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Thread: The Amazon and the Valkyrie

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    Re: The Amazon and the Valkyrie

    Chapter 9
    When Hot Words Were Battle Commands

    Alisha Jackson?s house was quite large, a two-story building with red oak floors and stairs in the outskirts of Princeton, beautifully decorated with several memories of the black girl. Cheerleader, fencer, traveler and theater actress?Alisha?s intense life was seen through various photographs hanging on the walls, a collection of images dominated by women, all good-looking, all hot. As they walked around the house looking for the privacy of the bathroom, Erika and Melike noticed that a redhead appeared in the photos more than any other female. A best friend? A girlfriend? The cat senses that had awakened in them in recent weeks began to tingle. Some pictures had captured an exchange of hot glances between them, glances that didn?t differ much from the ones Melike and Erika were constantly throwing at each other. Or maybe she is an antagonist?

    Surrounded by that aura of female rivalry they thought they were seeing on the walls of the house, the two foes arrived at the bathroom door to find half a dozen young people waiting to enter. If they were looking for solitude for their duel, that definitely wasn?t the place.

    ?We need another place, and soon, bitch,? the blonde grunted under her breath. ?You?re not getting away with this.?

    ?Neither are you, cunt,? the brunette replied, looking around. ?Over there?? she pointed with her head.

    Erika turned her face and saw which battle arena Melike was suggesting.

    ?Well?? she whispered, watching with some excitement a space under the red oak staircase leading up to the second floor of the house. ?It can work?if you can keep quiet while I crush your weak tits.?

    ?You just worry about your own moans, because I?ll be the one to do all the crushing,? the Turk said.

    After the mutual threats, all that remained was to prove who was right, so they both moved to the gap under the stairs, making sure no one saw them going in there. The place couldn?t be more perfect, because unless someone specifically looked under the staircase, it was impossible to see what was going on in that hideout. The only problem was the height of the place, but no beauty would let that stop the fight they both wanted.

    ?On your knees,? they said at the same time. Dropping to their knees, the girls faced each other completely alone for the first time since that morning.

    ?Are you ready to have your boobs and nipples whipped by mine?? the Valkyrie asked arrogantly.

    ?You don?t have what it takes to hurt my beauties,? the Amazon grunted in hot response.

    ?Well, there?s only one way to find out, you tramp.?

    ?Yeah, whore?without armor.?

    At that moment, they were nervously aware that a line had to be crossed, one from which there would be no turning back. Until now, their entire bodies warfare, their assets comparisons and clashes had been developed under the physical and mental protection of their clothes, no matter how tight and small they were. But what both were now willing to do required a tribute of fresh flesh, demanded the nakedness of breasts that had been one of the main reasons the two alpha females on campus had initiated their scorching competition.

    With trembling fingers, the women slowly brought their hands to their own bras, their bosoms throbbing under a thickening layer of sweat. They had never shown their naked tits to any other girl until, several hours earlier, they had fucked their redheaded friends; the fact that the second woman to see them in glorious nudity was going to be their detested nemesis was at once so exciting and so frightening that both believed their hearts were going to explode right there. The mixture of sweat, perfume and alcohol turned the air under the staircase into a dense, hot atmosphere, just a spark away from bursting into flames. And, from what they felt under their brassieres, both Melike and Erika believed that their hard nipples could be the matches that set the fire.

    ?When you see my tits, you?ll know what a mistake you?ve made,? the amber-eyed brunette boasted.

    ?I doubt it very much,? the Swede said. ?Without a bra, your saggy boobs will be no match for mine.?

    The fingertips finally reached for the bra straps, playing with them for a few seconds. Centimeters below, the girls? breasts looked fatter, more imposing than ever before, and that?s where all pupils headed. The weight of the four glands demanded freedom, claiming that the definitive comparison between them was weeks late.

    But then, when it seemed that the truth would no longer be hidden under bras, the sound of footsteps stopped the two goddesses. Four heels echoed over them, on the wooden stairs. For a moment, Erika and Melike thought that two girls were looking for privacy on the second floor, perhaps to gossip, perhaps to find another bathroom?or perhaps for a little lesbian-on-lesbian action in some bedroom. For a moment, they even fantasized about the redhead in the photographs arriving at the party, inviting the hostess to resolve their differences in the solitude of the second floor. But everything changed when blonde and brunette heard the footsteps stop, just above their heads, and two familiar voices came to their ears in the form of alcohol-filled whispers.

    ?Keep talking shit, Emma, because you know you?re wrong.?

    ?You?re the asshole here, Maddy. I?m right, and you know it.?

    The voices of their friends sounded unexpectedly tense. However, the pieces of the puzzle began to fit together as soon as the Valkyrie and the Amazon remembered the fiery dance that the redheads had had minutes before. Something was going on between Maddy and Emma, something that was starting to blow up on that staircase.

    ?You?re really stupid if you think Erika?s tits can compare to Melike?s.? Maddy?s angry whispering sounded clear in the gap under the stairs. ?Melike has a big, firm pair. And if you were lucky enough to lick them, you?d know her brown girls are delicious.?

    Driven by Maddy?s admiring words, the Turkish beauty decided to take the initiative. Without ceremony, she grabbed the clasp of her skin and bone bra and opened it, letting her heavy breasts burst into sweaty freedom. Erika opened her striking blue eyes in surprise, her attempt to show a cold gesture failing completely when she saw Melike?s round brown boobs shaking slightly before settling firmly on the girl?s naked torso.

    ?Her brown nipples are the longest and thickest I?ve ever seen in my life,? Maddy continued as Melike pulled out her chest to point her hard-ons at her opponent. Maddy?s words mingled with what Erika?s eyes saw, creating a threatening narrative for her and her body. ?I still have the marks on my body where she dragged them. That?s how amazing they are!?

    Melike smiled, staring at the blonde?s serious look. She had never been prouder of her breasts than she was at that time. ?Just imagine what marks my nips will leave on your tits now, bitch,? she whispered so low that only Erika could hear her.

    ?Bullshit, Maddy,? Emma replied with a rough grunt. ?Erika?s tits are a thousand times better than Melike?s: fat, solid and sexy like you?ve never seen before. Get it through your head!?

    It was the blonde?s turn to play her cards. Supported by Emma?s flattering words, Erika opened her metal bra to quickly strip her big tits in front of her brunette nemesis. Melike couldn?t hide her jealousy at the sight of the heavy weaponry the other woman showed, two plump and fair-skinned balloons that only shook for a couple of seconds before hardening on Erika?s white torso.

    ?And don?t even mention those brown nipples of Melike if you haven?t seen what Erika has on her tits.? The Valkyrie pushed her breasts towards the Amazon as they both heard Emma?s compliments. ?There?s no way they?re as fat and as long as Erika?s pink nipples. And no fucking way Melike?s can compete in hardness with Erika?s. Just look at the marks they left on my cleavage!?

    Now it was time for the Swede to smile smugly. Emma was filling her body, and especially her breasts, with dominant energy. ?Just listen to her, sow,? she said softly. ?I?m gonna mark you like cattle.?

