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Thread: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

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    Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    I'm posting here a story I'm working on, it's my first time writing and posting, so please don't hesitate to comment on what feels off/bad etc. My native language is French, so I might take grammar shortcuts or use words that look similar but aren't.

    Edit: I updated the story with the "build-up". I will try to build my ideas and write the main part of the story now. All input/critics are welcome as I have little experience in writting anything erotic

    Edit2: here's a google file with different representations of the girls, to help imagine them.

    Let's go now.

    Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    Everything it needed was a spark, and I was waiting for the right opportunity to seize it and unleash the divine wrath on these disbelievers… Actually, I was just ***** and wanted to find a way into the hot Indian woman’s panties.
    Jesminder was a beautiful woman in her mid thirties, caramel skin, diamond shaped face with dark makeup on her full lips. Her body wasn’t a joke either, an hourglass figure, defined by huge ****, tiny waist and atop her long thick legs throne wide hips that awoke a deep, powerful sexual instinct in every person who laid eyes on her.

    Jesminder came from a noble family, and always dressed accordingly, classic heels that raised her *** enough to give life to her traditional red and golden dress. Every step she took drew a torrent of mesmerizing curves, some even argued that she was a sorceress bewitching the mind of simpler people…
    Jesminder married Amit, a simple man, who was successful in business, owned multiple grocery stores, since they were cheap to open and yielded the best interest ratio in the business field, for the effort required to run them.

    Now you might think of how vile it is to covet someone’s wife, but for my defense, I wasn’t guilty in this.
    Amit, as mentioned earlier, owned a lot of grocery stores. All of them were run by a trusted family member but the one in the town next to his hometown. Which was run by him in person.
    This might seem normal to a lot of you, but it didn’t seem so for Jesminder, and that’s where my work began…

    I stood in the corner of the K-mart, I hid in the employees' toilets waiting for closing hours, as I felt that everything that I would need to secure my way to the caramel tiddies was going to happen today and tonight. I came to this conclusion after weeks of analysing the behaviour of the tenant, and the revenues generated by every other K-mart shop of the state.
    This particular shop never respected the opening and closing hours; regularly, I’d stumble on disappointed customers since the shop was closed hours before the official hours!
    Another important point was that the revenues declared were substantially lower than what was on the bank wires, probably to deceive someone who’d look into it, but everything unfolded when I entered the shop and saw Alexandra…
    Since we’re talking about the wolf, I’ll tell you what happened on a friday evening.
    I made my way into the main room of the shop, hidden behind the shelves, finding the perfect angle to assess the situation, and there she was, in all her glory.
    Alexandra was bent on the counter, an average ***** sliding in and out of what seemed like a tight hole. The blonde woman was another kind of caramel, butter caramel for the experts, her blonde mane was held back by what looked like Amit.
    -Faster babe, don’t hold back, you know you don’t need to do that with me. She purred, with a seductive tone.
    Her *** was wide and full, probably toned by hours of squats and muscle training, and as the situation suggested, not only at the gym. It was a glorious ***, and it didn't stop jiggling even after being drilled by the man who started to pick up his pace, after being encouraged to do so.
    Alexandra's **** were crushed against the counter, as it seemed they could pop off at any time from the roughness and force that was applied on them.
    -Ah yes! She yelled, liking the treatment, at least for a split of a second, since a spark lit in her eyes that changed her attitude. I call it the alpha spark.
    Alexandra fought back, and pushed with her ***, throwing the poor man into the chair.
    -Wha-. Amit stopped before continuing.
    -Oh by the elephant god! Amit said. Reacting to Alexandra.
    The blonde lioness dropped down on his erect dick, sliding it swiftly into her tight orifice, grinding fervently, rotating clockwise, counter clockwise, and then twerking, waves of flesh rocking on Amit’s hips, hypnotising him.
    Alexandra pushed her head back on his hairy chest, bringing her mouth closer to his ear, devilishly whispering: “Did she ever do this?” and without waiting for an answer she ordered “Grab my ****!”
    Amit obliged, and took a handful of her round and soft flesh in both his hands, holding back tears of pleasure as he was driven to heaven.
    “Did you ever hold something so soft” she paused for dramatic effect, “so firm” again she paused, “so BIG” raising her voice. She picked up her tempo, twerking her wide hips faster on his suffering dick, both their fluids fused in a sweet refined nectar.
    Alexandra took his hands in hers, squeezed her breasts, teasing her erect ******s. She felt him closer and closer, but she wouldn’t let him finish without getting her reward.
    -Say it, she asked, almost with a teenager's cute voice, her lips in a pout.
    Her ***** walls squeezing tighter, Amit couldn’t believe it was possible, it was as if his dick was shrinking, being milked, and yet, it was one of the best feelings in the world.
    Alexandra took it again to the next level, now jumping on top of him, leaving only his tip inside her palace of marvels.
    -Say that I’m the best, say that your wife is a ***** compared to me.
    She continued
    -Can she please you like I do? can she squeeze you like I do?
    That was a start, Alexandra smiled.
    With the dexterity of a feline that took gymnastic lessons, she rotated, pulling her legs up his shoulder, her heels resting behind his head, **** pressed against his chest.
    She looked up at him, examining his soul with her ocean eyes, and said with a smile.
    -I call this, the... widowmaker… She licked her lips as I noted this move in my notebook...
    She started to move her hips in a slow pace, back and forth, her **** touching his belly, she seemed to enjoy it even more than he did. She started to go faster, until I heard her cry from pleasure.
    - Oh god yes ****, bite, slap me- a lot of words, no sense, was what I could understand.
    Amit’s face started to glow red, as he squeezed her **** like an empty mayonnaise bottle.
    -I’m cumming babe! You’re squeezing so~ much.
    Amit started to slap her ***, as hard as it was physically possible for him to do so.
    -SAY IT, she demanded, and he obliged, not feeling obliged at all.
    -YOU’RE THE BEST WOMAN I EVER ****ED ALEXANDRA. His accent got thicker as he screamed.
    Amit started to chew her ****, continuing:
    -My wife can’ch anch will neber compare to you, EBER. Proving how hard it is to be intelligible with a *** in your mouth.

