Iím just gonna list some possible ideas Iíve been having for new stories. I may or may not write some of these myself. Personally, I do not have much confidence in my writing ability and have procrastination problems, so if anyone wants to use these ideas for their own stories, be my guest. Iím sure you could do them more justice than I could, any way.

1: UN secret sexfight league: I got this idea from JB57ís World War III story. It takes place in a world where, to avoid war, the nations of the world send their most talented and beautiful women to sexfight each other over various disputes. For the sake of authenticity, Iíd pair up girls from countries that actually have tumultuous relations IRL. Such as:

North Korea VS South Korea

China VS Japan

The UK VS France

West Germany VS East Germany for some Cold War action

Vietnam VS Cambodia

India VS Pakistan

Israel VS Palestine

Iraq VS Iran

The US VS Cuba

North Vietnam VS South Vietnam again for some Cold War action

Poland VS Russia

Austria-Hungary VS Serbia

Germany VS Russia

Greece VS Iran to represent Sparta VS Persia

The US VS China since weíre kinda in a new Cold War right now

Ireland VS Northern Ireland

The Union VS The Confederacy

NATO VS USSR Tournament style

China VS Russia in reference to the Sino-Soviet split

Taiwan VS China

Tibet VS China

Hong Kong VS China

And the list goes on

Another idea that I donít really have a title for, takes place in a world where all women are bisexual and promiscuous. The male population has dropped to the point where men are encouraged to build harems, with one girl being their main lover, another being their secondary lover and so on and so forth. The actual story is about two best friends who share a boyfriend and compete with each other for top spot in the harem and with other women to keep building their harem. The girls all sexfight each other for higher positions in the harem.

And finally, a story about feuding brothels whose girls compete sexually for territory, business, clientele, etc.

So, what do you think? If you want to use one of my ideas as a template for your own story, let me know. If any luck, I helped some people beat any possible writerís block they may have had.