    For a full minute, the rivals lost the thread of the discussion between the redheads. While Emma and Maddy were arguing about their friends? tits, the bee queens were analyzing with their own eyes how gifted the antagonist was. Their eyes traveled hungrily along the curves of the other rack, but they only found cosmetic differences. Melike?s brown-nippled bronzed boobs were facing Erika?s pink-nippled pale boobs, and that was all that kept their glands from being perfect reflections, because their bosomy treasures seemed to be identical in size and shape, former full C-cup tits that had miraculously reached D-cup volume after the latest events. Their silver dollar-sized areolas and their prominent nipples, the most sensitive weapons in the coming fight, didn?t exceed their counterparts by a single millimeter.

    ?Enjoying the view, bitch?? Erika finally grunted, envy and resentment floating between the rivals.

    ?Seeing how hard your nipples are, it?s you who?s enjoying this,? the Amazon replied, she and her nemesis still staring at the other woman?s juicy assets, looking for flaws that didn?t exist.

    ?That?s a lie, Maddy.? The angry but whispering voices of the redheads caught the attention of the two topless beauties again. ?If the nipples of them collided, it would be Melike?s rods that would bend.?

    ?If they collided, Erika?s nipples would not only bend, they would break,? Maddy mumbled. ?That?s how hard they are!?

    ?Erika?s are harder, so shut up!?

    Again, her friends? hot words became battle instructions, as if the redheads were now generals commanding Spartan hoplites who, armed with spears and shields of flesh, were thrown into war. Slowly, the girls crawled forward on their knees, their nipples threateningly approaching each other. The memory of the hard-ons clash at Emma?s house shook their minds, several nervous shocks running through their bodies from top to bottom. Whatever it took, this time they had to withstand the electrical sensations of the coming nipple impact, or their egos would be damaged forever.

    ?Melike?s nipples are better!?

    ?No, Erika?s nipples are better!?

    The answer to the redhead discussion came when the tips of the weapons of the brunette and the blonde crashed together?and it didn?t satisfy either the Amazon or the Valkyrie, as the terrible hardness of the four spikes didn?t give way to the pressure. But that wasn?t the worst part?as if the nipples were power converters, the connection between tips transformed the electricity that sparked around the female bodies into pure, volatile energy. The couple groaned quietly at the hot accumulation they felt in their mutually impaled nipples and, just a second later, with no possibility of being contained, the energy burst out with a devastating nuclear explosion.

    Above their heads, Maddy and Emma kept arguing about their lovers and their nipples, but Melike?s and Erika?s ears seemed to be plugged up by the blast wave that ran through their bodies. They could only hear the moans now coming from between their own fleshy lips, a double display of weakness that both hated.

    ?Your weak nipples are no match for mine,? Melike grunted, trying to regain the aura of superiority that the hot sensations around her flesh rods were destroying. Looking down, the Turkish woman saw the four nipples shaking against each other but still standing at their fullest, without giving in a single millimetre to the thrust of the rival milk ducts.

    ?You stupid Amazon, I can feel your little nubs starting to bend to mine,? Erika lied, as she saw and felt their long weapons shaking, burning, sweating but not surrendering. She took pride in the rocky hardness of her nipples, but that vanity was stained by the concern at the firmness of her nemesis? thick brown daggers, creating a feeling of uncertainty that denied some of her usual confidence.

    Angry because their opponent was sowing doubts in their haughty egos, the girls pushed their tits forward with a little more force. It was then when Melike felt the swollen tension between nipples almost reaching the breaking point, Erika?s rods finally shaking hard at what the brunette deliciously believed would be the first defeat of the blonde beauty. The aura of superiority returned to her, her arrogance convincing her that her nipples were the biggest, strongest, stiffest. So Melike smiled, her beautiful sweaty face lit up by a wolfish, sexy smile, victorious over all things.

    Her surprise came when she saw the same smug, haughty smile on Erika?s no less beautiful, no less sweaty face. The Turk twisted her gesture slightly, her smile fading quickly. What? she wondered, looking back at her dueling nipples. Her amber eyes widened then, Melike suddenly realizing her miscalculation: her foe?s stilettos were still shaking, and the breaking point feeling was still there?but it wasn?t just Erika?s nipples the only weapons who were on the verge of collapse. To the misfortune of the brunette?s ego and her premature sense of victory, her own nipples were also in danger.

    Returning to stare into the Swede?s blue eyes, Melike noticed that Erika had made the same mistake. The blonde college student?s smile disappeared as soon as she realized that her flesh rods weren?t winning that duel of hardness as she had believed.

    I was feeling it! Erika cursed inside her head, her smile as extinguished as her rival?s. She felt robbed, swindled, which only increased her rage and her desire to beat the other alpha female?s nipples.

    ?Your nipples are about to break, I know it,? Erika snarled.

    ?Bullshit,? the brunette replied. ?Yours are gonna lose this fight.?

    ?The nipples of a dumb Amazon will never beat the nipples of a real Valkyrie.? Melike grunted at the insult, only to realize that Erika wasn?t the one who had said it. Again, Emma?s voice reached her ears. ?When we have the opportunity to take them back to my house, we will ask them to do it in front of us, and then you will know!?

    ?I can?t wait to see your face when Melike?s nips smash your dear blonde?s stiffies,? Maddy groaned.

    Again, that encouraged the hot women under the staircase. Yes, perhaps they would break the unspoken pact of keeping their burning rivalry in private and compete nipple-to-nipple?and beyond?in front of their friends?or perhaps they would never do that. Whatever it was, all they knew at that moment was that they weren?t going to wait that long to see whose nipples were the best.

    Sick of the stalemate, the girls started moving their shoulders. If the frontal charge of their hoplites didn?t work, it was time to leave the spears to use the swords. Slowly shifting their breasts back and forth, up and down, the Amazon and the Valkyrie brushed their hard shafts against each other, fleshy weapons colliding length against length, blade against blade.

    If the sensations had been strong in the tip-to-tip pressure, now the continuous friction between nipples was being devastating, a totally nerve-wracking experience to which both beauties hoped to survive long enough to bend, crush and subjugate. Both dragged their lengthy shafts along each other?s, stiffness against stiffness, warmness against warmness while their American friends were arguing about who had the stiffest, warmest nipples right above their heads.

    ?You?re a stubborn bitch, Maddy,? Emma grunted.

    ?You?re a stubborn bitch, Malike,? Erika repeated.

    ?You?re a pigheaded slut, Emma,? Maddy groaned.

    ?You?re a pigheaded slut, Erika,? Erika reiterated.

    The Valkyrie and the Amazon looked down, exhaling in frustration at the sight of the two sets of nipples piercing and rubbing each other as equals. Wanting to press harder, they gripped the other elbows, panting and moaning softly as the battle of spears spread through time without a clear winner showing up.

    ?You said my nipples were about to break,? Melike sarcastically grinned, trying to get the psychological advantage. ?I guess not, you tramp.?

    ?And you said mine are gonna lose this fight,? Erika counterattacked with hatred in her blue eyes. ?Looks more like you?re having a hard time to me.?

    ?The only hard thing here are my nipples, unlike yours,? the brunette lied, her nails sinking into the forearms of her nemesis.

