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    My contribution, enjoy reading leave a comment for feed back, love to hear what you think......


    Just as there are intersections on city streets, life sometimes parodies traffic flows. Lives intersects at times in many ways, sometimes running parallel to each other often times in random directions, and a few times one finds herself on the same street headed in opposite directions on a collision course.

    One would never guess that the perky bubbly brown eyed brunette named Melinda would ever end up in a situation with another woman much least against the preppy sporty blue eyed brunette named Tricia. Their first introduction came at a party in New York at the opening of an exhibit at an art gallery that drew many wealthy men and women. They had met through a woman named Allison. The one thing in common that they shared was they looked good in just about any wardrobe they selected. They took great pride in not only looking great but each took looking sensational and exquisite as they made many friends within the social circle. They were not immature girls, they found by being seductive and cunning women they could move up the ladder of life.

    Each had enough experinece in life to be able to get through the one night stands of life to serious long term relationships. Each gravitated through the field of meaningful relationships why partaking of the opportunity of a quick one night bang when the reward was worth the risk. Each knew how to play the field not afraid of a close run near the inside rail or breaking free to the outside and leave the rest of the pack in the back.

    Each also was not prudish in sole commitments, they kept their options open and even took part in some group play, not only with other men but women as well. At heart each was a romantic explorer and yearned to delve into her animalistic passions and rituals

    They discovered there was times that was playful but at times there were times that were painful depending on the activity. Each had no problem and saying no and neither felt ashamed in telling a guy to take walk and sometimes each turned down advances from another woman if they were not the right mix.

    There first intersection came at a party after the exhibit at the art gallery, it was a nice exhibit of expensive sculputres and pottery and figurines. After the exhibit each found they were invited to the private party after. Tricia preferred a nice purple dress that seemed to complement her curves and was a good match for her black leather thigh high boots with long stiletto heels. Melinda had chosed a late summer green dress that went well with her brown leather thigh highs also with a long stiletto heel. They sipped champagne from long stem glasses that were available to all the party goers. What was similar about the dresses they were each was of a conservative hemline, the dresses offered a view of their open upper backs and necks and a plunging v-neckline offered a view of their chest and each preferred sleeveless as well. They wore silk lace bras underneath which held the succulent breasts.

    As they mingled about the crowd they exchanged eye contact. Melinda's brown eyes darted and scanned Tricia's bare shoulders visible under the sleeveless dress and Tricia's blue eyes glanced over Melinda's soft arms tha protruded from her sleveless dress. Each selected a dress with a long vertical neckline that offered a stunning glimpses of her soft neckline and subtlety of her bra encased clevage.

    As the two mingled throughout he crowd their skin tight dresses revealed the hidden curves of their bodies. From bra encased breasts view of Melinda's perky breasts to Tricia's cradled bosoms. Their breasts were not the only attraction, Tricia had a curvy ass that matched Melinda's own heat shapped bum. Tricia had more of a natural sunkissed tan and Melinda had more of a tanned brown hue to her skin tone. Each wore several rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklebracelets and even a waist chain. About the only diffrences was that Tricia preferred her jewelry in silver that matched her tone of her skin and Melinda preferred hers in gold which matched her hue.

    One thing at parties and get togethers like this there is always the gossip that is heard and traded. During the course of the party the two were even introduced by the host Allison who was considered a dear friend by each. Each was an attention getter and she knew she was being oggled by some of the men at the party. Neither seemed to mind being checked out as she played along, it was one of the mystiques of male and female relationships.

    Each knew most of the most eligible bachelors in the social network and to the chargrin of most of the wives and fianeces' of the ones that were married or about to be. Tricia and Melinda learned how the game was played when it came to unattached or those that weren't in a committed relationship. Out of respect they made an agreement never to try to catch another woman's man. There were several wealthy men in the audience that each gravitated too.

    One in particular was a handsome sculptor name Tony. He had great hands and a great body too and was a great lover both in and out of bed. Pierce was another fantastic find as well if one didn't mind interracial relationships.
    Tony had seen Melinda earlier in the evening and they talked and had a nice rapprot before he bacame sidetracked and she got involved in converation with someone else. Tony came up to Tricia and said hi to her from behind which caught her by surpise. Melinda saw the advance Tony was putting on her and the perky brunette wanted more time with him.

    The two were standing with a small group of people chatting as Allison came up to them, she was delicious host as she introduced Melinda and Tricia.

    Allison: Hi Tricia, having a good time?
    Tricia: Fantastic Allison....
    Allison: I'd like to introduce you to someone....Tricia, this is
    an old friend of mine named Melinda.....Melinda, this is an
    old friend of mine named Tricia......
    Melinda: Nice to meet you I'm Melinda.......

    Melinda offered her right hand to Tricia who in turn offered her right hand
    as they shook each others hand. From all outward signs it appeared as a genuine respectful handshake as normal for any person meeting another but as their fingers entwined they could feel the rings that each wore on each individual finger.

    Tricia: Pleasure to meet you, I'm Tricia
    Melinda: I saw you talking with Tony before.....he's a sweetie
    Tricia: Yeah he is......when I came in before I saw you and him
    having a conversation before but saw you get involved with
    something else
    Melinda: somthings cause distractions at times....he is really gifted
    with his hands......
    Tricia: oh I know......he's done some acclaimed sculpture work
    Melinda: yeah I know.....I did some modeling for him on the piece
    down in the foyer....
    Tricia: Ohhhhhhh.....I see...must have spent a while on all fours with your legs spread allowing your ass to be chiseled in marbel...I did a few sessions for him for his a few of
    his sculptures...especially the one on the balcony.....
    Melinda: Hmmm Mmmmmm...One of the prices to pay I guess when on is
    selected to be displayed for immortality....
    Tricia: More like chosen to be a recepient of for doggie sex.....did
    he have to entice your performance with a good old fashioned
    hairpull or grab your throat from behind?

    Melinda eye's narrowed in spite, she knew what Tricia was hinting at as Tricia smiled back knowing she had hit a nerve.
    Tricia pointed to the marble sculpture on the balcony.

    Melinda: Oh the one that is laying back with it's legs a
    leaning position....oh that's so sweet.....I didn't realize you were a model.......I was kind of wondering who was the
    inspiration for thoughts of a great lay eating the sweet
    grapes as she is ripe for getting reamed.

    Tricias eyes narrowed in spite as Melinda's comment drilled deep into her as Melinda smiled back she knew she had hit a nerve also.

    Tricia: I do some work on the side for painters, sculptors things
    like that......
    Melinda: same here tends to help pay the bills and keeps me in the
    Tricia: from your looks I can see why some would want you to model,
    though I would not have expected more than a adult magazine
    or video.....

    Melinda giggled.

    Melinda: Oh I have done more than that kind of the
    painting hanging on that far wall.......

    Tricia truned and glanced at the painting that Melinda had pointed out...

    The resemblence was uncanny that from a certain angle it looked like Melinda.

    Tricia: Very subjective posing.....though I do have to say the
    teddy you were wearing adds a bit of class to the outfit...
    Melinda: Well I prefer adding a bit of class to any modelwork I do
    Tricia: I'm sure you do.....

    Tricia silently led the pert looking Melinda to the opposite corner of the room and she pointed to a photo that hung along the wall......the resembelence between the photo and Tricia was and lace corset matching panties covered the skin of a remarkable figure.

    Melinda: My oh my ........subective posing as well.....I see you like
    to add a bit of class as well.....
    Tricia: I love to when I am given the opportunity

    One of the other women at the party was a statesque redhead named Irma, she knew Melinda from other places around town and she knew Tricia as well from other parties. She knew from previous encounters with each that there was a lot of dislike between her and each woman. She saw Allison introduce them during the course of the evening. They way they extended their hands and shook the way their slender fingers wrapped as they greeted each other. As their fingers wrapped they winced, some of the rings they wore were facing outward normally, several of the rings were turned so the settings were hidden under her fingers. The sharp edges of the band of metal sunk into the soft palms of the other.

    She knew of Tricia's reputation and knew that Melinda had one as well. As she navigated around the party she devilishy plotted a strategy to open the door and wondered just how well the two would get along, she wondered how to get revenge against each.

    As the two mingled through the party she quietly remarked in conversations a tidbit here and there about the other. The seads of hate were being lay out as each heard some of the rumors about the other while being out of earshot of the other. At times toward the end of the party the once glances and looks gaveway to narrow stares as eyes locked and frowns were exchanged. Neither was afraid of making a new rival or to encounter a new adversary or enemy. Lips pursed and at times a lip curled and each exchanged teeth. Irma's plotting seemed to be going as she secretly hatched the desired outcome.

    It was working so well that Irma heard back a few rumors and overheard a few shards of gossip that she did not start but came to realize each must have made a few comments. The evening was getting late and slowly the guests were beginning to filter out. Allison had plenty of clean up and Melinda offered to stay and help clean up. Irma offered to help as well and a few other of Allisons friends offered her time and Tricia also offered her help to.

    Subtlety and charm and the art of manipulation were part of each womans total package. As more people offered to stay and lend the time there was less and less work to do, in the labyrinth of Allison's estate Trisha and Melinda brushed in a back hallway. Neither was looking forward to brushing each other and seemed to make them bristle at first as brown eyes and blue eyes locked in the poorly lit hallway, Irma remained out of sight obscured by the shadows. The hallway was a good spot as it would announce any other guests approaching by their footsteps.

