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    Story: Rose & Ivy 1998

    Hi everyone,
    I give to you my first story in many years. Please have in mind, that I am not a native speaker, so please be gentle with my grammar and phrasing.
    Both girls are young but of legal age (19).
    From the two schools in our Fetish, I am firmly in the school of ?Equals battle? (opposed to the ?Domination school?).
    the story is rather mild, no real hate or brutality involved.
    The story contains a (mostly) friendly-sporty catfight and a sexfight.

    Rose & Ivy Story 1: 1998
    Prolog December 1997 - A Mosh Pit at a ?Rage against the Machine? Show in Germany
    Rose was a young woman of 19. She was a metal-head with a wild personality and quite a temper, and she was beautiful. Of average height her youthful body was naturally slim with shapely legs, a full round butt and perfectly formed tits. But her two greatest assets and all her pride were her flat, flawless belly with that deep, sharp-rimmed belly button and her shiny, silver-blond hair which was flowing almost down to her waist and was just perfect for headbanging. Her face was lean with small lips a sharp nose and steel-blue eyes. Quite recently she had acquired her first tattoo ? back in the 90ies it was still rebellious and bold for a young woman to have one. It was a rose with thorny stalk winding around her right wrist. She wore tight jeans and a Rage against the Machine shirt which she had tied at the back to show off her creamy stomach.
    Rose was banging her head rhythmically; the medium venue Rag against the Machine was playing on their German Tour was packed. The Air was heavy with cigarette-smoke and stage-smoke and vapor from the sweating bodies.
    Right next to Rose a moshpit formed and suddenly across the pit her eyes fell on her.
    There separated by a whirlwind of moshing metal-heads stood a perfect copy of Rose?s body.
    Tight Jeans, a belly-free Rage shirt. Blonde Hair down to the waist ? a bit darker in color than her own. Rose?s eyes were glued to that sweaty, slightly muscular belly and her breath suddenly quickened, slowly her eyes scanned upwards to a beautiful, roundish face and then her gaze locked with a pair of warm brown eyes. Neither of the girls realized what they were doing for some seconds, mesmerizes deeply by each other?s appearance.
    Them their eyes narrowed, and an intense feeling of rivalry washed through Rose?s mind. Reacting on instinct both beauties rushed forward into the dangerous moshing, making a beeline for each other.

    Most guys were so shocked by the girls entering into the pit that they instinctively went out of the way so Rose and her Rival crashed into each other in the middle of the pit. The impact knocked the air of both girls but the instance they had bounced back they jumped at each other again, leading with their upper arm. With each clash their wild mane of untamable air cascaded around their upper bodies while the Guys continued their moshing around the pair.
    Rose had never felled so alive as in this minute, her pulse was racing, and she could feel a wet spot down in her panties. Suddenly the other girl stopped and turned fully towards rose. Rose noticed a tattoo on the girl?s wrist, a tendril of ivy wrapping around her slim arm. The girl opened her arms wide and, with a wide grin invited Rose to do the same. Then they smashed they?re lite bodies frontally into each other, wet sweaty bellies smacked together full length. Both let go a high scream of pure lust with the contact, no one could hear it over the music, of course.
    The feeling of that Belly shock Rose through all her body down to her core, their gazes sank deep into each other and the tips of their noses almost touched over their open mouths. They separated for a few centimeters and smashed together again; their lips came closer together still. Shaking with desire they separated again. And suddenly the moshpit collapsed around them, bodies shifted and moved and the girls were snapped apart. Frustrated they tried to reconnect but to no avail. Soon they had lost sight of each other.

    When Rose came back to her room in her parents? house, she threw herself into her bed angrily. Immediately she pushed down her jeans and jammed her fingers into her pussy, masturbating heavily to the memory of the Ivy-Girl. But what stimulated was not fucking the girl but fighting her, in her mind everything that had happened had been a duel of bodies and wills and many a night over the next weeks she imagined pinning the other girl down on the dirty floor, that pressing her belly down on the beaten rival drinking in the look of defeat in these deep brown eyes.
    Story 1 ? May 1st, 1998
    Part 1: A Garden Party
    It was German Labor Day, the 1st of May. Rose was on her way to a party in some lusty boy?s garden. She neither knew the host very well, nor cared about him in any way. No one of her own circle of friends would be there and there was only one reason she had accepted the invitation by the host while he was staring her body up and down: there would be one girl she would like to meet. Especially away from anyone she had usually contact with.
    Rose had caught herself thinking about this girl quit a lot recently, she could not stop herself watching her body move out of the corner of her eye, whenever the chance. Alone in her bed her fingers wandered between her own legs when she imagined the girl?s lips, or her ass, her flat belly. Her secret dream girl was a punk chick with spiky green hair, black lipstick and she was the only openly bi-sexual person she knew. Rose had watched her kiss a girl on the dance floor of the local rock disco and she had become wet just by watching and for a second almost made a move to grab the other bitch by the hair, push her away and kiss the green-haired-girl.

    The day was incredibly hot for early May, Rose entered that back-garden dressed in her tightest, shortest cut-off-jeans and a small ?system of a down? crop-top she felt quite confident to have a little flirt with Greenhair. She wore her hair in a bun today to better show of her new back tattoo.
    Many young women at the time got tattoos on her lower back, the famous ?tramp stamp? in Germany affectionally called ?Arschgeweih? ? ?Ass-Antlers?. But Rose had a large tribal tattoo covering all her back in broad, rectangular, crossing lines. The Black ink forming a sharp contrast to her alabaster white skin tone.