    That’s when the “Iphone” camera shut off, but that wasn’t the end for them, as they went at it for a couple of hours, leaving me locked in, with a hardon behind some shelves…
    Well, at last, I had my ticket for Jesminder, but after watching Alexandra's demonstration, I knew I couldn’t settle without tasting both ice cream flavors…

    The video was not even that long, but Jessminder has been shut in her room for more than an hour now, I could hear her rewinding it multiple times, I had no trouble imagining her as Jose Mourinho, analysing every bit of the opponent’s moves to predict and prepare for an upcoming confrontation.
    I was in the main part of the house, rectangular in shape. I was sitting on a sofa, on both sides of the room were windows, and right in front of me, a hallway leading to different rooms and parts of the house.
    The room was smokey from all the kinds of incense and herbs that were in combustion over the embers, Jessminder was setting up her place when I arrived, as she was fresh out of the shower.
    My impatience grew and my vision got cloudy, I heard a door open at the end of the hallway. I knew it was Jessminder, not that I recognized her, but the way her body moved, the way her hips swung and her **** bounced was unique, there couldn’t be two women on earth with that body shape, or maybe there was…
    -I see that you didn’t leave after all that time. Jessminder said.
    -Well, I couldn’t leave without seeing your reaction, and...
    Jessminder opened the window at the right side of the room, then made her way down the opposite side, opening the windows just so slightly, to keep the perfume in and restore my sight back.
    She was now towering over me, the flower queen “Jessminder” in Indian. She was tall enough, probably a couple centimeters shorter than the average man, but her thickness was creamy, her skin was a goldish tint of caramel, and her perfume sweet but deep. Her hips were a tad wider than her shoulders, who were a bit wider than her waist.
    Jessminder looked down at me, her eyes were black, with dark shades of make up around them, her cheekbones decorated with red glitters, her face was shaped like a diamond but was fiercer than the hottest ruby. Her crimson full lips curled as she was about to speak.
    I didn’t realize it right away as I was mesmerized by her heavenly face, but Jessminder was wearing a two piece purple lingerie set, refined by embroideries. Her breasts looked large and heavy, that they could knock out someone if used as a weapon, and should be categorized as that. Although big and heavy, they also appeared full and firm, they hid the first row of her abs by their volume.
    -My reaction? She smiled, locking her eyes deeply with mine. My husband is ****ing a trashy, flashy, yet basic *****. There’s not much to add. She spread her legs slightly, about to straddle me.
    Her thighs were thick, muscular in a feminine way, no huge muscles, nor veins, everything in her was creamy.
    I put my hands on her hips, my fingers barely reaching her ***, that I didn’t see yet, but could definitely tell it was on pair with her full being.
    -You stayed too long in that room, are you sure she is just flashy? Your husband surely wouldn’t agree. I said, teasing.
    If there was a reaction, she did well to hid it, as she replied:
    -My husband is the simplest of “simps”, he would flatter a fly if it winked at him. She spread her legs a bit more, now straddling me. Her **** were on the same level as my head, and my eyes and her ******s were probably having a discussion at that point.
    -I’ll take care of him in due time, but for now… She purred, insisting on the latter part.
    Jessminder’s lips were touching mine, hot and soft, I could feel her breath as I went from excitement to pleasure in a couple of heartbeats.
    My hands caressing her ***, not wasting anytime, grabbing the biggest chunks I could and I started kneading them.
    She opened her mouth, aligned her lips with mine, and slowly let them shut.
    I reached for her bra, taking it off with the dexterity of a madman, and as I freed her breasts, I realised why she was the queen of flowers; her **** seemed to be blossoming, the perfume intoxicating my brain, uninhibiting every desire and passion in me.
    I felt her hands reaching to my crotch, playfully teasing my rod, taking her time, building the pressure up, and as if she could hear the pulsations, she stopped when they got faster. She then went through the process of unbuttoning my pants, which I helped her, while sucking on her deep brown ******s.
    My leviathan now free (alright, it’s more of a Swiss knife!) Jessminder with the agility of a ballerina did the split on my lap, slowly moving her hips back to get more room on the sofa.
    -I thought flashy was trashy ? I mumbled in between two ***** bites.
    -This flashy? No honey, this is merely a tease, she bit her lip.
    I understood what she meant when her legs reached my shoulders, imitating Alexandra’s move, yet, she didn’t take me in her, instead she reached down with her mouth, lapping on the tip of my dick, which was incredible in that position. Jessminder then bunny hopped on my thighs, getting her *** closer to my knees, her legs still on my shoulders.
    -Now this is flashy, she said, taking her breath as she plunged with her lips on my dick. Gradually, she swallowed it, centimeter after centimeter, her tongue rolling around my shaft, her lips kissing every part of skin they encountered, until she was deepthroating me. I was already on the verge of an ****** as I was looking for something to grab and focus my attention on. Although her tear shaped **** were calling me, her *** in that position was lustful, so I leaned forward, grabbed one cheek, and lifted her.
    Her sexual instinct was one of a beast since as soon as I grabbed her, she used both her hands to lift herself up.
    I massaged her *** while her tongue was on my balls. I lifted the sexy queen further up, her back almost horizontal with the ground, and started rubbing her already wet ***** with my free hand. The physical effort was straining but it got me thirty more seconds of pleasure. The queen again, reading my body language, started to bob her head up and down, faster, neglecting the tongue job, lubricating my rod with her throat, until my legs tensed up, my heart beat way faster.
    -Not yet, honey…
    She pounced like a tiger on its prey, riding me reverse cowgirl style, but she didn’t go on. Her ***** was a bliss, soft and warm, fully wet. The action might have paused, but I was about to release in her, and that’s when she clinched her ***** as hard as I never thought possible.
    -As said… not… YET she roared.
    It wasn’t painful, it wasn't unpleasant, but it was enough to stop my ******.
    She then laid her back on my chest, turned her head and kissed my neck, bitting, kissing in alternation. It took me a couple of seconds before realising that she was branding me. Not that I cared, but I knew where this was going.
    -Grab my ****, now. she asked.
    And I did, bringing the left one closer to her mouth, while I fondled the right one, sinking my nail in her tender flesh.
    Jessminder moaned, I dipped a finger in her fully open mouth as an appetizer. She sucked on it, now grinding her hips into mine.
    Her flesh was telling a whole story of lust and pleasure, every bit of meat had a different flavour. Her inner walls were clinging on my *****, in a pleasing way, as she started to go up and down. I grabbed both her ****, fondling and playing with her ******s, and she started rubbing her *****, as her *** bounced faster and faster on my lap.
    Jessminder, queen of flowers reached the point of no return, her ***** convulsing, but not on my entire shaft, only on the tip. The sensation was amazing as her flesh danced around my vulnerable nerve. Ultimately her goal was to delay my ****** again as in a final squeeze her ****** sealed my *****. I recognized here a different way to copy Alexandra’s technique. Used to different ends.