    Melinda: Nice to meet you......I've heard a lot about you
    Tricia: You as well......hopefully all good things....
    Melinda: know.......the good....and the bad......

    Tricia chuckled and Melinda laughed in reply.

    Tricia: I heard a lot of things about you......
    Melinda: Hopefully you heard some good things.....
    Tricia: Well you hear the good.....and the bad.....but then you have
    to remember the sources
    Melinda: True.......
    Tricia: I heard you and I might have a lot in common
    Melinda: I was left with the same impression....I think one thing I
    heard about you was how much repuation of a total bitch you could be......

    Melinda smirked as she let the words total bitch just drawl out form her mouth as Tricia frowned.

    Tricia: OH, really who would have said something like that.....thats ok......given I heard you have a reputation of a top shelf cunt....

    Tricia let the rich seeped words top shelf cunt drip from her lips like a expensive French Bordeax as she grinned back as Melinda frowned.

    Melinda: I will admit it sugar.......I am curious about some of the things I have heard about you....
    Tricia: Same here sweetie.....I learned a few things in life, one
    was never to judge a book by it's cover
    Melinda: Well I've heard the same cliche, though to be honest with you.....they way you are falling out of your dress it would
    be difficult to be bound in a hard cover....

    Melinda grinned.

    Tricia: Well if this is your judgement of formality at a posh showing for a gallery event like this....then it appears you
    are out of your league.....

    Tricia smirked back.

    Melinda: Well at least you tried to add a little class to tonights
    Tricia: I was thinking at least you tried to add a little glitter
    especially when you're showing so much skin........
    Melinda: I can understand your thoughts and thinking.....nice to
    add a some eye candy to your fashionable qualities

    From where Irma stood in the shadows of the hallway and with their chatting echoing off the walls of the empty hallway it was hard to say whether they stepped into each other or if it was a half a lurch. The two bumped into each other as Tricia's hand came up her slender fingers entwined in Melinda's coiffered shoulder length bangs as Melinda's own hand came up and her own slender fingers twirled in Tricia's long tuft of hair. Black leather thigh highs and brown leather thigh highs entwined around each other's boots they stayed precariously balanced in the center of the hallway.

    Each let their eye contact remain unchanged as they quietly locked a hand long slender fingers entwined as their fingers clutched the others hand and they traced the backs of each others hand as they stroked the palm too. Each one getting a feel of the other.

    Tricia's fingers slid upwards along Melinda's forearm tracing lightly along the hairs of her forearm as Melinda's own fingers traced their way up Tricia's own forearm each tracing her fingers but at certain points their travel they would purposely twist their fingers and press her sharp talons into the smooth skin which brought a grimace and a wince from each.

    As she reached the inside of Melinda and softly tapped her nails below the inner elbow Melinda drummed own nails on the inner arm of Tricia's forearm just below the elbow. It was almost if unconsciously they had read each other's mind as they exchange grins and smirks. Eventually the two shuffled closer as their arms entwined around the others biceps wrapping tightly. Each one frowned a little as some of the bands of her sharp rings that had been reversed dug into soft yielding flesh.

    Tricia: Oh my........sugar you know how the game is
    scratchable....I bet you scar pretty easily
    Melinda: uh huh, sweetie you certainly seem adept and knowledgable on how the game is played and I bet you mark up as well....

    Melinda's other hand wrapped around Tricia's other shoulder as her sharp manicured dug into the bare skin behind her neck bring a gasp from Tricia's mouth.

    Melinda: Whats the matter bitch....that painful?
    Tricia: a tad....but I can take it and give better.....

    As Tricia's free hand wrapped around Melinda's opposite shoulder and she dug her nails into the skin below the back of Melinda's neck her own sharp manicured nails dug in as well as Melinda gasped in reply.

    Tricia: Hows that feel honey?
    Melinda: oh I've felt better.........but I can give as good as I get

    The two stood in a throes of a painful hug. Irma had the unpleasant reality of losing chunks of her vibrant redhair to each of these jungle cats and in a way it was good thearuputic value to avenge her losses to them by being rewarded to seeing them meet another wildcat and not to lose any hair or skin in this meeting.

    As they stood in their embrace her nose brushed her rivals nose as eyes narrowed. They could smell the scents from the others hair shampoo and Tricia could smell Christian Dior finest perfume on Melinda's neck and Melinda could smell Chanel Number 5 on Tricia's neck as well. As their thighs wrapped tightly they leaned in seemingly tighter as they invited and invoked a bit of passion into their embrace.

    Tricia leaned her mouth in and her lips parted as she bit the side of Melinda's neck that brought a gasp from Melinda.

    Tricia: Nasty bitch.....feel the pain from that sugar?
    Melinda: Dirty sadistic cunt....think your hot stuff??
    Tricia: Hotter than you for sure
    Melinda: I'm sure you'd like to think that

    Rather than push away Melinda turned her head slightly and returned a bite to the side of Tricia's neck that brought a gasp from Tricia.

    Melinda: Cunt.....does that make you feel better?
    Tricia: just as good as it does you.......

    Tricia pushed tighter into Melinda pinning her back to the wall as she did she let go of the nail hold she had on the back of the brown eyed brunette's neck and wrapped her fingers around the front of her throat and leaned in good and close as the brushed and bumped amid a combination of grunts and squeals and moans from their mouths as she forcibly kissed her. For a moment the brown eyed brunette was overwhelmed.

    Tricia could sense the uncertainity in the brown eyed brunette as she forcibly spun the brunette around by her throat grab and forced the brunette into the wall in back of her, Melinda slammed roughly into the wall as the the blue eyed brunette took advantage of Melinda's curvy buttocks and dug her figner nails into the top of Melinda's asscrack as she snarled as Melinda gasped. Her hands were pushed against the wall rudely and crudely as she groaned softly as Tricia dug her nails into the brown eyed brunette as the blue eyed brunette smiled and leaned.

    At first the brown eyed brunette panicked but she quickly ragained her composure and pushed back from the wall as she did she pivoted on her right hip and thrust back into the blue eyed she did she caught Tricia unprepared and spun her and aggressively slammed her back into the opposite hallway wall with a thud as she did Melinda's own fingers dug into Tricia's ass crack as Melinda growled and Tricia was now the one who gasped as the blue eyed brunette felt the torment that the brown eyed brunette could give.

    Melinda marshalled her emotions and reached her hand across gripping Tricias neck and wrapped her hand tightly across throat and returned a solid kiss in return as she extracted commanding kiss from the blue eyed brunette that brought more grunts and squeals and moans from the corner of their mouths. They each raked her nails through the others scalps. There eyes widened in pain as they each winced as her head was scratched by the others opposing fingernails.

    In between their hot breaths they bit at each others lips as saliva leaked from the corners of the battling mouths and leaked down the combined drool dripping from the chins to flow down their throats and the spittle and drool flowed further down soaking their chests and breasts. In between they let the tongues explore the others mouth risking bites by the others sharp fangs but rewarded by the feelings of conquering the other slut.

    Melinda: Whore
    Tricia: Slut
    Melinda: Bitch
    Tricia: Cunt
    Melinda: Dirty cumdumpster bitch
    Tricia: Nasty cumslurpin cunt

    Melinda staggered Tricia backward and forced the blue eyed brunette back against the opposite wall as each attempted to dominate the other........fine dresses were pulled in the process as their silk bras scrunched up and wrinkled under the opposing chaos. Luckily the thick leather of their thigh high boots took the constant thrashing of the other's sharp stiletto shafts as the pushed and shoved in the tight confines of the hallway.

    There were soon enveloped in a layer of perspiration, they were bumping and brushing and their nipples were protruding through their soft bras and dresses. Like evil scorresses each snaked her slender long fingers under the fabric of their dresses and into the others bra and attacked with all her ferocity. Once fine silk and lace sheer bra's worn for the subtle effects of looking hot and being a source of attraction were pulled askewed or rolled up freeing once craddled soft breast flesh

    Scratch or being scratched, rake or be raked, gouge or be gouged were the only thoughts that crossed their minds. Pain, torment, and rage were the only thoughts that went through their minds.

    They each worked the others breast flesh as they twisted the others orbs and pulled and twisted and ran their nails across the top, up and down the sides and as thier fingers sought the soft undersides as well crushing the others mammary sacks. Neither offered the slightest apology for their behavior. Each grimaced as her breasts were scratched and stabbed by the others sharp well manicured nails. The cuttage from their many rings were consequential damage as the sharp metal bands cut and the setting dug into soft yeilding flesh. The undersides of each womans breasts were the most soft part on any woman's twins because of the warm moist flesh.

    Each proved she was adept at seeking out the others nipples as the clawed at each others skin they went for the other perky throbbing nipple tips, and the more she made the other aroused the more of a target she found. Tears welled in the corners of their eyes. There as no denying the pain and agony that flowed as freely as the tears that dripped from their soft cheeks.

