. I opened my eyes several times, not even I was drunk, before I realized it was already afternoon. I had slept so much, I didn't think you were that tired. Lara entered the room in her bathrobe, her wet hair falling on the white fabric.
    "Well awake, sleepyhead," he said with a smile.
    I no longer saw the Lara of the previous days, but my girlfriend. Radiant as always, beautiful as hell and ready to conquer the world. She sat next to me, stroking my head, which I placed on her legs. We remained in that complicit silence for a few minutes, looking at each other smiling, forgetting about anything else. At that moment, the only important thing was us. But we knew what would happen a few minutes later. We hadn't agreed on a particular hour with Adele, but we knew it was coming. A simple sensation, nothing more, but that we both felt for sure.
    After about twenty minutes, the doorbell rang. Like the first time, I went to open the door while Lara stayed in the room to dress you. I smiled at the stupidity of it: dressing before undressing to fight. When I grabbed the gold doorknob, a strange sense of deja vu made me shiver.
    Adele wore a long white dress with flowers drawn on it. Her tits were as menacing as ever, even behind the fabric of the dress that didn't hide her shapes.
    I closed the door behind her, and when I turned around I found her huge breasts pressed against my chest. I remembered that feeling like the first time, and it almost hurt me to get excited looking down, where that mountain of flesh was pressed against me. Adele smiled at me.
    “You haven't forgotten about these, have you? Do you like what you see? " she said "When it's all over, they'll all be yours" Adele finished standing up on tiptoe to whisper softly in my ear.
    My erection was not long in coming, pointing towards the girl. Her voice was damn hot and sensual, making my confidence in Lara waver. A cough behind us brought me back to the present.
    "When are you done..." Lara's voice was sharp.
    "Oh..." Adele replied, turning around "I didn't realize you were here"
    They both stared at each other as they covered the distance between them until they met breast to breast. Their breasts immediately began to search for space after colliding with the other girl's pair, while the two continued to stare into each other's eyes.
    It was exactly like the first time, the feeling of deja vu had not left me yet, and perhaps it made me foresee how it would end.
    "Ready to lose your boyfriend?" Adele asked, immediately aiming for malice.
    Lara narrowed her eyes, starting to grind her teeth.
    "It won't go like last time, bitch. You saw how it ended before, right? " Lara asked, betting that Adele too was worried about the turning point in their last battle.
    The girl's face darkened for a second, before returning as bold as before. The girls began to increase the pressure on their breasts, pushing themselves forward and leaning on the other couple.
    “You're just delaying your end, bitch. After tonight, you will be single,” Adele replied threateningly, pushing forward.
    Lara took a step back, but quickly returned to the charge and their tits were squeezed together again. The brief battle continued for a few more minutes before Lara flinched from contact.
    "Here we go. The bed is waiting for us,” my girlfriend said.
    "After you," replied the rival.
    Lara turned and began to walk, followed by Adele who winked at me before entering. I sat in the same chair that had already seen a show starring those two girls, who were now at the edge of the bed. Adele smiled at me.
    "Yes ... with some changes, I will be able to live in this room" said the girl, looking around thoughtfully.
    Lara hissed, starting to undress without ceremony. Adele followed her, without losing her mocking smile, but when she saw that Lara was without a bra, the girl's hands stopped just before lowering her dress.
    "Oh, we're bold this time" said Adele, smiling, "it's a pity you're not the only one"
    The girl pulled down her dress, showing that not only my girlfriend had forgotten to wear a bra. Lara looked at me for a second, her expression was indecipherable, before returning to look at her rival. Everything Lara did, Adele imitated her, surpassing her at her own game.
    Adele climbed onto the bed, followed by my girlfriend, slowly approaching. From so close, I could see that profound difference in size, which went ahead for the antagonist who was preparing to fight heroin for the last time. They stared intently at each other for a few seconds, then their tits made contact. It was the signal. The most awaited moment of my little world had come. The last fight had finally begun.
    Their breasts crashed together, the meaty slap echoing across the room. The flesh of their breasts was pressed against the counterpart, trembling as the two girls began to grind their precious weapons. Lara's breasts seemed to advance in the fight, but her rival didn't give her enough ground to be an advantage. They immediately grabbed each other by the shoulders, starting to push their breasts over each other.
    Neither girl seemed willing to yield to the other the satisfaction of hearing even a small variation in their concentration: the first to grunt was my girlfriend, followed by a slight gasp from Adele. Honestly, I was happy to see that Adele's melons had not already taken control of the fight, making it still impossible to predict the outcome of this uncertain fight.
