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Thread: Arranged Rendevous---Black Rock Canyon

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    Arranged Rendevous---Black Rock Canyon

    Enjoy reading and let me know your comments

    Interstate Motel---Black Rock Canyon

    Bree car turned onto Canoga Blvd a long stretch or road headed into the community of Bad Rock Canyon, it had been an hour and a half drive from her home. In the front passenger seat was a folder that her prot?g? Ezekiel had sent her of her future opponent who was a bitch named Annie a dirty blond from Nevada. Bree' friend Scarlett who learned of Bree's plans weeks before warned her "be careful of Annie she is tall menace and not a kind disposition in her body". Her hair in disarray made Annie look like a orangutan.

    The things that Bree wouldn't do to earn money or make a reputation for herself. She was about a half a mile from her destination and was making good time since she hit the traffic construction on the Interstate, she had to stop for a traffic light as she was stopped she grabbed a tube of lip gloss and removed the cap and applied a coating of red lipstick to her was a lovely cherry flavored tasting lip gloss, using the vanity mirror on he reverse side of the drivers sun visor she applied the lipstick to her lips. Satisfied she put the cap back on the tube. The traffic light changed as she put the tube of lipstick gloss back in the open storage compartment of her center armrest and she upshifted and roared away from the traffic light. She was nearing the truck stop motel as she downshifted her sports car.

    Bad Rock Canyon was a unique place to cross paths, a small town of only about one hundred residents, a small motel on the outskirts of town, a brunette and a dirty blonde at a secret rendezvous. It was neither's first rendezvous of this kind. The room was already reserved as Annie arrived first the dirty blond sat in her car for a few moments, clad in a old wife beater top and sports bra and panties as well as faded denim cutoffs and pumps. She put her car in park and turned off the engine. A light coating of perspiration coated her forehead but with the average temperature in the 90's it was hot day.

    It had been a long drive from Nevada to upstate California almost a three hour drive, the things she wouldn't do to build her notoriety but also earn a few dollars along the way. She thumbed her way through the folder that her prot?g? Claude had given her and saw the photo of Bree the brunette that was going to be her next opponent. She noted to herself as Bree reminded her of a waif-ish tart. Crimson a good friend of Annie who was aware of Annie's plans gave her ominous warning about Bree "be careful of things in small packages".

    Annie reached down for her own tube of Revlon lip gloss lipstick with a twist of the top she looked in the vanity mirror in front of the drivers seat and she applied the strawberry flavored lip gloss to her lips with a bright red hue. Satisfied with her look she replaced the cap on the tube and put the tube back into the storage area in the dashboard.

    She didn't have to wait long as Bree's car pulled into the parking lot not far way, she was dressed pretty similar frayed torn denim shorts and a tank top and sports bra and panties too with pumps, she was also perspiring too from her drive as she put her car in park and turned of the engine, she grabbed her keys and grabbed her weekend bag form the front passenger seat and opened the door and climbed out carrying the duffle bag straps in her left hand. She grabbed the keys from the ignition and put them in the front right pocket of her cutoff jeans.

    The dirty blonde glanced in her rearview mirror and saw the brunette get out of her car as Annie took a deep breath and the statuesque slightly taller blonde climbed out of her car.

    Annie got out of her car as she grabbed her weekend bag the carry straps wrapped tightly in her left hand as well as she effortlessly remove her weekend bag from the front passenger seat of her car and slammed the door shut after she made sure she had the keys to her car that she slid into the front right pocket of her daisy dukes she could feel the motel room key tucked into the right rear pocket of her jean cutoffs. The two exchange smiles as they met in the parking lot eyes checking each other out almost sizing each other up.

    Each had perky builds, Annie appeared to have heavy breasts as they dangled more than Bree's but Bree had a nice bum......any real difference was inconsequential and negligible. Annie had maybe a few inches in height which wasn't much, but perhaps it might be lucky enough if she needed it for leverage.

    Annie: You must be Bree?
    Bree: Yeah thats me......and I take it your Annie.........
    Annie: Yep........
    Bree: Scarlett told me all about you..........
    Annie: Crimson told me about you as well.......

    Bree and Annie headed to the room that had been selected for them as each chatted on the slow walk to the door.

    Bree: Hopefully Crimson was honest and told you how vicious I can be
    Annie: Oh she did say that you were quite nasty.......which piqued my curiosity
    Bree: Oh did it ..........Scarlett told me how savage you were also.....
    Annie: Oh I see.......well at least you knew the truth before hand....
    Bree: Oh it did pique my curiosity about you as well.........

