Another Story for you all to read and enjoy, feedback much appreciated. For anyone afraid of boats life preservers are available, Personal Flotation Devices recommended. Dramamine available to you you land lubbers.

Rough Currents
Since black haired Bree's last win against against a dirty blond named Annie, she enjoy the fame and notariety of the win even though she sacrificed her body for the victory. The favorite fuck bunny found she could not take part in her favorite bedroom activities for close to 3 weeks, Annie was also out of action for close to a month herself.

Mel enjoyed her vicious go around with a tall statuesque brunette named Pat that was as nasty as the one Bree and Annie had. Mel was a favorite brunette in the circuit and she was used to the nastiness of ferocious go arounds.

Several behind the scenes telephone calls were made as the preppy looking sexy brown haired Mel and the pert and sassy black haired Bree were set up to meet on a boat off of South Carolina. The boat was anchored in small cove of off of Hilton Head a warm vacation spot. Each was instructed by her sponsor and each was warned about the nature of the other and the seriousness of meeting a rival cat and not to take it lightly even though each had the innocent looks of kittens.

The only way to the boat that was in the harbor was a brief boat ride from the nearby docks on small skiffs. The boat was actually a yacht that was anchored and tied down quite securely far enough from land not to be visible from the coast. With Mel arriving on the boat she climbed aboard as the skiff operator placed her weekend bag on the top deck of the rocking yacht. He had his instructions, once he delivered his passengers his instructions were simple, to leave her there. She smile at him as he pulled the skiff away from the yacht and she gave him a wink noticing how much he ogled her beauty on their journey as the left the docks. She gave him a nice smile that would have thawed out a snowman. She picked up her weekend bag and carried it back to the cockpit putting it next to one of the bench seats on the stern of the cockpit.

Mel had the distinction of arriving first finding the empty yacht. She found a well stocked wet bar and pour herself a glass of wine, She wore a light blouse and khaki skirt and pumps. Under her seemingly innocent blouse and skirt she wore a cheetah print bra and panty set that no doubt the skiff operator had managed to see on their trip out from the dock She had packed a weekend bag but it was not the first time she had done meet ups like this before. After she had her wine in one of the wine glasses she sat back on one of the chairs in the gently rocking open cockpit of the boat. She poured a glass of rosea which was a combination of white and red, she loved the semi-sweet body of taste, it was not has rich or heavy as red wine, and was not as dry or bland as white wine. She had a few sips from her glass as she sat back on one of the cockpit bench seats on the fantail stern. She didn't have to wait long.

Bree's skiff had left a neighboring harbor and as it approached the boat...the skiff operator dropped her off on the yacht as Bree climbed up on the top deck he passed her weekend bag up on the top deck and said goodbye, he had his instructions to get his passenger out to the yacht and to leave. She was dressed in a olive green skirt and a light blouse and pumps as well. Under her conservative top and skirt she wore a tiger skin print bra and panty set that no doubt the skiff operator had noticed as he had plenty of time to take in her beauty. She gave the skiff operator a teasing smile as he glanced over her curves and she gave him a wink and blew a kiss to him as she climbed up and out of the skiff.

Bree pick up her weekend bag and headed back to the top deck cockpit area of the anchored rocking yacht. Each exchanged smiles and grins and smirks. Each stood similar in height, weight and size. Each was had similar builds with Mel sporting a preppy look and Bree a pert style. Bree dropped her weekend bag on one of the free seats on the fantail of the cockpit she found the well stocked wetbar and pour a glass of white wine as each looked the other up and down.

Mel: Hello, I'm Mel.......short for Melinda
Bree: Pleased to meet you, I'm Bree short for Breeanne
Mel: Pleased to meet you too

Bree took her first sip of wine from her glass....she preferred the light taste of white wine.

Bree: Ezekiel told me a little about you, congratulations on your fight with Patricia from
what I heard about her she is a nasty alleycat.
Mel: Thank you, oh it was wild and dirty.....I did feel invigorated fighting her...Ivan
told me about your fight with Annie.....she is a monster, congratulations on your win
Bree: Thank was exciting and savage......felt fully alive.....
Mel: When I first embarked in these type of activities, Ivan warned me never to judge a book by it's cover.....
Bree: I was given similar advice by Zeke....never take a baby face at first glance and presume she is lil' Miss Innocent........
Mel: Wise don't look innocent to me Missy
Bree: Never said I was.....