    I saw the girls begin to slide their breasts over each other, forcing their flesh to move and shape under the force of the rival couple. I couldn't know which breasts had more strength, Adele tried more often to slide her breast over Lara's, but my girlfriend continued to avoid staying still for too long under the weight of the girl's huge breasts. As they wrestled, I couldn't help but undo my pants and slowly start sawing off, watching as their amazing tits battled. When I stared at Adele's heavenly and enormous breasts, the girl seemed to notice and did not hold back from mocking her rival.
    "Look how my tits look ... It seems that the first victory is already mine!" Adele said, shaking her head.
    Lara growled in anger before looking at me with concern. My girlfriend pushed forward hard not wanting to allow her rival to mock her, managing to snatch a grimace of annoyance from Adele's face.
    "You haven't won yet, bitch," Lara hissed, pushing her tits forward.
    Both women turned away from each other, then banged their breasts together. Their melons flattened at the point of impact, their thick flesh rippled with the force. Adele lowered her grip on my girlfriend's arms, ready to repeat the move, but Lara slid her breasts down before her rival could make any movements and pushed her tits up. Adele's couple exploded upwards, and the girl grunted as she felt her breasts thrown away.
    Lara kept hitting, starting to slam left and right as she twisted her torso. I watched as my girlfriend's right breast hit Adele's right tit, crushing her against her twin.
    "Shit!" cursed Adele, as her tits returned to the fore.
    My girlfriend braced herself for a new blow, but Adele was faster and pushed her tits forward. Their breasts met with another fleshy slap, flattening in the center of everything but without one couple yielding to the other. They didn't give their breasts time to stop as the two girls pushed them back together, grabbing each other's arms and thrusting their breasts against each other in a fight for supremacy. I watched as their breasts shifted in the fight. Their breasts continued to swell and bend, then regaining their original shape soon after, while the smack of flesh against flesh set the pace of the fight.
    A few minutes had passed since the start of the fight, and now the two girls had lost the bravado of hiding what they felt from their rival. The moans and grimaces began to emerge more and more. At one point, Adele moved away from my girlfriend, then lifting her tits upwards. Lara prepared to step back to avoid the blow but to her surprise, Adele drew her to herself by pulling her arms and then closing her in an embrace. Lara's tits slipped under the rival couple, and Adele began to press down, smiling maliciously. I saw the frustration on Lara's face as she tried to break free, moaning as Adele increased the pressure on their breasts. I saw my girlfriend's breasts flatten out for a brief moment, and Lara moaned again as she felt Adele's pair push her breast. I saw my girlfriend bite her lip as she watched rival breasts work their way into her tits.
    "Looks like it's over already," Adele smiled, continuing to push.
    But the girl lost her smile as my girlfriend pushed forward. Their breasts spread outwards, and I swear on my honor that I saw Lara win that space war between them. Adele grimaced in pain as she felt her flesh being pushed by her rival's breasts, forcing her pair to push to the sides. Lara slammed her tits again against Adele's, who shivered from the force of the impact. With another blow, he pulled the girl back, and she felt her arms grabbed by my girlfriend to be pulled against her. Their tits collided again, my girlfriend's pale flesh contrasted with Adele's darker flesh.
    The girls wasted no time and grabbed each other by the shoulders again. Adele charged forward, and only at the last did she bend down to strike from below. I watched as Lara's breasts trembled violently upwards before returning to contact with Adele's couple. Immediately, the girl began to push up, determined to completely destroy the rival couple.
    "Fuck!" Lara moaned in pain.
    Adele's only response was a smile as she began sliding her tits over Lara's couple. Adele grabbed my girlfriend's arms and pulled her close to her, hitting directly with her larger breasts. Lara's moan came immediately after the dull impact of the blow, her tits flattened during contact while Adele's couple seemed to dig into her flesh, pushing Lara's tits outwards. Without letting go, Adele pushed my girlfriend away for another shot. A new moan escaped my girlfriend's lips as Adele's breasts crashed into hers. I saw Adele hold the pressure for a few seconds, first giving me a pleased look, and then turning an eloquent look to her rival. She wanted me to see how Lara's breast lost more and more space as Adele's couple pushed them back.