    Annie gave Bree a leering glance as her eyes looked Bree over .....Bree's eyes followed Annie's gaze.

    Annie: Good I love to dish out pain........and from the looks of things
    you're assets certainly won't be so pert after I get done with them

    Annie raised her right hand sporting the sharp nails on her thin fingers and softly blew on the tips of her nails putting on a little demonstration for Bree.

    Sadly Bree knew what Annie was referring to.....any woman about to get involved in situations like this knew the consequences of what meetings like she looked down briefly at her cleavage
    these were about she looked down briefly at her cleavage. From first glance Annie was a razor like nails and no doubt sharp teeth as well she knew her fleshy orbs were going to be sacrificed in this fight.

    Bree: I love to hand out agony as well..........and from what I see....
    you have a pair of targets........from the looks of your peaks and
    how they dangle n' sway it's going to cost you some flesh

    Bree lifted he rigt hand to her mouth and softly exhaled across the sharp nails that adorned her thin fingers as she put on a little dramatic show for Annie.

    Bree's own eyes looked down sizing up Annie's breasts as Annie stared back noticing where Bree was was not the first time her twins got mauled and in the back of Annie's mind was the sharp talons that Bree had brought with her and the natural sound teeth the brunette had as they exchange smiles. Annie knew what Bree meant and it was indeedly dangerous.

    They continued their slow walk to the selected room's door as every step brought them closer to fate.

    Bree: I love tormenting my opponents not only in the hidden gems and
    and more funtional assets as well..........
    Annie: Mmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmm........are we talking the more
    reproductive functions?
    Bree: My oh my........aren't you the prescious mind reader......
    Annie: Well I have done similar as well.....and wearing those daisy dukes
    not only makes yah hot......but they make you a target as well
    Bree: Well my crotch has been worked before in a fight, guess we'll have
    to see who is more capable and better able to deal with the pain
    Annie: Oh for sure

    As they approached the door Bree's pulled the room key from her daisy duke denim shorts right front pocket and she pushed the key in and truned it with a turn of he wrist as the door unlocked the first lock. Annie slid her own key out of her daisy similar denim cutoff short shorts right front pocket and inserted the key into the second lock and with a twist of her wrist turned the cylinder unlocking the lock as Bree pushed the heavy door open, it was a bit cool inside as the wave of cool room air hit both women at the same time it was a refreshing respite from the seemingly oppressive hot day outside as she stepped through across the threshold she stood aside allowing Annie to follow her in as her eyes stared into Annie's eyes and Annie's stared back into Bree's eyes as Annie stepped across the threshold each removing her keys from the locks as Bree let the stepped away from the door she let the door close on it's own neither one taking her eyes off the other. Neither dared turn her back on the other as Annie reached behind her she reapplied the locks of the heavy door behind her.

    Ezekiel who was one of the sponsors spent a lucrative amount of money purchasing Bree's skills and abilities and Claude the other sponsor spent a fair sum buying Annie's own talents and abilities as well. Women with reputations of Bree's and Annie's once consented and contracted are expected to follow through on any agreements they make.

    Bree move to the other side of the bed and placed her travel bag on the top of the bed and slowly unzipped it as Annie did the same as she placed her travel bag on the top of the dresser. Neither said a word as she remove her blouse unbuttoning the buttons...and slowly sliding the blouse off each wore a sports bra and panties under the blouse and denim shorts she work, each kick off her heels preferring to do this barefoot neither wanted to fall and sprain an ankle or break it if she fell.

    Bree sighed under her breath as Annie could hear the brunette's upset as she stared across at Annie's cleavage packed into her sports bra top as they filled the cup of each side of the her top and dangled back and forth. Bree's own breasts were a little smaller but had a more pert attractiveness as Annie knew she had one this contest the dirty blonde smugly smirked.

    They both knew that in their social setting that a healthy pair of mammaries were everything getting attention, opening doors, often times was like the initial getting you foot in the door first were with the glimpse of cleavage. That only worked in getting her noticed for a male and female romp or a this particular event it was really a detriment but each was stuck with what she had and had to make do with it.

    The next off was their denim shorts that she unbuttoned and wiggled out. Annie definitely had more cleavage than Bree but Bree had a gorgeous ass, and Annie exhaled and Bree could tell that the dirty blonde was annoyed and Bree returned a cocky grin. It wasn't that Annie's wasn't great, it was a unique way Bree had in expressing herself. Where as Annie had sleek ass cheeks Bree's were a little tighter and more heart shaped and she could use it better than most, such as a walking pivot or when she stretched she could show it off in a strut.

