It seems from some of the discussions in the thread that CW is inactive as I expected much. I've tried reaching them to no avail. So I'm hoping whoever reads this knows someone that know get the idea. I'm looking for the full version of v194 - the Scarlet Letter with Chantel Lace and Goldie Blair. Clips4sale has a 20 min clip which can be purchased that I already have but I remember from an old trailer on VHS, there was more in the video but can't seem to find it anywhere except other free sites not Clips4sale that have the same short 20 min format in lesser quality. Since I'm not even sure if CW's full catalog will ever get updated on clips4sale and not much going on their webpage and the contact information there seems meaningless since no one is answering, so I hope someone here can trade for a trade from my collection of sexfight videos or be able to purchase a physical copy on DVD for the full version, 50+ minutes I believe it originally was for v194, the Scarlet Letter. I'll take a copy of VHS if it comes down to that option as well. Any assistance is greatly appreciated here. Thanks for reading.