    The girl walked away again, but instead of hitting the front as before, she swayed from the left. Her tit hit Lara's, pushing her against her twin as my girlfriend had previously done to her. I saw Lara grit her teeth and push her breasts forward to resume the fight. They started squeezing and grinding their big tits together, sliding their breasts over each other. Despite all the damage suffered, I could sometimes see Lara's breasts digging into rival flesh, although it was more times that Adele's larger breasts pushed my girlfriend's breasts up and down, based on the movement of her shoulders girl.
    Suddenly, Adele pulled back. Lara immediately moved forward, but from the smile that was born on Adele's lips she knew it was a wrong move. My girlfriend was dragged towards her rival, building momentum, and Adele slammed her tits against Lara's pair. My girlfriend's eyes widened as she felt Adele's thick flesh push hers back as the girl continued to pull her towards her.
    I heard my girlfriend moan as Adele pumped her tits against Lara's. My girlfriend's head fell on her rival's shoulder as her tits seemed to lose their shape with each stroke. Adele continued pumping, smiling as she felt her opponent abandon the fight. It seemed to be over.
    Adele pushed my girlfriend away from her, but instead of letting go of her opponent, she hit quickly swinging her breasts. Lara whimpered as her tits were pushed to the side, then trying to push back away with her knees. But as Lara straightened up, Adele swung her breasts one more time, and her breast hit my girlfriend's couple full. My girlfriend's eyes were bright, close to crying as she walked back and straightened. But Adele had no mercy. Almost standing up on the bed, she pushed herself forward, striking from the front. Their tits collided again, and Lara was thrown off the bed, landing on her back.
    I stared at the scene with all the amazement I could have. With a show of domination, Adele threw Lara to the floor. I watched Lara cover her face as she lay on the ground in complete silence broken only by a few sobs.

    I went back to stare at Adele, who without saying anything began to approach. Her smile had turned into a pure mask of lust. Now that she had proven herself the best, she wanted to enjoy her prize. She knelt in front of me, and wrapped my cock between her immense cleavage.
    “Now let's enjoy this night. The first of a long, long series,” Adele said sensually, starting to lift and lower her sweaty breasts.
    The sensation was magnificent, irresistible. I felt my erection being caressed by Adele's breasts as she started panting to boost her libido. I closed my eyes, savoring that feeling and forgetting about everything and everyone. It was damn great. It was what was waiting for me in the future every night. A dream for every man.
    Then, I had a new sensation. Something different, but still tried in the past. I heard Adele grunt, and move to the side. Soon after, something enveloped my cock from the opposite direction to Adele's breast. She immediately opened her eyes, and I saw Lara's breasts envelop half of my erection, facing her rival's breasts.
    "Did you think... it was so... easy?" my girlfriend hissed between breaths.
    Her eyes were red, but determined. We were wrong in thinking that she had been defeated, she had not yet given up.
    "It's just a matter of time, bitch" Adele hissed "You can't win"
    With these words, Adele pushed her tits forward. My erection was absorbed by the darker flesh as Lara's cleavage began to loosen its grip around my cock. Immediately, Lara pushed forward back, and the situation was reversed. I saw my girlfriend's pale flesh wrap around my cock more as Adele's breasts faded.
    Thus began a kind of struggle for control of my erection. I could feel both girls' nipples tickling my cock before stabbing rival flesh. I realized that the fight was not over, but it had only changed areas. Adele growled, pushing her tits forward. Lara tried to gain ground this time but found she couldn't, and the pale flesh took up only 30% of the space. I groaned at each attempt by Lara to regain some of the lost ground, feeling their flesh being crushed and ground with my erection in the middle. It wasn't a normal titjob, but a kind of struggle for what was in the center.
    But my astonishment did not last long, because I saw something new. Adele decided to weaken the hold of her breasts on my erection by moving her hands away from the sides of her tits, and grabbed her rival's nipples, starting to twist them.
    "Ohhhhhh my God!" Lara yelled, grabbing Adele's wrists to push them away.
    But Adele squeezed tighter, starting to shake my girlfriend's breast. Lara's breasts turned red like her face as she tried in vain to hold back the sudden pain she felt. Soon, Lara imitated her rival, grabbing Adele's nipples and twisting them in turn. I saw the girl's face suddenly turn purple, while she opened her mouth for the sudden shock she had felt.
    "N-n-nooooooo!" Adele groaned.
    I watched as the tears streamed down their faces as they abandoned the spirit of competition for my cock and began to physically destroy the rival's tits. I saw their nipples stretch dangerously, while their flesh was shaken by continuous waves from the movements of the hands of the girls who continued to twist and pinch. I imagined the pain they might feel as their screams filled the room.