    Nipples were grabbed and corkscrewed as each pulled and twisted the others throbbing tips and bent them at the tip and at the base.
    Melinda felt her erect nipple tips being sliced and cut with deadly precision from Tricia's talons and Tricia suffered as she felt her own swelled tips being sawed and diced in fury courtesy of Melinda sharp nails. Nipple shafts were raked and clawed as Melinda focused on trying to sever Tricia's nipple shaft at the base and Tricia was incensed trying to claw the tips of Melinda and shred them in the process.

    Irma closed her eyes as the two antogonists even resorted to biting the others nipples as the two shrieked in suffering as tears watered from their eyes. When Tricia attempted to bite Melinda's nipple Melinda dug her hand into Tricia's scalp and pulled so hard to drag her mouth off her wounded nipple. It resulted in a hard slap to to Melinda's cheek. Melinda's face stung from a handful of metal that adorned Tricia's hand.

    Several moments later Melinda resorted to biting Tricia's own nipple which ended with Tricia grabbing Melinda's bangs and pulled so hard to pull her mouth off of Melinda's wounded nipple. Melinda slapped her palm against Tricia's cheek in return. Tricia's cheek turned red and it stung from the rings Melinda wore.

    As they staggered though the remote hallway the sound of loud music from elsewhere in the estate provided them excellent cover their shrieks of agony.

    Melinda snarled.

    Melinda: Your not going any where honeycakes.....

    Tricia growled.

    Trica: I'm not finished with you either sweetiepie....

    Both twisted and moved in the narrow confines of the hallway.......Tricia leaned in purposely going for Melinda's waist as she ravaged the brown eyed brunettes navel clawing without mercy. Melinda turned into the blue eyed brunette as she raked her navel back. Tricia clawed her nails into Melinda's belly button as Melinda gouged her right back in reply. Tears streaked their cheeks. They were both standing so close foreheads bumping as noses and lips brushed over and over. Tricia could feel Melinda's nails dig in to find the knot of her umbilical cord and she peeled at the cord in painful fury.

    Standing in the remote hallway her dress wrinkled and their bras barely hanging by thier shoulderstaps freeing her mammaries that peaked from underneath the lace sand silk fabric. In the constant thrashing and battling dresses found themselves hiked up above the hip revealing delicate sheer and lace thongs. Each had a nice full bush under the fabric, luckily the were fortunate that it was not attacked earlier. Perhaps overlooked or perhaps it was a method of attacking another bitch or cunt only if she targeted your own assets.

    Melinda went for Tricia's public fur as Melinda's hand pushed into Tricia's thong as the blue eyed brunette winced and Melinda tore and ripped at Tricia's hair as Tricia shoved her own hand into Melinda's thong and her hand ripped out several handfuls of the brown eyed dreams patch. They sobbed as her pelt was torn out in with a good few handfulls of dense fur. Tricia could feel Melinda's sharp nails clawing her mound as her fingers traced though her whispy forest as Melinda could feel Tricia's talons lacerating her mound as her fingers traced through her fine mound hair.

    Tricia inverted her slender long hand as her fingers and palmed Melinda's pussy as Melinda inverted her own hand and her fingers reached upwards and cupped Tricia's pussy in return. They not only crushed clits and labia lips, but their rings scratched as well as their clawing talons. They each cried and swore in agony as her labia lips were speared by the others sharp nails and delicate folds were stretched and the muscle of the flesh labia lips were crushed. More cursing and epitaphts were sworn as nails as their nails traced aroused clits as they mauled and painfully worked the long clitoris muscles belonging to the other. More tears flowed as they abused the other's sexual organs that were normally used to a delicate fucking.

    Each painfully pushed away from each other, scratched, bitten and bloody and in a odd way aroused by their feminine agression.

    Trica: oh you are good........
    Melinda: as are you........

    Tricia: I don't want to get to fucked up tonight I didn't count on nearly as much....perhaps we can get together next Wednesday......if your in town we can rendevous at the libary.....
    Melinda: the library.......
    Tricia:'s quiet and offers an air of privacy and besides I have the advantage of being given a key which lets me use
    it after hours
    Melinda: Oddly enough, I have wandered the stacks after hours as well
    and while I agree I'm not willing to give you access to my bedroom......I think making you scream inside the walls of marble setting to be an exciting delight
    Trica: Well don't get me wrong, I don't think you've earned a place
    in my bedroom either.....but I think destroying you in a place where I don't have to worry about cleaning up the mess
    after is an exciting thought....
    Melinda: What time do you have in mind?
    Tricia: Not too early.....let's say 11pm
    Melinda: Perfect pumpkin

    They hurriedly straightened their dresses and left Allison's estate after they exchanged goodbyes with her. Melinda's fine undergarments were in bad shape as were Tricia's own fine silk and lace. On her drive home each was in pain. As each arrived home she glanced at the tapestry of fresh marks and scars that were added to years of old victory marks that adorned her body.

    The days passed quickly as each was looking forward to getting togehter, little did either realize that Irma stood feet from them as they had their first greeting. Little did either realize that she was going to be at the library waiting in the upper mezzanine area that had a view of the stacks below would be a good place to watch and observe.

    Tricia had been in the stacks at the library, friends with the library director had its benefits, late night access and the opportunity for after hours use. With no one around it was a place of solitude especially on a warm summer weekend with nothing else to do. Melinda had the same opportunity to use the same libary as she also enjoyed the perks of a friendship. Both women seemed to run in the same social circle enjoying not only the libary but art gallery and fine upscale scenes.

    Tricia had a preferred style and look for being preppy that seemed to have come naturally from her days in the university where as Melinda captured the uniqueness of looking perky but with a flair. Each knew how to get what she wanted, desire and ability and each knew how to get what she wanted and when she wanted it. Whether it be looking a certain way, verbal repretoire, or elegant social graces or lack there of. Each brunette knew how to get what she wanted, but how to take it by any force she wanted within reason, and how to keep what she wanted and how and when to discard something she lost interest in.

    Tricia had a love for black leather and long shafted heeled stiletto thigh highs which she wore with some very fine clothing. It seemed to match Melindas preference in brown leather long shaft stilleto thigh highs. In a bedroom setting Melinda prefered fine undergarments from negligees to silk stockings to fine bras and panties to corsets that rivaled those garments that Tricia would also wear. Their tastes in clothing ranged from dresses or blouses and skirts, denim jeans, cutoffs, tanktops or an old fashioned wife beater or swimwear.

    It was well past closing at the libary, even security had completed their rounds leaving each to her privacy, each had a letter if she needed it should it be necessary their mutual friend had given them a pass to make use of the library after hours. Each was checking out some of the materials in the older stack areas hidden by many aisles filled with racks of books. It was a lost labyrinth of printed texts. Each was so lost in her thoughts as she looked through the seemingly mountainous volumes of materials. They crossed paths in the tight alcove towards the rear of the library, each looked up at the sounds of the foot steps of heels against the marble floor to see the other across a bench used for sitting and a small oak table used for research and cataloging. They each had place her jacket on the nearby coatrack not even seemingly noticing the others hanging off of another peg.

    Irma peered through the marble railing she wore indian style leather boots that had soft toes and heels and found an excellent use for being super quiet and unannouncing as she would be able to watch from the shadows of the mezzanine area. It was a little past 11pm as Melinda was the first to arrive. It was no more than 5 minutes later that Tricia arrived also. Irma was a nasty little bitch in her own right even though she had the misfortune of fighting Tricia and Melinda before, she paid a huge price, her long red mane pulled and her body scarred. Not to say she didn't get her licks in as well, Tricia bore a few scars from their fight and Melinda walked away with a few permanent ones too, the type that eventually fade away with time.

    Roving eyes met with wandering eyes as each looked up to regard the others presence. Tricia's blue eyes made contact with Melinda's brown eyes. Neither said a word as Melinda gave Tricia a fading smirk as Tricia returned a grin back at her. It was a warm evening outside, a brief rain shower took the edge of the days humidty. In the rear stacks of the libary offered it's own privacy as Melinda removed her simple blouse. Tricia peeled of her top too. They then slid off their skirts leaving them in nothing more than a thing flimsy sheer bra and thong. Like the first time they also wore a necklace and a few metal rings on each finger as well, the kind of rings that would leave damage of their own on another woman's flesh.

    Neither was ashamed of her body and didn't care if it was on display for all to see. Somehow they came to the inevitable conclusion that they were going to probably end up naked anyways and neither seemed to care of it happened that way.

    Melinda: Shall we?

    Melinda fingers traced her own lace bra and sheer thong.
    Tricia took a deep breath, oddly enough Melinda didn't have to say much to be undersood.

    Tricia: May as well, I expect they won't last long anyways

    Without a word each slid off her bra as their breasts bounced and swayed freely and they hooke their thumbs and fingers in their thong's waistband and pushed them off letting them fall to the floor as their dense fur public hair patches revealed how full they were. Tricia prefered her black leather thigh high stiletto heels and tonight Melinda found a pair of cordovan leather thigh high stiletto heels as well.

    Tricia smiled smuggley at Melinda as Melinda gave her a fading smile back. Each still had fresh marks from their first go around as well as some old scars as they took their time in circling each other and getting a good first look at the others bare exposed flanks. Blue eyes scanned Melinda and brown eyes looked Tricia over as well. Meanwhile on the floor above them green eyes looked down with joy on the two exquisite women sizing each other up.