    ?In a minute, there won?t be anything hard on your nipples,? the Nordic beauty replied as her own deadly nails took revenge on her rival?s forearms.

    Fighting back the tears, the coeds instinctively aligned their sex daggers again as if they wanted to prove how much real damage they had done to each other in the cruel, intense nipple friction. However, their four weapons still stood their ground, this second head-to-head duel neither settling anything.

    ?Erika?s tits are fuller, that?s for sure.? Emma?s voice reached the ears of the nipple warriors, forcing the attention of both college girls beyond the other flesh rods.

    ?Melike?s tits are way fuller than Erika?s,? Maddy replied. ?Fuller, bigger and prettier.?

    Wanting to test the words of the redheads, to know which of them said the truest words, brunette and blonde pushed their round glands slowly forward, their well-matched nipples getting lost in masses of flesh. Of course, both were well aware of how good the other breasts really were after feeling them against their own more than once, but feeling them nakedly compressing against each other for the first time was something completely different, as the opposing tits felt much harder, hotter and heavier than any of them would have expected. A sensual feeling of electricity flowed across their bodies as a warning of what was to come.

    ?You?re a delusional bitch, Maddy,? Emma spat. ?Erika?s tits are so firm and fat that they would crush Melike?s if they brought them together.?

    ?You?re the delusional bitch, Emma,? Maddy grunted. ?Melike?s tits would mash Erika?s into pancakes because they?re much tighter and thicker.?

    Just under the frenemies, all the adjectives they exhaled haunted the heads of the gorgeous rivals. Erika and Melike pushed their boobs as hard together as they could, naked brown titflesh against naked pale titflesh, in search of the largest and toughest pair of the whole campus, yet neither chest gave more than the other. With a growl of frustration, the two beauties slowly moved their arms around each other and locked themselves into a tight mutual hug, pleasure and pain radiating out from their bigger-than-usual bosoms as they intensify the heated contest.

    ?Not so tough now that you feel my tits for real, huh?? Erika whispered, trying to break with words the stalemate in which her breasts had got stuck with the brunette?s.

    ?You?re the one who?s gonna end up with her tits beaten,? Melike replied as her amber eyes threw hatred against the blue gaze of the Swedish beauty. ?You better shut your mouth before I push my superior tits against your face and shut it for you.?

    ?Push your fucking ugly tits against my face and the next thing you?ll feel is my teeth in your nipples, whore,? the blonde murmured.

    ?I didn?t expect anything less from a shitty dyke like you.? The exotic face of the Turkish twisted in a vicious gesture. ?But if it comes to that, you won?t be the only one here biting nipples.?

    The bodies of the two females burned from head to toe, the combination of naked breast contact and dirty words pushing their veins and arteries to the limit of blood pressure. In the shaft under the stairs, the temperature rose dramatically as their boobs insisted in vain on crushing each other.

    Then, the sweat dripping from their bodies onto the floor made one of Erika?s knees slip?before she could react, she fell sideways to the ground, dragging Melike with her. As if her threat had been heard by a genie and her wish granted, the blonde found herself with a fat, perspiring boob of her rival in front of her face Melike?s brown nipple throbbed next to her mouth, burning like a flaming sword, tempting like a forbidden fruit. And Erika obeyed the serpent that infected her mind, and bit.

    ?Fuck?? the Turk gasped, Erika feeling her scorching breath against her own breasts as her fleshy mouth began to suck the brunette beauty?s nipple. It was the first time in her life that she tasted a nipple, and she immediately understood why men loved to do this to her so much?slightly salty, deliciously wet, it felt erogenously hard between her lips. It wasn?t more than a few seconds before Erika felt teeth chewing on her left nipple, Melike?s revenge falling on her thick stiffness with a resentful bite. The Nordic girl trembled, grunting in pain against the Amazon?s bronzed boob, her mouth opening to take more and more sexy titflesh.

    A loud slap echoed above their heads, but none of the rivals paid attention as they sucked hard, bit softly, their hot bodies twisted around one another in an awkward position under the stairs. The dirty exchange of tit pleasuring continued for five, ten more seconds, before they both changed breasts to nibble and suck. More slaps resounded in the house, and the screams finally reached Melike?s and Erika?s ears?a fight had broken out on the steps, and soon the screams of several women were heard, some shouting hatred, others asking for calm.

    The whole scandal broke the spell, and the two beauties moved their mouths away from the other tits to get back up on their knees, one in front of the other. Looking at her enemy, Melike wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and Erika imitated her. The Turk saw jealousy, hatred and lust in her blue eyes, what had just happened between them deepening the hot rivalry that bound them.

    ?Emma, Maddy, stop!? Alisha?s authoritative voice sounded above the rest of the voices, and for a moment the titfighters feared that someone would peek under the stairs. Beyond their hiding place, however, all attention was on what was happening between the friends of the foreign students. ?I will not allow fights at my party.?

    Looking at the marks they had left on the other beautiful tits, at the traces of saliva and reddened skin, Erika and Melike picked up their bras and covered their breasts with them, the fat glands swelling under the pressure of the fabric, under the metal and the leather, in a final challenge that almost forced both of them to strip them again to push them back together. It was obvious that nothing had been solved, but the thing that had exploded between Maddy and Emma had fucked everything up.

    ?Well, the show?s over. Everybody back on the lawn,? Alisha was saying. ?By the way, does anyone know where Erika and Melike are??


    Everyone was talking about the incident between Maddy and Emma when Melike and Erika returned to the back lawn of the house. It was obvious that the brief, interrupted catfight would be the talk of the campus for the next few weeks, but it was the most immediate consequences that worried Alisha Jackson. The mood of the party had definitely changed, alcohol no longer provoking laughter and flirting, but dirty gossip and bad looks, as if the violent act had awakened awakened some old grudges and quarrels among the young college students.

    But as deep as those resentments were, they were nothing compared to what was happening between the two beautiful foreigners, between the formidable Amazon and the incredible Valkyrie. With their firm breasts still throbbing from all the rubbing and biting under the stairs, the girls moved through the crowd in search of more alcohol, the punch table as a salvation from the mental and moral chaos that assailed them at that time.

    Erika filled a glass to the top, a little reddish liquid falling to the floor as the gorgeous blonde took it to her pink-painted mouth with some abruptness. The burning of the alcohol joined the lustful heat of her body, and a new layer of courage coated her bold feline will.

    ?You can?t imagine how much I hate you, Erika.? Melike?s voice reached her ears, just a hissed whisper. Turning her face, she saw the stunning brunette taking a long drink of punch.

    ?I assure you that I know, Melike, because this intense hatred is mutual,? the Swede replied, staring her rival in the eye. ?I?ll make you pay a high price for what you have forced me to do under those stairs.?

    ?I forced you?? Melike twisted her mouth with contempt. ?You wanted us bare-chested for some time now, and you finally got it.?

    ?Since the first time you saw me you wanted to see my naked tits, don?t deny it,? the blonde murmured. ?You must be happy now.?

    ?Not as happy as you pushing your exposed tits against mine,? the Turk groaned. ?A lesbian dream come true, huh??

    ?Says the girl who licked and bit my nipples as if there was no tomorrow,? Erika protested.