    Then, by mutual agreement, the hands changed focus. I saw the fingers open and try to take as much flesh between them as possible. The two girls immediately buried their hands in each other's breasts, and then pulled and twisted forcefully. I saw their breasts fly back and forth in pain, moaning and grunting in pain as their breasts were deformed by the rival's hands.
    Suddenly, Lara screamed with effort, and Adele's eyes widened as my girlfriend started to push Adele's tits towards her. The girl's flesh completely abandoned my erection, while Lara's breasts welcomed my cock. Adele almost fell backwards as she watched in shock as her opponent moved away from her prize.
    Recovering, Adele returned to attack my girlfriend's nipples, who whimpered as she forced herself to keep the girl away. But the more time passed, the more her hands could not hold Adele's mighty breasts. After a few seconds, I felt Adele's flesh envelop part of my cock again. My girlfriend began to alternate the targets of her attacks, using her hands differently. With her right hand she squeezed Adele's flesh, with her left she pinched her nipples, and after a few seconds she reversed the attacks. Adele also used the same tactic, and the situation returned to the initial one.
    They fought for a few more minutes, then silence fell. Their hands reached down to support their bodies and their breasts began to press together around my cock. I could see the weariness and pain in their faces as they panted for precious oxygen after everything they were going through. I think it was the first time for both of us that a fight had lasted this long. I watched as their red breasts folded against their counterpart as they rose and fell following the breaths of the two girls who, almost without realizing it, resumed pushing their breasts forward, to push the rival away from my erection.
    Everything that was happening in front of me and what I was feeling were turning me on more and more, causing me to reach the limit of endurance ahead of time. I closed my eyes, trying to resist and this did not go unnoticed by either of the two girls, who began to fight more actively.
    "Yes my love. Come on the best girl's breasts. I'll crush her with my breast full of your cum,” Adele whispered softly, continuing to keep her rival's attempts at bay.
    "No!" Lara answered, grunting as she pushed forward in an attempt to regain ground.
    I tried to resist as much as I could, hoping to allow Lara to return at least equal to her rival. But the erection was getting more and more fiery, the feel of their fighting flesh more and more exciting, and my willpower more and more exhausted. After a few, long and interminable minutes, I could no longer resist. My cock erupted everything it had held inside until now, shot upwards before descending on the breasts in struggle. When even the last drop came out, I started breathing again. I was out of breath for all the energy I had used to resist. I slowly opened my eyes, looking forward. Both girls had withdrawn into deep silence, stopping any movement of their tits.
    Before looking at anything, I watched her breasts wrestle a few seconds ago. By the time my cock had erupted, the two girls had stopped fighting, thus allowing Lara to hold onto the ground she had sweated over for those few seconds. My cum had fallen on both pairs of breasts, although Adele could have bragged that she had received little more than her rival. But observing their faces, only Lara showed a tired but still happy expression, while Adele was annoyed by the result. She knew that if she stole all the cum, it would hit my girlfriend's psyche hard. She had allowed her opponent to recover what she had stolen from her, thus increasing Lara's confidence.
    We were silent for a time that seemed infinite. My eyes traveled from one face to another, from one breast to another. The two girls continued to stare at each other in silence, while they breathed hard and recovered some of their energy. Lara and Adele exchanged looks full of determination, pride, arrogance and the desire to dominate the other. Their lips parted and closed as they tried to regulate their breathing as much as possible. And after a few seconds, I saw Lara shift her gaze to the bed for a few seconds, followed by Adele who did the same. I raised my eyes but I only saw what was there. A bed unmade by the struggle, and nothing more. But for them it was probably something different. They looked at each other again, as if it were the last look before one of the two submitted to the other, as if they wanted to remember the face of their rival before destroying her completely.

    "Ready for the last round?" Adele asked, smiling confidently.
    "Let's finish after we started," Lara replied, not returning the smile.
    They both got up, and staggered to the edge of the bed. They knelt on the mattress, and slowly approached. Only then did I understand: what was a bed for me had to represent something more. It was a battleground, a kingdom divided in half. It was the beginning and the end at the same time. It was on that bed that the end had to be decided, otherwise it would not have been concrete. They looked at the rival's face again, hoping for a sign of weakness or fear that would never show, then they embraced for the final act. Now it remained only to see who would be victorious… and who would be defeated.