    Rose strutted into the party with the queenly confidence of someone used to wrap boys around her little finger with her looks and cower girls with her attitude and temperament.
    And there was the green-haired girl. She looked gorgeous in a black mini skirt and bikini top. With a tiny spark of pride Rose realized that the girl?s belly, even so it was beautiful, could not compete with her own flat stomach. Her eyes set on her target, confident to steal her first girl on girl kiss today she grabbed two bottles of beer and walked forward.
    Then she froze. Her eyes had caught a sight she never would have expected. Her eyes fell on the Ivy-tattooed girl from the moshpit. She stood there in all her incredible beauty. Long legs in short jeans, very short ?Korn? Tank Top, her air tide up. She looked as shocked as Rose did feel as her brown eyes stared into the steel-blue of Rose?s.
    Slowly both girls scanned the others body, and to her deep annoyance Rose could not even think that this girls belly was anyway inferior to her own, no one had ever challenged her in that department before.

    Then annoyance turned to anger as she finally realized what her rival was doing, the blond bitch had been on her way to the green-haired-girl. The look on her face told Rose that she knew it too.
    Rose changed plans, boldly she walked to the blond and held out a beer to her.
    Smiling brightly she said: ?Hi, I am Rose and after that beer you better leave, if you know what is good for you? A ?Bitch? was hanging in the air unspoken.

    ?Hi, I am Ivy and I know what you are up to, forget her and leave ? now? the smile of Ivy was just as sweet and threatening as Rose?s.
    Both took some deep gulps of beer without breaking eye contact. Rose had butterflies in her stomach, the double excitement of the situation was intoxicating, she felt vibrant and alive as never before.
    ?Well then do your best, I am not going anywhere? Rose hissed stepping closer to her rival.
    Ivy also stepped closer, hands on her hips, until the tips of their noses almost touched. She whispered: ?You can`t scare me away ?and she would choose me anyway?
    Rose flinched ?WHAT? quickly she lowered her voice again ?You think your sexier and a better flirt than me?
    Ivy brought her lips to Rose?s ear ?Yes I am?
    Rose moved even closer until her lips graced Ivy?s earlobe ?No you?re not! Want to try it??
    Both were hyper-aware of their bodies so close to each other, Tits almost touching, Naked bellies so close together, that they could feel the body warmth of the enemy. ?Yes, I want to try? Ivy hissed. ?OK, let?s find out? Rose spat. Both were shaking with anger, excitement and lust.
    ?Bitch? both hissed at the same time into the rival?s ear and for a micro-second they shoved their lean, sexy bodies into each other. Both gasped and separated. Shaking with excitement they slowly moved away backwards, never breaking eye contact.
    Both moved into the field of vision of her target and after getting the punk girl?s attention slowly opened their buns and let their long, blonde hair fall free. The sun caught in the silver-blonde and golden-blonde tresses as they shock it in waves around their bodies and the party conversations stopped for a second as everyone was mesmerized by its beauty.
    Both moved into close proximity to the green-haired girl ?Hi I?m Rose? ?Hi I?m Ivy?
    ?Nice to meet you? the green haired girl smiled. And after a few second of awkward silence
    ?Let?s dance? she grabbed a hand of each blonde and dragged them to the informal dancefloor.

    Part 2: The Dancefloor
    Some German HipHop was playing, neither Rose?s nor Ivy?s music but the green-haired girl seems at home with it and started dancing seductively pulling her two blonde admirers close to her body.
    Rose tried to keep up with the beat while the sexy ass of her ?kiss-interest? wiggled against her groin and she simultaneously tried to get her hands on Greenhairs body and at the same time pushing Ivy?s hand away from it. The green-haired-girl arched her body back and brushed her cheek against Rose?s before changing position without missing a step and started pressing her back into Ivy?s her eyes now fixed on Rose and pulling the Silver-Blonde closer to herself.
    After a time the green-haired girl separated from Ivy and tried to pull both Blondes towards herself, pushing one of her legs between each girls thighs and pulling them in by their backs. Immediately Rose and Ivy started jockeying for position as each girl tried to get as much of her own body pressed to her target as possible.
    The Punk Girl placed a hand at each Blonde?s neck and started to gently guide their faces towards her own, aiming to place both set of lips against her own waiting open lips. Neither girl recognized what was going on, as both had their eyes closed, relishing the soft caresses of the green-haired girl.

    Maybe the plan would have worked, but a split second before the lips could meet in a triangle, the Metal-Girls cheeks brushed against each other.
    Ivy?s and Rose?s eyes flew open and realizing the rivals lips so close to the punk girl?s instantly grabbed the rivals hair and yanked her head back violently. The green-haired girl let out a scream f frustration as both set of lips were denied to her and the beautiful blondes faced each other angrily, still pulling hair.
    In that moment the music changed to Slayer ?Dead Skin Mask?. Ivy and Rose smiled at each other wickedly through the pain of their mutual hairpull.

    ?Now we?re talking, Bitch? - ?Get ready to get your ass moshed, Slut?
    Immediately Both started headbanging like crazy, throwing they?re incredible air at each other. Letting their manes collide in the air again and again. Then they jumped at each other shoulders first and started an aggressive two -person moshpit. Each tried to bring her rival down, throw her to the ground, show her who?s tougher. Both ignored the whispered protest of the green-haired-girl trying to calm them down and get their attention. Again and again the jumped, pushed, shoved, but their body strength was evenly matched.
    Slowly the party guests realized something was going on, conversations stopped and soon all eyes turned towards the beautiful furies. ?Catfight, Catfiiight? someone screamed, obviously a fan of that new ECW-thing.