    Their eyes quietly sized the other up the only sounds were from the roadway outside their efficiency unit that echoed off the canyon walls from the passing cars and diesel engines of the trucks going by.

    The two stared at each other in silence and with their eyes locked they communicated though telepathy and opted to remove her own sports bra and as they revealed the numerous faint scars each bore from many hellish battles she had been in previously as each stared of the nasty marks and scars of countless fights. Bree had pert upward slopping breasts that seemed to defy gravity with light pink colored round areolas and capped with erect nipples. Annie's were a large cup sized and dangled from her chest she had more of a cup and her areolas and nipples were a darker pink than Bree's.

    Each one was proud of the so called "victory" marks she had earned. Reputations and notoriety paid dividends and created quite a demand amongst each one's following.

    Neither bothered to stop at just removing the sports bra top their eyes said it all as each hooked her thumb in her panties and pushed them down over her hips each had full thick fur patches on her mound, Annie's was chestnut brown and Bree's was dark brown. Each had medium length clits that were rather pronounced with tight vulvas and full meaty labia lips. Each was a sexy shecat that knew what she wanted and how to get it.

    Bree moved away from the bed and Annie stepped away from the dresser......each one defiantly naked as they faced each other. Without a word they moved closer with a combination of grunts and squeals they each attacked slapping at each other with the inside palms of her hands as they traded slaps to the others bareskin. Bree was a bit shorter than Annie but that didn't bother her as she moved in range and got close her hands went for Annie's dirty blond hair and pulled as Annie reached back and grabbed Bree's brown hair and tugged as each pulled each other around in a vicious tight circle. The sound of smacks reverberating of the motel room's walls as they slapped at each other, each was quick enough to block a slap to her face for the most part but warding of slaps to the body was near impossible as bare skin became red from the others handprints from the other slapping palm.

    Each was a hard slapper and the slaps stung and hurt as their soft flesh became blistered from the others striking palms. The slaps were so rough that their palms stung from the open handed slaps each was trading with the other. Hissing and snarling in the small end room unit, the only daylight that crept in was around the corners of the closed drapes that covered the window, the motel room light provided enough ambience in the small room that played host to many truck drivers that traveled the roads in Northern California.

    In the ensuing melee that was getting out of control they moved from just pulling each others hair and slapping, Annie proved she had a great backhand and Bree answered with a few of her own too. Bree countered and scratched the side of Annie's neck and Annie pulled Bree closer with her nails digging into the brunette's shoulder as the stepped in closer the rammed tit to tit, even though mushroomed together at least the other couldn't get at her breasts to scratch them but there were able to scratch the others arms and backs with no mercy. They staggered around in a vicious tight embraced circle. It was a dance of attrition and each wanted this.

    In addition to digging their nails into the back of the others shoulders that brought grimaces to their faces each raked at the others back slashing her sharp nails up and down and across the others bare exposed back which brought both to painful winces. They continued to stagger in a tight circle bearing the others wrath as she kept in close range to get at the other bitch. Annie was a littler bit taller but she wanted to destroy the cocky shorter brunette, and while she could have remained out of Bree's reach she knew getting in light scratches was not going to win the battle. She had to get in close to use her nails effectively stabbing and slashing in close.

    Bree grabbed a handful of Annie's long dirty blonde hair in her hand from behind and twisted the taller girl as she forced her head to crane back her neck becoming more exposed as Annie reached across and snuck a lightening slap into Bree's face with a loud smack that brought Bree to moan and wince. A grin crossed Annie's face. As Bree used a free hand to dig her nails up under Annie's chin that brought a yelp from the dirty blonde a smirk crossed Bree's lips.

    Even with the air conditioning going each was beginning to sweat from their combined body heat and being body to body with the other. Bree stepped in closer as she did she winced as Annie's fingers managed to get in under Bree's pert left breast with her right hand and she cupped the upward sloping orb and her razor sharp nails dung into the soft skin it brought a scream from the brunette. Annie grinned and gloated as her nails punctured the soft breast flesh in her hand as tears welled in the corner of Bree's eyes.

    Annie leaned in squeezing the brunettes left breast as she did Bree managed to get her own hands on Annie's larger breast and he nails paid her back. Nails dug into Annie's breast as it drew a scream form Annie's mouth and Bree gave her a smug smirk in return. Bree was maniacal as she used her nails and stabbed them into Annie's heavy dangling left breast.

    Both dirty blonde and brunette drew blood, their sharp nails digging into the others breast they then went after the others right breast as well in the same fashion as they worked the others left breast. Screams and screeches were traded as was hisses and snarls. Annie felt her soft breast tissue being ripped apart as Bree's nails dug into the ample jugs and Bree felt her curvy upward slopping breasts being torn apart by Annie's sharp talons as Annie sunk them into the underside of the brunettes own pert titties.