    Jessminder dropped her body toward the ground, her hands stabilizing her, her legs still on the sofa I understood what she meant.
    With the extra seconds her technique brought me, I slammed my whole rod into her, fiercely, slapping her ***, watching the waves on it like a tsunami.
    -FASTER she asked.
    I went faster.
    -HARDER she demanded.
    I hit her hips with as much force as I could, sinking my nails in her hips to hold her tighter.
    I went on for what seemed like eternity, but only a couple of seconds in the human world.
    She didn’t clinch, she simply let me enjoy every moment of it, running through every little part of her being.
    -Oh GOD! I yelled, as I shot my load inside her. A second ****** hit her, making her ***** convulse again...
    Jessminder’s head was laying on my lap, proud of her display of skills.
    -So, she asked, did you prefer when I had my first ******, or my second?
    -I guess the first one was better, it felt like the tip of my dick got a whole being dedicated to it. I answered in all seriousness.
    She laughed, trying to fool me on the objective of her question.
    -That’s what separates an amateur from a pro, she purred, a hint of malice in her eyes.
    She continued.
    -That girl might try hard, but she’s got no idea of what she is doing. She is draining men as a vampire, but any girl could make that happen.
    -You seem so sure about that, I asked.
    -I know things… Her face now wearing a serious mask. After this, no common ***** will ever be able to satisfy you, she laughed, sweetly.
    -Your people did write a book about sex after all, I teased.
    -Haha she laughed out loud, that’s so clich?!
    We stayed like that in silence…
    The address didn’t seem wrong, but I kept ringing, to no avail. I was about to leave when the door opened. A blonde mane appeared, that was Alexandra, she was wearing some cheap pajamas in the middle of the day, yet she was as beautiful as I remembered.
    -Yes? she asked.
    -Hi! hum. I hesitated. The following will sound weird but hear me out.
    She double checked me, then made sure the safety on the door was set.
    I took my phone, and showed her the recording.
    -I happened to be there at the fortuite moment. I paused for three seconds to let her see the tape. I’d like to talk to you about it, I continued, now smiling.
    -So what? She answered, with disdain. You want to blackmail me? do it. I hold him by the balls anyways.
    -Oh no, I guess it is too late for that.
    She arched her eyebrow.
    -I already spoke with Jessminder.
    Playing my trump card, I pulled on my shirt, feigning embarrassment, in fact, I was simply revealing the marks left by Jessminder on my neck.
    Her eyes widened so slightly I wasn’t sure she saw them, and then, closed the door.
    -****, I sighed. Well, at least I tried.
    I turned my back to the door, leaving, when I heard the metalic sound of the safety on the door. Alexandra opened the door wide, she smiled devilishly, her mouth open, licking her lips, like a vampire in front of its prey.
    -Come in, she invited.
    I entered her house, understanding where all the money from the grocery store was going, it wasn’t a luxurious house, but the different items and furniture definitely were.
    -Can you sit for a couple minutes? I need to change. There’s coffee. She pointed to a massive wooden table. You’ll need it.
    -Alright I answered. Take your time.
    I strolled in the room, there were different articles, research papers, all around historical events. Some gems and weird shaped rocks, scattered around the place.
    I sat down on a chair near the table, sipping some dark coffee while reading one of the articles…
    Alexandra appeared in the frame of a door, the transformation was outstanding as I couldn’t recognize the women who welcomed me earlier.
    The blonde woman went from a sassy teen to a market trading shak: She was wearing a white blouse, revealing her big tanned orbs, she didn’t skimp on the push up, as her **** seemed like they would escape from the cleavage. The flesh was full and golden, and her slow steps still created waves of meat converging to the surface. Her black skirt was short, indecent to say the least, it stopped at the beginning of her phenomenal *** cheeks, her long legs were immaculate, as long as Jessminder’s but a bit more balanced: her thighs weren’t as thick but her calves were fuller, which went on pair with her Louboutin heels for that sexy dominant look. Apart from that, their bodies seemed so similar. Both women had an hourglass figure, but in all their similarities, they had their differences. Jessminder’s shape seemed traditional, refined and sweet, while Alexandra exuded modernity and a toxic bewitching fragrance.
    Alexandra leaned her *** on the table, her *** cheeks spreading on it. She crossed her stocking clad legs and started swinging her feet, sensually.
    -I can see that the ***** branded you her messenger. She said, nonchalant.
    -It isn’t strange for women of your caliber after all, I answered.
    Alexandra smilled, interested now.
    -So you know of our ways? She said, bringing her heel between my legs.
    I looked her in her eyes. Her face was beautiful, she had beautiful deep blue eyes, but her makeup switched the beautiful to ferocious look. Her nose was severe but not ugly, and her lips were as full and gorgeous as Jessminder. If Jessminder was a ruby, Alexandra was a saphyr.
    -I’ve been following the traces of your likes for centuries now. I answered, I’m not familiar with your tribe and hers in particular, but I’ve been documenting your traditions.
    -Our tribes disappeared hundreds of years ago, she said. We merely inherited their ways. She paused. The way of the flesh…
    -This Jessminder woman seems interesting. Nobody respects the traditions anymore, yet she did. Alexandra’s noticed.
    -The traditions? I asked.
    -The brand on your neck has a specific pattern. You’re a messenger, a war field. It’s my turn to answer now.