Bree put her nearly empty wine glass back on a nearby table as Mel placed her nearly empty glass on a nearby table too.

Mel: Shall we go below and get better acquainted?

Mel stood and walked over the the satellite phone that was on the table, picking up the handset she typed in the telephone number and pressed send. It took perhaps 5-10 seconds as the call was routed though the marine operators system........the number was give to her by her sponsor Ivan......he picked up after the third ring.

Ivan: Hello..
Mel: Hello Ivan, it's Mel......I am here on the boat, going down below with Bree....
Ivan: Good luck Mel....pluck her eggs out of her womb sweetie......
Bree: Oh how sweet of you Ivan
Mel: Oh don't worry I will put them in a petri dish and send them to you as a gift

Mel held the handset by the cord and offered it to Bree dangling it by the cord.
Bree got up and walked up to the table taking the handset in her hand.

Bree: Hello Ivan......this Bree.....
Ivan: Hello Bree, I am Ivan, Ezekiel is here with me also
Ezekiel: Hello Bree
Ivan: Glad to see you both arrived of luck to each of you
Bree: Thank you.......
Mel: My pleasure
Bree: I hope you're paying her enough're gonna get your moneys worth
Mel: Oh Zeke......she's going to earn every fucking penny of what your paying her
Ezekiel: Oh good luck to each of you..........and Bree tear her ovaries out for me....
Mel: What a charming thought, Is that supposed to scare me Zeke?
Bree: For many it should

The two paused as the spoke on the telephone with her prot?g?.

Mel: Well I tend to be cut from material tougher than what most other people wear
Bree: Well I tend to be cut from a different cloth sugar Will do I will send them to you in a refrigerated container

Mel smiled as she turned to Bree, neither realized that they were on camera even though they suspected it in the back of their minds. Hundreds of miles away Ezekiel and Ivan sitting in their high back leather chairs looking at the color monitor in front of them watched as Mel and Bree met in a impromptu kiss as Bree held the receiver of the satellite phone in hand as both demure soft brunettes enjoyed the first contact that would have thawed the a frozen ice cube. The cameras picked up the most intimate details as they were able to observe Mel's tip of her slick moist tongue flick across Bree's teeth and moments later Bree's tip of her skillful moist tongue trace the Mel's ivory teeth.

Mel picked up her weekend bag and began her walk to the stairs going down to the lower level of the cabin of the yacht followed the stairs down to the lower level. Lurid thoughts went through Bree's mind, should she jump her here and now or should she get in her face down in lower cabin. Bree hung up the satellite phone set and picked up her weekend bag and followed Mel.

Before Mel took the first step she twisted on her left foot and turned around the cute preppy faced bitch spun face to face with Bree as she did Bree just waded right into her as each dropped her duffle bag she was carrying leaving their hands free. Bree reached out to Mel's soft neck and pull her in close as Mel reached around the back of Bree's neck and pulled her close as well. Mel and Bree locked in a in their second warm kiss the lip-glossed ruby red lips meeting in a dual smooch. Neither hesitated, as they fingers dug deep into the others shoulder length hair as the staggered in an embrace on the main deck. The kissing was hot and intense as they tugged on the others hair. As they staggered back and forth on the teak deck in grunts and squeals locked so tight Mel's slightly upturned top of her nose brushed against Bree's cute nose as the pressed tighter in a kiss each reward the other with a quick series of bites Mel got her lower lip bitten she returned it with a bite to Bree's upper they squealed in agony and Mel bit at Bree's lower lip to which Bree bit back at Mel's lower lip. The two brunettes staggered back and forth.

Meanwhile hundreds of miles away Ezekiel and Ivan were wondering what happened to each as neither arrived in the lower level, the yacht although big was not big enough for the two had disappeared from the monitor that had a view of the top deck cameras and also the cameras on the lower deck as well. Each one wondered what was going on. Ivan toggled several different cameras and finally they located the women.