    The song was over. Rose and Ivy froze nose to nose, blue eyes and brown eyes drilling into each other, tugging hair with both hands. Tears glistering in their eyes from the intense pain in their scalps.
    Silence surrounded them, no one had thought to start a new song on the CD and no knew what to say. The heavy breathing of the two girls was the loudest noise in the garden.
    They?re mutual green haired love interest tried again to get both girls attention. She gently pushed them apart, extracted fingers out of curls of blonde hair and finally managed to separate them by 2feet/60cm. Relived she whispered to them ?Listen, you don?t need to fight for me. I mean, come on, we are all three very hot, let?s just ?you know?we can..?
    The Host interrupted her loudly ?If you want to Wrestle each other, I could, you know, put up a kiddy pool, there is some massage oil? He tried to make it sound funny but his voice was lusty and wishful.

    ?No, don?t listen, we can go to my?? the Punk girl whispered desperately.
    But Rose and Ivy did not even register her anymore, the thought of tangling her body with her rival, oppose each other muscle for muscle, measure their willpower ? it was intoxicating like nothing before in their young life?s.
    They went nose to nose again.
    ?I have a bikini in the car, Bitch. Want a go ??
    ?Me too, I?m all in if you are?

    ?Fine? ? ?Fine? Their chins and noses touched in their intense stare down, they smashed their bodies together full frontal. The moment their nude bellies slammed into each other made each of the gasp, the feeling of the hard muscles under such a soft skin, the thought of muscle fibers meeting their equals. Then their bellybuttons found each other and with a small suck locked together. Goosebumps ran over both of them.
    The shrill voice of the host brought them back to reality ?I?I, fetch the kiddie-pool, then?
    Part 3: The Bathroom
    They nodded and went outside to get their bikinis. The host did show them a large second floor bathroom to change in. They had to shove him out of it and lock the door.
    Finally, they were alone.
    They threw their bikinis into the sink and slowly circlet each other, hands on their hips.
    Ivy smiled ?I will so kick your butt, baby? she said and slowly opened the buttons on her jeans-shorts.
    ?Oh, please try, sweetheart? Rose answered while she made a show of opening and removing her own cut-off-jeans, revealing her favorite, small, red panties
    Ivy pushed down her own shorts and Rose?s eyes crawled up her long legs to the small green undies her rival had revealed.
    Then both turned slightly to give her rival a good view of their impressive butt while bending down to remove their Chucks-Sneakers and their white socks. Each build a neat little stack of shoes, socks and shorts while watching each other?s legs, ass and their hair grazing the floor.

    As they stood up again each made a show of flipping her hair back theatrically.
    Awkwardly they removed their crop tops unwilling to break eye contact or being blind to the other?s actions for too long. After the shirts had fallen on each?s stack of cloth, they took the time to admire each other?s boobs in their red and green bra?s but soon they opened the clasps behind their backs and, synchronized, revealed their perfectly build breasts. Each girl made a step forward until their breast were within half a foot of each other. Looking sideways into the big mirror they could compare breast size and firmness. Their Nipples where at the same height and both growing hard and large, reaching to the challengers in front of them. Their breast where true equals in all aspects.

    Locking her gaze to these deep brown eyes again, Rose could feel her heart pounding faster and her belly fluttering as only one tiny piece of cloth remained between them. Slowly, seductively but a bit awkwardly as well, each girl pulled down their thong. Staring at it each could plainly see the little wet spot on the front of the other?s panties hoping her own wetness would not be as visible.
    The thongs fell on top of each clothing pile and the two soon-to-be warriors stood proudly in front of each other. Legs apart, Hands on the hips, their eyes staring mesmerized on the small blonde bush between the rival?s legs. Never before any of them had been in a situation like this.
    Slowly Rose?s gaze wandered back up the perfect body she soon would feel competing with her own until finally their eyes met again. Rose felt like that deep brown pools could stare right into her soul, prying out all her little secrets but she was quite sure the brown orbs also betrayed her rival?s feelings. She could see the hesitation, the fear what could happen, the wild anticipation and the deep, strong lust of Ivy for Rose?s body. She was absolutely sure now, that she had as often appeared in the Golden-Blondes daydreams as Ivy had appeared in her own.
    Without breaking eye-contact each reached into the sink and grabbed a bikini bottom, each had already on leg in when they realized that each had picked the others. Simultaneously both blushed and let out a girlish giggle but the they pulled them up and pressed the rival cloth to her own crotch.
    Giving each other a wide grin, they took the matching bikini tops and pulled them on, unsurprisingly they fitted perfectly to the others body. For some more seconds they stared at each other?s bodies longingly until a shout from outside startled them.
    Together they had a look out of the window. Down in the Garden a large inflatable Kiddie-Pool was handled into position at the corner of the lawn next to a vegetable patch with still mostly open soil.
    The party guests were already gathering around it in anticipation.
    ?Damn, Ivy, what have we done? Rose moaned looking at the agitated men laughing and high fiving each other.
    ?Yeah, we may could have settled it in private? Ivy answered ?Are you backing out? she grinned.
    ?No way, I want to pin you down into the oil with my body?
    ?I want you to submit under me unable to escape? Ivy shot back ?But ? I really don?t want things to get out of hand, you know?
    ?I don?t want one or both of us leaving in an ambulance? Rose answered softly
    Ivy faced Rose again ?Okay, we need rules. We will wrestle, right??
    ?Yes, no punches or kicks to the face?
    ?And no biting or scratching?
    Then each tightly braided their hair. They compared plaits, both were the same lengths, ending somewhere between the lower and of their bikini-top and their navel.
    Ivy turned around and asked Rose to make a second knot in the strings of her bikini-top ?I don?t want to be naked in front of these morons down there. Rose stared at the beautiful back arched before her. On Ivy?s creamy alabaster skin was a huge tattoo of a naked, winged, female demon (a succubus). It was as large as her own back tattoo but in a completely different style. Her breath quickened as her fingers graced the black lines of the tattoo while she knotted the strings. She had the deep urge to run her fingers along every line of the artful image. But she didn?t. Quickly she finished and turned around offering her own back to Ivy.
    She could feel Ivy?s Fingers on her skin while she tied the knot and for a split second a fingertip brushed over her skin ? following on of the broad lines, Rose was sure.