    With an angry scream, the two girls crashed into each other. I saw Adele quickly grab my girlfriend's shoulders, and Lara mirror the move. Their tits fused together as the two rivals began to squeeze as hard as they could. Their breasts swelled up on the sides as they met halfway, unable to push the rival couple back. They began to pull and push, trying to make the rival lose her balance in order to immediately get the top position. The only result was to fall on her side, grunting as they landed on the mattress. They began a slow and brutal grinding, trying to rotate their backs as much as possible. I saw those magnificent breasts sliding one over the other, while the two girls fought lying down. Adele took the offensive, and I watched as Lara's breasts were distorted under the force of her rival breasts. Lara groaned but immediately responded to the offensive, preventing me from finding out if one of the two had actually had an advantage in terms of firmness. Grunts and moans, their tits battled crushed against each other, but it seemed Adele had more control over what was going on. With a quick movement of the shoulders, she slammed her breasts against my girlfriend's tits.
    Lara groaned, then began to grind more vehemently. Both pairs of breasts slipped and slapped as the two girls wrestled on the bed. I could see Lara's breasts collide with Adele's larger tits, flattening out for a second before they returned to their original shapes. Adele pushed again, and a meaty slap filled the room. I saw Lara gasp as her breasts were crushed by the weight of her rival breasts. Adele continued to grind her breast against Lara's, and my girlfriend arched her back to counter the onslaught of the enemy.
    I felt Lara moan in pain as her rival drove her nipples into my girlfriend's flesh. Lara looked with deep hatred at the girl in front of her, gritting her teeth as she slammed her tits frontally. I heard Adele grunt as my girlfriend started hammering her breast against the opponent's couple. The girl pushed to the side, slapping my girlfriend's breasts. When the twins collided, Lara moaned through gritted teeth, slamming her breasts forward again. The room soon filled with meaty slaps as the girls started banging their tits together.
    "Bitch," Lara hissed as her breasts were forced back slightly.
    I saw the girls' nipples collide halfway, before disappearing between their flesh as their tits were pressed. I saw that Lara's breathing was frantic, she was tired and lacked oxygen. The two girls panted close together, stealing precious air from their rival without realizing it. With their foreheads together, their lips were a few inches away, fighting for oxygen. But Adele felt the weight of the fight too, gritting her teeth as their tits swelled with each thrust.
    "Whore" Adele sighed in an exhausted voice.
    The girl rammed her breasts against Lara's, who threw her head back in pain. Adele continued to ram her breast more and more, getting more and more intense grunts and moans from the rival. Lara had to use her willpower to push her tits forward so that Adele had to hold back a scream, a sign that the fight was coming to an end for both of them. I saw Lara bite her bottom lip, but push her breast forward, trying to prove to everyone that her breasts were the strongest. It took Adele a few seconds to respond, causing a loud pop as her tits met my girlfriend's thrust.
    They both moaned, but it was Adele who recovered first. As my girlfriend was about to push forward again, she welcomed the girl's movement, lifting her body up so she could hit hard to the side. Lara's eyes widened and tried to scream, but a strangled sound came out as Adele's breasts collided with hers. Again, a diabolical smile appeared on Adele's face, which she struck again, losing her balance and going back to bed. Without giving my girlfriend time to recover, Adele thrust her melons forward violently. I saw Lara's breasts swell out of proportion as Adele's tits pushed them back.
    "N-no ..." Lara said weakly.
    My girlfriend threw her head back as Adele repeated the move, their tits joined with a slap followed by a moan from Lara. I saw Adele continue to smile, as tears started streaming down my girlfriend's face as her rival kept pushing her breast mercilessly. Another blow and my girlfriend's head lay down, sobbing. Only then did I see Adele stop her assault. She released the girl from the embrace, smiling as their tits finally separated.
    "You're not at my lev-" Adele's words died in her mouth as she felt Lara's breasts rammed into her again.
    In my girlfriend's gaze there was determination, she was not yet defeated. Quickly, Lara quickly pushed her tits forward, hitting her rival's defenseless breasts completely off guard. I heard Adele moan as she felt Lara's tits advance into her flesh. As my girlfriend came back for a new blow, she wrapped her arms around her back, pulling her close and smashing her larger breasts into Lara's breast.
    My girlfriend moaned as Adele's arms locked perfectly behind her, but she didn't lose heart and grabbed her rival with the same intensity. I heard Adele grunt as Lara's tits pushed deeper with renewed pressure. Their breasts collided again as the two girls used different tactics to destroy the opposing pair. Lara tried to grind her breast against Adele's breasts while the girl kept banging her melons against my girlfriend.