    ?You started with the suck-off,? Melike said. ?I just showed you how to do it right.?

    ?That?s why you kissed me this morning?? the Valkyrie grunted. ?Or because I turn you on??

    ?You?re the one who kissed me because I make you so hot that you can?t control yourself,? the Amazon countered.

    The two magnificent beauties drank the rest of their drinks and poured another. After the last lines crossed, Melike didn?t believe that any of them needed liquid courage for whatever was in store for them that night, but the alcohol gave a catty edge to her inhibited tongue that she found appealing in that umpteenth oral battle between her and Erika.

    ?You?ve got a pretty sharp tongue, Melike,? the blonde said, and the brunette?s heart raced at the double meaning of the words. ?Too bad it won?t serve you when you and I go all-out against each other for real.?

    ?Is that so?? Melike whispered back as she felt pushed by alcohol to make her daring move. ?I was precisely thinking that my tongue would serve me for what is gonna happen when you and I really figure this out.?

    Erika?s heart almost jumped out of her chest, but she didn?t have time to put together a response. Alisha appeared on the scene, her beautiful eyes flashing inquisitively.

    ?Well, I finally found you,? the black woman said. ?You took your time in the bathroom, huh??

    Erika?s and Melike?s eyes met sideways for half a second, the memory of what had happened during their absence from the party hitting them again.

    ?We have spent some time talking about our things,? Melike took the floor. ?You know, getting to know each other a little better.?

    ?Since she?s new in town, I wanted to give her some recommendations,? Erika immediately said, as if Alisha?s gaze forced her to add more justification. ?You know, fun things to do. And I think I made some good points about that.?

    ?Well, I have put on the table my own proposals too.? The brunette forced a smile. ?I haven?t been in Princeton for many days, but I?ve quickly gotten used to what the city has to offer.?

    ?But you still have a lot to discover, Melike.? The Valkyrie?s blue eyes met the Amazon?s amber eyes again. ?This town has much more to offer.?

    ?I can?t wait for you to show me, Erika. I want to know every nook and cranny of this place,? Melike replied. ?Even the most hidden ones.?

    ?I have to say that you girls surprise me,? Alisha interrupted. ?I had heard that you are always arguing hotly in class, so I thought you didn?t get along.?

    ?Not true!? both beauties spat awkwardly at the same time, their voices too eager. There was a short but intense silence before one of them spoke again.

    ?It?s a fact that Melike and I are quite passionate when we debate, but that doesn?t affect our relationship outside of class.? Although Erika was lying about the intellectual tension that had erupted between them since the beggining, it was true that they were so similar and antagonistic at the same time that they would have hated each other even if they didn?t share a single class.

    ?I see.? Alisha?s voice didn?t sound convinced. ?Anyway, I came to tell you that the party is over. Your ginger friends have ruined everything, and even I can?t fix this.?

    ?Maddy and Emma?? the Turk asked, playing dumb. ?What happened??

    ?They have fought,? the sexy Nefertiti explained. ?In public.?

    Another glance was exchanged between Erika and Melike, both well aware of the nuance of the black girl. She didn?t censure the catfight between the young redheads, but she certainly criticized the fact that they fought in front of everyone. A thread of common understanding brought the rivals together at that time, strengthening what was happening between them, and the way it was happening.

    ?I didn?t expect that behavior from them,? Erika said, and this time there was truth in her words. ?They seemed like real friends.?

    ?It always seems that way,? Alisha looked at the blonde and brunette alternately, and the two gorgeous girls felt that the hostess could see through them. Uncomfortable, they both fell silent, taking a long gulp to drink all the alcohol that remained in their glasses. ?Well, I?ll leave you to keep talking about your things. I?m gonna call some cabs, but of course you?re welcome to stay the night if you prefer. Some of the guests are going to sleep here, but don?t worry, there are plenty of rooms.?

    The sexy Nefertiti walked away, leaving behind two beauties and a choice. Her suggestion to spend the night in her house was the seed for what could be the ultimate encounter between the sexiest women on campus, so Melike and Erika now had to decide whether to water it with their rivalry or continue to postpone the inevitable.

    ?Well, I think it will be better for me to stay here tonight,? Erika said casually, licking her lips, leaving her glass on the table. ?It?s a shame we won?t be able to settle what we started under the stairs before, but maybe some other time??

    ?Oh, I?m gonna stay here tonight too,? Melike stated as she placed her glass next to the Swede?s. ?Although I?m not very tired, so I guess I?ll end up wandering around this house while the rest sleep. Luckily, I?ll find something to distract me until the morning.?

    ?If I were you, I would be careful what one can find in a big house like this at night,? the Valkyrie threatened.

    ?Is that so?? The Amazon bit her thick lower lip for a second. ?Then you better not leave your bed tonight, in case you come across something you can?t handle.?

    Erika looked aside. Alisha was saying goodbye to her guests, and many of them were already heading out. Luckily, no one was paying attention to them, so she stepped forward, getting into Melike?s personal space.

    ?You wouldn?t dare try something here, in this place tonight, right?? the blonde quickly challenged, leaving behind the subtleties to close a deal with her dark-haired nemesis.

    ?Wouldn?t I?? Melike whispered, her eyes looking intensely at Erika?s. ?Just tell me what time it would be most dangerous for me to go out for my nocturnal walk?and we?ll see what happens.?

    Several young people passed by them, causing the rivals to take a step back. They were not going to repeat Emma and Maddy?s mistake, so they would make sure that everything remained just between the two of them.

    ?Midnight,? Erika whispered, and none of them needed more. With a defiant look, the Valkyrie left the Amazon there, both satisfied with knowing that in less than an hour and a half they would meet each other again. At last there was a place and a time for the definitive confrontation between the two striking beauties and, although they felt that their unavoidable fight should have happened an eternity ago, the reality is that it had only been two weeks since they met each other?an extreme, unambiguous indication of how incompatible the blonde and brunette were.
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    Re: The Amazon and the Valkyrie

    love this nipples duel, epic!
    please continue

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    Re: The Amazon and the Valkyrie

    Chapter 10
    Be Careful What The Night May Bring

    There was absolute silence in the house. There wasn?t much traffic on the outskirts of Princeton, so only the occasional noise of a distant car reached the bedroom where Erika was staying. The Swede was lying on the bed as stiff as a board, staring at the ceiling while Maddy slept on the other bed in the room. The two friends had not spoken to each other when Alisha had left them in the bedroom, not even during the tense moment when, remembering how the redhead had chosen Melike?s boobs over hers, the blonde had decided to take off her metal bra in front of Maddy to sleep topless. After a look of brazen scrutiny on Erika?s naked pair, the other girl had turned off the lights, and both had gone to bed as if something had broken between them.

    Stretching her sexy body under the sheets, the blonde thought about how much her life had changed in just two weeks: from being the absolute alpha female on campus to having to fight hard for the position with a newcomer who seemed to play in her league in every way. The fact that a woman could compete as an equal with her was already a shock, but the way in which the female rivalry between them was developing was even more disconcerting. Erika had already accepted that what was going to happen that night was not going to be a usual catfight, though. Sure there would be some slapping and hairpulling, but it was obvious that it would all come down to a dirty war of hot bodies where the ability to give and take pleasure would be the key for the final outcome. When all that was over, she would have an honest discussion with herself about her sexual orientation, but right now all that mattered was beating Melike, no matter what she had to do or how low she had to go.