In the center after stairwell coiled like snakes wrapped around each other like dirty serphants. As they struggled trying to prevent themselves from teetering on the gently rocking staircase by holding on and clinging to a handrail. The microphones picked up their gasps and squeals and moans with neither turning away from the other's furious onslaught each snuck in a few slaps to the others soft cheeks which displayed the others grimace when her face was smacked with a slap from the other's stinging palms. The others cheeks revealed the palmprints from the others palms of her hand. Their long thing fingers grabbed the others hair on the others forearms to try to steady the rival bitch as each even grabbed the others body filled blouse and skirts at the seams or even the waistband. With grunts they pushed the other away before they each grabbed her weekend bag and slowly walked down the short stair case reaching the lower level.

The inside of the yacht was luxurious as it rocked gently in the water. Each knew the stakes were going to be high and no doubt that what they were about to be engaged in would be recorded. The thick carpet covered the bottom of the floor wall to wall carpet that was warm and thick and soft as they kicked of her leather pumps off their barefeet, they placed their weekend bags out of the way. In the back of their minds each one knew that Ezekiel and Ivan were the type of guys that would probably be recording this event either visually or on audio. Each was being paid to destroy the other bitch that stood only a few feet away, even it meant sacrificing her own precious body.

Mel would not have accepted without learning as much as she could about her rival and Bree was the same way, they both had their own methods of find out everything the could before the agreed to fight anyone. The first go around a few minutes before on the staircase just told each woman her how arrogant and merciless the other woman was.

Each unashamedly unbuttoned her blouse and once unbuttoned slid off her blouse, neither paused nor was either apprehensive unhooking her bra, oddly enough Mel had chosen a cheetah print bra and panty set and Bree had chosen a tiger print matching bra and panty set.

The two women slowly began sliding them off her supple shoulders allowing the shoulder straps to slide down her arms. Mel's cute 34b's swayed defiantly of her chest that matched Bree's buoyant bouncing 34b's as well. Their breasts sloped upwards defying gravity, their cute breasts capped with light pink areola and thick aroused nipples. They weren't shy or ashamed showing of their breasts that were scarred from previous fights. Their eyes locked in silence.

Quietly each reached back unhooking the waistband of her skirt and slowly unzipped her skirt, each one allowed their narrowed eyes to let them do whatever talking was needed as each one slid her thing long fingers into the waistband of her skirt and pushed it off her hips sliding it off.......the skirts were dropped with each one's blouse and bra......the last attire to be wiggled off was their panties. Each one has nicely trimmed snatch that also bore marks from previous hostile fights each had engaged in. Out of the corners of her eyes each women snuck peeks at the other body head to toe. In between the glances downward, each knew her body was going to be sacrificed completely and totally.

Meanwhile hundreds of miles inland, Ezekiel and Ivan sat looking at a monitor of each woman stripping. The cameras were good and the microphone picked up the sounds, in the age of digital capture it was a great set up that would capture the entire event from start to finish. Mel had a look of a former college preppy type look and Bree was a typical all American pert looking opponent. There were many similarities even with the subtle differences.

Each moved to the center of the cabin, circling each other as they eyes locked in cat hate......after about the 6th or 7th circle, with tensions high and palpable, even Ivan and Ezekiel could sense the tension from where they sat hundreds of miles away in safety and security the two brunettes lunged at each other smacking together amid snarls and hisses and growls from their throats. From the outset each showed the fine finesses of their scratching and clawing abilities. Each slashed with her nails reminding one of gladiators from ancient duels in Rome or Greece as women would often be pitted against another. Going for soft cheek lines on the other's face it brought a mix of screams and yelps to the maddening fray.

Each used her ferocity to her ability and strategy as they fought in close, at first the concentrated on ruining the others true beauty of destruction of looks of each others cute faces slashing and scratching the others soft faces. They continued their nasty fight as they clawed the others necks and shoulder and arms as they parted their lips and added biting to the sordid mutual hatred of attacking the other more vulnerable body parts. It was leaving long welts, short scratches and bitemarks as well as crescent shaped marks from where nails dug into soft flesh. Sweat and tears and blood rolled down each woman's face as each attacked the others soft facial features know her looks were being devastated as well.