    Alexandra brought her heel higher on my body, slowly tiptoeing on my belly, chest, and closer to my mouth. I wasn’t particularly into foot fetishes, but the way she acted was as hot as seven hells… or more? The blonde queen threw her heel away, and as I was about to bite on her feet, she raised her leg higher up, revealing her naked body under her skirt. Jessminder didn’t like flashy for flashy, but Alexandra knew she could make any man burst by simply moving, or even existing, that she didn’t care
    She stared at me, her mouth still, but her eyes telling stories.
    I dropped on my knees and started kissing her inner thighs, she smelled so good, like a healthy drug, every breath I took made me a little bit more addicted. Alexandra’s **** started to react to my kisses, as I got closer to her intimate parts.
    I caressed her leg, and licked the surface of her ****, licking, lapping.
    Her ******** swelled, more than I could’ve imagined, begging my fingers and tongues for release, which I didn’t, instead, I used my finger to make a way for my tongue inside her ******. Her secreted nectar tasted different than what she looked like, sweet and mild.
    I went on for a couple of minutes before deciding it was my turn to have fun, as I switched targets for her ****. It took me less than a minute to realize it was as big as a finger phalange, it could receive its own *******.
    Alexandra grabbed my hair, with one hand, and tore her blouse open, freeing her huge golden ****.
    -Faster, faster! she asked, and I obliged.
    She started biting her lips, and her eyes shut down as if her brain was freezing. Astonishing, knowing the type of woman she was, and the control she should have on that part of her body.
    Her legs started shaking wildly, almost losing control of herself, I held her for a second, then threw her on the table, quickly releasing my Swiss knife.
    Alexandra spread her legs behind her shoulders, inviting me for a feast. Her ***** looked so creamy and ready now, I took a plunge, and it was blissful, so soft and tender, so wet and slippery.
    Alexandra’s face was the definition of lust and sex, she was bitting her lips, curling her eyebrows in different ways, asking for my undivided attention. I grabbed her ****, squishing them as if I wanted to milk them out. Alexandra raised her body, her lips inviting mine for a torrid french kissing session.
    We stayed like that for long minutes, pumping back and forth, grabbing each other’s body, biting and clawing, until my body screamed release, that’s when Alexandra brought her legs from back to front, threw her other heel away, and pushed me, violently, yet with experience towards the ground. I laid there, waiting, as she laid on my body, her **** on my face, and my shaft between her thighs.
    I started sucking her tities like a baby, as she was probably writing a message on my neck with her lips and teeth.
    Alexandra in her expertise, started humping my dick with her thighs, it was so tight, but different than a ******. The flesh seemed to infinitely melt around my ****, her tempo was lethal, up, down, up, down. I felt the ****** building up faster now, surprisingly though, nothing was coming, it was as if I was locked. Was it this that Jessminder meant?
    I could see the reaction on Alexandra’s face, annoyed, mad, humiliated?
    The valkyrie changed her strategy, she was now riding me, cowgirl style, her **** in my face, slapping me with them every other hump. They were heavy, and stunned me everytime. Alexandra rode faster, in a different way than usual. As if she had something to prove. Her **** kept swinging, her hips gyrating on my lap, her *** appearing on each side every time she moved. But nothing was coming out.
    -Alright. She purred.
    She dismounted me, laid on the ground, and made a sign to come.
    Alexandra put her feet on my chest, as I was on my knees, raised her *** high, so I could fit my dick inside of her.
    - Utpiditaka she said, smiling.
    Her insides were now tight as a vice, as I started ramming, I held her by her thick thighs, as I was pumping in and out. She started moaning, one of her hands on my legs for support, the other playing with her own ********.
    This position was straining, but it only took a couple of thrust for me to reach my climax. Yet she was the one convulsing on my dick, slapping her *** on me, while going in and out. Was she trying to reverse Jessminder’s charms? Because as much as I was close to it, I didn’t feel anything more than pre *** leaking.
    Alexandra threw me on my back again, she threw my legs back, as she was now ****ing me in an Amazon position. It was in every book, but only a small amount of women could pull it off, and even less dared to do it.
    The blonde started dominating every movement, and there wasn’t much that I could do. A man could easily throw a woman down and dominate the sexual course, but where was the fun in that?
    Alexandra squatted over me, her full calves doing all the work in this close to the ground position. I reached up to squeeze her ******s, and she leaned to ease it for me.
    I was reaching my limit, it seemed that Alexandra lifted the curse. But it wasn’t only that, as I started to shoot my load, she didn’t stop. Her eyes burned with fire and determination, it was as if she was feeding on my soul. I started coming a second time, and without even getting soft, a third and fourth. She was smiling, like a vampire, enjoying her victory, and there was nothing I could do, having lost so much power in that position. I only recall falling asleep, with my head between her orbs and some words “weak *** *****…”

    The following weeks were **** and heaven, as the women used me as a mobile war field and messenger.
    My body was filled with messages and marks. Sometimes Jessminder was the aggressor, sometimes it was Alexandra.
    They should have settled their differences in a traditional fight. My research led me to conclude it was a “sexfight”, yet they didn’t seem very enthusiastic yet.
    After digging I understood. Jessminder and Alexandra were the only heir of their long lost tribes. They couldn’t take a fight recklessly, moreover when the opponent seemed to be as fierce, (and even though they didn’t admit it verbally) as good they were.
    All this came to an impasse, when the limits of this body that I had borrowed were reached.
    I guess that’s where the story got interesting…