    The minutes kept passing slowly, very slowly and, as Erika kept thinking about her gorgeous foe and what was about to happen, she began to feel her body roasting under the sheet. It was not hot in the room and, dressed only in small lace panties and covered by what looked like the thinnest of all sheets, it was impossible that she was starting to sweat like that, but the reality was that the burning was coming from inside her. She couldn?t stop thinking about the intense dance the night before, or the sexual competition at Emma?s house, and found herself obsessed with evoking the passionate kiss and erotic battle of naked breasts that she had shared with Melike. What the midnight meeting would bring was full of variables, but with those spicy preludes Swedish beauty found herself envisioning every possible outcome to her match with the brunette. For two women so proud of their curves, it was impossible that there would not be rematches for their unfinished ass and tit duels, although feeling the way her vagina was throbbing and becoming wet in anticipation, Erika understood that there was only one real path to settle everything?if Melike dared.

    Erika?s lusty thoughts were interrupted by a faint creaking of wooden stairs. Her heart began to pound with nervousness and excitement as she visualized the beautiful brunette descending to the street-level floor, away from the bedrooms. Don?t be stupid, she told herself, trying to get her arousal under control. It can be anyone going downstairs to get something from the kitchen, perhaps Alisha herself. But despite her thoughts, Erika pulled the sweat-soaked sheet aside and stood up, the moonlight coming through the window to shine on her statuesque half-naked body. Her suggestive, short costume was on a chair, and for a moment the blonde thought of wearing it again. If this was going to be a Valkyrie versus Amazon battle, it felt appropriate to appear as a Nordic goddess before the dark-haired girl, but somehow Erika realized that the time for hiding her stunning feminine virtues had passed. She even refused to cover her naked bosoms with the metallic bra, without caring if someone other than Melike could see her imposing glands.

    Finally, Erika slowly opened the door of the room, her little red lace panties remaining on her body as the last line to cross. The topless beauty looked up and down the hall, but she didn?t seem to see anyone in the dark. Knowing the danger of being discovered there, the Swede went inmmediatily to the stairs but, despite her best intentions of discretion, the wood also creaked softly at every step of hers. Damn! she cursed, realizing that whoever was downstairs must already be aware of her presence.

    The sensations once she reached the living room were odd. It felt disturbing being in someone else?s house topless, surrounded by silence and darkness, in search and capture of the woman she hated. The blonde could almost feel the presence of the dozen people sleeping in different rooms of the house, and feel isolated at the same time. But, hearing another crackle at some unknown point on that floor, Erika was clear that she was not alone in that place.

    With stealthy steps, the young girl moved toward one of the half-opened doors, not without first taking a quick look at the old grandfather clock that dominated the room. Twenty to twelve, she read. If it?s her, she was as impatient about this as I was. Pushing the door slightly, Erika found a small but spectacular private library. The room was narrow but long, with two huge bookshelves leaning against opposite walls. At the back, a window overlooked the outside, the combination of the bluish moonlight and the pale yellow color of the distant streetlights illuminating the room with a strange, almost supernatural glow. Somehow, the silence was even deeper in that realm of books. Erika took a couple of steps into the room, looking for signs of life in the few shadows of the library, but no one was there.

    ?Looking for someone?? The soft voice came from nowhere, yet everywhere. Taken by surprise, the blonde took a couple of seconds to react before spinning around, her blue eyes narrowing as an obscure figure emerged from the darkness of the living room and stood in the only exit of the library. Her curvaceous silhouette was unmistakable, but Erika had already recognized her by her voice: she had finally found Melike?or rather Melike had found her.

    ?More like, waiting for someone,? the Valkyrie responded. Believing she saw the outline of naked nipples on the brunette?s chest, she took a few steps back to allow Melike to walk into the dim light.

    ?What?s this?? The Amazon entered the library, and Erika?s suspicions were confirmed as she saw her rival wearing just small black panties. ?Have I humiliated you so much in class that you have to do a late-night review??

    Erika was amazed at the casual way Melike talked about her debates in class even though they were both topless in front of each other. But, seeing the way the Turk looked at her tits, she knew that all this was just a masquerade to hide her nerves?she felt the same way herself, in fact.

    ?Why do you ask? Maybe you want a lesson?? the blonde said. ?I wouldn?t mind teaching you a thing or two so that the next day you won?t be so easily embarrassed in front of the whole class.?

    The two foreign beauties took a step forward, closing the distance between them a little more. Melike looked down at Erika?s breasts again, the game of lights and shadows making them seem fuller and bigger than what they had seen under the stairs hours before. The blue eyes of the blonde beauty were focused on her naked glands as well, so she knew her decision to leave the bedroom half-naked had been the right one. After an eternity in the bedroom with an unknown girl sleeping in the next bed, the Amazon couldn?t wait any longer, the moisture in her crotch forcing her to go out and hunt a certain Valkyrie before the hour. Now, fortunately, the wait was over.

    ?A lesson from you? I can say that your sense of humor is the only thing that seems big in you,? Melike sneered, her eyes looking at the opposite boobs with calculated contempt.

    ?Oh, you think?? Erika grunted, grabbing her own glands. ?Want to compare??

    ?Why not?? The dark-haired girl placed her hands on her hips and stuck out her bosoms. ?I don?t like to leave things unfinished, like before.?

    ?Me neither,? the blonde replied, copying the pose of her adversary.

    The Amazon and the Valkyrie leaned forward and, before they knew it, their naked nipples met again, brown javelins against pink spears. There was still electricity in the contact, but this time there was also something that the girls could only define as magma?something hot, volatile, solid but somehow also liquid. Melike felt the moisture in her groin grow critically, uncomfortably, but took comfort in the soft tremors she felt in Erika through their attached nipples.

    ?Most people detest defeat, but you seem to like it because you keep looking for it,? Melike grunted, unable to restrain the venom in her mouth while her hot nipples faced Erika?s equally hot shafts. ?It?s the only explanation for you to try something against my nips again after the whipping I gave them before.?

    ?I knew you had a shitty memory for your empty arguments in class,? Erika groaned as their thick milk ducts started to push tip to tip, both pairs hardening slowly but resolutely. ?But you forgetting that it was mine tearing up yours a couple of hours ago is a new record.?

    ?You cunt,? the Turk roared softly, the hostility she felt for the blonde flowing through her piercing rods. ?You couldn?t handle anything on my big tits on my worst day, while you on your best.?

    Melike felt Erika?s response through their nipples. The pressure increased exponentially, and a surge of pain wrapped in a small layer of pleasure radiated out from the base of the Amazon?s areolas as she felt her long shafts slightly bending?but no more than Erika?s, the blonde?s pretty face twisting in front of the brunette?s in a grimace of discomfort and lust as the beauties seemed to enter into another stalemate?the umpteenth among their perfect bodies in those hours of madness and confrontation.