    No one could have been more shocked......somehow each knew they were not alone in the building, the perfume was called Fate a french scent, not many could afford that brand and they used the power of scent to catalog each man or woman they had ever come across and they had smelled that secent in the past week as they each knew they were not alone in the hallway at Allison's estate. Tricia and Melinda were thinking the same they exchanged eye contact.

    Tricia: Irma come on out.....stop cowering in the shadows.........
    Melinda: For sure you witch.......what are you hoping for that we do
    your work for you......

    Irma took a deep breath and followed the narrow stairs down to the stacks.... as she took a seat on a chair near the reaseach table......

    Irma: How long have you known?
    Tricia: Since the first night you were in the hallway with us
    Irma: Why didn't you say something then?
    Tricia: I had my hands full dearie
    Melinda: I was quite pre-occuppied with an engaging issue and didn't
    dare to waste precious time with incidentals
    Tricia: Well you and I are no friends for sure Irma but if you wish
    to stay and watch a free show by all means, just stay out of
    the way and don't interefere....after I'm done with toots I
    will leave whats left for you
    Melinda: Well for sure you are not a BFF Irma, but if you want to keep out of it, your more than welcome to observe....don't take sides and maybe if I am nice I will leave whats left of her for you

    As the two set forth the parameters of Irma being able to stay and watch Tricia and Melinda took a few circles moving clockwise and counter clockwise to take a good gander at the other. Everything vital was on display, from delicate breasts and the visibility of full bushes that each had thinned out previously.....and fleshy labia lips and clits and gorgeous heart shapped asses. As they circled each other neither seemed to object to being checked out as each stood unashamedly with their legs spread open. Each were specimens of sultriness.

    Tricia: Any specific way you want it?
    Melinda: I have done checking on you the past few days.......I am
    pretty sure I feel I can take you on your best day....

    Tricia laughed.

    Tricia: Well I have done my homework too and have heard plenty about
    you as well and I am comfortable I can put you down on your
    hottest day...

    Melinda chuckled.

    Tricias hand's reached out as Melinda's hands reached out to taking each others hands fingers emtwined as each exchange sheepish smiles.

    They stepped closer as their hands reached across their fingers wrapped in each others scalps and pulled as the pulled each other closer as Melinda leaned in Tricia leaned across and they looked in a teasing kiss. It was a competitive kiss as Tricia's narrow lips pressed against Melinda's own lips as Melinda kissed her back. They pulled each others hair as they were each moaning as they lips parted in heated kiss. Brown eyes narrowed and blue ones returned the narrow gaze. They mouths were glued together as they both kissed long and hard only able to inhale and exhale through her nose as Melinda's perky nose brushed against Tricia's thinner more pronounced nose.

    The tip of Tricia's tongue met with the tip of Melinda's on velvety tongue as saliva balled in the recess of her mouth as they dueled as they pushed into an embrace. Melinda's own tongue flicked across the tip of Tricias velvety tongue. Each one kissing try to get the advantage trying to take command of the situation. They pressed toghether unashamedly breast to breast and belly to belly and hip to hip. They pressed their navels toghether in a full body to body embrace as they kissed as hard as they could. Each tried to wear down the others lips.

    They were slurping and hissing, moaning at times as the toyed with passion as a woman. Each could feel the arousal, her areolas were stiff and erect, each could feel her nipples throbbing as Tricia stepped in closer Melinda countered, as their legs locked together as each rocked her thigh against the other's mound. Each pressed her mammaries into the others she could feel the other undulating against her own mammaries as she cold feel the others nipples throbbing and feel the others heartbeat through their sandwiched orbs.

    They stood in the narrow aisle of the stacks probing and touching as she was probed and touched. Rubbing and petting and fingering each others ass and vertical crack. Each trying her best to exploit the other for an advantage...trying to get the other so aroused beyond any point in her life. The two were perspiring almost sweating as they soon had the other twitching as they teased the other. There is often a fine line between passion and primal heat and they were approaching that line fast. While they had explored this path before at differnt times with others this was the first time with one another. They decided to let the aggressions out.

    Melinda: Ohhhhhh sooooo's not going to work SLUT
    Tricia: Pity WHORE, I need things more catty, it's my nature
    Melinda: Ditto dear.............

    Tricia's hands found Melinda brown bangs and she pulled hard as Melinda pulled back and gritted her teeth as Tricia pulled back gritting her teeth as they pulled each other back and forth in the stacks. Each pulled each other around in a circle by the handfuls of the other hair as she did each tried to kick at each other with their stiletto shafted heel of their thigh highs. Luckily most kicks were blocked by the others leather encased thigh which took the brunt of the damage the metal tip would have left on bare skin. In between the kicking they also attempt blunt force damage left by attempted kneeing as most of the kneeing was absorbed by the others leather encased thigh also.

    They slapped at each other in fury aiming for faces but striking boobs as well leaving stinging flesh in the wake of each slap. Neither showed the slightest expression of remorse. Tricia backed Melinda against one of the stack shelving units and she reached across forcing Melinda's breast against a shelf and pushed it hard into the metal shelf. Melinda groaned in agony as her breast felt the direct abuse and Tricia smiled wildly.

    Tricia: Hows that feel sugar teets? you'll, be sorry you have more than an A-cup....

    Melinda pushed out of Tricia's grip as she manage to break free of the torment, she pivoted and turned like an animal and slammed Tricia into an opposite shelving unit on the other side of the aisle. She grabbed the blue eyed brunette's hair and pushed her body into the opposite shelving unit and pushed her breasts against the metal shelf and ground the soft yeilding flesh against the metal. It brought a scream from Tricia mouth as Melinda smiled diabolically.

    Melinda: I can get even as well and damage as good as you

    Tricia turned quickly and grabbed both of Melinda's nipples and crushed them under her thumb tips using the opposite shelving unit. It brought a shriek from Melinda's mouth. Melinda in agony collaped to her knees clutching her breasts as Tricia smiled triumphantly. Melinda's brown eyes looked up tears streaking her cheeks. As she managed to stand her eyes narrowed as she craddled her nipples.

    Tricia: Do yourself a favor and stay down cunt
    Melinda: Paybacks a bitch.........

    Without warning she reached out grabbing Tricia's erect nipples pulling then hard towards her as if she was jerking Tricia forward, then she left her left leg and pushed her her stiletto heel forward in a thrust kick the stiletto heel striking Tricia in the mound she ground the sharp heel into Tricia's hairy mound. Melinda grinned evily as the blue eyed brunette fell to the floor in agony as she stretched each of Tricia's nipples like salt water taffy as she felt he pain of what Melinda just administered.

    Now it was Tricia's turn to cradle and protect her bosom and comfort her mound from Melinda's heel. Tricia's eyes welled with tears as between her cries of pain she swore and shouted some obscenities directed at Melinda.

    Melinda: Fucking whore, do yourself a favor and stay down
    Tricia: Not going to give you that satisfaction slut

    It took a few minutes for Tricia to try to stand as her blue eyes narrowed in hate as she looked across at Melinda's sassy smirk.

    Their eyes locked.......each was trying to guess the others next move......trying to anticipate the others next tactic.....Melinda had a definite meanness that dwelled in her heart and soul......but Tricia had a nasty edge to her......Tricia moved gingerly after Melinda's last attack. As she closed in to attempt to finish Tricia, Tricia lashed out landing a kick form her stiletto heeled thigh that dug in high into Melinda's belly as she dug the heel into Melinda's belly just above the navel. Melinda gasped in agony as Tricias heel dug into her belly as she fell to the floor. Tricia decided to move into for the kill as Melinda squirmed on the floor Tricia purposely stepped her foot down on Melindas right breast and pressed her on stiletto heel into Melinda's right nipple. Now it was Melinda to swear in agony as tears dripped from her eyes. Tricia smiled evilly. Gone was the once confident sassy smirk that Melinda had give earlier. As Melinda lay on the floor Tricia stepped off the brown eyed brunette as she did she gave Melinda good heel kick to her mound. Melinda groaned in agony

    Tricia gave Melinda a snarky grin as she stepped off of Melinda like someone stepping off a lump old fur carpet. As she did Melinda reached and grabbed Tricia's thighhigh by the ankle, and tripped the bitch who fell to the floor. Even with tears in her eyes Melinda instictively kicked out her own leg and her own cordovan encased leg kicked her heel into the vertical smile of Tricia's ass. In between and sprawling across the floor the women kicked at each other.

    Stiletto heels were used to kick at each others legs, arms, bodies and boobs and asses. They even stepped on each others necks and faces in the wild melee. They turned in close tight and embraced and bit into each others cheeks and faces along with necks and ears. Tears streamed down their cheeks as the fought.

    Between the hisses and snarls and growling and swearing both brunettes went out of their way to hurt each other even though the knew they risked getting it back from the other. Each knew her breasts were targets that was a given being fully exposed to each other. Nails twisted and tore, dug in and tormented, gouged as each tried to tear other nipple shafts from their delicate areolas. As their aroelas became fully aroused and engorged they presented more of a target as they attacked the outer edge of the areolas and tried to pull the areolas from each others breasts. Each sobbed in pain

    Each woman scrambled to her feet, they attcked each other again this time the went for each others navels and crotch fingers tracing through the others whispy forest. They latched on and pulled hard pulling each others pubes. Trica stomped on Melindas foot with her stiletto heel and Melinda groaned as she returned the stomp with her own stomp her stiletto heel striking Tricias as hard as hers at her foot.