    “Dear ****** friend, it seems that I was too hard on our little friend, his body can’t take more of my divine beauty, and sexual prowess.
    We could agree that I broke every charm you put on him and knocked him out way too many times for you to ever compete with me again.
    Yet I feel that this little game couldn’t be settled without me teaching you the manners of nobility, and wrecking your filthy **** to a pulp. That way, you shall never satisfy a lowlife man anymore, and leave my wallet of a husband out of your mess.
    With love,

    “The rambling of the old **** can’t tarnish the reputation of the queen.
    My salutations, oh withered queen. I shall start this by saying that even after your little tricks, you weren’t able to satisfy nor your husband, nor our battlefield. On the contrary, I had to slow down on him every time, as I was fearful for his life.
    I could simply go on with my life, as I did for years, milking your husband, and living out of what was yours but I shall not stop anymore, as I can clearly see that you’re nothing than an outdated ****.
    Let us set up a date and a place, to notarize my new position as your mistress, after I pounded your dirty **** to a satisfying curry roux.
    Eager to meet you,

    I catched these emails after setting up a keylogger on our ladies’ laptops. Many more messages were sent, everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. Digital competitions were held, where words fused, pictures and even sound.
    I thought I was getting left out of their little war (not that I would have resigned) but after weeks of online quarrels, I received two emails, from both queens, with luscious pictures attached, both inviting me to witness the downfall of the other.
    My dick seemed to recover by reading every word they had written.
    My body was ready, even though it wasn’t mine.
    I downloaded the QR code that was supposed to open me a room with a full view on the confrontation, and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive...

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    This is a really hot beginning. Hope it leads to Alex fighting Jess in a nasty bitchfight!

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocko23 View Post
    This is a really hot beginning. Hope it leads to Alex fighting Jess in a nasty bitchfight!
    Thank you for your comment!

    I updated the story, the build-up/context is done, so I'll try to write something decent for their confrontation. Thank you for reading!

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    Good start! The build up was interesting and well thought out. Looking forward to reading more!

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    This is wonderful. Like the build up and the pics - lovely images and really help the imagination. Can't wait for the confrontation. Do not care who wins as long as it is close. Think it would be good for it to become a catfight but thats just what I prefer lol. Either way please carry on!

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    This is a nicely written and edited, and highly encourage you to continue it, with only one exception: I am not a born Francophone, still am very aware of the stark differences with English despite the fact that during the Hundred Years War both sides loaned words from each other and shaped the linguistics and culture. Since some words, like desperate do have a French counterpart which means something utterly different, it's wise to keep in mind which shortcuts can be used
    The home of my multi-part work:

    The place where I can be commissioned:

    The lair of my reference work:

    What I use to "feed my birds":

    Finally, the one where I'll post my e-books: Lulu, once I post the complete first episode of my story

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    Thank you for all your comments! It helps writing
    @rocko I thought about a catfight, but I had started the confrontation in a different way, so maybe if I write another part?
    @CatfightLover Indeed, French and English do have many simillar words, at least in pronounciation, but totally different in meaning. It is hard to find which one though, so I'm trying to re read what I write and check what sounds suspicious.

    So here is the first part of the fight.
    I guess the real hard part of writing such stories is, when does it make sense? when is it understandable, and does it hold the emotions you wanted to write in the first place. Interesting adventure for me!
    Anyways, I hope you enjoy some of it, and if not, please give me critics, so I could improve it

    I followed the instructions I received and headed to what I figured was a warehouse. The building wasn’t crumbling yet, but was definitely old and barely maintained. I suppose it was an old storage place for the K-marts products that was waiting to be restored.
    The main door was unlocked, and unlike the exterior, the inner place was looking clean and maintained.
    I followed the maze that was prepared for my coming, and it led me down a hallway with a locked door. The QR code I had on my phone allowed me to unlock the door, entrance to a small room.
    It was about twenty meter square, with a huge smoked glass wall. I had a full view on the next room, where I supposed the encounter would happen.
    The buffer room offered different services such as snacks, beverages, a sofa and hum, cleaning wipes.
    I laid on the sofa, sipping on an exotic drink, while pecking some appetizers, waiting for the girls to make their appearances.

    Without surprise, Jessminder was the first to arrive, entering from the opposite side of the battlefield. The indian woman was dressed for war. I couldn’t help but stare at her, repeating the process multiple times, my eyes going up and down like windshield wipers.
    She was wearing at least sixteen centimeters high heels of a beige colour, that gave contrast to her caramel skin. Her legs were uncovered until mid thighs, where a tight red dress made her way up her shoulder.
    Jessminder swung her hips, and sat down on a big comfy chair.
    It was like watching a movie in 16/9 ratio.
    The flower queen crossed her legs, revealing her ass cheek, thanks to the long slit on the side of her dress. A dress probably sponsored by the devil.
    Her legs were as thick and creamy as usual, her ass flattening on both sides of the chair, extra cushion for her defined hips.
    I could see that her back was bare, but the real hot piece of this dress was the neck, styled in the longest, widest “V” I’ve seen in my life. It went down the belly, and the angle displayed most of her tits but her nipples. I could see my future in her orbs. Dark, massive tits, wobbling threateningly, from side to side, yet, standing proud and firm on the indian chest.
    Jessminder checked her black nails for imperfections, the colour matching her perfect sultry lips.
    Minutes passed, annoyance showing on Jessminder’s face as she threw her full thick dark hair to the other side.
    That’s when the door opened again, throwing me off my seat, as the nemesis appeared in the frame.
    -Hello! Alexandra said proudly. She continued:
    -I hope I didn’t make you wait. She said, without conviction. But a woman has to make herself desirable.
    -Alas, it is true that when blessed with little, women like you should use mind games to make it in life. Barely looking at the blonde.
    Jessminder’s insult showed to be effective when I saw a nerve on the side of Alex’s temple twitch. Yet, as beautiful as the Indian woman was, if there was one woman in the whole world who totally matched her at this instant, it was the British.
    Alexandra, in the same sense of fashion style, was wearing a black dress that looked like Jessminder’s, the slits on the sides allowed the blonde to reveal more skin with each step. the only difference was atop, Alexandra’s dress covered her tits, but a “cleavage revealing” window was cut in the middle of her chest. In the way of the superheroine “Power Girl”.
    The blonde’s tits were impressive, as massive as Jessminer’s, they impressed by their elasticity, as they were squeezed to fill up the opening, at the verge of overfilling it.
    The blonde woman ran her hands through her golden mane.
    -That is rather bold coming from a beta woman who couldn't handle her man.
    Jessminder the gracious, was looking for a come back answer, but it never came.
    -That’s what I thought, said Alexandra. Lacking in style and in wits. Probably the effect of age, dear. She smiled.
    Even though they were about the same age, the gap was enough for Alexandra to sting her nemesis…
    I could see the dark skin on Jessminder’s thighs convulse as her muscles tightened, and like a legendary creature she arose from deep within the ocean, facing the impertinent slut.
    -When I’m done with you, you won’t dare talk about sex anymore. The flower queen threatened.
    -Threats, threats and again threats. That’s what old bitches do best. However, when I AM DONE with you. She pointed at Jessminder’s body. Your curry stinking twat will not be of use to you, or any other crazy bastard willing to touch you.
    -HEY! I yelled. Let me out of this! but they couldn’t hear.
    -Bitch -Cunt. They hissed in unison.