    Tears flowed from their eyes as they whimpered in agony each trying to focus on damaging the other's vulnerable mammaries. Blood dripped from the punctures and welts they each were leaving on the others bosom as it seeped from the fresh wounds as each tormented the other. Not only did blood seep out and drip but it smeared along sweaty flesh in between the hissing and snarling and crying and sobbing each swore and cursed the other as they pulled the other around in a slow macrabre dance in a tight circle but each others others bosom.

    It was hard to say who transitioned the fight to the next level of dirtiness, perhaps it was Bree who attacked the next more vulnerable part on Annie's body, going for her erect nipples....she twisted it hard between her thumbnails and forefinger and raked with her middle finger along the shaft. The pain was intense as she slashed along the length of Annie's erect darker pink nipple which brought a gasp pain from Annie. Bree smirked for only a brief moment.

    Annie retaliated in the blink of an eye, her own nails latched on Bree's light pink swollen nipples with a savage nail pinch as she dug her thumbnail into the tips as she pulled on them from the base her nails dug in as thumbnail twisted into the center of the tip of the brunette's lighter pink nipple. The dirty blond twisted her thumbnail into Bree's nipple tip and it brought a gasp of agony from Bree as Annie smirked.

    Each was suffering from the others savage nail pinching as she retaliated pinching and clawing at the others aroused nipple stretching the larger round areola in response. Bree focused the attack on Annie's full nipple shaft as Annie concentrated on Bree's nipple tip. Fighting in front of the dresser each could was so wrapped up only able to see the reflection of skin on skin in the mirror. Each one cursing and muttering trash talk as the yelped and screeched in agony. The brief smirks they had give each other gone from the faces as each felt the agonizing pain.

    In their fury they bit and snapped the teeth into the other flesh as the danced in their tight circle. Being bitten and biting her foe. Not only were they perspiring and sweaty and dripping blood, their proud nipples were leaking lymph from the ravage twisting and tearing of their nasty pinching they were giving out and having to take from the other. They pulled each other around in a vicious circle hands filled with the others breast flesh.

    Annie was slightly taller than Bree and therefore had the advantage of more leverage and a bit of a longer grip as she pulled at the somewhat shorter hellcat as she pulled at at the pert brunette the dirty blond pushed her knee into Bree's belly and ground her knee hard into Bree's soft female anatomy and she evily grinned as Bree grimaced from the pain of Annie's attack. Annie countered and pushed Bree against the dresser. Bree had nowhere to back to, her back and thighs were pressed back against the dresser as the dirty blonde thrust her knee hard into Bree's navel. It brought a gasp from the pert brunette as she felt herself almost being cut in half.....the agony was intense........the intent was known.......she knew the dirty blonde was trying to injure her body and that there was no clear avenue of escape as the dirty blonde pressed her attack ruthlessly.

    A lesser woman would have normally conceded the fight as her breasts and body was being torture......Bree cried a few tears, the pain was incredible and horrible.....she could feel the torture deep in her body......her belly felt the pain as the dirty blonde pushed her blunt knee into her navel. It was only the brunt brutal force of the knee in her belly and against her inner parts like spleen and kidneys, he agony was felt deep in her core..........her womb. The brunette grimaced in agony taking everything the nasty dirty blonde handed out. Bree knew she had to break out.....the only way she could was being as nasty as the dirty blonde was.

    Bree: OH you fucking'll pay for that
    Annie: What's the matter cunt can't take the pain?

    Annie pushed into Bree pushing her back against the edge of the dresser as she did she strained off balance as she was pushing into the brunette, her knee thrust into the brunette, as she rocked forward Bree reached around the dirty blonde's waist arms clutching the dirty blondes waist trapping her in close with her as she leaned in she grabbed the blondes back and her hands and fingers grabbed the dirty blonde's ass cheeks and she sunk her nails into the crack grabbing each and she clawed at the ass crack as Annie howled in pain. Annie made a fundamental flaw she was so focused on hurting the brunette she left her backside exposed and the nasty minded brunette launched an attack of her own quite viciously her sharp nails raked Annie's crack as Annie howled in pain and agony as fresh tears welled up in the corner of her eyes. The pert brunette trapped the taller dirty blonde in her grip almost pinning her body to the dirty blonde in so close the dirty blonde could not back away nor push away not without losing some of her ass meat to Bree's talons.