    Melinda extended her fingers and SLAPPED Tricia across the cheek HARD. The blood flowed to Tricias cheek as it stung leaving a red palmprint. She backhanded Melinda across her face belting her good leaving a red mark on Melinda's cheek. Tricia forced Melinda back against the table as she pressed Melinda backward sprawling across the table. As she pressed her advantage Tricia climbed on top of Melinda and forced her back against the tabletop. As she pressed Melinda backwards across the tabletop her legs tried to scissor Melinda's waist as she pinned her down.

    Melinda reached up and grabbed the blue eyed brunettes bangs and pulled her hair hard pulling her down as the thrashed wildly, Tricia lost her leverage as she was not on her feet and Melinda could not balance herself to get up she found herself partially pinned but at least Tricia was not in a decisive position. With grunts and squeals Melinda pulled Tricia off of her as they rolled along the tabletop. As she rolled Tricia off of her Melinda worked her hand between Tricias ass cheeks and she clawed her nails in savagely into the blue eyed brunette's vertical smile which brough a screech from Tricia.

    Melinda: I will rip your ass in two love

    A smirk crossed the brown eyed brunettes lips but that did not last long as Tricia's nails found Melinda's own vulernable ass bringing a scream from her lips.

    Tricia: I will raw your ass honey

    Fingers found the others bum hole and nails were mutilating the others anuses. They cursed each other unable to protect themselves. Their mouths
    locked in a biting kiss as each tried to trap each others mouths in a biting hold and used her fingers and nails on both holes between her legs. Their nipples throbbed in arousement and excitement. They were sweating from the in close intimate contact. Each couldn't do anything about it but they were not only sweaty and past the point of perspiration, they were also getting wet.

    As they rolled and continued biting saliva and spit in their biting of each others mouths they continued to thrash on the tabletop....Melinda and Tricia were embroiled in a personal war as cordovan leather stiletto heels locked with black leather stiletto heels as their legs locked and unlocked and locked repeatedly.

    In addition to biting they were painfully scratching and clawing not only the others rosebud but the others vagina. They were becoming a dirty mess leaking more than sweat and saliva.....neither could prevent the torrential flood of cum and other heated fluids as well.

    Irma sat shifting in her chair watching the two angry shecats, they rolled from one edge of the table to the other and back again. Labia lips and clits were mauled as well and each had her vagina ruthlessly spread thanks to the others grip. As she stabbed her nails deeper it brought more cum from their vagina as they struggled to reach deeper.....going for each other's cervical canal.

    When women are as deeply stimulated as they were now it becomes inevitable that they try and either stop the penetration then and there or else they fuck whats finding it's way in that deep. Each was in agony having been ripped apart already. Neither wanted to give the other the satisfacion of winning, finger banging each others asshole as each already aroused beyond belief decided to try and push the other over the edge.

    Blue eyes locked with brown ones as their ass cheeks rippled each tightened her vagina around the others invading hand.........the shouts and screams of curses and obscenties flew from their mouths between long heated tongue kissing as they fucked the others hand. Breasts were bumping back and forth hard nipples bending as cum pooled from their crotches as they rolled back and forth.

    In between rolling on the table they ended up in a position of ending up pussy to pussy. There was no shame as they ended up grinding into each other, as they rolled fully entwined their legs and feet had a mind of their own as the long stiletto shafts of her heels hooked the others, in their rolling gyrations each slowly twisted the and peeled the long leather thighhugs from the others sexy thighs as Melinda slowly peeled Tricia's black leather thighs highs from her legs as Tricia managed to peel off Melinda's cordovan colored thigh highs leaving each bare legged and feet exposed.

    They rolled thighs locked with bare thighs, each managed to press up from the dirty table and staggered on their feet collasping across the nearby bench seat gasping and breathing hard. As they wrapped up tightly on the bench seat each pressed into each other as thier legs coiled around each other. Melinda was good with her feet as Tricia presented a good amount of rivalry for her with her own feet. They pushed their feet between the others thighs and gas pedaled the other mounds. The slid the toes into the others pussy pumping in and out. Gasping and excited wildly.

    Multiple orgasms were given by each, extracted from the other as they stretched out on the bench seat.

    The two antognists were both exhausted and tiring quickly as they stretched out on the bench seat and resorted to exchanging kisses as they nibbled on lips and ears and boldy bit the tips of each others swirling tongues. They attempted to gag each other with a mouthful of saliva. The nonstop figting had gone almost 3 hours and they two were a mess. Irma herself had orgasmed rocking on the nearby chair. The fight had been wilder than either of the times she had fought them before. They each were tire and sore and exhausted.

    Melinda: Nasty fucking bitch
    Tricia: Your a total cunt
    Melinda: This is not over but I think we both ought to take a break
    Tricia: I agree
    Melinda: Here's my address, we can meet for this on Friday night, pack for the weekend and we can stay in I will be home at 5:30 feel free to arrive 6:30-ish
    Tricia: I'm not coming there to bed you cunt
    Melinda: I didn't ask you too.........personally I love ripping you

    Tricia smiled and blew her a soft kiss.

    Tricia: Personally I love tearing you to pieces, as dangerous as you are
    Melinda: Little ole' me?

    Melinda fluttered her eyes and smiled.

    Melinda: Between the two of us I plan on splitting you in two
    Tricia: You are welcome to try, I will burst you till you explode
    Melinda: Good luck with that, it will be long and rough and Irma, you
    know where I live you're welcome to attend too, you can
    chill out and watch....

    Irma nodded.

    Irma: I don't plan on getting in the middle of your dispute however I won't be able to attend perhaps another time

    Tricia: That's fine ......

    With that Irma gathered her things and left the two alone for the night.

    The two gathered and put on their silk and lace bras and sheer silk and lace thongs and panties and slid on thier blouses and skirts and leather thigh highs and left. Tricia arrived home in pain from the nights activity she was sore and felt pain at times. Melinda was in agony as well, at least if there was going to be a third encounter between them they could take their time and have totaly privacy.

    As they made their way out of the library in the early morning hours very much disheveled and abused and dirty Melinda turned to Tricia.

    Melinda: If you don't have any objections, I know someone from
    downstairs in my apartment building I would like to invite
    her for Friday nights meeting......
    Tricia: Who is she........
    Melinda: A long haired blond, you might know her, her name is Shayna
    She used to hang out the dance club Tijullio's
    Tricia: I think I know her, used to chill at the Sun Club some years
    back.........used to be a trouble maker.....
    Melinda: yup......still is......when we aren't on good terms for sure
    Tricia: I still remember the times her and I found trouble....if she
    wants to sit in fine, but with Shayna, I'm not attending to
    be friends with someone like her or much less you, I'll
    respect you but that's about as much as I will give you
    Melinda: That's about all I will give you as well....I will tolerate
    you to a certain point....and after that all bets are off

    Tricia nodded as Melinda nodded as the two parted company as they exited the building to return to her respective home. For Tricia she loved living in the valley and for Melinda she loved living along the beach of Santa Cruz.

    Thursday passed quickly. Each was sore from the previous nights entanglement at the libary. Melinda came home from work early, her body was marked up from Trica's attacks on her body. Tricia no doubt had her problems as well. Melinda drove in as Shayna was just headed out to the beach for a afternoon run.

    Shayna had been in a few go arounds before and knew that Melinda had gotten hereself into something, Shayna was not the prying type and respected the perky brunettes privacy, she asked if the normal bubbly brunette was ok and Melinda nodded.

    It was then that Melinda told her about her meeting with Tricia and her plans for Friday with a get together in her apartment. She explained a little about how things had started and she and Tricia felt it might be safer to have someone there in case things got out of hand.

    At first Shayna was reluctant until Melinda mentioned that she might know Tricia from the Sun Club and she explained who she was, she's a tall blue eyed brunette a few inches taller than me, not too heavy, more a preppy brunette. Shayna remembered exactly who she was from a situation she had the Sun Club before from a experinece she had in college back years back.

    Melinda: Look I know you and I have had our differnces of oppinion
    over the years......but I've respected you and know you have
    offered the same of me at the most basic level....I'm asking
    for your help tomorrow night, not to interfere, but just be
    there, I am not willing to turn it into a public spectacle
    and I have a feeling Tricia doesn't want that either.....
    Shayna: I remember her if she is the one I remember from years ago
    I was hoping I'd never see her again

    Shayna took a deep breath as she gave Melinda a genuine look of concern.

    Shayna: Are you sure you're ok?
    Melinda: A little sore and marked up, but feeling I can get through
    what has to be done, I'm asking you to be there not so much
    for myself, but for hers too......I don't need the police
    getting involved and I don't think she wants that as well, I
    don't think either of us want a record, you know me, it's
    an escape for me, something I enjoy.......not that every
    woman would, but it for me it feels natural

    Shayna was quiet as she listened hearing Melinda out.