    Finally, both faced each other again with an uncertain smile on their lips but hunger and battle-lust in their eyes. ?Ready? ? ?More than ready?
    ?You know a Rose has thorns, bitch?
    ?Well Ivy can choke trees and by the way it is poisonous, slut?
    A last eye contact showing each other that they will give everything to win but promising to also look out for each other?s safety. Then, Hand in Hand, they descended the stairs and gave a little Pro-Wrestling-like entrance to their audience to whistling and catcalls. Everyone, boys and girls, seemed excited for the things to come, (most man had to hide a little boner), only the green-haired girl looked sullen and unimpressed.
    Part 4: The Kiddie-pool
    Ivy and Rose faced each other over the kiddie-pool and generously spilled massage-oil over their bodies., roughly declining every over to help them by the audience.
    When they stepped into that pool, sunlight glittering on their oily skin, highlighting each girl?s beautiful body even more, both forgot their audience, the host and even the green haired girl. Everything that mattered now was that other beautiful body in the pool and how to defeat it with every inch of her own.
    Someone sounds a whistle, both fighters spring into action, clashing into each other, trying to grab but push away enemy arms at the same time. Their well-toned bellies smash into each other, arms winding around the others neck they juggle for position trying to get the opponent off balance with their legs.
    Suddenly Rose lost her footing, Ivy took the chance and threw Rose down but Rose, holding tight took her rival down with her a frantic struggle to land on top a push and they sat opposite each other panting heavily. Rose was very happy for the oil covering her bikini because it did hide how wet she had become down between her legs from the excitement of her very first fight, her very first full body contact with another female body.

    Not leaving her eyes of the rival Rose started to stand up but suddenly Ivy jumped forward from her kneeling position, ramming her shoulder into Rose?s abdomen, grabbing her around the waist and crashing her down, knocking the wind out of her lungs.
    Still in the air, Rose wriggled around and managed to land hard on top of her rival. Ivy gasped as the air was knocked out of her but instantly fought against her position and the two girls were rolling around in the oily plastic pool in a wild tangle of thrashing limbs.

    After some time, they lost their grip on each other and stopped. Panting heavy they setup on their knees facing each other half a meter away gulping air into their lungs. Both couldn?t hide a tiny smile around the corner of their lips. Rose was so happy about herself and the fight Ivy was giving to her.
    Slowly they raised their upper bodies up and even slower they interlocked their fingers with each other. A classic pro-wrestling test of strength started each girl pushing against the arms of her rival with every fiber of her muscles. Their arms were shaking from the effort but none of them could move the opponent?s arms backwards, because Ivy was left-handed and Rose right-handed their respectively stronger and weaker arms battled, making the duel still more even.
    Groaning they laid their whole bodies into the test, coming brow to brow, their tits slightly dangling against each other in their bikini tops. As their fingers hurt from being squeezed and every muscle ached it became a test of willpower as much as strength.
    With a dual scream they simultaneously rammed their whole bodies forward, oil splashed in all directions as their muscular bellies clashed together, their tits mashed. Nose to nose they screamed into the others mouth in their desperate struggle to overpower the rival.
    Slyly Rose had shifted her position, when she sensed that Ivy pushed again, she did not push back but moved to the side. Ivy lost her footing and, with a scream of rage, fell forward. Rose kept her fingers lock and turned Ivy around during the fall. As Ivy?s back hit the floor, Rose crashed on top of her nocking the breath out of Ivy?s lungs.
    Rose hooked her ankles around Ivy?s and had her rival under control now. Ecstasy raced through her mind. Her body had pinned down it?s dead ringer, and was controlling it?s movements like a rider on a newly tamed horse.
    But Ivy did buck like a wild horse under her, furiously trying to escape but Rose held her down with shaking muscles, only during sex her body had every been so close someone else, skin to skin with her perfect equal.
    While struggling, unconsciously their lips came closer and closer together.
    The audience was mesmerized in silence as everybody was waiting if the beautiful lips would meet.
    Rose was trembling with lust, involuntarily her eyes fluttered shut as her mouth slightly opened, ready to welcome the warm, inviting lips of Ivy to her own ? that moment was, what Ivy had waited for.
    Suddenly Ivy arched her body pushing Rose into the air, rolling, grabbing, in seconds she had pinned Rose down into the warm oil. Rose?s legs were locked together by Ivy?s strong thighs and her arms where pinned over her head with an iron grip of Ivy?s fingers around her wrists.
    Rose was blinded by rage and frustration and humiliation being outplayed and trapped, the worst part was the wide, satisfied grin on Ivy?s face right above her.
    Rose tried to wriggle free but Ivy?s hold was strong. As Rose tried to calm herself down, the feeling of her rival?s skin pressed to her own became overbearing. Ivy?s sexy belly was pressed down on her own and with each in-breath she could feel each muscle fiber of her opponent?s abdomen mash into her own muscles. She could feel Ivy?s nipples growing harder by the second and stabbing into her titflesh
    A part of her mind was graving to stay locked with Ivy forever, it did feel that damn good, but the wilder part of her brain was screaming to fight back and get on top again.
    Both girls were shivering with excitement and, almost on their own accord, their lips were moving towards each other again.
    Slowly Rose?s forced her brain to re-focus, fighting the cloud of Dopamine and Adrenaline clouding her mind. She suddenly realized Ivy was much more aroused by their position than herself. While Rose?s legs were locked together by Ivy?s, her rival was spread wide, her sensible inner thighs were gliding over Rose?s legs and Ivy?s pubic mound was pressed against Rose?s thigh and each subtle movement of her leg had an immediate effect on Ivy?s libido.
    Rose sat a trap. She changed her unfocused wriggling into more supple movements to maximize the pleasure on her rivals mound, and kept her head still, lips half open, moaning softly.
    Ivy seemed lost in her emotions, her eyes were closed, her head tilted to the side and she leaned down.