    Without taking their hands off their hips, the girls kept shoving with delicate precision under the soft lights, surrounded by books and shadows. Some quiet grunts resounded in the library as the nipples finally reached their full hardness. Erika proudly noticed how her pink weapons no longer bent against Melike?s, but the Turkish beauty?s nipples now felt indomitable as well.

    ?Did you learn to fight like a dyke in Whore-101 at that cheap college you came from?? Erika broke the silence. She lifted her right shoulder a few inches to drill Melike?s brown cylinder with hers, but the brunette seemed to read her mind and countered the assault with her own shoulder movement, the thickest and longest nipples on campus getting stuck in that eternal point-to-point standoff.

    ?In my country, we eat pale blonde lesbians like you for breakfast.? Melike slightly rotated her torso to try to bend Erika?s rods, but the Swede intuited the trick and neutralized it with her own gentle twist of chest, keeping the nipple duel even. ?Not even in your wettest dreams could you even consider being the alpha female where I come from.?

    ?In Stockholm no one would pay attention to a black-haired lesbian witch like you.? Erika bent her knees a little to catch the bronze-skinned brunette by surprise, but her rival did the same as their nipples maintained the same frustrating strong position. ?In my old campus you wouldn?t even get to omega.?

    ?Well, it seems that the former alpha female of Princeton can?t even handle this not-even-omega witch,? Melike said ironically as she straightened her half-naked body to attack her competitor?s nipples from above, but again her plan met Erika?s quick reaction, causing nothing to change in the struggle for tactical advantage. ?That doesn?t leave you in a good place, bitch.?

    ?Not former alpha female, you sow,? the blonde spat out. ?The current and only alpha female, no matter how hard you try.?

    ?You?re not alpha at all since I entered the class two weeks ago,? the brunette snorted.

    The words of one and another remembering what was at stake there intensified the battle, the aroused nipples pushing harder and pressing tighter without ever separating their tips. Amazon and Valkyrie were so physically, mentally and tactically in tune with each other that their fat milk ducts didn?t stop anticipating, obstructing and retaliating, all the desperate moves to find the best position to break through the other defenses being frustrated over and over again, Melike?s nipples blocking Erika?s, Erika?s nipples blocking Melike?s in what seemed like a perpetual impasse. For two women who never before that day had even thought of fighting with their nipples, it was incredible how expert they had become in that meticulous and disciplined art of war.

    The situation became critical when sweat came into play. Feeling a growing smooth slippery sensation penetrating around the center of their dueling nipples, the young beauties left the feints and maneuvers to simply keep their tips together in direct and frontal pressure, the possibility of losing their mutual grip before having subdued the other nipples in that unspoken point-to-point challenge hovering over both of their heads. As the women grunted in effort, sweat kept accumulating in their big breasts, soaking areolas and nipples before raining on firm bellies and strong thighs.

    ?Fucking bitch,? Melike barked, her perspiring forehead touching her rival?s as both of them put all their hate and rage at the service of their nipples.

    ?Dirty slut,? Erika roared, her blue eyes burning in front of the other girl?s amber eyes while the two pairs of thick erogenous spears gave everything to get some victory?bent the opposing nipples, pushed them into the other breasts or any other humiliation that tipped the balance of their heated rivalry for the first time in favor of one of them. But no nipple gave way.

    ?You tramp, I?ve had enough of this crap,? Melike growled as she took the initiative, hugging Erika all of a sudden. ?I?m gonna flatten you out once and for all,? she threatened, heaving her mighty chest forward and pulling the blonde into herself at the same time.

    ?Shit!? the Swede exhaled as the Turk forced the first truly painful groan of the struggle from her nemesis with a clash of firm titflesh that echoed in the room and beyond. Before Erika could react, she found herself being pushed backwards into one of the bookshelves. ?Ough!? the blonde grunted, a couple of books falling to the floor around her from the blow.

    ?Yours are mine, Valkyrie,? Melike snarled and, for a moment, Erika felt the shame of realizing that there was some truth in those words as her sexy boobs felt crushed against Melike?s solid breasts. ?I?m firmer, bitch.?

    In desperation, Erika grabbed the brunette?s arms and fought to free herself, but the only thing she achieved was to throw a few more books off the shelf. Melike?s tits continued to penetrate hers mercilessly, and even the raw tips of her foe?s nipples began to painfully twist and bend her steel-hard shafts. For a moment, it hurt her to breathe, so the insults she wanted to spew out were strangled before they got out of her throat.

    It was Melike?s mischievous, arrogant smile under dim lights and sharp shadows that made Erika react. Determined to fight fire with fire and flesh with flesh, she wrapped her arms around the dark-haired girl?s torso. Then, grabbing her left wrist with her right hand behind Melike, she took what little air she could and pulled with all her might and despair.

    ?Oooh, fuck!? Melike moaned out as her beautiful rival matched her constricting embrace. Surprised by Erika?s strength, the Turk felt the other woman?s glands painfully compressing her naked breasts and, a couple of seconds later, her suggestive titflesh lost its dominance in favor of Erika?s stiff orbs.

    ?It seems more like yours are mine, Amazon,? the sweaty blonde boasted. Feeling that her pair was now in control by smashing the brunette?s bust, she used her powerful butt to push herself away from the bookshelf. Embracing each other, the beauties crossed the narrow room until Melike?s back bumped into the shelf on the other side.

    ?Ugh, you cunt!? the curvaceous Turk cried out as several more books fell to the ground.

    ?Feel how much firmer I am than you, you cheap whore,? Erika hissed, a cruel smile shining on her face as she felt her nipples taking revenge on Melike?s, the brunette moaning, shaking as her brown shafts were bent and squeezed by the Swede?s rigid weaponry.

    It was a short but agonizing moment for Melike, a few more books falling off the shelf in her struggle against Erika until she could no longer bear the overconfidence in the sexy Swede?s face and voice. Gathering strength from her aversion and frustration, Melike decided to give what she was receiving so, like the blonde, she grabbed her left wrist with her right hand behind her nemesis. She then squeezed her classmate hard, and was rewarded with a sore groan from Erika.

    ?Fuck!? the Valkyrie cursed, taking a couple of steps back because of Melike?s impetus. Not wanting to be trapped against the shelf behind her anymore, she clenched her teeth and squeezed the other woman again between her arms.

    ?Shit!? the Amazon groaned as the two beautiful rivals stopped in the middle of the library, their arms surrounding the other torso, the naked mass of their fat boobs again fighting for space on equal terms.

    For a moment, it was as if time slowed down so much that it almost stopped. Both beauties exhaled their rage against the other pretty face with a soft, low roar that extended until brunette and blonde were breathless, their boobs swelling out to their sides as they would never have believed possible for such large and firm glands. Rolling their heads back and to the sides, each woman focused on inflicting as much crushing pain as they can in revenge for the mutual, humiliating flattening of tits, and another series of long, choking moans came from their panting mouths. Never before in their lives had someone hurt them so much?and the other woman was accomplishing such a feat with her breasts!

    ?Is anyone there??

    The unexpected voice stopped the female battle in its tracks. Looking at the door, both beauties saw with fear what looked like the light of a cell phone moving through the living room. The noise of the sexy topless match, with the books falling to the floor and the increasingly loud moaning, had not gone unnoticed in the middle of the silent night.