    Shayna: Ok, what time is it you have planned
    Melinda: I told her tomorrow 6:30pm, it works out we'll have a long
    weekend as I have Monday off.
    Shayna: Ok I understand, I will be there not to interfere in it, or to be a goody too shoes or a referee in nature
    if there is anything that causes it to be life threatening
    I will put a stop to it......ok?
    Melinda: Of course.........thank you Shayna

    Friday finally arrived, Melinda came home directly from work....she cleaned up her apartment putting away somethings, she lived a neat lifestyle so there was not much to prepare for. She did however put away some of the ornamental pottery and crystal ornaments that were spread out over he main room.

    Melinda pulled an old black tanktop and black bra from her dresser drawer. She selected an old form fitting black bra with no underwire to it, she didn't want a bra's underwire to be used against her if it were to be grabbed. She also felt the tanktop would be one that would rip easily if need be. She slid on cotton panties that would tear easily if necessary and put on a thin tennis style skort. She wore a simple gold necklace and a bracelet and anklechain and several rings on her fingers also. She also had a hidden suprise for Tricia she wore a couple of toe rings she slid out from the base of jewelry box, she felt the snobbish brunette was going to get her full wrath.

    Tricia found an old natural fit bra that had no underwire either and an old white tanktop as well as a thin panties and a thin pair of running shorts. Tricia opted for a silver necklace and bracelet and anklechain and found a few rings for her fingers. Melinda love scarring others she had fought as she decided to let the perky brunette find out in the worst way what surprise she had in store for her.

    She left her apartment in the Valley a little after 5 PM and drove to Melinda's apartment building Shayna arrived about 6 PM. She was dressed in summer wear, a tanktop and denim shorts as well, her long blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders and reebock jogging sneakers and ankle socks.

    Shayna eyes scanned Melindas apartment as she walked around the living room...the first item she put away were the crystal glasswear and decanter set that held the wine, the next thing she wisely put away was the carving block and knife set putting inside a cabinet out of sight. The last item she put away after she unplugged the wire connecting the telephone to the jack and and put away the handset and attached cord. Shayna also threw some throw pillows into the corners of the room.

    Shayna also spread out one of Melinda's comforter over the wood flooring

    Melinda: Awww....your taking all the fun out of life.........
    Shayna: I know I hate to be a party pooper but.........

    With that Shayna found a stash of plastic cups in a cupbard and took a few out of the plastic sleeve.

    She and Melinda chatted a little at first as she and her had some wine from their plastic cups and waited.

    It was about 6:20 that Tricia arrived. They didn't wear the footwear as in the past two meetings opting intead for low cut pumps that was going to be easy to kick off.

    The eye contact between them was downright hostile. If looks could kill each would be in trouble. Brown eyes looked at blue eyes and blue eyes looked back as they made eye contact as they met at the entryway to Melinda's apartment. Tricia made sure to have her nails done that morning as did Melinda. The apartment was neat and small only a one bedroom but it worked out for Melinda.

    Melinda: Welcome Tricia......

    Melinda stood purposely in the center of the entryway.......

    Tricia was carrying a weekend bag with her as Melinda moved aside they casually bumped shoulders as Tricia stepped across the threshold. Melinda slowly closed and locked the door.

    Tricia: Why thank you......

    Tricia gave her a brief smile.

    Melinda: I belive you may know Shayna, Shayna, this is Tricia....

    Shayna stood and walked up to Tricia looking into her blue eyes with her gray eyes.

    Their eyes locked as they regarded one another's presence.

    Tricia: Nice to meet you Shayna, it's been a few years
    Shayna: Several at least.....
    Melinda: Shayna wasn't sure if you would have remembered her...
    or if you were the right Tricia from the Sun Club......
    Tricia: Oh I think she remembers me all too well....I can't be
    more touched than to remember her after all these years
    Shayna: Oh yes same old Trashin Trishy........still have the same
    diabolical mind Tricia?

    Tricia giggled.

    Tricia: Isn't it marvelous at how small the world really
    find you living in the same buiding as someone I
    recently met......
    Shayna: Oh yeah it seems I always seem to find trouble with a
    capital T.......
    Tricia: Well I hope you two find being this close friendly.....
    Melinda: Well, I wouldn't say were friendly.....not by any stretch
    of the imagination
    Shayna: I guess you can say, her and I have the same interests and
    we seem to understand each other......sort of the same way
    we found in each other too.....
    Tricia: Well would say understand and support.....and to some degree
    respect...on some level
    Shayna: So, I will tell you this much I am not here to referee, I am
    also not here to interfere, and I am not here to take sides,
    Melinda you are your own woman, you can do what you enjoy
    and can you I am only here too prevent loss of
    life.......that's it, quite simple.

    Melinda nodded and Tricia nodded back.

    Melinda being gracious offered Tricia a plastic cup of wine, Tricia accepted.

    Tricia: So hows that tanned and toned body of yours taking things?
    Melinda: It's had it's difficulties since we've been getting
    together, but it's not anything I can't coax it to handle
    what about yours?
    Tricia: Oh it's had it's ups and downs, but I've been in these
    situations before and have always managed to weather things
    Melinda: you're one of the nastiest I have come across.....
    Tricia: for sure you're one of the dirtiest I've met over the years
    Melinda: there are some that talk a good game but, to tell you the are one of the vicious......not many dare
    escalating things to leave permanent damage......
    Tricia: Well if you're going to participate in the game you have to
    be ready for the risks.......sometimes the rewards are not
    worth it, but I'd say given the stakes.....with you, it's
    worth it.....
    Melinda: Well, I've felt that the rewards should be enough to cover
    the risks.........

    Melinda motioned for the women to sit in the livingroom, as she took a seat in one of the recliners, Shayna took a seat on the side sectional and Tricia sat in one of the recliners opposite Melinda.

    Tricia: So Shayna tell me what's like to live downstairs from this
    bitch from hell......

    Melinda smirked.

    Melinda: me...???
    Shayna: She's been nice....she is perky and sweet, though at times
    she can be annoying and pouts when she doesn't get her own
    way...bue she not afraid of backing away from trouble

    Melinda flattned her skort looking across at Tricia as she showcased her
    bare thighs.

    Tricia: I remember years ago when we rented that those fomer dorm
    rooms back in college.....quite the unique living conditions
    Melinda: Oh you two live together?
    Shayna: Yeah for about a year......she lived in one room, I had a room in the same quad at USC.......found her to be uniquely fun in certain ways...
    Tricia: Oh yes unless you liked doors opening and being slammed shut
    all night long and sharing a common bathroom with 28 other
    women and shower stall with 6 others at the same time.......
    and male dates being snuck in at all times of the day and weekend parties.....
    Shayna: Yeah that was rough.........being the last to get in the
    shower and to find out it was out of hot water and had wait
    Melinda: Well things weren't all too rosy at UCLA especially my first
    year out of the big U, being able to find my own place in the world you to learn to do things in life to scrappin'
    Shayna: I remember those days, competition for a roof over your head
    Melinda: or to find your first meal..........first transportation...
    first date.........first cock to suck or to first cock to
    Tricia: Oh yes, finding a sweet sugar daddy to underwrite your
    expenses is the first........

    Shayna smiled as Melinda smirked and Tricia grinned back.

    Melinda: So did you earn the nick Trashin Trishy?

    Shayna giggled.......

    Tricia: Well it was so long ago.......
    Shayna: Oh come now was the our first year living
    together........they had a rave going in at one of the frat
    houses.........and one of the dorky frat guy's was drunk
    and ended up passed out in one of those old metal trash cans
    and in comes Tricia, it was late at night and I think she
    was coming in from work....and she found mister tipsy in
    unconcious....... and she kicked the can hard with her foot
    and the can flipped over spilling him on the floor with
    a trash can filled with old beer cans......
    Tricia: thinking about that was funny at the time........
    Shayna: Things weren't always fun and rosy..... turned out that our
    dorm house was home to some predatory many fights at our siority house........
    Melinda: Same at UCLA often times women don't get along......boys can
    be bad, women tend to get nastier..........
    Tricia: Same at USC, cramped one room dorm rooms........barely big
    enough for a single bed and small closet and a coffee maker
    or small hotplate......even though the staff looked down on
    appliances and cooking in the rooms
    Shayna: For sure small rooms, I found the worse place to fight was
    in the shared showers, ended up in some horrible fights there
    Melinda: For sure the showers were among the worst place, always seem
    to be under dressed for those kind of encounters
    Tricia: Agreed often ended up being dirty fights from the start.....

    Trica flexed her powerful legs out as she stretch her thighs outward.

    Shayna: So Melinda.....any nicknames for you........

    Melinda smiled at being asked........

    Tricia: So what was the one you were called that stuck with.....
    Melinda: Well I have been called so many names before.....from
    bitch to cunt and to whore and slut skank, slag, tramp....
    I guess the only one that has lasted is Maulin' Melinda...
    Shayna: Well I guess Maulin' suits you right Melinda.....

    Melinda nodded in agreement.

    Tricia: Kind of sparse decorator aren't you?
    Melinda: What can I say.....Shayna put away most of the breakables...
    or anything that could be used as a weapon, well tooth n'
    nail exempted
    Shayna: and worn hardware like rings and what not....

    Shayna smiled as Melinda grinned and Tricia smirked.