    The tension was palpable, in my little surveillance room I could feel the energy radiating from these two incredible foes.
    Jessminder and Alexandra were exactly of the same height, their eyes naturally met at the horizon. Nobody was moving, their body activities reduced at the minimum, scanning for any sign of stress, weakness or even doubt in each other’s body language.
    Their hands on their hips, they stayed still for minutes, everything seemed stall for the commoner, but not for me, I could see goosebumps tracing all over their skin, warming them up for the confrontation. Jessminder seemed almost covered in it, until her nipples stiffened from the stimulation. That’s when the Indian queen broke the tension down by taking a deep breath, her eyes closed.
    Her lung seemed to fill unnecessarily until the inevitable happened. Jessminder’s nipples, propelled by her deep breath, entered in contact with Alexandra’s not yet ready body.
    The blonde’s eyebrows arched with disdain and discomfort, not tolerating the subtle aggression.
    -You fucking bitch! How dare you!
    Alexandra put her left leg back, squatting on it, then thrust her tits with all her might under Jessminder’s jugs. The flower queen didn’t move as she tensed her thick legs, getting ready for impact, yet she let out a sigh, sign that the blow wasn’t uneffective.
    The fighters instinctively met their hands above their heads, not only to gain leverage, but to stabilize the new battleground.
    Jessminder retaliated, sending a combination of two consecutives side blows, each hit pulling out Alexandra’s jugs out of her cleavage.
    -Seems like your tits can’t handle a couple of hits. Jessminder smiled.
    -DON’T BE SO COCKY YET, BITCH! Alexandra said, raising her voice. The cocky blonde seemed to have issues controlling her temper.
    The British woman repeated her maneuver, thrusting her tits in an uppercut motion, yet this time she aimed both her heavy orbs towards one of her foe’s tit.
    Jessminder was stunned, as her massive orb slapped her in the face. The blonde lioness didn’t stop, as she continued her assault, battering her opponent’s tits up and down, destabilizing Jessminder.
    Both women started to breath faster, the energy and sexual tension needed to compete was draining. They instinctively shifted the battlefield. Jessminder with a shoulder dance, freed her nipples from the “V” shaped dress while Alexandra pulled her tits out of the cleavage window.
    They stood still again, aligning their nipples, dark chocolate on one side, butter caramel on the other. They were thick and long, it was almost possible to see them twitch from the arousal, being so close together.
    Jessminder attacked first, headbutting Alexandra’s nipples with her own, but it was a stalemate as both pairs couldn’t take any advantage on the other. She changed her strategy. The dark haired woman dropped her tits and using the momentum uppercut the blonde’s pair with her deadly needles. Alenxandra grunted, feeling the torment and pleasure build up in her massive jugs. The lioness countered, targeting the base of the tigress’s nipples. However, Jessminder anticipated, and with a shoulder motion twitched her tits, it was enough to salvage one of her dark orbs, as the four orbs encountered in mirrored positions, both women's right nipple, destroying its opponent.
    -ugh fucking bitch! Alexandra shouted, not expecting the move.
    -I will make you regret taunting me so much, you pale bitch.
    -I’m not pale you blind hag! Alexandra answered.
    -Everything pales compared to an Indian queen! Jessminder said, pushing her magnificent juggs against Alexandra’s.
    They were back at square one, tit against tit, mashing, looking bigger from the side, almost as if one pair was going to explode.
    Alexandra pulled back, and then pushed back in, aligning her nipples with the bumps all around Jessminder’s wide areola.
    An electric shock ran through the dark queen’s ripe tits, and her eyes widened.
    -You bitch, she hissed, with pleasure in her eyes. What are you trying to do?!
    -Shut up cunt, I’m going to destroy every part of you tits before destroying your weak ass nipples! Roared Alexandra.
    Jessminder clenched her hands, fighting against the pleasure, and imitated Alexandra’s strategy. Both women having a mini fight against the other’s areola decorations that looked like a clock face.
    12 fights started, it was a race against time.
    It was as if both women forgot about the other, and were solely dedicated to destroying the other’s nipples and by extension, the perfect huge boobs. Jessminder and Alexandra were dancing, their asses shaking to the motions of their bodies, her thighs and calves going up and down, yet the intoxicating sight was that of their tits, besides all their dancing, they stayed proud and focused, not over shaking, as if they had a mind of their own. Their womanly pride was on the line and they were not going to risk it.
    Everytime a queen bent a bump with her nipples, her opponent had to suffer a lesser orgasm, which made their legs weaker.
    Jessminder drew a groan from her nemesis when her nipple, which was bent against Alexandra’s sixth bump, finally overcame it when Jessminder used a powerful shake from her hips which echoed in her whole body and allowed her big tit and fierce nipple the motion it needed to push it in the areola skin.
    -OH GOD, Alexandra yelped. Her thighs shaking.
    Jessminder, though, was losing, having only secured six bumps by now, while Alexandra reached the ninth bump.
    The blonde regaining her sense whispered:
    -You’ll never beat me, I stole your husband, I outfucked you with our judge, and now. She stared at her tits. My nipples are making a mess out of your bland tits.
    Jessminder full of rage, she squatted slightly on her thighs, both her nipples just past the sixth bump were getting lower, almost leaving the areola zone, but that’s when she stopped her descent, her thighs burning, her soles hurt from the high heels, the Indian queen rose from her ashes, squeezing her ass muscles, driving her body upward quickly and powerfully, but with precision such that her boobs didn’t overdo it. One, two and three. Each of Jessminder’s nipples flicked three of Alex’s areola bumps.
    It was nine o’clock for both women. The rotation was almost reached.
    -HOLY G---. Alexandra’s brain froze for a couple of seconds, her legs giving up to this demonstration of skills and power, her mind asking for submission, arguing that pleasure such as this should not be refused, yet deep down, her breasts instincts didn’t want to surrender to the beautiful slut. The British queen’s nipples were bent upward, but still holding on the hardly acquired ninth bumps.
    Jessminder couldn’t believe her eyes, and if Alexandra could see, she would have regained all her lost strength by seeing the horror on Jessminder’s face.
    Jessminder didn’t react, or was astonished to do so, which gave enough time for the blonde queen to recover just slightly to get back on her feet.
    -I’ll fuck you up! Jessminder groaned. Attacking, faster and harder. Her nipples fencing against their respective bump.
    Tits were mashed, nipples were pierced, heavy chunks of meat dancing, with sweat nectar coming from the hot skin. The room was silent only for the high heels clicking on the ground, and the eventual heavy breathing.
    Nine, ten and eleven. The women drew the last three battles at the same time, their legs barely keeping up anymore, but sitting would be an acknowledgement of defeat, and they were only acknowledging their own superiority.
    Nipples up on the areolas, their hands on each other’s ass for support, the queens battled fiercely, the last point was high on their tiddies, and hard to reach for the nipples who were weighted down by the massive, now tender flesh.
    They stared at each other, looking for a way to gain advantage, until one of them breathed too hard.
    Alexandra sealed Jessminder’s mouth with her own, and pushed her tongue inside the Indian woman’s mouth, whose face was in shock as the flow of air needed was too thin. They kissed passionately, with Alexandra’s nipples closer to winning the bout.
    Jessminder bit her opponent's lips, looking for a way to create an influx of air, but nothing came. That’s when Alexandra’s hand went up Jessminder’s body, and in a bearhug style, clenched around her torso. Jessminder tried to push back and push in again, yet she lacked power, Alexandra put back more effort in her squeezing and used her calves to win the couple of millimeters needed.
    -Look at my tits destroying yours, bitch! Alexandra said, breaking the kiss.
    Alexandra’s tits seemed to glow in the sweat, they seemed bigger, fuller, more powerful, as they flattened Jessminder’s pair, who looked as if they lost their sparkle to a greater pair.
    -STOP! PLE- Jessminder shouted with little air left from her lunge. And as her legs were going to go down, Alexandra used an uppercut motion, against her tits which maintained the poor Indian woman standing.
    -Tch tch tch. The blonde snapped her fingers. You’re not going down yet, not after that big talk of yours bitch. Who’s breaking the other now?