    Their lips touched.
    Time stood still, both girls held their breath. Each person watching held their breath.
    For an eternal second both girls stopped moving.
    It was not a kiss, their lips were simply pressed together, mouths slightly open.
    Rose was fighting with all her might to keep control over herself, slowly she rubbed her thigh against Ivy?s bikini bottom. Immediately a deep moan escaped Ivy?s lips, breathing into Rose?s mouth.
    Rose sprung her trap, her eyes flew open, with a fast motion she snatched her hands out of Ivy?s grip and grabbed the golden-blonde braid of her competitor with both fist. She yanked violently at the braid and at the same time pushed her hips up forcefully. Ivy was thrown of screaming in pain from the hairpull.

    Ivy managed to land on her knees but Rose pulled at the braid and Ivy was smacked down on her belly but while falling she grabbed Rose?s equally long silver-blonde braid and yanked hard, in the slippery kiddie-pool Rose could not keep her footing and slammed down as well.
    The fighters were separated now, lying in a line heads next to each other and pulled at the rivals plaited hair with all their strength. Both tried to attack with a forward roll, their long legs met in mid-air, kicking and screaming the two Blondes tangled into a ball of furious flailing limbs and flying braids. The ball of wildcats bounced around the kiddie-pool violently until both lost their grip on the oily skin and they came to rest at opposite sides of the pool breathing heavily.
    The fight was taking his toll and both girls were nearly exhausted but they glared at each other with unbroken ferocity.

    Slowly they got up, slipping in the oil a few times, and faced each other breathing heavily.
    Suddenly Ivy banged her head forward and her long braid whipped across Rose, oil splashing in all directions. Rose immediately banged her head sideways and whipped her braid across Ivy?s belly.
    Ivy stroke again, Rose whipped from the left, then from the right, their braids intercepted each other mid-air and wrapped around each other.
    Rose jumped, Ivy bent her body back and suplexed Rose over herself. Rose sailed over the side of the kiddie-pool but grabbed Ivy and pulled her opponent with her.

    Both fighters landed in wet soil between young carrot-plants.
    The Vegetable Patch
    Crashing into the ground both immediately started fighting for position rolling back and forth through wet, reddish clay.
    ?No! No! Mum?s vegetables? the host whimpered pathetically. Everyone else laughed and cheered the fighters to continue. Everyone except the green-haired girl who looked furious and almost in tears.

    The fight got more heated as both girls were quite angry right now. Slapping and kicking they battled, covered head to toe in reddish mud with tiny carrot plants glued to their bodies.
    Soon both girls were indistinctive to the spectators rolling and tussling as one muddy mess of equal body-shapes.
    They had each other in a mutual headlock, squeezing with all their force while, trying to force the opponent deep into the mud, their legs kicking at each other. The next bed of seedlings was destroyed in the struggle.

    Their legs were pushing at each other?s body so hard, that both lost their grip on the rivals neck and both fell backwards splashing into the mud with their backs, their legs entwined and interlocked.
    Both tried to catch their breath staring at the blue sky until they sat up slowly. Exhausted they stared into the rival?s eyes looking for a sign that the other girl would back down or quit, both could only see stone-cold determination. Frustrated Iva slapped at Rose, hitting her above the tits, mud and baby-carrots splattered in all direction. Rose hit back screaming with rage, her hand caught Ivy?s long braid by accident, Rose grabbed it and pulled hard. Ivy screamed in pain and clutched Rose?s braid with both hands.
    A radical tug-of-war started, each fighter tugging and pulling at the rope-like braid with all the strength left in them while bracing their feet against the opponent?s body. Both were screaming in pain and anger, snatching each other back and forth by their hair.

    Suddenly the green-haired girl jumped forward, ?STOP!? she screamed ?Stop it! You stupid idiots! before someone gets hurt!?
    She was shaking with rage ?We THREE! Could have had the day of our lives! FUCK You! FUCK YOU BOTH!? ? Flipping them off with both hands the green-haired girl stormed out of the party.