    I saw both girls breathing heavily as they pressed their tits together, squeezing viciously every second that passed. Lara continued to grind her breasts against Adele's larger breasts, who moaned as she felt her enemy breasts dig into her flesh. They continued to grind their melons together, moaning each time her rival's breasts pushed theirs back harder. I saw their flesh continually mold with each step, pushing each other trembling. I saw Adele's breasts slip over my girlfriend's couple, pushing her breasts into their embrace. Lara would react by pushing her breasts forward, nipple stabbing her rival's tender flesh, before going back to grinding their tits.
    They squeezed tighter, squeezing their breasts even more. The pale flesh molded around Adele's breasts for a few seconds, then I saw the darker flesh deform around my girlfriend's breast. They continued to moan nonstop as their breasts battled in front of me. Their four tits collided for several more minutes. I noticed that as time passed, their thrusts lost intensity. Adele pushed her breast frontally, eliciting a yelp from my girlfriend. Lara looked at the girl with hatred who kept fighting even at this point. My girlfriend repaid her rival with the same coin and the meaty slap was followed by agonizing moans. But that was only the signal of a new series of thrusts where the two girls began to push their tits forward, despite the pain they might feel. With the last blow, their tits collided for the last time. I saw perfectly the breasts of one girl yielding against the breasts of the other, the flesh that was drastically modeled against the flesh of the winning tits. The dominant tits retained some of their firmness as they engulfed the rival couple that had softened. They clung again, one to assert her supremacy, the other not to accept the outcome of the struggle. She couldn't accept it, it couldn't happen, not to her. A new squeeze, and a girl threw her head up, opening her mouth as a long moan escaped from her lips. After all that struggle, one girl had finally prevailed.
    "No ..." Lara whispered.
    I watched as one girl's arms still gripped her rival's back, while the other tried to give up the fight.
    "No ... You won't go away ..." Lara continued.
    I watched with extreme anguish mixed with sensual happiness as my girlfriend's melons flattened Adele's pair, who were still trying to resist unsuccessfully. For the first time, Adele's breasts had lost, and she was too shocked to accept it. Her melons were being deformed by the rival couple and she couldn't do anything to change it. She had lost.
    Adele began to sob, letting go of Lara's back to grab her defeated breasts. Lara released her embrace and Adele rolled onto her back, her eyes closed. I felt an unnatural pity for that girl, and part of my heart took a hard hit. Honestly, part of me wanted her to win. But Lara had proven to be better than her. Lara had won against her breast, my girlfriend's breasts were better than Adele's, despite her having bigger tits.
    Lara took a few seconds to rest and catch her breath, before climbing on top of the loser girl, anchoring her hands to the mattress and dropping her melonss on top of Adele's. Each time, the girl moaned loudly, and her pale tits destroyed Adele's tanned breasts each time.
    "What were you doing last time, huh? What were you doing to me? " Lara kept saying as she kept dropping.
    Adele whimpered as her breast were battered even more.
    "Stop stop! Please, stop! " Adele said crying.
    Lara fell one last time, then remaining fixed on top of her rival. Lara's breast continued to prove their superiority over the girl's breasts.
    “Whose tits are the best, bitch? WHO ARE THE BEST TITS, BITCH? WHO ARE ?! " Lara asked screaming.
    "Yours! Your tits are better than mine! Please leave me! " Adele sobbed defeated and frightened by my girlfriend.
    I had never seen Lara in that state. In her eyes there was a strange hatred mixed with euphoria that I had never seen. I saw Lara slide off Adele's body, take the girl's clothes before grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to follow her out of the room. I heard a thud on the ground, a sign that Adele had fallen to the ground.
    “Now get out of my house. I don't want to see you anymore,” Lara said harshly.
    A few seconds later, the front door closed, and Lara went back to the bedroom. She looked at me eagerly as she approached the bed. I jumped right on top of her, but soon found myself on my back, with her riding me gloriously. It was the last time I saw Adele.

    Three years have passed since that day. My life is back to normal after that last fight between Lara and another girl. The next day the topic was not even discussed, it was simply a matter that remained silent until now. There was no reason not to talk about it. We just… we didn't feel the need. It was something that would accompany us for the rest of our lives, a part of existence that could not be erased. Sometimes, the images of the fights come to mind. Lara's breasts crushing against those of another girl, the moans coming out of their lips. I miss it a little, but after the last fight I knew that Lara would never want to know. I am one of the select few to have witnessed the fulfillment of a wish. But, absurdly, now I feel empty. Could the hope of seeing a wish come true the feeling we don't want to lose?
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