    Jessminder’s body was bent backwards, struggling not to fall dawn, her strong abs being the only link between her and the floor.
    The lioness got closer, held Jessminder’s hands up, almost in a mercyful way.
    -Come to mommy, she said, with a smile.
    Their bodies were pressed together, legs against legs, hips against hips, only their orbs weren’t really in contact as Jessminder was pulling back, her tits sore from her recent defeat.

    Alexandra used the advantage her thicker and fuller tanned calves granted to push Jessminder with the renewed energy she discovered from wrecking her opponent’s jugs.
    The indian beauty struggled, her back being pushed, she tensed her sweet caramel legs, but in that position, it was not enough as her calves couldn’t help against the pushing.
    The flower queen started to give ground, slowly, but then faster and faster. Alexandra rushed them towards the wall, expecting to pin Jessminder. Their heavy tits collided multiple times, left tits against left tit, right tit against right tit, tanned skin against darker skin. Each time, Alexandra’s heavy superior boobs flattening and crushing the dark queen’s pair.

    Not even ten centimeters separated both women from the corner.
    -You’re finally done you tramp! Alexandra smiled, drawing her energy in Jessminder’s struggling gaze.
    The British queen pounded one last time, in a timeless uppercut move, throwing her whole self and jugs in a single blow.
    It didn’t have the expected effect as at the last moment, her high heels slipped on a drop of sweat that fell from her spectacular move.
    Jessminder saw an opening, her last one to avoid an upcoming humiliation. The tigress squatted on her left leg, and in a rotation, slapped her left tits into Alexandra’s right tits, while her right tits slapped Alexandra’s face.
    The blonde was sent flying against the corner, astonished.
    -You fucking twat, she screamed! Was I not good enough to you?!
    -Shh, let me make you feel good. Jessminder purred, now with a murderous stare.
    Alexandra tried to get out of the corner, but Jessminder smashed her tits against hers, they were now back to their former glory, full and powerful. Squishing the tanned orbs side to side.
    -OH! Wailed Alexandra.
    -Tip n°1: Jump in fights result -most of the time- in a KO from the jumper. Jessminder recited.
    The teacher pulled her tits, took a step back and rammed them down from the ground, up to the ceiling. Her puffy nipples seemed to pierce the butter flesh as Alexandra’s jaw clenched, but her eyes widened, announcing a world of pain, and pleasure.
    -Tip n°2: you’ll not simply use your legs, but the muscles in your ass are the key to an upper-tit blow.
    -SHUT UP YOU BITCH, Alexandra yelled.
    The blonde couldn’t take being lectured by someone she thought was inferior, and her blood boiled with rage, she brought her tits in, slamming them against the Indian beauty. The move brought her a couple of centimeters, which she used to thrust her way out. It was without counting for Jessminder who used her thigh, to entrave Alexandra’s escape, by thrusting it between her legs.
    Alexandra was back in the corner.
    -I swear on what is holy, that I will destroy you, you cunt! Alexandra said.
    She continued: Just let me get ou~
    Her lips were sealed by Jessminder dark full lips, both women tried to align their lips to their advantage, forcing the opponents flesh to succumb to aggressive kisses, and ferocious bites. Alexandra forced her tongue inside the Indian’s mouth, caressing her while also trying to get her to choke on it. Yet in that position, Jessminder simply broke the kiss.
    -You coward! Face me woman to woman! Alexandra asked.
    -Oh I will, dear.
    Jessmnider aligned her hard rock nipples with Alexandra’s, mashing them together. The battle was fierce, and pinned in the corner, Alexandra could only react, and try to predict Jessminder’s next impact.
    Their nipples fought, fenced, sometimes Alexandra would puncture Jessminder’s fleshy ripe meat, but most of the time it was the flower queen who got the decisive point.
    Jessminder’s boobs went on a duel with Alexandra’s, they stabbed each other repeatedly, like bees protecting the hive, with incredible swiftness, their attacks were deadly, right to left, to left to right. Both women started grunting, hate darkening their eyes.
    Alexandra leaned her head, and whispered in Jessminder’s ear.
    -These are what your husband prefered first. She then bit her ear.
    Jessminder lost her composure for a split of a second, which was enough for Alexandra to dart her left nipple right on Jessminder’s, the British queen then comforted her success by retaliating on the other nipple, double picking every time to ensure their deaths.