    Flabbergasted Ivy and Rose looked at each other. Then they started laughing, they let go of each other?s hair, laughing so hard that tears were cleaning little paths through the mud on their cheeks.
    ?Well, you know, maybe this should end here? the host stammered weakly ?before some neighbor calls the police, you know, and before you destroy mum?s peas and tomatoes as well?
    Rose and Ivy stood up supporting each other, they high-fived and slowly walked towards the house, arms around each other?s hips, still giggling.
    ?Err, please, could you please clean yourself with the garden-hose beside the side-entrance, please?? the host called after them ?Mum does not like mud on the marble tiles, you know. Please??
    Rose made a hand sign over her shoulder indicating that they had understood him, then they walked inside uncleaned, leaving big fat mud-stains with every step as well as handprints on the railing and wall of the stairwell. When they had reached the bathroom. Ivy slammed the door shut with both hands (leaving two beautiful brown handprints on the white wood). Rose turned the key and they were alone, finally.
    Back in the Bathroom
    Awkwardly they looked at each other, unsure what to do. Rose felt extremely nervous, her head swimming with contractionary emotions she could not figure out.
    They stepped into the shower-cabin together, because it was the logical thing to do. Then they turned their backs toward each other to get time to think and figure this situation out. One of them turned the water on and each girl relaxed a bit under the warm spray which slowly battled the oily mud on their skin. Both girls let their ruined bikini parts fall to the shower floor, were they tangled into one heap. Ivy handed over an expensive shower gel and an even more expensive shampoo which Rose started to rub into her skin.

    Rose was hyper-aware of the beautiful nude body right behind her, she could sense each muscle movement of her former opponent as they were scrubbing of mud from their skin.
    As it happens, both leaned forward to scrub their lower legs at the same time and their full round butts touched lightly. Both girls gasped and straightened back up, which caused the tips of their bums to grind into each other even more. Both of them froze, the only sound was the running water, none of them moved their butts away while their still-teenage brains tried to process the new situation.

    Both girls came to the same conclusion and flexed their butt-muscles and grinned backwards into the rival ass. The soft layer over their muscles mashed together but their strength proved equal and they came to a stand-still, muscles pressed tightly into each other?s flesh.
    Rose turned her head to lock at her rival and was met by a broad grin on Ivy?s pretty face. The eyes of the Golden-Blonde gleamed with excitement, desire. Her whole mimic was a challenge for Rose to go further. Rose did not need more encouragement; she grinned back and poured a large amount of shower gel over her shoulder in the space between their bodies. Both girls started rubbing their asses together enthusiastically producing large amounts of foam between them. Their battle-spirits awoke, and each tried to push the other girl back or get her off-balance.
    As their asses got more slippery and the pushing contest got more heated each of them had to brace their feet against the glass walls of the shower-cubicle, this change of posture brought their whole backs into contact. They locked their elbows together thrusting and shoving their wet skin against each other, each muscle in their body strained.
    Suddenly Ivy tilted her head back and rested it on Rose?s shoulder to look at her rival, she had held her long hair upward and now she let it fall down, the running water pushed it against the front of Rose?s body. Quickly Rose did the same move.
    Cheek to cheek, the corners of their mouths touching they pushed and pushed, their muscles shaking from the strain. Non could break the stalemate of their battle of muscle and willpower. Their breathing got heavier with each second and each tried to exhale as much as possible into the half-opened lips of the rival.
    On a totally different level another fight had started as each girl was trying to subdue her own arousal from the intimate contact.
    Ivy?s incredible hair was streaming down Rose?s slim body, it did move like seaweed in the water pouring down on her. The hair enveloped Rose?s breasts tickled her nipples who had reacted by becoming extremely stiff, it caressed her flat belly and fondled her deep navel. The tips of Ivy?s hair mingled in Rose?s blonde pubic hair, straight hairs moving through the curly bush like snake on the hunt. Each breath became a lustful moan exhaled right into the rival?s mouth and each intake of rival air made the lust burn stronger and deeper.
    Rose?s mind wandered to the succubus tattoo on Ivy?s back and that it was pressed against her own spiky tribal tattoo right now, she imagined the two tattoos battling, her own tribal transformed into a spider-like creature grappling with the half-naked demon.
    Maybe that thought made Rose losing focus or maybe the arousal had clouded her mind to deeply, but Ivy sensed that her opponent was not on guard anymore. In a quick motion she turned around her tits slammed into Rose?s tattoo and tangled her arms around the silver-blonde girl.
    Rose gasped in shock as she felt strong arms encircling her, a leg winding around her thigh. She could feel Ivy?s bush and pubic mound pressing against her ass-cheek and Ivy?s breath on her neck. Soon soft lips kissed her neck and ear and slim fingers caressed her pubic lips. Rose was trapped.
    But her shock had somehow lessened her arousal and she sensed that her rival was getting more lustful every second. Ivy seemed almost drunk on her successful entrapment and was humping Rose?s full, round ass wild and rampant.
    Rose focused her mind and used particularly savage trust of Ivy?s hips to slip out of the entangle and turned sideway out of her dangerous position, her legs wrapped around one of Ivy?s, one arm firmly wound around her rivals neck the other shooting straight down between Ivy?s legs she was almost piggy-bag-ridding the other girl while her fingers clumsily and feverish explored the swollen lips down there and the wet, slightly open slit between them.
    As Ivy started to struggle their position became too unstable and they tumbled to the shower floor in a mess of entangled limbs. Quickly they separated and, each leaning against one side of the cubicle stared at each other angrily.
    Toe to Toe
    ?Fucking Bitch? Rose spat ?How dare you touch me like that?
    ?Stupid Slut? Ivy hissed back ?you fucking loved my fingers down at it?
    ?Not as much as you liked mine, and anyway, you?re a bloody coward going at me from behind?
    ?Well, then come on and let?s do it face to face, I will make you scream and whimper in seconds?
    Ivy rose-up and stopped the shower
    Rose stood up as well ?Try your best, Bitch! I will make you cum on my fingers before you have even found my pussy? She took the shower gel and spilled a lot over her lean body and started rubbing it in as it covered her tits and belly in shining foam. She relished the hungry look as Ivy?s eyes followed her fingers ?my body is too hot for yours anyway? she hissed and threw the bottle to Ivy.
    Ivy spilled as that was left in the bottle over herself and foamed herself up as well, and Rose could not help it but follow her hands sliding over the golden, shining skin.
    Slowly both fighters moved forward, heads held high, every muscle tensed and ready.
    First the tips of their noses touched as their gazes trilled deep into each other.
    Then their thick, stiff nipples found their counterparts deep in the layer of foam. Both girls gasped loudly on the impact and both sets of nipples grew even stiffer from the contact and connected even deeper.