As the boat rocked beneath their soft feet each fought continued the in close fighting........not going for the other woman's soft pert breasts. As her small 34b's were made targets of opportunity they clamped their sharp talons in to the other's fleshy orbs, digging in deep. Leaving scratches and trailing welts, nails leaving plenty of crescent-shaped marks as they pushed the sharp tip of her razor sharp nails onto soft glands. Glands that were more designed to be grabbed and fondled and worshipped but mate or a lover.

Tears rolled down from the corner of each ones eye's, Bree picked up a few things form her previous fight with Annie as she not only scrapped the shaft of Mel's nipple from the base to the tip, but her razor sharp talons, dug into the tip of Mel's erect nipple shaft. Mel howled, but she learned a thing or two from her fight with the previous bitch Patricia she had fought as she she cruelly dug her nails into the tips of Bree's nipples but raked each nipple shaft from the base of her areola to the tip. It brought cursing and swearing and crying from each woman's quivering lips. Both Mel and Bree were proving themselves as nail pinches as well intent on severing the other nipple from her areolas and the peeling as if each was trying to grate the soft top of the nose of her cute breast.

Each one had hand her nipples sucked and aroused before, now all either could feel was the fiery pain that pulsated though her breasts as their nipples and areolas throbbed in agony. The pain felt like a brick of parmesan cheese being grated against a manual cheese grater as each must have suffering to no avial as the twisted around the small cabin on the rocking yacht. Ivan smiled every time Bree screeched and Ezekiel grinned every time Mel screeched even though tears were rolling from the corner of each woman's eyes and they were bleeding. Neither was putting up any kind of defense, there was no defense from the others claws and teeth as each focused and concentrated on devoting 100% of her energy into tearing the other apart.

Each had such a shared physical composition in fact each could pass for twins of the other if they were in a comparison, there were some subtle difference if one looked long enough like placement of freckles or difference on tanlines.......but for all intensive purposes their breasts held the similar pert gravity defying slope and their areolas were close to the same size and composition and their nipples were also prominently placed like the nose cone on a missile. They struggled though the grand lower level cabin their foreheads meeting and the tips of the noses brushing and bumping. In between their grimacing as they eyes blinked to wash away the tears from the corner of her eyes they found the others sharp hardened cruel stares unwavering and locked in a stare down.

First it was Mel who cruelly dragged Bree around on the balls of her feet as she dug her nails up under Bree's flesh orbs as Bree gasped in pain and howled, then it was Bree's insolence toward Mel that dragged Mel forward on her balls of her feet causing Mel to shriek in agony as she could fee Bree's talons dig into her bouncing breasts. The two snarled and hissed at each other as the growled in agony and torment. As they were concentrating on the others destruction their mouths also began exchanging bites to the others full soft lips and even teeth snapped and bit at the others tongue.

Each was a master in savagery a craft they each had worked on for sometime, this was neither woman's first catfight, they each had several over the course of the years. As they twisted and turned and spun out of control on the thick wall to wall carpet, each wrapped embroiled in the others arms there was no escape. each woman knew they had to hurt the other beyond acceptable norms or each would end up suffering badly herself. With their soft breasts bearing the wrath of the others rage and their faces pitted with the other's claw marks and bites they were fighting in close as they bumped into and bounced off of the rooms furniture, being dragged across an few tables and brushing the length of a sofa, to fighting over a few recliners.

Bree's hand slipped first as the move of her talons dragged across Mel's exposed belly, Mel could feel the pain from her belly and navel as Bree's nails sliced Mel's soft tummy. Each made use of her sharp claws and dragged them across the others navel as they sobbed and cried cursing and swearing one another. The microphones picking up every sound. In the beginning of the fight there seemed to be a reluctance on each's part form making the fight dirty as each had with the other women from previous fights.

Mel's eyes were that of steel as they stared into Bree's unblinking eyes. Mel boldly reached down and the palm of her hand grabbed a handful of Bree's dark bush and pulled as Bree cried in agony, Mel smiled cruelly as she tormented Bree with her hairpull. Bree winced as her own hand drove up and her hand wrapped around a handful of Mel's pussy fur and tugged quite violently as it was no Mel's turn to cry out as her eyes fluttered in agony. The two women pulled each other around in a violent circle.