    ?Hello?? Now focused, the catfighters recognized Alisha?s voice. From the way the light moved through the other room, the hostess did not seem to relent in her search. ?Emma, Maddy, I hope this is not you again.? The light moved towards the door of the library, and Erika?s and Melike?s hearts beat faster. If Alisha came there...

    It was then that they both realized that they were panting?soft, irregular gasps that could not be hidden in the silence of the house. That was what was attracting Alisha?s attention to the library, and what would be the perdition of the alpha females on campus. Turning their beautiful faces toward each other in that dim light, blonde and brunette wished there was a way to silence each other?s breath?

    Before either of them could restrain themselves, their mouths were already against each other in a suffocating open-mouth kiss, Princeton?s fullest lips sliding together as they had done a few hours earlier, in the morning. The belligerent lust that had driven their first kiss was still there, but boosted by the war of big breasts that both had engaged in during and after the party?shoving, sucking, squeezing, stripping?so they both immediately stopped pretending they were doing this just so Alisha wouldn?t catch them and sank their tongues into the other mouth as deep as they could. Tilting their heads to one side and closing their eyes, Melike and Erika felt each other through the passionate kiss, neither of them aware that the phone light had gone out and that their sexy black hostess was returning to the bed. They were completely alone on that floor again, with their naked tits crushed together and their tongues locked in struggle?and the whole night ahead of them.
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    Re: The Amazon and the Valkyrie

    Woh! I missed the last two updates on this. This might be one of the most anticipated fights I have felt in a long time. Fantastic writing to build it all up to this point, and hell, I'm just as interested in to the friends fight as I am in the main characters. What a great story.

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    Re: The Amazon and the Valkyrie

    Chapter 11
    Confessions In The Silence Of The Library

    It was as if two lovers were kissing after being separated for three or four years, as if the hunger for long, painful abstinence were taking over their bodies. But in the semi-dark room there was only hatred and jealousy, hunger for female supremacy, and two bodies that went through abstinence syndrome in the first second they were not in contact. The hottest women on campus opened and closed their lips in unison, hungrily licking every nook and cranny of the inside of the other mouth, dragging their tongues through their perfect white teeth, engaging them together in ways they have never done before with a guy. Continually moving their heads to find the best angle, Erika and Melike didn’t stop intensifying the kiss, their gasps getting hastier and hastier, their moans getting hotter and hotter. But, having learned their lesson, they both managed to keep the volume of the female encounter under control.

    The passion of the kiss relaxed the hug as, in need of air, the girls unconsciously ceased to crush their naked boobs so hard to start rubbing them slowly, tenderly. There was still war down there, however, hard nipples meeting over and over again, stiffness against stiffness, as the sweaty titflesh stimulated each other, the four firm, seductive glands somehow conscious that nothing had been settled between them. As the two rivals deepened their kiss, they pursued more insistently the contact between the tips of their nipples, the obsession to bend the unbending pushing the females back into another conflict of hardness and stubbornness.

    Almost five minutes after the first contact between tongues, both beauties finally broke the kiss with a burst of panting as the clock in the living room chimed to mark the arrival of midnight. Without either brunette or blonde being able to demand any upper hand on one of their battlefronts, they pushed their foreheads and noses together, momentarily exhausted after the long kiss, but still dangerously defiant. From head to toe, the young classmates felt electrified, the last social and moral restraints melting down under the flow of sexual voltage that ran through bodies and minds.

    “Enough of this game, you dirty dyke,” the Valkyrie murmured, her stunning blue eyes locked with her foe’s while both women were gasping for breath face to face. “You and I can still pretend that this is just an ordinary catfight, but it’s clear that we’re both working this from a very different perspective.”

    “I agree, blonde lezzy,” the Turk whispered back as her own animosity fed on the hostility that shone in Erika’s eyes. “I’m tired of pretending, of lying about what you and I are doing, and we want to do it to each other.”

    “I know what I want to do to you, and what I’m gonna do to you.” The Swede pushed her mouth forward, and the two girls found themselves sucking on each other’s full lips for a few seconds before pulling them apart again. “I’m gonna fucking fuck you, Amazon, do you hear me?”

    The brunette couldn’t help but moan as she heard her own dirty thoughts in the mouth of her nemesis. Hours earlier, Melike had accepted to follow that path of seduction and carnal desire to subdue the gorgeous blonde, and so she had acted since she had arrived at Alisha’s house: she had danced breast-to-breast with Erika, had flashed her tits to the blonde and had ensured that both pairs of naked boobs squeezed together; she had used her mouth on a nipple of the other beauty, and also against Erika’s own mouth. Not that she didn’t want to punch that pretty blue-eyed, pink-lipped face, or drag her by the hair all over the library, but her throbbing crotch didn’t stop telling her what was the real method to solve all that female drama in a really satisfactory, conclusive way.

    “There’s gonna be nothing left of your little body by the time I’m finished fucking you, Valkyrie.” Melike heard Erika’s excited panting, and couldn’t resist forcing her tongue into the blonde’s mouth. She found the opposite oral muscle tangling with hers for a moment before both tongues withdrew. “You’ll feel in your own flesh who is really the alpha woman here.”

    The sexy enemies groaned as they proceeded to grind their full breasts into one another. Erika felt her nude bosoms like they were on fire, erotic friction and plain-spoken threats making her glands hypersensitive.

    “I’m the alpha here, and I’m gonna prove it to you before the sun rises,” the blonde spat out.

    “Are you sure, bitch?” the brunette asked. “How many orgasms can your body handle?” Melike’s direct question made Erika moan, but also the Turk herself.

    “More than yours can handle,” Erika replied with a whispered groan.

    “So…why don’t you and I fuck each other until one of us gets dry?” The dark-haired girl’s voice was low, steady and seemingly full of confidence; there was also real hatred behind those words.

    “Sounds like the perfect way to know who is right and who is wrong.” The blonde struggled to keep her own voice low and menacing in that environment of quietness, but also to return some of that resolute conviction the brunette had so effectively conveyed. “Let’s fuck here and now to see who is the dominant woman, you filthy cunt.”

    The pink and red lipsticks came back in contact, and another hot kiss erupted between the girls now that the final goal was as transparent as the envy and loathing they both felt for each other. Pulling each other in tighter, blonde and brunette flexed their arms around the other slender, young body, determined to crush and dominate at the beginning of the sexual battle. Matched in weight, height and strength, the gorgous rivals staggered through the library, their tongues coming in and out of the other mouth, their breasts rubbing and squashing volume against volume. Erika and Melike were going to fuck as promised, but that didn’t mean they were going to be sweet and gentle with the opponent—quite the contrary!

    The vertical duel turned horizontal when the Turkish beauty stepped on one of the books on the floor and lost her balance. Still hugged, the two rival classmates fell together to the ground with a thud. Wishing that the momentary noise would not again draw unwanted attention, Erika sat on Melike and, for the first time, the panty-covered crotches touched.

    “Here we go, whore.” Melike took the initiative despite her position, starting to rub her lace panties against the blonde’s.

    “Finally, bitch.” Erika replied as she moved her hips over the brunette.