    Then the foam covering their flat, girlishly-muscled, smooth, perfect bellies mingled, bubbles from both sides exploding on the contact. Both girls shivered from excitement.
    With a quick intake of breath both braced themselves and pushed forward. Their breast mushroomed together, tits rolling into tits while their nipples were caught in between, shaft to shaft.
    Their bellies slapped together, soft skin on soft skin with tight muscles underneath and their deep round navels sucked together.
    Their Pubic Mounds met, blonde hair curling together.
    their long shapely thighs met full length.
    Moaning into each other?s half open mouths they grabbed the Others ass with both hands, pushing their bodies together tighter.
    They touched their delicate lips together, moaning and sighing uncontrollably, caught in an overflow of sexual pleasure. Their eyes had closed involuntarily. Painfully slow the tips of their tongues moved between their lips and touched. Each could savor the taste of the other girl?s saliva and it tingled down through all their young bodies like a shockwave.

    Their tongues moved forward to explore the other?s lips and snaked along their rival until both tongue-tips met a hard obstacle ? they had struck each other?s tongue-piercing.
    Their eyes flew open in surprise and met steel-blue to brown.
    A vicious grin formed on both of their tongue-locked mouths, their eyes sparked, and all stops were out. The two still-teenage girls had entered into a sexfight, even so they did not know that word, jet.

    Their mouth sucked together as their tongues started a feverish kiss-fight and each pushed a hand between the other?s legs groping around for the opening.
    Their eyes bulged as their fingers found their goals and entered between each other?s labia?s and started exploring, stroking and fondling. Shockwaves of pleasure raged through both lite bodies.
    Tongues swirled around each other, tried to push the invading prod out of their home and invade the rival mouth at the same time. Again and again the steel-pearls from their piercings clicked together.
    Rose could feel an orgasm building somewhere deep in her core. Every part of her body was experiencing overloading amounts of pleasure, from her nipples, her tongue, her skin and from the two fingers rammed deep into her pussy.
    Rose tried feverishly to subdue the building wave of pleasure and upped the frantic movement of her fingers, ramming them deeper and fiercer into Ivy but her beautiful rival increased her own finger-fuck as well.
    Their tongues swirled around, slapped each other, rammed and probed, spit spilling out of their mouths in a wild, untamed, raw, inexperienced kiss-fight. Each muscle in their face screaming with pain from overuse.
    Their knees were shaking, both were shivering and shaking, none could keep it up much longer as orgasms were inevitably building up.
    Suddenly a sharp pain raged through Rose?s mouth and her tongue was stuck. The panic in Ivy?s eyes showed that her rival was experiencing the same. Their piercings had caught in each other and were now tying their tongues together full length in a position like you would lick something.
    Both girls were whimpering in pain and tried panic-stricken to pull away which increased the pain even more. It took them some moments until they realized that they had to, counter-instinctively push their tongues even harder together grinding the papilla and taste-buds on their tongue surfaces deep into each other. That gave some room on the underside of their tongues to wriggle the studs with their fingers and free themselves.

    They sat down, again resting against the glass, breathing heavily but their eyes never left each other, their gazes still locked.
    ?Ready to give up? Ivy panted
    ?Not before I made you scream? Rose spat back
    Their eyes wandered down their rival?s body until it stopped between the open legs and Rose heard Iva speak out loud her own innermost desire
    ?I want to rub my pussy into yours? Ivy whispered, her face went red
    ?I will rub mine so deep into you, you will cum screaming and begging? Rose whispered back.

    Both grinned sheepishly at each other ?Let?s get out of this box, no room in here? Ivy said.
    The Bathroom Floor
    Both knew that the final stage of their battle was about to begin, as they sat on the bathroom floor. Rose?s left knee above Ivy?s right knee and reversed on the other side.
    Rose drank in the view of that beautiful young body opposite her, all her own strengths and weaknesses, favorite parts and least favorite ones, she could see in that mirror image across from herself.
    She drank in the red lips, the perfect breast, the golden hair stuck all over that perfect smooth skin that was still shining with water and soap. Their eyes locked again and with a grab of the other?s slim waist they pulled their bodies together until their tits were mushed into each other again.