    Tricia: Like the shelves at the library....???
    Melinda: Yeppers.......
    Shayna: Something tells me you two got more than familiar with each
    Tricia: You could say that.....
    Melinda: I guess you could say her and I got personally familiar with
    the opposition

    The two locked their eyes as Tricia rocked her had back her hair was shaken back by her rocking her head. Shayna could see the new scratches and clawing marks on their bare arms and their legs and the bite marks on their necks.

    Melinda: I do aplogize it's not a large apartment, it's simple and affordable, and the neighborhood is pretty nice here on the
    coast, if you'd like to change you can use my bedroom Tricia
    Tricia: Thats ok sugar, I packed very lightly theres nothing to
    really change least nothing worth saving

    Melinda slid off her pumps one at a time as Tricia removed hers. Not only had each visited the salon to have their hair spruced up, each had a fresh manicure and a pedicure as well.

    Each looked the other over head to they circled each other each wore two handfuls of rings and not only that each wore toe rings as well.

    They stood quitely moving towards the center of the room, Shayna reamined sitting on the sectional keeping out of the way of the two women. Blue eyes locked with brown. She wasn't sure who snarled her teeth first but it was inevitable, Melinda even though she had a perky and bubbly attitude about her and Tricia had a reputation of a calm and collect demeanor each could be pushed over the line of civility. The two move into the center and an all out hairpulling began.

    It was a whirlwind of pulling and tugging as thier sharp nails raked through the others scalp. They pulled and twisted each others bangs, ripping and raking the others head, Tricia pulled on Melinda's coiffered bangs and Melinda jerked on Tricia's straight bangs.

    Im addtion to pulling each other around in a circle or dragging at each others locks they whipped and hurled each other around. Slapping soon followed and not long after each dug her nails into each others cheeks and faces. In the melee arms were scratched in the process and necks clawed. No quarter was given nor asked for no mercy shown as thier cheeks were soon glowing a vibrant red. Each didn't give the other any satisfaction of backing away. Each scratched and clawed with reckless abandon.

    Melinda dug her nails into Tricia's jaw and chin as Tricia clawed at Melinda's jaw srapping and leaving long hideous scratches down along her cheek to her smile line. No dobut they would be clearing out the makeup aisle at Wal-Mart on Monday. They hissed and cursed at each other.

    Melinda's pointer fingernail caught Tricias upper lip as she tugged hard on the lip with her nail cutting it. Tricia could taste blood as she raked her nail along Melindas lower lip slicing it leaving it bloody as well. Tricia was infuriated with the perky brown eyed brunette and Tricia was not earning any points with her either.

    They seem to clutch the others hair close to the roots bringing their faces together......Tricia's blue eyes were beginning to tear up and tears welled in the corner of Melinda's brown eyes. As each pulled the others face to her their tips of their nosed brushed and bumped........each could taste the other filty exhales on their lips. Melinda leaned in closer and she snapped her teeth on Tricia's upper lip as Tricia returned the affection by biting Melinda's lower lip.

    The two bit like dirty junkyard dogs leaving scratches, gouges, and bites to the others exquisite face. Tears soaked their soft cheeks. Biting at each others mouth they were getting madder and in more pain than before.

    Tricia gasped.

    Tricia: Dirty whoring bitch, you won't be able to get this lips of yours around anything bigger than a pencil
    Melinda: Next time you meet someone for a blowjob, you'll need to bring a hairdryer

    They chewed on others succulent lips as they sliced at the soft skin of the other bitch's cheeks and foreheads. It continued each had the nape of her neck clawd and her jowls of her neck gouged and raked. Between the moans and growns, the swearing and cursing and not only beads of perspiration and blood flowed down their soft cheeks. Bite for dirty bite and chew for rotten chew this was only the start that was going to be a wild nasty weekend.

    They grabbed at the others tanktops and lathed the hands on the shoulder straps as the pulled hard the pulled the fabric of the other bra as well. In the process amrs an forarms got clawed drawing hisses for the other bitch. Tricia's tank and bra got twisted hopelessly upward baring her bouncing breasts......... and Melinda's own tantop and bra became equally disheveled revealing her bouncing orbs as well. Each one scratched and clawed each others breasts. It was like two twisters in the small apartment had set down. Tricia's breasts were gouged and aching in agony. Melinda's own breasts were on fire from the non-stop scratching bruning from the abuse.

    Their nipples were erect from the arousal of the each went after the other's pokies, attacking vicously. Clawing the erect stiffened nipple shafts and raking the skin of the areolas at the base. Screaming and cursing like banshees they cruelly tried severing the tips of the other nipples. They painfully twisted the base of the others nipple shafts. Tears rolled down their cheeks falling down from the jaws and chins. Melinda clawed thumbnail into the center of Tricia's erect nipple spearing it like a fish, it was like a wave of pain that made the blue eyed brunette screech in agony bringing more tears from her eyes.

    Melinda smiled sadistically.

    Melinda: Whats the matter cupcake, get you on that one?

    Tricia winced in agony. Her eyes blinked as she tighted her grip between her forefinger and indexfinger, gripping the bubbly brown eyed brunette's own erect nipple as she scissored it hard betwee her knuckles clamping it tight so Melinda could not escape....with that Tricia dug her own forefinger dead center into the tip of Melinda's erect nipple and slowly sawed the throbbing tip as it brought a yelp of agony from Melinda.

    Tricia gave a ruthless smile of joy.

    Tricia: Why don't tell me how that feels

    Melinda winced in pain, in sheer agony. Shayna watched from her seat watching the two brunettes work over the others breasts and aroused nipples. She felt sorry for the two of them as they traded pain. The two were putting everything on the line and no doubt this would be a wild nasty, and long weekend between to uncouped alleycats.

    Shayna wondered just how far they would go in their quest to conquer the other. They stood in the middle of the room fingers twisting into each others nipples slicing the tender skin and flesh. They propelling the other others agony and sufferage as cruelly as they could. And there was no end in sight.

    As Melinda tortured Trisha's rock hard nipple with her thumbnail that she kept dug into the blue eye brunettes nip, her nail dig deep into the tip of the shaft. Her other nails clawed into the underside of Tricia's tit wounding the precious mammary sac as she twisted her hand as she severed the nerve endings at the tip of Trisha's erect nipple bring another shriek from Trisha's mouth.

    Melinda turned here head upward slightly to look into the taller brunette's blue eyes.......

    Melinda: I'm just getting warmed up you fucking cow......

    Tricia glared back into the little shorter brown eyed brunette's she did she clawed the side of her thumbanil up the side of Melindas perky throbbing nipple slicing it with her razor sharp nails as she pushed her thumbnail over the tip, she made sure to snag the tip with her sharp ring and gouged the nipple tip which brought a cry form Melinda's mouth.

    Tricia: Fucking with that cocksucking tramp

    It went on and on, both women damaging each others one her most valuable and vulnerable assets. Each seemed to take great delight into dishing out the pain and misery to each other, the smiles made them glow as she suffered under her sharp talons and the meanness and cruelty of the sharp rings she wore to the conflict.

    Tricia and Melinda continued apply the most dirtiest and ruthless techniques that the had learned over the years as the tears rolled from their eyes and rolled down their soft freshly scarred checks. There old tanks and bras eventually ripped off leaving the totally topless and the beginning of a mess. The mouths and chin were coated in a gooey mix of saliva and blood. They had bitten and chewed each other lips, they stumbled on their barefeet across the wall to wall carpet of the main room figting though the small kitchenette area and battling all over the main room. Not only did their teeth and nails draw blood but so did the numerous rings they wore.

    Melinda had a few puncture wounds from Tricia's ring settings and Tricia had plenty of gashes from Melinda's sharp ring edges. It didn't surprised Shayna when each resoted to biting each others boobs. Teeth clamped on and the bit and chewed away. They also took the oppunity to further mark and scar up the others face. Tricia went for Melinda's eyes a few times and Melinda tried a few eye scratches on Tricia's eyes which left both howling in pain. Thankfully they were not successful as thier head were constantly shifting and the only thing that got scratched was their eyelids and noses. They fought bumping and grinding into each other. Hands an fingernails rake the other backs leaving deep gouges and long red marks

    Tricia's thin long fingrs went for Melinda's belly button as Melinda's thin fingers went after Tricia's knotted belly button which left both gasping and moaning, the nails scratched and once again rawwed the other's navel.

    As the fight contined to progress they resorted to biting each others erect aroused nipples drawing more blood. Melinda's hands end up shoving there way inside Tricia's shorts at the waistband and Tricia's own hands forced their way up under Melinda's skort. Blue eyes and brown eyes locked as the finges grabbed continued the invasion into the crotch of the others panties either under the front panel or beween the panel and the thighs. Fingeres wrapped around the other hairy mound of pubic fur and pulled at the others patch. They were pulling hair out from below, the area around them was thin must of brown hair.

    Shayna moved closer watching both work her fingers and hands and grab and pull at each other. She saw Tricia scream in agony as she realized Melinda's fingers had shoved her nails into the folds of her labia lips.

    Melinda looked up at Shayna and smirked.

    Melinda: I love tear at meat......
    Shayna: Hang in there honeybunny rip her one for me

    Melinda gave her a sweet smile.

    Meanwhile as Melinda seemed to be focused on the fleshy lips of Tricia's. Tricia mangaged to reach down and sized Melindas own labia and stretching the folds as she clawed the with her nails that brought a howl from Melinda.
    Tricia's eyes looked up at Shayna as she passed around getting a close up view and she grinned.