    -AH! YOU INCREDIBLE SLUT. Jessminder cried.
    -THIS IS NOT OVER YOU WEAK PATHETIC CUNT. Alexandra’s eyes flashed with renewed energy.
    The blonde mashed her tits against the sore nipples of her opponent, making her way out. Listening to the tips of her nemesis, she flexed her calves, her long muscular thighs, and her ass, gaining advantage on the dark haired vixen. Alexandra started to create more and more space for her escape, when Jessminder counter attacked, again, with her thighs, which in Alexandra’s position, were too powerful to fight.
    The Indian woman hit her right thigh between the butter caramel woman’s legs.
    The women were stuck.
    That situation stayed like that for long minutes, Alexandra’s gaining advantage thanks to her fuller calves, then that advantage was reduced to nil by Jessminder’s wider thighs.
    One of them had to try something.
    One queen had to risk it all.
    It was the queen’s bet.
    Both creatures sensed a movement in the other’s body, Alexandra pushed forward, battering her chest against Jessminder’s. The Indian woman instead of fighting for ground, lifted her leg, and hit the British woman’s pussy with her knee, her ass clenched.
    -OUF! Alexandra yelped.
    It was all Jessminder needed, she dropped squatting, took hold of Alexandra’s right ankle, and brought her leg up her shoulder, while standing up. Alexandra was displaying fear in her eyes now. She was doing the split, standing, while the creamiest woman she ever saw was mashing her tits in a corner.
    -I think it is a game over? Jessminder smiled, licking Alexandra’s ankle.
    The flower queen used her knee to rub Alexandra’s clitoris, working it with slow and faster little circle motions, furthermore, the Indian woman raped Alexandra’s tongue with her own, squeezing out virgin-like moans.
    Alexandra started convulsing, her pussy gushing out hot sweet nectar on Jessminder’s thigh, and on her own leg.
    -Oh GOD. Alexandra’s eyes rolling in her sockets, her eyebrows arching in what looked like a stupid face.
    -Payback is a bitch huh? Jessminder asked. “Well, I’m their queen!”
    Jessminder, eyes full of malice, got her revenge by stabbing the wounded lioness’s nipples with her own, while also slapping her side tits.
    Alexandra’s brain seemed to freeze from the expressions that passed on her face.
    The broken woman screamed, her legs vibrating like a guitar’s strings. She couldn’t stand up anymore, and Jessminder, in her new found grace… let her drop along the wall.

    A torrent of thoughts passed in Alexandra’s head, she first thought that the fight was not honourable, but her own self criticized that thought, a fight was hit and avoid being hit.
    She then thought about all her mistakes she made, how reckless she fought, how she could have ended the bitch but instead, underestimated the Indian cunt.
    She felt ashamed, humiliated, knowing that behind a wall of glass, there was someone being witness to her downfall.
    Yet, she didn’t want to surrender.

    Jessminder stared down at Alexandra, proud of her work, as the blonde looked like a mess. It wasn’t that hard after all, even if she was flirting with defeat a couple of minutes ago.
    -It seems after all that you are all talk. The more a dog barks, the less it bites. She said, with disdain.
    Jessminder picked up her dress that slipped during the fight.
    Jessminder swung her hips towards the exit room, the unbelievable amount of flesh on her hips swaying from side to side.
    -WAIT. Alexandra Roared.
    Jessminder looked behind her shoulder.
    -You really think a tiny orgasm will be the end of me? The lioness rose to her feet. Throwing her black dress to the side.
    -I’m not letting you go until you beg for it or send you into a deep coma. Alexandra said, regaining her composure.
    -Oh oh, threats again? Jessminder smiled, her usual self.
    -If you want to be broken, then be my guest. Jessminder threw her dress to the side, eyeing Alexandra like a prey.
    -Woman against woman, till the end. They purred.

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    That was a wonderful confrontation. Lots of nipple action but loved it when they went onto the boobs. Plus the knee on the puss to cumming was great. The trash talk was brilliant from both as well. Delighted it is not over and that they are both nude now. Maybe this becomes pure catfight - ties in with Alex thinking a fight is hit or be it and wanting to escalate.

    More please and keep up the trash talk!

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    Re: Tales of the Event Wrapper: Caramel

    Very well plotted. Liked this one.

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