    With last mutual pull they sealed their bodies together and each girl whimpered as their wet, swollen labia?s touched for the first time. They moaned as their pubic lips were grinded together and opened up to each other. They screamed as the inside of their pussies smacked wetly into each other.
    Then they started fucking the hell out of each other. Their bodies smacked and smashed into each other humping and grinding wildly. Screaming and thrashing they rammed everything they got into their rival, tits smashing, bellies colliding, tongues meeting and fighting, then separating again as they shock and buckled.
    Both girls were in deep over their head, neither had any experience with girls and the nothing they had done with their few boyfriends could have prepared them for their mutual ravenous energy, explosive desire and steel-hardened will to be the better girl.
    Suddenly, unexpectedly their clits found each other.
    Both girls stopped moving as the shockwave of this most intimate of contacts happened. Both were shaking with desire, they knew they had found the ultimate duel, the final battleground as they slowly dragged their long hard clits along each other.
    Each lost the hold on their opponent and both girls fell down on their backs, only the connection of their scissored legs remained. Their clits moved past each other until they had entered their clit into the others cunt sending new waves of pleasure to their overloaded brains.

    Both knew they could keep this up longer than a few seconds both bodies had given their all and only their wills kept them going.
    Slowly and deliberately they pulled their clits back sliding full length together, both howled like animals as the tips of their clits met. Their heads trashed from side to side and their fist pounded the tiles in the desperate attempt to reduce the pleasure building up inside their core.
    An orgasm was inevitable, now power on earth could hold it back much longer, but none was willing to cum first.
    And again, the pushed forward, another stroke sword against sword. Only the untamable vigor of youth kept them going, like two she-wolves battling for their first alpha position, giving up was unthinkable.
    Another time their clits did slide along each other, fully in, both were panting heavily, shaking and shivering.
    Backwards their clits slid again, both girls had their teeth clenched so tightly that they made crunching noises, their eyes were closed, their faces grimaced.
    Their hands found each other, clutching together so tight that it did hurt, but now they could pull each other together even deeper, for the last final round.

    Again, their clits met head to head, this time they pressed together with every ounce of strength left in them, both knew one clit must bent soon and give way, finally beaten.
    They pressed deeper and deeper. Both clits remained proud and unbend.

    One mutual, final, tiny trust clit-head to clit-head.
    Rose felt the wave rise inside her, so high that no defense, no dam could keep it in. Despair and grief raged through her mind, still she was not willing to cum before her opponent, when suddenly she realized a shivering and shaking in the legs of her rival.

    Rose opened her eyes and raised her head and was met by Ivy?s deep brown eyes and in the moment their gazes locked their minds and bodies gave up.
    A seismic wave of orgasmic energy raged through both girls. They shot cum-juice into each other?s pussies Thrashing and twisting, shaking and screaming they rode through wave and wave of pleasure. Together they screamed and moved in sync until they finally collapsed to the floor drained, all energy sucked out of them.

    The Aftermath
    When both had recovered slightly, they slowly sat up, they embraced each other closely and started crying and laughing, their tears mixing on their touching checks. Together they had experienced the most intense moment of their young lives.
    They slowly showered again, to get ride of the foam and the new muds-stains from the dirty floor, from time to time they caressed or kissed each other lightly and playfully.

    After they had wiped each other try (throwing the towels down on the muddy and soapy floor) they stood together in front of the two piles of clothing. A wicked gleam in their eyes Rose reached for Ivy?s green undies and Ivy for Rose?s red one.
    Slowly they did put them on, each girl shivered as the foreign fabric touched their pussy, again they embraced and pushed the fabric deep into the others pussy with their upper thigh.

    Then they dressed fully in the other girl?s clothing, Crop-top, bra, cut-off-jeans, white socks and Chuck Taylor Sneakers.
    Hand in Hand they left the messy bathroom behind and then the house through the front door.
    Out on the sidewalk they stood together lost for any words. They hugged briefly and awkwardly. Then they turned around quickly and walked to their cars in opposite directions. After some meters Rose realized that she did not even know Ivy?s last name nor any way to contact her. She turned around to call her back and saw Ivy walk away in a brisk pace, her long wet hair swinging over her perfect butt.
    Rose hadn?t the heart to call her back. Sadly, she turned around and walked to her car almost running, wiping tears from her eyes. ?The metal community is small? she thought ?we will meet again soon and then we will do it again and I will beat her?. A smile formed on her lips.

    She did not lock back again. If she would have in that moment, she would have seen Ivy, looking after her, her hand half raised, her mouth open as if to call, but then Ivy turned around again and went to her car, wiping tears from her eyes.
    The End
    Last words from me
    Well, her it is, my first written story in many years. I hope you have enjoyed it, I appreciate Feedback very much.
    Rose and Ivy are inspired by two young women that fascinated me deeply back in the 90s. Both were girlfriends of the friends of friends, so I did not really know them personally but may have ogled at them when ever possible. I always hoped so much to see them side by side one day and spend many a night thinking stories like this one here. But, even though I occasionally saw both of them at the same metal bars, clubs and concerts I never ever did see them in the same room
    One Labour Day (maybe in 1998) there was a garden party where an all-girl moshpit started involving one of them, oh how I wished the other one would have been there.

    There are two sequels in my head screaming to get out; I see how fast I can get them done
    (Spoiler Alert: They will be called 2008 and 2018)

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    Re: Story: Rose & Ivy 1998

    Tolle Geschichte, Spears! The girls remind me of two girls from my university days (one of them is an usual girl in my own stories). Keep the good job!
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    Re: Story: Rose & Ivy 1998

    Very hot story. Love the dueling tattoos. Great to see your work again!

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