    Tricia: Don't you love ripping at a rivals meat hole....
    Shayna: Hang in there Tricia.......tear her good....

    Tricia looked at her and smiled.

    Eventually both women's hands shoved their way into each others panties as the panties more or less were torn from such movements the manufacturer had ever designed plus the old worn fabric was long past any real conventional use as the material ripped the designer had never allowed for two hands to be shoved inside while worn. They once again were scraping the others mound leaving marks at the base of their pubic patches were hair met the skin as they raked the follicles.

    As they mauled into each other fingers ended up inside the other's wet holes as they yelped and winced and shieked and screamed. They each stabbed their fingers into the others clit nails first. Each could feel the others vaginal wall muscles clenching and releasing as each tried to resist the urge to hump the invading fingers but eventually as the pressed and thrusted her fingers in and out she found herself being stimulated by the others long fingers. They each were gasping partly from being out of control to finding the intense pain of the other woman's claws inside her vagina scratching her inner walls.

    And so they journey of a lifetime continued as the twisted and turned rolling on the carpet back and forth, enduing the soft carpet but being burned by the carpet fibers. In part each was thankful the carpet layers had put in a thick carpet pad under the carpet that made it softer than a roll over hard wood flooring. If each had to endure being burned by rug burn so be it.

    It was too good to pass up the distraction as each thought about it. Tricia thought about it, Melinda's soft jiggly sweaty ravished much they deserved a good biting and at the sametime the blue eyed brunette felt that at the sametime the brown eyed brunette deserved a good smother from someone with better breasts. As she pondered that thought an equal thought was crossing Melinda's mind. The brown eyed brunette felt that the blue eyed brunette's flabby sweat soaked orbs deserved more punishment and at the same time she belived she could force her to submit with a good old fashioned titty smother.

    They pulled themselves tighter each one seemingly playing into the arms of her rival. Melinda pulled herself she did her breasts began to encase Tricia's face as she pulled herself closer Melinda leaned her head closer and bit at the blue eyed brunettes vulnerable underside of her rack. A similar thought and desire was going through Tricia's mind as she was pulled closer to Melinda she leaned in close and her mouth bit into the accessible underside of Melinda's twins.

    The result was a shrill scream from their lips as each wrapped an arm around the others upper back and they engaged in a painful smother.

    Tricia: You fucking mindreading skank.......
    Melinda: You fucking dirty thinking slag.....

    Shayna stood not far from them watching both feasting on each others breast cups as each pushed her own breasts up over the others face trying to take her breath away. The torment was pretty equal from both

    As Melinda bit into Tricia's orbs, her teeth bit deep into the soft meaty side of Tricia's tits, she had found one of the weak points on the blue eyed bitch's body. Tricia was happy that that cheap opportunistic brown eyed cunt had found her breasts but she reasoned that she had left herself open as her Tricia's mouth fully sealed along the hanging bottom of round succulent tit meat of Melinda.

    Teeth were chewing hard into each others globes as they seemed to be in whirlwind of pain, agony, and suffering. It didn't take long for their teeth to puncture warm and soft and paler flesh leaving them bleeding. This little side road trip was going to be costly as they managed to blink away the tears that seemed to be flowing non-stop.

    Shayla grey eyes continued watching as both vixens reached down, cupping the others public bones, they pulled themselves downward with gutteral screams of agony. Neither seemed to care if she was hurt each other as their hand ruthlessly cupped the others mound grotesquely and pulled her entire weight down her rivals body.

    Shayla: Gosh that was painful pulldown............
    Tricia: Fucking brown eyed bitch queen.......she'll pay for it
    Melinda: Goddamn cunt.......she will pay in spades for sometime

    Hand over hand they pulled themselves downward continuing to face in opposite directions facing each other.

    They were each breathing heavy and sweating as they remained locked on Melinda's carpeted floor, neither could close her legs as they each had their legs wrapped around the other torsos facing in opposite directions. They pulled themselves into a crude 69 by grabbing the others thighs and using the strong legs to pull herself downward face first.

    On ther trip down to the others crotch Melinda leaned her mouth in Tricia's torso she flicked at the river of sweat and blood as she reached Tricia's abs and her teeth snapped at Tricia's belly button. It brought a scream from Tricia's lips as it brought tears to her radiant blue eyes as she felt her button take savage biting for Melinda's teeth.

    Tricia's naughty tongue flicked Melinda like a snake, her tongue flicking slowly as she reached Melinda's own abs and her own hidden secret, that old belly button was too tempting to resist, as Tricia took a bite out of the forbidden fruit. She ground her teeth around the sinewy flesh and bit which brought a scream from Melinda's lips as the brown eyed brunette's eyes watered profusely.

    For minutes it seemed like hours as they gnawed on the soft flesh of each others tummy biting and chewing like dogs in heat trying to chew and gnaw the meat off a scrap bone. They not only held each others belly button in her teeth, they pulled and reared their heads back pulling and stretching the forbidden flesh.

    Even from where Shayna stood she could smell their excitement, it was overpowering to say the least. She couldn't imagine how wild it was for each of them locked together must have been overwhelming for sure.

    The attacks led to each getting turned on and aroused as they fingered the others pussy in and out in and out as they inserted her fingers to find the others vagina tightening around the invading fingers. Every time they unconsciously clenched they did so around the others razor sharp fingernails and they each cried. They found another thing to focus on as they let go of the others belly buttons and stretched her neck as her nose traced with the others pubic patch. The combination of warm inhales and exhales on her bush made her more wild and thir catlust seemed to grow.

    Like any good probe of the unknown it was always best to start soft....they were mere inches from the others ravaged fleshy labia lips as thier noses brushed the others flesh .......

    Shayna could have sworn Melinda began to say something but it was muffled as she looked down she could see way......Melinda lips were pressing against Tricia's labia lips......Trisha could only gasp as she had her lips pressed against Melinda's labia lips as well as Melinda gasped as well. She wondered if this had been the first time that Melinda and Tricia had met in this contact. Neither seemed shy as any first timers went, she knew from her history with each that they had been down this road before with other women.

    Shayna circled each the battling women who were locked in a 69 entrapped between each others open legs. Her grey eyes made contact with brown ones....she smiled.

    Shayna: Work her good Melinda......make her cum

    Melinda smirked in return. Nothing needed to be said.

    Accidently or on purpose each engaged in flicking her tongue across the others swelled lips tasting blood that their nails had left in the others fleshy folds. They stabbed their tongues into the fleshy protective labia lips getting her first taste of the dirty blood and cum soaked coatings and getting a taste of a hint of urine also. It lead to some nibbling and biting as well as they tasted eachother sampling the other on a most intimate and personal level.

    They rolled again this time Shayna's grey eyes met blue eyes.

    Shayna: Come on Tricia....make her explode....

    Tricia grinned. Again nothing needed to be said.

    As each chewed on the other lips their fingers moved to push in and penetrated the other deeper...clenching her fist, each one began to fist the other vagina and pushed deeper into the cervical canal.....the result was a torrential spray of rain from her aroused pussy. Their noses were filled with the other's each got her face dirty with the other's love juice. They didn't seem to care as Melinda coiffered hair became soaked with Tricia's cum and Tricia's on hair becamed matted with Melinda's cum.

    Shayna: Oh what did I say.......

    Tricia smirked and Melinda grinned.

    Each opened their mouths more and pushed her tongue into each other vagina..searching for something, looking for something..........swirling and stabbing with the tip of her tongue. Flicking in and out searching ever square centermeter. Trica's tongue then stumbled upon it, finding Melinda quake, she found the brown eyed bitch's G-spot.

    Tricia: Found you honeybunch.......

    Melinda shuddered as she quaked her eyes closed....she had to find Tricia own pleasure she flicked her tongue it flicked upwards along Tricia's she rotated her tongue and flicked as well it set Tricia off as well as she shuddered out of control as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She lost total and complete control as the Melinda found her G-spot as well.

    Melinda: Hows that hotcakes.......

    Each found herself getting exhausted. The only thing they could do was to teethe each other'a labia lips as their fingers twisted deeper backwards between the legs caressing the others ass crack. With their mouths part open and tongues flicking in and out they only thing they could do was to try and regain their energy they had expended.

    They stretched out their arms and reached back to fingerbang the others ass. They were crossing the line from physical fighting to manipulation and control. They were a total mess in so many ways. As they explored the others shit tubes they orgasmed again. Their heads and faces were like sponges as their faces became soaked in the others vaginal fliuds.
    Big Bubba

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    Re: Intersections


    WOW! Three stories! I've got some reading to do, but I like what I've read so far.

    A. Penman

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    Re: Intersections

    Great story, thanks for sharing with us!
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    Re: Intersections

    That was amazing, really enjoyed all of it, that 69 fight was my favourite part. I'm not sure if this is your first story, but it encapsulates everything I like about catfights! Though if it doesn't end in a humiliating draw I'll be so sad lol.

    One last thing, I really enjoyed variety in how your described their bodies as well e.g. 'Shithole' etc, really good!

    I could praise this story all day but I'll stop for now aha, I hope there is more!

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    Re: Intersections

    Nice Story Thank you!

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