Hundreds of miles inland in their high back wing tipped leather chairs Ivan and Ezekiel watched on the monitors and listened to the each woman's squeal of torment and gasps and moans and snarls and growls.

Ezekiel: This is were your bitch is going to earn her money.....

Ezekiel had a lot of faith in Breeanne

Ivan: Your bitch is going to get her ass tamed the old fashioned way

Ivan was confident in his woman Melinda.

With that Ivan took out $500 out of his billfold and place on top of the chips that were place on the table earlier.

Ezekiel opened his bill ford and place $500 from his billfold onto the table in front of them.

Bree pushed into her hand held onto her by her public hair with one hand, her other hand went for Mel's buttocks from the rear as her nails launched a vicious assault her boobs mushrooming painfully with Mel's boobs. Mel screamed in agony as her ass crack was viciously assaulted.........the two staggered as Mel didn't try to escape or to run, she pushed into Bree and her other hand went for Bree's back door too. Shrieks and Screams could be heard as each woman howled as she felt the others vicious assault from the rear. Finger nails dig into the other flesh labial lips from behind as they clawed the base of the others aroused clit raking the length as she clawed the soft folds of the others labia lips.

With they eyes gazing with cruelty into the others unwavering eyes......each went further as Mel pushed her nails between Bree's delicate vulva as she clawed at the sensitive meat from behind and below, her thing long fingers pressing deeper onto Bree's exposed vagina. In between snarls and growls, gasps and screams and howls and shrieks each woman cursed each other as Bree's own nails pressed through Mel's vulva clawing at the brunettes own exposed meat, Bree's nails pushed their way in quite violently into Mel's vagina as her thin fingers pressed inward and upward......into Mel's pussy.

Each was ignoring the fact that she was turned on by the others dirty digits, feeling them work their way inside her most intimate place as they hissed and swore at each other. Each woman becoming soaked in a combination of cum, pee, and blood from internal damage inside her vagina their eyes blinking away the tears as the exchanged a hateful stare eyes locked they leaned into one another. They had close to the entire forearm buried deep into each other their talons filled with vaginal canal flesh as they raked and clawed away at the others delicate bitch flesh. Each exposing the others by delving as deeply she could into the others fuckmeat.

Each cursed and swore at each other as the even attacked the others cervix and uterus each one knowing she would be in excrutiating pain even if she had to empty her bladder.

Meanwhile Ezekiel and Ivan watched from the comfort of their chairs hundreds of miles inland as Ezekiel pushed another $500 bill from his billfold and in fact up it with and additional $500 placing that on the growing stack of chips and paper money. Ivan slide $500 from his billfold and then upped the ante with another $500 on top of it also.

Meanwhile each sadistic mean women were embroiled in a vicious attack destroying each others pussy flesh as they shrieked and yelped in agony, the carpet would be a large stain of womanly juices and fluids from their clawed sex organs. Each was in expert in cuttage and mutilation as they used their nails that they had with nasty dirty precision. Their juices spraying a nasty mist from between their legs as their juices flowed down her inner thighs.

Hundreds of miles inland Ivan and Ezekeiel watched from the relative safety of the room they were in as his woman did his dirty bidding for him as each silently rooted for his woman to win. They each smiled with delight as the monitor displayed each enraged shecat get more uncivilized with each other, their necks craned as the turned and twisted their head as the they got closer to the others vulnerable snatch and clamped they teeth in the other's soft womanly flesh and gnawed and chewed on the other others organs as their nails pushed deep into the others buttholes causing more rapture of pain. They were going all out to destroy each other. Each was silently known in some circles as having the desire to claw her initials in another woman's womb.........and today they were doing just that. It was bloody and violent which is what each excelled at. After almost an hour of chewing on each others most vulnerable spots they each spasmed passing out in the center of the cabin.

Their faces and head were completely saturated with the other fluids after having spent time 69ing each other with her mouth in close with the others dirty snatch. They bit and scratched each other beyond belief. It was wild and intense. The pert Bree and the preppy Mel each in agony from their mutual hatred for each other.

It would take months of healing before each dared to get into a fight again.