    The heat of their bodies and the excited tension of ther minds rose massively in just a couple of seconds, everything that had happened between them during the last two weeks and especially during the last twenty-four hours turning every inch of them into full erogenous zones once their sexes came into contact through the thin fabric of their panties. The Valkyrie and the Amazon lost control of their breathing and, after ten or twelve pelvic pumps, they also failed to keep control of their hips.

    “You were after this since you moved here,” Erika gasped, feeling the seductive volumes of Melike’s pussy behind her panties. “Being fucked against the floor by a better woman.”

    “Even with the top position, your sorry cunt feels weak,” the brunette groaned while she also made a mental picture of her rival’s fat pussy friction after friction. “I’m sure you’ve been waiting for someone to come to Princeton to teach it a thing or two about proper fucking.”

    “I’m not a fucking rookie fucking pussies,” the blonde spat out. “Last night I forced Emma’s half a dozen times, and I didn’t grant a single orgasm of my own. Can you match that, bitch?”

    “Oh, please, you cheap slut,” Melike sneered in contempt. “I didn’t cum once in bed with Maddy, but she had her fair share of orgasms. More than you got from Emma, that’s for sure.”

    “You wish,” the beautiful Swede said as she grabbed Melike’s boobs and pinched her long nipples. The Turkish woman’s hands immediately took revenge by squeezing Erika’s heavy breasts and, seconds later, started working on her nipples.

    The panties-clad cunt struggle intensified then, mounds and labia feeling each other through the double thin layer of lace. Despite their bragging about not cumming the night before, it was obvious that things were different at that time—they affected each other in a much deeper way, in a much more real way than what broke out between them and their redheaded friends. To the surprise of both girls, their crotches were already threatening to climax after been only battling for two or three minutes under the protection of their panties. Putting all their hate and strength behind their cunt and tit assault to humiliate before being humiliated, Melike and Erika wondered what would happen when inevitably the female competition forced them to lose their panties and confront their pussies totally naked.

    Sweat completely flooded the bodies of the sex warriors as the first really critical resolution in their bitter rivalry was approaching. Humping and humping, black panties against red panties, Amazon’s and Valkyrie’s contemptuous stares never left one another, every sense of carnal survival staying alert for the first sign of sexual weakness from the opponent. It was Melike’s hyper-focused senses that suddenly felt an infinitesimal waver in Erika’s hot pussy, and the beautiful brunette didn’t miss the opportunity. The blonde groaned in shock and dismay as she felt the brunette suddenly turning her hips and assaulted her with a hard pelvic blow, only to find her back slamming against the floor of the room. Melike then took the upper position, this time making sure that her whole seductive body was in contact with Erika’s equally seductive one.

    “You had your chance to fuck me into the ground.” The Turk surrounded her enemy’s well-built thighs with her own and started pumping hard. “But your ass is not strong enough to fuck a hot chick like me.”

    “I already felt the supposed power of your ass on the dance floor, girl,” Erika moaned, feeling her heated cunt, flat belly and big bosoms rubbing against their aggressive counterparts in the other woman’s body. “It felt pathetic and weak then, and it feels the same way now.”

    “Before the night is over, you and I are gonna debate ass to ass as we have debated tits to tits,” Melike challenged.

    “Yes, please.” The blonde didn’t lose the reference to the tense class debates that had ignited their woman-to-woman conflict. “The debate in the nightclub was inconclusive, and I look forward to bringing it to an end.” Erika then hugged Melike’s torso, making both of them grunt as she crushed their naked boobs together again. “We haven’t finished the discussion about our fat boobs either, by the way.”

    “Let’s discuss body to body, to reach a definitive conclusion,” the dark-haired Amazon challenged, sexually rotating her mouth in sensual circles against the golden-haired Valkyrie’s lips, just the same way she rotated her other lips against her rival’s crotch.

    Pleasantly taking the bait, Erika kissed Melike, her tongue pushing against the brunette’s, tip to tip…and that was enough to make everything explode. Pushed far above the edge, the two beauties came hard, two weeks of sexual animosity turned into the hottest juices any of them would ever expel. Moaning mouth to mouth, Erika and Melike closed their eyes and surfed over the waves of pleasure as they could, their perfect bodies trembling and bucking under physical quakes.

    “Bitch!” the Valkyrie gasped, feeling degraded because for the first time in her life another woman had succeeded in making her orgasm—and not just any woman. The only comfort she had left was that she had also been the first woman to make Melike come, and that had to count in all this sexual chaos.

    “Bitch!” the Amazon replied, her disgust for the climax filling her insult with poison. She could not believe that crawling along with her nemesis into the most sordid depths of their rivalry had only served to find herself in another stalemate with Erika—in the end, one way or another, one of them had to emerge victorious from the eternal equality between their respective sensualities.

    Using the last orgasmic contractions as an impulse, Erika managed to push Melike off her. The sweaty girls rolled over themselves and got up on all fours, just to find themselves facing their foe firm butt to firm butt, each classmate with her right leg stretched underneath the body of the other. The contact between asses was enough to stop the fight, the natural rivalry between their formidable buttocks arousing the jealousy of blonde and brunette. Looking over their shoulders, both locked their gazes with the opposite eyes.

    “How does your pussy feel now that I’ve made it cum?” Erika asked first to try to gain some kind of psychological advantage.

    You tell me,” Melike groaned. “I felt a very hard orgasm in your cunt while I was riding you, if you ask me.”

    “I fucked you even though you had gravity on your side,” the blonde replied. “And if you’re talking about hard orgasms, I just forced a big one on you.”

    “Not as big as yours.”


    With a grunt, Melike cocked her pelvis upward, softly dragging her erotic ass cheeks through the Swede’s tight butt. Erika returned the gentle rubbing, her buns matching everything Melike’s behind offered: gym-sculpted firmness, eye-catching roundness and inherent seduction. At that moment, after having both proved that they could make each other cum against their will, the two classmates understood how critical it was to have the best butt in the room in order to prevail in the sex duel—the stronger it was, the better it would pump.

    “Now that you have the guts to put again your ass against mine, let’s not forget that you scurried away rather quickly off that dance floor yesterday,” Melike growled, bringing to the fore the first physical contest between them. “Must be quite a feeling to get your ass whipped, since you seem to be looking for it again now.”

    “If you had paid attention when we were dancing back to back, you would already know that cheap ass of yours is no match for mine,” Erika calmly countered, flexing the muscles in her solid, toned butt to show her point. “But if you want me to force you to come again, this time ass to ass, I’m more than happy to do it just to teach you what you didn’t learn last night.”

    “You’re not gonna get one more orgasm out of me, you dirty blonde.” The Turk moved her right leg, touching Erika’s hanging tit as she opened her legs to give greater access to her pussy from behind in defiance.

    “Treasure the orgasm you stole from me, you dirty dark-haired cunt, because that’s all you’re gonna get from me tonight,” the Swede grunted, opening their own legs to match a bold move with another bold move.

    “Let’s see, Erika, let’s see…”

    Bowing their heads to the ground and closing their eyes, the impressive girls licked their own lips and, without another word, began to rub their asses together, eager to make good on their threats.

    The race to the second orgasm was on.
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