    Annie: You dirty slut.......I swear I will get you back
    Bree: What's the matter bitch......can't take the agony?

    The brunette strained back as she she leaned her own knee found it's way into the dirty blondes mound and she pushed hard against the dirty blondes mound crushing her own anatomy as the brunette ground her knee against the dirty blonde's public bone. The brown haired shecat seemed to delight in making the dirty blonde suffer as she cruelly twisted her knee in to Annie's soft womanly parts. The dirty blonde moaned in agony as the pert brunette smirked smugly as it brought tears to more tears Annie's eyes.

    Annie's mind reeled as she thought of a wild maneuver, it was wild and untested yet she knew she could not remain in this position taking the kind of punishment she was taking. She knew she had only one option as she was taking the pain that Bree was dishing out Annie cruelly launched her assault she raked Bree's ass crack with he sharp nails that brought a screech from the brunette's trembling lips. Annie's sharp claws slid into the length of Bree's ass crack and they tore into Bree's anus, as her nails dig into Bree's back hole it brought tears to well in the corner of Bree's eyes, the smug smirk she had given to Annie moments before gone from her face...replaced by anguish and suffering as Annie gave her a catty grin in return.
    Each had the other bitch right where she wanted her nails savagely ravaging the others woman from behind as Bree tortured the dirty blonde's ass and bottom side of her meaty labia lips and Annie tore into Bree's own unprotected ass and bottom side of Bree's meaty labia lips also. The screams and howls would have been heard from the rooms of abutting occupants, but neither room was booked at this time of day as Annie's thin fingers pushed into Bree's vulva as Bree's own fingers violated Annie's vulva as each was rapidly attacking the other woman's vagina. Bree's snatch was on fire, and Annie's canal was burning from as if an electrical cord was shoved inside her own battered sex and it felt like she was being electrocuted. Of course having the other's thumb buried in her asshole wasn't helping either.

    Annie's nails were clawing along Bree's vaginal walls as she stretched her fingers deep and they sliced down Bree pussy walls causing the brunette to suffer Annie quipped quite meanly "nasty does that feel bitch?" as they wrapped tighter Bree's own fingers curled and her nails pushed deep hooking the inner walls of Annie's pussy. She clawed the pink wet meat inside Annie's vagina in return and her nails dig into the dirty blonde's cervical canal it brought more tears to Annie's eyes Bree hissed in return "fucking dirty slut......I'm going to slice your kitty to shreds" as she brought tears to the corner of Annie's eyes.

    Each was moaning in pain the others hand shoved deep inside her pussy and the other hand pushing fingers in the other woman's asshole. Even with their eyelids fluttering each defiantly stared into the others tear soaked eyes. Annie could feel Bree's fingers and nails deep inside her cervical canal as they staggered together........Annie returned the attack and pushed her fingers deep into the brunette's pussy and her nails sliced long welts deep inside Bree's pussy. The nasty nail attack forced Bree to cum and bloody colored cum and pee as Annie smirked and evil smirk as Bree screeched and the tears rolled down her cheeks as she decided to lean into the dirty blonde as she viciously sunk her her hooked nails into Annie's cervix and pulled them down hard raking her deep insides causing Annie to cum and pee that was as bloody colored brine as what her pussy was leaking as well as Annie yelped in agony Bree harshly grinned at the dirty blonde.

    Deep down each was turned on by the viciousness and savagery of the fighting as the two staggered around the small motel room the fight and their legs locked caused each to trip on the others barefeet as they toppled on a recliner against the far wall with a crash.....each was bleeding and leaking a smelly mix of juices.........each moved into a a dirty smell embracing in a furious 69 as they each turned their teeth loose on the others mounds and labia lips as the chewed in the heat and the leaking of the other clit Screeching and yelps filled the room as they cried uncontrollably. Their faces smeared by the others bloody juices each ignoring the foul stench of leaking brine their faces pasted with the others leaking cum. Each chewing on the pink of the others pussy each focused on devouring the others vagina up to the other's uterus and fertile ridge. Bree was trembling and Annie shuddering both in agony and suffering. Bree pusher her mouth deeply into Annie cervix and she began chomping down on the dirty blonde's cervix her nose poking Annie deeply. Annie groaned in agony trembling as Bree got the advantage..........she forced Annie to surrender who could only meekly give her surrender.

    The pert brunette smiled knowing that this had bee on of the dirtiest fights she had ever had, she smiled knowing she had own. She also gained a lot in notoriety and her reputation was going to go through the roof.
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    Re: Arranged Rendevous---Black Rock Canyon

    Loved this story, thank you. If two women want to fight that badly, this is just what should happen.

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